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FAQ/Walkthrough by GamingSatan

Updated: 05/17/06





This FAQ/ Walkthrough DOES have spoilers. I don't want to ruin the game
for you, so read at your own risk.

Table of Contents

1. News
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Story Mode
             (4.1) Hollywood
             (4.2) Beverly Hills
             (4.3) Skate Ranch
             (4.4) Hollywood II
             (4.5) Beverly Hills II
             (4.6) Hollywood III
             (4.7) Downtown
             (4.8) VANS Park
             (4.9) Skate Ranch II
             (4.10) Beverly Hills III
             (4.11) Santa Monica
             (4.12) Oil Rig
             (4.13) Skate Ranch III
             (4.14) Get to East Los Angeles
             (4.15) East Los Angeles
             (4.16) Skate Ranch IV
             (4.17) Get the pros: Beverly Hills
             (4.18) Get the pros: Hollywood
             (4.19) Get the pros: Downtown
             (4.20) Get the pros: VANS Park
             (4.21) Get the pros: Santa Monica
             (4.22) Get the pros: East Los Angeles
             (4.23) Casino
             (4.24) The Final Mission
             (4.25) Skate Ranch IV
5. Classic Mode
             (5.1) Minneapolis
	     (5.2) Santa Cruz
	     (5.3) The Mall
	     (5.4) Chicago
	     (5.5) Kyoto
	     (5.6) The Ruins
	     (5.7) Atlanta
	     (5.8) Marseilles
5. Sub-missions
6. FAQ
7. Legal Information/ Contact Me




05/13/06 - Began FAQ/Walkthrough




Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough. In this guide, I will help you
in most parts of Tony Hawks American Wasteland. I have been playing 
Tony Hawks games since I was around 6 or 7 years old, starting with the
first Tony Hawks Pro Skater. I didn't really like the series, until I 
was given Tony Hawks Underground. Since I play a game for storyline 
over gameplay, having a story in a Tony Hawks game delighted me and 
kept me hooked, unlike the previous Hawks games, leaving me uninspired 
and,ultimately, bored. Since then I have played THUG, THUG2 and THAW to
the point of nearly breaking my fingers. This FAQ is written for playing
in Normal Mode, other difficulties will have minor differences in some





Start - Pause/Menu
X - Ollie
X (Held down) - Crouch
O (While in air) - Grab
O (Walking) - Smash with board
Triangle (Whilst in air and near grindable object) - Grind
Square (Whilst in air) - Flip trick
Right Analog Stick - Rotate camera
Left Analog Stick - Move
D-Pad - Move


                                STORY MODE


                             4.1 - Hollywood

When you start story mode, a short movie will play of a skater skating 
on the streets of LA. Then, you can choose your skater. Once you have 
picked the skater of your choice, you will see another movie. This 
movie is quite amusing, and made me smile. You see a little background 
on why you're moving to LA, and meet a hot blonde. Unfortunately, she 
lacks intelligence to the degree of a dead chimp. 

Once the cutscene has finished, another cutscene will play. Two skaters
will assault you and steal your belongings. Here is where you meet a 
very important character in the game - Mindy. She will help you during 
your first missions, and will introduce you to the local skaters so you
can improve your skills. Your first mission automatically starts when 
all the cutscenes are finished with.

Change your cut

This mission is extremely easy. First of all, walk into the barber shop
and press O. You will have to get a relatively cheap cut, but most of 
them aren't too expensive anyway. Later on in the game, you can really 
start to splash that cash.

You can also change or get facial hair. You don't need to, as it isn't 
needed to complete this part of the mission, but some of them do look 
very cool.

After you've selected your cut, another short movie will play.

Change your clothes

Go into "The Tight Tiger". Again, money is a factor. If you spent too 
much money on a haircut, you will have to buy cheap clothes. However, 
I quite like the reasonably cheap clothes, especially the cargo pants,
but that's just me. 

Change whatever you feel needs changing. If you want to spend all of 
your remaining money for the moment, go ahead, it'll make your skater 
look cool, and without a cool skater, what is life?

Once you're finished, click done and exit. Watch the cutscene, and 
save if you want to.

Learning to caveman

Once the cutscene has finished, right ahead of you there should be a 
guy wearing a leather jacket, plaid trousers and has blond hair in a 
mohawk. Talk to him with O. He asks if you'll introduce him to Mindy 
if he teaches you some moves. 

This is very simple. Switch to walk (L1+R1) and get back on your board 

Next, he will teach you how to grind. Simply press X to ollie, and 
triangle to grind the velvet rope.

Finally, switch to walk (L1+R1), press X to jump, and press triangle to 

Congratulations, you've just learnt a caveman. Try it out a few times, 
or head to the next goal.

Complete a sponsor challenge

A short cutscene plays, where Mindy tells you the importance of Sponsor
Challenges. Then when you regain control, go over to the poster in the 
Skateshop window, and check the sponsor challenges, then click accept. 
On Normal, the easiest ones to do are grind for two seconds or caveman 
once in a combo, but all are mind-numbingly simple. After completing 
it, you'll get a text message, that can be accessed through the start 
menu. It's just to explain how the text system works, and to tell you 
where Mindy now is. Head to the skateshop again.

Learn to kickflip and learn to manual

A cutscene plays about a man called Duane, a friend of Mindy's who has 
a very small part in the game. The first thing he asks you to do is 
kickflip over Ben Whofleck (I'm pretty sure they didn't say Affleck 
just for legal reasons). All you have to do is ollie, grind the ropes 
and kickflip over Whofleck. It looks really cool, and is very easy to 
do. Just press X, then triangle to grind, then square and <- to 

Now you've proved that you're fearless, Duane agrees to teach you to 
manual, a very important move for combos and for amassing a mighty 
score. All you have to do is manual three times. Press up then down to 
manual, rinse and repeat. Then Duane tests your manual balance. Manual 
from the star of Tony Hawk to the star of Tony Alva, using up and down 
to balance. The objective is to keep the needle as close to the middle 
as possible. The green part of the meter means you will land the manual
if the needle hits the end of that section. However, if it hits the end
of the red section, you'll bail. 

Learn to revert/ revert to manual

A short movie plays, and we see Ian again. This cutscene is slightly 
amusing, then he shows us how to revert. Just go up the ramp, get air, 
then press R2 as soon as you land. Timing is key, but does give you a 
bit of allowance. 

Now we have to revert into a manual, all in one combo. A scary prospect
for a new player, no? No. Just go up the ramp, revert (R2) when you 
land, and press up and down to manual. Then, just land the combo. 
Mindy will come over, and tell you that one of the guys that stole your
stuff is hanging out by Hollywood High. Go get him!

Get back your stuff

Go over to Hollywood High, where you and the guy will have a little 
argument, before we get down to the skating.

First of all, you just have 60 seconds of free skating. The guy is 
pretty easy to beat, do a few liptricks, fliptricks, grinds, reverts 
to manuals etc. and you should beat him in no time. But you have to 
stay in the area, if you leave it, you just get one of the red messages
and lose a few seconds, giving him time to catch up. 

Yes, you've beat him! Now he'll give you back your stuff and you relax 
right? Wrong. The lying punk has run off with your stuff. Fortunately, 
he keeps to a certain line by the entrance to Downtown, where the 
bulldozer blocks the way. You have to smack his ugly face in with your 
board and collect your stuff. But whatever you do, do not chase him. 
Skateboard > Man. Just wait for him to skate over to you, and smack 
him between the eyes. 

Get to Beverly Hills

Some stupid protesters are blocking the way to Beverly Hills, therefore
blocking the way to the ranch. You have to get rid of them in the only 
plausible way. Skate on a rooftop a lot. The questionable goal aside, 
let's get on with it. The first challenge is easy. Just land a 2000 
point combo, most people can do that with their eyes closed. Next, a 
5000 point combo. Simply liptrick (triangle when at the top of a ramp) 
and modify the trick using different pairs of buttons (OO, O Square, 
Square Triangle etc. but don't use the X button, because it will make 
you jump out of the trick. Next, a 10000 point combo. Simple if you 
use my liptrick technique.

                            4.2 - Beverly Hills

Introduction to Mindy's friends

This is just a cutscene, not an actual goal, but since it is activated 
like goals, I set it out as one. Here is where you meet Boone, Murphy, 
and Useless Dave. They are very important to the storyline, and are 
also very entertaining. Murphy is talking on his cellphone, Boone is 
bailing huge gaps and Useless Dave is... being Useless Dave. When your 
character starts to talk smack, Boone sets him a challenge. If you can 
hit all of their combos, the ranch is open to you.

Sticker Slap, wallplant and wallride

After the cutscene, go straight ahead of you to a guy with no shirt on.
Talk to him, and he will show you a variation of the wallplant he has 
developed. This is very easy. Just ollie (X) at a wall and then press 
X again to sticker slap. Do this three times.

Now he shows you the original wallplant. It looks easy, but is 
extremely frustrating if not done right. If you don't do it right, 
you'll just do sticker slap after sticker slap. I would know, it 
happened to me a lot of times before I figured out how to do it 
properly. It tells you just to ollie (X) and then press X and down to 
wallplant. However, that will just make you sticker slap most times. 
What you have to do, is ollie and press up, then press X and down to 
wallplant. I don't know why, but it makes you do a wallplant nearly 
every time.

Next up is the wallride. JUst ride up to a wall, jump and press 
Triangle and turn to the direction of the wall to wallride. Do this 
three times. 

Voila, mission complete, and you have learnt the sticker slap, 
wallplant and wallride. These can be used to do some amazing lines, 
start practising!

Learn to spine transfer, flip, roll, 
acid drop and bank transfer

Go to the guy to the right of the goal you just did, he also has no 
shirt on. He will teach you how to spine transfer. The spine transfer 
is one of the easiest, and most important, tricks in Tony Hawks 
American Wasteland. To complete this goal, just ride up the Quarter 
Pipe and press R2 in the air to spine transfer, do it another two 

Now comes a move that looks amazing and scores big. The flip. You can 
backflip and frontflip, and you can also double backflip and double 
frontflip. To flip, go up the quarter pipe, hold O and press up or down
twice to frontflip or backflip, four times to double frontflip or 
double backflip. Do a flip three times to continue.

Now the roll. This also scores quite big and you can do double rolls. 
Just ride up the quarter pipe, get air, then hold O and press left 
twice or right twice to roll. Pressing left or right four times will 
double roll. Roll three times to continue. 

Next, is the acid drop. This is a very simple move. Just switch to 
walk (L1+R1) and jump off the edge, then press R2 to acid drop. 
You only need to do this once.

Finally, the bank transfer. This is like a spine transfer, but a lot 
smaller. Go over an angled surface, and press R2 to bank drop. You can 
use the little sign or the thing in the middle of the road to bank 
transfer on. Do this three times.

You have now learnt the spine transfer, backflip and frontflip, BS Roll
and FS Roll, Acid Drop and Spine Transfer. Congratulate yourself and 
move on to the next goal.

Learning parkour

Talk to the french guy with the moustache. He will demonstrate parkour.
 The first skill is a wallrun. Wallruns are simple. Switch to walk 
(L1+R1) and press R1 when running towards a wall to run up it. 
Do this three times.

Next up, wallflips. Just as simple, and even more fun to do and to 
watch. Switch to walk (L1+R1) and run up the wall with R1. Then, 
before you fall, press down and X to wallflip. Do the wallflip three 

Now you learn to shimmy. Run up the wall with R1, then hold R1 to grab 
the wall when you fall. Shimmy to one marker, then shimmy to the other.
Once you are done, the guy will do an amazing parkour combo. 

Next, back tucks. Back tucks are very easy to do. Just press X twice 
when standing still to do a back tuck. Do this three times.

Finally, front tucks. Just press X twice whilst moving forward to do a 
front tuck. You know the drill, do it three times.

You have learnt another five moves!

Learn to Natas Spin 

Talk to yet another member of the Skate Club by a bunch of poles. This 
move looks sick, and is only a little bit harder than a grind. Simply 
ollie (X) and press L1 and triangle at the same time to Natas Spin on 
a pole. Hold the trick for three seconds on each pole to learn to Natas

Learn to boneless and boned ollie

Talk to Josh, another shirtless guy, who is by the skateshop. He will 
teach you to boneless and to boned ollie.

To boneless, hold X, then press up twice when you release it. This is 
an essential move for reaching areas that are impossible to reach using 
a normal ollie. Do the boneless three times.

Now you have to do a boned ollie. This is another crucial move for 
reaching places, and is a bit simpler than the boneless, just press X 
twice to do a boned ollie. Do the boned ollie three times.

After doing every goal for the Skate Club, you will get a text message 
off Mindy. If you can't remember how to access them, press Start to go 
to the pause menu, and then go into text messages. Mindy advises you do 
some sponsor challenges before meeting up with Boone, Murphy and 
Useless Dave. Either do what she says or go straight to those goals.

Impress Boone/Murphy/Useless Dave

On Easy you only need to do one of the challenges to get into the 
ranch, on Normal you only need to do two to get into the ranch, and on 
Sick you have to do three. I'm going to tell you how to do all three, 
because I'm a good samaritan.


To complete Murphy's challenge, you have to do a wall-run, to wallflip,
to natas spin and land it. It looks and sounds very hard, but is 
actually quite simple. Switch to walk (L1+R1) then run up the wall 
with R1. Press X and down to wallflip, then hold down L1 and triangle 
to natas spin the pole, then land.


To complete Boone's challenge, you have to do a spine transfer to 
nosegrab to frontflip and land it. Again, this looks and sounds very 
hard, but is again quite simple. Go up the quarter pipe, get some air, 
press R2, then hold down O and press up twice to nosegrab to frontflip. 

Useless Dave

To complete Useless Dave's challenge, you have to sticker slap, to 
manual, to wallplant and land it. Then, you have to do a wallride over 
a large gap. 

First, the sticker slap to manual to wallplant. Remember my wallplant 
technique, or you'll get so frustrated you'll punch the television. 
First of all, do an ollie (X) and press X to sticker slap. Press up 
then down whilst still in the air to manual when you land, do it a few 
times in the air just to make sure. Then, ollie (X) press up, then 
press down and X at the same time to do a wallplant immediately, 
instead of messing about and having to do a sticker slap after sticker 

Next for the wallride over the gap. Ride up the ramp slightly to the 
left, so you grind instead of lipping. Grind along the rail, then at 
the very end, do a wallride across the gap and land on the other side.

Congratulations, you are now allowed into the Skate Ranch! Follow the 
tunnel up to the ranch.

                             4.3 - The Skate Ranch

Skitch Sanchez

Skitching is a skill you only need to use in two or three cases. This 
is one of them. Iggy needs some wood to finish off a ramp in the skate 
ranch, and he decides you're the guy for the job. 

You have to skitch Sanchez (Press up near his tail to skitch him) to 
the different locations where you can find wood.

Skitching is very similar to grinding, manualling liptricking or doing 
a natas spin, it uses the same balance meter, but it's a lot easier to 
control. You should only really reach either end of the meter once, 
since it is very calm.

The first bit of wood is in Beverly Hills, near Boone's challenge. 
Just go up to the No Skateboarding sign, switch to walk (L1+R1) smash 
it with O and skitch Sanchez again with up. 

You have to skitch for a little longer now, but it should be no real 
problem. Sanchez will take you to Hollywood, into a construction site. 
Switch to walk (L1+R1) and smash the no skateboarding sign with O. 

Sanchez will run off, so you'll have to make it by yourself, but don't 
worry, it's a lot quicker than skitching anyway.

Learn to Bert Slide

This is a really cool move, and the only move you'll learn from Iggy. 
It's very very easy. Just press R1 and move left or right to Bert 
Slide. Simply do this three times.

Next, you have to Bert Slide across the half pipe. This is also very 
easy. Keep X held down, press R1, and make very small movements with 
the left analog stick, you'll basically just ride forward, and will do 
this goal with no trouble.

Next you have to Bert Slide across a door-shaped hole in the halfpipe. 
This can take a couple of tries. Acid drop, then start getting speed 
by riding backwards and forwards, before attempting the Bert Slide. 
Press R1 as soon as you reach the bottom of the ramp, the speed and 
momentum will get the height to finish the move.

                             4.4 - Hollywood II

Get back the dino head

For this mission, you have to go back to Hollywood. This is a good time 
to do sponsor challenges, since the Hollywood challenges are the 
easiest in the game. A workman, known as Joey B, will be standing by 
the place where the protest took place, before you destroyed it, you 
vandal you. Joey B has a moderately big place in Tony Hawks American 
Wasteland. He is in about 4 missions, and in a couple of cutscenes. 
Hey, at least he has a bigger role than the dumb blonde. 

Joey B will start to make up different codes and regulations in order 
to scam you out of your money. As fun as it would be to smack him 
around the head with the skateboard, and get Boone to take it back to 
the ranch, the only way to get the head is to earn the money.

There are two ways of doing this. Either go to the tagger, who will 
give you a choice of helping him tag up the area you're in, or making 
your own graphic. Making your own graphic will not make you any money, 
so let's focus on helping him tag. This is extremely easy. It's easy 
to the point of laughter. Most of the time, the place he wants you to 
tag is about 7 steps away. To tag a wall, press triangle near the wall.
To tag the floor (iut's very rare you need to do this) press triangle 
when not close to a taggable object.

The second way is even more tediously easy than the first way. Go up 
to the tramp with the green dollar sign ($) over his head. He gives 
you the easiest challenges imaginable. Once, he just asked me to do 
three kickflips. The harder the challenge, the more money you get. It 
goes up to $50 but even the hard challenges pose no real threat. I 
would reccomend doing this, it also gives you a bit of skating 

However, tagging everywhere in Hollywood will give you the Hollywood 
style for making tags, which is needed later in the game, alongside 
the tags in other areas. Once you have enough money ($200 in Normal 
mode) pay Joey B. Simple.

Now will come the option to teleport to the ranch because you obtained 
a new piece, this will come up every time you get a piece for the ranch. 
You will also get a text message, telling you to come back to the ranch.

                           4.5 Beverly Hills II

Get the 69 Ball

Go to the Gas Station in Beverly Hills, it's right by the bus, Murpy 
is waiting for you there. To complete this goal, you have to spine 
transfer (R2) up to the roof, get air from the ramp, and sticker slap 
(X in the air) the sign. Now you can watch the destruction, it's 
slightly unrealistic, but very entertaining. Now Murphy, Boone and 
Uselss Dave will be all around LA scoping out pieces for the ranch.

Get the naked lady statue

Useless Dave is waiting by the museum for you. Talk to him, and he 
will tell you that there is a naked lady statue inside the courtyard, 
and that he thinks it would look good at the ranch. But there's a 
problem. The gate is locked. You can't wallrun up, it's much too high. 
Conveniantly, somebody put a ladder right in front of you. Climb up it,
smash trough the window, smash through the other window and get air 
from the circular platform the statue is in to reach the key. Head 
back to the gate to unlock it.

Now you have to grind along the circular platform with a piece of the 
rope. Keep grinding until the timer runs out, then land the trick when 
it instructs you to, or keep going to amass a killer score. Anyway, 
once you have landed the trick, mission complete.

Get the green top

Boone is waiting near where you talked to Useless Dave. He will show 
you a green top, then go up and tie a rope to it. When he comes back 
down, you have to simply mash X as fast as you can to make it fall. 
You should only have trouble with this on Sick Difficulty. When on sick
mode, I reccomend playing for a while, and making the area where you 
play as hot as possible. Having sweaty hands will help a lot, even if 
it does disgust the people around you, at least you won't be trying 
for hours on end to complete the mission. 

Get the metal awning

Murphy is waiting for you near the gas station. He will tell you that 
he's looking for a piece for the ranch, when you point out a metal 
awning. Deciding it would be a brilliant piece for the ranch, Murphy 
tells you to get up there and bring it down!

To do this, you have to get air from the star map signs, and do the 
grind tricks he calls out. Keep going up and doing the grind tricks, 
there's a star map sign on each side, so you don't have to ride back 
to the start each time. If you don't bail, this is a very quick 
mission. Make sure you do all the tricks before the timer runs out, 
and you'll get the piece.

                            4.6 Hollywood III

Get the velvet ropes

This is a relatively easy mission. Talk to Duane, you should remember 
him from the start of the game, he is standing by the movie theatre. 
He suggests you steal some velvet rope from the premiere. 

Since you did a kickflip over Whofleck, security is a lot tighter. 
But, they're extremely easy to avoid, and should give you no trouble. 

When the truck is by the ropes, jump out and grind them. Then, jump 
off the end of the rope into the truck. If you don't think you have 
enough speed, for example you may have done a boardslide, you may want 
to boned ollie, just so you can be sure you'll get into the truck. 

Get the Radio Tower

Talk to the movie attendant outside the movie theatre, where you just 
got the velvet ropes. He'll tell you to meet Dave on the roof. When 
you get there, by going through the doors, Dave will tell you to get 
the Radio Tower for the ranch.

First part is very simple. Start a grind on a support wire. You'll 
grind all the way around the tower, and this part of the mission is 

Next, you have to wallplant (down + X) the tower. Remember my 
wallplant tip, ollie and press up to No Comply, then do a wallplant. 
It doesn't matter if you do a sticker slap, but the wallplant is what 
you should do, and it looks cooler.

Finally, Natas Spin the tip of the tower. Don't ride out, you might 
fall off. Switch to walk (L1+R1) walk up to the top of the tower, jump 
and press L1 and triangle to Natas Spin. Then hold the trick for five 
seconds, and the tower is yours. 

Get some stars for the ranch

Yep, it's time for even more destuction of valuable things. What would 
a Tony Hawks game be without destruction? Meet Murphy by the stars. He 
will tell you that a workman he knows has wedged some shovels under 
some stars. You have to grind each one to pop the stars up. You will 
not do this first time, you'll have to go back and grind a few. But 
don't worry, it still shouldn't take more than 15 seconds maximum. 

After that, you have to bank drop the three stars that are popped up. 
This is very easy. After doing a bank drop (R2) on each one, you can 
haul them out of there back to the ranch.

Get the giant needle

Meet Boone just north of where you had the free skate with the guy who 
stole your stuff. He'll tell you he wants to knock the needle down from
the top of the building and take it back to the ranch. 

First of all, you just have to climb up a ladder. Nothing could be 
simpler, you even get two minutes! When you're at the top, he 
instructs you to grind round the tower a few times. Press triangle and 
start grinding. Make sure you keep balance, and don't modify the grind,
it makes it harder to balance. After about 10 seconds the needle will 
fall, and you'll do a jump from a 50ft building that would kill a 
normal man, but not you, because you're a skating superstar!

Help Mr D Get to Downtown

Talk to Mr D by the bulldozer, he's the guy who looks like he got 
stabbed in the face around a hundred times. He needs to get his 
"Bag of tricks" to open the entrance to Downtown, you need to distract 
the cops long enough for him to do that. 

To distract the cops, grind along the rail (triangle) and Bank Drop 
(R2) on the cop car.

After you've done the mission, you'll see a cool cutscene of him 
blowing up the bulldozer and going calmly down the escalator. After 
that, you can go to Downtown.

                             4.7 Downtown

Knock down the fire escape

To start this mission, go speak to Useless Dave. When you come out of 
the tunnel linking Hollywood to Downtown, turn right, Useless Dave 
should be there.

You have to skitch Jorge's car, and let go when you have enough speed, 
then lip on the fire escape. It says skitch the left, this is the only 
way you will hit the fire escape, if you skitch the right, you just go 
way up into the sky and fall back down again.

Once you have lipped the first part, Jorge says you need to go higher. 
Skitch again, and this time lip the second part of the fire escape. 
Finally, lip the third part of the fire escape, and it's all yours.

Loosen the pyramid!

After speaking to Master Zen in the alley, you must climb the ladder 
to go to the roof. Go to the second pyramid on the right and Natas 
Spin on it, then do variations of the Natas Spin that he calls out.

Now you have loosened it, you need to smash it with your board. Switch 
to walk (L1+R1), climb the ladder, and smash the pyramid twice with O.  

Smash the chinatown tower!

I'll help you get to this mission as well as do it, as it can be 
challenging. There are two buildings, with a gap inbetween them. Fall 
between the gap in the middle. Now wallrun up the one on the right. 
You should grab onto a wire with glowing pumpkins on it. Shimmy all 
the way up, then jump onto the top of the building it takes you to, 
there you will find Master Zen.

Now you've found it, time for the actual mission. Go up the quarter 
pipe, slightly angled to the right, and grind the edge of it. Keep 
grinding, then grind through the tower.

Now Master Zen wants to test the power of your mind. Grind the edge of 
the quarter pipe twice, then when you approach the tower the second 
time, ollie (X). This will smash what is left of the tower with your 
head, and finish the goal.

Help Joey B get to the manhole!

Joey has to get into the sewers, but the street repair crew paved right
over the manhole, the only entrance! Now, you have to boost off the 
kicker, do the tricks Joey calls out, and acid drop onto the WAIT.

First up is a melon, do this with left and O, then acid drop (R2) onto 
the WAIT.

Next, a benihana. To do a benihana, press left and down and O, then 
acid drop (R2) onto the WAIT.

Finally, do a sacktap. To do a sacktap, press left, down and O twice. 
Then Acid Drop onto the WAIT with R2.

Once you have done all the tricks, Joey B will take the street piece 
back to the ranch.

Kick off the bell!

Meet Murphy by the fountain with the bell. He will point out the bell, 
but say he has problems Natas Spinning it. 

The generous person that you are, you do it instead. Get air, and hold 
down L1 or R1 and triangle. Natas Spin the bell, then do the variations
he calls out.

Now you have to wallplant the bell to make it fall. You can actually 
just sticker slap, it will acknowledge it as a wallplant, and in this 
circumstance, the sticker slap looks cooler and more realistic anyway. 
The bell will be taken back to the ranch, goal complete!

Learn to board stall

Meet Master Zen by the highway with the sign. He will tell you to board 
stall three times. 

This is simple enough. Find a rail, board stall (R2 + Triangle), Ollie 
(X),  do the board stall again and so on, when you've done three, land 

Now you have to do a board stall for 6 seconds above the highway on the
sign. After that, watch the destruction caused when the sign falls and 
grin to yourself, you criminal.

Learn special and focus

The first part of this mission is to get your special meter full. To do
this, grind the loading dock (triangle). It should only take two 
variations to fill your special meter up. 

Next, is focus. Focus is important for grinding, manualling and doing 
liptricks. It slows down the game, therefore slowing down the balance 
meter. It is a big help. Get your special meter full, then press L3. 
If you don't know what L3 is, it's your analog stick. Instead of 
moving it, push down on it. It makes a little clicking sound, that's 
the L3 button. Stay in focus for 6 seconds, if you break your combo, 
focus will stop.

Next, Master Zen will teach you a special trick. Get your special 
meter full, then do a tailblock slide (press left, then down, then 
triangle, do not hold left and down). 

Finally, get your special meter full, and go into focus mode when 
grinding the loading dock. Then ollie (X) and do a 360 Hardflip (hold 
left and up then press square twice) over the dumpster at the end of 
the loading dock to finish this mission.

Now you can enter the AMJAM!

                              4.8 VANS Skate Park

Get into the Tony Hawk AMJAM

When you enter VANS park, go straight ahead to the AMJAM judge. It 
turns out a guy just took the last spot, so our character decides to 
talk some smack. Now, you have to top the guys combo.

He starts off with a 5000 point combo. It's easy to beat, just do a 
liptrick, and modify the trick twice.

Next you have to beat a 10000 point combo. Lip, and do four trick 
mods, that should give you enough points, then land it.

Now the kid will do an insane bail. The judge decides he can't compete 
after a bail lke that, and you get the last slot.

Pay the fee

As the name suggests, just pay 

Win the Tony Hawk AMJAM

This is another free skate mission. Keep doing different tricks, and 
make sure you don't get the lowest score, as the lowest score skater 
gets eliminated. Liptricks are a very good way of getting a lot of 
points and staying ahead of your opponents. Every round the skater 
with the lowest score is eliminated. Every round, the remaining 
skaters will magically get a lot better. If you thrash them in the 
first round, don't get too confident, you could easily come crashing 
down in the last round.

After winning the last round, you will get a cutscene of your character
winning a nice shiny trophy. Then Tony Hawk will ask what the "sick 
move he's never seen before" at the end was. You'll get this all the 
time, whether you do a Bert Slide or a Benihana. I finished with a 
kickflip and he still went crazy over it. You'll reply that you learnt 
it from Iggy. You'll find out soon whether that was a good or bad 
thing to say.

You'll get a text message from Mindy, access it from the Pause Menu 
(Start). It will tell you to get back to the ranch. Never disobey a 
goth chick with funky tights, get over there!

                       4.9 Skate Ranch II

There are no actual missions in the second visit to the Skate Ranch. 
Just a cutscene. It turns out that saying you were taught a move by 
Iggy Van Zandt was a bad move. He'd been crashing at the ranch at 
secret. When you come back, you'll see Iggy being arrested. According 
to Mindy, there's nothing the cops didn't want him for. Now the only 
way to get him out of jail is to talk to Tony Alva, who used to hang 
with Iggy in the Z Boys way back when. He apparently stil hangs out 
near Dogtown (for everybody that doesn't come from America, this means 
Santa Monica, I too was confused when she first said Dogtown). This is 
an amusing scene, as a little child comes, and bashes your face in!

                      4.10 Beverly Hills III

Impress the Skate Club

Go to the only pink star on your map. There is a member of the skate 
club waiting near where the cop cars block the way to Santa Monica. 
Talk to him, and there will be a short cutscene.

First goal, trick on every object before the timer reaches zero. If 
you have trouble with speed, you may want to make sure you do it in a 
combo, and DON'T break it until you've tricked every object. If you're 
in the middle of a combo when the timer runs out, it will keep going 
until you bail or land the combo.

Learn flatland from the skate club

The last pink star has been replaced by another pink star, go to it, 
and talk to the Skateclub leader. He will tell you the three rules to 
being a member of the skate club. Number one, you can't tell anybody 
they exist. Number two, no shirt and no shoes. And number three: learn 
to flatland.

Flatland is essential for big combos, and is also needed in a couple 
of missions. If you've ever seen Rodney Mullen, that is an example of 
mastery of flatland. 

Start a manual, then do the trick mods he calls out. This is pretty 
easy, but if you're not good at balancing you will bail a few times. 
If you bail, the trick doesn't count as being done. You have quite a 
lot of time, you shouldn't really run out of time and fail the mission.

Distract the cops

For this, follow the only pink star on your map again. You will talk to
the skate club leader, and he will tell you that three of the skateclub
are targeting a hotel, as part of their Project Wasteland, where they 
damage property of high scale corporations. Mindless destruction, what 
could be more fun? Again.

Follow the skateclub to the hotel. Just go through the alley, and 
spine transfer the second black ramp you come to, it's not far, and 
you shouldn't lose sight of them. If you do, you should know the way 
to the hotel by now anyway.

Next, you have to lip on the lower part of the hotel. Just ride up the 
ramp, get air, and hold triangle, and you should lip. Then balance for 
five seconds.

Now you have to lip the second part of the hotel. You need some air 
for this, I recommend going up the quarter pipe, going up the next 
quarter pipe, then going up and lipping, so you get enough air. Hold 
it for five seconds.

But the hotel hasn't fallen! That's because they were just testing you.
Now you have to lip that beam again, and this time, do the two tricks 
he calls out. It's pretty easy, just get air and lip, then do the mods.

Your character will shadily look around after the cops have gone to the
scene, then just walk through.

Prove yourself to the skate club.... again

This mission is located in the parking area of the little tunnel. Talk 
to the skate club leader with O. You have to out-flatland the best 
flatlanders of the Skate Club. First up, Ralph. He scores pretty much 
what you score, so if you get a low score, then make a huge combo go 
right to the end, you'll beat him no problem.

Next is Josh. He's had more experience, and is harder to beat. Just 
use the same tactic as last time, Josh also gets closely the same 
score as you, just about a thousand more each time. I beat him by 
around 200,000 points.

Next up, Daewon Song. Daewon says he will let you win. And I'm not 
sure if you can lose against him, but I've never had to try that hard 
to beat him, he is a lot easier than the other two. 

                         4.11 Santa Monica

Get to Alva's Bro

This is a very fun mission, that requires you use your head and your 

First of all, you have to grind from one planter to another without 
touching the ground. It looks impossible, but there are actually two 
ways of doing this. 

First way, the cheating way, is to start the gap. Then, get off your 
board, and walk on the ground, but don't touch the ground with paint 
on it, that's the ground you're not allowed to touch. Then, run and do 
a front tuck, then grind the planter.

The second way, which is harder, more fun, and more rewarding, is to 
grind the first planter, jump, grind the raised platform inside the 
theater, or whatever it is, and then jump and grind the next planter. 
It looks cooler, and is a lot more rewarding to finish than just doing 
a front tuck. But if you're having trouble, and want to complete the 
game instead of being stuck on this, just use the first method.

Next up is something harder. You have to get to the top of the theater,
without touching the ground around it. Start off by grinding the red 
wall, grind it on the outside, not the inside. When you grind the 
inside, you have to grind around a circular part. Not only does it 
take time, it's very easy to lose your balance after that. There is a 
bit at the end of the wall that will launch you up. Then you can grind
the wires above you, jump at the end of them and reach the top of the 

Now comes an insane bit. You have to get underneath the roof, without 
touching ANY of the ground. Grind the white wall, and you'll end up 
grinding the inside of the red wall. Don't bother trying to switch to 
the outside part of the red wall, it's too short a gap, and you'll 
just fly off the wall. Go around the cirular part, and be very careful 
with the balance. Then, jump and grind the wires like you did before. 
Get onto the roof, then go to the bottom right corner. There is a 
little hole you can drop through. Then, just walk up to Alva's bro to 

If you are running out of time, press start and retry this mission. 
If you don't you have to start from the beginning, whereas retry this 
mission starts on the same stage as you are on.

Ride the wheel and scare off seagulls

Talk to the guy who looks like the one you just talked to, he's by the 
ferris wheel. He starts talking smack when you ask if you can see Tony 
Alva. He challenges you to ride all the way around the ferris wheel in 
a liptrick, because he wants to prove you're a crap skater.

I pride myself on my balance when doing grinds manauls and liptricks, 
and I still occasionally have trouble with this mission. The ferris 
wheel doesn't go very fast. Make light movements with the analog stick 
to keep it centered. Go all the way around, then land.

Next, you have to ride a killer line. Well, not really killer, but if 
you're new to the game, the guy was right, this will wreck you royally.
But never fear, I am here to help you! Grind the rail next to you, all 
the way around, then at the end of the rope, ollie, and grind the blue 
rail to get back to the member of Alva's posse.

He still figures you're an awful skater, so now you have to ride along 
another rope, scaring off seagulls because they're crapping everywhere.
Somehow, I don't think this guy knows who he's dealing with. Ride up 
the quarter pipe at a diagonal angle, grind the rope, and make sure to 
keep your balance. There are about 7 seagulls. 

Next, he finds another line for you to hit. Jump over the blue rail, I 
do a boned ollie to make sure I don't grind the blue rail. Then, grind 
the rope all the way down to scare away the seagulls.

Finally, the posse member agrees to mention you to Alva. These missions
really test your skill, and they are really great when you compare 
them to the very easy missions you've had so far.

Show up "the man"

Talk to the biker guy by the big sign. He will start with a load of 
talk about The Man screwing people out of their money, and that 
bringing down the sign is the only way to beat him. Well, you might as 
well try it, it would be great at the ranch.

Do all of the grinds the guy calls out. Remember, you can do a 50-50 
by pressing triangle twice while you do a grind. So if you jump onto 
the sign and do a 5-0 (down + triangle) then press triangle and 
triangle again, you've done both tricks without having to launch off a 
kicker again. It saves a lot of time.

Shoot the valley kooks

Talk to the guy who looks identical to the guy you just talked to. 
He's another one of Alva's posse, but a lot more polite. He tells you 
that Alva is trying to surf, but some valley skags are cutting in on 
his waves. You have to shoot them all down with a telescope he's 
attatched water balloons too, and firs the balloons at them. 

You have to knock them all down at once. After about 10 seconds, they 
will get back on their board.

Rip out the stairs: impossible!

Talk to Joey B, he's by the stairset. He explains that his boss wants 
him to demo the stairs while he's on his lunch break. If you rip the 
stairs out for him, he'll take them back to the ranch on company money.

You have to get air, and impossible, and then land on the marked area 
at the bottom of the stairs. Don't just boneless at the top, you won't 
mget enough height or distance. Instead, ride up the quarter pipe right
next to the stairs, then ride up the ramp opposite the stairs. Now you 
will get enough height and distance if you boneless. So, boneless (up 
up X) and impossible (Up and square).

They're starting to weaken, but you have to do it another three times. 
Repeat what you just did three times, you have three minutes to do this,
it should take about one.

Finally, you have to do a 360 impossible. This is a tough one, it 
requires a hell of alot of speed, height and distance, because you 
need to be able to spin 360 degrees, which slows you down and makes 
you fall a lot faster. Ride up the quarter pipe behind you, and you 
should see a ledge. Climb up it. Then, acid drop onto the ramp below. 
You will get just enough height, speed and distance to pull it off. 
Just boneless, impossible, then spin 360.

Tear down the roof

Go speak to a kid near the theater where you did the first Santa Monica
mission. He's high on sugar, and demands that you destroy the roof of 
the theater. 

First of all, switch to walk. Then, run to the end, jump, and press 
L1+R1 to caveman onto the spot he marked out.

Now you have to caveman on the other side. Switch to walk with L1+R1. 
Run, jump off, and press L1+R1 to caveman onto the marked spot.

Finally, caveman next to his last friend. How doing a caveman can 
bring down a theater roof is beyond me, but do it anyway. Switch to 
walk with L1+R1, run, jump off, and press L1+R1 to caveman on the 
marked spot, then watch the roof fall. Then, you get roof 
for the ranch. 

Shark Attack!

Talk to Mindy by the big shark head. She will tell you to bank drop on 
the sharks head.

So, ride up the kicker, get air, and bank drop (R2) on the sharks head.

Then, ride up the kicker again, and stall (R2 + triangle) on the sharks
nose three times.

Bomb the hill with Tony Alva

Talk to Tony Alva, he's to the right of where the staircase was before 
you demolished it.

First off you have to do a pogo down the hill. Here is the trick with 
this, you don't have to do these moves all the way down. You can manual
normally, then do them at the very end. It's a lot easier. So, manual 
(up then down) and keep manualling until you're very near the bottom, 
then pogo (triangle then triangle).

Now you have to do the same thing, but with a handstand instead of a 
pogo. Just go down the ramp in a manual, then do a handstand at the 

Now for a bert slide. This is very very hard if you try to bert all 
the way down, eventually you'll hit a cone. Instead, keep X and R1 
held down, just before the end, make a very small movement of the 
analog stick, it will still count as a bert slide.

Scare away the carny

To do this, first you have to go back to Hollywood, and go to to the 
clothing store. Buy the alien suit. 

Then, get back to Santa Monica.

Go talk to Alva, he'll tell you to create a grind trick to pull off in 
front of the Carny.

This is the first time you'll get to create a trick in story mode. No 
matter what you select, it'll be a grind. If you select a triple 
kickflip, he'll do a triple kickflip while grinding, and it'll look 
stupid. Make a good selection, and once you've practiced it enough, 
talk to Alva.

You have to pull off your grind right in front of the carny, on the 
metal beam the rollercoaster rides on. After you've done that, land the
trick, and the carny will run.

Now you have to Natas Spin the lever, and do the three tricks Alva 
calls out.

There is an awesome scene of the ferris wheel falling and the 
rollercoaster being wrecked, and then you're back in your normal 

Pay the ship captain

Just get onto the ship by grinding the first blue rail all the way to 
the boat and jumping in. Then, pay the ship captain $100 so he can get 
fuel. The boat will start moving, and in about 2 minutes it'll reach 
the Oil Rig. There are some insane spines on that ship, and if you do 
them all, you can do a 1080 degree melon, whilst holding circle down.

                               4.12 Oil Rig

Feed the shark

This is your first encounter with Mega, the most... unique character 
in the game. 

He will do what you want, if you do some favours for him first.

One favour is to feed his pet shark.

Grind the first rail, then acid drop (R2) to the second one and grind 
that too, then just land it.

Next, you have to grind Mega's long orange thing that's made up of 
fish food. Once you've grinded it, jump onto the rope, grind that, 
then wehn you get to the very end, jump over the shark.

Help Mega blow up the USGAS Sign 

Here is an example of Mega's randomness. He wants to blow up a sign, 
and he wants you to do it for him. And, he wants you to be right by 
the blast. But hey, we need Green Pipes Point dug up, so you've got to 
do it.

First, just go into the elevator up to the next level.

On the next level, grind the brown pipe, but jump before it turns. 
You'll grind up to the second blast cap, then lose momentum and go 
down, hitting the third blast cap.

Here's where it gets interesting. Grind the first rail, then jump onto 
the tank rail. The tank rail is huge, and you go up it very fast, make 
sure you balance. When you get to the top, jump at the exact moment it 
tells you to. If you do it too late, you'll just veer off to the right,
if you do it too early, you won't make it.

Knock out the corner piece

This is quite tricky. Grind the rail (Triangle) then jump (X) onto the
ledge. Grind the ledge, then jump left nd grind the next rail. It's as 
hard as it looks. 

Knock down the gate and balls

Talk to the union worker. Then, switch to walk (L1+R1) and climb up the

Now, ride up the small ramp, it gives you a lot of air, and Acid Drop 
(R2) into the first ball. Ride up the ball, it gives you even more air,
and Acid Drop into the next ball. Finally, sticker slap (X) the big 
metal gate.

Destroy the antennaes

Talk to the welder by the computer control panel. He will tell you that
while trying to send a text, the antennaes went crazy. Now they've 
taken control of all the ships!

The generous person you are, you are to go out and fix the problem. 
Spine transfer the quarter pipe at the end, it's a huge spine, and you 
can get some major points going down it. 

Spine transfer all the parts of the boat until you spine transfer into 
the antenna.

Spine transfer into the next boat, and do the same thing, then transfer
into the last boat and do the same thing.

The welder will now take the computer back to the ranch.

Destroy the pipes

This mission is quite hard, as jumping from one pipe to the other 
decreases your speed. It'll take a few tries, and you'll probably only 
just complete it. You don't have to do it on normal or easy, on normal 
you can leave one out, and I'm not sure how many you can miss on easy.

But on with the mission. Grind the first pipe, and as soon as you hit 
the valve, jump over to the next pipe. Again, as soon as you hit the 
valve, jump over to the third pipe. When you hit that, mission complete.
The valves HAVE to be hit in a combo. You can't hit two, en the combo 
then hit the last one.

Get off the oil rig!

This looks very hard, but it's actually almost mockingly easy. Ride to 
the left, and through that room. You'll see the helipad almost right 
in front of you. Ride up one of the red ramps, shimmy the top of the 
helipad and climb up.

Now you have to get out through the tunnel, which ends in Santa Monica. 

Simply ride up the quarter pipe in front of you, spine transfer into 
the tunnel (R2).

                            4.13 Skate Ranch III

Help Mega oil the crane

Go talk to Mega, he's standing by the big blue crane. He tells you that
his crane is all locked up. You need to oil the parts so it starts 
working again. Go up the ladder, and there should be a spot just to 
the left of you, spray it with your spray can, one down.

Next, go all the way down the right hand side. Take your time, if you 
fall off while walking you'll grab the ledge, if you fall whilst 
running, you'll fall all the way down. Spray that part, then go all 
the way down the left hand side. Again, just walk. There's no rush, 
you have plenty of time. Spray that, and Mindy will tell you that 
Boone has been attacked by the Black Widowz, and they've locked him in 
a drainpipe in East LA. Get over there!

                        4.14 Get to East Los Angeles

First of all: go to Downtown. Go all the way south, to the wall with 
loads of graffiti on it. That's where the Black Widowz are. They will 
tell you to get the Black Widowz tattoo, then talk to Hector. First 
off, the tattoo.

Get the black widowz tattoo

For this, go to Santa Monica. Go to the tattoo shop, and get the Black 
Widowz tattoo on your chest. Make sure you have enough money. It's 
simply a spider on your chest, it's not worth the money you have to 
pay for it, it looks tacky.

Go back to Downtown and talk to Hector. For some reason, this bit is 
included in "Get the black widowz tattoo". You have to manual through 
all the cones. This is really really tough on sick mode. On normal 
mode, it's a lot easier. There are still 24 flags, but the balance 
meter on normal is a lot calmer than on Sick Mode. However, this will 
still be very challenging to new players. Hold X down while you manual,
that way you get enough speed to finish instead of losing momentum 
halfway through.

Build an all-city tag

This was the reason I was talking about earlier in the walkthrough to 
do stuff for the graffiti writer. You have to do every graffiti 
mission in every area to learn the style from each one. 

When I make a tag, I usually use two styles and text, otherwise it 
looks cluttered. If you want your all city tag to look good, instead 
of looking like a jumbled up piece of crap on a wall, make one or two 
of the styles transparent: it stills counts as being in your tag.

Go talk to Hector once you've made your tag. He'll tell you that a guy 
called Spat is tagging over all their tags. There are four spots. Your 
tag needs to be on all four of them at the same time. Spat will tag 
over a tag of yours at least once, so don't bother expecting a perfect 
run. It is still very easy, and once you've done it, just go over to 
the last Black Widow to take your last challenge. 

Prove your BMX skillz

Before attempting this mission, you need to do three BMX training 
challenges with Rick Thorne. I would reccomend doing a lot more, you 
get paid for them, and learn a lot on how to ride the bikes. The 
skills you learn will be essential later in the game, so learn them 

To do a bike training challenge, get on a BMX. The first time you get 
on a BMX in DownTown, Rick Thorne will automatically give you a 
training challenge, just so you learn how to ride. The left analog 
stick steers the bike, holding X down pedals. Releasing X jumps. 
That's all you have to do for the first BMX training mission, 
ride around for 60 seconds without falling off.

You'll learn some moves after that. When you've done three training 
challenges or more, speak to the Black Widow.

First off, do a TableTop off the kicker. Easy, just ride up, get air, 
and press square.

Next, you have to do a crankflip off the kicker. Again, pretty easy. 
Ride up the kicker, get air, press up on the right analog stick and 

Now do a tailwhip. I believe this is the easiest one, but the Black 
Widowz think it's the hardest. Anyway, ride up the kicker, get air, 
press left or right on the right anmalog stick and land.

Finally, manual through all the cones then wallplant on the concrete 
that blocks entrance to the Belmont Tunnel. To manual, hold back on 
the left analog stick. It's actually a wheelie, but whatever. Balance 
with the left analog stick through all the cones, then wallplant with 
X at the end.

                           4.15 East Los Angeles

Talk to the Black Widow

In this mission, you have to grind the green pipe, and jump onto the 
statue's spear, to grind Boone's pants. Sounds stupid, no? Well, it's 
more frustrating than anything.

First off, you have to whack off the sprinklers. No matter how much 
you try, the first one just doesn't want to budge. Eventually you'll 
find the right spot to whack it, but it is annoying. The sprinklers 
are the red things.

After knocking them down, you have to grind the green pipe, jump, and 
grind the spear in the statue's hand. Most of the time you'll just 
grind the wire next to it.

But, when you do the mission, you do get an awesome cutscene to make 
up for it.

Save Boone in East LA

Talk to Boone through the little hole in the wood that blocks up the 
drainage pipe. Smack the wood twice with your board (O) then throw it 
through the gap (square). The wood will mysteriously dissapear and 
Boone will do a boneless out of there. Now the nagging question: why 
did he need your board if the wood was all gone then? But, let's get 
on with the missions.

Take the bums bed

Talk to Useless Dave to start this mission. You need a bed at Iggy's, 
and there is a bloody old mattress a tramp sleeps on. It's in bad 
shape, but you do really need a bed.

Grind the first rail, then jump to the left onto the second rail. 
Grind it all the way to the very bottom, and you'll get launched HIGH 
into the air. Press R2 when it tells you to, and you'll bank drop onto 
the mattress.

In a cutscene, the tramp will spring off a bed into a burnt out car. 
The car's parts will go everywhere,m and the tramp is probably dead, 
but we only care about the car.

Get all of the car parts in a combo, you only have 7 seconds, so you 
have to do it in a combo. Once you have all 17, mission complete!

Chopper Drop

Go to the top of the police building and talk to Boone. Murphy will 
come over in a chopper. Jump and grab onto the chopper.

First you'll go to a little shack. Jump off and press R2 to Acid Drop 
onto it.

Now you have to do manual tricks to impress the cholos, for some weird 
reason. Just start a manual and do the tricks called out until you 
move onto a couch. 

Ride up the ramp, and bank drop onto the couch (R2)

Get the coyote runners sign

Talk to Murphy. Boone will try a cool combo, but the Coyote Runners 
sign will get in the way and he'll bail. 

Ride off the kicker, get off your board when you're close to the sign, 
wall-run up it, and then shimmy the top to bring it down.

Then, ride up another kicker and grind the sign.

Finally, ride up the kicker, and wallplant the sign.

                         4.16 Skate Ranch IV

Keep the repo man away from Mega

Talk to Murphy at the end of the half-pipe. He explains that a workman 
keeps trying to get Mega out of the crane, saying that they owe his 
boss money for it.

This is a really annoying mission. You have to keep hitting the 
workman with water balloons so he falls off before he can get to Mega. 
You have to hit him 32 times. What makes it frustrating is that a lot 
of times you'll hit him 30 or 31 times but not 32. Keep trying, and 
make sure you don't throw your controller at the TV.

After you've hit him enough times, take the bag of cash to Joey B in 
Hollywood. Then you'll get a call from Iggy, telling you to stop them 
digging up Green Pipes Point. What are you waiting for?

                  4.17 Get the pros: Beverly Hills

Get Tony Hawk to be in the video

When you approach the ranch, some great cutscenes start. The first one 
is a reporter at Green Pipes Point, and Mega being... Mega. Then we 
see the owner of the land auctioning the land. Then Iggy comes and 
smacks the gates with a baseball bat, punches you, and you piss Mindy 
off. Smooth going there Slick.

Dave will drag you away, and Murphy will tell you to get some pros to 
make a video, and the proceeds go to buying Green Pipes Point.

Go to Tony Hawk, who's shopping on Rodeo Drive.

When you see him, your character decides it's smart to talk some smack. 
Hasn't that already gotten him in enough trouble? Anyway, Tony Hawk 
decides to show you who he's talking to.

You start out on the roof of the hotel you demolished. Tony shows you 
the airwalk, then tells you to do it in a spine transfer. To airwalk, 
hold down and right and press O. 

Next, you have to do an FS Hurricane. You can actually do a BS 
Hurricane, it'll still count. Do it from the start of the ledge to the 
end of the ledge. As Dave said, it's kind of like a backwards Switch 
Grind when you do it FS. When you do it BS, it looks like a pretty 
standard grind.

Now you have to do a Gymnast Plant. To do a Gymnast Plant, ride up a 
quarter pipe, and lip at the top, but press down and triangle instead 
of just triangle. Then, press O twice while in the invert to do a 
Gymnast Plant

Next you have to do a 900. This move is sick. You have to get loads of 
speed and a hell of a lot of air to pull it off. Ride forward, spine, 
and press left, then right, then O to do a 900. Mission complete, Tony 
will be in your video.

Impress Daewon Song so he joins the cause

Talk to Daewon. He will talk about leaving the Skate Club, then say he 
wants to test your skills to see if he'll be in your video. Do a 
double blunt slide on the ledge, jump off into a heelflip then land in 
a manual. It's hard to balance when doing a double blunt slide, so be 

                    4.18 Get the pros: Hollywood

Get Rodney Mullen in your video

Go talk to Ian by the steps at Hollywood High. He introduces you to
Rodney Mullen, Who challenges you to do ten different tricks down the 
Hollywood High steps. Just do the four basic fliptricks (kickflip,
heelflip, impossible and pop-shove it) and then do six grinds. Very 

Then you have to make up a trick. It can be any trick, hell, you can
just do a kickflip and Rodney will say it's sick. Just make up a move, 
practice it, go back to Ian and do it three times in 60 seconds.

Get Andrew Reynolds to be in your video

First off, you're gonna have to follow Andrew Reynolds line into
Bronson. First off grind the velvet ropes to your right, at the end
of that, jump off and manual to the yellow rail, then manual into 
Bronson, then jump onto the first rail and grind it, then jump to the
second. Everything you need to include in your line flashes.

Then, you will talk to a young skater, who wants you to do a stunt for 
his skating movie. You need to get a 50,000 point combo and keep doing 
it into the cave, and you'll blow through the Hollywood sign. 
Then Andrew Reynolds will be in your video.

                  4.19: Get the pros: Downtown

Help Mike V get some sick footage

Go talk to Mike Vallely, he is standing by the fountain. First he'll 
start talking smack, then ask you to do some moves for some photos. 

For the first set of photos, you need to do a triple impossible 
(up and square three times) off the stairs. This can be tricky, you
don't really get much speed or air, so it takes a few attempts.

Once you've done that, you have to do a triple kickflip (left and 
square three times) down the stairs. This is a bit easier to do.

Finally do a triple heelflip down the stairs (right and square three 
times). This is actually the easiest of the lot.

Help Paul Rodriguez get back his gear

Paul will explain that a shipment of his new shoes have been scattered
everywhere because a bang up on the freeway caused the truck delivering
to be wrecked.

You need to bust a line to get them all back, but you don't have to do 
it in a combo, so don't worry. Grind the metal rail in front of you, 
and get the two shoeboxes there, then jump onto the next rail and grind
that. The rail will turn you to the right, then jump onto the top of 
the qurter pipe and grind it, jump and grind the top of the next 
quarter pipe, jump off and manual to the loading dock, go right to the 
end, then manual, and wallride up the fence and grind the top to get 
the two boxes there, jump slightly to the right but not too much to the
right or you'll fly over the rail. Grind the yellow rail until you 
collect the last box on it, then manual to wallride the wall, and 
grind the top, when you have the three boxes there, wallride onto
the top of the fence. Then, grind the top of the fence, which leads you 
to grinding the top of the italian restaurant roof, then jump onto the
metal rail, get the boxes there, then jump off and manual to the second
blue rail, then jump off and manual, go up the ramp at a slight angle, 
grind the wire and collect the last box. I really like that mission.

Photo gaps with Tony Trujillo

Talk to Tony Trujillo. First of all, you need to do a melon by grinding 
the blue rail and going off the kicker, then going over the balcony for
his VANS video. Just grind the rail, jump when you get to the kicker, 
and melon (left and O).

Next up is a nosegrab. Same as before, just use up and O instead of 
left and O.

Finally a tailgrab, with down and O.

Now you have to do four huge spine transfers in one combo. The way to 
do this is spine (R2) then revert (R2) when you land into a manual (up
then down) and then do the next spine. On the last spine, you still 
have to revert.

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