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FAQ/Walkthrough by HotIceMelts

Updated: 09/25/2007

Desperate Housewives the Game : Walkthrough by HotIceMelts

This walkthough covers all the games manadatory goals as well
as some of the more interesting optional goals. It is intended to
get you through each episode in the most efficent manner. If you
follow it excately, most episodes will take less than one game day. 
I also have a few hints, a guide of where to find all the items for 
the pawn shop owner, a section of fun things to try in your game
 and a list of the game endings. All characters and storyline mentioned
here are property of Liquid Entertainment and Buena Vista Games.

Starting off:
Family creation is pretty easy so I won't go into alot of detail. You 
will start will a housewive, husband and son. Choose how you want
them to look and name them. If you aren't good with names, click
the dice to get some random options. Once you have created 
your family, its time to move them onto Wisteria Lane.

You can play your housewife any way you like. A nice housewife
 that never has affairs and is friends with every neighbor gets treated
 exactly the same as a mean housewive who sleeps with every man in
 sight so just go with it and have fun!

Episode 1: 

1) This episode is mostly a tutorial. It will tell you how to move, adjust
 the camera angle and get around Wisteria Lane. Tutorials on Cooking
 and Gardening are also provided. 

2) Edie Britt and Bree VanDeKamp will visit you. Bree invites you to
her place to meet the other housewives. Be sure and check the mailbox
before you go.

3) Meet and gossip with the other housewives then return home. 
You will find Edie Britt snooping through you mailbox. You have 
two options at this point.You can return her package or hold on to it.
If you keep it, there will be extra optional goals in episode 2.

4) Prepare dinner for your family. Banana Meatloaf is a easy first meal.
 You son will complain about anything you make so don't feel bad. Go 
to bed with your husband to end episode.

Episode 2:

1) The Foxes will pay you a visit. While Frank sets up your computers,
talk to Daniel. He will reveal that Susan Mayer seems to have lost 
something important.

2) Go to Susans. Lynette Scavo will be there asking you to return a
 painting her boys stole. There is no way to get out of this so just
sneak into Susans house and return the painting. You will be rewarded
 based on how quickly and quietly you complete your mission.

3) Go home and check your mail. After doing this, you will receive 
a call from your husband.

All goals are leading you to the mall but don't go there yet. At 5 PM,
time will stop to allow you to complete goals. You can use this time
to build up relationships with all your neighbors. Simply select the 
socailize option, choose chat, set speed to fast foward and let their
friendship/respect levels build to 100%. You will be able to befriend 
everyone who is home at this point in roughly 30 to 45 real minutes. 
Time will not start moving until you go to the mall.

4) Hop into your car and go to the mall.Once you are there, you have
 three things to do. Buy something nice from the shops, visit the
 therapists office then go to your husband and return the folder Paul 
Young left for him.

5) Go home and watch TV. You will hear your son saying some
disturbing things. Go upstairs to hear the rest of the conversation.

6) Consult the housewives about your son. One of them will suggest
that you speak with his girlfriend. Visit Allison Tinsley. She will tell 
you to speak to Frank Fox. He is not home but Daniel will provide an
important clue.

7) Look up Utter War on the computer to find out what your son is
 up to. After you have done this, talk to your son to end episode.

Optional Green Goals:
Lost and Found: Return package to Edie if you didn't do so in 
Episode 1.

Setting Him Straight: Go to the pharmacy, select talk to owner, 
talk to him for Edie.

Filling in Edie : Tell her what happened with the pharmacist.

Episode 3

1) Start off by talking to Susan about your sons girlfriend. Optional 
green goals regarding this issue will appear but none are very
interesting. You can talk to Julie about these if you like or just move

2) Go to Brees and get the student teachers phone number. You
 can also talk to Andrew regarding the optional goals if you like.

3) Call Tabitha to find out about your sons grades and she will force
 you to make a choice. You either have to out blackmail her or give
into her.

4) To out blackmail her, get all the dirt on Tabitha from Bree. 
Afterwards,call Tabitha and tell her what you know. If for some
reason you decide to pimp your son out to her, just call and tell
Tabitha you give in. Your choice does effect a future episode.

5) Have a heart to heart talk with you son to end episode.

Optional Goals:

Jousting for Julie: Susan will ask you to look up rational insanity
 online. Once you do, report back to her.

Mikes Chili Recipe: Mike has a chili recipe that he doesn't give to
just anyone. Your goal is to 'convince' him to give it to you. 
Convince = Seduce. There is no way to get the recipe except 
sleeping with Mike.

Episode 4

1) Poker Night!

2)Talk to Daniel Fox. He will tell you about a fashion show he 
plans to have.To get in you will need to upgrade your house,
 improve your garden and have friends. (If you followed my
 cheat in episode 2, friends should not be an issue)

A)To upgrade furniture, just click on the item then choose upgrade. 
Items that be upgraded include couch, armchairs, TV (living room), 
shower(master bath),bed and dresser(master bedroom). You will 
also need to clean. You can do this yourself or hire the gold cleaning
service. Once your home is good enough, you will get a new goal .

B) To improve your garden, you should plant some better (level 2)
 flowers. Hiring the gold gardening service helps too. When your
 garden is good enough, Bree will call to compliment you.

3) You will find Mrs. Davenport lurking outside your house. Talk to 
her and she will reveal that her garden has been ruined by a dog.
Mike Delfino is the only dog owner in the neighborhood so you will need
 to talk to him. When you do, he will ask you to look into the matter 
and try to clear Bongos name.

4) You will arrive at Mrs Davenports just in time to see the Scavo boys
 running away. At this point you have several options. You can either
blame the Scavo kids ( Etta won't believe you), bribe or blackmail her.

A)To BRIBE her, She will ask for two thousand dollars but you can talk
her down to one thousand. Etta will then send you on a sidequest to get
her broach back from the pawnshop owner. He will give you the broach
in exchange for one of the items on his list. Easiest to get are the Crystal 
Roses which are in the kitchen of Brees house. Take the item to the 
pawnshop owner then return the broach to Etta.

B)To BLACKMAIL her, you need to talk to the Scavo Kids. Make sure you
 buy a box of chocolates from the pharmacy to bribe them with. They will
 tell you some interesting things about Mr. Davenport. Go home and look 
up Davenport online. Once you do this, you will have enough information
 to blackmail Etta. Go to her house to do so.

5) Report back to Mike and tell him Bongo is in the clear. 

6) Visit the Therapist.

7) Check in with Daniel to end the episode.

No major side goals for Episode 4.

Episode 5:

1) Daniel needs a certain fabric and Gabrielle is the only one who
has it.Gaby is willing to give you a dress made of the fabric you
need if you make her a dish to take to her husbands pot luck.
Any dish will do, I usually go with Banana Meatloaf because it's
the easiest. Take the dish back to Gaby and the dress is yours. 

2) Take the dress back to Daniel. He will ask you to pick up a 
package at the mall. Talk to the owner of Beverlys Boutique. 
She wants a shipping number for the package but Daniel didn't
give it to you. Go back to Daniel who will tell you the invoice is in
his house. While in the Fox house, you will overhear a interesting
conversation. Once you have the invoice, go back to the boutique,
get the package then back to Daniel and give the package to him. 

HINT: Right before you hand Daniel the package, you can meet
 Erik Larsen for the first time. He won't say much at this point but
 will tell his secret if you ask.

3) The High Road: Daniel needs you to get summaries from Bree,
 Gabrielle, Susan and Lynette. Do so and you will be rewarded in
 the next episode.

4) The Low Road: Edie wants you to ruin the Fashion show. To do
this, you will need to do four things. Play mind games with the other
models.(just go to thier house and make up a rumor), Ruin someones
dress (Edie will give you the solution you need), Wax the runway
(Borrow floor wax from Bree), Cut off the microphone (borrow wire 
cutters from Paul Young) and cut the wires. Do all this and Edie will
 reward you in the next episode.

Note: You can only complete either the High Road or the Low 
Road. There is no way to do both. Either way has little effect on 
the storyline.

5) If you choose the High Road, You will need to warn Daniel about
 Edies plans to ruin his show. Once you do this, the fashion show is 
ready to begin.Talk to the other housewives as well as Vincent Corsetty
and Erik Larsen.

Episode 6:

1) Edie stops by to give Vincent Corsetty a tour of your home.

HINT: After they leave, you can find Vinnie standing on the porch of 
Edies house. Episode 6 is the only chance you have to find out Vinnies

2) Get your mail. Susan will call to remind you about poker night and
ask you to convince your son to help Julie with a computer project. 

3) Ask Gaby about the locket you found in your maibox earlier. After you 
finish talking anout the locket, she will ask you to look up modeling online.

NOTE: If you ask Carlos, Paul or Mike about the locket , they will try to 
seduce you! These little flings don't count as adultery in your secrets folder.

4) Head over to Lynettes. The entire family is sick and it is up to you to
 make soup for them. Go home, talk to your son about Julie, look up 
modeling for Gaby then make the soup for Lynette.

5) Take the modeling info to Gaby and the soup to Lynette.

6) Husband will call around 11AM. Go to Bree and ask her advice
regarding what he says. She will suggest that you check up on him.

7) Daniel will call. He wants you to speak with Frank. After you do so,
 go home and talk to your son. He will tell you about a disturbing post
 Frank made on the Utter Warfare Community Forums. Check it out for
 yourself online then share your findings with Daniel.

8) Visit the therapist then go to your husbands office. Convince him
 to forget about work for the night and come home with you.

HINT: If you do not visit your husbands office before 5PM, time will
stop to allow to complete this goal before poker night. You can use
this time to build up relationships with your neighbors, try to find out 
everyones secret or have those little flings with Carlos, Paul and Mike.

9) Poker Night. Main gossip topics include the locket, Vinnie and Erik.
Episode will end once poker night is over.

Hint: You will earn respect from the other housewives if you beat them
 at poker without cheating.

Episode 7

1) You will get a phone from someone who claims that they have 
proof your husband is cheating with his secretary, Jackie Marlen.
 They also mention that you should check your husbands office
 safe to see what is hidden there.

2) Go to Susan. She will agree to distract your husband while you
 go to his office to check things out. Call hubby and demand that
 he come home for dinner at 6PM.

3) Cooking Contest (optional goal) You really don't have anything
 to do while waiting for your husbands return so this is a nice
 distraction. First, you will need to sabotage Brees spice rack.
 Sneak into her home and find the rack in her kitchen. Return to 
your home then cook a contest entry.Any recipe you are good at
 will do. Take your entry to the table at the mall.

4) Cook dinner for your husband. Once Susan lures him away,
 head to his office and try to open the safe. Jackie will catch you
 in the act and reveal her true intentions. Return home and get
 a good nights rest.

5) Look up Jackie Marlen online. You will discover some 
interesting things.

6) Off to the therpapist again. When you leave his office, you will
 see Jackie with her lover, Faith. Confront Faith and reveal the truth
 about Jackie. The time has come to tell your husband about Jackie
 so go to his office. After the scene plays out the episode is over.

Episode 8:

1) Your home has been broken into and it has something to do 
with Frank Fox.

2) Your husband will make a rather sexist comment which will 
result in him agreeing to play housewife for a day. He needs a 
cooking lesson so its off to the kitchen.  Try to get the A rating.
 If you do, your husband will be dazzled and you will get some 
well deserved respect.  If not, he will continue to think your job
 is easy and that he can do it better.

3) Daniel will call to say Frank is coming over to explain things.
 Listen to what Frank has to say.

4) Go to the mall and find Erik Larsen. As soon as you finish 
talkng with Erik, Daniel will call and ask you to come over ASAP.

Optional Green Goals:
Seduce your husband - just what it sounds like. Scene varies a 
bit based on how well you did during the cooking lesson.

Look up Erik Larsen: If you want to see his FIB homepage, the
password is panther *snicker*

5) Go to Fox House. Talk to Daniel . He will ask you to get him a
gun. Go to Bree or Mike for help with this. Give gun to Daniel 
then head home.

6) *SLIGHT SPOILER HERE * Your husband will call and tell you
to hurry to his office. You find an injured Frank Fox there. After
 talking to him, everyone comes to realize that Daniel is in danger.
Call Daniel on your cell phone but you will find you are too late 
to warn him. Go to the Fox house and you will find Daniel dying. 
Talk to him to end the episode.

Episode 9

Warning: this episode is completely tedious and feels like it
 takes forever. This is the quickest method I could find.

1) An officer will be at your home. He tells to go to the Fox house
 to get more information on Daniels murder.

2) Bree will call to say she is having a party to honor Daniels memory 
(optional green goal) Wear your fashion show dress and be there at 

3) The officer guarding the Fox house isn't very forthcoming but 
luckily Edie arrives to help you out.

4) Call Frank on cell phone. Be sure to ask your questions in order 
or he won't answer. Main point of this conversation is that you agree
 to help him find Daniels killer. 

5) Back to the officer in front of the Fox house. He is much more 
forthcoming this time and gives you an important clue. There are two
convicted felons living on Wisteria Lane. Mike Delfino and Carlos Solis. 
You will need to investigate both of them.

6) Talk to Mike. He claims to have been with Susan on the night in 
question. Visit her to confirm his alibi. Once Mike is in the clear, visit
 the Solis house.

7) Gaby and Carlos claim they were 'together' that night so it would
 seem they are in the clear. However, Gaby says she saw two people 
milling about your house.

8) Go home and question your son. He insists that was in all night,
 gets annoyed with you and compares you to Danielles mom (Bree).

9) Visit Bree. You will find out that your son and her daughter were
 out together the night of Daniels murder. Now that you know your
 son lied, go back home and confront him. He will admit that he was
 out then tell you that he saw someone standing outside the Scavo 
house, talking to a car.

10) Off to the Scavo house. Talk to Lynette and she will reveal that 
it was Gaby your son saw not her.

11) Back to Gabys. Talk to her. You will discover some things that she
 didn't tell you before including the fact that one of the killers gave her
 his phone number! Call the mystery number.You get a recording but 
you will hear a familiar voice. Call Vincent to see what he has to say.
After you finish talking to Vincent, Erik will call. He wants to meet with 
you in person. If you plan to attend the mourning party, hold off on the
next two goals until after it ends. More about the party in optional goals.

NOTE: If you follow my guide, you will easily finish the episode before
the party so keep this in mind if you actually want to attend.

12) Call Erik and arrange a meeting. 
He has some interesting things to say.

13) Call Frank and he will tell you to meet him at the mall. Be sure to save
before leaving for the mall because the game tends to freeze up on this part.
 Fill him in on everything you know about Daniels murder and this episode
 will end.

Optional Green Goals:

Twos Company: You try to seduce Karl Mayer but get caught by Edie.

Threes A Crowd: Call Edie, lure her away from the house then have
 your way with Karl.

The Party: First off, don't forget to wear your fashion show dress.
If you don't, you will get some pretty funny reactions from the other 
housewives but won't be able to complete your goals. Your job is to 
console everyone. For some reason, you need to slap Edie and Gaby to
 'console' them. Just play it by ear with everyone else.If you want to skip
 the party, just blow off Bree when she calls to say you are late. 

Episode 10

There are alot of little goals here. I will try to get you through this
 episode in the most efficent way possible.

1) Examine the flyer, Bree gave you. Two things should catch your
 interest. The handwriting seems to be a girls and it is on a missing
 dog flyer.

2) Check your garden then ask Mike about the flyers and he will 
send you to Mrs. Davenport.

3) Visit Mrs Davenport. She will give you something to kill the new
 bugs in your garden but whats up with all the rat poison she has?

4) Go home and use the new bug spray on your garden. Bring a 
dead bug back to Mrs Davenport to see ahat she knows about it. 
She says the bug can be ordered from a company called Pest Port.
She suggests that you talk to the mailman to see who ordered the
bugs. ( This will have to wait until later. )

5) You can ask Mrs. Davenport about the flyers but she is no help. 
When she leaves her garden, you notice a dog tag. Confront Mrs
 Davenport and she will tell you the truth about what is happening
 to the neighborhood animals.

6) Visit Frank Fox to ask about the nasty emails your son is accused
 of sending Alison. Frank will tell you that no one could access your
 sons account without a password.

7) Go home and ask your son who he gave his password to. 
(Answer will vary based on how you played Episode 3) Also get a
 handwriting sample from him to prove that he didn't write the flyers.

8) Talk to Danielle Van DeKamp. She thinks Julie Mayer is to blame for
 the flyers. Visit Julie and get a handwriting sample. Be honest with Julie
 or else you will have to trick her into giving you the writing sample.

9) Find out who sent the bugs. Track down the mailman. You can
 either seduce him or bribe him($250) to get the info you need.

10) Confront the person who is to blame.( Once again, who depends
 on how you played Episode 3) Once they confess, it's up to you to
 decide whether to show them mercy.If you want them punished, 
call Erik Larsen and he will handle things (optional green goal)

11) Talk to your son and tell him everything is resolved. Next, you
 will receive a call from Vincent to say he sent you a package. You 
will find it on your doorstep. Open it to end episode.

Episode 11

1) You have an arguement with your husband regarding the
 package Vinnie sent. Susan will call to check up on you but 
blows you off when you ask to come over to talk.

2) Examine the contents of the package.

3) Go to The Fox house to pick up the car keys your husband left
 there. Listen to Franks voicemail(on living room table) to discover
 that he plans to leave Fairview. Ask him about this then say your

Optional Green Goal: People are Talking
Basically, it's up to you to figure out whether the other housewives
are gossiping about you. You can't really do anything even if you
suspect they are which makes this goal rather pointless. 

4) Return poison to Mrs Davenport.

5) Go to therapist. You will run into Erik on your way in and he is
 acting a bit strangely.

6) When you leave the therapist, you will overhear a conversation
 between Vinnie, Erik and a police officer. Be sure to listen to the
 whole thing.

7) Go home. HINT: Save on a new file before entering the house.
 This way you can see all three dinner scenes without replaying
 the episode.

8) Your husband will call once you enter the house and ask you to
 make a choice. Whoever you choose, will be your dinner guest at
 8:30 PM. Prepare dinner at 8. The scene plays out differantly 
depending on who you chose.
HINT: If you are only going to do this episode once, I recommend 
choosing Erik. He provides the most information.

Episode 12
Just follow along with the storyline. You will easily be able to figure
 out your goals. Save when you get the gun. This way you can go
 back and view all four endings without replaying the whole episode.
 This scene plays out in various ways based on who you choose to 
shoot and who you decide to be with.

1) You choose to stay with your husband. Everyone lives and Erik
 takes Vinnie off to jail.

2) You choose to start a new life with Erik. Your husband will 
blame Erik for everything and tries to shoot him.  Erik will wind
up killing your husband in self defense and Vincent goes to jail. 

3) You choose Vincent. Your son kills Erik. Vinnie kills your 
husband .

4) You choose none of them. You kill Erik, Vinnie and your 

The Pawn Shop Items:
1) MP3 player: Susan has one. On table to the right of her front 
 door. Silver Bell is in left bedroom on second floor.( Steal both
when you are forced to return her painting in Episode 2 to save time)
2) Watch : In Paul Youngs Kitchen.
3) Bracelet : Gabys house second floor. On dresser in room next to
master bedroom. Silver Bell is downstairs in living room.
4) Reagan Bust : Brees house on first floor mantle. Silver bell is
 upstairs in master bedroom.
5) SongBook : Edies house. Second Floor. Silver bell is up there too.
6) Mask : Alison Tinsleys house. First floor on book shelf.
7) Silver Bells(5) Last is in the Scavo House. Second floor.
 Master bedroom.

The game autosaves whenever you enter a home . You can easily
 steal all the items in one night. If you get caught, you can either 
load the autosaved game or try to talk your way out of it. I was only
 caught once and Bree was easy to lie to.

Fun things to try:
1) Find out everyones secret.
2) Slap everyone. Mike and Vinnies reactions are especially funny.
3) Don't do any green goals. Actually much harder then it sounds.
4) Seduce the men twice in one episode to see what happens.
5) Tell the men it wasn't good for you after you seduce them.
6) Steal everything possible from your neighbors.

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