Review by Blue Shark

Reviewed: 03/29/07

In this game, you, in fact, can teach an old pitbull new tricks.

So far, this game is the pinnacle of Command and Conquer series. Like Tiberium Dawn and Tiberium Storm, there's GDI and Nod duking it out over the green crystal, Tiberium, which is a very potent enrgy source, but is toxic to most life. And, there's the famous Ion Cannon GDIs got, and Nod shoots off Nukes. Unlike the first two instalments, however, there is something very new. It's called Scrin. It's a new team. And it, in my opinion, is something extremely out of the ordinary. A run-down of the teams...

The good guys. They're the ones trying to keep Tiberium under control, but do not work heavily on utilizing its energy. Their units seem to be a balance team, mixing micro-managing tactics with brute force. Example: The Mammoth Tank (Yes, it's a tank again, as opposed to the walker in TS), and The Juggernaut. Personally, they seem to be too much of a medium between the two others.

The bad guys, from GDI's perspective, but from their own, the good guys. They see the GDI has a facist group, hording the safe areas on the planet. Nod's units focus on stealth and "Where did that come from?" tactics. These are my personal favorite, because the stealth tank (It turns invisible, shoots rockets that hit air units, and does reasonable damage) is so flexible. Also, the classic Obelisk, which looks like a red-tipped black fang comming out of the ground, is an amazing defense. In total, Nod is for someone who can concentrate on 12.5 things at a time.

The aliens. A slightly cliche enterence, but fun nonetheless. Scrin focuses on one thing: Brute Force. Their superweapon, The Rift, opens a black hole at the target, and goes berserk on everything under it. Also, their air force is huge. The best they have, are Scorpian-shaped cruisers, which launch smaller fighters, and The Mothership, nearly a secondary superweapon, which decimates everything under it. Also, there are a few other air ships. Scrin is a good team, but is very hard to use.

Now, let's get into things that determine if you want this game or not, shall we?

Graphics: 8.75
I'd give Company of Heroes a 9.75, so an 8.75 is pretty good. Realistic explosions, the best flames I've ever seen in a game, but because there is no unit cap, someone could build over two hundred soldiers, so amazing unit graphics is a bad idea. So, they lowered graphics, but if they didn't...

Gameplay: 9
I love this game. The selection and movement isn't hard, and the combat is simple. However, in this game, soldiers move in squads as a "unit", which is different from previous game, where a single soldier is one "unit". However, they seem to be about equal, so no complaints there. As I said earlier, the Mammoth is a tank again, and that's a plus. There's a new point I'd like to comment on. When you are selecting your map/team/color/faction, you can select the personality. The choices are Turtle, Steamroller, Rusher, and Guerilla. Each one is true to its name. They can renew a gaming experience, when the enemy just doesn't have defenses. Also, the enemy dificulties are Easy, Medium, Hard, and Brutal, giving a high amount of customization.

Replayability: 9
It's a new game, so this might turn around, but so far, I could play this game forever; there is a good amount of maps, most with multiple spawn points.

Unit Diversity: 8
Eh, GDI and Nod seem to have similar units, but Scrin brings new soldiers in. Tanks on each side include an air combatant, infantry killer, and tank fighter, but then everything else is different. I find the diversity pleasing. They are not all the exact same, but not too different.

So, as you've seen, I really like this game. It was made by EA, so some will say that this fact might not help, but I don't find that it makes a difference. I'd suggest this game to anyone who is a fan of the RTS genre.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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