Review by Mr Bartuc

Reviewed: 08/01/06

Not a great game but a great story

I was very cautious when I pulled this game off the shelf as I've had no experience with these simple games. Though I expected the game to be dull, the story and sound made it very worth while.

You take the role of a famed horror writer called Michael Arthate, you arrive at Blackwood Manor, your newly acquired home, an old Victorian house lost in the outskirts of a small English market town. It's a very peaceful and quiet place at first but after spending a few nights in the house, you begin to hear scratches in the basement that grow louder the longer you stay.

Story: (9/10)
The story is my favourite part of this game. It's absolutely great. As soon as I started reading into the story I was hooked. When I went to bed after playing it, I wanted to start the game back up again and continue the story. Probably not everyones cup of tea though so if your not looking for a game with a lot of reading, then this game probably isn't for you.

Gameplay: (3/10)
Being my first time, the controls were rather strange. Took awhile to adjust but once I had them all sorted, it was just a matter of finding the right items to further myself through the game. Basically you gather clues and connect them. You can't die in this game so you don't have to worry about saving after each event. There are times where I found myself searching the whole house again to find something I missed. Very little is required as far as gameplay goes.

Graphics: (6/10)
Not great but good. The environments are very detailed and look nice but are dull and dark as the game is of the horror genre. This adds to the game effect for the most part but I think they could have done better in some cases.

Sound: (7/10)
The sounds suit the house very well. Makes the game very realistic but some sound can become quite repetitive which can annoy some players. There wasn't much music but when there is it's quiet to suit the mysterious atmosphere of the house.

Replayability: (1/10)
Once you know the story that's all there is to this game.

Overall: (7/10)
Great game, some tense horror moments. The ending is good but can confuse some if you don't pay attention to the story. I would recommend buying it second hand because although the story is good, that's all there is to it. For the first-person adventure fan it's definitely one to add to your collection if you can get it cheap.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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