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FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/07/2007

 _____ _            ____  _                 ____          
|_   _| |__   ___  / ___|(_)_ __ ___  ___  |___ \         
  | | | '_ \ / _ \ \___ \| | '_ ` _ \/ __|   __) |  _____ 
  | | | | | |  __/  ___) | | | | | | \__ \  / __/  |_____|
  |_| |_| |_|\___| |____/|_|_| |_| |_|___/ |_____|        
  ___                     _____          
 / _ \ _ __   ___ _ __   |  ___|__  _ __ 
| | | | '_ \ / _ \ '_ \  | |_ / _ \| '__|
| |_| | |_) |  __/ | | | |  _| (_) | |   
 \___/| .__/ \___|_| |_| |_|  \___/|_|   
 ____            _                     
| __ ) _   _ ___(_)_ __   ___  ___ ___ 
|  _ \| | | / __| | '_ \ / _ \/ __/ __|
| |_) | |_| \__ \ | | | |  __/\__ \__ \
|____/ \__,_|___/_|_| |_|\___||___/___/

Author: Warfreak
Version: 1.2
Day Started 7/3/06


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction, The Beginning of the End
    [1.01] Expansion Pack
    [1.02] New Stuff
    [1.03] Version History
[2] Talent Badges, Are Shiny, and Pins Hurt
    [2.01] Basics
    [2.02] Toy Making
    [2.03] Robotics
    [2.04] Sales 
    [2.05] Cash Register
    [2.06] Stocking
    [2.07] Flower Arranging
    [2.08] Cosmetology
[3] Business Perks, Not for the Dog
    [3.01] Perception Grants
    [3.02] Assess Mood
    [3.03] Assess Desire
    [3.04] Look for Mark
    [3.05] Convincing Personality
    [3.06] Manipulation
    [3.07] Motivation Grants
    [3.08] Simply Influential
    [3.09] Perk Up
    [3.10] Motivation Speech
    [3.11] Boundless Influence
    [3.12] Rally Forth!
    [3.13] Connection Grants
    [3.14] Notable Reputation
    [3.15] Sterling Reputation
    [3.16] Network 
    [3.17] Head for Numbers
    [3.18] Power Network
    [3.19] Wholesale Grants
    [3.20] Wholesale Discount
    [3.21] Supplier Partnership 
    [3.22] Bargain Hunter
    [3.23] Serious Negotiator
    [3.24] Shark of Sharks
    [3.25] Cash Grants
    [3.26] LeTourneau Prize
    [3.27] Valued Client Rebate
    [3.28] Chamber of Commerce Prize
    [3.29] Owners Assoication Reward
    [3.30] Will Wright Grant
[4] Robotics, Tasers Armed
    [4.01] Toy Robot
    [4.02] CleanBot
    [4.03] HydroBot
    [4.04] SentryBot
    [4.05] MunchieBot
    [4.06] Servo
[5] Flowers, Smells like a Posey Llama Says
    [5.01] Daisy Bouquets
    [5.02] Wildflower Bouquets
    [5.03] Tulip Bouquets
    [5.04] Mixed Flower Bouquets
    [5.05] Rose Bouquets
    [5.06] Snapdragon Bouquets
[6] Toys, Too Brittle says Fluffy the Cat
    [6.01] Sir Bricks-a-Lot
    [6.02] Little Heroes Fire Trucks
    [6.03] Clown-in-a-Box
    [6.04] Brink's Kite
    [6.05] Twirl, Spin and Wobble!
    [6.06] Wet n' Wild Water Wiggler
[7] Food, Inedible declared by SimCity Academics
    [7.01] Berry Pie
    [7.02] Cheesecake
[8] Awards, Corruption Rife in SimCity Mayor's Office
    [8.01] Title Deed
    [8.02] First § Award
    [8.03] Good Review
    [8.04] Best of the Best
    [8.05] Bad Review
[9] Business Information, CIA excluded
    [9.01] Business Ranks
    [9.02] Business Basics I
    [9.03] Business Basics II
    [9.04] Business Trivia
[10] Businesses to Run, Or Not to Run
    [10.01] Bakery
    [10.02] Cafe
    [10.03] Restaurant
    [10.04] Gym
    [10.05] Grocery Store
    [10.06] Arcade
    [10.07] Car Dealership
    [10.08] Furniture Store
    [10.09] Build Store
    [10.10] Electronics Store
    [10.11] Toy Store
    [10.12] Food Store
    [10.13] Flower Store
    [10.14] Robotics Store
    [10.15] Clothes Store
    [10.16] Book Store

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright
[1.01] Expansion Pack

Welcome to the next installment of the Sims 2 series, and my eighth guide. 
Open for Business was probably the most badmouthed game before release, but at
the release of this game, suddenly, everyone has been praising it, stating it
is better than University but can't rank Nightlife. Before reading this, yes
it is true, there is only one disc this time, because when I got it, I'm like,
I think I'm missing a cd but I wasn't. Without further ado, I present you this

"Your Sims have a new destination! The new Shopping District means great 
 bargains and fresh financial opportunities for your Sims ... have your Sims
 buy some property and launch their business empires. If the little ones in 
 your town are tired of the same old same old, a Toy Store can't be too far
 away. If your Sims are feeling a bit ragged "round the edges", why not send
 them down to the Salon for a complete makeover and all the pampering they
 deserve? You're sure to find a Clothing Store that will have the latest
 fashions for women and men ... they might even be looking for some bright
 new employees! Are you up to the task? Well, then, go on out and explore!
 Welcome to the Shopping District!"

[1.02] New Stuff

There is alot of new stuff, more than the 125 items. You can craft and make 
more items. You'll see a lot of those new items throughout the guide.

[1.03] Version History

Version 0.0 [7/3/06]
Don't have game, getting it tomorrow. This special verison is my design or 

Version 0.1 [14/3/06]
Starting already but didn't record it. Forget that. Finishing much of the 
talent badge sector and getting ready to start robots. Once I finish getting
information about the talent badges, only then will I progress. Trying to make
the best guide on this game.

Version 0.2 [16/3/06]
Talent Badges finished. Getting started on other things later.

Version 0.3 [20/3/06]
Lets get down to business, pardon the pun.

Version 0.4 [22/3/06]
Okay, lets get this ball rolling. This will be submitted shortly.

Version 0.5 [25/3/06]
Lets get the show on the road.

Version 0.6 [27/3/06]
Finishing the business perks section. 

Version 0.7 [30/3/06]
Started a new section.

Version 0.8 [8/4/07]
Long. long time since the last update. Must fix this guide up. 

Version 0.9 [26/4/07]
Update needed, so update we get. 

Version 1.0 [3/9/07]
Nightlife finished, best to finish this as well. A lot has been done, 
especially the basics that I neglected. 

Version 1.1 [4/9/07]
Update with more business you can run. 

Version 1.2 [7/9/07]
APEC day, or as POTUS says, OPEC day. Another Bushism. Anyway, this should be
the last update as it is complete now. Add in a few more businesses and it is
done. Its been great writing for you all =) =] =P =7 ^^ ^-^ ^o^ ^_^

[2.01] Basics

Ok, welcome to Talent Badges 101. I'm Professor .... Okay, to the point. 
Talent badges allow you to make items or unlock abilities that make the game
that much sweeter. Talent Badges allow you to make toys for example and the
higher badge you get, the better the toy. Also, this is moreso for the 
crafting skills, talent badges allow you to make toys faster and unlock better
toys. There are seven different types of talent badges. They are Toy Making,
Robotics, Sales, Cash Register, Stocking, Flower Arranging and Cosmetology. 

There are exactly FOUR ranks. Many people say three but in reality there is 
four. The first is actually having nothing. Many people somewhat to a degree
forget this. The second is bronze, the third is silver and the best of the 
best, the icing on the cake, the gold. Below is a simple list of the talent
badges. To increase your skill and get better talent badges, you have to keep
using the specific skill. To increase your Stocking skill, sell more items,
restock and then you get some experience, which will soon stack up to that
coveted talent badge. 

The more you build, the better. You can find the talent
badges that you have under the job section. You see that your skills bar is 
for cramped for space. Above it there are two choices. There are the little 
skills bars up there to show what skills you have. The badges are the talent
badges that you have. All your own characters that you can play with have no
talent badges and townies have some. Some might have bronzes, others might 
come with 2 or 3 gold ones. Talent badges will play a major role in hiring 
employees which I will talk about later on.

[2.02] Toy Making

Toy Making is the art of, well, toy making. This skill uses the toy crafting
bench and it makes lots and lots of little toys for children. Please note that
not all toys aren't the same, some are faulty and some aren't. More about 
faulty goods later. You can learn toy making faster with mechanical skills, so
for those who invest in mechanical, they have a better use than fixing items
without getting thousands of volts going through you.

Ability to make Sir Bricks-a-Lot for §32. Nothing much but they sell well due
to their limited cost.

Bronze Talent Badge
Ability to make Sir Bricks-a-Lot faster than before and the ability to make
fire trucks for §45 and clown-in-a-box for §75.

Silver Talent Badge
Ability to make Sir Bricks-a-Lot even faster and fire trucks and clown-in-a-
box faster. You can now craft Kites for §60 and a Twirl, Spin and Wobble! for 

Gold Talent Badge
Ability to make Sir Bricks-a-Lot even faster than before, fire trucks and
clown-in-a-box faster, kites and the twirl, spin and wobble faster as well.
You can craft a Water Wigglers for §400. 

[2.03] Robotics

Robotics is the art of making robots on the robot crafting bench. Robotics is
using the bench to make electronic items that can be used as toys or be used
for more sinister purposes. Note that you cannot kill people with toys except
for one which I'll go into later on. If you have better Mechanical skill, you
will learn this skill faster than those without Mechanical because making toys
is a Mechanical skill. Anyway, onto the topic. Robotics is the only skill that
you have to repair toys if you make a bad toy. Mechanical is even more handy
here. Bad robots can lead to bad things and will be listed below. 

You have the ability to make Toy Robots for §108 each. Toy Robots can sell
well because they are cheap and people tend to buy cheap stuff.

Bronze Talent Badge
You have the ability to make Toy Robots a lot faster and have discovered the
art of RoverBots, allow you to make toys with treads. You now have the ability
to make a CleanBot and a HydroBot. CleanBots are §560 to make and Hydrobots 
are §320 to make.

Silver Talent Badge
You have the ability to craft Toy Robots even faster, and CleanBots and 
Hydrobots faster. You have the ability to make HoverBots, the robots that can
now fly. You can make a SentryBot and a MunchieBot. The SentryBot will cost 
you §720 to make and the MunchieBot will cost you §1,200 to make.

Gold Talent Badge
You can now craft Toy Robots in a heartbeat, CleanBots and Hydrobots even 
faster, and the SentryBot and MunchieBot faster. You can now androids with
nearly limitless ability, the Servos. To make a Servo, it will cost you about
§3,000 to make. 

[2.04] Sales 

Sales is the art of making that sale meter higher, which again, I will discuss
later. Of course, being a saleman requires you to have a higher Charisma Skill
and of couse, having better sales make you better at getting rid of your
excess products. However, sales is a dual edged sword. You have a chance of 
using sale skills to get that bar higher but you can also lower it. This will
be discussed briefly now, more later.

You have the ability to use the basic sell technique. You will increase the 
bar a little bit but if you fail, it will lower the bar a little bit.

Bronze Talent Badge
You have the ability to offer the items "cheap" just this once. Of course, 
this fails less but increase is small and the decrease is small

Silver Talent Badge
You have the ability to hard sell. You can whine how hard it is to make a 
living and whinge and whine some more. The increase in the bar is medium and
the drop is medium

Gold Talent Badge
You have the ability to dazzle the customer and say how they really need the
product your selling. How this works for an adult buying a toy robot or a chef
buying a munchiebot, I don't know but anyway. Dazzle have a very large 
increase but there is basically one downfall. You fail, and the sale bar is 
gone because the increase is so damn large.

[2.05] Cash Register

The cash register talent badge is basically determining how fast you can sell
your items and how fast you can use the cash register. The faster you can use
it, the less those customers complain about how slow you are and are less 
likely to get angry about waiting at the cash register for far too long. To
get better at this skill, you need a higher logic skill to increase this skill
faster than anyone else. You can increase this skill with better serious 

You can use the cash register but nearly most of the time, you will have a 
customer waiting with the *-- next to that because you are too slow. Use the
register on slower lots to increase it while not degrading the skill too much.

Bronze Talent Badge
You basically get this one after a while. You have a slightly easier time 
selling items using the cash register than before. Customers are less likely
to get a *--

Silver Talent Badge
You get this one and the improvements start to show. What you can see is that
customers can still get a *- but is less common. You don't get the awful shock
from the till bursting out anymore.

Gold Talent Badge
This is the best one. Customers rarely get *-, only if you don't serve them 
and you are extremely quick to take the customer's money. This is what you

[2.06] Stocking

Restocking is the important skill of restocking out of stock items. This is
a very important skill due to the fact that you don't want to be using buy
mode every time an item goes out of stock. To increase this skill faster, you
need a nice body skill, makes sense since you walk around a fair bit. This
is further enhanced by those who are active. 

You take an extremely long time to restock. You wonder if that clipboard is 
helping at all.

Bronze Talent Badge
You restock slightly faster but you don't see much of a difference yet. Just
keep going at it.

Silver Talent Badge
You start to notice that you are restocking slightly faster but it isn't fast
enough for you, just keep running around to get that skill up.

Gold Talent Badge
This wil show you that the badge is really making difference. You finally 
realise all that restocking was good for something afterall. 

[2.07] Flower Arranging

This skill is for arranging flowers and setting them for sale. This is used
by the flower station, the one with a fridge. Flowers are there for a decor
and are a good seller. This is better increased with Creativity skills and a
playful attitude. This isn't hard to get.

The ability to make daisy Bouquets for §36.

Bronze Talent Badge
The ability to make daisy Bouquets faster and ability to make Wildflower
Bouquets for §47 and Tulip Bouquets for §61

Silver Talent Badge
Ability to make daisy Bouquets faster than before, ability to make Wildflower
and Tulip Bouquets faster and ability to make Mixed Flower Bouquets for §68
and Rose Bouquets for §96.

Gold Talent Badge
Ability to make daisy Bouquets even faster than before, ability to make Wild-
Flower and Tulip Bouquets even faster, the ability to make Mixed Flower 
Bouquets and Rose Bouquets faster and ability to make a Snapdragon Bouquet for

[2.08] Cosmetology

This is the skill of fixing people's head for a fee. You can change the hairdo
and colour, glasses, hats, etc, etc. This skill is pretty much pointless 
except for those who run salons. This skill is better increase by those who
are experts in the cleaning skill and have a neat personality. To reset 
the Sim who had an accident by your hands, quickly offer them a free makeover 
and go to the full face marks or paintings. Choose one of them and remove it
and basically, if you do it correctly, it will remove the accident like 
nothing had happened and you will get the relationship points back. 

High chance of failing and causing accidents

Bronze Talent Badge
Medium chance of failing and cause accidents

Silver Talent Badge
Low chance of failing and causing accidents

Gold Talent Badge
Rare chance of failing and causing accidents.

[3.01] Perception Grants

Perception Grants are part of the Business Perks. Since this is an 
introduction into business perks, I'll give you the lowdown and a proper 
explaination later when I discuss running a business. A business perk is 
something that you acquire. You can acquire business perk points for each 
level your business reaches. When you business gains a rank, for every rank,
you get a point. For every point, you can spend it on a perk. This sounds all
complicated and such, but later on, you'll understand what I mean.

Perception Grants is one of the 5 catagories in which you can invest your
business perk points in. Perception perks will increasely help you in sales. 
This is because you can assess the mood of the shopper and what they really
want. Of course, if they want a cheap item, you aren't going to shove them
off from buying a more expensive item are you. But these perks are extremely
handy for you to get more business perk points simply for the fact that you
are going to help the customer more, hence, earn more loyality stars, more on
that later on as well, which will give you more stars for the level and sooner
or later, you are going to level up your business. This is second most 
important after wholesale perks, which will give you a lot of money and you
don't appear to be yonking money out of the Sim's purse so to speak. Well, on
to the perception grants.

Excellent for customer relations and sales. 

[3.02] Assess Mood

"You've gotten a pretty good idea of what a happy customer looks like. Now you
can use "Assess...Mood" to evaluate how perky or peeved another sim is, and
that makes you a happy Sim, yourself!"

Anyway, this is the first perception perk that you can use. Use because it is
the first, it doesn't mean its the worst. This will assess the mood the 
shopper is in, and this can play a very important part in seeing if your sales
interaction works or not. If they are a foul mood, the chances are that they
will reject your sale interactions. You can use this on anyone I believe so
you can even use it on your own staff. This will work in better if you decide
to your some of your motivation grants that are listed below. Mood ties in 
with consumer shopping and how much they are willing to spend away and 
become happy. 

[3.03] Assess Desire

"You've learned that some Sims yearn secretly to possess something new - a 
leather armchair? A Remote Controlled Car? Your Sim has learned how to tap 
into the hidden signals of their customers give off and can use 
"Assess...Desire" to find out just what they want.

The best perk in terms of sales and loyality stars. Reason why it is so good,
you know exactly what the customer wants in your store and then you can show
it to them. You show it to them and get a nice ++ to your business     
relationship with the person. This is extremely handy if you have a large 
store and don't know what the customer wants along with the fact that you 
can't afford to lose any more loyality stars. I use this, even though I have
all business perks. The choice of using it is completely up to you though.
This will give a boost to the sales bar of that particular product that the
target Sim wants. 

[3.04] Look for Mark

"You've learned that it can be hard to sell something to a grump who hates 
your store. Now, activating "Look for Mark" on yourself will let you detect 
the perfect sales target!"

Okay perk, in my opinion. This perk basically means something like the scope
room ability from Nightlife. This basically checks out every Sim or robot in
the room. They will light up, the brightness depends on the mood of the Sim
and their mood to shop. After all the scanning, you basically see the Sim or
robot who is in the mood to shop the most. So basically, you get to know, who
the sucker is and this will help you convince them even more to buy your good
or not so good products.

[3.05] Convincing Personality

"You've seen a lot of sales by now, and you know the secrets of getting 
people to cough up their cash. You will now enjoy a boost to the effectiveness
of all your Sales interactions with customers!"

This basically speaks for itself. You will enhance how effective you sales 
interactions are. Dazzle, hard sell, offer at and the basic sell techniques
will be even more effectives and more powerful. Dazzle will almost always be
a success and most of the time, it will boost it to the max of the sale bar.
Even hard sell could get about three quarters of the remaining bar. This is a
great perk. The only bad thing about this skill is that if you fail and this
could happen, the bar will almost reset itself because the drop of your 
convincing personality means that if you don't want to bothered and if you 
bother them looking even happier, you are going to get a bad end of the stick.
This will give a 30% boost to your sales bar. 

[3.06] Shameless Manipulation

"Huzzah! You have attained a nigh-magical level of sales prowess! You can now 
use "Sales...Manipulate" to get customers to buy like they've never bought 

The last of the perception perks. This is a dual edged sword for a single 
reason. Bad news, using this interaction is basically like brainwashing 
except the person knows about it. So, you get a nice -- to your business so
it isn't exactly the reaction for a business wanting to get rank 10. However,
the good thing is that when you use that little ray gun, you customer will 
buy whatever product they are currently viewing. So basically, it might earn
you a lot of money, but if you don't care, then this is for you. This will 
almost always accept the sale, but in some cases, it will boost it a lot. 

[3.07] Motivation Grants

Motivation Grants are basically grants that allow you to make yourself more
powerful and basically, give the consumer a better mood why using your own
needs. This grants basically rally up your customers and loyal or not so
loyal employees alike and boosts your influence over everyone. Although it is
no so helpful, the influence boost you will receive will be massive and you
probably have more trouble stocking aspiration rather than the influence bar.
This motivational abilities contain massive and dangerous abilities and could
cause some heartbreak. These abilities can boost your customer's mood and a 
better mood could cause a higher expenditure of money. The more money they 
spend, the better off you are, unless you are in a price war and every sale is
a bigger loss, then you are in a problem.

This is a great skill for employers who want better employees. 

[3.08] Simply Influential

"While most people need a boatload of friends to be  really influential, you 
just need to be yourself! With this perk, your capacity for influence will 
take a nice swing upward."

Okay, this is a nice boost if your Sim is a recluse and doesn't have many 
friends but wants to amass massive influence. This perk will give you a extra
stage. Or rather, it will boost your current stage to the next one. The lowest
you can drop back to is stage 2 instead of stage 1. You don't get the extra
influence though. This is also handy if you want to go through university and
want to get Big Sim on Campus, which require a stage 5 level. Have this perk
just for safety. It just raises your friend count for the basis of getting 
a better influence level. This will act as though you have three extra friends
that you don't really have. 

[3.09] Perk Up

"You've learned that goods and services won't sell without a smile. Bad Mood? 
No problem! You've learned to put a smile on anybody's face by using 
"Talk...Perk Up.""

This perk basically just makes the customer feel more special, giving them
a slight boost in their mood bars, making it greener. This is a handy move
if you want a sim to stay longer and you don't really have the time to give
off your needs for theirs. This is like a dual edged sword, you can make the
customer feel more happy at the cost of yours. Lucky this isn't the big 
brother, because the edge there is sharper. It will give a 50 points mood 
boost for about three hours.

[3.10] Motivation Speech

"You've learned to bring out the best in people with nothing more than a 
rousing speech! Using "Talk...Motivational Speech" will give other Sims the
power to have increased talent for a period of time. "Let's do this, people!""

This is an extremely handy skill, even more so for those who have poorly 
trained staff. This ability basically boosts the current talent badges of your
employees. So if a staff member has a bronze sales talent badge with only the
offer at skill, your motivation speech will give a short period of time where
they can use the skill as if they has a silver talent badge, allowing them to
use the hard sell ability while the motivation speech ability is in effect.
This is great for those who have a sudden explosion of customers with poorly
trained staff. Of course, with better trained staff, or rather, more motivated
staff, you can do a lot better. This +1 effect on the talent badges will only
last about three hours. This will cause a nice drop in the owner's energy bar,
be careful not to pass out. 

[3.11] Boundless Influence

"Your ability to amass influence is uncanny! You're a born leader, and now when
you gain influence by fulfilling wants, you'll get more than ever. Start 
giving orders, chief!"

This is a MASSIVE and I repeat MASSIVE skill. This skill will do something to
your influence bar. It will times the influence gain on influence wants by 
FIVE! Influence wants are with the blue border. Say you have an influence want
give you about 200 influence points, which is about standard. This will now 
give out 1000 influence points with this business perk. For a lifetime want,
you seriously burst the cap with 50,000 influence points !?! You can't even
carry it all. You can use an influence ability on a poor old guy, and within
another 5 minutes, the man receives the same order, without a dent in the 
influence bar. Great ability, and I do not regret to say that there is not
downside. It is only good, not bad... On a side thought, you lose 5 times as 
much influence as you complete a fear. So if you normally lose about 1000
influence from a fire, you will lose 5000 instead. So be careful, and sorry
about giving you high hopes.

[3.12] Rally Forth!

"You are the master of getting people psyched up! Now, activating "Rally 
Forth!" on yourself will cause you to give all onlookers a call to arms, 
sacrificing your own needs to boost theirs! Be careful with this powerful 

This is really a dual edged sword. This is basically you getting a microphone
and yelling into it, pumping up the mood of your customers. One down side of
this ability. You will drop your needs. Every need except environment will
drop. So hunger, comfort, bladder, energy, fun, social and hygiene will drop
while your consumers get happier and happier. This should be used when you
have completed a lifetime want and have the energizer or aren't afraid to use
the maxMotives cheat because this will drain mood fast. Handy to make your 
customers happier and shop more, not handy if you have average needs and need
to start recharging. If you do not have enough motive and you keep going, your
Sim could die. This will leave a ghost that will float around and will 
resemble your Sim, white and carrying a megaphone. 

[3.13] Connection Grants

Connection Grants are one of the most time consuming grants to keep up with.
Connection grants basically increase the list of people you can contact or
rather, the amount of people you can talk to. It is extremely annoying to 
keep up with all friends you will get though. You might be as unlucky as I
was as in getting 7 phone calls concerning my Sim's friendship status while
I was waiting for my royality call from the book publishers. Extremely 
annoying and it was a royal pain. Anyway, it is good for any family looking
for friends to advance them in jobs, because from 12 family friends, one Sim
get all the connection grants and ended up with about 27 family friends. 
Hope you can have a large party, cause you will need them. Connection is 
extremely important to populatity Sims as well, who grave good friends. Also,
when I talk about a boost in relationship, you have to remember that this also
includes relationship points which include daily and lifetime relationship
points. Although the daily boost might sound a little small, remember that the
lifetime relationship points are also important part of the equation as well.

This is important for job reasons, influence reasons and also for the 
popularity aspiration sims. 

[3.14] Notable Reputation

"People are getting to know who you are...and they like what they hear! 
You'll now enjoy a starting boost to all of your new relationships."

This is basically a better start to any relationship. It is a relative small
boost but nevertheless, it is a nice start to any relationship. I believe that
it gives about 10 relationship points, 5 daily relationship points and 5
lifetime relationship points, give or take a bit. Not worth it but it is 
needed for the higher up skills that will help a bit more. You get the bonus
when you meet a new Sim. 

[3.15] Sterling Reputation

"The work is spreading about your growing business abilities! You'll now get a
bigger jumpstart to all new relationships!"

This is just the same as notable reputation, except you get a slighter larger
boost. Again, I believe it will be about 11 relationship points give or take,
1 daily relationship point and 10 lifetime relationship points. A nice boost 
to any relationship and unlock some better social interactions. This will be a
nice step to the next skills. You get the bonus when you meet the new Sim, 
this makes the notable reputation obsolete.

[3.16] Network 

"You've learned the importance of knowing the people that other people know! 
You can now use "Talk...Network" to instantaneously meet all the aquaintances 
of another Sim...and you get a starting bonus to those relationships too!"

This is a pretty handy skill. You basically meet the friends of other Sims and
get a nice large bonus as well as to the reputation ability. It should stack
to about 10, 5 daily and 5 lifetime relationship points,  give or take again. 
This isn't as helpful as the next skill after head for numbers, which is power
network. You basically meet all the Sims the target Sim has met before. 

[3.17] Head for Numbers

"Spending so much time pleasing customers has given you an incredible memory. 
You now can call anyone in town on the phone now, whether you know them or 

This is the most valuable skill in probably the whole game so far. You can 
contact anybody in town as if you have met them. When you have a game like 
mine, it will even out at about 8 to 10 pages of icons. It will lag your 
computer down as most, which is probably the disadvantage. Note they are not
your friends and can decline an invitation to come over to bake a Baked Alaska
or wait for the phone repairman, which amazes me since I'm talking through
a telephone. Anyway, if you haven't realised, those who have Nightlife will be
pleasently surprised that there are two counts and two countessas, as opposed
to the single count and single countessa theory. Who would have expected that?

[3.18] Power Network

"Your networking skills have become stupendous! You can now use "Talk...Power 
Network" to instantaneously meet all the acquaintances of another Sim...and 
you'll get a powerful starting bonus to those relationships too!"

The big brother of the Network skill. Network will now be removed from the 
game and be replaced with this. Extremely handy for those who want friends.
It should give you a nice boost to a relationship of 30 to 35 at most, thats
what I believe anyway. It gives about 15 to daily relationship and 15 to the
lifetime relationship. It is an extremely handy skill and those who want more
friends should use this. However, it might be a glitch but it seems to 
counteract with the Head for Numbers skill. This replaces network. 

[3.19] Wholesale Grants

In my opinion, this should be the first grant to be completed. This is because
that this grant will help you on your way to make money. This will give you
discount on buying items for your shop. Note that this will only be given 
after you buy an item, then place it for sale. You get a refund compared to 
the price. You can also use this from the wholesaler lock button, but this 
will be discussed later. When you buy the item, then mark it for sale, you 
will get a rebate, on the price of the item. If you get an item while it is
in the sale mode, when you make it not for sale, the extra cost will be added
or rather, the percentage off will be added for your convenience. This makes
it impossible for an infinate money loop. Again, this should be the first 
perk that you should get but that depends on you. 

This is handy for those who want a bigger profit from the sale of any good.

[3.20] Wholesale Discount

"Ka-ching! Your growing fame as a business owner has motivated your suppliers 
to offer you a discount on future purchases!"

This will give you a 12% discount on buying items. This will basically mean 
that a product at §1000, a 12% discount will basically mean that you will
purchase the item at §880 be cause 12% will be §120. This means that you will
still make the 12%, plus the extra money that you get for setting money over
wholesale price. So if you purchase an item normally at §1000, when you have a
12% discount you will pay §880, and when you have your price set at 15% more,
than you will have an original profit margin of §150 before wholesale, that 
mean you have a total profit of 12% plus 15%, which is a 27% profit of the 
original product of §1000, which turns out to be §270.

[3.21] Supplier Partnership

"Your suppliers love to brag about having you as a customer! Enjoy this 
additional discount on your wholesale costs."

This will give you a 15% discount on buying items. This will basically mean 
that a product at §1000, a 15% discount will basically mean that you will
purchase the item at §850 be cause 15% will be §150. This means that you will
still make the 15%, plus the extra money that you get for setting money over
wholesale price. So if you purchase an item normally at §1000, when you have a
15% discount you will pay §850, and when you have your price set at 15% more,
than you will have an original profit margin of §150 before wholesale, that 
mean you have a total profit of 15% plus 15%, which is a 30% profit of the 
original product of §1000, which turns out to be §300.

[3.22] Bargain Hunter

"Your business' rising popularity has really given you an edge with your 
wholesalers! You can buy at much lower prices now."

This will give you a 19% discount on buying items. This will basically mean 
that a product at §1000, a 19% discount will basically mean that you will
purchase the item at §810 be cause 19% will be §190. This means that you will
still make the 19%, plus the extra money that you get for setting money over
wholesale price. So if you purchase an item normally at §1000, when you have a
15% discount you will pay §810, and when you have your price set at 15% more,
than you will have an original profit margin of §150 before wholesale, that 
mean you have a total profit of 19% plus 15%, which is a 34% profit of the 
original product of §1000, which turns out to be §340.

[3.23] Serious Negotiator

"Profit is great! Your business skill has given you the ability to negotiate 
even lower wholesale costs!"

This will give you a 24% discount on buying items. This will basically mean 
that a product at §1000, a 24% discount will basically mean that you will
purchase the item at §760 be cause 24% will be §240. This means that you will
still make the 24%, plus the extra money that you get for setting money over
wholesale price. So if you purchase an item normally at §1000, when you have a
24% discount you will pay §760, and when you have your price set at 15% more,
than you will have an original profit margin of §150 before wholesale, that 
mean you have a total profit of 24% plus 15%, which is a 39% profit of the 
original product of §1000, which turns out to be §390.

[3.24] Shark of Sharks

"You've become the Shark of Sharks. Your ability to get the best wholesale 
deals is legendary!"

This will give you a 30% discount on buying items. This will basically mean 
that a product at §1000, a 30% discount will basically mean that you will
purchase the item at §700 be cause 30% will be §300. This means that you will
still make the 30%, plus the extra money that you get for setting money over
wholesale price. So if you purchase an item normally at §1000, when you have a
30% discount you will pay §700, and when you have your price set at 15% more,
than you will have an original profit margin of §150 before wholesale, that 
mean you have a total profit of 30% plus 15%, which is a 45% profit of the 
original product of §1000, which turns out to be §450.

[3.25] Cash Grants

This is basically a one off perk thing that gives your business some more 
money (simoleons) or some more §§§ to stop it from going bust. This is best 
used when your business's debts are going out of control, and you can't do 
anything to stop it. It gives a nice injection of §§§ to a business. Depending
on the level of the grant, it will give a boost. At first, it might be small
but at the end, it will grow larger. In my opinion, it should be used last 
on the business perk list unless you are having problems keeping the repo man
away from your house. And as a point of useless trivia, when you have the 
ability to call everyone, you can call the repo man. He is suitably called, 
Repo Man. This will count as a revenue boost on your cash tracker that is on
the business list. 

This is handy when your business is in a cash flow problem.

[3.26] LeTourneau Prize

"Nice Job! On the recommendation of some of your customers, you've won the 
LeTourneau Prize for new business owners!"

This is a small boost of §1,000 for your business. This prize is actually 
named after Tim LeTourneau, a senior producer of the game. Wonder why his name
didn't appear till the later stages.

[3.27] Valued Client Rebate

"Well Done! The rising fame of your establishment has earned you this rebate 
from your suppliers!"

This will be a slight boost of §2,500 towards your business. This prize isn't
worth much when you have about several hundred thousand §§§ that you have 
actually earned honestly without resorting in the motherlode cheat. 

[3.28] Chamber of Commerce Prize

"Superb! Your business acumen has earned this cash award from the local 
Chamber of Commerce!"

This will be a medium boost of §10,000 towards your booming business. This 
prize is from the same people that give you a nice free meal ticket from
Nightlife. Anything that supports commerce in SimCity will get a nice call
from these people. This cash grant is slightly more useful that the §2,500
which now seems like peanuts. 

[3.29] Owners Assoication Reward

"Congratulations! Your reputation as a mogul is spreading, and has earned you 
this cash prize from the Sim Business Owners Association!"

This is will a fair boost of §20,000 to your fledging business. This is a 
nice cash boost, moreso if you have 2 business and the second one that you
just started isn't getting enough green on the cash tracker. This will be a 
nice boost, for you and your business. Of course, there can always be one 
better than this one. 

[3.30] Will Wright Grant

"Outstanding! Your business is becoming a household name, and has won you this
grant from the Will Wright Foundation for Economic Advancement."

This will give a generous boost of §50,000 to a business. This is a great 
cash boost that you should have. Will Wright should be known to you by now.
If you have the game, then you should know that Will Wright is the creator of
the Sim and most of the Sim games like SimCity, SimFarm, SimIsle, and the 
game Spore that is being developed as I type this specific section on the 27th
of March, 2006. Anyway, this will give a large boost that should not be 
reckoned with. Also, his (Will Wright) name also appear in a scholarship in 
the University expansion pack, which you get for having a lot of logic. 

[4.01] Toy Robot

As a header, robotics is a new issue in the Sims 2. There were ghosts in the
original Sims 2. The University pack included Zombies. Nightlife decided to
include Vampires. Now, introducing the new evil figure in this pack. The
Robots. Sure its not the attack of the clones (except you could do this with
about 50 toy robots). You can craft all robots in the Non-Deadly Robot 
Crafting Station. 

"Toy Robots have come a long way. First, you had to operate them with foot
pedals. After that, they ran on steam. Now, they run on a clean muon-catalyst
cold fusion reactor. Warning: do not shake the cold fusion reactor - muon
leakage or eyebrow control chip may overload."

This robot is available in three colours, red, green and the default blue. 
These things cost §108 to make and requires no talent badge to make. This can
be used by toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, adults and elders. 
This can be repaired when broken. Default selling price is §120. When 
broken, this will sell §60. This does not include depreciation. When broken 
and used, it will scare toddlers, children and shy Sims. 

This is just a new toy for Sims to play with. There is nothing major about 
this object except its the only object you can make before the talent badges

[4.02] CleanBot

"Cleaning has never been your strong suit and your maid is getting snippy. 
Join the world of tomorrow and introduce this fervent workhorse to your home!
The ashed remains of your furniture have been cluttering the floor since that
horrific fire last week. Let this cleaning robot take care of the ol' mess 
faster than fast!"

This robot is available in four colours, red, green, blue and default yellow. 
This thing costs §560 to make and requires a bronze talent badge to make. This
can be used by age groups of children, teenager, young adult, adult and elder.
This must be turned off before it can be fixed. Default selling price is §800
and when broken, it is §400. This does not include depreciation. When broken
and used, it will spit trash everywhere.

This robot is not as useful as everyone would think. First of all, it can only
clean up mess that is on the floor around the house. It cannot use the vaccum
on counters, bed and such. Therefore, it is only used by lazy Sims that love
to dump rubbish on the floor. When broken, it will pile trash everywhere, and
will destroy the environment bar. It must be turned off before it can be fixed
and commissioned into service. It needs a rover base for it to charge up again
and start again. You can be killed by flies in this manner.

[4.03] HydroBot

"The flowers are wilting and grandpa's on fire again. Forget the gardeners and
fire marshals ... this is the perfect opportunity for the robot who loves 
water! Thanks to its robot-like effciency, you sad little flowers will be
hydrated to blooming perfection. Let your screams of delight overshadow 
Grandpa's as this perky robot extinguishes the raging inferno intruding upon
your home."

This robot is available in four colours, yellow, green, blue and default red.
This thing cost $320 to make and requires a bronze talent badge to make. This
can be used by age groups of children, teenagers, young adults, adults and the
elders. This must be turned off before it can be fixed. The default selling 
price is §600 and when broken, it is §300. This does not include depreciation.
When broken and used, it will create a lot of puddles everywhere.

This robot is not as useful as everyone would suspect. First of all, it will
only put out fires and secondly, it will water flowers. It can only manage 
one floor, so your probably need two for two floors. It is very slow movement
wise and not good when your Sims are on fire. It needs to be stopped when it 
is broken to be fixed. When broken and activated, it will create puddles 
everywhere that need to be mopped up. Great for cleaning skill but the 
environment bar will be utterly destroyed. It needs a rover base for 
recharging the batteries of the robot. 

[4.04] SentryBot

"The long arm of the law is not always long enough, but a crime fighter you 
are not. Never fear, for swift justice is yours with this new flying 
protection robot. Protect your homer, car, and everything else you hold dear. 
Sorry, a cape's not included with this mechanical hero." 

This robot is available in four colours, green, blue, orange and default 
black. This will cost §720 to make and requires a silver talent badge to make.
This can be used by age groups of children, teenagers, young adults, adults
and elders. This must be turned off before it can be fixed. The default
selling price is §1200 and §600 when it is broken. This does not include
depreciation. When broken and used, it will stun people at random and can 
kill them.

This robot is pretty useful. It will zap those how are planning to shoplift in
your stores and those robbers. It will also zap those who would like to steal
your newspaper, your garden gnome or kick your garbage bin over. Finally, some
justice to those who kick over my bin. Several notes though. It can kill 
people when it stuns them. It is like failing to repair an item and gets 
a nasty shock. It needs a hover base for this to recharge. When you shock 
people with this item, it will make them run away from your lot extremely fast
as if they don't want another round with this beast. 

[4.05] MunchieBot
"Your stomach is growling. You desire something tasty and just don't want to
leave that oh-so-comfortable apparatus upon which you sit. Introducing this
robotic hunger solver, the cute and lovable robot who delivers delicious 
vittles for you. You'll never cook again!"

This robot is available in four colours, green, blue, yellow and default is 
red. This will cost you §1200 to make and requires a silver talent badge. This
can be used by the age groups of children, teenagers, young adults, adults and
the elders. This must be turned off before you can fix it. The default selling
price is §2000 and when broken, it is §1000. This does not include the 
depreciation. When broken and used, it will bring back food that has been 

This robot is a dual edged sword. It will get you food when anyone on the lot
has their hunger bar drop below half way a fair bit. The downside is that is
cannot make it free, therefore, you will have to pay for the food that your
robot delivered. It can deliever pizza and chinese food for a price that you
would normally pay and the cost of making a cookable food it paid for those
meals that cannot be ordered. So if it brought back a turkey, you would have
to pay the cost of making a turkey. This will bring back burnt food that you
will have to pay for the same when it is broken. It will need a hover base
to recharge during every flight. It will fly out of your lot and be gone from
your lot while it is getting your food. 

[4.06] Servo

"Gardening? Check. Cooking? Check. Periodic bursts of wanton destruction?
Indeed, check. This friendly humanoid robot is truly but one step from
humanity. This Servo robot has a gender-assignable artifical intelligence unit
that simulates all the desires of a real human: friendship, success ... even
love. Just make sure you keep the Servo Model in a good mood, else you'll be
the one cleaning up all the ash piles while your new friend lies sparking 
in the corner."

This robot has no other colours than the default grey. This will cost you
§3000 to make and requires a gold talent badge to make. This can be activated
by anyone who wants to activate it. When broken, it will electrocute and 
shock Sims, and can kill them. The default selling price is §6000.

This is the best thing that is in the game so far. First of all, when you
decide to activate Servo, you need to look at your personality. The member
that activite Servo will have their personality and their aspiration copied
by Servo. You can decide if you want Servo to be male or female. Servo will
start off with some random talent badges. Servo will have 10 cooking points,
10 mechanical points and 10 cleaning points automatically assigned to him.
The other skills are determined by the skills of the person who activated 

Servo cannot grow old, and cannot rust. He can still be killed by fire, 
flies, satellites, sickness, etc. If Servo enters anything with water, such
as a pool, a shower, a hot tub, etc, he or she will lose their power rating
extremely quickly that he might die. Servo is like any Sim except he or she
cannot try for baby. They can create other Servos provided he has the required
gold talent badge. They also have a special flirt interaction called "Tune 

Servo has four needs, power, fun, social and environment. Power is just like
energy. To recover the lost energy, he will need to go into sunlight, that is
7am to 7pm and recharge with the sunlight. Servo will be able to power down 
by clicking on him when needed. He will do chores such as cleaning, cooking
etc automatically because it is programmed like that. More on Servo later, 
this is just a simple rundown.

When Servo is out of power, either by working him too hard or by drowning
himself in water, which happens in Seasons a lot, he will decide to run amok
which will make controlling him difficult. You can cancel his action all you
like but he will continue to run around and be amok. When he or she finally
stops, you have to repair the Servo before you can commission it for 
service again. 

Note that Servo is not armed with the grenade launchers that he was armed
with in SimCity 4. Also, he is basically the same as the Servo in the Sims 1.
He can change clothing by clicking on him and change to formal. Then is all
seems normal, except for that one eye that he has that make him look like a 

[5.01] Daisy Bouquets

"The simple arrangement is a great way to say "just friends." "Could it be 
 more? Is it my hair? Do I stink?" Questions arise, yet no answers come
 forth. In the romantic comedy of life, sometimes you're the one left with a
 handful of daisies."

There are 4 different coloured vases for you to choose from, White, Blue, Red
and Green and two different types of daisies, white and yellow. It will cost
you §36 to make and does not require you to have any Talent Badge. 

[5.02] Wildflower Bouquets

"Smell the wildflowers. Run your fingers over their soft petals and fragile
 stems. The experience is pure and natural, as if these wildflowers weren't
 actually grown in an industrial greenhouse. Disregard the facts and accept
 the wild experience of this Bouquet."

Available in 4 different vases and 2 different varieties of wildflowers, this
will cost you §47 to make one and will require you to have the Bronze Talent
Badge in Flower Arranging. 

[5.03] Tulip Bouquets

"Long stems and romantic petals of spring fill this glorious vase. Your heart
 awakens and beats furiously as love fills the air. Why tulips have such a 
 profound effect, you will never know. That's for them to know. You know ...

This can be manufactured in 4 different vases and there are two different sets
of bouquets that you can make. This will cost you §61 to make and requires you
to have a Bronze Talent Badge. 

[5.04] Mixed Flower Bouquets

"The beauty of the Mixed Flower Bouquet begins with diversity. All too often 
 flowers are grouped and bunched according to colour and size. Here, they 
 mingle freely -- a variety of colours, fragrances, and level of toxicity.
 Enjoy, but don't ingest."

Available in 4 different vases and 2 different varieties of flowers, the Mixed
Flower Bouquet will cost you §68 to make one and will require the Silver
Talent Badge in Flower Arranging. 

[5.05] Rose Bouquets

"You are the classical romantic, the one who sends chocolate on every generic
 Don't-You-Love-Me-So-Much holiday. You write cute notes for your sweetheart's
 sack lunch, and always embrace tender moments with a pat on the back and a 
 high-five. That's why you naturally love roses -- the high-five of the 
 botanical world."

The classic rose, available in four different vases, including pink and with
3 different varieties of roses, purple, yellow and pink. Ok, the right of a
Pink Rose in a Pink Vases is slightly amusing, but none the less, a Bouquet.
It will cost §96 to make one Bouquet as well as requiring a Silver Talent 
Badge to make one of these. 

[5.06] Snapdragon Bouquets

"Dragons are big and scary. Snapdragons are small and cute! Dragons live in a
 cave. Snapdragons live in a vase! Dragons eat cattle and wayward villagers.
 Snapdragons eat ... well, they don't really eat. But they live in a vase!
 And they're cute."

Available in four different coloured vases and 2 different varieties, the 
Snapdragon is the ultimate in floral arrangements. It will costs you §240 to
make one and requires the Gold Talent Badge in Flower Arranging to allow you
to make these.

There are two bouquets, one is good, one is evil. The Good Bouquet will spray
a pink mist every hour or so, boosting all of the need bars into the green 
except for Environment. The evil one however, will spray the green mist which
will sap your needs. It will sap Hunger, Comfort, Bladder, Hygiene, Fun and 
Social. It will not touch the 2 E's, Energy and Environment. 

These have stackable effects and work in a 3 tile radius. Therefore, it would
resemble something like a circle.


This is where B is the Snapdragon Bouquet. While you are selling these items,
the Snapdragons will activate their effects. Unlike other products where you
stack them together, it is recommended that you space these Bouquets out and
allow their mist to make the shoppers happier and more ready to spend that 
lovely §§§. 

[6.01] Sir Bricks-a-Lot

"Just a brick they say? Fools! Little do they know Sir Bricks-a-Lot can learn
 to tame mythical beasts and play dead. Those who are quick to judge will 
 never see such wonders, but one with patience ... infinite patience, may be
 very, very surprised."

Available in 4 colours, the Sir Brick-a-Lot is the staple crafting item of the
toys bench requiring no badge to make. It will cost you §32 to produce one of
these wonderful toys. They are quick and cheap to make, making it the staple
diet of the toy production world. 

You Sims will love this toy, acting like a pet. Your Sims will grow to love
and nurture it as if it were real, too bad real pets came along in the Pets
expansion pack. 

[6.02] Little Heroes Fire Trucks

"The toy truck inspires every child to save others from fire! Grab your axe
 and ladder and save those who need saving. They won't mind if you chop down 
 their door, because you're a little hero!"

Available in 4 colours of yellow, green, black and classic red, the Fire
Trucks are the next toys you can make. It requires a Bronze Toy Making Badge
as well as costing §45 for each of them. Theys are more expensive to make
than that lovely brick, but makes more money and looks far superior to that
little brick. 

Your Sims will play with this toy as it flys through the air. However a 
vehicle flys is beyond me, but it would be a sight. They love to have a nice
look as the lights flash and they have a hell of a time. Well, it just proves
that there is a child in all of us. 

[6.03] Clown-in-a-Box

"The art of crafting the Clown-in-a-Box has been passed down for generations,
 ralling against time and absent-minded students. It can take years to master
 the subtle nuances, the fine brush strokes and, ... more. If you have the 
 time and patience, you too can be a master of this craft. Be careful though,
 this is not to be taken lightly. One miss-stroke, one careless touch and it
 may be You-In-A-Box.

Available in 4 fantastic versions, this little wonder costs §75 to make for
one. It is much more fun to play around with and it will require a Bronze
Toy Making Badge to make one of these. They take about the same time to make
as the Fire Truck and is a much better end product. 

Most Boxes will end up with the Sim turning the crank and laughing their heads
off as the clown pops out and gives them a nice scare. This is the good 
version however. The evil version, identified through the Black outside of the
box, will scare the Sim with an evil face, giving them a bad memory and 
dropping the needs as a bonus. Some Sims even develop a fear of this. 

[6.04] Brink's Kite

"Brink Fenjamin spent his entire life attempting to master flight. One day at
 the park he noticed some children had fashioned a piece of cloth between 
 a couple of sticks. The children were throwing these objects into the air,
 where they would hover for a few moments and then fall to the ground. The
 light of genius went on and Brink knocked down the unsuspecting children,
 taking the object for himself. After attaching a string to the end of his
 new found creation, Brink had finally done it! The kite was born."

Well, an unconvention way to found a creation, this Kite comes in a variety of
4 colours. This is the first of the 2 Silver Badge creations and this comes
at a cost of §60 to make for one single kite. This is much cheaper than the 
counterpart to the Kite.

This will provide loads of fun to your Sims. If there is good wind, your Sim
will throw this up into the air and have fun as they try to get the kite to
fly as high as possible. There is an evil version to this kite however as 
when it gets thrown into the air, it is struck by lightning and the Sim, who
unfortunately doesn't have a key on the end of the line, gets struck by 
lightning and electrocuted. 

[6.05] Twirl, Spin and Wobble!

"Who needs educational toy when this dizzying toy is perfect for wasting your
 child's youth away. Don't let your child become confused and depressed with
 the difficulties that life is sure to bring! Get them spinning now and let
 them wobble for a lifetime!"

Available in 4 wonderful colours, pink, cyan, yellow and green, this toy is
the other toy that you can manufacture with the Silver Toy Making Badge. It
does however, cost a large amount of §260 to make one of these so they don't 
come cheap, but you always sell it for a profit anyway. 

This toy is only usable for children and toddlers. Babies would be too 
confused to understand and teenagers would be too busy talking on blogs and
chatting online. Just watch the little kids run around and spin around this
machine. Quite entertaining. 

[6.06] Wet n' Wild Water Wiggler

"Water! Yes, it's wet, we all know that. But it's also fun! Fun to look at!
 Fun to run through! Fun to splash and play in. Lets all get wet in this 
 wiggly water toy, because water makes life fun. And wet!"

Manufactured in 4 different colours, Orange, Purple, Green and Yellow, this
little critter looks like an Octopus to be honest. They cost a whopping §400
for one single toy and requires the Gold Toy Making Badge to make one of 
these. This is the best toy you can manufacture.

Its an octopus sprinkler. It squirts out water as your Sims run around and 
jump around in this, making them increase their fun bar. Of course, this also
has an evil side, a conspiracy to make your lawn full of puddles. Of course,
that would lead to a low environment and someone would have to clean up. 

[7.01] Berry Pie

The infamous Berry Pie. This is another dessert, and probably the 6th dessert
that you can cook. There was Gelatin, Layer Cake, Baked Alaska, Santa Cookies
and Crepe Suzette. Now there is the berry pie. It basically is really a cake
that has a bunch of icing and berries on top. I believe that the American
translation will be Cherry Pie. Same thing. To cook this, you will need a 
cooking skill of 5 at least. You cannot prepare this for single plates, it 
can only be for Group Meals. It costs §20 for a Group Dish of a Cherry or
Berry Pie. Enjoy. 

[7.02] Cheesecake

This is the Cheesecake, but it is different from every other food you can 
cook. It has an extra bonus which will be added later. After the Pie, there
is the Cheesecake. Like any other Dessert, it cannot be served in single 
plates. It will cost you §20 to serve the dish for 6 people. You will need a 
cooking skill of 7 to cook this cake. 

The BONUS!!! 
When you have a pregnant mother, if you eat some cheesecake, you will always
have twins. This bunks the spaghetti rumours and any other twins rumour. Now 
we definitely have a food that makes twins. 

[8.01] Title Deed

When you purchase a community lot for opening a business, you are offically 
awarded the title deed to the lot. This proves ownership of the building. If 
you lose the deed, there is no need to worry that you have lost ownership of
the lot, it simply means that you have to use the phone and order another
deed to that community lot. This can be done under the businesses function.
This deed can also be traded and given to other Sims to let them have owner-
ship to the building.

When you sell the community lot, the deed to that community lot will be 
forfeited since you offically don't own that lot anymore. So don't trot around
like an employer when you are only a customer. 

[8.02] First § Award

This award is only given once per business. This award shows the first 
Simoleon that you have made on the lot. Note that this award is also given out
on home business compared to no deed on home businesses. This award, when 
placed gives a nice small boost to the sales bar when a customer is 
considering to purchase something. You apparently get to keep this item when 
you sell that lot since it is an award. 

[8.03] Good Review

This award is not really a material award, but a boost to your business. This
can only be given out by the secret reviewer who could be anyone, but will 
make notes on a notepad so watch out. This is the second prize from the 
reviewer, the first being the award below. This award gives you business for
a few days, a +2 business bonus. So basically, this will make your business
two levels higher than it actually is for a few days. This will help rake in
more customers and more chances to actually level up your business. This is
quite handy when you aren't making much in sales. 

To obtain this boost to your business, you have to befriend the secret review-
er and get two or less stars towards your business. Note that you can't have
negative points from the reviewer. 

The exact stats are traffic to the lot is increased as if your level has 
increased by 2 for 3 days. New customers will arrive to your lot faster when
customers leave. Also, the buy bar is increased by 15 points. 

[8.04] Best of the Best

This is what every business should achieve. This award is given out by the 
secret reviewer and it has a very helpful effect to your business. This award
will cause customers to have a bigger boost to the initial sales bar when they
are about to buy something. This acts in the same way as the First Simoleon
Award but it provides a bigger boost and has a large area of effect compared
to the First Simoleon Award. 

To obtain this award, you have to get more than 2 stars with the Secret
Reviewer. This may seem like a hard feat to perform but if you have access to
the poker table from Nightlife, it isn't all that hard to convince him to sit
down and gamble for a long time. This is definitely the award to strive for 
and is the best prize you can get from the reviewer. The worst award from the 
reviewer is listed below. 

[8.05] Bad Review

This is something you should definitely should avoid at all costs. This is 
the fourth prize from the reviewer, the first being the Best of the Best 
award, second being the good review and the third being nothing. This bad 
review is the exact opposite of the good review. This award, for a couple of
days or so, will give your business a -2 Level effect, which will make the 
business two levels lower than what it really is. This will remove the max
amount of customers by two. 

To earn this, for those who just want to, you have to create -2 stars with the
secret reviewer. This can't really be done unless your service is really dirt
poor or you just fight him or her or something. Not good for those who are 
just starting and need to make money. 

The exact stats are that traffic to the lot is decreased as if the level of 
the business has been decreased by 2 for 3 days. New customers will arrive
slower when you old customers leave and the buy bar loses 15 points when a
customer is about to buy. 

[9.01] Business Ranks

There are benefits of Business Ranks. They are worth far more § or far less
§ if you sell at the right time. A rank will provide +§10,000 to a business
value. A negative rank will provide a negative of that amount. 

Note: The amount of Customers on the lot will depend on your computer. 
      Although the maximum of Sims is 10, your Computer can sometimes make the
      limit down to 4 or some number, depending on the processing speed and
      the ram on your Computer. 

 Rank |            Name            | Stars Needed | Amount of Customers on Lot
  10  | Visionary Vending Venture  |     125      |           10
   9  |    Outstanding Outlet      |     100      |            9
   8  |  Esteemed Establishment    |      75      |            8
   7  |     Unique Boutique        |      60      |            7
   6  |   Empowered Emporium       |      45      |            7
   5  |  Proficient  Purveyor      |      30      |            6
   4  |    Burgeoning Bazaar       |      20      |            5
   3  |     Fledgling Firm         |      12      |            4
   2  |    Budding Brokerage       |       7      |            4
   1  |    Tenderfoot Tender       |       3      |            3
   0  |    Middling Merchant       |       0      |            3
  -1  |     Mediocre Market        |      -5      |            2
  -2  |       Shoddy Shop          |     -12      |            2
  -3  |     Paltry Peddler         |     -20      |            2
  -4  |   Derelict Discounter      |     -30      |            2
  -5  | Bankrupt Bargain Basement  |     -50      |            2

Have fun with the nice shiny table. For each rank that you gain on this table,
you will get another point that you can invest in business perks. Quite handy

[9.02] Business Basics I

The start a business, first of all, you will need somewhere to sell your goods
at, either your own home, or a community lot. The former will be explained 
later on, but the latter will be explained now. There are ups and downs to 
both of them. Home businesses are intrusive to your home but if the client
base is small, its perfect. However, for those truly big businesses, you 
will have to develop a community lot. And also, for a community lot will be
accessable to other Sims in the neighbourhood, since the ability to visit
residential lots is still barred in the game.

To purchase a community lot, use the computer or the telephone, or the mobile
phone if you have one, and choose the Real Estate option. Then, select the
purchase Community Lot option. You can now select the neighbourhood and then
pick the lot that takes your fancy. You can purchase it provided you have the
money to purchase it. If you can purchase it, purchase it and the Deed will
pop up in your Inventory. To start a Home Business, choose the Business option
and then Start Home Business.

There are several items that you will need to start a fledging business. The
first is the Open and Closed sign that is obtainable in the Decorative section
under Misc. This allows you to open and close the business, effectively ending
trading hours, or opening up shop. The second item, if you wish to sell items,
is to have a cash register. This is how the money is made when the Sim decides
to purchase an item. There is a downside, if the Sim takes too long, the
customer will dump the goods and leave the store. This is done through the 
Electronics section, then Misc. There are two cash registers, one more 
included in H&M Fashion Stuff. 

To sell goods, you will need to have some things to display them. There are
several ways to do so. If you want shelves, it is obtainable under the 
Shelving section under Surfaces and Misc under Surfaces for Shelves and the
Car Display respectively. Of course, for cars, you will need Nightlife. There
are three types of displays. Your shelves, or stackable cubes, will hold some
items for you to sell. These are your basic shelves. The Refrigerated Display
is for foodstuffs that can rot under the sun. Items such as dishes, and then
fishes and vegetables in Season, will be stored here for sale. The Car Display
is the area where you can place cars and sell them at great profit. In fact,
they make the most profit. 

Of course, for some items, they need to be crafted. Therefore, there are 3
different craft stations, one for Toys, Flowers and Robotics respectively. You
can Make One, which allows you to make one items for a small cost. The Make
Many option allows you to continue to grind out new items until your Sim stops
or until you run out of Simoleons. The Make Many will turn up in the owner's
inventory by the way. These craft stations can be found under the Hobbies
section and then the Miscellaneous section. 

For Salons, you will need the Makeover Chair found under the Comfort and then
Miscellaneous section. This is all you will need though. The Podium will be
needed if you wish to set up a restaurant, but Nightlife will be required. 

If selling isn't your thing, you will need the Electrono Ticket Machine which
will make money based on the amount of time spent on the lot. Useful for 
places such as gyms and income is by the hour. This is found in the Misc
section under Electronics. 

Now, if you are selling something, you will need some stock to sell. There
are two items for you to sell, Wholesale and Crafted. Wholesale is selling
items that is premade, which is essentially off the buy catalog and you
purchase at a wholesale price, which you can mark up and make profit on. This
is easier to restock as it will just cost you some money. The second item is
the Crafted items, which is basically items off the Craft Stations. However,
to restock them, you will need to have the items in your inventory. You can
also sell other things, but more on that later. 

To set it for sale, you will need to have the stock ready on the floor, the
shelves or on the wall, depending on the item. Then, you can mark it for 
selling on the task bar for the business. However, you may need to purchase
at a discount and therefore, click on the Business Build Tools, choose the 
percentage you wish to charge for the items, click on Wholesale Mode Toggle
and then purchase the items in yellow and sell it. To sell crafted items,
create the items. Grab the item from the Inventory and place it and then
sell it buy using the for sale tool.

Now that you can sell, you need to be to restock the items when the stock runs
out. To do so, just click on the icon of the Out of Stock sign and then click
and restock. To restock an item, you will pay the wholesale price of the item
while for crafted items, it depends on inventory on the restocker. You can
also assigned employees to restock, or click on the owner, your Sim and click
on the Restock option. They will automatically restock items that need 
restocking. That is all for Business Basics I

[9.03] Business Basics II

Now that you can sell and restock, you will realise, a growing businesss will
need more than one person to run the place. Of course, you will need to hire
some employees to work on the business scene to help you out. While small 
businesses and social lots such as Gyms won't need employees, a shop like a 
Megamall will definitely need some.

Employees can do a large range of tasks, similar to the ones done in real 
life. They can clean the workplace, make some crafted goods or do some cooking
for you, act as a salesperson, restock out of stock items, wait on the 
customers, give makeovers to customers, work on the cashiers and tend the
bars and espresso machine of the place. All Sims will have their strengths and
their weaknesses, at least when you hire them. When you need an employee, you
will be given a range to choose from and as such, you will need to pick those
skills match the ones that you need. Of course, the more skills they have, the
more you will pay. Of course, you might need a qualified chef or Flower 
Arranger to make the goods, but you might need some unskilled labour such as

To hire some employees, you need to access the computer or telephone and 
select on Business, and then, Hire Employees. From there, you can choose where
to hire the employ the employee at, their skills and qualifications, their
current job and their starting pay. Select the Sim/s that you want to hire and
then hire them. However, with hiring, there comes firing. You must understand
that some workers will be slackers and you might need to fire them. You can do
this nicely or with malice. You can fire them by laying them off. 

You can also hire Sims off the street provided you have a decent relationship
with them. You can Ask them and then look at their skills they have to offer.
When you have your employees, you can call them to work through the sign that
you should have bought by now. 

To make them work, you can use the manage option under them to delegate them
a take. Conversely, you can click on the activity that your employee can do,
such as a Bar or a Oven for cooking. Note that as employees gain skills, they
will want to be paid a bit more as NPCs will gain skills over time. They also
have a little circle above their heads to demonstrate their mood, the greener
it is, the better. The redder it is, the worse it is. Give your employees a
break every now and then to replenish their moods as a happy worker is a 
productive worker. If there are pretty down, send them home early. By sending
them home, you cannot recall them for 6 hours to recoup and recover. And as a
reminder, give them something to do, it is pointless to have idle workers on
the job. 

The next area ofter your employees is the people who bring in the money. No,
not the investors, the customers. Understanding a customer is simple. They 
want a product, or service, and some good service and in exchange, they make
you money. Simple? Sort of. They are several things that you must take into 
consideration while you managing your store.

The mood of the customer is the key to surviving the cruel world of business.
Some will come into the shop, happy as happy can be and fall to your sales
pitch and rhetoric and purchase your wares. However, some might come in sour
as grapes and resist your speeches and as such, be a hard customer. While
you cannot change the mood, you can change the environment, making some good
decor with some paintings and some statues here and there. In tandem with some
good service and some decent prices, you can make their bad mood into some 
profit. Also, your employees can make a difference. If they are in a bad mood,
their sales pitch might not be as convincing and customers don't like dealing
with some grumpy salesmen, so watch out!

Observe your customers. Some items might not be appealing and as such, you 
might save the money and remove the items. Take note of what they think and
change accordingly, after all, the customer is king. And watch out for the
secret reviewer. Look for him or her, and when you spot the customer who 
decides to take some notes, you've found them. In fact, my Sim befriended

Now that business is booming, you need to be understanding of how to manage
such growth. The aim of all businesses is to make money so keep an eye on the
cash flow tracker which will monitor the inflows and outflows of cash on the
business. You want the green, not the red. It will also show how much money 
you have made or lost on the lot in total.

You will also be able to gain perks on the business as the business levels up
in rank. Finally, we come to the task of managers. I've gotten emails over
this so read carefully. Managers can be promoted from employees with a total
of 5 Badge Ranks. So a employee with 1 Gold and 1 Silver can be a manager as 
well as one with 5 Bronze. You can get them to manage the store while you are
gone. Even though you leave the business, in real time, it is still running 
and makes you money. To do so, let them run things and use the telephone to
check up on the business every day. Income comes in at midnight and will 
slowly deteriorate and sooner or later, forces you to revisit the business to
make money again, or shake things up. 

[9.04] Business Trivia

You can use your employees, and yourself to have uniform for work. You can
set it yourself by clicking it on yourself or on employees and make them wear
what you want them to wear. You can make uniform a Knight in Armour to PJs!

Teens can run, manage and own their own stores. This is interesting as it will
provide far more money than a regular job can. But then again, the shame of 
having the teen as the breadwinner. 

You also have the option to transfer the deed to a lot to a family member when
you feel you don't wish to run the store. Also, if the owner, for some reason,
dies, it is automatically transferred to an heir. 

Kids can run businesses, a lemonade stand. Not bad for a kid.

You can pass on business perks and inside info to other household members. 
You can teach your family the tips of the trade when you deal with the 
suppliers and get great discounts. This can be done by clicking on the Sim
you wish to transfer the information to. However, it does take quite a long
time to pass on however. 

The Elevator can break down. When this happens, it can plummet a Sim to their
death when they have low needs. It also has a higher chance of breaking down
when two people are WooHooing in the elevator. It will leave a transparent
ghost behind. 

[10.01] Bakery

A bakery is what it is, a bakery. What a bakery should focus on are item such
as cookies and cakes. You will need to have a counter with the cash register
on it. This is default, unless you run a restaurant. Now you will need to have
some food displays to place your food in. This ultimately depends on what you
want to offer and your cooking skill, and that of your family and/or 
employees. This is what I suggest you offer in your bakery.

Santa or Christmas Cookies
Crepes Suzette
Berry or Cherry Pie
Layer Cake
Baked Alaska

Obviously, those above are baked items which defines the whole point of a 
bakery. Concentrate on Baked Alaskas since it will offer the largest amount
of profit but then again, the earlier items are quicker to make. Well, only
the cookies. 

[10.02] Cafe (University Required)

A cafe is something that had came around with University. You will obviously
need the coffee server, and a barista for it as well. That should make some
money easy. Some nice seating and some fresh air will do some good. You 
might want to have some food displays, in case some people want to bring some
stuff home. Its again, really up to you what you want to serve but my 
suggestions are, based on real life cafes. 

Toaster Pastry
Meat Sandwiches
Santa or Christmas Cookies
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Of course, you can add or remove some foods from the list, the recommended
items are really for realism. 

[10.03] Restaurant (Nightlife Required)

A restaurant is a different type of business. You will need a Restaurant 
Podium and someone to man the station. You will need some servers, one to two
to have good service. And of course, one chef, that is level 10 in areas of
Cooking Skill. This makes it so that they can cook any meal that the customer
will request. You will need a fair amount of tables, and since there will only
be single customers, you don't need that many unless you want some of your
other sims to visit the lot. 

It seems pricy to have all these staff wondering around waiting for a 
customer, and for one, I have to agree. It is extremely hard for a restaurant
to be profitable. Well, there are several methods of survival. You can sell 
food that your chef can cook when not preparing meals. You can use your host
to sell and cashier those sales. You can use a bar and counters to make more
sales in drinks and money from the bar. 

There are also ways to save money by having staff do several jobs. You can't
have your chef moving around so you can have 2 waiter staff, one can switch
into the host. 

It is of those reasons why it is better to use families to own restaurants, 
and not individual Sims. Some Sims will only order cheap food, like gelatin
so be careful. Don't stock it and some Sims will be unhappy. So be careful.
The only reason why I like restaurants is because Restaurant Empire is much
better for running restaurants. See my other Guide on that. There we go, 
shameless self-promotion. 

Also, you can make probably more a bit more money with tips since if you have
some good service, you can use tips to your advantage. However, remember this,
if your Sim is in the restaurant business, you are guaranteed to make a loss
on the onset, so running a restaurant is not all it's cracked up to be. 

[10.04] Gym (University Preferred)

A Gym is a place for exercise and generally, to increase the Body skill to 
decent levels. Of course, there are some items in order to set up a gym that
you will need. 

You will need the Following:

Exercise Equipment (A Bonus for University user for those extra machines)
A Swimming Pool
Ticket Machine

Well, it doesn't seem like a lit, but for those with University, it is since
it added 4 new exercise machines, in particular, the treadmill. Of course,
a swimming pool is nowadays, standard in most decent sized gyms, but not in
most, but still, it is not real money, so why not? And of course, you will
need the ticket machine to make some money of the customers who visit your
wonderful establishment. To charge, you should set at cheap, which allows you
to make some money. If you have University, you can also become a personal
trainer, allowing you to make extra money. 

[10.05] Grocery Store (Seasons Perferred)

With the recent additon of Seasons, the Grocery Store will do good. Those
without, you can have a grocery store easily with the Produce Bins and the
Freezer Bins that are available for purchase under the Appliances section if
I'm not mistaken. Of course, you can recolour and change the layout. These
generally doesn't need to be a big lot, but it is up to you. You won't need
many people except for yourself to manage the store, since there only need is
to sell, restock and thats about it. 

With the addition of Seasons, the Grocery Store has been revitalised. The 
freeze displays serve a new role. The fish from the sea that you can fish out
of ponds can now be set for sale. Also, the produce grown on the trees and
the vegetables and fruit grown from the ground can also be sold for some 
money. This is tedious to restock, but it is a decent money earner and handy
for other Sims who can't be bother to grow some mouthwatering vegetables. It 
is times like these that some familys were comptuer controlled. Multiplayer 
would be nice. 

[10.06] Arcade (University Perferred)

An arcade is what most of us gamers are into. Although we don't go there 
anymore, the concept is similar to that of a gym. Of course, you will need 
some equipment for your arcade to succeed.

Your equipment needed will be:

Pinball Machines
Pinball Machine Reward from Seasons if possible
Arcade Machines from University
Televisions + Gaming Consoles

Of course, the initial setup costs will be very expensive but as such, you 
can charge more for the admission fair. It isn't too bad, but the Arcade 
machines will be better and gives more of an Arcade vibe to it. Of course,
you can go without. 

[10.07] Car Dealership (Nightlife Heavily Perferred)

People want cars and you can now sell them. To operate a car dealership, you
will need a relatively large lot to place the displays on. Anyway, once you
have the little displays to sell the cars on, you will need some cars to sell
off first. Here comes the problem. For those without Nightlife, the only car
you can get was the ones offered by Maxis on the Exchange a while back. This
peeved off many Nightlife users since this reduced part of the exclusive 
content available to those who purchased it. Anyway, the better cars are from
Nightlife anyway.

Place your car on the display lot and then set it for sale. If you plan it
right, the Car Dealership can be quite profitable as cars from Nightlife can
sell with a profit of about 2000+ Simoleons easily and you can easily do
several a day. Nice profit for very little work. However, the problem with
this is that you will need to have some pretty good salespersons as decent
profit will need some decent sales pitch. 

[10.08] Furniture Store (Stuff Packs + Nightlife Perferred)

The Furniture Store is by far the most profitable if you have the right 
selection, but it is profitable none the less. Given all the business perks,
your customers can purchase furniture cheaper than that off the buy catalog. 
Sims will need furniture to furnish their homes, and as such, you can offer
a lot of items. The reason for Stuff Packs, in particular, Glamour Life, and
Nightlife is because it offers a lot of higher end items for your Sims. 

You can sell anything from Barstools, to Countertops, to Painting and Statues,
to Shiny Lights, to Ovens, to Plasma Screen TVs, to Toilets, to Chessboards
and then other items. These is a lot of offer and if you wish to sell every
item possible, you would either need several stories or multiple lots. This
is due to the large amount of items on offer. Therefore, you will need a
decent staff to assist the customers. 

Why would a Furniture Store be profitable? If you select the higher end
furniture such as Statues and Plasma Screen Televisions, the profit margin is
large and you can make many sales. In fact, my record is a puny 50,000
Simoleons in one day with higher end furniture. The problem of selling the
cheaper furniture is that it might not be profitable enough in the long run
to pay the staff and make some profit to repay the capital you have invested
in the business. Also, it can be tiresome to sell every single type of 
furniture available on the buy catalog. Therefore, you might need to start 
weeding out those you want and those you don't.

[10.09] Build Store (Every Sim Expansion + Stuff Pack Perferred)

What is a build store? It is like a furniture store, except for the fact that
is will deal with items from the Build Catalog. You would be surprised on what
you can sell. You can sell a large variety of items ranging from the doors on
the floor, to massive arches. You can sell windows all the way to selling the
fireplaces that you see.

Although this might not be as profitable as the Furniture Store can be, it is
profitable none the less and requires a lot less floor space since there are
not many items that you can sell, except the amount of doors and windows seem
to be growing with each expansion and stuff pack. Funny that. 

You can also sell neglected items, such as Columns. You can be surprised the
amount of items that you can sell of the Build Catalog if you don't visit is
much. Inspiration can come from the funniest of places. I discovered this when
I accidently clicked on a window to sell. 

[10.10] Electronics Store (Expansion Packs Perferred + Glamour Life)

An electronics store is selling exactly what you would expect, electronics. 
Wow, didn't except that did you? Anyway, your biggest income earners will
come easily from the Plasma TVs and you won't do too bad with some other 
income earners such as Stereos as well as Karaoke Machines and some Pinball

However, true to the theme, you should have the stands that allow the Sims to
purchase video games, after all, you would need something to play on that 
brand spanking new laptop don't you? You also should download the Urbz stand
off the Exchange as it is free, for those who bought the game legally and 
gives another game for your Sims to play around with. Of course, this is not
required and is only optional, but at least give the groove. 

[10.11] Toy Store

A toy store is one that will need the Toy Crafting Station. You can make a 
fair amount by selling toys. They are small and cheap to make. You can sell
toys that you craft and the limited amount of toys that can be found in the 
buy catalog. You can also stock some items that are from the decorative
side of the catalog while they don't actually have a purpose. 

There is another method of obtain some toys. That involves getting the toybox
item from the buy catalog and using getting your Sims to play with it. This
will allow you to pick out toys and by cancelling the action to return it,
you can place this toy in your inventory. Of course, this won't do much, but
it is great for decor. Don't except to reaping massive profits with this 
store however. 

[10.12] Food Store

A food store is one of the main reasons for the refrigerated displays is that
you can sell food items. Don't worry, it is relatively cheap to run and the
most expensive item would be the kitchen to cook the food and the displays to
store the food. 

The higher your perks are, you can make some serious money from this. At the
full level of perks, I've seen Baked Alaskas go for about 100 Simoleons. With
a Food Store, you should at least have a level 10 Chef as the most expensive
food will make the most money. You will only need one of each dish as you
can just make some more and restock the empty plates. I'll provide a list of
all the foodstuffs in the game so far. With the make command, you can make
any dish whenever you want, Baked Alaskas at 4 in the morning and pancakes at
midnight. Some food cannot be sold however and I'll mark them for you with a *

|Food                     |Food                    |Food                     |
|Juice*                   |Chips*                  |Cookies*                 |
|Instant Meal*            |Cereal                  |Toaster Pastry           |
|Lunch Meat Sandwich      |Hot Dogs                |TV Dinner*               |
|Mac and Cheese           |Gelatin                 |Cup o' ramen (U)         |
|Bass with Squash (S)     |Spaghetti               |Christmas Cookies (C)    |
|Grilled Cheese Sandwich  |Blackened Catfish (S)   |Pancakes                 |
|Hamburgers               |Chef's Salad            |Omelettes                |
|Chilli Con Carne         |Crepes Suzette (N)      |Stuffed Rainbow Trout (S)|
|Pork Chops               |Cherry Pie (O)          |Salmon                   |
|Turkey                   |Holiday Roast (C)       |Layer Cake               |
|Stuffed Golden Trout (S) |Grilled Ribs            |Cheesebake (O)           |
|Baked Alaska             |Lobster Thermidor       |-------------------------

*    = Not Sellable
(C)  = In Sims 2 Christmas Pack or Christmas Edition
(S)  = In Sims 2 Seasons
(U)  = In Sims 2 University
(O)  = In Sims 2 Open for Business
(N)  - In Sims 2 Nightlife

There are probably more to come with the next packs and so.

[10.13] Flower Store

A flower store is another store where you would need the Flower Crafting
Station. There are several different flowers that you can stock, including the
mood boosting Snapdragon. The flower store should be seperated into two 
different sections, an indoor and outdoor area.

The indoor area should contain mainly decorative trees and such found in the
buy catalog under the decorative section. These can contain the hanging plants
to the ones in planters. Most should be placed on the shelves except for those
that cannot be placed on shelves and placed on the floor or the wall. The
shelves are also needed to store the crafted floral arrangements that you can
arrange yourself. 

The outdoor area should contain plants and trees. Items such as tree and
shrubs that you cannot have inside as they cannot be placed on tiles. Needless
to say, most of your store will be in green. 
[10.14] Robotics Store

The third type of store that you would need the crafting station for. The
robotics business can be profitable but you are limited to the bots that you
can craft. Therefore, you would want some staff either selling and restocking
or talenting in making robotics. This is because it takes time to make these
robots, or as Zoidberg would say, Robits. 

You best bet to make money is to sell Servos. Selling at about 6000 Simoleons
a pop, but they take time to make. You should have a variety of robots, while
the most money should be made from the little toy robots. They are relatively
cheap to sell and quick to make. 

The second tier bots, the Hydro and Clean Bots are decent for making money and
are quick to make. The third tier robots, the Sentry and Munchie Bots should
sell and make money, but they take longer to make. Again, it is your choice
on which robots that you choose to make.

[10.15] Clothes Store (H&M Fashion Stuff Perferred)

Well, the Clothes store is back with a revival. Anyway, to have a clothes 
store, you will need the clothes rack first of all. After a few of those, you
will need a changing booth. Don't keep these too far from the Clothing rack
as it will reduce travelling time and allows you to get through more 

After that, you will need mirrors. Your customers will need a place to have a
look and see how they look in some new clothes. This is followed up with the
cash register and don't place these too far away from the mirrors or the
entrance. In the middle will do.

Why do you need H&M Stuff. Well, it is not to important but it helps provide
more of a vibe to the place. It will add to the decor of the area as the 
stuff pack is made for Clothes Store. It also will give you some new clothes
racks to choose from and some new clothes to see. Clothes make about 200
Simoleons a pop, so it can be profitable in numbers. But then again, every
thing is profitable in numbers. 

[10.16] Book Store

A little secret is that there are 3 books that can now be bought from the
Bookshelf. Instead of selling the bookcase, it will new sell a few books from
the bookcase. These include the following.

Frumpy the Bear's Humble Journeys

"These pages are filled with the thrilling story of Frumpy, the most humble
 bear, and his travels throughout the world. Enjoy page after page of his 
 misfortunes and missteps. What's bad for Frumpy is hilarious for you! 
 Lovingly illustrated, Frumpy the Bear's Humble Journeys will mope off of the
 pages and into your heart!"

Make Something! Vol. 1

"Is that television set sparking something fierce? Learn to Fix it! Burned
 yet another place of Grilled Cheese? Learn to Cook it! House a mess? Learn 
 to Clean it! Nuclear fuel rods losing their fizz? Learn to set things right!
 The best-selling Make Something series will teach you to do it today! Don't
 live in filth and chaos ... make something!"

Open Upon Wherever by Felicity Joyeuse

"You've read about them before, and yet you're back for more. No matter what
 the odds, or how high the stakes or how humbling their failures -- love
 reigns in the end. Relax into romance with Felicity's patented pastiche
 of exotic settings, changeable characters, palpable plots, and digestible

Requiring only a Bookcase and a Cash Register, it doesn't exactly require
much capital to make it work. 

[A] Contact Information

Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm
too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use.

Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.

To contact me, e-mail me at
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Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
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CJayC for hosting this FAQ
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Me for making it
My heart for likeing someone of the opposite sex and keeping me STRAIGHT.
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Snooty Sims for their info
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