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FAQ/Walkthrough by LadyNorbert

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 07/02/11


           A PC game from Tri Synergy, Nobilis, and Kheops Studio

                        Walkthrough by LadyNorbert

12-24-07 -- Original upload
12-28-07 -- Fixed a couple tiny errors, like a loose comma 
1-18-07 -- Corrected the location of the beekeeper's veil; special thanks to 
Annemie Van Landeghem for catching my mistake 
7-13-08 -- Added an action to the events of 24 September; special thanks to
Peter Waterfall for bringing its absence to my attention
7-2-11 -- Edited my contact information


Hi and welcome to my walkthrough!  I hope you find it helpful.  

PLEASE READ THIS:  People have persisted in emailing to request that they 
could host this walkthrough on other sites, even though the original content of 
the document specifically asked that this not be done.  PLEASE DON'T.
However, if you really need to contact me about a mistake or something like 
that, you may do so at laurakay76@gmail.com.

Parental advisory:  This game does have some (relatively discreet) sexual

This game functions in a relatively non-linear fashion, which means that 
you can solve most of the puzzles at almost any time without hindering your
progress.  For that reason, it took me some time to figure out how to lay
out the directions for this walkthrough.  What follows is what I have found
to be the most succinct method of getting through the game without missing
out on any of the really interesting parts.  Unless stated otherwise, however,
you can do the majority of these actions whenever you wish.

I.  About the Game
   A.  Characters
   B.  Plot
   C.  Some generalized hints
II.  Technical Information
   A.  Your inventory screen
     1.  Inventory panels
     2.  Angel and devil meters
     3.  Diary
     4.  Investigation journal
     5.  Portrait
     6.  Money, compass, and medallion
   B.  Starting and saving games
III.  September 22, 1522
   A.  Cutscene arrival and your bedroom
   B.  First floor exploration
     1.  Kitchen
     2.  Dining room
     3.  Leonardo's workshop
     4.  Stairs to second floor
     5.  Garden -- optional alternate
   C.  Second floor exploration
     1.  Leonardo's bedroom
     2.  Leonardo's study
        a.  Reading the letter
        b.  The laboratory desk
        c.  The clock puzzle
IV.  September 23, 1522
   A.  Cutscene to exterior -- Saturnin
   B.  Inside the manor
     1.  Supplies in lower pantry
     2.  Kitchen
     3.  Leonardo's workshop
     4.  Leonardo's study
       a.  Meeting Madam
       b.  Manufacturing ink
   C.  Garden
     1.  Repairing the bridge
     2.  Dovecote
     3.  Mill/forge
       a.  Repairing the wheel
       b.  Smelting bronze and making a key
       c.  Making papier-maché
   D.  Return to manor
     1.  Leonardo's workshop
       a.  Making paper
       b.  Printing
     2.  Leonardo's bedroom
     3.  Leonardo's study
       a.  Madam
       b.  The cabinet
       c.  Distilling roses
     4.  Leonardo's bedroom again
   E.  Outside
     1.  The fountain puzzle
     2.  Saturnin's room
     3.  Installing the fountain
   F.  Leonardo's study
   G.  Curing Madam
     1.  Saturnin
     2.  Getting honey
     3.  Making syrup
   H.  Madam's apartments
     1.  Paintings
     2.  Telescope repair 101
     3.  The seduction of Marie Babou (optional)
V.  September 24, 1522
   A.  The telescope again
   B.  Saturnin
   C.  The telescope and the celestial globe
   D.  The basement
   E.  Detour to Leonardo's workshop
   F.  The Philosopher's Stone
   G.  The secret passage
     1.  Using the elevator
     2.  Using the cannon
   H.  What Valdo heard and what the King did
VI.  September 25, 1522
   A.  Madam and the guards
   B.  Decoding Leonardo's clues
     1.  The symbols on the pages
     2.  The map of Cloux
   C.  Saturnin's letter
   D.  Venetian cabinet, take two
   E.  Madam and the Mona Lisa
     1.  What to do if you are caught
     2.  The dovecote
   F.  Valdo's forgery
   G.  Saturnin's revelation and Madam's apology
   H.  The chapel
   I.  The dovecote again
   J.  Hector and Saturnin
   K.  Prepare to escape
     1.  Leonardo's study
     2.  Leonardo's workshop
     3.  The basement
   L.  The finale
     1.  Recovering the manuscript
     2.  Madam and the end sequence
VII.  The Mona Lisa cheat (courtesy of MaGtRo)
VIII.  How to make gold coins
IX.  Some questions and answers
X.  Credits and thanks


I.  About the Game

A.  Characters

Valdo -- the game's protagonist, formerly a pupil of Francesco Melzi. Melzi, 
who had been a protege of Leonardo da Vinci, fired Valdo when he discovered 
that his talented student had successfully copied one of da Vinci's works and 
sold it to someone who thought they were buying the original. Now he works for
an unknown employer, who has commissioned him to travel to Cloux Manor and find
da Vinci's lost codex notebook.

Madam Marie Babou de la Bourdaisiere -- a beautiful young Frenchwoman. She is 
usually referred to as Madam in the course of the game, though her friends call
her Babou. She is rumored to be a mistress of the King; moreover, as she is 
living in da Vinci's old residence, Valdo's employer suspects that she may know
how to find the solutions to the puzzles Valdo will need to solve.

Saturnin -- a middle-aged peasant, around forty years of age. He is the 
caretaker of the Cloux estate, and has been there since before Madam took up 
residency a year ago. He is secretive and suspicious, unwilling to do anything
for anyone unless there's something in it for him, and generally will only obey

Francois I, King of France -- a personal friend of the late Leonardo da Vinci, 
the King has his own interests in Valdo's work and the secrets concealed 
at Cloux. 

Leonardo da Vinci -- hardly in need of an introduction. The former resident 
of Cloux Manor may have been the most brilliant man of all time. A keeper of 
secrets and lover of science, he made more discoveries than most people will 
ever dream. His codex notebook, a mysterious manuscript containing untold 
knowledge, has been missing for a long time and is believed to be hidden at 
Cloux. He is seen only in Valdo's psychic flashbacks and dreams.

Hector -- a trusted employee of King Francois. He is called in to help Valdo
in later portions of the game.

Francesco Melzi and Giangiacomo Caprotti, alias Salai -- mentioned frequently 
but never seen, these two were the pet pupils of Leonardo da Vinci. Melzi is 
Valdo's former teacher, and da Vinci willed to him all of his papers. Salai, 
on the other hand, was da Vinci's lover, and he and Leonardo's brothers jointly
inherited the master's properties in Italy.

Valdo's employer -- a man whose identity remains unknown. He has hired Valdo 
to penetrate the secrets of Cloux Manor in the hopes of recovering the lost 
codex, for reasons unstated.

B.  Plot

It is the autumn of 1522.  You are Valdo, a young Italian artist on an unusual
mission -- to explore the mysterious estate known as Cloux Manor and try to 
uncover the lost manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci.  You must solve puzzles,
interpret clues, outwit your enemies, and discern your true friends.  For while
you are engaged in your investigation, someone waits for you to succeed...
and your only reward will be your own destruction.

C.  Some generalized hints

~ During gameplay, your icon will take on three different shapes.  Most of the
time it is in the shape of a fleur de lys, one of the official emblems of
France; it will remain stationary unless you hover it over a doorway or
other means of leaving a scene, in which case it will pulse in the direction
you will move if you click.  When it turns into a grasping hand, it means
you can pick up an object.  When it turns into a clockwork mechanism, it means
that there is something to be done here, often by taking an item from your
inventory and clicking it on the space in question.  When in doubt, try it out.

~ As a basic rule, pick up absolutely everything you can.  Some of the items
will end up being unnecessary, depending on the choices you make during 
gameplay, but the vast majority of the "take-able" objects you encounter will
prove useful at some point.  You have a large inventory, so don't worry about
filling up all the slots; the game provides more space than you'll ever need.

~When speaking to another character, always make sure you've exhausted your
conversation options.  Keep clicking on him or her until you've run out of
unique things to say.

~ Although you will converse with four different characters in the course of
the game, only with Madam and Saturnin do you have options about what you
can say.  (Not all the time, but sometimes.)  It's a good idea to try to
avoid saying anything rude.  Lying, while generally frowned upon in real 
life, can sometimes pay off in the game.

~ Remember that the game is relatively non-linear.  All of the major events 
listed in this walkthrough must take place on the day I mention; however, 
you have some leeway with regards to the order in which you do the tasks.
You will be doing a lot of running around as it is, but if you condense some
things (getting all of the charcoal you'll need at one time, for example),
you can save yourself some effort.

~ When all else fails, move the mouse around and see if the cursor changes.

II.  Technical Information

A.  Your inventory screen

During the course of the game, you may access the inventory screen at any
time by clicking the right mouse button.

Inventory panels -- You have an incredibly large inventory, although I for
one didn't think so at first.  Take note that on the left side of your screen
are numbered tabs.  Click on these to reveal the additional sections of 
your inventory.  Items which are used and then put back into the inventory
(the ink, for instance) sometimes get put back in a different section than
where you first found them, so if you don't spot something right away, check
the other tabs.

Angel and devil meters -- These meters on the upper left side of the screen 
monitor your levels of goodness and badness.  The white angelic meter and the 
red diabolical meter are raised or lowered by choices you make during the 
course of the game.  Some courses of action are not available to you if one or
the other of these levels are too high.  The levels can also be adjusted
through the distribution of points, which are tallied on a counter directly
below the meters.  To raise one level or the other,  click on the arrow 
indicating the level you want to change and "spend" your points.  These points
are earned by completing stages of the game.

Diary -- The diary is the small book on the right side of the screen.  Click
on this periodically to read Valdo's notes on other characters, his mission,
and anything else he deems worthy of mention.  

Investigation journal -- This is the larger book in the top center of the
screen.  It is here that you will place important papers relating to the
investigation, starting with the letter you read during the opening scenes.
The information contained in some of the pages will be of critical use to
you as you try to solve the mystery.  When you click on the journal, you will
notice there are three spaces to the right; these will be occupied, once you
acquire them, by three distinct tools that will be needed to read some of
Leonardo's cryptic papers.

Portrait -- In the upper right of the inventory screen is a portrait of you,
Valdo.  Handsome devil, aren't you?  During the course of gameplay, you will 
acquire articles of clothing which you will need to wear for safety or 
disguise; put them on by taking them out of the inventory and clicking them on
the portrait.

The portrait also serves another function; it is a visual indicator of how
well you and Madam are getting along.  After you meet Madam for the first
time, she will be added to the portrait.  The more she likes you, the closer
she will be shown to you.  

Money, compass, and medallion -- These are seen below the diary on the right 
side of the screen.  The money indicator tells you how many gold coins are in 
your purse; there will come a time when you will need to spend some, but you 
have the option of adding to them as well.  Click on the compass to get to the
menu to start a game, save a game, load a game, read the credits, or quit.  
Click on the medallion of the conjoined sun and moon to exit the inventory 
screen and return to the game; you can also exit the inventory by right-

B.  Starting and saving games

When you start a game, you will see a screen with five tabs on it.  Each tab 
depicts a different celestial body.  Select a tab by clicking on it and 
answering "Yes" when asked for confirmation.  This is now 'your' tab; you will
save your game under this tab.  Each tab can hold only one game.  However, you
may save the same game at multiple points, and they will all be held under the
same tab.  This allows you to reload a game from a particular starting point 
if you would like to try each of the different available options for actions.

III.  September 22, 1522

A.  Cutscene arrival and your bedroom

As the game opens, you (Valdo) are in a carriage en route to the estate of 
Cloux Manor.  A voice-over reads the letter from your employer, explaining that
he has arranged with Madam to allow you to stay there.  You are, ostensibly, 
searching for some papers which should have been among those willed to your 
former master, and particularly a sketch of a battle.  Your anonymous employer
feels that what you seek is very probably in Madam's private apartments.

Upon your arrival you are greeted by Saturnin, the estate's caretaker, who 
shows you to your little room above the pantry.  It is here that control of the
game will be given to you, and you should start by investigating your room.  
Specifically, there are four objects here that you should take.

You begin at a desk by a window.  Look down and open the drawer of the desk.  
Take the knife and charcoal crayon you will find, and close the drawer.  Moving
left from the desk, you stand before the fireplace; to your right is a chest of
drawers.  You can open both of the drawers.  From one, take a bottle of brandy;
from the other, a fashionable doublet.  Close the drawers and exit the room.  
The tapestry at the top of the stairs is of no interest to you at the moment, 
so just head downstairs.

B.  First floor exploration

1.  Kitchen

When you descend the stairs, you will be in the pantry.  From here, turn left 
and enter the kitchen.  On a sideboard are a bottle of milk and a bowl of eggs;
help yourself both to the milk and one egg.  Near a door on the far side of the
table sits a black cat, who will meow when you click on him.  

Turn around, and you'll see an empty bowl on the floor.  Open your inventory 
and take out the milk; click the milk on the bowl to fill it, then move to a 
different part of the room.  The cat will run and drink the milk at once.  From
the kitchen, you can enter either the corridor (via the doorway where the cat 
was sitting) or the dining room (via the door to the right of the fireplace).
Move around until you see that the cat has left the bowl, which is empty again.
Step over to the bowl and fill it with the rest of the milk in your bottle, 
then move toward the fireplace and enter the dining room.

2.  Dining room

On the table in the dining room is a flask of water.  Take it, then cross the 
room to the weaponry standing upright in racks.  Turn right and enter 
Leonardo's workshop.

3.  Leonardo's workshop

There isn't much to do here, because most of the room is in darkness.  A candle
has been left burning next to some of the large woodworking equipment, however,
so you can see some things.  To the right of the door you've just entered, you
will see a wooden pole and a length of chain.  Pick up both, then move over to
the equipment -- a saw and a borer.

You don't have anything on which to use the borer just yet, so turn your 
attention to the saw.  Take the wooden stick from your inventory and place it 
on the saw, then click on the foot pedals underneath to get the blade moving.  
Click on the stick to make it move across the blade.  Now you have two smaller
sticks instead of one big one.  Take both and go back to the dining room.  Move
back along the side of the room by the upright weapons, then turn to your 
right.  Step into the hall, turn left, and go up the stairs.

4.  Stairs to second floor

Go up the first flight of stairs.  The graphics will make you think you've 
walked headfirst into the tapestry hanging on the landing, but pay it no mind.
Turn to your left, and pan down.  There is a necklace lying on the floor, 
evidently dropped by Madam.  Pick it up, then continue up to the second floor.

5.  Garden -- optional alternate

You have another choice of action that will lead you to the second floor, if 
you feel like raising your diabolical level somewhat.  Instead of going up the
main staircase to the second floor, go back to the small stairs that lead to 
your bedroom.  There is an open door in the floor leading down to a lower level
of the pantry.  Go down, and then out into the garden.  If you turn right and 
move along the side of the barn, you will see a ladder propped against some 
doors.  Take it, then move back to the door through which you exited the house.
Move forward, with the manor at your left, until you reach the rose bush.  If
ou move your mouse pointer up to the building, you will see it becomes a 
clockwork mechanism for action.  Take the ladder from your inventory and lean 
it against the building, then attempt to climb.  Two of the rungs will break 
and you will fall.  Take the two small sticks (the ones that you cut on the 
saw) from your inventory, one at a time, and use them to replace the broken
rungs.  You can then climb up and enter Madam's apartments.  Once inside, look
down at the ladder, and you will see that one rung is still not fixed.  Use the
length of chain you found in the workshop to repair the ladder.  Go to the door
and click on the key and the handle, then continue as described below. Don't
forget to also visit his bedroom, however, the door to which is on the far
side of the room from where you are now.

C.  Second floor exploration

1.  Leonardo's bedroom

You recognize Leonardo's room from the descriptions given by your former 
master, Melzi.  Move around the room and examine anything that your pointer 
catches.  Of particular note are the paintings (all actual works by the real da
Vinci), the writing on the wall above the bookcase, and the carvings on the
four posts of his bed.  You can see the door to his study, to the right of the
fireplace, but it's locked.

Move to the left side of the fireplace.  There is a magnificent Venetian 
cabinet, presently locked; we'll deal with that later.  Be sure to pick up the
small hand mirror which is on the cabinet, however.  Turning to your left, to 
the bedside table, you'll see another charcoal crayon (take it if you neglected
to take the one from your bedroom) and a sheet of paper.  Grab the paper.

Open your inventory and manually move the sheet of paper from your inventory up
to the investigation journal, then click on it to read.  Unfortunately, all you
can see are some symbols.  To the right of the journal, you've started
collecting the tools for reading your papers; take the charcoal crayon and rub
(click) it on the seemingly blank sheet of paper.  Words and the image of a 
hand will appear, but if you click on the writing, the caption says only 
"Illegible text."  Put back the crayon by right-clicking, then take the mirror.
Leonardo used an odd sort of reverse writing that only reads clearly when 
viewed in a mirror, and so with the help of the mirror, you can read a letter 
he left for someone named John.

Who is John?  We never do find out, but it doesn't matter, because all the 
information in this letter is very pertinent.  The key which would open the 
Venetian cabinet is missing, but he has left behind what John would need to 
make a new one.  He also gives instructions on how to find the key to the 
study.  Using the mirror on the triangular symbols shows that each represents 
one of the four elements -- earth, air, water, and fire.  Exit the inventory
screen and have another look at the symbols on the bed posts.  Sure enough, 
they correspond to the ones on that chart.  Move around to the side of the bed
away from the Venetian cabinet.  The sign for fire is on the foot-post on that 
side, and the letter said that the key-making equipment is "at the foot of the
sacred fire of the house of dreams."  The game automatically pans down to the 
floor, where clicking on the carpet reveals an odd floorboard.  Use the knife 
from your inventory to remove the board, and take out the paper and key mold 
you discover.  The paper will explain how to make a key; open your inventory 
and move it to your journal to read it (with the mirror, of course).

The letter to John, meanwhile, said that John the Baptist will show you where 
the study key is hidden.  If you examined the paintings, you noticed that the 
painting right next to the study door is of John the Baptist, and he is 
pointing upwards.  Go over to the painting and click the upper right corner, by
his fingertip, to get the key.  Use the key on the locked door and voila, 
Leonardo's study is open to you.

2.  Leonardo's study
>>a.  Reading the letter

From the door that leads from Leonardo's bedroom, turn left and move to the 
desk.  There is a magnificent celestial globe here, but for the moment, all
you can do is admire it.  Turning your attention to the desk, open the 
drawer and take the monocle and bloodstone you find.

You now, if you wish, can open and read the sealed letter of introduction that
your employer has sent for you to give to Madam.  First, shed a little light
on the subject; pick up one of the wooden sticks on the desk and turn around
to the fireplace.  Click the stick on the fire to light it, then turn back to
the desk and use it to light the candle.  Now you can read properly.  Take the
letter from your inventory and place it on the desk.  Pick up the letter opener
(or take out the knife) and use it to break the seal, then open the letter and 
click on it to read.  Hmm, your employer didn't sign THIS, either.  Wonder who
he is?  Of course, you can't give it to Madam with a broken seal or she'll
know that you snooped.  Close up the letter, then pick up the red sealing
wax on the desk and click it on the candle.  The flame will cause the wax to
melt; you can then click it on the letter to seal it back up and no one will
be the wiser.  Heh heh.  This raises your diabolical level slightly, by the
way; delivering it to Madam without reading it raises your angelic level.

>>b.  The laboratory desk

From the desk where you read the letter, move back to the bedroom doorway, 
then forward at a left angle to investigate the laboratory desk.  Here you will
find a mortar and pestle, a working still, and a lot of other equipment.  Some
of it is locked inside a cabinet, but you'll get to it later.  For now, help
yourself to what you can reach -- a flask of sleeping draught, a flask of 
sulphur, an empty ink bottle, and a piece of paper which was hidden behind the
bottles.  Open your inventory and move the paper to your journal to read; it
contains instructions for making ink, which you will do later, and also notes
that invisible ink can be revealed through an application of heat.  This is 
all you can do here, so turn away from the desk and move across the room to
the settee.

>>c.  The clock puzzle

On the wall above the settee (sofa) is a portrait of Leonardo himself.  Click
on this, and it will reveal itself to be the hiding place of yet another page.
You muse about whether it could be just the clue you were seeking.  **NOTE:
Completing this puzzle will bring about the cut scene which ends the first
day.  Ready?  Okay.

Open your inventory and move the new sheet of paper into your journal.  Wow,
that's weird...how'd Leonardo manage to do this?  It's just a drawing of some
gears and a clock, but the strange part is that some of the gears can be moved. 
Click on them to move them around.  There is one stationary gear toward the
bottom of the page, and the clock and its gears are stationary near the top.
What you need to do is take the rest of the gears, the ones 'lying' at the
bottom, and arrange them in a lineup so as to connect the gears.  You can
more or less line them up however you like, so long as you use ALL of the
gears (the puzzle won't function properly if you don't).  If you think you've
got them set up in a way that will work, test it by clicking the stationary 
gear near the bottom of the page.  It will start to turn, and any correctly
connected gears will also turn.  If you have gears that aren't turning, they
aren't close enough to the ones that are and must be adjusted.  When you have
them set up correctly, the clock will start to work, and you will suddenly
find yourself having a telepathic flashback to Leonardo writing his will.

The day ends with a sketch of Valdo in bed, asleep.

IV.  September 23, 1522

A.  Cutscene to exterior -- Saturnin

When you awaken the next morning, the game will run itself for a time, sending
you outside to chat with the caretaker Saturnin.  Madam has returned, but will
not receive you until a bit later.  If you used the ladder to enter her
apartments during the night, he'll have something to say about it.  He suggests
that you enjoy the gardens, which are very fine.  You'll do that, but first, 
you have some other things to do.

B.  Inside the manor

1.  Supplies in lower pantry

Go back inside, to the lower level of the pantry.  There are some things here
that you can take which you could not get last night.  Take the pair of pliers
from the back of the door; you'll need these later.  From the bag of cut
firewood, take a log; from the sack of grain, take a handful of wheat (or two
if you'd like to feed the birds at the dovecote); and from the sack of 
charcoal, take at least three handfuls.  You can come back for more if you
require it.  (If you want, you can also walk across the garden to where the
carriage in which you arrived is parked; to the left of this is a tree from 
which you can pick the nuts.  The nuts can be used when making ink, instead
of charcoal.)

2.  Kitchen

Head upstairs into the kitchen.  Before entering, take the broom which is 
to the right of the door.  Your sole purpose here is to collect two items
you will need later in the day -- a lemon and a bunch of thyme.  Once you 
have these, pass through the dining room into Leonardo's workshop.

3.  Leonardo's workshop

With daylight on your side, you can now take a proper look around the shop.
Move forward into the room, to the large printing press, and take the 
large gear on the floor.  Turn left and move toward the fireplace and the art 
supplies.  Pull the sheet off of the easel, and click on the odd nailed board 
to the left of it to make Valdo wonder about it.  On the fireplace mantel are 
three objects for you to take -- a lighter, a drill bit, and an iron box.  
There is also another sheet of paper here, affixed to the chimney, but you
observe that you'll tear it if you just take it down.  Get the pliers from 
your inventory and use them to get the paper, then move it to your inventory
to examine.  It's another puzzle, but it's not yet time for you to solve it.
You'll also now have a nail in your inventory, the one which had affixed the
paper to the chimney.

Turn left again and you'll see that this room has two doors.  Move over that 
way and pick up the small gear from the floor.  Nearby are a broken jack, 
which you can't take yet, and an engraved plate for the printing press.  There
is also a pair of pliers here, if you missed the ones on the pantry door.

Turn around and head over to the equipment you used last night.  This time
your attention is on the borer.  Take the small drill bit out of the borer
and replace it with the large one you found on the mantel, then take one of
the gears from your inventory and place it on the table.  Click the handle to
make the borer drill a hole into the center of the gear, and take it back.
Repeat using the other gear.  You now have two perforated gears.  Take back
the drill bit and, while you're at it, take the crank handle too.

Go back to the broken jack and use the small perforated gear on it to fix it,
then take it.  Turn to your left and have a look at this second door, which
opens into the hallway.  It's hung quite badly on its hinges and needs to be
repaired, so take the jack out of your inventory and click it on the base of
the door.  Take out the handle from the borer and use it on the jack, then
click on the handle to make the jack straighten the door.  (This can be a
little tricky; you may find yourself accidentally picking these things up a
time or two before you get it to work.) After the door straightens, pick up
the jack again and click on the door to close it.  It reveals a metal cabinet;
this is a puzzle for another time.

4.  Leonardo's study

Once you're finished in the workshop, head for the stairs and go up to 
Leonardo's study.  It's time to meet your hostess.

>>a.  Meeting Madam
Madam is a very lovely woman to behold.  Talk with her as long as you're able;
she will give you another of the engraved plates for the printing press, and
request the letter from your employer.  She's too weary for a prolonged chat,
however, so this first interview will be brief.  Note that she would be very
pleased if you would repair the bridge and install the fountain.  Read your
notes about her in your diary, and take note of the portrait; it's no longer
just you.  Madam is there with you now, but at present she has her back to you.
This graphically represents the fact that she's not really interested in you,
which is something you'll need to change in order to get into her rooms.

>>b.  Manufacturing ink

You don't have to do this right now, but since you're here, you might as well.
Head over to the lab table and open your inventory.  Take out either one of 
the portions of charcoal or, if you've picked them, the nuts; whichever you
decide to use, place it in the mortar.  (That's the bowl in the direct center
of the table.)  Now pick up the pestle (the wooden tool) and click it on the
mortar to turn the contents into powder.  Take this powder and turn to your
right to see another empty bowl.  Into the bowl put your freshly ground 
powder, the egg you took from the kitchen, and some water.  This will make
ink, which you will need later for the printing press.  Get the empty ink
phial from your inventory and click it on the bowl to fill it up.  Head
down to the pantry door and outside.  

From the pantry, move forward along the building until you reach the rose
bush.  Use the pliers from your inventory to cut some roses from the bush;
they'll come in handy later for buttering up Madam.  Head around the manor
and forward into the garden.

C.  Garden

1.  Repairing the bridge

As both Madam and Saturnin indicated, the bridge here doesn't work.  Luckily,
it's not a major inconvenience to fix it.  If you examine the setup, there
are two giant spools of cord, which move the bridge; the bridge connects the 
mainland with two separate islands, and the bridge can be shifted from one to
the other as needed.  Pan to the left and you will see that one of the spools
has a large gear on top of it, and also an iron rod; take the iron rod.  Pan
to your right and you'll see that the other spool is missing its gear.  You
have one that's just right for the job, don't you?  Of course you do.  Get the
large perforated gear from your inventory and put it on the gear-less spool.
You can now shift the bridge from its current useless position by clicking on
this gear; the spool will spin, and the bridge will grant you access to the

2.  Dovecote

The dovecote is a roosting place for messenger birds.  As you walk, you will
pass two sections.  The first has some chopped firewood and a pile of dead
leaves; if you want, pick up some dead leaves for later.  (Don't bother with
the chopped wood here, as it never goes into the inventory for some reason.)
At the second section you'll find a beehive and some beekeeping equipment.
These will be important later, but for now, you want to get to the dovecote to
see if there's a message from your employer.

Enter the building and have a look around.  You will find some old clothes,
a length of rope, and something identified only as "a copper object."  Take
all of these things.  Climb the ladder to the second level and take the pewter
dish lying on the floor.  There is a bird call sitting on the windowsill; pick
it up and it will appear onscreen for you to play.

You play the bird call by clicking on the holes to create notes.  Before you
start playing, pan up so you can see the birds in their respective nests.  A
little experimentation will show you that the different birds come out in 
response to different notes, and the object here is to make all five birds
come out of their nests.  It's a random tune, if you ask me.

                      A      B      C      D      E
                    (   )  (   )  (   )  (   )  (   )

This (minus the letters) is what the flute looks like on your screen.  To
call all of the doves from their nests, click on the holes in this order:

                           D   C   E   A   B

All five birds will then emerge.  Click on the dove on the farthest right to
retrieve your employer's message, which you will then answer.  If you want,
you can raise your angelic level slightly by feeding the birds some grain.
Go down the ladder again and exit the dovecote.

You have a choice now.  Your next order of business is to visit the other
island in the stream, but you have two ways of getting there.  The more
obvious, of course, is to return to the bridge and turn the spool to shift
it to the right.  But if you're carrying the ladder, you can get there 
directly from the dovecote.  Pan left when you exit the building, and you
will see a place where your cursor indicates you can enter the water.  Take
the ladder from your inventory and place it there to form a little bridge.
Try to cross; if you haven't repaired the ladder during the midnight raid on
Madam's quarters, you'll fall in the water!  Replace the broken rungs as 
indicated in that part of the walkthrough, then cross.

3.  Mill/forge

There's another pile of dead leaves here.  The mill does not work, for reasons
currently unknown; you'll have to investigate this.  At the point where you
crossed on the ladder (or could have, if you didn't), you'll see some tall 
reeds.  Use your knife on these to cut yourself a reed and, in the inventory, 
click it onto the portrait.  Valdo is now wearing a snorkel.

>>a.  Repairing the wheel

Enter the water directly by the wheel.  Underwater, you'll see the cause of 
the mill's malfunction; the wheel is all tangled up in a bunch of sticks.  Use
your knife to cut these away, and the wheel will start to turn with the flow
of the water.  Turn around and head up to the surface again.  Enter the mill,
and you'll find that it's making satisfactory working noises.  You can (and
should) test this by taking the grain from your inventory.  The actual 
milling equipment is to the right of the door, and up at the top is a metal
funnel, of sorts.  Click the grains onto this funnel, then click the lever on
the ground by the bucket.  The grains will be ground into a fine white flour,
which lands in the bucket.  Take the flour -- you'll need it in a few days.

Oh, if you haven't, you can open your inventory and take the snorkel off of
Valdo.  However, you can leave it there; Saturnin has something funny to say
about it when you go back to the manor.  Before you do that, however, let's
make a bronze key.

>>b.  Smelting bronze and making a key

To the left of all the mill equipment is a forge.  Take the log and dead leaves
from your inventory and place them in the fireplace; if you didn't pick up
dead leaves on your way to the dovecote, you can get some outside on this 
island.  Once these are in position, light them with your lighter.

Open your inventory and get the pewter dish and copper object, and put them
into the bowl on the table.  Next to the bowl is a mechanism which will lift
the bowl; click on the small handle to cause the lift, then click on the long
'arm' of the mechanism to swing the bowl into the fireplace.  Click the 
handle to make it put the bowl down, then click the handle again to make the
arm lift away from the bowl.  Click the arm to make it swing out, and Valdo
will observe that the fire's not hot enough.  Pick up the furnace door from the
floor and place it on the front of the fireplace to make the blaze burn
hotter.  Take the gloves from the workbench, open your inventory, and put them
on Valdo in the portrait, then remove the (now very hot) door and put it back
on the floor.  Reverse the directions for the arm mechanism to make it swing
in, pick up the bowl, lift it out and bring it back to the table.

Get the key mold from your inventory and place it on the table in front of the
bowl, then click on the bowl.  It will pour the hot molten bronze into the 
mold.  Click on the mold and presto, you have the key that will unlock both of
Leonardo's cabinets.  Take back the mold too.  You're done here for the 
moment, so head back to the house.  (If you crossed via the ladder from the
dovecote, take the ladder with you when you leave; otherwise it will be in
the way later.)

When you return to the manor, speak with Saturnin.  He'll be thrilled with the
news of the mill's repair, and answer your questions concerning it.  It is
important to have this conversation now, as it opens up your ability to make
paper in the mill.  If you didn't do it during your earlier conversation,
you can also ask him for some advice on charming Madam.  Take the snorkel off
of Valdo now, if you haven't already.  Refill your water flask at the pond.
Go back to the mill.

>>c.  Making papier-maché
Back at the mill, turn your attention once again to the mill equipment on the
right side.  You'll see three big wooden hammer-like implements, which are
positioned with a bin.  Get the old clothes from the inventory and put them 
into the bin, then add water.  Click the lever on the far left to make the 
pounders start, well, pounding; click on it again to make them stop.  Your
old clothes are now four balls of papier-maché.  Take these and head back to 
the manor.

E.  Return to manor

1.  Leonardo's workshop

This, in my opinion, is the most tedious part of the game simply because it's
so very repetitious.  But it's necessary.

>>a.  Making paper

Return to the workshop and head for the printing press.  If the press is
lowered, click on the lever at the top to raise it.  There is a kind of 
drawer on the top of the press table; click on this to bring it forward, then
click on the handle to open it.  There's a square hole inside.  Take one of the
balls of papier-maché from your inventory and plop it into this hole.  Click
the lid of the drawer-box-thing to close it, then click the handle to push
it back under the press.  Click the lever at the top to lower the press, then
again to raise it.  Pull out the drawer-box-thing, open it up, and your 
papier-maché blob is now a useful sheet of blank paper!  Take the paper, then
repeat three times with each of your remaining balls of papier-maché.

>>b.  Printing

You can wait to do this step until tomorrow, when you'll acquire the third
engraved plate, but I think it makes sense to do it now just to get it out of
the way; you'll have a lot going on in the days ahead.  After you finish
making all four pieces of paper, open your inventory and get one of the 
engraved plates.  Place it in the square hole in the press box, then get the
ink from your inventory and click the ink onto the plate.  Now get one of your
pretty new sheets of paper and add it to the box too.  Close it up as you did
when making the paper, push it back under the press, and bring the press down.
Pull out the box and open it to reveal a printed sheet of paper.  Take the 
paper, remove the inky plate, and repeat the process with the other one.

Move the new documents to your journal and read them.  One is about the nature
of the bridge's construction and how it could be useful for military purposes.
The other is about how to distract your enemies using a fumigant made from
sugar, water, and saltpetre, and also about how to make gunpowder using
saltpetre, sulphur, and charcoal.

2.  Leonardo's bedroom

Head up to Leonardo's bedroom.  You need to go there anyway, because it's the
only way to get to the study, but as long as you're stopping in we may as
well investigate that Venetian cabinet.  There's something inside that you
can use to make Madam like you, if you're intent on seducing her.  Enter the
room and move over to the cabinet, to the left of the fireplace.

Get the bronze key from your inventory and put it into the keyhole.  Now, take
a good look at the cabinet.  There are diamond 'buttons' all along the top
and down the sides.  If you click on them, you'll find that they change the
position of the diamond patterns in a particular row or column.  Below the
keyhole is one of these little patterns which does not change; you can see
that the white part of the diamond points up.  Simply put, you need to make
all of the other diamonds look just like this one.  Basic experimentation
is all it takes -- well, that and a little patience.  

Once they're all lined up correctly, a little door pops open in the center
of the cabinet.  Take everything you find inside -- a hammer, a mold for
making metal discs, a roll of parchment, a die for casting coins, and a very
beautiful jewel.  Take back the key, too.

Open your inventory and you'll find, when you move the rolled parchment to the
journal, that it shows a map of Cloux Manor.  In each corner are pictures of
astronomical objects, and what appear to be miniature celestial globes.

One last thing before you enter the study: open your inventory and find the
doublet you took from your bedroom last night.  Click it onto Valdo's portrait.

3.  Leonardo's study

>>a.  Madam

Madam's first comment to you will be to compliment your wardrobe.  Compliment
her in return; it won't altogether impress her that you helped yourself to
clothing that belonged to someone else, so why tell her?  As the conversation 
progresses, push the envelope slightly, but don't be rude about entering her 
quarters; it will turn her off.  She'll compare you with someone called Salai, 
whose name you remember from your dream the night before.  Salai was da Vinci's
pupil, and lover, and he used to stay in the room you now occupy.

Inform Madam that you have repaired the bridge.  She will be pleased, but what
will really make her happy is if you would install the fountain that Leonardo
designed.  Hint, hint.  Assure her that anyone would do anything to please her.
If you want to make a little more headway with her when the conversation ends,
open your inventory and pull out the necklace she left on the staircase;
click on her with it, and she will be grateful.  Check the portrait in your
inventory screen to see how you're doing.  You can try to give her one of the
roses from the bunch in your inventory, but this will annoy her more than it
will make her happy; she doesn't like people cutting her roses.  Oops.  Don't
worry, she'll love what you do for her with them later.

If you want to really try to buy her affections then, to give yourself some
insurance for the seduction, take out Leonardo's jewel and give it to her.
LIE about where it came from -- tell her it was your mother's.  If you tell
her the truth, she'll be affronted.  Whenever you've finished chatting with
Madam, turn your attention downward and right, to the coffee table.  Take the
empty bottle and the cup and saucer, then move over to the laboratory table.

>>b.  The cabinet

Conveniently, the same key which unlocked the Venetian cabinet in the bedroom
also unlocks the cabinet here.  Put the key in the lock and open the cabinet,
taking the three jars of paint, the bottle of varnish, and the gold nuggets.
You can take back the key if you want, but once you've opened both cabinets
you won't need it anymore.

>>c.  Distilling roses

Before you go attend to the fountain, let's take care of one other little
matter which will please Madam.  Turn to the still and remove the gooseneck --
that's the top part, and it's not hard to see where it got its name.  At the
base of the still is a small door; open this.  Get some charcoal from your
inventory and put it inside, then light it with the lighter and close the
door.  Open your inventory again and retrieve the roses you cut earlier.
Drop these into the still, then add water from your flask.  Put the gooseneck
back into position.  The still will turn the roses into a luscious scented oil,
which will collect in the glass jar.  Take the empty perfume bottle from your
inventory and click it on the glass jar to fill it.  You could give it to 
Madam now, if you wish, or you can save it for later.  Go to the bedroom.

4.  Leonardo's bedroom again

As you should have noted last night, there is writing on the wall above the
bookcase -- "the path of pleasures."  You couldn't do anything with the books
last night, but now you'll find that you can click on them.  Let's think
about this; whatever could "the path of pleasures" mean?  Remember what
Madam's been telling you about Salai, who was da Vinci's lover.  It makes sense
that this 'path' would lead Leonardo to Salai.

Each book has a single letter on its spine, so all you have to do is find the
five books whose letters spell out S-A-L-A-I.  (There are two books with the
letter A; it doesn't matter which of these you use first.)  Click on those
letters in order, and you'll see a sketch of Valdo opening the secret passage
behind the bookcase.  You can now use this passage at any time, but only one 
way, at least for now.  Surprise -- this is what was on the other side of
the tapestry outside your room!  You can't go back through at this point, 
though, so just head downstairs and out through the pantry.

F.  Outside

1.  The fountain puzzle

You'll find Saturnin at his usual post, just outside the pantry door.
After you've finished speaking with Saturnin, open your inventory and have a
look at that unfinished puzzle in your journal, the one you took from the
workshop fireplace.  Hover your pointer over different components of the
drawing to learn more about them.  There is a water pump, an Archimedes screw,
a hydraulic press, and a jack.  Click on these to see how they move.  (The 
water pump flooding the page is kind of funny.)  Above all of it is a sort of 
large tub with two openings in the bottom.

To the left of the drawing are three tubes of different lengths and two bowls
with openings.  As with the clock puzzle, you need to take these components
and put them in their correct place in the picture, then activate it.  Start
with the longest of the three tubes, which is placed in the right hole in the
tub.  The medium-length tube goes into the left hole.  One of the bowls has
two openings in its top; this one goes at the bottom of the long tube.  The
other bowl, the one with an opening in the top and an opening in the bottom,
goes at the bottom of the medium tube.  Use the shortest tube to connect the
two bowls.  I'm not a very good ASCII artist, but it should look something
more or less like this:

                   |                                 |
                   |                                 |
                   |________|   |_______|   |________|
                            |   |       |   |
                            |   |       |   |
                          __|   |___    |   |
                         |  |   |   |   |   |
                         |  |   |   |   |   |
                         |          |   |   |
                         |____|   |_|   |   |
                              |   |     |   |
                             _|   |_____|   |__
                            | |   |     |   |  |
                            |                  |
                            |                  |

If everything's hooked up correctly, the following will work.  Lower the
hydraulic press -- that's the thing on the right side of the drawing that
sort of looks like a baby's pacifier.  Next, click on the jack to raise the 
funnel up to the water pump.  Click on the pump to start bringing in the
water, then click on the Archimedes screw to make the water go over to the
press and get lifted up to the holding tank.  Tada, one working fountain!  And
your reward is another flashback, Leonardo and the King discussing hydraulics.

2.  Saturnin's room

Once you come back to the present, you'll find that Saturnin is gone.  There's
an open door now that was not open before, so go be nosy and poke your head in.
Oops, this is where Saturnin lives!  He's not real happy with you, although
he's pretty impressed that you knew about the fountain and the fact that it
was in the barn.  He's got it, and you're welcome to it, but don't try taking
anything else.  However, if he's got something you need, you're invited to
buy it from him.  Click on him to ask about making purchases, and take a look
at the 'wares' on his cabinet to the right.  To buy something, open your
inventory and click on the money tabulator on the right; click on the plus
sign until you've taken all the coins you want.  Exit the inventory and give 
the coins to Saturnin, then pick up the sugar (2 gold) and the spool of thread 
(1 gold).  You may, if you wish, spend your fourth coin on the sheet of blank
paper, but you probably won't need it.  There's only one situation in which
you possibly would, which I will explain when the time comes.

-=>> Saturnin has a bar of bronze.  If you reached this point without making 
the key and opening Leonardo's cabinets, you may purchase the bronze and use it
to make the key following those same steps.  However, in order to buy the sugar
and thread -- both of which you need later -- you will have to mint more gold
coins for yourself.  See section VIII for those instructions. <<=-

Once you finish shopping, pick up the fountain apparatus -- it's on the floor
to your left -- and go outside.

3.  Installing the fountain

The pond is in the middle of the hedges right outside Saturnin's room, as you
should have noted earlier.  Before installing the pump, take out your water
flask, which is now almost certainly empty, and refill it.  Then open the
inventory, pull out the fountain mechanism, and click it on the pond.  The
world's easiest installation...and you've had an audience for it.  The game
will now send you directly to Leonardo's study to see Madam.

G.  Leonardo's study

Madam is quite delighted with your installation of the fountain, and the
portrait in your inventory should reflect this.  Respond to her politely;
when she asks you to do 'one last thing' for her, reply by saying "Of course,
I'm listening."  She wants you to pick up the lyre, which is to the left of
the settee, and play so she can sing.

The lyre strings will appear on the screen when you pick it up, much like the
dove call earlier.  Madam will sing three notes, and she wants you to play
them back to her.  These are, from the left, the first, second and third 
strings, in that order.  She will then sing four more notes for you to play;
pluck (click) the fourth string once, the second string twice, and the first
string once.  After that she will sing for you, and there's a nice little
sketch of Valdo playing and smiling at her while she does.  Then she loses her
voice, and you need to speak with Saturnin about how to help her get it back.

H.  Curing Madam

1.  Saturnin

Return to Saturnin (use the bookcase passage, it's a shortcut) and tell him
Madam has lost her voice.  He recommends a syrup made from water, honey,
lemon, and thyme.  Well, you've got the water, and you took the lemon and 
thyme from the kitchen, so all you need now is honey.  Remember the beehive
near the dovecote?  Time to head back to the garden.

2.  Getting honey

Make your way across the bridge to the path leading to the dovecote.  If you 
don't still have dead leaves in your possession, go all the way to the dovecote
and get some more, then go back to the hives.  Pick up the beekeeper's veil 
and, in your inventory, put it on Valdo in the portrait.  Next, click on the 
smoker -- that thing on the ground next to the hive -- to take off the lid.  
Put the dead leaves inside the smoker and ignite them with your lighter, then 
close the lid and take the whole thing.  

Turn back to the hive and use the smoker on the hive; this will make the bees
clear off for a little while.  Take the lid off of the beehive and set it on
the little bench to the left, then take the two combs of honey.  Put the lid
back on the hive, take off the veil, and go back to Saturnin.  He knows how to
get the honey out of the combs, but insists on keeping one for himself as a 
fee.  Oh, fine.  Leave them with him, then go for a stroll around the garden
for a few minutes.  Come back and he'll give you a jar of honey.

3.  Making syrup

Return to the study, where Madam is still sitting placidly on the settee.
Check the still to make sure it doesn't need more charcoal, then remove the
gooseneck.  Get the thyme, lemon, honey and water from your inventory and put
them inside the still.  Now, if you'd like to raise your diabolical level a
bit, you can also add the sleeping potion you found last night.  You have to
click it on the still twice, because the first time Valdo doesn't think it's
a good idea.  It won't hurt Madam; it will just cause her to fall asleep
for a little while.  

Whether you add the sleeping draught or not, get the cup and saucer (or bowl,
as the game insists on calling it) from your inventory and click it on the
still to collect the finished medicine.  Take it over to Madam, who will be
delighted.  If you slipped her the mickey, she'll doze off on the settee;
walk around the room for a few minutes and then come back.  When she finishes
the drink (or wakes up), she will at last take you into her personal rooms.   

I.  Madam's apartments

1.  Paintings

Madam's rooms hold much to admire, including a Venetian chest similar to the
one in Leonardo's bedroom, but you are there to look at two things.  One is
the artwork of Leonardo's hanging on one wall.  You are a little disgruntled
to find that Madam lied to you when she said she knew nothing about a sketch
of the Battle of Anghiari, for here it is.  There's not much you can do with
it for just now, but at least you've found it.  

2.  Telescope repair 101

Leonardo's telescope is just behind where you stand when you enter the room.
It doesn't seem quite right, however, and if you look into the eyepiece, it's
all cloudy.  Broken lens seems to be the diagnosis.  Take the knife from your
inventory and use it on the top of the telescope to open it up and remove the
faulty lens, then take the monocle you found last night and put it in as a
replacement.  Very tricky, Leo.

Don't look into the telescope again without reading the next part, unless
you don't care about seducing Madam.

3.  The seduction of Marie Babou (optional)

Once you have repaired the telescope, check your portrait in the inventory
screen.  If she's not as close to you as you would like her to be, give her 
the rose perfume or the jewel from Leonardo's cabinet.  You may need to give 
her both; check the portrait after giving her the first gift and, if it wasn't
enough to make her drape herself on you, give her the other one.  Neither
the perfume nor the jewel serve any purpose in the game other than to give
to her, so don't worry about saving them for something else.

Turn back to the telescope and look through it again to see...Saturnin.  He's
doing something very peculiar, hiding a boat under some branches.  From here 
the game takes control, and what exactly happens depends on the positions in 
the portrait.  

-=>>If you and Madam still have some space between you, she'll advise you to
continue your investigations in the morning and bid you a very friendly good
night.  You'll be returned to your own quarters.

The day ends with a sketch of Valdo in bed, asleep.

-=>>If she has her hands on your shoulders, she'll still advise you to continue
your investigations in the morning.  Then she'll remark that there are much 
more pleasant ways to spend an evening and invite you to come closer.  (Wait,
who's seducing who in this game?) 

The day ends with a sketch of Valdo in bed, with Madam, definitely not asleep.

V.  September 24, 1522

A.  The telescope again

Where you start your day depends on the events of the previous night.  If you
went to bed alone, you will awake in your own room, and a cut scene will soon
have you in Madam's sitting room.  If you got lucky, you awake in her bed;
she's not there, but you'll find her in the next room as soon as you get up.
Read your diary as soon as possible to see Valdo's thoughts on the night
before, as it's amusing.  "What a night!"

Either way, you shortly join Madam in her study, where she urges you to call
her not Madam, but Babou -- all her friends call her Babou, including the King.
Your response to her query about being jealous depends on the actions of the
night before.  She's been using the telescope, but she's not getting to see
much, as she can't seem to move it.  Of course, it hasn't been used in a long
time, so it probably needs a little TLC to make it more functional.  Take the
flask of oil out of your inventory and use it on the telescope.  Right-click
to put it away again, then click on the scope; it will automatically swing to
the position where Leonardo intended it to be.  

It doesn't make much sense, though, because he's lined it up to view things
inside the room.  It's pointing directly at the sketches on the opposite wall.
Walk over and have a look at those sketches, and listen to Valdo's commentary.
Pull out the lighter and use it on the sketches -- no, you won't burn them --
to reveal some additional notations and things written in invisible ink.  Go
back to the telescope, look through it and you'll see...well, not much.  But 
then again, it seems to be missing something.  There should be some more lenses
affixed to the outside of the telescope.  Babou suggests speaking to Saturnin
about the matter, since he cleaned the room before she arrived.  This conflicts 
with his earlier assertion that he had never been in that part of the manor.

B.  Saturnin

Go find Saturnin on the bench outside the pantry (use the bookcase passage to
save some time).  Speak to him, and he'll deny any knowledge of these lenses
you seek.  You've got to make him trust you.  Remember that bottle of brandy
you found in your room on the first night?  Give it to Saturnin, who promptly
savors the drink.  You then have two options for what to say to him when he 
remarks on you wanting him to be friendly.  If you want to do this the easier
way, select the option beginning with "Your thoughts are running wild."  He'll
break down and confess that the lenses are in his room, in the cabinet.

If you select the option where you press him about the lenses, he'll clam up
even farther and you'll have to bribe him more.  Go inside and get some more
charcoal from the lower pantry, then go up the stairs and into the kitchen,
where you'll find a bottle of white wine on the table.  If you take it outside
and offer it to Saturnin, he'll tell you it's not strong enough for his liking.
Take it instead to Leonardo's workshop, to the still.  Start the fire in the 
base as you did before, then remove the gooseneck and put the wine into the 
still.  Replace the gooseneck, and the still will convert the white wine into 
brandy.  Get the empty brandy bottle from your inventory (Saturnin gave it back
to you after he finished it all) and click it on the still to refill it, then
take it outside and give it to him again.

Once Saturnin makes his confession, the game will place you inside his room.
The cabinet where the lenses are hidden is to your left; click on the doors
to open it and take the lenses.  Pan to your right, to the other cabinet where
he keeps things that he was willing to sell to you.  If you are missing any
of the recommended objects, you can take them; this raises your diabolical
level.  Even if you don't help yourself to his wares, though, click on the
sheet of paper on the little stool in order to read it.  Someone wants
Saturnin to spy on....you!

C.  The telescope and the celestial globe

Saturnin is asleep when you leave his little room, so you can't ask him about
the damning note.  Go back to Madam in her apartments.  Tell her about the note
and let her assuage your fears, then turn your attention to repairing the
telescope.  Take the colored lenses out of your inventory, one at a time, and
click them onto the end of the scope where they can be affixed.  You can now
look through and see color.  

Each of the lenses contains the three primary colors -- red, blue, and yellow.
The primary colors can be blended to form the three secondary colors -- green,
purple, and orange.  You'll need to rotate the lenses, then look through the
telescope, to view the picture on the far wall through each of the three
secondary colors.  It doesn't matter which order you view them in, although
to read the hidden sentence in the correct syntax, it should be purple, then
orange, then green.  However you read, it, though, Valdo will rearrange the
sentence fragments to form Leonardo's cryptic message:  "First, look for the
stars, then find the philosopher's stone, and the path of power will open 
before you."  You will also note, when looking through the colors, that you
can see a constellation that looks like a box with an extra arm sticking off
of one corner.

"First, look for the stars..."

Share your discovery with Madam.  She will identify the constellation as Lyra,
the Lyre, and suggest that you consult the celestial globe in Leonardo's study.
Head over to that oversized marble, and observe that there are three gold rings
encircling the universe.  Turn the globe by clicking on it until Lyra is
positioned directly before you.  Then click on each of the three rings to make
them rotate.  You'll see that there are holes in the rings, so keep turning 
them until the holes are arranged to show the five main stars of the Lyra
constellation.  The globe will open, revealing that it's more than just a 
globe -- it's a hiding place.  A little platform will elevate, on which rests
a small gold and silver medallion in the shape of the conjoined sun and moon.
It looks just like the symbol in the inventory screen that lets you return to
the game.  Take this; it's one of the keys to the 'path of power.'  The cut
scene that occurs will tell you just what the path of power really is.

D.  The basement

Return to Madam and tell her what you've found.  Hear all that she has to say.
You still need to find the other key, but first, there are some things to be
done around the manor, and it would be as well to accomplish them now rather
than later.

Go down to the kitchen, to the left side of the fireplace.  Saturnin has
apparently been tidying up a bit, and has exposed most of a trapdoor.  Move
the two sacks which are still on top of it.  The door is too heavy to lift
by yourself, but if you pan up, you'll see a pulley attached to the ceiling
above it.  Get the length of rope from your inventory and click it on the
pulley; it will be secured to a wheel on the wall.  Take out the crank handle
and attach it to this wheel, then click on it to make it turn and open the
door.  Take back the handle; you'll need it in a few other places still.

The basement is pitch black, but conveniently, there's a lantern hanging from
the now-open door.  Use your lighter on it, then take it.  It will then be
in your inventory, so open the inventory and take the lantern as though you
are going to use it on something; it will appear in the upper left of your
screen, meaning that you are carrying it but can still pick up other things.
Descend the stairs.

You can't see much as yet.  From the stairs, move forward, then turn to your
right so that you are facing the big wagon wheel chandelier with all the 
candles on it.  Get out your lighter and use it on the candles to brighten up
the place.  Now, have a look around.  From your current position, move left and
examine a cannon, which has fallen on its side.  You'll need the jack to repair
it, but you'll need that handle one other time before the end of the game, so
you might not want to do that just yet.

To the right of the cannon is a sight to see -- the prototype for Leonardo's
visionary flying machine!  Unfortunately, it's broken; you can see that it
needs a new bow and a new shaft.  Still, what a thrill to actually see it.

Move back over to the stairs and look around.  There's a cannonball on the
floor, which you should pick up; you can carry it with you, or you can go
back to the cannon and put it inside where it belongs. (Of course, you can't do
that unless you jacked up the cannon.)  Near the cannonball is the final
engraved plate you've been seeking, so pick that up.  Turning to your left,
you can see a metal panel with some etchings on it, but if you click, you'll
find that you can't quite make them out.  You need some kind of fine powder
to make the symbols clear.  Remember when you fixed the mill, and ground some
grains into flour?  Now you know why -- get the flour from your inventory and
use it on this panel.  Click on it again to try and read what it contains.
You'll see a sketch of Valdo jotting down the symbols for future reference.

Finally, turn toward the stairs, but don't go up just yet.  To your right, you
can see a sort of white splotch on the wall.  This is saltpetre, which will be
very useful later.  Click on the splotch twice to get two portions of it,
then go upstairs.

E.  Detour to Leonardo's workshop

Well, you've got that final engraved plate, so let's go over to the workshop
and see what it says.  You're a pro at this printing thing by now, I'm sure,
so you remember how it works -- put the plate in the box-drawer's hole, add
ink and paper, close it up, and slide it under the press.  You can leave the
plate in the box, if you want, since it's not like you're going to need it
again.  Just take the printed page, and add it to your journal.  It tells you
all about using an Albarti's grid when painting a portrait.  Now, to continue
solving Leonardo's riddle.

F.  The Philosopher's Stone

"...then find the philosopher's stone..."

Go outside to Saturnin's usual spot, beside the pantry door.  This time he's
got company; the cat you saw on your first night is sleeping on the bench
beside him.  Ask him about the animal (or just click on the little furball)
and Saturnin will tell you that this is Alkahest, the manor cat.  Alkahest?
The word seems to mean something to you, but it's eluding you as to just what,
so jog back up to Madam's apartments and ask her for her opinion.  As she at
once realizes, "Alkahest" is another word for the philosopher's stone.  It
would seem that when Leonardo spoke of seeking the stone of the wise, he didn't
mean the real philosopher's stone -- he meant the cat.  Madam recalls that the
cat wears a medallion on his collar, so you need to go and find him to continue
solving this riddle.

Neither Saturnin nor Alkahest are where you left them.  Alkahest, being a cat,
is hiding from you.  He has in fact gone to the dovecote, maybe to catch a
snack, so you should head down there.  This would be a perfect time for you to
investigate that boat that you saw Saturnin hiding when you fixed the telescope
in Madam's apartments.  Go to the bridge, and make sure that the gears are in
position so that the bridge points toward the dovecote path, then turn to your
right; if you move the pointer over the plants there, you'll see that you can 
now walk through them.  The boat is on the other side, still covered in 
branches.  Click on these to pick them up, then turn to your right and put them
on the ground.  Get into the boat.

You can now float up and down this little stream to your heart's content.  Go
toward the bridge and turn right, then sail up to the dovecote and hop out.
Alkahest is sitting on the windowsill; click on him to make Valdo speak.  You
have to go inside and climb up to the second level to actually get what you 
need from him.  If you gave him the milk at the beginning of the game, and 
your diabolical level isn't too high, he'll let you take his medallion without
a fuss.  However, if you didn't give him the milk, or you aren't angelic
enough, he won't appreciate you trying to rob him.  If that's the case, open
your inventory and get the work gloves from the forge; click them onto the
portrait, and you can then take the medallion without getting clawed.  It's in
the shape of a crescent moon.

When you go back outside, make sure that the ladder isn't on the ground.  If
you used the ladder earlier in the game to cross over to the forge, you may
have left it in position across the water.  I know I already mentioned this
once, but it bears repeating: if the ladder is there, take it back now.

Get back in the boat and use it to return to the spot on the shore where you 
found it.  This is VERY important -- you'll need the boat later, so make sure 
you don't leave it at the dovecote.  (You probably can't, but I've never 
actually tried so I'm not positive about that.)  Cover it up with the branches
again, then walk back to the manor.

Yes, you can walk to the dovecote rather than take the boat.  But you'll need
to know, later, how to get to the boat and use it, so this scene is a great
chance to get in a little practice.

G.  The secret passage

"...and the path of power will open before you."

In order to follow the 'path of power,' you've first got to find your way into
it.  There are two ways to enter the secret passage, and you will need to use
them both during the course of the game.  You can decide for yourself when you
will use each one; pick one for now, and you'll use the other one later.  I
personally prefer to use the elevator at this point and save the cannon for
later in the game, but either way works just as well.

1.  Using the elevator

The reason I prefer to do the elevator at this point is largely to get it out
of the way, because this puzzle, while entertaining and clever, is (in my own
opinion) the second-hardest puzzle in the whole game.  You'll need to go to
Leonardo's workshop, where you may recall there was a metal cabinet behind the
door you repaired on the first morning.  Close the door to make the cabinet
visible, then click the cabinet to open it.  Click anywhere on the puzzle to
make it the focus of your screen.  (You can walk away from it at any time by
clicking the sun-moon medallion in the lower right corner.)

The object of this puzzle is to put the red balls into the cup with the red
mark, and the yellow balls into the cup with the yellow mark.  There are two
smaller linked circles inside a larger circle.  The spaces between the smaller
circles are buttons which will cause those circles to rotate.  The hole at the
bottom, where the circles overlap, is where the balls fall down to be directed
into the cups; which cup they're directed into alternates between red and
yellow, so your first order of business is to find out where you're starting.
If one ball falls into the wrong color cup, you have to start over by clicking
the green button at the lower left.  To make the big circle turn, click on the
crank in the upper right.

There are no cheats or anything of the sort; you more or less have to resort
to trial and error to get the hang of how the circles work.  There are two
buttons inside each of the two small circles.  In the left circle, the top
button will make the circle turn clockwise and the bottom button makes it
turn counter-clockwise.  In the right circle, it's the opposite; the top
button makes the circle turn counter-clockwise and the bottom button makes it
turn clockwise.  It isn't difficult once you get the hang of the mechanics.  
Turn the left circle to position empty holes under the opening through which
balls will drop from the large outer circle while it turns, then turn it again
to where the left and right circles intersect.  Turn the right wheel to move
the balls down to where they drop into the cups.  Most likely you'll have to
click the green button at least one or two times before you get it just right,
as it does take practice.

When there are enough balls in each of the cups, the cups will descend out of
sight to signal that you've beaten the puzzle.  When this happens, click on
the lever in the lower right corner of the puzzle, and you'll hear noises.  The
game will swing your attention to the right so you can watch the elevator rise
up out of the floor.  Enter the elevator and click the lever to make it go
down again.  From this point forward, you can use the elevator as often as you
wish; if you come to the workshop to use it and it's not in evidence, just go
to the puzzle and click on the lever again to raise it.

2.  Using the cannon

The other way to get into the secret passage is to use the cannon in the
basement.  You may have observed that it points toward what appears to be, and
in fact is, a bricked-up door.  On the other side of that door is the elevator
shaft and the secret passage.  But to use the cannon, you need three things: a
cannonball, some gunpowder, and something to light it.

The cannonball you have, and of course you have the lighter, so all you need to
do is make some gunpowder.  Check to see how much charcoal you have in your
inventory; to finish the game from this point, you will need two handfuls.
Swing by the pantry and grab some if you need it, then head up to Leonardo's

At the lab desk, put charcoal into the mortar and grind it to powder with the
pestle.  Move the charcoal powder to the bowl at the right and add sulphur and
saltpetre.  You have gunpowder.

Since you're here in the lab, you might as well make fumigant right away.  Get
out that last handful of charcoal and put it into the base of the still, and
light it with your lighter.  Remove the gooseneck and put saltpetre, sugar,
and water into the still.  No need to replace the gooseneck; the fumigant,
or smokescreen, is ready to go.  Get that iron box from your inventory, the
one you found in the workshop, and click it on the still.

Go back to the basement.  Unless you used the jack to fix the cannon on your 
first visit, it's still lying on its side, so get out the jack and click it
on the cannon; then take out the handle, add it to the jack, and crank it up.
Put the cannonball into the cannon by clicking it on the left end.  Click on
the right end to open a little compartment, and put your gunpowder into this
compartment.  Now all you need is the lighter; click the lighter onto the fuse
on the right end of the cannon, and enjoy the explosion!  Be sure to take back
your jack and handle before you go.

H.  What Valdo heard and what the King did

Regardless of which way you enter the passage, enter it you must.  When you do,
you will find a metal cabinet on the wall identical to the one in Leonardo's
workshop.  Opening it will reveal the elevator puzzle.  This is here so that,
if you enter the passage for the first time using the cannon, you have the
option of solving the puzzle down here to activate the elevator for future use.

Move forward from your entrance of choice and you will reach a point where 
Valdo looks down at the ground.  There are some obscured symbols here; click on
them to clear away some of the dirt.  Take the broom from your inventory and 
use it to sweep the ground to clear the rest.  Now, remember the symbols you 
saw in the basement, and how you jotted them down?  Get that incomplete paper 
from your inventory and place it on the ground; then take out your charcoal 
crayon and use it on the paper to make a rubbing of the symbols.  Put 
everything back in your inventory and move the paper to your journal.  You can
look at the symbols now, but you have no way of telling what they mean.  
Continue moving through the passage until you reach a door.

There is a large mechanism in the center of the door with two openings in it.
One is shaped like the crescent moon medallion you took from the cat, and the
other is shaped like the medallion from the globe.  Take these from your
inventory and put them into the openings to make the doors part and reveal a
staircase.  Get out your trusty lantern and descend.

From the bottom of the stairs, move forward as far as possible, then turn to
your left and continue moving forward through what looks like an open prison
cell.  Again, go as far as you can, then turn to your left and move forward.
You will see an open door with a staircase, which leads up to the castle that
you are now underneath; click on this, and Valdo will point out that the
King will have had this entrance guarded well.  Instead, pan left to see a
closed door.  Click on this to open it, and move into the corridor beyond.

The game will instantly turn your attention to a sliding metal panel, and you
will hear Valdo comment that he hears voices.  Click on the panel and it opens
a little, very squeakily.  You're going to be heard if you keep this up!  Get
the oil from your inventory and oil the panel so it opens silently.  (If you
continue opening it without oiling, the people on the other side will catch 
you.  You'll see a sketch of Valdo, chained to a rack and about to be
tortured with a hot poker, and then you'll be returned to just outside the
door to try again.)

Listen to the two hooded men discussing their plans.  It would seem you are
nothing except a dupe, brought in on their schemes to recover the codex and,
if possible, the philosopher's stone.  Once the codex is in their hands, you
are to be killed!  The nerve of some people.  When the conversation ends,
head back through the passage to the base of the stairs; the game will take
control from there, so you can just sit back and listen.

Madam urges you to come upstairs quickly, as there is someone waiting to see
you.  This someone is none other than His Majesty, King Francois I of France.
Discuss the situation with the King and transfer your employment to his
direct supervision.  He will give you a sheet which he says will help you 
solve the meaning behind four of Leonardo's clues.  That, however, will have
to wait until morning.

The day ends with a sketch of Valdo in bed, asleep.

VI.  September 25, 1522

A.  Madam and the guards

You awaken in the morning and ruminate on the events of the previous day with
a sense of mounting doom.  Just in case you weren't depressed enough, you're
summoned to Madam's chambers by her urgent plea for a meeting.  It seems that
your mysterious employer is afraid that you might double-cross him somehow,
and has planted guards around the manor to capture you and prevent you from
escaping once you find the codex.  You're in a lot of danger now.  Your only
real hope is to succeed in locating the codex, then throw yourself on the
mercy of the King.

B.  Decoding Leonardo's clues

1.  The symbols on the pages

Open the inventory screen and add the new page to your journal, the one given 
to you by the King.  It will appear next to your sheet of symbols from below,
because the King's sheet is designed to help you decode the symbols.

The symbol sheet has four celestial globes on it, each with a series of odd
markings next to them.  The King's sheet has those same odd markings in sets
of four, with corresponding numbers.  Simply put, each celestial globe has
markings which are turned into the numbers, and the numbers are coordinates.
All you have to do is translate the markings into the digits by comparing the
symbols on the right to the key on the left.  

Start with the first globe's markings.  Click on the first symbol; it will 
turn orange.  Over on the paper from the King, click on the number that matches
this symbol, which is 1.  Do the same thing for the other two symbols, which
match 2 and 0.  Now, to the right of your journal, take the bloodstone (were
you wondering what that was for?  I was) and click on the blank space to the
right of the orange highlighted symbols.  It will turn to a white patch.  Click
again, as many times as necessary, until the number 120 appears on the white 
patch.  Repeat this procedure for the other three sets of symbols in order to
reveal the numbers 240, 60, and 310.

2.  The map of Cloux

Now turn, in the journal, to Leonardo's map of Cloux Manor.  The celestial
globes in the four corners are identical to those on your symbol sheet, with
one exception -- the map globes each have two arrows, which will allow you to
turn the globes clockwise and counter-clockwise.  As you can see, they each
also have four numbers around them, indicating the positions of 90, 180, 270,
and 0.  You need to turn the globes to match the coordinates from the sheet
of symbols.

The first globe is the one with the symbol of the sun, in the upper left 
corner.  Using the arrows, adjust the globe so that it points to the number
120.  The star globe should be turned to point to 240, the moon globe to 60,
and the planet globe to 310.  This will cause four dark rays to crisscross
on the map of the manor, and a red X will appear at the front door to reveal
the place of the manuscript's concealment.  

Talk to Madam about the situation, then go down to the kitchen.

C.  Saturnin's letter

In the kitchen you'll find Saturnin, who asks about the guards stationed
around the manor.  Listen to the conversation as Valdo challenges Saturnin
concerning the letter that was in his room.  Saturnin raises one very good
point in his defense -- the letter can't have been for him, because he can't
read.  Moreover, the men in the passage talked about you possibly recovering
the philosopher's stone, and there's only one person in the world who knew
that you knew anything about it.  Saturnin isn't your betrayer...Madam is.
Go up and confront her!

D.  Venetian cabinet, take two

Or don't, since when you reach Madam's apartments, she isn't there.  Rats.
Where'd she go?

Well, as long as she's out, let's take a look at that Venetian cabinet she has.
If you clicked on it at any time previously, you observed that it was very
like the cabinet in Leonardo's room.  Instead of small patterns of diamonds,
however, it has little miniature color wheels.  But before you can work out
this puzzle, you need the key. First, however, SAVE YOUR GAME.

In Madam's bedroom is a dressmaker's dummy, which you may have observed on
previous visits.  Usually it's holding whichever of her two fine dresses she
isn't wearing at a given moment, but right now it's conveniently naked.  A
chain is hanging around its neck, with a key hanging from it.  Grab the key
and go back to the cabinet.  Sure enough, the key fits in the lock.

As with Leonardo's cabinet, there are diamond buttons around the perimeter of
the cabinet, which will cause the miniature color wheels to rotate.  You need
to make them all look like the one in the center of the cabinet; the colors
are lined up clockwise in rainbow order.  Each wheel has two little arrows
attached to it as well, one yellow and one white; when the wheels are in the
correct position, the yellow arrows will all be pointing up and the white
arrows will all be pointing down.

As before, it will really be a matter of trial and error.  The diamond buttons
across the top control the direction of the yellow arrows for the columns of
which they are the head.  The diamond buttons across the bottom control the
direction of the white arrows for those columns.  The diamonds down the left
side control the direction of the yellow arrows for the rows going across, and
the diamonds down the right side control the direction of the white arrows for
the rows.  All you need to do is keep clicking buttons until all of the arrows
are pointing in the desired direction.  

The reason you should save your game before beginning the puzzle is that if you
walk away from the cabinet at any point, this puzzle will not reset itself.  
The other puzzles in the game do, but this one will not.  So if you get 
frustrated and want to start from the beginning again, you'll need to reload 
the game, since just walking away and coming back will not do the trick.

When you get all your color wheels lined up so your yellow arrows point up and
your white arrows point down, a drawer will open on the cabinet.  It contains
two documents; one is the letter that you delivered to Madam from your
employer.  The other is a dark sheet with holes punched in it.  Move the dark
sheet to cover the letter from your employer, and it will very much change the
context of the letter.  It would seem that Madam and your employer have been
conspiring against you from the very beginning.

Speak of the she-devil, Madam bursts in on you and you proceed to have a
falling out.  She tells you that she hadn't wanted to do this to you, but she
had no choice.  Years ago she had a relationship with Charles V, the Holy 
Roman Emperor and a sworn enemy of Francois I.  The same person who hired
Valdo has been blackmailing her, threatening to expose her past to the King
if she didn't cooperate.  She was coerced into framing you for the theft of
one of the treasures of Cloux Manor -- the Mona Lisa!

E.  Madam and the Mona Lisa

1.  What to do if you are caught

You have to do a bit of sneaking around in the sections ahead.  While you're
inside the manor, the guards can't touch you, but you don't dare let yourself
be seen outside or you'll be taken prisoner.  

Onoes, they caught you?  Here's what to do.

You have to get out of the room in order to finish your investigation, because
otherwise the game would be over.  You're too high above the ground to jump
out of the window, and you have no key to unlock the door.  Fortunately, the
guards are apparently about as bright as charcoal.  The key is in the door, 
on the other side, so all you need to do is get it and you can escape.

If you bought (or stole) that extra sheet of paper from Saturnin, get it out of
your inventory.  If you didn't, don't panic; there's a sheet on the floor near
the door.  The game is looking after you, my friend.  Take the sheet and click
it onto the base of the door so that it slides halfway underneath.  Then open
your inventory and take a logical tool -- you can use the knife, the nail,
either of the drill bits, whichever you'd prefer.  Use your tool of choice on
the keyhole.  The key will fall out on the other side and land on the paper;
take the paper to pull it back into the room and use the key to get out.

That's all well and good, but you've still got a problem.  They've posted a
guard at the base of the stairs, so you can't go down to the pantry.  Now is
the time for you to discover how to open Leonardo's secret passage from the
tapestry side.  Use your pliers on the bottom corners to remove the nails that
hold the tapestry in place, and move it to reveal the back of the bookcase.
Click on the password again, but since you're going the other way, you have
to spell it backward -- I-A-L-A-S.  The secret door will open and you'll be in
Leonardo's bedroom, from which you can try again to reach your destination.

Note that this will only happen once.  If you are caught a second time, you
will see a sketch of Valdo about to be executed, after which you'll be given
a retry from the place where you were caught the second time.

2.  The dovecote

Madam tells you that she was told to leave the Mona Lisa in the dovecote, where
it will be collected by her blackmailer.  You can't allow such a priceless
treasure to be stolen, so you've got to get down to the dovecote and steal it 
back.  Of course, the guards patrolling the manor property make that a little 
difficult, but not impossible.

From Madam's apartments, go back to Leonardo's bedroom and move straight out
onto the balcony.  At the far end, by the stairs, there are some pebbles on
the floor; pick them up.  You'll get three in one grab.  Now, open your
inventory and click on the pebbles to use one of them, then right-click to
close the inventory screen.  Move your mouse pointer around in front of the
main entrance until your clockwork mechanism icon appears, and wait.  Observe 
the guards.  One is standing stationary, looking at the front door, while 
another is patrolling back and forth along the side of the house.  Watch him --
as soon as he turns to face the manor and start marching back along the side, 
throw your pebble.  It will distract the two of them.  While they move to 
investigate the source of the sound, click on the stairs to go down, and hustle
your bustle down to the garden.

There is a guard standing at the bridge, but luckily, he has his back to you.
You can do one of two things here.  Either take out a second pebble and throw
it off to the left, or hit him in the back of the head with your iron bar.
Whichever you decide, you should then head to the right, through the bushes
to the docked boat.  Remove the branches as you did before, hop in, and sail 
down the stream to the dovecote.

You can't disembark because of the third guard, so take out your third (or
second) pebble and pan to the left.  Throw the pebble at the small wooden
bridge to distract the guard, and once he moves, jump out of the boat and go
inside the dovecote.  The Mona Lisa is right inside, hidden behind a sheet;
pull it off and pick up the painting.  If you've used up all your pebbles,
pick up some more from the floor here, then climb up to the second level.

From here you can do one of two things to return safely to the manor.  Look
out the window and you'll see the guard has returned to his post.  Take out a
pebble and turn around so you are facing away from the window, then throw the
pebble at the opposite inside wall; this will make the guard come into the
dovecote to investigate.  You can then either:

 >>a.  Pick up some of the straw from the floor and toss it out the window,
then jump (the straw gives you a softer landing, although you can jump without
it) and get back in the boat.  Sail back to the original docking location and
try to sneak back into the manor without being spotted.  Note that this WILL 
NOT WORK if you failed to remove the ladder earlier in the game!  You'll cross
the ladder instead of getting back into the boat, and when you try to go back
to the dovecote, you'll be captured.

 >>b.  Use the iron bar to dislodge the barrel beside you and send it 
falling down onto the guard's head.  You can then climb down and steal his 
uniform.  Open the inventory and click the uniform onto the portrait in order
to sneak up to the manor in perfect disguise.  (Be advised, however, that this
option WILL NOT WORK if your angelic level is too high.)  You'll be stopped
by a guard when you approach the manor.  If you respond with the comment that
begins with "Leave me alone," he'll do exactly that; if you give the other
answer, he'll recognize you as a fake and you'll get locked in your room.

If you have not yet been captured up to this point, you can allow yourself to
be captured and locked in your room, then escape from there; you'll still have
the Mona Lisa in your possession, so you won't need to return to the dovecote.
Whichever method you use and whatever happens, go directly to Leonardo's
workshop as soon as you possibly can.

F.  Valdo's forgery

As you may recall, the reason Valdo was fired by Melzi was because he made a
perfect copy of Leonardo's painting of John the Baptist and sold it to an
unwitting art buyer.  The time has come to put that particular skill to use.

In the workshop, go to the painting area by the fireplace.  Get the nail from
your inventory and click it onto the left side of the left-hand easel, then
put the Mona Lisa onto this easel.  Take out the spool of thread you bought
from Saturnin and click it onto the Mona Lisa.  You're making an Albarti's 
grid, like you read about in the printing of the third engraved plate.  The
panel on the right-hand easel will at once take on an identical grid.

Open your inventory again and take out the three jars of paint and the jar of
varnish.  Put each of these into the holes on the right-hand easel.  Pick up
the charcoal crayon which is lying next to the paints and start sketching
a copy of the painting by clicking on the squares of the grid.  As you can
see, clicking on any square in the grid affects not only that square, but
those around it.  It'll take some time, but eventually you'll draw the entire
Mona Lisa.  Once you do, put down the charcoal drawing, then click on each of
the twenty-five grid squares to turn them to color.

They're all in the wrong spot.  This is one of those puzzles, now, where you 
have to slide the panels around each other to put them in the correct spots;
you do this by clicking on the large dots at the intersections of the grid
lines, which causes the four adjacent squares to rotate.  It takes time and
patience, so make sure you have both.

-=>> There is a very wonderful, helpful, completely unintentional CHEAT
available for this particular puzzle.  You can read about it in section VII
of this walkthrough.  I hesitated to include it, since I didn't make the
discovery, but I know firsthand how frustrating it is to try and solve this
puzzle without cheating, so I ultimately decided it should be in here. <<=-

Once all the pieces are in their correct position, you can see that the copy
still doesn't look quite right.  The color needs to be corrected.  Pick up
the paintbrush and dip it first into the varnish, then into the blue paint.
Click three times on the panel.  Clean the brush on the rag on the end of the
easel.  Repeat these steps for the red paint (click on the panel four times)
and again for the yellow paint (click three times).  Congratulations, you
have made a perfect reproduction of the most famous portrait ever painted!

G.  Saturnin's revelation and Madam's apology

Take both the original Mona Lisa and your copy of it, and go to the kitchen.
Saturnin is still there, and it's time for the two of you to have a little
chat.  All throughout the game you've regarded him as deceptive and not to be
trusted, but now you're about to find out that there's been an excellent 
reason for him to be secretive.  Saturnin was none other than Leonardo da
Vinci's personal valet.  He knows about the clues scattered throughout Cloux,
and was entrusted by Leonardo to pass on the final clue to whoever came so
close to locating the hidden codex.  It would seem that this is you, and so to
you he gives the last piece of the puzzle.  The coordinates you found for the
manor map are not precisely right, so open it up and adjust it according to
his specifications.  Subtract 10 from the stars -- change the alignment of the
star globe to point to 230.  Subtract 10 from the planet -- change that globe
to point to 300.  Add 10 to the moon -- change the moon globe to point to 70.
The manuscript isn't hidden at the front door after all, but in the chapel.

You may have noticed the chapel during your walks through the manor; it's the
locked door just off the front entrance.  It's still locked, so if you want
to save yourself a trip, click on Saturnin again to ask if he has the key.  No,
he says, only Madam has a key.  Time to go and make your peace with the lady.

Open the inventory and look at your portrait.  If you succeeded in the 
seduction of Madam two nights ago, she will (in spite of your argument) still
have her hands on your shoulders.  If this is the case, save the game before
you speak to her; that way you can come back later and reload the game to 
see the different endings.  Go to her, and you will have two options for
answering her first remark.  If you choose the one starting with "Me neither,"
the portrait will hereafter show her with her hands off your shoulders and
she will not give you a choice when the time comes to say goodbye.  If you
select the option of apologizing for losing your temper, she will keep her
hands on your shoulders.  In either case, she will give you the key to the
chapel, so you should head down there.  Madam asks only that before you make
your escape, you return to say goodbye.

H.  The chapel

Inside the chapel is the empty frame which once housed the Mona Lisa.  Your
chief concern, however, is with the altar, which Valdo rightly deduces is
not laid out by accident.  Pick up the ornamental sceptre lying on the altar.
Just below the cross on the altar is a fleur de lys image, and below that is
a hole.  From your inventory, take the King's signet ring, and plug it into 
the hole; then take out that sceptre you just found and use it on the ring.
The altar will open to reveal, at long last, that which you've been seeking
all along -- the forbidden manuscript, the codex.  Take it!  Take back the
sceptre and ring, too; you don't really need the sceptre, but you do need to
send off that ring to the King's man, Hector, so he knows to come and meet you
to collect the codex.

I.  The dovecote again

To send the ring to Hector, you need to make one last trip to the dovecote.
How you do this depends on your actions during the earlier trip.  If you
knocked out the guard and stole his uniform, you can just walk on down and
no one will stop you.  If you didn't, you'll have to sneak to the bridge as
you did before and use the boat to get there, doing the whole pebble 
distraction thing.

Go into the dovecote and climb to the second level.  The black pigeon will
land just as you get there; take the ring from your inventory and click it
on the bird to make him fly off and deliver it.  Return to the manor in the
same fashion (either walking in uniform or sneaking as yourself) and head
down to the secret passage, using the same method you used to get there the
first time.

J.  Hector and Saturnin

In the secret passage you will meet Hector, who works for the King.  He's
supposed to help you escape, but he explains that he was forced to cause an
explosion in the secret passage because he was followed, so they'll have to
find another way to get you out of Cloux.  Meanwhile, would you please just
give him the manuscript?  It escapes Valdo's notice entirely, but you might
observe that his voice seems familiar...hmm.

Once that's done, return to the kitchen and speak with Saturnin about your
apparent role as Leonardo's heir.  Talk about the flying machine and your own
fears.  He'll be appalled that you gave the codex to Hector and insist that
you recover it by any means possible.  He'll also promise to help you escape
on the flying machine in the basement if you can just repair it and provide
a smokescreen, so you'll have to make fumigant.  (If you already did this
while making gunpowder to blast open the secret passage, he'll take it from
you now and use it when the time comes.)  To help you repair the flying
machine, he gives you a wooden bow.  Time to get ready to fly.

K.  Prepare to escape

1.  Leonardo's study

You only need to do this part if you haven't already done it; if you have,
skip right on to part 2.  But if you used the elevator for your previous
visits to the secret passage and have not yet made gunpowder or fumigant, go
up to Leonardo's study and do that now, stopping first for two handfuls of
charcoal if you don't have it.  At the lab desk, put charcoal into the mortar
and grind it to powder with the pestle.  Move the charcoal powder to the
bowl at the right and add sulphur and saltpetre.  You have gunpowder.

Now for the fumigant.  Get out that last handful of charcoal and put it into 
the base of the still, and light it with your lighter.  Remove the gooseneck 
and put saltpetre, sugar, and water into the still.  No need to replace the 
gooseneck; the fumigant, or smokescreen, is ready to go.  Get that iron box 
from your inventory, the one you found in the workshop, and click it on the 
still.  Head down to the workshop.

2.  Leonardo's workshop

Go to the saw and borer.  Take the broom from your inventory and place it on
the saw, then click the pedals to make the blade move.  Click the broom to
push it across the blade.  This makes a fine steering shaft, so pick up the
part that doesn't have bristles.  (You can also take the bristled part, which
your inventory will identify as a "short broom," but it serves no purpose so
I wouldn't bother.)

Get the handle from your inventory and put it on the borer.  Take out the 
smaller of the two drill bits and put it into place.  Get the wooden bow that
Saturnin gave you and put it on the borer, then click on the crank to drill a
hole in it.  Take the bow and, if you've not yet used the cannon, take the
crank handle as well, because you'll need it one last time.

3.  The basement

Go over to the flying machine and make your repairs.  Take out the newly
perforated bow and click it onto the wing, and likewise take out the former
broom handle and click it onto the platform.  If you haven't already given
the fumigant to Saturnin, take it out and place it on the floor next to the
flying machine like he told you.

If you haven't previously used the cannon, get it ready.  Take out your jack
and use it to prop the cannon up, then add the crank handle and click on it
to make the jack fix the cannon.  Put the cannonball into the left end.  Click
the right end to open the compartment for gunpowder and fill it up.  Don't
light the fuse just yet, though!

L.  The finale

1.  Recovering the manuscript

Hey, we're almost there!  You've still got things to do, however, the first
of which is to get back the codex from Hector.  Now comes the time when you're
going to use the other method of entering the secret passage.  First, enter
the passage by whichever means you previously did, either the elevator or the
blasted hole in the basement wall.  Walk around a bit; he's not there.  Leave
the passage by the same way, and go to the kitchen.  You'll hear noises which
tell you that Hector is now in the secret passage, so go to the elevator (if
you previously fired the cannon) or to the basement (if you previously used
the elevator). 

If you are now using the elevator to go down to the passage, solve the ball
puzzle if you haven't already, and take the elevator down.  Hector will be
standing with his back to you.  Strike him in the back of the head with your
iron bar to knock him out, and take the manuscript from his unconscious form.

If you are about to use the cannon for the first time, go to the basement and,
if you haven't already, use the jack to repair the cannon, then put the
cannonball into the left end and click on the right end to open the compartment
and fill it with gunpowder.  Then get out your lighter, light the fuse, and 
enjoy the explosion!  The blast will knock Hector unconscious and you can take
the codex.

In either case, you may then leave the passage by means of the blasted entry.
If you do, Valdo will note that he must leave the Mona Lisa, although he also
can't help wondering if the King would notice if he left his own copy instead.
If your angelic level is not too high, you can leave the duplicate painting
against the wall to the left of the blasted entry.  In that case, you basically
steal the Mona Lisa yourself, after working so hard to ensure that it isn't 
stolen!  (A high angelic level means you must leave the original.)

2.  Madam and the end sequence

Your last task before fleeing the manor is to make good on your promise to
bid farewell to Madam.  The outcome of this conversation depends on the
positions in the portrait; if she has her hands off of you, she will simply
say a fond goodbye and you part company.  If she has her hands on you,
however, she will make a request -- take her with you.  It is then up to you
whether or not she flies away with you on Leonardo's machine.

Once the discussion in Madam's apartments is over, you will be automatically
moved out to the balcony, where Saturnin has, as promised, readied the flying 
machine.  From here the game takes over, so sit back and watch to see whether 
or not you take to the skies.  The end!

VII.  The Mona Lisa cheat (courtesy of MaGtRo)

I really truly wanted to complete this game without resorting to using someone
else's walkthrough.  After all, that seems a bit shady, using a walkthrough to
beat the game and then writing my own.  However, when it came to the Mona Lisa
puzzle, I was frustrated beyond belief.  I HATE those sliding puzzles, always
have, and I'm not good at them.  (I lack the patience.)  So I went hunting on
the web for some suggestions.

In the GameBoomers.com walkthrough written by someone called MaGtRo, I found
this cheat.  MaGtRo discovered it by a happy accident.  It takes advantage of
some sort of bug in the game.  I take no credit for this discovery, may I add;
I only include it in my walkthrough because I know that if I don't, I'll have
people writing to me and begging for a clue as to how to get past this part.
Thank you, MaGtRo, whoever you are!!!

Go to Leonardo's workshop to make the copy, as stated above in that section.
Put the original on the left easel, and use the nail and spool of thread to
make the grid.  Put the jars of paint and varnish into the holes on the easel,
and pick up the charcoal crayon to make your sketch.  Sorry, there's no way to
skip past that part; you just have to keep clicking boxes until you have the 
completed picture.

Once you've got the whole thing drawn and those dots are on the intersections
of the grid lines, put down your crayon and walk away from the easel.  You'll
hear Valdo say that if he leaves, he might never finish; just ignore him and
walk away.  Move over by the saw and borer, wander out into the dining room,
just stay gone for a couple minutes.  Then go back to the easel.  Oh, it's 
still not done?  Press the Windows button on your keyboard, the one to the left
of your space bar next to the Alt key.  This will minimize the game to your
taskbar.  Click on the game on the taskbar to maximize it again, and -- tada!
You're almost finished with the Mona Lisa copy!  Just continue adjusting the
color as stated above, and be on your merry way.

VIII.  How to make gold coins

I gave coining its own section because once you have acquired the four items
you need to do it, you can go to the forge and make the coins whenever you 
want.  It's not a required action at any point to move the game along, so it
didn't really fit into the walkthrough at any specific stage.  Ergo, it gets
its own little place.

You'll need the gold nuggets from the cabinet in Leonardo's study, and the 
hammer, casting die, and coin mold from the Venetian cabinet in his bedroom.  
Head for the forge with all of these items, as well as a log from the lower 
pantry.  If you don't have any in your inventory, stop before entering the
forge and pick up some dead leaves.

Making the coins is actually very similar, at least at the outset, to making
the bronze key.  Start a fire in the forge fireplace with the log and some
dead leaves and your lighter.  Place the casting die on the table and put the
gold nuggets into the melting pot.  Transfer the pot to the fire in the same
way as you did to make the key -- click the small handle to raise the pot,
then click the arm to swing it into the fire.  Click the handle again to lower
the pot, then click the arm to swing it out.  Put on the gloves and lift the
furnace door into place, leave it there for a moment, and take it back off.
Swing the arm back in, raise the melting pot, swing it out, and lower it to the
table once again.  Click on the pot to pour the molten gold into your casting
mold, which will create four gold blanks.  Take these blanks from the mold,
as well as the mold itself.

From your inventory, take the coining die -- it looks like a black coin -- and
put it in the round indentation on the anvil to the right of the workbench.
Take out one of your gold blanks and put it on top of the die, then take out
your hammer and click it on the blank.  You have just created a perfect coin,
ready for spending.  Take the coin and repeat the process with your other
three blanks, then take back your coining die and make your way to whatever 
part of the game you wish to accomplish next.

IX.  Some questions and answers

Q: Why can't I go from my room to Leonardo's?  Valdo keeps saying "I'll do 
that later."

A: The passage does work both ways, but you can only open it from the tapestry
side if you are captured and sent to your room.  Once that happens, a guard is
posted at the bottom of the steps leading to the kitchen, so the passage to 
Leonardo's room is the only way for you to get out of the room and continue 
your investigation.

Q: What is the milk for?

A: Making nice with kitty. Later, when you want Alkahest's medallion, he will
sit quietly while you take it from him because he remembers you as the nice guy
who gave him milk. If you don't give him the milk, or if your diabolical level 
is too high when the time comes, he will resist; in that case, just put on the
gloves from the forge before making the attempt so you don't get clawed.  If
you don't plan to give him the milk, don't bother picking it up, as it serves
no other purpose.

Q: What's the point of the sleeping draught I took from Leonardo's workshop?

A: When you prepare the honey syrup to ease Madam's sore throat, you can add it
to the syrup to make her sleep for a while. Doing so will up your diabolical 
rating slightly. You have to do it twice, actually, because the first time you
try to add it to the syrup, Valdo will say that he doesn't think it's a good 
idea; click a second time and it will go in. This is entirely optional, by the
way.  Otherwise, the sleeping draught has no use at all. 

Q: How many engraved tablets for printing am I supposed to find?

A: There are three in all.  One is in Leonardo's workshop; one will be given to
you by Madam during your first conversation; and one is in the basement.

Q: How many pieces of paper will I need?

A: Four -- well, technically five, but you only need to have four in your
inventory. You'll need one for each of the three printing tablets, and one more
for marking down the two sets of codes Valdo finds in the basement and in the 
secret passage.  The fifth sheet will only be needed if you're captured and
locked in your room, in order to escape, but if you don't have one with you,
you'll find one in the room for you to use.

Q: How much charcoal will I need?

A: At a minimum, you will need three handfuls of it.  You'll need charcoal at 
least twice for the still -- once for Madam's syrup and once for manufacturing
fumigant. You'll also need it for gunpowder for the cannon.  You will need to 
make ink, for which you can either use yet another load of charcoal or go and 
pick the gall nuts from the tree near the carriage, out by the pool; these can
be ground with the mortar and pestle and used in the ink instead of charcoal. 
Additionally, you may need to re-light the still for the optional uses, turning
roses into perfume and turning white wine into brandy.  (Note that the nuts, 
wine, and roses serve no purpose whatsoever unless used for these functions.)

Q: How much grain will I need?

A: At a minimum, one handful.  When you repair the mill, you can test its 
functionality by turning grain into flour; you'll need the flour later, so you 
might as well make it right away.  Optionally, you can also take some extra 
grain to feed to the birds in the dovecote, which will raise your angelic level
a bit.

Q: How many times will I need dead leaves?

A: Two or three, depending on how many times you use the forge. You'll need 
dead leaves for kindling in the forge in order to make the bronze key, and 
again later if you decide to make gold coins. (You'll also need a log each 
time.) And you'll need to put dead leaves into the smoker at the beehive in 
order to make the bees clear off so you can get the honey.

Q: Is it necessary for me to make more gold coins?

A: No, actually.  If you follow the instructions for making paper and bronze, 
the only items you need to purchase from Saturnin are the sugar and the spool 
of thread, and you start the game with enough money to do that. If you want to
skip the bronze smelting step, however, you will need to make more gold in 
order to purchase the bar of bronze along with the other items. Alternatively,
if you wait to get the thread and sugar, you can steal them from Saturnin when
you get the telescope discs from his cabinet; this will raise your diabolical 
level. Purchasing objects from Saturnin is the only purpose the coins serve in
the story at all, so you can skip the minting process if you want.

Q: I'm trying to get in the boat, but he says the bridge is in the way.

A: It's pointing toward the forge/mill. Go back to the bridge and turn the 
crank so that it either points toward the dovecote or is pulled up on land 
entirely. Then you can follow the stream from the docking place to the 

Q: What are the ways to improve my standing with Madam?

A: You can get a hint by asking Saturnin. There are four main actions you can 
perform to make her like you more which are required for continued play. 
Repair the garden bridge; install the fountain in the pool; play the lyre so 
she can sing; and prepare the honey syrup for her sore throat. These are the 
only actions you need to perform to make her like you enough to let you into 
her rooms. You can also return the necklace she dropped on the staircase, make
her some rose-scented perfume, and/or give her the jewel from Leonardo's chest.
If you want to play out the actual seduction, I recommend keeping either the 
jewel or the perfume in reserve. Once she invites you into her apartments, 
check the joint portrait BEFORE you use the telescope and, if she doesn't 
yet have her hands on your shoulders, give her that remaining gift.  After you 
repair and look into the telescope, the game takes over for a while, so that 
will be your last chance to earn an invitation to 'sleep over.'

Q: I didn't seduce Madam; I woke up alone.  Will this affect my outcome?

A: As long as you got permission to enter her apartments (which you must have 
done if you made it to the next day), you can still win the game. The seduction
is optional. Remember to keep checking her position in your joint portrait; if 
she doesn't have her hands on your shoulders when the time comes for you to say
farewell, she won't ask to come with you, but this has no effect on whether or
not you succeed.

Q:  What is saltpetre, which was used in the fumigant and gunpowder?

A:  Saltpetre (or saltpeter, Americanized) is better known as potassium 
nitrate.  It serves as the oxidizing component of gunpowder -- that is to say,
it's the ingredient that lets gunpowder get enough oxygen to combust.

Q: Wait, is Saturnin more than three hundred years old??

A: No.  This was just a mistake in the game; he tells Valdo that he was 
Leonardo's personal valet until the time of the master's death "three hundred 
years ago."  Take out the word 'hundred' and it makes a lot more sense. 
Leonardo died in 1519, THREE years before the events of the game.

Q: How many different ways of ending the game are there?

A: There are three main different endings that I've found so far. You take your
leave of Madam and she doesn't ask to go with you; she asks if she can go with 
you and you say yes; she asks if she can go with you and you say no. The ending
will also be determined, to a lesser extent, by your conduct in the passage
after you take the manuscript back from Hector.  Will you leave the true Mona
Lisa for the King, or will you leave the copy?  You can change the course of 
history by leaving the copy -- then YOUR painting comes to hang in the Louvre!

Q: Can you die in the game?

A: No. The closest you come is if you are caught and tortured by the men in 
the secret passage, or captured twice by the guards at the manor.  In both
instances, you get a do-over.

Q: Is any of this true to history?

A: To be honest, I was surprised by just how much is historically accurate.
The French manor house where the story takes place was in fact the real
final residence of Leonardo da Vinci, although it is more correctly called 
the Clos Lucé.  It was really given to da Vinci by Francois I, and still stands
today.  Leonardo da Vinci, of course, was very real, as were Melzi and Salai.
(It's not definitely known whether Salai was da Vinci's lover, however.  That's
a subject of historical speculation, and nobody really knows for sure.)

As for the codex notebook....well, stranger things have happened!

X.  Credits and thanks

Thanks, first and foremost, to Leonardo da Vinci, for providing inspiration.
Thanks also go to: 

~ the game's creators at Tri Synergy, Nobilis, and Kheops Studio

~ The GameFAQs gang for hosting this walkthrough

~ MaGtRo and GameBoomers.com, for providing the easy cheat solution to the 
Mona Lisa puzzle. You can read that walkthrough, if you'd like, by visiting 

~ My husband Kevin, for his input and help with the game and being the first to
proofread this walkthrough, and our cats Maddy and Random, for sleeping on my 
feet while I worked on it

~ My friend Ana, for being the other proofreader

~ Annemie Van Landeghem, who caught my error regarding the location of the 
beekeeper's veil 

~ Peter Waterfall, for making me realize I'd left something out in the section
concerning the telescope in Madam's room

~ You, for reading this lengthy thing!  I hope this was helpful to you!

Writing this from nowhere near the scenic French countryside, I remain

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