1. Cory Robinson Additional Art
  2. Morgan McGuire Additional Programming
  3. Michael Sheidow Art Director
  4. Michael Verrette Associate Producer
  5. Scott Morton Audio Composer & Sound Designer
  6. Michael Verrette Audio Director
  7. Michael Fitch Creative Manager
  8. Morgan Brown Design
  9. Ian Frazier Design
  10. Shawn Frison Design
  11. Nate Jacques Design
  12. Jaimie Siedow Dialog Editor
  13. Paul Chieffo Director of Technology
  14. Brian Sullivan Executive Producer
  15. Jeff Goodsill General Manager
  16. Tom Potter Lead Conent Designer
  17. Brain Sullivan Lead Designer
  18. Max McGuire Lead Engine Programmer
  19. Bryn Bennett Lead Game Programmer
  20. Arthur Bruno Lead Gameplay Designer
  21. Jeff Goodsill Producer
  22. Chris Duguay Programming
  23. Marcus Hays Programming
  24. Aaron Horne Programming
  25. Brandon LaCava Programming
  26. Stephan Sherman Programming
  27. Karl Whinnie Programming
  28. Galen Paolini Project Coordinator
  29. Jason Garwood Project Manager
  30. John Chominsky Recording Engineer
  31. Brian Labore Senior Animation art
  32. Brian Jones Senior Character Art
  33. Rich Sullivan Senior Concept Art
  34. Carlos Alazraqui Voice Actor
  35. Jack Angel Voice Actor
  36. Michael Beattie Voice Actor
  37. Susanne Blakeslee Voice Actor
  38. Steven Jay Blum Voice Actor
  39. S. Scott Bullock Voice Actor
  40. Kat Cressida Voice Actor
  41. Barry Dennen Voice Actor
  42. Robin Atkin Downes Voice Actor
  43. Keith Ferguson Voice Actor
  44. Crispin Freeman Voice Actor
  45. Kim Mai Guest Voice Actor
  46. Zach Hanks Voice Actor
  47. Phillip Maurice Hayes Voice Actor
  48. Erv Immerman Voice Actor
  49. Bob Joles Voice Actor
  50. Susan Boyd Joyce Voice Actor
  51. Daryl Kurylo Voice Actor
  52. Nolan North Voice Actor
  53. Jentle Phoenix Voice Actor
  54. Dwight Schultz Voice Actor
  55. Andre Sogliuzzo Voice Actor
  56. Stephen Stanton Voice Actor
  57. Amir Talai Voice Actor
  58. Fred Tatasciore Voice Actor
  59. Jim Ward Voice Actor
  60. Dave Wittenburg Voice Actor
  61. Gwendoline Yeo Voice Actor
  62. Douglas Carrigan Voice Over Director


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, ccurcillo, Guard Master, misschu, odino, oliist, and PaperLink.

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