Does the last rune portal not work because I am on a laptop, or is there something else I missed?

  1. I bought Sacred Gold because the original program had a bug that would not let me finish the game by getting through the last portal. Now again,I get the rune, go to the portal and nothing. Maybe it is just the fact I am playing on a laptop as a platform? I played the new Underworld addition and finished fine.

    User Info: markwholler

    markwholler - 12 years ago


  1. Some times when you continue game from save after installing patch(new vension) bugs can be saved.
    Had you started new game from import char on your laptop after installing GOLD?
    Im plaing Sacred Gold with last patch on LG LW75 P555. Would be interesting to see what about that last portal.
    Never was there, thought.

    User Info: Weralxet

    Weralxet - 11 years ago 0   0

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