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Advanced Tactics Guide by Maj

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/19/06

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (USA Playstation 2 version)
Advanced Tactics / Odds and Ends guide version 1.2
By Maj
Website: http://sonichurricane.com
E-mail: majestros@sonichurricane.com


  This is not a full walkthrough guide.  By now there are plenty of those out 
there.  Just about all of the major stuff has already been covered, and the 
game itself is not difficult by any means.
  This is not a character guide.  Some characters, some skills, and some team 
builds are better than others, but any team can get through the game.  Most 
people will just pick their favorites and that really is the best approach.
  This is just a collection of random peripheral information that tends to 
arise during extended discussions regarding the XML2 game system.
  Since this guide is so open-ended, it will probably take a few updates 
before it is completed.  If you have anything to add, just drop me an e-mail.  
If whatever you have to say is new to me and you're the first person to bring 
it up, i'll make sure to give you proper credit.
  If you want to use any of the information below, just give me due credit.  
Maybe include a link to this document.  Whatever, you know the drill.  Thanks.


02/19/2006 - XML2 Advanced Tactics / Odds and Ends guide version 1.2
  Introduced an efficient stat maxing method
  Explored several alternative Tower Apex strategies
  Appended missing text for Orb of Chaos
  Revealed free mutant powers exploit

12/19/2005 - XML2 Advanced Tactics / Odds and Ends guide version 1.1
  Added updates section
  Deduced experience modifiers rule
  Acquired stat point caps chart
  Split item hunting locations into alternating and standalone groups
  Completed known green equipment list
  Made several slight clarifications

11/19/2005 - XML2 Odds and Ends guide version 1.0
  Established project groundwork covering strategy, tricks, and item lists

Table of Contents

I.     Experience Accumulation Strategies
II.    Experience Reward Reduction Rule
III.   Maximum Base Stat Point Chart
IV.    Alternating Item Hunting Locations
V.     Standalone Item Hunting Locations
VI.    Unique (Green) Equipment List
VII.   Miscellaneous Gameplay Tricks
VIII.  Game Crash Bugs and Nuisances

I.  Experience Accumulation Strategies

  Each method listed below has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  
Choose the method that best suits your goals, but keep these general 
guidelines in mind.
  Only a fraction of experience gained in battle trickles down to inactive 
characters.  However, sticking with a limited roster makes it much easier to 
keep up with increasing enemy levels from mission to mission.  It's certainly 
much quicker to concentrate on maxing out the powerhouse characters first.  
Once Iron Man, Gambit, Bishop, Scarlet Witch, or Jean Grey have their critical 
skills maxed, it's fairly painless to throw in one or two weaker characters to 
benefit from the free experience.  Each dominant character can lead an entire 
team of weaker characters through the game.
  Cyclops, Magneto, and Professor Xavier all have the Leadership skill, which 
grants up to 92% extra experience to each character involved in a combo attack 
against a defeated enemy.  Leadership bonuses do stack, so having all three of 
these characters will yield 276% extra experience per kill involving a combo.  
Nightcrawler's DISAPPEARING ACT Xtreme Boost provides 50% extra experience to 
every active character on every kill for up to 45 seconds.  Cyclops' FLAWLESS 
TACTICS Xtreme Boost doubles the experience on every kill for up to 45 
seconds.  Neither of these two affects the Leadership combo bonus, but both of 
these skills are easily worth the Xtreme token cost in crowded areas.  A team 
consisting of all four of these characters with all of these skills active can 
receive up to 426% extra experience per kill involving a combo.  Of course, 
nearly half of this bonus is due to Cyclops alone, so it pays to keep him on 
the team even if you aren't interested in any of these characters.

-Full Game Runthroughs-

  Obviously, one way to go about building up character levels is to fight 
through the entire game over and over.  When starting a new game, you have the 
option of using upgraded team rosters with all worn, carried, and stashed 
equipment intact.  Unfortunately, the Beast/Forge Training menu prices for 
purchasing extra character levels, skill points, and redistribution privileges 
do not reset at the start of a new game.  Since skill point prices are based 
on character level, it's a good idea to buy them as soon as possible.
  Advantages: Repeated uses of Tech Stations and Danger Room missions will put 
characters ahead of the normal power-leveling curve.  Reaching any given level 
through this method will yield a stronger character than reaching that same 
level by any other method.  In addition, the constant change of scenery may 
prove more interesting than killing the same enemies repeatedly.
  Disadvantages: Despite the plentiful mission-based bonus experience, this 
method is the least efficient approach to power-leveling.  Far too much time 
is wasted on loading screens, mission objectives, dialogue, and running around.

-Danger Room Mission Swarms-

  Once obtained, Danger Room missions are always available for replay.  
Missions containing a secondary objective that can be ignored indefinitely 
make the best experience engines.  Assault 303 stands out because there's no 
time limit and staying in the main room is an easy way to avoid accidentally 
completing the secondary barrel destruction objective.  When you've had 
enough, end the course using the game menu or just jump into the pool at the 
center of the room.  As long as the mission is left incomplete, enemies will 
continue dropping Potions and Tech Bits when killed.  If you can afford to go 
without those item drops, Survival 504 is another excellent option.
  Advantages: No harm comes from dying during DR missions.  Enemy mobs respawn 
with gradually increasing frequently, constantly keeping the room full.
  Disadvantages: No equipment drops during DR missions.  No Potions or Tech 
Bits drop during repeats of completed DR missions.  Generic DR henchmen tend 
to be at lower levels than enemies populating the latter acts of the game.

-Holding Pens Respawn Point-

  Inside the Holding Pens stage of Act IV, there is one room with two adjacent 
enemy spawning pads that never expire.  Minute after minute, hour after hour, 
generic enemy thugs will just keep teleporting in to die.  Endowing Iron Man 
with either Jean Grey's Mental Vortex or Scarlet Witch's Probability Syphon, 
casting Motion Amplifier, pointing him at a wall, and firing off nonstop Gamma 
Bolts creates an extremely potent deathtrap for the henchmen lineup.  They die 
as soon as they set foot in the arena.  Adding one of the experience boosting 
characters to the party speeds things up considerably.  Of course, Iron Man 
will not be available for use on your first playthrough, but it's better just 
to wait until Hard difficulty Holding Pens anyway.  For alternative character 
pairing ideas, check out Zibanzo's superb Character Guide.
  Advantages: With optimal team combinations, the Holding Pens location is 
arguably the fastest experience generator available.  On Hard difficulty, the 
lvl88 enemies provide excellent quality Rare (gold) equipment.  Certain team 
combinations will go through enemies so quickly, that there's even a decent 
chance of scoring a Unique (green) item every couple of hours.
  Disadvantages: Inventory management can slow things down.  Ignoring item 
drops is not an option because after a while the game will simply crash.  On 
Hard difficulty, the junk items are valuable enough to make trips back to base 
worthwhile, but having to sell eighty Potions every time is a hassle.

-Danger Room Bonus Stat Rewards-

  Completing the game enables the option to carry over character builds and 
items into a new game.  Rescue Professor X at the beginning of the story to 
get into Sanctuary and save at the Xtraction Point.  Talk to Beast and use the 
Grab Bag until it yields the Cyclops Challenge Disc.  If it doesn't appear in 
the first few attempts, simply load back to the Xtraction Point and try again 
to avoid wasting too many Tech Bits.
  All Freshman Grade Courses become available for purchase once the Cyclops 
Challenge Disc is obtained.  Buy and complete all Freshman Courses, along with 
the first two Sophomore Courses (they appear automatically).  Then simply save 
at the Xtraction Point, start a new game, and repeat this process as desired.
  Advantages: After reaching the 250 point maximums for each stat, this method 
provides the fastest and safest means of cultivating extra stat points.
  Disadvantages: Apart from the tediousness of repeating the easiest missions 
in the game, this method also lacks any opportunity to obtain desirable 
equipment.  Furthermore, at least 20 million Tech Bits must be saved up 
beforehand to cover the considerable monetary cost of this strategy.  The 
Tower Apex tactic described below is the fastest way to accumulate Tech Bits.
[contributed by: KuramaJP]

II.  Experience Reward Reduction Rule

  Experience earned from killing an enemy is reduced in proportion to the 
difference between the enemy's level (listed in parentheses following 
his/her/its name) and the average character level on your active team.  Not 
much can be done to account for this issue.  During the first playthrough on 
Normal difficulty, you can successfully keep your character levels very close 
to progressing enemy levels.  However, the enemy level increments on Hard 
difficulty are simply too difficult to match.
  When your active team average level is within one point of an enemy's level, 
you earn the full experience value of that opponent.  For every whole point of 
difference between your active team average and the enemy, 10% is deducted 
from the base experience reward assigned to the enemy.  Therefore, a team of 
four characters killing the same enemy type over and over will have their 
experience reward adjusted once every four level promotions.  The absolute 
minimum experience gained from an enemy is 30% of that opponent's base value.
  For example, the respawning Master Rifleman in Holding Pens is lvl88 on Hard 
difficulty.  When your active team average is from lvl87.25 to lvl88.75, each 
kill earns 1840 XP.  When your active team average is from lvl86.25 to lvl87 
or from lvl89 to lvl89.75, each kill earns 1656 XP (90% of the base value).  
When your active team average is from lvl85.25 to lvl86 or from lvl90 to 
lvl90.75, each kill earns 1472 XP (80% of the base value).  When your active 
team average is from lvl84.25 to lvl85 or from lvl91 to lvl91.75, each kill 
earns 1288 XP (70% of the base value).  When your active team average is from 
lvl83.25 to lvl84 or from lvl92 to lvl92.75, each kill earns 1104 XP (60% of 
the base value).  When your active team average is from lvl82.25 to lvl83 or 
from lvl93 to lvl93.75, each kill earns 920 XP (50% of the base value).  When 
your active team average is from lvl81.25 to lvl82 or from lvl94 to lvl94.75, 
each kill earns 736 XP (40% of the base value).  When your active team average 
is lvl81 or below, each kill earns 552 XP (30% of the base value).  Likewise, 
when your active team average is lvl95 or above, each kill earns 552 XP (30% 
of the base value).

III.  Maximum Base Stat Point Chart

  All four stats have 250 point ceilings and there is no way to take back 
assigned stat points.  At every level increase, several bonus points are 
automatically allocated to predetermined areas.  Melee-oriented characters 
typically receive regular Strike upgrades while spell-caster characters end up 
with frequent Focus boosts.  Thus, reaching the 250 point cap for any one stat 
before hitting the lvl99 maximum equates to wasted stat points.  Observing how 
each character receives automatic bonuses can help avoid this redundancy and 
save stat points for otherwise neglected categories.  PapaGamer's outstanding 
FAQ/Walkthrough provides a complete list of each character's natural stat 
point development.
  Only Tech Stations and Danger Room missions can provide permanent increases 
past the 250 point limit.  However, stats have been known to reset if pushed 
above their hidden preset maximums, making unplanned Tech Station usage 
risky.  Luckily, Danger Room mission bonuses have no effect on maxed out 
stats.  Use Tech Stations to swiftly approach a desired stat limit, then 
switch over to Danger Room missions the rest of the way.  The following table 
catalogues every stat point cap in the game, taking the guesswork out of the 
Tech Station gamble.  Equipment enhancements are not bounded by these limits.

Bishop:         Body 284 | Focus 322 | Strike 274 | Speed 298
Colossus:       Body 304 | Focus 250 | Strike 310 | Speed 274
Cyclops:        Body 274 | Focus 316 | Strike 274 | Speed 304
Deadpool:       Body 298 | Focus 274 | Strike 312 | Speed 274
Gambit:         Body 274 | Focus 310 | Strike 280 | Speed 304
Iceman:         Body 274 | Focus 334 | Strike 274 | Speed 298
Iron Man:       Body 274 | Focus 310 | Strike 274 | Speed 298
Juggernaut:     Body 298 | Focus 250 | Strike 314 | Speed 274
Magneto:        Body 274 | Focus 310 | Strike 274 | Speed 298
Nightcrawler:   Body 298 | Focus 272 | Strike 342 | Speed 284
Jean Grey:      Body 274 | Focus 316 | Strike 250 | Speed 298
Professor X:    Body 272 | Focus 336 | Strike 272 | Speed 294
Rogue:          Body 298 | Focus 255 | Strike 310 | Speed 274
Scarlet Witch:  Body 274 | Focus 314 | Strike 250 | Speed 298
Storm:          Body 274 | Focus 316 | Strike 250 | Speed 298
Sunfire:        Body 274 | Focus 312 | Strike 274 | Speed 308
Toad:           Body 298 | Focus 284 | Strike 336 | Speed 274
Wolverine:      Body 298 | Focus 250 | Strike 322 | Speed 290
[contributed by: KuramaJP]

IV.  Alternating Item Hunting Locations

  After reaching lvl99 with your favorite characters and bringing the others 
up to satisfactory levels, the Holding Pens location becomes far less 
profitable.  Apart from being extremely tedious, the problem with Holding Pens 
is that a vast majority of the items dropped are worthless basic junk.  The 
efficient solution is to pursue leader-class enemies with names written in 
gold font.  They never drop anything less than Enhanced (blue) equipment, with 
roughly 10%-20% chance of leaving Rare (gold) equipment instead.
  Some stages have a disproportionately large number of such leader-class 
opponents, making it easy to walk away with one or two Rare items per cycle.  
The best areas are free from reoccurring puzzles and lengthy cinematic 
sequences.  In fact, Holding Pens would be a good item run spot if not for 
three painfully slow automated cinematic sequences accompanying two puzzles.
  Fortunately, the game only holds about half a dozen maps in memory.  The 
trick is to run through a large enough set of successive stages so that by the 
time the last stage in the cycle is accessed, the first stage resets.  Once 
you've played through each of your chosen area loop a few times, you'll know 
exactly how to locate the important prey without wasting time on generic goons.
  Needless to say, doing item runs on anything other than Hard difficulty is 
pointless.  That time would be much better spent getting through Hard mode to 
go after the best items instead of compromising for whatever mediocre stuff 
Normal difficulty provides.
  Keep in mind that Weapon Caches are restocked when a map resets.  The 
character-specific items inside tend to be useless at higher levels, but 
there's no harm in looking.  Some people have discovered Unique items this way.
  When in need of Tech Bits, activate Gambit's PRINCE OF THIEVES or Toad's 
PLUNDER before demolishing large collections of barrels/crates/boxes.  Paying 
two Xtreme tokens for seven times the income is easily worth it in dense areas.

-Core Reactor-

  Easily one of the best treasure hunting areas in the game, this location 
houses a dozen lvl74-lvl75 leader-class opponents.  If only it took place 
during Act V with higher enemy levels, Core Reactor would be flawless.

-Madri Antechamber and Madri Conclave-

  An otherwise great little spot containing five lvl80 leader-class enemies, 
Madri Antechamber suffers from the lack of an Xtraction Point.  Madri Conclave 
is a mediocre oversized map which happens to be the most efficient way into 
Madri Antechamber.  The ideal plan is to beat up one or two lvl81 leader-class 
opponents on the way from the Madri Conclave Xtraction Point to the Madri 
Antechamber portal, clear the Madri Antechamber, and head to the Weapon X 
Facility using the Recall Beacon.  You'll have to visit Forge at least once 
per map rotation anyway, so with a little bit of foresight, the extra steps in 
this route won't be such a waste of time.

-New York South Side-

  With seven lvl87 leader-class opponents, this easy-to-navigate medium-sized 
map is clearly a good candidate to tack onto any item run routine.  As an 
added bonus, characters with Might get to throw cars around.

-Sinister's Lab-

  Three lvl94 leader-class opponents and a Weapon Cache positioned in close 
quarters make Sinister's Lab an easy choice.  With Gambit and/or Toad around, 
it may also be worthwhile to use the Tower Apex teleporter and smash all of 
the containers on the platform for Tech Bits.

-Ancient Labyrinth-

  Direct access via Xtraction Point makes Ancient Labyrinth an easy choice for 
treasure hunting.  Teleporting around with Nightcrawler or Deadpool saves 
a lot of time in this long, winding maze.
  Three lvl96 leader-class opponents are scattered throughout the stage.  Two 
more lvl96 leader-class opponents stand frozen as statues atop a flight of 
stairs in the corner room next to the hallway where a Tech Station Energy is 
located.  Opening the Sarcophagus between the statues animates them.  Sadly, 
the pair of lvl96 leader-class guardians summoned by retrieving the Homing 
Beacon appear only once.

-Temple of Anubis-

  As the last viable equipment hunting ground before the final battles against 
Living Monolith and Apocalypse, Temple of Anubis is the place to go for the 
finest quality items.  The lack of an Xtraction Point is not a major obstacle 
since this location is adjacent to Ancient Labyrinth, another preferred spot.  
A pair of lvl97 leader-class opponents and another pair of lvl99 leader-class 
opponents reside within this stage, along with a Weapon Cache in plain sight.

V.  Standalone Item Hunting Locations

  While high-level leader-class opponents drop the best Rare (gold) equipment, 
there are faster ways to collect Unique (green) equipment.  In fact, it seems 
as though leader-class enemies have the same slim chances of leaving behind 
Unique equipment as generic peons.  Waiting through lengthy loading times to 
seek out small numbers of leader-class enemies is obviously not an efficient 
way to rack up the kind of kill volume needed for green item drops.
  Since it all comes down to numbers, there are three suitable options for 
actively seeking out Unique equipment.  Of course, the most direct option is 
to throw an obscene amount of money at the shopkeeper's Grab Bag.  The odds 
are absolutely abysmal and it takes forever, but Tech Bits become worthless 
after a certain point anyway.  Just be careful to avoid the Grab Bag crash 
glitch explained further down.  The remaining alternatives are Holding Pens 
and Tower Apex.

-Holding Pens-

  A small map with three lvl88 leader-class opponents and two Weapon Caches 
would normally make a decent stop for item hunting.  Unfortunately, Holding 
Pens also comes with up to five annoying cinematic panning sequences that slow 
things down considerably.  All that wasted time simply can't be justified.
  On the other hand, the endless enemy respawn point provides the highest 
possible kill rate outside of the Danger Room.  To avoid game crashes, pick up 
every single item on the floor.  Whenever inventory space runs out, head back 
to base and sell it all.

-Tower Apex-

  Sinister's Lab houses the teleporter to the platform where the Archangel 
boss battle takes place at the end of Act IV.  The energy column at the center 
of Teleport Chamber also provides entry into Tower Apex.  Once Archangel has 
been defeated, Tower Apex becomes a lifeless stage filled with crates and 
barrels.  Exiting the level by returning to Sinister's Lab, continuing on to 
Teleport Chamber, or using a Blink Portal instantly restocks the platform with 
breakable objects.
  Gambit's Energy Form coupled with Toad's Secretion will make Gambit the 
fastest-moving character in the game.  Both powers should be maxed out and 
both should be active at all times.  One skill point in Gambit's Staff Slam 
will keep EP cost low while providing enough Radial damage to smash all 
objects near him.  The goal is break as many barrels/crates/boxes as possible 
within the 55 second duration of Energy Form.  Ignore all items except those 
enveloped by green or gold swirls.  Once both Boost effects expire, head down 
to Sinister's Lab and come back up to reload the map for another lap.
  Furthermore, Tower Apex is the best location for amassing large quantities 
of Tech Bits.  Of course, Gambit's PRINCE OF THIEVES and Toad's PLUNDER are 
the most important abilities for this purpose.  However, any fast-moving 
character with a Radial attack can get the job done if neither Gambit nor Toad 
has the necessary skill allocations.  Despite its painfully slow movement 
speed, Magneto's Magnetic Grasp is a noteworthy alternative due to its added 
benefit of causing everything to fall near the group.  Only collect Tech Bits 
if you need them for a specific goal.  Their usefulness is extremely limited.
[contributed by: grunt3 / YtsejaM]

VI.  Unique (Green) Equipment List

  The first reward for completing any Danger Room Challenge course is that 
character's specialized green item.  Every character has one, except for the 
three hidden unlockable heroes who don't have DR Challenge missions.
  Apart from the 15 character-specific green items, there exists another set 
of Unique equipment free of user limitations.  These unrestricted green items 
are further distinguished by the word "Unique" written in parentheses after 
the artifact name.  All enemies and destructible containers have a very slim 
chance of producing a Unique item.  Most people find between one to three 
Unique items per playthrough, and the game difficulty setting appears to have 
no impact on this probability.
  Unfortunately, character-specific green items may also be found during the 
course of normal gameplay.  This effectively halves the occurrence of useful 
Unique items.  Strangely enough, character-specific green items discovered in 
battle have the same exact specifications as their DR Challenge counterparts, 
just listed in random shuffled order.
  No complete official list of Unique equipment was ever released.  Due to the 
extreme rarity of green item drops and the regrettable design decision to 
generate DR Challenge items outside DR Challenge courses, quite a few Unique 
items may still remain undiscovered.  If you have an unlisted Unique item and 
want to help out, e-mail me its name, type, and properties exactly as they 
appear in the game.

-Danger Room Challenge Rewards-

Accelerated Visor
250 ATK. +9% Move Rate. +25 Damage (Cyclops)
[equipment type: Gloves]

Advanced Magneto Helmet
50 ATK. 600 DEF. +75% Mental Resistance (Magneto)
[equipment type: Armor]

Amphibian Scales
50 ATK. 500 DEF. +50% Knockback. +9% Move Rate (Toad)
[equipment type: Armor]

Cryogenic Booster
100 ATK. 300 DEF. Double Cold Dmg. +25 Body (Iceman)
[equipment type: Belt]

Cyttorak Enhancer
200 ATK. 200 DEF. Immune to Slow. +9% Move Rate (Juggernaut)
[equipment type: Belt]

Essence of the Corona
50 ATK. 200 DEF. +50% Radiation Resistance. 
+60 Radiation Dmg over 5 seconds (Sunfire)
[equipment type: Belt]

Fists of Weapon X
250 ATK. 125 DEF. +10 Striking. +50% to Physical Dmg (Wolverine)
[equipment type: Gloves]

Goddess Mantle
600 DEF. +75% Elemental Resistance. +50 Electricity Dmg (Storm)
[equipment type: Armor]

Nanocore Staff
250 ATK. 100 DEF. +50% Energy Resistance. +25 Energy Dmg (Gambit)
[equipment type: Gloves]

Orb of Chaos
100 ATK. +25% chance of a critical melee hit. Absorbs 29% of Damage and turns 
it into EP. +14% All Resistances (Scarlet Witch)
[equipment type: Gloves]
[scroll down using right analog stick to reveal Scarlet Witch's name]
[contributed by: Q Q]

Phase Pistol
225 ATK. 125 DEF. +50 Damage (Bishop)
[equipment type: Gloves]

Quantum Swords
175 ATK. 125 DEF. +9% Move Rate (Nightcrawler)
[equipment type: Gloves]

Regenerative Plating
700 DEF. +15 Body. +5 HP Regeneration. +25% All Resistances (Colossus)
[equipment type: Armor]

Touch of Death
125 ATK. 100 DEF. +8 EP per Knockout (Rogue)
[equipment type: Gloves]

Touch of the Phoenix
250 ATK. +25 Focus. +50% Mental Resistance. +8 EP per Knockout (Jean Grey)
[equipment type: Gloves]

-Unrestricted Unique Equipment-

Apocalypse's Bane (Unique)
75 ATK. 125 DEF. +9% Mental Resistance. +9% Energy Resistance. 
+9% Elemental Resistance. +9% Radiation Resistance (Level 25)
[equipment type: Belt]

Belt of Unus (Unique)
100 ATK. 175 DEF. +10 Electricity Dmg. Imune to Slow (Level 30)
[equipment tyle: Belt]
[contributed by: skyllo / cameron]

Eric the Red's Armor (Unique)
500 DEF. +30% Energy Resistance. +30% Elemental Resistance (Level 30)
[equipment type: Armor]
[contributed by: Stalin Man of Steel]

Exodus Cloak (Unique)
50 ATK. 400 DEF. +60 Radiation Dmg over 5 seconds (Level 25)
[equipment type: Armor]
[contributed by: jamesmayn]

Hammer of Nimrod (Unique)
250 ATK. 50 DEF. +50%% Bleed Damage over 5 seconds. 
Double Physical Dmg (Level 35)
[equipment type: Gloves]
[redundant % typo appears in-game]

Vindicator's Guantlets (Unique)
150 ATK. 50 DEF. +50%% Physical Dmg. +25 Max Dmg (Level 25)
[equipment type: Gloves]
[redundant % typo appears in-game]
[contributed by: truking]

Webslinger (Unique)
225 DEF. +20 Speed. +10 Striking (Level 35)
[equipment type: Belt]
[contributed by: timbolicious]

Wendigo's Fist (Unique)
200 ATK. 100 DEF. +15 Body. +5 HP Regeneration (Level 30)
[equipment type: Gloves]
[contributed by: Chibi_Flash]

Xavier's Dream (Unique)
700 DEF. +29% to Mental Dmg. +5 EP per Knockout (Level 30)
[equipment type: Armor]

VII.  Miscellaneous Gameplay Tricks

  Looking for some entertaining tricks to spice things up?  Tired of going 
through endless cannon fodder while searching for that perfect piece of 
equipment?  Think you've seen everything there is to do in this game?  Look no 
further - this section is for you ...

-Accelerated Mobility-

  Increasing movement speed saves a lot of time, especially during repeated 
playthroughs and equipment hunts.  Whenever possible, use Boost skills such as 
Gambit's Energy Form and Toad's Secretion to traverse long distances in 
hostile environments.  If neither character is on the team, use any available 
Flight skill for a slightly less pronounced movement rate increase.
  Other party members will automatically increase their movement speed to keep 
up.  Only getting lost or trapped will cause them to fall behind.  Putting 
enough distance between the active character and the computer-controlled 
characters will eventually make them reappear onscreen.  Take advantage of 
these user-friendly considerations to minimize downtime between battles.
  Bishop's Power Trip and Professor X's Clairvoyance are especially potent as 
Passive skills because they affect movement speed both on the battlefield and 
within each base of operations.  Some Unique equipment can produce similar 
effects, but to a more modest degree.  Always use the fastest moving active 
character available to run errands and backtrack through cleared terrain.

-Multiple Boost Assignments-

  Some characters need constant access to two or three Boost skills.  Since 
they are automatically assigned to the Square button, multiple simultaneous 
Boost skill allocation is normally impossible.  To get around this irritating 
limitation, assign a Boost skill to Square and an undesired non-Boost skill 
to either X or Circle.  Next, assign that same undesired non-Boost skill to 
Square.  This will swap the locations of the Boost assigned to Square and the 
undesired non-Boost skill.  Then just assign another Boost skill to Square and 
two Boost skills will be concurrently accessible.  Repeat with a second 
undesired non-Boost skill to have three Boost skills available at once.
  For example, highlight Sunfire's Boost skill Ion Shield and press R2 to 
assign it to Square.  Next, assign Sunfire's Blast skill Ignite to Circle.  
Once that's done, reassign Ignite to Square.  This will automatically move 
Ion Shield to Circle.  Then highlight Sunfire's Boost skill Flaming Fury and 
press R2 to assign it to Square, replacing Ignite.  Now Flaming Fury is mapped 
to Square and Ion Shield is mapped to Circle - both available side by side.

-Skill Assignment Removal-

  Since mapping a skill to a different button performs a location swap of the 
two skills involved, there's no built-in method for clearing assigned skills.  
If you wish to leave an empty slot for whatever reason, you can add one point 
to a new skill, assign that skill to a button, then subtract the point from 
the skill.  The button assignment will then be automatically removed.

-Unrestrained Gambling-

  Want to binge out on Grab Bag trials?  Fear of losing a fortune on junk 
holding you back?  The good news is that you can save your progress right 
before handing all your Tech Bits to Beast/Forge.  If you're unhappy with your 
winnings, simply reload the game and your bankroll is restored.
  The bad news is that the Grab Bag in XML2 is entirely useless.  Nearly every 
item generated is basic garbage with zero enhancements.  Trying to get 
anything half-decent takes forever.  It's just not worth the time, especially 
when you factor in load times and potential program crashes.
  The best time to try your luck is when you decide to save your progress to 
turn the game off for the night.  Once you've saved, head over to Beast/Forge 
and make ten to twenty Grab Bag attempts depending on how much money you can 
afford to lose for one good item.  If you manage to get a good Rare (gold) 
item, save your game again.  If not, just quit the game without saving.

-Wolverine's Fastball Special-

  Colossus, Juggernaut, and Rogue can help Wolverine re-enact his famous 
"Fastball Special" comic book maneuver.  While controlling one of those three 
heavy lifters, stand right next to Wolverine and press Square.  They will 
actually pick Wolverine up and throw him in whatever direction they are 
facing.  It is difficult to aim consistently and does relatively little 
damage, but can be entertaining.  On a team with no bridge-builders or fliers, 
this move actually gets Wolverine across large chasms.  Of course, it's far 
more likely to get him killed, but extra options are never a bad thing.

-Scarlet Witch's Miniaturization Spell-

  For whatever reason, Scarlet Witch's Popup attack (Punch, Punch, Smash) 
shrinks enemies to around 20% of their usual size for about two seconds.  
Nobody else has anything similar and none of her other attack strings produce 
unusual effects.  It's worth a try just to see it in action.
  For even more crazy hijinks, try blasting one of the minimized opponents 
with Iron Man's Gamma Bolts at close range.  Since he automatically aims 
directly at his target, the Gamma Bolts will shoot straight down to the floor 
and bounce vertically upward toward the ceiling.

-Enemy Shield Bypass-

  Some leader-class enemies are equipped with invulnerable shields that must 
be removed using specified combo attacks before the wearer can be harmed.  It 
turns out that Scarlet Witch's Hex Bolt, Reality Shift, and Hex Locked skills 
circumvent these barriers and damage shielded opponents regardless.
[contributed by: Selene_BlkQueen]

-Zero Cost Skills-

  While select skills deduct EP cost as soon as the button is pressed, most 
Boost skills have a fairly lengthy startup period.  In such cases, it can take 
up to half a second before the EP drain occurs.  Due to a programming 
oversight, it's possible to avoid paying this EP cost entirely.  Simply switch 
to a different character immediately after activating the skill, before the EP 
requirement gets deducted.
  Most attack skills drain the required EP at the very beginning, making it 
nearly impossible to switch characters in time.  It's also quite inconvenient 
switching back and forth between characters mid-battle, and it usually isn't 
worth it for the little bit of EP saved.  On the other hand, Boost skills tend 
to have a huge startup period and typically cost a lot of EP, so it's easier 
and also more worthwhile with them.
  This trick will only work if the required EP amount for a skill is available 
beforehand.  Otherwise, performing the button command for any given skill will 
result in the usual EP shortage error message.
[contributed by: PatrickRThomas]

VIII.  Game Crash Bugs and Nuisances

  Several helpful glitches have already been discovered and posted all over 
the internet.  Most deal with faulty damage calculations or the use of select 
few skills without EP cost.  However, some strictly detrimental bugs made it 
through to the final product and this chapter provides means of avoiding them.

-Unequipped Item Limit-

  It seems as though inventory items, hero stash items, and items on the 
ground all share the same memory space during gameplay.  Having too many items 
between these three locations can cause the system to hang unexpectedly.  To 
avoid suddenly losing progress due to this bug, try to keep the hero stash 
equipment quantity under 30 items.  Don't hesitate to sell second-rate items 
because equipment gradually improves as you progress through the game anyway.  
Luckily, worn gear appears to be exempt from this mess, so feel free to throw 
some of that extra equipment on dormant characters.

-Grab Bag Limit-

  Purchasing too many Grab Bag items and then selling them back to Beast/Forge 
can make their inventory list really long.  After some invisible memory limit 
is reached, buying one more item causes the game to freeze with the cursor 
still on the "Grab Bag" prompt.

-Intangible Items/Enemies-

  Killing too many respawning enemies too quickly can lead to inaccessible 
item drops.  This problem will usually occurs in Holding Pens, starting with a 
couple of Potions or Tech Bits that can't be picked up.  Before long, it will 
become impossible to retrieve equipment drops as well - standing over them 
will not bring up the input prompt to pick up the item.  If ignored long 
enough, one of the two thugs may become intangible and unkillable too.
  Fortunately, it's possible to restore normal functionality by using an 
Xtraction Point or a Blink Portal to visit the X-Mansion.  Everything should 
be back to normal and all items should become accessible once again upon 
returning to the battleground.

-Unbreakable Statues-

  One of the essential Act V mission objectives is the destruction of four 
specially marked statues in the Temple of Anubis.  Since they only become 
breakable once the room entrance dialogue is completed, any interruption 
suffered during the speech will render the objective forever incomplete.  A 
handful of hidden enemies stationed near the room entrance make this problem a 
surprisingly common occurrence.
  The most straightforward solution is to draw out these opponents before 
passing through the crystal room entrance.  If you've missed this opportunity 
and the glitch is now in effect, you have two choices.  One approach is to 
visit about half a dozen other stages to run the system out of memory and 
force the Temple of Anubis map to reset, allowing you to simply try again.  
The other method is to bring out Storm, jump on top of each unbreakable 
statue, and cast Whirlwind until they crumble.


  All in all, XML2 is an enjoyable game.  So maybe it isn't as polished or 
engaging as something like GOD OF WAR, but it accomplishes most of what it 
sets out to do.  Some particularly nice touches: Sunfire's AoA costume, 
Iceman's Ice Slide, Gambit's Detonation, Juggernaut's Crimson Rage, 
Magneto's Magnetic Grasp, Colossus' Trip attack, Deadpool's Trip attack, 
Iron Man's Trip attack, Rogue's Popup attack, Storm's Stun attack, Scarlet 
Witch's entire fighting style, and throwing cars around.
  Let's all hope the next title in the series is called "Marvel Legends" 
because it's such a waste to ignore so many awesome non-mutant Marvel Universe 
characters.  Probably the biggest reason i even bought this game was the 
reported inclusion of Iron Man.
  Who wouldn't pick Captain America over Cyclops for the Leadership bonus?  
Colossus and Juggernaut are cool, but the only tank character with enough 
offensive versatility to warrant a spot on the team is Thor.  Scarlet Witch 
was an interesting novelty character, but Dr. Strange has way more options.  
And is there anyone who would use Toad rather than Spider-Man?  With a little 
luck, Galactus might even make his way into the next game - and for once 
portrayed as a cosmic force of nature instead of another token villain.

  So i've just about covered everything.  Time to wrap up.  Hopefully you 
found this guide informative and walked away with some useful new strategies.

  One last thing ... If you're into fighting games, be sure to check out my 
website and download a few combo videos: http://sonichurricane.com

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