1. Jeffrey Crouse Additional Art & Programming
  2. Gregory Frank Additional Art & Programming
  3. Brian Gillies Additional Art & Programming
  4. Doug Modie Additional Art & Programming
  5. Lea Mai Nguyen Additional Art & Programming
  6. Karen Petersen Additional Art & Programming
  7. Judy Siegel Additional Art & Programming
  8. Simon Allen Animator
  9. Loren Cox Animator
  10. Mike Dacko Animator
  11. Steven Hunter Animator
  12. Marc Overney Animator
  13. Patrick Przybyla Animator
  14. David Felton Associate Producer
  15. Greg Land Associate Producer
  16. Graham Annable Creative Director/Animator/Design
  17. Randy Tudor Design
  18. David Grossman Design/Writer
  19. Heather Lee Logas Design/Writer
  20. Kevin Bruner Executive Producer/Design
  21. Dan Connors Executive Producer/Design
  22. Kim Lyons Modeler
  23. Karen Purdy Modeler
  24. Joey Spiotto Modeler
  25. Peter Starostin Modeler
  26. Jonathan Sgro Modeler/Technical Art/Design
  27. Kevin Bruner Programming
  28. Mike Malakhov Programming
  29. Graham McDermott Programming
  30. Randy Tudor Programming
  31. Jory K. Plum Recording Engineer
  32. Daniel Farjam Herrera Technical Art
  33. Julian Kwasneski Voice Director
  34. David Nowlin Voice: Fone Bone
  35. Andrew Chaikin Voice: Phoney Bone/Ted the Bug
  36. Allan Chriest Voice: Rat Creature One
  37. Brian Sommer Voice: Rat Creature Two
  38. Doug Boyd Voice: Smiley Bone
  39. Christiane Crawford Voice: The Possum Kids
  40. J.S. Gilbert Voice: The Red Dragon/Teds Big Brother/Kingdok
  41. Wendy Tremont King Voice: Thorn/Gran'ma Ben
  42. Dan Connors Voice: Villagers
  43. David Felton Voice: Villagers
  44. Julian Kwasneski Voice: Villagers
  45. Heather Lee Logas Voice: Villagers
  46. Jeff Smith Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by Fossil, Guard Master, misschu, and odino.

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