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Satsuki by jygting

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 11/13/06

Melty Blood ReAct: Final Tuned
Satsuki Character Guide
Version 0.1
October 27, 2006

Created by: jygting
This FAQ can be ONLY found at:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Table of Contents
1. Author's Note
2. Why pick Satsuki?
3. Basic Controls
4. Summarization of Moves
    4a. Explanation of Moves
5. Arcade Mode Boss Strategies
    5a. Sion Eltnam Atlasia
    5b. Ciel
    5c. Shiroi Ren
    5d. Aozaki, Aoko
6. Seiyuu behind her?
7. Version History
8. Credits

1. Author's Note
Yo! Welcome to my Melty Blood ReAct: Final Tuned Satsuki Character 
Guide! In this guide, I'll cover you up some moves and strategies 
listed here so sit, back, relax and cheers!

2. Why pick Satsuki?
I learned the hard way that Satsuki lacks projectile, no air launchers 
but she can dish out good damage (add it with Critical) and most of her 
attacks can cause Wallslam. She's more like Shingo Yabuki from King of 
Fighters '97, who also lacks projectile. All in all, I found Satsuki an 
a-OK character.

For fun: pick her on Color 6 and you'll be shocked/surprised who she 
looks like...;)

Just a curious question: How the hell did she met up with Sion? (or 
reversing/changing it...) Seriously...anybody know?

3. Basic Controls

Instead of using the numerical key for the movelist, I'll use the 
directional pad method...

db- down backward
d-  down
df- down forward
b-  back
n-  neutral
f-  forward
ub- up backward
u-  up
uf- up forward

A- Weak Attack
B- Medium Attack
C- Strong Attack
D- Parry (Shield)

Blowback Edge-        hold <n> button
Heat/Blood Heat Mode- when Magic Circuit is 100-299% or when gauge is 
                      d,d,d+D [PC Mode] or ABC [AC Mode]
Dash-                 tap f,f
Backward Dash-        tap b,b
Air Dash-             in air, tap f,f
Backward Air Dash-    in air, tap b,b
High Jump-            d or df then uf
Double Jump-          jump then ub,u or uf
Guard-                b or vice versa
Low Guard-            db or vice versa
Air Guard-            in air, ub or vice versa
Throw-                f/b+C (close range) [PC Mode]
                      f/b+AD (close range) [AC Mode]
Air Throw-            in air, f/b+C (close range) [PC Mode]
                      in air, f/b+AD (close range) [AC Mode]
Shield Bunker-        d,db,b+D
Tactical Recovery-    tap f/b or u when knocked down to the ground
Air Recovery-         tap any button when knocked in the air

3. Summarization of Moves

Blowback Edges                 C, d+C or in air C

Special Moves
Mihatenu Yume wo Tsukamu 
  Sacchin Arm                  d,df,f+A or B

Mihatenu Yume wo Tsukamu 
  Sacchin Arm (Kyou)           d,df,f+C

Todokanai Yume wo Ou 
  Sacchin Arm                  f,d,df+A or B

Todokanai Yume wo Ou 
  Sacchin Arm (Kyou)           f,d,df+C

"Ikkuyo~!"                     d,db,b+A or B

"Ikkuyo~!" (Kyou)              d,db,b+C

"Jama shinai de......!"        d,d+A or B

"Jama shinai de......!" (Kyou) d,d+C

Kyuuketsu Shoudou              f,df,d,db,b,f+C (requires 100% Magic 

Arc Drive
"Okottandakara......!"         b,db,d,df,f+C

Arc Drive (Blood Heat)
"Okottandakara......!"         d,db,d,df,f+C

Last Arc (During Blood Heat Mode)
Koyu Kekkai: Depletion Garden  Parry attack in middle stance

3a. Explanation of Moves

Mihatenu Yume wo Tsukamu Sacchin Arm-  d,df,f+A,B or C
Satsuki reaches out her arm and when she grabs the opponent, she'll 
either slam it down (B and C) or throw it to the other side (A). The B 
version has more delay than the A version.

Todokanai Yume wo Ou Sacchin Arm- f,d,df+A,B or C
Satsuki reaches her arm diagonally. The effect is the same above.

"Ikkuyo~!"- d,db,b+A,B or C
Satsuki swipes down her fist (A) or she'll wind up her arm and swipes 
it down to the ground (B). Her C version causes Wallslam.
            Combo: B- 2 Hits

"Jama shinai de......!"- d,d+A,B or C
Satsuki smashes the ground while crying. The last hit of C version 
causes Wallslam.
            Combo: B- 2 Hits
                   C- 7 Hits+Wallslam

Kyuuketsu Shoudou- f,df,d,db,b,f+C
Satsuki grabs the opponent and drains the blood out of the opponent. 
Similar to Kyuuketsuki Shion's Cruel Blood.

"Okkotandakara......!"- b,db,d,df,f+C
Heat Mode: Satsuki rushes to the opponent, grabs and stabs him/her to 
the chest and faints.
Blood Heat Mode: Satsuki rushes to the opponent, grabs and stabs 
him/her to the chest then continuosly punches the crap out of the 
opponent while crying and hits 'em hard to the wall and shouts "Baka!". 
If the opponent is Shiki (Nanaya or Tohno), she'll cry even more while 
beating the living hell out him and shouts "Usotsuki!".
             Combo: 23 Hits+Wallslam
                    37 Hits+Wallslam (Nanaya/Tohno opponent only)

Koyu Kekkai: Depletion Garden- Parry attack in middle stance
The screen changes to a beautiful garden, then changes again to an 
autumn-ish background while Satsuki kneels and the opponent gets hits 
by the autumn leaves.
             Combo: 20 Hits+Wallslam

5. Arcade Mode Boss Strategies

In this mode, there are 4 bosses (2 main and the other 2 if you didn't 
use any continues) and I had to start again and again from the 
beginning if I lost. Well, I list 'em down!

5a. Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Yup......she take Satsuki's excuse as a "No"...uh-oh. Start out by 
avoiding her so she won't be able to throw you. Also, watch out for her 
Etherlight attacks (especially f+C then b+C) and her Slide Air then 
pull out an A,B,C, "Ikkuyo~!". If Sion uses Slide Air B, quickly input 
Jama shinai de and a combo. There, all done!

5b. Ciel
Dammit......I lost to her several times and she's the reason why I 
always start again. Just stay close to her (not too close) and pull off 
the same combo like you did to Sion but add an "Ikkuyo~!" (Kyou) for 
more damage. Always block when she uses her Kouken moves on the ground.

If you didn't use any continues from Stages 1-8, you'll face-off the 
last two...

5c. Shiroi Ren
Now this is what I'm talking about!! Avoid her then get close to her 
and do a combo, Jama shinai de (Kyou) and "Ikkuyo~!" (Kyou). Period.

5d. Aozaki, Aoko
A word of caution: Don't avoid her or you'll be cheaply hit by her 
"Soul Strike" moves, corner her and pull off everything. I mean it, 
everything!! And you'll see her ending...isn't it sad, Satsuki?

6. Seiyuu behind her?
The seiyuu behind Yumizuka, Satsuki is Omi Minami! I'll list her other 
roles in anime/games as well...

Clamp Tantei Gakuen
Nokoru Imonoyama

Namco X Capcom

G-On Riders
Opening Theme Song Perfomance

7. Version History
Version 0.1 (October 27, 2006)
Started and finished making this guide.

8. Credits
I wish to thank the following:

For creating this Melty Blood! You Ro'K!!

<Watanabe Seisakujyo and Fransban>
For making the game! You Ro'K harder!!

<You (the Reader)>
For reading this! Thanks!

For making the guide...

For posting this...

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King of Fighters '97 is copyrighted by SNK

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, contributions, wear 
something fuzzy, start screwing your life, go somewhere or whatsoever, 
please e-mail me at iii_sagittarius_lang@yahoo.com. Offensive messages 
will be ignored, so be forewarned. This FAQ cannot be duplicated, 
reproduced or sold nor plagiarized without the Author's permission. 
Please, don't do anything with my Guide OR ELSE...!!!

Thank You for reading my Guide!! 

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