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FAQ/Walkthrough by Denethor0

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/16/2008
Highest Rated FAQ

      ____   _     _   ____    ____        ___   _____
     / ___) | |   / / / ___)  / _  \      /  /  (__  /
    / /     | |  / / / /     / /_/ |      / /   __/ /
   / __)    | | / / / __)   /   __/      / /   (_  __)
  / /__     | |/ / / /__   / /\ \       / /     / /
 (_____)    |___/ (_____) (_/  \_)     /_/     /_/

EVER 17 - The out of Infinity
Authors: Denethor0
Began: 2006-07-05
Completed:to be seen
Email: Denethor0@hotmail.com

Ever 17: the out of Infinity is an interactive novel that was
developed by KID and Published by HIRAMEKI INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC All 
rights reserved.  For more information on this game, please visit 

Table of content
1. Introduction
2. Characters
	2.1 Tanaka Yubiseiharukan.
	2.2 Komachi Tsugumi.
	2.3 Akanegasaki Sora.
	2.4 Matsunaga Sara.
	2.5 Yagami Coco.
	2.6 Kuranari Takeshi.
	2.7 "The Kid"
3. Story
4. Walkthrough
	4.1 Tsugumi's good ending
	4.2 Sora's good ending
	4.3 You's (Yubiseiharukan) good ending
	4.4 Sara's good ending
	4.5 Coco's ending - True ending
5. Endings
	5.1 Takeshi's Endings
	5.2 "The Kid's" endings
	5.3 True Ending
6. Legal & Copyright
7. Credits & thanks

1. Introduction

This walkthrough is version 1.2

Version history |	Date	     |Details
                |            |
Version 0.6     |2006-07-05  |Work on layout of walkthrough 
                |            |
Version 0.7     |2006-07-08  |Complete Tsugumi's happy ending path
                |            |added
                |            |
Version 0.8     |2006-07-09  |Endings details added, work on Sora's 
                |            |& You's happy ending started.
                |            |
Version 0.9     |2006-07-12  |Corrections to Tsugumi's path added,
                |            |completed Sora's path.
                |            |Some minor changes in table of 
                |            |content.
                |            |
Version 1.0     |2006-07-13  |Work on You's & Sara's path started.
                |            |
Version 1.1     |2006-07-17  |Work on You's path complete.
                |            |
Version 1.2     |2006-07-18  |The "￾f" that appeared in the guide
                |            |due to .doc to .txt has been removed 
                |            |and replaced with "'".
		    |            |Sara's path completed. 
		    |            |Additional sites has been permited to
                |            |host this Guide.

Planned changes and Additions
1.	Add all 3 bad endings
2.	Add ingame time & date in each path
3.	Explore & show which decissions affects each endings

2. Characters

2.1  Tanaka Yubiseiharukan(You)
A freshman at Kyumeikan Women's University intending to major in 
archeology, and a part-time worker at LeMU. Her father gave her this 
unique first name because Tanaka was a common surname but very rare as 
a first name. She also possesses a wealth of occult-related knowledge 
and skills to survive in an emergency. More than anything, she loves 
to talk. Her nickname is "You."

2.2  Komachi Tsugumi
A girl of few words, shrouded in mystery. Why has she come to LeMU? 
Who, or what, is she? Her cold eyes seem as though they can peer right 
into the hearts of people and she regularly has harsh words for 
others. Just when it appears that she might open up, she lets loose 
with a flood of anger. What is the secret that this strange girl 

2.3  Akanegasaki Sora
A system Engineer in LeMU's Development Division, Sora is always calm 
and collected, never moved to act by passion or emotion. She stores 
everything in her memory and analyzes it like a computer. Rationality 
is the standard that underpines her every action.

2.4  Matsunaga Sara
A student at Kyumeikan Girls High School, Sara is following in the 
footsteps of her friend You. Her personality can be twisted and 
cheeky, but she is actually very lonely.

2.5  Yagami Coco
Coco regularly breaks out in behavior that would be too crazy to be 
broadcast on TV. Her words and action rock the brains of those that 
see and hear her. Coco is not especially good at anything and has no 
special skills or qualities to speak of...but she is proud of her 
ability to bend spoons. But for all of these reasons, Coco is loved by 
those around her, impossible to dislike, that may in fact may be her 
special skill.

2.6  Kuranari Takeshi
A college student that has come to LeMU with friends for a day of 
leisure. He's separated from his friends...and entangled in a 
horrifying string of events. His personality is usually outgoing, 
optimistic and sometimes emotional.

2.7.1  "The Kid"
Age: Unknown (estimated by appearance to be around 15-years-old). 
"Kid" is a mysterious character who can't remember who he is or why 
he's at LeMU. He is introverted, shy, scared, but willing to sacrifice 
himself for others. Since they don't know his name, the others refer 
to him as "Kid."

3. Story

It is May 1, 2017, 12:51 p.m. Without warning or explanation, seven 
people are suddenly trapped at a depth of 167 feet in the Marine Sea 
Park "LeMU." Water, air and food are in short supply, and LeMU's 
protective bulkhead can only withstand the pressure of the water for 
119 hours. To top it off, there's a mysterious virius in the sea 
outside. Time is running out!
The bonds among the seven people trapped under the ocean grow stronger 
as they fight to find a way to escape and survive the danger that 
threatens them. These are bonds of friendship, and bonds of love. 
But time waits for no one and the zero hour slowly, steadily 
approaches. With a climax that packs the ultimate in surprises, what 
could happen? 
Who will survive the crisis?

4. Walkthrough
First a few words about the walkthrought and some advice to those who 
want to complete the game as much as possible on their own.

Tips how to beat the game without this guide
If you want to avoid using this walkthrought as much as 
possible then my advice is to focus on one girl and try to be as nice
as possible to her all along while ignoring the other. This is usualy 
not very hard with conversations, but when you gets to choose where to 
go around in LeMU on a few occassions it can be hard as you dont know 
where each person is. So use Quicksave and quickload before each 
choice and just reload the last save if you don't go to the area where 
your choosen person for romance is. The same way is applied to avoid 
the second possible romance which you should avoid meeting then.

If a choice is shown like this 
        |                                           |
        | 26.    Central control room/Elevator Hall |

then it simply means that I been able to confirm myself that either of 
these 2 choices works for that path. If two identical of these is 
following each others then that simply means that you can choose 
whichever of these first, but that you have to choose the other one in 
the next choice. This only appears when you got to choose where to go 
in the game.

Another thing to note is that this is the path I took when 
completing the game, so to getting one particularly good ending 
doesn't mean you must do everything I done, only that this path will 
guarantee you to get this particular good ending.

4.1 Tsugumi's good ending 
Tsugumi's happy ending is according to many people I talked to the 
most tricky one to get and just happened to be the first one I 
archived. Once you rescued Chami you are set on Tsugumi's path.

1.	Listen to joke
2.	Ignore
3.	Appologize
4.	I've got to find my friends
5.	Its not important now
6.	Thank Tsugumi for help
7.	￾cI thought that was someone else/Assitant Chief, Huh?
8.	The Dolphine merry-go-round/The Souvenir shop
9.	The Dolphine merry-go-round/The Souvenir shop
10.	Security office
11.	The visitors Elevator
12.	The warehouse/the Infirmary
13.	The warehouse/the Infirmary
14.	Satisfied with the explanation
15.	Hey, everybody makes mistakes
16.	Where did she go?
17.	Talk to her
18.	Look for Tsugumi
19.	Help Tsugumi
20.	Thought maybe I'd Wash my hair
21.	I don't know
22.	About the air pressure of the generator room
23.	I've never heard of it
24.	So what about it?
25.	I'll pass
26.	Central control room/Elevator Hall
27.	Central control room/Elevator Hall
28.	Lemurian ruins
29.	Rest area
30.	Do you want another one
31.	Counterclockwise
32.	Clockwise
33.	Don't go
34.	I'm sorry. I apologize
35.	I went to see Tsugumi
36.	Voice disagreement
37.	Don't push the button
38.	I know
39.	The Infirmary
40.	Don't hit him
41.	Ask Tsugumi
42.	Ask You
43.	Alright, we're going!

Congratulations, you have just finished Tsugumi's good path.
Now its just to sit back and read on until the ending credit.

4.2 Sora's good ending
Sora's happy ending is the most easy one as most if not all choices
on how to focus on her is very clear. It is howerer the path with
the most choices to get too from my experience.

1.	Listen to the staffer's explanation
2.	It was the tanuki...
3.	Stay silent
4.	I've got to find my friends
5.	It's not your fault
6.	What are you mad about?
7.	I thought that was someone else/Assitant Chief, Huh?
8.	The Security office
9.	The Dolphine merry-go-round/The Souvenir shop
10.	The Dolphine merry-go-round/The Souvenir shop
11.	The warehouse/the Infirmary
12.	The warehouse/the Infirmary
13.	The visitor Elevator
14.	Satisfied with the explanation
15.	It's not your fault, Sora
16.	When was Sora going to sleep?
17.	Wait and see what she says
18.	Go see Sora in the Control Room
19.	Look for Sora first
29.	Decide to escape
21.	I know it
22.	Why do you know so much about LeMU?
23.	Of course I know it
24.	I know! Don't sat anything else!
25.	Im in
26.	Central Control Room
27.	Chicken Sandwich stand
28.	Lemurian Ruins
29.	Where'd you go this morning?
30.	Counterclockwise
31.	Clockwise
32.	Go
33.	Yes
34.	Hear more
35.	I do know
36.	I didn't say anything
37.	No
38.	I can't explain it
39.	I was meeting Sora
40.	Right, happily ever after
41.	Let's both say it at the same time
42.	Push the button
43.	I don't know
44.	The Control Room?
45.	The security office?
46.	Don't hit him
47.	Yes
48.	You have
49.	Ask Sora
50.	Ask You
51.	Alright, we're going!

Congratulations, you have just finished Sora's good ending.
Now its just to sit back and read on until the ending credit.

4.3 You's (Yubiseiharukan) good ending

1.	Listen to the Joke
2.	It was the tanuki...
3.	Stay silent
4.	Who am I
5.	Thanks
6.	Ask
7.	Try to contact the outside
8.	Don't worry
9.	-Choose any name here-
10.	Why are you so angry?
11.	I get it
12.	Even that would be impossible
13.	Dolphins merry-go-round
14.	To the Control Room
15.	To the Security office
16.	To the Jellyfish Gondola
17.	To the Warehouse
18.	You
19.	I got it
20.	I'll help You
21.	Keep arguing
22.	I don't think so
23.	Naturally, I knows the hacker
24.	I see
25.	Go with You
26.	Lemurian Ruins
27.	The rest area
28.	The Central Control room
29.	I get it
30.	I got it
31.	What if I tilt it
32.	Tilt it almost completely vertical
33.	8 ways
34.	It was becouse it was an umlaut.
35.	You don't look it
36.	The Third eye
37.	Talk to You
Congratulations, you just finish You's good ending

4.4 Sara's good ending
Sara's good ending is the one with the least number
of choices to get to.

1.	Listen to the staffer's explanation
2.	It was the tanuki...
3.	Stay silent
4.	Who am I
5.	No thanks
6.	Don't ask
7.	Try to contact the outside...
8.	Worry
9.	-Choose any name here-
10.	Why are you so angry?
11.	I get it
12.	I might be able to handle that
13.	To the warehouse
14.	To the Control Room
15.	To the Jellyfish Gondola
16.	To the Security office
17	to the Merry-go-round
18.	A spoiled baby
19.	I got it
20.	I'll wait here
21.	no problem
22.	Naturally, I know the hacker
23.	I see
24.	Go with Sara and sora
25.	The rest area
26.	Lemurian Ruins
27.	The Central Control room
28.	I get it
29.	Repairs with Sara
30.	I suppose
31.	Start with zweite stock

Congratulations, you just finish Sara's good ending

4.5 Coco's ending
(Can only be done when all other 4 good endings have been completed)
Once Coco's path has been unlocked, a number of new choices can be 
made that determines if you will be able to go 1 of the 4 main 
paths or Coco's path.

Also, it does'n matter if you choose to play as "the Kid" or Takeshi 
to get into Coco's path as they will become the same on day 3.
I howerever will go along "the kids" path to get Coco's path. 
Once you entered Coco's path you can choose whatever you want as Coco
Don't have a bad ending. When you start switching back and forth between
Takeshi and "the Kid" on the 3 day you are on Coco's path.

1.	Listen to the joke
2.	It was the tanuki...
3.	Appologize
4.	Who am I
5.	Thanks
6.	Ask
7.	Ask You (Vital answer for Coco's path)
8.	Really?
9.	Yeah
10.	Try to contact the outside...
11.	Worry
12.	-Choose any name here-
13.	Why are you so angry?
14.	I get it
15.	5
16.	To the Jelly fish Gondola
17	To the Warehouse
18.	To the Merry-go-round
19.	To the Control Room
20.	Microorganisms
21.	To the Security office
22.	Take the girl out
23.	I got it
24.	Why don't we go together?
25.	Tell them about Coco
26.	Keep Arguing
27.	Try it
28.	I see
29.	Go with Sara and Sora
30.	Lemurian Ruins
31.	Rest area
32.	Control Room

<Your now on Coco's path and will start switching between Takeshi>
<and "the Kid". From this point you can only get Coco's ending	 >
<But I will continue for the sake of the walkthrough             >

33.	Go the the warehouse with Sara
34.	I know about it
35.	No	

Congratulations, you have finished Coco's path, also known as the True ending.
Just sit back and watch the true ending unfold.

5. Endings

5.1 Takeshi's Endings
Takeshi has 2 good endings for each of his possible romances and the 
same bad ending for both of them. He also has one epilogue that only 
can be reached after all the good endings have been archived, 
including Coco's ending. To reach this epilogue, just use a shortcut 
to the last day for either Tsugumi's or Sora's romance and it will 
appear once you after the ending credit.

	Tsugumi Good End	->	Tsugumi-Sora Epilogue
	Sora Good End	->	Tsugumi-Sora Epilogue
	Tsugumi-Sora Bad End

5.2 The Kid's Endings
The Kid has 2 good endings, 2 bad endings and 2 epilogues. 
Unlike Takeshi’s endings, both of the Kid's epilogues is available 
once the good path for the chosen romance is completed.

	You Good Ending	->	You Epilogue
	You Bad Ending
	Sara Good Ending	->	Sara Epilogue
	Sara Bad Ending

5.3 True Ending
Coco’s ending which is the true ending can only be archived when you 
gotten all 4 good endings with the Kid and Takeshi after which a 
message should appear to tell that Coco's path is now unlocked.

Cocco Ver. End

6. Legal & Copyright     
As I am currently too busy in real life to have much time to
Update this guide so I am removing all copyright on this guide.
Thus I am allowing anyone to copy from it, if their intention is
to create an improved version of this guide and that this guide 
is intended to be distributed freely to gamers on the internet.

Also, any site that offers walkthroughs freely without taking any
fee(Payment) for their service such as 


May post this guide on their site to aid fellow gamers.

Also, any mails sent to the email above will be replied when
time allows it as I don’t visit that mail very often nowdays.
Be prepared that it might take time for me to answer thu due
to the reason mentioned above.
7. Credits & thanks
Well, since this game is pretty easy with only a few paths I
finished it on my own without any needed or arrived tips so
far so no credit to anyone at this time.

But I want to thank KID for a nice game and a very good
plot around it all. I also want to thank HIRAMEKI INTERNATIONAL 
GROUP INC for translating and publishing it outside Japan.

My next planned walkthrough project is for Aoi Yori Aoshi which I
gonna order in the next few days. C ya all until then :).

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