Where can I find the best weapon of the game?

  1. What is the best weapon and where can i find it??
    ty 4 your help.

    greetz, Uproar

    User Info: Uproar_NL

    Uproar_NL - 10 years ago

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  1. Download TQ Vault and pick your favorite

    User Info: Yamagon

    Yamagon - 4 years ago 1   0


  1. hey, dunno if you interested still.
    but ive just been playin through the game and to me the best weapon is the Raging Bull axe. i got it in Greece not that far into the game, i think it was dropped from a boss. definitely before the three sister gorgon part.
    it has average speed, 35-45 damage, and like 20% extra damage, and 5% strength. but the best part to me is the 30% chance of stun, it really helped me out, it stuns often and seems to stun the most on bigger enemies and bosses.

    User Info: RickyRockstar

    RickyRockstar - 9 years ago 1   1
  2. Every weapon type has good legendary you can find in legendary mode

    User Info: LordofDarknnes

    LordofDarknnes - 1 year ago 0   0

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