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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Matt P

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                                GENEFORGE 3
                  FAQ/WALKTHROUGH (version 1.1) by Matt P,
    Contact elementalizard@aol.com for information/comments on this FAQ.  
     If I use your comments in this FAQ, you will be given full credit.
                  Version 1.1 (Complete)
    Geneforge 3 is copyright Spiderweb software and all names used in this guide 
    are their rights.
    This FAQ is copyright Matt P and may not be reproduced without permission
    of the author.  Permission will not be given to any website except for
    GameFAQs until completion of the FAQ.
    Check Spiderweb.com and its fora for the most up to date hints and discussion.
    Many facts were claimed from that site.
    I have beaten the game twice as a pro-shaper character, a guardian and an 
    agent.  This playthrough that I'm using to write the FAQ will be 
    a pro-rebel shaper.  As such, I may have missed some trainers and canisters.
    What’s new in Geneforge 3?  Geneforge 3 is the third game in the Geneforge
    Saga and expands on the plots established in the first two games.  In this
    game, the activities of the rebels are more overt with the game starting
    off with a direct attack on your school.  There are only two factions in
    this game, the loyalists and the rebels, unlike the previous two games, 
    which also included the Awakened.  The game is Island based (meaning you 
    must take a boat to get from one island to the next) and also has a day 
    counter which does not affect too much.  Also, you are able to enhance 
    and craft many items, enabling the generation of some potent artifacts.  
    Money is less of an issue as well, with merchants having unlimited Gold.
    Table of Contents:
    1. Quick Hints
    2. Class Guide
    3. Skill Guide
    4. Spell Guide
    5. Creation Guide
    6. FAQ/Walkthrough (Area Guide)
    7. Item List/Equipment recommendations
    8. Recipe/Rare Item List
    9. Canister/Skill Point Locator
    1. Quick Hints (FAQ)
    Why is my essence not going above ____?
      Your creations are a permanent drain on your essence for as long as you
      have them.  Absorb them if it's really bothering you and play as an
    What items should I keep?
      Keep all dried herbs, shaper research notes, and shaper equipment.
      They all sell for much more at certain places than what you can find at a
      typical store.  Additionally, keep several rare items for recipes.  Most 
      recipe items don’t sell for anything, so you shouldn't have a hard time
      discerning what is what.  Also, generally keep jewelry- you can add an
      ingredient to them and make something worth a lot more than it cost.
      Keep some shaped items like the belt, breastplate, and shield- these
      are recipe ingredients, not just strong armor.
    What equipment should I have on me?
      Keep all infiltrator items (from Drakefyre).  The bonus to leadership
      and mechanics can make a significant difference.  Equip those items
      before doing something mech-intensive.
    How do I steal things?
      If YOU are not caught, it’s not a crime.  Since your creations
      and friends don’t count, hide yourself and send them where you want to 
      steal something, and press "g".  You will have full access to the items 
      on the ground, and won’t get caught.  I'll steal your toast reminds me
      that you can usually close the door behind you when you are stealing
      items and so long as no one sees you do it, you are safe to steal.
    Should I use canisters?
      Either go all out, or don’t go much at all.  You will 
      find several canisters throughout the game, but using them has a 
      price.  Don’t use more than 6 if you don’t want to pay that price!  
      Alterations, however, don’t cost a thing other than gold.
    I have a lot of money after the first island!
      Money may seem abundant, but be careful.  You can easily blow 
      10K in a sitting.  Don’t buy too many items- you can usually find what 
      you’re looking for without needing to go to a store.  Also, pick lots of 
      stuff up and sell it.  At the end of the game, there are 50 K worth of 
      alterations for you to purchase if you so desire.  That’s a lot of money.
    What things can I make with recipes?
      Recipes bring in fun and profit.  Definitely the most valuable items you
      can make with recipes are the artifacts.  However, drayk scales can
      make your rings very valuable, as can artila eyes with your necklaces.
      If you would prefer to make wands out of them, then that's your choice,
      but if you don't use wands (I almost never do), then using them in rings
      can make you a lot of gold.  Shielding bands however, are not worth it.
    Should I wait to use that book that trains create thahd till after I find
    a trainer?
      Unlike the previous Geneforge, trainers will train you in a 
      skill even if you found a canister or book that taught you that skill.  
      If you have increased your skill by increasing it with skill points, then 
      this is not the case.
    When should I join the rebels or provide rebellious opinions?
      The best way to get the most out of characters in the first 
      part of the game is to play it neutral or pro-shaper.  You can go ahead 
      and help the rebels if you want, but be neutral or pro-shaper in the 
      opinions you give others.  This allows you to get the most training.  
      Also, initially the shapers are much more powerful than the rebels.  
      Sitting on the fence does not benefit you in any significant way- if you 
      are pro-shaper but express pro-rebel views you will have problems getting 
    2. Class Guide:
      Shaper: The maker of creations, these characters are most skilled at 
    summoning allies.  They are moderately skilled at magic, but not at combat.
    Keep them out of it if at all possible!  Increase your intelligence mainly
    to have the essence necessary for creations.  Increasing shaping skills will
    make your creations stronger, and unlock stronger creations, but that's no
    good if you can't even summon them, so focus on intelligence.  Shapers should
    also increase their magic skills as needed.  Try to aim for ~7 in magic skills
    by the fourth island or so.  The spells you get will help immensely.  You can
    focus on only one creation type (fire, battle, shaping) and will do just
    fine in the game.
    Shapers get the most essence points of any class.
      Guardian: The warrior of the shapers, most skilled at fighting, but can 
    summon if need be.  Use his battle skills to kill your enemies.  There 
    are two main varieties- melee and missile.  Missile guardians can get 
    extremely high damage with batons, javelins, crystals and wands.  Some 
    people find them extremely effective.  Typically, a guardian needs creations
    that will last a while but can attack from a distance, so fire creations are
    probably their best choice.
    Guardians get the most hit points of any class.
      Agent: The infiltrator, the agent has the potential to be the most 
    powerful solo character.  Focus on magic and ignore most all else.  
    Concentrate on either mental or battle magic.  The most powerful agents
    upgrade one of these skills and/or spellcraft as much as possible. Skip
    shaping, except for may one or two points as your creations will mainly be
    extremely weak and useful only as distractions or as thieving assistants.
    Weapon skills are nice when dealing with magic resistant enemies (vlish,
    glaahks, turrets), but switching spell types is also very effective.
    Agents get the most spell points of any class.
    3. Skill Guide:
      Strength: Affects carrying capacity and melee weapon damage and to hit%.
    Depending on your playing style you may or may not want to buy some levels
    of this skill.  You can get away with purchasing very few levels (although
    not being able to carry things does get annoying), but if you intend on 
    doing melee damage, definitely upgrade this skill.  Shapers should not 
    focus too much on this skill.  Late in the game you will be able to make
    a powerful necklace that can really alleviate your need to increase this
    skill.  The guardian claymore is also available reasonably early, so 
    there are several points available from sources outside of improving
    this skill.  Increases Stun Resistance.
      Dexterity: Affects your attacking speed, dodging chance, and missile 
    weapon damage and to hit%.  Like strength, this is a matter of personal 
    opinion.  Buying a lot will make your missile weapon skills nearly unbeatable.
    Increases acid resistance.
      Intelligence: Affects your spell points and essence points.  Necessary 
    if you intend to cast spells or control many creations.  A good default
    skill to increase for shapers and agents, and even for guardians initially.
    Increases mental resistance.
      Endurance: Affects your health points and some resistances.  This is 
    probably the least important main skill provided you don’t intend to do
    much melee fighting.  If you do want to, then unless you want to reload 
    constantly, buy some points.  Depending on your equipment setup, you
    can recieve several points in this skill without too much of an
    investment.  Increases poison resistance.
      Melee Weapons: Increases your to hit% and damage with melee weapons.  
    If you prefer these weapons and use them often, then invest in this skill.
      Missile Weapons: Increases your to hit% and damage with missile weapons- 
    batons, javelins, wands and crystals.  If you prefer these weapons and use 
    them often, then invest in this skill.
      Quick Action: This skill gives you a chance of attacking twice and also 
    increases your attack order.  It’s cheap and easily increased.  Everyone 
    should train a few points of this skill (preferably from Vandrin).
      Parry: Parry is not nearly as powerful as previous games.  Each point 
    in parry gives you a +2% chance of blocking an attack.  Melee Guardians 
    may want to buy a few points, but others will find a better investment 
    elsewhere.  Walter notes that parry may also decrease the amount of
    damage received from an attack.  How much is unknown at present.  If
    so, this skill would be more useful.  Parry maxes out at a certain
    block percent (how much is unclear), so there are diminishing returns.
      Battle Magic: Increases your battle magic strength.  Really nice for 
    agents, but pretty useless for guardians.  Shapers will like it for cheap 
    attacks.  You can hold off training till after Dhonal's keep (speak 
    with Gretchen) so as to minimize skill point investment.
      Mental Magic: Increases your mental magic strength.  Also really nice 
    for agents, but other than trying to get unlock, guardians can skip it.
    Some of the spells here are very powerful.  You can hold off training till
    after Dhonal's keep (speak with Gretchen) so as to minimize skill 
    point investment.
      Blessing Magic: Agents can mostly skip this class, other than for a 
    few blessing spells and the vitally important Speed.  All classes 
    will want to invest a few points to get this potent spell.  You can 
    hold off training till after Dhonal's keep (speak with Gretchen) so 
    as to minimize skill point investment.
      Spellcraft: Makes all your spells more powerful.  One of the best 
    skills for agents.  The other classes may find it useful, but not 
    necessary.  You can hold off training till after Dhonal's keep 
    (speak with Gretchen) so as to minimize skill point investment.
      Fire Shaping: Allows for fire shaping creations (fyora, roamer, drayk, 
    drakon).  Has some very powerful creations, but slightly more expensive
    than other skills.  There are also fewer items and events that improve 
    this skill than the other two skills, so investment in this one (to 
    ~5 or so) is reasonable, especially for shapers.  Walter says that
    fire shaping may be best for rebels, as they are the only ones who
    can really add points to this skill.  Ur-Drakons can not be
    made by loyalists either.  So of the shaping skills, this one
    has the least benefit to a purist shaper.
      Battle Shaping: Battle creations are good cannon fodder (thahd, 
    clawbug, battle alpha, rotghroth), especially the potent rotghroth.
      Magic Shaping: The most original creations are magic shapings.  Artila, 
    Vlish, Glaahk, and the Gazer are all very potent, though expensive.
      Healing Craft: At most, invest one point in this skill.  There are 
    MANY instances where you will get bonuses to this skill, so you 
    can basically ignore it.  Once you get above the critical level of about 4,
    then all other points will be easy to get.  
      Leadership: Leadership gives you more dialogue choices, and will lower 
    some store prices.  Have about ~7 by finishing the first island.  Have at 
    least 10 points (including item bonuses) before you take on the acidic 
    valley to get a nice bonus to your stats.  Zeviz notes that leadership is
    used in many conversations, and that frequently it will get you more
    experience than simply fighting an enemy will do.  It's worth investing
    a number of points in.
      Mechanics:  Influences your chance to disarm traps and perform other 
    feats of technical skill.  Have ~8 before leaving the first island.  
    Depending on your desire for total game completion, you may need 
    as many as 20 points.
      Luck: Gives a minor bonus to find items and to resistances.  Affects 
    a few minor events.  It’s not necessary to have too many points 
    in this skill, though if you want to collect a lot of body parts, you 
    will have to have some points in this skill. Adds one point to each resistance
    and armor per point of skill.
    4. Spell Guide:
    Spells are versatile and useful in Geneforge.  However, some are more 
    versatile and useful than others.
    Battle Spells:
      Fire Bolt- The low level damage spell, it’s a staple for most of the game.
    Guardians will never do enough damage with this spell to make it better 
    than missile weapons, generally speaking.
      Burning Spray- rains acid down on a single enemy.  If the enemy is 
    protected against fire or ice, chances are they aren’t protected against 
    this spell (which also has a high to hit %).  Searer tends to be better 
    and more damaging.
      Searer- stronger than burning spray, some enemies are very vulnerable 
    to this spell, compared to other direct damage spells.  Magic resistant
    enemies like vlish tend not to take much damage from the initial hit
    but do by the subsequent acid damage.  This spell is really potent
    vs. golems.
      Ice Bolt- the next level up, if an enemy is vulnerable to fire, 
    they’ll probably also be vulnerable to this spell.  It’s more expensive 
    than firebolt but can do 3-4 times the damage.
      Essence Orbs- an expensive but potent multi-enemy spell.  Get it, and
    launch up to 3 orbs at a group of enemies.  They should be weakened greatly
    if not killed.
      Acid Shower- Sprays all nearby enemies with acid.  The acid acts slowly
    over the next few turns.  As far as damage spells go, you'd do better to
    go for essence orbs.  If there are a lot of enemies on screen, then
    this spell may be useful.  However, those occasions are rare and you're
    best off with essence orbs.  Drakefyre reminds me that this spell
    helps a lot with golems.
      Kill- potent single-enemy damaging spell.  However, if the enemy is
    resistant against magic, you'll probably get 30 or so damage from this
    spell, in which case you'd be better off going for firebolt.  Rotghroths
    fall quickly to this spell.
      Aura of Flames- a potent magic-intensive spell.  If you can cast this
    and not have all your spell points drained after a few castings, then
    all the more power to you.  It's strong, hits all nearby enemies, and
    usually stuns them pretty well also.  Fire resistant enemies, like drayks
    and drakons won't be too hurt by it, though.
    Mental Spells:
      Daze- A great low level spell, daze stuns your enemies and gives you some
    time to breathe.  All characters can benefit from this spell.
      Mental Barrier- protects you and your creations from mental effects 
    (terror, dominate, etc.) There are some occasions when you might find
    it useful, but generally it's not that critical.  A shaper will
    find it much more useful, as it can help low level creations immensely,
    as well as Alwan and Greta.
      Unlock- Saves living tools by opening some doors.  Does not give XP
    like manual unlocking things does.  Still, very useful at higher levels
    when living tools are scarce.  Also, this spell's power is increased
    by increasing your mechanics skill (even by items).  So try to add
    items that increase mech before casting this spell.
      Terror- Has a chance of frightening an enemy and immobilizing it.
    Surprisingly strong, this spell can take an enemy out of commission by
    scaring it and paralyzing it.  Gazers and Eyebeasts are vulnerable to this
    spell, making it very useful at high levels.
      Dominate- Has a chance of taking control of an enemy.  Nice because you
    can use it on the tough creation leader and have him kill his 
    acquaintances.  Expensive though.
      Strong Daze- an improved version of daze, this spell is stronger and
    can daze more opponents.  Use this when your daze spell doesn't cut it.
      Charisma- Adds some points to your leadership stat temporarily.  Allows
    you to not have to invest some points in leadership, but it's not too
    useful all the time.  Don't go out of your way to get it.  This spell
    can be supplanted by items like infiltrator items.  However, you could
    cast this spell and save on inventory.
      Mass Madness- Charms and/or dazes enemies.  Very useful when you're
    swarmed, you'll probably cast this spell more often off of madness
    gems than you will cast it by personal means.  A great emergency spell.
    Blessing Spells:
      War Blessing- a nice blessing spell that adds ~20% to your and your 
    allies to hit% and to their damage.  Cheap, cast it before moderate or 
    tough battles.
      Protection- a potent little spell that reduces the damage you and your 
    creations take.  Like War Blessing, cast it often.  Removes 20% of 
    damage taken.
      Essence Shield- A permanent shield cast per map, this spell is 
    useful for those cast and forget characters like agents.  Improves your
    abilty to dodge attacks.  Cast this spell if there is an essence
    pool on the map!  Shapers should cast it on their creations.
      Speed- vitally important, this spell adds up to half of your total AP
    to your character.  So if you have AP enhancing items, gives you a good 
    bonus.  Worth increasing blessing magic for this spell alone.
      Mass Energize- casts bless and hastes your party.  Probably one of
    the best spells in the game for shapers.  This spell will end most
    fights very quickly.  Note that the blessing and hasting don't last as
    long as the earlier spells.  You may have to recast frequently.
    This spell also heals you and your creations. 
      Steelskin- a permanent damage reducing spell (may make it harder to
    hit you?).  Like essence shield, a good spell for agents or guardians,
    provided they have the skill to cast it.  Can overlap with essence 
    shield.  Removes 20% of damage taken, cumulative with protection.
    Cast this spell if there is an essence pool on the map!  Shapers should
    also cast it on their creations.
      Essence Armor- An improved essence shield, this spell replaces it
    when cast.  Use it when you have SP to burn.  Improves your ability to
    dodge attacks. Essence armor also increases your health significantly
    (brought to my attention by Walter).  That makes this spell considerably
    nicer.  Cast this spell if there is an essence pool on the map!  Shapers
    should also cast it on their creations.
      Battle Roar- blesses, heals, shields, etc. you and your party.  This
    spell is hard to get, but nice once you finally do it.  However, if you're
    not in combat, cast protection and war blessing instead- they are cheaper.
    Healing Spells:
      Minor Heal- a potent low level heal spell.  Use this outside of combat 
    at high levels, it has the best return of HP for your SP.  Use stronger 
    spells in combat.
      Cure Effects- removes poison and acid.  Useful, but if you need to 
    cast it on yourself try to cast it during combat.  Outside of combat, 
    the poison or acid will interrupt your spell too often.
      Augmentation- provides a semi-permanent HP boost.  Very useful for 
    the characters with essence to spare but with low HP (like agents).
    Cast this spell if there is an essence pool on the map!  Shapers should
    also cast it on their creations to make the map that much easier.
      Heal- stronger than minor heal, this is a nice potent spell is best 
    cast during battle when really low on HP.  Casting it outside of 
    combat is somewhat costly in spell points.
      Group Heal- Heals all of your characters at once.   Allows you to go
    ahead and sell those healing spores.
      Remove Effects- cancels fear and charm on an enemy as well as other
    negative effects.  Worth casting as a d'oh type spell.
      Major Heal- a hefty heal spell, good for emergencies, otherwise cast
    a weaker, cheaper spell a few times.
      Mass Restore- heals all and removes bad status effects.  Go for it.
    5.  Creation Guide: Here is some background info on the various creations you
    can summon in Geneforge 3.  The numbers following the name are the cost in
    essence without and with the recommended 2 points of intelligence.  
    Additionally, the damage type that the creation does is listed at the end
    of the description.  These descriptions come from Hume on the spiderweb
    message boards.
      Fyora (8,11)- a small red lizard that spits fire.  A nice creation that has
    a decent range attack.  Will never run out of fire, unlock other ranged
    creations.  These are great at low levels, and if kept for a while, are still
    very strong.  Damage type: fire (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Cryoa (30,39)- similar to the fyora, but shoots icebolts instead of fire.
    Damage type: ice (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Roamer (15,20)- An acid shooting dog-like creature, their melee attacks are
    a bit stronger than the artila.  I'd stick with artila or switch to searing
    artila.  Damage type: Magic (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Pyroroamer (12,17)- Looks like a pink roamer.  These creations explode when
    slain, which does damage loosely based on strength.  Not really that useful
    except as a novelty.  Damage type: Physical
      Drayk (50,63)- A definite improvement for fire shaping.  The drayk hits hard 
    and often.  They are very potent allies well worth the price.  The only
    problem is that there are few occasions to increase this skill, compared
    to other third tier creations.
    Damage type: Fire (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Cryodrayk (80,99)
    Damage type: Ice (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Drakon (150,183)
    Damage type: Magic (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Ur-Drakon (300,363)- There does not appear to be any way to make these
    creations without cheating.  
    Damage type: Magic (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Thahd (8,11)- a ape-like humanoid who serves very well as cannon fodder.
    This creation is especially useful at lower levels.  No real special
    abilities except for cheap attacks.
    Damage type: Physical
      Thahd Shade (28,35)- a translucent thahd, this creation is hard
    for your enemies to hit.  Max out its dexterity and nothing will be able
    to hit it more than one time out of one hundred for at least the first
    two or three islands (from the spiderweb message boards).
    Damage type: Physical
      Clawbug (20,27)-
    Damage type: Physical
      Plated Clawbug (48,59)- The only creation with 10 AP, these clawbugs
    can attack twice, making them more potent then their non-plated kin.
    Damage type: Physical
      Battle Alpha (40,51)- A hard hitter, the battle alpha is somewhat
    unimpressive.  No special abilties or good attacks, this creation can
    be ignored.  Get a rotghroth instead.
    Damage type: Physical
      Battle Beta (60,75)- Basically a stronger battle alpha.  I've not used
    one much at all, so I don't have a good feel for these creations.
    Damage type: Physical
      Rotghroth (125,152)- A strong battle creation with a nice slowing
    attack, some parry ability, and a fast attack.  Probably the best battle
    creation for the cost.  Interestingly, loyalists will be able to get this
    before rebels.  Damage type: Acid
      Rotdhizon (250,303)-
    Damage type: Acid
      Artila (12,17)- a wormlike creature with a very powerful searer attack.  
    Definitely more powerful than the fyora, but this creation can not shoot 
    nearly as many attacks as a fyora, so their staying power is a lot less.
    Great at the early game.  Damage type: Magic (Mis), physical (MeW) 
      Searing Artila (30,39)- basically an upgrade artila, with a better to hit%
    and stronger bolts.  You're probably better off switching to something 
    like a drayk, if you can afford it.  Great at the early game.  Damage 
    type: Magic (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Vlish (15,20)- an excellent ally, the vlish shoot stunning bolts that stun
    and slow your enemies.  However, their bolts are among the most easy to
    ignore by your enemies.  Add some variety to your troup, having only
    vlish will result in a very difficult game.
    Damage type: Magic (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Terror Vlish (45,56)- Unlike the name and previous Geneforges, terror
    vlish don't cast terror any more.  Now they do poison damage, which is
    surprisingly potent, but which doesn't affect several enemies.  They
    may be a useful creation if you're not fighting pylons and golems.
    Damage type: Poison (Mis), physical (MeW)
      Glaahk (60,75)- a powerful magic creation, the glaahk is better than
    many battle creations.  The glaahk is capable of stunning and slowing its
    enemies on a successful hit.  
    Damage type: Physical
      Ur-Glaahk (100,123)
    Damage type: Physical
      Gazer (125,152)- This creation has one of the strongest missile attacks
    in the game.  These are nice companions.
    Damage type: Magic (Mis), Magic (MeW)
      Eyebeast (250,303) - the ultimate in heavy artillery.  Unlike the previous
    game, you can get one decently early as well.  Takes a long time to recharge,
    though. Damage type: Fire (Mis), Magic (MeW)
    6. Area Guide:
    Name of Level 
    Q: Quests available (R) Pro-rebels only, (S) Pro-shaper only
    S: Skills and spells available (If a character's name is provided, then he/
    she is a trainer and will train a skill for gold)
    O: Opinions available- talking to these characters will influence your rebel/
    shaper standing by a point amount given in parentheses.  Doing their quests
    likewise will influence by a point value given.  If no sign (no + or -) is
    present before the skill, then you actions can either raise or lower it by
    that amount.  You start with 100 points, and each opinion give will change
    this value.  Some quests require a specific reputation (much less than 100,
    more than 100).
    D: Directions to other locations (provided by Seletine)
    $: Merchants who will buy from you
      Text description of level.
    ------------------------------Greenwood Island----------------------------------
    Level 1 School
    Q: Escape from Basement, Find Mind Hrrol
    S: War Blessing
    O: None
    D: Up to Greenwood Academy
    $: None
      Welcome to Geneforge 3.  This game starts with a significant bit of 
    excitement.  The tutorial is pretty comprehensive, and your best bet is to 
    follow its guidelines.  You need to leave the basement and find a servant 
    mind.  There are a number of minor items including a dagger, sandals, 
    chitin armor, cloaks and robes (on a body in a hall). You’ll find a room 
    that prompts you to try to enter and use some living tools.  If you have 
    enough mechanics (~4) then you won’t need to use the living tools, which 
    are always good to save.  As you continue you’ll be prompted to prepare 
    for battle.  Shapers will probably want to make a fyora.  As you search 
    for items, and you will find several that you may not know whether or 
    not to bring.  As a good rule of thumb, if they are worth more than 12 
    gold per pound, grab them.  You can sell items for 25% of their purchasing 
    price in general (some quests provide exceptions).  Money is rare at the 
    beginning of the game, and this cash will be very helpful.  You may need 
    to drop your items before you finish the school, but that’s OK.  Kill the 
    enemies and return to grab your stuff.  Kill the enemies to the NE (take 
    the shaper’s equipment!), and you’ll find a book that teaches you War 
    Blessing.  Therese comes out to talk with you (you can insult her if you 
    want, although then you must pay the penalty- she will not give you any
    items in the next area- from Walter) and will help you kill the nearby 
    enemies if you desire.  You’ll find a pair of gloves south of the exit,
    with javelins.  Return when this place is cleared of debris for some 
    living tools and a wand of terror at a pile of sacks near the south 
    center of the area.
    Greenwood Academy
    Q: Visit Fort Kentia, Visit Dhonal’s Keep
    S: None
    O: Master Hoge (3), Alwan (3), Hanna (3-4)
    D: Down to Level 1 School, North to South End
    $: None
      You’ve cleared the basement, now you can continue to explore.  There are 
    many enemies on the perimeter of the school.  Mind Hrrol is to the SW 
    and you should see him as soon as possible.  He’ll tell you to 
    visit Fort Kentia and after doing that, visit Dhonal’s keep.  Both get 
    you experience.  The instructor rooms have nice goodies including crystals 
    and batons (missile weapons).  If you want you can take Alwan with you on 
    your journey.  Alwan acts as a free creation that costs no essence and 
    can be trained to near perfection.  He can be upgraded twice.  Alwan is 
    pro-shaper and will make his opinion known to you.  Also, if Alwan dies,
    he returns to this area where you found him.  Once you make it to Dhonal's
    Island, he will appear elsewhere, but for now, this is where he is at.
    Nearby is a bronze sword.  Therese from the floor below is to the NE. If
    you didn't insult her, you can get a spray crystal from her.
    Also nearby is Master Hoge, a  teacher who is not the nicest.  Talk him to
    intimidate him with leadership (and an experience gain).  You can 
    attack him, but he will kill you unless you cheat.  His stuff 
    has a fair bit of nice small items.  Head to the NE for two vats 
    with monsters in them (one drops a gemstone).  Head N to the exit, and 
    you can get guard (stover) to help you (with leadership).  There’s a fyora who 
    drops a nice spray crystal.  Near the exit is a battle beta who needs 
    to die.  He’s somewhat tough but nothing you can’t handle.  He drops a 
    spray crystal and some chain armor.  There is a rogue servile to the
    north who you can attack if you want to strengthen your pro-shaper
    views.  You can now leave.  Return after talking to the commander 
    at Fort Kentia for some XP and the instruction to go to Dhonal’s 
    Keep (XP for that as well).
    South End
    Q: Clear Bridge, Clear Rogue Nest
    S: Create Thahd, Crider (Trains spells).
    O: Crider (3), Greta (3)
    D: North to Eastern Road, West to Captured Bridge, South to Greenwood Academy
    $: Hinman
      Immediately on exiting, you are confronted by a powerful shaper, Litalia.  
    Litalia threatens you and tells you to join her.  Once she lets you go, 
    head SE for some dried herbs, which you should keep as there is a nice 
    quest that will earn you a lot of money per herb delivered.  The NW has 
    two individuals who will sell/give you items.  Hinman is a salesman who 
    also gives you a quest to clear a bridge to the west (and will give 
    some crystals reluctantly with leadership).  Doing so gets you a blessed 
    bauble.  He has a number of items you can steal as well.  Summon a 
    creation, and walk outside.  Place the creation in the store and get his 
    stuff.  Greta will join you here as well.  She is a decent mage and will 
    accompany you in a way similar to Alwan.  She is pro-rebel.  She will 
    return here if she dies during your adventure.  Crider will 
    trainn Road
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: South to South End, North to Testing Grounds, West to Minefield Woods
    $: None
      The enemies here patrol the main path.  The game advises that you can 
    hide from them by staying off the main path, but the enemies aren’t that 
    hard, so go ahead and kill them.  A daze spell works wonders.  There’s 
    a body with some gold and a healing pod just north of the southern 
    entrance; searching it repeats that you can avoid enemies by staying off 
    the main path.  The NW has some artila and the very pleasing Carnelian 
    gloves, which give a bonus to spellcasting abilities (useful for all 
    classes for a long time).  One artila also dropped an artila eye for 
    me- keep any of these that you find.  Head east through the final 
    batch of enemies, and through the woods and through some turrets to 
    get to a small goody chest with leather pants and a few other niceties. 
    Captured Bridge
    Q: Escort Serviles
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to South End, West to Kentia South Gate, North to Minefield Woods
    $: None
      Rogues wander about, but most aren’t that hard. The exception is the 
    bridge, which is guarded by five thahds (and a few fyora and thahds 
    across the bridge).  One thahd is named Guhrr, and he’s the leader.  
    You can threaten him with leadership and he’ll leave, or you can kill 
    him.  He is holding a thahd skin tunic.  Once cleared, you can rescue 
    the serviles to the north.  Be warned, some fyora will spawn near their 
    exit.  Helping them out gets you a few experience per servile 
    rescued.  The SW has a house with a shield of warmth and some heavy boots.
    Kentia South Gate
    Q: Kill hidden worm
    S: None
    O: Meraia (3)
    D: East to Minefield Woods, South to Captured Bridge, North to Fort 
       Kentia, Down to Sea Caves
    $: None
      Like the previous areas, this has rogues.  Kill them for some nice 
    items, including leather pants.  Meraia has a quest for you to kill 
    a worm (located SW).  Do so and it will drop an artila skin tunic.  
    There’s an exit to the SW that will take you to the Sea caves, which
    is probably one of the more difficult areas on the island, so hold 
    off for now.  Tell Meraia of your success for experience.
    Minefield woods
    Q: Recover Shaper Book
    S: Scintle
    O: Scintle (3), Scintle Q (-3)
    D: East to Eastern Roads, West to Kentia South Gate, South to 
       Captured Bridge, North to Kentia East Gate
    $: None
      This is your first encounter with mines.  Watch out for them as 
    a wrong step could blow them up on you.  You get a handsome bit of 
    experience for this exercise.  Get to the NE to find Scintle, a 
    sketchy fellow.  Scintle will train you in some spells, but they are 
    much more expensive than Hawthorne.  Still, you can acquire some 
    decent healing spells (like augmentation).  Scintle will give a 
    quest to find a book, although giving it to him is a rebellious 
    action, and doesn’t get you much (he turns off his traps to his north 
    room, but you can explore as you want without too much worry- open 
    the door and close it ASAP).  The north door has a grounded robe.
    You can get a nice prize for the book much later in the game.
    The most important item he has is some saltweed in the door to the 
    east.  To the west you’ll find a recipe for Icy crystal (gemstone 
    + beautiful crystal) and if you can disarm his dresser, you’ll 
    get a discipline wand.
    Kentia East Gate
    Q: Clear Rogues, Find a Prism, Find a Wand
    S: Hawthorne
    O: Duff (3)
    D: West to Fort Kentia, South to Minefield Woods, North to Kentia Mines
    $: Hawthorne
      Almost to Fort Kentia, there are several good quests and helpful 
    individuals here.  Filkins has a quest for you- to clear some rogues 
    near the NW.  You get some experience for this, and one rogue drops 
    a stability bauble for your trouble.  Most important to you is 
    Hawthorne, who will let you use his anvil, trade with you, give 
    you a few quests, train your magic, help you on a future quest, 
    and give you an enhancing gem.  Enhancing gems give a bonus to 
    a resistance (on armor) or damage bonus (on a weapon) when you add 
    it to an item on an anvil.  Hawthorne will sell you two important 
    spells- speed and unlock.  All characters should buy both.  His two 
    quests are to find a prism (reward, living tools and a swarm crystal) 
    and to find an inferno wand (XP and the all-protector recipe = 
    perfected shield + solidified flame + unmelting ice).  You can rob 
    him of his stuff (a fine cloak and robe, and a very nice reflecting 
    shield are the rewards for your trouble) by sneaking around his 
    stuff.  Duff is to the NE, and will talk with you.  There are a 
    number of crystals to the NE as well.
    Fort Kentia
    Q: Cure Torsten, Investigate Damix’s trap, Clear Basement, Rogue in 
     the Stables, Examine Shaper Device, Find the Source of the Rogues, 
     Talk to Torsten’s Father
    S: Searer 
    O: Damix (3), Commander Hevvig (3, +1 if demand key), Khogarth 
       (-3 agree, +2 back down,+4 kill)
    D: East to Kentia East Gate, South to Kentia South Gate, Down to 
    Under Fort Kentia, Boat to Harmony East Docks
    $: Veil
      When you enter, Pyx comes to see you.  She wants you to help her 
    husband, Torsten.  He is to the SW, and has a nasty disease.  
    Hawthorne can help you with it.  Curing him doesn’t get you anything 
    till you make it to Dhonal’s keep.  Damix will ask you to 
    investigate his trap- do so (you’ll probably set it off, not disarm 
    it) for some XP.  Veil is a merchant who wants you to clear his 
    basement.  Do so and he’ll open a chest for you (kind of a crappy 
    reward).  Alillia at the inn asks you to take care of the rogue in 
    the stables- doing so (attack or absorb) for 100 gold.  There’s a 
    drunk in the bar you can kill if you want (or talk to him nicely).  
    Tuona has two items you may consider purchasing- a silver necklace 
    and an artila eye.  Combine them both on an anvil for a great 
    necklace- a blessed necklace.  If you have found either item, 
    definitely use them on that (the artila eye is much more expensive- 
    so be on the lookout for one). Finally, go talk with Commander 
    Hevvig.  She wants you to investigate a canister to the NE- use 
    it for a point of searer if you want.  Talk to her again afterwards 
    for your next assignment- figure out who is making the rogues.  
    With a high leadership you don’t have to kill it, though it doesn’t 
    hurt.  Also with high leadership you can get her to give you a key 
    to the city, getting some nice items in the process.  This is a
    typical shaper action, and changes peoples' opinion of you slightly.
    Completion of Hevvig's final quest gets you a set of essence 
    vambraces, the best pants you’ll find for several islands.
    Fort Kentia Basement
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: Up to Fort Kentia
    $: None
      This area is relatively straight-forward.  Head to the west, and 
    you’ll find a bunch of monsters that decide to attack you.  They can 
    swarm you, so beware.  Most importantly you can find a girdle of 
    strength and some miner’s gloves.  Go to the NE for some nice items 
    and gold.
    Testing Grounds
    Q: None
    S: Create Thahd, Create Artila, Heal
    O: None
    D: South to Eastern Road, North to Inner Mines
    $: None
      This is where shapers go for training.  As you enter, you’ll 
    spot a battle beta, and some rogues will pop up.  Kill them and 
    enter the training area.  There is a servant mind who will help 
    you, but only if you feed it some nutrient goo.  There’s some 
    nearby to the west, so collect it and feed it to it.  With 
    leadership, you can convince it to tell you about the tests- you'll
    need a lot for the highest bit of information.  The 
    first test (NW) has you choosing between either a battle with 3 
    turrets or a leadership test.  The second test is either 2 fyoras 
    and 2 cryoas or a mechanics test.  The third and final test is to 
    get past a blind thahd (very easy) or fight a tough blessed thahd.  
    Once done, go speak with the mind.  You get access to three shaping 
    texts- create thahd, artila, and heal.  
    (WHEN LEVEL 20 OR GREATER)  You now have access to the 
    ultra-difficult second rung test.  You get a no-stone bracelet, 
    and each batch of enemies you kill gets you another stone.  First,
    cast what permanent spells you have (augmentation, steel skin, etc.)
    on you and your allies and recharge at the essence pool. Go 
    north, and face your first enemy- a 1000+ HP golem.  It shouldn't
    be too hard, but will take a few rounds to kill.  Return to the place
    where you found the bracelet and you'll get a one-stone bracelet.
    The first stone adds 1 to your fire shaping.  Go back, and fight
    the twinspirit golems, which are two golems that heal each other
    when their HP differ significantly.  Kill them and your bracelet
    will get a bonus to battle shaping. The third batch of enemies are
    triad golems, and it's starting to get tough.  They aren't that
    much different than the previous golems, but will require some
    tactics to beat.  Luckily, not all of the golems will follow you
    if you want to leave the room, so use this to your advantage and
    take them on one or two at a time.  This gives you a bonus to 
    battle shaping.  The next enemy is a "sustained battle beta" and 
    four pylons.  As long as the pylons live, the battle beta will not
    die.  Kill them then you can take it out.  It's a bit easier than
    the golems, since it is more vulnerable to magic.  From Drakefyre:
    if you are outside the door, then only two pylons can attack you
    at any one time, allowing you to kill at leisure.  For this, you
    bracelet now increases the endurance of your creations and gives
    you +2 to fire shaping.  The final batch of enemies are the 
    pentead golems.  Individually they aren't too tough, but combined,
    they will probably kill you.  Try to isolate them by leading
    one to three out of the room and killing them.  The glowing
    pentad golem is the strongest, but other than a few minor spells
    and one distance attack (like a gazer's attack), there's not too
    much special about these creatures.  Kill them to max out your
    bracelet, getting +2 to all three shaping abilities, and +1 to
    creation strength, dexterity and endurance.  The five-stone
    bracelet is THE bracelet for shapers.
    Kentia Mines
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Inner Mines, South to Kentia East Gate
    $: None
      There are a lot of crystals here- pluck them off the spires for a 
    nice profit.  There are plenty of enemies (thahds, fyoras) and some 
    artila.  The NW has a venom baton and a lot of crystals.  Near the 
    east is Hawthorne’s prism.  The NE has a book with a recipe for an 
    spray crystal (Gemstone + wiry moss) and a flaming wand (stick + 
    gemstone +perfect fyora scale).  There’s not too much else here, so 
    continue searching the mines to the east.
    Inner Mines
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: West to Kentia Mines, South to Testing Grounds, North to Lair 
       of the Creator
    $: None
      Your best way to enter is from the south, not the west.  The south 
    has a body with a mines key, which will open a few doors.  There are 
    many crystals her in this area, like the previous area.  There are 
    also spawners, which will continuously regenerate enemies for you to 
    fight.  They drop gems and crystals when slain.  Make your way through 
    the area, opening the doors as you see fit.  There are about five 
    spawners total.  There’s a body near one of the traps that has a pair 
    of nimble sandals, a very nice item and some chainmail armor and a 
    steel dagger.  The NE has a nice set of lockers with a batch of 
    crystals and Hawthorne’s inferno wand, some nice potions and leather
    Lair of the Creator 
    Q: None
    S: Create Fyora, Unlock
    O: None
    D: South to Inner Mines
    $: None
      Proceed forward, and you’ll see a shade- it is Litalia.  She 
    goads you on and asks what you intend to do.  There’s not much else 
    to do with the shade.  Head around north.  You’ll fight several 
    spawners along the way (both directions).  The NW has the best items, 
    including a canister of create fyora, one of unlock, a terror wand, a 
    chilling band, a student’s belt, and the shaper’s book that Scintle 
    wanted.  The east path only has spawners.  When ready, enter the center 
    room (no living tools are needed in the north center).  Talk to the creator-
    unless you have very high leadership this will end in violence.  With 
    high leadership you can shut the monster down.  Most likely, the creator 
    will attack you and summon a bunch of enemies.  The enemies it summons 
    are less worrisome than the creator.  The creator is fairly dangerous 
    for a melee character, and his spawn are very easy to daze.  Do so to 
    make your job easier- the creator will not summon more so long as 4 are 
    present.  Keep hacking away, you’ll take the fied down.  It drops an 
    empathy blade and a girdle of nimbleness.  Return to Fort Kentia when 
    you’re done.
    Sea Caves
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: Aiglos (2)
    D: Up to Kentia South Gate
    $: None
      This area is in the SW corner of South Kentia Gates.  You are 
    greeted by Aiglos, who does not like shapers.  However, you can help him and 
    his clan out by clearing some enemies.  Head north, and you’ll encounter a 
    bunch of artilas.  One, a venomous artila, drops a vial of blood poison (an 
    ingredient for the creator’s belt).  Continue through the artilas and you’ll 
    find a nest at the end- inside is a lucky charm.  Tell Aiglos for no 
    real gratitude whatsoever.  Walter informs me that you can convince Aiglos
    to join you until you slay the venomous artila, and that you can steal the
    iron sword in the building to the south of Aiglos if you use the creation
    trick.  The iron sword is the strongest weapon on the island.
    ------------------------------Harmony Island------------------------------------
    Harmony East Docks
    Q: Kill Icy Roamers, Find Herbs
    S: None
    O: Captain Bruni (3), Tik (-1)
    D: West to Roamer Marsh, South to Swampy Shore, Boat to Fort Kentia
    $: Ariyas
      Welcome to the second island.  You are immediately greeted by a commander 
    who tells you a bit about the situation, however you are rudely 
    interrupted.  Kill the roamers and continue to talk to Captain Bruni.  
    He will tell you more and give you a quest to kill some icy roamers.  
    They can be found at the Roamer Marsh, Swampy Short, and the Methane 
    Swamp.  However, they will not appear every time, so you may need to 
    exit and reenter a given area till you get a message like "the air 
    chills you".  That means one has appeared.  To the NE you’ll find 
    a recipe for a blessed necklace (silver necklace + artila eye) as 
    well as some wiry moss you should keep on your person.  Ariyas to 
    the NW will pay you good money and xp for each set of dried herbs 
    you retrieve for her.  This quest does not end.  If you give her 
    >=40 she will give you a bonus gift (shaped belt).  The SW has a 
    bunch of nice herbs, but you’ll have to survive the roamers.  You 
    can either head towards the rebels or the shapers.  I’d suggest 
    going to the shapers to burn off some of that hard earned cash 
    from the last island.
    Swampy Shore
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: West to Southern Marsh, North to Harmony East Docks
    $: None
      An icy roamer appears here.  There is a roamer with a gem immediately west 
    of you.  If you can, kill it in the first round, as you’ll get a nice swarm 
    crystal.  Otherwise, if you chase it, it’ll recruit a lot of help to attack 
    you.  Also near the center of the swamp is a building with some roamers that 
    quickly attack you (and some Vat Boots).  A bit east is the chilling roamer.
    The NW has some difficult vlishes (weak vs. melee) who are guarding a 
    reflecting shield and some saltweed.  Vandrin, a guard, stops you to the 
    SE- you’ll see him again later.  There is a shrieking roamer to the SW 
    who will lead you into an ambush.  They’re not too tough, just be careful.
    As you head S, Greta (if she’s with you) will talk with you about the 
    Southern Marsh
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: none
    D: East to Swampy Shore, West to Vlish Woods, South to San Ru, North to 
       Roamer Marsh
    $: None
      Proceed west.  Master Hoge (from the school) stops you and threatens you.
    Now you can kill the roamers at your leisure.  There’s a nasty vlish to the 
    NW, kill him for some swamp pants.  You’ll find a charging stone.  To the 
    SW you’ll find a body with some small items, and a code.  The SE has some 
    swamp bushes guarding a body (with kind of cruddy goods, so don't
    go out of your way for them- from Jumpin' Salmon).  Head to the south to 
    San Ru.
    San Ru
    Q: Lizette’s Rebel Husband, Recover Wiry Moss, Speak with Tik, Find Rebel Spy,
    Speak with Rebels, Harmony Isle Rogues
    S: Vandrin, Diwaniya
    O: Arabella (2), Michelene (3), Diwaniya (3), Arabella Q (1)
    D: West to Gatherer Camp, North to Southern Marsh, Down to Under San Ru
    $: Strange, townsperson
      Talk to the innkeeper Lizette.  She gives you a quest to find her husband.
    Susanna, the potion maker will give you some potions for finding out what 
    happened to an alchemist who lives in the woods and then recovering her 
    herbs.  Arabella watches over the serviles and wants you to speak with 
    Tik (S, who is something of a rogue).  You can rat him out if you want.  
    There’s a shaped shield and a bunch of herbs to the SE.  When ready, head 
    to the shaping hall.  Norrell will give you two quests (find Rebel spy and 
    Speak with Rebels).  The first will get you a fine robe and some gold, 
    the second gets you nothing.  You will need the wooden ring from the rebel
    camp to complete the spy quest.  Diwaniya is a shaper who will train you 
    if you’re pro-shaper.  You’ll also find Vandrin who will do the same again 
    with the same requirement.  You can get Diwaniya to help you out by 
    unlocking some rooms for a coated cloak, sharing belt, and a few other 
    nice minor items.  Diwaniya gives you a quest to clear the Harmony Isle 
    Rogues.  If you have high leadership he'll even give you help if you ask
    for it.  Do so to get a battle alpha, glaahk, and a roamer to join you at
    the infested pathway. If you’ve checked out the door behind the hall, 
    you can get a key from Norrell if you have high leadership.  Once you've
    cleared the rogues for Diwaniya he gives you a key to his place.  Now,
    if you want to be pro-rebel, go ahead and give Lankan the canister you
    found under San Ru.  This maximizes your return.  You can kill Diwaniya 
    after going rebellious for a shaped breastplate and symbiotic cloak.
    Roamer Marsh
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: Shen (+3,-2)
    D: East to Harmony East Docks, West to Methane Swamp, South to Southern
       Marsh, North to Rebel Peninsula
    $: None
      Another icy roamer is here.  It’s to the SW. There are mines here, ripe 
    for disarming.  Kill the vlish and roamers.  Shen is a rebel to the NE, and 
    he can be convinced to help you with high leadership. There’s a shaping 
    band in a nest to the center of the map. There’s not too much else to 
    do here.
    Rebel Peninsula
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: South to Roamer Marsh, North to Rebel Camp, Down to Peat Mine
    $: None
      Clawbugs roam this area.  Kill them, and one may drop a clawbug carapace 
    (shield).  Also, be sure to turn off the crystal to the NW.  This completes 
    one of the rebels’ quests.  You’ll find a bunch of herbs and a pair of 
    swamp boots for your efforts.  Head to the SW and go down the stairs (you 
    can completely skip this level if you want by this route, but it’s not 
    that hard, so I’d recommend doing it).
    Peat Mine
    Q: None
    S: Create Roamer
    O: None
    D: Up to Rebel Peninsula
    $: None
      This is under the Rebel Peninsula.  In order to get past the mines, 
    you’ll need to search the nearby items (bales of hay, barrels, etc.) for 
    switches.  Most interesting to you is the area to the NW.  Shrubs guard the 
    way- kill them and continue on.  There you’ll find a way north (guarded by 
    a trap).  You can find a recipe for the crystalline shroud (perfected plate 
    + crystalline fibers + focus orb).  There’s also a canister of create roamer 
    and a guardian stone.  You can continue to roam this area, but there’s not 
    too much else.
    Rebel Camp
    Q: Destroy Calming Stone, reclaim canister
    S: Terror, Create Vlish, Ice Spray, Create Clawbug
    O: Lankan (3, unless "don't know" 1), Giving Lankan canister (-8), destroy
       canister (+3), Killing Lankan (+8)
    D: South to Rebel Peninsula
    $: None
      This is the area where you find your first major decision- help the shapers 
    or help the rebels?  Xin is guarding the door, but will let you in without too 
    much hassle.  Elspeth will sell you access to two canisters if you sympathize 
    with the rebels for 300 gold each (Terror and Create Vlish).  Darnor 
    (Lizette’s Husband) is NW, and Lankan is in the center building.  Talk with 
    him and he’ll give you a quest to destroy the calming stone.  Since you’ve 
    already done it, you should now have access to a canister of ice spray.  
    Offer to help him recover his canister for even more help (this counts as a 
    pro-rebel activity).  Even if you’re pro-rebel, check the back of the camp.  
    You’ll find a bunch of nice items, including a map of some herbs, and the 
    wooden ring at the south area of the eastern wall (used to show off to 
    Norrell if you’re pro-shaper).  Note that helping the rebels will allow
    you to leave the island at your leisure.  Also, if you have the canister
    and ever go into the room where Lankan is located, you'll either have to
    give him the canister or kill all of the rebels.  Of course, the rebels
    aren't that hard, but still, it's a cruel action.  When you give him the 
    canister you get a canister of create clawbug in return.  Walter notes
    that, "Two things, first of all if you are carrying lankan's canister
    and talk to him you aren't forced to either give it to him or kill all
    the rebels; destroying it makes them hostile but you can run away and
    exit the zone and no one outside that zone will notice they went 
    hostile, and you can still first give norrell's message and get an
    experience reward for destroying the calming stone before the canister
    triggers." This is a good way of keeping Greta for an extra island
    if you happen to accidently meet up with Lankan with the canister.
    Under San Ru
    Q: None
    S: Healing Craft, Create Clawbug
    O: None
    D: Up to San Ru
    $: None
      This is the final Demo Area.  There are some really nice items in 
    this area.  Head north and open each locked door to find a switch 
    that disarms the mines.  NW is a Solidified Flame ingredient and 
    some very useful Tinker gloves (+2 mech when equipped).  Go back to 
    the center and fight the vlish and roamers.  There’s a recipe for 
    discipline wands (stick + gemstone + saltweed + artila eye), Diwaniya’s 
    notes on canisters and a book that will increase healing craft provided 
    you have 3-4 points already (there’s a canister and charm that both 
    improve it coming up, so if you don’t have that much yet, don’t worry).
    A fyora to the east drops a fyoraskin shield, and there’s a canister of 
    create clawbug.  To the north is another area guarded by mines that 
    has Lankan’s canister and a coated cloak.  I would hold off on giving
    Lankan his canister until you clear the island a bit more and get some
    more gold to buy training from Diwaniya under all cases.
    Gatherer Camp
    Q: Lost Gatherer Maps
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to San Ru, North to Vlish Woods, Down to Ambush Pit
    $: None
      The North path has a number of turrets that don't like you guarding it.  
    They should not be too hard for you, especially if you have a Vlish with
    you.  Vlish can kill them in one hit if you're lucky.  To the west you'll
    find a number of mines which can be disarmed, as well as a stairway to the
    far west.  Equip those tinker gloves if you need help disarming the mines!
    Eventually you'll find the gatherer camp to the south, and you can talk to 
    Siri, who will disarm the northern mines for you with leadership.  You still 
    get experience for disarming the no-longer dangerous mines, so this is worth 
    doing if you get to the camp first (from Walter).  Siri also gives you a 
    quest to recover the gather mapswhich are found in the rebel camp.  You 
    should already have them, so give them back to her for info on a rebel 
    cache.  Barxt will sell herbs, though unless you really like crystals 
    and wands, you'll probably not want to buy them. When you're ready head
     to the western cave.
    Ambush Pit
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: Up to Gatherer Camp
    $: None
      Tattooed thahds guard the area, but they aren't that hard to kill.  There's
    an iron sword here, an upgrade from the steel dagger.  Head to the NE, you'll 
    find pyroroamers.  These enemies aren't tough but are definitely obnoxious.
    Hit them from a distance with a ranged attack.  There's a body to the NE with
    minor goodies.  Head to the NW, kill more pyroroamers, then head to the SW.
    Here you will find a static band and a key to Diwaniya's room under San Ru.
    Head on back out.
    Vlish Woods
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Southern Marsh, West to Dhonal Docks, South to Gatherer Camp, 
       North to Methane Swamp
    $: None
      Vlish roam these woods, as you might expect.  They can be very dangerous
    especially if they gang up on you.  Keep your distance and use melee or acid
    attacks.  This is one area where the spell mental barrier can really help.
    The most dangerous enemy is the spectral vlish in the SE.  Kill it and it
    will drop a vlish skin tunic.  Its nest has a rat tail band.  A bit north
    of its nest is a secret supply cache with a few minor items.  Other than
    that, just proceed carefully and use the terrain to your advantage- hide and 
    let the vlish come to you.  
    Methane Swamp
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Roamer Marsh, West to Dhonal Docks, South to Vlish Woods, 
       North to Infested Pathway
    $: None
      Pyroroamers (unstable roamers) are the guardians of this place.  Just stay 
    away from them and use ranged attacks.  The third and final icy roamer can be
    found here to the NE.  The SW has some very tough pyroroamers.  The NE has a 
    clawbug den, make sure they don't gang up on you and take them on one on one.
    Otherwise use group attacks.  In the nest, you'll find a ratskin shawl, a
    decent cloak.  Head west to Dhonal Docks.
    Dhonal Docks
    Q: Slay Rogues
    S: Fire Shaping
    O: None
    D: East to Methane Swamp, South to Vlish Woods, Down to Krya’s Refuge, 
       Boat to Fort Wilton
    $: None
      This is the area that will get you off of Harmony Island.  Head west, then
    south.  If you've done the gatherer's recover map quest, you'll get access
    to a canister of Fire Shaping and several other nice minor items.  Go speak
    with Finn, who is guarding the docks.  Finn has a quest for you- help her
    kill some rogues that have been stalking her.  There are three batches, and 
    she guides you to each.  Kill each batch and the final batch has a vlish
    which will drop a skein of wisdom (intelligence +1), a nice reward.  The NE
    has the very dangerous Krya's refuge which you probably shouldn't attempt 
    to complete before clearing out the isle.  When you are ready to leave the
    island, head here and go.  If you helped the rebels, then Alwan leaves you
    here.  If you killed the rebels, Greta will leave you here (hint provided 
    by blackjack). The docks have some nice minor goods in them including 
    plate vambraces, a null wand, and herbs.  Walter notes that:
    Secondly, you note that if you give him the canister you can leave the
    island at your leisure, but you can also leave at your leisure if you kill
    lankan (diwaniya is so horrified he wants you off the island), so you
    don't have to destroy the spawners to get to dhonal's island as a loyalist.
    Infested Pathway
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: South to Methane Swamp, North to Madness Mire
    $: None
      There's a supply cache immediately east of you, and some nearly bare bodies
    west.  Head north and you'll be attacked by some strange thahds.  They may
    explode when slain, so be warned.  Head west, fight the turrets, roamers and
    vlish, then head north.  A battle alpha confronts you.  Luckily, with high
    leadership, you can convince it to help you.  The thahds behind it attack
    but with a battle alpha on your side, they shouldn't pose much of a problem.
    Head through the door to the final area.
    Madness Mire
    Q: None
    S: Create Artila
    O: None
    D: South to Infested Pathway, Down to Twin Mind Tunnels
    $: None
      Try to make your way immediately to the center of the map and go down the
    stairs.  Clearing the underside of this map will make your actions on the top
    much less strenuous.  Plus, the longer you stay up here, the more enemies are
    spawned, and the more weakened you become. Once you've cleared the Twin Mind
    Tunnels, this area is much easier.  No longer will the atmosphere harm you,
    and the spawners to the north are weakened.  Their pylon buddies won't help
    them much either, so slaughter them with ease.  They drop nice crystals
    on death.  Also, you can access a canister of create artila behind the NW 
    spawner den.  Behind the second spawner from the east there is a physician's
    charm, which gives healing craft +1.  You should have enough Healing craft
    to use Diwaniya's book.  Kill all of the pylons/spawners and head back to
    Twin Mind Tunnels
    Q: None
    S: Healing Craft, Create Vlish
    O: None
    D: Up to Madness Mire
    $: None
      Your objective here is destroy the various pylons located at the perimeter
    of the cave.  Kill each pylon, and you'll eventually get access to the center
    of the area.  Vlish are strong against the pylons.  There is a lot of 
    nice stuff for those who look for it here as well.  There's a canister of 
    healing craft to the NE, the north has a shaped fiber cloak and a canister
    of create vlish.  The west has a rogue servile named Ven.  He doesn't really
    do much, so you can let him go.  When you've destroyed the last pylon, head
    to the center area.  Two servant minds confront you.  They heal each other
    if their hitpoints are significantly different.  Focus your attacks on both
    if at all possible.  You can weaken them with some leadership, just try
    to command them.  On death they drop a girdle of insight and fibrous shield.
    Pillage the rest of their items for some mind nutrients.  There's also
    an acid baton here for you missile weapon users.
    Krya's Refuge
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: Up to Dhonal Docks
    $: None
      There's no one here until you decide to read the book near the center of
    the map.  Doing so gets you attacked by a swarm of shades.  You must do
    this three times to get clearance to go south of the book and face Krya and 
    his buddies.  The shades can be tough especially with their devastating
    ability to slow you.  They get slightly harder each time you read the book.
    When you kill the shrieking shade the first time, the shades stop generating.  
    Note that shades have a very low but non-zero chance of dropping the very
    valuable Agent's cloak.  I was very lucky and got one on my third 
    (pro-rebel) playthrough.  Note that only pro-shaper players are 
    guaranteed an Agent's cloak.  Head south, and you'll fight two sustained
    shades.  You can kill them despite their name- just hit them with enough
    damage in one round to kill them.  You'll also find an artila eye and
    a roamer fang here.  Head a bit north to face Krya, a very 
    powerful shade.  He emits damaging freeze crystals every few rounds so
    be careful!  Vlish, when they hit, can really do a number on Krya since they
    stun and slow him.  Eventually you'll be able to take him down.  Grab the 
    specter robe (probably the best robe yet if you didn't get an agent's robe),
    the mandrake tincture, the crystalline fibers and the girdle of insight.
    Then you'll find a few recipes: Ensnaring crystal (vlish tentacle + 
    gemstone), swarm crystal (mandrake tincture + gemstone but save those
    mandrake tinctures!), and the creator's belt (perfected belt + blood poison
    + deep focus orb).  Congratulations!  You've just finished Harmony Isle.
    Return as you see fit to sell off herbs and purchase training, but other
    than that, you're ready to head to the largest and best island, Dhonal's
    ------------------------------Dhonal Island-------------------------------------
    Fort Wilton
    Q: Find a forge, Broken Shaping Vat, Hidden Rogue Serviles, Striped 
      Clawbug, Missing Crate, Close Purifying Vats, p, the 
    blacksmith wants you to find him a new magic anvil.  There's one a long 
    distance away, so don't worry about this quest yet.  Sestilia wants you to fix
    a shaping vat for her.  Grab an hammer and touch the vat- with adequate mech,
    you'll get the option to fix it.  You get some living tools in return.  
    There are stone blocks in her store, grab them.  Philip will give you some
    shaping gauntlets when you tell him about darkstone mine's anvil.
    Heather has a lot of nice ingredients, but they're slightly expensive.
    Captain Celeste wants your help with some rogue serviles, though they aren't
    too easy to find.  Vincenzio, the customs agent, will inspect you (you'll pass)
    and will give you two quests- kill a striped clawbug (on another island) and
    find a missing crate (nearby).  For the crate you get 5 gems, and the clawbug
    gets you an nearby door opened.  When ready, head into the Inn.  When you're 
    finished with the inn, head outside the Fort.  Now if Greta/Alwan die, they
    regenerate here at the Inn (yay!).  Mooney, outside the fort on the SW side
    will give you a quest to turn off the purification vats if you are pro-shaper.
    Otherwise he just gives you a nasty look (but still trades).  Lynn, on the NW
    side is more helpful to the rebellious.  She wants you to get her some shaper
    notes, and will pay you for each.  There is a shaper note quest for pro-shapers
    as well, but it's in Dhonal's keep.  The NE has a number of storage rooms,
    one which has a mandrake tincture and ivory skull in it.  Another one has a
    shaped blade (strongest weapon yet) and another some dusty papers (part of
    a quest).  Caplan asks you to find some confused serviles in the woods (if
    your opnions are slightly pro-rebel, less than 100- otherwise, no quest).
    Finally, the NW silo sometimes has rats in it.  One dropped a rat tail band
    for me, but not every time.
    Bulwark Inn.
    Q: None
    S: Research Papers
    O: Commander Sobel (3)
    D: Door to Fort Wilton
    $: None
      The commander is the main person you need to speak to, however, someone
    else decides to distract you.  Hoge summons several clawbugs, which you must
    kill.  Chase him and he'll continue to summon more clawbugs and eventually 
    will retreat and leave the area.  You may be able to kill him, but it doesn't 
    do all that much to the story.  When done, explore the inn.  There's a room
    with two recipes: wand of terror (stick + gemstone + vlish tentacle + 
    madness gem) and null wand (stick + gemstone + roamer fang + wiry moss).
    Also in the room with the recipes is a dresser with a perfect drayk scale
    and a black pearl talisman (great for shapers).  You'll find the commander's
    room with a master fort key in the dresser.  Grab it.  Also grab a teacup
    from the SW, as well as a rolling pin.  Grab the cake if you want, but don't
    eat it.  Then talk with Commander Sobel.  He'll give you permission to leave.
    Finally, there appears to be a secret quest with an individual who will
    appear here and will ask you to retrieve the "Papers in the shed" that
    someone in Holding Shed Row also asks you to retrieve.  Do so and he will
    unlock the door to the north (with the recipes).  He will also appear in
    Gull North Docks and give you an alternate quest as well.  He asks for
    the research notes that Morgan wants, and may have a reward.  However, I have
    not done this in any of my play throughs, so I don't fully know the details.
    This info is from Walter.  From Seletine: Komoa will have you retrieve the
    same papers that Renko wants, and will allow you to further continue Komoa's
    Holding Shed Row
    Q: Papers in the shed
    S: Quick Action
    O: None
    D: East to Fort Wilton, North to Storage Road
    $: None
      This place is fairly normal to begin with.  No major enemies except for 
    some rats in the center building.  Disarm the mine before fighting the rats.
    When ready, head to the SW.  Speak with Renko, he will give you a quest to
    find his research notes which are in Fort Wilton.  Doing so gets you a tiny
    orb of mist.  When you're done talking with him, head out, and the camp is
    attacked.  Help them fight off the rogues.  After they attack, the NE is 
    opened up.  Go there to fight some charged fyoras and a servile infiltrator.
    They drop some clover boots, and are guarding some strange markings and a
    canister of quick action.
    South Dhonal Road
    Q: Repair the Generator
    S: None
    O: Rema (3), Fight serviles (+2), Let them go (-2)
    D: West to Storage Road, South to Fort Wilton, North to Purification Plant
    $: None
      A rogue servile gives you a message here.  He wants you to repair the
    monster generator.  Obviously this is a rebellious act.  Head to the SW to 
    kill some plants.  In the very SW you'll find a strange bronze key.  There are
    vat boots to the NE, as well as an assortment of gems and jewelry.  Watch out 
    for the leaky barrels, they will drain your health rapidly. That's 
    about all there is to this area.  From Zeviz: Talk to the serviles to the
    NE.  Say goodbye, and you'll notice some strange behavior.  Ask them how they
    survive to further investigate them.  These are the spies that Celeste is 
    worried about.
    Storage Road
    Q: None
    S: Create Thahd.
    O: None
    D: East to South Dhonal Road, West to Ambush Bridge, South to Holding 
       Shed Row, North to Mountain Pass
    $: None 
      To the SW you'll find some serviles.  Direct them home to Fort Wilton.  Some
    less than helpful guards are NE.  Head to the central woods area.  The east
    dome has a bunch of escaped artilas.  They are guarding a girdle of endurance
    and minor items.  The SE dome has essence and healing pools.  The west dome
    has acid sprayers, a submission baton, and some demon bile.  The N center
    dome has a canister of create thahd and the crate the customs agent was
    looking for.  Note: Kaba will meet you here if you didn't find him at
    South Dhonal Road.
    Mountain Pass
    Q: None
    S: Create Fyora
    O: None
    D: West to Spharon’s Lands, South to Storage Road, North to Keep West Gate
    $: None
      As you march north, rabid roamers will spot you.  Try to kill them before 
    they escape.  This will keep you from being swarmed.  When you're ready, 
    head to the NE.  You'll fight clawbugs, cryoas, rogue serviles, and
    plated artilas.  Proceed steadily NE and you'll find a mage infiltrator.
    Killing him gets you a coated cloak and blessed necklace.  There is also a 
    canister of create fyora.  The area to the NW is also now open for you 
    as well.  Go and pull the lever to the west, this opens the door to the pass
    and gives you entry to Dhonal's Keep, the largest city in the game.  Zeviz
    states that you can avoid a fight if you kill all of the roamers, up to the
    point of getting to the guard quarters (though you may be attacked shortly
    thereafter, though that's not guaranteed).  Clear this area and return,
    there will be a guard name Hullum here who wil give you a gem (from 
    Seletine and Walter).
    Keep West Gate
    Q: Curious Warehouse, Errand Boy
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Dhonal’s Keep, West to Infiltrated Shore, South to Mountain Pass,
       Boat to Fort Kentia, plus another boat if you've reached the 
       pro-shaper ending
    $: Maeby
      Finally!  Civilization!  There are a number of people here to talk to,
    first go to speak with Maeby.  She has a quest for you- check out her 
    warehouse.  It is located to the SW.  Go there, kill the spectral vlish, and
    report back to her for a number of decent small items. To the SE is Gob, and 
    of interest to you thieves is his storage area.  He has a lot of good items,
    including a living knife, infiltrator cloak (an excellent item!), demon's bile,
    and artila eye. Grab it all, then grab Koerner's blade to take care of another
    upcoming quest.  Speak with Gob to get the Errand Boy quest.  This quest
    requires you to get four items- stone blocks, a teacup, a rolling pin, and
    a scalpel.  The first three are in Fort Wilton or the Bulwark Inn (among other
    places) and the scalpel can be found in Dhonal's Keep immediately east.
    Bring him these items for a clawbug charm, +8% to poison resistance.
    Gob is an odd fellow, and if you show him the Koerner's blade, he attacks.
    He will tell you how to make a rod of defense (stick + gemstone + glaahk eye
    + shielding spores) if you say you ask him if he is selling anything, then
    tell him to prove himself.  You can also head back
    directly to Greenwood Island from the docks here.
    Dhonal's Keep
    Q: Retrieve Glaahk Eye, See Strange Servile, Talk to Aenele, Jane's message
      A Missing Book, Another Missing Book, Retrieve Blade
    S: Fanjul (<=90), Gretchen, Magic Shaping, Healing Craft
    O: Fanjul (3), Malaga Q (2)
    D: West to Keep West Gate, South to South Keep, Door to Inner Keep
    $: None
      Golems roam the streets here, although they are not hostile.  Talk to Fanjul
    in the SW.  She will train you if you tell her that shapers are cruel and are
    rebellious.  She has the best prices available.  Fanjul will also tell you
    how to enter the inner keep.  Nearby is a rogue glaahk (in storage) which
    you can kill for a glaahk eye (part of an upcoming quest).  To the SE is a
    magic school.  Speak with Gretchen to buy new spells, as well as improve 
    your magic skills, and to improve Greta's attack to Searer.  A bit north
    is Hildegarde (and a scalpel) who wants you to retrieve a glaahk eye from
    the glaahk to the SW.  She gives you a rod of succor for your time.  Malaga 
    wants you to talk to a strange servile who is located to the south.  Helping
    Malaga doesn't get you anything, but you can rob his closet for a Tinker
    Necklace.  Hubert wants you to talk with Aenele about letting him back into 
    the library. He'll tell you about the rod of alacrity (hasting spores + 
    strong creation tooth + stick + gemstone) if you're convincing enough. Jane
    wants you to tell Lord Rahul that she wants to talk with him. You only get
    XP for completion of that quest, although you do get a hint on how to proceed
    with General Greiner.  Talk with Aenele and with high leadership you can
    convince her to let Hubert back into the library.  She also wants you to
    find a book, "Meeting the Sholai."  Getting Hubert permission gets you 
    a madness gem, a book of Magic Shaping +1, and a recipe for purifying
    elixir (demon bile + mandrake).  Not too shabby for a quick quest.
    Guardian Koerner is missing his sword- Gob stole it from him.  Get it 
    back to get permission to enter the inner keep. When you return Aenele's
    book to her, she opens a room with a book of healing craft in it.  She
    also wants you to find a book of "artila techniques" for her.  Getting
    it for her will get you 3 restoration pods and the infiltrator's ring
    recipe.  You may be able to disarm the golems by talking to the
    servant mind located to the NW (from Walter), but must avoid its care-
    South Keep
    Q: Phasia's Metalworks
    S: None
    O: Cleo (3)
    D: South to Purification Plant, North to Dhonal’s Keep
    $: Cleo
      The most important thing here is to the SW, Phasia (Torsten's father).
    Tell him about his son, and he'll open a shed for you.  With high lead
    you can get him to give you some living tools.  He also gives you a quest
    to investigate his metalworks.  There is no reward for completing that 
    quest, unfortunately.  Search his house for ingredients and crystals,
    including a glaahk eye.  His shed has a stabilty bauble, a warmth ring,
    and several non-magical bits of jewelry.  It is relatively easy to turn
    non-magical jewelry into magical jewelry, so you may want to hang on to the
    jewelry, at least some portion of it.  His other shed must be broken in to,
    and has minor nice items.  The scribe to the NW will mumble a lot of small
    tidbits of info, including the recipe for a jeweled wand (perfect drayk
    scale + spray crystal + gemstone + stick).  Immediately south of the scribe is 
    a storeroom with a tribal fetish in a chest. South of Cleo is a storeroom
    with a clawbug that splits into 4 more when killed.  Near the center of 
    the map you will find Tor, the servile Malaga wants you to speak with.  
    It turns out he was approached by intelligent serviles as well.  
    That's about it for this area.
    Inner Keep
    Q: Investigate the Prisoner, Meet Greiner, Deliver Orders, Exterminate Rogues,
      Assist Khyryk, Destroy Geneforge, Find Shaper Junk
    S: Battle Magic, Lady Anjali (>=110 for best skills), Healing Craft, 
       Create Drayk
    O: Lord Rahul- Dryss (-3 freed, +1 studied, +3 killed), -Kaba (+2), Anjali (3)
    D: Door to Dhonal’s Keep
    $: Sciolino (>=90)
      This is the heart of the shaper government.  If you are a rebel, be careful.
    Immediately west of the entrance is a book of battle magic.  Head north to find
    Lord Rahul, a powerful guardian.  He is willing to talk with you.  Tell him
    about your school, and he will give you a quest- investigate the prisoner in 
    cell 3.  It's a large Drakon named Dryss.  Talk to it and find out what it
    knows.  Report back to Rahul.  Tell him what you think should be done with the
    beast, then listen to him give you new instructions.  He now wants you to find
    General Greiner and see what is up with him.  Once done, he will give you the
    next set of instructions, to attack and destroy the rogues.  For this he gives
    you a charmed plate and a shining shield. Then he wants you to assist Khyryk.
    Finally, he wants you to destroy the Geneforge.  This ends the game as pro-
    shaper for you.  Lady Anjali will train you after you look at the drakon, she
    increases all medium shaping skills.  However, she will charge you more
    than normal if you express pro-rebel views. This is countered by Fanjul
    training for dirt cheap.  The SE has a door to Dhonal's Keep that
    is somewhat secret, and the NE has a number of good items, including a girdle
    of life.  Shaper Danell is in the N keep, she gives you a quest to find
    shaper junk.  You get money for each batch of shaper notes brought in,
    and you get special items for 1)the shaping book from Greenwood (runed onyx),
    2)Lankan's canister (ruby necklace), and 3)the golem notes (oozing blade).
    The first time you talk to her you can get her to give you a shielding knife.
    Sciolino is a guardian who wants you to find him an anvil (yes, this is the
    second anvil quest on the island).  Doing so gets you discounted prices on
    his supplies.  He will not sell to you if he suspects you sympathize with
    the rebels.  He will also buy things from you.  He will upgrade Alwan's
    sword for a few hundred gold, or you can get him to do it for free
    if you have high leadership and are helping Rahul. Nearby these two people
    is a book that increases your healing craft.  When you're ready, I would 
    recommend checking the private rooms of Rahul and Anjali.  If you have
    permission from Rahul to take stuff, then you shouldn't have too many 
    problems, just go to the NW.  In the NNW, you'll find a canister of create
    drayk, a perfect drakon scale, and a charm of mental focus.  In the WNW 
    you'll find an even better haul- a submission baton, wand of death,
    infiltrator's cloak, transference robe, and near two glaahks, a bunch of
    shaped lances, crystals, puresteel plate and a guardian claymore.  The
    guardian claymore is one of the best weapons in the game- not the most
    damaging, but great increases to your stats.  Shapers will love it.  This
    area is a great place to do some thieving, as well.  Hide yourself then 
    send your creations out to pick up items.  You can get a lot of shaper notes,
    some mandrake and demon bile, and goblets.  This is also true of Dhonal's
    Keep proper- loot the library of notes.
      Rebels: If you have Akhari's orb, as soon as you get close to Rahul it
    will trigger and you'll be sent to Chadwick Prison.  Get out, and come back
    for him.  He's hiding with his wife in the chambers to the NW.  Kill them,
    and head back to the Geneforge.  Report on your success for the pro-rebel
    ending.  They drop a shaper true chitin and agent cloak (Aenele) and a
    shaped breastplate and sword (Rahul).
    Ambush Bridge
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: Crin (-3 to go free, +1 to go to Fort Wilton, +3 if killed)
    D: East to Storage Row, West to Acidic Valley, North to Spharon’s Lands
    $: None
      The bridge is about to fall- the soldiers nearby know it, and are scared.
    As you approach the bridge, they start talking with you.  With leadership
    you can convince them to stay and fight.  Bless and shield everyone, then
    walk slightly across the bridge.  You are attacked shortly.  Kill the rogues
    and the battle beast drops a shaped blade.  The soldiers run off once a
    majority of the rogues are dead.  The NE has a shade guarding an ivory
    band, and you'll also find the rogues that Caplan is curious about.  You can
    find out their story, then send them on their way, perhaps back to Fort 
    Wilton.  To the SW you'll find the rogue nest, one has a singing rapier.
    There's a Guardian roamer to the north guarding a null wand.  Head on out.
    Purification Plant
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: South to South Dhonal Road, North to South Keep, Door to Inner Plant
    $: None
      This level is highly annoying, as the atmosphere constantly damages you.
    Additionally, there are a number of annoying golems and poisonous pools that
    impede you.  Your best bet is to enter combat and explore slowly but steadily.
    You should enter from the south, as that is the only way to accomplish anything
    significant.  Immediately east are vat chitin, vat boots, and crystalline
    fibers.  The fibers are ingredients.  Head west and talk to the servant mind.
    He will open the doors to you if you talk to it.  If you want to take the 
    easy route, go along the perimeter of the level and get the key at the very 
    end of the map.  Three golems block your path, though they are pretty easy 
    to avoid.  The key is in a dresser.  Nearby is a lever you can pull to open
    the door.  Head to the west door to get to the inner plant.  When you've 
    turned off the power supply there, come back- there is no longer any acid
    in the atmosphere, and the pools have turned off. The most useful item here
    is an infiltrator vest to the SW.  There are plenty of gems and other nice
    minor items, so search the area thoroughly. 
    Inner Plant
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: Door to Purification Plant
    $: None
      Acid pools block your path, as do lava pools.  The easiest route for you is
    to head down to the SE, take the path, kill the two golems, turn off the
    pylons to the SW and NW, then take it easy and breathe.  Head up to the NW, 
    and you'll see some non-hostile golems.  Kill them while they are non-hostile,
    as this will make your job easier.  Head to the rooms they were guarding, and
    grab a deep crystal, stunning blade, and some gems.  Head back to the pool
    area and search the body for a fyoraskin cloak, then head back to the main 
    plant.  It's a lot safer now.
    Spharon's Lands
    Q: None
    S: Dominate, Create Artila
    O: None
    D: East to Mountain Pass, West to Main Army Camp, South to Ambush Bridge, 
       Down to Blasted Lab
    $: None
      Spharon is a nutcase who has a lot of serviles in his employ.  This is a
    very rich area, well worth doing.  Completing this area will enable you to
    make your first artifact, and will win you several canisters.  The serviles
    here are tough, and may drop gold rings.  Fire and vlish attacks both work
    well.  There's a rat that may drop a rat tail band near the center of the
    map.  Serviles to the north drop plate vambraces and a shaped belt. Two
    canisters, one of dominate, the other of create artila can be found to the
    NE.  The servile master to the NW has a tribal fetish.  Head to the NW to 
    go under this level.  There's also a golem guarding a girdle of genius, a
    mighty fine belt.
    Blasted Lab
    Q: None
    S: Create Roamer, Acid Shower
    O: None
    D: Up to Spharon’s Lands
    $: None
      Like the top area, there's a lot of nasty serviles here.  Luckily, nothing
    has changed with them, so use the same tactics you used before to get rid of
    them.  Head to the far west where a dangerous crystal leaks poison, and
    check the nearby chest for a projection band.  There's a lot of crystals
    around, grab them for some quick cash.  Head to the NE to get some assistance
    taking on Spharon.  These serviles will help you if you have adequate
    leadership.  However, they are hostile unless you personally confront them.
    Then head to the NW, and see Spharon.  He's not a nice person.  Kill his
    serviles, then pound on him.  When he gets really weak, he mocks you.  Then
    he heals himself.  To kill him you must crush a crystal which he has hidden
    in a yellow jar northwest.  He drops a symbiotic cloak and reviving crystal
    when he dies.  The symbiotic cloak is one of the best cloaks in the game,
    until (and if) you get the agent's cloak for shapers and agents.  There are
    mind nutrients in a dresser pretty close nearby.  There are also two mandrake
    tinctures nearby, as well as a deep focus orb, and canisters of create
    roamer and acid shower.  The deep focus orb will allow you to make your first
    artifact, and you have a choice of two- either the creator's belt or the
    crystalline shroud.  The crystalline shroud will give you a bonus to your
    AP (+2, allowing 2 attacks per round), whereas the creator belt makes your
    creations significantly stronger and is great armor.  Agents definitely
    should go for the shroud, and shapers will like the belt.  Guardians
    will need to choose (though the shroud is probably best for them as well).
    However, in order to make the shroud you will need a shaped breast plate.
    There is one available in Darkstone Mines, but that is a long ways away.
    You can buy one from Sciolino in the Inner Keep, but it's fairly expensive.
    The belt is great for shapers, as it adds ~4 effective levels to your 
    creations.  Whatever you decide, the nearest anvil is on Harmony Isle.  The
    anvil on this isle is a pain to get, and you'd probably like to make the
    item now.
    Acidic Valley
    Q: None
    S: Group Heal, Create Thahd, Create Clawbug, Intelligence, Endurance
    O: None
    D: East to Ambush Bridge, West to Ruined Mine Gates, North to Main Army Camp
    $: None
      Be sure to have a decent mechanics score before attempting this area.  You
    will get a lot of experience by disarming the sprayers as you roam this area.
    The sprayers are extremely obnoxious if you do not turn them off as soon as
    you approach them.  Now is a good time to equip those +mech items- you may need
    it.  There's no shame in entering combat, hasting yourself, and running to
    disarm each sprayer.  This is almost necessary in the NW.  The SW has a few
    more sprayers, this time in close quarters indoors, and the very pleasant
    infiltrator's shield.  The NE has one of the best bonuses in the game.  Make
    sure you have at least 10 leadership (change from Zeviz), then explore the 
    tombs.  Two tombs give special abilities- one improves your group heal 
    spell, the other improves your create thahd and clawbug.  The best part 
    is when Thihn's ghost confronts you.  With adequate leadership, you can 
    talk him into giving you a boon- +1 int, and +1 end.  Get the specter robe 
    and corrupting baton which are nearby.  This bonus is designed to reward 
    those who invest in leadership.  Note that General Greiner will turn off
    the sprayers if you ask him, but you'll miss out on a bunch of experience
    (and a bunch of frustration for some).
    Infiltrated Shore
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Keep West Gate, West to Northshore Bridge
    $: None
      West of the west gate of Dhonal's Keep, this area has rogues that can be
    tamed with nearby spore boxes.  They aren't that difficult, so you can fight
    them just as easily.  Head to the NW, there's a nice area with a bunch of
    minor goodies, including a mica band.  The spore boxes are at the perimeter
    of the lake.  Use them for some experience.  There's a door to the SW here
    that scares you.  You'll return to it if you're a rebel, but otherwise it's
    not important.
    Northshore Bridge
    Q: Patrols Gone Wild, Stringer's Shield
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Infiltrated Shore, West to Mined Shore, Down to Main Army Camp
    $: None
      There's a body with steel items in the cubby immediately west.  Head to the
    SE to speak with Stringer.  He has two quests for you- take care of the
    rogues to the east, and retrieve his shield.  There are several rogues
    on the bridge (you can talk your way out really easily when you meet
    them.  They are easily persuaded to be good by shapers with decent leadership)
    and killing them gets you good XP.  He has lost a shaper's shield, and it can
    be found on a rogue clawbug nest to the SE.  Return it to him for a decent 
    bit of experience.  Your destination is the locked area to the SW.  You should
    be able to enter with one of the rogue keys you found on a body earlier.
    There is a hostile shade, two mines, and three treasure chests at the end.
    One of the chests is impossibly trapped, but it doesn't hold anything anyway.
    You can find a mandrake tincture here, as well as a key that takes you to
    General Greiner's chambers.
    Main Army Camp
    Q: Get New Orders, Remove Interference
    S: Create Vlish, Healing Craft
    O: Anahad
    D: East to Infiltrated Shore, West to Infested Mountain, South to Acidic 
    $: None
      If you've been following this walkthrough, you'll be in a tunnel and will
    soon find General Greiner.  He is distracted.  Tell him "Lord Rahul..." followed
    by "try to inspect..." and "try to disrupt...", and finally command him to
    help you.  The shade is tough (mental barrier is useful here), but you
    should be able to take him down with some effort.  It drops a golden crystal
    (the ultimate enhancement) when slain.  Talk to Greiner to get the quest,
    "Get new orders".  Don't let Greiner die or the whole island will hate you.
    There are other people and items of interest here, so
    continue to explore.  Head east, and you'll find an area full of contraband.
    Also, the book "Meeting the sholai" is a bit south of the contraband room.  In
    the contraband room you'll find a canister of create vlish.  Avon the
    quartermaster will give you some living tools if you can convince him to do
    so.  Erika will give you a quest- to remove an interference that is preventing
    her from using her creations to their fullest.  Doing so gets you a lot of
    experience and a point in healing craft.
      If you haven't been following this walkthrough (for shame!) then you can 
    still enter Greiner's room with high leadership (12 is required- from Zeviz
    and Contra).
    Ruined Mine Gates
    Q: Investigate the Mines
    S: Strong Daze
    O: None
    D:East to Acidic Valley, West to Dhonal West Dock, South to Darkstone Mine
    $: None
      This is the entrance to one of the most fruitful areas on the island.  Rose
    immediately calls for you- follow her to get some info on the area and get
    a quest- investigate the mines.  Merely making it to the SW fulfills this
    quest, which will get you a reviving crystal.  A battle beta north of 
    Rose drops a sparkling wand when you kill it.  Head west through the 
    clawbugs, and you'll find tools and some shaped gauntlets.  Far to 
    the NW is a small house with a canister of Strong Daze.  Head south to the
    Darkstone Mine
    Darkstone Mine
    Q: None
    S: Magic Shaping, Battle Shaping
    O: None
    D: South to Darkstone Core, North to Ruined Mine Gates
    $: None
      There is a golem immediately inside of the mines.  It will answer some 
    of your questions.  This area has some nasty golems to the SW, destroy
    them if you can.  A lot of areas are blocked off, but you can get the 
    stuff removed if you play your cards right.  You'll find some essence
    vambraces to the west, and four golems to the SW.  If you turn off
    the crystal the four golems are significantly weakened.  Head to the
    center, and you'll find some ingredients, in addition to some books
    which increase your magic shaping and battle shaping.  The NE has a number
    of searing artila and vlish, take them out and continue your path south.
    An inferno worm is to the far SE, it is very tough but can be beaten,
    especially by melee attacks.  When you've cleared this place, head back
    NW to the anvil, and report to the two people who want to know about the
    anvil.  You can now also access a rod of succor.
    Darkstone Core
    Q: None
    S: Mass Energize
    O: None
    D: North to Darkstone Mine
    $: None
      Charged Fyoras impede your progress here, but not by much.
    However, you'll notice a new enemy as you proceed- drayks.  They are tough,
    and fire resistant.  Most other attacks hurt them, though.  Go to the SE, and
    get near the dangerous crystals.  You'll find a key here that you'll need 
    later.  Here you'll find the recipe for the emerald chestguard (deep crystal +
    perfected plate + demon claws).  To the far SW, there is a captured golem. 
    Two bodies are behind the door, one has a submission baton, the other has a
    student's belt and a shaped blade.  The golem is pretty tough, but 
    can be beaten.  Kill it for a golden crystal and blademaster charm (very nice).
    There is also a can of purified essence here- it's an ingredient.  In the
    golem's room there is some demon's bile and the golem notes (give them to
    shaper Danell for an oozing blade).  If you can't take out the golem yet, come
    back after gaining a few levels.  It should be easier.  I'll steal your toast
    tells me that he just runs in as fast as he can and steals the items from
    beneath the golem's nose.  Whatever works!  When ready, head up
    north try to go west.  You have two options, either unlock the door or go
    through some dangerous territory.  Make your way however you want to do it
    and face a drayk, Hsssak.  He doesn't much care for you.  He has a servant 
    mind with him but DO NOT KILL IT.  If you kill it, you can't get it to open
    the mines up fully.  You can convince the servile mind to not attack you
    with 9 leadership.  Kill the drayk, and it drops an armor band and a shaped
    breast plate.  Talk to the servant mind immediately afterwards and you'll
    have to feed it.  Get it to fix the area and you'll be able to access the
    anvil.  There's also a canister of mass energize right next to the drayk.
    Infested Mountain
    Q: None
    S: Create Battle Alpha
    O: None
    D: East to Main Army Camp, South to Dhonal West Dock, North to Mined Shore
    $: None
      Time to start taking on the rogue horde on the western side of the island.
    Captain Serrit is your aid for this map.  Talk with her and get her to start
    an attack.  Join her, perhaps by blessing and shielding (or mass energizing)
    the troops.  Make your way through the battle alphas, glaahks and serviles
    to the NW.  Commander Shez is your main enemy.  Shez drops a flaming blade
    upon defeat, this weapon is the same class of weapons as the oozing blade.
    There's also a batch of batons and a deadeye cloak in nearby containers.
    Head to the SW, and kill the serviles here as well.  They are guarding a
    canister of create battle alpha, as well as minor goods.  These are also
    the serviles who are interfering Erika's control over her creations.
    Report back to her after they are dead (immediately if you intend to be
    a rebel!).  There is a wand of alacrity (speed) to the NE.
    Mined Shore
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Northshore Bridge, West to Searing Chambers, South to 
       Infested Mountain
    $: None
      Camille is a sapper to the SE.  She is necessary for crossing this area.
    First, you should probably clear the cubby immediately west.  You have to do
    this anyway, so go ahead and do it while Camille is out of the way of danger.
    It's only a group of vlish and a submission turret, nothing awful.  Go back
    and tell Camille to get a move on it.  Some leadership skill will be
    required, though not much.    She'll activate the spore box nearby,
    which disarms some of the northern mines.  Do this three times. There are 
    some tinkers gloves on the body near the final spore box.  To the SW is a
    twisted silver key.  
    Dhonal West Dock
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Ruined Mine Gates, West to Overgrown Road, Boat to Gull South Dock
    $: None
      The SE has several people who will help you, namely Captain Voth and his
    warriors.  Recruit them, and go kill the rogues. It's not too tough, especially
    with their support.  Try to make it to the NW.  Mindcaster Belix may or may
    not attack you while you're slaughtering the rogues.  Belix is a nasty
    servile mage, and upon death drops a girdle of might.  When you've finished 
    this island, come back here to go to Gull Island.
    Overgrown Road
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Dhonal West Dock, North to Creator’s Hall
    $: None
      Again, you can get help here, and it may not hurt, given that your enemies
    are spawners.  Get Captain Nyall to help you.  Again, some points of
    leadership may be necessary.  There are three sets of enemies, kill them
    and take their stuff.  Phasia's metal works are to the NE.  Most of the
    individuals sent the first time have since become ghosts.  Zerik is in the
    northernmost room, and drops a spectral rapier when slain.  Search the area
    for Phasia's puresteel.  You don't actually gare 
    crystals that awake nearby creatures, so be careful unless you're looking
    for a fight (which you probably are, or at least that's what I'd assume).
    There's a lot of shaper equipment here, as well.  Grab it, you won't need to
    hold on to it for too much longer.  The NW has a canister of healing craft,
    get it if you really want to.  A maddened servile in the SE (behind bars)
    drops a shaped shield when slain.  A body east of the servile has a 
    transference robe, which you should sell.  There's a mandrake tincture a bit
    west of the servile, in a monster lair.  In the bottom monster lair is a
    canister of create glaahk, which enables you to make ur-glaahks if you use
    it.  Head out to the creator's hall.
    Creator's Hall
    Q: None
    S: Steel Skin, Quick Action, Battle Magic.
    O: None
    D: West to Searing Chambers, South to Overgrown Road
    $: None
      Last area of the island.  This is the area where you must go to choose
    whom you intend to join- rebels or shapers.  If you choose the shapers, you
    still have one more chance to change your mind.  However if you choose the
    rebels, then you're pretty much stuck with that decision.  Immediately south
    of the east entrance is some unmelting ice, an ingredient.  When ready, head
    to the center room.  The creator greets you.  Talk to it, and then someone
    else comes in.  Erika, the other shaper (who you helped by clearing the
    interference) will help you kill the creator, or will fight you if you try
    to fix it.  It you want to destroy the creator, go north to the control
    panel and hurt the creator with a power surge.  If you want to help it, go
    to one of the machinery thingies to the SE and fix it.  Doing so will cause
    Erika to attack you.  Don't do this if you want Rahul's help!  Otherwise,
    repair away.  No matter what you do, there's no real reward one way or
    another.  North of the creator is a crystal woven chitin, a girdle of insight,
    and a gruesome charm.  There's also a canister of steel skin.  Head to the
    WNW for canisters of battle magic and quick action (agents will find the
    battle magic canister very tempting.  Remember- as long as you use less than
    7 (6 or fewer) canisters, you're considered to be unaltered).  Head south,
    and face the rogues.  They gang up on you, so stay back.  Once destroyed,
    head to the west to fight a drayk.  No matter what you say, he is your enemy.
    Take his money and gems.  He also has a guardian stone and some samaritan
    sandals.  With that head back to Lord Rahul (if you killed the beast) or
    head down to the docks (if you repaired it).
      What to do in the meantime.  Before heading to Gull Island, you may want
    to return to Greenwood Island and complete the shaper's tests.  They are 
    tough, but should be doable.  Also, make/enhance your items at the anvil.
    You will wish you had it available later.  On your way back to Dhonal's
    Island, sell off your herbs on Harmony.  You may also be strong enough to kill
    Diwaniya if you helped the rebels now.  When ready, go to West Dhonal Docks
    and to the next island.  When you head to the docks, one of your NPC allies
    may leave depending on your actions- Greta will leave if you kill the 
    creator, Alwan will leave if you repaired it.
    ------------------------------Gull Island---------------------------------------
    Gull South Docks
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: West to Cultist Woods, North to Beastkeeper Woods, Boat to Dhonal West Dock
    $: None
      Servile Looters "greet" you.  You can fight them (mighty fine if you're 
    pro-shaper), or lie to them about Litalia.  If Greta is with you, you can
    have her talk to them as well.  However you go about it, head out of the 
    docks, and Litalia says Hi.  Depending on your actions, she threatens you
    or she encourages you onward.  Now that that's over, you can explore the
    area.  There really isn't too much major here, just explore thoroughly and
    take what you want.  Most interesting to you is to the NW, where you find a
    vat with a rotghroth in it.  Kill it for some pustulent vambraces and an
    armor ring.  
    Cultist Woods
    Q: None
    S: Essence Orbs
    O: None
    D: East to Gull South Dock, North to Stonespire
    $: None
      Enemy serviles inhabit the area to the NE.  Other serviles patrol the area,
    you may become hostile towards them if you have used too many canisters.
    If you haven't used many canisters, they are obnoxious but not immediately
    hostile.  That is one of the fees for being a canister-fiend.  Inferno
    worms can be found to the north, they are dangerous if you don't use a bit
    of strategy (haste or daze should make killing them a cinch).  Head to the
    cultist camp, clearing out the serviles.  They may drop platinum rings,
    keep them as ingredients.  The NE has a crowd of cultists, including the
    nameless master.  Kill him for a fibrous breastplate.  Also in their hut
    is a canister of essence orbs and some mandrake tincture.
    Beastkeeper Woods
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: West to Stonespire, South to Gull South Dock, North to The Maker’s Road
    $: None
      A relatively straight-forward area, kill the rogues that roam the woods.
    The beastkeeper is near the center, kill him for a chilling band and
    a stunning blade.  Sychss the drayk guards the NE.  He won't immediately
    attack you, but if you into his cave he will.  He summons some cryoas
    for help.  He doesn't have much that's good, other than a girdle of
    avoidance and a polar fur coat.
    Q: Find Shaper Equipment, Kill Khyryk (R), Clawbug Hunt, Find Lost
       Journal, Find Loyalist Spy (R), Agent Hunt (R), Contact Khyryk (S),
       Kill Khor's Deeps Shaper (S)
    S: Create Drayk, Essence Armor, Major Heal, Kill, Minor Heal, Heal, Healing 
      Craft, Macallan, charisma
    O: Elek (3), Corrie (3), Bailey Q (-3 once)
    D: East to Beastkeeper Woods, West to Display Warren, South to Cultist 
       Woods, North to Gull North Docks
    $: Sauza, Bailey
      This is the main town for this island.  Serviles have taken over and are
    currently running the show.  They aren't hostile unless you enter the
    central building as a pro-shaper, or go to the hut to the SE.  Most important
    to you is Bailey.  Bailey will FINALLY take all that shaper equipment you've
    been saving.  He gives you a lot of money for it too.  It may count as a pro-
    rebel action, but it's well worth it.  There are a lot of canisters around
    here, and if you are pro-shaper, the only way for you to get them is to
    unlock the nearby doors.  However, most can be bought if you are pro-rebel.
    Corrie is a guard to the NE who betrayed the shapers.  She will give you a
    quest to kill 8 redshell clawbugs.  She is also Phasia's daughter, though
    that doesn't mean anything.  Maker, to the SW sells good items especially
    for crafting with an anvil.  Morgan, an alchemists wants you to find his
    lost journal.  Doing so gets you a nice reward- healing craft, minor heal,
    and heal improvements.  You can also give the journal to someone else if
    you are rebellious, but I will mention who later.  Macallan is the final
    person of importance here.  She is a shaper, an agent, and can train
    you in many skills and spells.  She will train you even if you are a rebel.
    Pro-shapers will find her help invaluable.
      If Rebellious: Go to the center of the central building and talk with Elek.
    Elek wants you to kill Khyryk, the shaper to the west.  He will also sell
    you two canisters for 1000 each, though with high leadership you can get
    them for free.  The two canisters are Create Drayk and essence armor.
    Creek Blade wants you to find a loyalist spy.  Amena Blade
    tells you of the story of the serviles and will sell you two canisters for
    2000 each.  They are Major Heal and Kill.  Find Macallan, as she is the
    spy,  Tell Creek blade for a second mission- to kill a shaper in the shaping
    halls to the NNW.  Doing so gets you an oozing belt, which if you didn't
    have the creator's belt, would be a great item.  When you have helped the
    serviles by killing Khyryk, you get access to their western area.  Inside
    is a guardian cloak (the symbiotic cloak is better, in my opinion), and
    a canister of charisma.  You are told to head to the Isle of Spears, and
    given some keys.
      If Loyal: Shaper Agatha has one quest for you- to kill Master Hoge. Do
    so for a cryoa fang charm (+3% CR, you're not missing much if you're a
    Gull North Docks
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to The Maker’s Road, West to Crumbling Lab, South to Stonespire,
       Boat to Spears East Docks once you've been to the Isle of Spears
    $: None
      Here you find rogues, as usual.  These rogues cry out when slain, causing
    more to come to their aid.  Even so, they're not that tough.  Eventually,
    Azak the Shredder comes for you.  When it screams, it can make your creations
    run away in fear.  Kill it for some thrusting gauntlets and a shaped shield.
    Not much else to this level, just kill everything that moves.
    Crumbling Lab
    Q: Investigate shaper (S)
    S: Kill
    O: None
    D: East to Gull North Docks, West to Khor’s Deeps, South to Display
       Warrens, Down to Clawbug Infestation
    $: None
      This area is fairly odd.  If you enter from the east and are a rebel,
    kill the shaper Diamant to fulfill Creek Blade's mission.  She drops an
    empathy blade and warmth ring when you kill her.  Otherwise, talk 
    with her for a quest to investigate a shaper nearby.  Do so and she will
    tell you about a hidden cache in Stonespire.  Head west, and you'll find
    a locked door with a rotghroth.  Kill it and search the body for a grounded
    vest (worth a lot!).  Fight the shrubs and rats.  The SW has some mind
    nutrients.  Grab them. When ready, head to the NE.  Grab the key to the
    east.  There's a pool that will spit out creations when you get to a 
    specific location.  Be careful, as they can sneak up on you.  Search the
    area near the pool for a journal half.  Head west from here, to a room
    with several levers.  Pull them all, and you'll be attacked by the pool
    again.  Head to the NW and kill the creations.  There's a canister of kill
    here as well.  Head to the SE and grab the copper key.  Head to the SW
    and fight the pool monsters again.  Now you've got to fight a nasty drayk
    who is infested with worms.  However, the drayk's worms also have worms.
    Kill them all, they can be nasty.  The drayk drops a shaped breastplate
    when it dies.
    Display Warrens
    Q: None
    S: Major heal
    O: Darian (Destroy her +2, Deal with Elek -5)
    D: East to Stonespire, West to Breeding Caverns, North to Crumbling Lab, 
       Down to Clawbug Infestation
    $: None
      When you enter this area, if you have not joined the rebels, you will be
    approached by Learned Darian, who will offer you one final chance to join
    the rebels.  If you haven't done it yet, don't bother, in my opinion.  Play
    the game a second time with a rebel shaper if you're curious about what 
    changes.  This area has some very potent pylons that can really hurt you if
    you're not careful.  The best way to get through this level is to turn them
    all off, one batch at a time.  Head to the West first, avoiding the pylons.
    Talk to the servant mind Stesha and have him turn off the pylons.  Avoiding
    the pylons now will avoid an annoying bug.  With sufficient leadership, you
    can convince Stesha to turn off the nearby pylons and give you info. 
    Mention Litalia's name to gain control.  Head east, and hug the north wall.
    Open the door and turn off the control panel, turning off the next few 
    pylons.  Head north, and talk with the rotghroth.  It wants your help 
    destroying a strong rogue.  Help it kill the jailed battle alpha and it will
    let you open the northern doors, allowing you to turn off the pylons.
    Once you do this, the area becomes clear.  However, if you kill any of
    the pylons, I've found that this area does not become clear, even if you
    kill them all and turn off the switches.  As such, this area is a permanent
    red zone.  This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that there is a
    cave with an anvil to the S, and it's a pain to access.  Now you can go
    back and kill the non-hostile pylons for the same experience you would
    have got earlier.  One servile body to the SW has a rod of succor. The
    battle alpha you killed earlier has a golden crystal for you.  Unlock the
    doors to the NE fight the creatures inside.  The cryoas are guarding a
    canister of major heal.  
    Clawbug Infestation
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: Up to Display Warren and Crumbling Lab
    $: None
      A lot of clawbugs live here, including the striped clawbug that the 
    customs officer in Fort Wilton wanted you to destroy.  Kill 8 redshell 
    clawbugs to satisfy Corrie's quest.  Redshells are resistant to fire, so use
    other magic on them.  The striped clawbug is to the north, and may drop a 
    farsight chitin on death.  Make your way to the NW to find an anvil.  Mark
    this area mentally, as you will probably want to come back here shortly
    when you've accumulated a few artifact ingredients.
    Khor's Deeps
    Q: None
    S: Create Battle Alpha
    O: None
    D: East to Crumbling Lab, West to Cultist Freehold, South to Breeding 
       Caverns, Boat to Spears East Docks
    $: None
      This is the area you must travel to to leave this island.  Here you may be
    able to exact revenge on an old acquaintance.  If you are helping the rebels,
    you may want to avoid this area to begin with until after you have permission
    to leave so that you can talk to the resident here.  Killing him doesn't 
    affect you much in any way, however, so if you want to explore, go right on
    ahead.  Kill the glaahk to the east for a glaahk shield.  When ready,
    head into the main building.  Well, hello Master Hoge!  Yes, the crazy shaper
    has finally ended his travels.  He will probably be hostile, but if not, he
    soon becomes hostile if you talk about his canister.  There is a contraption
    to the north that heals Hoge, so be sure to sabotage it before fighting him.
    Otherwise he runs right to it to heal and attack you constantly.
    He is easy to provoke, just threaten to take his canisters.  The only
    canister he has is to the east, one of create battle alpha.  He drops a
    sharing belt and some nice essence chitin, which raises all of your shaping 
    skills.  The NW has a pure crystal shard, and ingredient for the
    ring of the infiltrator, which you should make very soon.  The bonus to
    your skills will be very helpful.  Note that if you have kill Hoge in a
    previous encounter, the enemy here will be Mooralas, who is much easier
    (from Seletine).
    Breeding Caverns
    Q: Jolana's Techniques
    S: Create Glaahk, Mental Magic
    O: None
    D: East to Display Warren, West to Tower Gates, North to Khor’s Deeps
    $: None
      A cryodrayk greets you.  She tells you not to mess with her young. If you
    have a few points of leadership you can convince her to call out to her
    brood and have them let you by.  It doesn't work to well so you'll have to 
    be careful if following this route.  Of course, you can slaughter them without
    any repurcussions.  Do so if it makes you happy.  Head to the SE and speak
    with Shaper Jolana.  He is not fighting the rogues, and is the object of
    Diamant's quest.  He wants your help finding some puresteel to make armor
    and weapons.  Do so and for a fee he will make something for you.  If you
    have the puresteel from Phasia's metalworks you can use that as well.  Of
    course, the items aren't that great and you can probably find them on
    your own.  Your choice.  Jolana's chambers have pair of cryoaskin 
    vambraces and a mandrake tincture, and Jolana will drop a fibrous
    breastplate and a shielding knife when killed (from Seletine).
    Head to the south, and you'll see 6 vats and a
    control panel.  Use the panel and you'll have to fight 6 battle creatures.
    The last one, a blessed beta, drops a frozen blade on death.  Near the 
    center of the room is a locked door, head north to pull a lever and get
    past the door.  Inside is a canister of create glaahk.  You will find the
    other shaper journal half on a body to the NW.  Nearby is a canister of
    mental magic.  That's about it for this area, head on to the next.
    Tower Gates
    Q: None
    S: Group Heal
    O: None
    $: None
      You have 3 options for getting to Khyryk's gates.  You can either go 
    through the box mines, the small exploder mines, or the turrets.  The box
    mines are probably the easiest, just equip your mech-increasing items and
    disarm them- they are along the bottom path.  The south path also has
    a dead body with an infiltrator's charm.  Alternatively, head to the
    middle path and carefully guide your shaper through the mines, and use the
    spore boxes.  There are three boxes total.  The north path has turrets,
    and a bunch of mines guarding some dead bodies with a canister of group
    heal.  To make it past the mines, you will either need to summon up some 
    sort of fodder creation to get blown up by them (a thahd works well- don't
    improve its intelligence, it won't be fighting), or steelskin and shield
    a creation with high HP and send it through the field, healing as necessary.
    The reaper turrets can kill a weakling like your typical shaper in one hit
    so be careful.  There's a body with shaped boots to the N, and an artila
    with the book Aenele is looking for to the NW.  
    Cultist Freehold
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: East to Breeding Caverns, West to Khyryk’s Tower
    $: None
      The south section of this map is full of cryoas.  The north section holds
    the cultist.  As you kill the cultists, they will start releasing beasts from
    vats (killing 3, 6, 10, 14 serviles will open the vats after lots of chanting).
    These beasts get progressively tougher as you go on, so to simplify
    your fighting, get to the NW fast and kill the shaman.  There's a recipe for
    the avenger's ring nearby (Perfected Ring + Pure Crystal Shard + 
    Ur-Drakon Skin).  The servile cultmaster to the east is the most rich servile
    here- kill him for a quicksilver chain and a girdle of might.  Head to the NE
    and you'll find some serviles.  Set them free then accompany them to the SW
    exit.  You get decent XP per servile rescued.  Nearby the serviles is the
    recipe for the purification elixir (mandrake tincture + demon bile).
    The Tower Path
    Q: None
    S: Parry
    O: None
    D: East to Cultist Freehold, South to Khyryk’s Tower, Boat to Monastery of 
    $: NOne
      This is a rather loopy level that takes you on a spiral path up to Khyryk's
    tower.  Cultists and other serviles are your main opponent.  There are drayks
    and cultists to the SE, kill them for some minor goods, a black pearl 
    talisman, and a bonding knife. The NE has the most important thing for you,
    a boat.  This boat will take you to the monastery of tears, the most
    difficult area of the game.  There's also a canister of parry nearby.
    When you make it to the end of this level, several drayks rush you.  Luckily, 
    you have help by way of the nearby turrets.
    Khyryk's Tower
    Q: Agatha's Mansion, Free the Shapers
    S: Khyryk, Major Heal, Create Drayk
    O: Khyryk (3)
    D: Directions for this level are: East to Tower Gates, North to The
       Tower Path
    $: None
      Khyryk is one of the most interesting characters in the game, my 
    personal favorite.  He is very helpful and will train you if you're
    pro-shaper.  Even if you're not he still will train you in several
    spells.  He also trains Greta for 3000 gold.  Her attack is further
    increased to essence orbs.  He has a quest for you- find out what
    happened to the shapers.  Rebels and pro-shapers can both do this quest,
    there is no significant penalty.  However, the next quest, to free the
    shapers is pro-shaper only.  When you complete his "Free
    the Shapers" quest you get an agent's robe, an excellent claok that
    provides bonuses to your magic skills.  Explore Khyryk's tower for
    several goodies.  The area to the NW mostly has minor goodies, but the
    southern area has several nice items, including demon bile, mandrake
    tincture, canisters of create drayk and major heal, recipes for
    armor and impervious bands (Platinum Ring + either Perfect Drayk or
    Drakon Scale), a reaper baton, a girdle of avoidance, some demon claws,
    a rod of alacrity, a shaped blade, some mind nutrients, and a recipe for
    the essence aegis (perfected shield + purified essence + crystal woven 
    fibers).  If you intend to kill Khyryk, try to take him by surprise.
    He may teleport away for a first time, if so, he will be to the SW.
    Just continuously hit him, eventually he will go down (i.e. he will
    burst apart when he tries to teleport a second time).  He drops an
    agent's cloak and a puresteel belt when he dies.
    The Maker's Road
    Q: None
    S: Essence Armor
    O: None
    D: West to Gull North Docks, South to Beastkeeper’s Woods, Door to Maker’s End
    $: None
      There are serviles here who become hostile if you have consumed too many
    canisters.  Otherwise, your main goal is the SE mansion.  Enter it and disarm
    the traps nearby.  Read the journal in the SE, and you can grab the deadeye
    cloak and ivory band in the northern room.  Through the unlocked door is a 
    canister of essence armor.  If you have the "free the shapers" quest, head to
    the NE and go in the door.
    Maker's End
    Q: None
    S: Create Rotghroth, Battle Roar
    O: None
    D: Door to The Maker’s Road
    $: None
       Do not attack
    any pylons if you do not want to fight all of the pylons in the area. Enter the
    area, and head to the SE room to insert your control rod in the control panel.
    Head past the pylons, then kill the rogues, turrets, and disarm the mines in
    the courtyard.  Head north, and go touch the control panel again to enter the
    next area.  Omen Eye is the boss of this area, to the NE.  He is tough, but
    you can get the pylons to help you if you run to the NE room and use the
    control panel with high mechanics.  Once dead, grab his eye.  Head east, and 
    pull the four levers.  This opens the nearby doors.  There's another lever
    nearby that will open a room with a canister of battle roar and one of 
    create rotghroth.  Head to the SW room for some oozebeasts, one will drop
    some excellent ornkskin gauntlets.  Guardians will like them, with their 
    nice bonus to strength.  Now head to the next east room, this is where the
    shapers are.  Kill them if you feel rebellious, otherwise talk to Agatha.
    This will end the "retrieve shaper equipment" quest, so make sure you don't 
    have a large stock of it hanging around somewhere.  This clears Stonespire,
    and reinstalls the shapers as the proper owners.  You are now done with this
    island.  Return to Stonespire to speak with Agatha.  However, if you kill them,
    this makes Khyryk upset and he will be waiting for you when you come back,
    in the SW rooms.
    ------------------------------Isle of Spears------------------------------------
    Spears East Docks
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: West to Icy End, South to Besieged Camp, North to Spire Forest, Boat to 
       Gull North Docks
    $: None
      Rebel: A drakon comes and greets you.  However, while talking,
    a bunch of humans come to fight you.  The drakon then gives you
    directions- you are to head to Icy End and talk with Nazar.  If Greta
    is in your party, you will have a conversation with her.
      Loyal: A drakon comes out and threatens you.  Fortunately, a bunch of
    humans come to help you, and together you take the drakon down.  They
    then tell you to meet them to the south.  Do so to avoid the cold.
      Both: Some cryodrayks here need discipline.  Give it to them.  Some
    nice minor items are your reward.
    Icy End
    Q: Get Cake, Spears Shaper Camp, Kill Orois Blaze
    S: Aura of Flames, Create Gazer, Mass Restore
    O: None
    D: East to Spears East Docks, West to Benerii-Eo Gates, South to Breeding
    $: Essa
      The NW building with a door has the recipe for a Golden crystal in it 
    (Mandrake Tincure + Gemstone + Perfect Drakon Scale + Perfect Fyora Scale).
    Note that Mooralas' chamber will be empty if you killed him at Khor's Deeps.
      Rebel:  Few people will talk to you unless you talk with Nazar first.  Essa
    will ask indirectly for some cake.  Give her some (there's some in Khyryk's
    tower) for a nice minor item reward.  Rall is a servile blacksmith whose
    husband has been sent away.  She sells several shaped items.  Now head
    and talk with Nazar to the SE.  He wants you to kill some shapers hiding to
    the SE.  Do so for a canister of aura of flames and a reaper baton.  
    Afterwards he tells you to go see Litalia to the west. Vrabel wants 
    you to kill Orois Blaze (doing so prevents you from being shaped by him,
    obviously).  Once the deed is done, go speak with Iss-Ta for a new canister
    of create gazer.  Vrabel's next quest is to destroy a shaper cache in the area
    NE.  A mass restore canister is your reward.
      Loyal: Kill everything that moves.  It will save the shapers who will purge
    the island later the effort.  No one should be too tough by now, except for the
    area down to the SE.  Save that for last.  You can avenge your school even
    further by killing Mooralas, Hoge's apprentice.  For a bit of fun, clear out
    the servile chambers to the north.  This will show you just how powerful
    you are.  After purging the main town, head to the SE.  Nazar needs removal,
    as the shapers in the SE request.  Nazar himself isn't too hard, but the hoard
    of creations nearby make this area difficult.  Strong daze and mass madness
    will make your life a bit easier.
    Besieged Camp
    Q: Slay Guard Serviles, Slay Nazar, Find Benerii-Eo Entry
    S: Aura of Flames, Mass Restore
    O: None
    D: East to Breeding Valley, North to Spears East Docks
    $: Swanwick
      Loyal: Here is where the shapers who helped you against the drakon when you
    landed on the island are located.  Head to the SE, past the mines (there's a
    sporebox near to them), and talk with the shapers. While talking with
    Swanwick, you are attacked by 2 rotghroths.   The main person of 
    interest is Resnick, who has several quests for you.  Other shapers give you
    more info.  Resnick wants you to kill the NW serviles, and will teach you to
    shape yourself in exchange (Mass Restore).  He then wants you to kill Nazar,
    and will teach you Aura of Flames.  He also wants you to let him know when
    you've found an entry to Benerii-Eo.  Do so, and with high leadership you can
    convince them to join you.  The only entry that counts is to the NW, the
    mushroom caves.
      Rebel: Like the loyalist, head to the SE.  Kill the shapers that reside
    within.  Resnick drops a charmed falchion.
    Breeding Valley
    Q: None
    S: Orois Blaze
    O: None
    D: East to Besieged Camp, West to Southern Gates, North to Icy End
    $: Orois Blaze
      There is a region filled with Drayks to the north.  Kill them and take their
    stuff.  I found a pair of putrefied gauntlets on the rotghroth.  The 
    Ur-Glaahk nest to the SW has some puresteel boots.  Finally,
    go talk with Orois Blaze.  Orois Blaze is a savvy drakon who will trade for
    your goods.  He's very helpful inasmuch as he can shape you, giving loyalists
    a non-canister way of obtaining the highest level spells.  His shapings cost
    5000 gold each, so come with a full wallet.  You can kill him for an arcane
    band and a perfect ur-drakon skin.
      Rebel: Keeper Trug fills you in a bit one what's going on nearby.  If you
    kill Orois Blaze, then these individuals may be hostile.
    Spire Forest
    Q: None
    S: Luck
    O: None
    D: West to Mushroom Cave, South to Spears East Docks
    $: None
      Khossos, a nasty lizard, doesn't like the fact that you are here.  If
    you've used a bunch of canisters, you don't like the fact that he's here
    and will attack him immediately.  Otherwise you can persuade him to stop
    bothering you with some leadership.  Of course, killing him will get you
    some quicksilver sandals.  Killing his wards gets you a nice bit of stuff
    as well, but we'll cover that later.  Head to the SW, disarm the mines, and
    you'll find a shaper cache, which is the object of Vrabel's second quest.
    There's a canister of luck to the NE, behind the den of drakons.  In the
    central cave that Khossos was guarding, you'll find several vats.  Open
    them using the control panel (THIS ACTION MAKES ICY END HOSTILE- BEWARE!)
    and fight the drayks, cryodrayks, and drakon that come out.  The drakon
    drops a drakonian plate and an ur-drakon skin.  There are other nice items
    nearby in the nest, grab them as well.
    Mushroom Cave
    Q: Kill Servant Mind
    S: Mass Restore
    O: None
    D: East to Spire Forest, West to Benerii-Eo Vat Core
    $: None
      The NE has a canister of mass restore.  There is a shaped breastplate
    to the NW, but you'll have to steal it.
      Rebels: Maris, a servile is to the SW.  Talk with him and report
    back to Rall in Icy End for some XP.  Zulak is in charge here and
    wants you to kill a servant mind to the NW.  You get some XP for this
    quest, but that's about it.
      Loyalists: Have fun slaughtering the serviles!  If they spot you, no
    biggy, you just have to fight some drayks.  The NW has a servant mind,
    who is groggy but will wake up with adequate leadership or yelling at
    him.  Have him open the nearby doors.
    Southern Gates
    Q: None
    S: Mass Madness
    O: None
    D: East to Breeding Valley, North to Benerii-Eo Labs, plus a boat if 
       you've reached the pro-rebel ending
    $: None
      Some nasty enemies live here.  An essence vlish drops Tek's spectral
    dirk, a good weapon.  The spiritwracked eye doesn't seem to drop a
    thing, though.  Khazz-Reh, a rotghroth, likewise drops nothing.
    Immediately south of Khazz-Reh is another rotghroth, this one drops
    a valuable rotghroth fang.  The SW is home to another gazer,
    this one drops the valuable gazerskin vambraces.  Once you've made it
    to Benerii-Eo Labs, head south and enter this area from the north.
    Doing so gets you access to another anvil.  If you're pro-rebel, the
    serviles are friendly.  However, if not, then look out for the 
    servile commander- he drops a puresteel blade.  A cave at the west
    end, near the second gazer, has a canister of mass madness and the
    lightning girdle recipe (perfected belt + solidified flame + Ur-Drakon
    Benerii-Eo Gates
    Q: None
    S: Battle Roar, Create Gazer
    O: Krizsan Eye
    D: East to Icy End, West to Benerii-Eo Labs
    $: None
      Rebels: Litalia is at the end of the path, and she tells you that you
    must submit to testing by Krizsan eye.  First Krizsan has you swear loyalty
    to Akhari Blaze (you can lie with adequate leadership, for what it's worth).
    Then Krizsan eye has you pacify or kill some creations to the west.  Either
    way works.  Return to the eye then head to Litalia.  She tells you to
    go straight to Akhari Blaze.
      Loyalists: Kill everything that moves, same as usual.  The servile 
    commander drops a quicksilver plate.  Krizsan Eye drops puresteel
    gauntlets on death. 
        There is a canister of battle roar to the north, and a canister of create
    gazer to the south.  Play with the levers and with the control panels
    to open the door and make the pylons friendly.
    Benerii-Eo Labs
    Q: Destroy Golem
    S: Create Drakon, Battle Roar, Strength, Dexterity, Mass Madness
    O: None
    D: East to Benerii-Eo Gates, West to Geneforge, South to Southern Gates,
       North to Benerii-Eo Vat Core
    $: None
      There are two canisters: create drakon and battle roar to the SW, and
    a pair of pustulent vambraces, decent pants.  Kill the golem to the NE
    via the path described in the rebels area below.  There are 3 canisters
    to the NW behind a heavily locked door- strength, dexterity, and mass
    madness.  Remember, as long as you've used less than 7 canisters, you
    haven't gone too far (some of these canisters are very nice).  Check the
    SW for a puresteel ring (use for Jolana's techniques if desired).
      Rebels: Fae, a servile, greets you.  Talk with her to understand what is
    going on.  A drakon doesn't like that you are here, and there's something
    nasty to the north.  Also, have Litalia's Key!  Gee, thanks.  Krazass Crafter
    is to the SW, and he is the one who has made all of the canisters.  He doesn't
    much care for you, but in this case, reacting nastily to him (via too many
    canisters) actually calms him down.  Tigh eye is to the NW, and will
    show you what they have discovered.  It gives you a quest to destroy the
    golem to the NE.  There's an alternate way of killing this golem that
    involves activating the crystal in the southern part of the room and getting
    the golem near to it.  I usually just beat on it till it dies.  When dead,
    claim the puresteel charm, claws of a demon, and right entry bracelet that
    become available to you.  Completion of Tigh's quest will get him to
    open up a door for you. Check out Litalia's room as you see fit for a
    number of decent items (described below).
      Loyalists: Kill everything that moves.  See, that's why you should
    stay loyal!  It's fun to demostrate your superior power.  Litalia's room
    is immediately NW of the entrance, visit it for some background story and some
    shaped boots, shaped breastplate, shaped sword, shaped gauntlets and a shaper's
    boon ring.  Tigh Eye drops gazerskin sandals, some of the best footwear in the
    Benerii-Eo Vat Core
    Q: None
    S: Aura of Flames, Create Rotghroth
    O: None
    D: East to Mushroom Cave, West to Geneforge, South to Benerii-Eo Labs
    $: None
      If possible, enter from the SW. Immediately run and disarm the nearby
    control panel, followed by the sprayers. There are many pools nearby, but they
    can mostly be turned off by finding a nearby control panel and using it.
    Stay away from the center unless you want to fight a bunch of golems. The
    SE has a number of nice items, including an essence charm, some mandrake
    tincture and demon bile, and the rod of battle recipe (stick + gemstone +
    battle pod + perfect drakon scale).  A canister of Aura of Flames awaits
    you nearby.  The NW has a canister of create rotghroth.  In the center of
    the map is the vat's core, guarded by a large group of golems.  These
    golems have the left entry bracelet, which you need to explore the
    monastery of tears.
    Q: Kill Rahul
    S: Create Drakon, Endurance, Spellcraft
    O: None
    D: East to Benerii-Eo Labs, North to Benerii-Eo Vat Core
    $: None
      The NW has two canisters, create drakon and endurance, and a puresteel
    necklace.  First you must get past Litalia.  Rebels and Loyalists have two
    options.  The SE has a canister of spellcraft.
      Rebels: She's is pretty friendly, though heartless.  She directs you to
    Akhari Blaze.  Talk with him, and he gives you your final quest- to kill
    Lord Rahul.  He gives you a bit of assistance, a summoning orb.  Watch your
    dialogue with Litalia- you don't want to insult her too much because she
    may become hostile if you say the wrong thing.  Head south and talk to
    Akhari Blaze.  He gives you your final quest, to kill Rahul.  He gives you
    an orb to help (though it doesn't help much).
      Loyalists: She's probably hostile, unless you talk her out of it with high
    leadership (something along the lines of "he has you do his dirty work?").
    She still attacked me even after I convinced her not to shortly afterwards.
    Kill her for a quicksilver bulwark, probably the best shield in
    the game.  Head south, killing serviles for fun and maybe profit, and find
    Akhari Blaze.  He is near the center of the map, so your best bet is to
    move along the perimeter of the area (going over the lava- you can turn them
    off if you find some levers and use them).  As you make it around, use the
    control panels you find around Blaze's room and either turn off the creation
    platforms or set them to attack him.  You need leadership for both actions,
    but the latter requires significantly more.  When ready, confront Akhari
    Blaze.  He taunts you then attacks.  Hopefully nothing will attack you from
    the nearby platforms, in fact you'll probably have the creations attack him
    instead.  He falls fairly quickly.  When dead, destroy the Geneforge- there's
    no real fanfare.  Head back to Rahul to report on your victory.
    Chadwick Prison (Rebels only)
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: Ladder to Infiltrated Shore
    $: None
      This can be a fairly nasty situation if you're a shaper.  All your items
    are taken from you and your creations are permanently stunned.  Head out the
    door and kill the turrets (haste and hide tactic works well).  Head north and
    then west of here and turn off the control panel to revive your creations.  
    Immediately west of the control panel are all your items.  Yay, now nothing
    can stand in your way.  The SW has the low security cells with a bunch of
    battle creations guarding it.  Nothing too tough.  There's an insane shaper
    in the SW-most corner of the room, talk with him and he'll attack.  You get
    a Shaper's boon ring for your troubles.  The NE cells (guarded by pylons) are
    mostly empty, with the exception of the SW and NW rooms.  Inside the SW room
    is a maddened servile who drops a forbidden band when slain.  The NW room
    has a crazy inmate (eyebeast) who drops a pair of gazerskin sandals.  Head to
    the NW, where the warden Chadwick resides.  He is tough, but can be beaten.
    On death, you get access to his Agent's shelter shield, as well as his
    quicksilver bulwark.  Head north, get the key, open the door to the N, tell
    the servile at the beginning, he'll give you a hint, and get out of here.
    ------------------------------Monastery of Tears--------------------------------
    Monastery of Tears
    Q: None
    S: Tolleran
    O: None
    D: Boat to The Tower Path, Door to Monastery Caves
    $: None
      These two levels are among the toughest in the game.  That said, the main 
    floor is significantly easier than the basement.  You can get here by taking
    a boat from the Tower Path.  When you enter the door, you see several golems.
    You must kill them all to enter the monastery.  This area mainly has 
    rotghroths.  Don't attack them with acid based, you will do little damage.
    Drayk fire can hurts them over 100 HP a shot.  Haste 2-3 of them, and you'll
    kill a rotghroth in a turn.  The servile watchers to the north can be tough-
    one variety is magic resistant and can be best taken down by melee attacks.
    A few Drakons roam the area, don't try fire attacks with them.  The eastern
    chamber has the horrible Ornk Spawner- apparently the way by which the rogues
    gain sustenance here.  Go ahead and kill it.  There are a few locked doors
    here, some are worth your tools, some are not.  The one near the spawner
    only has a reaper baton and a mandrake tincture- probably not too worthwhile.
    The NE has a recipe for the talisman of might (rotghroth fang + purifying
    elixir + gold necklace), which is probably the best necklace in the game due
    to its huge strength bonus.  With it, you'll probably never have to worry
    about the weight limit again.  There is a firewind worm also to the NE,
    killing it gets you another solidified flame, enabling creation of both the 
    all-protector and lightning girdle.  The locked door to the NE has a pair
    of gloves of the rock, a bit north of that door is another locked door
    which can be opened with a key you will find on this level.  A room to the
    NW has several bodies and an infested gazer.  You should know what "infested"
    means by now- spawning worms on death.  The room has a puresteel belt.
    Probably the most important thing is in the NW corner- kill the pulsating
    rats, and open the heavily locked door.  You'll find Tolleran, a shaper.
    He will shape you for 6K a go- he shapes your primary stats, a nice bonus
    if you've got the spare change.  South of Tolleran is Eyebeast Aktrom, a 
    nasty rogue with two rotghroth cohorts.  Melee damage is the way to go with
    Aktrom, as he is resistant to most other attacks.  Try to keep him occupied so
    that he doesn't use his aura of flames attack on you.  Grab the key when he 
    dies.  The nearby door has a twice-blessed robe and a shaped fiber cloak.
    More rotghroths are to the SW.  There's a final locked drawer here with some
    reaper thorns and gemstones.  It's tough to open, so it's your choice if you
    want to bother.  When you've cleared the majority of Benerii-Eo, come back
    here with the two bracelets you found and go to the NE.  Approach the door,
    you'll be let in to a room with a health and an essence pool, and a green
    door.  Use the green door to enter the pretty horrible Monastery Caves.
    Monastery Caves
    Q: None
    S: None
    O: None
    D: Door to Monastery of Tears
    $: None
      This is easily the most difficult area in the game.  If you can beat this,
    you will have no problem with any other areas of the game.  You start out to
    the SE.  The nearby servile bodies have some bracelets which you should already
    have.  This area has several Boss-level difficulty enemies.  There are also
    a number of nasty rats nearby.  Ratlord Eye is in the SW corner of the map- he
    has a few rats with him, but they are pretty easy.  Ratlord eye can really put
    the hurt on you, so your best route (as with all gazers/eyebeasts) is to
    have you heavy hitters beat on him.  Glaahks work quite well.  When he falls,
    three pulsating rats take his place.  Now get your melee fighters out of there
    and kill them with distance attacks- otherwise, you'll be hurt a lot in the
    resulting flames.  Ratlord Eye drops a purified essence and impervious band,
    and the nearby container has some demon bile and crystalline fibers.
    The NE holds some spirit-linked drakons, as well as some normal drakons.  They
    don't drop too much of note.  There's a nearby locked closet with a golden
    crystal at the east.  The center of the map has a lot of reaper turrets
    but by this time they shouldn't be that difficult.  Just take your time
    clearing them out.  Head to the NNW (the north holds several very difficult
    rotghroths- probably one of the most difficult batches of enemies in the game,
    so take them out after doing this), and you'll find the source of "spawned"
    enemies.  If you have 20 mechanics or so, you'll be able to completely turn
    off this spawning pad, making your life significantly easier in this area.
    Do so if you have the mechanics.  Otherwise, your best bet is to stay in
    combat mode through this level to try to keep the spawned enemies to a minimum.
    After this spawner is destroyed, you can think about taking on some of the
    tougher enemies.  To the west is the pure essence shade, along with three golems
    and a bunch of bushes.  Kill the golems first (they're pretty easy), and then
    take out the shade.  Remove the bushes ASAP as well- they're not strong but
    they are annoying.  The shade drops a shaper true chitin, amazingly powerful
    armor just designed for shapers (who probably won't want to use it because
    the various +AP armors are still more useful).  There is another rotghroth
    fang in the sacks immediately south of the shade (use it for either a charm
    or the necklace if you haven't made it yet).  The NE has a radiant drakon which
    will daze your creations every round (mental barrier helps a bit) but once
    destroyed drops a perfect drakon skin and some gloves of the hammer (very
    potent gloves).  To the north are three shambling rotghroths and some spraying
    bushes.  All in all, a real acid-fest.  The rotghroths are vulnerable to magic
    as usual, but they spray acid every turn.  Hit them as hard as you can and
    concentrate on one at a time.  Once they go down, one drops the Puresteel
    Soulblade, one of the strongest weapons in the game.  Of course, by now you're
    probably dependent on the guardian claymore, so oh well.  When you're ready
    head to the NW.  Here you'll find a nasty creator who can really wipe the floor
    with you.  Stay back from him, and concentrate on the creator.  It will summon
    three waves of increasingly tough enemies as you go, so be warned.  Kill it for
    the best charm in the game, the omnicharm.  It also drops a deep focus orb, for
    what it's worth.  Once cleared with this area, there's not much left to do.
    7. Item List
    Item name, stats enhanced, selling price
    The first column is armor bonus for armor, and damage range for weapons.
    Abbreviations used: Str = Strength, Dex = Dexterity, Int = Intelligence,
    End = Endurance, MeW = Melee Weapons, Mis = Missile Weapons, QA = Quick Action,
    PA = Parry, BtM = Battle Magic, MM = Mental Magic, BlM = Blessing Magic,
    SC = Spellcraft, FS = Fire Shaping, BtS = Battle Shaping, MgS = Magic
    Shaping, HC = Healing Craft, Lead = Leadership, Mech = Mechanics
    When followed by either a "C" or a "c" the effect applies to your creations.
    FR = Fire Resistance, CR = Cold Resistance, ER = Energy Resistance,
    SR = Stun Resistance, MR = Mental Resistance, PR = Poison Resistance,
    AR = Acid Resistance, HER = Hostile Effect Resistance (all the preceeding)
    TH = To Hit Percent
    Note that armor increases your fire, cold, and energy resistance by half of
    the armor percentage, making stronger armors all that much better.
    Consider this when trying to figure out what to equip (from Walter).
    Artila Skin Tunic     6% +2 BtM, -1 MM                                  62
    Chain Mail Armor     16%, +20% SR, -5% TH                               37
    Charmed Plate        28%, +40% SR, -15% TH +5 luck +8HER
    Chitin Armor         10%, +10% SR                                        5
    Crystal Shroud       16%, +2 AP, +30% SR, +12% HER, +3 StrC           1250
    Crystal Woven Chitin 12%, +1 Spell craft +20 SR
    Drakonian Plate      24%, +50% SR, -20% TH, +15% AcR, +15% ER
    Emerald Chestguard   50%, +2 AP, +2 HER, +18% SR, +2 levels of damage 1250
    Farsight Chitin      10%, +10% SR, +3 Mis                              250
    Fibrous Breastplate  20%, +45% SR, -15% TH, +12% ER, -5% FR            250
    Infiltrator's Vest    4%, +1 Lead, +1 Mech, +2% HER                    150
    Iron Breastplate     22%, +30% SR, -10% TH                              75
    Puresteel Plate      40%, +50% SR, -20% TH,                            375
    Quicksilver Chain    16%, +20% SR, -5% TH, +1 AP, -2 SC                400
    Quicksilver Plate    34%, +50% SR, -20% TH, +1 AP, +1 Dex              750
    Ruby Breastplate     16%, +20% SR, -5% TH, +8% FR                      125
    Shaped Breastplate   34%, +50% SR, -20% TH
    Shaper True Chitin   24%, +10% SR, +2 StrC, DexC, IntC                1500
    Steel Brestplate     28%, +40% SR, -15% TH                             175
    Thahd Skin Tunic      6% +2 MeW, -1 Int                                 62
    Tunic                 4%                                                 1
    Vat Chitin           12%, +10% SR, +5% PR, +5% AR                       50
    Vlish Skin Tunic      6%, +2 MM, -1 BlM                                 62
    Boots 4% 2
    Clover Boots          4%, +3 Luck                                      100
    Gazerskin Sandals    20%, +10% HER, +30% SR                            750
    Heavy Boots           6%                                                 5
    Nimble Sandals        2%, +1 Dex                                       200
    Puresteel Boots      14%                                               250
    Quicksilver Sandals   2%, +1 AP, -2 Str                                625
    Samaritan Sandals     2%, +2 HC                                        150
    Sandals               2%                                                 1
    Shaped Boots          8%,                                               25
    Spectral Boots        3%, +5% AR, +5% ARc                              125
    Stability Boots       8%, +1 Dex, +40% SR                              625
    Swamp Boots,          6%, +10% PR                                      175
    Vat Boots             4%, +5% PR, +5% AcR                               25
    Blademaster Charm         +1 Quick Action, +5% TH, +8% MERc            625
    Clawbug Charm             +8% PR                                       250
    Cryoa Claw Charm          +3% CR                                       250
    Essence Charm             +1 Int, +3% HER, +8% MERc                    625
    Gruesome Charm            -2 End, +2 Int, +2 Dex                       375
    Infiltrator's Charm       +1 Lead, +1 Mech, +8 HERc                    625
    Lucky charm               +1 Luck                                      150
    Mental Focus Charm        +1 SC, +8% HER, HERc                         625
    Omnicharm                 +1 Str, Dex, Int, End                       1500
    Physician's charm         +1 HC                                        250
    Puresteel Charm           +1 Str, +1 Levels of damage, +8% HERc         62
    Skein of Wisdom           +1 Int                                       250
    Girdles and Belts
    Belt                  2%,                                               10
    Creator's Belt       20%, +2 StrC, DexC, IntC, EndC                   1250
    Girdle of avoidance   5%, +2 Dex, DexC                                 250
    Girdle of genius      5%, +2 Int, +2 IntC                              250
    Girdle of insight     4%, +1 Int, +1 IntC                              100
    Girdle of life        5%, +2 End, +2 EndC                              250
    Girdle of might       5%, +2 Str, +2 StrC                              250
    Girdle of nimbleness  4%, +1 Dex, +1 DexC                              100
    Girdler of strength   4%, +1 Str, +1 StrC                              100
    Lightning Girdle      6%, +1 AP, +3 PA, +2 Dex                        1250
    Oozing Belt           4%, -2 Str, +3 StrC, DexC                        350
    Puresteel Belt        8%,                                              250
    Sharing Belt          4%, -2 Dex, +2 StrC, DexC                        200
    Studded Belt          4%,                                               25
    Student’s Belt        2%, +1 Int, +5% ER                                50
    Carnelian Gloves      2%, +1 BtM, +1 MM                                200
    Gauntlets             3%                                                15
    Gloves                2%                                                 4
    Gloves of the Hammer  8%, +2 Str, +1 QA, +1 Par                       1000
    Gloves of the Rock    5%, +4 End                                       500
    Miner’s Gloves        5%, +5% PR, +15% SR                              400
    Ornkskin Gauntlets    3%, +2 Str, +2 End                              1000
    Putrefied Gauntlets   8%, -2 Str, Dex +20% AR, +4 SC                  1250
    Steel Gauntlets       4%,                                               12
    Shaped Gauntlets      6%,                                               62
    Thrusting Gauntlets   4%, +1 Pa, +2 Damage levels                      200
    Black Pearl Talisman  4%, +1 BtS, +1 MgS                               250
    Blessed Bauble        2%,                                               62
    Guardian Stone        2%, +1 QA                                        150
    Puresteel Necklace    6%, +1 FS                                        750
    Ruby Necklace         2%, +5% FR, +10% ER, +5 FRc, +10 ERc             300
    Stability Bauble          +8% SR,                                       62
    Talisman of Might         +4 Str                                      1000
    Tinker’s Bauble           +1 Mech                                      100
    Tribal Fetish         2%, +1 BlM                                       150
    Essence Vambraces     9%, +3% SR,                                      200
    Gazerskin Vambraces   4%, +10% SR, +2 MeW, +10% SRc, +10% MRc 
    Leather Pants         3%,                                                7
    Leather Vambrace      4%, +6% SR, -5% TH                                25
    Pants                 2%,                                                1
    Plate Vambraces       6%, +2% SR, -10% TH 
    Pustulent Vambrace    4%, +6% SR, -5% TH, +8% AcR
    Puresteel Vambrace   11%, +4% SR, -5% TH
    Swamp Pants           2%, +5% PR                                        50
    Armor Band            6%, +15% SR                                      500
    Avenger’s Ring        6%, +15% SR, +2 MeW, +4 QA                      1250
    Chilling Band         2%, +15% FR                                      125
    Deflection Band           +12 Creation armor, +2 HERc
    Forbidden Band            +1 Str, Dex, Int, End                       1000
    Impervious Band      10%, +20% SR, +5 HER                             1000
    Infiltrator's RIng        +2 Dex, Lead, Mech, Luck                    1250
    Ivory Band            2%, +25 PR                                       250
    Mica Band             2%, +25% AR, +15% PR                             250
    Projection band           +2 Creation armor, +2 HERc                   125
    Rat Tail Band         2%, +6% PR, +5% TH                               175
    Shaper’s Boon            +1 StrC, DexC, IntC, EndC                    1000
    Shielding Band        4%, +10% SR                                       50
    Static Band           2%, +15% ER                                      125
    Warmth Ring           2%, +25% CR                                      250
    Agent Cloak           3%, +1 BtM, MM, BlM, SC                          500
    Coated Cloak          4%, +5% ER,                                       50
    Cloak                 2%,                                                1
    Deadeye Cloak         2%, +2 Mis                                       200
    Fine Cloak            4%,                                                5
    Fine Robe            10%,                                               10
    Fyoraskin Cloak       5%, +5% FR,                                      100
    Grounded Robe         6%, +5% ER                                        50
    Guardian Cloak        8%, +1 MeW, Mis, QA, PA                          500
    Infiltrator Cloak     2%, +1 Lead, Mech, +2 HER                        125
    Polar Fur Cloak       4%, +5% CR                                        50
    Ratskin Shawl         4%, +6% PR                                       175
    Robe                  6%,                                                2
    Shaped Fiber Cloak    6%, +5% TH                                       200
    Specter Robe         10%, +4% ER, +15% SR, -2% FR, +10% MRc            500
    Symbiotic Robe        5%, +2 End, +1 Mis, QA, PA                       500
    Transference Robe     6%, -2 Str, End, Dex, +2 StrC, EndC, DexC        500
    Twice-blessed Robe   10%, +2 BtM, +15% MERc                            750
    Agent's Shelter      10%, +20% MER, +15% SR, +1 SC, +2 Dex            1000
    All-Protector        12%, +5% HER, +20% SR, +2 levels of damage       1250
    Clawbug Carapace     10%, +10% PR                                      100
    Essence Aegis        12%, +2 SC, +2 HC, +1 Int                        1250
    Fibrous Shield       10%, +15% SR, +5% ER, -2% FR                      187
    Fyoraskin Shield      8%, +10% FR 
    Glaahk Shield         8%, +40% SR                                      175
    Infiltrator Shield   12%, +1 Mech, +5% TH, +10% SR                     125
    Iron Shield           8%,                                               10
    Puresteel Shield     16%,                                              750 
    Quicksilver Bulwark  12%, +1 AP, +5% TH, +10% SR                      1250
    Reflecting Shield     8%, +3 HER                                       100
    Shaped Shield        12%,                                               75
    Shield of Warmth      6%, +10% CR,                                      62
    Shining Shield        8%, +2 Lead +15 MRc
    Steel Shield         10%,                                               25
    Wooden shield         6%,                                                2
    Bonding Knife       7-28, 4% armor, -2 Str, Dex, Int, +4 End           150
    Bronze Sword        3-12                                                10
    Charmed Falchion    7-28, +5 luck, +2 HER                              500
    Dagger               2-8,                                                5
    Empathy Blade       3-12, -1 Dex, +1 DexC, StrC                        125
    Flaming Sword      11-44, +10% FR, +10% TH,                            450
    Frozen Blade       11-44, Confusing Touch, +15% TH, +10% CR            450
    Guardian Claymore  10-40, +2 Str, Strc, +2 QA                          500
    Iron Sword          5-20,                                               20
    Living Knife        7-28, +2 DexC                                      125
    Oozing blade       11-44, Rotting touch, +10% AR, +5% TH               450
    Puresteel blade    13-52,                                              625 
    Puresteel Soulblade15-60, +1 QA, +2 PA                                1250
    Spectral Rapier    11-44, +1 PA, +10 Arm, + 10 SR                      625
    Shaped Blade       10-40,                                              175
    Shielding knife     4-16, 6% armor                                      75
    Singing Rapier      5-20, +2 QA +1 PA                                  250 
    Steel Dagger        4-16,                                               40
    Steel Sword         7-28,                                               62
    Stunning Blade      6-24, Stuns                                         62
    Tek’s Spectral Dirk 8-32, -6 less damage from attacks, +6 HER, +15 SR
    Item recommendations and advice.
      Weapons: If you are going melee or are a shaper/agent, then you have
    a few intriguing options.  Shapers will greatly appreciate the guardian
    claymore, which can be obtained with some difficulty early on in the 
    game and gives a sizable bonus to your and your creations strength.
    For agents, I typically become dependent on the strength bonus, and do not 
    switch my weapons much beyond this most pleasing blade. Guardians have more
    options, including the three elemental blades (although the flaming blade is
    fairly weak comparatively), and the oozing blade coupled with a reviving
    crystal can make your character almost unstoppable.  The slow effect 
    makes many battle very lopsided in your favor.  The frozen blade
    is a good alternative to the oozing blade and can be a nice alternative for
    use against acid-resistant enemies (like rotghroths).  The puresteel soulblade
    is extremely powerful, but comes very late in the game.
      Armor: Generally your best option is to have the crystal shroud at the
    beginning of the game and switch over to the emerald chestguard later.
    However, the crystal shroud is very light, so your character may appreciate
    that one more, though you lose a bit of defense.  Agents can stick with the
    shroud through the entire game.  Shapers should probably make the emerald
    chestguard since they will probably make a creator's belt instead of the 
    shroud.  Unlike the AP boosting armor you find in the game, these two
    items have no negative effects, making them vastly superior (and also add
    2 AP, instead of only one). Early in the game, the ruby breastplate is 
    more than sufficient, although my shaper switched to the infiltrator's 
    tunic since my creations diverted most of the attention away from him.
      Belt: Creator's belt for shapers, no questions asked.  Prior to that, pick
    a favorite stat (str, int, dex, end) and improve that.  Agents and Guardians
    will probably wait a while longer, improving strength, intelligence, dexterity,
    or something else until they make the lightning girdle.  The extra AP is nice,
    but not as beneficial as the +2 from the crystal shroud/emerald chestguard.
    Making the lightning girdle may also be delayed until after making the
    avenger's ring.  Just don't become too dependent on the stat bonus from your
      Boots: Gazerskin sandals are the best, but those come pretty late in the 
    game.  I'd go for the nimble sandals, maybe the clover boots (bonus to luck = 
    bonus to resistance and armor, which is nice, perhaps nicer than the bonus
    to dexterity), then I'd switch to the stability boots.  The quicksilver
    sandals are another option, if you can stomach the loss in strength.
      Charms: Nearly all charms are worth holding on to- the exceptions may be
    the clawbug charm and cryoa claw charm.  Other than those two (which really
    don't hurt you and don't drop them unless you're really low on inventory
    room), all charms are good.  The gruesome charm is the only charm with a
    penalty, but it's worth having anyway.  Boost up your endurance via
    skill point investment if it's really bothering you.
      Gloves: Carnelian are the best through a few islands.  The bonus to magic
    will enable some classes to cast spells they otherwise would not be able to
    cast.  Later you have more options, like the putrefied gauntlets, gloves of
    the rock, ornkskin gloves, and gloves of the hammer.  Most people will
    probably choose the ornkskin gloves- the bonus to str and end is will 
    help carry more items and help you last longer.  Putrefied gauntlets
    may be good for agents, though the strength and dexterity penalties are
    nasty.  The other gloves are got pretty late in the game.  Hold on to the 
    tinker's gloves to be able to overcome traps and use less living tools
    on doors as needed.
      Necklace: The talisman of might is the best, far and away.  No other
    necklace comes close to matching it.  With this necklace you are free to
    switch your belt, gloves, and even weapon if you so desire.  The freedom
    this necklace allows more than makes up for the resistance bonuses
    provided by other necklaces.  However, it takes a while to be able to
    make this necklace.  In the meantime, the blessed necklace that you
    can make on Greenwood island is sufficient.  I switch to the tinker's
    bauble when I need a bonus to mech.
      Pants: The essence vambraces gained on the first island are the best
    till you reach the final island, when some other decent pants become
    available.  At this point, switch to the gazerskin vambraces (or if
    you can't find them, go for the puresteel vambraces).
      Rings: For most players, the infiltrator's ring is the best.  For
    melee loving guardians, the avenger's ring is nice and very appreciated.
    In general, there aren't that many rings to choose from, and you can't
    make too wrong a decision.  You can make an impervious band on Dhonal
    Island, which is pretty nice (get a drakon scale with a platinum ring)
    but go for whatever you feel you like.
      Robes: The symbiotic cloak is excellent and very useful for guardians and
    maybe for shapers.  The agent's cloak is considerably more difficult to
    find but is more than worthwhile.  Agents will obviously want their cloak,
    and shapers may appreciate it.  Guardians should carry it for spell-casting
    as needed.  The guardian's cloak is less useful than the symbiotic cloak
    for guardians.
      Shields: Here are some hard choices- the all-protector, shining shield,
    infiltrator's shield and essence aegis can all be found or made on Dhonal
    Island.  However, making the essence aegis prevents construction of the
    infiltrator's ring, so you may not want to make it just yet.  However, if you
    don't make it then, you won't make it till much later.  The all-protector
    is an easy artifact to make, but it's a fairly weak artifact.  You can sell
    it for a handsome bit of gold, but then you have to delay making the lightning
    girdle.  Guardians will probably appreciate the all-protector most of any
    class.  Agents and shapers will probably just want to stick with the 
    infiltrator's shield, or go for the shining shield, depending on the individual
    8. Anvil Happiness
    The recipes are an exciting part of Geneforge 3, enabling you to make some
    very potent items.  Much of this info comes from the Spiderweb message boards,
    including Drakefyre, Student of Trinity, and others.
    Artifact Recipe List
    Each artifact is constructed by taking a perfected item and mixing it with
    two rare items.  Items can be perfected by making a purifying elixir 
    (mandrake tincture + demon bile) and using it with a shaped item (like 
    a shaped belt).  These are the artifacts you can make, with the required
    additional item above and below the specific item, i.e.
                    + Purified item = artifact
    is read as A+B+Purified item = artifact.  I have organized it this way so
    that you may see what artifacts require which ingredients and make your
    decision based on that.  For instance, you can make eitehr the creator's
    belt or the crystalline shroud once you clear out the blasted lab,
    but will have to wait on making the other till very late in the game.
    Blood Poison (Sea Caves)
                    + Belt = Creator Belt
    Deep Focus Orb (Blasted Lab, Monastary Caves)
                    + Plate = Crystalline Shroud
    Crystalline Fibers (Krya's Refuge, Purification Plant, Monastery Caves)
                    + Shield = Essence Aegis
    Purified Essence (Darkstone Mines, Monastery Caves)
                    + Ring = Ring of the Infiltrator
    Pure Crystal Shard (Khor's Deeps)
    Unmelting Ice (Creator's Hall)
                    + Shield = All-protector
    Solidified Flame (Under San Ru)
                    + Belt = Lightning Girdle
    Ur-Drakon Skin (Breeding Valley, Spire Forest)
                    + Ring = Avenger’s Ring
    Demon Claws (Khyryk's Tower)
                    + Plate = Emerald Chestguard
    Deep Crystal (Inner Plant)
    Other items can be constructed using an anvil, such as the following:
      Crystal Recipe List
    Icy Crystal = Beautiful Crystal + Gemstone
    Spray Crystal = Wiry Moss + Gemstone
    Ensnaring Crystal = Vlish Tentacle + Gemstone
    Swarm Crystal = Mandrake Tincture + Gemstone
    Madness Gem =  Beautiful Crystal + Eyebeast Eye + Gemstone
      Wands (All wands need a stick and gemstone)
    Fiery = Perfect Fyora Scale
    Discipline = Saltweed + Artila Eye
    Null = Roamer Fang + Wiry Moss
    Jeweled = Spray Crystal + Perfect Drayk Scale
    Terror = Madness Gem + Vlish Tentacle
    Death = Mandrake Tincture + Eyebeast Eye
    Inferno = Perfect Drakon Scale + Demon Bile
    Rod of Alacrity = Speed Spores + Rotghroth Fang
    Rod of Battle = Battle Pod + Perfect Drakon Scale
    Rod of Defenses = Glaahk Eye + Shielding Spores
    Rod of Succor = Glaahk Eye + Healing Spores
      Jewelry Recipes
    Blessed Necklace = Artila Eye + Silver Necklace
    Talisman of Might = Gold Necklace + Rotghroth Fang + Purifying Elixir
    Armor Band = Platinum Ring + Perfect Drayk Scale
    Shielding Band = Gold Ring + Perfect Fyora Scale
    Impervious Band = Platinum Ring + Perfect Drakon Scale
      Other Recipes
    Charm of Mental Focus = Madness Gem + Demon Bile + Glaahk Eye + Rotghroth
    Purifying Elixir = Mandrake Tincture + Demon Bile
    Golden Crystal = Mandrake Tincure + Gemstone + Perfect Drakon Scale + Perfect
      Fyora Scale
    Gem Effects
      These are the effects that placing a specific gemstone on your weapon 
    or armor has when using an enchanting anvil.  By far and away the best for
    armor are golden crystals (use them on artifacts) followed by Steel spines.
    For melee intensive characters, the best weapon enhancement is the
    reviving crystal.  Abilities with question marks mean that their effect is
    unclear from the description.  Further work is necessary for complete
    elucidation of their effects.  Blackjack has provided some details on the
    effect of these gems.
    You can enhance Armor, Rings, Cloaks, Boots, Belts, Pants and Weapons.
    No other items may be enhanced.
    Gem                Armor      Weapon
    Blessing crystal   +5% armor  +5% to hit
    Runed Ruby         +5% FR     Fire Damage on Hit
    Charging Stone     +5% CR     Cold Damage on Hit
    Runed Amethyst     +5% AR, PR Acid Damage on Hit
    Onyx Crystal       +5% ER     Slows Target
    Ivory Skull        Bonus to hit% (5%?)
                                  Curses on Hit
    Tiny Orb of Mist   Harder to hit (effect?)
                                  Faster Blows (bonus to Quick action?)
    Reviving Crystal   +5% SR     Drains enemy HP
    Steel Spines       Damages Attacker
                                  Extra physical damage
    Golden Crystal     +5% HER    Improves primary damage type of weapon (i.e.
                                  oozing blade gets acid bonus, most other weapons
                                  get physical damage bonus)
    9. Canister locations
      Remember, if you use 6 or less canisters, you do not suffer any significant
    side-effects.  If you use more, you might as well use them all.
      Greenwood Island
    Fort Kentia: Searer
    Lair of the Creator: Create Fyora, Unlock.
      Harmony Island
    Underneath Rebel Peninsula: Create Roamer
    Rebel Camp: Ice Spray, Create Vlish, Terror, Create Clawbug
    Under San Ru: Create Clawbug
    Dhonal Docks: Fire Shaping
    Madness Mire: Create Artila
    Twin Mind Tunnels: Healing Craft, Create Vlish
      Dhonal Island
    Holding Shed Row: Quick Action
    Storage Road: Create Thahd
    Mountain Pass: Create Fyora
    Inner Keep: Create Drayk
    Spharon’s Lands: Dominate, Create Artila
    Blasted Laboratory: Create Roamer, Acid Shower
    Ruined Mine Gates; Strong Daze
    Darkstone Cave: Mass Energize
    Searing Chambers: Healing Craft, Create Glaahk
    Creator’s Hall: Steelskin, Battle Magic, Quick Action
    Infested Mountains: Create Battle Alpha
      Gull Island
    Cultist Woods: Essence Orbs
    Stonespire: Major Heal, Kill, Essence Armor, Create Drayk, Charisma
    Display Warren: Major Heal
    Crumbling Lab: Kill
    Khor’s Deeps: Create Battle Alpha
    Tower Path: Parry
    Khyryk’s Tower: Major Heal, Create Drayk
    Tower Gates: Group Heal
    Breeding Caverns: Mental Magic, Create Glaahk
    Maker’s Road: Essence Armor
    Maker’s End: Create Rotghroth, Battle Roar
      Isle of Spears
    Spire Forest: Luck
    Icy End: Aura of Flames, Mass Restore, Create Gazer
    Southern Gates: Mass Madness
    Benerii-Eo Gates: Battle Roar, Create Gazer
    Mushroom Cave: Mass Restore
    Benerii-Eo Labs: Battle Roar, Create Drakon, Dexterity, Strength, Mass Madness
    Benerii-Eo Vat Core: Aura of Flames, Create Rotghroth
    Geneforge: Endurance, Spellcraft, Create Drakon
    Skill/spell locations
      These are locations from which you can improve your stats without
    having to consume a canister, paying for training, or becoming altered.
      Greenwood Island
    Level 1 School: Book of War Blessing
    South End: Crider’s book of Create Thahd.
    Testing Grounds: Books of Create Thahd, Create Artila, Heal
      Harmony Island
    Under San Ru: Book of Healing Craft 
      Dhonal Island
    Dhonal’s Keep: Aenele’s Q: Book of Healing Craft, Hubert’s Q: Book of Magic 
    Inner Keep: Books of Battle Magic, Healing Craft
    Acid Valley: Tombs: Group Heal, Create Thahd, Create Clawbug, Thihn’s Ghost: 
     Intelligence, Endurance.
    Main Army Camp: Erika’s Q: Healing Craft
    Darkstone Mine: Books of Battle Shaping, Magic Shaping
      Gull Island
    Stonespire: Morgan Q: Healing Craft, Minor Heal, Heal
      These people will improve your spells, skills, and creations for a price.
      Greenwood Island
    South End: Crider (slightly expensive): Firebolt, Burning Spray, Daze, Mental
     Barrier, War Blessing, Protection, Minor Healing, Cure Effects
    Minefield Woods: Scintle (exorbitant): War Blessing, Protection, Essence
     Shield, Minor Heal, Cure Effects, Augmentation
    East Kentia: Hawthorne (expensive): Firebolt, Burning Spray, Searer, Daze,
     Mental Barrier, Unlock, War Blessing, Protection, Essence Shield, Speed
      Harmony Island
    San Ru: Diwaniya (expensive): Fyora, Roamer, Thahd, Artila, Vlish,
     Firebolt, Burning Spray, Searer, Ice Spray, Daze, Mental Barrier, Unlock,
     Terror, War Blessing, Protection, Essence Shield, Speed, Minor Heal, Cure
     Effects, Augmentation, Heal
    San Ru: Vandrin (expensive): Missile Weapons, Quick Action, Parry
      Dhonal Island
    Dhonal’s Keep: Gretchen (average for skills, slightly expensive for spells):
     Battle Magic, Mental Magic, Blessing Magic, Spellcraft, Searer, Ice Spray,
     Essence Orbs, Unlock, Terror, Dominate, Speed, Mass Energize, Steelskin,
     Heal, Group Heal, Remove Effects
    Dhonal's Keep: Fanjul (very reasonable): Roamer, Clawbug, Glaahk, 
     Battle Alpha
    Inner Keep: Lady Anjali (exorbitant if lesser, expensive if greater): Fyora,
     Roamer, Thahd, Clawbug, Battle Alpha (greater), Artila, Vlish, Glaahk
      Gull Island
    Stonespire: Macallan (exorbitant): Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Quick
     Action, Parry, Battle Magic, Mental Magic, Blessing Magic, Leadership,
     Mechanics, Acid Shower, Steel Skin, Strong Daze, Remove Effects
    Khyryk’s Tower: Khyryk (expensive): Clawbug, Battle Alpha, Rotghroth,
     Vlish, Glaahk, Kill, Major Heal, Essence Orbs, Acid Shower, Dominate,
     Strong Daze, Charisma, Mass Energize, Steel Skin, Essence Armor, Group
     Heal, Remove Effects
      Modifiers will change you (shape you) for a price or a quest.  These do not
    count as canisters used, but are deplorable actions for loyalist shapers.
    However, desperate times call for desperate measures.  All are found
    late in the game.
    Besieged Camp: Resnick Q1: Mass Restore, Q2: Aura of Flames
    Monastery of Tears: Tolleran: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Endurance,
     Mechanics for 6K each
    Orois Blaze: Leadership, Mechanics, Mass Madness, Create Gazer for 5K each
    10. Conclusion and acknowledgements
    Minor bug fixes, from Dolphin:
    Set these SDFs to fix errors or to make your game easier.
    sdf 34 5 1 - Master Hoge is not in Bulwark Inn or attacks the PC
    rather than running away. (Makes it so the commander will speak with you.)
    sdf 100 4 0 - Never used canisters.
    sdf 81 1 1 - Bug fix; Completes Vrabel's quest in Icy End to kill Orois 
    Blaze in Breeding Valley.
    sdf 79 4 0 - Undoes Icy End going hostile after PC entered the brood cave 
    in Spire Forrest.
    Thanks to all who have posted on the spiderweb message boards for your help
    and discussion.  Also, I'd like to thank NASA Grant NAGS-9201 without whose
    help this FAQ would have been impossible.
    V. 0.8 Thanks go out to Zeviz, blackjack, Walter, Hume, Contra, Jumpin'
    Salmon, Student of Trinity, Drakefyre, Mok, Delicious Vlish, and Slartucker.
    v. 0.9 Help was provided by Dolphin, I'll steal your toast, Walter, 
    v. 1.0 A Lot of help from Seletine, who provided many bits of info, 
    including directions and other good stuff.
    v. 1.1 Fixed an error with canister locations.  More to follow shortly.

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