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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gabo000000

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    - Wanko To Kurasou Walkthrough -
    by: GabO000000
    WARNING! This game is an Adult Visual Novel, so it is intended 
    only for 18 yrs. old (or 21 yrs. old in other countries) above.
    If you're not old enough, please leave this page immediately.
    In future Japan, the word "Pet" has a literally new meaning.
    Anthropoid Pets, are no mere animals anymore walking on fours;
    they're human-like beings with animal insticts and abilities.
    Want a girl that is loyal like a dog? Or girl that wants to be
    always pampered like a cat? The choice is endless. You are free
    to pick the "pet" of your choice. So, which one will you take
    home with?
    NOTE: Any of the choices in the Opening scenario (month of 
    Febuary) will not affect any of the routes. Also, the game has
    only two routes, so don't be bothered if you find this
    walkthrough short. You'll unlock the other girls' scenes and
    graphics along the way if you follow Risa or Nadeshiko Route
    completely. But in some cases (like Kotarou), you'll have to
    follow the Scene Recollection routes to get the other CGs and
    Risa Route (also implies for Mikan and Silvinia):
    4/6 - Talk to Mikan
    4/13 - Follow this order:
           1. Mikan
           2. Risa
           3. Nadeshiko and Kotarou
           4. Seika
           5. Kana and Kuu
           6. End recollection
    4/17 - You're right
    4/18 - Is that really odd?
         - Wait
    4/22 - Squeze them
         - I'm sorry
         - Show to Kotarou
    4/23 - Scold her
         - I'll buy Risa
    5/9 - Mikan
        - Literal Translation
    5/10 [SAVE 01 - For Scene Collection] - Park
    5/11 - Don't keep dangerous things
         - Check a bit more
    5/12 - Get a memo
         - Nadeshiko and Kotarou
         - Station
         - Think about Mikan
    5/14 - I want to eat the foods that you make
         - I think it's good
    5/29 - Station
         - Go find Mikan
    5/30 - Training Center
    6/1 - From Mikan or From Silvinia (doesn't matter which one you
          choose first)
    6/2 - It's nice
    Start a new game, then choose "Risa Extra Scenario" when you are
    asked. Finish the whole scenario to unlock new CGs and Scenes.
    Nadeshiko Route (also implies for Kotarou and Kuu. Also unlocks
    new scenes for Mikan, Silvie ands Risa)
    NOTE: When you start a new game, you'll be given two choices:
    "Start from beginning" and "Start from after OP".
    Start from beginning - you'll start the game from Febuary, the
    time when you met Mikan for the first time. Remember, the
    choices that you'll will choose for this month will not affect
    the outcome for the Nadeshiko route. Then, the game will start
    after the game opening video.
    Start from after OP - you'll start the game from March, skipping
    the month of Febuary and the game opening video. If you want to
    start right away, then choose this choice.
    4/6 - Talk to Nadeshiko And Kotarou
    4/13 - Follow this order:
           1. Nadeshiko and Kotarou
           2. Kana and Kuu
           3. End Recollection
    4/17 - You taught her a lot too
    4/18 - Risa's out of the question
         - Go to see how she does
    4/22 - Just talk
         - But...
         - She won't understand
    4/23 - Hit her
         - I'll buy Risa
    5/9 - Nadeshiko-san And Kotarou
        - Summarize
    5/10 - Mochizuki
    5/11 - I'm sorry about all this
         - Stop here
    5/12 - It's for yourself too
         - Nadeshiko and Kotarou
         - Pet Shop Mochizuki
         - Make her orgasm
         - It is my fault
    5/13 - Kotarou' long talk is...
    5/14 - Don't worry about it
    5/21 - Yeah
         - Answer dishonestly
    5/22 - Station
    5/23 - Ask for help
    5/24 - How about Kotarou?
    5/25 - Okay, I guess
    5/26 - Kuu should talk to him
    After finishing the Nadeshiko Route, start a new game.
    Then you'll notice under "Risa Extra Scenario", there will be
    "Kana & Kuu Extra Scenario". Choose that in order to unlock new
    CGs and Scenes for Kana and Kuu. Then, after finish the
    scenario, start a new game again. You'll notice under "Kana &
    Kuu Extra Scenario" there will be "Seika & Kaie Extra Scenario".
    Choose that and again finish the scenario to unlock new scenes
    for Seika and Kaie.
    Scene Recovery 1
    [Load from SAVE 01]
    5/10 - Mochizuki
    5/11 - I'm sorry all about this
         - Check a bit more
    5/12 - Get a memo
         - Nadeshiko and Kotarou
         [SAVE 02] - Park
                   - Go ahead
    Scene Recovery 2
    [Load from SAVE 02]
    5/12 - Pet Shop Mochizuki
         - Stop for now
         - It is my fault
    5/13 - Kotarou's long talk is...
    5/14 - Don't worry about it
    5/21 - No
         - Evade the question
    5/22 - Park
    5/23 - Don't ask for help
    5/24 - Think of another way
    5/25 - No
    5/26 - Leave him alone
    Oh, mind you, this walkthrough will only give you 93% of the
    total CGs and Scened collection. I don't know how to get the
    other CGs and Scenes. Feel free to modify or change this
    walkthrough even without my permission. But, if you do modify or
    change this, please inform me how to get the other CGs and
    Scenes as well.
    Here are the list of missings CGs:
    Page 1 - Bottom Left
    Page 2 - Top Left and Top Center
    Kana and Kuu
    Page 1 - Bottom Center
    Page 1 - Bottom Center
    Here are the list of missing Scenes:
    Page 1 - Top Right and Bottom Right
    Page 2 - Top Left
    Kana and Kuu
    Page 1 - Top Left
    Well, that's all folks. Enjoy!
    P.S. - Man, it's sure hard to make a walkthrough! (T-T)
           But, its worth it! :D

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