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Miyako by linalys

Version: 0.90 | Updated: 07/05/05

Melty Blood ReAct Final Tuned
Miyako Arima Character FAQ
by linalys  

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This FAQ is for GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and DLH only.  It is not to be 
posted anywhere else without permission.  If you want to use it, 
just e-mail me.  I'll probably say yes, I'd just like to know 
beforehand.  This guide is copyright 2004 linalys.

Melty Blood ReAct is copyright Watanabe Production / French Bread
Original Tsukihime story and characters are copyright Type-Moon.  

Version 0.90 July 5, 2005.

Final Tuned is out!  Major changes all over.

Ugly list of changes noticed so far:
-5a 72% scaling
-2a 78% scaling
-5b 700 -> 600 92% -> 90%
-2b 1000 -> 700 75% scaling
-5c 88% -> 80%
-2c 1000 -> 900 50% -> 60%
-j.C 1000 -> 900 85% -> 90% scaled proration
-6b 75% proration not scaled, unairblockable
-6c faster, more comboable, 70% scaled proration
-throw 40% scale
-shield bunker 1200
-last arc 2800/4000 randomly reverses controls
-qcf a 1st hit 700 2nd hit 600
-qcfb second hit is now a cartwheel
-qcba gained a shield frame
-doukans 70% proration
-qcfc no scaling
-qcbc weaker 2200 65% proration -> 1800 70% scaled proration
-dpA air stronger 1000 -> 1200 ground 1300 -> 1500 -
-dpb ground stronger 1900 -> 2000
-dpC weaker 600 + 600 + 1000 3rd hit 50% proration, cancelable 
 into anything, air version 70% scaling on 2nd hit
-dpA/C unairblockable
-qcfa fa unairblockable

Combo section under construction.
AC version differences section taken out as FT is close to AC.

Final Tuned really lowered Miyako's damage potential, but in return
gave her more different options to persue.  If you can look past
the damage nerfs, you might like the new Miyako.



f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
df = down forward
qcb = quarter-circle back
qcf = quarter-circle forward
hcf = half circle forward
dp = dragon punch motion (f,d,df)
EX = the C version of a special move
MB = Melty Blood
A = light attack
B = medium attack
C = heavy attack
D = shield


Chip damage = Damage you take even though you blocked an attack.
float = to knock the opponent into the air
Super armor = the state where you ignore attacks and continue your
own action.

This guide will assume you know basic Melty Blood ReAct gameplay 
elements. If there's something you don't know refer to kalciane's 
excellent FAQ. I helped with like half of it.  =p 

Attack info is formatted like so:
(Number of hits, Base Damage, Circuit Gained)
All damage is 100% unscaled damage at default damage level 3.

----------Normal Moves-----------------------------------------------

None of Miyako's normals can be charged.
All of them cannot be airblocked.

Standing A   	A quick jab, good for stuffing opponents' attacks 
		and starting your combos. 72% damage scaling
		(1, 300, 3%)

Jumping A    	A downwards palm strike that comes out quickly.  
		Does more damage than it did in MB but still not
		that great. 78% damage scaling.
		(1, 300, 3%)

Crouching A 	A downwards angled punch.  Pretty bad range but 
		necessary against short people like Ren and 
		Neko-Arc. 78% damage scaling. 
		(1, 300, 2%)

Standing B 	Miyako takes a step and does an elbow strike. Comes
		out fast but has poor range. 90% damage scaling.
		(1, 600, 7%)

Jumping B	Miyako does a palm strike to her left and right.  
		This is the best crossup in the game.  Comes out 
		slightly slower than Jump A.  
		(1, 700, 7%)    

Crouching B	An uppercut. Good as a launcher from a sweep.  Will 
		NOT hit Neko-Arc on the ground.  It will also not hit 
		the following crouching characters: Hisui, Arcueid, 
		Akiha, Aka Akiha, Mech Hisui, Ren and herself.
		75% damage scaling. 
		(1, 700, 10%)		

Standing C	Miyako takes a step forward and does a shoulder check.
		Has a large hit box but takes a second to come out.  
		Does chip damage.  Will wallslam if it hits an 
		airborne opponent. As of v2.008 this move can only 
		be canceled into a special move.  80% damage 
		(1, 1000, 10%)

Jumping C	A double palm strike steeply angled downwards. 
		Compared to her other air attacks, this is slow to 
		come out.  90% scaled proration.
		(1, 1000, 10%)

Crouching C	A standard sweep, not very good range as Miyako's 
		short.  Has significant recover time if it whiffs or
		isn't cancelled into something.  60% damage scaling.
		(1, 1000, 10%)

----------Command Moves----------------------------------------------

f + B  		Miyako dashes forward a fixed distance and does a 
		stand B.  She moves a shorter distance than in MB
		and this will now combo.  Vital to keep Miyako up 
		close for combos. Does chip damage.
		75% damage scaling.
		(1, 550, 5.5%)

f + C		Miyako's launcher.  Useless by itself because of its
		slow speed, use it after f + B in combos. Does chip
		70% scaled proration. 
		(1, 1000, 10%)


f + C		Miyako's throw.  Much different from MB, now she
		pushes the enemy forward a step leaving them open
		just long enough to start a combo with stand C or 
		crouch C. This throw also will NOT KO. 65% damage 
		scaling. (1, 500) 

f + C (in air)	Miyako's air throw.  She does leap frog on the 
		opponent and they drop straight down.  She can no 
		longer throw people standing on the ground.  The 
		enemy can ground tech from this throw. (1, 1300)        

----------Shield Moves-----------------------------------------------

Shield Bunker	qcb + D.  
		Miyako will do a very slow f+C.  As if it wasn't 
		already slow enough.  You cannot combo after this.
		(1, 1200, 10%)

Last Arc	Shield while standing in Blood Heat mode.
		Miyako will hop then do a Doukan.  She will randomly
		reverse the opponents controls, indicated by the 
		neko-arcs spinning around their head. 
		This move criticals quite often.  
		(1, 2800/4000)  

----------Special Moves----------------------------------------------

All moves were named after what I thought it sounded like Miyako 
said while doing them.    

Choshichu	qcf + A/B, f + A/B
		Miyako will rush forward with an elbow strike.  A 
		version travels a short distance and will combo from
		a f + B, stand B, stand C, and d + C.  B version has 
		a bit of startup but travels a longer distance.  If 
		close enough Miyako will go through the opponent and 
		hit from behind instead.  The B follow up is a 
		short, fast version of Miyako's backdash and will go
		through the opponent if close enough.  
		(A version 1st hit: 0700, 8% 2nd hit: 600, 5%) 
		(B version 1st hit: 1200, 9%)

Doukan		qcb + A/B

		Miyako will take a step forward and throw out a 
		punch.  This will float and will wallslam if it
		hits an airborne opponent.  A version will combo from 
		a d + B, f + B, stand C, and sometimes a d + C.  B 
		version will not combo but goes further and has a lot 
		of super armor.  Will whiff against Neko-Arc, and 
		crouching Ren and Miayko.  Not super cancelable.
		70% damage scaling.
		(A version 1, 0800, 10%)
		(B version 1, 1000, 10%)

Renkantai	dp + A/B (can be done in midair)
		Miyako hops up and does two kicks.  A version is a 
		high vertical hop and does two hits.  B ground 
		version has her dash forward and hit three times.  
		The A version is super cancelable on the 2nd hit.
	 	Will combo from anything. The move is no longer 
		unblockable in the air.   
		(A version air 2, 1200, 12% ground 2, 1300, 13%)
		(B version air 2, 1500, 15% ground 3, 1900, 20%)

Stomp		d,d A/B
		Miyako does a stomp which knocks down the enemy.  A
		version hits about a little under a quarter of the 
		screen and will combo from a d + B, f + B, stand C, 
		and a d + C.  B version won't combo at all but hits
		a little over a quarter of the screen away and will 
		launch the enemy for an air combo if they don't 
		block it low. Not super cancelable. B Version has 
		70% damage scaling.
		(A version 1, 800, 8%)
		(B version 1, 700, 7%)

----------EX and Super Moves-----------------------------------------

Choshichu	qcf + C

		Miyako will dash about 80% of the screen and hit the
		opponent with an elbow that will wallslam.  Will 
		combo from a d + B, and stand C. Like the B version, 
		it will cross up if Miyako is close enough. Has a bit 
		of recovery time.  This doesn't seem to be blockable in 
		midair.  As of v2.008, after this hits the opponent 
		will fall to the ground invincible, so no follow ups. 
		90% damage scaling.
		(1, 1800) 

Doukan		qcb + C

		A bit less reach than the B version but faster start up
		and more super armor.  It will always wallslam. Will 
		combo from a d + B, stand C.  65% damage scaling.
		(1, 2200)

Renkantai	dp + C (can be done in air)
		Moves forward as much as the B version without the dash.
		Knocks the opponent up high and they can recover almost 
		instantly. Air version will wallslam. 3rd hit of the 
		ground version has 50% damage scaling. 1st hit of 
		ground version gives you 2.1% circuit. 2nd hit of the 
		air version has 70% damage scaling.
		Ground version (3 hits) does 2200. 600 + 600 + 1000.  
		Air version (2 hits) does 2500. 1000 + 1500

EX Stomp	d,d + C
		Even more startup than the B version but will launch
		the enemy if they are anywhere on the ground. 
		80% damage scaling.
		(1, 1800)

Aura Burst	hcf + C (in heat mode)

		Miyako does an even bigger stomp than the EX version
		and is surrounded with an aura.  Has been toned down 
		from Melty Blood.  It has more startup, less range, 
		less damage, and more recovery time.  This is 
		unblockable in the air.
		(1, 3800)  

Aura Burst	hcf + C (in blood heat mode)
		Has a different colored aura, comes out faster, does 
		more damage, and has more range than the heat super.  
		This is also unblockable in the air.  Comboable from
		a d + B, f + B, stand C, and both hits of the normal 
		Choshichu.  If you get a chance to use it for anti-air 
		go for it.  Otherwise don't go out of your way to try 
		using it. (1, 4800)   

----------Move Analysis-----------------------------------------------

Doukan qcb + A/B/C

A Version:  It's comboable but it's also fast enough to be a random 
poke. Now that it gained a shield frame in Final Tuned, it's a bit 
safer.  But it only seems to be good for one hit, so if they're 
mashing A's or it's a multihit move it won't matter.  To compensate
for this improvement though, they gave this move a 70% scale.  

B Version: It isn't completely protected by super armor but there's 
only a small window for her to be hit out of, not too likely to 
happen unless they're mashing A's. Use it to regain the offensive 
but be careful not to absorb too much damage using this.  Mix it up 
with A version to get them a bit confused if they should block or poke.

EX Version: It has invincibility and super armor, you AREN'T getting 
hit out of this move no matter how badly you use it.  As of v2.008 it 
has 65% damage scaling which is almost as strict as most trips in the
game.  But as it does so much damage, it's usually worth it anyway. 

Choshichu qcf + A/B/C

A Version:  The combo friendly version.  With the increased pushback, 
the new B followup, and the worsening of her other options this move 
is looking all that much better.  Damage is decent and is easily super
cancelable into EX of choice.  You can now do either follow up 
regardless of whether you connect with the first hit or not.  

B Version:  Not combo friendly, slow start up, and still not the best 
damage.  It got a slight speed and range boost in FT but is still 
susceptible to getting jabbed.  The B follow up now makes a nice if
unsafe mixup but it's fast enough to catch turtling people unaware.

EX Version:  This move was only really useful in combos before 
but now that it cannot be followed up by anything, it's that much
more useless.  It does have a little more speed but still lacks
enough invincibility to go through attacks.

Stomp d,d + A/B/C

A Version:  Comboable and decent range!  This move downs 
the opponent for a second, so you can use the time to set up
a cross up or simply hit them OTG.  This move now causes enough 
block stun that if the opponent tries to stick out anything but the
fastest/invincible attack they'll be counter hit.  It also has enough
range that you can try to use it to punish people who ground tech. 

B Version:  Has some start up, but more range and floats the opponent
for an air combo.  Can be tricky if the other person doesn't know
this needs to be blocked low.  But generally unusable because of 
lack of speed. 

EX Version: A bit more start up time but will hit any grounded, 
opponent and still floats for an air combo.  Don't use this move, you
have better uses for the circuit.  You do have full body invincibility 
for the duration of the move though.  

Renkantai dp + A/B/C

A Version:  Fast and decent damage. The ground version is now 
UNAIRBLOCKABLE.  Abuse the hell out of this property but beware of 
shields.  She hops veritcally but not horizontally.  The only super 
cancelable version now.  

B Version:  Don't ever, ever use the ground version.  Not even as a 
joke.  Air version is still all right damage, but isn't super 
cancelable anymore.  

EX Version:  This move has insane horizontal range but terrible 
vertical range.  The ground version of this is also unairblockable
and is cancelable into anything on the third hit as well.  Definitely
worth using now.     

Aura Burst hcf + C 

Heat Version:  This super ends heat mode and leaves you with 100% 
circuit.  The move doesn't have much range and is very hard to combo 
into.  It has some start up time and lots of recovery.  So be careful 
using it.  

Blood Heat Version:  This is just like the Heat version but faster,
with more range and damage.  This has less start up time but just as 
much recovery.  Comboable from a d + B, f + B, and Stand C.  
Because of the combability and the faster start up time and range, 
I recommend trying to use it to hit the opponent out of the air.  


Under construction while I experiment.

----------Match Videos------------------------------------------------

If these don't work just email me and I'll reupload them.  I'll try to
post vids wherever I see them but for now I've only seen Miyako on 
acho vids.  Use these to see some good Miyako habits but keep in mind
the differences between v2.009a Miyako and MBAC Miyako.  



----------Contact Info------------------------------------------------

If I have information wrong or you have something to contribute you 
can e-mail me at linalys@hotmail.com

----------Version History---------------------------------------------

Version 0.82 June 11, 2005.
Yet another really slight update. 
Slight changes to the following:
-Stand B
-Air throw
-Shield bunker
-Renkantai (added super cancelability of 1st hit)
-B Choushichu (in move analysis)
Added some MB:Act Cadenza vids!  See a good Miyako (not mine) in 
Added differences between MBR Miyako and MBAC Miyako.

Version 0.81 January 26, 2005
Version 2.009a is out and it's about time I updated again 
Reworded some things
Updated/added info
Fixed combo section

Version 0.80 October 11, 2004
Newest version 2.008 is out
Miyako is greatly changed and I finally have some new info
worth updating over.  
Damage scaling info added
Removed Character Overview.  Don't like it.

Version 0.70 June 28, 2004
New patches came out v2.002 and v2.003
Fixed a few errors, I really need to proofread.  
Added some info
- Comboing after EX Rentankai Ground version
- Air throw changed
- Choshichu A version faster? v2.002
  - Seems slower again v2.003
- Choshichu follow up is just f+A/B not qcf+A/B Duh.  
Actually have combos in combo section. Yay.  
Changed Strategy into Move Analysis

Version 0.65 June 13, 2004
Played Miyako more, changed opinion about some things
Added missing attack data. Opps
Changed some attack info
Character Overview and Strategy got more info

Version 0.60 June 8, 2004
Rewrote strategy section as I didn't like the way I had it before.
Added more to strategy section.
ReAct 2.001 came out, many things changed.
Added attack data

Version 0.55 June 6, 2004
Normals, Commands, and Special moves completed.
Strategy and Combos need to be fleshed out.  



Chip damage info was taken from his massive FAQ.  

The best English resource for all things Type-Moon.

The best English resource for MBR vids!  

They sometimes have MBAC vids here.  Japanese only.

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