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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by antseezee

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                            FAQ/Strategy Guide
                                 For PC
                              Version Final
                             By Chris Zawada
                             User: antseezee
                         E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                         Website: www.z-wad.com
                             Created: 11/18/06
                           Last Update: 03/10/11
                        Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada
    Author's Note
    The ever-so popular Battlefield 2 has brought back the eternal gaming moments
    of massive online fragfests, with the ideas of some realistic scenarios.
    Battlefield 2142 continues the tradition in the future, set apart by nearly 150
    years, with futuristic ships, vehicles, and a few new weapons. DICE's newest
    creation takes the classic-old formula of BF2, yet upgrades it with more ranks,
    more cool stuff, and some propaganda to make the title interesting. This guide
    will cover basic strategies of BF2142, discuss unlocks/ranks, go over maps on a
    somewhat intricate detail, and most of all, provide multiplayer tips to
    becoming a better player. Will you strive for perfection, or continue to roam
    as the lonely new player?
    If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
    added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
    content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
    you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
    I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
    with what you want to know!
    =03/10/11= vFinal
    Final update.
    =12/27/06= v1.10
    The new 1.10 patch came out several days ago and is suppose to fix certain
    issues hassling gameplay elements. There have actually been major changes with
    this patch regarding fixes to the Ganz HMG, the cloak, and some gameplay bugs
    that remain. Most of the remaining Titan glitches have been removed - so no
    more glitching, har har har. EA is also planning to host some beneficial events
    for all BF2142 players. Things such as an all-unlocks weekend, and Knife-the-EA
    employee are just a few events that are planned or have been completed.
       Guide Additions: >> Corrected Ganz HMG ratings
                        >> Corrected Gunship section
                        >> Corrected Pistol sections
                        >> Corrected AE Defuser section
                        >> Corrected other patched items/gameplay items
    =11/26/06= v1.06
    Corrected a mistake in the guide (thanks Alex Hanson & Alex Pierson). Patch
    1.05 came out about a week ago, and was a mild failure thanks to a Titan crash
    to desktop glitch that affected everyone. DICE released a hotfix patch about
    2-3 days after 1.05, which fixes the problem. I thank them on their speediness,
    although this looks bad for DICE in terms of testing their patch. You can now
    get the Titan Survival Pin if you manage to bail off the enemy Titan and touch
    the ground. More great news. It appears EA has been personally swiping stat
    padders, and may even have been using a filter that looked for players with
    extremely high scores in a single round. Stat padding has generally been
    removed in patch 1.06, and it is now impossible to exploit previous point-
    accumulating techniques on the Titans. This still does not eliminate it
    entirely as players on opposite teams can coerce to cheat. Assault rifle
    deviation has been decreased on some of the larger assault rifles (Baur H-AR,
    slightly on Voss L-AR). This means being assault is better now and you should
    be able to get more kills.
       Guide Additions: >> Corrected factual error
                        >> Added Gameplay section to Game Basics section
                        >> Added Commanding section to Features section
    =11/20/06= v1.01
    Decided to add more detailed strategies based off of my own playing
    experiences. Check for specified strategies underneath each Class in the
    Class/Unlocks section. Also added a few vehicle-specific strategies. Patch 1.01
    was released upon the release of the game. Make sure you download it.
    =11/19/06= v1.0
    Finished the FAQ. Practically everything I wanted in the guide is in it, and
    I've played 2142 over the past 3 weeks to verify most of the information. I
    will still add more information in the future as I get more ideas for new
    sections and to update the guide along with the new patches.
    =11/18/06= v1.0
    Started the FAQ. I've owned this game since the release date, mainly due to my
    own anxiousness to play it. I have played out all classes, all unlocks, all
    maps, and can safely now write this guide out of personal satisfaction.
    Expecting completion of the guide around Thanksgiving.
    - I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and
    type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section
    of the guide.
              -    Table of Contents     -
              1) Introduction
              2) Game Basics
                 > Controls
                 > Screen HUD
                 > Gameplay
              3) Maps               (3.1)
                 > Strategies
              4) Classes/Unlocks    (4.1)
                 > Strategies
              5) Vehicles           (5.1)
                 > Strategies
              6) Features
                 > Titan Strategies
                 > Teamwork Advantages
                 > Knifing
                 > Mounted Cannon Strategies
                 > Commanding
                 > Awards
                 > Ranks
                 > Stats
                 > Recording Videos
                 > Single-Player
                 > In-Game Advertisements
                 > In-Game Tips List
              7) Modifications      (7.1)
                 > Descriptions
              8) Common Questions
                 > Troubleshooting
                 > How to Report Cheaters
              9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
             10) Proper Credits
    - 1) Introduction          -
    The genre of first person shooters is often numerous and overwhelming. You can
    pick up a game called World War II combat, and expect the greatest experience
    of your life. Instead, it turns out to be a pile of crap. The Battlefield
    series has never resembled crap, or anything along that path of quality. Often
    considered one of the best first person shooting series out there, the
    Battlefield series almost brings a sense of elegance in terms of gaming
    quality. While the series has been known to have its bugs and problems, the fun
    factor is uncomparable to other first person shooters, and combine the face
    that it's online against human players - it only gets better.
    Battlefield 2142 is the fourth official base title installment in the series
    (1942, then Vietnam, then 2, now 2142). The game takes place in the future
    where the planet Earth has been covered by a invigorating ice age. Only a few
    areas of land around the planet still have considerable warmth. It is not known
    what caused the ice age, although the ideas of a possible nuclear war or global
    warming are most likely to blame. The future now only has 2 coalitions, the PAC
    (Pan-Asian Coalition), and EU (European Union). Both bands are desperately
    struggling to fight each other for control of essential resources which will
    provide them with energy, food, warmth, and most of all - survival.
    Battlefield 2142's game engine is practically identical to BF2. While the game
    looks different, and feels slightly graphically better, it is based off of the
    Battlefield 2 engine. This means most computers that could run BF2, can also
    run BF2142 slightly more efficiently (thanks to coding improvements). The game
    downgrades from 7 classes to only 4 classes now (recon, assault, engineer,
    support), however, customization is now allowed. You can alter your equipment
    setups and so forth. A new game mode has been created called Titan mode, where
    you must destroy the opposing team's mothership through the use of capturing
    missile silos, then holding these silos, or deciding to board the enemy ship
    after the shield has gone down. This is by far the most innovative and
    intriguing element of BF2142 aside from the same old capture the flag game mode
    (that's in there as well).
    The addition of 40+ ranks, and the fact that each new rank earns you 1 unlock
    point out of 40 unlocks is quite amazing. Battlefield 2142 is the new fad for
    online action gaming, although it does not have as many innovations as everyone
    would have liked. Jets have been removed, as Helojets now replace them
    (combination of chopper & jet). Many elements from BF2 still exist (bullet-
    based weapons, speedy transport vheicles), and not that many new items have
    been introduced. In a sense, BF2142 is an expansion pack, just a really darn
    good one.
    ##### GAME INFO #####
    Players: 1-64 (w/ online support)
    Developer: DICE
    Released: 2006
    Rarity: common
    Special Features: Voice, Online, Account-kept Stats/Awards/Ranking
    ESRB: Teen
    Cover Art on box:
    - Shows mech firing cannons with lots of chaos occurring in background
    	> Windows XP
    	> Intel Celeron D / P4 1.7ghz or better
    		(Pentium M's & AMD's work fine, P-M's are faster than P4)
    	> 512MB RAM +
    		(Recommended is 2 GB from my experience. 1 GB works fairly well
    		compared to how it did in BF2)
    	> DVD drive (this game was ONLY released in DVD format)
    	> 2.2 GB free HD space
    	> DirectX 9.0c
    	> nVidia GeForce 5800 or better, ATI Radeon 9500 or better
    		(There is an official list of supported video cards available
    		 via google. People have managed to get it to work on some
    		 lower-end mobile version cards. Game says video card must be
    		 Pixel shader 2.0 compatible or better, and AGP/PCI-E only.)
            > A good tip is that if you played BF2 before with the same exact
              computer, it WILL work with BF2142.
    - 2) Game Basics           -
    What I have always loved about PC games is the fact that you can use a keyboard
    and mouse. The amount of keys gives you an overwhelming amount of options to
    choose from when selecting what goes where. This section will go over the
    involved controls, the screen setup, and an overview of the game modes.
    /Controls - General Gameplay/
              E - Enter/exit vehicle
              J - Say chat all
              K - Say chat team
              L - Say chat squad
              V - Talk to commander (only if squad leader)
              B - Talk to squadmates (only if in squad)
        Page Up - Vote yes during poll
      Page Down - Vote no during poll
      Caps Lock - Bring up squad management screen
            Tab - Shows scoreboard
      Prnt Scrn - Takes screenshot and puts in My Documents/BF2/Screenshots
          Enter - Bring up spawn management screen
    - VOIP must be enabled, and you must have a MIC plugged in to talk to
    teammates. You can only hear people in your squad (you must join one), or as a
    squad leader, you can talk to the commander on a direct line. There is no way
    to hear everyone on the same team or in the same game. Voting yes or no during
    polls is usually done for kicking players or voting on a map. You can restrict
    polls from popping up via the Options menu. The squad management screen let's
    you create your own squad, join another, or view who is in what squad. It also
    shows what vehicles are grayed out and available on the map. The spawn
    management screen let's you pick a new spawn point after you die to spawn at.
    /Controls - Navigation/
              M - Show or hide big map
              N - Zoom on big map or your mini-map
              Q - Brings up spotter menu
              T - Brings up squad order/spotter menu
              C - Cycles camera views
    - The big map basically fills your entire screen with the navigation map. It's
    useful for seeing what your enemy has, and where to go next. The spotter menu
    is probably the most useful in terms of recon. Aim your mouse over an enemy
    target, or fairly close to it. Hold Q and left click the mouse. You will
    publicly spot an enemy for your teammates, and it should show up as a flashing
    icon on their radar. This is useful for spotting air vehicles, tanks, or
    snipers. The squad order/spotter menu is specialized for giving orders to
    squadmates. Waypoints can be set. The camera cycler is useful for changing
    views in vehicles, or at certain positions.
    /Controls - Infantry/
               W - Move forward
               S - Move backward
               A - Strafe left
               D - Strafe right
      Left Click - Fire weapon, use item
     Right Click - Zoom with weapon, secondary function
           Space - Jumps, Uses parachute
    Double-tap W - Sprints
    	   G - Picks up kit
    	   R - Reloads
     Mouse Wheel - Cycles weapons, used to change firing modes
    Left Control - Crouches
    	   Z - Prones
           Shift - Use stabilizer if equipped (hold down to steady aim)
    - I highly recommend sticking with the W,S,A,D moving configuration. These four
    keys are used to move your character, while the mouse is used to look around
    and aim. Use them in conjunction for maximum performance. Sprinting takes away
    stamina faster, and you cannot use a weapon, however, you move quickly and can
    evade bullets easier. Proning lays you flat on the ground, and makes it tougher
    to hit you, but your upper-body is more exposed to hits. Crouching makes you
    semi-accurate, but you're still a hunched target. When reloading, the entire
    clip is used to reload, regardless of your current ammo amount. It's better to
    reload once you are low on ammo, rather than reloading and wasting a good 20
    bullets if you only wasted 8. To pick a different firing mode, re-select your
    primary weapon, and left-click. Some guns only have one firing mode though.
    Certain weapons have scopes that zoom a great distance when right-clicked. The
    parachute button has been changed to tapping just the space bar. You do not
    have to tap 9 rapidly. Please note that certain vehicles now have you bail out
    with escape pods, which do not require parachutes and will safely land you like
    an ejection pod.
    /Controls - Land and Air/
    	  W - Accelerate
    	  S - Decelerate/Reverse
    	  A - Steer left
    	  D - Steer right
          Mouse - Move aiming turret
     Left Click - Fires main weapon
    Right Click - Fires secondary weapon
              X - Dispenses energy shield
          SHIFT - Uses nitrous boost (on transport jeeps), Runs (on battle walker)
          F1-F6 - Switches from position 1 to 6
              Z - Crouches (on battle walker)
    - Controlling land and sea vehicles is simple. Move the actual vehicle with the
    W,S,A,D configuration, and rotate the turret using the mouse. If you're flying
    a helojet, the vehicle performs like a harrier jet (the engines can go into a
    fast jet position, or a hover position). Most transport helojets operate the
    same way, except are more sluggish and have less maneuverability. Flares or
    smoke shields have been removed from the game. They are replaced by a green
    energy shield. This blocks ALL projectiles with the exception to anti-air fire.
    If you are in a mech, and you green shield yourself, tank shells or nothing
    will hurt you.
    /Controls - Commander/
    Caps Lock - Brings up Commander screen
          1-9 - Picks squads 1 through 9
    Left CTRL - Hold down to select multiple squads
            V - Voice to all squads
            B - Voice to selected squads
    - Use the mouse for everything under the commander screen. Use keyboard
    shortcuts when selecting squads. Right-clicking on a squad tab allows you to
    issue direct voice commands telling them of their status. The commander screen
    has some slight additions via the mouse interface. You will see icons
    representing the skills of customized members in certain squads.
       >> Commanders can lay down EMP-STRIKE (electrical charge disables vehicles)
                                  SAT TRACK (sweeps to show enemies/vehicles)
                                  UAV (shows enemies/vehicles to players)
                                  SUPPLIES (drops supply crate)
            * not in Titan mode * ORBITAL STRIKE (drops explosive artillery)
    /Screen HUD/
     |[   ]                                         /     \  |
     |[ 1 ]                  [9]                   /       \ |
     |[   ]                                        | [2]   | |
     |                                             \       / |
     |                                              \_____/  |
     |[ 3 ]                                                  |
     |                                                       |
     |                           |                           |
     |                         -   -                         |
     |                           | [4]                       |
     |                                                       |
     |                                                       |
     |                                                       |
     |                                                       |
     |                                         ______________|
     |                                        |[5]   | [7]   |
     |                                        |[6]   ||||[8]||
    Meaning KEY:
    	[1] - Status Indicator - Shows who got killed by what or whom
    	[2] - Minimap / Ticket Indicator - Shows amount of tickets left for
    					   each team, who has a depletion
    					   rate on their tickets, and also
    					   displays your mini-map with all
    					   icons, flag points, and what not.
    					   Useful for navigation.
    	[3] - Text Indicator - Shows typed messages, enemy spotted commands,
    			       or green text for squad issued orders.
    	[4] - Aiming Indicator - Your crosshair
    	[5] - Health Meter - Shows your health bar with solid color bar.
    	[6] - Stamina Meter - Shows your stamina bar with solid color bar.
    	                      Recharges naturally by not sprinting.
    	[7] - Ammo Indicator - Shows your ammo bar with white vertical bars.
    			       When you run out, you'll automatically reload.
    	[8] - Overheat Indicator - Shows your weapon heating status. If this
    				   reaches full, the weapon will cease to work
    				   for a short time interval. You can also see
    				   the firing mode the weapon is in.
    	[9] - Titan/Flag Indicator - Shows what silos or flags are in control
    	                             or the status of you and your opponent's
    	                             Titans along with consoles/reactor.
    If you are new to the Battlefield series, consider this section essential to
    understanding the basics of gameplay. Gameplay in Battlefield 2142 is different
    contrary to most first-person shooters. The BF series is often considered a
    tactical series because one must fight but also adjust their actions so it
    benefits the team.
       Flag or silo capturing is a necessity that must be learned. Look on your
       minimap for circular icons or flag points. When you approach one of these
       points and get close enough to the radius, a small colored bar will appear
       at the top middle portion of the screen. Red means the enemy has control of
       it. Blue means you have control of it. If the bar is empty, that means the
       flag is neutral. Stay in this radius long enough to capture the flag. You
       can capture a flag/silo in vehicles as well, or with a flying vehicle as
       long as you are within the radius.
       +>/ COMMANDERS \<+
       Ever wonder what the guy with the big star on your team does? It's pretty
       simple, he issues orders and uses the commander assets. The commander assets
       are pieces of equipment designed to assist the entire team in combat. He can
       provide a radar satellite that reveals all enemies in a round radius -
       useful for not getting ambushed or hunting down enemies. An EMP strike can
       be issued to disable any enemy vehicles for a short period of time in a
       certain area. Heck, even an orbital strike can be issued on capture the flag
       to kill enemies or destroy vehicles. The commander has a few other abilities
       including the button to move the Titan, which can be used in strategic
       attacks or as part of a defensive plan.
       +>/ SQUADS \<+
       Squads were put in the BF series so players can coordinate attacks rather
       than run around aimlessly. Squads can hold up to 6 players maximum, and you
       can use your microphone to speak to them by holding down V. The squad leader
       in your squad has a special squad item (if he/she has unlocked one) that
       will assist each of you in combat or in reaching a certain area. Squads can
       have orders set as well, and you will get a squad bonus point for following
       the order and performing an action. Let's say you're told to attack flag #1.
       Follow the waypoint on your minimap, then kill someone inside the radius of
       the order to receive your normal points + 1 for following the order radius.
       Note that if your entire squad accumulates ENOUGH squad radius points, then
       you will unlock a Field Upgrade (10 squad points between the entire squad =
       1 upgrade). A Field Upgrade is a temporary unlock, but it will only let you
       go up one block on your tech tree. So you simply cannot stack field upgrades
       to get the Baur H-AR. You would only be able to go up one level above your
       current tech ability.
       +>/ TITAN \<+
       The Titan is a new feature to BF 2142, and can often be a haggling
       experience to new players. The layout is simple. If you choose to spawn on
       it, you'll spawn in the transport bay of the Titan. If you go towards the
       declining steps, then go left/right, this stairwell will take you down to
       the core of the Titan. From here will be four hallways. Two on the left are
       hallways 2 & 4, two on the right are hallways 1 & 3. The upper hallways are
       4 & 3, respectively. The lower hallways are 2 & 1 respectively. The center
       door that is sealed is the reactor room. This door becomes unbreached when
       all four of your consoles in the hallways are destroyed. As a defender, your
       goal is to prevent the enemy from blowing up the consoles in the hallway,
       and the reactor core itself (it has a giant purple beam sticking out of it).
       As an attacker, your goal is to breach these areas and destroy them.
       If you go back to the transport bay, and look where the six computer
       consoles are against the middle wall - these are your turrets. Four of them
       fire explosive rays underneath your Titan, and two of them man anti-air
       turrets. If one is damaged or destroyed, it can be repaired by an engineer
       with a welder by interacting with the console. Also note that left & right
       of the computer consoles are 6 cylindrical pods (3 on each side). Press E on
       the pod and you'll jump inside. You can now aim your body like a cannon in
       the circus to launch yourself in an ejection pod. You can guide the pod
       manually to go where you desire.
       On top of your Titan are two vents. The landing flap to the rear is called
       the Cargo Bay. The transport bay always stay shielded, even if your shields
       go down. The vents are the most common point of entry since no warning is
       alarmed, and there is a tactical sniping advantage from this point. If you
       are defending inside the Titan, warnings will alarm when enemies are
       detected in the Cargo Bay, or in each hallway. You will see a green message
       in the upper left. Damaged consoles or the reactor cannot be repaired, so do
       your best to prevent damage to them. Remember that missile silos on the
       ground will do damage to the Titan itself, so you must micromanage enough
       squads to continue fighting on the ground level while defending your Titan
       or attacking the other.
    - 3) Maps (3.1)            -
    The territories you constantly engage throughout the game are called maps.
    Battlefield 2142 has 10 maps included with the base game. Not to be biased or
    anything, but most of the maps are either covered with snow, or based off of a
    desert atmosphere. The environment is generally darker and more misty compared
    to Battlefield 2, where you had a wide variety of landscapes.
       NOTE: All maps will be based off of the assumed 64-player versions.
    __________________________________/ BELGRADE \____________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict
    > Rating: ****
    > Description: "Belgrade is a closely intertwined conflict area with apartment
                    buildings, a few streets, several in-the-field capture points,
                    and a monorail that follows around the conflict zone."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - Getting the Statue flag will be your utmost goal. The problem is that the
       EU have a slight disconnection from the battlefield, and only 2 flags are
       fairly close to your vicinity. The PAC will have the initial rush, so
       holding the Statue flag in the middle and to the left is crucial. This will
       also prove to be a great ambush point against opposing Mechs or APCs (plus a
       mech spawns at this point).
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Holding the statue or controlling the middle line of flags will lead you
       to victory (especially capturing the Monorail flag). This Monorail flag is a
       key base point to the EU's success, and sneaking a transport vehicle behind
       there certainly cannot hurt. One item of note though, at the beginning, do a
       vehicle rush towards the statue flag. You'll get a free mech after capturing
       the flag at this point, and you'll be closer to the statue flag from your
       uncappable zone.
    - This is definitely one of the higher quality maps in BF2142. It resembles to
    be somewhat like Strike at Karkand, with lots of chaos occuring around flag
    points, lots of snipers in second-floor railings, and occasional APCs/Mechs
    trying to rape. One great strategy is to simple grab an armored vehicle, and do
    it for the whole round. Travel along the main road, and just stop at a point
    and far away at enemies. Staying in the middle of this road makes it difficult
    for the opposition to flank and destroy you. If you are trying to capture one
    of the middle flags, enter the apartment buildings, and look for a side
    stairwell. Most of them lead to a second floor railing which you will find
    useful in defending or attacking an area. Snipers are effective on this map,
    along with medics due to close combat in these apartment corridors. Engineers
    are also very efficient with their SMG and anti-armor capabilities. The only
    advice I can offer in defending a flag is to keep your distance from the flag.
    Many users throw grenades at these flag points, or will snipe you from an
    opposing apartment building.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - There is an elevated monorail path that is much higher and goes along the
       main road. You can reach it by going to either the Monorail flag point and
       climbing 2-3 ladders, or going to the area where the monorail ends, and
       manually jumping up there. Get a squad leader to drop a beacon on the
       monorail for quick and easy access. Other great sniper spots include placing
       squad beacons next to extremely tall buildings, then hoping your squadmates
       spawn on top of one of the tall-buildings. The apartment buildings have
       great second-story railings that provide you with adequate cover. Block your
       side stairwells with claymores or RDX.
    __________________________________/ CAMP GIBRALTAR \__________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict
    > Rating: ***
    > Description: "Camp Gibraltar is the definition of chaotic zone full of narrow
                    pathways, a desert-based environment, a yellow haze, lots of
                    elevated walkways, and only-one-way-in entrances."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - All you have to worry about is rear-flag defense. This does not mean you
       have to sit back at your home flags the entire round; it just means making
       sure you don't LOSE your rear flags. Once you lose rear flags, the PAC will
       seep in and try to flank you from the rear. If they are successful, your
       chances of victory decrease. All you really have to do is make sure you
       don't lose a rear flag, and just guard your first flag. The narrow
       boundaries on this map practically ensure that flanking is not an option.
       You also have a mech can you use that spawns at the rear flag - great for
       just holding a position.
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Let's put it this way, you have a disadvantage. Your primary goal is to
       get a flag, ANY flag. As long as its the rear flag, or close to it, you're
       good. You want something that will let your teammates have enough time to
       spawn at, so they can spread out and take other nearby flags. This can best
       be accomplished by taking a transport vehicle, and boosting through pass the
       nearby defenders.
    - It's definitely a combat-infantry intensive map. Camp Gibraltar is a desert-
    based map that has yellow haze on it, so being a long-range sniper is not a
    necessarily great goal. It's awesome to be a sniper at certain spots (on the
    walkway railings or near the side flanks), but you'll see that engineers and
    assault are dominant on this one. Place sentry guns near the ladders, and have
    your engineers mine up the main roads if on defense. On offense, simply cap a
    flag, defend it for a bit, and move onward. Use the nearby rail guns to take
    out an enemy mech if it spawns. Due to the narrow extremities of this map, it
    helps to get elevation. You'll find ladders at guard towers a bit further in on
    the map. Use these ladders to get up high so you have an advantage. Watch for
    orbital strikes as well; they will rape your team.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - Any of the guard towers, the roofs of buildings, or wide-open fields on
       the flanks will work best. There is no specifically dominant sniper point as
       the elevations are limited on this map, and the haze reduces visibility.
    __________________________________/ CERBERE LANDING \__________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict
    > Rating: *****
    > Description: "Cerbere Landing is the only hill-based battle in a small town
                    with lots of infantry combat and scenes that remind you of
                    World War II."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - Since you start off as the defenders, holding the Church or initial
       neutral flag are your best options. One flag you do not want to lose is your
       Command Center, not because it's your "rear" flag, but because it has all of
       your commander assets. Commander assets are crucial on this map, especially
       orbital strikes. Plus, the big bunker at the CC flag is a great spot for
       snipers, and defending any flags below this point.
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Church will be your primary goal. Most EU players camp the left side of
       the map. You may have access to the Harbor flag, but it will take some
       skilled flanking to reach. Instead, flank right along the hill with the
       small road, and take the church from the rear. Then, from here, stage your
       battle immediately left towards the Harbor flag (then south to take care of
       the initial neutral flag). With these 3 flags, you'll be set. Sometimes it
       helps to nitrous oxide a jeep up to the Command Center, but there are
       usually opponents waiting here.
    - What makes Camp Gibraltar a beautiful map is its design, close-quarters
    battles, and generally normal appearance. It's one of the few maps with little
    snow, and one of the few maps without haze. The hill-based design is great for
    tossing grenades, especially to flush out defenders. As support, it rocks as a
    defender because you have the elevation factor, and you simply have to aim down
    at your enemies with natural cover of the mountainside. Make sure to mine the
    roads to prevent jeeps from simply scouring to your rear flags. An enemy mech
    may pop up from time to time for the PAC since they have the initial
    disadvantage. Make use of the mounted rail guns to deal with it. Shotgun
    support players are effectively useful on this map due to the close-corner
    alleys, and constant moving approach.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - The top of the Command Center bunker can be reached via a stairwell. Climb
       the ladder to reach the very top, then snipe opponents that flank either
       from the right (where the commander assets are) or up the left where the
       road is. You will find great sniper spots near the outer-zone boundaries.
       Use the scenery as cover. Other sniper spots include crouching behind the
       stone walls, then aiming and firing down. Don't forget to spam grenades at
       heavily infested points.
    __________________________________/ FALL OF BERLIN \__________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict
    > Rating: *****
    > Description: "This snow-covered city with skyscrapers, roads, and congested
                    debris makes the ultimate warzone look like a joke."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - Since you start off as the defenders, holding the front flag, and making
       sure it stays that way is crucial. You will have a mech that spawns at your
       rear flag, along with an APC. Make sure you do not lose the rear flag. There
       is a northern flank at your frontline flag that is often exposed. Make sure
       you don't get tricked or outflanked from this northern wall (it looks like a
       sharp snowblocked road). Put a sentry below to make sure no one pops down
       from it.
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Any flag will help ensure victory. Working from the rear flag is an
       outreached dream. Most players are smart enough to defend their rear flag,
       and some will be waiting there (especially for an APC or mech). Your best
       option is to take one of the 2 middle flags, then spread out from that
       position. Your best method of attacking is via an APC. Get in one, even if
       you're just operating a side turret, and then bail out when near a flag. Cap
       it, get back inside, and you'll cruise off to the next flag.
    - Fall of Berlin and Cerbere Landing are the 2 premiere maps of BF2142. Fall of
    Berlin has hardly any fog, is completely snow covered, and has the tallest
    buildings in the game. Vehicles will rack you up the most kill, although being
    a foot soldier and defending a flag is also beneficial.	The best
    recommendations I can give is to be a sniper, and to camp a great spot if you
    find one. If you don't like camping, play with a assault rifle and do a roaming
    operation. If the enemy takes one of your rear flags, retreat and take it back.
    If on offense, constantly roam on foot through the apartment buildings or take
    a side flank to reach a flag. Your primary goal on this map is getting at least
    2 flags, because if you don't have 2 flags, your chances of victory are slim.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - There is a ladder in the northern-middle section of the map that leads to
       a very elevated position. This elevated position is next to a monorail
       track. If you prone left of the monorail track where the railing is, you get
       a perfect scoped view of every enemy spawning on this first middle flag.
       It's one of the best sniper spots in the game if you can reach it, and since
       the ladder is the only access to this area, block your rear with a
       claymore/explosive charge. You will find side hallways in apartment
       buildings with second-floor railings that can be used for cover. There are
       second-floor & third-floor railings in the central buildings in the middle
       parts of the map that also act as great spots.
    __________________________________/ MINSK \__________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict, Titan
    > Rating: ****
    > Description: "This snow-covered business sector has wide open arrays, a few
                    blocked off roadways, and somewhat circular design which makes
                    for chaotic titan battles."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - If in Conquest mode, you will start off with all the flags on defense.
       This is a gift from the Gods my friend. All you have to do is practically
       isolate every land-based entry point through the first flag. Do so with
       roller mines, EMP mines, rail gun cannons, and your gaming skills. Watch for
       someone trying to sneak a jet nearby. Man the AA cannons as well. If in
       titan mode, the battle will be a bit more evenly matched. Keep the northern
       silos where your titan rests. Most commanders will move your Titan near the
       middle of the map, which makes it a great access point to reach the
       remaining silos through ejection pods.
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - In Conquest, HURRY. Grab a jeep and sprint through before they practically
       lockdown the only land access through the first flag. If it is locked, grab
       the helojet, and boost past their defenses in the air. Go north to their
       airport, and cap it, or cap a nearby flag that looks undefended. This will
       give your team an infiltration point to move and capture more flags. Without
       this infiltration point, you will get RAPED attempting offense. In Titan
       mode, follow the same strategies as EU since everything is a practical
       mirror image.
    - The success of Minsk lies in the fact that it is the best Titan map, and
    decently fun (sometimes frustrating) CTF map. The wide-open design leaves less
    CQB, but more medium-to-long range encounters. Snipers are a plus as there is
    hardly any haze. You can reach the tall skyscrapers via transport helojets, or
    with squad beacons. These make great sniping points. Most of all, defending 1
    or 2 critical silo points throughout the game can prove to be a challenging but
    efficient effort on your part.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - The skyscrapers at the southeast flag/silo are your best choice. The roofs
       of the fortress buildings at certain flags next to AA guns are also
       efficient sniper locations. Other than that, most of your sniping should be
       done mobile, or from a spot inside your Titan on defense/offense.
    __________________________________/ SHUHIA TIBIA \__________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict, Titan
    > Rating: **
    > Description: "This plateauish map full of canyons, cliffs, and drooping roads
                    can provide an unexpected challenge, both from enemy vehicles
                    and enemy infantry."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - Holding the center stadium point is where most of the action will occur.
       Holding this point, along with the flags/silos on your side of your Titan
       are pretty much your ideal goals at this point. Try nailing a squad beacon
       at the roof of the stadium at the center flag to be a dominant player.
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Follow the same strategies as the EU. The only difference is that your
       land-based route to reaching the stadium flag is a bit longer than the EU.
       You must take a slightly northern road to reach the center flag, while the
       EU have a direct route to the stadium.
    - Minsk has lots of tanks, jeeps, and transport helojets. If you plan on going
    to the center flag, do it with an air vehicle. Going on foot or with a jeep
    takes a bit of time, and your chance of running into enemy armor is high.
    Getting on top of the stadium is a great spawn point, but not a great sniper
    point (the edges of the stadium are slanted so you cannot peak down to snipe).
    Make use of the AA turrets at the roof of the garages at each flag to prevent
    enemy transport hoppers. Watch for occasional players to flank your rear flags
    without your knowledge. Other than that, a somewhat boring map in the sense of
    a lack of variety.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - There are occasional towers and oil refineries, but their locations are
       out of place and away from the action. These are tempting, but worthless
       sniper spots. You'll want to look for any elevated tower or walkway NEAR a
       flag or silo. The stadium is a great spot, but you cannot snipe from it.
       It's great though in terms of infiltration to the center flag. Most players
       will be in vehicles on this one, so unless you find an elevated position
       near the center flag, most action will occur on the Titan.
    ________________________________/ SIDI POWER PLANT \________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict, Titan
    > Rating: **
    > Description: "This concentrated map near the center has lots of action that
                    intersects at the very center, almost like a 4-way stop sign,
                    minus the deaths, explosions, and plasmic destruction."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - Hold one flag/silo close to your Titan, and at least 2 flags/silos around
       the center point. Holding the center point means a lot, but in terms of
       launching missiles, possession will change rapidly. The key trait of holding
       the center is access to 2 railguns, a helojet, and 2 AA guns. Make use of
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Follow the same goal as the EU. If they do get concentrated at the center,
       then play a more simple role - take the outer flags. If the enemy gets too
       congested at a certain spot, simply go elsewhere, cap more flags/silos, and
       make them come to you. Keep your options spread out if they are isolated,
       and keep them isolated if they are spread out.
    - Sidi Power Plant is the map from the "demo", which was often considered a
    not-so-great map. This is true, however, what keeps Sidi from being the worst
    map in the game is the multitude of mechs you can get. Up to 4 mechs can be
    handled at once, and since most of the action occurs in and around the center
    point, this makes the map somewhat fun and invigorating. Air vehicles will also
    be skimming around, so make sure to pop yourself into an AA turret to get some
    easy kills. Just avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. There is a
    decent amount of wasted space on this map from the uncappable points to where
    the actual action takes place.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - You will find one oil tower right of the middle that has decent sniping
       opportunities. The lack of fog is beneficial on this map for sniping. You
       will find a few structures that have stairwells with access to the roof.
       There is one very tall elevator tower left of the center point, but it can
       only be reached by ejected from an aircraft. It is superior sniping spot,
       though. This map is somewhat shaped like a cereal bowl, with higher
       elevations around the boundary zones. Try sniping along these points if you
       manage to find a concentrated amount of enemies at one flag.
    ________________________________/ SUEZ CANAL \________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict, Titan
    > Rating: ***
    > Description: "This canal seems a little dry especially in a desert-based
                    setting, but it will soon be flowing the blood of your enemy."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - If in Conquest mode, you'll have every possible flag. This is good, but
       not THAT much of an advantage. Your enemy has 2 uncappable zones, along with
       hover tanks, which can be a tad more difficult to hit. Plus, the wide
       boundaries on Suez allows for flankers to zoom by in transport vehicles, and
       attempt to take your rear flag. Case in point - hold your rear flag! Losing
       this loses access to a helojet, loses access to critical armor, loses access
       to commander assets, and loses access to take it back (it's easy to defend
       the rear flag with the long bridge, and stairway that must lead up to the
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Get their rear flag, then hop scotch diagonally at each flag going towards
       your front line.
    - Suez Canal is definitely one of the more interesting maps. It has a large
    canal system near the rear where one lone flag/silo is. This lone flag/silo is
    easy to defend, but a critical resource in terms of victory. The other flags
    are practically swish-swash points, they will interchange hands during the
    entire round. However, whoever holds the rear flag does get an advantage, and
    the advantage helps greatly in Conquest mode. As for Titan mode, all silos are
    near the center. Do your job in hop-capping until their shield is down, then
    use the flat terrain to easily access their Titan.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - There are occasional triangle-beam towers near certain flags. Access them
       by ejecting from a helojet. Their extreme elevation makes them great sniper
       spots. There are also refinery towers near certain flags, and the roof of
       Suez flag can be accessed by a beacon near the wall. This huge rectangular
       building makes a great sniper spot for your squadmates spawning on the squad
    ________________________________/ TUNIS HARBOR \________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict
    > Rating: **
    > Description: "This foggy desert harbor feels more like a creepy ambush than
                    a delightfully courageous battle."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - Hold the two closest flags to your uncappable. It's as simple as that. You
       cannot do this and you do not win. You can do this, and you win. You will
       have the initial advantage of being just a tad quicker to the central flag,
       but not by much. Defending your junkyard should be easy because there is
       little cover for the flag carriers. Attacking the far right flag is somewhat
       difficult as there are generally lots of PAC enemies here, and the congested
       cover of that flag can make things somewhat chaotic.
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - Hold the two closest flags to your uncappable. There is very little
       strategy on this map. Try to get the walker in your uncappable spawn, and
       use it to assist in taking the central southern flag. If you fail at doing
       this, flank via the far right around the building, then going upward through
       the open desert. Note that you CAN flank on the outside exterior of the see-
       through fence, but watch for leaving the boundaries.
    - The design and fogginess of Tunis Harbor makes it a somewhat engaging map,
    but little strategy is involved. Most of your tactics will involve camping the
    roofs surrounding a flag, or simply sniping from afar, or firing away with a
    machine gun. Each team will have a mech in their uncappable spawn, and a few
    transport jeeps, but no armor/APCs. You will find a ship and metal walkways
    that interconnect along the north flank, but, the lack of cover makes it
    difficult to cross here. Because of this, you'll generally follow the roads
    that run adjacent to the flags. This becomes a problem as few roads have
    adequate cover. So you'll end up flanking along the sides, and generally have
    squads around corners waiting for easy targets. Other squads may establish
    their setup points on the roof of buildings, and spam grenades, or snipe from
    afar. From a combat standpoint, the map has positive aspects, but the foggy
    design takes away a certain potentiability of this map.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - Anywhere along the metal walkway to the north is a great spot. Sniping
       from the ladder-accessible roofs in the garages are also decent spots. There
       is a burning crane at the center flag that can be reached by a stairwell.
       This is actually a great spot.
    ________________________________/ VERDUN \________________________
    > Conflict: EU vs. PAC
    > Modes: Conflict, Titan
    > Rating: ***
    > Description: "The established perimeter wall in the center gives the feeling
                    that you're fighting amongst a Great Wall, except there is
                    plenty of nonestablishment yet to prevail."
    :> Key Bases (EU):
       - Try to hold the far north and far south points, then use your remaining
       troops to combat near the middle, or flank other positions. Holding the
       perimeter areas of this map makes it easier to force your opponents into
       going somewhere else.
    :> Key Bases (PAC):
       - If your opponent has both the north and southern points, then concentrate
       your attacks on one point, take it, and quickly flee to another flag/silo.
       Most of the combat/strategy will be balanced on Verdun with little advantage
       going to either side. Capturing the Church silo/flag will be somewhat
       difficult due to the small town buildings that intertwine in that area.
    - Verdun has a natural cool feel to it which brings something new to the table.
    The constant fall of snowflakes reduces visibility, but also increases the
    chances of air encounters. Helojets will be prevalent on this one, especially
    during Titan mode. The center point is more of a ploy, than a necessity. Work
    your way on the church and southern wall flag so you can have some secured
    perimeters. Hold whatever flag/silo is closest to your Titan/uncap. There is
    some elevation on both far ends of the map, so you may have to go up hills to
    reach your desired designation. Watch for the winding stone walls near both
    sides, plus the small creek that runs through the area. Make sure to take your
    armor or jeeps over the two bridges, otherwise, you will ruin the vehicle by
    crashing it into the small creek.
    :> Sniper Spots
       - The Great Wall in the center makes the perfect sniping spot. Reach it via
       the ladders in the guard towers, through a helojet, or by bailing out of the
       Titan. Other than that, there are hardly any other elements of elevation on
       this map.
    - 4) Classes/Unlocks (4.1) -
    The new features of 2142 include the fact that there are no longer 7 classes,
    but only 4. However, some of these classes are a "combination" of 2 classes,
    resulting in a better universal feel for your soldier. The ability to customize
    characters allows for multiple potential character setups desired to your
    liking. Also, now, each rank upgrade yields 1 unlock point. New technologies
    must be unlocked in a progressive leveling system. You simply cannot use an
    unlock point to get the big best gun out there. You have to unlock the 2-3
    prerequisites in order to reach the gun. This section will discuss each of the
    4 character classes and the unlocks available along with a rating system.
    Weapons will be rated a tad more complex.
    - Miscellaneous unlocks will be discussed after the four classes have been
    } RECON  \___________________________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)     |     (PAC)      |
        Name: Morretti SR4  | Park 52        |
       Power: ***           | ***		 |
       Range: ****	        | ****	         |
    Accuracy: ****	        | ****	         |
     Overall: ****	        | ****		 |
    	|   (UnlockA - 4)                |   (UnlockB - 4)
        Name: Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle | Lambert Carbine
       Power: ****                           | **
       Range: ****                           | ***
    Accuracy: ****                           | ***
     Overall: ***                            | **
            | (APM - 1) | (DysTek Hi-Scope x4 - 2) | (Gruber 5 Stabilizer - 3)
     Overall: ****      | ***                      | ***
            | (RDX - 1) | (NetBat Fade Delay - 2)  | (IT33 Cloak - 3)
     Overall: *****     | **                       | ****
    + The Recon class is by far one of the most fun classes you'll be able to use
    in the game. This class is an essential combination of the special ops & sniper
    class from Battlefield 2. Combining long-range capabilities, and explosive
    countermeasures, the recon class is ideal for infiltration, long-range
    annihilation, or just pure stealth. What makes the class a real lure for most
    players is the invisible cloaking device, the RDX (equivalency of C4), and
    sniper rifles. Plus, their useful RDX is invaluable in destroying reactors, or
    console panels inside an enemy titan. Put these elements together, and you have
    one lethal class full of firepower.
    - The Morretti SR4 and Park 52 Sniper Rifle are both practically identical.
    They are both clip-based sniper rifles with scopes that are clean and
    efficient. Their damage is somewhat minimal, but they get the job done. The APM
    is a claymore. It blasts an explosion in one direction away from the user and
    is motion detected. Useful in defending the titan or protecting a sniper's
    back. The Hi-Scope x4 allows you to zoom in with the mouse wheel. The Gruber 5
    Stabilizer allows you to steady your aim from swaying. Hold down SHIFT to use
    it. The small status bar will fill up before you can use it again. The RDX
    Demopak is very much like remote-detonation C4. Lay a charge down and then
    detonate it with the control. The NetBat Fade Delay shows a white box around
    nearby enemies that have been spotted. The box will stay on the enemy a bit
    longer than normal to give you a sense of where they are. The IT33 cloak makes
    you about 90% invisible with a slight blur. Hold down the fire trigger with the
    item out to stay cloaked. It will overheat when the charge bar reaches full.
    The blur can be seen by your enemies, but the partial cloak is better than
    nothing. You will not be invisible to sentry guns, nor be off the radar. With
    the 1.10 patch, the cloak is now ENTIRELY visible from distances of medium to
    long range. This is how it was in the public beta before BF2142 actually came
    out. You will still be seen as a blur in close range to most players though.
    > The Zeller-H sniper rifle unlock is a partial downgrade. The scope is red-
    tinted, which sometimes makes it difficult in seeing an enemy from a distance
    (think of the yellow haze you see on desert maps). While it does increase the
    damage slightly (it kills light armor players in one shot), it still takes 2
    shots to kill an enemy just like the default sniper rifles. The biggest
    downfall of the Zeller-H is that it has 3 bullets in one clip. Both default
    sniper rifles have 5 bullets in a clip. Since it takes 2 bullets to kill a
    person by default, you will generally only get one kill per clip. You will be
    exposed to fire more often as well with more reloads. One key advantage of the
    Zeller-H is that it can shoot and detonate laid RDX, claymores, or anything
    remote-based. The Lambert Carbine is the alternate option in terms of a weapons
    unlock. This carbine rifle is not as powerful as the assault rifles, but still
    offers the same options in terms of semi-auto & automatic fire. It has a scope
    that sways a bit, but is capable of sniping people with several rounds from
    afar. Not a great option, but decent for anyone looking to emulate a Spec Ops
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - Recon is ideal for destroying consoles and the reactor core of enemy titans.
    It takes 3 RDX paks to destroy a console, and about 12-20 to destroy a titan
    core. One great strategy is to sprint into a defended room and hop to avoid gun
    fire or explosives. Immediately spiral around the console/core dropping charges
    and hit the detonator to blow it. You'll get a few kills, get points for
    destroying the objective, and kill yourself, but the outcome will be positive.
    - Only snipe on maps where visibility is good, or height is an advantage.
    Otherwise, use the Lambert Carbine.
    - APMs are practically god-like in defending titan corridors or the titan
    reactor room itself. Place 2 in a key entryway, then replenish your supply from
    an ammo crate. They are VERY hard to disable to explode.
    - The stabilizer is an unnecessary equipment accessory if you are a good
    sniper. It becomes useful though if you can hold shift in conjunction with
    aiming at targets.
    - Sometimes it is better to go with the default sniper rifles than waste your
    time unlocking the bullet-crippled Zeller-H. I prefer the Zeller-H, but most
    people I have seen prefer the default rifles due to the non-red scope & more
    bullets in a clip.
    - Remember the cloak only makes you transparent, but with a large blur. Avoid
    moving with the cloak, and never approach someone directly with the cloak.
    Always flank, then move in for the kill. Approaching someone directly with a
    cloak makes a very large blur on their screen, thus making your disguise even
    - Bullet drop has been greatly reduced compared to BF2. Aim at the center of
    your scope at a target to get the hit.
    >> I'd like to give credit to : 0wnz : for providing this.
    - You can perform JIHAD tactics on opponents with the Recon class. Simply
    unlock the RDX Demopak, and now it can be stuck on any vehicle. Place it on
    transport jeeps, transport helojets, or anything mobile. Approach a large mech
    that seems indestructible, then bail out, and hit the detonator for a massive
    explosion. You can also helojet ram mechs for easy kills. Please note that some
    servers have rules against ramming or jihading, however, these are useful
    tactics and assist your team for a victory.
       ~ Sniping Techniques ~
       - Sniping in BF2142 is made easier thanks to the almost "complete" removal
       of bullet drop. There's nothing wrong with bullet drop in BF2, it just
       became a pain for most average skilled players to get the feel of the actual
       dropping of the bullet. In 2142, bullet drop is almost practically removed
       except for extremely far distance shots, and those are quite rare due to
       haze and blur being a popular factor on the smaller maps. Only the larger
       Titan-based maps will have many long shots, and even then, you'll need the
       DysTek 4x scope zoom in order to see your opponent. There are 2 types of
       (a) Camping Sniper
           = The main goal of the camping sniper is to pick a great spot, and camp
             it out. Camping a great spot yields an advantage over your opponents,
             a surprise factor, and most of all, a few kills before you're finally
       (b) Mobile Sniper
           = The main goal of the mobile sniper is to snipe on the move,
             particularly as a defender or as part of an assault team (especially
             for engaging Titan consoles). Mobile sniping should be reserved for
             those who have some experience with the gameplay mechanics and are
             capable of handling themselves in tight corridors. The advantage of a
             mobile sniper is that they benefit the team's objective (capturing
             silos, destroying consoles), and they are useful in tight combat
             situations (a mobile sniper can pick off guards down a hallway better
             than Assault, Support, or the Engineer).
       --> Pick either (a) or (b). That will be your sniping style.
       (2) LIGHT ARMOR
       (3) CLAYMORES -or- RDX
       ...(1) Default sniper rifles provide a clearer scope, 5 bullets in a clip,
              and their firing sound is not as loud as the Zeller-H. You easily get
              more kills with a default sniper rifle, despite the smaller magnitude
              of damage. Regardless, default sniper rifles kill heavy armor men in
              2 shots, the same as the Zeller-H.
              >> NOTE: The only use for a Zeller-H comes into play if you actually
                       have better sniping stats with it, OR, you need to use it in
                       an offensive role to disable RDX/claymores on an enemy
       ...(2) Light Armor provides you with mobility. Face the facts. As a sniper,
              your goal is not to engage in close combat unless you are a mobile
              sniper. And if you're a mobile sniper, you'll most likely die in a
              close-combat situation even with heavy armor. Light Armor helps you
              sprint longer, faster, and makes you a more evasive target when
              facing opponents.
       ...(3) Claymores or RDX will be used in one equipment slot. I highly
              recommend claymores as they will be used to protect your rear as a
              camping or mobile sniper. If you find a great hiding spot, plant one
              claymore to your rear. You will know if it's still there based off of
              a "RED-X" symbol located in the middle right portion of the screen.
              When the "RED-X" disappears, you know your claymore has killed
              someone, or it has sat there long enough for the game to erase it
              from the environment. Plant your second claymore and those are
              generally 2 easy kills. Claymores are useful for mobile snipers
              because they can be used for Titan defense. Plant them at the
              entranceways to the Titan hallways or Reactor rooms. Your location
              will be impenetrable.
              RDX is better reserved for Titan offensive roles, such as destroying
              consoles or attacking the reactor core. You'll engage targets first
              with your sniper rifle, then sprint in (with Light Armor),
              bunnyhopping as you go, and then drop as many charges as you can and
              hit the detonator. You will kill yourself but severely cripple the
              Titan consoles/core.
       ...(4) The Scope Stabilizer is a often-debated subject. Many people claim
              that anyone who can't aim without a SS sucks, and anyone who doesn't
              use one is missing out on easy headshots. It depends on your playing
              skill. If you want to be a hardscore sniper, use the stabilizer. The
              real benefits of the scope stabilizer happens as a mobile sniper. On
              the move, you need as little time as possible for your opponent to
              live when they are within close proximity. Charge an opponent or
              strafe, then zoom with the scope, and hold down SHIFT with your Left
              PINKY finger. The scope will stop swaying up and down. Quickly aim
              for the head while the scope is NOT swaying. If you miss, retry it,
              but make sure to unscope, move around a bit, re-scope, and
              stabilizer. FIRE!!! I have known some great snipers who do not use
              the scope stabilizer mainly because of habit. They are so use to the
              UP/DOWN jiggling pattern of the sway that it becomes natural
       ~ Sniping Myths ~
       + How the hell do you snipe on the Titan?
       - Simple, the vents, or as defenders in a hallway. If on offense, board
         their Titan via the vents. Make your way, but don't drop to ground level.
         Continue around the corner to the far end where the little exposed vent
         opening is. Hopefully you have a stabilizer as I recommended. Put a
         claymore to your rear so whoever tries to knife-flank you dies instantly.
         Snipe out of this vent opening using the stabilizer. I found it works best
         AFTER your team has destroyed consoles 1 & 2. This way, you'll have clear
         shots at defenders in hallways 3 & 4, and the reactor core (if exposed).
       - If defending, the role of being a defensive sniper is EASIER. Repeat the
         above tactic on your own Titan by twist-ejecting (you can find out what it
         is in the Titan Strategies section). Get in the same vent opening area,
         and pick off attackers attempting to get into hallways 1,2,3,4,or the
         reactor core. It's so easy because attackers do not expect to get flanked.
         It becomes even EASIER with a stabilizer because you can get instant
         headshots on these proners, and they will not know what hit them.
       - If defending a hallway, jot claymores at the ends to get instant kills.
         Replenish your supply from a nearby Support man, and continue spamming
         APMs. Stand nearby one of the side columns in a hallway but don't crouch
         or prone. Stay standing, and stabilize when an enemy pops the corner. You
         should be able to hit him once. Duck for cover, then repeat and re-
         stabilize. You should kill him/her in 2 shots.
       + Snipers are worthless to the team.
       - Not unless you're a mobile sniper. Mobile snipers can capture flags, and
         do everything a normal soldier can. Plus, their flanking abilities are
         useful in so many situations that lead to victory. Be a mobile sniper,
         unless you're looking to compile a montage of elite ultra-long range
       + Snipers have no close-range capabilities.
       - True for the most part. However, once you get Global Ability #4
         (Increased Pistol Clip Amount), you will be a decent close-range fighter.
         The initial pistol clips you start off with, minus the upgrade are
         pathetic. Add the upgrade, and now your pistols will hold 3-5 extra
         bullets, which will make the difference in a frantic close-quarters fight.
         Also, it is possible to no-scope. In BF2, it was somewhat difficult due to
         a random deviation factor and an odd deviation factor that caused unscoped
         sniper rifles to be completely off their intended targets. To NO SCOPE,
         attempt to aim the barrel in front of your opponent, but do it crouched.
         When doing it crouched, you will sometimes land the lucky hit, and a 1-2
         pistols shots may finish the job.
       + Every sniper needs a cloak.
       - Biggest load of crap there is. You should have your sniper rifle out at
         all times since your goal is to snipe people. We're not here to go
         cloaking to run to some place or knife people. A sniper is a sniper. If
         you want to equip the cloak, do it along side with the Lambert Carbine and
         RDX demopaks. The cloak works best on maps involving Titan infiltration,
         especially when destroying consoles. That extra % of invisibility can make
         the difference between a player not recognizing you. Still, claymores are
         much more valuable than the cloak, especially for rear defense.
    } ASSAULT \__________________________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)     |     (PAC)      |
        Name: Scar 11       | Krylov FA-37   |
       Power: ***           | ****		 |
       Range: ****	        | ***	         |
    Accuracy: ***	        | ***	         |
     Overall: ***	        | ****		 |
    	|(UnlockA - 4)                   |   (UnlockB - 4)
        Name: Baur H-AR                      | Voss L-AR
       Power: ****                           | ***
       Range: ****                           | ****
    Accuracy: ***                            | ****
     Overall: ***                            | *****
            |(Herzog - 1)| (NetBat Infantry ID - 2) |(PK74 Rocket - 3)
     Overall: **         | **                       | ****
            | (AED6 Defribilator - 1) | (Advanced Med Hub - 2)| (SG34 Smoke - 3)
     Overall: *****                   | *****                 | *
    + The Assault class is a mix of the Assault & Medic classes from BF2. This is
    essentially a powerful combination because you get the firepower of an armed
    soldier, with healing and resurrecting abilities plus sidebar weapons. The
    assault class is premiere in both offense & defense, with an efficient and
    accurate rifle. Patch 1.06 decreased recoil/deviation on assault rifles,
    primarily on the Baur H-AR, making them even better weapons to yield in combat.
    If you do decide to get the Baur, it's a decently good weapon now, but the Voss
    & default assault rifles still pack the most punch for the best buck.
    - The Scar 11 rifle is slightly less powerful than the Krylov FA-37. Both
    rifles tend to fire with similar recoil, although the Krylov is a tad less
    accurate in full-auto mode. Both default rifles pack quite a punch and a near
    30-round clip is equipped in each weapon making them ideal rifles to get the
    job done. The Herzog Shotgun attachment is a rifle attachment that has 3
    shotgun shells in each round. Unfortunately, the shotgun shells are not as
    powerful as the support shotgun round, and generally one clip will take out one
    enemy. The NetBad Infantry ID helmet displays a small status bar showing a
    spotted enemy's class & icons equipped. The PK74 Rocket is definitely a useful
    rocket weapon, but it takes practice. The item can be adjusted to detonate at a
    set distance, or wherever the scope is zoomed in to. This is great for setting
    a distance to explode around a corner say where 2-3 guys are proned and
    waiting. The explosion has a tendency to do more damage to infantry. The
    Defribilator is a necessary equipment assignment, as it allows you to revive
    fellow players with full health. The advanced med hub upgrades the healing rate
    on your medipak, and the SG34 smoke grenade displays a small cloud of gray
    smoke. Unfortunately, the smoke radius and duration are both small.
    > The Baur H-AR is the heavy version unlock of an assault rifle. It only has 20
    rounds in a clip, and has more recoil than the other rifles, but each round has
    the highest damage per hit. This proves useful in semi-auto mode, and somewhat
    useful in automatic mode. The Voss L-AR is a light version unloack of an
    assault rifle. This is definitely better as it has 40 rounds in a clip, does
    decent to good damage, and the recoil is quite minimal. If you had to equip one
    rifle, I would go with the Krylov or Voss. Please note that there is an
    alternate Scar 11 skin that came with people who preordered BF2142 from Best
    Buy. The stats are identical to that of the default Scar 11 rifle, except the
    rifle's model is larger.
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - Reviving people equates to increased teamwork points and a better score, plus
    it's the only way to save dead people.
    - Avoiding the assault tree is your best option for the most balanced medic out
    there. The only perks of the assault tree is the PK74 rocket which is superb in
    hallway defenses aboard your own Titan. It takes some time to practice getting
    use to setting the distance with the mousewheel and firing, but is the ultimate
    anti-infantry rocket out there.
    - Assault makes wonderful defenders on a Titan. Have them defend a hallway by
    standing behind one of the side columns that protects the lower half of their
    body. Just stand there and single-shot anyone who peeks their head around the
    corner. Assault rifles have little recoil in semi-auto mode, and you will rack
    up easy kills. Most support guys can apply the same strategy, but an Assault
    man will be more accurate, and can also heal.
       ~ Assault Techniques ~
       - Assault in BF2142 is the most balanced class when it comes to infantry
       combat. Imagine a class that has firepower of assault, healing abilities of
       a medic, and can kick ass - yeah, that's Assault. There are 2 major flaws
       with assault though:
       (a) No anti-vehicle weapons
           = That's right. They have no defense against any armored vehicle of any
             form. Not even the PK74 rockets can do anything against vehicles (they
             are designed as anti-infantry weapons).
       (b) Too many people obsessed with the weapon unlocks
           = Believe it or not, the two default assault rifles are actually
             better than the 2 unlock assault rifles. My only exception would be
             the Voss L-AR which is a tremendous unlock due to a high bullet count
             per clip, and decent damage/accuracy to go along with it. Granted, the
             Baur H-AR is a tempting offer, but the increased recoil, and very low
             clip makes it an instant turn-down offer. The only upside of the Baur
             is in semi-auto mode, where it dishes out the most damage per shot,
             and is accurate, but why snipe with a friggin' Baur! It was designed
             for assaulting. You want to be a precise shooter, be a sniper. Both
             the SCAR-11 & especially the Krylov are useful assault guns in most
             maps. If you have the Voss unlocked, use it over the defaults. If you
             have neither, use the defaults. If you have the Baur, you'll probably
             lose a few potential kills you could have had with the other rifles.
       + Medic first, assault last.
       - One major aspect of 2142 is that defibrilators are no longer a default
         option. BF2 vets remember how every medic out there always had defib pads,
         and they would always revive everyone. Not the case anymore. While most
         smart players always have the defib pads unlocked & equipped, you do have
         a % of players who do not have defib pads. This means in general there are
         less revivals in 2142, and less revival teamwork points. Don't let these
         points go to waste. You help your team by reviving people, and since it is
         more uncommon to get revived, take advantage of it!
       - Drop medkits in hallways where a majority of defenders are. It will
         prevent them from retreating if they take damage, and will raise their
         morale in an intense "alamo-style" hallway defense.
       + PK74 Rockets work wonders in Titan Hallways
       - If you have this nifty rocket attachment unlocked, use it. There are a few
         key rules as to how it works though. First off, the missiles will refuse
         to detonate on any distance shorter than 20 meters. Even if you hit them
         directly on a target, you won't get the full explosive effect unless they
         pass a distance of 20 meters or greater. Secondly, the distance of
         detonation can be altered. If fired unscoped, they will detonate at 20
         meters. If fired scoped, they will detonate where the red dot on the scope
         is aiming. You can manually adjust the detonation distance by sliding a
         mousewheel up or down on your mouse. In the Titan hallway as a defender or
         attacker, simply scope to figure out the distance to the end of the
         hallway, then tap it back 1-2 meters for detonation. This will cause the
         PK74 rocket to detonate right at the corner, yielding tremendous damage to
         infantry around that hall. Remember, PK74 rockets are anti-infantry, not
    } ENGINEER \__________________________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)                           |     (PAC)                  |
        Name: Turcotte Rapid SMG / Mitchell AV-18 | Malkov RK-11 / Sudnik VP   |
       Power: ***                                 | ***		           |
       Range: *** 	        		      | ***	                   |
    Accuracy: ***	        		      | ***	                   |
     Overall: ****	        		      | ****	 	           |
    	|(UnlockA - 4)                   |   (UnlockB - 4)
        Name: Pilum H-AVR                    | Mitchell SAAW-86
       Power: ****                           | **
       Range: ****                           | ***
    Accuracy: **                             | **
     Overall: ****                           | *
            |(AE Defuser - 1)| (NetBat Vehicle ID - 2) | (PDS-1 - 3)
     Overall: *              | ***                     | ***
            | (II14 EMP - 1) | (DysTek Repair v2.0 - 2)| (II29 Motion Mine - 3)
     Overall: ***            | **                      | *****
    + The Engineer class is a mix of the Engineer & Anti-Tank class from BF2. Their
    main goal is to operate anything vehicle related, and that is practically their
    only role. The only time you should assault anything with an engineer on foot
    is generally for flags/silos. Their ability to naturally repair vehicles makes
    them extremely efficient in kicking booty in mechs, tanks, APCs, or even well-
    fueled jeeps. Plus, their ability to defend points by placing down mines, and
    ambush aircraft with guides missiles only makes them a larger threat during any
    capture-based game mode.
    - Both SMGs for each team are pretty much the same, with just a slight
    variation in clip size. Please note that the SMGs in 2142 are a tad better than
    in BF2, and are actually great close-quarters weapons. They just hardly do any
    damage and essentially take 10+ hits to kill someone. They also cannot be
    switched to single-fire. The two guideable rocket launchers vary slightly. The
    Sudnik VP fires one large round, while the Mitchell AV-18 fires four tiny
    rockets. Either way, these are the only manually guideable weapons by holding
    down the mouse button and moving the scope. The AE Defuser is a hand-operated
    device. It defuses laid-down claymores, RDX, or other objects. Unfortunately,
    you must be within 10 meters of the object, and you have to look at it. It's
    pointless to waste a slot on this item.	The NetBat Vehicle ID puts a red box
    around vehicles in your vicinity. This is fairly useful as they do not have to
    be spotted. The PDS-1 is a microprocessor that can be put anywhere. It deploys
    a sonar that picks up ONLY vehicles on your minimap and to anyone else in your
    squad. The EMP mine disables vehicles that run over it for about 3-5 seconds.
    The DysTek Repair unlock simply allows you to repair vehicles around you. The
    Motion Mine is the best equipment upgrade for an engineer. This device is a
    small circular mine that literally homes after any enemy vehicle or aircraft
    that goes near it. While the damage is somewhat reduced, it destroys most
    vehicles with just 2 tiny roller mines.
    > The Pilum H-AVR is an anti-vehicle rifle. Rather than firing a guideable
    rocket, it fires a straight-projectile plasma round that pierces armor. Damage
    is increased a bit, with increased emphasis on one-shot kills on exposed areas.
    It fires slightly faster than the rockets, but since it is not guideable, you
    must aim slightly ahead of the intended path of the target. To balance the
    weapon out, the rifle has a random deviation factor. Even if proned, the rifle
    may misfire and go slightly off-center of where you aimed. This can result in a
    complete miss of a perfectly aimed target. Works better if closer to the
    target. The Mitchell SAAW-86 is one of the most useless weapon unlocks in the
    game. This anti-air rocket launcher locks on to any aircraft, and has two
    missiles in each reload clip. Unfortunately, damage is minimal against anything
    else, although it does do enhanced damage to aircraft. The range is very much
    like an AA cannon.
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - Place EMP mines, then a set of roller mines so that you can disable a vehicle
    then watch it get imploded in a furious explosion.
    - The Pilum H-AVR works best in distances of 50 yards or less.
    - Aim to the rear of tanks for easy one-shot kills, the vents on a mech (the
    rear side), or the underneath section of a mech. Most helojets can be destroyed
    in two shots or one shot if injured.
    - Roller mines, roller mines, roller mines. Use them everywhere. They even
    track air vehicles that rise low enough and their chasing speed is pretty fast
    once they have a locked target. The warning sign when a roller mine is locked
    onto a person is different from the traditional "rocket incoming" sound.
    - Place the PDS microprocessor on your own vehicle so that it gives you
    enhanced vehicle detection. This is great to put on a mech or tank so you have
    advanced radar detection. Put it underneath or in an unexposed area so enemy
    fire does not destroy it. It's also possible to put the microprocessor on an
    enemy vehicle, but it's difficult to do.
    } SUPPORT \__________________________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)     |     (PAC)      |
        Name: Bianchi FA-6  | Shuko K-80     |
       Power: ****          | ****		 |
       Range: ***	        | ***	         |
    Accuracy: ****	        | ****	         |
     Overall: *****         | *****		 |
    	|(UnlockA - 4)                   |   (UnlockB - 4)
        Name: Ganz HMG                       | Clark 15B Shotgun
       Power: *****                          | ***
       Range: ****                           | ****
    Accuracy: ****                           | ****
     Overall: ****                           | *****
            |(V5 EMP Grenade - 1)| (NetBat Active Camo ID - 2) |(Sentry Gun - 3)
     Overall: **                 | **                          | ****
            | (IPS Shield - 1) | (Advanced Ammo Hub - 2)| (DysTek Pulse Meter - 3)
     Overall: ***              | ****                   | **
    + The Support Class is essentially the support class and not really a hybrid
    combination of anything. However, this lone and seemingly innocent class is
    currently one of the most powerful classes in BF2142 thanks mainly to an
    enhanced light machine gun, and excellent defending capabilities. Their superb
    ability to defend anything Titan-related, and replenish ammo is especially
    essential when it comes to tossing grenades, or mounting sentry guns. Either
    way, these are the ultimate defenders, and even an above-average offensive
    threat when equipped with a shotgun.
    - The Bianchi and Shuko are light machine guns (LMGs). This means they are
    designed for a support man on the move from location to location, but still
    wants adequare firepower. They generally have a faster fire rate than heavy
    machine guns, despite lower damage. One odd feature of the future is that
    machine guns get more accurate the longer they are fired. Thus, this makes it
    great for defending and just firing away for multiple kills. Both LMGs do great
    damage, and since they get more accurate, it becomes easier to continue firing
    or continually spray fire. Overheating is an issue, but can be managed by a
    smart player. The EMP grenade acts much like an EMP mine by disabling vehicles
    or interrupting the display of an opponent, but the effects are a few seconds
    less. The NetBat Active Camo ID places a red box around anyone with a cloaking
    device. The Sentry Gun is a deployed robot machine gun that automatically fires
    at ANY spotted enemy on your radar. They must be spotted though for it to fire
    at them. The IPS Shield is a red energy shield that blocks small arms fire, but
    explodes from any rocket or explosive device. Great for using as a proned
    shield while peeking around it. The Advanced Ammo Hub has a faster resupply
    rate than the normal box, and the DysTek Pulse Meter is a hand-held device that
    places red boxes on your screen of where enemies are currently located. It does
    not track, it just gives you an instantaneous picture of where enemies are
    currently located through walls or on your screen.
    > The Ganz HMG was originally one of the worst unlocks you could acquire in the
    unpatched version of Battlefield 2142. Thanks to the 1.10 patch, it is
    definitely better. The initial recoil that resulted from the gun has been
    minimized, and the HMG still keeps its unique (fire longer to get more accurate
    approach). The damage per bullet has been increased to be significantly better
    than the LMGs, meaning that this is a worthy unlock. As usual, it does have a
    reduced rate of fire, so your kills may not be immediate. However, this is a
    better camping machine gun than both of the LMGs thanks to the update.
    The Clark 15B Shotgun is a worthy upgrade if you plan to play on smaller maps
    or go on the offense. The shotgun doesn't do much damage to opponents farther
    away, but does linearly increased damage to opponents the closer they get to
    you. This gun does not have a recoil-based crosshair, but fires one shell with
    natural bullet spread. You can take opponents down with one shell up close, and
    it holds 7 clips in the breach.
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - The best equipment combination for defense is a sentry gun and IPS shield.
    Defend a hallway by proning behind your energy shield, and then drop an ammo
    box nearby. Spam grenades down the hallway killing any opponents waiting around
    the doorway. It also helps to put down a sentry gun to lay down some
    distractive fire.
    - Sentry guns best operate when placed down exposed firing positions. For
    example, placing them at the top of or bottom of ladders, at the bottom of a
    vent, or at a narrow hallways with little cover works best.
    - While EMP grenades disable vehicles momentarily, they also work like mini-
    flashbangs. The EMP flash will cause the opponent's display to static giving
    them slight visual trouble.
    - You can crouch and fire fairly accurately with the LMGs. This is why they're
    great mobile weapons as well.
    - I have found that using the Ganz in immobile situations, and the LMGs in
    mobile situations tends to work best for you support dudes out there. The Ganz
    still has a slow rate of fire, making it to be somewhat better used in
    situations where you will stand still. The LMGs still have the initial burst of
    recoil, but a fast rate of fire, and are better used when assaulting or
    flanking opponents.
    /Other Weapons & Unlocks/
    } PISTOLS \__________________________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)     |     (PAC)      |
        Name: P33 Revolver  | Takao T20      |
       Power: ***           | **		 |
       Range: ***	        | ***	         |
    Accuracy: ***	        | ****	         |
     Overall: ****          | ***   	 |
    - The EU's pistol is a revolver with less bullets in a clip, but more whack to
    the whallop. This pistol will actually kill someone with one clip. The Takao
    clip pistol is weaker, slightly more accurate, and has more bullets, but has a
    redundancy and fails somewhat in the face of grave danger. Both are efficient
    sidearms, but I would prefer the revolver (Dirty Harry style).
    > Pistols should only be a primarily used weapon if you are a sniper with a
    sniper rifle.
    > When in a frantic battle with an opponent, and your primary weapon runs out
    of ammo, switch to the pistol and strafe-fire. Strafe back and forth while
    firing pistol rounds. Never scope with the pistol in a frantic battle as it
    slows down your character to a slow walk, exposing you to enemy fire. It works
    best to scope down the sights of the pisol for long shots if you want to deal a
    bit of damage, but don't expect miraculous headshots.
    > The Pistol rate of fires have been increased in the 1.10 patch, making these
    better sidearms to wield for easy kills.
    } ABILITIES \________________________________________________________________
        Name: Frag Grenades (1) | Enhanced Endurance (2) | More Recovery (3) |
     Overall: *****             | *****                  | ****              |
              Max Clip (4)      | Extra Grenade (5)
     Overall: ***               | ***
    - Player abilities are global skills that can be applicable to any class. Thus,
    these are probably some of the best unlocks you will get in the game since they
    apply universally, but some of them are more valued than others. The (1) unlock
    gives you 2 frag grenades. Without this unlock, you have no grenades. The (2)
    unlock gives you a higher energy endurance bar. You can run, jump, or sprint
    longer. The (3) unlock gives you faster stamina bar recovery. This means less
    jogging, and less recovering time. The (4) unlock gives you a few more bullets
    to both the Takao & P33 Revolver, which means it is easier to kill someone with
    just one clip. It also adds (1) SMG clip for the Engineer class. The (5) unlock
    adds one more grenade for 3 total.
    > Player abilities in my mind are the second most important set of abilities to
    get. They add extra movement abilities which means you'll avoid enemy fire
    longer on the battlefield and live longer. Not to mention they give you frag
    grenades, more ammo, and can be applied to every class. I normally recommend
    that most people unlock one side of a four-tier tree for a certain class they
    like to play, then unlock 3 of the 5 player abilities to compose a decent
    player. The movement abilities combined with light armor really adds the
    element of speed and agility on the battlefield.
    > Remember that it is not necessary to get all 5 player abilities. I generally
    get the 4 out of 5 on each of my characters, and generally do a temporary
    unlock on the last player ability from a Field Upgrade earned in-game. That
    way, you can waste that unlock point on a more valuable unlock leading to a
    better weapon/device, and still receive the positive effects from temp-
    unlocking the fifth player ability.
    } SQUAD UNLOCKS \___________________________________________________________
        Name: Beacon (1) | UAV (2) | Automated Drone (3)  |
     Overall: *****      | ***     | ***                  |
    - Squad leader abilities are special unlock items that can only be equipped &
    used to squad leaders who have enough squad members in a squad. The squad
    leader beacon is by far the best unlock as it allows members to spawn at the
    dropped beacon, irregardless of the life/death status of the squad leader. This
    is great as it allows a leader to drop a beacon than charge in himself like
    Rambo without having to worry about his squadmates who need a spawn point.
    Unfortunately, certain people have managed to exploit the beacon so enemies
    cannot destroy it, but that's a different story. The Squad Leader UAV is a
    hand-held device that operates a rotating UAV device. The device delivers
    everything on the minimap to the squadmates when activated. The problem is that
    it must be hand-held operated, meaning the squad leader is exposed while
    operating the UAV. The Automated turret automatically follows the squad leader
    flying around and shoots any spotted enemies. The firepower is limited on the
    drone, not making it an overwhelming advantage on the battlefield.
    > To use the UAV, you need 2 squad members, and to use the Automated Drone, you
    need 3 squad members. You need 1 squad member to use the beacon. These items
    will just sit in your inventory and cannot be used until you (the squad leader)
    has the minimum amount of squad members in order for it to be deployed. Do not
    bother getting squad leader unlocks UNLESS you plan on being a squad leader.
    It's a waste of an unlock point if you're mainly a lone wolf, or you always
    join squads, but never create them.
    - 5) Vehicles (5.1)        -
    Vehicles in Battlefield 2142 have been somewhat restricted as compared to BF2.
    As we all know, jets were a prevalent problem in BF2. In 2142, jets have been
    removed. Now, they are replaced by Helojets. There are only transport helo
    jets, helojet attackers, APCs, tanks, mechs, and transport jeeps. This section
    will briefly discuss each of them and their pros/cons.
    } TANK        \_________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)    |     (PAC)        |
        Name: A8 Tiger     | Type 32 Nekomata |
       Power: *****        | *****	          |
       Range: *****	       | *****	          |
       Speed: **	       | ***	          |
     Overall: ****	       | *****            |
    + Tanks are the anti-mech creations. Their ultimate goal is to take out
    opposing armor, preferably mechs or APCs. These nifty armored behemoths are
    equipped with large cannons that fire explosive shells at a high velocity over
    a long distance. They also have an AA counted mounted in the second seat that
    dishes out damage to anything that flies. The accuracy of this AA gun is
    efficienct in taking out enemy infantry as well.
    - The main difference between the A8 & Type 32 is quite major. The A8 Tiger is
    a traditional track-based tank. You can swivel the turrent with the mouse while
    changing direction of movement with the arrow keys. This results in turning,
    aiming, and firing all at once. Effective in evasion and moving. The Type 32 on
    the other hand is a hover tank. It cannot hover over water, but hovers over
    everything else. The controls are slightly awkward, as the vehicles moves via
    the movement keys, but also moves left to right by sliding the mouse left to
    right. The delay in movement is due to the hover, but this vehicle is more
    agile than the traditional track tank since it slides at a high speed side-to-
    side. The cannon however is mounted, meaning you can only fire straight ahead,
    or at an elevation straight-ahead. This becomes a problem especially for novice
    players who cannot control the Type 32 Nekomata efficiently. This becomes a
    dream for veterans who can control it right, because a Type 32 in the right
    hands can avoid Battle Walker missiles, opposing A8 Tiger shells, and just
    about anything.
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - Think of the tank as effective against battle walkers at long ranges. You
    want to stay away from the mechs because they have the advantage up close. The
    tank is also a monster against infantry. All you have to do is approach an
    infantry-infested area, then switch to seat 2, and use the AA cannon to get
    easy infantry kills.
    - The tank's weak spot is the rear where it can be one shot killed by a Pilum
    round or rocket launcher round.
       ~ Tank Techniques ~
       - Using the A8 Tiger is generally a piece of cake for most novice/veteran
       players. It's simple, drive the tracks with the keyboard, aim & swivel with
       the mouse. Piloting the Nekomata can be a tad more challenging due to the
       unique strafing function added to the mouse. Here's a few Nekomata
       engagement techniques:
       (a) Always move
           = If your tank has built-in strafing on both the mouse and keyboard,
             then always strafe-move. When strafing with the Nekomata, strafe so
             that your front is always facing the opponent as such:
                   [ENEMY]      <N      - By doing this, you narrow the chance
                                          of your tank taking fire as opposed
              N>               <N         to being a wider target like the
                                          A8 Tiger. The A8 Tiger must turn
                 ^    ^     ^             entirely to one side which doubles the
                 N    N     N             width of being hit.
       (b) Your tank shots will be slightly altered
           = If strafing to the left and you fire, your tank shot will actually
             stray slightly left of the target. Thus, when firing on the strafing
             move in a Nekomata, fire slightly BEFORE the target on the crosshair.
             This is particularly essential and a necessity for new players to
             learn. If you cannot hit an opponent in the move in a Nekomata, you
             might as well bail out and run for your life. This is the
             quintessential power and advantage that you possess in a hover tank.
             Otherwise, you should always drive the tract-based Tiger.
       (c) Energy shield by pressing X when you anticipate a round
           = A common mistake I notice many tank players make is immediately
             tapping X for the shield even if an opponent cannot fire at you.
             Let's say you take a surprise round and lose 50 armor. So you shield,
             evade the next shot, then immediately shield again despite the tank
             being nowhere near to you. If a tank just fired a shell, there will be
             a repricussion time on a reload. Save that energy shield just before
             or right when he/she fires so you use the shield efficiently.
    } APC         \_________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)       |     (PAC)      |
        Name: AMV-2 Groundhog | BTR-4 Romanov  |
       Power: ***             | ***		   |
       Range: **	          | **   	   |
       Speed: ****	          | ****           |
     Overall: ***	          | ***		   |
    + APCs are basically armored vehicles with the design of transporting troops.
    However, the APCs in 2142 have a twist. The driver controls the movement of the
    vehicle, and is capable of firing the rapid anti-infantry machine gun. The
    secondary seat controls the droop rocket bomb. This gun fires three low-
    velocity projectiles that droop and cause minor explosions. The explosions are
    anti-infantry based, and do little damage to opposing armor. They're great for
    nudging out a bunch of campers behind a wall. The remaining four seats in the
    APC control turret guns, but they also have ejection pods. Right click to eject
    out of the APC and you'll soar in your ejection pod into the air. The APC is
    great for boarding an enemy titan ONCE the shield is down. The ejection pods
    will automatically adjust so you get launched about 300 meters into the air.
    - Both APCs are practically identical with exception to the appearance and
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - APCs are the second best method of boarding an enemy titan (aside from a
    dropship). If the enemy is operating the anti-air turrets on their titan,
    simply drive an APC near the Titan on ground level, then switch to seats 3
    through 6 by the F3 to F6 keys, and right click. You will eject high into the
    air. Guide your pod with the arrow keys to land on the titan.
    - APCs make great infantry raping vehicles. Try using them frequently on
    conquest maps like Fall of Berlin.
    - Remember, the secondary seat bomb launcher is best used against infantry. It
    hardly does any damage against opposing armor.
    - The weak spot on an APC is to the rear.
       ~ APC Techniques ~
       - The APC is designed as infantry-killer only. You see a battle walker, or
         tank, quickly zoom off while pressing X to shield from potential anti-
         armor rounds. This is one useful strategy that works on maps like Belgrade
         & Fall of Berlin:
       (a) APC Fortress
           = Drive yourself near a popular capture point on a map. This strategy
             works best on armor-limited maps such as Fall of Berlin, or Belgrade.
             Find an opening where you can plant your APC (the middle of the street
             in Belgrade, the middle of a snow-filled road on Berlin). Now, use the
             driver's seat to fire the machine gun turret and kill as many infantry
             as possible. If you see a few men hide behind some debris, switch to
             seat #2, and fire the droopy bombs to sag. The radius of the droopy
             bombs does enhanced damage against infantry just like the PK74 rockets
             do for the assault class. Check out this graphic:
                                             X        The nearby explosion should
             |W|                      X         X     damage or kill the soldier.
             |A|                 ||                 ____\____
             |L| :)| Soldier     ||                /         \
             |L| --\  Hiding     ||                |_________|
             | |   /\            ||               /O         O\
    } MECH        \_________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)     |     (PAC)      |
        Name: L5 Reisig     | T39 Bogatyr 	 |
       Power: *****         | *****		 |
       Range: ****	        | ****	         |
       Speed: ***	        | ***	         |
     Overall: *****	        | *****		 |
    + Mechs, also known as Battle Walkers, are essentially that - gigantic robots
    armed to the teeth. They look much like a two-legged human, except with big
    guns. Battle walkers have enhanced armor (better than tanks), can run around
    like two moving feet, can crouch, fire anti-infantry guns, fire anti-armor
    rockets, and fire AA projectiles. These are the ultimate vehicles on the
    battlefield, and the new fine dining in the future. There are two seats. The
    driver controls movement, the anti-infantry gun, and the anti-armor missiles.
    There is a limited supply of anti-armor missiles, however, they can overheat if
    fired too rapidly. The AA cannon works exactly as it does on the tank, except
    this one has the addition of EMP anti-air missiles.
    - Both mechs are similar in mechanics, although differ a bit in weaponry. The
    one fires a plasma gun as its primary anti-infantry, while the other one fires
    dual chainguns. One fires its anti-armor missiles by an inverse droop pattern
    (they start out going downward, then steady out) while the other one fires its
    missiles straight ahead. Aim at the intended target, and they should hit
    assuming the terrain is flat. It becomes harder to hit targets at a longer
    distance. The anti-armor missiles are slightly weaker than normal.
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - The mech is the ultimate vehicle. Use the energy shield by pressing X to
    deflect tank rounds or enemy rockets temporarily. Sprint around by using SHIFT,
    and let go when you see opponents so you can steady your aim.
    - If your mech feels like it is gliding, get out of it, then jump back into it.
    It's just a graphical animation glitch.
    - Mechs are best used on offense and defense. Use the maneuverability to avoid
    tank shells, but stand still and crouch when defending a point. Remember that
    in order to destroy air targets, you must be in seat #2.
       ~ Battle Walker Techniques ~
       - You all know and have seen the power of the battle walker. Here's how to
       really rape with it:
       (a) Always sprint unless shooting or engaging
           = The battle walker has a unique advantage. It has an INFINITE stamina
             bar. Hold down SHIFT while moving and you'll move generally faster
             than the normal trot. Do this to get to place to place, when avoiding
             tank shells (make sure to side walk while looking at the tanks), or in
             retreat if severely damaged.
       (b) Fire your anti-armor rockets in spurts
           = The anti-armor rockets can generally only fire 3-4 before they
             overheat, and can fire 1-2 rockets if you give them a 1 second rest
             after overheating. Do this. Fire 1-2 rockets, rest 1 second, 1-2
             rockets, and repeat until the designated armor target is destroyed.
       (c) Each weapon is target specific
           = Don't use anti-armor missiles on infantry. Your AA cannon in the
             second seat does not look below eye level, and the primary weapon
             cannot look above eye level. Keep your priorities straight, although
             anti-armor missiles do kill infantry (but they have to be well-aimed).
       (d) Mechs have a tendency to not like falls
           = As much as you'd think these 2-legged mammoths can withstand falls,
             they suck at surviving them intact. Even a small fall usually knicks
             20 armor off, so don't drop down from ledges, canyons, or steep hills.
             Always travel on roads with the mech. The Mech can walk over
             barricaded "jack" roadblocks, but you have to do it from a slight
    } JEEP  \_______________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)    |     (PAC)      |
        Name: MK-15 Bandit | UAZ-8 Ocelot 	|
       Power: *            | *	        |
       Range: **	       | **	        |
       Speed: *****	       | *****	        |
     Overall: **	       | **		|
    + Transport jeeps are specific ground vehicles with the intent of transport.
    They are on all maps and in 2142, they now have nitrous oxide so you can get a
    temporary speed boost. Hold down SHIFT to do so. Jeeps have the ability to fit
    3 people - 1 driver, 1 gunner, and 1 passenger. They are very effective in
    squishing people when used in conjunction with the speed boost, however, their
    armor is very thin and they are susceptible to blowing up when taken off at
    uneven angles or landing in a hard manner.
    - Both vehicles are practically the same. Note that the chainguns in seat 2 are
    simple guns that do no damage to aircraft. They are effective against infantry.
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - Road Rage as I like to call it is the technique of running over people. Do it
    at concentrated check points. Beep the horn to get their attention and then
    splat - so much for them.
    - Using the mounted chaingun is effective, but you are exposed. Snipers and
    anyone else can shoot you right through the front plating. The armor of the
    transport jeeps can also be heavily damaged by LMGs.
    } HELOJET  \____________________________________________________
    	|      (EU)    |     (PAC)      |
        Name: UD-6 Talon   | Type 4 Doragon	|
       Power: ***          | ***		|
       Range: ***	       | ***	        |
       Speed: *****	       | *****	        |
     Overall: ****	       | ****		|
    + No longer are there jets or choppers, but rather just helojets. Helojets are
    a combination of a jet & chopper, with the emphasis more on a helicopter. They
    are capable of hovering by holding down the reverse key (S), but can also fly
    at speeds of a jet by holding down forward (W). Use the mouse to assist in
    turns or for rotation. Please note that the driver only controls the general
    missile. The general missile will heat seek towards air targets, but also fires
    straight ahead when attacking ground targets. It takes a few missiles to
    destroy armor (~7). The second seat in the helojet contains the gunner who can
    fire a chaingun mounted weapon, along with a manually-guided TV missile.
    Unfortunately, TV missiles are much harder to guide in 2142 as they can only be
    operated by the mouse. The movement is guided real-time, meaning you don't
    point-and-click as you use to do in BF2. Instead, you must move the mouse like
    you want to move the missile, and the missile is extremely sensitive often
    causing misses.
    - Both helojets are very similar with exceptions to alteration slightly in
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - Avoid using TV missiles unless you are an expert at guiding them. The
    sensitivity of guiding them is not worth the effect. The 1.10 patch has made
    them somewhat easier to guide. At best, use TV missiles for opposing transport
    helojets, or when engaging ground armor (like APCs, tanks, or Mechs). You're
    still better off firing away at the rapid turret to get infantry kills.
    - The chaingun is best used against infantry or opposing aircraft. Have your
    main driver dish out most of the helojet damage by attacking ground armor or
    aerial transports. The helojets are also very effective at disabling Titan
    cannons underneath the large ship.
    } TRANS. HELOJET \______________________________________________
    	|      (EU)     |     (PAC)      |
        Name: UD-12 Sheperd | BTR-20 Yastreb |
       Power: **            | **             |
       Range: ***	        | ***	         |
       Speed: ****	        | ****	         |
     Overall: ***	        | ***            |
    + Transport helojets operate in the same manner in terms of mobility. They can
    hover or fly at speeds slower than a normal jet. Thankfully, these babies come
    equipped with dual photon cannons or dual chainguns that are capable of
    attacking ground troops while flying in the air. These cannons also do minor
    damage to opposing air targets. The main goal of this ship is to transport
    troops so they can bail out in ejection pods. It also acts as a mobile spawn
    point in Titan mode.
    - Both of them are pretty much the same with exception to the weapons assigned
    on them. One has chainguns, the other has photon cannons.
       ~ General Strategies ~
    - Board a transport helojet on an enemy titan, and people can now spawn on the
    enemy titan via the mobile spawn point.
    - Bunny hop from flag to flag in Conquest mode with a squad. Hover over a
    target, let people bail out, get a capture, then let them jump back in. Wash
    and repeat the technique.
       ~ Transport Techniques ~
       - The transport helojet is a tad more difficult to fly and use with ease.
       A majority of players new to the BF series may find it difficult to fly.
       I'll try to provide a few techniques here and there.
       (a) Do NOT hold down S and land directly on the ground
           = A major problem with the transport helojet is that when you press
             S, it sucks in the air and actually accelerated DOWNWARD! This is
             different from the normal helojet, which hovers when pressing S.
             Because of this, never directly hold down S on a transport helojet and
             try to land on something. You will come in too sharp and too fast
             causing your ship to explode along with any passengers. Generally,
             only if your ship has about 70 armor or more will it survive the fall,
             and there are certainly no guarantees.
       (b) Avoid bailing out of a filled transport helojet
           = Once a helojet has been bailed out of, it immediately dives unlike in
             BF2 where transport aircraft hovered for quite some time. There is no
             warning light either when a pilot bails out, so almost all passengers
             will get killed. Inform your passengers by yelling "Bail out!" in the
             voice menu, then bail out. If you do bail out, try to ram something on
             the ground (preferably a tank or mech) to assist your group troops.
    - 6) Features              -
    DICE was nice enough to actually add a few elements of content to Battlefield
    2142 such as 40+ ranks, 40 unlocks, a slightly tweaked game engine, and the new
    Titan game mode. This section will go on to describe the more intricate
    elements of the BF2142 engine along with a few tips.
    /Titan Strategies/
      - Titan mode is different from Conquest mode, but similar. Each team starts
      off with a ship called the Titan. The Titan is like a mothership. It holds
      some of your air vehicles, has cannons that can be operated by you to fire
      explosive rounds, has anti-air turrets that can be operated by you, has
      ejection pods, and also acts as a mobile spawn point. The goal of Titan mode
      is to destroy the enemy titan. Start off by capturing the silos on the map. A
      blue one is friendly, a red one is an enemy silo, and a black one is neutral.
      If you hold down T, you will notice a timer appears under the silos at the
      top of your screen. This is the amount of time before a missile launches from
      the silo. These missiles that launch are anti-shield missiles. They fire at
      the enemy's titan to lower the enemy's shield surrounding their titan.
      - When enough of the missiles hit their Titan, and the shield is destroyed,
      you can now access their titan. You have 2 options:
         (1) - Board their Titan, infiltrate and destroy a console in 4 different
               hallways, then destroy an energy core in the reactor room.
         (2) - Continue capturing silos so the anti-Titan missiles eventually
               destroy their Titan.
      - The first manner is the quickest way to destroy a Titan, but also the most
        challenging. You must get aboard their Titan. This can be accomplished by
        getting in an APC then using an ejection pod. You can also bail out of a
        transport helojet or land one on it. You can also eject out of an ejection
        pod on your Titan (these are the 6 circular cylinders to the left & right
        of you when you spawn on your own Titan), or you can spawn on a squad
        beacon. When aboard their Titan, go inside. There are 4 hallways lined up
        like this:
        [Door 3]		[Reactor Door]		[Door 4]
        [Door 1]					[Door 2]
      - Proceed into the door and you'll see a long hallway. Watch for enemies at
      the ends of the hallways. Proceed down it and you'll see a console against
      the wall. Shoot the console with a gun, blow it up with explosives until it
      is destroyed. When it is destroyed, head back out the way you came, and
      proceed to the next console panel. You can see the status of the consoles
      underneath their Titan logo at the top of your display. Once all 4 reactors
      have been destroyed, the Reactor Door will open up. Inside will be a purplish
      energy core that must be blown up or shot at. Do this until their reactor
      reaches 0% (you will see the shadowing in their Titan begin to fill up at the
      logo at the top of your screen). When the Titan is destroyed, sprint out
      towards the back and jump off the Titan. If you do and manage to land to the
      ground, you will survive. If you don't, you will die bravely.
      - The second manner of winning would just be to keep capturing silos. By
      doing this, your missiles will continue to hit their Titan resulting in a
      slight loss of its hull. Once enough missiles hit, the Titan will be
      destroyed, and you will win. This method takes longer, but may be the ONLY
      way to victory if your opponent has a tight defense.
      - One common trait of any good Titan defender is surprise and stability. You
      are capable of holding a hallway through the use of good skills or great item
      placement, OR, you are able to flank attackers from the rear. To do this, you
      must locate the ejection pods on your Titan. When you first spawn on your
      Titan. Turn around and look at the computer panels that operate your turrets.
      Now look left & right of them. You will see 3 cylinders on each side. Press E
      to enter one. Now you can rotate around. Click the mouse to launch yourself
      in ejection pod.
      - To TWIST EJECT, look straight up in the air, then eject. Now twist your
      mouse so you guide yourself to the roof of your own Titan. Try to land on the
      upper area above the back hangar. You will see 2 ventilation shafts. Drop
      into either one, and now kill the attackers in these vents. If there are no
      attackers in these vents, look in your base room from this vent location, and
      you should be able to shoot or flank any attackers currently on your Titan.
      - To defend a hallway, be Support or Assault. If support, use an IPS Shield
      and Sentry Gun. Mount them a fair distance away from the entrance corner, as
      this will provide them some cover from corner grenades. Place the IPS shield
      wherever you plan on proning. If you don't plan to prone, then stand against
      one of the side columns that provide mid-level cover. Remember that the LMGs
      get more accurate when fired longer, so simply fire down the corridor and
      keep firing to kill a target. You can also spam hand grenades by dropping an
      ammo box and continually tossing them down the hallway to kill potential
      - If Recon, use APMs at the entrance to hallways to kill oncoming attackers.
      It is VERY hard for opponents to take care of APMs without killing
      - Operate the anti-air turrets (there are 2 of them) to destroy enemy
      dropships attempting a landing. You will rack up easy points. If both Titans
      are near each other, aim your turret at the opposing Titan's hangar and
      destroy any vehicles that exit their energy shield.
      - When you are defending your Titan, a green message will appear in the upper
      left corner of the screen displaying when enemies board YOUR Titan. This is a
      built-in alert system that informs you which hallway opponents are entering.
      When you see the hallway number, rush to that hallway to defend it. If it
      states that enemies are in the CARGO BAY, this means they are landing on the
      back of your ship with the unguarded platform. If it states that enemies are
      in the reactor room, then they're in that energy room. The built-in alert
      system does not state if enemies land in the ventilation system. It also DOES
      NOT work when you are in the Titan spawn area. You must go below for this
      system to work. The trigger spot for the hallway alerts are right when
      someone enters the hallway. Please note the alert system is somewhat
      glitched. It may signify that your reactor console is destroyed, when in
      reality it isn't. It also sometimes sends out false warnings. It is not known
      if this is still a glitch, or the result of dead bodies landing in these
      - Difficult, but doable. Be Recon, Assault, or Support. The main goal of an
      attacker is efficiency. The idea is not to run in like Rambo. The idea is to
      run in like Rambo with RDX, or to kill as many defenders as you can to clear
      the path for your men to charge in. Doing neither of these objectives leads
      to no victory. So our goal on the enemy titan is to have a high K:D ratio, or
      to be the guy who blows up ALL the consoles or the reactor core with RDX. You
      have a choice on which role you want to play:
         (1) RDX Destroyer
             - Equip some RDX to a recon player, and give him light armor. Get on
             the enemy titan, and have a cloak if possible. Use your primary weapon
             to kill defenders down the hallways in conjunction with frag grenades.
             If multiple defenders are down a hallway, use the cloak, and charge
             forward. When you see the console, bunnyhop towards it, uncloak,
             quickly drop as many RDX charges as possible and hit the detonator.
             You may kill yourself but will also get credit for destroying the
             console and anyone near it. This technique works best in the reactor
             room. Remember to bunnyhop through the doorway to avoid sentry fire
             and potential APMs. When landing RDX charges on the core, run around
             the corner while doing it so the enemy fires while you're moving. This
             makes it harder to die. You will damage the core quite a bit. This is
             the only true technique to destroying cores/consoles when they are
             heavily defended. You may not have the best points score, but you will
             be the key reason your team wins, despite your sacrifice of life. It
             will take a few tries to master.
         (2) K:D Ratio Guy
             - Try to be assault or support. Board their titan, but do so from the
             2 ventilation shafts. Use the window accesses to snipe potential
             defenders inside. Watch your rear for knifers. Drop down if your team
             needs assistance in the hallways. Spam frag grenades or revived down
             combatants, but wants yourself as most defenders also toss grenades
             down their hallways. The K:D role best works when attacking a reactor
             room. You want to pick off as many defenders from an angle in the vent
             as possible, which will help alleviate less pressure to your RDX men.
    /Teamwork Advantages/
    If you follow orders in BF2142, and kill someone in the radius of an assigned
    order, you get 1 additional point for following the order. It is unknown as to
    how far the radius is, but these points do add up and make it more beneficial
    to play in squads. Squad leaders also get points for killing people near their
    squad members, or for having enough people spawning on their squad beacon.
    Commanders get points based on the average sum of points on your own team.
    In Titan mode, you can get double the points by being in a squad and killing
    someone on THEIR titan or on your OWN titan with a squad member nearby. You can
    also get just the titan attack or titan defense bonus for killing someone on a
    One of the unique features of Battlefield 2142 is the ability to knife people.
    However, you get to knife people and BE REWARDED for it - talk about
    incentives! When you knife someone in a game, you are given a dogtag of their
    character with their name on it. You can get the dogtag again by knifing them
    again, but getting unique dogtags comes from knifing different people.
    - You can view your list of acquired dog tags by going to the leaderboards,
    clicking on stats, then clicking the small dashed arrow in the upper right
    - An exact number is not known, but after about 75 knife kills, your default
    BJ-2 Combat Knife turns into the Dogtagger Knife. This knife has a dog tag
    attached to the base handle. It is just a skin upgrade, and nothing changes
    when you kill someone. It just looks pretty darn cool.
    - The Code of Honor is a gaming policy where if someone pulls out their knife,
    you do the same. Then, it becomes a knife fight to the death. If they pull out
    a knife, and you pull out a different weapon, you are considered "not" to have
    honor. Honestly, do what makes you sleep at night best.
    /Mounted Cannon Strategies/
    Mounted cannons are specifically ground-based or Titan-based cannons that can
    only be operated by interacting with them (press E). There are 4 types of
        > (1) Titan Cannons
        > (2) Titan AA Guns
        > (3) Ground AA Guns
        > (4) Ground Rail Guns
    =(1)= Titan Cannons
          > These can be operated inside your Titan. Look for four computer
          consoles near the middle pillar in your Titan. Press E to operate one of
          them. You'll then be in the viewing camera of a cannon below your Titan.
          There are 4 cannons as there placement is as follows:
           / X \    - The cannons have infinite ammo, and fire explosive rays that
          |     |     cause mediocre explosions on the ground level. They do heavy
          |X   X|     damage towards infantry, and average damage to vehicles. It
           \   /      takes some time to get use to aiming them. If a cannon is
            \X/       destroyed, you can repair it with the engineer's welder. Weld
                      the console panel to repair it.
                    - To destroy one, get some form of explosive device, a rocket,
                      or AA cannon, and shoot at the Titan cannon above you. You
                      will get a Titan Attack Score point for doing so.
                    - This is the main firepower of the Titan and the main reason
                      why commanders move the Titan, so you can fire the cannons.
                      Make sure to do so!
    =(2)= Titan AA Guns
          > These are also near the cannons, but there are only two of them. One
          swivels to protect the hangar bay of your Titan, while the other swivels
          to protect the back side of your Titan. Since they are mounted on top,
          they have a limited range. These cannons fire high-rate anti-air bullets
          designed to take out dropships or helojets.
          - A good strategy is to fire at your opponent's Titan so that any
            aircraft taking off are instantly destroyed. However, both Titans must
            be close to each other in order for this to happen.
    =(3)= Ground AA Guns
          > These are black guns on the ground that have two barrels sticking out
          of them. They can swivel 360 degrees, and have a high angle of
          direction. They fire plasma generated heat rounds that have a slow
          velocity, but do excessive damage to air targets. They have no effect
          on ground targets. You have to lead your shots with the ground AA a bit
          in order to hit helojets. You will also hear a lock-on sound. If it
          beeps and locks on, right click to fire 2 EMP missiles. These will
          disable the engines for about 5 seconds on the helojet causing it to
          crash or stall for a bit. This should make it easier to shoot down.
    =(4)= Ground Rail Guns
          > These are black guns with one long barrel on them. They can rotate
          360 degrees, but have limited height on the angle of firing. Right-click
          to focus the aim for a more precise shot. Note that you cannot swivel the
          turret as much when it is focused aimed. Now left click to fire. There
          will be a slight discharge, then an EXTREMELY FAST railgun round will
          fire. This weapon kills infantry with one hit, wounds armor much like a
          powerful projectile would. It instant kills armor in any weak spot. Jump
          in one of these if you have no nearby explosive weapons, or you need to
          quickly take out an approaching vehicle. Remember, it does not have to be
          focused to fire - just as long as your aim the reticle over the intended
    Although not a whole lot of players endorse the role of being the Commander, it
    is still an essential part of BF2142 that must be discussed thoroughly. This
    section will go over a few brief hints or general strategies when issuing
    orders or using commander assets. The Commander's HUD is setup with individual
    buttons that do certain actions, along with squads displayed on the left, what
    icons compose their squad abilities, and the current orders of the squad (if
    you click on one). To issue an order, you can right-click on a squad with this
    menu to the left, or click on the squad # button. Most of the orders are voice
    commands. You can also highlight a squad then right-click a point on the
    overview map and issue the order to the squad. It is up to the squad leader to
    accept your order, or deny it.
    If you want to speak to your squad leaders over your microphone, hold down B
    and do so. Remember, this goes to ALL squad leaders.
    One of the neat and unknown features for Commanders is that they can see
    everything on the battlefield including enemies without having to waste asset
    power. Press N two times to zoom in twice. You'll notice the overview map
    displays a real-time view that shows movement on the ground. From here, you can
    spot enemies by right-clicking. Few commanders spot enemies manually because it
    displays an annoying commander voice, and it takes a bit of work, but it is
    helpful for large enemy movements.
       )(@ COMMANDER ASSETS @)(
       Knowing when to use a commander asset is essential to victory on the
       battlefield. Each asset will recharge naturally by a light highlighted bar
       inside the button for the asset itself. The Sat Track always charges the
       fasted, along with the EMP Strike & Supply Drop coming in a close second.
       The UAV & Orbital Strike recharge the slowest since they are the most useful
       commanding assets.
          >> SAT TRACK
             = This nifty little device is for commanders only. It can not be seen
               by players in the game. It will do a quick overall scan of the map
               showing red dots or vehicles representing all enemies. The red
               markers will fade after about five seconds. You can quickly mark the
               enemies from this overview map by right clicking and manually
               spotting. This is great if there are a few stray enemies left on the
               map, or you need to tell your squad leaders where the next big
               attack is coming. DO NOT manually spot all the time though. It
               becomes annoying, and people may vote kick you out of the commander
          >> EMP STRIKE
             = The EMP Strike is designed for disabling vehicles, so your soldiers
               can attack the vehicle, or retreat from it. This does not destroy
               vehicles, but only disables them a bit longer than EMP mines or EMP
               grenades. When you press the button down, pick a point where you
               want it to fire. This function works best in zoomed mode as you can
               precisely aim the strike at an enemy vehicle. It will fire within a
               matter of seconds once it is targetted. Try to use it on mechs or
               large encampments of tanks to disable groups. It can be used to
               somewhat disrupt the visuals of enemy soldiers, but leave the use of
               the device to disabling vehicles.
          >> ORBITAL STRIKE
             = This is only available in capture the flag, but when it is available
               it's damn good. The orbital strike has the equivalency of artillery
               strikes in BF2. It's a tad less powerful, but disperses mini-bombs
               that explode on impact with the ground. This must be aimed just like
               the EMP strike. There is a longer delay from targetting to the
               actual firing, so try to aim the Orbital Strikes in popular areas
               where lots of enemy infantry are. Orbital Strikes damage vehicles as
               well and can destroy walkers, but they must be direct hits. Since
               the orbital strikes tends to scatter the bomb droplets, do not
               expect concentrated fire. Try to estimate and lead your strikes in
               front of infantry groups that appear to be charging. Use a sat track
               before attempting an orbital strike so you have an idea where the
               enemy actually is. Orbital Strikes work wonders around flag points
               that are spawning enemies, or are in the process of being captured.
               Orbital strikes will have a small airplane flying circularly in the
               air. If a friendly or enemy destroys the small airplane, the orbital
               strike will cease firing.
          >> UAV
             = Probably the most useful commander asset out there. This displays
               a public radar radius signal that displays ALL enemies (vehicles or
               soldiers) within the radius. The radius is fairly large, and is
               often deployed around popular points so you know where every single
               enemy is. A small airplane will fly overhead distributing the UAV.
               If a friendly or enemy destroys it, the UAV will stop firing. Has
               the longest recharge time, so use it in key spots where most of your
               team is. Never use this in the middle of nowhere, that's what your
               Sat Track is for.
          >> SUPPLY DROP
             = This is a small cargo box that heals, repairs vehicles, and issues
               resupplies of ammo. It tends to drop instantly after being
               targetted. Drop this near key vehicles (specifically battle walkers
               or large convoys, or large soldier groupings). The box can easily be
               destroyed, but that's not the point. This can also repair commander
               assets that have been destroyed. These are generally in your home
    - Your commander assets are destroyable objects in your very home base. If an
    enemy manages to destroy one, they will turn yellow. To repair them, find an
    engineer with a welder, or drop a supply box. There will be an asset control
    for the EMP Strike, Orbital Strike (if it exists), Sat Track, and UAV. There is
    not one for the Supply Drop.
    - Remember that you do not want to issue the same order to all squads. You want
    to divide a balance of your forces across the entire map. If CTF, have a
    majority of your squads at the major contact points, and have 1-2 squads
    flanking along perimeters for exterior flags. If Titan mode, you want to have
    1-2 squads defending the Titan, 2-3 squads attacks, and 1-2 squads on ground
    level capping silos (assuming Titan shields have gone down).
    One of the better features of Battlefield 2142 is awards. These are proud
    accomplishments that any players can take satisfaction in, especially when
    knowing you have done good and are being rewarded for it. There are 4 types of
      >> Badges
      >> Medals
      >> Ribbons
      >> Pins
    This section will only briefly describe the effects of awards. If you are
    interested in knowing the requirements, please visit either of the following
    - I am not listing awards requirements mainly due to the fact that DICE
    constantly changed the requirements in Battlefield 2, and I do not want to have
    to update this guide if they decide to do the same in BF2142. If you cannot
    access either of those sites, simply login to your BFHQ, and place your mouse
    over the designated award. The requirements for the award should be shown.
         _+ BADGES +_
      -> Badges come in 3 different forms: Bronze, Silver, or Gold
      -> Badges can only be earned ONCE, however, their point values are high:
           Bronze = 20
           Silver = 500
           Gold   = 1000
      -> Badge List:
         + Support Service
         + Recon Service
         + Assault Service
         + Engineer Service
         + Squad Leader
         + Collectors
         + Pistol Commendation
         + Explosive Gallantry
         + Air Defense
         + Commander Excellence
         + Titan Commander
         + Engineer Excellence
         + Medic Excellence
         + Resupply Service
         + Armor Service
         + Aircraft Service
         + Transport Service
         + Titan Combat Excellence
         + Titan Defense Excellence
         + Titan Destruction Achievement
         _+ MEDALS +_
      -> Medals can only be earned ONCE with exception to Bronze, Silver, Gold, or
         Purple Heart
      -> Medals have no point values, but are recognition of your skills and
         hardest to achieve
      -> Medal List:
         + Bronze Star
         + Silver Star
         + Gold Star
         + Distinguished Service Medal
         + Infantry Combat Medal
         + Meritorious Infantry Combat Medal
         + Infantry Combat of Merit Medal
         + Medal of Gallantry
         + European Honorific Cross
         + Distinguished Pan Asian Star
         + Meritorious Conquest Medal
         + Meritorious Titan Medal
         + Aircraft Combat Medal
         + Armor Service Medal
         + Good Conduct Medal
         + Honorable Service Medal
         + Purple Heart
         + Air Transport Transfer Medal
         + Titan Medallion
         + Ground Base Medallion
         _+ RIBBONS +_
      -> Ribbons can only be earned ONCE, however, their point values are high:
           Range from 20 to 2000 points
      -> Ribbon List:
         + Air Defense
         + Aircraft Service
         + HALO
         + Infantry Officer
         + Combat Commander
         + Distinguished Unit Service
         + Meritorious Unit Service
         + Valorous Unit Service
         + War College
         + Armored Service
         + Crew Service
         + PAC Duty
         + European Duty
         + Soldier Merit
         + Good Conduct
         + Legion of Merit
         + Ground Base Defense
         + Aerial Service
         + Titan Aerial Defense
         + Titan Commander
         _+ PINS +_
      -> Pins can only be earned multiple times, but their point values are low:
           Range from 5 to 20 points
      -> Pin List:
         + Combat Efficiency
         + Distinguished Combat Efficiency
         + Problem Solver
         + Titan Destructor
         + Troop Transporter
         + Titan Defender
         + Infiltrator
         + Wheels of Hazard
         + Collectors
         + Explosive Efficiency
         + Emergency Rescue
         + Firearm Efficiency
         + Clear Skies
         + Close Combat
         + Titan Survival (New in 1.06. Must bail off ENEMY TITAN and touch ground
                           to receive)
    One of the best aspects of Battlefield 2142 is the MORE RANKS. There are
    literally twice as many ranks when compared to BF2. Each rank increase equals
    one unlock point. Unlock points are used to further develop your character.
    This section will go over the 40+ ranks and requirements.
    - If you preordered the game from Best Buy, you get 1 free unlock & the special
    SCAR-11 skin.
    - If you were a veteran from Battlefield 2 and signed up for the veteran
    program, you get 1 free unlock.
       = RECRUIT (REC) =
       Requirements: 0 pts
       Description: The lowly sign of a new account. I wouldn't trust this guy to
                    even wash my boots. Nonetheless, recruits are prevalent, and
                    sometimes due to a stat error, a person with a different rank
                    will show up as a recruit.
       = PRIVATE (PVT) =
       Requirements: 40 pts
       Description: The Private is the man who just got the game and is learning
                    how to score points. This person may not be good, but at least
                    they're scoring in the positive points.
       Requirements: 80 pts
       Description: The Private First Class is a slight upgrade from before. It's
                    either someone with an alternate account, or they're starting
                    to get some useful upgrades.
       = GUNNER SILVER (GNS) =
       Requirements: 120 pts
       Description: The Gunner Silver is one of the new players that finally has
                    a cool-looking logo, the silver eagle. They're still
                    inexperienced and their worthiness in battle can be taken with
                    a grain of salt.
       = GUNNER GOLD (GNG) =
       Requirements: 200 pts
       Description: The Gunner Gold is someone on their way to becoming
                    experienced. Often, they can be confused for someone with a
                    higher rank due to the somewhat ominous eagle, but their
                    existence is real and true.
       Requirements: 330 pts
       Description: The weird-looking Shaman hat logo is the sign of someone who
                    has started out and is getting better. By now, they probably
                    have some uber-looking gun and think they're awesome with it,
                    but still lack basic maneuvering skills amongst the
       = CORPORAL GOLD (CPG) =
       Requirements: 520 pts
       Description: This soldier has earned a decent amount of points to get
                    respect on the battlefield. They probably know the basics of
                    the game, while not good at doing anything much, can do
                    something when told to. Don't trust them in actually taking
                    down targets quickly though.
       Requirements: 750 pts
       Description: Now that this soldier has two angled dashes, we know they
                    have some skill on the battlefield. Maybe they can't shoot for
                    crap, but they can contribute, and probably understand the
                    gameplay mechanics fluently.
       Requirements: 1050 pts
       Description: Well this man is certainly getting there. Their skills are
                    getting better, and they're contributing to the team, but they
                    still have a long way to go.
       Requirements: 1400 pts
       Description: This is where the evolution begins. The soldier begins to
                    experiment by trying to fly things, and maybe even fools around
                    with a tank once in awhile. They still fear the battle walker.
       Requirements: 1800 pts
       Description: As they trot along the level of respect, they're still not
                    close enough where the average veteran will trust their life in
                    this person's hands.
       Requirements: 2250 pts
       Description: The Sergeant is the ultimate grunt of the army. Once someone
                    the sergeant rank, I would gladly welcome them into my squad. I
                    would give them some respect, not awhole lot, but enough to
                    have fun together.
       = SERGEANT GOLD (SGG) =
       Requirements: 2850 pts
       Description: A definite improvement, and it is showing in their points
                    total. This person is now starting to reach the K:D ratio of
                    1:1, and most likely is use to battle walkers. They still can't
                    fly for a pot full of gold.
       Requirements: 3550 pts
       Description: This is where you know the person has dedicated some effort to
                    their character. Reaching this level shows they actually care
                    for the account, and most average players reach this rank who
                    play on rare occasions (2-3 hours / week).
       Requirements: 4400 pts
       Description: These are the types of guys that you want as squadmates. They
                    are grunts who have been through a ton. Points aren't
                    necessarily their main goal, although winning is.
       Requirements: 5300 pts
       Description: The Sergeant Major is the premiere of grunts in the game. It's
                    someone who probably understands every element of the game
                    fluidly, can fly, can kill people, or can defend the Titan with
       Requirements: 6250 pts
       Description: The huge jump in points probably means this person has earned
                    several awards, or plays a decent amount of time. This rank is
                    where I start to make a person my buddy, and play together in
       Requirements: 7250 pts
       Description: The Sergeant Major of the Army is definitely the coolest rank
                    in the game. The overwhelming amount of dashes boxed into a
                    small icon makes it look very high rankish. Not to mention the
                    fact that it takes a decent amount of playing time to reach,
                    then you know this person is experienced. Trustworthy as a
                    pilot or mech driver and a considerable veteran in terms of
                    2142 gameplay.
       Requirements: 8250 pts
       Description: The cat-face icon looks somewhat lower than it should be, but
                    this person has earned the rank of an officer. They should be
                    proud, and so should you if they're in your squad.
       Requirements: 9300 pts
       Description: As they continue to ascend the ranking chain, this person
                    most likely is specialized in two classes, or makes a great
                    squad leader due to their amount of unlocks. Either way,
                    they're beginning to be one of the more versatile soldiers on
                    the battlefield.
       Requirements: 10400 pts
       Description: The giant silver box makes you think this person is good.
                    They probably are, and probably can handle any situation with
                    relative ease.
       Requirements: 11500 pts
       Description: Point requirements continue to go up, along with the need
                    for score to give them even more respect. Warrant Officers
                    still aren't considered elite, at least not yet.
       Requirements: 12700 pts
       Description: Seeing the wide dual bars makes you think of Top Gun, or some
                    other great 80s movie. Seeing one on a BF2142 player makes me
                    consider them a skilled veteran.
       = 1ST LIEUTENANT GOLD (1LG) =
       Requirements: 14000 pts
       Description: This is someone who I would serve under as a commander any
                    day. They're probably one of the best players on your team in
                    most servers.
       Requirements: 15300 pts
       Description: Expectations continue to roar along with your rank. By now,
                    your slim bar is the announcement in a server that you're damn
                    good. You should expect no less than to be a top 5 player on
                    your team.
       = 2ND LIEUTENANT GOLD (2LG) =
       Requirements: 16700 pts
       Description: Continue scoring points, and continue kicking butt - it's what
                    you do best.
       Requirements: 18300 pts
       Description: This is where I equate a dedicated person. This person probably
                    spends a ton of time playing the game, and has a few months
                    experience. Definitely trustworthy and deserving of the utmost
       = CAPTAIN GOLD (CAG) =
       Requirements: 20100 pts
       Description: This guy is like John Miller from WW2. He's the man you
                    respect, listen to as a squad leader, and charge with on the
                    hills of Cerbere Landing.
       = MAJOR SILVER (MAS) =
       Requirements: 22100 pts
       Description: The Major is a high ranking of superiority, and the weird star
                    shape is enough to make me feel tidy in a bunker with.
       = MAJOR GOLD (MAG) =
       Requirements: 24200 pts
       Description: It's starting to get a tad ridiculous. Unless this person has
                    limited thier playing time, this player most likely is addicted
                    to the game. To reach this rank, it takes a ton of kills and a
                    ton of points.
       Requirements: 26400 pts
       Description: This is the rank where I begin to question my own skills, and
                    start to hone up by praising this person. Most likely an expert
                    in jet piloting, mech raping, APC whoring, sniping, and just
                    plain kicking butt.
       Requirements: 28800 pts
       Description: This is where you start to see a separation in the commonality
                    of a rank. You start to see fewer and fewer of these rare icons
                    starting with the Lieutenant Colonel Gold.
       Requirements: 31500 pts
       Description: The "Chuck Norris" of BF2142. Only few players reach the
                    beloved "V" icon in their rank box, and if they have it, they
                    either stat padded or earned it legit through some damn hard
       = COLONEL GOLD (CNG) =
       Requirements: 34200 pts
       Description: This is the guy the n00bs idolize. This person has earned their
                    way to the top, and anyone joins this guy's squad. He knows
                    what he's doing, he knows how to win, and no one is going to
                    stop him. He'll risk his own neck to take out the reactor core
                    if he must.
       Requirements: 37100 pts
       Description: Definitely someone not to disobey on the battlefield.
       Requirements: 40200 pts
       Description: Start to question the legitness of the rank. Anyone with this
                    rank is either elite, has stat padded (and not been caught
                    yet), or is someone you should follow and learn the ways. Think
                    of them as the master samurai.
       Requirements: 43300 pts
       Description: The lone star makes you think they are a general. If they are a
                    general, then they are god-like. Idolize this person, and treat
                    him as the Egyptian kind on the slave-driven caravan.
       Requirements: 46900 pts
       Description: These guys are rare. Take a screenshot and gloat to your
                    friends as to how you spotted this rarity.
       Requirements: 50500 pts
       Description: This is the third highest rank (minus the monthly ranks).
                    Most people will reach this after a year of playing, which is
                    somewhat sad to say.
       Requirements: 54100 pts
       Description: All I can say is that Rommel would be angry if you got this
       Requirements: 57700 pts
       Description: The absolute highest rank anyone that is normal will achieve.
                    The multitude of stars in the icon represent respect, honor,
                    and courage. Never disrespect this person unless you caught
                    them cheating (hehe).
       = MAJOR GENERAL (MJG) =
       Requirements: Unknown (1 per month)
       Description: The Major General rank is the third highest rank in the game,
                    but only one is handed out each month. It is not known as to
                    how this rank is handed out.
       Requirements: Unknown (1 per month)
       Description:	The massive amount of stars boxed in, along with the rarity
                    of this rank make it a godsend. Considering it is a once-a-
                    month rank, seeing this guy is like seeing Ghandi back from the
       Requirements: Unknown (1 per month)
       Description: The Supreme Commander is the man who owns all. He has the
                    highest points total in one month I believe (may be total
                    points though). The boxed stars surrounded by an eagle and
                    ultimate eliteness makes me want to screenshot this for
                    sentimental value.
    Stats are recorded somewhat differently as they were in Battlefield 2. Now,
    CAREER POINTS are what counts towards your ranks, not your actual real-time
    score in a game. Your real-time score + (any awards, badges, pins, ribbons)
    point values are called career points. Career points are what count towards
    your actual rank. If you want to check your rank, you must login with your EA
    account, and select your character at the following site:
    - Other stat sites will be available in the future, as of right now, stats are
    currently disabled on partner sites.
    /Recording Videos/
    - FRAPs is the easiest method in recording videos. More information about FRAPs
    can be found here:
    - Developers are currently making mods that will make it easier to record
    videos in case you want to make a montage.
    The single player section of BF2142 is a tad worse than BF2. Only 5 maps are
    available, and you must be logged in to your account online to actually play
    single player. Each map must be played in conquest mode, and are only 16-player
    versions. There are currently mods in the works to increase the compatibility
    of maps and size, but for now, this is all you have to deal with. The
    difficulty of the bots can be adjusted with a set of variable sliders.
    /In-Game Advertisements/
    If you noticed when you first opened up your box of Battlefield 2142, there is
    a white paper disclaimer telling you that the game will take information from
    your computer for in-game advertisements.
    - I'm not going to get into the issue of whether or not this is spyware, but
    the main purpose of this disclaimer is to tell you that BF2142 will have in-
    game advertisements. The in-game advertisements are decided based on what sites
    you visit on the internet. In a sense, they figure out if you're a male or
    female, then put up in-game ads on in-game billboards. You may have seen a few
    while playing a level. EA is suppose to incorporate varying ads in the coming
    months, as this is a way for them to generate income.
    /In-Game Tips List/
    When loading a map or game, there is a small brief tip that appears in the
    loading box. This is suppose to teach you something new or what not. I'd like
    to give credit to:
    - for providing this list. Thanks a ton!
    Any time during play, you can customize your kit. The changed equipment will be
    in your inventory on next spawn. (1)
    When you are playing as a squad, you will see the Field Upgrade Bar in the
    upper-left corner. When this is full, squad members are eligible to select a
    Field Upgrade. (2)
    Field Upgrades are temporary unlocks. Once unlocked, these can be used as long
    as you stay on the server. (3)
    The three Squad Leader Unlocks can only be used by Squad Leaders. Anyone can
    unlock them, but only Squad Leaders with a squad of a certain size are allowed
    to use them. (4)
    The five player ability unlocks can be unlocked as any other weapon or item.
    The difference is, once unlocked they are always equipped and not a part of the
    customization. (5)
    On the Kit Customization screen - you can choose between light or heavy body
    armor. The heavy armor reduces the sprint capacity, so it's not all good with
    more protection. (6)
    When you are promoted during a round, you can choose the unlock at the End of
    Round or - if you are in a hurry to get back to the fighting - wait and do this
    later on in BFHQ. (7)
    Do not forget to check out the training film on the Titans. The film will guide
    you through the tactical information on the Soldier HUD, the rules of the
    battle, and provide valuable tips on how to best bring down the enemy Titan.
    Anytime during a round, you can press ESCAPE to get to the menu. Once you are
    done, just press ESCAPE again and you will return to the fight. (9)
    Getting recommended for badges, ribbons and pins will help your Soldier's
    progress up in rank. (10)
    Watch out for those Sentry Guns support troops can deploy. You do not want to
    get too close before finding out if they were deployed by friendlies or enemy
    troops. (11)
    You do not have to choose an unlock right away. Your unlock credits will be
    available in the Unlocks section of BFHQ. (12)
    The Leaderboards in BFHQ show the best of the best. They can be filtered to
    show just your buddies, players from your country, or to only show the players
    you have dog tags from. (13)
    The graph showing your stats progress in BFHQ will also predict your upcoming
    performance based on your recent efforts. (14)
    Several awards can be achieved multiple times and they help you go up in rank.
    You can join a server your Buddy is playing on by pressing the join button, in
    the expanded Buddy List. (16)
    When you knife kill someone, you get their dog tags. Snipers all over - beware.
    Some unlocks are not items but permanent upgrades to either kit or soldier.
    The Gruber 5 Scope Stabilizer unlock helps you settle your rifle drift as a
    sniper. Unlock it and pick off those dog tag collectors more easily. (19)
    The A12 Enforcer Sentry Guns will scan the area for enemies. Tactically used
    they can be very effective in guarding important areas or paths. (20)
    Commanders and Squad Leaders can give orders by using the context sensitive
    communication rose (default on 'T'). Just aim at a strategic spot and send the
    order. (21)
    Look out for drones as a good way of spotting a Squad Leader. Be sure to spot
    them before they spot you. (22)
    Sentry Guns can be destroyed by firing at them. Or why not take them out with a
    well-placed EMP grenade? (23)
    The enemy Titan giving you and your teammates a hard time? Do not forget that
    the weapon systems on the Titan exterior can be destroyed. (24)
    EMP is an effective way of temporarily disabling vehicles. An EMP mine will do
    the job faster than the EMP grenades. Sneaky people are known for hijacking
    vehicles this way. (25)
    A sniper who aims at the head will be more successful than the one that goes
    for the easy body shot. (26)
    If you run out of ammo your sidearm can be a lifesaver. Do whatever it takes to
    keep your dog tags. (27)
    The away bonus will help you get back on track with your career after some R&R.
    But the fastest way to go up in rank is to earn it on the battlefield. (28)
    Any kills following your Squad Leader's attack or defend orders will generate a
    bonus score. (29)
    If you see a "2" next to a player's name, this means they are veterans from
    Battlefield 2(TM). So, either be extra careful around those vets, or go after
    them extra hard to welcome them to the future. (30)
    Which weapon is the Voss L-AR? Read more about it in BFHQ Unlocks or on the Kit
    Customization screen. (31)
    You can have up to four (4) Soldiers with their own persistence per EA Account.
    If you would like to create a fifth Soldier, you will have to delete an
    existing Soldier first. (32)
    Field Upgrades are only rewarded to soldiers in squads. This is one of the many
    reasons squad play might be the way to go, if you want the best experience.
    The NetBat system allows soldiers in the same squad to share information on
    enemy locations. (34)
    Use the Squad Leader Bacon together with scrambled eggs for a nutritious
    breakfast for all of your freshly spawned squad. (35)
    The Squad Leader Spawn Beacon allows squad members to spawn in on tactical
    locations. However, soldiers will be dropped in pods, so it is not the most
    stealthy spawn. (36)
    Titan Commanders should be careful to avoid putting their Titan directly over a
    missile silo, as it will hit their Titan even if it was aimed for the enemy.
    Squad Leaders will climb the ranks faster if they have a habit of issuing
    tactically correct orders. The same is true for Commanders. (38)
    Squad members will gain from carrying out their Squad Leaders' orders. Each
    kill while following orders will count in the pursuit of the next rank. (39)
    The Commander score is determined by the individual team members' scores. And
    if the Commander leads the troops to a victorious round, there will be an
    additional bonus. (40)
    Do not forget to customize your kits. Your last configuration will be saved.
    APCs have seats equipped with launch pods, which provide an excellent way of
    getting aboard the Titan. (42)
    If you experience motion sickness during play, set Camera Shake OFF in the
    Options. (43)
    Each kit has two separate unlock branches, which both lead to a new weapon. Go
    wide if you want a little bit of everything, and go deep if you more quickly
    want to unlock a new main weapon. (44)
    Your skill in combat and the support of your fellow troops will - together with
    the awards you receive - add to your experience and help you climb the ranks.
    Don't forget you can pick up fallen soldiers' kit equipment. They might have
    more unlocks than you, and this is an excellent way to try them out. (46)
    Field Upgrades are an excellent way to try out unlocks before you unlock them
    permanently. (47)
    Squad members will gain from carrying out their Squad Leader's orders. Each
    kill while following orders to attack or defend gets the squad one step closer
    to a Field Upgrade. (48)
    Healing, reviving and rearming your fellow squad members - and repairing their
    vehicles - will give you points and also help your squad getting a Field
    Upgrade. (49)
    When you play a Co-op game, any number of friends can join the game up to the
    16 player limit. When someone joins, a bot will be kicked out of the game. (50)
    When you play a LAN game or a Singleplayer game - as long as you are connected
    to the Internet you will be able to use the items and weapons you have
    previously unlocked. (51)
    Active Defense can be used on most vehicles to protect you from incoming
    missiles and rockets. You'll have to use it carefully as it only lasts for a
    few seconds and takes a while to recharge. (52)
    Boost is available on the fast attack vehicles - use it to get out of those
    nasty situations in which only speed can save you. (53)
    Vehicles have different armor values in different locations. For example, many
    vehicles have less armor in the rear than in the front. Try to keep this in
    mind when you go up against other vehicles. (54)
    You cannot armor everything - some vehicles have inherent weak spots which have
    less armor and are more vulnerable to fire from more types of weapons. (55)
    APCs have assault pods which can be used to launch into combat. When launched,
    you can control their flight using the standard movement keys. (56)
    Weapon accuracy varies depending on your stance, movement and whether you are
    zoomed. Practise with each weapon so that you understand its strengths and
    weaknesses. (57)
    Not all weapons are created equally - they are designed to be good at different
    ranges and conditions. Practise with each weapon to learn more about its
    strengths and weaknesses. (58)
    Infantry can equip themselves with light armor which allows them to sprint
    further and recuperate from a sprint faster. However, light armor provides less
    protection. (59)
    Visual disturbances and electronic sounds might be signs of a Recon soldier
    using the IT-33 Active Camouflage in your immediate vicinity. Use an EMP
    grenade to reveal them. (60)
    The Networked Battlefield is your squad's best friend. Look at an enemy unit
    and you will pass information such as the type of enemy to the rest of your
    squad. (61)
    When in a squad, watch for the Networked Battlefield icons in your 3D HUD.
    These icons indicate that someone in your squad is viewing or engaging an enemy
    and you can move into a supporting position. (62)
    Different infantry types can provide different functions for the Networked
    Battlefield. Each infantry type has its own speciality. Practise with your
    squad members to get the best use out of the system. (63)
    Networked Battlefield icons appear anywhere a squad member has made contact
    with the enemy. Just because you see the NetBat icon doesn't mean that the
    enemy is in your visual range. (64)
    When using the Scope Stabilizer unlock, be sure to hold the 'SHIFT' key
    (default) down in order to use it effectively. (65)
    You can set the range at which a rifle rocket explodes. When in zoom mode roll
    the mouse wheel to set the detonation range. When fired, the rocket will auto-
    explode at the preset range. (66)
    The smoke grenade is a highly effective tool for the assault soldier. It
    provides excellent cover during an attack in tight quarters and is especially
    useful during a Titan boarding. (67)
    The PDS-1 unlock allows the engineer infantry to fix the position of enemy
    vehicles. Place it to cover known routes and it will update you and your squad
    via the NetBat. (68)
    The AE Defuser unlock allows Engineer infantry to remove explosive devices.
    Keep an eye out for the enemy who set the explosive as they may be using it to
    bait you. (69)
    The II-29 Motion Mine unlock is the latest generation of anti-vehicle
    explosives. They will actively track on moving enemy vehicles and follow until
    they make contact and explode. (70)
    The DysTek Pulse Meter is a short-ranged reconnaissance tool which will
    identify any enemy units in range. The information will be passed on to each
    squad member via the NetBat. (71)
    EMP can be used to stop a vehicle in its tracks as well as hinder their ability
    to track and engage opponents. While the effect is temporary it is still very
    effective in making vehicles vulnerable. (72)
    Can't move your vehicle? Is your HUD showing discharge and visual glitches?
    You've just been EMPed. Your options are to wait until the effect passes or get
    out of the vehicle. (73)
    EMP can affect infantry by causing their advanced helmet optics to experience
    temporary visual glitches. (74)
    The IPS Shield unlock is the perfect tool for providing cover when necessary.
    It blocks small arms fire but vehicle munitions will penetrate it easily. (75)
    The IPS Shield unlock can block most bullets. However, if you aim at the
    control box you can disable it. It takes a skilled rifleman to shoot the small
    target. (76)
    The SLSB unlock is only available to the squad leader. It allows the squad
    leader to place a spawn point on the map. The beacon can be seen and destroyed
    by opponents. (77)
    The DysTek Pulse Meter can fix the position of enemy squad leader beacons. Use
    it when you suspect a beacon has been placed nearby. (78)
    The RD-4 Otus is a squad leader unlock. It functions as a recon drone
    identifying enemy units within range. The information is passed on to the squad
    via the Networked Battlefield system. (79)
    The SD-8 Accipiter is a squad leader unlock. It will target and engage enemy
    infantry which appear within its target acquisition field. Extremely useful for
    watching the squad's back. (80)
    Even with no or few unlocks you can activate or deactivate your heavy armor, on
    the Customization screen. (81)
    The two icons to the left of the soldier in the Customization screen are the
    HUD and kit upgrades that you can unlock. (82)
    Make sure you check these game tips during load since they do change. (83)
    From the in-game scoreboard, you can invite other players to your Buddy List.
    Go to the Manage tab of the scoreboard to send a request to a specific player.
    If you hit an opponent there will be a small white indicator around your
    crosshair to help you. If you never see this, you might want to adjust your
    aim. (85)
    When you are getting hit by incoming fire there will be an indicator that
    lights up in the direction of the threat. So, spin around and get even. (86)
    Spawning in from a squad leader beacon will put you inside a drop pod. Be sure
    to have a quick look around on your way down so you know of possible threats.
    They will no doubt see you coming. (87)
    Despite what people might tell you in the chat or over VoIP; pressing Alt and
    F4 at the same time is not a way to get an unlock in this game. (88)
    In the Awards section of BFHQ, you can see what criteria there are for each
    awards and your progress towards them. (89)
    Don't forget to add your friends to your Buddy List. This way, you can always
    see if they are online and which server they are playing on. (90)
    Short-winded? Fatigued easily? Need cardio? Get more points and unlock the two
    sprint ability unlocks. One gives you longer sprint distance and the other one
    faster recovery. (91)
    When you receive a Buddy Message in a round you will get a notification on the
    HUD. To read and reply to the message, press ESCAPE to go to the menu. (92)
    In the Titan game mode, you can check the time left until a missile silo
    launches, by pressing the 'T' (default) key. (93)
    As the Titan Commander you can put your mouse cursor over your Titan, in your
    Command interface, to check its movement path. (94)
    As the Titan Commander you can place your mouse pointer over a missile silo, in
    your Command interface, to see the flightpath for that missile. (95)
    The Titan under your command can affect quite a large area around it. Try and
    find the best position on the battlefield to help support your ground forces.
    As the commander, your job is to settle for nothing less than total victory.
    Therefore your score is based solely on the performance of your team. You will
    also receive a substantial bonus for winning. (97)
    In the Titan game mode, APCs and Air Transports are also spawnpoints. (98)
    As a squad Leader, or commander, you can place orders on many Networked
    Battlefield icons; by putting your crosshair over the icon, hitting the 'T' key
    and choosing Issue Order. (99)
    Some of the ranked servers are Rank Restricted. Only players with the first 10
    ranks can join games on these servers. (100)
    Only a set number of players can have the three Top Officer ranks at the same
    time. And there can only be one Supreme Commander. (101)
    The drones help you as a squad leader but if they are activated in the wrong
    place they can give away your position. (102)
    Hitting the vehicles' soft spots will help you bring them down faster. (103)
    The DysTek Hi-Scope x4 unlock enhances your sniper rifle with some extra zoom
    possibility. (104)
    The 3D map can be switched on and off using the corresponding key. When it is
    enabled, you will see all the information made available by the Networked
    Battlefield (NetBat) system. (105)
    - 7) Modifications (7.1)   -
    Modifications are custom styles based off of a base engine in which gameplay
    can be modified or change not only graphically, but physically in the game
    engine. As of right now, there is no official modificationl editor tool
    released by DICE. Battlefield 2 had one released shortly after the game's
    release do small developer groups could make their own mods. It will probably
    be a matter of time before one is. When any quality announced mods are
    released, I will post them in this section with a link to access them along
    with a mini-review.
       **NOTE: This section will be small right now as there are not any solidly
               good MODs for BF2142. If they do exist, I probably have not played
               them. I'm looking for quality mods, generally like Day of Defeat, or
               ones that incorporate custom themes.
    - 8) Common Questions      -
    )) Gameplay ((
    << When is the next patch coming out? >>
    - Patch 1.05 will be coming out around the end of November. It will fix a few
    stability issues, and some stat padding issues will be addressed. The Titan
    Survival Pin will be introduced as well. Patch 1.10 came out very close to
    Christmas and tweaked more gameplay elements with fixes.
    << Will there be an expansion pack for Battlefield 2142? >>
    - Most likely. There have been rumors that a third faction will be added in the
    upcoming expansion, along with a few North American maps where the ice has
    covered most of the continent. It would only make sense as just about every
    other Battlefield game has had an expansion month released within half-a-year
    after the game's initial release. Also expect potential booster packs to be
    released instead.
    << What would you rate Battlefield 2142? >>
    - To be frank and simplistic, a [9/10]. My review is a bit biased as I played
    Battlefield 2 for one year, and thought that game was a gift from the heavens.
    It was. Battlefield 2142 is basically a polished BF2. It takes what went wrong
    with the BF2 product, and fixes it. Ranks and point requirements are just about
    balanced. I enjoy how each rank gives me a point to earn towards a new unlock.
    Most of all, the game has a futuristic element that adds a higher fun factor.
    Bashing people on the head with escape pods, the new Titan game mode, and a few
    new maps is what really inspired me to get it. Now, most people will claim the
    game is just an expansion pack for BF2. Well, in a sense it is. It's like a
    total-conversion mod, except better than a mod, and polished more efficiently.
    It's still not perfect, but it's getting there.
    << How does the gameplay actually play out? >>
    - It plays a lot like Joint Ops, BF2, BF1942, or any other game that involves
    infantry combat & vehicles meshed together. Since this is in the future,
    everything is pretty much identical, just a tad more fast. Spaceships are there
    rather than choppers. Spacesuits are equipped rather than traditional clothes.
    The game has what every gamer wants, lots of flag capping, lots of killing, and
    lots of explosions.
    << Are there any other versions of Battlefield 2142? >>
    - No, this was released exclusive for the PC as of right now.
    << Did this game only come out in the DVD version? >>
    - Yes. Originally, BF2 came out in a 3-CD set or DVD disc. BF2142 only came out
    in the DVD version. If you do not have a DVD drive, then do not get this game.
    << How good are you at this game? >>
    - I'd say I'm better than 70% of the players out there. While ranking is mainly
    determined by how much time you invest, I tend to play a wide variety of
    classes, and generally end up in the top 3 on my team during a solid round of
    gameplay. My strengths lie in sniping, engineer vehicle destroying, and
    assault rifling abilities. I rarely play support unless equipped with the
    << What's your character name? >>
    - My character name is antseezee. Right now I'm a 1st Lieutenant Gold. I
    would be a higher rank, but have taken some time off to play an alternate
    character. Like I said, I generally enjoy VOIPing with other squadmates and
    kicking butt for the victory.
    )) Troubleshooting ((
    << I'm getting a horrible FPS, or stuttering frames when playing online? >>
    - You probably have close to 512MB of RAM, or a stalling hard-drive. The coders
    for BF2142 actually optimized the gaming engine to use less resources, and it's
    true. If you compare loading times between BF2 & BF2142 with identical
    settings, you'll notice the "Verifying Client Data" bar takes much less time.
    Texture loading at the beginning of your first game will eat up less time as
    well, which means less stutter lag. I'd recommend at least 1GB of ram. Either
    that, or make sure your Hard-drive & video card drivers are up to date.
    << How do I know if my video card works with this game? >>
    - Read the official list. You gotta google for it. I know for a fact that
    anyone who could run BF2 with a video card can also run BF2142.
    << Are there any other ways to increase BF2142 performance? >>
    - Press CTRL + ALT + DEL, and get rid of any unnecessary programs. Quit any
    programs in your taskbar, especially file sharers. Make sure your virus scan
    programs aren't working in the background. Altering the in-game options can
    also increase FPS, or reduce stutter lag. Try putting the textures setting on
    Low, but put everything else on High, with exception to Shadows (turn them
    off), and Lighting (Low). The game will work significantly well, despite cruddy
    textures. You'll get great landscape and appearances for the most part.
    Obviously, keeping the base resolution on prevents slowdown issues. Stretching
    your resolution out can cause extra unnecessary slowdown.
    << How do I set a custom resolution? >>
    - If you're using a laptop, or widescreen display, go to the Battlefield 2142
    shortcut, right-click, and look for the command line. After the normal mumbo
    jumbo, put +szx (resolution in X, get rid of parentheses), put +szy (resolution
    in Y, get rid of parentheses). While the game won't actually reinforce a custom
    resolution per say, it will stretch the in-game setting display to match your
    screen size. I did this for awhile but tuned it back since it looked awkward.
    << Why isn't my BFHQ updating? >>
    - There are two reasons; you must complete a round to get your score recorded &
    give it time. BFHQ only records stats on ranked servers. Make sure you did not
    play on a non-ranked server. Secondly, you cannot quit during a round and
    expect the score to be added. EA only records stats after a round has ended,
    and you reach that goofy scoreboard screen. That brief loading process is
    actually EA recording down the stats to the respective accounts. Finally, I
    have noticed during busy times (a new patch or update) that BFHQ may take up to
    two hours to update. Just check it out the next time you log in.
    << I bought the game. Where's the CD Key? >>
    - It is located on the back of the instruction manual inside the BF2142 case.
    You should see black text printed on the top of the back cover of the
    instruction manual. If 2 users with the same CD key log on at the same time,
    only one will be permitted to play. The other one will get locked out with a CD
    key in use message. Be careful when buying this game on eBay for that exact
    << My ping is pretty bad. How do I lower it? >>
    - Find a better server. Better yet, filter out filled servers, and then click
    on the Ping tab at the top to order them from lowest to highest. Only join
    servers that give a green lighted bar. Yellow means you'll have close to 100
    ping to about 175ish. Red will appear as anything close to 200 or greater.
    << BF2142 starts up and immediately boots back to the desktop. >>
    - This means your video card is not sufficient for the game. About 70% of the
    time this is the cause. The brief black flash after startup means there's some
    incompatibility issue. You most likely have an outdated video card, one not
    supported, or possibly outdated drivers. Try updating the drivers. If it
    doesn't work, reinstall the game.
    << BF2142 boots to the desktop after playing for awhile. >>
    - Probably spyware or a background program running. This is actually happening
    on my laptop as of right now, and I'm trying to isolate the process causing the
    problem. If you have a wireless mouse, and the batteries are low, the game may
    minimize for the mouse drivers to take priority.
    << How do I view my FPS? >>
    - Type renderer.drawfps 1 in the console. It will show some red numbers in the
    upper left corner. You can turn it off by pressing the same command but putting
    in a 0.
    )) Tips ((
    << How do I play Recon efficiently? >>
    - Use the default sniper rifles for long-range firing, or the Lambert for close
    range maps. Use APMs & RDX on defense, or use RDX & the cloak on offense. Go
    with a light armor setup with this class.
    << How do I play Assault efficiently? >>
    - Try to use the default rifles or the Voss. Get the defibrilator and PK74
    Rockets as your equipment setup. These guys make great defenders or great
    << How do I play Support efficiently? >>
    - Use the LMG on defense, and the shotgun on offense. Use the IPS Shield &
    Sentry Gun as your equipment combination. These guys make excellent Titan
    << How do I play Engineer efficiently? >>
    - Use this class with armor, or when you want to destroy armor. Use this class
    during the first half of a Titan round when the enemy's shield is up, then
    switch classes when their shield is down. Repair your own vehicle in a safe
    spot after a combat-intensive fight. Roller Mines & the Microprocessor are the
    2 best equipment combinations.
    )) How to Report Cheaters ((
    << How do I report them? >>
    - Find a cheater in the game. Now, look at them with their name visible and
    take a screenshot (press Print Screen button on top of keyboard near top
    right). This will put a screenshot in My Documents/Battlefield
    2142/Screenshots/ folder. Take another screenshot of the person performing the
    action, and one more of the scorebox showing their name (hold down TAB and
    press Print Screen key). Go to:
    And then fill in the appropriate information in the box. Upload the screenshot
    pictures as proof. If you need a file host for the pictures, go to
    www.imageshack.us and host the pictures. Submit the report. The person will
    generally have their stats wiped or be deleted within 3-7 days. It seems like a
    long process, but it takes 15 minutes, and it rids of one cheater or stat
    << How to identify cheating? >>
    - I will not go into the specifics in fear of revealing an exploit. But
    generally cheaters will have points along these lines:
       >> example: 40 Teamwork Points, 2 kills, 1 death
       >> example: 200+ points in a round, mostly all teamwork points
    - Most of the previous stat padding techniques have been removed in patch 1.06.
    If you noticed an ally and an enemy standing next to each other, but they are
    not shooting each other, they're most likely cheating (they're doing actions to
    stack points, sometimes a third person involved).
    << Are there rules against exploiting? >>
    - Yes, it's in the EULA. EA is clearing names right now. I had someone who I
    reported for stat padding. Their entire account was cleared down to 0 points.
    Poor guy played one round for 5 points, then never touched the account again.
    EA fixed the exploit problems in patch 1.06.
    << How many people on the leaderboards are cheating? >>
    - Look at their stats. Anyone with an excessive amount of Resupply points or an
    extremely single round high score most likely cheated. EA has been swiping
    accounts that have been reported or rejected their filtering test for high
    scores in a round. There are still a fair amount of cheaters left on the
    - 9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
    by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
    NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
    own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
    either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
    your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
    it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
    all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
    FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
    trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).
    Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
    however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.ign.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.cheatcc.com/
    - http://www.cheatplanet.com/
    - 10) Proper Credit        -
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ
    )) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
    to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.
    )) Rootsecure.net (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
    composed this creative-style art. Excellent.
    )) DICE (( for creating an excellent sequel to BF2. Albeit it's not the type of
    game that blows you away, but it did polish what was wrong with BF2 to an
    )) Totalbf2142.com (( for providing me with several shortcut names to the
    weapons. I had played and used each of them during the game, I just could not
    remember the exact in-game names.
    )) BF2142fever.com (( for providing excellent preview information on the game,
    and my main fuel to the fire as to why I preordered BF2142. Right on!
    )) 0wnz (( for providing the jihad tip under the Recon class strategies.
    )) Alex Pierson (( for correcting me on the error of the # of Battlefield games
    in the series.
    )) Alex Hanson (( for correcting me on the error of the # of Battlefield games
    in the series.
      "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
      "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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