• Grand Theft Auto 2 codes.

    The following are for Grand Theft Auto 2.

    Name your character GOURANGA to activate cheat mode then enter any of the following before a level for the desired effect.

    SCHURULZ2x damage power up.
    CUTIE199 Lives.
    TUMYFROGAll bonus level unlocked.
    IAMASUCKERAll levels unlocked with god mode and all weapons.
    HUNSRUSBe invisible.
    BEEFCAKEBoost brutality.
    RSJABBERCannot be arrested or killed
    BUCKFASTCivilians more aggresive.
    DAVEMOONDefault back to standard.
    VOLTFESTElectric ray gun
    EATSOUPFree everything.
    JAILBAITGet Out Of Jail Free card
    LIVELONGGod mode.
    GODOFGTAHave all weapons with full ammo.
    BLASTBOYHave all weapons.
    ARSESTARKeep weapons after being busted.
    DESIRESMax wanted level attained.
    GOREFESTMore gore
    NEKKIDNaked civilians.
    LOSEFEDSNo police
    MADEMANRespect from three gangs
    FISHFLAPSmaller cars.
    BIGSCORETen Million Points.

    Contributed By: AWing Pilot and lilobaggins.

  • Grand Theft Auto codes.

    The following are for Grand Theft Auto.

    Enter these as the character name for the desired effect.

    nineinarowAll levels unlocked.
    suckmyrocketAll weapoms and max armor.
    6031769Infinite Life.
    itcouldbeyouMaxed out points,
    iamthelawNo Police.
    itstantrumUnlimited lives.

    Contributed By: AWing Pilot.

Grand Theft Auto Cheats


  • Codes

    Enter these as your character's name to enable the cheat:

    heart of gold10x Point Multiplier
    hate machine10x Point Multiplier
    itcouldbeyou9,999,999 points
    satanlives99 lives
    nineinarowAll Levels
    super wellAll levels and Cities
    itsgallusAll stages
    iamnotgarypennDisable Massive Cursing
    iamgarypennEnable Massive Cursing
    buckfast, then press *Get 99 ammo for all guns
    iamthelawNo police
    stevesmatesNo Police presence
    porkcharsuiOnce pressing c in game, you can see damage, speed etc of your current car in the game
    suckmyrocketStart with all weapons and power-ups
    itstantrumUnlimited Lives
    6031769Unlimited Lives

  • Debug Mode

    As your player's name, type in porkcharsui to enable debug mode. Here are the controls:

    HomeDefault View
    2 (Num Pad)Move screen down
    4 (Num Pad)Move screen left
    6 (Num Pad)Move screen right
    8 (Num Pad)Move screen up
    RRefresh Screen
    F12Restart Level
    LZoom in
    [Zoom in
    KZoom out
    ]Zoom out

    Contributed By: Vincento.


  • Drive Burnt Out Car

    This glitch allows you to drive a car that has exploded, this also means that it cannot be damaged and is invincible! But it is quite tricky, the best place to do it is in Vice City, first find any parked car that has a self-destruct mechanism on it. Get in the car and as quick as you can stop infront of another car, get out the stolen car when the timer reads about 3 or 2 seconds left, and quickly get in the car that you parked next to, if timed right you should get in the car just as it is blown up by the suicidal car, if done correctly, you should be driving round a smoking black car! It doesn't take any damage because it's already blown up! But be warned, you if you get out the car, you can't get back in.

    Contributed By: Ottae.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Before you can enter any cheat codes, you'll first need to enable Cheat Mode. To do this, type


    in the Cheat Option. Now you should be able to enter any of the following cheat codes during gameplay.

    segarulz10x Point Multiplier
    danisgod200,000 Points
    cutie199 Lives
    gorefestA Lot of Blood
    tumyfrogall bonus levels
    tumyfrogAll Levels
    ukgamerall towns unlocked
    forallgtall waepons
    godofgtaAll Weapons
    godofgtaall weapons+ammo
    beefcakebrutality increases
    SCHURULZDouble Damage
    LASVEGASElvis Clan
    EATSOUPFree Stuff
    JAILBAITGet Out of Jail Free Card
    MADEMANHave No Beef with Gangs
    ARSESTARKeep Weapons after Death
    nekkidNaked People
    losefedsNo Police
    buckfastReally Violent Citizens
    wugglesshow coordinates
    wugglesShow Location
    fishflapSmall Cars
    voltfestUnlimited Electrogun
    flameonUnlimited Flamethrower


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Secret LevelFind all GTA 2 Shields

    Contributed By: Vincento.

Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London, 1969 Cheats


  • Password Cheats

    Rename your character to these passwords

    iamgod10x Multiplier and All Weapons (Press *)
    flashmotorAll levels unlocked
    super wellAll levels unlocked
    travelcardAll levels unlocked
    rommelDebug mode
    6661970Infinitive lives
    pieandmashInfinitive Lives (Press * for all weapons)
    drivebyLets you fire your gun out of the window of your car
    psychadelicLets you use the horn to change the color of your car
    averyrichmanMaximum Points (999999999)
    hercMaximum Ponts, all weapons (Press *) All levels, Drive-by (Press Weapon when in car to fire weapon while driving)
    iamfilthNo Cops
    titheadNo Cops
    asawindowPress * on the NUMPAD for all weapons
    deathtoallPress * on the NUMPAD for all weapons
    uaintnuffinSome items and All weapons with infinite ammo
    silenceTurn police radio off

    Contributed By: jimfish, MrSmiles888, and freakunique.

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