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Reviewed: 09/19/05

Not bad for a free game

Mojo Master is a free online only game that you have to register with to keep your progress.

Game Play:
I was bored one day so I was browsing a few different boards on this very site and then I see an ad for "Mojo Master". Seeing it was free and being bored, I clicked the link and headed to their site. I downloaded it then waited for it to install. After reading that I had to register with them to keep my game progress, I figured what the hell and registered. Then you choose what you'd like your character to look like, they only give you four guy's to choose from, I believe. Then you decide what outfit and accessory category you would like (more on that later) since it'll give you better chances with certain girls. Each girl you have to "play" has both a mental and physical weakness. In the beginning whatever category of clothing you chose, the better the chance you have with a girl who has that same category on either her mental or physical weakness. You can unlock more clothing and accessories later in the game.

To successfully win over a girl, you must take turns and for lack of a better word, battle each other until all of their HP is depleted. When you're "battling" a girl, you have to guess what her weaknesses are by using your compass which will tell you they're either a Fire Mental, an Ice Mental, a Shadow mental, for example. Then you just decide what category of "attack" you want to use. To give you an extra edge, you can use AXE products as power ups. Like the anti-perspirant lets you make the first move, body spray will give you a full bar of HP when used while "in battle" with a girl. There's also Shower Gel and stuff like that which is almost completely worthless.

The girls are very hot, but they all have the exact same movements and reactions. And let's just say the other movement on the girl's is pretty nice, if you know what I mean. Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge...*dies a little inside*

There's some music from artists that I've never heard of it, but some of it is pretty good. The girl's don't talk or anything, but they'll make the occasional sound like giggling or the sound effect of them slapping you.

Should you download this game?
Be advised, this game does come with spy ware, but my computer has so much of it, I don't really even notice when I've picked up some more. But if you don't care, you might want to download it if you're really bored.

Rating: 4

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