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Sion by jygting

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/23/06

Melty Blood ReAct: Final Tuned
Shion Character Guide
Version 0.2
August 23, 2006

Created by: jygting
This FAQ can be ONLY found at:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Table of Contents
1. Author's Note
2. Basic Controls
3. Summarization of Moves (Shion)
    3a. Explanation of Moves
4. Arcade Mode Strategies
    4a. Yumizuka, Satsuki
    4b. Tohno, Shiki
    4c. Shiroi Ren
    4d. Aozaki, Aoko
5. The Seiyuu behind her?
6. Version History
7. About the Author
8. Credits

1. Author's Note
Hello there! Welcome to my MB ReAct: Final Tuned Shion Character Guide!
In this guide, I'll show some of her moves and strategies listed here
so sit back, relax, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy!

2. Basic Controls

This is how you will use the "directional pad"...

7     8     9

4     5     6

1     2     3

Instead of using the numerical key for the movelist, I'll use the
directional pad method...

db- down backward (1)
d-  down          (2)
df- down forward  (3)
b-  back          (4)
n-  neutral       (5)
f-  forward       (6)
ub- up backward   (7)
u-  up            (8)
uf- up forward    (9)

A- Weak Attack
B- Medium Attack
C- Strong Attack
D- Parry

Blood Heat Mode-    during Heat Mode: d,d,d+D (PC Mode)
                                      press ABC (AC Mode)
Dash-               tap f,f
Backward Dash-      tap b,b
Air Dash-           in air, tap f,f
Backward Air Dash-  in air, tap b,b
High Jump-          d then ub or uf
Double Jump-        jump then ub,u or uf
Guard-              b or vice versa
Low Guard-          db or vice versa
Air Guard-          ub or vice versa
Throw-              f/b+C (close range) [PC Mode]
                    f/b+AD (close range) [AC Mode]
Interruption-       while blocking, d,df,f+D
Shield Counter-     after a successful parry, d,db,b+D
Tactical Recovery-  tap f,f/b,b or u,u when knocked down to the ground
Air Recovery-       tap A,A when knocked in the air

3. Summarization of Moves (Shion)

Note: The C Button in most movelist is referred as "Kyou" (Strong) like
in Namco X Capcom. My translation is poor.

Special Moves
Air Launcher                  df+B

Etherlight Air                f,d,df+A or B

Etherlight Air (Kyou)         f,d,df+C

Etherlight Ground             d,db,b+A or B

Etherlight Ground (Kyou)      d,db,b+C

Slide Air                     In air, d,db,b+A or B

Slide Air (Kyou)              In air, d,db,b+C

Cutting Sink                  b,d,db+A or B

Cutting Sink (Kyou)           b,d,db+C

Ikaku Shageki                 d,df,f+A,B or C
  (Warned Fire Shots)

Reload                        d,d+D

Heat/Blood Heat Moves
Black Barrel Replica          b,db,d,df,f+C

Last Arc (During Blood Heat Mode)
Black Barrel Replica:Obelisk  Parry attack in middle or crouch stance

3a. Explanation of Moves

Etherlight Air- f,d,df+A,B or C
Shion does an uppercut with the use of her Etherlight. Reminds me of
KOF Kyo Kusanagi's Oniyaki.
                Combo: A- 2 Hits
                       B- 7 Hits
                       C- 8 Hits

Etherlight Ground- d,db,b+A,B or C
Shion ensnares her opponent's leg then trips them down. After the last
hit of C version, you can combo/combo cancel it.
                Combo: C- 4 Hits

Slide Air- In air, d,db,b+A,B or C
Shion dives down then she will do a somersault throw when she grabs the
opponent. During the C version, tap f or b.
                Combo: C- 6 Hits

Cutting Sink- b,d,db+A,B or C
In the A version, she will do a dash crouch. In the B version, she will
do an arc kick that juggles the opponent in the air. In the C version,
she will an arc kick at the air.
                Combo: B- 2 Hits
                       C- 4 Hits

Ikaku Shageki- d,df,f+A,B or C
Shion fires her handgun at the ground.
                Combo: B- 3 Hits
                       C- 5 Hits

Reload- d,d+D
Shion reloads her handgun. Her handgun contains 13 rounds and when all
of her bullets are used up, she will also automatically reload it but
it starts out slow.

Black Barrel Replica- d,db,d,df,f+C
Heat Mode: Shion flips a bullet then fires it vertically. Tap the
buttons for multiple hits.
Blood Heat Mode: Shion runs, does a launcher and flips a bullet then
fires it vertically. Tap the buttons for multiple hits.
                Combo: A- 11 Hits
                       B- 11 Hits
                       C- 16 Hits (17 if lucky)

Black Barrel Replica: Obelisk- During Blood Heat Mode, parry opponent's
attack in middle or crouch stance
Shion crouches down, aims her handgun then fires it horizontally and
the opponent slams in the corner. Can you say KOS-MOS' X-BUSTER? XD
                Combo: 11 Hits+Wallslam

4. Arcade Mode Strategies
In this mode, there are 4 (2 sub-boss, 2 main boss if you don't lose a
battle) bosses and this was tested on Normal Difficulty. Well, I'll
list 'em down!

4a. Yumizuka, Satsuki
She loves to use her throws as her first attack (if you get close to
her) but the deadly part is that she can dish out some heavy damage by
performing a combo (or worse, her wind-up punch can super combo cancel
to her strong version of wind-up punch!). Her disadvantage is that she
always pulls out her throw moves, which slows her down. The simple way
to do is this: try a combo of A,B,df+B,Etherlight Air or
A,B,d+B,df+B,Etherlight Air (it may not work sometimes). If not, try
pulling out Etherlight Air or Ikaku Shageki and a little luck would be
your best bet.

4b. Tohno, Shiki
He's a total idiot to deal with but don't underestimate him! He will
combo you until he uses his super move that sends you flying in the
corner. Get close to him and perform an A,B,d+B,df+B,in air A,B,f+C
then pull out a combo then Etherlight (Kyou) to knock him down.

If you didn't lose a battle once, you will encounter the last 2 bosses.

4c. Shiroi Ren
Size DOES matter......anyways, the annoying part is she likes to crouch
(that turns her into a cat) and she will do a A combo (sometimes she
will cancel it to Fleur Freeze). The cheap way is to get close to her
and use Etherlight Air over and over. Slide Air A version works well on

4d. Aozaki, Aoko
Two words on her: TOO CHEAP!! If you try to avoid her, start defending
now because she will abuse her "Soul Strike" moves (I like calling it
Soul Strike) that will either bounce on the ground or richochet in the
screen so get close to her and perform a combo then Etherlight Air or
if you're feeling confident, slap her with the Black Barrel Replica
(Blood Heat) and she's done!

5. The Seiyuu behind her?
Shion's seiyuu is none other than Natsuki Rio! I'll also list her other
characters she took part.

Digimon Adventures 02
Miyako 'Kiyo' Inoue

El Hazard Series
Nanami Jinnai

Full Metal Panic
Eri Kagurazaka

Getbackers Dakkanya

Ryouko Ibuki

Zoids Shinseiki Zero
Naomi Fluegel

Kingdom Hearts 2

Final Fantasy X/X-2

6. Version History
Version 0.1 (May 30, 2006)
Started making the guide. Added her movelists and explanation.

Version 0.2 (May 30, 2006)
Added the Arcade Mode Strategies, her seiyuu.

7. About the Author
We live in the Philippines (but we won't stay in there anymore) and we
understand Japanese slightly. If you want to ask questions,
suggestions, just e-mail us at iii_sagittarius_lang@yahoo.com. I hope
you have enjoyed reading this FAQ and many thanks to you! Maybe we'll
see each other again on Melty Blood Act Cadenza on the PS2 Console! Ja mata ne!!

8. Credits
I wish to thank the following:

<TYPE-MOON, Watanabe Production, FransBan>
For making this Fighting Doujin Game! You guys Ro'K!!

<You (the Reader!)>
For reading this Character Guide! Thanks!

For making this guide since I'm a total bum today...

For posting my guide.

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Melty Blood is copyrighted by TYPE-MOON, Watanabe Production and

King Of Fighters is copyrighted by SNK

Xenosaga is copyrighted by Namco and Monolith Soft

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, contributions,
wanted to extend your vacation, sleep all you want, waste your tuition
fee on something or whatsoever, please e-mail me at
iii_sagittarius_lang@yahoo.com. Offensive messages will be ignored, so
be forewarned. This FAQ cannot be duplicated, reproduced or sold nor
plagiarized without the Author's permission. Please, don't do anything
with my Guide OR ELSE...!!!

Thank You for reading my Guide!! Geraway!!!

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