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Game Script by ladytanaka

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 03/10/09

F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin

Game Script

FAQ Created: 22-FEB-2009
FAQ modified: 09-MAR-2009
Version: 0.5
Author: Ladytanaka

Table of contents

1: Version History
2: Contact Info
3: Disclaimer and Legal Information
4: Warnings
5: Introduction
6: Character Abbreviations
7: Script Conventions
8: Game Script

  Mission 01 - Sanctuary
  Mission 02 - Awakening
  Mission 03 - Discovery
  Mission 04 - Withdrawal
  Mission 05 - Replica
  Mission 06 - Ruin
  Mission 07 - Top
  Mission 08 - Elementary
  Mission 09 - Nurse's Office
  Mission 10 - Snake Fist
  Mission 11 - Keegan
  Mission 12 - Epicenter
  Mission 13 - Approach
  Mission 14 - Climax

9: EPA Dialogue
10: Alma Dialogue
11: Unused Dialogue
12: FAQs
13: Credits

1: Version History

Version 0.5 (09-MAR-2009) - rough draft release

2: Contact Info

If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections, email me at ladytanaka
(at) aol (dot) com.  

Make sure that you include the subject "FEAR 2 Game Script"!

3: Disclaimer and Legal Information

This game script is for informational purposes only.  This may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited. 

This game script guide in no way or form has any affiliation with either
Monolith Productions or Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. 

Please do not ask me about posting this transcript on your own site.  The
finished game script will be posted only on GameFAQs. If you see this guide on
any other website, please contact me about it. Thank you.

Copyright 2009 Ladytanaka

4: Warnings

This transcript contains massive SPOILERS for the entire story of F.E.A.R. 2
Project Origin.

The game and script contains scenes of intense violence and strong language. 

5: Introduction

Many of the things that make this game so interesting (and scary) are purely
visual and/or auditory events -- therefore, this game script include as many
scene/action descriptions and event triggers as possible to give the reader a
much better feel for the story. 

This script's dialogue/text is as close to the actual game as I could manage. 
It comes verbatim from the subtitles, except when the audio clearly contradicts
the subtitles -- in that case, the audio has precedence.

Some events are time-triggered, rather than proximity-triggered, so the
dialogue's location may vary slightly for different players.

Much of the dialogue takes place as phone, radio, or video transmissions (or
recordings), so I've made extra effort to clarify the source of the dialogue as
best I can (see the section on Script Conventions).

NOTE: Because so much of Alma's dialogue is garbled or distorted, I'm basically
using my best judgement to match what I hear in-game with the WAV sound files
for Alma (extracted from the game files).  I've also compiled a separate list
of the Alma WAV files.  The only line of Alma's dialogue that appears to be
missing from this list is the very last line of the game.  

6: Character Abbreviations (in approximate order of appearance)

PLAYER - Sergeant Michael Becket
STOKES - 1st Lieutenant Kiera Stokes
GRIFFIN- 1st Sergeant Cedric "Top" Griffin
KEEGAN - Gunnery Sergeant Harold Keegan
REDD - Sergeant Redd Jankowski
MORALES - Sergeant Manuel "Manny" Morales
FOX - Corporal James Fox

ARISTIDE - Genevieve Aristide (President of Armacham)

ALMA - Alma Wade

ATC - ATC personnel
REP - Replicas

YORK - Doctor S. York (Armacham doctor)
DOC1 - a doctor working with Dr. YORK
DOC2 - a doctor working with Dr. YORK

HARLAN - Harlan Wade (researcher at Armacham)
DIS - unidentified male colleague of HARLAN Wade (possibly Marshal Disler)

COMPUTER - computer
TRAM - tram computer
EPA - Elite Powered Armor computer

??? - unknown speaker

7: Script Conventions

"(vo)" indicates a voice-over, where the speaker is not in PLAYER's view and/or
is not clearly identified as speaking

"(r)" indicates dialogue via radio (when speaker is NOT physically present)
"(p)" indicates dialogue via telephones or cellphones
"(i)" indicates dialogue via intercoms
"(m)" indicates dialogue on video monitors

"--" indicates mission objectives and other gameplay text
"==CP==" indicates a game checkpoint
"~~~~~" indicates on-screen text, written signs, etc.
"< >" indicates visual/auditory descriptions of events and actions
"{   }" indicates optional actions and/or easily missed events
"___" indicates unclear/garbled dialogue

"[=QTE=]" indicates a Quick-Time Event (i.e., button-mashing)

8. Game Script

Mission 01 - Sanctuary

You have been diverted from an assignment to assist an SFOD-D mission in the
Auburn industrial district. Your new orders are to proceed to the private
residence of Genevieve Aristide of Armacham Technology Corporation and take her
into protective custody.  She will instruct you where to escort her.


<blurry black-and-white scene of a hill with a dead tree having a swing hanging
from a large branch>
<in the swing, a child slowly rocks back and forth>

Warner Brothers
Interactive Entertainment

<camera slowly pans around hill, moving closer to the child in the swing>

Monolith Productions

F.E.A.R. 2

<red blood slowly fills the screen>

<PLAYER finds himself on hands and knees in a street, surrounded by wreckage
and burning buildings>
<as PLAYER looks up, PLAYER sees little ALMA clutching her doll and staring at
<little ALMA turns away and vanishes>

<PLAYER staggers to his feet>

Interval 01

<as PLAYER approaches a wrecked car, little ALMA briefly appears near its

<PLAYER sees a familiar tree beside a glowing hole in the ground with the swing
dangling over the hole>

<as PLAYER approaches the glowing hole, little ALMA appears and walks down into
the hole>

???(vo): (deep gravelly unintelligible whispers)

<PLAYER jumps into the glowing hole>
<PLAYER finds himself sitting in the empty rear of an APC and glances briefly
at the driver>
<PLAYER starts to rubs his forehead, then stops as PLAYER hears a tinkling
<PLAYER looks down to his right and sees an antique music box slowly playing>
<PLAYER starts to reach out his right hand to touch the music box, then
suddenly looks forward as little ALMA suddenly springs up in front of PLAYER
and seems to grab at him>

ALMA(vo): Why!?

<little ALMA's face morphs into a closeup of REDD's face>

REDD: Nice of you to join us, Sunshine.
<STOKES steps into view and brushes REDD back>
STOKES: Sit down, Redd.
<STOKES reaches around PLAYER as REDD sits down to the left of GRIFFIN>
STOKES: Becket, I need to check your visor calibration.
<STOKE steps back as PLAYER's visor starts up>



STOKES: Good.  You're set.
<STOKES sits down on REDD's right>
REDD: Whaddya they want this Aristide chick for anyway?
GRIFFIN: Don't know, don't care. We don't question orders.  Redd, we execute
<GRIFFIN gets to his feet as STOKES lowers a monitor>
GRIFFIN: Stokes, give us what you've got...
STOKES: Our target is Genevieve Aristide, president of Armacham Technology
Corporation.  Intel indicates she's holed up at her penthouse.  Our job is to
secure the site and take her into custody.
GRIFFIN: Protective custody.  I don't want any breakage, even if she resists.
<STOKES retracts the monitor back into the APC's ceiling>
<to PLAYER's right, KEEGAN rubs at his eyes, then presses his left hand to the
top of his head>
STOKES: And there's every reason to believe she might.  We believe she's
directly linked to the bloodbath at Armacham headquarters.
<GRIFFIN sits back down>
GRIFFIN: Like I said... don't know... don't care. She's a high-value target and
we've been tasked to bring her in, so that what we're gonna do.  I want this by
the book and fuckup free.
REDD: Lighten up, Top.  She's a suit.  What's she gonna do? Send a nasty text
<KEEGAN again rubs his eyes and the top of his head>
STOKES: She's not the problem.  CentCom thinks Armacham's board of directors
may be trying to cover their tracks, which could include making sure Aristide
keeps her mouth shut.
<as the APC rumbles to a halt and the rear door opens up, GRIFFIN gestures to
FOX and STOKES, then gestures to KEEGAN>
GRIFFIN: Fox, you're with Stokes.  Keegan, you're with me.  Becket, Redd -
Manny will drop you off in front of the building. We'll link up in the lobby.
REDD: Shit, why do I gotta get stuck with Bucket?
<GRIFFIN leans in and gets in REDD's face>
GRIFFIN: Cause I don't like crybabies.
GRIFFIN: Now, let's move!
<GRIFFIN, STOKES, and FOX leave the APC first, followed by KEEGAN, who stops
rubbing his head and exits last>
<as the APC doors close>
GRIFFIN(r): Remember, people... trigger discipline. Our mission is to find
Aristide, not cap her ass.
REDD: This op is bullshit, man.  What's so important about this chick that the
cops can't pick her up?
MORALES: Hey, just be glad they didn't divert us to Armacham HQ.  The recon
team they sent in got ripped to shreds.  That situation is getting out of
<the APC stops and rear door opens>
MORALES: This is your stop, guys.
<REDD exits the APC, followed by PLAYER>

==CP== <as PLAYER emerges in front of ARISTIDE's building>

-- Objective Added
-- Rendezvous with your team in the building lobby.

REDD: Look at this place.  Damn.  This is some de-luxe shit.

-- Access PDA

<as PLAYER approaches gate leading to parking garage>
REDD: No way into the parking garage.

{ if PLAYER damages a car }
REDD: What the hell are you doing, man? Is that your car?  No!

{ if PLAYER continues to damage cars }
REDD: Who do you think's gonna pay for that? You're just hurtin' the taxpayers,

<as PLAYER moves toward building entrance>
GRIFFIN(r): Redd, Becket, what's your status?
REDD: Looks quiet, Top.
GRIFFIN(r): All right. We're heading inside.

{ if PLAYER jumps into fountain }
REDD: What, didn't get your shower this morning?

REDD: The only Penthouse I ever seen had staples in the middle.

{ if PLAYER shoots at car }
REDD: Show some respect man.

{ if PLAYER lingers in the courtyard }
REDD: You wanna try the doors or what?

<as PLAYER reaches the blocked doors>
REDD: Looks like the main entrance is blocked.

{ if PLAYER continues to fiddle with blocked main doors }
REDD: Best not keep the big man waiting.
REDD: They're locked down.  Maybe we should look for another way in.
REDD: Dude, you already tried those doors.
REDD: Maybe if you knock loud enough, Aristide will come down here and let us

{ if PLAYER lingers outside building }
REDD: We should get inside.
REDD: We've got work to do, Bucket.

REDD: Maybe we can go through the coffee shop.

<as PLAYER opens doors to coffeeshop>
FOX(r): Top, somebody wasted a janitor in the men's room.  Point blank in the
back of the head.
GRIFFIN(r): Something went down in the lobby too.  One confirmed, another
probable, judging by the blood.  Hustle it up, people.

<as PLAYER approaches back door of coffee shop>
REDD: Man, I could really go for an extra hot no-whip white chocolate

<as PLAYER enters stairwell area>
ALMA(vo): (unintelligible whispers)

REDD: Man, that's a lot of stairs.

{ if PLAYER examines stairwell gate }
REDD: I think that gate's locked, dude.  But you don't really want to climb all
those stairs, don't you?

{ if PLAYER lingers in stairwell }
REDD: What about that door?

<PLAYER jumps over railing>

<as PLAYER enters darkened storeroom>
-- Flashlight

<as PLAYER exits storeroom, PLAYER sees GRIFFIN standing on other side of
partially open security gate>

{ if PLAYER lingered outside the building }
GRIFFIN: Took your damn time!

{ depending on what PLAYER does outside the building (damaging cars, jumping in
fountain, loitering around), REDD speaks one of the following lines: }
REDD: Becket decided to take a bath in the fountain.
REDD: Becket was busy vandalizing shit.
REDD: Becket was busy admiring the scenery.

<as PLAYER approaches the security gate, 
GRIFFIN: We've got trouble.  Let's go.
<as GRIFFIN lifts the gate up>
-- Crouch
GRIFFIN: Under the gate, Becket.

{ if PLAYER waits, GRIFFIN eventually says the following lines: }
GRIFFIN: Come on, Becket. Move your ass.
GRIFFIN: Anytime you're ready, Becket.
GRIFFIN: You're puttin' me to sleep here, Becket.
GRIFFIN: What the hell are you doing, Becket? You need me to hold your hand?

==CP== <after PLAYER crouches under gate>

<GRIFFIN allows gate to drop and runs off toward the lobby, followed by REDD>

<as PLAYER approaches blood splattered reception desk>
KEEGAN: Back room clear.
<STOKES stands near computer terminal>
STOKES: Our intel shows this is a private elevator to Aristide's penthouse, but
it's been locked down.
-- Activate Terminal
STOKES: I'll need a minute to override the system.  Unless you'd rather take
the stairs.
REDD: Fuck that.
<KEEGAN peers at dead security guard>
KEEGAN: Someone sure bled out fast.
REDD: Probably took one to the aorta.
KEEGAN: (scoffing laugh) The aorta? You think it was the carotid or the
subclavian artery?
REDD: Dude, making fun of a man for his knowledge is a sign of insecurity.
STOKES: We need to find Aristide, now!
GRIFFIN: Agreed.  Fox, secure the lobby.  Redd, take the stairwell.  The rest
of you are with me.
<KEEGAN and STOKES follow GRIFFIN to elevator>
REDD: The stairs?  What the fuck, Top?  It's like a thousand fuckin' stories.
GRIFFIN: Like I give a shit.

{ if PLAYER waits, GRIFFIN eventually says the following lines: }
GRIFFIN: Come on, Becket. Move your ass.
GRIFFIN: Anytime you're ready, Becket.
GRIFFIN: You're puttin' me to sleep here, Becket.
GRIFFIN: What the hell are you doing, Becket? You need me to hold your hand?

{ if PLAYER activates terminal at security desk, PLAYER sees video of security
guards being shot }

<as PLAYER joins team in front of elevator, both KEEGAN and PLAYER stagger as
PLAYER's eyesight goes blurry>
<KEEGAN clutches his head>
KEEGAN: ...Shit, not again!
STOKES: Keegan? What is it?
<elevator doors open, revealing an ATC trooper who shoots KEEGAN>
STOKES: Keegan!
<as KEEGAN goes down, GRIFFIN shoots and kills the ATC>
<GRIFFIN kneeling beside the fallen KEEGAN>
KEEGAN: (pained grunt) Son of a bitch.
<FOX kneels down beside KEEGAN to check his condition>
FOX: He's bleeding.
KEEGAN: Damn it!
GRIFFIN: I'll stabilize him! Stokes, Becket, get moving.
<GRIFFIN gestures to elevator>
<STOKES enters elevator and checks the dead ATC>
FOX: Body armor stopped most of the rounds, Top. But one got through.
GRIFFIN: How bad?
FOX: Not good, but he'll live.

<when PLAYER follows STOKES into elevator, STOKES activates the elevator>

-- Arsenal Selection

<as the glass elevator emerges from the lobby and ascends the outside of the
REDD(r): You all right, Keegan?
KEEGAN(r): I think they hit my aorta.
REDD(r): Man, give it a rest.
STOKES: Hell of a view, huh?
<as the elevator rises, PLAYER gets a panoramic view of the city>
STOKES: All right, Becket, it's just the two of us. Stay sharp.  I'm counting
on you.
<as STOKES crouches slightly in readiness>
GRIFFIN(r): Remember to check your targets, people.  Nobody shoot Aristide.
VANEK(r): Remember, we need her alive or we don't get our bonuses.
==CP== <as VANEK speaks>
STOKES: Contact.
STOKES: Get ready.
<as elevator doors open, STOKES charges out shooting>
STOKES: Waste them!
ATC(r): We need backup!
VANEK(r): Team 3, get your asses over there!
STOKES: Becket, come on!
VANEK(r): Everybody listen up! We may have a problem.  And I don't like
STOKES: Got him.
STOKES: Move up.
VANEK(r): Where's that goddamn chopper. I want those backup teams deployed!

<as PLAYER enters outdoor courtyard>
STOKES: On the balcony!
ATC(r): Colonel, it's the fucking military!
<in response to the ATC, VANEK randomly speaks one of the following lines:>
VANEK(r): I don't give a shit if it's King Tut. Kill the bastards!
VANEK(r): I don't give a shit if it's a water buffalo. Kill the bastards!
VANEK(r): I don't give a shit if it's a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Kill the bastards!
VANEK(r): I don't give a shit if it's Godzilla. Kill the bastards!
VANEK(r): I don't give a shit if it's Napoleon. Kill the bastards!
VANEK(r): I don't give a shit if it's WHO it is. Kill the bastards!

<depending on where the ATC take cover, STOKES will notify PLAYER of their
location (behind the table, planter, wall, rock, or on the bridge)>

<after all the ATC are dead>
STOKES: Looks clear.
STOKES: Nice job, Becket.

<as STOKES stands in front of a closed security gate>
STOKES: Hey Becket, over here.

<as PLAYER approaches STOKES, she smashes open the security gate controls>
STOKES: You head through here.  I'll find another way in.
<security gate opens>

==CP== <after PLAYER moves past gate>
GRIFFIN(r): Redd, where are you?
REDD(r): Still climbing stairs.
GRIFFIN(r): That's just sad, man. No other way to put it.
REDD(r): Blow me.

<PLAYER hears sound of approaching helicopter>

<as PLAYER approaches glass-enclosed walkway>

<helicopter appears outside walkway and start shooting at PLAYER>

<as PLAYER approaches sitting area>
ARISTIDE(r): This is Genevieve Aristide!  Can you hear me? (static) Please
hurry! My building's under attack!
ARISTIDE(r): I think it's Colonel Vanek's men.  He's the bloodthirsty bastard
that cleans up messes for the Board of Directors.
ARISTIDE(r): I'm dead if they find me!

==CP== <after PLAYER jumps down over railing>

<as PLAYER enters art gallery>
--Throw Grenade
ATC(r): Go go go!
<sound of hovering helicopter and breaking glass as ATC troopers rappel into
art gallery>

<as PLAYER fights ATC in gallery>
ATC: Contact! In the gallery!
VANEK(r): I don't want those insects crawling up my ass!  Fucking stomp them
<helicopter flies away>

<fight ATC in gallery>

<after PLAYER enters utility area leading out of gallery>
-- Fire Mode Selection
REDD(r): Top, I made it up the stairs.  All clear.
GRIFFIN(r): About damn time.  Try to catch up to Stokes and Becket.
REDD(r): Will do.
GRIFFIN(r): I'm on my way up.

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches exit out of utility area>

<as PLAYER steps outdoors, a helicopter arrives and ATC troopers rappel onto
the rooftop cafe>
<helicopter leaves>

<fight ATC in rooftop cafe area>

ATC(r): We've got one of them on the patio!
VANEK(r): All available fuckups, get over there and deal with this shit!
ATC(r): This guy's unstoppable!
VANEK(r): Bullshit! Stop being such a pussy!

<fight ATC in kitchen area>

-- Medical injector

<as PLAYER exits kitchen area>
STOKES(r): I'm not running into much resistance.
REDD(r): Me neither.  Guess they're all going after Bucket.

==CP== <as PLAYER enters small office area>

{ if PLAYER looks outside, PLAYER can see ATC patrolling on opposite rooftop>
ATC: I got this sector covered.

<PLAYER breaks window and exits building>

<as PLAYER moves across the window washer rig, it sags dangerously>

<PLAYER jumps to narrow ledge and enters vent>

<PLAYER enters red-lit pool area>

<as PLAYER approaches pool, PLAYER sees a shimmering distortion in the air>
<as PLAYER's vision goes blurry, PLAYER catches a quick glimpse of a small
figure scurrying across his path>

{ if PLAYER approaches sliding doors leading outside, PLAYER's vision goes
blurry as little ALMA briefly appears right in front of PLAYER before
disappearing in a flurry of ash }

<when PLAYER jumps into pool, PLAYER has a vision of corpse-ALMA, curled up and
floating in bubbling darkness, surrounded by wires>
HARLAN(vo): She's been there for 12 years. Floating in darkness.
<the bubbling darkness suddenly goes bright with a hive-like pattern of lights
as corpse-ALMA suddenly uncurls and lunges toward PLAYER>
<world reverts to normal>
<PLAYER finds himself in the now brightly white-lit pool>
ARISTIDE(r): I just picked you up on the security system.  Be careful!  There's
a lot of them.
ARISTIDE(r): Head for the master bedroom.  There's a hidden door... Shit,
someone's jamming the signal!

-- Objective Added
-- Locate the hidden door in Genevieve Aristide's bedroom.

<as PLAYER approaches door out of pool area, PLAYER's vision blurs as little
ALMA appears and slowly walks toward the door>

{ if PLAYER heads into far end of dressing area to reach items, when PLAYER
turns around, little ALMA appears right behind PLAYER, then vanishes}

==CP== <as PLAYER exits pool dressing room>

ATC1: You think anybody's gonna believe Aristide ran all those fucked up
programs without the board knowing about it?
ATC2: That's why they brought us in. Can't prove anything if there's no

<fight ATC in penthouse>

VANEK(r): What's your status? Report!

<as PLAYER climbs stairs to the upper level of the penthouse, an ATC trooper
kicks open the door at the top of stairs>

<as PLAYER moves through art gallery hallway>
ALMA(vo): (unintelligible whispers)

<as PLAYER reaches the end of the hallway, PLAYER's visor flickers>
ALMA(vo): (unintelligible whispers)

<as PLAYER enters ARISTIDE's bedroom, PLAYER sees a flare of light>
ALMA(vo): (unintelligible whispers)
<PLAYER sees a shimmering distortion in front of the bookcase which coalesces
into little ALMA>
<little ALMA lifts the lid of an antique music box on the bookshelf, then
<music box starts to play a familiar tune>

<press "Close box">

<when PLAYER closes the music box>
<PLAYER has a vision of a familiar tree and swing>
<little ALMA slowly swings on the swing as her father stands beside her>
DIS(vo): Harlan, this can't go on.  She's too dangerous.
HARLAN(vo): You're telling me to seal my daughter away.
<HARLAN sags to his knees>
DIS(vo): You knew it would come to this.  We both knew.
ALMA(vo): ______________
<world returns to normal>
<the bookcase moves aside, revealing a secret passageway>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters the secret passageway>

<PLAYER sees a map with the Auburn district marked and a nearby red circled X
labelled "Project Origin" and a photo of little ALMA -- on the same map an
island is marked with an X and labelled "Still Island  Nuclear Facility" --
newspaper clippings to the left of the map are titled "Auburn Growth" and
"Power Plant Closed Down">
<next to the map, PLAYER sees a bulletin board with 6 photos on it -- FOX,

<as PLAYER heads down the stairs, the door opens revealing Genevieve ARISTIDE>

ARISTIDE: Sergeant Becket?
<ARISTIDE peers around, obviously looking for additional people>
ARISTIDE: Where's the rest of the team?  We don't have much time.  You and your
squad are the only hope of stopping Alma.
<ARISTIDE backs up toward a console with large monitors>
<as ARISTIDE fiddles with the console, video from the Vault appears on the
monitors -- timecode 18:44 -- showing HARLAN Wade's at the Vault controls>
<PLAYER's vision turns sepia-colored, with little tendrils of darkness around
the edges>
ARISTIDE: My god... It's her... 
<ARISTIDE backs up, shaking her head in disbelief>
<on the monitor, corpse-ALMA is seen stepping into view>
ARISTIDE: That stubborn son of a bitch probably just killed us all...
<ARISTIDE turns to look at PLAYER>
ARISTIDE: Sergeant Becket? 
<ARISTIDE disintegrates into black ash>
ARISTIDE: What's wrong? What is it?

???(vo): (unintelligible distorted whispers)

<as PLAYER backtracks toward the bedroom, PLAYER sees a flicker of little ALMA
scurrying across the top of the steps to the left>

<as PLAYER continues backtrack through the art-filled hallway, PLAYER sees a
glimpse of little Alma at the end of the hallway, as she gets to her feet and
scurries away>

<as PLAYER reaches the bottom of the penthouse stairs, PLAYER sees little ALMA
standing at the big floor-to-ceiling windows, staring outside>
HARLAN(vo): (distorted) She's a woman now.  And she doesn't even know it.
<little ALMA transforms into corpse-ALMA>

<when PLAYER approaches corpse-ALMA, who continues to stare out the window>
<PLAYER's vision clears just in time to see a brilliant light off in the
<corpse-ALMA vanishes>
<PLAYER is knocked down as the glass windows shatter>
<the sky goes red, and everything begins to shake violently>
REDD(r): What the hell was that!?
<bright shockwave rings appear in the sky, radiating from the bright glow>
GRIFFIN(r): Did we just get nuked?
<a tremendous wind starts blowing through the broken windows>
REDD(r): My god...
REDD(r): Fuck me...
<huge glowing fireball appears as a roiling cloud of dust explodes outward>
REDD(r): Griffin! Shit!
STOKES(r): What's going on?  Redd, report!
<PLAYER blacks out>
<as PLAYER briefly regains consciousness (still on the floor), PLAYER hears
distorted voices as a fiery mushroom cloud rises to the sky>
<PLAYER blacks out again>
<PLAYER regains consciousness again and watches as a man stares out at the now
white mushroom cloud continues to rise and fill the blue sky>
<as PLAYER lies stunned on the floor, ARISTIDE and a man approach>
ARISTIDE: Get them aboard.
<ARISTIDE makes an impatient gesture>
ARISTIDE: We don't have much time.
<PLAYER blacks out yet again>
<level ends>

Mission 02 - Awakening

Your mission is interrupted by a catastrophic explosion that seems to have
originated in the Auburn industrial district of Fairport.  The extent of the
damage is impossible to estimate.  The fate of your team is a mystery.

<sound of a heart monitor>
<PLAYER slowly regains consciousness to find himself in a operating theater as
a male doctor in a surgical mask peers down at him>
YORK: ... eyes are still dilating.
DOC1: He's reacting to the meds ....
<YORK looks up at other doctor>
YORK: Check the dosage ... this shouldn't be happening.
<PLAYER looks at other doctor and sees a strange machine with glowing yellow
DOC2: If that doesn't work?
ARISTIDE(i): What's going on, Dr. York?
<PLAYER has a blurry glimpse of ARISTIDE up in the observation gallery for the
operating room>
YORK: One moment ... Hold the lidocaine and check his pressure.
YORK: Damn it, grab the crash cart.
<PLAYER blacks out>
<PLAYER sees a sepia-tinged vision of violent surgical butchery as two doctors
tear and rip at a patient on the operating table as blood sprays into the air>
<PLAYER regains consciousness as YORK and a nurse hover over him>
YORK: He could be in v-fib.  Charge to 200, no, no, make that 300.
ARISTIDE(i): Dr. York!
<YORK looks up at ARISTIDE standing in the observation gallery>
YORK: He's alive, but we're moving too fast.  We... we need to ....
<ARISTIDE reaches for the intercom>
ARISTIDE(i): Just get it done.
<PLAYER blacks out>
<PLAYER has another sepia-tinged vision of the two doctors as they continue to
tear and rip at the patient on the operating table>
<PLAYER regains consciousness back in surgical theater>
YORK: That did it ...
YORK: Stand by with that Morphine ... 4 megs.
<PLAYER stares up at ARISTIDE, who again reaches for the intercom>
ARISTIDE(i): Where are we at, Dr. York?
<PLAYER's vision blurs>
YORK: He's tachycardic ... we need to stabilize before progressing.
ARISTIDE(i): There's no time.
<PLAYER blacks out>
<PLAYER has yet another sepia-tinged vision of the doctors as they continue to
tear and rip at their patient with increased savagery as blood splatters
<PLAYER regains consciousness back in surgical theater -- the strange machine
has been moved closer>
YORK: He's unstable. Progressing now would be a mistake.  You're putting...
ARISTIDE(i): We have no choice, Dr. York.  Continue.
YORK: Okay. Set to 300 ...
<as YORK leans closer to PLAYER>
YORK: You'll feel a... little pinch ...
<PLAYER blacks out>
YORK: ....now.
<PLAYER has another sepia-tinged vision, except now from the viewpoint of the
patient on the table, as one of the doctors viciously stabs an instrument into
the PLAYER's body>
<as the PLAYER convulses in agony, PLAYER sees corpse-ALMA standing behind the
<the doctor's mouth stretches unnaturally wide in a demented scream>
<screen goes white>

<PLAYER lifts his hand to shield his eyes as he regains consciousness>
<as PLAYER looks around the hospital recovery room, he has a brief glimpse of
corpse-ALMA standing in the doorway>
ALMA(vo): Who's there?
<as PLAYER sits up, his vision briefly goes blurry and white>
???(vo): (unintelligible whispers)
<PLAYER puts on his visor>



Interval 02

STOKES(r): (static) Does anyone read me, over? I'm getting a lot of
GRIFFIN(r): Stokes! Thank god. Where are you?
STOKES(r): (static) Looking for a goddamn exit, but half the doors are
GRIFFIN(r): What about the others?
STOKES(r): I've got a faint read on you and Becket.  No trace of anybody else.

-- Objective Added
-- Reconnect with your team.

-- Objective Added
-- Find a weapon.

{ if PLAYER enters bathroom of the recovery room, lights flicker and a picture
falls from the wall }

==CP== <as PLAYER exits hospital room>

<PLAYER sees ALMA standing at the far end of hall>

<as PLAYER approaches ALMA, PLAYER's vision flickers and blurs as ALMA
ALMA(vo): _________________

<as PLAYER turns the corner, PLAYER hears a television in the reception area>

TV: ... for viewers just tuning in, what you're seeing here is a very
disturbing live shot.  We have unconfirmed reports of a massive explosion in
the heart of the city. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.  CFNBC is
now just getting information on this story. We're calling in all our sources to
try to figure out what's going on.  The initial reports are that something
devastating has happened and we are working hard to provide you with the
information we have. At this point, we do not know the official injury report
or the cause of the explosion.  We'll let you know as soon as we find out
what's happened.  (static)
<PLAYER's visor flickers as PLAYER moves through office area behind reception

<PLAYER's visor flickers as PLAYER approaches bathroom doors>

<when PLAYER opens green double doors, PLAYER sees a brief flash of corpse-ALMA
standing near the gurney at the far end of the hallway>
<corpse-ALMA briefly reappears in the middle of the hallway before vanishing>
ALMA(vo): Where are you?

<as PLAYER turns left into short hallway, PLAYER's vision blurs slightly as a
ceiling tile falls in slo-mo>
<PLAYER begins to breath heavily>

<as PLAYER enters large 2-level waiting area and approaches the bloodstain,
PLAYER's vision blurs slightly as a body falls in slo-mo to the floor>

<eerie sound cue as PLAYER opens bloodstained door to men's bathroom on upper
level of waiting area>

{ if PLAYER enters bathroom, a stall door opens as the lights flicker and go
out }
{ if PLAYER approaches the stall, PLAYER's visor flickers }
{ as PLAYER reaches stall to find a dead nurse, PLAYER hears an eerie sound cue
{ after entering the stall to check the body, when PLAYER turns to leave
bathroom, PLAYER catches a brief glimpse of corpse-ALMA standing in the
bathroom doorway }

<after PLAYER exits upper level of waiting area, PLAYER sees a nurse slam up
against a glass window as she is shot by an ATC trooper>
<PLAYER sees the ATC trooper on the other side of the window talking on his
radio as he runs out of view>
ATC: Colonel Vanek, this is Samuels. Looks like we've got another soldier loose
in the recovery wing.

<barricaded door at the end of the hallway shakes as someone tries
unsuccessfully to break through>
ATC: Shit! You! Stay there!

<PLAYER enters bloodstained door leading to utility area with swinging light>

<when PLAYER enters lab area, PLAYER sees ARISTIDE on other side of glass
<ARISTIDE turns toward PLAYER>
ARISTIDE: Sergeant Becket!  Thank God you're okay!  I'm sure you have a lot of
questions.  I'll explain everything later. Right now we have to get you to the
T.A.C. lab.
<ARISTIDE glances nervously over her shoulder>
ARISTIDE: Hurry! And be careful! Vanek's men are attacking the facility.  I
can't believe he'd go to this extreme to cover up evidence...
<ARISTIDE quickly walks out of view>

-- Objective Added
-- Get to the T.A.C. Lab.

<PLAYER enters other side of utility area with swinging light>

<as PLAYER enters next lab area, PLAYER sees a suited ATC trooper with napalm
cannon burning and destroying an office across the hall>

<as PLAYER approaches hall windows>
SNAKEFIST(r): Careful, Sgt. Becket.  You're about to stumble into an ambush.
STOKES(r): This is a secure channel! Identify yourself.
STOKES(r): He must be monitoring us on the security cameras.

==CP== <as PLAYER exits lab area>

<as PLAYER enters "Office 201" area>
-- SlowMo
ATC1(r): ... how much of this junk we gonna burn?
ATC2(r): All of it.  Every file, every disc, every hard drive. They aren't
taking any chances.

-- Objective Completed
-- Find a weapon.

<fight ATC in file room>

<after PLAYER kills ATC>
SNAKEFIST(r): Very well done. I see why they picked you.
STOKES(r): Who the hell ARE you?
SNAKEFIST(r): You can call me... Snake Fist.
STOKES(r): Snake Fist? .... Are you fucking kidding me?
SNAKEFIST(r): Hey, I don't know who else is listening and I'm not taking any
chances.  You people need to get out of there.

==CP== <as PLAYER exits file room>

<on the television in the reception desk area>
TV: ... for viewers just tuning in, what you're seeing here is a very
disturbing live shot.  We have unconfirmed reports of a massive explosion in
the heart of the city. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.  CFNBC is
now just getting information on this story. We're calling in all our sources to
try to figure out what's going on.  The initial reports are that something
devastating has happened and we are working hard to provide you with the
information we have. At this point, we do not know the official injury report
or the cause of the explosion.  We'll let you know as soon as we find out
what's happened.  (static)

<as PLAYER approaches double doors, the doors burst open, revealing ATC

<PLAYER fights ATC in exam room and medical lab areas>

==CP== <after PLAYER moves past orange-colored vending machines>

<as PLAYER approaches glass windows overlooking a security office, PLAYER sees
3 ATC on the lower level standing outside the office, yelling at someone hiding
ATC: Hey, you need to unlock this door.  We're evacuating this area.
???: (female) Go away!
ATC: Look, it's not safe here.  Just open the door.
???: (female) Leave me alone!
<one of the ATC troopers pounds on the door with his fist>
ATC: Contact! Upper floor!

<fight ATC outside security office>

<if PLAYER approaches and looks through windows of darkened security office,
PLAYER can see a woman huddling behind a desk>
???: (female) Go away!

<press "Call Elevator">

==CP== <as PLAYER pushes elevator button>

ATC(r): Advance! Advance!

<fight ATC rushing in from walkway side of security office area>

<as PLAYER approaches open elevator car, the elevator lights go on>
<as PLAYER enters elevator, PLAYER's visor flickers and PLAYER sees a brief
blurry flash of ALMA standing in the back of the elevator>

<press "Activate elevator">

<as PLAYER rides up in elevator>
ATC(r): The target's in the elevator. Shut it down now!
<after a pause, the elevator shakes and the lights go out>

==CP== <as elevator car shakes again>

<as elevator car stops>
ATC(r): Get those doors open.
ATC(r): ...and get a squad up on there.
<as elevator doors open, PLAYER sees that the elevator is stuck between floors>

<fight ATC on upper floor>

<after PLAYER crawls out of elevator into lower access tunnel, elevator car
falls down shaft>

<as PLAYER exits tunnel>
-- Objective Added
-- Locate a working elevator to the third floor.

<as PLAYER climbs stairs and approaches door>
-- Melee
ATC1: Too easy.
ATC2: Yeah, no shit.
ATC1: Bitch fell like a rock.

{ if PLAYER looks through partially open door, PLAYER can see two ATC troopers
peering down the elevator shaft>

{ if PLAYER continues to eavesdrop }
ATC3(r): Samuels, this is Tucker; inform Colonel Vanek that a target has been
ATC4(r): Yes, sir.
ATC1: ...think he could've made it?
ATC2: Nah, we got him. Let's go.

<fight ATC in upper elevator lobby>

<as PLAYER approaches locked glass doors near bloodstained floor, PLAYER sees a
bright flash coming from the left side at the end of the hallway>

<when PLAYER examines the locked glass doors>
-- Objective Added
-- Find a Morgue keycard.

<when PLAYER enters "Patient Room 207", PLAYER finds the morgue keycard lying
in a pool of blood>

<press "Pick up keycard">

-- Objective Completed
-- Find a Morgue keycard.

<when PLAYER exits the patient room and approaches the locked glass doors,
PLAYER's vision goes briefly blurry as PLAYER sees a brief flash of corpse-ALMA
walking away from PLAYER on the other side of the glass doors>

<press "Swipe Card">

 ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches T-intersection in hallway>

{ if PLAYER turns right and approaches the morgue's glass doors, PLAYER's
vision blurs as PLAYER sees a brief flash of corpse-ALMA standing in front of
the doors }

<when PLAYER moves down the left-side hallway, PLAYER's vision blurs as PLAYER
sees a brief flash of corpse-ALMA near the corner>

<as PLAYER turns the corner, PLAYER sees a doctor performing CPR and trying to
revive someone on the floor>
<an ATC trooper approaches and as the doctor scrambles to his feet, the ATC
trooper kills the doctor>

<fight ATC in employee eating area>

<fight ATC in area leading to morgue>

<as PLAYER approaches morgue entrance with bodybag on stretcher>
GRIFFIN(r): (heavy static) I think I'm getting close to the lobby, but there's
some kind of activity.  I'm gonna check it out.
STOKES(r): (heavy static) Say again, over. Do you copy? Shit..

<as PLAYER approaches huge bloodstain on morgue floor, PLAYER's vision goes
<PLAYER sees a brief flash of corpse-ALMA walking to the right>
ALMA(vo): Are you there?
<PLAYER begins to breath heavily as PLAYER's vision remains blurry>

<when PLAYER enters body storage area of morgue, PLAYER sees corpse-ALMA
examining a bodybag, then disappear>
<corpse-ALMA briefly reappears in front of the morgue refrigerator, then
<corpse-ALMA reappears and examines another bodybag, then disappears>
<PLAYER's vision returns to normal>
ALMA(vo): I know you're there...
<all the doors to the morgue refrigerator fly open and their bodybag-laden
drawers slide out noisily>

<PLAYER jumps over stretcher jamming elevator doors open>

<press "Slide Cover">

<when PLAYER kicks the stretcher away, the doors close and the elevator rises>

<as PLAYER rides on top of elevator car>
-- Objective Completed
-- Locate a working elevator to the third floor.

<as elevator car stops>
STOKES(r): Becket, I'm here with Genevieve Aristide. We're on our way to the
T.A.C. lab. See you there!
STOKES(r): Aristide says we were all banged up pretty bad when they brought us
in, but sounds like you got the worst of it. She was surprised to see you on
your feet.

<press and hold "Pry open elevator doors">

==CP== <as PLAYER exits elevator shaft>

{ if PLAYER heads left after exiting elevator shaft, PLAYER hears an eerie
sound cue }

<fight ATC in reception desk area>

==CP== <as PLAYER moves through small office with bloodstained wall>

<fight ATC in small office cubicle area>

<fight ATC in lab area>

<as PLAYER enters hallway with flashing warning light>
FOX(r): This is Fox. Anyone reading me?
FOX(r): I hear somebody crying... Sounds like a woman. I'm gonna check it out.

<press "Swipe Card">

<PLAYER enters elevator lobby>

{ if PLAYER crawls through vent behind reception desk to access barricaded
office, when PLAYER backtracks and emerges from vent, PLAYER's vision blurs as
PLAYER sees ALMA walking behind a low wall toward the right }

==CP== <as PLAYER enters TAC lab area>
-- Objective Completed
-- Get to the T.A.C. Lab.

STOKES: Becket! Over here!

<as PLAYER approaches the TAC booth at the far end of the lab, PLAYER sees
STOKES on the other side of the glass standing in front of the control room>
STOKES: Man, am I glad to see you!

ARISTIDE(i): Come on, we don't have much time!  Into the chamber, hurry!
<TAC booth slides open>

<when PLAYER enters the TAC, PLAYER sees ARISTIDE and STOKES in the TAC's
control room>
<as the TAC activates>
STOKES: Doc, this thing isn't going to sterilize him or anything, right?
ARISTIDE: That would be the least of my concerns.
<blue honeycomb patterns flicker over the wall of the TAC booth>
ARISTIDE: Hold still. It won't take long.
<the doorway in back of the lab explodes open>
<STOKES dives for cover as ATC troops rush in and start firing>
STOKES: Get down!
<PLAYER is trapped in TAC booth while STOKES exchanges gunfire with ATC and
blue energy patterns continues to flicker over the TAC's surface>
STOKES: We have to move!
ARISTIDE: We can't leave him! Not now...
STOKES: No choice! We gotta go!
STOKES: Get out of there Becket!
STOKES: Head back the way you came. See if there's another way around.
<STOKES shoots an ATC trooper trying to force his way into the control room>
STOKES: Just get your ass back here ASAP ... and in one piece! I'll hold 'em
off as long as I can.
<STOKES runs off>
<TAC lab shakes violently and goes dark>
<from inside the TAC, PLAYER's vision goes sepia-tinged as a portal of swirling
psychic energy appears on the back wall of the lab>
<black tentacles reach out of the floor to grab at the shooting ATC troopers,
who disintegrate into bloody spray>
<PLAYER blacks out>
-----start mindscape event-----
<PLAYER finds himself near the hill with ALMA's tree as little ALMA slowly
rocks on the swing, accompanied by the familiar music box tune and the creaking
of the swing>
<when PLAYER moves toward the tree, the scene flickers and PLAYER suddenly
zooms slightly closer to little ALMA as the curved cooling tower of a nuclear
power plant suddenly become visible>
<as PLAYER continues to approach, PLAYER zooms closer to little ALMA in little
spurts until PLAYER is standing behind her>
<little ALMA, sitting on her swing, suddenly turns around and stares at PLAYER>
ALMA(vo): You can't hide...
-----end mindscape event-----
<world returns to normal>
<still trapped in the TAC, PLAYER sees VANEK standing outside, peering at
VANEK: Good morning, chickpea.
VANEK: You must be part of Project Harbinger.  Only way to explain why Aristide
would've brought you here.
ATC(r): Commander, we spotted them heading for the main entrance.
<VANEK turns away, his hand on his earpiece, and starts to walk away>
VANEK: Roger that. On my way. Don't let them escape.
VANEK: Samuels, finish up here ... this sucker's not goin' anywhere.
<ATC trooper inside control room starts shooting the console, which unlocks the
TAC booth and sends the PLAYER sprawling backwards>

-- Objective Added
-- Reconnect with 1LT Stokes.

==CP== <as PLAYER gets to his feet>

<fight ATC in TAC lab>

<fight ATC as PLAYER backtracks to elevator lobby>

<fight ATC in elevator lobby as an ATC trooper bursts out of previously locked
stairwell door>

<as PLAYER enters stairwell and heads downstairs>
STOKES(r): Becket, I can't find Aristide!  She must've panicked and run off...
STOKES(r): Keep your eyes open for her!

<PLAYER jumps down to bottom level and approaches door>
<level ends>

Mission 03 - Discovery

An Armacham black ops team cut you off from Lt. Stokes but was inexplicably
annihilated.  In the confusion, Lt. Stokes lost sight of Genevieve Aristide and
is attempting to locate her while you try to find a way around.  Also, someone
going by the alias "Snake Fist" has been helping you, although his motives
aren't clear.

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches door at bottom of stairs>
-- Objective Added
-- Reconnect with 1LT Stokes.

<as PLAYER exits stairwell>
-- Next Grenade Type
ATC: Set those charges on the supports.  We're bringing this whole damn place

<fight 1st wave of ATC in lobby area>

<fight 2nd wave of ATC emerging from 1st upper level elevator>

<as PLAYER climbs stairs, 3rd wave of ATC emerge from 2nd upper level elevator>

<fight 4th wave of ATC on upper level>

<2nd elevator opens, releasing ATC>

<PLAYER enters open elevator on upper level>

<press "Activate elevator">

<as PLAYER rides up in elevator>
SNAKEFIST(r): Damn it, what are you still doing in that facility? They're about
to blow the whole thing to hell!
STOKES(r): Ah, Snake Fist, I was wondering when we'd hear from you again.  Why
are you helping us?
<elevator doors open onto balcony overlooking lobby area>
<skylights flicker erratically in distorted refractive patterns>
SNAKEFIST(r): Because I'm convinced that if Sgt. Becket dies, everybody dies.
SNAKEFIST(r): It all has to do with Project Harbinger.
SNAKEFIST(r): I'll... I'll explain later.  Just haul ass.

-- Objective Added
-- Escape the facility before it is destroyed.

==CP== <as PLAYER enters yellow-walled hallway>

<as PLAYER approach hallway with flashing warning light>
ATC1: Bierce, check in!  What's going on down there?
<PLAYER sees suited ATC troopers moving in burning room>
ATC1(r): Shit, he's not responding.
ATC2(r): Should we go check it out?
ATC1(r): The Colonel told us to wait here till he's clear of the facility. You
want to disobey an order? 
ATC2(r): No way, man!

<fight ATC in burning office area>

<PLAYER climbs up shelving to vent>

<as PLAYER moves through vent>
FOX(r): Fox here.  There's no sign of anyone.  I'm headed toward Radiology.
FOX(r): This... place ain't right.

==CP== <as PLAYER moves to end of vent or jumps down into burning room area>

<as PLAYER drops out of vent, PLAYER sees a screaming doctor hit by a burst of

<fight ATC Heavy with napalm cannon>

<when PLAYER kills ATC Heavy>
ATC(r): Charges set and armed.

<in the back of burning room area, a doorway explodes>

<fight ATC rushing through exploded doorway>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches burning barricade>

<when PLAYER enters burning hospital room area, PLAYER's vision goes blurry as
PLAYER sees a brief flash of corpse-ALMA examining a gurney>
ALMA(vo):______________ cold(?)

<as PLAYER turns the corner and approaches area with two hospital beds,
PLAYER's vision goes blurry as PLAYER sees a brief flash of corpse-ALMA staring
down at one of the empty hospital beds>

<fight ATC in burning lab area>

<fight ATC in hallway>

<as PLAYER enters hallway with flickering skylights>
SNAKEFIST(r): Shit, I was afraid of this...
STOKES(r): What is it now?
SNAKEFIST(r): Alma.  She must be after Sgt. Becket.
SNAKEFIST(r): His telesthetic profile is off the charts. As I suspected, she
can sense him without amplification.
STOKES(r): Hey Snake Fist. Who the fuck is Alma, anyway?
SNAKEFIST(r): She's the mother of the Apocalypse.
SNAKEFIST(r): Snake Fist out.
STOKES(r): I'm at a loss for words.

==CP== <as PLAYER descends stairwell>

<as PLAYER exits stairwell and moves past elevators>
ATC1: This is how we found him.
ATC2: One of those soldiers must have got him.
ATC1: Are you sure? Look at him. That's not a gunshot wound.
ATC2: Who else could it have been? Psychotic lab technicians? There's no one
else here.
ATC1: Soldiers I can handle, but this... man. I don't know.

{ if PLAYER enters records office facing stairwell exit, PLAYER can look around
the hallway corner and see two ATC troopers examining a dead ATC trooper in the
hallway -- when the ATC troopers finish speaking, they move off down the
hallway }

<fight ATC in vending machine hallway>

{ if PLAYER takes a close look at the dead body the ATC were examining, PLAYER
sees cryptic scribblings in blood }

<as PLAYER enters yellow-lit room>
ATC: (muffled panicky shouting)

<as PLAYER exits the yellow-lit room and enters small connecting room, PLAYER
sees an ATC in the opposite doorway>
<ATC starts to shoot, but is suddenly yanked out of sight>

ATC: (muffled panicky shouting)

{ if PLAYER listens carefully, the ATC's muffled panicky shouting comprise
various combinations of the following lines: }
ATC: Fall back!
ATC: (agonized scream)
ATC: There it is! Fuck! Fuuuuck!
ATC: Run! Get outta of here!
ATC: I can't see it. Where'd it go?  Where'd it go?
ATC: Kill it!
ATC: Over there! Shoot it! Shoot it!
ATC: What IS that? What the hell is that?

<as PLAYER enters laundry utility area and approaches the bloodstain on the
floor, the body of dead ATC flies through the air, then falls to the floor>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches the laundry machines>

{ if PLAYER looks inside laundry machine, PLAYER can see ATC's head rolling
around }

ATC: (muffled panicky shouting)

<when PLAYER opens door out of laundry utility area, PLAYER sees an ATC trooper
limping toward him>

<fight ATC in yellow operating room area>

ATC: (muffled panicky shouting)

<as PLAYER passes through utility area with 2 dead nurses>
ATC: (muffled panicky shouting)

<as PLAYER enters file room, PLAYER looks through windows to see two ATC
troopers burst through double doors while frantically shooting behind them at
the scuttling, window-crawling Abomination chasing them>
<after ATC troopers and Abomination move out of view behind a wall, PLAYER see
an explosion of blood>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits file room>

<as PLAYER exits file room and moves around the reception desk counter, there's
a white flash and PLAYER's vision goes blurry as PLAYER sees a brief flash of
corpse-ALMA standing on the other side of the desk counter>
ALMA(vo): (tearful) I want them back...

{ if PLAYER quickly looks to the left upon exiting the lobby, PLAYER can see an
ATC trooper run by on the other side of double doors }

<as PLAYER exits the lower level of lobby>
ATC: (muffled panicky shouting)
<sound of breaking glass>

<after PLAYER opens double doors and turns the corner, PLAYER sees an ATC
trooper getting dragged into a side room while another ATC trooper shoots at
the unseen attacker>
<the ATC trooper eventually disappears into the side room>

<fight ATC in hallway area>

<as PLAYER turns corner and approaches counter, an ATC trooper runs in from the
left, then is suddenly yanked out of sight over the desk counter>

{ if PLAYER uses slo-mo while approaching the counter, PLAYER can see the
Abomination who rushes in from the right and pounces on the ATC trooper,
knocking the ATC trooper onto the counter -- blood splatters, then the
Abomination drags the ATC trooper out of sight behind the counter }

<PLAYER hears the ATC trooper yell, followed by an explosion of blood from
behind the counter>

{ if PLAYER uses slo-mo during the attack, PLAYER can see the Abomination
scurry away through one of the side windows and into the elevator, which closes
behind it }

<press "Call elevator">

<when PLAYER enters the elevator car, PLAYER sees that the roof hatch of the
elevator car is open and an dead ATC trooper lying on the roof of the elevator,
his arm dangling into the car>

<press "Activate elevator">

<as PLAYER rides up in elevator>
STOKES: Becket, I just saw Aristide get into an elevator.  I'm going to try to
catch up with her.  Just focus on getting out of here. We can link up outside.

==CP== <as PLAYER exits elevator>

<PLAYER enters a observation gallery overlooking a familiar operating room>

<when PLAYER approaches the hole in the observation gallery's window>
<PLAYER sees a vision of maniacal surgeons hacking at a patient, while
corpse-ALMA stands at the head of the surgical table watching>
ALMA(vo): Help me... 
<corpse-ALMA slowly approaches the surgical table as the surgeons continue to
hack away at their victim>
ALMA(vo): ...help me... help me....
<corpse-ALMA suddenly looks toward the PLAYER>
<world reverts to normal just as an Abomination lunges up through the hole,
grabs PLAYER, and throws him down into the operating room>
<as PLAYER gets to his feet, PLAYER sees the Abomination jumping and leaping
all over the operating room>

<fight 6 Abominations in operating room area>

{ if PLAYER examines the bloodstained operating room, PLAYER finds all sorts of
cryptic bloody scribbles (e.g., "Can he see?") }

<as PLAYER approaches the jammed glass door leading out of the operating room
area, another 7th Abomination rushes out from the blocked stairs leading back
up to the observation gallery>

<press "Slide Cover" to move stretcher>
<press "Slide Cover" to move stretcher>
<press "Slide Cover" to move stretcher>

<PLAYER exits operating room area>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches the bloodstained end of the hallway>

<as PLAYER approaches the double doors>
REDD(out-of-view): Becket...

{ if PLAYER opens the double doors, the PLAYER can see a mangled REDD lying on
an operating table as the glowing yellow needles of a familiar surgical machine
plunge repeatedly into his body }

{ if PLAYER does not immediately approach REDD, REDD repeatedly speaks the
following three lines }
REDD: We have to help her...
REDD: Can you hear? ... she's crying.
REDD: Becket...

<as PLAYER approaches REDD on the surgical table, REDD speaks a final line,
then dies as his body goes limp>

<PLAYER enters bloody vent surrounded by bloody scribbles>

<as PLAYER approaches the intersection in the bloody, corpse-strewn vent
system, PLAYER sees an Abomination scurry out of view to the left>

<as PLAYER continues to approach the vent intersection, a decapitated head
rolls down the vent>

<as PLAYER follows the Abomination, PLAYER's visor flickers as PLAYER finds
more bloody scribbles ("Who is he?") and heaps of gory innards>
<PLAYER starts breathing heavily>

<when PLAYER looks down at end of the vent, PLAYER sees a massive pile of blood
and guts on the floor below>

<as PLAYER drops out of bloody vent>
<level ends>

Mission 04 - Withdrawal

Sgt. Jankowski died in front of you, torn up by some kind of surgical machine. 
Meanwhile, Armacham black ops teams are about to destroy the facility..  YOu
need to get out before the whole place comes crashing down.  Snake Fist insists
you are being hunted by someone called Alma who will eventually absorb you.

-- Objective Added
-- Rendezvous with 1LT Stokes.

FOX(r): I know why she's crying. (female sobbing in background)  They took her
babies.  She never... even got... to hold... them.

<as PLAYER approaches the locked X-ray room with red warning light>
-- Objective Added
-- Shut down the X-Ray machine to open the room.

<PLAYER enters control room beyond to locked X-ray room>

<press "This button will toggle power to the doors and x-ray"> 

<as PLAYER enters now-accessible X-ray room>
-- Objective Completed
-- Shut down the X-Ray machine to open the room.

<as PLAYER exits through broken door in x-ray room, PLAYER catches a glimpse of
a Abomination scuttling out of sight into a side room at the far end of
<FOX lunges into view from the right, grabs PLAYER and holds PLAYER up in the
FOX: Stay away from her!  She's mine.
<FOX clutches at his head, dropping PLAYER>
<as PLAYER lands of the floor, FOX staggers backward, still clutching his head>
ALMA(vo): Give them back... I want my babies back...
<FOX gives PLAYER a dazed look>
FOX: Becket?
<PLAYER's vision goes sepia-tinged as a psychic blast smashes FOX against a
<FOX is dragged toward large dark tentacles, then disintegrates in a bloody
<world reverts to normal>

==CP== <as PLAYER steps over the smoking gory remains of FOX's corpse>

<PLAYER moves past broken locked doors to X-ray room>

<as PLAYER approaches blocked double doors near "Exam 204", an Abomination
scuttles across the partially-open double doors on the opposite side, slamming
the doors shut>

==CP== <as PLAYER moves through small office area>

<as PLAYER approaches intersection in hallway>
???(out-of-view): (panicking) Listen... just listen to me. This is some kind of
mistake.  We're secure.  There's been no breach.  Listen to me.  We've
implanted the subject without complications.  Now, I don't know who you're
working for, but you need to contact Genevieve Arist...

{ if PLAYER moves around the corner while the person is speaking, PLAYER can
see an ATC trooper holding a gun to the back of the head of a terrified doctor,
who's kneeling with his hands on his head }

{ if PLAYER attacks ATC trooper, the ATC trooper immediately shoots the doctor
and runs off }

{ if PLAYER remains undetected }
<ATC trooper eventually shoots the doctor, then holds his hand up to his radio>

ATC(r): Colonel Vanek, sector 5 is clear.
VANEK(r): About time. Now, get to the extraction point.  This shit-hole's
coming down.
ATC(r): Copy that.  You heard the man, let's move out.
<ATC trooper runs off>

<fight ATC in lab area>

<when PLAYER moves past video camera and enters airlock, the airlock door
closes behind him>
<red light above the other airlock door turns green>
<as the other airlock door opens, PLAYER catches a glimpse of an Abomination
scramble through an open upper panel above a locked glass door and scurry away>

<as PLAYER approaches the glass door, another Abomination scurries across the
lower section of the glass door>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches stairs leading upward>

{ if PLAYER quickly looks to the left as PLAYER crosses a glass-lined walkway,
PLAYER can see a suited ATC trooper run up some stairs }

{ if PLAYER looks to the right on the glass-lined walkway, PLAYER can see the
shadow of an Abomination thrashing about in a yellow-lit area }

<as PLAYER enters observation area for an X-ray room, an Abomination scurries
across the glass>

<as PLAYER enters yellow-lit passage, an Abomination scuttles around a corner
and attacks>

<as PLAYER crosses under the glass-lined walkway, an explosion rocks area>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches a blue-lit area with stairs leading downward>
<explosion rocks area>

{ if PLAYER quickly looks down the hallway to the right, PLAYER can see an
elevator car containing an ATC trooper close and rise out of sight }

{as PLAYER starts down the hallway, an explosion rocks area and gas starts to

<press "Call elevator">

<as PLAYER waits for elevator to return, more explosions occur as flames move
closer and closer to PLAYER>

<press "Activate elevator">

<as PLAYER rides up in elevator>
-- Objective Completed
-- Get above ground before the facility is destroyed.

Interval 03

<as elevator rises, PLAYER passes by a group of ATC troopers running along a

<as elevator stops and opens, a violent explosion rocks the area>
VANEK(r): Explosives are in place.  Countdown is imminent..  Get your asses
clear and fall back to first position.

==CP== <as PLAYER exits elevator>

<as soon as PLAYER exits elevator, an explosion causes the elevator car to slip
down the shaft>

{ if PLAYER looks over the edge of the catwalk, PLAYER can see that the entire
hospital facility is actually underground>

<fight ATC on elevator platform>

<as PLAYER approaches stairs, an ATC trooper close off the security gate to the
left as other ATC troopers run by>

<as PLAYER descends yellow ladder>
-- Objective Added
-- Find a way out of the Outer Shell before it is destroyed.

==CP== <as PLAYER enters catwalk area encircling elevator shaft>

<fight ATC lurking in rooms facing catwalk>

<as PLAYER moves downward, explosions continuously shake the area, releasing
jets of burning gas> 

<as PLAYER dodges between jets of burning gas, the elevator car falls down the

<as PLAYER reaches bottom of catwalk stairs, PLAYER sees an ATC trooper fire a
few shots at PLAYER before running off to the left>

==CP== <as PLAYER crosses platform with Armacham wall logo>

<fight ATC in tunnel area>

<fight ATC on yellow-railed catwalks>

<as PLAYER steps onto catwalk overlooking chamber with large yellow support
struts, PLAYER sees an 1st APC drive away>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches ladder leading down from catwalk>

<as PLAYER descends the first ladder, PLAYER sees another APC driving away,
followed by several ATC troopers on foot>

<fight ATC in yellow support strut room>

<PLAYER slips through malfunctioning door>

<fight ATC in fenced storage area>

<as PLAYER exits storage area, an explosion knocks down pipes, creating a ramp>

<as PLAYER drops down from top of ramp>
-- Swap Weapon

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches APC>

<ATC Heavy with napalm cannon emerges from APC>

<fight several waves of ATC on ground and on catwalks of large chamber>

<as PLAYER steps onto upper level of catwalk, an explosion rocks the area>

<as PLAYER moves along the upper catwalk, a suited ATC trooper closes off a
security gate in front of him>

<PLAYER descends ladder into large tunnel>

<as PLAYER steps into large tunnel, the ladder behind him breaks>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches darkened storage area with stairs>

<as PLAYER opens door at top of stairs, PLAYER sees VANEK in an observation
VANEK: I was hoping you'd show up here.  Now I can bury you where you belong:
along with the rest of this unnatural fuckery.
<VANEK starts to walk away> 
VANEK: Believe me, a bullet in the head is gentle treatment compared to what
Aristide had in store for your poor bastards.
<ATC troopers rush in on lower level>
VANEK(r): Whoever puts him down gets a big fat bonus.

<fight ATC on lower level>

<fight ATC on curving walkway>

<as PLAYER reaches the end of curving walkway, PLAYER kills ATC near a gas
pipe, releasing burning gas that blocks access to ladder>

-- Objective Added
-- Find a valve to turn off the gas leak.

<fight ATC to reach gas valve at far end of tunnel>

<press and hold "Turn Valve">

-- Objective Completed
-- Find a valve to turn off the gas leak.

==CP== <as PLAYER finishes turning off gas>

<fight ATC as PLAYER backtracks to ladder>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters pipe room at the top of the stairs>

<increasingly violent explosions rock the area, filling the pipe room with jets
of burning gas>

<as PLAYER exits pipe room, PLAYER is knocked off the catwalk by an explosion>
<PLAYER falls, bounces hard off a strut, then blacks out as something lands on
<level ends>

Mission 05 - Replica

Sgt. Fox was killed by the same horrific force you encountered in the T.A.C.
lab.  You've discovered that the hospital is actually a clandestine underground
facility.  Armacham seems to have accelerated its schedule for demolishing the
place.  Snake Fist has warned you that Alma's presence may have activated
"Replica Soldiers", but he didn't elaborate one what that meant.

==CP== <as PLAYER regains consciousness in a water-filled room and gets to his
-- Objective Added
-- Find a way out of the Outer Shell before it is destroyed.

<as PLAYER wades through water toward ladder>
SNAKEFIST(r): Sgt. Becket, judging by my readings, Alma is very close to you
now.  You're probably already experiencing symptoms of her proximity. 
Hallucinations, headaches - that kind of thing.
SNAKEFIST(r): You have to resist her.

<as PLAYER passes through office, PLAYER's visor flickers>

<as PLAYER exits office and moves along catwalk, PLAYER sees a glimpse of ALMA
beyond the far doorway past a burning gas pipe> 

<as PLAYER crosses room after catwalk, PLAYER's visor flicker>

{ if PLAYER explores side office, PLAYER can see a brief flash of ALMA when he
turns around to return to the main corridor> 

<when PLAYER opens the unlocked glass door, PLAYER sees a brief glimpse of ALMA
standing on the other side -- as ALMA starts to turn and walk away, she

<as PLAYER turns at the Armacham logo, the door at the end of the hallway
bursts open>
<PLAYER sees a swirling distortion as corpse-ALMA stands in the doorway>
<corpse-ALMA zooms forward in spurts and grabs PLAYER>
<when PLAYER shoves ALMA away, ALMA disappears>
ALMA(vo): (long echoing scream)

<after PLAYER crawls out through the broken door of a large control room>
SNAKEFIST(r): Sgt. Becket, I've been looking over my data.  I suspect what
happened is that Alma became aware of you when you entered the T.A.C. And now
she's drawn to you.
SNAKEFIST(r): You could even say she covets you. ...She's a... coveter.
SNAKEFIST(r): You're like free pizza at an anime convention.  She can smell
you.. And she wants to consume you.

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches an unlocked glass door>

<press "Open Chamber Doors">

<PLAYER backtracks upstairs to drop down into cell area>

<as PLAYER approaches the 2nd cell, PLAYER sees an ATC trooper's body getting
dragged into the cell>

<as PLAYER approaches the 3rd cell, an Abomination jumps out and attacks>

<when PLAYER passes by the 3rd cell (near desk), PLAYER's vision becomes
sepia-tinged as PLAYER sees a brief flash of ALMA>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches the burning gas pipe>

<PLAYER hears odd gibberish, like a badly damaged recording>

<PLAYER enters chamber with a thrashing Abomination strapped in a chair as
monitors flash images of violence and ESP test symbols>

<fight Abominations in lower level of chair chamber>

<fight Abomination that bursts through glass above upper level of chair

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches unlocked glass door in upper observation area of
chair chamber>

<fight Abomination that bursts through window in glass-lined walkway>

<fight 2 Abominations in crate room>

<fight  Abomination on stairs>

<fight 3 Abominations on explosive-rigged walkway>

<explosion rocks area>

==CP== <as PLAYER drops down into lower level>

<valve explodes, releasing steam>

<fight Abomination near ladder and wildly swinging light>

<fight 3 Abominations in exam room>

<press "Call Elevator">

<press "Activate elevator">

<as PLAYER rides up in elevator, PLAYER sees an Abomination on elevator car's
mesh roof>
<the Abomination on the roof explodes into a bloody mess when the elevator
pushes it into a fan>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits elevator>

<explosion rocks area>
<shutters rise, exposing windows looking onto a combat test arena with plywood
<explosion rocks area>

<when PLAYER moves halfway across combat test arena, the gates in  front of and
behind PLAYER close>

<PLAYER sees VANEK inside observation booth and on the arena monitors>

VANEK(m): Well, son. End of the road.  Can't say I'm gonna miss your foot up my
VANEK(m): Let me show you something while I've got your attention.
<VANEK activates console>
VANEK(m): Guy named Harlan Wade had this place built. He's the one that came up
with the Replica program.  Genetically engineered puppet soldiers that respond
to telepathic orders from psychic commanders. Fuck-ing crazy.
<VANEK walks away from the camera as a thrashing Abomination, strapped in a
chair, rises into view>
<as VANEK stands beside the Abomination>
VANEK(m): This abomination was supposed to become one of the commanders. 
Started off as a regular joe like you or me.. The problem is the process of
turning somebody into a viable commander takes a bit of a toll.  With the right
amount of psychic amplification, this thing can control the Replica, but he's
so far gone nobody can control him.  Not very useful for a military situation,
but adequate for my present needs. 
<VANEK leans in close to the monitor camera>
VANEK(m): How about a demonstration?
ATC(m): Team 6 sighted Aristide a couple of klicks away.  They think she's
headed for the labs.
<VANEK turns to address an ATC trooper>
VANEK(m): Then let's go pay our respects.  Mendez, finish up here.  I don't
want anybody digging anything out of this hole that links us to Project Origin
or Alma or any of this insanity. You read me?
ATC(m): Leave it to me, sir.
<VANEK again leans in close to the monitor camera>
VANEK(m): Bye now. See you in hell.
<monitors go dark>

==CP== <as warning lights begin to flash>

-- Objective Added
-- Defeat the Replica soldiers

<pods rise into view and release Replicas>

<fight 1st wave of Replicas>

<after PLAYER kills 1st wave, the pods lower>

<after brief pause, pods rise, releasing more Replicas>

<fight 2nd wave of Replicas>

<after PLAYER kills 2nd wave, the pods lower>

==CP== <after PLAYER kills 2nd wave of Replicas>

<after brief pause, pods rise, releasing more Replicas>

<fight 3rd wave of Replicas>

<after PLAYER kills 3rd wave, the pods lower>

<after a brief pause, pods rise, releasing more Replicas>

<fight 4th wave of Replicas>

<after PLAYER kills most of the 4th wave, the arena's monitors re-activate to
show ALMA in the observation booth, looking at the Abomination>
ALMA(vo): You can't hide....
<blue sparks appear in the arena as a distortion surrounds the Abomination,
which explodes in a spray of blood>
<sparks fall from the arena ceiling as the combat arena goes dark and any
remaining Replicas go rigid>

-- Objective Complete
-- Defeat the Replica soldiers

-- Objective Added
-- Find a way out of the Replica training arena.

<as PLAYER drops down the open floor hatch in the arena>
-- Objective Completed
-- Find a way out of the Replica training arena.

==CP== <as PLAYER drops down the open hatch in the arena>

<fight 1st wave of Replicas in pod storage under arena>

<fight 2nd wave of Replicas near ladder to catwalk>

<as PLAYER steps on walkway, a yellow warning light flashes and the conveyor
belts carrying pods stops until the PLAYER exits the catwalk>

<fight 3rd wave of Replicas at far end of catwalk>

==CP== <after PLAYER turns the corner beyond the office on upper level of pod

<fight 4th wave of Replicas>

{ if PLAYER shoots the explosive near the grate in the pit, PLAYER can access
proximity mines }

<as PLAYER approaches large weapon case blocking doorway>
-- Lifting Objects

<press and hold "Lift">

==CP== <as PLAYER exits through double doors of control room>

<as PLAYER approaches glass-walled lab, PLAYER sees an ATC trooper get blown up
(or shot) as Replicas and ATC fight>

<fight Replicas and any surviving ATC>

<as PLAYER enters tunnel, PLAYER sees an Abomination scurry off to the right at
the far end>

<as PLAYER emerges into tunnel with large yellow pipe, PLAYER can hear gunfire
as Replicas and ATC fight overhead>

<as PLAYER follows big yellow pipe, a grate falls and a dead ATC trooper
tumbles into the tunnel>

<as PLAYER approaches turns the corner near the end of a pipe, an Abomination
ambushes PLAYER>

<fight Abomination at the bottom of stairs>

<as PLAYER climbs up the stairs and turns the first corner, a dead ATC troopers
slides down the stairs>

==CP== <as PLAYER reaches the top of the stairs>

<fight surviving ATC and Replicas near warehouse door>

<when PLAYER climbs up to upper level of warehouse area
-- Padlocks

<fight Replicas on the stairs at the rear of warehouse area>

<as PLAYER passes by shuttered windows in pipe tunnel, PLAYER can see and hear
Replicas and ATC fighting>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits pipe tunnel>

-- Objective Added
-- Take the main supply lift to the surface.

<fight Replicas in cargo lift area>

<press "Activate Elevator>

==CP== <as cargo lift begins to rise>

<cargo lift stops as control panel and pressure valve lights turn red>

-- Objective Added
-- Close the pressure valves to get the lift operational.

<as PLAYER approaches the valve closes to cargo lift, pods next to lift release

<fight 1st wave of Replicas>

<press and hold "Turn Valve" to close 1st pressure valve>

<as PLAYER approaches valves on upper level of lift area, pods on upper level
release more Replicas>

<fight 2nd wave of Replicas>

<press and hold "Turn Valve" to close 2nd pressure valve>

==CP== <as PLAYER finishes turning 2nd valve>
<Powered Armor unit emerges from the doorway nearest to 2nd valve turned>

-- Objective Added
-- Defeat Powered Armor unit

<after PLAYER destroys Powered Armor>
-- Objective Completed
-- Defeat Powered Armor unit

<press and hold "Turn Valve" to close 3rd pressure valve>

-- Objective Completed
-- Close the pressure valves to get the lift operational.

<press "Activate Elevator" on reactivated lift control panel>

<as cargo lift rises, doors in ceiling swing up to expose a long vertical

<as PLAYER rides up on cargo lift>
STOKES(r): Top, I've got something on the datanet. I think it's...
-- Objective Completed
-- Take the main supply lift to the surface.
STOKES(r): Becket! Oh, thank God you're alive!
GRIFFIN(r): Told you not to worry, Stokes. He's tough like me.
STOKES(r): Becket, Keegan and Manny are en route.  We're going to try to link
up at the stadium, but the streets are a mess, so we may have to improvise.

Mission 06 - Ruin

You have escaped the underground facility and established contact with Lt.
Stokes and Sgt. Griffin.  Your orders are to rendezvous with your team at a
rally point near the stadium.  Sgt. Keegan and Sgt. Morales are on their way
there in the APC.

==CP== <as PLAYER rides up on cargo lift>

GRIFFIN(r): What the hell was that place, anyway? Wasn't a damn hospital,
that's for sure.
STOKES(r): You got me, Top. I'm just glad to be out of there.
SNAKEFIST(r): That facility was built as part of Project Harbinger. To turn
candidates like you into Replica commanders.  Although it hasn't worked out too
well, as Sgt. Becket can attest.
STOKES(r): You still eavesdropping on us?
SNAKEFIST(r): Zip it and listen, honey cakes.
<cargo lift comes to a stop inside a warehouse>
SNAKEFIST(r): Genevieve Aristide thinks she can contain Alma.  But her plan is
going to backfire. Alma is too powerful to be contained. She probably always
STOKES(r): So what are we supposed to do?
SNAKEFIST(r): Destroy her.
STOKES(r): How?
GRIFFIN(r): Worry about that later. Right now we need to focus on reaching the
rally point. Get to the stadium and then we'll talk about what to do next.

-- Objective Added
-- Reach the rally point near the stadium.

<as PLAYER approaches barricaded door on upper level, PLAYER sees and hears the
telltale flash and shriek of a fleeing specter>
<PLAYER begins to breath heavily>

<as PLAYER moves over narrow catwalk, PLAYER sees and hears a large jet
airplane, its right engine on fire, fly overhead>
<panels peel off the warehouse roof in the jet's wake>
<the warehouse shakes violently as the plane crashes nearby>

{ if PLAYER head left after jumping through office window, PLAYER encounters a
specter near the barricaded door }

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches the stairs>

<as PLAYER descends the stairs, PLAYER's visor flickers>

<when PLAYER opens the door leading outside, the door falls off its hinges>

Interval 04

<as PLAYER moves down the rubble-filled street, PLAYER sees human-like figures
frozen into various contorted or panicked poses>

<when PLAYER touches any of the human-like figures, they disintegrate into gray

<after PLAYER turns the corner and heads down the street, PLAYER's vision
flickers and the sky turns briefly red>
STOKES(r): Holy shit! What just happened?
SNAKEFIST(r): I just picked up a massive energy spike emanating from the
Harbinger facility.  It's Alma's telesthetic signature. Probably a reaction to
Sgt. Becket getting away from her.
STOKES: She must be pissed.
SNAKEFIST(r): The bad news is she probably woke up most of the Replica forces
within 10 square miles.

<as PLAYER enters building, PLAYER sees a moving human silhouette at the far
end of the room>
<the light suddenly goes out, and the silhouette vanishes>

<building shakes violently, sending lights swinging>

-- Padlocks

{ if PLAYER turns right after climbing up steps, PLAYER finds the bloody body
of an ATC trooper }

<as PLAYER opens red door leading outside, PLAYER sees a brief vision of ALMA's
tree and swing>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits building>

<as PLAYER jumps over rubble, PLAYER sees a human figure carrying a briefcase
and waving its arm, as if trying to summon a taxi>

<fight commuter Remnant>

<as PLAYER approaches a half-open gate blocked by a fallen desk, PLAYER sees a
specter scurry from the corner of the room and disappear under the gate>

<press and hold "Lift" to move desk>

<after PLAYER crawls under the gate, the gate closes behind PLAYER>

<fight specters in office canteen area>

<fight specter in office hallway>

<as PLAYER approaches stairs, PLAYER sees an EPA walking by through a hole the

<an explosion shakes the building>
<sound of gunfire>

<as PLAYER moves through upstairs office area>
SNAKEFIST(r): Uh, guys, I got a problem here. A big one.
SNAKEFIST(r): Genevieve just showed up with a massive Armacham hit squad on her
tail. I'm sure she wants my help with something, but we're both dead if she
leads them in here.
STOKES(r): Shit, what's your location?
SNAKEFIST(r): Come to Wade Elementary, on Sycamore and Highland. ... Oh, that
stupid bitch.  Goddamnit.
STOKES(r): All right, let's hustle.  We've got to get to them before Armacham

-- Objective Added
-- Find "Snake Fist"

==CP== <as PLAYER moves down alleyway>

<after PLAYER jumps over rubble pile, PLAYER sees a 1st ATC Heavy firing a
napalm cannon at Replicas>

<fight Replicas and ATC near crashed airplane>

<fight 2nd ATC heavy with napalm cannon>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches stairs going up to 2nd floor>

<fight ATC on 2nd floor>

<fight ATC with missile launcher across the street>

<PLAYER uses airplane wing to cross to 2nd floor of building on other side of

<after PLAYER drops down off the airplane wing>
GRIFFIN(r): This is Griffin.  I'm getting close to the stadium, but the damage
is pretty severe.  I'm gonna- (female sobbing in the background) Hold on....
Hey! Wait! Come back!
STOKES(r): What's going on, Top?
<over the radio, sound of female sobbing continues>
GRIFFIN(r): A woman! She's.... something's wrong with her. I think she needs
help.. I'm going after her....

==CP== <as PLAYER enters room with sparking power transformer>

<through a hole in a wall, PLAYER sees an ATC fire a missile launcher, then get
shot down by an EPA's chaingun>

<as PLAYER drop through hole in floor, PLAYER sees ATC fighting a Powered

<Powered Armor blows up when hit by ATC missile launcher>

<an armor pod crashes nearby, releasing another Powered Armor>
-- Objective Added
-- Defeat the Elite Powered Armor unit

<fight EPA>

-- Objective Completed
-- Defeat the Elite Powered Armor unit

==CP== <after PLAYER defeats EPA>

<after PLAYER defeats EPA>
MORALES(r): Top, the stadium is a no go. Streets are completely blocked.
GRIFFIN(r): Okay, stay where you are and we'll come to you.
MORALES(r): Will do.  We're on 4th Avenue. Cross street is... Townsend.
GRIFFIN(r): Copy that.

-- Objective Added.
-- Reach the new rally point at 4th and Townsend.

<fight Replicas beyond power transformers>

<as PLAYER approaches blocked end of street>
STOKES(r): Son of a bitch! I'm pinned down!
STOKES(r): Goddamn snipers!
GRIFFIN(r): Becket, can you get to her?

==CP== <as PLAYER enters building>

<when PLAYER jumps over burning rubble>
<level ends>

Mission 07 - Top

Lt. Stokes has been pinned down by Replica snipers and needs assistance.  Sgt.
Griffin reported seeing a woman in need of help and is trying to locate her. 
And Snake Fist radioed that Genevieve Aristide just showed up at his present
location with Armacham black ops soldiers in pursuit..  He needs immediate


-- Objective Added.
-- Find "Snake Fist".

-- Objective Added.
-- Reach the new rally point at 4th and Townsend.

REP: Backup transports are en route. ETA, 5 minutes.  Stay your ground until
reinforcements arrive.

<fight Replicas in office area>

<as PLAYER exits building, PLAYER sees STOKES crouching behind some crates>
STOKES: Becket! Thank god!
STOKES: This place is swarming with snipers. See if you can find a way to flank
them.  If I move, I'm dead.

-- Objective Added
-- Help Stokes make it past the Snipers.

{ if PLAYER waits }
STOKES(r): Get to the rooftop.

<after PLAYER kills 1st sniper outside rooftop door>
STOKES(r): Got him!

<after PLAYER kills 2nd sniper in left-side building>
STOKES(r): I'm gonna make a run for it. Cover me.

==CP== <after PLAYER kills 2nd sniper>

STOKES(r): We've got another one. You see him?

<after PLAYER kills 3rd sniper in left-side building>
STOKES(r): Shit, that was close!

STOKES(r): Just a few more, Becket. Stay tight.

<after PLAYER kills 4th sniper in building wing across courtyard>
STOKES(r): Nice shot, Becket.  Keep it up!

<after PLAYER kills 5th sniper in building across courtyard>
STOKES(r): Four of them!  They're trying to flank you!

<four Replicas approach from the building wing across courtyard>

REP1(r): Charges are set and ready to fire.
REP2(r): Clear!

==CP== <as Replica finishes speaking>

<explosion blows hole in wall>

<rumble of armored vehicle approaching>
STOKES(r): Shit, it's an enemy APC!

STOKES(r): Becket, can you do something about that APC!? I'm pinned down!

-- Objective Added
-- Destroy the enemy APC's turret

STOKES(r): Nice shot, Becket.  Keep it up!

{ if PLAYER delays }
STOKES(r): Take out that APC turret, please!

<after PLAYER destroys APC turret>
STOKES(r): You did it! The turret's neutralized.

-- Objective Completed
-- Destroy the enemy APC's turret

STOKES(r): Damnit, they're swarming the area.
STOKES(r): I have to move.  I can't stay here.
STOKES(r): Keep heading for the rendezvous. We'll link up there.
STOKES(r): And be careful!

-- Objective Completed
-- Help Stokes make it past the Snipers.

<kill 6th sniper in left-side building>

<fight Replicas on upper floors and courtyard>

==CP== <as PLAYER reaches ground floor>

<as PLAYER steps into courtyard, Replicas emerge from APC>

<fight Replicas emerging from building>

==CP== <as PLAYER descends stairs into basement>

<as PLAYER moves through basement hallway>
GRIFFIN(r): Damn it, I can't find her!
STOKES(r): You sure you saw someone?
GRIFFIN(r): Of course I'm sure! She's gotta be around here somewhere!

<PLAYER enters laundry area>

<as PLAYER jumps down into loading dock area, PLAYER sees the yellow shield
glow surrounding an EPA disappear as the EPA opens up>
EPA: Repairs complete.

<fight Replica near EPA>

-- Enter Powered Armor

<fight Replicas in street>

==CP== <as PLAYER rides EPA through building>

<fight Replicas outside garage>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches garage>

<fight Replicas inside garage>

-- Hold to Exit Powered Armor

<press "Door override">

==CP== <after PLAYER exits garage and moves down alleyway>

<1st armor pod crashes nearby>

<fight 1st Powered Armor near bus>

<fight Replicas outside parking garage>

<2nd armor pod crashes nearby>

<fight 2nd Powered Armor outside parking garage>

<3rd armor pod crashes into upper level of parking garage>

<fight 3rd Powered Armor>

<near stairwell on upper level of parking garage>
-- Hold to Exit Powered Armor

<as PLAYER enters stairwell>
GRIFFIN(r): I see her! (female sobbing in the background)

<as PLAYER descends stairs, PLAYER's vision goes sepia-tinged and blurry>

<as PLAYER approaches padlocked fence>
GRIFFIN(r): I can help her. If she'll just let me...

<as PLAYER approaches blue door leading outside>
GRIFFIN(r): Something's... wrong.
???(r): (female sobbing turns into screams)
STOKES(r): Griffin! Report!

==CP== <as PLAYER moves down alleyway>

<as PLAYER jumps over fence>
GRIFFIN(r): Hell with this!
<gunfire and female screams>

<as PLAYER approaches end of alleyway, PLAYER staggers as PLAYER sees GRIFFIN
on upper walkway backing away from thrashing tentacles emerging from the
left-side doorway>
GRIFFIN: Don't touch me!!! Stay away from me!!!
<enraged female screams>
<GRIFFIN continues to fire at the tentacles>
ALMA(vo): Stay with me...
ALMA(vo): Don't go...
<ALMA appears in front of GRIFFIN and stalks forward as GRIFFIN continues to
<as GRIFFIN shoots at ALMA, blood splatters into the air>
GRIFFIN: Stay back!
<female screams>
<GRIFFIN continues to fire at the approaching ALMA as he climbs through a
window to the right>
ALMA(vo): I hate you!
<female scream>

<as PLAYER crosses rubble-filled room, STOKES crawls through the window of a
broken door>
STOKES: There you are! Let's move.
<STOKES runs up the stairs>
STOKES: Griffin needs backup! Come on!

-- Objective Added
-- Assist 1SG Griffin.

<as PLAYER reaches the top of the stairs, PLAYER sees GRIFFIN standing a
brightly lit portion of an otherwise dark hallway>
<as GRIFFIN stares down the hallway>
GRIFFIN: I saw her at the end of the hall...

{ if PLAYER waits at the back of the hallway }
GRIFFIN: Move up.

<as PLAYER approaches GRIFFIN, PLAYER and STOKES knocked off their feet as a
storm of psychic energy tears through the hallway>
<ALMA appears in front of GRIFFIN>
<STOKES reaches out toward GRIFFIN>
STOKES: Griffin! TOP!
<GRIFFIN waves STOKES and PLAYER to stay away>
GRIFFIN: Stay back! Stay the fuck back!
<as GRIFFIN struggles against thrashing black tentacles, PLAYER is knocked off
his feet>
GRIFFIN: Ah... Fuck me!
<GRIFFIN is torn apart by the black tentacles>
STOKES: No!!! Griffin!!!
<ALMA appears beside PLAYER, staring over her right shoulder at PLAYER>
ALMA(vo): You can't hide from me...
<as PLAYER gets to his feet, the world reverts to normal>
<STOKES rushes forward to where GRIFFIN last stood>
STOKES: Oh God! Oh my God! Griffin ...
<STOKES stomps around the area, gesturing angrily>
STOKES: What the fuck is going on!? ... FUCK!
<STOKES turns back to PLAYER>
STOKES: We have to move, Becket!

{ if PLAYER lingers inside the hallway }
STOKES: I must be losing my mind.
STOKES: I'm still shaking all over.
STOKES: Let's get out of here, Becket.

<as PLAYER moves toward door leading to fire escape>
STOKES: It should be just ahead.

<as PLAYER descends the fire escape ladder>
MORALES: You look like you could use a ride, Lieutenant.

<as PLAYER approaches APC>
-- Objective Completed
-- Reach the new rally point at 4th and Townsend.

<KEEGAN and MORALES wait in the APC as PLAYER enters and sits down>
<as a dispirited STOKES enters APC> 
MORALES: W... where's Griffin?
STOKES: Just get us out of here, Sergeant.
<as MORALES returns to the driver's seat>
KEEGAN: Lieutenant... what the hell is going on here?
STOKES: Fuck if I know, but we're stuck in the middle of it.
<level ends>

Mission 08 - Elementary

Alma killed Sgt. Griffin.  You were powerless to stop her.  Now you and your
surviving team members are headed for Wade Elementary School to try to prevent
Colonel Vanek's men from reaching Snake Fist and Genevieve Aristide.

KEEGAN: So what happened out there, Lieutenant? I've never seen you shook up
like this.
STOKES: She killed Griffin.
KEEGAN: Who did?
<KEEGAN gives STOKES a skeptical look>
KEEGAN: You sure about that?
STOKES: I'm not sure about anything anymore.
KEEGAN: Dealing with pissed-off dead chicks is a little outside my area of
STOKES: Let's focus on finding ... Snake Fist.
STOKES: This'll go faster if we split up. Keegan, How's that wound? You
positive you're up for this?
KEEGAN: Nothing I can't handle, Lieutenant.
STOKES: All right, then, you're on recon. Don't go picking any fights. Becket,
you're with me.
<as APC comes to a halt>
MORALES: Keegan, this is your stop, buddy.
<KEEGAN get to his feet as the rear door of the APC opens>
<as KEEGAN exits the APC, KEEGAN looks at PLAYER> 
KEEGAN: See you down range.
<as the APC drives away>
STOKES: Remember, recon only.
KEEGAN(r): Don't worry, LT. I'm a lover, not a fighter.
<PLAYER lifts his hand to his head as PLAYER's vision goes sepia-tinged>
<PLAYER sees a brief distorted vision of the APC interior, and bloody skeletons
where STOKES and MORALES were seated>
<PLAYER sees a brief flash of ALMA standing in the APC before she lunges at
PLAYER and then vanishes>
<world reverts to normal>
<STOKES gets to her feet as the rear door of the APC opens>
STOKES: All right, Becket, let's go find Snake Fist.

Interval 05

<PLAYER follows STOKES and exits APC>

==CP== <as PLAYER stands in front of the sign for Wade Elementary>

STOKES: This just keeps getting better.  Why's he hanging out at an elementary
STOKES: Whatever. Let's get inside.
STOKES: Keegan, check in.
KEEGAN(r): Nothing to report so far, Lieutenant. Except for another damn

A Haven for Study and Growth
Est. 1978, Armacham Technology Corporation

Home of the Wildcats

<as PLAYER approaches barricaded front door>
STOKES: Guess we're not getting in that way.

STOKES: There has to be another way to get in.

<as PLAYER searches the area>
STOKES: Keep looking.  We have to get inside.

<as PLAYER continues to search the area>
STOKES: Hey, Becket. What's the grate over there by the wall? Take a look.

<PLAYER shoots padlock on grate>

<as PLAYER opens grate to basement>
STOKES: Keegan, we're heading inside the school.
KEEGAN(r): Roger that, Lieutenant.  I'm approaching the building from the
STOKES: Good. Stay sharp.

<after PLAYER drops into basement classroom, PLAYER starts breathing heavily >

<press and hold "Lift">

<as STOKES approaches storage unit with brightly colored containers>
STOKES: Bluebirds... Ladybugs... Maybe reading levels or something.

<as PLAYER moves down the darkened hallway, a specter zooms away with a shriek
at the far end of the hallway>
STOKES: Hold up, my com's crappin' out.  ...Never mind.  I'm good.

<as PLAYER approaches door to right-side classroom, PLAYER starts breathing
heavily as PLAYER sees a specter standing inside the classroom>

<as PLAYER opens door into the classroom, the specter disappears with a shriek>

{ if PLAYER enters the right-side classroom, PLAYER starts breathing heavily }

<as PLAYER moves through hall intersection with rubble pile>
STOKES: It's hard to tell if the damage is from the explosion or a firefight. 
I'm guessing both.

<as PLAYER enters second floor hallway, PLAYER hears the familiar sound of a
specter zooming away>

<as STOKES approaches dead ATC in trophy case>
STOKES: Armacham. We're on the right track.
<STOKES runs over to the hole in the floor and peers down>

{ if PLAYER approaches the blue lockers in the darkened corridor, the lockers
suddenly and noisily fly open }

{ if PLAYER enters wide stairway beyond the blue lockers, PLAYER sees a specter
zoom away on the far side of the stairway gate as a body tumbles down the
stairs }
STOKES: Barricaded. Someone didn't want any visitors.

<as PLAYER or STOKES cross the narrow beam over the floor hole, birds suddenly
fly into the air>
STOKES: Whoa... shit!

<as PLAYER exits classroom with chalkboard scribblings ("I will not hurt my
fellow classmates"), PLAYER sees a specter scurry away on the far side of floor
STOKES: Watch your step, Becket.

<as PLAYER moves past the large floor hole and turns the corner, blue lockers
noisily fly open as a specter scurries away at the far side of partially
collapsed floor>

<STOKES runs ahead to partially collapsed floor, then drops down to lower

<when PLAYER opens classroom door near sparking television screen>
-----start mindscape event-----
<PLAYER finds himself standing on the hill with ALMA's tree and swing, although
the classroom doorway and desks are also visible>
{ if PLAYER quickly turns left, PLAYER sees a brief flash of ALMA, standing
slightly crouched behind him }

<as PLAYER moves through doorway toward the tree, PLAYER sees flickers of
specters standing motionless on the hillside>
-----end mindscape event-----
<world reverts to normal>
<PLAYER finds himself standing in a classroom with a large wall mural>

<as PLAYER approaches door out of classroom>
STOKES(r): Becket!  Do you read? 
STOKES(r): I don't know what the hell just happened.  
STOKES(r): I must have blacked out for a second. When I looked up, you were
STOKES(r): ... I could swear there was a door here a minute ago.
STOKES(r): I'm going to backtrack and look for a way through.

==CP== <as PLAYER enters back half of music classroom>

<as PLAYER exits music classroom, PLAYER hears the faint sound of disjointed
piano music>

<fight Remnant in piano room>

<press and hold "Lift" (to move music case)>

<press "Slide Cover" to unblock hole in wall>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches red door out of music area>

<as PLAYER opens door into main hallway, a specter zooms off to the right into
a side hall>

<as PLAYER approaches side hall, a chair slides by itself across the main
hallway to the left>

<fight specter in side hall>

<as PLAYER moves down main hallway, a shockwave of psychic energy opens lockers
and throws objects into the air>
<hallway lights go out>

<fight specters in side classrooms>

<PLAYER starts to breath heavily>

<fight specters in main hallway>

<fight specters in bloody, corpse filled basement room>

<as PLAYER moves through bloody basement room, with both room lights and
flashlight flickering erratically, PLAYER sees several flashes of ALMA>

<as PLAYER approaches barricade near computer lab, the double doors on far side
of barricade bang wildly by themselves>

<as PLAYER moves through computer lab area, PLAYER encounters more specters and
flashes of ALMA>

<when PLAYER approaches banging double doors, the doors abruptly stop moving>

<when PLAYER opens double door, PLAYER sees a shimmering distortion at the far
end of hallway>

<when PLAYER moves toward distortion, papers start swirling into the air as
ALMA appears in the hallway>

<PLAYER's vision blurs as decayed ALMA lunges forward and grabs at PLAYER>

<as PLAYER shoves decayed ALMA away>
ALMA(vo): Why? WHY!?
<PLAYER is pulled and held up in the air>
<decayed ALMA stares up at PLAYER, cocking her head slightly, then starts to
back away>
ALMA(vo): (tearful) Don't you see?
<corpse-ALMA transforms into a more sexy female form (sexy-ALMA), then
approaches PLAYER>
ALMA(vo): (sultry) Don't you see me?
<ALMA disappears>
<world reverts to normal>
<as PLAYER falls to the floor>
ALMA(vo): You can't hide from me...

<as PLAYER moves down hallway, ATC says one of the following lines>
ATC(r): Secure the west side!
ATC(r): Get to the courtyard!

ATC(r): Replica chopper inbound.

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches doors leading to courtyard>

<when PLAYER enters courtyard, a helicopter bursts into flames overhead, then
crashes into the school nearby>

<fight Replicas in courtyard>

<PLAYER reenters school on opposite side of courtyard>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches flaming rubble>

-- Objective Added
-- Shut down the ruptured gas line.

{ if PLAYER looks upward, PLAYER can see the valve for the gas pipe }

<as PLAYER backtracks to courtyard>
KEEGAN(r): I just saw a chopper go down.
STOKES(r): Whose was it?
KEEGAN(r): Not sure, but I doubt it was friendly.

==CP== <as PLAYER re-enters courtyard>

<armor pod lands in courtyard, knocking down part of the walkway roof to form a
ramp to 2nd floor>

<fight Powered Armor>

<as PLAYER enters school on 2nd floor>
KEEGAN(r): This is Keegan.  I hit a wall of Armacham fuckheads over by the
admin building!  I could really use some help here...
STOKES(r): Hold tight! I'm on my way!

==CP== <as PLAYER moves through classrooms on 2nd floor>

-- Objective Added
-- Rendezvous with 1LT Stokes and SGT Keegan near the Admin building.

<PLAYER passes by windows overlooking helicopter wreckage>

<PLAYER crosses one side of courtyard via outdoor walkway roofs>

<fight Replicas emerging from 2nd floor classroom>

<PLAYER crosses other side of courtyard via outdoor walkway roofs>

<fight Replicas on walkway roofs>

==CP== <as PLAYER reenters school on 2nd floor>

<press and hold "Turn Valve" to turn off gas>

-- Objective Completed
-- Shut down the ruptured gas line.

<PLAYER jumps down hole into yard with helicopter wreckage>

<after dodging spinning helicopter blades, PLAYER climbs ramp to 2nd floor>

<when PLAYER drops through hole, PLAYER sees STOKES and KEEGAN standing in a
side hall>

<as PLAYER approaches STOKES and KEEGAN>
KEEGAN: Hey, nice of you to join us.
STOKES: Becket!
<PLAYER's vision goes blurry as KEEGAN staggers and clutches his head>
-----start mindscape event-----
<PLAYER finds himself, STOKES, and KEEGAN standing near ALMA's tree>
STOKES: Keegan? What's wrong?
<STOKES crouches down to help KEEGAN>
<PLAYER finds himself standing in front of the tree as ALMA appears and grabs
-----end mindscape event-----
<when PLAYER shoves ALMA away, the world reverts to normal as PLAYER collapses
to the floor>
KEEGAN: Ah-! Not again!
STOKES: What's happening?
KEEGAN: (cry of pain)

<fade to black as level ends>

Mission 09 - Nurse's Office

Armacham black ops teams are fighting Replica forces that appear to be
converging on the school from an unknown location.  Alma attacked you again but
you were able to drive her away.  You managed to link up with Lt. Stokes and
Sgt. Keegan near the Admin building but suffered another staggering headache
and blackout.

==CP== <as PLAYER gets to his feet>

-- Objective Added
-- Find "Snake Fist"

STOKES: Keegan!
<STOKES rises from her crouching position front of PLAYER as PLAYER gets back
on his feet>
KEEGAN: (grunt of pain) No...
STOKES: Shit, Becket, I'm glad you're okay.
STOKES: I've got to get Keegan back to the APC.
<KEEGAN flops and twitches helplessly on the floor>
STOKES: Becket, this... Snake Fist guy may be our best shot of getting out of
this. Do what you can to bring him out alive.
<STOKES walks over to double doors>
STOKES: You better get going.

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches STOKES>

<as PLAYER moves outdoors into courtyard>
STOKES: Good luck.
<doors close behind PLAYER>

<fight ATC in courtyard>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters building after courtyard fight>

ATC(r): We've got a squad down!

<fight ATC>

==CP== <as PLAYER passes dislodged lockers in middle of hallway>

<as PLAYER turns corner in hallway, an explosion sends ATC flying through

<fight 2 Replica Heavies with Hammerheads in playground courtyard>

<press "Lift" to open basement grate>

<as PLAYER approaches door out of basement classroom>
SNAKEFIST(r): I hope you guys are close.  Things are going from bad to worse. 
Replica forces are converging from all over.
SNAKEFIST(r): Head for the nurse's office.  I repeat, head for the nurse's

-- Objective Added
-- Locate the Nurse's Office

==CP== <as PLAYER jumps down from rubble>

ATC1(r): Barricade's not finished yet, sir. They're checking on possible
VANEK(r): Well, make it quick.  This place gives me the goddamn creeps.
ATC1(r): Yes, sir!

<fight ATC in library>

<welding sparks on door to the left>
ATC2(r): Unit 3's down and out! Hurry up and seal the door!
ATC1(r): Almost done.
ATC2(r): Got it. Now set up a fire position near the donkey.

<as PLAYER approaches bathrooms at end of hallway, PLAYER's visor flickers>

<when PLAYER enters flame-lit men's bathroom and approaches mirror, ALMA
appears in the reflection crouching near the flames>
ALMA(vo): _____________ why?

<when PLAYER opens double doors into hallway, a school bell rings>
<a specter zooms off toward PLAYER's right as another specter attacks from
PLAYER's left>
<PLAYER begins breathing hard>

<as PLAYER approaches barricaded classroom with slideshow, PLAYER hears the
sound of a child crying>

<fight specters in classroom>

<after the specters disappear, the child's crying stops>

<when PLAYER opens doors to stairwell and climbs upward, a specter zooms away
from the landing>
<as PLAYER makes the turn on the landing and looks up, PLAYER sees two ATC
troopers running to the right in slo-mo, blood streaming from their bodies>
<PLAYER's vision goes red and flickers as the ATC troopers disintegrate in a
bloody spray>
<PLAYER sees a flash of ALMA at the top of stairs>

<as PLAYER reaches bloody bodies at top of stairs, PLAYER hears eerie

==CP== <as PLAYER moves around barricade on upper floor>

ATC(r): We got more Replica choppers inbound!
VANEK(r): Where're they headed?
ATC(r): Looks like the cafeteria roof. Shit, here comes another one!
VANEK(r): Hold your positions!

<sound of specter zooming off>

<when PLAYER exits out onto rooftop, helicopter drops additional Replica troops
before flying away>

<fight Replicas on roof>

==CP== <after PLAYER drops down into storage room>

<as PLAYER approaches partially open door of storage room, PLAYER hears gunfire
and fighting between Replica and ATC>

<fight Replicas and ATC in stage and cafeteria area>

<fight ATC in cafeteria kitchen>

<as PLAYER approaches back of kitchen area>
ATC1(r): Sounds like it's over. Check it out.
ATC2(r): Hell, no. No way I'm going out there.
ATC1(r): All right, we go together on three. Ready? One, two... three!

<fight ATC bursting through doorway>

<as PLAYER approaches laptop in kitchen storage room>
VANEK(r): Everyone fall back to Admin!
VANEK(r): Turner, Feldman, what's your status? ... Sound off, damn it! What the
fuck's going on out there? Turner!
VANEK(r): If you can hear me, get your ass back to Admin, we need
reinforcements! Now!

==CP== <as PLAYER enters freezer area>

==CP== <after PLAYER drops into basement utility area>

<PLAYER starts breathing heavily as specters attack>

<a ceiling light falls down>

<PLAYER sees an ATC trooper pinned against fencing>

<PLAYER sees ATC troopers retreating toward him as they shoot at something
pursuing them>

<explosion sets ceiling lights swinging>

<PLAYER continues to breathe heavily>

<fight specters in 1st dark basement area>

<to PLAYER's right, the body of an ATC trooper is suddenly dragged out of

==CP== <as PLAYER follows the ATC body>

<PLAYER continues to breath heavily as visor flickers>

<fight specters in 2nd dark basement area>

<as PLAYER approaches 1st burning gas pipe near desk>
-- Objective Added
-- Find a valve to shut off the gas leak.

<fight specters on way to 2nd burning gas pipe>

<press and hold "Turn valve">

<when PLAYER backtracks to 1st gas pipe, falling pipes block PLAYER's path>

<PLAYER shoots padlock to return to 2nd basement area>

<fight specters on way back to gas pipe>

<press "Slide Cover" (to kick burning desk into lower room)>

<as PLAYER climbs up steps toward area with windows, flames burst out of grate>

==CP== <as PLAYER turns corner in basement>

<as PLAYER approaches T-intersection in hallway>
ATC(r): Come on, let's go.
ATC(r): I think we're ready.
ATC(r): I smell a payday.

<fight ATC in basement area>

<press "Call elevator">

<press "Activate elevator">

==CP== <as PLAYER rides up in elevator>

<fight ATC in red lobby>

<as PLAYER approaches sign leading out of red lobby>
VANEK(r): All units, get to the nurse's office!  We've got her cornered!

<as PLAYER turns the corner after exiting the red lobby, PLAYER sees an ATC
trooper at the far end, running toward the right and entering the door to the
Nurse's office, which closes and locks behind him>

<when PLAYER checks locked door to Nurse's office
-- Objective Added
-- Find a keycard for the door leading to the Nurse's office.

==CP== <as PLAYER heads left toward admin area>

<fight ATC in lobby>

<press "Call elevator">

<press "Activate elevator">

==CP== <as PLAYER rides up in elevator>

<when PLAYER picks up the keycard outside the principal's office, the principal
Remnant slams against the glass>

-- Objective Added 
-- Return and use keycard to reach the Nurse's Office."

<principal Remnant runs out of office and down hallway>

==CP== <as PLAYER pursues Remnant down hallway>

==CP== <after PLAYER destroys Remnant>

<PLAYER backtracks to elevator>

<press "Activate elevator">

<elevator doors jam>

<press and hold "Pry open elevator doors">

<as elevator doors open, ALMA lunges out of elevator and grabs PLAYER>

<when PLAYER shoves ALMA away, the elevator car falls>
ALMA(vo): _____________________

<PLAYER drops down on top of elevator car to access lower floor>

<as PLAYER backtracks to Nurse's office>
STOKES(r): Becket, I've got a clear window back to the APC - I'm gonna take it.
 Keegan's doing a little better, but he's still too out of it to fight.  Stokes

<press "Swipe card">

-- Objective Completed
-- Return and use the keycard to reach the Nurse's office.

-- Objective Added
-- Locate the Nurse's office.

==CP== <as PLAYER descends steps>

<fight ATC in observation classrooms>

<as PLAYER opens "EXIT" door on upper level of observation classrooms>
ATC(r): Holding position.
ATC(r): He won't get past me.

<fight ATC in lobby>

TV: The following instructional television series is for internal use only. 
Any attempt for external use will result in the usual penalties. This series
and related materials were developed and supported by thirty-two educational
experts from...
TV: ...Armacham Technology Corporation.
TV: (electronic music intro)
TV: (upbeat music>
TV: _________________

<PLAYER approaches locked door with medical cross>

<press "Swipe card">

-- Objective Completed
-- Locate the Nurse's Office.

<press "Launch Bluebird.exe">

<Nurse's office becomes an elevator platform and descends>
<level ends>

Mission 10 - Snake Fist

Sgt. Keegan was too impaired to continue, so Lt. Stokes escorted him back to
the APC and sent you on ahead to locate Snake Fist.  You fought through Replica
and Armacham forces to reach the Nurse's Office, which turned out to be a
disguised elevator.  YOu're about to find out where it leads.

==CP== <as PLAYER descends on platform>

-- Objective Added
-- Find "Snake Fist"

COMPUTER: Warning: Sector 3 is in security lockdown.

-- Objective Added
-- Override the lockdown in Sector 3.

<on side near computer terminal, PLAYER sees ARISTIDE and SNAKEFIST arguing on
a monitor in control room>
ARISTIDE(m): I'm not going to argue with you about this.  Give me the
correction offsets.
SNAKEFIST(m): The offsets are useless!  This isn't going to work!
ARISTIDE(m): It has to.  Don't you understand what's at stake?  Maybe you
should go take a look outside.
<elevator platform stops>
SNAKEFIST(m): You won't be able to contain her. Her power is already
intensifying.  It's only going to get worse.
ARISTIDE(m): We have to risk it.  There's no other choice.
SNAKEFIST(m): There IS another choice.  That's what I've been trying to tell
you.  We can destroy her!
<ARISTIDE shoves her gun toward SNAKEFIST's face>
ARISTIDE(m): Enough!  Give me those FUCKING offsets.
SNAKEFIST(m): Okay, okay ... shit.. Take 'em.
<SNAKEFIST hands over a disk to ARISTIDE>
ARISTIDE(m): You'll thank me when this is over.
<ARISTIDE walks off-camera>
SNAKEFIST(m): You'll be dead by then.
ARISTIDE(m): Have a little faith, Terry.
SNAKEFIST(m): I do have faith. That you'll be dead by then.
<SNAKEFIST sits down>
<monitor goes blank with static>

<SNAKEFIST contacts PLAYER via radio>
SNAKEFIST(r): This is Snake Fist.  You've got to hurry. Those Armacham guys are
almost here.
SNAKEFIST(r): Genevieve locked the place down to stall them, but they're
welding through doors.
SNAKEFIST(r): I'm shut out of the system, so I can't help you.
SNAKEFIST(r): Look for a security terminal to override the lockdown..
SNAKEFIST(r): The password is, uh, Snakefist.

-- Objective Added
-- Override the lockdown in Sector 3.

<PLAYER climbs steps to upper level of control room to reach terminal>

<press "Override Lockdown">

-- Objective Completed
-- Override the lockdown in Sector 3.

COMPUTER: Lockdown cancelled.

==CP== <after PLAYER cancels lockdown>

SNAKEFIST(r): Huh? ... Holy shit! That must be you that just overrode the
processing area terminal! Fuckin' A, the cavalry is here!

<fight ATC rushing the control room>

==CP== <as PLAYER drops down on other side of locked decontamination chamber>

<as PLAYER enters lab area>
COMPUTER: Warning: Sector 4 is in security lockdown.

-- Objective Added
-- Override the lockdown in Sector 4.

<fight ATC in Sector 4 lab area>

<PLAYER descends yellow ladder in floor, moves through tunnel, and climbs back
out into control room with terminal>

<press "Override Lockdown">

-- Objective Completed
-- Override the lockdown in Sector 4.

COMPUTER: Lockdown cancelled.

==CP== <as PLAYER exits control room>

<as PLAYER enters curving hallway around chair>
SNAKEFIST(r): I forgot to mention: Be careful in the holding area. Genevieve
opened the cells to buy herself time. The specimens are extremely dangerous.

<as PLAYER moves around stack of gray crates on hand cart>
VANEK(r): This is taking forever!
<as a robot arm moves a container out of the way, PLAYER sees VANEK in a
decontamination airlock with several ATC troopers>
==CP== <as VANEK yells at the ATC trooper working on the door>
VANEK(r): Get this fucking door open, now!
<VANEK turns and sees PLAYER>
VANEK: Just what I need.  Somebody kill this son of a bitch!
<VANEK gestures angrily as he yells at the group of ATC troopers>
VANEK: Bury him!
<as the ATC troopers run out of the airlock, shutters slide down, blocking
PLAYER's view of VANEK>
VANEK: This is taking too goddamn long! Hurry it up!

-- Objective Added
-- Stop Colonel Vanek.

<fight ATC on lower level>
<fight ATC on upper level>

<as PLAYER crosses walkway above VANEK'S location>
VANEK(r): Why is that fucking soldier still fucking alive!? ... Just fucking
shoot him already!

==CP== <after PLAYER descends stairs>

<fight ATC in lab area>

<when PLAYER approaches area with red wall lights, PLAYER sees VANEK inside
decontamination airlock>
VANEK: You sure did kill a lot of my guys.  I'm impressed. I've never seen
anything like that.  You're a goddamn killing machine.
<VANEK looks over his shoulder at ATC trooper trying to cut through the far
VANEK: How's that door coming?
ATC: Might as well be using a lighter, sir.  This thing won't cut for shit.
VANEK: Looks like we got ourselves a little stalemate here.

{ if PLAYER waits outside airlock }
ATC: Colonel? I'm running out of acetylene.
VANEK: Son, you get us through that door if you have to chew a hole in it.
ATC: Uh, yes, sir.

{ if PLAYER continues to wait outside airlock }
VANEK: Guess it's gonna come down to who needs a potty break first.

<press "Use computer">

COMPUTER: Decontamination sequence in progress.
COMPUTER: Please stand by.
VANEK: You must be hurtin' for some hurtin'.
VANEK: I'm looking forward to this.
==CP== <as door control turns green>
COMPUTER: Sequence complete.
VANEK: Come on in. I got a little something for ya.
COMPUTER: Decontamination chamber is now accessible.

{ if PLAYER waits }
VANEK: Go ahead and open the door.  I'll give you a buckshot enema.

{ if PLAYER continues to wait }
VANEK: I've been eating lollipops like you since I was a little girl.

<press "Open Chamber Door">

<VANEK and PLAYER struggle over VANEK's shotgun>
VANEK: (grunting with effort) ...fucking... fucking...

{ if VANEK knocks PLAYER to floor }
VANEK: (growls) You're a fucking bitch! (nasty laughs) Fucking...

<PLAYER eventualy gets the shotgun under VANEK's chin and blows his head off>

-- Objective Completed
-- Stop Colonel Vanek.

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches door with wire mesh side panels and yellow glowing

Sign: _________________

<when PLAYER approaches next door, it half-opens and PLAYER sees two
Abominations scurry away from the bloody corpse of the ATC trooper>

<after PLAYER crawls under half-open door and it locks behind him>
COMPUTER: Containment has been compromised.

COMPUTER: Lockdown in effect.

-- Objective Added
-- Override the lockdown in the specimen holding area.

<fight Abominations>

<PLAYER climbs to upper level to access control room with terminal>

<press "Override Lockdown">

COMPUTER: Lockdown cancelled

-- Objective Completed
-- Override the lockdown in the specimen holding area.

==CP== <after PLAYER overrides lockdown>

<PLAYER crawls through half-open door on lower level of holding area>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters (or passes by) security office>

{ if PLAYER looks up as he approaches SNAKEFIST's office, PLAYER sees a brief
refractive shimmer }

<as PLAYER enters SNAKEFIST's office>
-- Objective Completed
-- Find "Snake Fist"

SNAKEFIST: You made it! Man, I thought I was toast.
SNAKEFIST: I'm Terry. Terry Halford. AKA Snake Fist.
<SNAKEFIST sits down as loud heavy metal music plays in the background>
SNAKEFIST: Shhh, did you hear something?
<SNAKEFIST looks around the room>
SNAKEFIST: ... Guess it was nothing.
SNAKEFIST: With Lt. Stokes's help, I was able to establish a link to the
computer in your armored personnel carrier. I'm uploading all my files right
now.  We can go over them on the way.
SNAKEFIST: By the way, don't pick your nose. She's watching us on the security
cameras.  But she can't hear us, so you can call her whatever you want.
<SNAKEFIST looks at his computers>
SNAKEFIST: Looks like the file transfer's done.
SNAKEFIST: We can take the elevator in the main lobby, but we'll have to head
through the holding area.  I hope you took care of all the specimens.
<SNAKEFIST peers more closely at his monitors>
SNAKEFIST: Uh oh. That ain't good.  Replica forces are pouring into the
facility.  They must be converging on your telesthetic signature. You're
becoming a magnet for them.
<SNAKEFIST turns to a closed weapon case>
SNAKEFIST: I have something you might want.
SNAKEFIST: I grabbed it from the experimental weapons lab when the shit started
SNAKEFIST: Which reminds me.  Have you ever seen a hippopotamus fight? They
start crapping and wagging their tails really fast and shit just flies
everywhere.  It's fucking insane.
<SNAKEFIST opens the weapon case and lifts out the Type-12 Energy Weapon
SNAKEFIST: Here we go...
SNAKEFIST: It's just a prototype so it's a little quirky, but it packs quite a
==CP== <as SNAKEFIST sits back down> 
<SNAKEFIST offers weapon to PLAYER>

<press "Take Energy Weapon">

<as PLAYER takes weapon>
SNAKEFIST: Now let's get the hell out of here!
<an assassin suddenly appears behind SNAKEFIST and decapitates him with a
single swipe>
<still clutching SNAKEFIST's head, the assassin jumps to the upper level,
smashes through a window and disappears>

-- Objective Added
-- Get to the Telesthetic Amplifier on Still Island and destroy Alma.

==CP== <as PLAYER backtracks toward specimen holding area>

<fight REP near security office>

<fight REP in holding area, including heavy with Hammerhead>

<PLAYER backtracks to upper level control room in holding area>

==CP== <as PLAYER crawls through hole in door in the rear of control room>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters balcony leading back into Sector 4>

<fight REP in Sector 4>

<when PLAYER enters locker area behind red-lit door in Sector 4, PLAYER finds
SNAKEFIST's severed head on a bench>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits locker area>

<fight 3 assassins in waterfall lobby>

<press "Activate elevator">

<fight assassin leaping out elevator>

<press "Activate elevator>"

-- Objective Completed
-- Return through the specimen holding area and locate the main lobby.

==CP== <as PLAYER rides up in elevator>

<in elevator>
STOKES(r): I hope you're on your way, Becket.  We've got enemy forces
converging from all over.

-- Objective Added
-- Get to the APC.

==CP== <as PLAYER exits elevator>

<fight REP in classroom observation area>

<fight REP in hallway leading outdoors>

-- Objective Completed
-- Get to the APC.

<as PLAYER approaches APC>
STOKES: Into the APC, Becket! We've gotta go!
STOKES: Come on, come on!

<after PLAYER enters APC, KEEGAN follows PLAYER inside>
STOKES: We're good Manny.  Punch it!
STOKES: I saw what happened to Halford. There was nothing you could've done.
<STOKES activates monitor which folds down from ceiling of APC>
STOKES: Let's take a look at Snake Fist's Data... The son of a bitch was true
to his word.  He gave us more than enough to sink Armacham forever... Assuming
we survive long enough.

<fade to black as level ends>

Mission 11 - Keegan

Snake Fist is dead, killed by a Replica assassin..  His real name was Terry
Halford, a staff member working for Genevieve Aristide on Project Harbinger. 
Before he died, he urged you to go to Still Island and use the Telesthetic
Amplifier there to destroy Alma.

-- Objective Added
-- Get to the Telesthetic Amplifier on Still Island and destroy Alma.

<closeup of a video being played on monitor>
SNAKEFIST(r): I'll skip the metaphysics and try to keep this as simple as
possible.  Sgt. Becket, Genevieve Aristide did some nasty things to you back at
that medical facility.  First came the gene splicing operation to link you to
<photo of surgery operation>
SNAKEFIST(r):Then she tricked you into getting into the telesthetic attunement
chamber, which strengthened the link.
<photo of PLAYER entering T.A.C. chamber>
SNAKEFIST(r): That's why Alma's aware of you.  And why you're totally
pooch-screwed unless you can destroy her.
<drawing of Becket in a chair>
SNAKEFIST(r): Which brings me to the telesthetic amplifier on Still Island. 
You're not psychically potent to resist Alma, so we're going to plug you into a
device that will crank up your brain waves. 
<drawing of amplifier pointing Becket-in-chair>
SNAKEFIST(r): Sadly, the only device that has enough juice for the job is on
Still Island, hidden inside the old nuclear reactor.
<closeup of drawing of nuclear reactor>
<video gets jerky and blurs with static, then switches to a picture of
SNAKEFIST inside a bathroom stall -- he crouches on top of the toilet and holds
his finger up for silence as someone enters and exits the bathroom>
<video switches back to drawings of chair and amplifier>
SNAKEFIST(r): My belief is that the amplifier will theoretically make you
powerful enough to defeat Alma in a battle of wills. 
<PLAYER backs away from monitor as KEEGAN rubs his head>
SNAKEFIST(r): I say "theoretically" because my data on Alma is a bit sketchy at
this point, but the odds are better than even that when someone's head
explodes, it will be hers and not yours.  Which brings me....
<SNAKEFIST's voice fades into background as STOKES speaks and deactivates the
monitor, which folds back into the ceiling of APC>
STOKES: Seems pretty straightforward.  Find the psychic amplifier, plug Becket
into it, flip the switch, and Alma's history.
<KEEGAN rubs his head again>
MORALES: So Still Island, huh?  I thought they shut the reactor down like... 30
or 40 years ago.
<KEEGAN leans toward PLAYER>
KEEGAN: That must've been when Armacham moved in.
STOKES: According to Snake Fist's data, it's the main testing area for Project
STOKES: How far out are we, Manny?
MORALES: 15 minutes if the roads are clear.
MORALES: Holy shit!!!
<APC rocks violently>
MORALES: ...Where did you come from?
STOKES: Manny, what the hell is going on?!
<KEEGAN shoves PLAYER off him>
MORALES: Sorry lieutenant, looks like we really stepped in the shit here.
MORALES: We have enemy tar...
<APC rocks violent as a small fire breaks out>
<KEEGAN stamps on fire and puts it out>
MORALES: ...heh, multiple enemy targets bearing down on our position.  Looks
like Replica.... and they're pissed!
<APC continues to shake as smoke begins to fill APC as alarms beep>
STOKES: Sergeant, get us out of here!
MORALES: ...We don't have a lot of options!
MORALES: ...wait, wait... up ahead. Oh man, I don't know...
STOKES: What?!
MORALES: You better grab hold of something.  I've got an idea!
KEEGAN: Whoa, whoa... what is that supposed to mean?!
MORALES: Going down!  HANG ON!
<APC shakes violently>
<PLAYER ends up on the floor of APC as MORALES opens the back door>
MORALES: Fifth street station now boarding!
<PLAYER rubs head as STOKES peers outside the APC>
STOKES: ...subway... good work Sergeant.
<STOKES steps over PLAYER and exits APC>
KEEGAN: (chuckle) Manny, you crazy son of a bitch!
<KEEGAN steps over PLAYER and exits APC>
<MORALES helps PLAYER to his feet>
STOKES: Becket, man that turret and cover us.  We need to figure out where we
<PLAYER enters turret>
==CP== <as PLAYER emerges at turret gun>
STOKES: Keegan, you're up.  Becket, cover us.

-- Objective Added
-- Provide cover fire for 1LT Stokes, SGT Keegan, and SGT Morales.

<fight REP wave from the collapsed area>

<REP waves attack from subway area>
STOKES: Keegan! Move up! Now!
STOKES: Move up, Keegan!
<KEEGAN suddenly stops shooting and climbs onto a rubble heap>
STOKES: Keegan! What are you doing!?
MORALES: Keegan!
STOKES: Keegan! Get back here!
<KEEGAN stares off into the distance>
KEEGAN: Don't you see her?
MORALES: You trying to get yourself killed!?
STOKES: Shit, cover him!
<KEEGAN jumps down and slowly walks toward subway gate>
MORALES: Why aren't they shooting at him!?
STOKES: Who cares!? Just keep firing!
<KEEGAN reaches subway gate and stares through it>
STOKES: They're swarming. Gotta fall back!

-- Objective Completed
-- Provide cover fire for 1LT Stokes, SGT Keegan, and SGT Morales.

==CP== <after PLAYER exits turret>

<as PLAYER runs after STOKES and MORALES>
STOKES: Keegan, what the hell's wrong with you!?
KEEGAN: Don't be afraid.
MORALES: We don't have time for this shit, man.  Pull yourself together!
<as PLAYER approaches KEEGAN>
STOKES: Keegan! Snap out of it!
<KEEGAN crawls through hole in gate>
KEEGAN: Don't leave!
<beyond the gate, KEEGAN stands up and stares at a bright white light filling
the side hallway>
<STOKES makes frustrated gesture>
STOKES: Keegan! Goddamnit! Becket, get him back here!

-- Objective Added
-- Retrieve SGT Keegan.

<as PLAYER begins to crawl under gate>
KEEGAN: No... wh... where are you going?
<as PLAYER stands up, KEEGAN wanders into the light and both light and KEEGAN

Interval 06

<as PLAYER turns corner, PLAYER sees the white light at the end of the hallway,
but it disappears before PLAYER reaches it>

==CP== <as PLAYER turns corner where the white light disappeared>

<PLAYER follows hallway to a closed, violently rattling door with a white light
behind it>

<as PLAYER approaches rattling door, the light vanishes and door stops

<as PLAYER approaches end of subway tunnel, an assassin drops down and runs off
to the right through an archway>

<as PLAYER enters archway, PLAYER sees KEEGAN at far end, staggering toward the
left toward something bright>
<KEEGAN and light both suddenly disappear>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches subway platform>

<eerie scream>

<fight assassin in darkened track area>

<PLAYER jumps over turnstiles>

<fight assassins in lower concourse area>

<fight assassins in upper concourse area>

==CP== <as PLAYER kills pair of assassins on upper concourse>

<fight assassin on upper concourse area>

<press "Lift" soda machine>

<eerie sound cue as PLAYER steps onto subway platform>

<as PLAYER moves down subway tunnel>
STOKES(r): Keegan's readings are looking a bit strange.  I must be getting

<assassin drops down into subway tunnel and runs away>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches fallen police car with flashing red and blue

<fight Replicas rappelling down from street>

<as PLAYER climbs up onto narrow railed platform, doors at far end explode

<fight Replica Heavy Armor with Hammerhead>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters utility tunnel>

<fight Replicas in pump room area>

<PLAYER climbs stairs to upper level>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits pump room area via upper level>

<as PLAYER approaches floor hatch with ladder, PLAYER's visor flickers>
<as PLAYER approaches ladder, PLAYER catches a brief glimpse of KEEGAN below>

<when PLAYER get off ladder on lower level, KEEGAN has vanished>

==CP== <as PLAYER turns away from ladder>

<PLAYER's visor flickers as PLAYER sees KEEGAN on opposite side of chamber>
<KEEGAN staggers in a daze over to power breaker switch and turns the power on,
then staggers out of view>

<PLAYER sees electricity arcing all over stairs leading down>

<when PLAYER turns off power, specters attack>

<as PLAYER descends into lower level, specters manifest (usually as PLAYER
approaches dead bodies), sending objects flying>

==CP== <as PLAYER moves down tunnel with large yellow pipe>

<final specter attacks>

<as PLAYER steps back out into subway track area>
STOKES(r): Becket, Manny managed to get the APC out of the tunnel.  We'll try
to rendezvous with you at the King Street station.

-- Objective Added
-- Rendezvous with 1LT Stokes and SGT Morales at King Street station.

<PLAYER climbs stairs to upper level of subway area>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches electrical wall boxes on upper level tunnel>

<fight Replicas in watery chamber>

<fight Replicas on upper level of watery chamber>

==CP== <as player exits upper level of watery chamber>

<fight Replicas in large subway station with watery electrified track area>

<PLAYER crosses electrified tracks using subway car>

<fight Replicas on other side of subway station>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters fenced area with power switch>

<press "Switch On">

<when PLAYER activates power switch, Replica Heavy with laser advances into
view on train tracks>

==CP== <as PLAYER moves down watery track tunnel>

<eerie sound cue as PLAYER approaches barricade with hole>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters upper level area overlooking dangling subway car>

<subway car shifts and slides slightly>

<when PLAYER jumps down into lower level, the subway car falls down and topples
over with a thunderous crash>

==CP== <as PLAYER steps out into another track area>

<non-hostile specters stand and briefly flicker along the tracks before

<PLAYER climbs up into tilted subway car>

<as PLAYER reaches middle of tilted subway car, the view outside the car goes
blinding orange>
<the upper subway car door closes by itself as a silhouette appears>
<when PLAYER turns around, PLAYER sees ALMA walking up the car toward PLAYER
before vanishing>
<world returns to normal>
<upper subway car door is again open>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches coffee shop>

<fight Replicas in coffee shop area>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits coffee shop area>

<PLAYER jumps over rubble heap in hallway>

<fight Replicas in turnstile area, including Replica Heavy with laser>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits turnstile area>

<as PLAYER exits turnstile area>
STOKES(r): Becket, I think I found something.  Halford's files show an Armacham
cargo tunnel running from the medical facility we were at to Still Island..
STOKES(r): The subway line intersects it near the King Street Station.
STOKES(r): That cargo tunnel is your best bet.

-- Objective Added
-- Find the Armacham cargo tunnel that leads to Still Island.

<PLAYER jumps over yellow railing onto tracks>

<as PLAYER moves down tracks, a Replica jumps onto the tracks>
<a train heads straight toward PLAYER>
<PLAYER dodges into alcove as train rolls past, slams to a halt, then several
cars roll backward>

<fight Replica on subway platform>

<PLAYER climbs to upper level>

<fight Replicas on platform on opposite side of tracks>

<PLAYER jumps onto train car roof>

==CP== <as PLAYER jumps down onto platform on other side of tracks>

<fight Replica on catwalk>

<as PLAYER enters fenced area, PLAYER's visor flickers as KEEGAN walks across
the stair landing toward PLAYER's right>

<PLAYER jumps over rubble pile and climbs stairs to "Metro Central" sign>
<level ends>

Mission 12 - Epicenter

Lt. Stokes sent you after Sgt. Keegan, who wandered off during a firefight and
disappeared.  He seems to believe he is pursuing a woman.  Lt.. Stokes has
advised you to locate an Armacham cargo tunnel that should lead you to Still
Island.  She and Sgt. Morales will rendezvous with you there.

==CP== <as PLAYER climbs stairs to "Metro Central" sign>

-- Objective Added
-- Retrieve SGT Keegan

<as PLAYER climbs stairs to outdoors, PLAYER sees Replicas at communication
REP(r): This is Command. We are proceeding with Powered Armor drops in your
REP(r): Alert all recon teams that Powered Armor units are inbound.
REP(r): Powered Armor drops commencing.

==CP== <as PLAYER kills the Replicas near the communications equipment>

<kill 1st sniper on left>

==CP== <as PLAYER kills 1st sniper>

<PLAYER sees 2 flaming armor pods streak across the sky>

<fight Replica in street crater area>

<kill 2nd sniper on left>

<kill 3rd sniper on right (behind neon letters)>

==CP== <as PLAYER kills 3rd sniper>

<fight Replicas in movie theater lobby>

==CP== <as PLAYER kills all Replicas in theater lobby>

<as PLAYER approaches red double doors in theater lobby, a Replica Heavy with
laser bursts in>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits lobby area>

<as PLAYER approaches movie theater, PLAYER hears the sound of a movie
<PLAYER's visor flickers>

<when PLAYER looks at the front end of the theater, PLAYER sees that the entire
front wall is destroyed, leaving just a large gaping hole where the movie
screen would normally be>
<movie images flicker on the ruined remains of the wall>

<as PLAYER approaches the front end of theater, PLAYER has a brief vision of
KEEGAN standing in front of PLAYER and staring at an image of ALMA's tree and
swing which fills the gaping hole in the wall>
ALMA(vo): ___________________

<as PLAYER crosses through gaping hole, PLAYER has a brief vision of ALMA's
<ALMA suddenly appears and grabs at PLAYER before disappearing on her own>

<as PLAYER moves down the debris-filled street>
STOKES: It looks like we're going to have to circle around quite a ways to get
to Still Island.  The bridge is out on the main road.

STOKES(r): Damn it, we still can't find a way through.  There's too much
rubble.  We must be getting close to the epicenter of the explosion.

==CP== <as PLAYER moves around large truck in the middle of street>

<PLAYER sees an EPA, surrounded by electrified water, and an electrocuted
Replica nearby>

<PLAYER shoots power transforming on pole, making EPA accessible>

EPA: Repairs complete

-- Enter Powered Armor

<flaming armor pod crashes around corner>

<fight 1st Powered Armor unit>

<flaming armor pod crashes behind bus>

<fight 2nd Powered Armor unit>

<flaming armor pod crashes into building>

<fight 3nd Powered Armor unit>

<fight Replicas with missile launchers>

<large armor pod crash behind large pole in front of PLAYER>

<fight EPA>

-- Hold to Exit Powered Armor

==CP== <as PLAYER ___________>

<PLAYER enters street filled with harmless flickering spectral apparitions>

<as PLAYER approaches end of street, PLAYER sees KEEGAN at the very edge of the
<KEEGAN reaches out for something unseen>

<as PLAYER approaches KEEGAN, KEEGAN disappears like windblown dust>

<PLAYER drops down into broken pipe and works his way down the steep slope of
the chasm>

<PLAYER continues to see harmless flickering apparitions among the wreckage>

<PLAYER sees a large chunk of debris topple into chasm>

<PLAYER sees KEEGAN on a broken bridge, again reaching out for something>

<as PLAYER approaches KEEGAN, KEEGAN disappears like windblown dust>

-- Objective Completed
-- Find the Armacham cargo tunnel that leads to Still Island.

<PLAYER drops down into hole onto blue pipes>
<level ends>

Mission 13 - Approach

You've entered the Armacham cargo tunnel through a breach at what appears to be
the epicenter of the explosion that devastated the city.  Your goal is to reach
the Still Island facility before Alma overwhelms you.  YOu don't seem to be any
closer to intercepting Sgt. Keegan.  If anything, he seems to be moving further

==CP== <as PLAYER stands up on blue pipes>

-- Objective Added
-- Find the Armacham cargo tunnel that leads to Still Island.

<PLAYER drops down to lower level>

<damaged hallway rocks and shakes>

<as PLAYER steps out onto catwalk overlooking large wreckage-filled tunnel>
-- Objective Completed
-- Find the Armacham cargo tunnel that leads to Still Island.

TRAM: ...Warning. Critical system malfunction...

<as PLAYER crosses catwalk, it sags dangerously underfoot>

TRAM: ...Warning. Critical system malfunction...

<PLAYER enters platform overlooking an intact cargo tram>

TRAM: ...Warning. Critical system malfunction...

<PLAYER moves downward on wreckage to lower level>

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches lower level hallway>

<as PLAYER approaches Replica pod, the empty pad briefly opens with a burst of
vapor, then closes>

<fight Replica in pod holding area>

==CP== <as PLAYER steps onto cargo tram>

<press "Start Tram">
TRAM: Tram activated. En route to... coolant control center... maintenance
center... Still Island Facility.  Please exercise caution while the tram is in

REP: Activate the manual override and bring us in closer!

==CP== <as Replica finishes speaking>
TRAM: Error..  
TRAM: Manual override engaged.
<tram with Replicas appears on left>

<cranes with platforms move to bridge gap between trams>

REP: Cross the other tram!

<fight 1st wave of Replicas>

TRAM: Warning.
TRAM: Obstruction detected.

<tram rocks violently as a row of columns pass between trams, smashing away the
cranes and their platforms>

==CP== <after column obstruction>

<Replica tram begins to rise above PLAYER's tram>
TRAM: Collision detected.
TRAM: Tram reorientation in progress.
<Replicas drop down from overhead tram>

<fight 2nd wave of Replicas rappelling for>

==CP== <as Replica tram separates into two sections and warnings beep>
<tram rocks violently>
TRAM: Emergency.
TRAM: Collision detected.
TRAM: Tram exceeding safety tolerance.

{ if PLAYER is on rear car }
REP: The forward car is about to fall!
<forward car falls away, to be replaced by the forward car of the Replica's
TRAM: Warning.
TRAM: Weight tolerances exceeded.
TRAM: Evacuate rear car.
<press Climb Up>
==CP== <as PLAYER climbs into forward car>
TRAM: Warning.
TRAM: Weight tolerances exceeded.
TRAM: Structural failure imminent.
TRAM: Evacuate rear car.
<rear car falls away, to be replaced by the rear car of the Replica's tram>

{ if PLAYER is on forward car }
REP: The rear car is giving way!
<rear car falls away, to be replaced by the rear car of the Replica's tram>
TRAM: Warning.
TRAM: Weight tolerances exceeded.
TRAM: Evacuate forward car.
-- Objective Added
-- Evacuate the Blue Tram before it is crushed.
REP: He's going to try to board this tram!  Stop him!
<press Climb Up>
-- Objective Completed
-- Evacuate the Blue Tram before it is crushed.
<front car drops away, to be replaced by the front car of the Replica's tram>

<fight last wave of Replicas>

==CP== <as PLAYER finishes off last wave of Replicas>

TRAM: Warning.
TRAM: Coupling device damaged.
TRAM: Re-establish system control at the control panels on forward car.

{ if PLAYER is on rear car }
TRAM: Evacuate rear car.

-- Objective Added
-- Use the console on the forward car to regain control of the tram.

{ if PLAYER waits }
TRAM: Warning.
TRAM: Coupling device damaged.
TRAM: Re-establish system control at the control panels on forward car.

{ if PLAYER is on rear car }
TRAM: Evacuate rear car.

{ if PLAYER waits }
TRAM: Emergency.
TRAM: Coupling device critical.
TRAM: Please re-establish system control.

<press "Use Control Panel">

-- Objective Completed
-- Use the console on the forward car to regain control of the tram.

<tram shakes violently, then crashes in slo-mo>

TRAM: Warning.
TRAM: Obstruction detected....

<PLAYER blacks out from crash>

==CP== <as PLAYER regains consciousness>
<as PLAYER starts to get up, PLAYER sees KEEGAN staggering away in a daze>
<white flash>
<by the time PLAYER gets to his feet, KEEGAN is gone>
<PLAYER's visor flickers>

<PLAYER sees KEEGAN on middle catwalk, occasionally clutching at his head as if
in pain>

<when PLAYER approaches KEEGAN, PLAYER's visor flickers and KEEGAN vanishes>

<PLAYER see KEEGAN on catwalk at far end, facing PLAYER and staring off into
the distance>

<as PLAYER moves toward KEEGAN, KEEGAN starts to wander off to the left>

<as PLAYER approaches KEEGAN, PLAYER's visor flickers and KEEGAN vanishes>

<when PLAYER climbs short yellow ladder, PLAYER sees a glimpse of an assassin>

<fight assassin>

<PLAYER sees KEEGAN at the end of long catwalk>
<KEEGAN starts to walk off to the right>

<as PLAYER approaches KEEGAN, PLAYER's visor flickers and KEEGAN vanishes>

<fight assassin>

<PLAYER climbs long yellow ladder>

==CP== <as PLAYER enters large chamber>

<PLAYER sees a 1st suspended platform moving leftward and stop as KEEGAN rides
up to it on a 1st elevator platform>
<KEEGAN crosses both platforms, drops down, and wander out of sight to the

<press "Lower Elevator">
<1st elevator platform lowers>

<when PLAYER steps on 1st elevator platform, it rises toward the suspended

<as PLAYER crosses the suspended platform, assassins appear>

<fight 4 assassins>

<PLAYER sees KEEGAN at far end of chamber, standing in front of a bright white

<PLAYER descends to controls of 2nd elevator platform>

<press "Lower Elevator">
<2nd elevator platform lowers>

<fight assassin on ramp to 2nd elevator platform

<when PLAYER steps on 2nd elevator platform, it rises toward 2nd suspended

<fight assassin on upper walkway>

<fight assassins on lower catwalk platform>

<when PLAYER climbs up to where KEEGAN was standing, KEEGAN have vanished>

<PLAYER enters white light>
<PLAYER enters vision of ALMA's tree>
<KEEGAN turns around and violently shoves PLAYER backwards>
KEEGAN: (inhuman) I told you to stay away!!!
<world returns to normal as PLAYER finds himself standing in front of double
ALMA(vo): _________________

<as PLAYER descends ladder, PLAYER sees an assassin drop down behind him>

<fight assassin>

==CP== <as PLAYER climbs stairs up to "Manual Door Override">

<press "Open Door">

<massive metal door with Armacham logo lowers, exposing a large loading area
with a cargo tram and a load of cargo suspended over it>

<kill 3 snipers located on catwalk at far end of loading area>

==CP== <after PLAYER kills 3 snipers at far end>

<as PLAYER descends ladder, the metal closes>

<as PLAYER approaches tram>
TRAM: Obstruction detected. Safety lockdown engaged. Tram offline.

-- Objective Added
-- Release the cargo that is obstructing the tram.

<PLAYER jumps down onto platform on opposite side of tram and climbs ladder to

TRAM: Obstruction detected. Safety lockdown engaged. Tram offline.

<loud warning beeps from control cabin>

<kill 6 snipers on upper catwalk and platforms near loading area entrance>

<PLAYER enters control cabin>

<press "____________">

-- Objective Completed
-- Release the cargo that is obstructing the tram.

==CP== <after PLAYER clears obstruction>

TRAM: Obstruction cleared. Safety lockdown disengaged. Tram online.

<fight Replicas flooding into loading area>

<press "Start Tram">
TRAM: Tram activated. En route to... Still Island Facility.
TRAM: Warning. Tram entering confined space. Exercise extreme caution.
<as PLAYER rides tram> 
STOKES(r): I was digging through Halford's data on the way here and found a
recorded report on Alma. You should hear it.
SNAKEFIST(r): Alma Wade was eight years old when they put her in the Vault. Her
own father stuck her in a suspension tank in an induced coma, knowing she'd
probably never wake up again.
SNAKEFIST(r): Well, she did, right after she gave birth to the first prototype.
She was 15. The second prototype was born a year later. She woke up for that
one too.  She didn't like them taking her babies away from her. A few years
after that, they decided she was becoming too dangerous when they realized she
was influencing the second prototype's actions, even though she was completely
unconscious and locked away deep underground in a telesthetic suppression
field.  So they turned off her life support and sealed up the facility.  Just
left her to drown in amniotic fluid in that miserable little tank she'd been
floating in since she was a little girl.  Well, her heart shut down, but her
psychic signature didn't.
SNAKEFIST(r): Not many people can just refuse to die.
SNAKEFIST(r): Harlan Wade was right. We make our own monsters. And they come
back to haunt us.
<PLAYER's vision briefly blurs and turns reddish, then returns to normal>
<tram slows down as it approaches a platform full of crates>
TRAM: Now arriving at... Still Island Facility.
==CP== <as tram comes to a stop>
TRAM: Please exercise caution when disembarking from the tram.
<a brightly lit elevator descends and opens, highlighting a familiar distortion
in the air>

<as PLAYER approaches elevator and distortion, crates rise into the air>
<ALMA appears at the distortion, crouching, then rushes toward to grab PLAYER>
<PLAYER shoves ALMA away>
<ALMA vanishes as the crates fall down, blocking the way to the elevator>
ALMA(vo): Give them back. I want my babies back.

<PLAYER heads left to find path through crates>
<when PLAYER returns back to center area, ALMA reappears>
<crates fly into the air as ALMA scuttles forward and grabs PLAYER>
<PLAYER shoves ALMA away>
<the crates fall down, leaving a narrow passageway to the elevator>

<PLAYER enters elevator>

<press "Activate elevator">
<ALMA reappears and grabs at PLAYER>
<PLAYER shoves ALMA away>
<elevator doors close between PLAYER and ALMA>
<elevator ascends>
<level ends>

Mission 14 - Climax

Alma is closing in.  You won't be able to resist her for much longer.  You have
arrived at the Still Island facility and must now rejoin your team and locate
the Telesthetic Amplifier.  Sgt. Keegan seems to be beyond your reach now.

<PLAYER's vision flickers and everything is illuminated with an amber light>
<PLAYER, unarmed, sees his silhouette on the floor as he exits elevator>
<PLAYER approaches the hole in the wall>
<white flash>
<through the hole, PLAYER sees Alma's tree and swing>

<as PLAYER enters hole, PLAYER hears the sound of rope creaking>
<white flash>
<closeup of little ALMA, her doll dangling in one hand, being pulled away from
her swing by heavily suited men while HARLAN Wade stands in the background>
<sound of sobbing and crying>
HARLAN(vo): Take her back to the Vault.
<as little ALMA struggles against the men, her doll falls to the ground>
<world returns to normal>
ALMA(vo): ______ (shriek)

-- Objective Added
-- Get to the Telesthetic Amplifier on Still Island and destroy Alma.

<when PLAYER looks through hole in wall, PLAYER sees ALMA's tree and swing>

<as PLAYER jump through hole and approaches the tree>
ALMA(vo): I know.  I know what I am...

{ if PLAYER walks past the doll lying on the ground, then turns around, PLAYER
sees a brief flash of ALMA, standing over the discarded doll }

<after opening gate and approaching ladder>
STOKES(r): I'm inside. Looks like someone was here recently, but I haven't seen
anyone so far.
MORALES(r): Stokes, we've got movement.  Lots of movement.
STOKES(r): Hold them off as long as you can. But don't take any chances.  If it
gets too hot, I want you to get out of here.
MORALES(r): I'm not leaving you, Lieutenant.
STOKES(r): You'll do as you're told.
MORALES(r): Bullshit. You can court martial me if we come out of this alive.

-- Objective Added
-- Link up with 1LT Stokes and SGT Morales.

<PLAYER drops down through hatch and enters long pipe>

<as PLAYER approaches end of pipe>
STOKES: Becket, I sure hope you're close.

==CP== <as PLAYER approaches end of pipe>

<fight Replicas in lower drainage area>

<as PLAYER moves up rampway to upper drainage area>
STOKES(r): Talk to me, Manny.  How are you holding up?
MORALES(r): Well, they don't seem very coordinated.  It's definitely not an
organized attack.  Uh... more like they're all just showing up separately.

<fight Replicas in upper drainage area>

<fight Replicas near pipe towers>

<as PLAYER approaches APC, PLAYER sees MORALES manning the turret gun>

<as PLAYER reaches APC>
MORALES: Goddamn, Becket! You're one bad motherfucker, I'll tell you that.
<MORALES descends from turret>

-- Objective Completed
-- Link up with 1LT Stokes and SGT Morales.

<MORALES exits APC and runs over to airlock door>
MORALES: Right through here ...dammit!
<MM puts hand to ear radio as door panel sparks>
MORALES: Stokes, the panel must have taken a hit in the fight. Can you open
this door from where you are?
STOKES(r): I think so... give me a minute.
REP(r): Keep your head down!  Open fire!
<MORALES runs toward APC as Replicas attack>
MORALES: Stokes, make it quick! Look like we've got some late arrivals to the
<fight Replicas>
MORALES: Becket, get on the turret and see what you can do.

-- Objective Added
-- Mount the turret on the APC and repel the Replica attack.

<PLAYER enters APC>
==CP== <as PLAYER emerges at turret gun>
<1st wave of Replicas attack from the right>
MORALES: Yeah, sucker!
MORALES: You like that?
<1st Replica Heavy with Hammerhead attacks from the right>
MORALES: Oh yeah, motherfucker!
MORALES: There's a lot more where that came from!
<2nd wave of Replicas attack from the left>
<2nd Replica Heavy with Rocket Launcher attacks from the left>
MORALES: I got plenty for all of you!
MORALES: Sit the fuck down!
<3rd wave of Replicas attack from pipe towers>
MORALES: Oh, you look hungry! Let me serve you up a little something!
MORALES: Whaddya think? Bullets taste like chicken, don't they?!
MORALES: Just fucking DIE!
MORALES: I can keep shredding you fuckers all day!
<3rd Replica Heavy with Hammerhead in middle>
<4th wave of Replicas attack from the right>
MORALES: God DAMN, this is therapeutic!

<after all Replicas are dead>
STOKES(r): I've got it, the door is open.

-- Objective Completed
-- Mount the turret on the APC and repel the Replica attack.

<as PLAYER leaves turret>
STOKES(r): Manny, stay there and cover our asses.  I don't want any surprises.
<MORALES runs over to airlock door>
MORALES: Understood lieutenant.

-- Objective Added
-- Rendezvous with 1LT Stokes inside the facility.

<after PLAYER enters airlock>
MORALES: Hey Becket! ... Good luck, man.
<MORALES starts to patrol outside>

<press "Cycle airlock">
<outside airlock door closes>
<warning beeps>
<airlock lights go out>
<warning light starts flashing>

Interval 07

<red beams scan through airlock>
<airlock lights come back on>
<inner airlock door opens>

==CP== <as PLAYER exits airlock>
STOKES: Becket! Over here!

<as PLAYER approaches STOKES as she stands near elevator doors>
-- Objective Completed
-- Rendezvous with 1LT Stokes inside the facility.

STOKES: Man, it's good to see you!
STOKES: I didn't know if you'd make it. ... Hell, I didn't think WE were going
to make it.
<STOKES enters elevator>

<press "Activate elevator>

<as elevator ascends>
STOKES: Halford wasn't sure what will happen when Alma shows up. ... I hope
it's not one of those horror movie things where she reads your mind and uses
your deepest fears against you. That would suck.
<as elevator reaches upper level>
STOKES: Whatever happens, I just want you to know- Nobody else could've done
what you did today, Becket. If we get out of this, it's because of you.

<PLAYER climbs steps toward upper level of control room>

STOKES: Let's get this over with.

<as STOKES follows PLAYER into 2nd airlock>
STOKES: Go ahead and cycle the airlock.

<press "Cycle airlock">

<as PLAYER exits airlock to outdoor area>
STOKES: Once we're inside, I'll need to make sure everything's set up the way
Snake Fist indicated in his notes.  While I'm doing that, you can power up the

<as STOKES follows PLAYER into 3rd airlock>
STOKES: Great, another airlock.

<press "Cycle airlock">

==CP== <as PLAYER enter Amplifier chamber>
-- Objective Completed
-- Get to the Telesthetic Amplifier on Still Island and destroy Alma.
<metal sphere lowers and begins to open up to expose a chair>
STOKES: Becket, power up the amplifier.

-- Objective Added
-- Activate the console to power up the Telesthetic Amplifier.
STOKES: Activate the console.

<extend bridge>

STOKES: Becket, hurry.

<after PLAYER activates all 3 switches>
-- Objective Completed
-- Activate the console to power up the Telesthetic Amplifier.
STOKES: That's it! According to Snake Fist, it'll take a few minutes to reach
full power.
<bridge extends to Amplifier while devices extend toward sphere and start
<edges of PLAYER's vision suddenly get blurred>

<when PLAYER crosses bridge and approaches chair>
-- Objective Added
-- Strap yourself into the Telesthetic Amplifier seat.
STOKES: Get in the chair and I'll strap you in.

<when PLAYER gets in chair>
-- Objective Completed
-- Strap yourself into the Telesthetic Amplifier seat.

<as STOKES starts to strap PLAYER in, the Amplifier suddenly starts to power
<STOKE turns around and stares at the console end of the bridge>
STOKES: Aristide!
STOKES: What's wrong with you? We have to stop Alma!
ARISTIDE: That's exactly what I intend to do.
<ARISTIDE slowly walks into the light, then leans heavily on the bridge
STOKES: But Becket's not strong enough without the amplifier.  She'll absorb
<ARISTIDE gestures vaguely, gun in hand>
ARISTIDE: And then we'll lock them away.
STOKES: What the FUCK is wrong with you!? Why are you doing this?
<STOKES backs up as ARISTIDE points her gun at STOKES>
ARISTIDE: Without Alma, I don't have any leverage.  Without leverage, I don't
have a future.
<STOKES gives PLAYER a quick look of disbelief, then advances on ARISTIDE>
STOKES: I can't believe this.  The city's a smoldering ruin and you're worried
about your fucking resume.
STOKES: No, you listen!  We're doing this Halford's way.
<STOKES turns away from ARISTIDE>
STOKES: We're going to kill this bitch.
<as STOKES reaches for her gun, ARISTIDES shoots STOKES>
<STOKES is flung back against PLAYER as her blood splatters his visor>
<STOKES falls to her hands and knees, briefly presses her left hand to her
side, reaches her left toward ARISTIDE, then sags to the floor>
<ARISTIDE advances and stares down at STOKES>
ARISTIDE: I'm sorry it came to this.  I really am.
<ARISTIDE staggers, but catches her balance using PLAYER's knee>
ARISTIDE: I'm not a bad person.. I just don't have a choice.
<ARISTIDE turns and looks at PLAYER>
ARISTIDE: You have a date with destiny, Sgt. Becket. ... Let's not keep her
<ARISTIDE pats PLAYER's right knee and takes a step backward>
<as PLAYER's visor flickers, ARISTIDE leans and stares off to PLAYER's left>
<ARISTIDE is hurtled backward onto the bridge as sexy ALMA slowly circles
<when ALMA turns to look at ARISTIDE, black tentacles appear and ALMA changes
to her hag form>
<as the tentacles writhe, ARISTIDE pulls herself to her knees and activates the
bridge controls>
<as the bridge retracts, the Amplifier sphere closes>
<ALMA is suddenly in front of PLAYER, cocking her head and staring at him>
<as ALMA leans in close, as for a kiss, she flickers between her sexy and hag
<PLAYER suddenly finds himself on his hands and knees on parched dirt near
ALMA's tree>

-- Objective Added
-- Reactivate the Telesthetic Amplifier.

==CP== <as objective appears>

<PLAYER sees the chair he was in, Alma's tree, and the Amplifier console with a
counter above it>

<as PLAYER reaches console, a corrupted, decayed-looking KEEGAN grabs PLAYER>
KEEGAN: (inhuman) Why doesn't she want me!?

<brief flash of ALMA in amplifier chamber, gasping and thrashing on top of

==CP== <as KEEGAN staggers away and vanishes>

<PLAYER finds himself back in tree mindscape, filled with scattered debris>
<PLAYER sees the console on the far side of the tree>

<1st fight with KEEGAN to reach console>

<press "Shutdown">

<when PLAYER activates 1st lever, corrupt KEEGAN grabs PLAYER and lifts him
into the air with one hand>
KEEGAN: (inhuman) Why does she only care about you!?
<flash of ALMA in amplifier chamber, still gasping and thrashing on top of
<PLAYER shoves KEEGAN away>

==CP== <as PLAYER gets back on his feet>
<PLAYER sees that the tree mindscape is filled with even more debris and flames
surround the area>

<2nd fight with corrupt KEEGAN to reach console>

<press "Shutdown">

<when PLAYER activates 2nd lever, corrupt KEEGAN shoves PLAYER to the ground
and gestures wildly>
KEEGAN: (inhuman) She's mine!
KEEGAN: (inhuman) You'll never have her!!!
<corrupt KEEGAN hauls PLAYER to his feet>
<flash of ALMA in amplifier chamber, still gasping and thrashing on top of
<PLAYER shoves corrupt KEEGAN away>
KEEGAN: (inhuman) She's mine!

==CP== <as KEEGAN vanishes>

<the tree mindscape has full of even more debris and now contains a bridge
which leads from the chair to a sphere made of wooden branches>

<3rd fight with corrupt KEEGAN to reach console>

<press "Shutdown">

<when PLAYER tries to activate 3rd lever, corrupt KEEGAN grabs PLAYER and
wrestles for control of a pistol>
KEEGAN: (inhuman) Becket!
<flash of ALMA in amplifier chamber, still gasping and thrashing on top of

<as PLAYER forces the pistol against corrupt KEEGAN's head>
KEEGAN: (sobbing in normal voice) Help... me!

<PLAYER shoots KEEGAN in the head>
<PLAYER activates 3rd lever as ALMA utters groans of apparent satisfaction>
<PLAYER sees ALMA curled up in a fetal position inside the sphere of branches>
<PLAYER's vision whites out>
<fade to black>

<little blue dots of light appear, spreading from left to right>
<lights come on and PLAYER sees the inside of the Amplifier chamber>
{ if PLAYER looks down at his feet, it appears that he doesn't have a body and
no one's in the chair }
<fade to black>

<PLAYER's vision turns reddish as the Amplifier sphere springs open, revealing
a scene of complete fiery devastation, including a destroyed version of the
statue in front of ARISTIDE's penthouse>
<as PLAYER's hands and body twitch uncontrollably, PLAYER sees ALMA standing on
a little peninsula of land of him, her back turned toward him>
<as ALMA starts to turn toward PLAYER, his vision zooms in on her obviously
pregnant profile>
<PLAYER's vision zooms back out, again showing his twitching body>
<sexy ALMA is suddenly in front of PLAYER, her hands cradling her pregnant
<ALMA reaches out and takes PLAYER's left hand, places it on her bulging
stomach, and holds it there>
???: Mommy...
<closeup of ALMA's face>

<fade to black>

9: EPA Dialogue

These are the dialogue lines related to operation of the EPA.

EPA: System online.  
EPA: Missiles ready.
EPA: Missiles armed.
EPA: Warning.
EPA: Damage critical.
EPA: Automatic shutdown sequence activated.
EPA: Self-repair sequence initiated.
EPA: Repairs complete.

10: Alma Dialogue

Because so much of Alma's dialogue is garbled or distorted, I've compiled a
separate list of the WAV sound files for Alma's dialogue.  The WAV sound files
were extracted from the "LayerA.Arch01" game file.  The only line of dialogue
that appears to be missing from the extracted files is the very last line of
the game ("Mommy...").

"xxxx" identifies the WAV filename for each line of dialogue

001 -- No.
001a - No.
001b - No.
001c - No no...

002 -- No!
002a - No!
002b - No!!
002c - No!!
002d - Nooooo!!! (echoing scream)
002e - NO!
002f - No! (angry)

004 -- Why?
004a - Why?
004b - ...Why?
004c - Why..? Why...? Why...? (whisper)

005 -- WHY!?
005a - WHYYYY!? Why!?
005b - Why!?

007 -- Where are you? [breath]
007a - ...Where are you? (whisper)
007b - Where are you? (pleading)

008 -- Don't leave me!
008a - Don't leave me! (frantic)
008b - Don't leave me! (sobbing)
008c - Don't leave me! (wailing)

009 -- ...so cold.
009a - ...cold... so cold...
009c - [inhaled breath] ...so cold.

010 -- I feel you.
010a - I feel you. (whisper)
010b - I feel you. (whisper)
010c - [inhaled breath] I feel you.

011 -- I know... know... I know what I am.
011a - I know... I know what I am.
011b - I know. I know what I am. I...

012 -- Hold me. Hold me. Hold me.
012a - Hold me. Hold me.
012b - Hold me.

013 -- Who are you?
013a - Who are you? (child-like)
013b - Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? (tearful)

014 -- Who's there?
014a - Who's there? [gasp] (whisper)
014a - Who's there?
014a - Who's there?
014a - Who's there? (whisper)

015 -- Stay with me.
015a - Stay with me.
015b - Stay with me. Stay with me... (fading to whisper)
015c - Stay with me. 
015d - Stay with me. (whisper)
015e - Stay with me. (whisper, tearful)

016 -- Don't go.
016a - Don't go. (whisper)
016b - Don't go. Don't go. (tearful)
016c - Don't go. (tearful)
016d - ...don't go. (whisper)

017 -- Come back.
017a - Come back. Come back. (urgent)

018 -- Come back!
018a - COME BACK! COME BACK! Don't go out there!

019 -- Can't... see you.
019a - I can't see you. (whisper)
019b - I can't see you. (whisper)

020 -- I... I... I can't feel you.
020a - I can't feel you. I can't feel you. (tearful)
020b - I can't feel you. (whisper)

021 -- Are you there?
021a - Are you there? (whisper)
021b - Are you there? (slurred)
021c - Are you there? (whisper)
021d - Are you there?

022 -- I remember. (slurred)
022a - I remember. (whisper)
022b - I remember. (gasping)
022c - I remember. (tearful)

023 -- I remember everything.
023a - I remember everything. (trailing to whisper)
023b - I remember everything. (whisper)
023c - I remember everything.

024 -- Where am I?
024a - Where am I? (childish)
024b - Where am I?
024c - Where am I? (frightened)
024d - My baby!

025 -- I hate you!
025a - I hate you. (whisper)
025b - I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! (scream)
025c - Give him back to me! (frantic)

026 -- I know you're there. (murmur)
026a - I know you're there. (faint murmur)
026b - I know you're there.
026c - I know you're there. (trailing to whisper)
026d - I know you're there. (whisper)

027 -- I want them back. I want my babies back!
027a - I want them back. I want my babies back. (urgent)
027b - I want them back. I want my babies back. (angry)
027c - I want my babies back. (tearful)
027d - I want. My. Babies. Back.
027e - I want them back. (tearful)

028 -- Give them back to me. (pleading)
028a - Give them back to me. (whisper)
028b - Give them back to me. (emphatic)
028c - Give them back to me. (frantic)
028d - Give them back to me. (tearful)
028e - Give them back to me. (whisper)

029 -- Do you see?
029a - Do you see me?
029b - Do you see me?
029c - Do... you see me? (whisper)
029d - Do you see me? (whisper)
029e - NO!
029f - NOOOO!! (shriek)

030 -- Don't you see?
030a - Don't you see? (pleading)

031 -- Don't... you see me? (whisper)
031a - Don't you see? (tearful)
031b - Don't you see me? (tearful)
031c - Don't you see me? (whisper)
031d - Don't you see me?

032 -- Nobody's there. 
032a - Nobody's there. (lonely)
032b - Nobody's there.
032c - Nobody's there. (whisper)
032d - Nobody's there. (faint whisper)

033 -- They're all gone. (despondent)
033a - They're all gone.
033b - They're all gone. (empathic)
033c - They're all gone. (whisper)
033d - They're all gone. (whisper)

034 -- Help me. (faint murmur)
034a - Help me. (breathy)
034b - Help me. (whisper)
034c - Help me, please. (whisper)
034d - Help me. (pleading)
034e - Help me. (urgent)

035 -- HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME! (shriek, becoming tearful)
035a - Help me! (urgent)

036 -- You can't hide. (whisper)
036a - You can't hide. (empathic whisper)

037 -- You can't hide from me. (threat)
037a - You can't hide from me. (whisper)
037b - You can't hide. (whisper)
037c - You... can't... hide. (faint whisper)
037d - You can't hide from me. (whisper)
037e - You... can't... hide... from... me. (whisper)
037f - You can't hide from me. (urgent whisper)

038 -- I'll find you. (faint whisper)
038a - I'll find you. (faint whisper)

039 -- I'll find you! (threat)
039a - I'll find you. (whispered threat)
039b - I'll find you. (whispered threat)
039c - I'll find you. (urgent)
039d - I'll find you! (threat)
039e - I'll find you! (angry frustration)
039f - I'LL FIND YOU! [cry of rage] (angry frustration)

11: Unused Dialogue

This is a listing of all the unused lines of dialogue which are present in the
"LayerA.Arch01" game file (on the PC), but were not apparently used in the game
for one or more of the following reasons:
(a) I missed triggering the line during gameplay;
(b) the individual lines (or sometimes entire scenes) were deleted from the
final version by the game developers.  

The only line of dialogue that appears to be missing from the extracted WAV
files is the very last line of the game ("Mommy..."). 

The unused dialogue lines are organized into groups by mission and approximate
order, again using my best guess.

Mission 01 - Sanctuary

ARISTIDE: Senator, it's Genevieve Aristide. I just received word that Harlan
Wade intends to release Alma. As a precaution, I want to accelerate the
timetable on Project Harbinger.
SENATOR: You assured me that the situation has been contained.
ARISTIDE: I was mistaken.
SENATOR: (heavy sigh) I'll call the general.


STOKES: I'm looking at the building schematics now.  I count... three direct
access points from ground level. Anything else you can give us before we tap
down? Roger that. Stokes out.
KEEGAN: (grunt of pain) Shit!  What's with these headaches?
REDD: So what's with all the new guys, Top? You trying to get me killed?
MORALES: What, and three weeks in makes you a veteran?
REDD: How are we supposed to build chemistry when we're dropped a F-N-G every
GRIFFIN: Becket's here because we're short one, so shut the hell up.  Becket...
shi...  Redd, snap him out of it. Kick him if you have to.
REDD: Shit, back at CentCom, I thought you said his name was Bucket. Ya know,
as in 'about to kick the'?

REDD: So what's with all the new guys, Top?


GRIFFIN: Move out!

REDD: You wanna try the doors or what?
REDD: Let's see if the side doors are unlocked.
REDD: We need to get inside.


REDD: Well, that's just cold, Bucket.
REDD: You sure you've had a psych profile?
REDD: She's just starting to look like the Venus de Milo.
REDD: What are you, an art critic?
REDD: You sure are fixated on that manhole, Becket.
REDD: I wouldn't shoot that if I were you.
REDD: Now you've done it.

REDD: Man, I could really go for a grande mocha.


GRIFFIN: Do your magic, Stokes.

REDD: They ain't messing around, huh?
KEEGAN: Shit, nailed him in the aorta.
REDD: Fuck off.

FOX: These guys are definitely Armacham.

GRIFFIN: And make it quick.

GRIFFIN: Becket, get on that security terminal and play back those tapes.
GRIFFIN: Becket!  We need to check out that security footage.
GRIFFIN: C'mon, Becket.  Hurry it up!
GRIFFIN: Just waitin' on you, Becket.
GRIFFIN: Anytime you're ready, motherfucker.

GRIFFIN: Colonel Richard Vanek. I know the son of a bitch.

GRIFFIN: I said, get moving.

REDD: Make it quick!
REDD: Fuck!

REDD: See ya in about a week!


ATC: Understood, sir.

STOKES: They're on the balcony!
STOKES: On the balcony!
STOKES: There's one behind the table!
STOKES: Behind the table!
STOKES: There, behind the planter!
STOKES: Behind the planter!
STOKES: Target, behind the wall!
STOKES: Behind the wall!
STOKES: He's behind the rock!
STOKES: Behind the rock!
STOKES: Up on the bridge!
STOKES: On the bridge!

STOKES: Hurry, Becket!
STOKES: Becket, come on! 

STOKES: He's down.

STOKES: This is Aristide's place, but we don't have time to deal with this


HARLAN: You're telling me to lock my daughter away!
???: Is there an alternative?

VANEK: All available units, get over there and deal with this shit!

ATC: Keep your eyes open for hostiles.

??: Yes, ma'am!

Mission 02 - Awakening

NURSE: He's throwing PVCs.

ATC: We're moving out! Unit 5's trailing us. Leave the rest to them.

VANEK: Attention, this is Colonel Richard Vanek of Armacham security division.
There's been an accidental release of a dangerous biological contaminant within
the facility. We are in the process of containing the threat. Do not panic. And
remain where you are. My men will be coming for you shortly.

STOKES: (static) Is anyone else on this channel?  Are you receiving this
transmission?  I repeat... Damnit!

ARISTIDE: Hurry, into the chamber!
ARISTIDE: The chamber cycles are ready.  Hurry, we don't have much time.
STOKES: Let's go, Becket!
ARISTIDE: We're running out of time. Please, get in the chamber.
STOKES: We should get going, Becket.
STOKES: C'mon Becket, move your ass!
STOKES: Damnit, Becket! Get in the chamber. That's an order.

ARISTIDE: Okay, this will just take a second.

STOKES: What's happening!?
STOKES: What the hell was that?

Mission 03 - Discovery

SNAKEFIST: The Board is trying to cover their asses so they've sent cleanup
crews to bury any evidence linking Armacham to Alma.
GRIFFIN: What's Alma?
SNAKEFIST: Not what. Who. Worry about that later.  You don't have much time.
Shit, gotta go.
STOKES: How do you know who we are? Damnit!

VANEK: Good work.  Now get your ass up to the third floor.  We've got a
situation in progress.

ATC: Clear!

STOKES: What are you talking about?

SNAKEFIST: She must be after Sgt. Becket.
STOKES: Becket? Why?

???: Oh god... please!

ATC1: Are you sure? Look at him. You think a soldier did that?

REDD: She's... getting away.
REDD: Dude... this fuckin' sucks.

STOKES: Wait, his what?
SNAKEFIST: His psychic signature.  It's... very large. That's why Alma can see

Mission 04 - Withdrawal

FOX: Stay away from her! 
FOX: Becket... where am I?

Mission 05 - Replica

SNAKEFIST: Sergeant, I just picked you up on a camera. You're close to the main
supply lift, but it looks like the cleanup crews are trying to sabotage it.
That lift is your best shot of getting out of there.

SNAKEFIST: Shit, Replica soldiers are pouring into the area. Alma must be very
close now.  You'll have to get through them to reach the lift.

Mission 06 - Ruin

REP: Shut the power transformers!

REP: Incoming!

STOKES: Hey, Snake Fist, why are you so eager to destroy Alma, anyway? You're
obviously involved in the program, right?
SNAKEFIST: It's not what you think!  I'm not trying to use you guys to cover up
evidence. In fact I'm planning to give you all of the files related to Alma and
Project Origin and the rest of it, so you can make sure people know what
happened here.
STOKES: Why the change of heart?
SNAKEFIST: If we don't stop Alma, it's... it's all over. Everything. Her power
will grow exponentially.  It'll be Alma-gedon.  Snake Fist out.
STOKES: The guy's something else.

Mission 07 - Top

STOKES: Nice shot!
STOKES: Got him!
STOKES: Hell yeah!
STOKES: I'm pinned down!
STOKES: You did it!
STOKES: Thanks, Becket.


STOKES: Please hurry Becket!
STOKES: We have to move, Becket!

STOKES: That was her, wasn't it?

GRIFFIN: She was just here. I don't understand.

STOKES: Come on, Becket! Let's go!

STOKES: Come on.  Let's get to the APC.

GRIFFIN: Do you copy, Delta?

GRIFFIN: _________  Double time.

GRIFFIN: Something wrong.  Wait wait wait... There's something else here. Not
Replica.  Shit! You better hurry!
GRIFFIN: There's something else here.

STOKES: We're coming to you.

GRIFFIN: Movement, up ahead.
GRIFFIN: Movement, by the door.
GRIFFIN: Eyes forward.
GRIFFIN: Look... there, by the door.

GRIFFIN: What the fuck... are you seeing this?

GRIFFIN: Get up here Becket.

Mission 08 - Elementary

STOKES: Well, there you go.  Looks like we're on the right track.

STOKES: This is ridiculous.

STOKES: Becket!

STOKES: I'll stay in radio contact... (static) I'm losing your signal!

ATC: There, behind the counter!

ATC: Where's that missile launcher?
ATC: Here it comes.


STOKES: Becket, are you all right?
STOKES: Why are you looking at me like that?

KEEGAN: I... see someone.
STOKES: It's not a woman, is it?
KEEGAN: She's... beautiful. (sobbing sounds in background)
STOKES: Keegan, this isn't funny!  Keegan?  Keegan, stay away from her! Do you
hear me?
KEEGAN: She's gone!
STOKES: Damnit, Keegan! Keep it together!

ATC1: Get that bitch! Don't let her escape!
ATC2: Remember, Vanek wants her alive.

ATC: Aggh!

ATC: We're checking on possible intruders.

ATC: Colonel, Team 2 isn't responding.
VANEK: Goddamnit! Guess those Replica fuckers finally found a way in. All
right, hold position there and keep them off our asses.
ATC: Understood.

KEEGAN: Huh... why?

STOKES: Come on, let's keep going.

Mission 09 - Nurse's Office

ATC: They're roping down from the skylight!
ATC: They're roping in!
ATC: He's behind the ass!
ATC: Shoot the ass!
ATC: Fuck that ass up!
ATC: The ass!  He's behind the ass!
ATC: There, behind the barn!
ATC: The barn! The barn!
ATC: He's behind the table!
ATC: Suppression fire on that fucking table!
ATC: The table!  Shoot him!
ATC: 12 o'clock!
ATC: Incoming at 12 o'clock!
ATC: He's on the stage!

Mission 10 - Snake Fist

SNAKEFIST: Go ahead.  Take it.
SNAKEFIST: This thing sure is heavy.
SNAKEFIST: Will you take this stupid thing already?

SNAKEFIST: Oh, one more thing...

KEEGAN: Sorry I left you hangin' back there, man. I don't know what the hell

SNAKEFIST: I was able to establish a link to the computer in your Armored
Personnel Carrier.  I'm uploading all my files right now.  We can go over them
on the way.

Mission 11 - Keegan

STOKES: Can't get a foothold. Falling back.
STOKES: Let's spread out and scout the area.  Manny, you're with me.

STOKES: Hurry and go after him! We need to get out of here!
STOKES: Becket, under the gate.  Go find Keegan and haul his ass back here.
KEEGAN: Where are you?

STOKES: Still no response from Keegan.  Keep looking.

Mission 13 - Approach

TRAM: Error.

TRAM: Tram misaligned. Disengaging manual override.

TRAM: Manual override disengaged.

TRAM: Track failure detected. Emergency braking system engaging.

TRAM: Emergency braking system failure.

TRAM: Critical system malfunction.

REP: He's going to try to board this tram. Stop him!

TRAM: Detaching rear car from tram.

TRAM: Controls are located on forward car.

TRAM: Warning, system detects load shifting on cargo platform. Please ensure
that cargo and equipment is securely fastened to the tram.

Mission 14 - Climax

MORALES: Get to the APC and use the turret!
MORALES: Quick!  Use the turret on the APC!
MORALES: Becket!  See what you can do from the .50 on the APC!

MORALES: Be patient! I got plenty for all of you!
MORALES: Quite pushing! I got plenty for all of you!
MORALES: Wait your turn! I got plenty for all of you!
MORALES: No cuttin' line! I got plenty for all of you!


STOKES: Becket! Oh, thank God!  Head inside and take the elevator. I'll wait
for you here.

STOKES: What a fucking day!

STOKES: The chamber's this way. C'mon.

STOKES: Halford better be right about this.  He has to be, right?  I mean,
we've got to be able to stop her somehow.

STOKES: Looks like this is the place.  
STOKES: It may take a minute for this thing to power up.
STOKES: This must be the control panel for the amplifier. I sure hope this

STOKES: If what Halford said is true, we don't have much time.  We need to get
you to that amplifier chair.

STOKES: C'mon, hit the button.

STOKES: If Alma appears before the amplifier is powered up, you won't be able
to stop her!

STOKES: Becket, quit fucking around or we're all dead!


KEEGAN: (tearful) I'll protect you.  No one will ever hurt you again.  

KEEGAN: Someone's here!

KEEGAN: (growl) You.  Stay away!

KEEGAN: (growl) You can't have her!

KEEGAN: (inhuman) I told you to stay away!

KEEGAN: I won't... let you touch her.

KEEGAN: (sob) WHY!? Why can't she see me?

KEEGAN: (growl) I warned you!

KEEGAN: (inhuman) Becket!

KEEGAN: (growl) Why YOU?

(miscellaneous dialogue)

STOKES: What the hell happened?

STOKES: Hey, Snake Fist. You there?

KEEGAN(?): What's on your mind?

KEEGAN(?): What the hell?

KEEGAN(?): What was that?

KEEGAN(?): Did you see that?

STOKES: What was that?

STOKES: Did you see that?

STOKES: I don't like this.

STOKES: Did you hear something?

STOKES: This place is creeping me out.

???: Do you think she ever dreams?
HARLAN: God, I hope not. She never had anything but nightmares.

???: Ah... she's waking up.
HARLAN: No, that's impossible!
ALMA: ...my baby...
ALMA: ...give him back to me. Give him back to me! Give him back to me...
ALMA: ...(gasp) No!
HARLAN: Alma, it's time to go.
ALMA: ...no...

(miscellaneous tram dialogue)

TRAM: Welcome to Armacham Technologies Underground Cargo Transport System. At
Armacham, nothing is more important to us than your safety.  In the unlikely
event of an emergency, please listen to all safety instructions carefully. At
no time will smoking will be allowed on the cargo platform. And remember, the
use of firearms is strictly prohibited.

TRAM: Please, do not tamper with transport cargo.

TRAM: Armacham will like to remind you to exercise caution when opening cargo
as contents may have shifted during transport.

TRAM: Please, do not tamper with transport cargo as some contents may be

TRAM: Your cooperation is appreciated, for your safety and the safety of

TRAM: This is not a drill.

TRAM: Company Announcement: Monday is 'Bring Your Child to Work' Day.  This is

TRAM: Please report any suspicious ____ behavior to the HR department.

TRAM: Company Announcement: July 11 - All refrigerators on Group Deck 2 will be
cleaned out.  All personal items are to be removed before July 11, or they will
be destroyed. No exceptions.

TRAM: Company Announcement: Hawaiian Shirt Friday is coming up. All employees
are strongly encouraged to participate.

12: FAQs

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13: Credits

Monolith Productions for developing this game.

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. for publishing this game.

GAMEFAQS for hosting this FAQ.


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