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Class Guide by evil_smiley

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 11/30/2006

1        2         3         4         5         6         7         
   _______,                     ___
  (  // ____ ____  _        ,  //  \    .  , ___ ____ ____
    //   /    /   / \  /|  /  //   /   /  / /   / _    /
   //   /    /   /--/ / | /  //  \/   /  / /--  \_ \  /
(_//  _/_   /   /  / /  |/   \\_ /\_) \_/ /___ ____/ /

Top Ten Most Powerful Classes FAQ
(Partially Strategy Guide)

This FAQ was written and compiled by me, Clement Lee Yew Xin 
(evil_smiley, Ice Demon) and is only to be posted on GameFAQs.com.
Reproduction of any paragraph or phrase from this guide without my
consent is considered plagiarism. This guide is solely for personal 
use. This guide should not be distributed or sold.


01. VERSION HISTORY.........................................[TTMPC01]

02. FOREWORD................................................[TTMPC02]

03. OBJECTIVES..............................................[TTMPC03]

04. MASTERIES/CLASSES.......................................[TTMPC04]

05. CHARACTER BUILDING......................................[TTMPC05]

06. GENERAL STRATEGIES/TIPS.................................[TTMPC06]


08. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS..............................[TTMPC08]

09. CREDITS.................................................[TTMPC09]

10. CONTACTING ME, THE AUTHOR...............................[TTMPC10]


0.7 5:08 PM 11/30/2006
- Guardian added
- 4 more to go! it's near completion.

0.61 1:06 PM 11/30/2006
- improved FAQ section with additional info

0.6 6:26 PM 11/29/2006
- added the corsair
- slightly refurbished the style of writing
- added FAQ section

0.51 6:26 PM 11/28/2006
- posted version 0.5 on GameFAQs.com
- corrected the spelling of 'weopon' into 'weapon' (thanks Shiver)

0.5 11:30 AM 11/27/2006
- completed typhon farming section
- minor updates to various classes

0.4 2:56 PM 11/20/2006
- 4 out of 10 classes written; added the Slayer class
- slightly modified the character building section
- added general strategies for all classes

0.3 5:13 PM 11/16/2006 
- 3 out of 10 classes written
- general strategies/tips updated

0.2 long ago... 
- assassin and brigand class written
- overall faq body created
- general strategies/tips completed


  Welcome to my very first guide. For this I apologize for any
mistakes or inadequacies in content or style. I am writing this guide
because I have finished the game countless times and I have noticed
the lack of guides for this awesome game.

  I crafted this guide purely on my experience and memory with the
game, so I will have a lot of statistical errors, please bear with
me. I do make a lot of assumptions and approximations, so if your 
build experiences variance, don't be alarmed. I will try to be as
precise as possible, but this is really a guide FAQ, not a statistics
FAQ with cold, hard figures. And thank God for that.


  This guide is NOT a walkthrough, so I will not explain in detail
how to complete quests/sidequests. This guide may contain some
spoilers, so if you are playing the game for the first time, I do not
recommend that you read this guide. 

  Before you use this guide, I expect you to have an adequate
knowledge on the different classes of characters in Titan Quest. This
includes how to build those clases, the 8 main masteries and their
respective skills.

  The purpose of this guide of this guide is to help you understand
that every class can be built strong enough to at least reach
legendary difficulty. Although some classes are able to reach the
harder difficulties with ease, I can assure you that ANY class can
also reach legendary with perseverance and the help of this guide

  I will not elaborate on those classes in this FAQ, but maybe in the
later versions. Right now, we will see how to make the ten most
powerful classes in Titan Quest.

  So if you're comfortable, let's move on!


  I will first refresh your memory on the masteries and classes
related to them.

  When you reach level 2 in the game, your character will be given a
choice to choose one of the 8 masteries available in the skill
screen. The eight are;
1) Storm
2) Earth
3) Spirit
4) Warfare
5) Defense
6) Nature
7) Hunting
8) Rogue

  Each mastery is tied to a main attribute. This means that the
mastery allow you to gain most stat points from that related
attribute. They are related as the following;
1) Strength - Warfare, Defense
2) Dexterity - Hunting, Rogue
3) Intelligence - Storm, Earth, Spirit, Nature

  The 'strength' masteries allows you to have a melee/tank oriented 
character,'dexterity' masteries allows you to have high damage
dealing characters while 'intelligence' allows you to have casters.

  When you reach level 8 later in the game, you will be given a
choice to choose a 2nd mastery. You can choose to select your 2nd
mastery at any time AFTER lvl 8, so feel free to leave it alone until 
you have maxed your first mastery. You can only choose a different 
mastery from your first one.

  When you have chosen your masteries, you will be given a class. The
name of your class is shown in your character screen below your name.
The classes for the main masteries and mastery combinations are;
1) Storm   -  Stormcaller
2) Earth   -  Pyromancer
3) Spirit  -  Theurgist
4) Warfare -  Warrior
5) Defense -  Defender
6) Nature  -  Wanderer
7) Hunting -  Hunter
8) Rogue   -  Rogue

  But what combination of classes are most powerful? Some masteries
are meant to compliment another, with skills that augment each other.
We call this skill synergies. I have made a rough survey on the most
powerful classes, and they are listed as below, from the most
powerful to the 10th most powerful.
 1) Warfare + Hunting  =  Slayer
 2) Warfare + Rogue    =  Assassin
 3) Hunting + Rogue    =  Brigand
 4) Warfare + Defense  =  Conquerer
 5) Defense + Rogue    =  Corsair
 6) Defense + Nature   =  Guardian 
 7) Hunting + Nature   =  Warden
 8) Storm   + Earth    =  Elementalist 
 9) Storm   + Spirit   =  Oracle
10) Earth   + Spirit   =  Conjurer  

  So now, we have a good knowledge on the masteries and their
classes. Time to move on to building our character.


  I will NOT describe how to build every single class here, as there
are just too many. Well after all, this IS the top ten most powerful
classes guide, isn't it?

  In building a character from level 1, I almost always choose to max
the mastery before I max skill points. This is so that I can unlock
the most powerful skills as early as possible. In addition, the
mastery adds important stat points for you to wield better equipment
and they also boost your health/energy. 

  However, this playing style makes the game absolutely boring until
max out both masteries, which take a whopping 64/3~=21 levels. Which
means until a few levels later where your skills start to kick in,
you'll be WEAK. Your damage will suck, but at least you'll survive.
And with good equipment, it probably won't be so bad.

  Once you max out your main bread and butter skill, things will get
really easy. And that would mean you're at approximately level 30,
where things are supposed to get tough for others. This is where you
reach act 3 and the end of normal difficulty. But at this point, you
will realize all your effort has not been in vain.

  Do not bother putting stat points into health until you have about
500 points into your main stat. The health you get from maxing
masteries alone will be sufficient to carry you through all
difficulties, especially when you get item bonuses such as +health or
+% health regen.

  For those builds that involve the rogue mastery, I don't suggest
that you use rogue as your 1st mastery. Learn the other mastery
first, as rogue tends to be weaker by itself. Besides, most other
masteries have a left click skill that clashes with calculated
strike. Although calculated strike is good, onslaught and
marksmanship is always better.  


  The slayer, in my opinion, is the class capable of dealing most
damage, whether it be to bosses or the normal horde. However, it
isn't as popular or common as the assassin or brigand. This is 
probably because the slayer shows his potential very late, and most
people wouldn't bear playing through the game 3 times to see his

  This class depends a lot on his skills and items, which is both
good and bad. Most of the time you'll have to spam debuffs on the
enemy and buffs on yourself, while hacking them away with the most up
to date weaponry. Therefore, until you complete your legendary set of
items, you probably won't be dealing tens of thousands of dps.

As I said before, the slayer has to endure a weak starting for being
the most powerful build at level 65. Which means that you'll be doing
hit and runs, chugging potions like mad, and if unlucky, dying a lot.
Until you get TWO good epic/legendary weapon, I suggest that you use
the spear and shield combo early game. The spear has very good
damage, but slow attack speed, so you'll have to draw out the
monsters one by one. With a good shield, you'll be much healthier
than dual wielding from the start.

Therefore, don't pump dual wielding first. Use the mystic at later
levels to respec your skills. You should be doing this post level 40,
or best when you reach legendary (normally around lvl 45).

Early game skills:
Warfare skills
a) Weapon handling
b) Evasion
c) Onslaught
d) Ignore pain

Hunting skills
a) Take down
b) Wood lore
c) Art of the hunt
d) Study prey (very important)
e) Call of the hunt

You should max take down as soon as possible, as well as passives
such as wood lore, weapon handling and evasion. Second priority will
be onslaught and study prey. Study prey will be your spammed skill,
as it helps to magnify the damage you deal. However, I didn't
recommend you to max it asap as it is a high level skill, and its
effect won't shine until you have a good base damage.

Onslaught on the warfare mastery should be gotten asap, as this will
be your main attack. The 1 mana cost is negligible, and the extra dmg
it gives is really good. Move up to ignore pain next, and then we can
leave the warfare mastery until we complete hunting first.

Art of the hunt is a very good reserve energy skill, don't miss out
on this as well. Lastly, call of the hunt should be maxed followed by 
its upgrade. Call of the hunt is an active skill, lasting around 1 
minute at max level and has a significant recharge time. This skill 
can be spammed later once we have good -recharge items.

With this early game setup, we most like won't have trouble until
epic Act 2 or Act 3, if you have good items. Or, if you have TQVault
and another character to farm for you, you can start to shine in
epic. But that's highly unlikely, we still need a lot of skill

Once we have sufficient skill points to distribute, we will totally
change the course of the game. Instead of making monster shish kebab
with our spear, we will switch to dual wielding weapons. That
includes swords, daggers, clubs and axes, but no spears. That means
we can dump take down, wood lore, and most probably art of the hunt
too. These skills only affect piercing weapons or spears and bows
only. However, study prey and call of the hunt still applies as they
give -enemy damage resistance and +% attack speed.

Late game skills:
Warfare skills
a) Weapon handling
b) Evasion
c) Onslaught tree
d) Dual wielding tree

Hunting skills
a) Study prey
b) Call of the hunt
c) Some points into herbal remedy for poison resistance

BEWARE! Don't switch to this late game configuration too quickly.
Besides skills, we also need to rely on weapons! So hold on to your
spear and shield and skills before you do any drastic changes. Best
yet, backup your character first. If you got used to your spear &
shield, you may find dual wielding hazardrous or uneffective. It's
okay if you prefer to stick to spear and shield for your slayer. It's
an alternative slayer sub-class. However, a dual wielding slayer
definitely dishes out more pain.

a) Boss killer in legendary. Typhon, the Hydra, the Manticore, Talos
   etc. won't stand a chance!
b) IMO, if you give the Slayer two Thorny Mauls, two Apollo's Will
   and the works, together with study prey and onslaught, he would
   be the highest dps class in the game.

a) Only starts to shine VERY LATE in the game.
b) Weaker than other builds in normal/epic.
c) Moderately effective against mobs, horrible against mobs if using

1 dex for 2 strength
To allow for spear wielding and high attack/defense rating. Dexterity
also improves spear piercing damage with take down.

1 dex for 3 strength
Do this when dexterity hits around 300 or when you start to lack str
for weapon/armor wielding. We will need more than 400 str to start
legendary, the items have really high requirements. After all, spears
are only temporary.

Spear and Shield Variant
Try to lure enemies out and kill them one by one. The luring part is
hard, as they tend to mob you on sight. Try to use the largest area
of view if possible to scout the surroundings.

For bosses, just keep casting study prey and use take down on it
until it dies. Use call of the hunt if necessary.

Dual Wielding Variant
Stack up on health potions and get a good set of armor, preferably
boosting up your health regen, armor and defense rating. Clear small
mobs quickly before they do significant damage. Aim study prey to
affect all of the mob.

For bosses, just use study prey, call of the hunt and move in.
Onslaught the boss to oblivion. Chug potions whenever necessary.  


  Just the name is enough to scare you, isn't it? Yes true to its
name the assassin is one of the most deadly class in Titan Quest.
This is the class that you read on GameFAQs.com boards oh so every
often. And yes, the assassin can take down the legendary titan under
10s. Maybe 5. 
Note: You can dish out damage well, but you can't take it in. With
dual wield, you won't have a shield, and rogue + warfare masteries
don't have permanent pets to tank for them.

Start your character as a warrior at level 2. Learn onslaught first.
Concentrate stat points on strength, putting approximately 3 points
into strength for every point of dexterity. Continue putting points
into the mastery until you max it, while putting one point in all the
dual wielding skills on the way.

Ignore the rogue mastery first when you hit level 8. Instead,
continue to pump onslaught and the dual wielding tree until you max
it. Do not up hamstring in the onslaught tree.
Onslaught > Ignore Pain > Dual Wield > Cross Cut > Tumult > Ardor >
I suggest hew because it's the least effective dual wielding

Now that you've successfully mastered the ways of war, it's time to
increase the pain you cause. Start learning rogue mastery. Then,
envenom weapon, put one point. Don't start using it yet, though, at
this point the measly damage you get from envenom weapon isn't worth
the 1 active mana cost per second. If you're planning to use
swords/spears for a long time, I suggest you max blade honing; it's a
wonderful skill for only 8 skill points. You can use the mystic later

Once you hit nightshade, max it out slowly, 1-2 points into it per
level. The rest goes into the mastery tree. Totally ignore toxin
distillation, as we're not going to use poison as our main offense.
Instead, go for mandrake. This skill will make those monsters run
around helplessly while you hack them into pieces. Nice.

This would be level 40 and onwards, where every single stat point and
skill point count, because it takes forever to level up. But when you
hit around this level, you've probably maxed out the two masteries,
the dual wield tree, the onslaught tree and the two poisons. Feel
free to put points into skills you see necessary. Now you will do
better on using skills that help you survive against mobs and bosses.

I would suggest;
a) ancestral horn - being able to summon 5 hard hitting allies with
   moderate health is a big advantage, when you're in epic/legendary
   those monsters will kill you if you're mobbed. Yes, you can die,
   since you're not supposed to be a tank, remember? This is the only
   'pet' you can get.
b) battle standard - this ward makes your damage even more ungodly;
   with battle standard on and onslaught and your items, you can
   easily exceed 10-20k dps. Imbalanced T_T
c) flash powder - this roguely spell/skill allows you to keep the
   archers at bay, while you plow through their defenders. Useful to
   some extent, but don't rely on it too much.

a) Definitely one of the top, if not the most damaging classes in the
b) Good disabling skills (slow + confusion)
c) Good mob handling (dual wield)
d) Able to dual wield weapons
e) Effective against bosses too.

a) Not good in tanking or taking damage

1 dex for 3 str
Dexterity only for wielding swords (low dex req.) and attack/defense
rating. Add additional dexterity when necessary.

This build is very straight forward. Without any debuffs or buffs,
you just move in and hack'em all to death. Much fun, I assure you.
But be careful, the assassin doesn't have any healing or getaway
spells to save his own skin. Other than that, it's pretty simple.


  The brigand is the cross between a hunter and a rogue. Both being
dexterity masteries, this class is definitely a dps class. This is
also the class with most dexterity, you will need it to wield the
best bows and spears. Don't even bother with other weapons, you won't
be able to fully utilize either of the masteries if you used other
weapon types. 

Spend stats into dexterity and strength, approximately 3 points of
dex for 1 point of strength. Yeah, opposite of the assassin.

As you start out with hunting, pick up a good spear until you have
around 6/12 points into marksmanship. Only then should you switch to
using bows, otherwise your damage will be horrible, and you won't
even be able to kill satyrs with one hit. Not good. Distribute skills
like this;
Lvl 2: Hunting mastery, marksmanship, wood lore
Lvl 3: Hunting mastery, wood lore, art of the hunt
Lvl 4: Hunting mastery, marksmanship, wood lore
Yeah you get it. Max wood lore first, for attack speed and damage.
Then, go;
Lvl n: Hunting mastery, marksmanship, art of the hunt
Lvl n+1: Hunting mastery, marksmanship, art of the hunt
Until you eventually max out both, then you learn pierce and study
prey. Leave call of the hunt for last, the cooldown is too long and
since it's +%, you won't benefit much right now. Wait until you have
-recharge items and better damage.
You may be tempted to learn a point of herbal remedy, seeing the
amount of health it can heal over time, you can, but it's really not
that useful. The health regen is negligible, but you will need the
poison resistance when in Act 2. *coughslibrarybosscough*

Once you move onto using bows, (having at least good marksmanship,
pierce and art of the hunt), things will begin to get easy. Snipe
away at foes from a range and run when they get too close. You may
want to dodge some incoming missiles manually, do it. You will do
this a lot later, anyway, to survive. Spend 2 levels now to max
volley- trust me, it's worth it.

Once you max pierce, marksmanship, volley and art of the hunt, then
we can move on to the rogue tree! As before, the only friends we have
in the poison tree are nightshade and mandrake. Take your time maxing
them, and make sure you have sufficient mana recharge before you
activate poison. You will need around 2 for art of the hunt and
poison, not to mention ~1 for the active energy cost for poison. So
if you have at least 3 energy recharge/s, you're good to go. At the
same time, learn  scattershot.

Using the hit and run tactic, you can leisurely cruise your way to
epic act 2. At epic act 3, you will realize that the monsters are
becoming more and more, we say, impenetrable. Now is the time to spam
study prey which we learned levels ago. This will soften them, and
once they have that eye over their heads, they will die withing 1-2
shots of your bow. Sweet, eh? Well you really didn't need it before
this. But now, you will start chugging energy potions... like mad.
You will  probably have ~300 energy, since you haven't put any stat
points into it, right? Good, just buy them from merchants, they're
pretty cheap anyways.

Do not, do not get ensnared or mobbed or hit by bosses at this point,
they're liable to kill you. I remember my brigand getting killed by
one rock cast by the neanderthal in china... uh oh, not good.
Otherwise, just cruise your way through epic china, and we're now
good in legendary.

a) Long range fighter with uber damage at late game
b) Excellent crowd controller with poisons and scattershot
c) Excellent against bosses by using hit and run tactics

a) Horrible endurance. You're very likely to die by one hit in

Otherwise, you're good. Hunting/Rogue armor are particularly good
against pierce damage, heheheh. They're also one of the classes with
highest attack/movement speeds.

Follow the above, but your playing style will definitely be
different. Instead of wielding a 2 handed bow, you'll be using a
spear, short spear actually together with a shield. Instead of
learning marksmanship, learn take down, and move over to rogue
mastery earlier. Then, max blade honing asap followed with calculated
strike. Use calculated strike as your left click skill, with take
down as your boss killer. Easy as that...

However, you will need more strength for wielding shields. So, I
recommend about 1 strength for every 2 dex. This way you'll have
sufficient strength for up to date shields, and you'll probably be
able to wear warrior armor. Put additional points into strength as
neccessary, as it also increases your spear damage, as it is a melee

This class deals slightly more damage than the bow variant, but
you'll be taking more damage as you're a melee class. Be more
cautious epic onwards, and you'll be fine. But you'll probably be
killing monsters fast enough before they touch you, anyway.

a) Arguably the highest dps class in the game, comparable to assassin
b) Godly offense coupled with good defense
c) A shield means that you have another item to give you enchantments
d) Ultimate boss killer with take down, lethal strike

a) Being a main dex character means you won't take hits well
b) Probably dies more than the bow brigand
c) Not very good for mobs

"Dies more? Shouldn't you be an uber character?" you may ask. Bear in
mind, even the strongest tank can die if careless in legendary.
Although the spear brigand can damage well, his survivability will
depend on his resistances. Without good resistance, things can get
out of hand. (x.x)

No need to discuss this section, for both builds with maxed main
skills, they can get through pretty straightfoward. Just continue
playing hit and run, and monsters won't be able to touch you. Just
farm for better items along the way.

Put str only to wear up to date armor.
Plain and simple, dexterity boosts your piercing damage, be it bow or
spear. And strength is needed for wearing armor, the damage it
provides to your melee spear is minimal. So only add it when
necessary. Since pure dexterity armor is rare, and you can hardly
find dex. based boots/gloves, I suggest you have enough strength to
wear warrior armor. That's about 1 dex per 1 str until you hit 300~
str. Don't forget that the masteries adds str too.

Keep art of the hunt and envenom weapon on, blade honing too if
you're the spear variant. Study prey on mobs, and volley/scattershot
them to oblivion. The bow variant controls mobs better, because 
scattershot carries whatever effects you imbue into your arrow. That
means you have a mass-slow, mass-confuse, mass-murder machinegun.

For bow brigs, just stay on the edge of the map and kill. Spear brigs
should lure enemies out one by one.

For bosses, hit and run, hit and run. Don't tank damage, and you'll
be fine. With study prey, call of the hunt, lethal strike  


  Conquerers are the most authentic 'warrior' styled build, with two
stength masteries.

You should be allocating around 3 points of strength for 1 point of
dexterity and 1 point of health. Meaning;
Lvl 2 - Strength, Dexterity
Lvl 3 - Strength, Health
Lvl 4 - Strength, Dexterity
And so on.
And with 2 strength masteries, we would have approximately 500
strength, ~250 dexterity and PLENTY of health. Approximately 3.5k to
4k of health I guess lol. Very strong, very tough. But without proper
equipment, I still die against legendary bosses. T_T

Early Levels
I suggest we first go warfare, since survivability is not a problem
in normal difficulty. Blazing through normal is more important. So,
we go onslaught and weapons handling, as well as ignore pain asap.
After that, you can choose to be a play it safe sword and shield
conquerer, or kill'em all dual wielder. I'd say we go dual wielding,
the best defense is a good offense. Lol.

Assuming that you took my advice of dual wielding, we will now ignore
the defense mastery's shield skills. That includes shield recovery
tree, concentrate tree, shield charge tree and all those passive
shield skills. Yeah they take up a lot of valueble skill points 
anyway. Instead, we will use these points to pump dual wielding.

So wouldn't that make the defense mastery useless? No, not really. We
still have 2 very good skills, adrenaline and colossus form. While
dual wielding and in colossus form, nothing can probably stand in
your way.

Once we have weapon handling, onslaught and ignore pain almost maxed,
start concentrating on dual wielding. I'd say by now your only
problem is health, as you'll be taking in lots of damage. Doesn't
matter, just continue to chug those potions. Stay alive, as you level
up, you'll be increasingly strong and soon you won't be taking so
much crap from those pesky monsters. Make sure you have at least 1-2
levels in rally by act 3, this skill will soon be your life saver.

Now about getting the damage we want. By dual wielding, we have a 
choice of swords, axes, clubs or daggers. If you use clubs, you can
choose to up the defense skill which gives you some stun effect, it
helps but nothing really to be excited about. Axes have no pierce and
are slower than swords but they deal more damage. Swords are the
fastest so they're best for mobs of weak monsters. Maybe you can have
2 sets of weapons; 2 swords and 2 axes/clubs. Daggers are mostly like
swords, but they are very fast weapons. Of course, they are also the
weakest weapons. On average dps, they're really the same.

Try getting some +damage, +pierce dmg, +%dmg or +elemental dmg
weapons. Best if they have 2 of the above enchantments. Further
enhance them with runes, and you'll be using them for a long time to
come. If you must know, the ultimate weapon is a maul (club) which is
100% piercing with lots of damage. So, feel free to be clubbing your
way to this weapon. *coughthornymaulcough*

As I said, this is around level 40. You would've definitely maxed out
your masteries, and onslaught, ignore pain, dual wielding and have
some points in rally, colossus form and ardor. Good enough! By this
point you probably don't need anymore advice, since your dps is 
already in the thousands. Thank me. What, you don't? Don't worry you
soon will, your items are probably the factor.

Your priorities now will be maxing rally, ardor, and anything you
left out earlier. Extra skill points can be spent in either ancestral
horn or battle standard as I mentioned earlier.

Pros and cons of build:
a) Balanced character; with good power and endurance. High health and
   high strength makes sure you kill and avoid getting killed in the
b) Very high dps character, another one of those super hack and
   slash'em to death builds.

a) Without permanent pets, you're the tank. Bosses can still kill
   you if you're careless
b) Your mediocre dexterity doesn't allow you to critical hit as often
   as the assassin or brigand
c) Very old-school. Warrior.

Aha... don't just dump everything into strength and ignore dexterity
Dexterity allows you to do critical hits more and more importantly,
you get to AVOID getting critically hit too often. Besides, swords
and daggers have some minimum dexterity requirement.

It would be wise to have around 1 dex per 2-3 str.

As a conquerer, there are quite a few buffs to cast. Keep focus on,
cast quick recovery as often as possible and use rally in place of
For your warfare side, since you don't need dual wielding, battle
standard is a nice compliment, or you can choose ancestral horn.

Quick recovery is a must when facing mobs, as you get to block more

Bosses can be dealt with by using battle standard and onslaughting
them to death.


  The corsair... I particularly like the name of this build, I have
one at epic too! No, not just because it sounds cool, but the corsair
is actually quite a powerful class. A mix between the rogue mastery
and defense mastery ensures that you get to deal damage and survive.

  The main weopons we will see in this guide will be swords, spears
and the Thorny Maul. The last weapon is for late game only; you're
one lucky @r$e if you get it before legendary. Anyways, let's move on
to our corsair hero. 

Early Levels
You can choose to start out as a rogue or a defender, I really can't
decide between these two. As I said before, the rogue is the
damaging half, while defense is the well, defending half of the
corsair build.

If you start out a rogue, you will have trouble surviving until you
get your defense skills up. But if you start as a defender, you will
have trouble killing satyrs and other lesser monsters. Of course,
you won't die, but you will be bored to death by having to hit a
boss 1 million times before you kill it. Oh well, might as well go
rogue first... since the more monsters you kill, the faster you 
level up ;)

Follow the order below using either a spear, sword or club with a
shield. If you're using a club, just replace blade honing with
concussive blow in later levels, its effect is only good with a good

Lvl  2 -  6 : rogue mastery, calculated strike, blade honing
Lvl  6 -  7 : envenom weopon, nightshade 
              (put only 1 point into envenom weapon)
Lvl  7 - 10 : rogue mastery until you unlock lethal strike (LS)
Lvl 10 - 12 : distribute evenly between nightshade and LS
Lvl 12 - 14 : defense mastery, rally, battle awareness,
              quick recovery (QR)
              (put only 1 point into battle awareness)
Lvl 14 onwards, slowly max out nightshade, quick recovery and focus.
Rally should be upped only once every few levels, concentrate on
maxing the masteries first. Strangely, I have no fondness for
adrenaline or defiance. I don't find them as useful as claimed.

Instead, when you find a good shield, pump up shield smash, disable
and pulverize. They're all equally useful, so feel free to max them
as you like. The rest of the points goes into mandrake, shield 
charge and colossus form.
Once you reach level 30 and beyond, you probably won't have trouble
killing or surviving. With quick recovery, battle awareness>focus,
rally, blade honing, calculated and lethal strike, just pummel away
at everything in your path. Even run into mobs when you have
pulverize, it's really fun when it activates >.<

Once you beat epic, return to farm the epic bosses repeatedly to find
better weapons and armor. As mentioned, you might even stumble upon
the Thorny Maul!

If you have some good -recharge equipment, you can even keep colossus
form on all the time. This significantly improves the power of your
build, but you will be going through the game slower.

Pros and cons of build:
a) A balanced character with good attack and defense skills
b) Able to survive very well with various defense skills
c) Has many disabling abilities such as disable, nightshade, mandrake

a) Using spears will make you attack slowly, thus ineffective in
   killing mobs 
b) Limited AOE spells which are only mildly damaging at most
c) Not as deadly as brigands or dual wielders

If you're going with spears, I suggest 1 str per 1 dex
Otherwise, oh well, just go with 1 str/ 1 dex... you're a corsair.

Mobs: Try to keep quick recovery on often as possible, it is safe to
      run into mobs until you start legendary. If anything goes
      wrong, just cast rally or chug potions. Shield charge into
      archers and casters to clear them out. Try to aim calculated
      strike so that it always hits a full health target. Of course,
      you will want to keep your energy reserve skills on too. D'uh.
Bosses: Cast colossus form and quick recovery, and do repeated
        calculated strikes and lethal strikes. Nah, shouldn't be a
        problem. Just stay away from 1 hit killer spells.  

  The guardian is a defender of nature, hero of the forest. With
skills in defense and an ability to commune with mother nature
herself, the guardian calls upon the wilds to aid him in his task of
preserving the woods. 

  Pretty nice description, huh? Well, in the world of TQ, the
guardian is the best tank IMO. With two super healing spells, a giant
form that grants +50% health, an aura that gives +92% additional
health, tanking pets, and to top it off, an instant refresh skill.
Wow, huh? Not only that, at higher levels when you get -recharge
items to attain no recharge time, you can keep colossus form on all
the time and squish everything in your way! But all defenders can do
that too...

Early Levels
I would recommend starting with... Nature mastery. As I said,
defenders are friggin' boring to play in early game. A nature mage,
on the other hand, gets to sit back and relax while the wolves gain
levels for him. 

Lvl  2 -  3 : 1 point into nature, call of the wild to get 2 wolves
Lvl  3 -  5 : nature mastery, 1 pt regrowth
Lvl  5 - 11 : unlock and 1 pt into all the wolf tree
Lvl 11 - 14 : 1 pt into sylvan nymph, max nature mastery
Lvl 14 onwards, unlock the defense mastery. You may want to max your
other skills, but I strongly recommend you get points into the
defense mastery for all those health and strength to wear equipment.

Use any 1 handed weopon of choice, as we want to utilize the defense
mastery's skills. If you're gonna go staves, might as well choose
another mastery. So you chose sword and shield? Good good good...

Now, unlock rally. This is the skill we want; it heals all allies in
a certain radius and gives bonus enchantments for a short duration.
But don't go maxing it yet! We also have the wonderful battle
awareness tree which is an aura- meaning that your wolves and nymph
will also get buffed. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention, don't start using heart of the oak until
it gives at least around 50% more health, the active mana cost is not
worth chugging energy potions for.

Now, you can slowly max your offense, namely your wolves and nymph.
You can learn some plague skills, but I doubt you have enough skill
points to spend. Don't ever invest into the rally/regrowth tree
except for the main skill. Regrowth and rally itself takes 28 points,
which equals to almost 10 levels. The wolves and nymph are costly
too. I don't suggest survival instinct and strength of the pack, both
being costly and the buffs are nothing to jump for joy.  

When your wolves, maul, nymph and auras are almost maxed, I would
expect that you find no problems. Cast regrowth when needed, and
rally is best when you're dangerously close to dying or when all your
pets need health.

Once again, with a Thorny Maul or a similar good weopon, you can
pummel through your enemies with ease. Bear in mind that the wolves
and nymph doesn't scale with difficulty as well as the Core Dweller
or Liche King, so you'll have to tank instead later on. With refresh
and colossus form, you get a 48s avatar, and with ~50% less recharge,
you would probably be able to cast everything again after that time.

Your main problem will be bosses, as you yourself won't do much hurt.
Rely on your pets for their enemy health reduction skills to help
soften the bosses, then move in for the final blow. 

Pros and cons of build:
a) You're the best tank in the game. Walk up to anything and let it
   b1tc4 slap you as it likes. Kill it when you're tired.
b) Many pets, which is good for animal lovers. No, JK, they're really
   good and powerful later on.
c) Decent against bosses who are susceptible to health reduction.

a) Not very good damage output.
b) More of a hybrid, which requires all-around stats, making you
   significantly weaker than pure str/dex/intel.

This is really questionable, as you will have well distributed stats
with your two masteries maxed. It's okay to have some dex with str,
or some dex with int, but you'll need all three if you're gonna wear
a guardian's set. I'd put less points into int, you only need it to
wear better items. It doesn't contribute to your damage unless you're
using a staff, which you really shouldn't be using ;)

So I'd say around 3 str for 1 dex AND 1 int. Not really sure, I'm not
good at hybrid classes >.<

Mobs: Shouldn't give you any problems. As a supertank, you should be
      able to rush mobs even until epic. Double heal when you're in
      a tight fit, and you'll be okay.
Bosses: I'm not sure if the supertank guardian would be able to
        survive some of the 1 hit killing spells... Erm, my advice is
        not to try! Your pets are your best bet here in dealing
        massive damage by health reduction. Finish him off then.  
1. Multiplayer runs? Your best friend.
  To max your character as soon as possible, it is recommended to
have a friend to use a higher level character to run you through the
game. However, this may not be possible for all of us, so there is an
alternative in doing so, although less efficient.

2. Play linearly
  The general rule to complete a difficulty as soon as possible is to
simply run from area to area, completing the main quest. Only
necessary side quests should be done, such as those that give
unusually high xp or stat/skill points. All you have to do is run
from fountain to fountain and stay on the main path. Avoid being
mobbed by monsters, especially trappers. Get a pair of boots that
increase movement speed asap, this will really help.

3. Backtrack
  Once you reach the end of the difficulty, you will be slightly
underleveled. This is the time to backtrack and complete those
sidequests you've missed. They gain you a lot of xp, and are your
main xp source once you hit the harder difficulties. This should be
easy as you outlevel the monsters in previous areas. Your level
should be at least 26 for normal typhon, 40 for epic and 50 for
legendary. Of course, these levels also require you to have
appropriate equipment and skills!

4. You must survive!
  Always, always avoid dying. If you're running through the game,
make sure you have your fingers ready to press the pause button. Why?
So that you can exit the game without dying, and reload at the
nearest fountain. Running again is better than losing a bar of xp. 

5. Play dirty and stay healthy
  Hit and run is a must. If you notice, monsters always stop chasing
you after you've run a certain distance. Then, they will give up and
return to their spawn point. This is called the 'invisible wall'- an
area that bounds the particular monster. This area is within a radius
from that creature's spawn point, and different creatures have
different radii. Lure them to the end of the wall, hit them once or
twice and let them run back. Rinse and repeat as necessary. This is
the general rule that applies to ALL CLASSES, including melee
tankers. Once you hit the late difficulties, getting mobbed = instant
death. Yes, even with uber equipment.

6. Manual dodge whenever possible
  As mentioned, left click all over the map so that you don't stay
stationary. This applies especially in epic/legendary, where those
archers start to dish out the pain. You may be tempted to take one or
to hits, like "bah, one tiny scratch from talos won't kill me...".
Wrong. Monsters in epic/legendary tends to 1 hit kill you, because of
resistances and such. Even if they DON'T kill you, there are all
kinds of nasty status effects they can inflict on you, like stun,
freeze and skill distruption all of which can be dangerous.

7. Resistance over armor
  Aim for resistances in epic/legendary instead of armor. If you are
to choose between a breastplate that gives 100 armor and another with
60 armor and 20% pierce resistance, GO FOR THE 60 armor one. Pierce
is a great problem in epic, and a total achilles heel for you in

8. Titan Quest Vault
  Use the vault. It is really invalueble. Until I started to use it,
my characters were running around like pack mules carrying tons of
nice buy useless equipment around. And charms only took a whole
inventory bag. Besides, if you are successful in creating one of the
top ten most powerful characters, you can farm and transfer items to
your lower level characters. Sweet.

9. Use up the relics and charms!
  Don't be like me, I like to collect those charms and relics in a
nice pile in the vault. Having 6 different characters, I have 4-5
pages in the vault just for charms! For goodness sake, you should use
them up whenever necessary. You can remove them later by using TQ
Vault, so don't be afraid to do so. 

  However, don't add charms to your  items just because the charm is
complete. Make sure that you actually need that particular bonus; for
instance, if you're an archer, don't bother adding a completed
essence of zeus's thunderbolt to your bow, add artemis's bowstring
instead. In later difficulties, incarnation relics and legendary
charms imbued in a green item tend to be better than most legendary
items. Do it.

10. Ask for help/read guides
  No, I'm not trying to promote my guide here. Well, maybe just a
little... but anyway, my point is that all those wonderful people out
there on GameFAQs.com are ever willig to write guides and provide
help when you're stuck with your character. By reading, you can get
nice info on how to build a better class, so you can further enjoy
the game. Most importantly, have fun!

If you do all of the above, and you are still finding difficulty in
epic or legendary, don't worry. You are probably lacking the
equipment that can only be found much later. So, hang on and you'll
be there... a Titan slayer. 


  For those of you having trouble with Typhon, this is the part to 
read for strategies. To me, usually side quest bosses give most 
trouble in epic/legendary, but they don't have many skills or spells 
so it makes them simple. Just stay out of the way and hit them
whenever possible.

  When you respawn or first reach Mount Olympus, you will spawn at
near a fountain at the bottom most of the map. Proceed north.

Here, you will find the orthus, limos and a bunch of skeletons. The
skeleton mages deal most damage in epic/legendary, and should be
dealt with asap. Those black dogs have mildly damaging fire attacks,
while the limos, as usual, loves to suck. Life, that is.

Move up the stairs, and the path turns left, here you'll find 
automatois. They're very much pushovers, and my favourite part in my
runs. Just slay'em all.

Proceed onward, as the path heads north, you'll see a big bunch of
minotaurs lurking around. Careful, they're very fast with their
charge attack, and can stun you. So, lure them to you one by one, and
kill them. Not hard, but just be careful.

As you pass the four statues which leads to a gate, you'll see
another bunch of minotaurs behind the gate. Same strategy, and move
on. You'll find a primitve chest here.

Then, as you move on, there will be 6-8 cyclop elders in your way.
They have high health, a roar that does a LOT of damage and stuns,
and a moderate melee attack. My best bet is that you run past all of
them straight into the lion's den.

Once you head up the steps into heaven, you'll find our guy in the

Typhon is the last boss, and his strength varies greatly between
version 1.15 and 1.20. Personally, I've not fought him in version
1.20, but I know roughly the mods they made to him.

a) Has destroyable statues
b) Can only use specific skills when near each statue
c) Has less health
d) Does less damage

a) Statues are indestructible
b) Can use any of its skills at any time
c) Has more health
d) Does more damage with attacks

I'd pretty much say that the v1.15 Typhon is more of a pushover, but
he's still threatening. They both have the following skills;
a) Melee attack
   Typhon swipes at you with his large claws, dealing physical dmg.
   Attack is very slow, mostly avoidable even with melee characters.
   Mildy damaging even to casters.
b) Flame breath
   Typhon charges up, and releases a breath of fire from his mouth,
   to a far distance in front of him. Small width of attack, fire
   damage. As he charges up, the attack is unmistakable, so just move
   aside and hack him. This breath is moderately damaging, does dmg
   over time, and can kill in epic/legendary. Counter with higher
   fire resistance, or just avoid it totally.
The above two is always available in v1.15, whereas those listed 
below are only available when Typhon is near the statues.
c) Life leech
   Typhon sucks up his chest, and very quickly after that sucks life
   from your character. This attack is unavoidable, only midly
   damaging, but it heals him A LOT. We would want to avoid him using
   this attack, of course, or all the damage you previously did to
   him will be in vain. For version 1.20, I have no idea how to
   prevent this. As I said before, this attack sucks. In v1.15, this
   attack is linked to Hades's statue, nearest to you as you enter
   the the round area. Just keep him away from it.
d) Energy leech
   Similar to life leech, Typhon sucks up and prepares to drain you
   of every bit of energy you have left. I seldom see him use this,
   in v1.15 it is tied to the upper most statue. Just chug energy
   potions when he uses this; his energy never runs out anyway.
e) Poison breath
   This attack, tied to Demeter's statue, allows Typhon to release an
   arc attack of poison, similar to that of the boss in the egypt
   library. Very damaging, this could kill you quickly in higher
   difficulties. Move away from him as soon as you see him do this,
   or pump up poison resistances if you want to tank it. Otherwise,
   not too disturbing.
f) Meteor
   This attack is tied to Zeus's statue all the way in the back, and
   lets Typhon cast meteor on you. Similar to the Wusao Mountain
   Telkine, this attack is rather hard to predict where it hits, and
   can kill you instantly in higher difficulties. Best bet is to run
   away as far from him as possible. Otherwise in v1.15 just keep him
   away from the statue.

Other than that, Typhon has moderate health, not very much more than
most other bosses. His life leech will be your main concern, deny him
of that and he'll fall much easier. Have fun salvaging his remains
for nice items ;)


Ahaha, this is the real part of the FAQ. I will post here all the
questions which I see so very often on the message board or those
mailed to me. Do not mail me these questions please.

1. Your guide stinks/sucks/is horrible/useless!
   Well, if my guide does not make you happy, then I'm happy. I did
   not write this guide to make anyone happy, I'm just voluntarily
   trying to help out.

2. The information in your guide is incorrect/inaccurate!
   As I've already mentioned before, I am writing a guide, not a
   technical data spreadsheet. So don't expect me to tell you how
   much %piercing dmg a level 3 blade honing gives you, etc. I'm
   writing this based on experience/memory.

3. Your guide is insubstantial/lacking.
   Kindly point out what you would like to see in my guide, and I'll
   try to make amends. Hopefully I will enter the information you
   desire on the next update.

In-game questions below:

4. What's piercing/elemental damage?
   There are many types of damage you can inflict in TQ, each with
   its own resistances. When a weapon says it deals 25% piercing
   damage and a damage of say, 100-200, you will do 25-50 piercing
   damage to the enemy, the other 75% will be normal damage. If you
   increase your piercing damage by say, 5%, you will do 30%
   piercing damage, thus dealing 30-60 piercing damage.
   | Damage Type |    Resistance     |
   | Normal      | Armor rating      |
   | Piercing    | Pierce resist     |
   | Fire        | Fire resist       |
   | Frost       | Frost resist      |
   | Lightning   | Lightning resist  |
   | Poison      | Poison resist     |
   | Bleed       | Bleed resist      |
   | Life leech  | Life leech resist |

5. How does dual-wielding work?
   All skills that are passive with a x% chance to activate works 
   off your normal attacks. Suppose you wield 2 weapons, and have 6%
   to dual-wield.
   Normally, you'll have 50% for left hand attack, 50% for right hand
   attack. Now, you'll have 6% for a simultaneous attack, 44% left
   and 50% right. Just like that.

6. What does [skill] do?
   Please refer to a skill guide. There are too many to list here.

7. What does -recharge?
   Items that give -recharge will reduce cool down before you can
   cast the same spell again. Each spell has a base recharge time,
   for example say 12s for lightning bolt. If you wear a -25%recharge
   item, it will only take you 9s before you can cast the next
   lightning bolt. The effect is direct cumulative, which means if
   you have 4 items with -25% recharge, you will have -100% recharge.
   That means you will have NO cool down time for all spells. Nice.

8. Then what is cast rate?
   Cast rate is the rate which your character takes to cast a spell,
   more widely known as casting time. For example say, again,
   lightning bolt requires your caster to spastically wait 2s before
   he calls a air-strike from zeus. With a Cartouche ring (+96% cast
   rate), it would take take only 1s for you to cast the spell. The
   stacking is direct, as observed from the character screen.

9. Is ternion attack worth it in version 1.20?
   At maxed level in version 1.15, you get 3 bolts which do +5%
   extra elemental damage. Post 1.20 it becomes 3 bolts which do -20% 
   elemental damage. In addition, the arc at which the bolts spread 
   are much wider in 1.20, so it becomes more of an AOE spell rather 
   than a single target nuke. Nope, I wouldn't recommend it unless 
   your class lacks an AOE spell. 18 points should go else where.

10. Why does my character suck after following your guide?
    A few reasons, this guide is written based on v1.15, besides, you 
    may not have a legendary character farming items for you ;)
    Items are a huge factor in TQ, skills alone won't make you.

Titan Quest for making this game. Everything mentioned in this guide
is part of the game, and I wouldn't be writing this guide if the game
didn't exist.

Me, Clement Lee Yew Xin aka evil_smiley aka Ice Demon for taking
effort in writing and compiling this guide for your viewing.

All the people who contributed on my post on GameFAQs.com. titled:
Thanks to;
iohc -  for advice on suggestions for many builds
goofyhippie - for advice on the brigand
Sh4D0w D3m0N - for advice on the assassin
tachiKC - on the supertank warden
helene_lin - for advice on the conjurer build

Shiver - for pointing out my spelling error of weapon 
Blame my memory and not my heart if I didn't post your name here.

GameFAQs.com for providing me with faqs and guides that brought me
through so many games. I feel only right to contribute as gratitude.

My summer job for being boring enough. Otherwise I'd be actually


I can be contacted at evil_smiley@hotmail.com, but most of my mails
are sent to junk if your address is not on my list. Best to post on
my board titled top ten most powerful classes on gamefaqs.com message


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