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Reviewed: 03/31/17

Moero Downhill Night


Moero Downhill Night is the first game in the Moero Downhill Night series. I got this game in a bundle, which made it literally like $5 for a physical brand new copy. I wasn't expecting much from a $5 game, but I actually enjoyed it. There's two different kinds of eroge in this world. The kind that makes an enjoyable story, with h-scenes as an award for successfully getting the girl; and ones with a bunch of random h-scenes with maybe kind of a story to tie them all together. This game is the latter.

There's basically no story at all in this game, its complete nonsense that makes zero sense whatsoever. Its about a guy that lives in a town in the mountains. This seemingly normal town has a thriving underground street racing scene. Due to a series of events, you become the navigator for a girl who's a street racer. Everything after this point makes no sense and they don't even care. I thought it was hilarious (and therefore enjoyable), but some might get upset at the lack of even trying.

During each chapter you do a race. The race is always down the same ridge. The racing has been translated into a visual novel aspect, and you don't ever actually really like race, this is nothing like a racing game. Instead, you have timed choices of navigating turns. Then numerous situations happen on the road and you have to quickly choose what you think is the best option. The races are full of really aesthetic looking videos of these aesthetic cars, these scenes are all 3D models, but they actually make the races really exciting, especially with the crazy stuff that happens during the races. Despite it being a game where the focus is sex scenes, the racing is actually the part I looked forwards to every chapter.

Since there isn't really a story and the game is basically just meant to be hentai in game form, there isn't really a courting aspect. You don't really have to try to get the girls. I didn't even really try (or see how to even try) and I literally had baby making time with literally every girl in the game in a single play through. The character makes up any excuse to have relations, and when the game can't twist it into happening, they make it happen anyways for literally no reason. Again, I found this absolutely hilarious, but some might feel disappointed, or extremely excited, depends on the player~

The game gives you five girls to choose from, and although you see some more than others, they all have distinct personalities and designs. They actually came up with some cute girls, especially Kotosato Yuuna (the orange haired one), she's the cutest and is very moe, not to mention has the most pronounced personality out of the girls.

The character sprites are pretty standard eroge style, but they all look good. There's also some really nice CGs (full screen images) that look really good. They have that 2000s eroge look going on so they look awesome. The h-scenes are of varying quality, and usually each sexy time has numerous stages during the intercourse. I don't know how tight GameFaqs rules are on appropriate language and themes in reviews for adult games so I wont go into too much detail, but the characters do partake in numerous kinds of intercourse and there's a variety in positions. As stated before, these are of varying quality, of course in whether how enjoyable it is (totally up to preference), but more importantly in the art. Some of the scenes are much better drawn than others. You almost never see the guy, its just his stuff floating in midair like some kind of ghost. I was totally OK with this, but it did look pretty silly. My biggest gripe with this game was having to see h-scenes of girls I really didn't want to see h-scenes of, since they basically make you do every heroine. All of the girls have voices.

Now this part (well all of it technically but especially this part) is totally subjective, but I actually really liked the music in this game. It goes allover the place from more generic VN style tracks, to stuff inspired by euro house, jazz, techno, drumn'n'bass, breakcore, and so on. Sometimes it combines these genres, sometimes it stays tight, sometimes it becomes a complete (and awesome) mess, and sometimes it gets really cheesy. I just really enjoyed the music in this game, and you can get all of the tracks in the game files, so that's awesome. Just make sure to copy them instead of removing them or you'll kill your game.

While this game is obviously low budget, and has a complete joke of a story, I actually found it enjoyable, but probably not how the creators intended. Majority of the time I was just laughing at how hilariously nonsensical the story and events were. Its essentially enjoyable because its bad and is hilarious to laugh at. The parts with the most merit were definitely the racing moments which were legitimately exciting, and all of the scenes with my cutie patootie princess Kotosato Yuuna. Overall this is actually a fun and silly game. If you like crappy stuff (for some reason I do) and find it as hilarious as I do, then you should enjoy this game. If you're looking for a quality VN, then you came to the wrong neighborhood mother h-scener.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Moero Downhill Night (US, 10/30/09)

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