Whats the difference between normal nightmare and hell?

  1. Ive read tons of forums and nobody has an answer for this i wanna know if its even worth going onto the higher levels, all i hear is that in nightmare once you die thats it and you have to start again. and whats hell difficulty.

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  1. Hello,
    I'm in the second act of the inferno difficulty (hardest difficulty) with 4 of the 5 classes (all but barbarian). So here is the explanation: long but quite complete (story spoiler free).

    There are 2 types of characters at their creation, 'normal' and 'extreme/hardcore' (spelling depends of your location): in normal you can die (you will revive after a few seconds, costing you only 10 % of the durability of your equipement. Hence the reparation cost).
    You also keep your inventory, gold, etc., and you share the 'stack chest' (a personal chest) between all your 'normal' characters (up to 3 full pages of inventory, not including characters inventories).
    Blacksmith and jeweler shops growth in common for every normal character, no matter the difficulty (though you'll need specific crafting items only available on some difficulties).
    However an 'extreme' character will never resurrect, and you will not share equipment, gold, blacksmith/jeweler shops growth, etc. between your 'extreme' characters = start everything over if you die.

    You can play solo or cooperation for every character (2, 3, 4 players total; 4 being the maximum. For memory it was up to 8 characters in Diablo 2). The only rule being Normal characters cooperating with other normals and extreme characters cooperating with other extremes.
    However in solo you can always add one of the 3 Ai followers (Templar: tank + heal, Scoundrel: archery, Enchanteress: support - magic) providing them some equipement which gives an illusion of a cooperative gameplay..
    When you reach level 60 (maximum), you gain a magic find/gold bonus with each elite/champion monster pack death, stackable up to 5 ('Nephalem Valor') which lasts for 25 minutes, reinitializing for every new elite/champions pack killed. It's added to your equipment stats.

    4 difficulty levels exist (from easy to super hard : normal, nightmare, hell, Inferno). Main differences are the stats of the bestiary (Hp, damage, resistances), dramatically rising on new difficulties. Example: Final boss, so far, having 127,000 life points on normal difficulty; 2 688 000 life points on nightmare and 19 304 000 life points (!) on hell.... In inferno you will have 'one hit kill' deaths from even normal monsters for some characters. I have not found their growth chart.

    Elite/champions get one more random power, on a list, with each stronger difficulty: they have one on normal, 2 on nightmare, 3 on hell, 4 on inferno. Some powers only appear on later difficulties and surviving inferno elite/champions will completely restore their life should you die.

    You may end normal mode on levels 30, 31 or 32; nightmare on 51, hell on 60 (maxed on Act 2 for me).
    Consider ending normal difficulty with 250 dps (damage per second), nightmare with 1200 dps, hell with 3000 dps at least (4000 for some characters).

    No new attacks on regular monsters, no new twist or enhancement in the storyline (sadly, because it provides no story replaying interest). It's just grinding, surviving, and getting better equipment.

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  1. 2nd part of the answer:
    For cooperative mode, enemies growth chart:
    " Normal Nightmare Hell Inferno
    =============== =============== =============== ===============
    Players HP Damage HP Damage HP Damage HP Damage
    1 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
    2 175% 100% 185% 100% 195% 100% 210% 100%
    3 250% 100% 270% 100% 290% 100% 320% 100%
    4 325% 100% 355% 100% 385% 100% 430% 100%
    Note: The damage increase per player has been removed in the 1.03 patch. The table has been updated to reflect this." Thanks to Brysonic.
    This information is from another site so i don't know if Gamefaqs will alow a link to their page...

    A word about Inferno: it's obviously unbalanced. Inferno is manageable for normal monsters when you start fom hell, but absurdly difficult (impossible?) when it comes to some elite/champions monsters. I have more problems dealing with some combinations of elite/champions monsters powers (arcane, life boost, horde - etc.) than big storyline bosses.
    Unless you're prepared too die a lot and level your character's equipement the hard and long way (with very random loot in early acts) you'll have to use the in-game Hauction House using the gold from the game (or even real money, though I don't recommend it). For deontology, I do not use it but it's a pain... By the way, wasn't that premeditated by Blizzard?
    Equipement is unbalanced: rarest equipment (legendary, unique sets) are less usefull than some blue (common magic) equipement combinations. End Hell equipment is the strict minimum to face inferno elite monsters.

    It's a long post but i hope you found your answers. Sorry for my English if there are a few grammatical errors (I'm French).
    Best regards.

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  2. The only difference is a difficulty increase. As long as you're not hardcore you can die infinitely in all difficulties.

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  3. Answer is very simple.
    You will only die permanently when you are playing in Hardcore.
    If you play regular (softcore) then you can go on without much penalty (just 10% durability loss on your equipment, which you can repair asap at town).

    The real difference between Nightmare and Hell is that your enemies are stronger, have more health and champions/bosses have an extra affix.
    However the loot is much better in this mode.
    Rinse and repeat for difference between Hell and Inferno.
    In Inferno you will start finding the best loot!

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