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FAQ/Walkthrough by ThunderPeel2001

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/07/04

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     ----   000 00 000   000  0   000   000 000    000   000  000  ----
   ======   000 00 000   000     000    000000     000   000  000  ======
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     ----   000 00 000   000   000   0  000  000   000   000  000  ----
             00000000   00000 00000000 00000  000 00000 0000000

              T H E    S T O R Y    O F    W I Z B A L L    I I

                       F A Q  /  W A L K T H R O U G H 

                      by Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker

FAQ V1.1  (December 7th 2004) - Added missing Round 6 info
    V1.0a (July 20th 2004) - Minor Updates
    V1.0  (May 26th 2004)

NAME: Wizkid
DEVELOPER: Sensible Software
PLATFORMS: Amiga / Atari ST / PC DOS

 0 0 - C O N T E N T S
 01 - Introduction
 02 - The Story
 03 - Gameplay Basics

 04 - Complete Walkthrough

 05 - Complete Item List
 06 - Secrets
 07 - The Future
 08 - Credits, Copyright & Thanks

 0 1 - I N T R O D U C T I O N

Wizkid is quite possibly the strangest game you'll ever play. But don't let 
that put you off, it's not strange like "French Game" strange, it's 
deliberately anarchic but with light-hearted fun in mind!

Designed by Sensible Software (the legends behind Wizball, Cannon Fodder and
of course, Sensible Soccer), Wizkid took two years to develop and was 
released in July of 1992 to rave reviews.

Wizkid is an utterly brilliant, completely original, wonderfully playable and
totally forgotten game. 

I hope this guide will help you appreciate it more!

- Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker

 0 2 - T H E   S T O R Y

A long, long time ago (1987), Wizball, Wizard and Nifta, their cat, banished 
Zark from the land of Wiz for being naughty. Everyone lived happily ever after. 

Nifta had eight kittens, and Wizard and Wizball got married and had a kid.

But they hadn't seen the last of the evil Zark. He's returned, kidnapped Wizard 
and Wizball and placed them in the dungeons of his castle. Even Nifta wasn't 
safe, separated from her eight kittens she's been imprisoned in the Turtle 

It's up to Wizkid to save as many of Nifta's kittens as possible, release her 
from the Turtle Jail and battle on to Zark's castle!

 0 3 - G A M E P L A Y   B A S I C S

Sure you get some nice training from B.D. Snail, but there's plenty more 
important information that you need to know!


Sure sure, they're cute and everything, but did you realize that you can't 
actually complete the game unless you collect all eight of Nifta's kittens? 
That's one from every Round! Completing Round 9 will only reward you with a 
'Game Over' message unless you've collected all of them along your way!

That means no Round warps and being very careful which exit you take from each 
Round if you want to complete Wizkid 100%. It sounds a pain but it's worth it!

Being 'Normal'
Each Round is made up of several screens (except Round 6, but you don't need to 
worry about that right now) which are filled with blocks and baddies. Kill the 
baddies, complete the screen. That's all there is to it, right? Well, sort of.

Along with the many ways of completing a Round the most "normal" is to simply 
complete all the screens in a given Round. To complete a screen you must kill 
every wave of baddies without running out of blocks. If you run out of blocks 
while there are baddies around you will hear an unhappy melody and be whisked 
away to the next screen to see if you fair better.

Once you've successfully completed a screen any bubbles floating around will 
turn into cash and you'll move on to the next one.

The screens will keep looping through the screens you haven't completed, which 
is why you sometimes (well, quite often) keep playing the same screen over and 

Once you've completed all the screens for a round successfully, a Kitten will 
appear. Grab the Kitten and you will move forward to another Round.

If one of Nifta's kittens appears after you've completed all the screens in a 
round, but you're not ready to move on (or you want to exit the round in a 
different way) you can just hang tight for a few seconds and they pop off the 

'Hidden Screens'
These little beauties appear in most Rounds and can be bought on the SHOP 
screen. You should ALWAYS go for them because you will end up with more money
than when you went in. If you fail to collect all the cash and accidentally 
kill those few token baddies, don't worry, simply return to Body mode and the
missed mulah will fall from the sky!

Crossword 2091
If you're having a bad time with a Round, the game may offer you a chance to 
play Crossword 2091. This is always a good idea as you can earn $500, you get 
infinite retries and it doesn't cost you anything! (They're very generous, 
these Sensible chaps, aren't they?)

'Wiztastic' $100 Bonus
If you manage to collect all the coins that fall when a song is played, you 
will get a 'Wiztastic' $100 bonus!

Cash "Cheat"
Running low on Wizdollars is never fun, luckily the boys at Sensible
implemented a bizarrely obvious cheat in order to get an unlimited amount! It
may sound like this will ruin the game for you, but even with using it it
still presents a challenge. In fact, I'd say by using this cheat the game
becomes much more enjoyable! Here it is:

Simply spend your cash on a new star when you've already got the full
complement of five. That's it. Instead of doing nothing, it actually GIVES you
the price of the star! Exit the shop to Body mode, pull down to bring the shop
back and lo! the star is there again! Buy it again and again until you feel 
you have enough Wizdollars. This works on every Round except Round 9 (where 
how much money ou have becomes quite important).

B.D.Snail's Tip List
Before we hit the walkthrough proper, here are some useful tips from B.D.
Snail himself which will help you if you want to figure this game out for 
yourself (taken from the manual):

1. The best way to play is to hit the tiles as fast as possible on diagonals
   to smash them everywhere. Don't worry too much about conserving tiles.

2. In the cave maze: "Go through the exit even thought it's not there, try
                      Room 32 to see what is where."

3. An extra life can be found somewhere on Round 6.

4. The lava flow can't kill if something is even.

5. Remember, you don't have to pick up the kitten if you don't want to
   progress to the next round immediately.

6. Do what you can't in the past.

7. The lucky dip takes an object as well as giving you one.

8. Money can't be transported between rounds.

 0 4 - W A L K T H R O U G H

Here it is! The complete walkthrough to Wizkid! Brace yourself for inspired 

Round 1 - Sunset Wizovard

Buy all the items in the shop and exit to Body mode.

Simply ring the bell on the left side of the screen. Open the door that falls 
down and then open it again to use the Newspaper to keep that pesky dog at bay. 
Once inside you'll see a weird purple room. Jump up to the top right-hand 
corner of the purple room and jump up again until you see the 'roof' give way. 
A small icon should appear lower down. Go down and activate it and a donkey 
will appear (why not, eh?).

(To exit the room, if you decide you need to, grab the 1KG weight and jump up 
until you stand on the spot which opens the door. Drop the weight here and 
you'll see another weight. Grab this and do the same to keep the main door 
open... although there's not much reason to do this unless you make mistake.)

Go back up to the top right hand corner of the purple box and keep jumping 
until you bust a hole in the roof. Jump out and use the Carrot on a Stick with 
the Donkey. The Donkey will carry you and then fling you next to the 'Oxygum' 

machine. Use the Token on the machine and an End of World Kitten will appear.

Grab the kitten and drop down into the water... next stop, Round 2!


Round 4 Warp
Just complete all the screens of baddies and collect the Kitty that pops up 
and you're off to Round 4!

Quick Round 3 Warp
Keep winding the well's handle until the bucket appears. Jump onto the bucket 
to sink deep into the well. Go into the Ladies room and use a toilet in order 
to unblock the volcano (this is Wizkid, weird things happen). Go out and into 
the Men's. Use the urinal one in from the left and it should leak when you 
flush it.

Head back outside and jump into the bucket again before you drown. Water 
should rise and take you back onto the upper screen. Now you can keep winding 
the handle for infinite colour bubbles, but you can also jump into the volcano 
(where the bubbles come from) and you'll find yourself next to a Kitty and the 
exit to Round 3!

Note: Once you fall into the volcano there's no way out, it's Round 3 bound or 

Mega Warps and Hidden Things
(See 'Secrets' section below.)

Round 2 - Ahoy Wiz Maties

Buy the Fishbone Key and then the Red Specs (the other Specs are worthless).

This sunken Viking ship is a bit weird. If you jump on the second shield along 
and then directly (without touching any of the others) onto one of the last 
three, you'll get bubbles to collect, which is handy. But jumping directly 
from the first shield onto the fifth will change the colour of the screen, 
revealing a door in the lower left hand side of the screen -- so long as 
you're wearing the Red Specs! (You can also jump on the 4th and 6th shields to 
reveal the poor heroic donkey from the previous Round, but it doesn't do 

Walk over to the door, use the Fishbone Key in it, grab the Kitty and make 
your way to Round 3.


Complete all the screens and grab the Kitty that appears for a warp to Round 4.

Round 3 - Mount Wizimanjaro

You need to complete all screens to get the Kitty and move on to Round 3
(completing a screen means killing all the baddies on it without running out of 

On the way you can pickup a Red Diamond, an Asteroid Ship and an Extra Life, 
Though, which are extremely handy. 

First you MUST make sure you have either 2 stars of energy or 4 before you 
collect the final note of the song! You cannot have an odd number of stars 
otherwise you won't be able to collect the extra life or Asteroid Ship (which 
is useful later on). So just make sure you have an even number of stars before 
you attempt the access the lava in Body mode.

In the shop you'll see something new that makes a regular appearance from now 
on: a HIDDEN SCREEN! These little beauties are basically a way of increasing 
your funds, so if you can afford one you should always buy it because you'll 
only come out of it with more cash than before you went in! Hidden Screens are 
basically just like normal screens except they have about 1 stationary baddie 
and a ton of 10c coins! (If you accidentally kill the baddie before you've 
collected all the cash, fear not the money will appear if you exit to Body 
mode later on.)

So now that's out of the way, buy the Red Specs and leave the Green Specs and 
the White Elephant (both are quite useless).

Pick a door, any door, it doesn't matter so long as you have an even number of 
stars. You'll enter a room with three chutes (each corresponding to a door on 
the previous screen) and a lot of burning hot magma. If you have an odd number 
of stars (1, 3 or 5) then touching the lava kills you immediately, this why you 
need an even number of stars. Good to know, eh?

Firstly, grab the Red Diamond from the ledge and then drop down into the lava 
and grab the Asteroid Ship (both will come in handy much later on). Now wander 
off the screen to the RIGHT and you'll see a TV. Jump onto it and you'll get an 
extra life and that's all there is to here! 

Go back into 'Head' mode and complete all the screens to move on to Round 4 
with all your newly acquired items.

Round 4 - Elementree My Dear Wizkid

Take the 'Hidden Screen' for more cash and then buy the Bonbon and the 
Flying Scarf. Exit to Body mode and wait for the plane to arrive. Once it does, 
jump on it and use the Flying Scarf. Now that you're flying don't wander off 
the top or bottom of the screen (just yet) keep going to the second screen and 
grab the Cross from the top of the steeple (carefully avoiding the steeple 
itself!). Then fly off the bottom of the screen to return to Round 4. Once 
there jump on the tree (collecting the bubbles if you want to) and press fire 
to drop down inside it.

Once there you'll see the "Sensible Softpawn" clown (don't ask me, I have no 
idea). Keep trading with the clown until he drinks the Spiked Cola (it may take 
a while of using the Lucky Dip to get the next item you need). Once he's drank 
the Cola his eyes will spin and you can't trade anymore, except for the Lucky 

IMPORTANT: Before you move on, keep using the Lucky Dip until you have the 
Spade, Match, Cross and the Red and Blue Diamonds that you previously 
collected. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEM BEFORE YOU LEAVE! All other items are just 
junk and will eventually just circle around in your inventory and the Lucky Dip 
bin. If don't get the others you won't be able to complete the game completely.

Once you have the important items, jump back on the elevator and the wasted 
clown will take you down instead of up. You'll reach a screen with an exit... 
but no sign of a Kitty! Fear not, use the Spade with the ground near the 'Exit' 
sign and you'll dig right down to the Kitty and Round 5! (If you just walk 
through the Exit you'll be returned back to the upper screen.)


Buy the Flying Scarf and use it on the plane that lands on the tree. Once in 
the air fly off the top of the screen for a warp to Round 6.


Complete all the screens and collect the Kitty that appears for a warp to Round 

Round 5 - The Ghost of Wizkid Past

This is a great Round. Why? Because you can't die, you're completely 
invulnerable to baddies! Problem is, you need to die in order to move on to the 
next Round. Still, it's going to be pretty stress-free along the way!

When you get to the shop buy the Extra Man (if you can't afford it, just keep 
doing the screens until you can, remember you can't die!). Next buy one of the  
Hidden Screens (doesn't matter which one). Once there, DON'T kill the 
butterfly, instead touch the bombs, one by one, until you've killed yourself! 
You'll turn into a ghost and disappear into the grave. But what's waiting for 
you there? Dracula, of course(!?!). Now you just use the Cross near where you 
started to destroy the vampire and get the Kitty for this Round. Once you've 
got it just wander off the right side of the screen for the exciting Round 6!


Complete all the screens and collect the Kitty that appears for a warp to Round 

Round 6 - Wizkid and the Wizball Mystery

Getting bored with bouncing blocks on your head? Try shooting things instead. 
Huh? Yep, this Round is a shoot-em-up in the style of the original Wizball!

Your tactics are: Shoot everything that moves (unless it's an asteroid). 
Seriously, that's it. The second time through the Round (it will appear to 
loop) the Giant Eye will sprout two more eyes, shoot these and it's Round 
complete. Collect the Kitty that appears and move on to Round 7!

Also, there's supposedly an extra life somewhere in this Round, but I can't 
find it!

Martin/EightBitTerror writes:
"I think you get this life by not shooting anything except the bosses. 
sorry, can't confirm this..."

Thanks, Martin!

Round 7 - Wizkid Goes to the Circus

This Round is a bit twisted, but what good circus isn't?

Buy the Mouse, TNT and Sharp Pin. Use the Mouse with the cheese and then 
cruelly 'pop' the Mouse with the Sharp Pin. Jump off the platform and then back 
on to it to send the weight flying into trampoline. Jump down the hole it makes 
to get to the room where you can get the Green Diamond... extremely tricky 
timing though, when you get there. Try doing a small jump *just* as the Diamond 
reaches the edge of the screen. Once (after probably, several attempts) you 
have it, place the TNT in the cannon and use the Match on the fuse. BANG! 
You'll automatically grab a Kitty as you fly over to Round 8.


Complete all the screens and you'll get a Kitty and a Warp to Round 9.

Round 8 - Wizkid Meets Dog Girl

Jump into Dog Girl's mouth (a programmer's ex-girlfriend/boss??) it may take a 
few attempts but it is possible. Wizkid will wake up from a nightmare. Jump on 
the bed twice and the Yellow Diamond will appear. Grab it and exit screen 

Complete all the screens of baddies for a Kitty and Round 9!

Round 9 - Jail House Wiz

Buy the Can Opener and use it on the turtle's shell. Jump inside it and you'll 
see a wad of cash being held in place by some glowing orbs. Try as you might, 
those orbs are keeping that cash steadfast. Here's where those multi-coloured 
diamonds you've been collecting come in use, just pop each one in the correct 
orb and then grab the cash! (You'll find out what you need all this cash for so 
close to the end of the game, shortly!) 

Complete all the screens as usual. Instead of a Kitty appearing though, you'll 
get a key. The key will open the jail on the turtle's back to reveal Nifta (the 
cat from Wizball)! She'll tell you to grab all the kitten's you've rescued so 
you can use the boat to make a break for Zark's castle. You need all nine 
Kittens (including Nifta) in order to beat Zark in the race to his castle.

Round 10 - Castle Zark and the Wizeroids Challenge

Having collected all nine kittens you will row your boat quick enough to get 
into the castle before Zark can shut the door. Once inside Zark tells you he 
will release your parents on one condition: You must beat his high score on 

Wizkid will jump on the Wizeroids arcade machine and put all the money he's 
collected in Round 9 into it. Despite its retro stylings, Wizeroids is one 
expensive game, at $250 a credit it's just as well you collected that pile of 
cash in Round 9, eh?

This is also where that Asteroid Ship you collected on Round 3 comes in handy, 
for every credit you'll get four lives instead of three if you collected it.

So get cracking, all you have to do is beat Zark's highscore to complete the 
game! It's entirely up to you! Good luck!

 0 5 - C O M P L E T E   I T E M    L I S T

Blue Diamond      - In the shop in Round 1.
Red Diamond       - Above the lava on Round 3.
Green Diamond     - Beneath the circus in Round 7.
Yellow Diamond    - In Dog Girl's mouth (sort of) in Round 8.

Asteroid Ship     - In the lava in Round 3 (used in the final Round).
Bonbon            - In the shop in Round 4 (used to begin trading).
Can Opener        - In the shop in Round 9.
Carrot on a Stick - In the shop in Round 1.
Cheese            - In the shop in Round 7.
Cross             - On top of the steeple (flying section) in Round 4.
Flying Scarf      - In the shop in Round 4.
Fishbone Key      - In the shop in Round 2.
Match             - Traded from the clown in Round 4.
Mouse             - In the shop in Round 7.
Newspaper         - In the shop in Round 1.
Red Specs         - In the shop in Round 2 and 3.
Spade             - Traded from the clown in Round 4.
Spiked Cola       - In the Ladies room beneath the well in Round 1.
Token             - In the shop in Round 1.
TNT               - In the shop in Round 7.

Bottle            - From the Lucky Dip in Round 4.
Chocs             - From the Lucky Dip in Round 4.
Red Herring       - From the shop in Round 9.
Ring              - From the Lucky Dip in Round 4.
Teddy             - From the Lucky Dip in Round 4.
White Elephant    - From the shop in Round 3.

 0 6 - S E C R E T S

Round 1 Hidden Maze
The entire game of Wizkid is filled with secrets, the hidden underground maze 
in Round 1 is a great example. You'll find Round Warps, Sound Tests and even a 
hidden mini-game called Wizeroids!

To get to there simply buy the Token, wind the well until the bucket appears 
and jump into it. Once underground go to the Men's room and use the Token with 
the Condom Machine. Wizkid will float off with his new condom balloon (once 
again, this is the weird world of Wizkid, better get used to it!).

You'll land in a room with two doors, one marked 'Exit' and another Gents. Go 
into the Gents and you'll enter another room with two doors, yet another Ladies 
and Gents. There's also a third invisible door to the right of the screen, go 
through the invisible door and you'll return to the previous screen (with the 
'Exit' sign), but with one minor difference: At the top will be written 'Secret 
Room Number Zero'.

Go back into the Gents and you'll see you're actually in 'Secret Room Number 
1'. There are 255 'Secret Rooms' and you can access them all using a 
combination of the Ladies and Gents doors: The trick is, going through a Gents 
door will double the room number you're in and plus 1. For example, if you're 
in 'Secret Room Number 1' and you go through the Gent's door you'll then be in 
'Secret Room Number 3' ((1*2)+1) = 3).

If you're in secret room 50, going through the Gent's door will put you in room 
101 ((50*2)+1 = 101), see?

So what happens when you through the Ladies? Well you just double the number 
without adding a one.

Secret Room 1 -> go through the Ladies door -> You're now in Room 2

Secret Room 50 > Ladies Room -> Room 100

Like I said, by using a combination of both, it's actually possible to visit 
all 255 rooms (just mess around and experiment with them, it will make more 
sense when you're doing it). Don't worry if you've gotten yourself decidedly 
lost, you can go through the hidden door (on the right) at any time to return 
to 'Secret Room Zero' again and start over.

There's actually not many rooms that have anything interesting in them, so 
here's the complete list of  ones that aren't empty:

Room # | What's there
 046   | Round 2 Warp
 051   | Round 3 Warp
 058   | Round 4 Warp
 067   | Round 5 Warp
 078   | Round 6 Warp
 091   | Round 7 Warp 
 106   | Round 8 Warp 
 123   | Round 9 Warp 
 124   | Allow 1 Continue when you die (useful!)
 076   | A sound test (not so useful, but fun)
 206   | A whole mini-game called Wizeroids!! (Be warned: You can't quit this!)
 032   | A message with some of the above room numbers in it
 102   | Message: "Round by Round Plus 42" (This is the Round Warp equation.)
 099   | Message: "Try somewhere between 201 and 211" (Actually 206: The hidden 
                  Wizaroids game)

If find anything undocumented, be sure to email me!

The Birthday Screen
Passing almost into legend, many Wizkid players swear they've seen an alternate 
loading sequence that wishes Wizkid a Happy Birthday! I can now confirm that 
this screen does indeed exist!

The normal will stop early on and Wizkid will appear in front of a large 
birthday cake with the words 'Happy Birthday' on the screen. The birthday song
we all know and love(?) will play and Wizkid will blow out those candles in a
rather cute way before loading continues as normal.

By counting the candles we can see that Wizkid is three years old! (Awww!) So 
he was born in 1989! I bet you didn't know that!

As far as I know, nobody has figured out exactly what triggers it (if,
indeed it can be triggered).

One obvious possibility is the date the game is loaded up on. I have checked 
this myself and the last time I saw the birthday screen was on May 26th, but I 
could not replicate it when I reloaded the game.

The other possibitily is that it's purely random, and to be honest, that's the
most likely explanation for this very random game!

If someone should happen to solve the mystery of the birthday screen, please 
email me! Thanks!

Shortest Route
Although the game can't be technically completed unless the player visits and 
completes every Round, there's still the option to fly through the Rounds using 
the many Warps this game offers. So just for the hell of it, here's how to get 
to Round 9 in the shortest possible way.

1) Ok, obviously you can just use the Hidden Maze on Round 1 and go to Secret 
Room 123. But that's not much fun, is it? :)

2) This is the (slightly) more interesting way:
   Round 1:
   Complete all the screens in Round 1 and collect the Kitty that appears 
   to Warp to Round 4.

   Round 4:
   Complete all the screens in Round 4 and collect the Kitty that appears.
   Warp to Round 7.

   Round 7:
   Complete all the screens in Round 7 and collect the Kitty that appears.
   Warp to Round 9.

So there you go!

Alternative Route
The alternative route through the game is the one that allows you to use all 
those weird items that you wouldn't usually get to use if you played it in Head 
mode or completed it 'properly' as described in the walkthrough.
   Round 1:
   Use the Ladies room toilet to unblock the volcano, then head back up and jump
   into the volcano in the background for a Warp to Round 3.

   Round 3:
   You have to complete the screens as usual to move onto Round 4.

   Round 4:
   Buy the Flying Scarf in the shop and jump into the plane that appears on the 
   tree. Use the scarf and head to the skies! Once there pull up to Warp to 
   Round 6.

   Round 6:
   Blast everything into a million pieces and move onto Round 7.

   Round 7:
   Use the TNT and the Match on the cannon to fire yourself into Round 8.

   Round 8:
   Complete all the screens to move onto Round 9.

Well, now you know :)

 0 7 - T H E   F U T U R E

WIZTEEN has not been announced or (as far as I know) even been thought of. Also
there has never been any mention of Wiz Jr., Wizkid II nor Wizball 3.

If there's any more exciting news I'll keep you posted.

 0 8 - C R E D I T S  ,   C O P Y R I G H T   &   T H A N K S

Thanks to the English Amiga Board! (eab.abime.net)

Thanks also to Galahad, Peanutuk and Bippym!

If you spot anything missing from this FAQ, please email me, thanks!!

All text is Copyright 2004 Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker. All rights reserved.

You may not distribute this document in any way that is designed to generate 
money or increase sales value. You may distribute it freely so long as no money 
is involved and no part of the text is altered.

Questions regarding this FAQ can be made to: thunderpeel @ sbcglobal . net
                                                  (remove the spaces)


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