Earth 2150 Cheats


  • Codes

    Press ENTER and type "I_wanna_cheat", then press enter and any of the following:

    Activates fog of warlet_be_darkness
    Cheaper researchdirt_cheap_research
    Damages all nearby unitsbad_time_bad_place
    Destroy selected unitsee_you_next_life
    destroys all enemies within 8 rangethe_hammer_of_thor
    destroys all visible units and objectshasta_la_vista_enemigos
    Destroys everything in range of 8massacre
    fast exploration disabledeinstein_0
    fast exploration enabledeinstein_1
    Fast explore player only, 0 = off and 1 = onhelp_me_please!!! 0/1
    Full repairI_wanna_cheat
    Give # of CRi_love_this_game #
    Reload ammox-mas_pack
    Research speed increasedtime_is_relative
    Sets unit limit to #i_hate_limits #
    Show mapno_more_secrets
    Shows all unitsno_one_hides
    You see alleagle_eye

    Contributed By: Biospark3.

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Earth 2150: Lost Souls Cheats


  • Codes

    During gameplay hit Enter then enter one of the following codes...

    Damage all visible enemiesTromaville
    Destroy selected buildinggohome!
    Destroys everything in sightsmash
    Disable cheat modeCheater 0
    Disable fog of warmoonlight
    Enable cheat modeCheater 1
    Enable fog of warhide
    Faster researchmybrainisfaster 1
    Free money (enter number)moneyfornothing #
    Free researchSciencefornothing
    Instant lossbyebye
    Kill on visible enemiesjudgementday
    Limit goes up # of levels (enter number)limit_up #
    Meteor showerShower
    Plant mineshotground
    Research everythingnobelprize
    Show all enemieshereyouare!
    Show full mapbeautifulmoon 1

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

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Moon Project Cheats


  • Console Cheats

    Enter the console window and then enter the following codes

    Create a Meteor Showershower
    Damage Everythingtromaville
    Destroy Your Buildingsgohome!
    Disable all Fog Caused By Warmoonlight
    Disable cheat modecheater 0
    Display all opponents on screenhereyouare!
    Display The Full Mapbeautifulmoon (Then either 1 or 2)
    Fog Modehide
    Free Weapons and Unitsnewone
    Get Free Moneymoneyfornothing (00-99)
    Instant Lossbyebye
    Kill Your Unitssmash
    Max Out Your Healthidkfa
    Perform a Fast Researchultascience
    Place Mineshotground
    Research Everythingnobelprize
    Research For Freesciencefornothing
    Set max unit numberlimit_up (number)
    Show All of your Enemiesjudgementday
    Spawn unit with all desired weaponsnewone (unit/weapons)
    Toggle fast research on/offmybrainisfaster (0 or 1)

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt and eli0918.

    2    8

  • Upside down fun

    Press ''Enter'' and type ''i_wanna_cheat'' and the screen will be upside down.

    Contributed By: deathc4.

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