• Black Hole Grenade

    At the console, accessable by pressing ~, enter hopwire_vortex 1.
    Then enter the following code:

    Black Hole Grenadeweapon_hopwire

    Contributed By: Gram_kun.

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  • Console Commands

    To enter this commands you must open up the console by pressing the "~" key.

    Damages you for however much damage you put as the number.hurtme #
    Lists all mapsmaps
    Set Damage Value for .357 Magnumsk_plr_dmg_357 #
    Set Damage Value for Crossbowsk_plr_dmg_crossbow #
    Set Damage Value for Crowbarsk_plr_dmg_crowbar #
    Set Damage Value for Grenadessk_plr_dmg_grenade #
    Set Damage Value for Pistolsk_plr_dmg_pistol #
    Set Damage Value for Pulse Riflesk_plr_dmg_ar2 #
    Set Damage Value for RPG Rocketssk_plr_dmg_rpg_round #
    Set Damage Value for Shotgunsk_plr_dmg_buckshot #
    Set Damage Value for SMG Grenadessk_plr_dmg_smg1_grenade #
    Set Damage Value for Submachine Gunsk_plr_dmg_smg1 #
    Set Max Ammo for .357 Magnumsk_max_357 #
    Set Max Ammo for Crossbowsk_max_crossbow #
    Set Max Ammo for hand Grenadessk_max_grenade #
    Set Max Ammo for Pistolsk_max_pistol #
    Set Max Ammo for Pulse Riflesk_max_ar2 #
    Set Max Ammo for Pulse Rifle energy orbssk_max_ar2_altfire #
    Set Max Ammo for RPGsk_max_rpg_round #
    Set Max Ammo for Shotgunsk_max_buckshot #
    Set Max Ammo for SMG Grenadessk_max_smg1_grenade #
    Set Max Ammo for Submachine Gunsk_max_smg1 #

    Contributed By: Shadow..

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  • Map codes

    Enter these with the 'map' code in the console. Press ~ to activate the console.

    Spawns you at the beginning of Chapter 3ep1_c17_00
    Spawns you at the beginning of Chapter 4ep1_c17_01
    Spawns you in Chapter 4 City 17 after the first load point.ep1_c17_02
    Spawns you in Chapter 4 City 17 after the second load point.ep1_c17_02a
    Spawns you in Chapter 4 City 17 after the third load point.ep1_c17_02b
    Spawns you in City 17 after the first load point.ep1_c17_00a
    Spawns you in the Citadel after the first load point.ep1_citadel_01
    Spawns you in the Citadel after the second load point.ep1_citadel_02
    Spawns you in the Citadel after the third load point.ep1_citadel_03
    Spawns you in the Citadel before the lift ride.ep1_citadel_02b
    Spawns you in the last Chapter near the end.ep1_c17_06
    Spawns you in the last Chapter.ep1_c17_05
    Spawns you looking in the car garage. (You are unable to move or do anything)ep1_background01a
    Spawns you looking off into the damaged City 17. (You are unable to move or do anything)ep1_background02
    Spawns you looking up at the citadel. (You are unable to move of do anything)ep1_background01
    Spawns you near the end of the Citadel.ep1_citadel_04
    Starts you at the credits.credits
    Starts you at the intro of the game.ep1_citadel_00

    Contributed By: Shadow..

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  • Spawn an early version of the Hunter

    With the console enabled through advanced keyboard options, go into the console with the tilde (~) key and type:

    Spawns the Hunternpc_create npc_ministrider

    Contributed By: Shoy.

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  • Spawning NPCs

    Access the console, type in "npc_create npc_<name>" and replace the name with one of these:

    Spawns a barnacle.barnacle
    Spawns a Ceiling Turret.turret_ceiling
    Spawns a City 17 Citizen.citizen
    Spawns a Combine Dropshipcombinedropship
    Spawns a Combine Helicopterhelicopter
    Spawns a Combine Metrocopmetropolice
    Spawns a Combine Scanner.cscanner
    Spawns a Combine Soldier.combine_s
    Spawns a Crab Synthcrabsynth
    Spawns a Crowcrow
    Spawns a Fast Headcrabheadcrab_fast
    Spawns a Fast Zombie.fastzombie
    Spawns a Floor Turret.turret_floor
    Spawns a Headcrab Launcherlauncher
    Spawns a Headcrab.headcrab
    Spawns a Ichthyosaur.ichthyosaur
    Spawns a Manhackmanhack
    Spawns a Mortar Synthmortarsynth
    Spawns a Pigeon.pigeon
    Spawns a Poison Headcrabheadcrab_poison
    Spawns a Poison Headcrabheadcrab_black
    Spawns a Poison Zombie.poisonzombie
    Spawns a Rollermine.rollermine
    Spawns a Seagullseagull
    Spawns a Stalker.stalker
    Spawns a Strider.strider
    Spawns a Vortigaunt.vortigaunt
    Spawns a Zombie without legs.zombie_torso
    Spawns a Zombie.zombie
    Spawns a Zombine (Combine Zombie)zombine
    Spawns Alyx.alyx
    Spawns an Antlion Guard.antlionguard
    Spawns an Antlion.antlion
    Spawns Barney.barney
    Spawns Breen.breen
    Spawns Combine Gunshipcombinegunship
    Spawns Elieli
    Spawns Father Gregorimonk
    Spawns Gmangman
    Spawns Kleinerkleiner
    Spawns Mossmanmossman

    Contributed By: Shadow..

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  • Passwords

    Hit the '~' key to open a prompt, type "sv_cheats 1" and enter codes.

    All guns, extra ammo.Impulse 101
    Draw game triggers.showtriggers_toggle
    Draw normal maps.mat_normalmaps 1
    Draw surface materials.mat_normals 1
    Enemies can't see you.notarget
    Kills all npc’s in the area.npc_kill
    Only objects effected by physics are wireframe.vcollide_wireframe 1
    Removes the weapon model from the screen.impulse 200
    Spawn a scout car.ch_createjeep
    Spawn an airboat.impulse 83
    Spawn an airboat.ch_createairboat
    Toggle god mode on/offgod
    Toggle walking through walls on/offnoclip
    Turn off bump mapping.mat_fastnobump 0
    Wire frame models.mat_wireframe1
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