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by Grashus90

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Walkthrough by Grashus90

Updated: 01/12/15

Welcome viewer to my Sam & Max Culture Shock walkthrough.

For the five of you actually reading this part i just wanted to say how i'm going to be laying this wakthrough out for you.

Whenever there is something important you need to pick up or do it will be in bold letters like so. Get Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock

And I will make sections but sadly not links to those sections... maybe.

Also I will italisize some of my favorite quotes from parts you just saw.

So please enjoy my walkthrough and i may even make some more walkthroughs for the rest of the seasons.

Sam & Max 101:Culture Shock

Once you have downloaded or gotten your copy of sam and max season 1, its time to play it. Go ahead and boot it up. When you Boot it up 4 options will come to you, Save/Load, Options, New Game, and Quit.In Save/Load you can save your games and load them from any point. Options gives you options to change the music,effects,and voice. You can also change the resolution, change the graphics quality, Full screen, subtitles, Pop Up Text, and Warp Drive... which does nothing. I think New Game and Quit are self explanitory. Go ahead and click New Game and yes.

The Opening

Right after you click yes the opening of Sam & Max freelance police plays. it also shows some people who either helped work on the game or help create Sam & Max.

After that Sam & Max are shown messing around when they get a call but OH NO, theyre phone is missing. Jimmy Two-Teeth (The rat) comes out of his hole and says Make sure it's swiss cheese. And now you can freely move around. Go ahead and pickup the boxing glove behind sam. Also pickup the bowling ball,Lou, next to the rat hole. You can look around and talk to max but lets go ahead and open the closet door. and waddaknow, thats where max left the cheese. Click on the box in the lower left corner of the screen. This is you're inventory youre gonna need it later... alot. Click on Big gun and then on the cheese Sam, no! The cheese was innocent! Click on the cheese and sam will take one.

Next use the "swiss cheese" on the rat hole and Jimmy will say more demands but instead, max puts him on the table. Next you can talk to jimmy two-teeth all you want but what you want to do is talk to Jimmy as max. Jimmy will say "Hey dogface, you partner's givin' me a headache". Now switch over to sam and say "Got a headache, eh?". Sam will mock Jimmy and Jimmy says he doesnt like heights. Go back to max and say "I'll hang you out to dry!" Max then dangles jimmy out the window. Jimmy then (literally) coughs up the phone and the phone rings, its the commisioner saying there are multiple cases of maelfeacence in the neighborhood. Max then drops jimmy...

The Street

Now you can go out side and explore all of one side of Sam & Max's street. As you walk to the right you will see one of the Soda Poppers, Specs. You can talk to him but there really isn't a need. After talking go ahead and go into Bosco's inconvenience.

Bosco's Inconvenience 1

Bosco will ramble on about a "munchkin terrorist". After rambling with him say "we wanna buy somthing". then say "what've you got?" Bosco will reveal he has something behind the counter. say "Okay,what's behind the counter?" Bosco then will say he has a tear gas grenade launcher behind the counter. then say "Give us the tear gas". we're gonna get them were it hurt's the most, right in the pocketbook Bosco is asking 10,000 dollars for the TG Grenade launcher. Go ahead and exit the conversation. Now Pickup the cheese on the table to the right. You can go up to stuff and talk to people but again it wont add to getting any farther. Next Pickup a video from the stand to the left. Also, notice whizzers crate he has. Go over and click on the bathroom door as whizzer is in there, click on his crate using the cheese from you're inventory.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

When you knockout Whizzer the camera zooms out and shows a tv. That tv belongs to Brady Culture who is trying to hypnotize the world to make everyone do his bidding, And he watches the soda poppers as his plan continues to be ruined by Sam and Max.

Go ahead and Exit Bosco's. Now that you're back outside go to the left and behind the desoto (Sam and Max's Car) and pickup the spray paint can on the other car. Keep going left and go inside sybil's.

Sybil's 1

As you go in everything seems fine until, you see peppers, the last of the Soda poppers(and Sam's least favorite). also the door to the right is moving. Open up the door to the right and the REAL Sybil Pandemik will come out of the closet (literally). Sybil then talks about how you need to knock peepers unconsious. If you try to use the boxing glove on Peppers he will run away and come back. So we need to try something different... And again looking around wont really help with getting any farther into the story. Remember how Sam and Max said they needed to give out 1 big ticket back at Boscos? well lets go ahead and do that now. Exit Sybil's, click on the desoto, then click on the first option.

The Road 1

Max says he chewed throught the desoto's brake lines, so now the only way to stop is to rear end other cars. Now stay in one lane until a car shows up. Rear end the car then take out your gun. Next shoot one of the tailights then take out the megaphone a click "Pull over!". when you go up to the other car as sam say "hideously broken tailight". send my condolences to your tailight. The driver will then give you 10,000. Next, go back to the street. While at the street use the spray paint can on the Brady Culture picture next to the door of the office. specs will then come over to fix it. While specs is fixing the painting, go into the office and click on the window. After that get out the bowling ball and drop it on spec's head. You made me mess up. Next go back into Bosco's

Bosco's Inconvenience 2

Now Talk to bosco and talk about how you want the TG Grenade launcher. Then you learn that its a salad shooter filled with onions. But it works,trust me, trust me. Sam then gets hit with B.T.A.D.S. (Bosco Tech Automated Defense System). Now Exit Bosco's. Go back to Sybil's.

Sybil's 2

Take out the TG greanade launcher and use it on peepers. While he is crying, use the boxing glove on him Sybil will say some words to peepers and peepers will be back to normal nothing a simple exorcism can't fix. Next go outside. While outside click on specs he says whizzer always does the driving. (that last part can change depending on which poper you wake up first).

Bosco's Inconvenience 3

Click on whizzer, then when whizzer gets up he drives in his truck back on the road.

The Road 2

As you're on the road the truck spits out a infinite amount of Brady Culture eye-bo video boxes. Som people might think this part is hard but really its not. Just take out your gun and shoot the boxes. Then when you're close enough, shoot a tire on the truck. Depending on who you woke up the last one of the popers will say that Brady Cultures home for former child stars is right on the other side of the street.

Brady Culture's "Home" 1

Sadly you can't enter the "home" yet but lets go ahead and pickup an admission form to the left of the monkey. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!! Sam will read off the form, you need to make note of what sam says because what he says will differ between playthrough. So what I will type is from what sam said to me. If you get something different then sorry pal, you're on your own. what sam said was "obsession with money, violence to dentistry, and on who wants to marry their mother. Use the desoto to go back to Sybil's.

Sybil's 3

Go ahead and give sybil the form Sybil will say there are three ways to psychoanolize sam. Click on Let's try inkblots. The first one you wanna say pennies on the eyes of a dead mime, next an suv crashing into the.... something, next moth-eaten wallet, elephants att the new york stock exchange, lastly, something about a debit card... sybil cheks that on the form. next click free assosiation. Sybil will say 3 words. it doesnt matter what you do unless sybil says crown, then you want to get out your gun and point it at sybil. Don't worry sam wont shoot sybil. Next click Dream analysis. Sybil says you can find out alot by dreams, so sam tells sybil about his daydream. Click on the pink cake box and say there was a wedding cake. Next go over to the black silhouete and say its sybil. You can try some funny combinations like Max and the wedding cake. jumping vehicular homicide Sybil will then say it must be APD and max asks sam if he can drive. Go back outside and back to Brady's "home".

Brady Culture's "Home" 2

Give the monkey the form by putting it iin the slot and the door will open. Why waist time, go in. As you go in Brady come up on the stage playing his theme song from his tv show Culture's clubhouse. After a little chat about how hes an actor and how he hypnotised the soda popers, Brady Hypnotises Sam & Max, but for some odd reason max is immune to hypnotism. You can now play as Hypnotised sam. (its not a good thing though). Sam is now a video deliveryman. Let sam dump his video box, but when he goes back for more pick up the cheese and B.T.A.D.S. will knock sam into a state of confusion and, offices.

Sam's Brady Dream

Sam see's 4 brady culture's (and one floating max head). Let's destroy the brady's in order from left to right. to get rid of the max brady stand to the right of him then take out your gun the shoot the one way sign. you should catch max's head. Then just use max from your inventory on the max Brady. Max's head will eat brady's head then will disapper. to get rid of the TV brady just click on the coat hanger on the tv. That brady will disapper too. To get rid of the light brady just click on the light switch next to the entrance door. That Brady will shrink back into the light. to get rid of the cheese brady first open the closet door then click on the pump that is connected to the rat. That Brady is tragicly eaten by the rat. And another one bites the cheese. Sam wakes up in Bosco's. There isnt any need to talk to bosco so Exit Bosco's and go over to Sybil's.

Sybil's 4

Talk to sybil and say the second choice. Sybil will give you a diagram of a machine that one of her patients said will block hypnosis. But sam cant read it cuz... anyway Exit Sybil's. Then go over to Bosco's but before doing that, go into the office and get the coat hanger on the tv, then go to bosco's.

Bosco's Inconveneince 4

Give bosco the plans he then says he needs something for the top. Give bosco the coat hanger and Bosco will give you the Hypnotism blocker for free. Exit Bosco's and go back to Brady Culture's "home".

Brady Culture's "Home" 3

Go ahead on in, sam automatically will put the blocker on. Brady Culture try's to hypnotise sam again but the blocker...well blocks it, and the soda popers show up (woopee...), sadly they get hypnotised and now obey specific orders. Click on the popers and say Become Brady Culture, a new line of text will pop up saying Worship..., click that then say me. While the soda popers are worshiping Brady say attack me Brady then mistakenly says attack me and the soda poper deliver. Sam then unties max and max knockes out the popers. Sam then stomps on then crushes the hypn glasses. But then the camera cuts to a tv on one of the beds and its a guest on the show Myra... but something is wrong D= *gasp* the guest is HYPNOTIZED!!!!!

Thanks For reading this walkthough and i hope it helped you alot.

All rights reserved by Telltale Games and Steve Purcell. Love you two =)