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FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/09/09

   FFFFFFFFF    EEEEEEEEE          AAA          RRRRRRRRR       22222222222
   FFFFFFFFF    EEEEEEEEE         AAAAA         RRRRRRRRRR     2222222222222
   FFF          EEE              AAAAAAA        RRR     RRR    2222     2222
   FFF       O  EEE        O  AAAAAAAAAAAAA  O  RRR   RRR  O   222222
   FFF          EEEEEEEEE    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA    RRR    RRR     2222222222222
   FFF          EEEEEEEEE   AAAA         AAAA   RRR     RRR    2222222222222

* Game:	        FEAR 2: Project Origin    *
* Type:		FAQ/Walkthrough           *
* For:		PS3, Xbox 360, PC         *
* Played on:    PS3                       *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:	lunatic_252000@yahoo.com  *
* Web:		www.thechaosuniverse.com  *

Version 1.0 - walkthrough and most items found, an update soon should have
all items. Next playthrough on hard.

Table Of Contents
Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 

	Section:		Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
4. Walkthrough			( FAQ4444 )

	Level 01 - Sanctuary
	Level 02 - Awakening
	Level 03 - Discovery
	Level 04 - Withdrawal
	Level 05 - Replica
	Level 06 - Ruin
	Level 07 - Top
	Level 08 - Elementary
	Level 09 - Nurse's Office
	Level 10 - Snake Fist
	Level 11 - Keegan
	Level 12 - Epicenter
	Level 13 - Approach
	Level 14 - Climax

5. Intel Locations		( INT5555 )
6. Reflex Boosters		( REX6666 )
7. Author Info / Copyright  

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

I love the FEAR games. That may sound odd because I don't like games that 
stay the same, but FEAR has always done a good job of offering a nice and 
engaging story while highlighting combat. Unlike most FPS games FEAR has always
let the player determine how a fight goes down. I know that in COD5 there was
next to no variation in how to get through a level. But in FEAR the enemies
are always smart, slo-mo instantly changes a fight, and there are always 
many options in weapons and melee. I honestly believe that while many would
dog FEAR's lack on innovation and somewhat cliched story, this series does
combat better than any FPS.

This was the first FEAR game I played on the consoles, purely on that fact
that PC games demand far too much money to run smoothly. I'll admit, to start
this game it felt different and a little clunky, not to mention the game 
starts a little slow. But by the end it felt just like all the other FEAR 
games and even more satisfying. I don't agree with some levels being so long,
but that's just a small complaint. It would be interesting if FEAR 3 took on
a much more focused approach and expanded into a cover-based shooter more so
than this game did, but then again that might ruin what makes this game 

I don't really have an interest in Resistance or Killzone, but any FEAR game
and I'm there, not as a game guide creator, but as a gamer.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

X - jump
SQU - use and reload
O - melee; you can jump and kick and sprint to slide kick
TRI - go into Slo-Mo mode
R1 - fire
R2 - toss grenade, hold to cook
L1 - press to quick to last gun; hold for weapon menu
L2 - aim
RS - look/aim; click to crouch
LS - move; click to sprint
START - pause/options
SELECT - objectives and files
D-Pad UP - flashlight
D-Pad DOWN - Use Med Pack

I'll leave the PC controls to some basic PC FPS setup, and the 360 matching 
the PS3 setup. Of course you can use the book or check in the options if 
you need something.

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Slo-mo is the key to getting through this game much easier than if you
didn't use it. Early on I would say it's easy to over-look it with the fights
being simple, and even missing the time you have it like I did, but later 
you can't get through without it, especially on the creepers and other fast

#2. Tapping the weapon change button will swap to your last used gun. This is
key for balancing not wasting big ammo on small enemies and using your rifle
on small groups. It's just a good tactic when trying to save ammo for your 
bigger guns, and just in anticipation between fights.

#3. You have four grenade types: frag, flame, shock, and mines. It's easy to 
overlook the other three, but mines are power allies. Shocks flush out and 
stun enemies. Incendiaries also flush out hiding enemies and if not kill them
at least takes them out of the fight for a time.

#4. You have four gun slots to carry any four you want. Early on it's the SMG,
Combat Shotgun, and whatever, but once you get an Assault Rifle that is about
the only gun you need to keep, or at least get back ASAP. The Missile Launcher
is odd because it's only used a few times, and after it can be dropped or 
used up. The Laser gun is okay for the assassins. The Flame Cannon is trash
and doesn't get ammo beyond the early stages. The Pulse gun is the best, so use
it sparingly for big groups. The Sniper Rifle is one gun I feel can be used to
great effect as a close combat gun. Either shotgun can be held at any time.
The Hammerhead is nice, but does not get much ammo late into the game. Finally,
leave the pistol alone unless desperate.

#5. Melee is much weaker than I remember, but you still have jump and kick to
great effect. It's just not used as much, especially with slo-mo and strong
guns being very effective. Still, you can kick as you see fit.

#6. Of course some standard tips. Collect ammo after fights and reload whenever
you can.

#7. Armor is key to not using your med kits. When you find one it's a good
idea to move around a bit to see if there are enemies, and if so pick up the
armor after the fight.

#8. The flashlight is only needed like twice for 5 seconds. Along with this 
you can anticipate scary moments when your screen flickers, and usually just
moving faster speeds you through the creepiness. Although during the ghosts
scenes it's a good idea to move with haste while also taking out the ones that
charge at you.

#9. A quick tip for mashing melee, just put the controller on your knee and 
tap the button like a jack-hammer with you index finger.

#10. Aside from the rate of fire you can change while selecting a gun, you can
also either hold the fire button to lay out sustained fire or tap to fire in 
bursts. Burst fire while help get hits on an enemy's head, but with moving
enemies it's probably better to just go slo-mo and hold the trigger on an 
enemy until dead.

#11. An enemy isn't dead until he drops his gun. One time a dude fell and 
played dead. So if an enemy has not dropped his gun, keep firing at him.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough

Start by adjusting the brightness. I left it in the middle, which was three 
levels above the symbol barely being visible. The reason is because there's a
fine line between spooky gameplay and not being able to see. I prefer not to 
cross that line.

Level 01 - Sanctuary

Just move up and fall down into the orange light.

Enjoy the scene until you get out, and when in control either find out what the
buttons do or look it up, like in the options menu. Go up and open the doors on
the right, then hop over the rail and take the next door to be introduced to 
your flashlight. Move into the lobby and hear the scene out. After they are
done hop over the desk and grab the intel on the file cabinet, and you can
press the switch on the monitor to see a tiny scene of what happened. Hop back
over and get into the elevator.

*NOTE: You hold the weapon select button to pick what you want, or tab it to
quickly switch guns. You also tab the aim button to do a quick lock onto a 
nearby enemy.*

When it stops you will be in your first fight. Crouch and waste the guy in 
front, the one further back, and then the one to the right from the door. Note
that they use cover and will flip over light objects to make cover. Collect
their ammo and move into the next area to fight more. A few up high and some 
more down low, and out here you can test out the flip cover by pressing the 
button shown when near a table. Around and on some boxes is a health pack,
and in the corner by Stokes is another intel.

Go through the door she opens and nearby is another intel. Move along and by in
the window-ed hall you need to sprint to avoid the chopper fire. Pick up the 
vest and ammo, then go through the door, listen to the chat, and then pick up
another intel. Go through the door, hop over the wall, and pick up the med kit,
something you can use whenever. Like through the next door in this big fire
fight, but make sure you pick up those frags. Use them when the enemies are 
hiding behind cover. There are about eight or so of them, but not many more
than two at a time. Collect the ammo and go out the doors they came in to learn
of the adjustable fire rate of your guns.

*NOTE: To adjust fire rate on the PS3 I hold L1, select the SMG with the RS,
and then move the RS over to change the amount of bullets a trigger press will

*NOTE: You can either pick up the items you find or move over them, whichever
works best for you.*

Go out the door and kill the two soldiers as they drop, then the two that come
from the right side - you're not alone if you see some guns fly into the air.
Ammo, grab the armor behind the bar, and then duck under the gate to the left
in the back to get out. There is another fight with another group of four 
dudes in the kitchen. Pick up the med kit, move on, pick up another, and then
kill the lone enemy on the roof.

*NOTE: It's important to be smart with your ammo. If you pass a gun because 
you're full and then do a battle nearby, come back and get that ammo before you
move on, that way you get the ammo furthest back and leave the more forward
ammo open to picking up if you get into another fight or something. Not a big
deal, just something to think about.*

Hop out and jump to the scaffolding and while I don't think it will fall you
may still want to jump to the other side quickly. Duck into the vent and crawl
to the other side, a dark area. And when it's this dark and your flashlight
flickers you know stuff is weirding out on you. Walk around the pool, to the 
other side, then hop in the water.

Hope the little scare got you! Nice and sunny isn't it? You can even see the 
city profile on the balcony. Take the door out, pick up the armor in the towl
room, use the door nearby to look back over the pool, and then turn around to
pick up the nice little ammo and health... now that was a good one.

Take the door by the sinks to get out and soon you come to the next fight in
the penthouse. You may want to toss frag at the two enemies in the back, then
kill the rest who are all around. Pick up the intel on the counter top, and
there is nothing else in here so go up the stairs, kill the enemy that pops out
of the door, and go through it. And when the hallway is this long you know 
something is going to happen. Around the corner use the box and go inside - the
bathroom door on the side of this bedroom has nothing. Pick up the two intels 
and check the marker board to see if those faces look familiar to you (it's
your team). Go down the steps for a scene.

Turn around and basically return to the piano in the penthouse.

Level 02 - Awakening

*NOTE: It may be very noobish of me, but I would guess you have the ability to
slowmo for this whole level. Well apparently I missed that and only through an
incorrect press in the next level did I learn I had the ability. So, but you
only need it at the end, so doesn't really matter.*

Doesn't every game have a level called "Awakening?" And isn't it always nice
that "enhancement" surgeries always leave you with your full army gear on? 
Anyway, pick up the intel on the wall and look down the right in the hallway.
Nothing in the nearby room, so go up and take a left and in the left room is a 
med pack. In the other is an intel, then proceed to the front desk to hear
a television report; enough the jumps you get for take the door to go behind
the desk and going towards the bathrooms, but nothing to do with either. So
take the double doors.

*NOTE: Yep, you're being scared stiff and it's bright and sunny outside!*

Enter the messed up room and take the door to the left inside to go through the
bathroom and pick up an intel, then go out to the next area. Go right and up
to the destroyed room for an intel, then come back and take the doors here to
get in and go up. In the window-ed room is an intel, and for the brave you can
turn your flashlight on and follow the blood into the men's bathroom for some
cheap chills.

*NOTE: Remember, you have melee punches and kicks if you jump.*

Come back out and take to the hallway, and after the fright take the door on
the left and follow the path to meet someone familiar. Keep to the path and
take the gate on the left for a med pack, and in the next room is another
intel. After the chat go out the door and through the blasted doorway. Pick up
the gun and start shooting, but these two don't have flamethrowers even though
hitting their backs blows them up. Collect the armor, frags, two guns, and
take the way out. In the next area are three, then two, then two more enemies,
all coming from the right, by the snack machines, but there is really nothing
but a few health packs in the area to the left. And FYI, the gas tanks can be
used as weapons.

In the next area you'll be above some enemies, so blow up the gas tank on the
one or toss a frag at them all or use the gas tank on the white bin near them.
Drop down and around the corner behind you is an intel in the ladies room. 
There is armor, frags, and ammo near the dead enemies, and health on the other
side by the phones. Then you can try to call the elevator but turn around and 
get ready for an assault of about six enemies from above; a few gas tanks on
their backs and maybe a frag or two. After that take the elevator.

When it stops you can fight and kill one or two if you wish, or just toss a
frag and crawl out through the bottom half of the opening. Swing around and you
can melee the ones you didn't kill, but you'll still have to gun fight two more
at the other end. Some health if you need it and move down the hall to the 
closed door, and the key needed is just to your left. Use it on the swipe, go
right, then turn around and pick up the items. FYI, you will notice that I'm
not giving away the frights, and if something written sounds odd then that's
probably your hint.

Next you'll run into the combat soldiers with shotguns, so kill the first one 
and toss some grenades at his friends. Pick up his gun and work on the rest 
that come from the right side, and a second wave after them. If you don't know
how this works, it's best to be up close when using a shotgun. It's also a good
time to tell you that the health injections can't be taken, so use them before
you leave if your health is low.

Down the hall is another intel on a desk, and then follow the old girl to the
elevator - turn around and go back, then get on the elevator. Jump over the bed
and then push it out, then open the door to get on the third floor. Pick up
the armor and to the right is an intel, then go left to fight three enemies. 
Another in the next room, and then a fight in a snack room where you should 
unload your frags since there are more on the other side. There are four to
start with, and then two more in the back. There is armor on a countertop and 
the ammo supply before the next hallway.

In the room behind the desk is a vent to crawl to a room with an intel about
Alma, and of course that means the return trip out the vent will have a little
creepiness to it. Go right through the rooms and into the next area. Go around
to the right to pick up items and step into the chamber for a long scene; all
I'll say is you can move up the hill. 

*NOTE: Now is the time to use slowmo.*

So after that you have two enemies, then four more, and upon move back you run
into more. So use a few frags on the first groups, and the shotgun is the 
weapon of choice. You have three more in the lobby area, health on the desk,
and exit through the door for an intel. Go down the steps to end the level.

Level 03 - Discovery

Pick up the incendiary grenades, switch to them (d-pad button), and in the 
lobby are about 10 enemies. Along some of the pillars are bombs you can blow
up (though their blast radius must be disappointing to the people who set them
up). The fire frags do not kill enemies, only makes them "stop, drop, and roll"
and allow you time to kill them. You have a couple to the right, more to the
left, and when you advance there are two that exit the elevator. There are 
also two that appear when you enter the room on the left. Don't miss the armor
near the beginning, but use it after you clear the bottom floor.

*NOTE: Remember, you have bullet time, so use it.*

Go up the stairs to fight two more from the other elevator. In the nearby room
is an intel, and when you swing around the walkway there are two more enemies
from a side door. Approach this door for armor, then step on the open lift and
go up. Move along to the burning room, enter slowmo, kill the three enemies in
here, and then two more come from the left room. There is only a med pack to
the right, so just leave through a vent at the back of the left room.

Drop out and you'll fight a mini-boss, Napalm Cannon we'll call him. You just 
pound shotgun shells into him, using slowmo and moving to the right. Aiming
for his back seems to help, just just keep shooting him; there is armor to the
right but you want to save that. Pick up his napalm cannon when he's dead and
feel free to test it on the two enemies that appear in the back. Then pick up
the armor to the right, and to the left of the room is a Reflex Injector in a
bathroom; it lets you have more bullet time.

*NOTE: The Napalm Cannon does slightly burn you back, but it's only to be used
in close-quarters, and even then perhaps the shotgun is best for faster killing
of enemies.*

Go out the back and there's an intel on the floor by the door. Of course not
even fire will keep the old girl away, so move onto until you're in the next 
area. I prefer to run this fast, since running it slow doesn't sound too
appealing. Just equip the shotgun, run up, kill the first two, turn on the 
slowmo when moving up the hall, toss a frag at the next batch of enemies, wait
for it to go off as there is some armor here, and then burst into the hallway
where you toss a few frags to the other end to kill the enemies; take cover in
the alcove on the side. Once they are dead you really don't need to backtrack,
there wasn't anything you missed unless you want that medkit at the very start 
of the fight. And yes, those blinking panels mean it really hasn't been day-
time at all.

Move along to hear two enemies talking, and through the door to the right is
an intel. Just go around the corner in bullet time and blast the two of them.
Nothing in the bathrooms. Through the next room you see the enemy get pulled
away, and turning the corner he is spit back at you. That's odd because in
the next room you fight about six normal enemies. Clear out all the room
before moving up the hallway to fight two more around the corner. In the next
room you see your next type of enemy, and there's an intel in here.

In the next lobby area there are just some frags in the rooms. Move down the 
bloody hallway to fight three enemies as another is pulled through a tiny
space; you'll see where he was pulled into. Reload and go around the corner to
kill the first enemy, but the other is taken care of, and that's all in
here. Get in the elevator and use it.

*NOTE: I was low on shells, so don't forget to keep an eye on your ammo count.*

Ammo and you should reload all your guns, and even if you only have a few 
shotgun shells you should have that gun in hand. Approach the glass for a 
scene and then you're pulled down. If these demons grab you you need to mash
the melee button to get them off. There are about six, and a seventh if you 
fight your way up to the ammo by the stuck door, and you want to get there
for the shells. Use the shotgun to kill all of them, with the flame gun used
as a last resort, but no frags are needed. When done, kick the blockage from
the door and go through.

Have the flashlight on in the next room to see a disturbing sight, then just
crawl through the vent to end the level.

*NOTE: That Jankowski is the younger brother of the one from the first game.*

Level 04 - Withdrawal

Enter the middle room and pick up an intel on the counter. There's nothing in
the right room, only a switch to close the door to the middle room. So go 
left and turn the switch in the back room so you can enter the adjacent x-ray

*NOTE: Don't forget you have slo-mo, it's easy to forget because most of the
fights on normal are not too bad to handle without it.*

Follow the hallway to the end where there is a small closet on the left with a 
med pack, go near the locked doors, and then go right. Pick up the intel in
this room. Down the hall you will hear someone crying around. Around the corner
is a big fight, but it matters not if you save the dude, mainly because there 
is a bomb nearby you can explode. Then fight the eight or so enemies that 
appear, but you want to save that armor at the corner for after the fight, and
a good way to do this is to move into the dark room to the left. If you jump
through the window you can be around some of the frontline enemies, but of 
you'll also be close to the ones that pop up from the entry point. There are 
also two extra pairs of soldiers as you make your way to the open doorway. And
once the room is clear, feel free to go back and pick up the armor.

Move into the dark room and wait for the hidden door to open. Creep out a 
little and then go left, swing around to the right, look both ways in the glass
part to see two minor sights, and then go through the door and look through the
window; if you didn't know, you're now behind the dark glass of the x-ray rooms
you've been in. With shotgun in hand move down the steps and kill the demon
that pops up around the corner. Move along, there is a med kit to the left, and
up the steps is really nothing to harm you. To the right is the elevator, but
first to down the steps for an injector. Now you are sorta timed, so run down
to the elevator, call for it with the button on the wall, get in ASAP, and 
press the button to the left.

*NOTE: Just looking over the side after the elevator stops reveals what really
is the "bright sunny day" from earlier.*

Just four enemies to fight behind you, so take cover to either side of the 
elevator, and watch for when they take the stairs, they will pop up up high and
try to jump down or attack from there. Armor at the back and a med pack and 
ammo up the stairs. Take the ladder near the bottom of the stairs and follow
the narrow corridor until you are back in the part around the elevator shaft.
Down the steps you will fight two quick enemies in a room that should catch on
fire. Soon after you will see jet flames coming out of pipes along your path.
It will fire twice and then go silent for a few seconds, and that's when you
go. To void the second one just slip around to the right, then get back on the

An enemy on a more solid ground will fire at you and run away, so get out your 
shotgun and proceed to the fighting area. To the right is a room with armor, so
save that for after. Just avoid the first grenade they toss, kill the first
four using slo-mo and a frag, and then kill the other two at the back, just be
careful of the shotgun soldier. Collect ammo, an intel, and then go to the back
of the room for the armor. Get out your SMG and kill the two enemies around 
the corner. To the right of this catwalk are frags, and then go left down the

Of course let the enemies go by, pick up the armor and ammo, then slide down.
Your door to the left will glitch up, so run in when it's open. There are two
enemies around the corner, to the right, and then take cover behind the boxes
in front of the forklift as you battle two enemies that have Assault Rifles.
To get across the gate, or to possibly allow a second battle tactic, there are
both a ladder and a switch in the room to the right to let you pass. I say
swap your pistol for the Assault Rifle, unless you think some other gun is
inferior to the pistol.

Around the corner crouch at the top of the ramp to drop down. There is armor to
the left, but save it unless you're about to die. Go into slo-mo against the 
flame-boss when he exits the truck, and aim for his back and head. You can't
kill him by blowing up his tank, but it distracts him for a bit. When you're
about out of bullet time, toss a frag to his feet and then just keep shooting
his head.

*NOTE: There are three armors in this whole area, but it's best to stay ahead
of the curve, but also feel free to grab if you need.*

Still wait for the armor because you want to handle the five or so enemies 
that appear up high. To the right is an armor and then be ready for two and
then more enemies to descend on the left side, so feel free to use slo-mo, and
there is armor around where they drop. Take the ladders over there and at the
top let the first enemy firing at you get shut out by the door closing, then
kill the other two to the right with slo-mo. Ammo and a pack to the right, then
take the ladder.

Unless you're low on armor, save the one you run into for later. In the next
area you need to have plan for how you want to kill about ten enemies at one
time. For one, after you enter and encounter the bad guy, I believe if you
return to the armor room the door between the two will open, and this will 
allow you more options. You could also just use the cover of the doorway for 
some simple cover. Or lastly and probably poorest is to get down on the ground
and take cover as you handle the enemies; from which the best spot is in the 
lower left corner. It's more valuable to take precise shots than to just 
panic and shoot in their general direction, and don't forget to slo-mo to help
you aim. 

*NOTE: Also now may be the first time you have to use a med pack. You have 
collected three, hopefully you've not needed to use them until now, but now is
certainly the time to.*

If you saved that previous armor, go back and get it as you collect ammo. Move
along and kill two enemies, just watch out for their frag. The next is killed
by flame when you shoot at him, which also cuts off the ladder. Kill the 
soldier nearby and then around the corner are three, one in sight and two to 
your right. On a shelf in the room is armor and an intel. Frags to collect,
but save that second armor in this room. At the end of the main corridor,
basically at the other end from the burning pipe, you will fight an enemy
who pops out of a door above you and it's near here where you turn the valve;
remember to hold it. Now you will face about ten more enemies, but all down
this corridor, so they funnel to you. Just toss a few frags, enter slo-mo 
every now and then, and there should be few problems. Before you pick up the
armor move up to face the three combat soldiers, one who should try to crawl 
under a pipe. Then pick up the armor and go up the ladder.

More armor by the door up the steps in case you had to grab the other one 
early. Through the door is fire, so go left, crawl under, and move along to 
end the level.

Level 05 - Replica

*NOTE: I'll remind you twice, and sorry if this first is any sort of spoiler,
but to handle the creepers it is best to use slo-mo. By not using it you are
making them a ton more difficult, and they take out half your armor with just
a few swipes.*

If you don't know, the spazzing out of your interface is a good sign you're in
what I call, "creep out at any moment" mood. Go up the ladder, and if you want
a chill turn around at the top and look through the door window, and of course
moving out of this room resolves it. 

In the room with blood is an intel by the body, along with some ammo and a med
pack at the back. Go down the hall there is a hard-to-see creep on the other
side of the glass, and when... someone busts through a door be ready to mash
the melee button to shake him or her off you; there is nothing through the
door. If you move up and look down from the next window you'll see troops 
moving through an area you've just been. Go through the control room nearby,
in which there is nothing of interest, and you get a quick jolt and you're sort
of out of it.

Go left and another left to see through a window at a very interesting sight.
Come back and go down the steps for ammo and a proximity mine. Go out the door
and over the rocks in your path. Take the steps down and before you press the
switch you should know that there are three cells and you'll open all three,
but one has a creeper thing, the bloody cell. Pressing the switch opens the
cells but locks you in the room. So go back up the steps and when you go out
for the doorway jump out the window directly to your right. 

Equip shotgun and he's not in the bloody cell, he's in the third one; I know,
that ruins the scare, but it's a fine line between scares and combat. Move 
along to get into that interesting room, and when in front of the subject shoot
him as he stirs and then be ready for another creeper to your right. Proceed
around to the upper part and another one enters the room from above. And as 
you go up the stairs another will appear to the right and land at the top of
the steps. 

Go through the door and get the med pack and intel. Go around the corner to
run into one through the window, and then another when you move up. When you 
move up to the room ahead two will be to your left near the armor, so wait 
until you back up down the hall and kill them, as well as a fifth one when you
move near the stairs (he hops on the rail), and then pick up the armor. Go
down the steps.

Save the armor here unless you need, because there are two more creepers just
through the opening, one as soon as you peek out and one when you step 
further out, both around the forklift. Move down to the bombs where one emerges
from the floor and then a second by the rail to your left. On the other side is
a panel with a ton of meds that will fall, so let it, and then pick up the 
other three if you need any health. 

*NOTE: Another reminder, use slo-mo! Makes them a ton easier.*

To the right is your opening, and when you run past the crack in the pipe with
the steam coming out, run to the ladder and turn to take out the creeper. Go
up and through the door for an intel and armor. But save the armor and after
you read the intel be ready for three creepers to run at you, so go slo-mo and
back up out the door and to the ladder; probably out of shells by now, so use
the SMG. After the fight there are some shells, and then just follow the path 
to the elevator and take it up. The creeper that hops on above you is of no
peril to you.

*NOTE: The movie on the screen and the creeper are in a room to up and to the
right of the entrance.*

At the top and to the right are gates to open for ammo for the Assault Rifle,
which I will call ASP. Get em and go into the arena. Watch the movie and then
take cover just to the right, in the half-wall V near where you entered. When
the soldiers pop up just go slo-mo, blast the first one to the left, then run
to the other two and blast them with you shotgun. The second wave is tougher
because they pop up in not so easy to spot locations, but most come from
the left, so get over there and toss a few frags as you blast a few and go
melee when you can. The third wave is more in the open, so you can have frags
waiting for them, and at some point you may have to switch to your ASP. If you
need to hit the car in the middle during this wave, fine, otherwise get the
armor and health before the fourth wave. The fourth wave is in the open too,
but a certain someone will arrive and cut the game short.

Not sure when you got them, perhaps now, but there are shock grenades to be
found here. As you collect ammo, just don't fall down the opening hole to the
right because that is the way out, so after you run around this area hop in
there. You land near where you started. 

Hop down and go right for ASP ammo, then have your shotgun out and go left
to fight about five enemies, so use slo-mo. Pick up an Automatic Shotgun by
swapping out your old one. Use it on the two down the path. Go up the ladder
and be ready for three more in the next room. Pick up the ammo and armor and 
follow the path to an area with clusters of pods. It's best to go left, away
from the pods and just slow-mo, toss frags to the middle because about eight 
will emerge. Kill them, and on the side you can hop down for a med back, and 
if you stand back to blow up some bombs by a vent you get two mines. 

Go back up and lift the box to get through the door, and past the save point
you will hear a fight between the soldiers and Replicas, or however you want
to phrase it - it's the two kinds of bad guys. Go through the door and the pro
tip here is to let the Replicas mess with the one soldier as you go up the 
ladder, save the armor unless you need, pick up the intel, and follow the cat-
walk to flank the Replicas with a nice slo-mo grenade, but don't forget about
the soldier behind the glass; and some of the glass is bullet-proof. Pick up
all the ammo after, go get that armor if you saved it, and move up the steps.

Follow the creeper down the pipe and kill him behind the stairs. Go up and get
ready for one big fight. Have you rifle and incendiary grenades ready. Go out
slo-mo and toss a grenade to the two enemies away while you blast the one to
the left by the steps, then go right and kill the two on the side. Now quickly
move up the room and toss a flame and a normal frag to the upper left corner
of this room, by some stairs, where all the Replicas are spawning. The flame
should get any already there and if you wait to toss the frag you should take
out the rest that are present since there is a bomb there also; and if you see
the bomb after the frag then shoot it yourself. Then just get under, go into
slo-mo, and kill the rest that pour out.

Tons of stuff to collect. You can hop onto the truck bed, there is a lock to
shoot up the small steps for armor and ammo, and then take the ladder to have
a full ASP clip. Go up the steps and follow the path to one more big open area.
Kill anyone you see from above, then drop down by the broken ladder and into 
the nearby door for supplies and an intel. 

Now there are two enemies in here to start, both should be hiding, so find 
them first. Go to the far left side of the lift and press the panel, then fall
back to cover from the Replicas that emerge from the nearby pods. There are two
more groups of them, by the two other valves, so go around this room, try not
to touch any armor until after you've killed them all.

Before you start turning valves I strongly advise you to save the one near the 
lift for last. Get out your shock grenades and you'll notice there are plenty
by all the supplies dotting the room. Turn the valve in the far corner, and
then the one near it; again, not the one on the ground by the lift. Turning 
two will trigger the mech to emerge.

Now killing him is optional, and I would advise against it since there is 
really no need at all. All you do is lead him to the first supplies behind the
lift, stun him, then run to the valve, turn it, use the lift panel, hide behind
some cover, and wave to him goodbye.

*NOTE: If there is any reason to kill him, please let me know. I got the 
trophy and didn't kill him, and there are no others that specify him as a

*NOTE: I have read that you need to stun it, keep stunning it, tossing 
cooked frags, and I guess get in a few shotgun blasts is the way to beat the
darn thing. I would guess it's shield will trigger after a hit, so perhaps you
have one frag then the shield pops up, or one bullet and then the shield pops
up. I'm not sure. All I know is I'm on the next level.*

Level 06 - Ruin

Take the tiny steps nearby and the ladder up, then open a red door for a frag
and a combat shotgun; which is a good switch with an empty automatic. Take the
opposite door, there is some sort of scare when you approach the locked one,
and crossing the catwalk yields a moment of destruction on high. In the room
is an intel, then jump out the window and go left for some ammo and a pack.
Yeah, cheap scares are just that - go down the stairs.

Go kick some ash! But really, you can touch them. Go around the corner of the 
street and take the left to go into a building. Move toward the shadow straight
ahead for some sort of fright, then go around, shoot the padlock, and go pick
up those items by the fence. Then out the door.

Go over the rubble to encounter what at first glance seems like one of the many
cheap scares in the game, like he's going to fall down or something, but he's
actually an enemy. He's a sort of amateur puppet master who can cause a shock
wave if you get too close. My advice is to chase him around, shoot him with the
shotgun, keep your distance, shoot his "puppets" when his strings go out, and 
soon he will die. There is armor on the back of a car to the right and in the
building behind the bus.

Also in this building is one of those weird glowing guys, and you can go slo-
mo and kill him if you want, or he just scurries away. To the left is a med
pack by the wall and then inside the room an intel. Then go to the doorway
and push over the cabinet to crawl under.

Health and armor in here. When you open the door go slo-mo and shoot the 
ghost. Inside are more, but I think only the one around the corner and by the
soda machine will attack you; if you go back to the previous room for health
the ghosts will pop back up (ooh, I got pop and soda in that sentence, nice).
I believe these ghosts are somehow connected to the paintings, though I'm
not sure why. Kill them all or as many as turn to face you, and go out the 
door - may also think about taking the time to close that door too.

Go up the hall, through the doors, into the vent, and you emerge in an alley.
Go up the street and turn with assault rifle in hand. There are three normal 
goons attacking one Replica, and one enemy is a flamer. Your best move is to 
hide for a few seconds, turn off your flashlight, toss a frag into the street,
and then run into and through the ruined building on your left and get to the
other part of it, but try not to pick up the armor. Go slo-mo and kill the 
flamer first, then the goons. A second flamethrower emergers, so run from 
one side of the ruins to the other, but stay on this side of the street, and 
another goon drops to the left over the bus. Finally you have two pairs of 
enemies from the other side of the street, so toss a frag at each set (maybe
it was just three).

After the fight, go up the stairs with shotgun in hand, go slo-mo, blast two
enemies, avoid the hole, and then take cover by the window. Across the street
are two more, one with missiles. Kill both with slo-mo and your rifle, then
go into the corner for an injector and an intel. Opposite this corner room is
the open window from which you can run and jump out and onto the plane. Cross
the wing and swap your flamethrower for the Missile Launcer.

Around the corner is a hole to hop through, and the "puzzle" here is to shoot
the generator from where the wires are coming from. Do that and stock up on 
the supplies. Remember the intel, shock grenades or shoot a generator when
the robot is under one, then shoot a missile. Equip your shock grenades, your
rifle and hop down the hole. 

This first armored suit is there to fake you out, so ignore him and the enemies
fighting him, just slip to the right and get to the other side of the street.
In this building quickly go up the stairs and use slo-mo to kill the missile
launcher up here. Now you are above the field as a second armor appears. You
could do this fight from any point on the field, but above is best.

There are four generators scattered around: three on poles and one on the 
ground below this point. So use those if the machine gets near those locations.
If not just toss a shock grenade to the robot's feet to stun him. Use this
time to fire two missiles at it, but not a third. Hide, let slo-mo refill,
and to it again. One more time for a total of five direct hits and he will
be dust.

*NOTE: There are two armors around the field, plenty of shock grenades, and 
more missiles from the perch.*

There is water at one end of the street, but don't touch it because water
and electricity do not mix well for you. First kill the two Replicas on the 
right of this pool. Next you need to stand far away from the generators you
did not use and blow all four up. Do this and cross the pool to get into the 
alley for a cache of items, and through the door to end this very short level
compared to the others. This was a cake-walk from my point of view.

Level 07 - Top

A few supplies on the crate, then equip your shotgun, run out and to the right,
go slo-mo, blast the first Replica, and then two more in the next room. Grab
the intel in the cubicle, and then go outside to meet with Stokes. 

*NOTE: When you find and auto-shotgun you can swap it for your combat one, but
I like the power of the combat compared to the auto.*

Go up the stairs and swap your SMG for the Sniper Rifle. There are two snipers,
one to the left and one to the far right. You get them by poking your head out
to see where their lasers are coming from, and then go into slo-mo and snipe
them. Then three enemies that could appear far apart will show up to your right
which means you should use your shotgun and slo-mo of course. Next an APC will
appear on the street and fire at Stokes. Hopefully you still have the Missile
Launcher from the last level, so just fire at the turret until it blows; if 
not then there is one on the right, through the hole the enemies came through.

*NOTE: Remember to reload the sniper rifle after each battle.*

When your objective clears you should make your way to the right where the 
missile ammo is, and from here kill the three enemies, one again in the 
building to the left and then two more somewhere to the right, either up or 
down. Keep the sniper with you and go down the stairs, pick up the med pack,
and when you go out the door toss a frag right, then look up to the building
to the left again for another sniper (that makes three from the same building
during this sequence).  The frag should have taken out a Replica, but there 
will most likely be another running around, so have the shotgun and reflexes
ready (I just realized reflexes is another way of saying slo-mo). 

There is ammo in the corner and you can go up the stairs for a little bit more.
Go down and through the windows here you can snipe two enemies on the ground. 
Around the corner and when you are about to step on the ground, don't because 
about three more enemies appear, two to the left and one from the APC; you can
try to snipe them with slo-mo, or use the assault rifle if you don't trust your
aim. Around a brick wall by the fence are some supplies, and when you approach
the steps on the building have the shotgun, go slo-mo, and blast the two 
Replicas to emerge from the doorway.

Go in and down, through the laundry area, and you emerge onto a street with 
four Replicas and an empty mech suit. You can snipe the three open enemies,
one being far to your right, and then rush out to kill the fourth if he's

If you wander around without getting into the suit you will soon be swarmed
the Replicas, so just get in the thing ASAP and start mowing them down. Really
all I can tell you is that you have turrets, rockets, heat-vision (up on the 
d-pad for me), and you can aim like normal. In the suit you can better seen 
emenies as they will be flagged for you. And that's it, I'm not sure if these
little soldiers can even kill you, but mow them down with haste anyway, they
are all over.

*NOTE: Better to fire in bursts with this thing to avoid the overheat, and 
the rockets refill after a few seconds.*

When quiet, move up the street a little to spawn the second wave, which will
appear in the buildings to your left and right, so back up and handle them.
You can get out of the suit by holding down the button you pushed to get in,
and you only want to get out by the building on the right for the armor, but
once you pick up the armor that spawns a few more enemies. So there are three
supply areas for you to get, but I say skip the armor because you will have
plenty of chances for more.

Head through the tunnel and you emerge to kill three enemies; left, right, and
up. More come from up the street, but as you move up keep an eye up to your
left for a missile launcher on the roof, he is the main priority, so take him
out before the others. Clear the street and the only reason to get out here is
for another armor on the right, but you shouldn't need it at all. So move up
the street and into the alley. Go inside the garage and kill the four or five
enemies in here. The doors lock and there is one missile guy who pops up on
the walkway on the other end.

After you kill the missile launcher, park you suit and get out. The steps by
the entrance have supplies up top, and there are more below the other steps.
Take the second steps to get an intel and reflex booster. When geared and 
ready to go, pull the switch by the door to open it, hop in your armored suit,
and move out.

Kill one enemy up high, and around the corner will be another. A non-elite
armor will drop onto the bus, so be ready to fire on him with you guns and 
rockets, it shouldn't take much. As the intel stated, you will repair, so be
still for a moment for the repairs to go (you can see the blue flags on your
screen to see what's being repaired) and then advance. 

Go around the bus to kill a few more enemies and another armor suit that drops
in at the end of the street. When you go inside the parking garage be ready
for missile infantry to come down the ramp, and handle all else. Make your way
up the ramp where you will run into two enemies at the end and a missile guy.
In this final battle in this suit you will encounter many infantry, at least
one more missile soldier, and one more mech suit, none of which should pose
much of a threat so long as you don't overheat. 

After you say your goodbyes, get out, pick up any supplies you find, and take
the door down. Follow the path as you are reminded this game is part horror,
and there is only a padlock in your way. Hop over the rail and just move
along to watch the show. After it all goes down, go out the door, down the 
ladder, and ponder why all black people die in horrible ways horror games.

Level 08 - Elementary

So basically you are only continuing to play the game because Alma loves to 
just mess with people. To the right of the locked front doors is a padlock
to open a path to drop down. Crawl into the classroom and pick up the intel
in front of the desk. Lift the bookcase in front of the door and go into the

In a room on the left is a nice video to confirm that we all indeed need to 
visit the nurse's office. Continue along the path and up the stairs. In the 
first room is an intel, and if you continue down the hall to the dark dead end
you can pick up stuff and get a few cheap scares. Come back and go through 
that classroom with the intel and tip-toe over the beam to another room. Slowly
go out and right, drop down, and into another room where going out the door 
leads to a not so good result; just move up.

You appear in a new room. Move along until you run into a man playing the
the piano. Yes, this is another puppet master. Hopefully you don't get stuck
like I did and have to waste all my med kits. Just run around again, use your
reflex, blast him, and shoot down his puppets; there isn't much ammo in here,
but there is an armor and med kit on the sides. After you take him out, lift
the case in the corner. Push aside some cover and crawl under to enter the 
hallway from hell.

I don't think the ghosts here will harm you, just freak you out of your mind.
Get to the end at in the room on the right is a reflex injector under the 
projector, which you can slide over. Now go out and you will enter into what 
I consider the most F-ed up horror sequence in any FEAR game, probably any
game. You lose your flashlight, the ghosts pop up for surprise attacks, and 
you can only see when the flickering lights flicker. It's seriously messed up,
and is enough to jusitfy this games claim to horror. The only advice I can give
is to shoot the ghosts when they are near, and go around the room and jump 
out the window, but of course I can do nothing about the horror. There are 
some supplies you can get once the thing is over, but going down the next hall
will have one more encounter with her, so just mash melee to shake her off. 
At least after that horror sequence you can say "Hey dude, I'm totally being
scoped out by some naked chick."

Moving on, you get the feeling that she's doing screwing with your mind and 
now the soldiers are about to attack. Get your ASP ready and go out to fight 
about eight Replicas; it may be better to snipe them too if you have ammo.
Kill them and head through the door for one more enemy and some armor. Approach
the rubble to get your next objective to turn off the gas flow. You need to 
return to the yard.

I really hope you still have your missile launcher and some shock grenades.
Just go out and shock the armor suit, and shoot it with a missile twice to
blow it up. If you don't have missiles I think the ramp to get up will still
be there, so I guess you can just shock the suit and run up the ramp.

*NOTE: If you did not bring missiles to kill the mech suit, I assume you must
just continue on with him firing on you. I guess instead of treating the fights
like fights you just use the shotgun to wildly run by them and into cover.*

In the second room is an intel, and I would guess the hangman on the chalk
board is eraser; oh sorry, that may have been a spoiler. Go down the hall and 
there are steps that lead down to a med pack. Go across the roofing and there
will be five enemies in the room, four that will be inside the room and one
that emerges from the door when you get in, so toss in fire or mines. Pick up
the armor and continue along the roofing to kill four enemies that drop from
above, and then one more at the end.

Get in and turn off the gas by using the red valve on the right. Drop down,
pick up the grenades behind you if you need them. Then go over the rubble and
go left, but you don't need the med pack because maybe the chopper blades hurt,
I'm not sure. Anyway, in the corner is a hole in the wall, so go up and drop 
down to meet your team. You have to envy their innocence, but not the fact
that they are sure to all die. Mash melee to end the level.

*NOTE: No more mechs to fight while on foot, so feel free to use the missile
launcher as you see fit. Either save it for like the second-to-last level or
use it now and carry a shotgun throughout.*

Level 09 - Nurse's Office

Go out and fight the Armacham soldiers, about six of them. Collect ammo and 
move up to the building, and around the corner is a fight with four in the 
hallway; just go slo-mo and tear them apart with the ASP, they are weak to it.
Nothing of note in the rooms, so go up and left. 

The Armacham and Replicas are fighting, and it won't take long for the Replicas
to kick ass. Go go to the door and from here mount your attack based on frags
thrown to the armored Replica, hide, reload, and fire at him and company. He 
requires about two ASP clips, but the frags should speed it up and take out
some of his pals. After the first one is down, two enemies will appear on the
roof to the right, as well as a second armored Replica from around the fence
to the left, so frag him once and unload slo-mo ASP rounds into him. 

Feel free to swap your shotgun for the Hammerhead, and pick up the plentiful
ammo around, as well as either of the armors around the area. When ready to
move on, go around the fence to the basketball area and shoot the padlock on
the barred cover to drop down and crawl into a room. In the library feel free
to test the Hammerhead on the two waves of about three-four enemies. 

Move down the hall as the doors are sealed. Not much but a med kit in the boys'
room, and the path in through a hole in the wall in the girls' room. Pick up
the intel, and go out the hall to more creepy ghosts and go right into the 
classroom for another intel. Go back and up the stairs. Some ammo to pick up
and an injector in a stall in the bathroom. Go out through the utility closet.

Equip your proximity mines and kill one enemy to the left. The chopper will
drop down about four enemies, so you can kill one with slo-mo as he rappels,
then lay a mine in the area, and then another maybe. Then watch out for two
soldiers on the roof to the left as you move along. Go around the path, up the
steps, and hop over the rail onto a vent along the wall. Follow it and jump
down through the broken window. 

You will emerge at what I call the most hilarious part thus far - lines such
as "take cover behind the donkey" and gems like "he's hiding behind the barn."
Kill the two behind the barn, then the ones on the floor. Moving up there will
be two to rappel down from the skylight, and two to appear from the cafeteria
window at the end; I say just Hammer the guys as they come down the lines, then
toss incendiaries at the other two. Into the kitchen there is an enemy to the
right, and by either going left or right you will hit the main part of the 
kitchen with about four enemies. At the back you hear two more say they will
bust through the door, so if you have one more mine left set it now, or use
flames, or kill them straight up.

After all that, the Hammerhead should be low or out of ammo, in which case I 
say swap it back out for a shotgun and go collect a little ammo for it. Go
through the door and pick up the intel, then go into the freezer and drop down.
Yes, back to being scary. Just follow the path and shoot ghosts, and feel free
to use slo-mo. Go down the hall, into the room, left, down the corridor, and
in the second area go right and then to the left to shut down the gas using the
valve. Upon returning your path is cut off, so shoot a lock to the right and 
go around to the burning desk, flip it over, and jump down; all the while 
fighting the ghosts of course.

Go up and through the door, then go right for armor and mines as vision returns
to normal. Move down the hall and at the end you hear enemies, but through a
door nearby is a quick med kit you may need. Use the sniper rifle down the 
hall to kill about four enemies before going right into the room. There will be
three more enemies to kill, so be ready. In the upper right corner is an intel,
then collect munitions and take the elevator.

Slo-mo and kill three Armacham goons, grab supplies and armor to the left, then
pick up the intel in the room. Proceed until you see a dude go into the 
nurse's office. You have to go left to get a key. There are four to kill, so a 
frag to the right may help. Kill and go to the back to take the elevator. 

This is a big, empty area with just ammo in the rooms. Just make it to the end
and pick up the keycard. Yes, there goes the principal. Jump into his office 
and grab the two intels. Now come out and prepare to fight Principal Puppet.
He's tougher than the rest, and for him I recommend the ASP. He will
run all around the rooms and allow you chances to use the many gas cans to 
burn him. Feel free to lay mines, use flames, and just shoot him up in slo-mo.
It takes a while, you need to follow him, and do kill his puppets or they 
shoot you. 

Once he is dead collect any ammo, maybe pick up a Hammerhead if you see one,
and return to the elevator. Call it and pry it open, then mash melee. Pick up
any health before dropping down and returning to the nurse's office door. Go
in and kill three enemies. Go up to the video area and pick up the armor and 
intel. Proceed and in the next room are four more enemies, three to the right
and one in the room on the left. One more time to watch that nurse's video if
you missed it the first time. 

Pick up the armor and go into the nurse's office. Launch bluebird and end the

Level 10 - Snake Fist

*NOTE: I'll say it now, and I shouldn't have to, but any yellow gas cans you 
see can be blown up for a free explosive.*

Grenades in front of you, a med kit to your right, and down to the right is an
intel on the desk. Behind you and up is the room with the terminal, and at the 
back of it is an armor in the snack area, but save that for later. When you
use the terminal of course enemies will pour in from the two side doors, about
eight; so if you want you could have set mines at each one beforehand. Just
use a few frags and slo-mo, and the weapon of choice is either the Hammerhead
or Assault Rifle. After the last one comes out, pick up the armor and go
through either door to fight two more. 

Bypass the cleaning chamber and in the next room is a fight with three. Hop 
out the window and into the next window for an intel. Then hop back out and in
the nearby corner you will find a ladder to get another intel. Now just go
to the upper right of this whole area and take the ladder down, follow the
corridor to another ladder, go up, find the terminal, use it, and pick up the
Hammer ammo.

No enemies pour into the now active block 4. Return to the room with the intel
and you'll notice the arm is moving about. Take the ladder down and pick up
the reflex booster when it's showing. Go directly down the middle to get into
the next area. Inside the broken chamber is an intel. Now just follow the path
until you see the Armacham crew, then three will attack from the side. Kill 
them and at the other end of the room are about five more. There is an armor
in the room to grab after.

Go up the stairs and kill the two more on the catwalk. Go through the door and 
there are three more, who offer a good chance to use a flame grenade. Pick up
the intel on a shelf. In the next room you will encounter Colonel Vanek. Listen
to him and then use the computer, although some of his lines as he waits are 
amusing. After the decontamination, press the green button on the right and be
ready to mash melee, then press the fire button at the end of it.

*NOTE: Remember, slo-mo is the way to go for the creepers.*

Follow the path to the holding cells for test subjects. Crawl under and use 
slo-mo and the ASP to kill the first two. Move to the stairs and run up and 
hide in the corner to handle the next few, of which they come from the sides,
below, and all over. Hard to help here as they move too erratically, so 
whenever ready just run to the right, across the walkway, and into the safety
of the control room. Use the computer and pick up the intel. 

If a little low on health, remember to use a med kit. I say when you exit the 
room just run right, jump off the broken part of the walkway, kill one creeper,
and then crawl under the door to get out. There are supplies in the room nearby
inside the storage. Go down the hall and meet with your objective. Swap your
Hammerhead for the Pulse rifle, and then that happens. 

Go into the hall and use the pulse shot on the three enemies. Then swap to 
your ASP and kill the next two, one who is above, and get back into the cell
area. No, you don't have to kill any unkilled subjects, just the Replicas.
Make your way up the steps and then turn around and hide behind the cover at
the end of the walkway, and from here I would say use the sniper rifle, 
especially on the armored soldier because one headshot takes him out. Move up
and kill any more you see, and make your way back into control room. And when
inside one subject will follow.

Crawl through the hole in the door and kill the three enemies by hopping over
the rail, and you can only shoot through the open window. Through the door you
will be back near where you started. Kill the first two and hop over. There are
a few more as you make your way back, but take cover in the long hallway behind
the box on the right, the one that covers your body when you stand. From here
you can toss grenades or use the sniper rifle to kill the group and the armored
Replica, or use both. When it's clear move up to the newly-opened room and pick
up the armor next to your friend.

In the next room you encounter four ninjas. They are slightly camouflaged when
still, but when moving you can see their blur and sparking. Slo-mo is the 
way to eat them, of course, but when out of it you can just fire some ASP 
rounds into them to chase them away for a time. You can use your pulse ammo on
them if you must, but I got through this without using it. After all four are
dead, there is armor in the room, then go down and use the elevator. Now a 
ninja jumps out, but he didn't attack me, so for you I would say either pulse
him or go slo-mo, run past him, and use the lift as you wave goodbye to him;
your call. 

In the next room the two soldiers can't see you through the glass. I chose to 
snipe the one, and ASP the other, but it's your decision how you want to take
them out. Just two more Replicas around the corner and that's it for this 
school. Pretty wild if you ask me.

Level 11 - Keegan

You start on a turret, and the bulk of the enemies are up above through the 
hole in the street. Kill them, feel free to use slo-mo, and you can explode the
tanker truck. Then focus shifts to your left. All I can say is avoid shooting
Keegan as he slowly moves over, and use slo-mo. When the armored soldiers show
up aim for their heads. 

After that, move up to Keegan, use the button to crawl under, and follow the
light. Move on until you reach the third set of tracks, where a save point
will trigger. Jump up to the next station and through the gate an assassin will
strike, so be ready and you can use the gate as a funnel. Hop onto the next 
platform, grab the armor, and in the next area two will attack one after the
other. Then in the ticket booth on the left is an intel. 

*NOTE: The ninjas here seem more prone to leap at you, so just know to keep 
your distance.*

Go up the escalator and kill the two assassins that show up. Move up to the 
right to some grenades on newspaper stands and just wait for the two ninjas
to show up, both from below. Then go right and down some escalators for a 
reflex injector and armor. Then go back up and push over the vending machine
by the gate to get through. Go down to the fourth tracks and there is an intel
on the platform and armor on the rubble if you need it for any reason.

*NOTE: Don't melee the Heavy Replicas, doesn't work.*

Head down the tunnel as a ninja flees, and in the next area you fight two 
heavy Replicas, an armored one, and then two more heavies; feel free to use
a pulse on the armored Replica, and get his Hammerhead if your Assault Rifle is
almost out of ammo. Another heavy in the corridor, and then about three more 
on the nearby surroundings, not including the two more shortly after. What you
need to be most aware of are any exploding barrels or power generators that 
will cause you much harm.

Move past them to the left where you hit another two heavies from above, and
then maybe one more. That should be all for this area, so feel free to drop 
your Hammerhead for ASP ammo, and there's an armor in the corner by the rails
of the raised area. 

Move along and in the next area you'll see Keegan. Go over to where he was and 
flip the switch, then kill the ghost to your right. Shoot more when you see 
them and move down the steps and go right to get down. Go around the area and
into the corridor to quickly get out of this ghost zone.

On the tracks you'll find an intel in the second train. Pick up some supplies
and continue straight through the door and past another for more, including 
armor. Then come back and down the steps will be a save point. In the watery
room are three Replicas, one that falls from above. Then you have about five 
more in total in the rest of this area, including above. Swing around the room
and go up the steps as you fight, and that will be it. 

Move along and climb up the ladder to reach another station. There are about
four enemies in here, and you can either go up and take cover atop the steps or
to into the booth to you right for the armor. There are also a few health
shots around the stairs, as well as a Hammerhead under the walkway. Go through
the train on the left and about three Heavies will appear on the walkway, one
after the other, so either use what's left of your sniper rifle or the hammer.
Head into the corner and flip the switch, then use your pulse gun on the trio
that walks onto the tracks, and aim for the armored Replica. 

Hop down and swap your Hammerhead or near-empty Sniper Rifle for a Laser gun. 
Move up the tracks and go through the hole and crawl through the next. Pick up
the intel and move through a door to see a bus. Hop over the rail and stop as 
the bus falls, then go around and down the tracks; notice the color going gray.
Through the door you will encounter the non-harmful ghosts, so hop into the 
train, turn around, and then proceed up. Pick up the armor and the rifle to 
your left; I had the missile launcher, laser, pulse, and assault rifle.

Equip your laser if you want to test it out, but I kinda think it's trash, but
either way you'll be out of ammo so swap it for an auto shotgun after the 
fight. There are about six enemies here, and if you don't take up point inside
the snack bar they will. Again, swap the laser for a shotgun and move on. 
Through the door you can open a gate on a fence for armor. 

In the next area just blast the first few enemies, then use a pulse round on
the armored Replica neardy. Two more heavies emerge from a door around the 
corner, so you can mine that if you want. There's health in the booth and 
hammer ammo on the wall if you need either. In front of the door is armor and
more ammo, so get those. Go through and out into the next area.

Around the right you can hop onto the tracks, and when you move down two 
soldiers drop, but hide by the wall to the right as a train speeds down and
will take them out. There are however three more enemies around the building,
so handle them. There's ammo on a table and up the steps is an intel item at 
the back and armor, but save the armor until you look over the top of the train
and kill the two soldiers that appear. Grab the armor and hop on top of the 
train to get over, and there is one enemy who runs out the door. Proceed to 
see Keegan to your right and move over the rubble to end the level.

Level 12 - Epicenter

Go up and slo-mo kill two goons. Take cover in the alcove to the left as you
fight the others on the street, and you're taking cover from the sniper down
the road. When the soldiers are dead, just go slo-mo and use your ASP to kill
the sniper. Now by the subway exit and by a crate nearby is sniper ammo, as
well as the gun from the sniper you just killed if it fell. It may be a good 
idea to toss your shotgun for the sniper rifle because it doesn't make sense
to drop the assault rifle. 

Now moving up toward the crater in the road there will be four to appear inside
it and another sniper up to the left, so take cover and slo-mo kill him, then
dice up the Replicas. When crossing the crater, go left and into the building
where you can handle the four soldiers on the ground and the sniper above 
the movie house. I wouldn't swap anything for the laser. And when you enter 
the theater an armored enemy pops out, so use a single pulse shot on him. Then
grab the reflex booster on the side.

*NOTE: Every glowing bomb you see fly and explode on the ground means it's a 
mech suit, so keep looking in that direction.*

Go down the left side of the theater and go out. Down the road just shoot the 
power generator above the suit and it will open up for you. Get in and kill the
four enemies that appear. When you approach the corner a lesser mech appears
to the right along with a missile launcher and some infantry, so send a volley
of missiles and pour into them. Then up to the right is another missile guy. 
Moving up you run into another mech ahead of you, and then another to your
right. When you near the next corner another mech will appear, but this one
brings a nasty wave of many missile infantry and tons of ground soldiers. The
red targets are priorities, or anything above ground, as you can use the light
cover in the street to protect against the slow-moving mech. So missiles first,
volleys and bursts into the mech, and then clean up the heavy Replicas as your
suit repairs.

When you move up this street an Elite Mech suit, the kind you have, will drop 
in, but he's actually not much tougher than a little one; at least he only 
fell to one rocket volley and then a few seconds of machine gun fire. Either
way just back up as he moves closer and keep firing on him, it's all you can
do. Kill a few soldiers, move up the upper right, kill anyone inside, and that
is all for this mech adventure. Get out and hop over the wall.

On the street of ghosts you need not worry of attacks, just go to the very
end and hop into the pipe. Follow it and you'll end up on a slanted road, which
you can just hop over the median if you wish, or go all the way around. Hop
down the hole, hop over a wall, and drop into another hole. You can go left 
to see a road fall, then go right until you see someone. Behind him is the hole
to get into the tunnel. Nice and short level, good.

Level 13 - Approach

Not much but armor and some ammo in this boiler room. Follow the path and 
hop at the end of the walkway. Go around the machinery and down a ladder, then
slide along some debris to the next platform. Pick up the intel, then take 
cover behind the crates on the left as you fight four Replicas, who are very
weak to headshots with no helmet; and also you can use the exploding barrels.
Then go up and pick up an intel by the platform. Get on and press the button in
the upper right corner.

*NOTE: I haven't said much about using melee for this game, but now may
be a good time to use melee kicks to good effect.*

I say take shelter in the very back of this car, but there is no safe place on
this tram. The second one pulls up to your left, and from there they can enter
your car from all but the very back and the right of you. The assault rifle is
the gun of choice, but either have the pulse or sniper ready for the quick
swap out. I also say that once the other tram is over you, start setting up
mines in spot such as the hall between this rear car and the front; or save 
them for when you board the front car, your call. It's just a test of your 
ability to survive when you don't have solid cover and the enemies do not
stop pouring in. You really don't have time to aim, as you will constantly need
to reposition yourself. 

*NOTE: Remember, you have four types of grenades. Use them in any order, but 
I say hold the mines for when you board the front car.*

Once the second tram goes above you you need to be ready for rappellers and 
more from the front. It was now that I switched to the sniper rifle, but you 
could use a pulse shot now when you are swarmed. When you hear that the 
rear car is in danger, run through the hall and press the use button to get on
the front car. 

Now things get interesting as the enemies can only enter from the back, so now
is a good time to set mines all along the back of this car. These are just the
Replicas with no helmets, so aim for the heads and don't let them swarm you - 
it would be very easy with a pulse shot or a shotgun, but the ASP will do. 
Then the fighting is over. When you hear the repeated warnings, get near the 
control panel and when the objective is to use it, use it; though oddly I 
did die when I first used it, not sure why.

Get down on either side, approach the guy once, then again using either ladder.
Around the corner up here is an intel, and then go up the ladder through the 
doorway. Just one lone assassin to kill. Move along and take a ladder to your
right for an intel. Cross the walkway to make him disappear again. Continuing
down this hall is the correct path, but if you need a med kit and some light 
ammo you can take a vent to the left all the way around to above where you 
picked up the intel, but then you'll need to kill an assassin, and if you do
you can crawl on the pipe to get back on the path.

Go up the ladder for grenades, pulse ammo, and an intel nearby. In the next 
big room you are free to follow him. Go down one level and look to the left for
a ladder to climb down to pick up another intel. Back up and look to the 
front of the platform, which is at the bottom of the ramp, you can use the 
panel to lower the platform, then run up the ramp and across to the other side.
Grab the laser if you ASP is low on ammo, because when you get on the platform
and try to cross, three assassins will drop on. A mine may help, but all you 
can do is fall back and use slo-mo, hopefully cutting it off so you'll have
enough for all three. Three pulse rounds may not be a waste if used on them.

*NOTE: The laser is actually okay on these assassins, makes short work of 

There is a fourth, and he popped up when I was looking over the end of the 
platform, so be ready for that. Hop off onto the walkway and go right after 
you kill him. Use the ladders to get a reflex booster. Go back and take the 
ladder at the other end, and reach the second platform. First go up the ramp
and kill the assassin here. To the left is armor. Just like the first platform,
go to the front of it and use the controls to bring it down, and get on. When
you step on the next platform you will go to the walkway on the right, but be
ready for the ninja who appears. Go down the ladder and going over the catwalk
you'll hit one more assassin, and then another from behind as you try to go up
the little ramp. Go into the light.

Med kit on your right. Going down the ladder you see a ninja appear, so hurry
down and be ready to slo-mo fry his ass. More armor by the steps and an intel
on the floor. Go up the steps for the sniper ammo and pull the lever. Duck and 
be ready to slo-mo snipe three snipers; up high to the right and left, and low
to the left. Move up and you'll hear you need to ready the deployment of the 
tram. When I stepped on the tram a fourth sniper was above me to the left. Go
to the right side the tram and jump off to reach some supplies.

Keep the sniper rifle in hand. Go up the ladder and trying to cross the catwalk
annother sniper appears to the left. Then quickly run across and take shelter
behind the crate as three appear to the far side, I guess what is at the end
of this whole walkway. Missile ammo and sniper ammo to pick up, along with the 
dropped ammo from snipers. You can follow the path of guns to armor, but don't
fall off because you need to go back to the sniper walkway and up a ladder to 
operate a control panel. 

Doing so will trigger a bunch of enemies to pour into the area, but no snipers.
And though it may appear this control box is safe, it isn't for some reason.
You need to pop a few heads and quickly get down the ladder and take shelter
away from the enemies, the corner is a nice spot. Just snipe the ones from the 
doorway and the ones from where you entered. Once all is clear you don't go
back down the long ladder, you just move to where the enemies came from and hop
off from a broken ladder. Collect anything you see and use the panel on the 
tram to get to Still Island. At any point I wonder if it occurred to you to say
"can I not go to Still Island?"

So after the ride, go to the elevator and mash melee. I believe you must go 
left and then go right to flush out another melee mashing, and it's with this 
second one that the path along the right wall will open. Grab the med kit and 
use the lift, after another mashing of course. 

Level 14 - Climax

It's sorta a relief when you don't have a gun in hand by non-choice. Just move
up and around, and then do it again. To the left is the gate, and hop down
the ladder. Follow the pipe and you emerge on a reflex booster and some ammo,
as well as four Replicas, all the while noting that your screen is flickering.
FYI, Morales is up to the left on the turret. Move up and go left to take cover
from the group of six enemies down the other way, and snipe all you see, he may
help on a few.

Collect and go up a ramp, but save the armor, first kill the three Replicas. 
There are then two more when you advance, so be sure to pick up that armor
before you move on Morales' position. When he gets to the door, get onto the 
turret and use all the yellow barrels, anything that looks like it contains
flammable materials; don't forget you can slo-mo. The attack comes from in 
front of you, to your right, to your left, and then back to your right. There
are three armored Replicas that need a massive amount of shells to die, and 
any green laser sources are top priority; use a med pack whenever needed.

After the fight just go inside and use the blue button on the right. Go in
and get with Stokes on the elevator - yeah, resist the urge to tell her to stay
behind, it doesn't help. Press the button and grab the intel in the next room,
it's on the floor, and then another in the following room. Then use the next
airlock chamber, and then pick up another intel along the path. And after the
third airlock there is another intel. 

Step onto the platform and you're here. Go left and use the controls, then 
strap in and watch the scene. She pops up to your left, if you want to pause
and scope her out for once. 

When in freaky land, go up to the panel and try to use it. Now look ahead to 
the right for some enemy and shoot him. Remember you have slo-mo, so use it as
you move forward to the console and activate it go back again. This round you 
can just run left, up to the panel, kill four enemies in slo-mo, and then
use the panel. One last time, you can just run left, go slo-mo, shoot as you
approach the panel, and just use it. Now you must mash melee and press fire
when the gun is to his head. 

All that's left to wonder is when the next game will come out and what the
heck you missed. To be honest, I would have rather seen that action than the 
action I was a part of.

Hurry Monolith, next year for FEAR 3 would be very nice.

* 5. Intel Locations ( INT5555 )                                              *

I'm missing quite a few of these, so I'll need a little time to find which ones
I've missed against the ones I have. What's odd is how the items are counted
in the mission select menu, because for some I had more. I believe this is
explained by the fact that there are 76 intels when the achievement/trophy
only requires 70. I'm not sure, I'll just find them all and get back to you.


Level 1

Intel One - Over the desk in the lobby behind Stokes, the female. Either take
the door on the side or hop over.

Intel Two - After your second battle, check in the corner by some containers.

Intel Three - Through the doors Stokes open shortly after getting Two.

Intel Four - In the room shortly after where you hear Genevieve speak.

Intel Five - In the penthouse, on the kitchen top after the fight.

Intel Six - Through the secret doorway.

Intel Seven - Same as six.

Level 2

Intel One - On the wall by the door soon as the level starts.

Intel Two - In the bigger room up the hall soon after.

Intel Three - When you enter a bloody room, look left to see a door that goes
through the bathroom and into a back room with the intel.

Intel Four - In the lobby-like area to right and this is in the blown-up room.

Intel Five - After you meet Genevieve, in the next room you enter.

Intel Six - After you kill three enemies from above, drop down, swing around 
the corner behind you, and in the women's room you'll find this one in the 
bloody stall. *insert womens' hygiene joke here*

Intel Seven - After the shotgun fight, this is behind a desk in the next 

Intel Eight - After a fight in the snack room, this is through a vent in the 
room behind the reception desk.

Intel Nine - When backtracking from the scene, this is through the newly-
opened door, on the rail.

Level 3

Intel One - Up the stairs in the first room.

Intel Two - In the room to the right after a conversation between Stokes and
Snake Fist.

Intel Three - In the room you see the little demons, it's between the book

Level 4 

Intel One - In the middle room as you start.

Intel Two - When you first enter the office areas, this is at the other end of
the room. 

Intel Three - After the catwalks around the elevator shaft there is a fight
with about six enemies, the intel is in the middle of this room.

Intel Four - Around the corner when you see a ladder is cut off by fire.

Level 5

Intel One - In the room you see with blood on the window shortly after 

Intel Two - At top of room with the test subject creeper.

Intel Three - After the part where you fight creepers around some bombs, you
go up a ladder and through a door, and there is this intel.

Intel Four - When you reach the room with the lift, fall down by the ladder and
it's in the room nearby.

Level 6

Intel One - After the plane crashes, it's in the next room.

Intel Two - In the corner room after the fight with the "amateur puppet 

Intel Three -  Go up the stairs in the building the enemies come from in
your first fight, kill two more, two out the window, and then go into the 
corner room for this and an injector.

Level 7

Intel One - In one the cubicles after you kill the first three enemies at the

Intel Two - In the garage where you park the suit, in an office. 

Level 8 

Intel One - Under the desk in the first classroom. 

Intel Two - Going up the stairs soon after and into the first classroom to find
this one.

Intel Three - In the second room after the armored suit fight.

Level 9

Intel One - Through the hole in the bathroom, it's on a desk.

Intel Two - In a classroom nearby the first one.

Intel Three - Through the back door on the kitchen. 

Intel Four - After the ghosts in the dark corridors you fight some enemies 
in a hallway. Go into the room on the right and in the upper right corner is
the intel on a desk.

Intel Five and Six - Both in the principal's office.

Intel Seven - In the video area through the nurse's office door.

Level 10

Intel One - On a desk on the ground level of the first room.

Intel Two - After a fight with three enemies you will hop out of a room window
and if you hop into the next room you will get this.

Intel Three - Nearby in the corner of Two is a ladder that leads to this one.

Intel Four - Inside the broken test chamber after block 4.

Intel Five - After the Armacham leader sends his goons on you, there is an 
intel on a shelf in the room with three enemies. 

Intel Six - In the control room of the test subject chamber.

Level 11

Intel One - In the booth after you fight two assassins.

Intel Two - On the fourth tracks with the bloody skeletons you'll find this
one by a column. 

Intel Three - After the ghostly sewer, get into the second train for the intel.

Intel Four - Once you have the laser, the next one is on a table through two
holes in the wall.

Level 12


Level 13

Intel One - By an empty pod shortly into the level, can't miss it.

Intel Two - By the tram car befor you get on.

Intel Three - On the upper level after the tram crashes.

Intel Four - Shortly after Three you will kill an assassin, and down the path
is a ladder to your right that leads to the intel.

Intel Five - After you climb a ladder and find pulse ammo, this intel is
behind the supplies.

Intel Six - In the big area you see Keegan move around, there is a ladder at 
the back to take down to this intel.

Intel Seven - Under some steps shortly after Keegan pushes you.

Level 14

Intel One - On the floor after you take the lift up with Stokes.

Intel Two - At the back of the very next room.

Intel Three - After the second airlock you'll find this one at the end of the 
fenced path.

Intel Four - After the third airlock it's on a toolbox.

* 6. Reflex Boosters ( REX6666 )                                              *

I'm missing one, and I hear it's in level 2, something about a key card and 
finding it off a dead body - I'll add it in like a day or two.



One - Level 3, after you beat the flame mini-boss, enter the bathroom to the


Two - Level 4, after you kill a demon, go up the steps and then down some 
steps on the left.


Three - Level 6, go up the stairs in the building the enemies come from in
your first fight, kill two more, two out the window, and then go into the 
corner room for this and an intel.


Four - Level 7, in the office where you find an intel after you park your
mech suit.


Five - Level 8, after the piano man, you will be in a freaking out hallway.
Get near the end and to the right in the room in a projector. Slide it over
and pick up the injector.


Six - Level 9, after the creepy but brief ghost part, go up the stairs and 
in the girls' bathroom is the injector in a stall.


Seven - Level 10, after you restore power to sector 4, return to the room where
you found the intel and take a ladder down to pick up the injector when the 
mechanical arm is up.


Eight -  Level 11, when you go up a level in the second station, in one corner
is a dead-end escalator with the booster and armor at the bottom.


Nine - Level 12, directly inside the theater, after the armored Replica fight.


Ten - Level 13, after you fight the ninjas on the platform, hop off on the 
walkway and go right and use the ladders to reach it.


Eleven - Level 14, at the end of the pipe, sorta hard to miss.


* 7. Author Info / Copyright                                                  *







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