Review by lawfrye

Reviewed: 04/04/06

You get what you pay for!


Ubersoldier puts you in the roll of a WWII German officer who has (after being killed in combat) been brought back to life as an undead soldier.


Ubersoldier for the most part is a FPS rip-off of Castle Wolfenstien without the polish. There are many issues I have with the game-play, but I feel the worst is the horrible hit detection. You can be standing 10 feet away from your enemy and put about 10 rounds into this chest, only to find out that not one bullet has hit its mark!

This poorly implemented hit detection will have you screaming in anger as you play the same scenario over, and over again. Another ridiculous "glitch" in this game is when you have to jump down a shaft, or hole in the floor to get to the next area; jumping causes damage, even a 7-10 ft drop will cause you to take about 20 points of damage. You WILL by the way have to do this on a pretty regular basis.

Its ridiculous to force people to have to make jumps like this and at the same time punish them for doing it! Especially if you've just survived a rather tough firefight and only have 15 HP left, at that point your pretty much out of luck! As far as the controls are concerned the game offers no game pad support which I would like to see more of.

That said the keyboard controls work fine and have the usual configurations that you would expect for a FPS.


In UberSoldier you are cast in the role of a genetically modified, resurrected soldier , who joins resistance fighters in order to defeat German occupation forces. The story in Ubersoldier could have been a pretty interesting twist on a genre thats is for the most part PLAYED OUT!

Game developers are going to have to find new back-drops to build their games from as I know I speak for many FPS gamers when I say "I'm sick and tired of playing games based on WWII". The WWII era is completely played out, and I'm really tired of seeing game companies try to spin-off 50,000 different scenario's based on this era.

The acting in this game is pathetic and lifeless, characters sound like they are reading from a script opposed to actual acting. The German soldiers sound like they are from Alabama, and the resistance fighters sound like Americans? Now I'm not a professor of history or anything, but from what I learned in high school, and college the resistance fighters in WWII were not Americans. The only character with a decent German accent is Karl Stoltz (the main character in the game).


This is one area that developers did a pretty good job, I like the way they used light and shadow effects to create the appropriate mood for the game. The textures in the environment are well done, and characters animate pretty good. The rag-doll physics are also a nice touch. You can also knock over tables and many other things in the environment.

Don't get me wrong its no Half-Life2 but it does stand out as one of the over-all accomplishments of the game. Weapons are realistic sounding as well as the rest of the sound effects.

Play Time/Re-playability:

This is pretty much a straight up FPS shooter that can be finished in about 7-8 hours of hardcore play. I really see no replay values as the game is completely linear.

Final Recommendation: To buy, to rent, or not to play at all...

This is a VALUE priced game, so if you've ever played any other value priced games you pretty much know what your getting. Some of the mechanics and execution in this game are sub-par however, if you are a lover of the FPS genre and just have to play ANOTHER WWII shooter then you might want to check this out. If you can over-look some of the games many short comings you'll find that the game is somewhat fun to play.

Since you can't rent PC games I would say this is worth picking up for about $20.00 and not a penny more.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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