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FAQ by thomas pepon

Version: 0.0.3 | Updated: 07/13/08

                         _              _       __    __           _   _     
  /\/\   ___  _ __ _ __ (_)_ __   __ _ (_)___  / / /\ \ \_ __ __ _| |_| |__  
 /    \ / _ \| '__| '_ \| | '_ \ / _` ||// __| \ \/  \/ / '__/ _` | __| '_ \ 
/ /\/\ \ (_) | |  | | | | | | | | (_| |  \__ \  \  /\  /| | | (_| | |_| | | |
\/    \/\___/|_|  |_| |_|_|_| |_|\__, |  |___/   \/  \/ |_|  \__,_|\__|_| |_|
|                            Morning's Wrath                                  |
|                            FAQ/Walkthrough                                  |
|                    Version 0.0.1 started May 13, 2008                       |
|                       Copyright © Thomas Pepon 2008                         |

This is my first FAQ for a game, and I haven't finished the game yet, but I was
quite frustrated by the lack of information available for Morning's Wrath 
online, so I decided to create my own.

Please send any comments, suggestions, things I missed, constructive criticism
to thomaspepon(at)writeme.com.  I will be sure to credit any information that I
use properly.

Morning's Wrath was created in 2005 by Ethereal Darkness Interactive.
(http://www.edigames.com/) (under construction)

I have given permission to host my FAQ to:
GameFAQs                www.gamefaqs.com
Cheat Code Central      www.cheatcc.com
Neoseeker               www.neoseeker.com

Version History
0.0.1		2008-05-14		original file, including controls,
                                        attributes, equipment, experience,
                                        potions, spells

0.0.2           2008-07-11              more info about spells and equipment,
                                        dumped dialog
                                        cleaned up walkthrough, didn't add more
                                        added bell quest notes
					added artifact notes
                                        ran a spell check
                                        still needs cleanup and more info

0.0.3           2008-07-13              more info about quests and artifacts
                                        quest data is all notes, not really
                                        in walkthrough prose
Controls                                                                 [mwco]
Attributes                                                               [mwat]
Equipment                                                                [mweq]
Experience                                                               [mwex]
Potions                                                                  [mwpo]
Spells                                                                   [mwsp]
Walkthrough                                                              [mwwa]

(search for key on right side to go right to that section)

Controls                                                                 [mwco]
    The controls to Morning's Wrath are pretty simple.  Just use the mouse.
Left click does almost everything, move, attack, pick up an item, interact 
with an object, move items in inventory.
    Right click is used for magic, or to use a potion when right-clicking on
in your inventory.

    Note you can add items to your quick-use belt on the bottom of the screen.
From there, you can use the number key to use an item.

Attributes                                                               [mwat]

This determines the amount of life that Morning has.  There is no numeric 
hitpoint system shown to the user.  Your life is the red bar in the upper left
corner.  The more vitality you have, the more segments to the red bar, so that
when you are attacked, it will take away a smaller portion of your total bar.
The amount of life you have is directly affected by your Vitality.
Max I've seen is 408.

Same idea as with Vitality, but Spirit controls the amount of mana that you
have available. (spell-casting power)  The higher your spirit, the more 
subdivisions of the blue, mana bar in the upper right.  More divisions mean
that the same spell will take a smaller portion of the bar.
Max I've seen is 384.

Strength directly affects your melee damage.  You start with 15 strength and 
your melee damage is 30 to 35.  Each additional point of strength will add 1 
to your melee damage minimium and maximum.  Max strength is 100.

Wisdom directly affects your spell damage.  You start with 10 wisdom and your
spell damage is 20 to 25.  Each additional point of wisdom will add 1 to your
spell damage minimum and maximum.  Max wisdom is 100.

Agility affects the speed you are able to melee attack and cast spells.  You
start with 15 points. Max agility is 100.

Equipment                                                                [mweq]
    Morning gets a suit of blue armor and a sword early in the game.  This 
armor doesn't do anything except let Morning attack people.  The armor and
weapon themselves have no stats, and there are no upgrades available.

    Morning is able to wear 6 pieces of armor to help protect her in her 
travels.  She can wear a crown, an amulet, two bracelets, and two rings.

    Each piece of equipment that Morning finds will have modifiers attached to 
change Morning's attributes, spell damage, or protection values.

    Equipment is found on the ground.  There are no random drops from fighting
mobs.  Some quests will reward you with an item, and one fight gets you an 
item.  But the normal mobs do not drop anything.

    The isometric view of this game tends to hide equipment behind walls.  If
you walk near the walls, the walls are made somewhat translucent, plenty clear
enough to see if there is equipment.  After removing the threats from an area,
it is not a bad idea to skim the walls to make sure you aren't missing 

    Equipment Modifiers
    Each piece of equipment has 3 modifiers to it, defined by the two prefixes
    and one suffix to the part type.  An example part would be:

    Pupil's Lasting Amulet of Shielding

    The prefixes determine the attribute changes, and the suffix determines the
    melee/spell/protection modifier.

    A list of the modifiers as defined by the prefixes is below.
Prefix1               Effect
Youth's               +1 vitality
Vigoroso's            +3 vitality
Energetic's           +6 vitality
Longevitor's          +9 vitality

Sage's                +1 spirit
Casters's             +3 spirit
Conjuror's            +6 spirit
Wizards's             +9 spirit

Brigand's             +1 strength
Soldier's             +3 Strength
Warlord's             +6 strength
Behemoth's            +9 strength

Pupil's               +1 wisdom
????                  +3 wisdom
Soothsayer's          +6 wisdom
Prognosticator's      +9 wisdom

Fastern's             +1 agility
Swiftmen's            +3 agility
Quickrel's            +6 agility
Rapidin's             +9 agility

Prefix2               Effect
Robust                +1 vitality
Intense               +3 vitality
Lasting               +6 vitality
Undying               +9 vitality

Focused               +1 spirit
Directed              +3 spirit
Expanded              +6 spirit
Concentrated          +9 spirit

Strong                +1 strength
Torqued               +3 strength
Powerful              +6 strength
Leviathun             +9 strength

Keen                  +1 wisdom
Learned               +3 wisdom
Brilliant             +6 wisdom
Prodigious            +9 wisdom

Determined            +1 agility
Persistent            +3 agility
Relentless            +6 agility
Unyielding            +9 agility

Suffix                Effect
Bashing               +1-3   melee
Nailing               +4-6   melee
Hacking               +7-9   melee
Rending               +10-13 melee

Blasting              +1-3   spell
Casting               +4-6   spell
Conjuring             +7-9   spell
Wizardry              +10-13 spell

Bearing               +1 protection
Blocking              +3 protection
Shielding             +6 protection
Enduring              +9 protection

*** artifact notes ***
artifacts generally have the best modifiers, but of course, the point of the 
game is to dump them in the mana well to purify it

artifacts have a stat requirement for use (maybe for equipping at all, I don't
remember) if you wear it, and you don't have the stat requirements, then the
modifiers don't take effect.  note that the stat requirements are base stat
requirements (before equipment modifiers) so if you try to equip an artifact
and you don't get the modifiers, take off all your equipment, and mouse over
the artifact, and see which stat you are short on

if you decide to wear one, which isn't a terrible idea, I found a few pieces
of equipment that suited me better than artifacts... (I like spell damage)

you will have 2 artifacts left over after getting them all, so you would be
well advised to hang on to ones that suit your play style, and wait for other
ones to dump in the well

note: the damage bonuses for Tainted Wristband and Stiff Band are due to
attribute changes, if you've already maxed out Str/Wis naturally, these will
have no effect on melee/spell damage

note: 4 points of spell damage on Bellman's ring, 50 points of melee damage
on Oaf's amulet are due to attribute changes, there is still a modifier in
addition to the attribute change (+20 to 24 spell and +5 to 10 melee)

Skull Bracelet (reward for putting 12 coins in well)
    +2Vit +2Spr
    -80 to +80 melee damage
    requires 50Vit, 35Str

Tainted Wristband
    -50Vit +100Str +100Wis,
    +100 to 100 melee damage 
    +100 to 100 spell damage
    requires 60Vit, 60Spr

Lost King's Crown (reward for lighting underground light towers)
    +10 to 20 spell damage
    +15 protection
    requires 30Vit, 40Wis

Lost Prince's Ring (reward for defeating Lost Prince)
    +10 to 20 melee damage
    +15 to 25 spell damage
    requires 50Str, 45Wis

Bellman's Ring (reward for solving Bellman's quest)
    +24 to 28 spell damage
    requires 20Str, 30Wis

Oaf's Amulet (found in underground tomb, code from stone tomb)
    +50Str -50Wis -30Agl
    +55 to 60 melee damage
    -50 to -50 spell damage
    +15 protection
    requires 30Str

Angel's Wristlet (found in underground tomb, code from castle 2nd floor)
    +15Vit +15Spr
    +0 to 20 melee damage
    +0 to 20 spell damage
    +10 protection
    requires 60Vit, 50Str

Corrosive Helm
    -30 protection
    requires 25Vit, 30Str

Serpent Gem
    +8 to 12 spell damage
    +10 protection
    requires 20Str, 15Wis

Arcane Bracelet
    +0 to 30 spell damage
    +25 protection
    requires 50Wis

Stiff Band
    +50Str +50Wis -20Agl
    +50 to 50 melee damage
    +50 to 50 spell damage
    requires 50Wis

Spiked Clincher (reward for defeating warlord on 2nd floor)
    +5 to 10 melee damage
    requires 15Str
(you don't have to kill warlord, you might be able to lead him away and get it)

Leowyn King's Crown (reward for completing locked door quest (spider guy))
    +5Spr +5Str
    +20 to 33 melee damage
    requires 30Str, 20Wis

Freden's Crest (reward for Leowyn Lore quest)
    +20Spr +20Str
    +20 to 60 melee damage
    +0 to 40 spell damage
    requires 50Str, 60Wis, 40Agl


Experience                                                               [mwex]
    For each kill your character gains experience, after so much experience,
your character will reach a milestone. (read: level up)  There is no numbered
levels and the highest exp milestone is 100000, after that, the game stops 
    Each milestone will grant you some points to add to your attributes.  There
really isn't much of an experience grind to Morning's Wrath.  I tended to hit
4 or 5 milestones between potions.

    One note on adding points to your attributes, Strength, Wisdom, and Agility
all max out at 100 points.  I haven't seen a cap on Vitality and Spirit.  
During my first play of the game, I raised stats pretty evenly.  But after a
while, I started using magic pretty exclusively to attack, so all the strength
points were wasted, when I would have been better served to add those 85 points
to Vitality or Spirit.

Potions                                                                  [mwpo]
    There are two sets of life and mana potion caches in the game.  They put
out a never ending supply of potions.  Don't hesitate to use potions you have,
as they are free to replenish, and never leave the cache without a stash of

Spells                                                                   [mwsp]
    To get in your spellbook, click on the S to the right of the quick-use 
belt, or press the S key.  After the opening sequence (after you are 'killed' 
by the invading army, you will go through a dialog sequence, and will be given 
the spell components Fire and Blast.  Fire is the element and Blast is the 
type.  A Blast attack shoots whatever element is attached a few squares down 
the screen.

    So the first, easiest spell to make is Fire Blast.  In the spellbook, click
on the Fire icon, and it moves to the top bar, and then click on Blast to move 
it to the top.  Then click Save, and a scroll will fall on the floor next to 
you.  Pick up the scroll.  In your inventory, right click the scroll to make 
that your active spell.

    My first spell has always been Fire Blast Fire Blast.  You can cast it a
few times before running out of mana, and usually 2 of them will kill the
early mobs.

    When you get more types, you can make spells with multiple effects.  You
can create a Fire Blast Static Blast spell, an attack with Fire and Static.

    As you adventure further, you will encounter more spell elements and
types.  Gaining new Elements and Spell Types is determined by the experience
milestone that you have current reached, and how many artifacts you have put
into the mana well.

    Using a character just past the 50000 experience milestone, I find that
you get the following:
    first artifact = stone + triple
    second artifact = static + cannon
    third artifact = crystal + burst

    Once you are going you can choose from several different elements and 
types.  Here are the elements and types that I've encountered so far.

Spell Elements
Fire,   Stone,  Static,    Crystal, 
Plasma, Razor,  Lightning, Caustic, 
Flare,  Meteor, Ion,       Phantasma

It seems that there are 4 base elements, and that afterwards you get stronger
versions of the base elements.  Plasma is like a level 2 Fire, Flare would be 
level 3.  The elements seem to line up in 4s.

    Shoots element in a straight line a short distance in the direction 
    of your cursor.
    Shoots elements in three-directions from your character. (in the shape of
    an upside-down y)
    Like the blast, but stronger.  It travels in a straight line in the 
    direction of your cursor, and lasts longer than the blast attack.
    By far my favorite early type, it sends elemental attacks in 8 directions.
    Creates a line the travels in front of your caster, like a big line of 
    blast spells.  This will appear across the screen, even behind walls.  Can
    be used to clear rooms without entering.
    A reverse burst, the elements start in 8 positions away from your
    character and converge where you are standing.
    Just like the wave travelling forward, but with another wave moving in the
    opposite direction.  Again, behind walls.
    A square area of affect around the caster.  Stays right where it was cast.
    A cross between Cannon and Triple, basically a Cannon attack in three 
    directions, but with a much faster travel path. (and more linear)
    A cannon burst attack.
    Two simultaneous flank spells, perpendicular to each other.  A flank spell
    both horizontal and vertical.  Again, behind walls.
    Like the bloom attack, but with some extra spell spots thrown in?  It's a
    ridiculously wide area attack.  You won't have much need for the other
    types once you have it.

Walkthrough                                                              [mwwa]

<opening story - text and art> (don't click or it will skip the rest)

<the opening sequence is chock full of dialog, but after that, there's only
a couple more to deal with, it drove me as crazy typing it as it is for you
to scroll past it>

--Opening dialog in Morning's bed quarters.
--Sophia, a servant, Morning (the princess and protagonist)

    Time to take Morning downstairs.  As you exit the bedroom, you will pass a
small room (closet?) in the hall.  (remember, left click to move)  Open the
door, (left click again) and pick up the Glass Jar.  The jar will figure into
a task after we finish the opening sequence.  I wouldn't bother with the life
potion.  You won't need it until the opening sequence is over, and you are
required to 'die' during the opening sequence.
    Walk down the stairs. (left click on the stairs)

    After a forced dialog with the Captain of the Guard, Morning will walk
automatically to see Steward Haliphen at the front of the hall, where more
dialog takes place.

    At this point you can chat up the nobles, there is a quick scene with
the slacker guards you can see at the south end of the hall.  To progress the
story, speak with Sophia, who is at the entrance to the hall standing by a 

--dialog with Sophia

    Sophia then goes across the room to the armory.  Walk to the armory
and talk to Prince Ardus for the romance storyline to begin.

--dialog with Prince Ardus

You can continue talking to nobles here, but to advance the storyline,
move near Haliphen and the guard at the bottom end of the hall.

--dialog with Haliphen and Captain of the Guard.

Haliphen and the guard walk to the gate at the far end of the hall.
To continue the storyline, walk near the now-open gate.
(note: if you click on Haliphen, Morning will follow him.  You have
to get it just right, or he'll move off your cursor, and Morning will
just walk to where the cursor was when you clicked.)

Outside, once you walk down the path to be near Haliphen, another
dialog ensues.

--dialog in the courtyard with Haliphen, Lord Rahine, and Lord Oderan

After a music change, a mob of Ashidian solders fill the gate, followed
by another line of dialog.

You get to watch your first fight scene here as you run back to the castle.
Don't watch too long, as the Ashidians will attack (and kill) the helpless
Morning as well.

--Once safely inside, another dialog with Haliphen.

Now it is time to get dressed for war.  You will be wearing the blue, 
metal armor from Heona's Armor Cabinet.  It is in the Armory, where you
met with Prince Aldus.  Click on the cabinet, and Morning says.

  The armor and sword of Heona.  Hopefully they are all that legend
  makes them out to be.

Then Sophia enters and a dialog ensues.

**<more walk-through to come>**

*** underground throne room - lost king's crown

As soon as you enter the underground for the first time, you are automatically
taken to see the lost king in the underground throne room.  He asks you to
bring light back to the city by lighting the four towers.  He will give you
his crown (lost king crown is an artifact) for accomplishing this.

The lost prince isn't too happy about this.  After you complete the task, the
king thanks you, and drops the crown.  As soon as you pick it up, there is a
short dialog with the prince, and then a fight.
(nothing too hard, I killed him with 2 quadruple fire-burst spells with spell
damage at 85-98)

When you kill the lost prince he will drop the 'lost prince's ring' artifact
and the gate to the underground tomb near the cemetary will open

*** underground spirit at wilted garden ***

get watering can from the across street in house, 
ladder leading into darkness

(in darkness just walk all the way west, ignoring the various openings to the
north and south, when you come to a wall going west, it is right there on the

with watering can in inventory when you come out and go near the wilted 
garden, the spirit will start to follow you, walk her to any dark light tower
and she will light it up

*** underground spirit at cemetary ***

get shovel from royal engineer's room (W of stairs to Morning's bed quarters)

apply shovel to grave
pick up skull
talk to spirit

lead spirit to dark light tower and he will light it up

*** underground spirit in cell ***

get key from chamber pot in cell to SE of spirit
(1st cell near lower entrance to jail)

unlock spirit cell
talk to spirit
pick up medallion
talk to spirit

lead spirit to dark light tower and he will light it up

*** underground spirit at library ***

get stone wedge from building near SE light tower, there are 2 buildings
immediately east of tower, then a building north, and one north of that
in the second north building you will find the stone wedge

in library apply wedge to gears next to statue

talk to spirit
pick up book

(if you neglect to apply stone to gears the library gate will close
open it up by applying the book to the pedestal)

lead spirit to dark light tower and she will light it up

*** bell quest in underground ***

get music box in house two houses east of the southeastern light tower

there are 4 tones, from lowest to highest, I'll call them
1, 2, 3, and 4.  The song that plays (when you right click the music box
in your inventory) is 2-3-4-1-3-2. (no rhythmic importance)

There are 4 gilded bells inside the lost king's throne area.  The tones
from left to right, in tonal ordination are 2, 4, 3, and 1.
|-|  |-|  |-|  |-|
| |  | |  | |  | |
| |  | |  | |  | |
|-|  |-|  |-|  |-|
 2    4    3    1

So play the song on the appropriate bells, and you get the Bellman's Ring
artifact. (+4 Wis, +24-28 spell damage)

*** well task in underground ***

put 12 coins in well
take skull bracelet

*** coin list ***

1.  in wilted garden, immediately west of were the spirit stood
2.  across street from wilted garden, NW corner of house with ladder leading
    into darkness
3.  east of entrance path to throne room
4.  in second house to east of SE light tower, SW corner of house
5.  in stone tomb room, SW corner
6.  in guard bunkhouse to E of cell area
7.  W of NW light tower, there are 2 houses immediately West of tower
    and one larger house south of them, in larger house, SE corner
8.  there are 2 houses immediately south of house in #7, the house
    to the west, NW corner
9.  in building with wedge shaped stone for library spirit quest
10. inside the gates to the underground tomb
11. W of SW light tower there is a building with two buildings immediately
    to the north, the building immediately to the north on the western side
    has several beds, and a coin roughly in the middle
12. in jail, northeastern most cell
13. along N wall, just east of NW corner
14. along N wall of library, N of where spirit was standing
15. outside library to northeast on a large patch of brick road
16. in front of the well
17. SE of NE light tower, there is an L-shaped house, inside corner of the L

*** guy locked in room, 2nd floor of castle, eastern side

get glass jar from storage room near Morning's bed quarters
get spider in glass jar from far NW corner of mana well room
find crack on S wall of the locked room, apply jar with spider
man runs out, you get in


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