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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lunadea

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/15/10

Developer: Monolith Studios
Platform: PC

Written by: Lunadea
Contact at: drakulya[at]gmail[dot]com

   ----------    ----------           --            --------         ------
  |          |  |          |         /  \          |         \     /        \
  |   -------   |   -------         /    \         |   -----  \   |   -----  \
  |  |          |  |               /  /\  \        |  |     |  |  |  |     |  |
 -    ------    -   ------        /  /  \  \      -    -----   |   --  ----   |
|           | |           |      /  /    \  \    |            /      /       /
 -    ------   -    ------      /   ------   \    -    --    /      /   -----
  |  |       O  |  |        O  /              \ O  |  |   \  \ O   /  /
  |  |          |   -------   /   ----------   \   |  |    \  \   |   --------
  |  |          |          | /  /            \  \  |  |     \  \  |           |
   --           -----------  --                --   --        --   -----------

                  P  R  O  J  E  C  T       O  R  I  G  I  N             

  \\ Table of Contents                                                     //

Note: If you need to find a specific part of the FAQ, just press Ctrl+F to 
bring up the Find box, and then type in the letter or number code of the 
section you want and press find twice. E.g. to find the Controls section, type
in CNTR into the find box; to find the Mission 3 section, type 7.3. into the 
find box.

1. Introduction                   [INTD]
2. Copyright Information          [CPYR]
3. Version History                [VRSN]
4. Controls                       [CNTR]
5. Characters                     [CHRC]
6. Playing Tips                   [PLTI]
7. Walkthrough                    [WLKT]
    7.1. Mission 1 - Sanctuary
    7.2. Mission 2 - Awakening
    7.3. Mission 3 - Discovery
    7.4. Mission 4 - Withdrawal
    7.5. Mission 5 - Replica
    7.6. Mission 6 - Ruin
    7.7. Mission 7 - Top
    7.8. Mission 8 - Elementary
    7.9. Mission 9 - Nurse's Office
    7.10. Mission 10 - Snake Fist
    7.11. Mission 11 - Keegan
    7.12. Mission 12 - Epicenter
    7.11. Mission 13 - Approach
    7.11. Mission 14 - Climax
8. Intel/Booster List             [INBL]
9. Weapon List                    [WEPN]
10. Item List                     [ITML]
11. Credits                       [CRDT]

  \\ 1. Introduction                                                 [INTD]//

As a fan of the first F.E.A.R., it was a given that I'd be eager to play the
second game. Although some tricks were familiar, F.E.A.R. 2 manages to still
keep me more scared than I would admit, and can definitely stand up against its
strong predecessor. 

Similarly I was also eager to submit another walkthrough for another game in
the series. So here you see the product of my labor. This walkthrough is 
largely spoiler-free - I will try not to put any direct information here, but I
won't go to great lengths to avoid it either, so skip ahead at your own risk.

If there's anything you think is worth letting other people know about that 
I've missed, feel free to contact me at drakulya[at]gmail[dot]com.

Enjoy your F.E.A.R. 2 experience! 


  \\ 2. Copyright Information                                        [CPYR]//

The websites that may currently host this walkthrough are:

- www.gamefaqs.com
- www.supercheats.com
- www.thegamereviews.com
- myfrag.com.au 

The latest version of this walkthrough can always been found on GameFAQs.

This walkthrough/FAQ may not be distributed in any form without permission from
me (except for personal use), and cannot be used for commercial purposes. If 
you wish to use any portion of this FAQ on your site, you must contact me and 
gain my written consent first.

In simpler terms - don't steal my walkthrough! *Sharpens kitchen knife*

  \\ 3. Version History                                              [VRSN]//

02/27/2009 - 0.1 - Started this walkthrough, completed everything except the 
                   main walkthrough.
03/12/2009 - 0.2 - Began working on the missions. Completed up to Mission 3.
04/02/2009 - 0.7 - Completed up to Mission 11.
04/04/2009 - 1.0 - Completed the whole walkthrough, submitted to GameFAQs. 
15/02/2010 - 1.1 - Added melee glitch tips.

  \\ 4. Controls                                                     [CNTR]//

Note: These are all default controls for F.E.A.R. 2. Feel free to configure 
these to your own preferences. I will refer to these controls if I mention them
in the walkthrough, to make things easier.


W - Move forward
S - Move backward
A - Step left
D - Step right
Space - Jump
Alt - Sprint
C - Crouch
Left - Turn left
Right - Turn right


Left mouse button - Fire
Right mouse button - Melee attack
B - Cycle Fire Mode
E - Use
F - Flashlight
R - Reload
G - Grenade
Mouse wheel up - Previous weapon
Mouse wheel down - next weapon
X - Next grenade
Z - Use medkit
Ctrl - SlowMo
Third mouse button - Weapon select menu
V - Thermal vision
H - Drop multiplayer items


Shift - Zoom in/out
End - Center view
Up - Look up
Down - Look down


Tab - Player status
T - Talk
Y - Team say
Q - Map mode


1 - First weapon 
2 - Second weapon
3 - Third weapon
4 - Fourth weapon
5 - First grenade
6 - Second grenade
7 - Third grenade
8 - Fourth grenade

  \\ 5. Characters                                                   [CHRC]//

A superb soldier with strong telepathic potential and a prime candidate for the
Harbinger Project. Alma appears to be stalking him so she can absorb him.

The smart-ass member of Becket's team who doesn't like Becket very much, 
nicknaming him Bucket. His brother was recruited for F.E.A.R. active duty.

Leader of the team and a man with strong morals. A candidate in the Harbinger
project due to his physical and mental excellence.

A member of the team that has a strong psychic connection with Alma, and 
frequently suffers the severest symptoms when she is near.

Another member of the team that is an approved candidate for the Harbinger
project. Like many others of the team, he is somewhat entranced by Alma.

The APC driver of the team, as well as a competent soldier. A reserve in the
Harbinger project due to his low telesthetic potential. 

The intel girl of the team, and the only one who isn't a candidate for the
project. She's usually the one that informs you of your objectives and 
sometimes backs you up.

The man sent out by the ATC Board of Directors to command the ATC teams to kill
Aristide and destroy all evidence of the board's involvement. He crosses paths
with Becket at various points in the game and tries to kill him. 

A member of Armacham who made the stupid decision to open the Vault, and thus
let out Alma. Becket's team was sent in to extract her from the attack of the 
other Armacham force, but it appears she has other ideas for them.

A researcher for ATC who worked under Aristide. He randomly cuts into the 
team's radio communication early in the game and from then on starts to help 
them, because he knows the only way to stop Alma is to kill her.

// ALMA:
The strong psychic who was a girl during F.E.A.R., and now retains the image of
a young woman. She maintains her hallucinatory afflictions on the main 
characters and seems to be pursuing Becket in order to absorb him.

  \\ 6. Playing Tips                                                 [PLTI]//

1. SlowMo is like your left arm in this game. Not necessary, but it's a lot 
   easier having it around. When faced with large groups of enemies or 
   fast-moving enemies, it is incredibly useful activating SlowMo before you 
   charge in or before they charge you.

2. Pick the right guns for the job. A sub-machine gun may do well against 
   normal Replica soldiers, but you'll be doing minimal damage on more heavily 
   armored enemies who will be laughing as they shoot you down. Heavy armor 
   requires heavy weapons, e.g. a laser.

3. Headshots are essential. An unaware enemy will die with one bullet with a 
   headshot, and even alert foes will take higher damage. Headshotting an enemy
   or two before you burst in will make the fight a lot quicker.

4. Find cover, or else keep moving. Many objects like tables can be flipped 
   over to use as cover, and often the landscape itself is sufficient. If 
   you really can't hide, then run around so that you're less likely to get

5. Listen to the communication between enemies. This can tell you what they're
   planning to do next as well as your own visibility. Also, the background 
   music is also worth paying attention to - usually if there are no enemies 
   left in the vicinity the music will stop, so if you don't see anyone but the
   music's still playing, watch out. Of course, being a F.E.A.R. game they like
   to surprise you, so this is not always the case.

6. Don't overuse the flashlight. They're useful in dark rooms, but enemies can
   spot your flashlight's beam and be alerted to your presence. 

  \\ 7. Walkthrough                                                  [WLKT]//

(Since there is a great deal of checkpoints in this game, I decided not to 
write CHECKPOINT every time they came up and instead decided to split the
walkthrough into paragraphs accordingly. Therefore between every paragraph, 
there is a checkpoint.)

  7.1. MISSION 01 - Sanctuary

Security concern ----------------- [ ]   I.M. transcript #1 --------------- [ ]
Bad news ------------------------- [ ]   Good luck ------------------------ [ ]
Termination notice --------------- [ ]   To-Do list ----------------------- [ ]
Info: Sgt. Becket ---------------- [ ]   Info: Sgt. Keegan ---------------- [ ]

Walk forward and follow Alma until you reach a glowing yellow patch. Head into
it to return to reality. Watch the scene until you get dropped off in front of
the building, then make your way past the fountain and into the coffee shop. 
Go through the door on the left of the counter, then make your way through the
area until you get to the others. At this point the game will have pointed out
the PDA, the flashlight and the crouch button, all very useful functions.

Head into the reception area and go into the alcove to the left of the desk to
find a door leading behind it. Go in to pick up SECURITY CONCERN (1/8) and you 
can also watch the deaths of the receptionists if you use the computer. Join 
your comrades by the elevator and then go inside. 

Headshot the ATC as soon as the elevator doors open, then dispatch of the other
2 soldiers. Go through the door and you'll fight another bunch of soldiers. If
you need, there's a MEDICAL INJECTOR near where you entered the courtyard. To
the left of where Stokes is, on the pile of stuff, is I.M. TRANSCRIPT #1 (2/8).
Pass through the shutter Stokes opens up.

Pick up BAD NEWS (3/8) to your left as soon as you enter the door and go
through the corridor until the game prompts you to sprint. Do so through
the glass corridor so you don't get shot up too much. At the end of it are a
SUBMACHINE GUN, PISTOL and some ARMOR. Head forward and then right and pick up
GOOD LUCK (4/8) on the table in the middle of the room. Head up the stairs into
the door. Make your way around the dark room and pick up the MEDKIT in front of

Pass through the door and pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN AMMO and 2 FRAG GRENADES.
You'll be attacked by 7 ATC in this room, once the first 3 guys are dead the
rest'll file in from the other side of the room, so you can easily pick them 
off while they approach. In the middle of the room are SUBMACHINE GUN, PISTOL 
and ARMOR. Go through the blasted door and down the corridor.

Outside there's a SUBMACHINE GUN and 2 FRAG GRENADES. Go around and you'll see
2 guys coming down from a helicopter, so blast them (and the 4 more that come 
to help) away. Head indoors from the left of the counter to pick up some ARMOR,
then go through the shutters on the left and through the double doors. There's
a SUBMACHINE GUN, a PISTOL and a FRAG GRENADE in front of you. Pick them up
and turn right and kill the 4 soldiers in the next room from behind the cover
of the low wall. There's a MEDKIT in the upper right corner of the room. Go 
down the corridor to your right until you hit an office.

Pick up the MEDKIT and SUBMACHINE GUN in front of you, then headshot the lone
guy up on the roof through the window. Jump through said window and jump onto
next balcony to your right, then quickly jump onto the ledge ahead. Crawl 
through the ventilation shaft and jump into the pool in the next room. When you
come out, cross the pool and go up the stairs and turn right to find some 
ARMOR. Open the door to your right to find 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS and a SUBMACHINE
GUN. Backtrack a little to the door beside the bathroom and head inside.

In the next room are a bunch of enemies. You can use the wall ahead for cover.
If you're quiet enough you can take a couple of them by surprise too. In the
center of the room are 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS and a SUBMACHINE GUN. On the counter
in the kitchen is TERMINATION NOTICE (5/8). Go up the stairs at the back of the
room and kill the enemy that comes out of the door. Go through it and pick up 
the TO-DO LIST (6/8) on the ground. When you reach the bedroom, examine the 
music box to open the secret door. 

Pick up the INFO: SGT BECKET (7/8) and INFO: SGT KEEGAN (8/8) ahead and
enter the door down to your right. When your screen gets fuzzy, head out of the
room and follow Alma to end the mission.

  7.2. MISSION 02 - Awakening

Memo: M. Becket ------------------ [ ]   Info: 1SG Griffin ---------------- [ ]
Info: SGT Jankowski -------------- [ ]   Surgical Notes ------------------- [ ]
Check the news ------------------- [ ]   Urgent warning ------------------- [ ]
Info: 1LT Stokes ----------------- [ ]   Diode Implants ------------------- [ ]
Admitting patients --------------- [ ]   Evaluation report ---------------- [ ]
T.A.C. overview ------------------ [ ]   * Reflex Injector #1 ------------- [ ]

Pick up MEMO: M. BECKET (1/11) by the door. Go down the corridor and turn left 
at the intersection. Go into the room at the end to pick up a MEDKIT. Go into
the other room to find INFO: 1SG GRIFFIN (2/11) on a table. Go down the main
corridor now and continue along until you hear a radio. Go through the double
doors opposite the desk and turn left to enter Recovery 106. Turn left and go
through the toilet to the next room, and pick up INFO: SGT JANKOWSKI (3/11) on
the counter. Backtrack to 106 and through it to the other corridor. Continue
along and turn right at the fork and enter the room at the end to pick up
SURGICAL NOTES (4/11). Go back to the fork and turn left and enter one of the
doors to the large room. Ascend the stairs and check out the male toilets to 
your right. The room in the middle contains CHECK THE NEWS (5/11). Go through
the double doors to your left, then turn left again and head through this area.
After you meet Aristide, continue through the room and into the next corridor.
To your left is a door that leads to the MEDKIT you probably saw earlier. Keep
going into the next lab area which contains URGENT WARNING (6/11).

Past this lab is a burnt door, near which the game will reveal SlowMo to you.
Use it, go in and grab the SUBMACHINE GUN or PISTOL in front of you and kill 
the enemies (shoot the tank on their backs, they'll explode). There's also some
ARMOR and 2 FRAG GRENADES in the same spot. Another FRAG GRENADE and PISTOL lie
on the table to the right. Move behind the bookcase to the next room.

Pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN in front of you and shoot the TV if the voice 
unnerves you. Enemies will burst through the double doors once you're halfway
across the room, so prepare to face down approximately 10 enemies. The room to
your left contains 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS and a SUBMACHINE GUN while the room to 
your right contains 3 MEDICAL INJECTORS, a PISTOL and a FRAG GRENADE. Enter 
this room and 2 more gas tank soldiers will charge in from the other door and 
head into the corridor.

Let a grenade cook in your hand and toss it down the window to your left to 
kill the 3 soldiers, then jump down. Turn around and head right into the female
toilets to find INFO: 1LT STOKES (7/11) in the last stall. Head back into the 
main room and pick up the ARMOR, SUBMACHINE GUN and 2 FRAG GRENADEs on the 
table. There're 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS further ahead to the left of the elevators.
Call the elevator.

A number of ATC will jump down from where you did and attack you at this point,
so kill them and then head into the elevator when it arrives. When the doors 
open, activate SlowMo and kill the 3 soldiers up above. Crouch and crawl
through the gap and continue until you hit a half-opened door. Don't open it 
yet - look through the gap and take out the 2 guys by the elevator shaft and
then enter the room and kill the rest. There're 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS and a 
SUBMACHINE GUN directly ahead. Head through the door and down the corridor. Go
down go down the corridor and visit the room to your right if you need 
SUBMACHINE GUN ammo. The room at the end of the corridor contains a keycard. 
Take it and backtrack through the corridor to open the first locked double 
doors you may have noticed, and enter the room for REFLEX INJECTOR #1. Now go 
back to the place where you found the keycard and swipe the double doors there,
then head through.

Take the PISTOL, FRAG GRENADE and ARMOR ahead, then head left. Kill the soldier
ahead and then the others that pop up. Propped against a pillar in the room is 
a SUBMACHINE GUN and PISTOL, and 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS lie on the counter behind 
it. There's also a MEDKIT on the wall. Go down the hallway and continue til you
reach a desk. Behind the desk is DIODE IMPLANTS (8/11). Go through the door 
around the corner and continue through the area. Jump on top of the cart and
then slide it away to get the elevator moving. Once you reach the top, hold E
to pry open the doors.

Pick up the COMBAT SHOTGUN to your left, then head right and grab the ARMOR.
Head into the room down the corridor to the right to pick up ADMITTING PATIENTS
(9/11). Now take the door across the hall and make your way through the room
and kill the 3 soldiers in the next area. Proceed through and into the next

Kill the soldier here and pick up the MEDKIT on the desk in the corner if
necessary. Go through the door to face another group of soldiers in the room on
your left. Some ARMOR lies on the table in the middle of this room, and 2 
MEDICAL INJECTORS on the counter by the door. Move across the room, kill the
enemies and take the PISTOL, SUBMACHINE GUN and 2 FRAG GRENADES. Continue down
the next hallway and swipe the door at the end. Go behind the counter for 3
MEDICAL INJECTORS and turn right to crawl into the vent. Shoot the grating off 
at the end and in the room you come out at is EVALUATION REPORT (10/11). Head 
back to the main room, turn right and continue down the new corridor. Go 
through the broken windows to reach the TAC lab.

There's a MEDKIT on the pillar in front of you, and a COMBAT SHOTGUN and 
SUBMACHINE GUN on the bench to the right. Just before the chamber are 3 MEDICAL
INJECTORS and ARMOR. Get into the chamber and watch the scenes. 

As soon as you're out of it, a bunch of ATC will attack so quickly kill them. 
Backtrack to the elevator room, killing all the soldiers along the way, and 
you'll find that the door next to the broken elevator that was previously 
locked will now be open. Take the T.A.C. OVERVIEW (11/11) on the railings and
make your way down to the bottom.

  7.3. MISSION 03 - Discovery

Demolition plan ------------------ [ ]   I.M. Transcript #3 --------------- [ ]
I.M. Transcript #2 --------------- [ ]   Op guidelines -------------------- [ ]
* Reflex Injector #2 ------------- [ ]

Open the door and headshot the nearest unaware soldier in the next room. To 
your left are 3 INCENDIARY GRENADES, and on the couch are a SUBMACHINE GUN, a
FRAG GRENADE and ARMOR. There are also a few explosives around the room so use
those to help you in your fight against the horde of ATC here. The room to the
left contains a MEDKIT. Go up the stairs and head into the nearest room to find
a PISTOL and DEMOLITION PLAN (1/4). Make your way around the floor, taking the
COMBAT SHOTGUN by the glowstick if needed, and head past the elevator for some
ARMOR. Go into the open elevator and activate it. Once you arrive at the next
floor, head around the hallway.

Keep going until you hear ATC talking. Kill the tank guy through the window, 
then kill the other soldiers that pop out. To the right is a room with a MEDKIT
opposite the charred pile of rubble. Head into the burning room and through the
door on the other side. As you may realize, fire is not good for you so try not
to get burned. Climb the ladder into the vent.

As soon as you drop down you'll see a guy torching a doctor with a 
flamethrower. Get up close with the shotgun and SlowMo and blast him away, then
pick up the MEDKIT in front of you. The soldier you just killed drops a NAPALM
CANNON with which you can have great fun setting enemies on fire. To the right
are 2 SUBMACHINE GUNS and some ARMOR. There's a bathroom beside the Squee-Z
Juice vending machine where REFLEX INJECTOR #2 lies. Take it and make your way
through the burning room into a lab area. A PISTOL and 2 INCENDIARY GRENADES
lie on the counter. Continue through the other door and into the hallway.

Pick up the I.M. TRANSCRIPT #3 (2/4) on the ground and open the door. Carefully
make your way through the room and into the next corridor.

There're 4 enemies in the next room, and a MEDKIT on the wall by the door. Head
through the room into the lab to find some ARMOR as well as several ATC in the
adjacent room. Make your way out to the hallway where a few more ATC will 
attack you. Go down the hallway and through the door.

Go down the stairs and take the MEDICAL INJECTOR by the door if needed. Go
through the door and slip into the room on your right to spot a few soldiers
talking through the window. Kill them and pick up the I.M. TRANSCRIPT #2 (3/4)
by the computer and the 2 FRAG GRENADES by the window. Go down the corridor and
into the surgery room, then continue into the storage area.

Enter the door by the shelves and kill the limping solder ahead and the 
remainder of his team, then head down the hallway. In the charred Patient Room
212 is a MEDKIT. Further along a few more ATC will attack, kill them and keep
going til you hit an office. Pick up the OP GUIDELINES (4/4) between the 
bookshelves and watch the death of the soldiers through the window. Yep, you'll
get to fight that thing soon too. Head through the door up ahead.

Make your way through the room and down the stairs. There're 2 FRAG GRENADES in
the room by the stairs. Go through the double doors on the other side and kill
the soldiers in the hallway. The monster will kindly assist you in various 
places here, too. Eventually you'll find a bloody elevator, call it and get in.

Once you reach the next floor, the surgery room to your left contains a MEDKIT.
Go through the double doors and pick up the 2 SUBMACHINE GUNS and ARMOR. 
Approach the broken glass and you'll end up down in the surgery room. Kill the
monsters that appear (SlowMo is recommended, if only for accuracy) and then 
take the MEDKIT on the wall. 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS lie on the box by the door, 
and another MEDICAL INJECTOR, a COMBAT SHOTGUN and a PISTOL lie near the 
sliding door. Kick the cart a few times to allow the door to open then head 
down the hallway.

Head into the room at the end of the hall, then go through the vent and leap
into the pile of guts at the end.

  7.4. MISSION 04 - Withdrawal

Info: SGT Fox -------------------- [ ]   Info: SGT Morales ---------------- [ ]
Harbinger Failures --------------- [ ]   Schedule change ------------------ [ ]
Info: P. Fettel ------------------ [ ]   * Reflex Injector #3 ------------- [ ]

Head into the sliding doors directly ahead to find INFO: SGT FOX (1/5) on the
counter. Proceed down the hallway and into the last room. Use the computers to 
open up the x-ray room and head through. Make your way down the hallway.

Keep going through the rooms and take the MEDKIT in the storage room to your
left when you reach the next x-ray room. Enter the room opposite it and go 

Take the INFO: SGT MORALES (2/5) on the table, then go into the next corridor.
When you turn the corner and hear a doctor speaking, get into the room to your
left and shoot the soldier through the window. You may choose the kill the rest
of them from this spot, or you can go out. Either way pick up the ARMOR lying
on the ground ahead and then sweep up any remaining ATC and go through the door
in the corner. Kill the 2 tank soldiers that run in and take the SUBMACHINE GUN
on the table where they came from, then make your way through to the next area.

Go up the stairs around the corner and then turn right into a glass-walled
corridor. Continue through and when you pass the x-ray control room, kill the
monster that appears a little further along. Go down the steps and turn left
at the corner around the box to find a MEDKIT. Head back around and pick up 
HARBINGER FAILURES (3/5) by the dead nurse and then go up the stairs. 

Go down the stairs on your left to find a SUBMACHINE GUN and REFLEX INJECTOR 
#3. Go back up and run towards the elevator, call it and quickly get in and go
up. If you want to kill the ATC on the way, feel free.

When you get out of the elevator a few ATC will attack you from behind. Kill 
them and then head into the next room to pick up a FRAG GRENADE and ARMOR. On 
top of the stairs are a MEDKIT, 2 FRAG GRENADES and a SUBMACHINE GUN. Take what
you want, then go down the yellow ladder beside the door. Make your way through
the tunnel and out the other side.

Kill the soldiers through the window if you want, then keep making your way 
down the area. Go around the flames.

Go through the tunnel and you'll encounter a few soldiers. The tunnel to your
right leads to some ARMOR and you can blast the door open for an alternate 
route to surprise the enemies. SCHEDULE CHANGE (4/5), a SUBMACHINE GUN and 2
MEDICAL INJECTORS lie in this room. Keep heading forward and turn right on the
catwalk to find a FRAG GRENADE and a SHOCK GRENADE. Backtrack and go left this

The APC will deliver a few enemies, so you can either kill them from above or
go down to fight. Either way there's some ARMOR and a SUBMACHINE GUN down the
ladder on a barrel. A few more ATC will run in when you get to the bottom. You
need to activate SlowMo to get through the slamming door. There're several 
enemies in the next room, but also many explosives. Once you're done with them
go around the back to find a SUBMACHINE GUN and a MEDICAL BOOSTER, then use the
manual override lever to open the gate or simply go up the nearby ladder. Atop 
the ladder is another set of SUBMACHINE GUN and MEDICAL INJECTOR. Near the 
ladder on the other side is a FRAG GRENADE and a SUBMACHINE GUN. Go down the 
tunnel and go up the newly formed ramp, then drop down and pick up the ARMOR
and ASSAULT RIFLE nearby. 

A MEDKIT lies behind the large box to the right. Enter the main room and kill
the napalm-wielder and the many soldiers with him. There's some ARMOR by the
machinery to the right under the catwalk, and some more ARMOR and a ASSULT
RIFLE in the center of the room. Make your way up the ladders and kill the ATC
across the catwalk. If you continue all the way to the end of the catwalk 
you'll find a MEDKIT and 2 FRAG GRENADES. Backtrack a little to the ladder and
head down, then make your way through the tunnel.

In the next room are some ARMOR and a FRAG GRENADE. Prepare yourself and then
go through the door at the top of the room. In total about 15 or so enemies 
will come and attack you; it's probably easiest to stay where you are instead 
of going down, but it's up to you. Once they're dead, head down and go up the
other ladder to find a MEDKIT. Make your way around and kill the ATC, then go
into the nearby storage area for some ARMOR, a SUBMACHINE GUN and INFO: P. 
FETTEL (5/5). Further down the room are 2 FRAG GRENADEs, and a COMBAT SHOTGUN
and a MEDICAL INJECTOR lie on the shelf by the wall. Some more ARMOR lies by 
the other exit. Go down to the end of the tunnel and turn the valve.

Head back up the tunnel and kill the horde of ATC, then go up the now 
accessible ladder and through the door. Go along the catwalk and take the ARMOR
and MEDICAL INJECTOR by the dead body, then head through the door.

Crouch under the left flame and take the 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS if necessary, then
go down the hall. Keep pressing forward and the level will end once you get out
onto the catwalk.

  7.5. MISSION 05 - Replica

Replica upgrades ----------------- [ ]   Testing reminder ----------------- [ ]
Combat testing ------------------- [ ]   Threat report -------------------- [ ]
Lift problems -------------------- [ ]   * Reflex Injector #4 ------------- [ ]

Go up the ladder into the room. If you turn around you can actually see Alma
standing behind a distant door. Leave this room and go into the nearby door, 
and continue down the hallway. Enter the room to your left to find REPLICA
UPGRADES (1/5) by the body, a SUBMACHINE GUN leaning on the barrel and a MEDKIT
at the bottom of the steps. Head back into the hallway and continue down it. 
When you reach the blood-splattered windows Alma will materialize and attack
you. Spam the melee button indicated and she'll soon disappear. Continue along
and enter the green-lit door to the left. Cross the room and crouch through the
broken window, then head left.

Go through the sliding door and down the stairs for a PROXIMITY MINE, a 
SUBMACHINE GUN and 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS. Ascend the stairs and go through the
misshapen door. Head forward over the rubble and down the stairs at the end to
reach a control room. Open the chamber doors via the computer and then go back
up the stairs and jump down through the gap in the glass. Kill the monster that
pops out (don't forget to use SlowMo to make things easier) and then go through
the sliding door and down the hallway.

Make a note of this flame (we'll be back later), then enter the room to your
right. Ignore the monster in the seat and continue forward, killing the monster
at the door. Head around and kill the monster that leaps in from the top 
window, then continue around and then kill the 3rd monster that appears. Enter
the double doors opposite the monster in the chair and turn the valve to shut
down the flame I mentioned earlier. Backtrack there and enter the room to find
REFLEX INJECTOR #4. Go to the other room again and this time continue forward 
and go up the stairs. Pick up the MEDKIT and TESTING REMINDER (2/5) in the next
room. Proceed through the sliding door.

Head forward and left and kill the monster. In the area further along, 4 more
monsters will attack - they may not all appear at once, so make sure you count
4 of them before you let down your guard. Pick up the ARMOR on the crate and go
down the stairs. Take the COMBAT SHOTGUN, SUBMACHINE GUN and ARMOR and then 
head through the door. Kill the 2 monsters here, then head along a bit and when
the next monster appears, shoot the explosives to take care of it and the 2 
others lurking underneath the platform (if that doesn't work, shoot them as per
usual). There're 3 MEDICAL INJECTORS up ahead; take them if you need to and 
then go through the gap in the wall.

Head past the gas wheel and kill the monster that appears. Climb up the ladder
and enter the room. There's COMBAT TESTING (3/5) on the nearest table, as well
as some ARMOR and a COMBAT SHOTGUN. As you approach the other door 3 monsters
will proceed to attack you. Kill them and head through the next room down the
hallway. Call the elavator and activate it. Ignore the monster above you, it'll
die of its own accord soon enough. 

When you get out, head forward a bit and take the MEDICAL INJECTOR on the 
ground if needed and enter the mesh door nearby. There's another 2 MEDICAL 
into the main hallway and go into the next room. There're a number of supplies 
here, namely several MEDICAL INJECTORS, a MEDKIT and ARMOR on the car in the 
center, and 2 SUBMACHINE GUNS and a COMBAT SHOTGUN. Take what you need, then 
prepare for a fight. This one will be long and hard so use your supplies 

There are 4 waves in total - the first 2 consist of 3 Replicas, and the next 
two consist of 4 Replicas. There'll be a checkpoint after the second wave. A
pretty good strategy is to take cover behind a 'window' from where you can see
the middle of the room and then napalm the Replica as they come out of their 
pods, then cap their asses. Some time during the 4th wave, Alma will appear and
kill the commander, effectively disabling the remaining Replica. When this 
happens it's time for you to get out of there, so look around on the ground 
near the bloody window for an open hatch, and jump in.

Jump down and turn right to pick up an ASSAULT RIFLE, then go the other way. 
You'll encounter many Replicas but there's some ARMOR and about 5 MEDICAL
INJECTORS scattered around here. Go up the ladder at the end cross the catwalk,
then kill the 3 Replicas coming out of their pods. Take the ARMOR and 
AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN on the bench, then head through the doorway and follow the
path til you hit a heap of Replica cases.

Kill the masses of Replica that come out - note that sometimes they can play
dead, so make sure your crosshairs are no longer red before you stop shooting.
Approach the blocked door and hold E to move the case. Take the MEDKIT in the
room and then go through the double doors.

Further along the next area you'll hear Replicas fighting against ATC, who of
course are being pwned miserably. Enter the room and run straight up the ladder
on the other side to pick up a MEDKIT, ARMOR and THREAT REPORT (4/5). From here
you can kill the Replicas or you can go back down and fight them. Either way
head into the next room and go up the staircase on the other side. Head through
the tunnel and at the end of it kill the monster you probably saw scurrying off
ahead before. Go up the stairs and through the door.

You'll fight a handful of enemies in the next room, who will call on backup at
some point. These will file in through the elevated door on the other side of
the room, so you can kill quite a few of them as they come in. As usual 
there're explosives waiting to be exploded, so use them as appropriate. Take 
the ARMOR on the crate and then enter the meshed area to the left (shoot the
lock off the door, or lift the case depending on which way you enter from). 
This area contains another ARMOR, a COMBAT SHOTGUN, an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN, 3
ASSAULT RIFLES and 2 FRAG GRENADES. Go up the stairs to where the backup 
enemies came from, and head into the tunnel. 

At then end of it you'll come out into a large room. Kill the Replicas below
you and go down the ladder. Enter the room close by and take the ARMOR, LIFT
main room and attempt to activate the lift.

Get off the lift and kill the 9 Replicas that pop out of their cases. Take this
time to heal up with the many supplies scattered around the room, then plant 
any mines you have beside the shutter door between the 2 valves against the 
wall. Turn both valves and then take cover - a Power Armor's coming! This guy's
very nasty to deal with. You'll need to cook a shock grenade and throw it at 
him to temporarily disable him, then activate SlowMo and unload a shotgun mag
into him, then run away and reload when it recovers. After a few rounds of this
it will explode. Heal up and shut the remaining valve and activate the lift.

  7.6. MISSION 06 - Ruin

Replica activity ----------------- [ ]   Civilian threat ------------------ [ ]
Powered armor -------------------- [ ]   * Reflex Injector #5 ------------- [ ]

Get off the lift and go up the elevated area to the back of the room. Go up the
ladder against the crate and then go up the stairs. Head into the door 
directly ahead and pick up the COMBAT SHOTGUN and FRAG GRENADE. Go back to the
previous area and enter the door on the other side. Cross the catwalk and enter
the door. Pick up the REPLICA ACTIVITY (1/3) on the table, then jump on the 
table and crouch to go through the window to the next room. Turn left to find 2
FRAG GRENADES and a MEDKIT. Head back around and go the other way this time.

Head down the stairs and go through the door in the next room. Walk through the
ash figures for some fun, then turn left onto the street. When you hit a dead
end turn left into the alley and head through the door. Make your way down the
hallway and turn left. Shoot the lock off the door and turn right, then right
again to find a COMBAT SHOTGUN, some ARMOR and a FRAG GRENADE by the body. Turn
around and go through the door at the end of the hallway.

Make your way over the broken wall and you'll see what I call a Necromancer
appear in front of you. These guys are incredibly annoying if you don't know 
what to do with them, but I'll tell you now. From my experience, you do the 
most damage to them when they howl near you, causing your screen to go yellow -
at this point, activate SlowMo and blast away with a shotgun. Try it with this
one, or you can run past him if you want. There's some ARMOR on the car by the
bus. Go through the shattered windows and take the MEDKIT on the small table;
go into the office nearby for CIVILIAN THREAT (2/3).Take the COMBAT SHOTGUN and
ARMOR on the desk on the other side of the room after you kill the ghost there
(a single bullet will suffice). Lift the desk and head under the shutter to 
find some ARMOR, a MEDKIT and 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS. Go through the door and kill
the ghosts in this room, then head through the door at the other end. Kill the
ghost in the hallway and turn right and go up the stairs. Head into the door to
your right and into the next room. Make your way through the vent and continue
forth until you jump down outside. Go down the alley.

Continue down the street and climb over the rubble. Kill the napalm wielder and
the other 7 or so Replica here. The 'room' beside the airplane contains a
MEDICAL INJECTOR and a COMBAT SHOTGUN. Use the next room to the left for cover 
- it also contains ARMOR, 2 FRAG GRENADES and a MEDKIT. After they're dead, 
approach the windows and another napalm wielder and Replica will appear. Kill 
them and head through the windows. Pick up the MEDICAL INJECTOR and COMBAT
SHOTGUN ahead, and go up the stairs.

At the top there'll be 2 Replicas greeting you from the other side of the room.
Use the perfect bit of cover right ahead and kill them, then kill the other 2
Replica in the building across. At the far end of this room is a small area
which contains POWERED ARMOR (3/3) and REFLEX INJECTOR #5. Jump onto the
airplane's back and make your way to the other side. One of the Replica you
killed will drop a missile launcher; this is a recommended replacement for the
napalm cannon, but it's up to you. Go through the doorway and through the hole
in the wall. 

Shoot the electrical canister thing that's sparking up through the hole in the
ceiling. Go through the now accessible door and take the ARMOR, MISSILE 
LAUNCHER, PROXY MINE and 2 SHOCK GRENADES. These supplies should give you a 
hint of what's coming up, however it'll be easier than you think. Jump down the
hole further ahead, then quickly locate and shoot the canister on the power 
pole by the power armor to destroy it. Shoot a missile to kill the Replica
missile launcher user in the far building, then kill the other Replicas around
here with your guns (save about 8 missiles). Approach the opening and another 
power armor will appear; retreat into the buildings and continually shoot 
missiles at it from behind cover. It should be dead by the time you use up all 
your missiles. If not, use the good old shotgun strategy to finish it off. (If
you wasted your missiles earlier, check out the following paragraph for ammo

Patch yourself up with the MEDKIT, 2 SHOCK GRENADES and PROXY MINE if needed, 
then turn left and head towards the red glow to find a MEDICAL INJECTOR, 
SUBMACHINE GUN, 2 SHOCK GRENADES and some ARMOR. Go around the right side of 
the plane and enter the building for 3 SHOCK GRENADES a COMBAT SHOTGUN and some
ARMOR. Go up the stairs to find another ARMOR, 3 SHOCK GRENADES and a MISSILE
LAUNCHER. Jump down from the balcony to the other side of the live wires if you
don't mind losing a bit of health, or go back downstairs and get out from the
window. Walk along the dry land and go up the ladder, killing the Replica on 
the other side. Go to the other end of the balcony and jump down. Cross the
water area by sticking to the left and head towards the dumpster.

then go through the door. Turn left and walk over the rubble.

  7.7. MISSION 07 - Top

EPA Manual #1 -------------------- [ ]   EPA Manual #2 -------------------- [ ]
* Reflex Injector #6 ------------- [ ]

INJECTOR in front, and kill the Replicas in the next room. Take the EPA MANUAL 
#1 (1/2) on the desk and move through the next areas til you meet Stokes. Go up
the stairs nearby and headshot the sniper at the top. Take the SNIPER RIFLE 
ahead and stick by the door. There's a sniper in the building to your left. 
Kill him and Stokes will make a run for it. Another sniper will turn up in the 
same building, albeit to the right and lower down. Use the wall in front of you
to snipe the 3rd sniper in the building up ahead.

Another sniper lies in the building to the right. There's some ARMOR, a MEDICAL

After this point 3 enemies will flank you from the stairs. Kill them, and an 
APC will appear. Head down the stairs and around to find a MISSILE LAUNCHER and
a MEDICAL INJECTOR. Shoot missiles at the turret to destroy it. When the back
doors of the APC open, shoot a few more missiles to kill the Replicas coming
out and quickly duck, then kill the sniper in the building across.

Go into the door behind you and descend the stairs all the way to the bottom 
for a MEDKIT. Enter the door nearby and turn left to find a SNIPER RIFLE, 2
FRAG GRENADES and some ARMOR. Take out the sniper up ahead and any Replicas
down below and to your right. Head right and then go down the stairs.

Kill the enemies through the windows and head around the bend to see another
Replica coming out of a door ahead. Kill him and head into the courtyard. 
Several more Replica will appear, gun them down and pick up the MEDKIT, 2 FRAG
GRENADES and COMBAT SHOTGUN behind the wall. Go through the door where you saw
the Replica come out of and go down the stairs. Jump down to the lower level. 

There's a MEDICAL INJECTOR around the wall. Go through the door and head down 
the hallway, then turn left at the intersection and cross the room. Continue 
down the hallway and jump over the wall. Snipe the unsuspecting Replica, then 
kill the other enemies in the area. There's a HEALTH INJECTER, an ASSULT RIFLE,
an INCENDIARY GRENADE and a FRAG GRENADE in the corner across the area. Take 
them if you want, then climb into the power armor. Now this is where the fun 
begins! Here's a quick breakdown of the power armor: the power armor has 
unlimited ammo, however with normal shots you have to watch the temperature to 
make sure you don't overheat, otherwise you'll become paralyzed for a few 
seconds while the armor cools down. You also have thermal vision (V) and 
missiles (G). The armow is also not invincible, so keep an eye on its health. 
If you see your vision getting noisy, quickly kill off everything around you 
and let the armor stand for a while so it can self-repair. There is very little
to be afraid of whilst in the power armor but make sure you kill all heavily 
armored foes or armed foes (e.g. Replicas with missile launchers - you can spot
these by their green lasers) first, as they can pose a threat. If for some 
reason you want a challenge and choose not to use the power armor, there are 
supplies scattered around. However, due to the sheer number of enemies, it's 
recommended you use what you're given. Anyway, kill all the Replica in the area
and head through the gap to the next area.

Walk through the rubble and make your way into the next area, killing all the
enemies there - watch out for the missile launcher Replica on the roof. Go down
the alleyway and into the garage.

Kill all Replica here and then exit the power armor by holding E. On the 
elevated area opposite the door you came in are some ARMOR, an ASSAULT RIFLE, 
INJECTOR, 2 FRAG GRENADES and PROXY MINE under the stairs by the other door. 
The room at the top contains some ARMOR, EPA MANUAL #2 (2/2) and 
REFLEX BOOSTER #6. Go downstairs again and activate the manual override for the
door. Climb back into the power armor and go out into the alleyway. 

Kill the Replica on the balcony above and then turn left. You'll face a fellow
power armor here, but he's much easier now that you're his equal. Shoot some
missiles and blast away with your gun. Further down the street is another power
armor. Head into the building on the left and kill the many Replicas, and go up
the ramp to face a 3rd power armor. When they're all dead, get out of the armor
and take the MEDICAL INJECTOR and ASSAULT RIFLE by the door. Head into said 
door and go down the stairs. Shoot the padlock off the door and go through the
next door and into the alleyway.

Go up the steps and climb over the fence. Head down the alley and then through
the door on the right. Continue through the area til you meet up with Stokes. 
Jump down into the rubble and up the stairs. Approach Griffin and watch the 
scene. Go into the area on your left and through the door. Descend the ladder 
and get into the APC.

  7.8. MISSION 08 - Elementary

Conference request --------------- [ ]   School attendance ---------------- [ ]
Status report -------------------- [ ]   Event flyer ---------------------- [ ]
* Reflex Injector #7 ------------- [ ]

The main entrance is blocked, so examine the grates on the ground to its right
and shoot off the padlock. Jump down and enter the room through the window. 
Pick up the CONFERENCE REQUEST (1/4) on the ground and lift the bookshelf off
the door. Go down the hallway and turn left at the end. Head through the 
doorway and down the next hall. Go into the first room on your left to find
SCHOOL ATTENDANCE (2/4). Go back into the hallway and go all the way to the end
to find STATUS REPORT (3/4) on the ground. 2 PROXY MINES lie at the top of the
stairs. Return to the room you went into and follow Stokes across the rubble.
Head into the room and go out the other door. Walk along the wall in the 
hallway and shoot the ghost when you turn the corner. Follow Stokes again and
enter the door she stops in front of. Go through the door in front of you and
go down the hallway and into the music room. Head into the partitioned area of
the room and through the door.

A Necromancer is in the next room; wait for him to roar, then SlowMo and blast
away. When he's dead take the MEDKIT on the shelf on the other side of the room
and the ARMOR in the area behind the blackboard. Lift the cargo nearby and go
through the door. Slide the small bookshelf away and crawl through the space. 
Proceed through the room and enter the door.

The first alcove to your right hides a ghost. Continue forward and enter the
study hall to your right. Slide the small shelf away and pick up REFLEX 
INJECTOR #7. Now head down the hallway and turn the corner. From here on it 
will be difficult to see, but ghosts will periodically attack you so watch out
for them. Stick to the left wall and turn the corner and enter the computer
quickly jump through the window. Go through the double doors and head down the
hallway. Fend Alma off when she attacks and go around the corner to find 3
MEDICAL INJECTORS. Pick up the MEDKIT further ahead.

Go out into the courtyard and kill the Replicas coming out from the opposite
building. I'll bet you were never so glad to see them after the nightmare you
just experienced, hehe. Head into the doors they came out of to find an ASSAULT
RIFLE leaning on the pillar. Further ahead is a patrolling Replica, some ARMOR,
you'll notice that it's blocking your way, so your new objective is to get up 
to the second floor and shut the gas off. Head back into the courtyard.

The crashed chopper will reveal a power armor. Not hard, simply activate SlowMo
and unleash 5 missiles at him, and he'll die. If by some chance he doesn't, 
finish him off with any remaining missiles you might have or use the shock
grenade/shotgun strategy. Go up the ramp that the chopper conveniently made and
go into the room. Head into the hallway and enter the room directly ahead to
find EVENT FLYER (4/4). Get back into the hallway and go down it.

Turn the corner and go down the stairs to the right for a MEDKIT at the very
bottom. Head back up and go through the window, killing the 5 Replicas in the
next room. Take the ARMOR here and go out the other window. Kill the Replicas
that appear and proceed into the next indoor area.

Turn left and shut off the gas. Jump down and head out the window. To the left
is a MEDKIT - run for it just as the chopper blade comes down to avoid damage.
Nearby is a path in the rubble; go up it and jump down the hole to find 2 
MEDICAL INJECTORS and Keegan and Stokes. Approach them and fight off Alma again
to end the mission.

(NOTE: Some people have melee problems here as well with Alma. There are a few
options: 1) lower your screen resolution, 2) assign melee to a keyboard button
or two buttons so you can press them faster, 3) press the melee button slowly
and rhythmically, and 4) restart this level. For this fight you should also try
to look away from your allies to prevent the 'no friendly fire' rule from
blocking your attack on Alma. The rest of the tips above can be applied to any
other melee fight in the game, and you may need to apply more than one option
in order to succeed.)

  7.9. MISSION 09 - Nurse's Office

Updated schedule ----------------- [ ]   Student essay -------------------- [ ]
Supplements ---------------------- [ ]   Updated orders ------------------- [ ]
Info: Ladybugs ------------------- [ ]   Info: Bluebirds ------------------ [ ]
Dress code ----------------------- [ ]   Strange nightmares --------------- [ ]
Info: Treefrogs ------------------ [ ]   PARAGON manual ------------------- [ ]
* Reflex Injector #8 ------------- [ ]

Go out through the double doors and snipe the unsuspecting soldier, then kill
the half-dozen or so more than follow. An ASSAULT RIFLE lies beyond the double
doors to the right. Head straight ahead and pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN on the

Hide at the corner and then surprise the 3 enemies running this way. Kill the
other 2 further along and pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN on the low bookshelf if
you want. Turn left at the end of the hallway and past the lockers.

Wait for the Replicas to kill the ATC if you're lazy, and pick up the ARMOR on
the bench. Kill the 2 hammerhead wielders outside and their fellow Replica and
pick up the ASSAULT RIFLE lying to the right of the double doors. Go into the
doors to find some ARMOR and a HAMMERHEAD, as well as a MEDKIT and 2 PROXY
MINES at the end of the hallway. Head back out into the courtyard and go to the
basketball court. Shoot the lock off the gratings and jump down, and crawl into
the classroom. Go out the door and down the hallway, the jump down the rubble.

Stay hidden behind the wall and headshot the soldier that wanders into view
from behind the bookshelf. Kill the rest of the ATC here (I recommend planting
a mine or 2 by the hole in the wall, as they're prone to appearing from there).
There's a SUBMACHINE GUN on the left desk. Go through the door on the other 
side and continue til you reach the toilets. The girls' toilets contain an 
INCENDIARY GRENADE and a MEDKIT. Enter the boys' toilets and go through the
hole in the cubicle wall. Pick up UPDATED SCHEDULE (1/10) on the table, and 
head through the door. Go right and enter the room at the end to pick up a 
MEDICAL INJECTOR and STUDENT ESSAY (2/10) on the shelf. The ghosts here don't
attack you, so don't worry about them. Backtrack and go through the double 
doors opposite where you came from and up the stairs. Turn left and go down the

then go into the girls' toilets to find REFLEX INJECTOR #8 in a cubicle. 
There's another ARMOR in the art room further down the corridor. Go through the
door at the end and jump down and take the HAMMERHEAD. Kill the 2 Replica that
appear ahead, then activate SlowMo and kill the additional Replica as they come
down from the chopper. The music should stop when you've got all of them. Go
through the mesh door and around, up the steps and around the thumping building
to the vent against the wall. Jump onto it and go through the window at the 
end. Pick up and MEDKIT and go forth.

Kill the ATC behind the barn and use it for cover as you shoot down the Replica
forces in the room. There's some ARMOR on the ground behind the donkey and
another by the first bench with 2 FRAG GRENADES atop it. A HAMMERHEAD lies on a
bench further ahead. When you approach the bench the window on the roof will 
break - activate SlowMo immediately and kill the Replicas as they rappel down, 
and the ones that run out from the room ahead as well. When they're dead go 
into said room. You can either go left or right, both ways lead to the same
kitchen area. Kill the Replicas and the ATC that follow, then enter the storage
room at the back. Pick up the ASSAULT RIFLE and SUPPLEMENTS (3/10) and go
through the door.

Move around the room and jump down the hatch. Crawl through the small area 
nearby and head forward. Make your way through quickly - don't worry, there's
nothing of importance here that you might miss. When you reach the larger room,
be careful of the ghosts as they WILL hurt you. Cross the room to where the gas
is spraying and pick up the 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS if the ghosts got you, then
continue left and go around the back of the machines til you reach another 
tunnel area. Take the ARMOR to your left and head right.

Cross the room and approach the bright area, where a gas leak is cutting off
the way. Turn left at the flame and head past the machines to find the valve.
Turn it and then return to find your way blocked. Turn right at the blocked 
door and shoot the lock off the mesh door nearby. Now that you're in the main
room again, turn left to find the flame and topple the table. Jump down after
it and go up the stairs. Head past the flame-throwing thingie and continue
through the door, then turn left.

Go down the corridor and take the door at the end of it to find a MEDKIT. Go
down the corridor on the left and kill the soldiers ahead, and the ones in the
room on the right - there should be 6 total. Go through the room and pick up
UPDATED ORDERS (4/10) in the corner on the upended desk. Go left and take the
lying ahead if you wish, then call the elevator. 

Snipe the unsuspecting ATC here and the one that comes running from up ahead,
then take the SUBMACHINE GUN on the right and the 2 INCENDIARY GRENADES, 
HAMMERHEAD and ARMOR on the left. The office nearby contains an ASSAULT RIFLE
and INFO: LADYBUGS (5/10). Go down the hallway through the door and enter the
finance room on the right for INFO: BLUEBIRDS (6/10). The office next to it
contains a MEDKIT. Go to the end of the hallway and approach the door you saw
the ATC running towards to find that you need a cardkey for it. Enter the door
on the left instead.

Beyond the windows are 4 ATC. If you don't feel like moving, the sniper rifle
comes in handy when used with SlowMo. Just shuffle forward a bit so you can see
most of the room. Otherwise just go in with guns blazing. There's an ASSAULT
RIFLE on the table to the right. Go through the door at the other end use the
elevator at the end of the corridor.

In the room right ahead are a MEDICAL INJECTOR and an ASSAULT RIFLE; next to 
GUN. Further down the corridor are 2 INCENDIARY GRENADES and a SUBMACHINE GUN.
The area through the door to right of those supplies contain 2 MEDICAL 
INJECTORS and a HAMMERHEAD. The information services room contains a second 
MEDKIT and an ASSAULT RIFLE. Continue down the hallway and pick up the ARMOR by
the desk. Take the keycard to the left, then enter the Principal's room through
the window to pick up DRESS CODE (7/10) and STRANGE NIGHTMARES (8/10). 
Backtrack towards the elevator.

Along the way you'll meet the Necromancer Principal. He's just like the rest of
them - try not to get too close, especially if you're playing on hard because
he can kill you in 2 swipes with full armor or even one hit without armor. Just
use SlowMo and blast him when he's standing still, and if he runs into a room
wait for him to come out instead of chasing him as it's much easier that way.

When you're done, patch yourself up with the supplies and then activate the
elevator. Pry open the doors and fend off Alma, and jump down the shaft to
return to the floor you were at before. From here, make your way back to the
keycard-locked door and go through it.

Go into the door down the stairs and kill the ATC there. Head to the right of
the room and go up the steps to find some ARMOR and INFO: TREEFROGS (9/10).
There's also a SUBMACHINE GUN further along by the exit door. Go through that
door and go around the corner to find 4 ATC soldiers. After killing them, head
into the program coordinator office to find an ASSAULT RIFLE and PARAGON 
MANUAL (10/10). Pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN and ARMOR in the main room and then
enter the Nurse's office. Activate the program on the computer.

  7.10. MISSION 10 - Snake Fist

Elevator checklist --------------- [ ]   Supplemental notes --------------- [ ]
Cancellation --------------------- [ ]   PARAGON findings ----------------- [ ]
Recommendations ------------------ [ ]   Test results --------------------- [ ]
I.M. Transcript #4 --------------- [ ]   * Reflex Injector #9 ------------- [ ]

Exit the elevator when it stops and pick up the 2 PROXY MINES ahead. On one of 
the computer tables beyond is ELEVATOR CHECKLIST (1/7). There's a MEDKIT to 
your right, by the elevator. Now, there'll be a gunfight soon, and there's a
reason why the game gave you the mines. There are 3 places where enemies will
definitely go to: the red-lit doors, from where they will come out of, and the
ramp behind the elevator. Placing proxy mines there will rid you of several ATC
without you breaking a sweat. Once you're happy with your setup, go up the 
stairs nearby, take the SUBMACHINE GUN and FRAG GRENADE if wanted and enter the
room. There's an ARMOR by the sink. Activate the blue panel to override the 

A bunch of ATC will run in, about half a dozen or so. Stay in the room and use 
the window to kill them from, and duck if you need to reload or whatnot. Once 
they're dead head out and through one of the sliding doors (both lead to the
same room, although you have an opportunity to take out an unsuspecting ATC 
through the right door). Go through the next door and continue through the 
area. Pick up the MEDICAL INJECTORS by the broken window and jump down.

There're 3 ATC in the next room - you should be able to headshot one of them
unawares. Once they're dead head through the room and under the half-open door.
Head into the room right ahead and down the ladder to find SUPPLEMENT NOTES 
(2/7). Further along are 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS. Go back up and head out into the
corridor, and follow it til you reach a large area. Turn right and right again
and go down the ladder you see. In the room you come up to, there's a MEDICAL
INJECTOR directly ahead. Take the HAMMERHEAD by the computer and override the
lockdown. Go back down the ladder and back into the main room, then enter the
first room you see ahead with the half-open door. Inside are CANCELLATION 
(3/7) and a MEDICAL INJECTOR. Go down the ladder to find 2 PROXY MINES and 
REFLEX INJECTOR #9 (which can be taken when the arm lifts up). Head back into
the main room and go through the sliding door at the opposite side.

Head along the path and enter the room to your left to find PARAGON FINDINGS
(4/7). Snake Fist will oh-so-casually mention on the way that Aristide opened
the specimen cells, and you know what that means - yes, more monsters soon! Go
through the sliding door and take the ARMOR on the cart. Continue forth and
approach the ATC behind the glass.

Another fight with the ATC will commence. It's worth noting the yellow
explosives on the wall, which can be utilized most of the time. Throwing a mine
down among the cargo may also catch an ATC or 2, if you're lucky. After the 
first 3, go down the stairs and kill 2 more on your left. Go up the steps to
find a HAMMERHEAD and 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS, then enter the next room to fight 3
ATC. There's some ARMOR by the back of the stairs. Go up the stairs and when 
the ATC approaches the door, shoot the gas tank. Go up and kill the 3 ATC in
the area, utilizing the gas tanks on the wall across the room if you can. The
alcove to your right contains 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS and a FRAG GRENADE. Make your
way across the catwalk and into the room on the other side to find an ASSAULT
RIFLE and MEDICAL INJECTOR. Go down the stairs.

Enter the room and kill the 4 ATC here. Melee the glass cabinet holding 
RECOMMENDATIONS (5/7) and take it. Head through the sliding door nearby and
use the computer to start the decontamination process. 

Once the process completes, you will have a button-mashing fight with Vanek.
Spam the right mouse button, then click the left button when prompted to finish
him off. When he's dead make your way down the hallway. 

(NOTE: It seems that for some people, this part is a little glitched in that
Vanek doesn't get shot even when you press the left button. If this is the 
case, put a proxy mine in front of the door so that he gets blasted away when
the door opens. If this kills you too, try going at it with full armor and on
easy mode. If you still die, apply the options in the note written at the end
of the Mission 8 - Elementary part of this walkthrough.)

Pick up the MEDKIT just before the specimen room, and crouch and go in. Wait
for the 2 monsters you saw to come to you, then kill them. The monsters here
may not immediately come out of their cells as you pass, but passing will 
trigger their appearance. You can tell when they appear by the little lilting
noise that the game makes. I recommend you take your time here, because if you
run you may well end up with a dozen monsters on your trail which can be a 
major pain. A good idea is to start by passing the first row of cells, then 
running back into the corner by the entrance and kill the monsters that come 
out. Go up the nearest stairs and make your way around to the control room,
killing any monsters that pop out. Pick up the 3 SUBMACHINE GUNS, 2 INCENDIARY 
GRENADES and TEST RESULTS (6/7), then override the lockdown. Go back into the
main area and turn left to crawl through some newly-opened half-open door. Go 
into the armory on your right.

INCENDIARY GRENADES. Go back into the main corridor and follow it to find Snake
Fist AKA Terry. Pick up the MEDKIT and I.M. TRANSCRIPT #4 as you listen to him
speak, and then take the PULSE WEAPON when he offers it. Leave the room.

A good chance to try your new baby is just up ahead. Several Replicas will
cluster at the end of the corridor, so just send a pulse towards them and it
should fry everyone in its path. Mop up any survivors and go back into the hold
area. You won't have to worry about monsters because the Replica here will wipe
them out. Kill the dozen of them and go into the control room. You may have 
noticed the other door in this room, which was previously locked, but now 
there's a hole in it so go through. 

Kill the 3 Replica down in the next room and head through the room. Pick up the
ARMOR and NAPALM CANNON ahead and torch the Replica down below. From here you
may be able to torch a good number of Replica in this area. A couple will come 
out from the sliding door below while if you go to the very left of the balcony
you may be able to spot a Replica in another room, which you can also torch. 
Once you've had your fun jump down and make your way into the next room. You'll
probably notice here that you're back in the room with the ladders. Kill the
rest of the Replica here, and go down the corridor. Pick up the MEDKIT and 
ARMOR on the bench, then go through the sliding door.

I'll warn you now that there're 4 Assassins in this room. You can see them as
a green fuzzy shape when they're in invisible mode - shoot them and they'll
uncloak. Try not to let them get too close as they have a pretty damaging melee
attack, and use SlowMo if you're having trouble aiming. The office in front of
you contains some ARMOR. It is likely that 3 of them will attack you at first
and when you approach the elevator on the lower floor, the 4th will appear. 
Either way do away with them and call the elevator. When it opens you'll
receive a nasty surprise. Anyway activate the elevator when you're ready.

Once you get off the elevator headshot the unaware Replica in the room ahead 
and kill his buddy. Go through the room and down the corridor, killing the 2 
Replica by the door, then get into the APC. 

  7.11. MISSION 11 - Keegan

Auburn woes ---------------------- [ ]   Electrical hazard ---------------- [ ]
Line extension ------------------- [ ]   Supply report -------------------- [ ]
Laser manual --------------------- [ ]   * Reflex Injector #10 ------------ [ ]

You'll start the mission off in the APC's turret - go trigger-happy here, 
there's no ammo count, although you still have to keep an eye on your health as
well as the meter on the turret's screen. 

When it's all clear approach Keegan, then crawl underneath the wire gap by 
holding E. Make your way through the rooms til you reach a train track. Go down
the tunnel and an Assassin will pop up. Kill him if you can (don't worry if you
aren't fast enough) and go through the arch in the wall to the next area. Take
the ASSAULT RIFLE in the garbage to the right of the train, then jump up onto
the platform to its left. Go into the corner to pick up a MEDKIT. The Assassin
attacked me just past the gate by the medkit, so watch out for it if you 
haven't already killed it. Pick up the ARMOR on the seat and jump over the 
entry bar nearby. Kill the 2 Assassins that appear and the go into the ticket
office to find an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN and AUBURN WOES (1/5). Go up the escalator
and kill the 2 Assassins upstairs. Take the AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN and 3 FRAG
GRENADES by the wall in the middle section.

In the adjacent area turn right and kill the 2 Assassins that appear from
behind. Go down the escalator to find some ARMOR and REFLEX INJECTOR #10. Go
back up and head to the other side of the room. Lift the vending machine and
take the 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS scattered around here, then turn the corner and
take the ELECTRICAL HAZARD (2/5) by the skeleton. There's some ARMOR on the
rubble on the tracks. Head down the tunnel and kill the Assassin, then nudge
along the rubble by the police car and headshot one of the Replica there. Kill
the other one and then approach the door. A Hammerhead wielder and 2 friends 
will burst out. There're some gas tanks nearby for your use. Go into the door.

Go around the corner and shoot the voltage box behind the Replica for an 
instant kill. Turn right and another few Replica should appear. The one in the
room on your right can be killed via voltage box. There's also a MEDKIT on the
shelf nearby. Hover by the doorway by the table and kill the unaware Replica. 
If you stay hidden behind the slab of concrete, another unaware Replica will
rush out upon hearing his comrade's death. Head left and you'll encounter
several more Replica on the elevated area. Move around and go up the steps and
kill the rest of them. Beside the rows of machinery are some ARMOR and a 
HAMMERHEAD. Make your way around to the catwalk.

Follow the path and go down the ladder at the bottom. Follow Keegan to the
power control room and turn off the power. Fend off the ghosts and go down the
yellow stairs, then make another right and kill the ghosts. Behind the shelf to
the right of the doorway is a MEDKIT. Go into the doorway and make your way
through this ghost-filled room and into the next area.

Eventually you'll come out to another railroad. Jump into the train and out the
other side. There're 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS and a PISTOL in the area behind the
train. On the other platform, there're 2 MEDICAL INJECTORS, a PISTOL and a 
HAMMERHEAD up the steps. Enter the train here to find LINE EXTENSION (3/5). Go
through the door at the top of the stairs and continue straight to find some
ARMOR, 2 INCENDIARY GRENADES and an ASSAULT RIFLE. Backtrack a little and go
down the stairs.

Headshot the unaware Replica in the next room and kill the other half-dozen or
so around this area. There are loads of explosives though, so try to use them.
Once you're done go up the stairs on the left and take the AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN
and PISTOL if you want. Head down the corridor.

Take the MEDKIT and go up the ladder at the end to come face to face with a
bunch of Replicas. The office to your right contains an ARMOR and a HAMMERHEAD
lies on a seat. Cross the rail via the train and kill the rest of the Replicas 
on the other side. Make your way to the other end.

Now here's my favorite part. Switch off the electricity and wait til you see
the Replicas. Turn it back on and wait til they're all electrocuted, and voila,
problem solved! Don't forget to turn it off again before you jump in. Take the
LASER and INCENDIARY GRENADE before you and go down the tunnel. 

Go through the blasted-open wall and down into the room. Take the SUPPLY
REPORT (4/5) on the table and make your way through the room til you end up

Jump over the wall (but don't move from your landing spot) and go left along 
the tracks. Enter the door to find a MEDKIT. Continue through til you see a
train, and hop inside and make your way through to the other side. 

Behind where you come out of the train is some ARMOR. Approach the lit area and
you should be able to headshot one of the Replicas in the coffee shop. Another
half a dozen or so Replicas will emerge; use the partition for cover. There's
a MEDKIT, 2 FRAG GRENADES and something sort of gas tank that I accidentally
discovered in the cafe kitchen that can be used to your advantage. When they're
dead go around to the other side of the room and through the door. 

The mesh door to your right leads to some ARMOR and a PROXY MINE. Head left and
jump over the rubble. There're a couple of Replicas in the next room, you might
be able to take them by surprise or maybe not. Either way there's a gas tank on
the trolley near the entrance to this room so try not to stand there. There's
an ASSAULT RIFLE on the left, a PROXY MINE on the bench to the right and a 
MEDKIT and 2 PROXY MINES in the ticketing booth. There's also a HAMMERHEAD and
a SHOCK GRENADE out by the other wall. There's a laser-wielder and 2 more
Replicas down the corridor. The easiest way to deal with them is to activate
SlowMo, run out, shoot the voltage box on the wall beside them to paralyze
them, and then spam laser until they die. Head past where they were and turn 
right to find an ASSAULT RIFLE and 3 INCENDIARY GRENADES. Enter the door behind

Head through this room and you'll emerge in a subway area. Turn right and jump
over the yellow handrails, then quickly make your way across the track and hide
behind the piece of wood. A train will randomly appear and crush a number of
Replicas, making your job easier. Get up onto the left platform and enter the
enmeshed area to find an ASSAULT RIFLE, a PISTOL and a PROXY MINE. Go upstairs
Enter the dingy backroom for LASER MANUAL (5/5). Go out the door to the catwalk
and kill the Replicas on the other side. Jump onto the train and onto the other

Go up the stairs and kill the Replica that appears, then enter the door he came
from. Make your way out into another subway section and continue right to end
the mission.

  7.12. MISSION 12 - Epicenter


* Reflex Injector #11 ------------ [ ]

Go up the stairs and kill the Replica outside. If any Replicas hide behind a
car, shoot the car a few times to make it explode. 

it, so replace it temporarily with something easy to regain, like the assault
rifle or shotgun). There's also a MEDICAL INJECTOR nearby. Hug the left wall
and you'll see the red scope of a sniper ahead. Nudge right until you 
crosshairs turn red and kill him. Move on.

Just ahead are another SNIPER RIFLE and some ARMOR. Move forward a bit a 2
Replicas will appear. Kill then and enter the room to the left for a FRAG
Several more Replica will appear on the other side, as well as a sniper, so you
would probably be best staying inside this room and using it for cover. Another
SNIPER RIFLE lies on the hood of the car nearby, if you need it. Once you've 
taken care of all of them, cross to the other side and kill the other sniper. 

Quickly enter the small room on your left and kill the Replicas coming out of
LASER for your use here. Once you've killed all 4 of them approach the 

When you enter the door a laser-wielder will burst out of the double doors in
front of you. I still had a pulse weapon with me so I simply shot a pulse into
him and he died. A laser works just as well, combined with SlowMo, otherwise 
try to find some cover and toss some grenades or try to snipe him from afar if
you're desperate. Either way when he's dead pick up the ARMOR, 2 PROXY MINES
and REFLEX BOOSTER #11 in this room and head through the double doors. Make 
your way through the theatre and out onto the street. Turn the corner to find
an ARMOR and continue down the road.

Shoot the canister on the power pole and enter the power armor. As usual, if
you want a challenge and decide not to use the armor, there are supplies 
scattered around to support you. Go down the street and kill everything - note 
that all the bright collisions mean the arrival of a power armor, so save your
missiles for them. Turn left and you'll encounter 3 power armors all shortly 
after one another. If you're low on health, you may want to take a rest before 
you proceed. Further down the street you'll meet another power armor which is
the same model as yours and thus harder to take down. Aim some rockets at him
and he should go down soon enough. Once you kill him and his friends you can 
exit the armor and go through the hole in the wall. Make your way through the 
rubble until you come out to a street.

Don't worry about the ghosts here, just go down the street. Follow Keegan down
into the rubble and make your way down until you see him again. At this point
jump down into the hole behind him.

  7.13. MISSION 13 - Approach

Replica brochure 1 --------------- [ ]   STS guidelines ------------------- [ ]
Transfer notice ------------------ [ ]   Replica brochure 2 --------------- [ ]
Project roster ------------------- [ ]   Replica brochure 3 --------------- [ ]
Replica brochure 4 --------------- [ ]   * Reflex Injector #12 ------------ [ ]

Jump down the pipes and pick up the ARMOR, ASSAULT RIFLE and HAMMERHEAD in this
room. Make your way through the corridors until you end up in a huge room. Turn
right and jump when the catwalk collapses a little, then enter the next room.
On your way across the catwalk you may notice a ladder to your left. You can 
jump down here to find an area that contains a PROXY MINE, a FRAG GRENADE, some
ARMOR and a LASER. Head back out onto the catwalk and this time use the 
mountain of rubble nearby to get down to the lower level. 

Continue forward and pick up the REPLICA BROCHURE 1 (1/7) on the ground. Turn
the corner and you'll encounter 4 Replicas without helmets, showing what they
really look like. At the same time this also makes them very vulnerable to
headshots which makes them quite a bit easier to handle than usual. There are
also lots of explosives, notably beside the pods they come out of. Approach the
tram when you're done.

Take the STS GUIDELINES (2/7) on the ground just before the tram, then board 
it. There's a MEDKIT and ARMOR near the control panel, though I recommend you
leave the armor alone if you have half or more of your armor bar intact. Start
the tram via the control panel.

Now the hardest fight in the whole game begins! For this first part, plant a
few mines in the covered area next to the control panel, as Replicas will come
in from here at some point during the fight. A mine or two on the opposite end
of the tram may also help, but that's optional. A few moments into the tram
ride, Replicas will attack you from the side - try to get rid of them while
they're on the other side so that fewer get onto your tram. Be careful that
there are quite a lot of them. I found that staying by the control panel was a
decent place, as the explosion of my mines would warn me of enemies coming from
the other car while I could also utilize the cover to kill the enemies that 
get onto the tram from the other side. The only time you'd need to move was if 
they toss a grenade. 

After you kill them, the beginning of another wave will start. For this I
recommend staying somewhere near the middle, where you can see the enemies 
coming from the other car and you can kill the Replicas as they rappel down in
front of you. Whenever you see a rope descend, kill the Replica as quickly as
you can before they drop down. Keep an eye on both sides and heal as necessary.

The third part begins with your blue car about to get crushed. If you're not in
the blue car, this won't apply to you. If you are, quickly run to the area 
where the cars join and climb up by pressing E. Kill the Replicas on the other
side and then take cover in the middle area, killing the horde of Replicas that
come from the area that used to be the blue car. There're 2 FRAG GRENADES and
a MEDKIT on this car.

Finally you'll be asked to find the control panel on this car and regain 
control of the tram. After you do this the tram will crash and you'll land in
a new area. 

Approach Keegan and go up the ladder on the left. Take the TRANSFER NOTICE 
(3/7) on the ground and go up the stairs into the next room, where an Assassin
will attack. Kill it and go down the hall. Descend the nearby ladder to find
REPLICA BROCHURE 2 (4/7), then go back up and go down the stairs. Go down the
next set of stairs and enter the space in the wall. Follow the path and you'll
come out to an area above where you were before, with a MEDKIT, a PROXY MINE
and an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN as well as an Assassin. Kill it and take what you 
need, then drop down to where you saw Keegan. Continue forth and you'll see
another Assassin, though you may or may not be fast enough to kill it before it
dashes away. Follow the path and go up the ladder. Pick up the PULSE WEAPON and
PROJECT ROSTER (5/7) in the next room and go through the double doors. 

As always the goal is to follow Keegan, but before you do that go down the 
ladder on the lower floor to find REPLICA BROCHURE (6/7). Use the control panel
at the base of the platform to lower it and then quickly go up the ramp and get
across the platform to the other side. There's a LASER, PROXY MINE, FRAG
GRENADE and MEDICAL INJECTOR here. Go up the stairs and move across the
platform to the left. Kill the 4 Assassins that attack, then jump down onto the
catwalk. Turn right and go down then up the ladders to find REFLEX INJECTOR 
#12. Return to the catwalk and go down the ladder near the middle. There are 2
Assassins in this area as well as an ARMOR, a SHOCK GRENADE and a PISTOL on the
other side of the room. Lower the platform and use it to get to the other side,
where another Assassin will attack. Climb down the ladder and onto the catwalk,
at the end of which 2 Assassins await. Walk into the white light and open the
double doors after Keegan rejects you. Take the MEDKIT and climb down the
ladder - watch out for the Assassin that appears at the top. Follow the tunnel
and pick up the ARMOR and the REPLICA BROCHURE 4 (7/7) under the stairs in the 
next room. Go up these stairs.

Take the SNIPER RIFLE (you'll need it) and open the door. Take cover behind the
machine and kill the first sniper whose scope you spot. Nudge over and kill the
other 2 snipers. Enter the room; if you have any mines left, plant some near 
the door. Pick up the SNIPER RIFLE and INCENDIARY GRENADE a little ahead. 
There'll be a 3rd sniper on your left, however he can be killed by normal means
if you can't be bothered hiding. Cross the tram and jump down to where the 

Go up the ladder and head left. Further left are 4 snipers - you can either
snipe them or use a medium-distance weapon, like the Hammerhead or laser. Take
the SNIPER RIFLE and SHOCK GRENADE on the way and climb up the ladder in the
middle of the catwalk. Release the cargo.

Heaps of Replica will stream in from the door you entered from and the double
doors to the right. Where you are is a good spot to fight from, however bullets
seem to penetrate through the cover so you may find it easier to go down. I 
just combined sniper rifle with SlowMo which worked fine. Sniper rifle without
SlowMo is just a waste of time unless you're very good with it. 

Once they're all dead, continue forward on the catwalk and take the ASSAULT
RIFLE leaning against the cargo. Go down the stairs to the lower floor and pick
up the ARMOR. Jump down onto the ground floor and activate the tram. 

When the tram stops, get onto the platform and resist Alma when she attacks.
Navigate through the cargo, fending Alma off when she attacks again. When you
get to the elevator, take the MEDKIT nearby and activate it. Alma will attack
for the final time, so fight her off to end the mission.

  7.14. MISSION 14 - Climax

Containing Alma ------------------ [ ]   Situation update ----------------- [ ]
Power flow ----------------------- [ ]   Music box ------------------------ [ ]
Emergency shutdown --------------- [ ]   * Reflex Injector #13 ------------ [ ]

Make your way through the room and into the door. Once the scene's over, exit
the elevator and make your way through the room again. This time you'll have to
jump on the crates to get through to the courtyard. Go into the mesh door and
jump down the hole. Get into the pipe and keep going to the other side.

Kill the unaware Replica that climbs down the ladder, then climb out of the
pipe. Take the SNIPER RIFLE, REFLEX INJECTOR #13 and ARMOR. Kill the 2 more
Replicas that run in. In the next room you'll encounter about a dozen or so 
Replicas - I recommend using the pillar/low wall on the left for cover. When 
you're done head forward and up the ramp. Take the ARMOR and kill the Replicas
ahead. Make your way around to find Manny. Soon he'll motion for you to enter
the APC and get on the turret. Woot, fun time!

For the first part the enemies will be straight ahead, most of the filing out
of the doors in the middle. There're, conveniently, several explosives there so
that makes the work quicker. Once they stop coming out, turn left and kill the
Replica with the missile launcher and his buddies. From there on they'll mostly
come from the left. When this wave is dead as well, a few more will run in from
the balcony on the top right to end the fight. (To tell the truth, during this
fight Manny quickly became my favorite character, hands down.) Afterwards 
Stokes will open the door, so go in and press the button. Leave the chamber
after the airlock is released.

Pick up CONTAINING ALMA (1/5) on the keyboard of the computer, then enter the
elevator with Stokes. Activate it to go up to the next floor. When it stops,
head into the middle of the room to find SITUATION UPDATE (2/5) on the ground.
Go up the steps and pick up POWER FLOW (3/5) on the other side of the room. 
Enter the chamber and cycle the airlock. Make a left when you get out and pick
up MUSIC BOX (4/5) in front of the 3rd chamber. Don't worry, this is the last

EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN (5/5) lies directly in front of upon exiting the chamber.
Enter the main room and head left when the path opens. Extend the bridge and
get into the chair. 

Simply run for the switch the first time. The second time the switch is a bit
further away and you'll have to fight copies of Keegan, which requires SlowMo.
Shutdown the machine when you get there to enter the third stage. Head left
for the machine, killing the copies on the way. In the fourth round just dash
right and run for the machine whilst in SlowMo to engage in a button-spam
battle with Keegan. Like with Vanek, when the appropriate time comes click the
fire button to kill him. 

Now simply watch the ending, and wait for FEAR 3! You've deserved it.

  \\ 8. Intel/Booster List                                            [INBL]//

These are listed in order of when they're found, so they have a fairly obvious
sequence. A piece of intel of a higher number will definitely be further along
the level than a piece of intel of a lower number. Therefore, if you find that
you've skipped one, you'll need to do some backtracking.

If you wish to start the game afresh to collect all the intel/boosters in one
playthrough, delete your F.E.A.R. 2 save from your My Documents folder. 


Intel list:

1. Security concern - Behind the reception desk when you join your team.
2. I.M. transcript #1 - In the left corner from where you split up with Stokes.
3. Bad news - Just past where you split up with Stokes.
4. Good luck - On the table in the room after the glass corridor.
5. Termination notice - On the kitchen counter in the room with the staircase.
6. To-Do list - On the ground in the hallway after the ATC atop the stairs.
7. Info: Sgt. Becket - In the alcove behind the secret door.
8. Info: Sgt. Keegan - In the alcove behind the secret door.


Intel list:

9. Memo: M. Becket - On the wall by the door of the room you start off in.
10. Info: 1SG Griffin - Down the hall from the 1st room, in a room on the left.
11. Info: SGT Jankowski - In the room through the toilet of Recovery 106.
12. Surgical notes - In the room at the end of the right fork at the junction.
13. Check the news - In the room right ahead when you ascend the stairs.
14. Urgent warning - Past the fenced area in the 2nd lab you come across.
15. Info: 1LT Stokes - In the women's toilet in the area you jump down to.
16. Diode implants - Behind a desk a few rooms past the swipe-door.
17. Admitting patients - In the room to the right after prying the elevator.
18. Evaluation report - In the room through the vent in the elevator room.
19. T.A.C. overview - On the handrails of the fire escape stairs.

Reflex injector location:

#1. After picking up the keycard, backtrack to another locked swipe-door that
leads to the room containing the injector.


Intel list: 

20. Demolition plan - In the first room atop the stairs.
21. I.M. Transcript #3 - On the ground past the burning room.
22. I.M. Transcript #2 - In the comp room near where the talking soldiers are.
23. Op guidelines - Between the bookshelves where you first see the monster.

Reflex injector location:

#2. In the bathroom near where the flamethrower guy was (beside the vending


Intel list:

24. Info: SGT Fox - In the nearest x-ray room (doors open by default).
25. Info: SGT Morales - On a table in an office past the half-open x-ray doors.
26. Harbinger Failures - By the dead nurse before the monster attacks you.
27. Schedule change - In the room after escaping from the burning catwalks.
28. Info: P. Fettel - In the storage area near the gas valve.

Reflex injector location:

#3. When you see the ATC soldier get into an elevator to your right, go down 
the stairs to your left to find it on a table.


Intel list:

29. Replica upgrades - In the first room on the left in the hallway.
30. Testing reminder - In the room above the telepathic commander monster.
31. Combat testing - In the first lab room with 3 monsters in it.
32. Threat report - Up the ladder in the room with the Replicas vs ATC. 
33. Lift problems - In the room behind the ladder in the lift area.

Reflex injector location:

#4. In the room blocked by the first flame you see (after the first monster).
Turn the valve in the room opposite the psychic commander and then backtrack 
here to find it.


Intel list:

34. Replica activity - In the room directly after the catwalk.
35. Civilian threat - In an office near the Necromancer.
36. Powered armor - At the far end of the room where you jump onto the plane.

Reflex injector location:

#5. Found next to Intel #36.


Intel list:

37. EPA Manual #1 - On a desk near the very beginning of the level.
38. EPA Manual #2 - In the office above the stairs, by the override switch.

Reflex injector location:

#6. Found next to Intel #38. 


Intel list:

39. Conference request - In the first room you enter, on the ground. 
40. School attendance - In the first room on the left after the rubble.
41. Status report - At the very end of the hallway after the rubble.
42. Event flyer - In the room opposite the hallway after the chopper ramp.

Reflex injector location:

#7. In the study hall on the right side of the hallway where the black/white 
sequence begins. Slide away the shelf to get to it.


Intel list:

43. Updated schedule - In the room through the hole in the boys' toilets.
44. Student essay - In one of the rooms from the corridor after the hole.
45. Supplements - In the storage room after the barn.
46. Updated orders - On the upended desk just before the first elevator.
47. Ladybugs info - In the office after the elevator.
48. Bluebirds info - In the finance room near the aforementioned office.
49. Dress code - In the principal's office.
50. Strange nightmares - In the principal's office.
51. Treefrog info - In the room just after the keycard-locked door.
52. PARAGON manual - In the office next to the nurse's office.

Reflex injector location:

#8. In the girls' toilets just after you see Alma melting 2 ATC soldiers and
just before the outdoors battle with Replicas on the roof.


Intel list:

53. Elevator checklist - On a computer table in the first room.
54. Supplemental notes - Down the first ladder you see.
55. Cancellation - In the room with the moving machinery.
56. PARAGON findings - On the ground in the room with the specimen chair.
57. Recommendations - In a glass cabinet in the room before encountering Vanek.
58. Test Results - In the specimen hold control room.
59. I.M. Transcript #4 - In Snake Fist's room.

Reflex injector location:

#9. In the room with the moving machinery, down the ladder. Wait til the arm's
up before you grab it.


Intel list:

60. Auburn woes - In the ticket office where you first meet 2 Assassins.
61. Electrical hazard - In the area after lifting the vending machine.
62. Line extension - In the second train in the area with 2 trains.
63. Supply report
64. Laser manual

Reflex injector location:

#10. Just before lifting the vending machine, go down the escalator in this 
area to find it.


Reflex injector location:

#11. In the room that the laser-wielder bursts into.


Intel list:

65. Replica brochure 1 - In the room after the mountain of rubble.
66. STS guidelines - On the ground just before the first tram.
67. Transfer notice - Up the ladder past Keegan's location after the tram ride.
68. Replica brochure 2 - Down the ladder in the room after the first Assassin.
69. Project roster - In the room where you find the pulse weapon.
70. Replica brochure 3 - Down the ladder past the base of the first platform.
71. Replica brochure 4 - Under the stairs in the room before the snipers.

Reflex injector location:

#12. After encountering the 4 Assassins on the first platform, jump down onto
the catwalk and turn right. Go down the ladder and then up the next one to find


Intel list:

72. Containing Alma - On the keyboard of the computer where you meet Stokes.
73. Situation update - In the middle of the room after the elevator.
74. Power flow - Just before the 2nd airlock chamber.
75. Music box - Just before the 3rd airlock chamber.
76. Emergency shutdown - Directly ahead after exiting the 3rd airlock chamber.

Reflex injector location:

#13. Directly ahead after emerging from the pipe.

  \\ 9. Weapon List                                                   [WEPN]//

  - F i r e a r m s


"The Patten PK470 is a gas operated, selective fire assault rifle that is
celebrated for its ruggedness and dependability. It features an ACOG scope and
30-round magazine. It has superior range and excellent stopping power.

Use the Arsenal Selection interface to toggle between semi-auto and fully
automatic fire."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 4 - Withdrawal
VERDICT: An excellent gun that has a good balance between fire speed and power.
At first you probably won't be able to keep it for long due to the scarcity of
the ammo, but later on it will most likely replace the submachine gun as your 
main weapon.


"The Vollmer Ultra92 is a gas operated, self loading automatic 12-gauge 
shotgun. It features a 12-round detachable box mag. For short to medium range
firefights, the Ultra92 is a superior choice."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 5 - Replica
VERDICT: A shotgun like any other, with a tad more range than its sibling the
combat shotgun. The larger mag is also good, as is the automatic reloading. 
However it is rather lacking in power, and you'll notice the difference 
especially at close range. Use this weapon if you want, but ultimately the
combat shotgun is still superior. 


"The SHO Series-3 is a manually operated pump-action repeating 10-gauge combat
shotgun. It has an eight-round tubular magazine and smooth bore modified choke
barrel. While the Series-3 has a limited range and penetration and modest rate
of fire, it is devastating at close range."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 2 - Awakening
VERDICT: Your typical shotgun - deadly at close range, not so deadly at 
mid-range, and completely useless when the enemy's any further than halfway
across the room. Effective on heavily armored enemies and a 1HKO for the rest
if you use SlowMo to get close first. However, later in the game the heavily
armored enemies get better weapons that make it difficult to get up close, so
it may not be a good idea to use this gun against them unless you have a load 
of SlowMo to abuse.


"The Armacham HV Hammerhead is the successor to the HV Penetrator. Firing
hardened 14mm depleted uranium spikes, the Hammerhead is devestatingly 
effective against armored targets. Its stability and high rate of fire are
offset by its considerable weight."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 8 - Elementary
VERDICT: An excellent all-round weapon that is penetrative, effective at almost
all ranges and has a quick rate of fire. Ammo is fairly uncommon, however, so 
it is best saved as a secondary firearm.


"The 1.7 kW Shark FL-3 Laser employs neodymium-doped glass amplified by 
solid-state, heat-capacity technology. The FL-3 cuts easily through armor,
making it highly effective against hard targets. The Shark's size does reduce
operator mobility, so this should be taken into account before the weapon is

FIRST FOUND: Mission 11 - Keegan
VERDICT: Very useful against heavily armored enemies and has a decent range.
However it has a slow startup so it may be more effective to 'spray' it rather
than zap one guy, stop, zap another guy, etc.


"The Andra SR5 is a man portable missile launcher that can be deployed against
hard targets and heavily armed opponents at a variety of ranges. A soft-launch
signature limits the operator's exposure to infrared and visual detection, thus
increasing survivability. The SR5 is ideal for enegaging hard targets and 
groups of hostiles."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 6 - Ruin
VERDICT: Probably the cutest missile launcher you've ever seen. Very useful
when faced with multiple enemies, and even powered armor suits go down 
relatively quickly when you have this on hand. This missile launcher will 
probably replace the napalm cannon as your power weapon when you pick it up.


"The Balzer LM10 fires bursts of ignited napalm, making it extremely useful in
situations where indiscriminate firepower must be brought to bear on multiple
hostiles. Collateral damage when using this weapon is unavoidable. A superior
weapon for close-in engagements, though care must be used to avoid operator

FIRST FOUND: Mission 3 - Discovery
VERDICT: Great for toasting multiple enemies at once, especially when there are
a lot of them. Unfortunately the range is poor and will require going up-close
to make sure enemies get toasted properly. Useful weapon to keep in your 
inventory should the need to use it ever arise.


"The Seegert ACM46 9mm is a recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic 
pistol with an impact resistant polymer frame and stainless steel slide. It 
comes standard with tritium sights and an 18-round magazine. It is reasonably
accurate and has commendable stopping power but limited effective range."

FIRST FOUND: Given at the start of the game
VERDICT: Chances are you won't even use this gun much since you receive the
submachine gun at the same time, but if you feel like you want to use a gun
with more impact then this is your option for the time being. The relatively 
slow firing speed and lack of power makes this gun rather useless so don't 
hesitate to replace it with something better, unless you really like it.


"Armacham's Type-12 prototype fires pulses of superheated coherent energy
capable of evaporating the soft tissue of organisms within several meters of
the burst. A major shortcoming of the current design is the DPF reactor's 
limited yield, severely limiting the number of times the weapon can be 
discharged before it is fully depleted. Pulses gradually decelerate due to
atmospheric resistance and destabilize violently after a short interval."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 10 - Snake Fist 
VERDICT: Reminiscent of the Type-7 Particle Weapon in F.E.A.R., this firearm
also fires energy, but in a much less stable and slower way. Best used against
large groups of enemies clumped in a line, and must be shot with a certain
degree of accuracy so that you don't completely miss the target due to the
energy pulse's slow movement. Since you only get it twice, use it to your 
heart's content and then toss it.


"The Raab KM50 is a semi-automatic box magazine fed rifle chambered for .50 
BMG. The weapon has a precision cyrogenically stress-relieved barrel, a smooth
match trigger and a 10x fixed power scope suitable for extreme distances. 
Penetration is also exceptional with this weapon, making it ideal for armored
targets. The slow rate of fire makes it most suited for situations in which the
operator has time to evaluate and engage potential targets at stand-off 

FIRST FOUND: Mission 7 - Top
VERDICT: Excellent sniper rifle that more or less is always a 1HKO. Really only
useful against other snipers (e.g. during the mission that it's found), or when
the enemies are unaware or aren't moving around very much. 


"The Andra FD-99 is a lightweight, selective fire submachine gun (SMG) that
fires from a closed bolt. The short barrel and folding stock make it ideal for
close-quarters combat. It is a reliable, easily controlled weapon that fires a
low recoil pistol caliber cartridge. Comes equipped with a reflex sight and
high capacity magazine. 

Use the Arsenal Selection inferface to toggle between 3-round burst and fully
automatic fire."

FIRST FOUND: Given at the start of the game
VERDICT: Very useful primary weapon with a high fire rate that makes up for its
low power. If not aimed specifically for the head, enemies can take anywhere 
from 5-50 bullets to kill (especially if you spray). Nevertheless the low 
recoil makes it more accurate when fired continuously. Later on the SMG will
probably be replaced by more powerful guns, e.g. the assault rifle.

  - E x p l o s i v e s


"The N6A3 Fragmentation Grenade is a steel bodied sphere designed to burst into
numerous fragments when detonated. Composition "B" plastic explosives packed
inside the grenade provide its explosive power. The weapon has an effective 
kill radius of 5 meters and is useful against entrenched or defiladed 

FIRST FOUND: Mission 2 - Awakening
VERDICT: The good ol' frag grenade, great for flushing out enemies or taking 
out a large group within a small area. Useful to keep at least a couple on you
for extended fights.


"The R3 grenade contains thickened polyphoric agent (TPA), which ignites when
it contacts air and burns at approximately 1200 degrees Celsius. The R3 is
devastating to soft targets caught within its blast radius."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 4 - Withdrawal
VERDICT: This grenade would probably be more useful if you let it cook in your
hand for a bit first so that it detonates quicker. Its radius of effect isn't
very large and enemies are usually smart enough to run away when you throw
something, so its usefulness is limited.


"The AT-L4 is triggered to detonate when a hostile moves within a preset radius
of the weapon. Primarily an anti-personnel device, the AT-L4 is comprised of a
plastic explosive matrix embedded with steel shot. The weapon is highly
effective in a defensive posture, both reducing enemy strength and providing
the operator with warning of an impending attack. The Proximity Grenade is 
armed when deployed and will "stick" to most any surface it comes into contact

FIRST FOUND: Mission 5 - Replica
VERDICT: Good for defense or can be used as a trap if you're sure enemies will
come your way. Not very useful in passing battles as the enemies won't last
long enough to fall into your traps, but can greatly help when tossed around in
an extended battle or when you know enemies will be coming.


"The Armacham XS Shock Grenade was designed to temporarily disable organic and
electromechanical targets. When detonated, it releases a localized 
electromagnetic pulse to disrupt electrical systems as well as a concussive
wave to stun living targets without causing physical injury."

FIRST FOUND: Mission 4 - Withdrawal
VERDICT: Useful, if you can aim it right. Almost mandatory during fights with 
Power Suits, as they can cripple them for periods of time, allowing you to 
blast away at it before it recovers. Be sure to keep a stash of these with you
whenever possible and try not to waste them.

  \\ 10. Item List                                                    [ITML]//


These look like reflex injectors, but are red in color. They are an on-the-spot
source of HP recovery, usually found after long and hard battles to fill up
your HP in case you don't have any medkits left. You can't take these with you
so use these first before you hit the medkits. Also sometimes dropped by 


Medkits are a portable source of HP recovery and you can carry a maximum of 3
with you at any time. They are uncommon and are usually in out-of-the-way 
spots, but they turn up quite regularly so it shouldn't be too much trouble to
find one.


Much more obviously effective than in F.E.A.R - collecting these will fill up
your armor bar which serves as an extra bar of HP. In most cases damage taken 
will take off the armor bar before it affects your HP bar, so make sure you 
pick up all the armor you find.


The only stat boosters in F.E.A.R. 2 are these, and they work the same way as 
in the first game - each injector permanently increases your maximum SlowMo 
time. A total of 13 to be found.


These are floppy disk-like objects that are added to your PDA when you pick 
them up. They contain various types of information that contribute to the back
story of F.E.A.R. 2. If you don't want to miss out on a large portion of the
story, make sure you pick them up. They're usually not particularly hard to
find, but may require a bit of poking around.

  \\ 11. Credits                                                     [CRDT]//

Thanks to:

- You, for reading this.
- GameFAQs for hosting this guide.
- Monolith Games for making F.E.A.R. 2 so I could play it and write this guide.
- Me, for writing this. :D

FAQ/Walkthrough (c) 2009 Lunadea

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