Assign a zookeeper to an exhibit and pick up objects?

  1. 1- How do I assign a zookeeper to an exhibit ? and 2- Is there a way to pick up an object and/or person to move it ?

    User Info: dobranan

    dobranan - 7 years ago


  1. I believe this is covered in the tutorial, but to assign a zookeeper, go into the tab that shows an animal den, then the one that looks like a little silver cannon. Fine the yellow flag, then place the flag within the animal enclosure. It's easiest if you put a name, otherwise they're all just numbered. For instance, if you put it in the zebra enclosure, double click the flag, then type in zebra. Then hire/find your zookeeper, double click him, and click the tab at the end (I think it's a clock?). Find which enclosure you want to assign him to, then click the check mark. He will now stay in that enclosure and take care of the animals.

    To pick up and move animals and objects, simply hold control, then click on them. Just make sure you're not in the midst of building or anything. I usually right click to "clear" the mouse.

    User Info: Harui_Komah

    Harui_Komah - 5 years ago 0   0

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