How do I get through other doors?

  1. I'm playing on this level where Jaques in the oni mansion. I cant figure out how to get through the other doors. There is only a missing floor and some doors dont have their own onifly lever to pull in order to open doors. How do I get to open the blue and gold doors?

    User Info: capri_topz

    capri_topz - 10 years ago
  2. Now I am at Oni Mansion stage in Paris... Which I already get into the church but can't continue to the other door which state "air wirls...."

    Please help me

    User Info: phanak_02

    phanak_02 - 9 years ago

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  1. Oni mansion in Paris? The oni mansion is only in Japan my friend, you play with Jacque Blanc alright but in Japan.
    You need to get the Kuga to go to the door and continue. Read the info again that i wrote above, it should help you.


    User Info: Nikolus666

    Nikolus666 - 9 years ago 1   0


  1. Well, you must listen carefully my firend. Once you enter the Oni Mansion with Jaucque go near teh red door and touch the oni fly (ctrl+enter) then enter the door kill the red armoured demon if he appears and then touch the blue oni fly then go back and enter the blue door. You'll see that there's a yellow door but no yellow oni fly.

    Go back the door by touching the blue oni fly again, then go touch the blue oni fly again when you exit the blue door, then go and touch the red oni fly and continue walking straingt thengo right and enter the blue door. You must hurry because it will close very soon. Then enter there's a scroll in the wall destroy it and enter you will see a shrine of red souls absorb all of it and open the chest. You will find most probably a secret medicine. Touch the yellow oni fly, get out touch the blue oni fly, and there is a hanging oni fly touch it to go to another area and enter the yellow door.

    Go there do the dark realm, go to the downstairs kill teh 2 Don-Gacha then go near the dragon and a cut scene will appear...

    Enjoy the assault on Azuchi Castle ;)

    I hope you have found this Answer useful, thanks!

    User Info: Nikolus666

    Nikolus666 - 9 years ago 0   1

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