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    Essential Hints
    January 2006.
    Benny Lau
    This file is written for the purpose of helping those who 
    are stuck and desperate when playing "Nancy Drew: The Secret
    of Shadow Ranch".This "essential hints" only gives you the most 
    necessary solution to the riddles in order to continue the 
    game to its conclusion, not a complete description of what 
    you might find there. If you find anything that doesn't work 
    in this hint, please feel free to send e-mail to 
    1. 3 Holes in the Blanket Chest
       You have to find the key to open it. You can find it in the
       Rawley's desk. See the color of each hole in the Blanket
       chest? The left hole is red, the middle hole is blue and the
       right hole is yellow. Insert the key, and try to turn it.
       It will turn 12 times, which means like a clock. Search a
       clock in that room and then match the color, and you will
       find the answer. Red = 12. Blue = 2 Yeloow = 7. Turn the red
       hole key point to 12, blue to 2, and yellow to 7.
    2. Love Letter From Dirk to Frances in the Blanket Chest
       After you open the blanket chest, you will find a love letter
       from Dirk to Frances. And on the bottom of the letter,
       there are this numbers : 9 12 15 22 5 25 15 21
       Actually, this is not a clue to some riddle/puzzle. if we
       translate those numbers into alphabet:
       9=I, 12=L, 15=O, 22=V, 5=E, 25 Y, 15=O, 21=U
       I LOVE YOU.
    3. Watch in the Blanket Chest.
       There are only even numbers that can only be pressed. It
       is random, so you have to try it by yourself.
    4. Build a cooking Fire
       You'll nedd som tinder, kindling and fuel. For tindler,
       you can find it inside the house. Search for newspapers.
       Take two of them. The kindling is outside the house, in
       the yard. There are five of them. The fuel is the big wood
       in the yard. You'll have to cut it first. It is quite easy,
       i think you will figure it out.
    5. 10 Question before riding Bob.
       a. Where's a horse's hooks? On its back legs
       b. Where's a horse's frog? On the bottom of its hoofs
       c. How tall is a horse that's fifteen hands? 5 Feet
       d. What kind of horse is a Paso Fino? A gaited horse
       e. How can you tell if a horse is colicking?It keeps lying
          down then standing up
       f. What's the difference between a bay and a chestnut? a
          bay has black points
       g. What tribe bred the first appaloosas? Nez Perce
       h. What part of a horse is most likely to be hurt when it
          founders? its feet
       i. What part of the saddle should you always chech before
          you head out on the trail? The cinch
       j. What is a mule?
          The off spring of a female horse and a male donkey
    6. The Trunk in Mary's Gifts.
       Use the key you found in the Rawley's desk. The left hole
       point 4, the middle point 9, the right point 11. To get this
       answer, you'll have to call Charleena Purcell
       (get her cell number in Mary's Gifts).
       She will tell you the answer.
    7. Green Bottle Under.....
       After the pump explode, in the next morning, enter that room.
       Go to the left, and chech for ventilation. Go inside the
       ventilation, through the tunnel  until you find Dave. After
       finish talking to him, go back to the tunnel, and then
       go back again to the room you meet dave. But do not enter
       the room. Right before you enter the room, there is a stair,
       check it out. You'll find a puzzle. he green bottle is
       under the rock with FH initial.
    8. Make a Birthday cake
       The ingredients:
       - Butter -> Put it in 2 times.
       - Eggs   -> Put it in 2 times.
       - Milk   -> Put it in 5 times.
       - Baking Powder -> Put it in 3 times.
       - Sugar  -> Put it in 7 times.
       - Vanilla -> Put it in 3 times.
       - Flour  -> Put it in 2 times.
       Choose the middle pan or whatever it called, and then bake.
       Choose 45 minutes and medium temperature. And then you'll
       have to decorate it. You'' have to arrange the puzzle into
       a tulip flower. It's quite easy. I think you can do it.
    9. Feed the chickens and horses.
       You can see the measure to each horses and chickens in the
       green board in Tex's room (the room you can find Tex).
       Under the green board, there are five boxes that keep the
       food. The left is oats. After the left one is pellets.
       The middle is corn. Right after the middle is ...
       (I don't know what it is) :) And the right is chicken chow.
    10.To lasso some objects.
       To throw the rope correctly, while you spin the rope,
       you must wait until the rope spinning a full circle.
    11.The lock in Cappy's
       Call the sherif, he will tell you the combination. 9-2-7-4
    12.Password in piano
       The clue is in the petroglyphs map
       It means enter the pappys(father) name.
       To get his name (CASHMEER), call Charleena Purcell.
    13.The Letter inside the piano
       You can find the cranck outside the building accross the
       jail with a mark like "m". Turn around and search in front
       of the jail for a mark like "BP" (The B is reverse).
       And for the fork, go back to Mary's Gifts and search for
       a tuning fork. Mary will ask you to collect ten arrows
       (see number 14). After you collect them all, go back to
       mary and take the forks. Now go back to dry creek,
       and enter the cappy's. Go to the left of the room.
       You will find a cracker on the table. Beside the
       cracker, there is a mark like an object was put
       in there. Put the obejct you found in front of the
       jail in that mark. After that, put the cranck
       to the object. And the last is the forks. The order
       of the fork is "FACE" (From left to right).
       Now spin the cranck.
    14.Find 10 Arrows
       There are four in the Trail Stop. There are three in
       Cougar Bend (Climb with the rope, and you will find one
       arrow, the other two is down there). There is one in
       the shadow ranch (after the pump explode). You'll
       find it under the pump. There are two in Dry Creek.
    15.Peek the zebra rock.
       The zebra rock is in the Trail Stop. Before you read
       the letter to tell you to go here, there is a snake
       behind the rock. Oh yes, before you go here, you'll
       need a magnet. You can get if in the kitchen, on
       the refrigerator. Now go back to the zebra rock. Use
       the magnet to lift the coin. The order of the coin is
       Mn, Cu (from left to right) for the upper box.
       Si, Fe (from left to right) for the lower box.
    16.Put the bridle together
       The can is right in front of Tex (above the table).
       To put it in the right order, look for the sample.
       The sample is in that room too, on the left from
       the door (looking from the center of the room).
    17.The Purse
       You can find the purse in the secret place inside
       the pump house, where you met Dave. It's in the
       middle shelf. Ask the beads from Mary. She will
       tell you to do something first for her. You must
       order the object in the right order, from the
       smallest to the largest. And put the red object
       in the red box. After you finish it, ask the beads
       from Mary, and she will give it to you. And now to
       sew the beads to the purse in the right order,
       you must read the email bess and george sent you.
       If you haven't get the email, you must call them
       first, and after a while, they will send it.
    18.In the jail cell.
       After someone knocked you off, you will wake up
       inside the jail cell. Before you get out of the cell,
       search for a clue Dirk left for Frances. If you have
       find it, convert the numbers into alphabet. The clue
       is "UNDER BANK LAMP". Now, to get you out of the cell.
       Search for a brick, and pick it up. Now look to 
       outside of the cell. You can see the key is hanging
       in the wall. Don't throw the brick yet.
       You must lasso the chair first, so the key won't
       fall into the hole on the floor.
       Now you can throw the brick. The angle is second
       from left, and set the power bar to the middle.
       Now lasso the chair one more time, and you'll be
       free to go.
       After you get out, you'll find a piece of paper.
       It's a clue to translate the paper you found
       earlier in the fireplace when you built a cooking
       fire. Translate the picture into words. And to
       translate the words, take the last two letters
       of the word, reverse them, and then add them to
       the start of the word.
       After you get out of the jail, find the bank in
       that ghost town (it's beside the cappy's). Seacrh
       for a brick under the lamp (this is what Dirk
       means by "UNDER BANK LAMP")
    19.Play Cappy's fun machine
       To play it, you'll nedd a coin and a ring. Get the
       ring from Dave. And for the coin, go to Mary's Gifts.
       There's a game in there (Run for cover). If you win
       the game, you'll get a coin. Just get one coin.
       Now go to the Ghost town, and enter the cappy's.
       There's a game machine there. Use the ring from Dave
       to the red circle. Now enter the coin and play the game.
    20.Music Box
       To open the music box, you'll have to know 6
       France's favorite flowers.
       - France's favorite flower : Harrison's yellow.
         Take a look of the picture on your cell phone (internet).
       - Cake : When you made the cake, there's a tulip
         flower on top of the cake.
       - Painting of Frances in the room beside the radio :
         Take a close look, and then search on the
         internet for "Common Knitting Stiches". Take a look
         of the picture of Daisy stich.
       - Cracker : The crakcer you found in the cappy's.
         Call Charleena Purcell, and the she will email you
         the name of the flower which is sunflower. You surely
         know what sunflower looks like, don't you
       - Letter for Dave : Ask Dave to see the letter. On the
         upper right cornet, there's a flower.
       - Purse : The picture of the flower is
        the beads you sew on it.
       Now, to order it in the right order. Actually i can't
       find the clue, but i already figure it out.
       Here's how i figure it.
       There are 6 box in the music box.
          O    -> box no.1
        O O O  -> Box no.2,3,4
         O O   -> box no.5,6
       Each box have a different flower.
       Because of harrison's yellow flower is only in the box
       number 3 (there isn't any harrison's yellow flower
       in the box number 1,2,4,5,6), so the box number three
       is harrison's yellow.
       Now there are only 5 box to go.
       The tulip flower is only in the box number 3 and 6.
       Because box number 3 is already taken by harrison's,
       so the tulip is in box number 6.
       4 box to go.
       The flower on the letter you saw from Dave is only
       in the box number 3,4,6. So, you know
       what's in the box 4.
       Daisy stitch. It's only in the box number 3,4,5,6.
       Daisy stitch, box number 5.
       Flower on Purse. It's the box number 1,
       and the sunflower is box number 2.
       The box will open, and there's a letter, again.
       After finish reading it, use the key you got
       from "fun machine".
       Now, do what it told you to do (draw the line on
       the petroglyphs map). Now go to Cougar Bend. Climb up.
       Go to the left, and click    on the petroglyphs.
       Take the rock to Mary, and she will polish it for you.
       Now go to Trail Stop and look for grave. Turn around
       and you will see a view that looks the sam with the
       picture in the rock. Click to go there. Just walk
       forward until you find a wood. Climb with your rope, and go
       forward until you find a clue on the wall
       (before you must turn right). The clue is:
       brown, lime, yellow, red, blue, orange, lime,
       yellow, brown, blue, lime, orange, blue, brown,
       lime, orange, red, blue, yellow, lime, blue, lime,
       brown, yellow.
       Now go to the right. There are 3 doors there.
       Click right, up(a little to the left, with a green marker),
       up, right, up(check the bottle), left, up,
       up,up(check the bottle), turn around, up, left, up,
       right, up, right, up, up, up, right, right,
       up (check for the bottle), right, down, up, down, down,
       down, down, up, right, up, up, right, click,
       up, up, left, right, up, right, up, up, right, left,
       up left, up, right, up, left, up, right,
       turn around (look for the bottle), turn around again,
       up, up, right, up, right, up, left, up, left,
       up, up, left, up, up, right, up (look for the bottle),
       left, up, left, and keep going up.
       Use the keys you found in the bottle, match it,
       and you'll find the gold.
       Now go out, and you will see the one who sabotage
       the pump and the electric.
       To win this game, go down to the room where there
       are 4 rooms in there.
       Switch the red marker and the green marker.

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