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Guide and Walkthrough by GaryStargazer

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 01/28/2009


This walkthrough is not authorized, endorsed or associated in any way
with Pulltop or PeachPrincess. This walkthrough is not to be reproduced either
partially or fully on any website other than gamefaqs.com without
the permission of me.

If you have any questions, comments, corrections or information
you would like me to add please email me.


Version 1.2 update notes

Fixed some spelling errors.
Added in some updates to the skill system
Added new character info and tips.


1. Intro
2. Characters
3. Walkthrough
4. Battle Basics
5. Primary Stats
6. Card Stats
7. Skills
8. XP Tips
9. Combat Tips
0. Credits


The Princess Waltz - a dance of whirling blades held to find 
the princess worthy of becoming queen of Seven Central in the 
fantasy world of Eldelant. 
Hopeful candidates travel from all the kingdoms of Eldelant 
to take part in the waltz, but only one princess will reign supreme...

Princess Waltz is a story based Hentai game where you take the 
role of Fukamori Arata. The game is broken into 16 days and will
unfold in story and combat.

This game has some very well writen story line and the combat
is descriptive and entertaining.

The only downside to this title is the game is mostly liner and
only has one ending with few choices inbetween.


Fukamori Arata

Arata is the main protagonist of the game and It will be his eyes
that you see the story through. He is hot blooded and very impulsive.
He will always stand up for someone in trouble no matter what the danger.
(In other words Lawful Stupid)

Chris Northfield

An exchange student from over seas, Chris carries a dignified air
about him but also holds several secrets he does not wish to share.
Chris and Arata seem to share a common thread of fate tied between
each other.

Angela Victoire Blendin

The 'Dragon Princess' from the kingdom of Agnis. Angela is a demon
on the battle field wielding a huge lance. She lives for powerful
challengers and cares only for battle.
She has a proud personality and does not hessitate to express her
views on a subject.

Shikikagura Suzushiro

Chris's childhood friend and the princess of Shihou.
She has lead a very sheltered life and knows little of the outside
world or of men in general.

Liliana "Lun-Lun" Guenther

The princess of the kingdom of Renstanza.
Lun Lun keeps a carefree attitude towards most of life and
looks at the Waltz as a chance to fulfill her dreams of
marrying a prince. Despite her childlike attitude
she is the oldest participant of the Waltz and has more
combat experience than any other princess participating.

Liesel Hansel

The princess from Palmeid the blacksmith country.
Fighting in a dress she made herself she fights only to
prove the power and worth of her craftmanship and cares
little of the prince or the waltz.
Using cold hard logic and calculation in battle she wields
a large hammer several times her own size.

Fukamori Shizuka

Arata's older sister and his training partner in the dojo.
She carries a strong dignified presence about her like
a samurai. Though not related by blood Shizuka considers
protecting her brother her top priority in life and will
stop at nothing to keep him safe.


The princess of the sword, hailing from the kingdom of Soldia, 
Little is known about this mysterious participant in the Waltz 
beyond her name and nationality. 

                                                ~Battle Basics~

In Princess Waltz you will fight several battles throughout the course
of the story. Some will be viewed and others you will participate in

Combat will be played with a series of randomly selected cards and
three phases of combat to follow that.

Cards are broken down into three types. Red, Blue, and Green. the cards
create a Rock-Paper-Scissor style of effect.

Green --> Red --> Blue --> Green

It should be noted you may only play up to 4 cards at any given phase.


initiative Phase
During this phase you and the enemy will wager cards to win the chance 
to attack.

Attack Phase
This phase will begin if you win the initiative phase. You and your
enemy will play cards and if your total beats theirs you will inflict
damage to the enemy.

Defensive Phase
You will enter this phase if you lose initiative. Play your cards
against the oponents to lower the damage you recieve. If your total
surpasses your oponents you will take no damage.

Princess Union

Later in the game you will be given the option of joining with one of
the princesses, this will affect your stats slightly depending on which
of the 5 you choose.

The stat raising system seems to have some slight bugs in it when you are
joined with another princess so i highly suggest not raising stats until
you are out of the union.

Suzushiro seems to be an exception to this rule, since she gives a penalty
to armor raising armor while in union would probably be cost effective.

Lun Lun   > +2 Agility, +2 Weapon, +2 Armor, Blue  +0, Red   +0, Green   +1

Angela    > +0 Agility, +3 Weapon, +0 Armor, Blue  +0, Red   +2, Green   +0

Liesel    > +3 Agility, +0 Weapon, +0 Armor, Blue  +0, Red   +0, Green   +2

Suzushiro > +0 Agility, +6 Weapon, -1 Armor, Blue  +0, Red   +1, Green   +0

Beast     > +6 Agility, +2 Weapon, -0 Armor, Blue  +4, Red   +0, Green   +0

(Thanks to Tetsamaru on the boards for this information.)

I was recently informed of something new when it comes to union stats 
and the max totals, this info is all thanks to tetsamaru@gmail.com
so i decided I would just quote it since he took the trouble of making it.

<***>                             Quoting                               <***>

Around the time where Arata can pick which princess to union with, the boost 
he gets with certain princess's are small at first, but go up each time you 
go into another union with that same princess. I didnt notice this before 
but playing through it again, it makes sense, since they talk about 
"affinity" alot during that time.

The first time you union with Suzuhiro during the Mansion scene you get 
+6 attack, +1 Red, -1 Armor. But the next time you combine with her. 
you get +2 red.

With that in mind. Here are the final Union stats when Affinity is maxed. 
I will not include the beast princess since the only time you can union 
with her is when affinity is maxed anyway, so hers is already correct.

Agility > +3
Attack  > +6
Armor   > +0

Blue  > +0
Red   > +3
Green > +0
Agility > +1
attack  > +9
Armor   > -1

Blue  > +0
Red   > +3
Green > +0
-Lun Lun-
Agility > +3
attack  > +3
Armor  > +4

Blue  > +0
Red   > +0
Green > +3
Agility > +7
attack  > +2
Armor  > +0

Blue  > +0
Red   > +0
Green > +3

<***>                             Quoting                               <***>


Princess Waltz is composed of 16 days that will unfold as the game
progresses. Through the days you wll fight a series of battles
along with seeing the general interaction of the characters in the
story unfolding.

Because of its liner path a true walkthrough is not needed to unlock
all the images or scenes. infact after the second half of the game
has began its just a simple matter of picking the princess you want to
be with 3 times in a row.

The only exception to this is the beast princess, to get her scenes you must 
choose three seperate princesses each time you get the option.

(Thanks to minardil@hotmail.fr for the clarification that you can get her
at anytime not after the other endings.)

Within doubt once the game presents you with the decsion of choosing a
princess, simply save your game to another slot and reload from this point
when you are finished with one princess.

<!!>READ THIS<!!>

So i get lots of emails about the "Bad Ending" there is no bad ending!
Without adding spoilers, when you get this just try to start a new game
and it should pick right back up with the game.

                                                ~Primary Stats~

Primary stats will effect your general combat preformance. 
The max that any Primary stat can be raised is 30.

Agility - This stat will give you a bonus on your initiative phase.

Weapon  - This stat will raise the damage your attacks do in combat

Armor   - This stat will reduce the ammount of damage you take.

                                                ~Card Stats~

Card stats will effect how powerful your cards are when you draw them. 
Max level of these is 20.

Blue  - This is the base strength of your blue cards

Red   - This is the base strength of your red cards

Green - This is the base strenth of your green cards


Skills open as you gain stats both in primary and cards. 
Some skills will only activate after you have purchased another skill. 
You may take up to 3 skills into battle and a skill may only be used 
once per day.
The xp cost of a skill will be based off the primary stats of the skill. 
For example Overdrive will become cheaper as you raise weapon.

(Requires: Agility 8) 
Starting cost: 52 
Min Cost: 10

This skill is used during the initiative phase to increase the power of 
your cards. 
Slightly useful if you need to conserve cards. it gives a x3 bonus.

(Requires: Weapon 10) 
Starting cost: 100 
Min Cost:50

Hands down the best skill in the game. 
used during your combat phase this skill will double your cards power. 
Getting an enemy to lower hp and finishing with this skill is a great 
way to farm extra XP off overkill damage.

(Requires: Agility & Armor 8) 
Starting cost: 56 
Min cost: 24

Used in a defensive phase this card raises your cards power by double. 
It also will raise your initiative for the following round by 1.5.
(Thanks to rpg_@hotmail.com for this info)

(Requires: Armor 10) 
Starting Cost:40 
Min Cost: 10

An advanced version of Parry. 
Block will grant you four times the defensive strength of your cards 
when you are in the defensive phase.

(Requires: Armor & Weapon 10) 
Starting cost: 80 
Min Cost: 30

This skill will grant you an additional card(6 instead of 5) the turn after 
you use it, it can be used at any time in combat. 
This skill can be useful if your looking to pile on extra overdrive damage 
the following round. 
It should be noted this skill will not allow you to place more than 4 
cards during a phase.

(Requires: Blue, Green, & Red 7) 
Starting Cost:108 
Min Cost:78

Rage will make all your cards two points more powerful the following turn. 
It can be used at anytime in combat.

(Requires: Blue 5) 
Starting Cost:50 
Min Cost:15

This skill will add +10 damage to your blue cards in combat. 
That +10 for each individual card, so three blue cards would be +30 damage.

Big Crush 
(Requires: Blue 10, Crush) 
Starting Cost: 85 
Min Cost: 50

Like Crush only bigger. this skill will add +15 damage per blue card you 
use in combat while this skill is active.

(Requires: Red 5) 
Starting Cost:50 
Min Cost:15

Like Crush, but this skill will raise your red cards by +10 per card.

Big Flash 
(Requires: Red 10, Flash) 
Starting Cost 85: 
Min Cost: 50

Like Big Crush, but this skill will raise your red cards by +15 per card

(Requires: Green 5) 
Starting Cost:50 
Min Cost:15

Like the other two skills this will raise green cards by +10 per card.

Big slash 
(Requires: Green 10, Big Slash) 
Starting Cost 85: 
Min Cost: 50

Just like the other 'Big' attacks this will raise green cards by +15 per card.

                                                ~Xp Tips~

Since there is no way to stop and power yourself up, you should make the most 
of every combat when it comes to your experience points. 
Here are a few tips on getting the most out of combat

*Always play normal mode! It will allow you the chance to gain bonus xp from 
overkill or fast kill as where Easy mode will not.

*If the game gives you the option to fight then take it. Some parts of the
game will allow you to go through multiple combats if you choose to do so.

*If you finish off an enemy within 5 rounds you will recieve bonus xp. 
Always try to take out your foes within 5 rounds for this reason.

*Overkill will give you a bonus to xp as well. 
Try to whittle an enemy down to as few hitpoints as possible and then 
hit them with a massive attack for a huge over kill bonus.

(rpg_@hotmail.com suggested the following tip)
*Using fusions to abuse the stat gains can be beneficial to buying skills.
For example Overdrive will be cheaper to purchase when in union with
Suzushiro because of the increase to weapon skill

                                                ~Combat Tips~

*A good offence is your best defense.
In this game, focus your points on things other than armor unless you want 
a certain skill that requires it. 
Wasting points on armor is futile since ...

*Agility is your friend.
If you always win initiative you will never be on the receiving end of damage. 
Hence you will need little to no armor.

*Do not neglect your cards.
In some respect your card stats are the most important stats you can get 
since no matter how much you pump your primary stats if the cards are weak 
you will be hard pressed in battle.

(rpg_@hotmail.com suggested the following tip)
*Bait your enemy with your skills.
Rage and Focus can be used to bait the enemy into using their own defensive
skill cards so that they dont use them the following round, incase you're 
hoping for a big overkill hit with an attack card.

(James Hurst II found the following trick as well.)
Unspent cards will go up in value every time they are not spent.  Using 
this method, you can actually raise the values of the cards several times.  
So by spending one card on initiative, and one card on attack, you can let 
the other three cards raise several times, then you can produce a massive 
attack(The limit for this is 30).


I want to thank Peach Princess & Pulltop for bringing us this wonderful game.
I also want to thank Gamefaqs.com for hosting this faqs along with all the
members on the boards for providing valuable information in creating this

Gary Stargazer

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