Is Expansion a free download if you own original game?

  1. Hi all I've been reading some posts saying that the Aion expansion is free. Is this true? I see it on the shelves at every store. I already own Aion and just really wanted to know if I need to buy the expansion or if since I already own the game I get the expansion free. I currently haven't been playing. Thank you in advance for any info provided!

    User Info: Stewy013

    Stewy013 - 8 years ago


  1. The expansion is totally free! If you have the original, it will download as a big update, with no costs. I know for those who don't have the original, they re-released the retail edition, to include all of the expansion content and patches up to that time, so they dont have to download everything.
    So yes, you just have to have your Aion client fully updated, and that then means the expansion is installed! Enjoy!

    User Info: azzaroks

    azzaroks - 8 years ago 0   0

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