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FAQ/Walkthrough by EddyHawk

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/13/2006

hint, walkthrough, FAQS, etc
Feb 2006


-I played and finish the game by my own effort, so anyone that claims send me
hint, clues and whatsoever shall feel a knee on a balls and heels on asses!:<
- It is assumed that the reader has already known who owns the copyright of
any copyrighted material(s) that is mentioned in this hint because it is
assumed that the reader has played the game.

>>>This is not actually a walkthrough, but it does tell you what to do.
Probably by reading this walkthrough(its walkthrough afterall) you may loss all
excitement in the game (You have been warning!)
>>>If you happen to find any mistyping, misword or misfortune I beg for
forgiveness because this the first time a make a walkthrough ALONE.
>>>I play the Junior detective, and don't have any intent to play the Senior.
When you play the Senior, the puzzle harder, but I believe the walkthrough are
mostly same.:)


I assume the readr already take some tour inside train but to be more cleary
I will explain the rooms and location where people are:

	Dining room, where Lori missing and Hardys boys sits all the time
			you can find Carleena here too

	Sleeping car, where the goat head is

	Camilla's compartment, where John Grey(man with technology) is

	Jake's compartment, where Tino Baltucci(the detective) is

	Map room, room that full with mechanism and

	Lory's room, where Lori(you know) is

After the opening...blah...blah...blah... then you saw Lori spoke...blah...
blah...blah then suddenly room becoming dark and... Lori mmissing!

The first thing to do here is to find Lori, but before that you better reply
one of Hardys call. After that you can start to find Lori

Go to Camilla's compartment and have little chit chat with John(you can't
resist it because he calling you), after that go to couch nearby and get the
iron slug(look like coin) with 7 marked on it.

Then go to Jake's compartment and talk to Tino about stuff he picked up in
dining room, he'll handed over a slug(marked 3)

During the trip to Jack;s compartment Bess and George will calling you through
handphone. They'll not call if you call them earlier.

Still in Jack's compartment, go to door near scale and put both slug on right
or left (vice versa) scales, then the door next to it is opened.

Go to next room(map room) and find door with nine panels on the left side
(while you facing the door). I will not give you the combination because it
changes every time you played new game, so you got to use "brute force"(use all
possibility, like I do).

After you opened the door, you'll find Lori. She'll have little chit chat and
then handed over Jake Hurley last will.

Now what you have to do is find things that Jake mention in his letter

-Go to Lori's room and check a clock like stuff with alfabets bricks(caboose)
on the right side of door(while you facing the door).

-Read Jake letter and find that he mentioned cities: Calico, Silverado,	Central
city, Dodge city, Virginia city, and Tombstone. Notice that the name Calico is
appear in those bricks.

-Press the brick according the city name and watch it fall, then you'll notice
the other city name appear,(the words is horizontally, vertically and up sided
down, you may get trouble find it) repeat it until eight brick left:
		N V R Z T B A A

-Go to Map room and find a device on the left side  of door(while you facing
the door) near the nine panels, open it and put the alfabets you found earlier.
Watch the devices worked and you got your map

In order to have projector you need to get some other thing first:

---Blueprint: It simply hiding inside false bottom in the third drawer in the
desk on the left side of door(while you facing the door, the door that lead you
to Jack's compartment). Don't forget to take slug (8) from top drawer, it will
usefull later.

---Six gemstone:(you can't get the stone before you get the blue print)
	Eye of Tiger(orange stripped): found under the globe in Jake's
	Ametyst(purple): found on the cat statue wich stand on table where Tino
		is, but you can't get it until Tino left the room(he'll left
		the room when you arrive at Copper Gorge)

	Peridot(green): found on goat head's eye in Sleeping car. The goat
		head near door to dining room. (you already seen it when you
		going to Camilla's compartment)

	Zircon(yellow): found on lamp in dining room. The lamp just above
		Hardy's boys.

	Tourmaline(red and blue): found it fell from cupboard inside Lori's
		room when you succeded solve the dancing puzzle(I will explain
		how to solve it later)

	Citrine(shiny golden): found inside Camilla's cript, you can go to
		cript after you arrive at Copper Gorge.(Darn)

I'll explain about pickaxe, lamp, telescope later
To get the telescope you have to waiting John leaving the compartment so you
can work on piano

Doll order
Actually solving the doll also involved solving pipes puzlles(will tell you)
and also connected to four words that mentioned on Jake's letter.

Back to solving doll:
-Go to Map room and open the second drawer, you'll find small piece a paper
that contains:
	Silver is: Orange Blue Green Red Purple Yellow
Are this colour similar to Ball Bouncing game back to "Secret of Old Clock"
previous Nancy Drew game? Anyway...

-Go to Jake,s compartment and check the cigar box near the perodic table.
Rotate small device on the box, put the right colour on top(you just found the
colour) and press the arrow head. You'll get dancing step and the small device
as well.

-Go to Lori's room, but while you in Map room the train shakes! somebody just
pulled the emergency brake. You'll end up having conversation with Hardy's

-After that go to Lori's room and examine the dancing shoes. The letter are so
faded makes you cant read it, so ask help from Marvin and George. They'll ask
you to take picture of the shoes, so do it(c'mon, you know how to do it, you
have your own handphone, right?)

-While they working on the letter use this chance to solve the pipes puzzles.
To solve the pipes puzzles you must connect ALL the pipes.
-The puzzle can be found at:

   # Jake's compartment: behind grating under painting on the left side of the
	wall (while you facing Tino)

   # Camilla's compartment: behind the grating under pictures called "sewing
	sampler" but you need special tool to open it. Go to Lori's room and
	check the chest on your	right side (while you facing Lori) and take the
	"screwdriver" or what ever it is. Back to Camilla's, use the "tool" to
	the bolts started from D(look picture below)

	A	B	C	D
	#			#
	#			#
	E	F	G	H

	then B, C, A, E, F, H, G. You have to do it like this because every
	time you turn a bolt, the other turned as well. You have to put the
	line on the bolt match to the line out side it.
	After that solving the pipes wont be so hard.

   # There is two more puzzle pipes, but lets leave it for a while.

-Call Marvin and Bess to get the result of the faded letter;
	C H A U S S E T T E S   C H A T O Y A N T E S (shimering shocks)

-Then go to Lori's room and solve the dancing puzzle using the dancing step
that you found already (It's easy, and now you know how to get Tourmaline)

-The cupboard will opened and reveal eleven dolls. Now you must arrange the
dolls according their names and the letter on dancing shoes. But, how can we
know the dolls names?

-The clues about dolls names are scattered all over the train, you got to find

   *Go to map room and check the bottom drawer of the desk to get clue about
	Naughty Tina who got cracked head

   *Go to Jake's compartment and check couch behind you while you facing Tino
and examine the letter(from Krolmeister's, familliar name, huh?) that lying
arround at the corner, and learn about
	Eliza Sanberger who got a red ribbon

   *Still in Jake's, go to the periodic table and check the photograph and 
learn about
	Hagar Anderson, a boy doll who wearing boots and
	Chantily Hildegard who wearing necklace

   *Go to Camilla's and check  the "sewing sampler" and axamine picture of a
doll who lean to the tree and learn about
	Awful Ursula a doll who wearing yellow dress and shoes

   *Still in Camilla's, open the drawer on the table next to the "sewing
sampler" and see a bundle of blue hair with a name and learn about
	Thomasina O'Neill a doll who losing a hair(not bald)

   *Still in Camilla's, check a small box on chair(another Krolmeister) and
learn about
	Teddy Eberhart, the only boy doll who wearing gilt, Scottish clotes
			that look like a skirt(because Teddy the other boy doll
			after Hagar)

   *Still in Camilla's, check John's tool box(near couch) and find a piece a
paper behind it and learn about
	Sickly Sara a doll who having green and blue eyes

   *Go to Sleeping car and check a board that contain "A Tale About Two Dolls"
(ob the right side while you starring at "Quiet Please" and learn about
	Edna the Terrible a doll who says "Ma-Ma" (while you touches it) and
	Yawning Alice a doll that wearing pajamas(and the eyes closed)

   *Go to Dining room and check a pair of shoes that lying arroud near eagle
panting and learn about
	Sadie Crawford a doll that not wearing shoes(but wearing green and
			yellow dress)

-After learing all that names, go back to Lori's room and arrange the dolls
according to name in the dancing shoes. How? do you realize that every two
letter in "chaussettes chatoyantes" are match with front letter from every
names? look table below to be more cleary:

C H - Chantily Hildegard(necklace)
A U - Awfull Ursula(yellow dress)
S S - Sickly Sara(green and blue eye)
E T - Edna the Terrible(saying ma-ma)
T E - Teddy Eberhart(wearing gilt)
S C - Sadie Crawford(shoeless)
H A - Hagar Anderson(boy with boots)
T O - Thomasina O'Neill(cutted hair)
Y A - Yawning Alice(wearing pajamas)
N T - Naughty Tina(craked head)
E S - Eliza Sandberger(red ribbon)

Make sure you already see all the dolls first(examine it one by one)

-When you success, you'll hear a "click" and the drawer below now openable.
Open it and get two slugs (1 and 2)

-Go to scakes in Jake's compartment and put the slugs in order: put (7) on left
and put (1), (2), (3) on the right. If nothing happen pick (3) and put it back.
Now, where you see a duck and square before?

-Go to dining room and check the stove(duck and square is here). Open it and
read the letter inside, now you know who hols a warm place inside Jake's heart

-Go to Sleeping car and find a puzzle board(coloured tile) near emergency
brake. Solving it is pretty easy. Take the letter:
	Left pick axe and lamp with BUELL for save keeping
	To open what closed, LEAD is the key

-Go to dining room and ask Hardy's boy about Buell and James Thurston(Jake's
engineering). You have to wait to get the result.

-Now it's a good time to talk to every body, and figure out about things
between these people.

   []Talk to Tino and learn that he founs some kind of thermometer, ask John
	about it. Go back to Tino and don't forget to examine a wrapping stuff
	lying arround near cupboard(you have to take a step backward from
	Tino's desk before you can see it). Talk to Tino and he'll admintted
	that he pulled the brake.

   []Talk to Lori and Tino repeatly and learn about their relationship. Tino'll
	will piss off and refuse to talk more.

   []Talk to Hardy's and learn about Lori and Charleena arguing about Charleena
	novels. Talk to Charleena to confirmed the information

   If it happen that the conversation does not shows up, just talk to every
	body repeatly

-Go back to Hardy's and find out that James Thurston having a wife in Copper
Gorge. The screen will change to map and watch the train arrive to Copper


-Copper Gorge obly has two places to visit:
	The Museum(which sell taffy also)
	The Cript of Camilla

-Go to Museum and have a talk with shopkeeper

-Play the horse race and gold rush game and win a tokens(the game not so hard)
Use the tokens to taffy machine to get a taffy

-Go to cript and learn that the gravekeeper dropped the key into grating. You
just win a taffy right?. Use it to retrieve the key. Now you can enter
the cript.

-while entering the cript, see a slug(6) lying arround near rubble on the left
side, take it.

-Go inside and check coloured tile above the coffin. Notice that only Pb and Cu
that can be checked by your cursor. If you check a periodic table on Jake's
compartment you will realize that Pb is for Lead(remember the letter from
puzzle board? "lead is the key") and Cu is for Copper

-Check the coffin and see writing "Copper"  near indentation, you have to open
the coffin exacly like you opened the cigar box near the periodic table, but
following the colour next to Cu as showed by coloured tile above. You can use
the small device that you accuired from cigar box in here. When you succed
you'll get Citrine(finally)

-Make sure you write down the colour next to Pb

-Examine four pillar on the corners(you need rub)

-Go to Museum, look arround and see a trunk with Jake Hurleys emblem stands
near kitchen door. Ask the shopkeeper about that.

-The shopkeeper(Fatima) not allow you to touch the trunk, but she will be if
you bring her autograph of Charleena.

-Go to Train and ask Charleena autograph, but she doesn't have pen, so go to
Tino and ask him a pen. You'll get a pen after beating him Leaping Lizard.
I believe you smart enough to beat Tino(when Tino can do with only 5 left
I can do until 3 left)

-Get a pen and back to Charleena for autograph.

-While you entering the Museum, Hardy's boy will shows up and tell you that
Tino asking the other to take a hiking to fnd Jake's mine.

-Check the trunk first, open it with the same way you opened Camilla's cript
and cigar box, but this time use colour from Pb side. When you succed you'll
get lamp and slug(10).

-Ask Fatima about pickaxe, she have it and will handed over if you help her
sorting taffy. Sorting taffy is quite easy. After you done it get the pickaxe.

-Go back to kitchen and get some paper wrap(it will usefull later)

-While you leaving the museum, Frank will call you via HP. According to Frank
you have to make burger according the order, and listen an oldman talking every
time you finish. After several burger the oldman will talking about gems and
where to put it, make sure you remember it, note it, file it, what ever.
You probably having trouble about figuring out what stuff is in front of you
here is a help:

					BACON	bell

 lettuce  tomato  onion  cheese  pickles	mustard
	fruit jam   avocado		      jalapenos		    hot mustard

peanut jam	    pineapple	     burger  
						    pickel fish

(I believe you got trouble gessing what Jalapenos is, it's chili)

-After you done with burger, you'll ended up talking to Hardy's boys in the

-Go to Camilla's compartment and see that John not there, so this a chance
 to solve piano puzzle without take out his ear drums.

-Go to horse game on the table and play it(wind up first), you have to push
 the button twice to make the horse jump. When you win you'll get a music note.

-Go to piano and put the music note to it and play it. How to play it?
the picture below will give you a clue:

|  ### ###  |  ### ### ###  |   |
|  ### ###  |  ### ### ###  |   |
|  ### ###  |  ### ### ###  |   |
|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
| C | D | E | F | G | A | B | C |

according to the music note you have to push the tuts in order:
G G E G A G E E D F E D C 

When you succed, the piano leg will open reveal a telescope inside.

-Go to Jake's compartment and see that Tino not therem so this is a chance to
get the gem on the cat statue on the table.

-Go to scale and put slugs in order: put (2), (6), (8) on the left and (1), (3)
and (10) to the right. Now, where I saw eagle before?

-Go to Dining room, and check the eagle painting. Open it and reveal another
pipe puzzle.(Not so hard)

-Go outside and enter the cript. Use your paper to "rub" of all four pillar and
reveal four words:
Eternity, Purity, Wisdom, Charity 

-Go to Camilla's and check the book on couch. See that every word you just
found has symbol: crown, harp, owl, dove

-Go to the "sewing sampler" and see that every symbol has a number: 6 3 7 9

-Go to sleeping car and check grating on your left side(while you facing "quite
please" sign). You must put the number like the order carved on the plate.
The number is: 7963. When you succes it will opened and reveal more pipes.

-Go to dining room and check the steam valve. If you try to turning it earlier
it will explode, but after all pipes connected it won't.

-Go to Jake's compartment and check a mining tools behind Tino(hey, he's back)
and take some carbide.
If you want you can ask about "hiking" he just doing.

-Go to map room and now the time to set all stuff you just get.
Spin the handle to open the projector holder. Put the lamp and telescope on it.
fill the lamp with carbide
go to device next to it and put the gem at orded the oldman just mentioned when
you making a burger:
	eye of tiger(orange stripped)	starsea
	zircon(yellow)			eagle claw
	ametyst(purple)			dorsal fins
	citrine(shiny golden)		beak
	tourmaline(red blue)		tentackle
	peridot(green)			horse geet
go to device on the left on the handle and put the pickaxe

-Pull the pickaxe and snap! it broke! you need duct tape to fix it

-Go to Camilla's compartment and ask John about the duct tape. He have it but
it put in locked box and he can;t open.

-Go to the table near "sewing sampler" and check small box on it
press it in order:

   7 | 1 | 5
   2 | 8 | 4
   6 | 9 | 3

-Go back and fix the pickaxe, and pull it again. The machine active and showed
Brimstone Canyon as the location of Jake's mine

-The screen changes and after a little trip you arrive at Brimstone Canyon.


-Move forward and hear the train leaving. Keep move forward until you reach a
cannon. Check it. To open the lid you have to use "brute force"(use all
possibility), because it changes every times you play new game.

-When you succed, the cannon blow the mine entrance, get in.

-While you inside you'll see the small object from cigar box(coloured wheel)
are acted as compass. And when you move in, you'll see a coloured lizard. Just
follow the path with lizard that having same colour with colour in coloured

-During the trip you'll see a strange symbol lying arround, it's hard to
explain, so just forget it.

-At the end, you'll see a cave with ten wooden pillars carved with strange
symbols. If you trying to move one, it will collapse, so pull the pillar in
(from left)
the first pillar first then number 5(count the missing pillar you just take)
then  8,  10,  3 and   7

-When you succed, it will be only four left but you can enter.

-Enter, see and check the deadbody(Jake Hurley, I pressume?). While you check
the letter(from president!) Lori will shows up.

-After little chit chat... blah ...blah ...blaah, she'll kick the pillar and
cave collapse.

-Go to the wagon and ride it. Watch out and avoid the dead sign.

-When you reach the exit, you reach the ending.


Some THING missing:

While the train still moving, while you pass by sleeping car a dancing ghost
light shows up out side the train, and when you check your tasklist
a task will appear(tell John about dancing ghost light). But when I play the
game for second time, the ghost not shows up. Or maybe because I delayed
talking to the people until the last moment? I don't know.:|???


Special thanks:

-To Eddhawk who gladly and happily let me use his e-mail to transfer my hint

-To myself: Machiavelly The Person (M Person)

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