Disappearing Horses?

  1. This question contains several issues:

    1) When I first load a saved game the 'Call Horse' horseshoe symbol isn't there (until I've gotten on a horse after I've loaded the game). So if I saved last night in a field and want to ride my horse, I have to travel back to town or wherever I left it to find it. Which, of course, gets very annoying (especially when I can't remember when I left it or when issue number 2 comes into play -- ).

    2) Sometimes my horse isn't where I last left it. ...?

    3) I bought a horse from a stall with several other horses available, rode to the town gate, got off my horse, went on a quest, came back, and ALL OF THE HORSES WERE GONE!!! *gasp!* =o
    Not only mine, but the ones I hadn't purchased that were in the stalls. Poof. Gone. (This happened in the town surrounded by the Orc Desert).

    Is there any way - cheat code for instance - to conjure up a horse?

    User Info: eisylefae

    eisylefae - 10 years ago


  1. This is a very common glitch.
    Save while you are on your horse, most times when you reload after a save off your horse it vanishes, sometimes it's there without it's bridal.

    User Info: tidal_tempest

    tidal_tempest - 9 years ago 0   0

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