Half-Life Cheats


  • Access Any Level

    You must first enable the ''console'' (see elsewhere on the codes list), then in the game, open the console and type ''map x''. x represents the name of the level as listed below; for instance, type ''map c0a0'' for the first level.

    A lot of the time you won't begin in the place you would if you accessed the map normally. You will sometimes need to use the No Clipping Mode to move out of the start positions.

    ''Forget About Freeman!''c3a1, c3a1a, c3a1b
    ''We've Got Hostiles''c1a3, c1a3a, c1a3b, c1a3c, c1a3d
    Anomalous Materialsc1a0, c1a0a, c1a0b, c1a0d, c1a0e
    Apprehensionc2a3, c2a3a, c2a3b, c2a3c, c2a3d, c2a3e
    Black Mesa Inboundc0a0, c0a0a, c0a0b, c0a0c, c0a0d, c0a0e
    Blast Pitc1a4, c1a4b, c1a4d, c1a4f, c1a4g, c1a4i, c1a4j, c1a4k
    Gonarch's Lairc4a2, c4a2a, c4a2b
    Interloperc4a1a, c4a1b, c4a1c, c4a1d, c4a1e, c4a1f
    Lambda Corec3a2e, c3a2, c3a2a, c3a2b, c3a2c, c3a2d, c3a2f
    Office Complexc1a2, c1a2a, c1a2b, c1a2c, c1a2d
    On a Railc2a2, c2a2a, c2a2b1, c2a2b2, c2a2c, c2a2d, c2a2e, c2a2f, c2a2g, c2a2h
    Power Upc2a1, c2a1a, c2a1b
    Questionable Ethicsc2a4d, c2a4e, c2a4f, c2a4g
    Residue Processingc2a4, c2a4a, c2a4b, c2a4c
    Surface Tensionc2a5, c2a5a, c2a5b, c2a5c, c2a5d, c2a5e, c2a5f, c2a5g, c2a5w, c2a5x
    Unforeseen Consequencesc1a0c, c1a1, c1a1a, c1a1b, c1a1c, c1a1d

    Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.

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  • Console Codes

    First, enable the console. Then, type the proper code into it to get the desired effect.

    17 ammo for the glock pistol.give ammo_9mmclip
    Ammo for the 357 magnum.give ammo_357
    Ammo for the glock pistol.give ammo_9mmbox
    Crossbow ammo.give ammo_crossbow
    Delete Targeted Enemyimpulse 203
    Eliminate Shadowsr_fullbright 1 (Replace 1 with 0 to turn them back on.)
    Gives you a 357 Magnumgive weapon_python
    Gives you ammo for the Egongive ammo_Egonclip
    Gives you ammo for the Gaussgive ammo_Gaussclip
    Gives you ammo for the MP5give ammo_9mmAR
    Gives you ammo for the RPGgive ammo_RPGclip
    Gives you some hand grenades.give weapon_handgrenade
    Gives you some health.give item_healthkit
    Gives you some laser tripmines.give weapon_tripmine
    Gives you some snarks.give weapon_snark
    Gives you the 357 Magnum.give weapon_357
    Gives you the crossbow.give weapon_crossbow
    Gives you the crowbar.give weapon_crowbar
    Gives you the glock pistol.give weapon_9mmhandgun
    Gives you the guass rifle.give weapon_gauss
    Gives you the HEV suit.give item_suit
    Gives you the hornet gun.give weapon_hornetgun
    Gives you the MP5.give weapon_mp5
    Gives you the rocket launcher.give weapon_rpg
    Gives you the secondary ammo for the MP5give ammo_ARgrenades
    Gives you the shotgun.give weapon_shotgun
    Instant Weapons, Ammo, and Armorimpulse 101
    Mp5 grenade ammo.give ammo_mp5grenades
    Set Gravity Levelsv_gravity # (Lower numbers gives less gravity, higher gives more. Normal is 800.)
    Shotgun ammo.give ammo_buckshot
    Spawn Gibsimpulse 102
    Spawn Marinesimpulse 76
    Third Personchase_active 1
    Third Person Viewthirdperson
    Walk Through Wallsnoclip

  • Impulse Codes

    After activating the conlse, press tide (~) and enter the following.

    Control onscreen monsters. This code may not work in versions of the game.impulse 109
    Creates a human grunt. Be careful, this can crash the game.impulse 76
    Creates blood infront of you, like spray paint.impusle 202
    Deletes target NPC or monster from the game.impulse 203
    Displays AI node informationimpulse 195
    Enemies can't hear youimpulse 105
    Get all weapons and armor. Enter again for more amo and/or armor.impulse 101
    Lists global entitiesimpulse 104
    Spawn gibs.impulse 102
    While looking at amonster, displays stats.impulse 103
    While looking at an object, displays model/sprite stats.impulse 106
    While looking at an object, displays the texture name.impulse 107

    Contributed By: fishboy101.

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  • Items from the console

    Go to the start menu, then go to all programs, then go to accessesories, then click on command prompt. Select you Half-Life directory and type hl.exe -console then Half-Life should open. Start a new game then press the ` (tilde) key then type in these codes:

    357 magnum ammogive ammo_357
    Gives you a MP5give weapon_mp5
    Gives you a 357 Magnumgive weapon_python
    Gives you a Crossbowgive weapon_crossbow
    Gives you a Crowbargive weapon_crowbar
    Gives you a Glock pistol clipgive ammo_glockclip
    Gives you a Guass Riflegive weapon_gauss
    Gives you a HEV Suit Battery (+15 armor)give item_battery
    Gives you a Hornet Gungive weapon_hornetgun
    Gives you a Laser Trip Minegive weapon_tripmine
    Gives you a Pistolgive weapon_9mmhandgun
    Gives you a Rocket Launchergive weapon_rpg
    Gives you a Satchel Chargegive weapon_satchel
    Gives you a Shotgungive weapon_shotgun
    Gives you Crossbow ammoammo_crossbow
    Gives you some Hand Grenadesgive weapon_handgrenade
    Gives you some MP5 Grenadesgive ammo_mp5grenades
    Gives you the egon!give weapon_egon
    Gives you the Long Jump Modulegive item_longjump
    Gves you a Rocketgive ammo_rpgclip
    Healthgive item_healthkit
    HEV Suitgive item_suit
    Pistol clipgive ammo_9mmclip

    Contributed By: strongbad1234, sb_100, and SuperSonicWind.

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  • Super Jump

    You go to console and you have to type
    X=any number,0-999
    sv_gravity X
    You should have only one space after gravity and before the number
    It shoud look like this
    sv_gravity 111

    The normal jumpsv_gravity 800
    You are now the mastersv_gravity 0-999
    You can float and walk in air for amount of time.Highest jumpsv_gravity 0
    You can't jump at allsv_gravity 999

    Contributed By: RapCloudStrife.

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  • Artificial staircase (1)

    Put Trip Mines onto a wall in form of a small staircase. You can actually jump on them and even use them to reach places you're not supposed to reach just yet or even places that aren't supposed to ever be reached like roofs that can be used as shortcuts.

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

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  • Artificial staircase (2)

    Use a Snark (a bug) when facing a wall and jump onto it. Directly throw another one and repeat until you've reached the height you wanted to reach. This way you are able to reach places you're not supposed to reach just yet or even places that aren't supposed to ever be reached like roofs that can be used as shortcuts.

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

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  • Gauss Cannon-Jump

    A technique used in a lot of Ego-Shooters is the Rocket-Jump where you point a Rocket Launcher at the ground and fire off a rocket while jumping to be able to jump way higher than usually. The downside is that you lose health by doing this and since a rocket in Half-Life takes away lots of health it wouldn't really be of good use.
    Instead you can exploit another possibility in Half-Life: Using the secondary fire mode of the Gauss Cannon instead of the rocket launcher will also launch you high into the air but will not directly deal any damage (only eventual falling damage).

    Contributed By: KeeperBvK.

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Easter Eggs

  • See a picture of one of the game developers

    During the mission 'On A Rail' (the part of the game where you have to stop the rockets from firing and your in the sewers or something on a trolley). Turn on 'noclip' and float towards the top of the rocket. once you get to the top you can see a pic of a developer of the game. its his face tiled about 50 times on a square. there is a ladder at the top that brings you up another level with the same pic.

    P.S - this Easter Egg is only reachable using 'noclip'. there is no other way to get up that high

    Contributed By: ZOLTRIX.

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  • Console Mode - Game of the Year

    Instead of ''C:SIERRAHalf-Lifehl.exe -console''


    ''C:SIERRAHalf-Lifehl.exe -dev -console''

    Otherwise the impulse cheats don't work.

    Contributed By: Togechikku64.

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  • Enable the Console

    In order to enable your console, (cheat box, basically) right click on the half life shortcut. Go down to properties. A box should open up with the properties. Go to the target tab. The line should look something like this: X:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe . At the end of that put -console . Now it should look like X:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -console . Make sure that you are only using one space. Now, go back into Half Life. The main startup screen should have an extra selection that says console. Here you can enter cheats, see what's loading, and even kick people if you are on a server.

    Contributed By: trev913.

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Half-Life: Blue Shift Cheats


  • Activate cheat code function

    Boot up Half-Life: Blue Shift with the bsift.exe-dev-console command line. Then, while you are playing the game, press ~ to bring up a window. In this window, type sv_cheats 1 and that will activate the code function. Then, you may enter any cheats you know.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

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  • All Weapons, Ammo and Armour

    In the in-game console type IMPULSE 101

    Contributed By: JESGOT.

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  • Change Skills

    First, activate the Cheat Function. Then, enter the following :skillThen, without pressing Return, type a space and type any number from 1 to 3 after skill to change your skills.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

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  • Change the Gravity

    First, activate the Cheat Function. Then, enter the following :sv_gravityThen, without pressing Return, type a space and type any number from 000 to 999 after sv_gravity to change the intensity of the gravity.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

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  • Change your Jump

    First, activate the Cheat Function. Then, enter the following :sv_accelerationThen, without pressing Return, type a space and type any number from 00 to 99 after sv_acceleration to change the intensity of the jump.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

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  • God Mode

    Activate the cheat function, and enter the following:god

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

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  • Impulse

    Enter the following in the console:

    creates a gruntimpulse 76
    Creates BloodImpulse 202
    Createsblood and gibs.impulse 102
    Tells You All The Info Of The Object In Front Of YouImpulse 106

    Contributed By: LifeAndDeath42.

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  • Map codes

    Use any of the following with the /map code.

    Spawns you to area 1ba_canal1
    Spawns you to area 10ba_hazard5
    Spawns you to area 11ba_hazard6
    Spawns you to area 12ba_maint
    Spawns you to area 13ba_outro
    Spawns you to area 14ba_power1
    Spawns you to area 15ba_power2
    Spawns you to area 16ba_security1
    Spawns you to area 17ba_security2
    Spawns you to area 18ba_teleport1
    Spawns you to area 19ba_teleport2
    Spawns you to area 2ba_canal1b
    Spawns you to area 20ba_tram1
    Spawns you to area 21ba_tram2
    Spawns you to area 22ba_tram3
    Spawns you to area 23ba_xen1
    Spawns you to area 24ba_xen2
    Spawns you to area 25ba_xen3
    Spawns you to area 26ba_xen4
    Spawns you to area 27ba_xen5
    Spawns you to area 28ba_xen6
    Spawns you to area 29ba_yard1
    Spawns you to area 3ba_canal2
    Spawns you to area 30ba_yard2
    Spawns you to area 31ba_yard3
    Spawns you to area 32ba_yard3a
    Spawns you to area 33ba_yard3b
    Spawns you to area 34ba_yard4
    Spawns you to area 35ba_yard4a
    Spawns you to area 36ba_yard5
    Spawns you to area 37ba_yard5a
    Spawns you to area 4ba_canal3
    Spawns you to area 5ba_elevator
    Spawns you to area 6ba_hazard1
    Spawns you to area 7ba_hazard2
    Spawns you to area 8ba_hazard3
    Spawns you to area 9ba_hazard4

    Contributed By: Abraham SATO.

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  • No Clipping

    Activate the cheat function, and then type in the following:noclip

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

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  • No Target Mode

    Activate the cheat function, and then type in the following:notarget

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

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  • Play Half-Life Maps

    In Blue Shift go to console and type: /Map c0a0.
    You should then appear in the tram where Gordon Freeman begins in Half-Life.

    Takes you to the introduction of Half-Life/map c0a0

    Contributed By: ZalbagBeoulve259.

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  • See the Ending

    To see the ending of Blue Shift, open up the console and enter the code enabler. Then type:

    /map ba_outro

    There is a space between map and ba, so put that in.

    Contributed By: Jarnww.

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  • Third Person

    Type this into the console:

    Third Person viewchase_active 1

    Contributed By: sinisterdevvov.

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Half-Life: Opposing Force Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    After activating the cheat mode and starting a game, and activate the console (~)

    Enemies don't attacknotarget
    Every weapon, maxed ammo and armorImpulse 101
    God Modegod
    Third person viewThirdperson
    Walk through walls and airnoclip
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  • Map Codes

    You must first enable the ''console'' (see elsewhere on the codes list), then in the game, open the console and type:

    Conclusionmap of7a0
    Crush Depth (1)map of3a4
    Crush Depth (2)map of3a5
    Crush Depth (3)map of3a6
    Foxtrot Uniform (1)map of5a1
    Foxtrot Uniform (2)map of5a2
    Foxtrot Uniform (3)map of5a3
    Foxtrot Uniform (4)map of5a4
    Friendly Fire (1)map of2a4
    Friendly Fire (2)map of2a5
    Friendly Fire (3)map of2a6
    Introductionmap 0f0a0
    Missing in Action (1)map of2a1
    Missing in Action (1B)map of2a1b
    Missing in Action (2)map of2a2
    Missing in Action (3)map of2a3
    Pit Worm's Nest (1)map of4a4
    Pit Worm's Nest (2)map of4a5
    The Package (1)map of6a1
    The Package (2)map of6a2
    The Package (3)map of6a3
    The Package (4)map of6a4
    Vicarious Reality (1)map of4a1
    Vicarious Reality (2)map of4a2
    Vicarious Reality (3)map of4a3
    We Are Not Alone (1)map of3a1
    We Are Not Alone (1B)map of3a1b
    We Are Not alone (2)map of3a2
    We Are Pulling Out (1)map of1a5
    We Are Pulling Out (1B)map of1a5b
    We Are Pulling Out (2)map of1a6
    Welcome to Black Mesa (1)map of1a1
    Welcome to Black Mesa (2)map of1a2
    Welcome to Black Mesa (3)map of1a3
    Welcome to Black Mesa (4)map of1a4
    Welcome to Black Mesa (4B)map of1a4b
    Worlds Collide (1)map of6a4b
    Worlds Collide (2)map of6a5

    Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.

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  • See Shepard

    After completing the game and after the credits,the screen will go black.If you bring down your console and type ''brightness 9999999999999'', it will show you Shepard.

    Contributed By: LSC.

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  • To activate the cheat mode

    The cheat mode in Opposing Force is activated in a similar way to that in the original Half-Life. In order to activate it you must edit the shortcut you use to access the game so that it reads:

    C:SierraHalf-Lifehl.exe -console +sv_cheats 1 -game gearbox

    (replace C:SierraHalf-Life with the appropriate path if you did not use the default)

    -console turns on the console.
    +sv_cheats 1 tells the computer to obey the cheat codes you type in.
    game gearbox is present anyway, and tells the game to load Opposing Force rather than regular Half-Life.

    Once playing, access the console by pressing the key left of the ''1'' key on your keyboard, and enter cheats here.

    Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.

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Team Fortress Classic Cheats


  • Extra Guts and Blood Splatter

    Press ~ To access console, and type ''cl_gibcount 999''
    *Note* Don't include the ''.

    Contributed By: KSx27.

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  • Get Any Weapon

    In order to get any weapon that you want, the server must type in: ''sv-cheats 1'' and then in battle go to the console (~) and type: ''give tf_weapon_???'' replace the ??? with weapon you want:

    auto cannon=ac
    rocket launcher=rl
    gerande launcher=gl
    pipe bomb launcher=pl
    tranquilizer gun=tranq
    chain gun=ac
    rocket Launcher=rpg
    super shotgun=supershotgun
    flamethrower= flamethrower

    Contributed By: Sportsman.

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  • Improved sniping power

    Open the console with ~, then enter "fov 1" (sans quotes) to give 10x the sniping power. (To reset it, enter "fov 0")

    Contributed By: th3l3fty.

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