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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shanrak

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/30/07

UFO Extraterrestrials Faq/Walkthrough
Version 1.1 – May 30, 2007
By Shanrak (Shanrak at gmail dot com)

Version History
1.0  First version (5/17/07)
1.01 Updated Research Tree, Fixed Some Typos.
     Added some information about Bman's mod. (5/19/07)
1.1  Fixed lots of errors, added equipment strength requirements
     Added weapon shot accuracy and time consumption information (sec 6.6)
     Finished alien experience information in ufopedia. (5/30/07)

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
2.  Differences Between UFO ET and X-Com
3.  Walkthrough
    3.1 Initial Steps
    3.2 Organizing Your Troops
    3.3 Planning Your First Attack on an UFO
    3.4 Developing Your Bases
    3.5 Obtaining Funding
    3.6 Research & Development
    3.7 Capturing Commanders
    3.8 Midgame
    3.9 Lategame
    3.10 Heading to Earth
4.  Research Tree
5.  Ufopedia
    5.1 Buildings
    5.2 Vehicles
    5.3 Weapons and Armor
    5.4 Aircrafts
    5.5 Aircraft Equipment
    5.6 Alien Life Forms
    5.7 Alien Vessels & Equipment
    5.8 Alien Intentions
    5.9 Centaurus
6.  Tips and Strategies
    6.1 Training and Equipping Your Troops
    6.2 Selective Researching
    6.3 Terrain Considerations
    6.4 Salvaging UFOs
    6.5 UFO Layouts
    6.6 Equipment Stats
    6.7 Misc Strategies
7.  Mods and Cheats
8.  FAQ
9.  Credits and Legal Stuff

*Copy/Paste section number and title for easy navigation.

1.  Introduction
Welcome to the planet Esperanza: a world full of strange looking golf courses, 
empty but fully operational scientific buildings, deserted desert fuel 
stations, and of course, the target of tons and tons of alien invasions.  
Luckily, the 'emergency council' of the planet was smart enough to appoint YOU 
as the leader of the Counter Alien Force (CAF) to lead the best and brightest 
soldiers (scoff), engineers, and scientists in defeating the aliens.  
Unfortunately, you start out with the best and brightest technology there is to 
offer... the ultimate and awesome pistol and rifle.  It is up to you to fight 
tooth and nail and rip weapons from the hands of dead aliens and put them into 
the hands of soldiers who can't hit the blind side of the barn while standing 3 
feet away.  Good luck too all those bystanders *laugh*.  Luckily, this guide 
will help you achieve the ultimate goal if kicking some alien ass and then 

This guide, however, will not be covering the materials available with the game 
manual, so if you have any questions about the interface and stuff, go read 
that instead.

There are also some work in progress sections in this guide, which just means 
that I have not gotten around to replaying the game enough to look for those 
values in particular but I will be adding them in future updates.

2.  Differences Between UFO ET and X-Com
Ah yes, the question that will most commonly be asked is: is this game related 
to UFO Defense?  Well the short answer would be no.  This game has no legal 
relation with a copyrighted game that is owned by a different publisher.  The 
long answer though, is that the developers of this game obviously ripped off a 
lot of concepts from the original game, slapped on some additional stuff and 
updated the graphics and tried to sell it to you for 40 bucks.  Any old hand at 
the original awesome game known as X-Com UFO Defense will see striking 
similarities between the two, and will also notice some major differences as 
well.  The following is just a short list of some of the major differences.

1.  Soldiers will no longer die, since this game takes place in a more 
'advanced' time period, technology allows the revival of dead soldiers and the 
complete regeneration of them from small portions of cells.  However, they have 
a chance to permanently lose some attribute points, strange huh?

2.  Your primary base is the only base capable of housing soldiers as well as 
R&D unless you choose to mod the game.  Secondary bases are there only to house 
more fighters and provide detection, so no more creation of research bases or 
workshop/storage bases.  Oh, and also storage seems to be unlimited and take up 
no space as near as I can tell.

3.  No more recruiting soldiers.  In this game, you'll have a limited amount of 
soldiers and you'll get a few new soldiers on a regular basis.  Since soldiers 
never completely die unless you kill them intentionally by sending them on a 
mission and letting the craft blow up, you won't need that many more.  This 
means that you are no longer able to recruit 200 soldiers, pick out the ones 
with the highest stats, send those through psi training, and then picking only 
the ones with high psi stats for your army.

4.  More technology, there is a ton more technology and vehicles/equipment 
available for research.

5. Its possible to actually take back infiltrated countries now by locating and 
invading the alien base in that country.

6.  Aliens do not take advantage of the terrain nearly as much such as hiding 
in barns, shooting from rooftops.  Most of the time they just stay in the open 
or clutter in their UFO.

7.  No more psi attacks for humans.  While aliens can still do terror attacks 
among other things, humans no longer have the ability to control aliens and 
visa versa, and the psi attribute is completely eliminated from soldiers.

8.  Where's the flaming wreckage?  UFOs that was shot down do not show any
signs of damage nor will you find dead aliens.

UPDATE: Good news to all UFO Defense fans!  There is a mod out there made by
bman that fixes many of these differences to make the game feel more like UFO
Defense.  See section 7 for details.

3.  Walkthrough
Oh no, they killed Jane!!!  Anyway, after that bit of pathetic but funny voice 
acting you are ready to start the game, so go ahead and make one, pick any 
difficulty you want.  To repeat the intro section: in this walkthrough I will 
not tell you how to do stuff, you want to know how to do something, go look it 
up in the manual.  What I will tell you though is what you need to do in order 
to beat the game and give you general guidelines on how to get there.  So here 
we go.

3.1 Initial Steps
First thing you want to do is go into your base and start a project for 
research, every second counts and the clock never freezes completely, except in 
your base.  Go ahead and pick either laser or advanced cannon technology and 
assign 10 scientists to research it  Either one allows you to research medkits.
You can also do both by assigning 5 to each if you want (but I suggest laser).  

Next thing you want to do is start construction on an interrogation room so you
can research live aliens (namely commanders) as early as possible for better 
technology.  Finally, feel free to build another laboratory for faster 
research.  Don't build more than two though as you'll be needing funds for the 
rest of the month for maintenance, salary, and buying stuff.

*If at any point you feel as if you are being overwhelmed by the enemy, read 
section 6 for tips on how to make the game easier for you.

3.2 Organizing Your Troops
Take a close look at your troops, notice how their initial stats as rookies 
vary a little?  Their initial stats will reflect on the maximum possible stats 
of a soldier.  If your soldier's initial shooting stat is say, 46, then their 
maximum shooting stat will probably be higher than a soldier with initial 
shooting stat of 33 (Thanks to Cluecat who verified this).  Anyway, go ahead and
unload all your troops and the tank from your vehicle so you can assign them 
yourself.  Using tanks is generally a bad idea in the beginning as they do not 
improve with experience and they take up 4 slots on the aircraft.

Cluecat writes: You can only have 20 soldiers in your base so its a good idea to
get rid of some of the worse ones so you don't fill up and are unable to get 
new, better, soldiers. What I do is take them out on a cheap mission kick them 
out of the transport and then leave.

>Go ahead and sell that extra tank for more cash if you want, along with the 
>extra aircraft weapons and shielding. Buy some more grenades and maybe a 
>second rocket launcher

The next thing you want to do is to assign roles to your soldiers (see section 
6.1 for more details).

For early game, I suggest sticking with the rifle for most troops, and shotguns 
for the ones with higher accuracy.  However, you should also stick a rocket 
loaded with a stun rocket and a backup stun rocket onto whoever that has enough 
strength (40) to use it.  You do not have to fill up your vehicle with 8 
soldiers, if any of them have really bad attributes, just leave them at the 
base until you get better recruits or you can restart the game and see what 
else you get.

3.3 Planning Your First Attack on an UFO
Go back to the world screen and advance your time while doing research until 
your first UFO shows up.  Set your fighters to aggressive mode so they close 
within cannon distance faster and shoot it down and then prepare for your first 
assault on the scout (hopefully, the first UFO I detected when I played was 
actually a fighter and it was on an underground map!).  If it wasn't flying but 
started out on the ground, you still should send your people over to attack it.

General tips when in combat mode:
-Do not open doors or go around corners unless your AP bar is almost full.  
-Take an extra turn if you wish for stragglers to catch up to the squad before 
-Always make sure the moving unit has at least 1 other soldier that can cover 
 them with their shot.  
-The majority of aliens will be hanging around close to their UFO waiting for 
 you so you can ignore buildings most of the time and go straight for the UFO 
 to end the mission quicker.
-SAVE OFTEN AND IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS.  You never know when you'll need 
 to go back 2 turns because you rushed into some room blindly and got shot 
-Pay close attention to walls that are facing away from you, there may be doors 
 on there that you cannot see.  Just hover your pointer over them, if you see a 
 hourglass icon instead of the usual negative icon, then here is a door there.
-Look at the alien movement bar on their turn.  If it takes a long time then 
 there are lots of aliens left.  If its very short there are only one or two   
 left.  Some people think that the number of pauses in the bar tells you how 
 many aliens are left, I do not think that is true though.
-Spread out your troops, bunching them up means that near misses from aliens 
 will probably hit someone else, not to mention a single chemical shot from a 
 larva can hurt a lot of soldiers at the same time.  However, make sure they   
 can still cover each other in their field of fire.
-As near as I can tell, blowing up equipment inside the UFO does not affect 
 what you salvage, so feel free to use those rockets and grenades inside.
-Manipulating inventory does not cost AP (though it should), so feel free to 
 swap things in and out at your leisure.

Stunning aliens on this mission is probably pointless if your interrogation 
room is not finished yet, but if it is, go ahead and capture one to begin the 
research into living aliens.

Once you kill or knock out every alien, the mission is over.
Hopefully, one or more of your troops has leveled up to private.  I suggest for 
the first level to put all the points into shooting accuracy (or throwing if 
they use grenades instead) to make them decent shots.

Once your raider returns to your base, you'll notice in your buy/sell section 
alien artifacts that you can sell.  Do not sell them yet as you'll be able to 
sell them for way more money after researching them first.  Selling these alien 
components will be the major source income for your little fights.

3.4 Developing Your Bases
Early on, there won't be enough funding for you to use for additional bases, 
but after a few months has passed and the countries nearest you have increased 
your funding, you should begin thinking about putting another base on a nearby 
country.  I pick nearby countries since this minimizes the time it takes to 
salvage UFOs that appear over them and allows you to deploy more fighters to 
support each other against soon to be appearing cruisers.  For now, just leave 
the countries furthest away from you alone and only retake them once they have 
been taken over (this mission nets you a cool 400k each time.)  As for placing 
your first secondary base, just see which nearby country is giving you the most 
money currently and put one there.

3.5 Obtaining Funding
If at least one month has passed then you'd have seen the monthly report screen 
where it tells you how much you gain in terms of funding from each country and 
the expenses.  If a country likes you more (such as you defending it from UFOs 
and terror attacks), they will raise your funding to a maximum of 780k (on 
easy).  If its recently been taking over, then the funding will probably be very
low.  This is not your primary source of income, however, as even if you max 
funding from every country you'll only obtain a little over 8 million per month 
in the late game, and that's definitely not enough (by then your base upkeep 
alone will be that much).  And I can guarantee you you'll be losing funding from
some countries between now and then.
So what is the best source of funding?  Why selling the UFO equipment of 
course, each piece of UFO alloy sells for a nice 25k each, meaning each salvage 
of a UFO can net you a few hundred K, so you definitely want to salvage as many 
UFOs as possible to expand your organization.

Cluecat write: Funding, the best way to get funding is to make bases in the 
countries. As soon as you put a base there and let it get built then your 
funding will jump to max pretty much immediately. The max funding depends on 
difficulty level. Normal is 624k, easy is 780k, hard is 500k. The difference is 
25% plus or minus from normal setting. 

3.6 Research & Development
By now, you should have quite a few research topics like medkits, various alien 
vessels and various dead aliens (maybe even a live alien if your interrogation 
room is done).  Some particular interesting research items for early on are 
Larva, Medkits, Beekeeper Armor and Lightning.  See the research tree on how to 
get there.  Focusing your research helps you develop faster and thus stay ahead 
or at least keep up with the aliens.  If you ever fall behind, such as using 
only plasma against phantoms, you will be in a world of trouble.  

This game uses several triggers for advancing 'AI Game Periods'.  They are: 
the Plasma Cannon, the AKEW Cannon, and the EEEW Shield.
However, these triggers are not absolute as the AI period can advance because a 
certain amount of time has passed.  The dawn of the new period brings 
additional enemies, UFOs, and weapons for you to research.

3.7 Capturing Commanders
Commander units are extremely though, if you run into one, chances are he'd 
already taken a pot shot at your unit.  However, the first thing you have to do
is to identify commanders.  Commanders can only appear as 3 alien races, 
Vipons, Phantoms, and Preachers.  They often appear in a different color from 
the normal form, Vipon commanders are green instead of orange, Preacher 
commanders are green instead of brown, and Phantom commanders are have blue 
capes instead of gray.  Commanders typically have a lot more health and AP 
available for them to do lots of damage to your squads.  The best way to tackle
one is with stun grenades from behind a HWP or from around a corner.  What you 
want to do is toss a stun grenade and make sure they end up in the smoky area.
Afterwards, send in a heavily armored vehicle to keep his attention while he 
suffocates.  Sometimes, you can speed this up by shooting them a few times with
weaker weapons to stun them faster.  Also, if you manage to hit a commander with
a stun grenade, it will do the most damage and knock them out almost 

On a side note: Preacher commanders also shoot a yellow flaming fire shot 
instead of the typical orange, so if you see yellow/greenish fire or smoke in an
area its probably a preacher commander.

Cluecat writes: Commanders, you didn't mention that commanders show up on terror
missions, UFO missions of cruiser level and higher, and alien bases. I don't 
know about attacks on your main base because that has not happened to me yet. 

3.8 Midgame
The main goal of the midgame is to develop and research your weapons and spread 
out bases to every country on the planet.  During this time, battlecruisers are 
probably extremely common as well as alien terror missions.  Just tackle them 
one at a time, sell the loot, and build up until the late game.

Note: Terror missions show up after a spike in alien aggressiveness, usually 
caused by shooting down one of their UFOs.  The bigger the UFO the higher the 
jump of alien aggressiveness and the more likely you'll have terror missions.

3.9 Lategame
During this phase, the majority of your research should be done and you should 
have one base on every planet with one or two fighters in each.  Any alien ship 
that appears over your planet should be killed and salvaged.  Your technology 
level should be at least at EEEW levels as particle weapons and other UFO 
equipment will be showing up on battleships very soon.  Luckily a lot of the 
UFO equipment on the battleship are very valuable and can sell for 100k each,
making money making during this period pretty easy.  The only thing you have to 
watch out for is retreating weakened fighters to save them from destruction.  
Your main goal of this phase is to capture commanders, interrogate them, and 
build the Centaurus.

Building the Centaurus
The total cost will be a ton of research, long periods of production and a 
whooping 5,150,000 total credits.  Completing the Centaurus requires you to go 
through a lot of alien commanders and picking their brains apart for their 
technology.  Be patient and soon your goal of killing the aliens will soon be 

3.10 Heading to Earth
Once the Centaurus is complete, a button on the lower left will show up and 
your Devil Fish equipped with a 'army' consisting of 2 tanks and 10 troops and 
10 scientists will be sent to earth via a fancy CGI rendered movie.  

Fill up every empty slot on your troops with packets of ammo, grenades, and 
whatever.  Leave the big heavy (space consuming and low number rounds per clip)
guns at home and use only particle rifles if possible.  Once you are on planet 
Earth, you will have to go through a minimum of 4 (possibly as many as 6 or 7)
missions with NO chance of building more clips or even salvaging items from the
enemy.  And remember, if you shoot that rifle even once, the clip is gone after
the end of the mission, really annoying if you ask me.  Your hammers though 
have their ammo recharged after every fight so you might want to rely on those
for once in taking out enemies.

The only good news here is that there is still a hospital available so soldiers 
do not die permanently here either.

Obtaining the SRO-2 Device
This is the first mission, you are sent down to some old sewers infested with 
phantoms and terror floaters.  Just craw through the rooms slowly and carefully 
and take out everything to finish the mission.

Finding the Starport
This is another mission involving you killing every alien you find.  Do the 
same thing as you did in the previous mission and you'll be fine.

Defending Centaurus
This may or may not appear (its possible you have to defend more than once as 
well).  This fight will take place on the Centaurus and you can go through the 
ship one room at a time to kill the invading aliens (more phantoms and terror 
floaters).  If you go to the far northeast side of the map, you'll get to see 
your devilfish troop carrier, which is a nice touch.

Ignore the 3 elevator pads next to you, they don't go anywhere.  

This mission ends when at least one unit reaches the shuttle that sits at the 
center of the complex and you click on the "fly from the starport" button that 
appears at the top right part of the screen.

This map is somewhat like a spiral, you start out at the top left corner of it 
and you must work your way clockwise until you reach the center where the 
shuttle awaits.  Early on you'll encounter only phantoms for a while, but 
beware as you approach the bottom sections, bigger enemies (namely terror 
floaters and the occasional destroyer) will appear.  

Assaulting the Mothership
After another cool cut-scene, you arrive at the mothership and your goal is to 
find and kill the brain at all costs.  

First of all, this map is HUGE, be prepared to face many phantoms and terror 
floaters as usual.  The map looks somewhat like this square, with the 'west' 
corner pointed to the left (Follow the dots)

|N . . . . . . . . . . . . .E|
|  .-----------------------. |
|  .           |          |. |
|  .  Brain.   | Huge     |.-|
|  . . . . .   | Room      . |
|              |           . |
|              |           . |
|              |-----------.-|
|              |           . |
|              |           . |
|              |           . |
|   Start      |           . |
|     .        |    Command. |
|W    . . . . .|. . . . . . S|

Your starting position its fairly close to the west corner of the map and you 
must work your way south until you reach the command center.  The center should
be easily recognizable with its large number of display stations, command 
posts, and chairs. 

From the command center, you head east until you reach a HUGE room filled with 
large tubes and pods with blue stuff in them.  Watch out for enemy ambush here 
as there are lots of dark spots available for hiding.  From here, you want to 
look for a door to a smaller room filled with cryogenic pods.  This room is the 
eastern most room of the entire map.

Hug the wall to your right and head north until you reach the northern end of 
the map, make a left turn, and then head into the door to the south.  Inside, 
you'll see 3 big blue pods with tubes connected to them, and some kind of ... 
thing at the southern side of the room connected to three dead animals.  This 
is the mother brain.  Work your way to the south side and you'll see brainish 
looking material and an eye of some kind.  
Just start shooting at the fleshy parts with everything you got and it'll 
eventually die.  For a big brain it sure is hard to kill (took me about 10 
stasis grenades 50 rounds of particle rifle shots).

Watch the disappointing end movie and give yourself a pat on the back for 
beating the game.

4.  Research Tree
*Work in Progress*  I know I probably missed a few connections and relations
as the research is pretty interconnected.

It's rather hard to draw a tree with limited spacing so sometimes I had to 
break it up.  For example, researching laser technology  unlocks both laser 
pistols and medkits, and once you research heavy laser, you unlock laser 
cannon, but I have to start a new line since I'm out of space.

Also, some technologies require multiple technologies to be developed and that
relation is very hard to show so sometimes I might miss a few.

Laser Technology  -> Laser Pistol       -> Laser Rifle     -> Heavy Laser
                  -> Medkits
Heavy Laser       -> Laser Cannon       -> Laser Defense   -> Laser Shield
                                                           -> AKEW Technology*
Advanced Cannon   -> Tank Cannon        -> Fire hammer     -> Tank Rocket
Tank Rocket       -> Advanced Rocket 
Launcher             Defense
Plasma Technology*-> Plasma Grenade
                  -> Plasma Pistol      -> Plasma Rifle    -> Heavy Plasma
Heavy Plasma      -> Plasma Cannon      -> Desert Hunter
                                        -> Plasma Defense  -> Green Thorn
                                                           -> Ion Technology
                                                           -> AKEW Technology*
Ion Technology    -> Ion Pistol         -> Ion Rifle       -> Heavy Ion
(Requires Heavy
Plasma and Dead
Heavy Ion         -> Ion Cannon         -> Ion Defense     -> AKEW Technology*
                                                           -> Ion Shield
                                                           -> Thunderbolt
                  -> Cyclops           
                     (also requires UFO
                      advanced craft
AKEW Technology   -> AKEW Pistol        -> AKEW Rifle      -> AKEW Cannon
AKEW Cannon       -> AKEW Defense       -> EEEW Technology
                  -> Anaconda
                     (Also requires
                      UFO Craft Armor)
EEEW Technology   -> Stasis Grenade     -> EEEW Rifle      -> Long Lance
                                                           -> EEEW Shield
                                                           -> Particle
Particle          -> Particle Pistol    -> Particle Rifle  -> Particle Cannon
Particle Cannon   -> Hammer
                  -> Particle Defense   -> Particle Shield
Scout             -> UFO Flight Control -> Advanced Detection 
                  -> UFO Craft Armor    -> Beekeeper BK01
                                        -> Thunder         -> Lightning
Fighter           -> UFO Alien Berth    -> Surgery         -> Advanced 
                                                           -> Advanced Medkit
Cruiser           -> UFO Power          -> Distribution
                     Distribution          Point
                  -> UFO Gravity Control-> Nightwolf*
                     (also requires UFO -> Exterminator*
                      gravity engine)      
Battlecruiser     -> UFO Reactor        -> Exterminator
                                        -> UFO Energy      -> Engine
                  -> UFO Advanced Flight
                  -> UFO Advanced Craft -> Desert Viper    
                     Armor              -> Spaceship Alloys-> Jag D1
                                                           -> Project Centaurus
                                                           -> Desert Tortoise
                                        -> Exterminator
Battleship        -> UFO Space Flight   -> Navigation Room
                  -> UFO Freezing Unit  -> Hibernation Room  
Spaceship Alloys  -> Project Centaurus
                  -> Jag D1 (also requires Engine and Pilots Cabin)
UFO Gravity Engine-> UFO Gravity Control-> Exterminator
                  -> UFO Energy         -> Engine
                     (Also requires UFO
                  -> Stormbringer       -> Sky Diver
Dead Larva        -> Chemical Grenade   -> Stun Grenade
                  -> Chemical Rocket    -> Ignitable Rocket
                                        -> Chemogun
Ignitable Rocket  -> Flamethrower
Dead Chaser       -> NOTHING
Dead Vipon        -> NOTHING
Dead Inquisitor   -> NOTHING
Dead King Larva   -> NOTHING
Dead Observer     -> NOTHING
Dead Sentinel     -> NOTHING
Dead Terror Floater                     -> NOTHING
Dead Preacher     -> Advanced Mind Shield
Dead Hallucinoid  -> Mind Shield
Dead Telemat      -> Advanced Chem Grenade
                  -> Waspkeeper VK02    -> Desert Tortoise
                     (also requires        (also requires
                      Avonium)              spaceship alloys)
Dead Phantom      -> Particle Technology
Dead Destroyer    -> Ion Technology (also requires Plasma Defense) 
Dead Trilobyte    -> EEEW Shield
                  -> Long Lance Rocket
Live Alien        -> Living Aliens
Commander*        -> Alien Origins
                  -> The Alien Mothership
                  -> Avonium            -> UFO Gravity Engine
                  -> Alien's Attack on Earth
                  -> Avnoium Supply Container
                  -> Energy Crisis
                  -> Avonium On Esperanza
                  -> Starport
                  -> Shuttle
                  -> SRO-2 Device       -> The Infiltration Plan
                  -> Revolt on Earth
                  -> Vampire Engine     -> Generator

Project Centaurus*             
Engine            -> Jag D1             
                  -> Landing and Storage-> Living Quarters
                  -> Engine Injector
Hibernation Room  -> Advanced Workshop
Distribution Point-> Laboratory
                     (also requires
                     advanced laboratory)
Navigation Room   -> Pilot's Cabin      -> Nightwolf*
Completion of Centaurus Research -> Centaurus Intergalactic Spaceship

* Plasma Technology requires Alien Origins (research a commander).
* Each commander you research unlocks one topic.
* All Centaurus research requires Project Centaurus before its researchable.
* The Exterminator requires the following technologies: UFO Advanced Craft
  armor, UFO Gravity Control, UFO Reactor.
* The Nightwolf requires the following technologies: UFO Energy Accumualtor,
  UFO Gravity Control, Pilot's Cabin
* AKEW technology requires plasma defense, laser defense, and ion defense.

5.  Ufopedia
Most of this section is obtained directly from the in-game Ufopedia files with 
typos and all; comments about each item from me (Shanrak) and helpful players 
are posted below each entry.  If you want to know how to obtain a particular 
research topic, look it up in the research tree.

5.1 Buildings
This is the stuff that your bases are made out of.  In particular, base defense 
buildings are utterly worthless and a huge waste of money.  Unless you fill 
your entire secondary bases completely with the best base defenses, your base 
WILL be taken over if attacked.  It's much easier (and cheaper) to simply 
intercept the alien ship and blow it up before that happens.

Cost: 50000
Monthly cost: 5000
Days to Build: 12
The Hangar is designed to accommodate 1 CAF craft at a time, which means that 
there can be only as many crafts as hangars in a CAF base.  A hangar also 
protects craft from unfavorable weather conditions and enemy surveillance, and 
serves as a repair and storage facility and refueling doc.  The craft exists 
the hangar through opening doors in the roof, and is raised out of the 
structure via a hydraulic lift to the take-off position.

You have to have them to launch ships, simple enough.  Keep 3 in your main 
base, 2 in each secondary base.

Detection System
Cost: 40000 
Monthly cost: 5000
Range: 4500 
Days to Build: 20
The Radar Detection Station monitors its immediate surrounding space.  Its 
primary purpose is to detect and trace UFOs and provide our air-fighters with 
the obtained intelligence. The topmost radar bears surface-antennas AESA 
(Active Electronically-Scanning Array) on all of its four walls, each of which 
incorporates 32 small transmitter/receiver units operating in coordination.  
Most of the time the Detection Station operates in passive mode ensuring the 
base's location is not given away.  Only if a UFO is being traced does the 
facility resort to a 0.5ms long irradiation of the target in search for further 
detailed information on it (i.e.: altitude, velocity, direction, etc.).  An 
exposure this short is highly unlikely to be detected in Esperanza's 
atmosphere, which is full of radio waves. The station is also capable of 
continually receiving data from all accessible civilian and military radars and 
satellites.  The information is then processed in the facility where the brain 
of the whole system resides. The central mainframe faces a difficult task, as 
it has to plough through immense amounts of data while looking for obscure 
signals of dangerous enemy UFOs.  The numerous measures that the aliens take to 
make their vessels invisible to our systems do not make it any easier and an 
already identified enemy ship is not a reason for celebration as it may still 
escape our sensors by using detection countermeasures and evasive maneuvers.

Build 1 in each base early on, replace with advanced detection system once its 

Energy Center
Cost: 900000
Monthly cost: 50000
Days to Build: 5
The Energy center provides the base with a continuous supply of power. The 
advanced, automated reactor which forms the system's core is very difficult to 
detect, due to the minimal radioactivity it emits. A sophisticated operation-
control system monitors the base's power requirements and adjusts the base's 
activities so that its rate of energy consumption can be reduced to a minimum 
when additional power expenditure is unnecessary. During emergencies, the 
Center's energy output can be increased to 350% higher than normal operating 
mode. Located within the Center's operations room are a machine which manages 
current-distribution, computer-controlled fuses, and filters controlling energy 
level output, eliminating peaks and drops in this output in order to protect 
the base's delicate apparatus and electronics. Another state-of-the art device 
is the automated monitoring system, which ensures the safe and flawless 
operation of the entire energy center. The Energy Center is the heart of every 
base, and provides power for all machinery in need of it.

Each base needs one, and they are extremely expensive, nuff said.

Command Center
Cost: 10000
Monthly cost: 5000 
Days to Build: 1
The Command Center serves the function of collecting information. It is located 
exclusively within our main base. The center gathers information from other 
bases (especially from radar) allowing both command and operation's control to 
be performed from a single point. The main base has the best protection from 
alien attack, and its location helps it to remain more discreet than regular 
bases. The purpose of the base's equipment is to receive and, most importantly, 
decipher messages. The messages are encrypted via an asymmetric cipher and a 
highly effective compression algorithm, making decipherment a most intricate 
process. There are 32 computer servers in the Center, which enable real-time 
data processing. Normally, the Center can be sufficiently managed by a single 
operator. In times of crisis however, the Center may be managed by up to four. 
Four operators are not usually necessary, because of advanced AI technology 
which is usually capable of supplementing the capabilities of a single crewman. 
The Command Center is the brains of our offense against the aliens, and 
performs the tasks of collecting and sorting the most important classified 
data. Therefore, it must not be destroyed!

Comments: So you need one, big whoop.

Hospital Section
Cost: 100000
Monthly cost:  10000
Days to Build: 10
The hospital possesses the most up-to-date medical equipment. Observing the DNA 
pattern of a soldier we are now able to graft the particular tissue that has 
been lost or damaged so that the soldier can return to duty within a few days. 
Desperate times require radical measures and the CAF have therefore ventured 
even further.  Due to the classified research of the Rock Hills University an 
even more revolutionary method has come into use. A new feature on our armor 
allows the important parts of brain can be sustained even after the soldier's 
death.  In the Hospital section such a preserved body can be then literally 
resurrected as new cloned body tissue can be grown to host the conserved brain.
The process is, of course, very time-consuming (depends on the particulars of 
the damage) and it is not always successful.  In the worse case scenarios the 
patient's memory ends up impaired and the overall condition may not allow a 
normal future life. As the opportunity of further recruiting for the CAF is 
considerably limited, sustaining the vital health of our current soldiers is a 
necessity.  The Hospital serves this purpose better than well and is an 
essential facility of our base.  It can revive even the dead if they are 
brought back in time.

Comments: Regeneration of dead soldiers, fun stuff.

Living Quarters
Cost: 10000
Monthly cost: 5000 
Days to Build: 1
Living Quarters are the on-base facility designed to provide the crew with 
restful sleep. Considering the difficult lives and demanding duties of 
soldiers, a place of rest is a necessary provision. The Living Quarters have 
been designed to allow for excellent rejuvenation as well as a place of privacy 
away from the stress of missions.

Comments: You only get one in your main base and that's all you will need.

Cost: 180000
Monthly cost: 80000 
Days to Build:  18
The Laboratory serves above all as a place for research of new technologies and 
examination of alien artifacts.  It includes a wide variety of the most up-to-
date equipment, particularly the extra accurate space and material scanners 
that feed the obtained data to a central mainframe for simulations.  The 
Laboratory is connected to an interplanetary network of scientists, who may 
help contribute to the solution of a task. Nevertheless, the alien technology 
is often so sophisticated that only the best can decipher its secrets.  
However, even with all the computing power and AI at their disposal, it is only 
humans who have appeared to be capable of the innovative thinking necessary for 
breakthroughs on alien technology.  For this reason the number of the best 
scientists working in conjunction on a particular problem is the main operative 
factor for a lab's efficiency.  Inventions and research are a must in this war 
against the aliens, as they still seem to be miles ahead of us in this area.

Comments: 10 scientists per lab, build more for more scientists.  No more than 
2 or 3 early on since advanced laboratory is much better.

Cost: 180000
Monthly cost: 80000
Days to Build: 16
The Workshop is the place where hi-tech alien instruments, and our products 
modeled on these instruments, are manufactured. It allows us to produce things 
which would be hardly assembleable elsewhere. The Workshop contains everything 
necessary for the single-run production of hi-tech devices, particularly 
universal computer-controlled mechanical tools drawn from the peak of human 
technology. Semi-finished products are finished by both plasma and lasers 
within anti-gravitational fields. The anti-gravity field eliminates the threat 
of damage to the materials and tools by eliminating the need for the use of 
clamps in stabilizing these materials.  Thanks these valuable machines, we're 
able to manufacture virtually anything from microprocessors to energy weapons. 
The Workshop is the cornerstone of our fight against the aliens, for here we 
can create the weapons and equipment we need in order to compete with their 
technological superiority.

Comments: 10 workers per lab, build more workshops for more workers.  2 or 3 
are all you need until advanced workshops.

Interrogation Room
Cost: 80000
Monthly cost: 5000 
Days to Build: 15
The Interrogation room is a facility intended for research and interrogation of 
living aliens. They may be captured during tactical missions when they are only 
stunned by means of stunning ammunition or injured and subsequently stunned. 
The room is equipped with beds with firm restraints, detecting instruments, 
sensing heads, surgical instruments and a camera that records the course of 
each interrogation. At first the constitution of each race is examined. Then 
tissue samples are taken to be analyzed for the tissue-resistant and tissue-
damaging substances. The latter are used for development of chemical, explosive 
ammunition.  After that follows the interrogation itself.  At first the basic 
features of alien language are detected with the use of a special computer on 
the basis of neuron net.  Then the aliens are interrogated, often by means of 
coercive measures. The research should be mainly aimed at highly positioned 
aliens so that we can learn about alien intentions, strategy and technology. 
The objective is to understand the aliens' means to get an advantage in the 
fight against them.

Comments: Build one to capture live aliens then forget about it.

Rocket Defense
Cost: 50000
Monthly cost:  5000
Damage: 35-65
Accuracy: 40%
Days to Build: 8
Rocket defense is a surface-to-air missile system designed to defend CAF bases 
against attacks from enemy vessels. Rocket defense provides some protection 
against enemy vessel raids.

Comments: useless

Laser Defense
Cost: 60000
Monthly cost: 10000 
Damage: 81-100
Accuracy: 60%
Days to Build: 25 
Laser Defense is a means of offensive protection for military bases, utilizing 
Laser Technology as its main component. Thanks to the invention of the HELL 
technology that remarkably decreases the energy requirements of a laser gun, we 
have been able to create a battery of multiple lasers while keeping the power 
consumption at an acceptable level. In order to increase the controllability of 
all those lasers, we've had them linked so the whole system may function as 
though it were composed of 6 extremely powerful ray guns. Laser Defense 
provides somewhat improved protection against medium sized alien vessels.

Comments: still useless

Plasma Defense
Cost: 150000
Monthly cost: 15000 
Damage: 51-150
Accuracy: 70%
Days to Build: 30 
It must be expected that a weapon originally designed to be used on-board 
fighter aircraft would find its primary use in the area of military base 
defense. The Plasma Defense is composed of 6 individual, synchronized cannons. 
The system provides surface-to-air protection to the CAF base, implementing 
plasma technology. The Plasma Defense system is an effective method of  taking 
down particularly strong enemy aircrafts.

Comments: Yup you guessed it, useless

Ion Defense
Cost: 200000
Monthly cost: 25000 
Damage: 71-220
Accuracy: 80%
Days to Build: 40 
The Ion Defense is an implementation of the Ion Technology in the area of 
military base defense.  It is a defense device composed of 6 strengthened Ion 
Cannons and a discharge router.  The Ion Cannons are fed with charged particles 
by high-density ion generators attached to them.  When in idle mode, the 
cannons' muzzles are retracted and protected by hinged lids.  In standby mode 
the muzzles are ejected and the lids have protective function as they shield 
the surrounding shafts from the adverse effects of the ion discharge.  Like the 
other defense systems, the cannons can be operated both separately or in 
synchronization.  The cooperative mode is enabled by the central discharge 
router, which fires special missiles at the target.  The missile leaves a track 
of special gases behind, which routes the discharge to the target and 
simultaneously increases the efficiency by amplifying the air conductivity in 
the track line.

Comments: Why waste money on these?

AKEW Defense
Cost: 140000
Monthly cost: 20000 
Damage: 51-170
Accuracy: 75%
Days to Build: 35 
AKEW defense is an air defense system of 6 synchronized AKEW cannons located in 
a CAF base to protect it from attacks from alien vessels.  The guidance system 
aims at an alien attack ship and simultaneously controls the cannon muzzle 
position to track the enemy.

Comments: stats are actually slightly worse than ion, so worse than useless.

Particle Defense
Cost: 500000
Monthly cost: 30000
Damage: 101-230
Accuracy: 85%
Days to Build: 45 
As an application of the Particle Technology in the area of military base 
defense a battery of six Particle Cannons has been designed and simply named 
the Particle Defense. The strengthened Particle Cannons are supplied by a 
central cyclic accelerator feeding them all with pre-accelerated plasma that is 
further accelerated and concentrated in the cannon barrels so that the eventual 
discharge is even more devastating.  By using the control unit the cannons can 
be set to either operate separately or to pull together making the beams meet 
on a pinpointed position. When in cooperative mode, a discharge of such 
intensity is created that no material impervious and even an electromagnetic 
shield is not of much help.   The synchronization may be sometimes difficult, 
though, especially when the target is moving.  But if the synchronized attack 
is achieved, the consequences for the target are most devastating.

Comments: Usel... actually slightly useful if you fill up your entire secondary 
bases with these, which will cost you quite a lot of cash.

Advanced Rocket Defense
Cost: 90000
Monthly cost: 80000
Damage: 51-60
Accuracy: 70%
Days to Build: 15 
Advanced Rocket defense is an improved version of a surface-to-air missile 
system designed to defend CAF bases from enemy vessel raids. The Advanced 
rocket defense features improvements in missile speed, guidance, accuracy and 
warhead potency.  The advanced rocket defense consists of six missiles.  The 
radar can guide all the 6 missiles against a single target simultaneously.  
Each missile is launched by 3 solid-fueled strap-on rocket boosters. After they 
drop away it fires a dual-thrust solid-fueled rocket motor.  The missile uses 
radio illumination mid-course correction to fly towards the target with a 
terminal semi-active radar homing phase.  The advanced rocket defense provides 
adequate protection against some medium alien vessels.

Comments: Oh boy, an advanced version of useless, what do you call that?

Cost: 200000
Monthly cost: 20000 
Days to Build: 15
Research of alien medicine has brought about new possibilities. The Aliens use 
a thick solution to fixate a patient so that millions of tiny nanobots can 
begin the healing process.  Our first experiments with nanobots were rather 
unsuccessful as the nanobots lacked the required intelligence to be effective 
healers.  Further research however discovered that the alien nanobots were not 
actually intelligent but controlled by a computer that coordinated the healing 
processes and computed the necessary calculations.  Nevertheless, we have not 
been able to master the nanobots' coordination as the aliens have and the 
components miniaturization in particular was a serious problem. A standard room 
has not appeared to be able to contain more than just one such a computer with 
all its necessary accessories.  This seems sufficient, though, as the Surgery 
has been always meant to be only an extension of the Hospital with intensive 
care where a patient is not to stay for long. The Surgery makes use of the 
discovered alien healing methods and has thus achieved a considerable increase 
in medical treatment ability and rehabilitation speed.  This may help us with a 
vital factor for our long-awaited victory over the aliens.

Comments: Great building, get one if you can afford it.

Advanced Detection System
Cost: 100000
Monthly cost: 10000
Range: 6000
Days to Build: 25
This advanced Detection Station monitors its immediate surrounding space.  Its 
primary purpose is to detect and trace the UFOs and subsequently guide the air-
fighters.  The Detection Station 2 originates from its previous version yet 
some new features have been included.  Thanks to the research of the alien 
vessels' stealth technology we have been able to determine its principles and 
utilize this knowledge to build new, more effective radar systems with new 
detecting algorithms enabling us to pinpoint locations of sources emitting 
seemingly insignificant indicators.  Nevertheless, radar is no longer the core 
apparatus of the system.  The alien's locomotion is based upon continual 
changes in the gravitational field.  Led by this finding, we managed to 
engineer a means of detection anomalous gravitational changes, which reliably 
gives away any alien vessel's position as they are inseparably bound to the 
fundamental engine operation.  This device considerably increases the accuracy 
of detecting and monitoring.  With an increased data flow, the facility's 
capacity had to be extended accordingly.  Now it comprises 3 different 
supercomputers while one is designated for processing gravitational anomalies 
data, another tends to the radar and the last one provides global system 

Comments: Replace the old detection system with this once you get it.

Advanced Laboratory
Cost: 400000
Monthly cost: 200000 
Days to Build: 25
The Advanced Laboratory serves as a place for research of new technologies and 
alien artifacts.  Unlike the previous version this one makes a wide use of the 
alien technologies along with ours.  Just like we managed to employ the 
nanobots for curing injuries and diseases we managed to use them to help us 
investigate the alien machinery.  The possible goals of such research are 
obvious as the nanobots can penetrate the hull of the alien weapons and examine 
their inner functions even during operation.  But before the nanobots could be 
used this way, some necessary adjustment had to be taken to assure viable 
locomotion in quite a different environment.   Unlike the first nanobots, the 
redesigned version has to be capable of movement in the air instead of bodily 
liquids.  Therefore they have been given microscopic anti-gravity motors that 
are operated by an external macroscopic computer. Unfortunately, this computer 
has successfully resisted any attempt for miniaturization and the Advanced 
Laboratory is thus quite bulky, as it has to provide space for all this 
equipment.  Nevertheless, the Advanced Laboratory remains a significant step 
forward which not only speeds up our research but also helps increase the 
accuracy of our tests and simulations immensely.  It is a big asset in our war 
of technology against the aliens.

Comments: Holds 30 scientists and takes up 2 building slots, so in effect 50% 
better than the old one.  Extremely high monthly cost though.

Advanced Workshop
Cost: 400000
Monthly cost: 200000 
Days to Build: 25
The Advanced Workshop provides us with means of rapid manufacture of 
sophisticated weaponry. Our recent observations of skirmishes, and our 
examinations of alien artifacts acquired on missions, have allowed us to 
perfect the Workshop. The major aspect of the Workshop which has been enhanced 
in this Advanced Workshop is undoubtedly the improved anti-gravity force 
fields, which complete the formation of products and greatly speed up the 
process of production. The Advanced Workshop as well takes up more space, which 
will undoubtedly prove advantageous in the manufacture of new air-fighters. The 
Advanced Workshop represents a leap in production efficiency, something every 
good manager should try to achieve. More advanced weapons which used to be 
unavailable to our soldiers may now aid us in our fight against the aliens.

Comments: Same as advanced lab.

5.2 Vehicles
Vehicles are generally not as good since they take up the space of 4 soldiers.  
However, the most advanced troop carrier, the Devil Fish, have two special 
slots that can only carry vehicles, which makes them okay, but by the time you 
get that, your troops will generally have the same amount of movement points 
and comparable armor anyway.  So in the end, use one if you want on earlier 
crafts for a heavily armored scout, but ditch it once you get better armor.

Desert Spirit
AP: 100
HP: 80
Armor: 55
Weapon1: Rocket Launcher
Damage: 95
Accuracy: 190
Weapon2: Projectile Gun
Damage: 75
Accuracy: 145
Price: 40000
Production Difficulty: Can't produce, buy this
The Desert Spirit CV1 is a combat support vehicle.  The CAF engineers 
constructed it based on their battlefield experience.  The troops required a 
vehicle combining a cannon and rocket armament along with excellent speed.  The 
Desert Spirit is just the thing. The CV1 is armed with an automatic magnetic 
cannon, using armor-piercing ammunition and with a twin 100 mm. rocket 
launcher.  There are only two rockets with a lighter warhead, but they are 
guided which gives them a very high hit probability.  The rockets together with 
the guidance system dominate its left side. The vehicle is powered by a DT-500A 
engine.  The wheeled chassis allows for great speed. The wheels are hidden 
under the armor and they are pumped up by an automatic unit. The Desert Spirit 
CV1 is covered with laminated armor made of solid ceramic plates that protect 
it from most medium alien arms.  It turned out that even strong armor does not 
save our vehicles from heavy alien fire. Only one crewmember is required to 
control the Desert Spirit with the assistance of a computer.  All weapon 
functions are automated.  The operator only designates the target that is to be 

Comments: Must be boring driving this thing, all you do is point and click.

Tank Cannon
AP: 90
HP: 90
Armor: 75
Weapon1: Projectile Cannon
Damage: 100
Accuracy: 155
Price: 100000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The CT-8 is a heavy combat tank. CAF engineers have constructed it to support 
CAF ground assault forces. It destroys sturdy targets, enemy discs and 
buildings with the great power of its two magnetic cannons. Thanks to a 
caterpillar chassis it can be used in rough and adverse terrain as well as open 
terrain. Relatively short cannon barrels enable the tank to turn the turret and 
maneuver in cramped spaces, for example in side larger buildings or even inside 
larger UFOs.  The CT-8 is powered by a first-rate DT-510 engine with low heat 
emissions.  For maximum firepower the CT-8 is equipped with dual magnetic 
cannons. This powerful tank is covered with laminated armor made of ultra-solid 
ceramic plates that protect it from the effect of most alien weapons however on 
the battlefield it turned out that alien heavy weapons can destroy the CT-8, 
despite its advanced armor.

Comments: Pretty useless

Tank Rocket Launcher
AP: 90
HP: 90
Armor: 75
Weapon1: Rocket Launcher
Damage: 120
Accuracy: 150
Price: 120000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The RT-9 Desert Sun is a heavy combat, rocket launching tank. The rocket 
launcher turret is mounted on CT-8 chassis. Armor protection of the RT9 was 
strengthened in comparison to its predecessors. Fuel and ammunition are in 
armored compartments with blowout panels to protect the crew from cooking as 
result of a direct hit. The RT-9 is powered by a DT-510A engine with low heat 

Comments: See Above

Desert Hunter
AP: 120
HP: 85
Armor: 70
Weapon1: Plasma Cannon
Damage: 115
Accuracy: 150
Weapon2: Plasma Machine Gun
Damage: 90
Accuracy: 120
Price: 150000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Desert Hunter is a combat support vehicle.  It is covered with laminated armor 
made of solid ceramic plates.  The Desert hunter plates are thinner in 
comparison to the tank plates, keeping the gross weight of the vehicle down.  
The thinner plates mean less protection against enemy fire.  On the other hand 
the desert hunter can reach better speed.  The Desert hunter is armed with a 
plasma cannon and plasma machine gun both mounted on the turret.  The plasma 
cannon functions entirely in single shot mode whereas the plasma machine gun 
works entirely in auto-shot mode.  The vehicle is powered by a DT-525S engine, 
a smaller version of the tank engine. The DT-525 S needs less fuel and allows 
for better acceleration.

Comments: The turning speed on this thing is soooooooo sloooooow.  Good AP.

AP: 69
HP: 99
Armor: 90
Weapon1: Rocket Launcher
Damage: 125
Accuracy: 190
Weapon2: Heavy Ion Cannon
Damage: 120
Accuracy: 140
Price: 180000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Cyclops is a heavy combat robot. It was created as a support weapon of the 
infantry, fit for accompanying soldiers to large UFO incursions. Cyclops is 
approximately 2m tall.  It belongs to the group of human-controlled robots 
known as the Walkers.  These robots are designed be operated by a human inside 
who controls the machine much like a driver controls a car.  The operator is 
situated in an egg-shaped chamber that is well protected from both aggressive 
chemicals and extreme temperature conditions outside.  Unlike the first 
generation, the current models are not operated by limb movements anymore, but 
rather by thought commands coming from the operator's brain. Thanks to this 
solution the robot could be further miniaturized and its speed of both movement 
and operation increased. Sure enough, the velocity is not as high as that of a 
vehicle, but its outstanding firepower makes up for that.  One arm conceals a 
rocket launcher with 6 guided missiles. The other is equipped with a powerful 
Ion Cannon capable of using the auto shot mode.  Furthermore, the machine 
possesses an excellent aiming system, able to respond to a target being in the 
viewing field with instantaneous fire.  Although the Cyclops is rather slow, 
its toughness along with its outstanding firepower represents invaluable 
support for the CAF.  Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that Cyclops is not 
indestructible and that the aliens' combat means may keep getting better.

Comments: A pretty cool vehicle as far as looks go, reminds me of one of those 
mechs from the mechwarrior games.  The Cyclops has pretty decent armor too, but 
a little low on movement points.  Great animation speeds and looks make this my 
favorite vehicle.

AP: 120
HP: 110
Armor: 100
Weapon1: Rocket Launcher
Damage: 140
Accuracy: 190
Weapon2: AKEW Cannon
Damage: 140
Accuracy: 150
Price: 260000
Production Difficulty: Hard
CH-1 Anaconda is a combat support hovercraft that elevates itself some distance 
from the ground through repulsion technology taking advantage of short-range 
anti-gravity principles.  The hovercraft is covered with UFO craft armor made 
of alien alloys and is armed with 6 guided missiles and an AKEW cannon.

Comments: High armor, but you are back to the horribly slow turning speeds.

AP: 120
HP: 120
Armor: 120
Weapon1: Particle Cannon
Damage: 150
Accuracy: 170
Price: 380000
Production Difficulty: Intense
The CH-2 Hammer is a combat support hovercraft based on the construction of the 
old CH1 Anaconda.  The CH- 2 Hammer is covered with advanced ultra solid UFO 
craft armor made of alien alloys and is armed with one particle cannon.

Comments: Best vehicle, might as well carry 2 on the Devil Fish.  No rockets 
though, too bad.

5.3 Weapons and Armor
Note: Cluecat has pointed out to me that despite all the fancy flavor text, 
there are only 3 types of damage in this game: Mechanical, Chemical, and Fire.  
Certain enemies are highly resistant to one or two of these types and thus will 
seem like they are resistant to certain weapons (Read: Destroyer).  When that 
happens, however, just use a heavier weapon to take them out.

Desert Rat
Against Mechanical: 35
Against Chemical: 20
Against Fire: 20
Price: 30000
Production Difficulty:  None.  All soldiers comes with one, why would you want 
to buy any more?
Desert Rat PCA-1 is Personal Combat Armor. Its construction is based on the 
armors used by Esperanza police, but the CAF engineers have added their own 
improvements. It gives the maximum protection available using our current 
technology in a way that preserves the soldier's mobility.  The armor consists 
of solid ceramic plates put on the latest generation of flexible, impact 
resistant polymers.  Experimental blasting proved at least 50% higher 
resistance against kinetic ammunition than the original police armor it is 
based on.  You can assume that this armor will resist most of the light alien 
weapon attacks.  The plates fit together in such a way that enables the entire 
range of physical combat moves.  There is a micro-sandwich structure under its 
own protective coat providing the ideal life support conditions.  It collects 
sweat, maintains optimal temperature depending on the physical functions of the 
bearer and it monitors his vital signs.  The Desert Rat PCA-1 is a unique armor 
with excellent properties, but it will be necessary to research and develop 
even stronger types of armor to give our troops a fighting chance against 
heavier alien weaponry.

Comments: Basic armor, wish I can take this off of the new recruits and sell it 
for money.

Beekeeper BK01
Against Mechanical: 50
Against Chemical: 60
Against Fire: 55
Price: 80000
Production Difficulty: Doable
This anti-chemical Personal Combat Armor was invented by the CAF scientists to 
counteract the alien's toxic ammunition. The armor is made with a coated 
surface layer that offers enhanced acid and toxic substances resistance. This 
was achieved thanks to an advanced lead based alloy. However, the alloy 
enriched with lead loses its strength and that is why only the surface layer of 
the armor can be made from this alloy.  The life support systems are contained 
in an apparatus pouch carried on the back.  The Beekeeper armor gives the CAF 
soldiers protection against toxins, acids and other corrosive substances and 
obviously some protection against traditional physical attacks.

Comments: Your first new armor, you'll be using this for a long long time.

Desert Viper
Against Mechanical: 85
Against Chemical: 20
Against Fire: 70
Price: 150000
Production Difficulty: Hard
PCA-3 Desert Viper is a Personal Combat Armor based on the construction of the 
old PCA-1 Desert Rat armor.  In this version the old ceramic plates were 
replaced by plates made of alien alloys.  These plates proved to be excellent 
defense against armor piercing or explosive ammunition, on the other hand the 
plates cannot cope with aggressive toxics acids.

Comments: After a long wait, you get the upgraded version of the desert rat, 
lower chem defense compared to the Beekeeper but higher overall defense, not 
too bad.

Waspkeeper VK02
Against Mechanical: 90
Against Chemical: 80
Against Fire: 85
Price: 250000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Waspkeeper PCA-4 is a newer version of our previous anti-chemical armor; it 
is has been considerably upgraded and provides better all around protection.  
Enemy fire used to cause damage to the upper lead layer of the old PCA2 
Beekeeper.  This led our scientists to research new armor with active chemical 
protection (ACP) .The active chemical protection consists of a neutralizing 
environment in the shell layer of the armor. The ACP is a system of small jets 
and sensors located in the collar and knee pads controlled by a processor unit.
Depending on the nature of the chemical attack, to the exterior of the armor, 
the jets spray concentrated alkaline or acid agents.  ACP can be activated 
manually by the soldier or automatically according to the detection information 
received by the sensors.  Mix, concentration and direction of the 
neutralization agents are controlled by the processor unit and adjusted for 
external actual environment conditions such as wind for instance.

Comments: Best armor IMO, good overall defense.

Desert Tortoise
Against Mechanical: 100
Against Chemical: 30
Against Fire: 70
Price: 400000
Production Difficulty: Intense
PCA-5 Desert Tortoise is a heavy personal combat armor.  The armor plating 
consists of heavy plates made of alien alloys.  These plates are connected by 
joints in an overlapping manner so that the armor doesn't have any weak points.
The full armor is quite heavy and it is could be difficult for weaker persons 
to wear it.  The armor does not provide effective protection against toxins and 
acids however it is our best defense against standard weapons.

Comments: For the 'ultimate' armor it's not that great.  Good physical 
resistance but much lower chemical and fire resistance than the Waspkeeper.  
The second major draw back with this armor is that it slows down your soldiers 
to the pace of a walk.  I only use this on my guys who carry heavy arms and 
can't run anyway.  At 400k a pop, this thing ain't cheap either.

Mind Shield
Psi Defence: 30
Price: 29000
Production Difficulty: Doable
We have determined that some alien species have psionic abilities.  Their 
brains can emit high amplitude electromagnetic impulses.  These impulses can 
control life forms in the immediate area.  The impulses can directly influence 
human nervous systems.  Once the impulse hits human nervous tissue the impulse 
is led by the nervous system to muscles where it causes a muscle to contract.  
The victim is immediately stunned, unable to move until the spasm fades away.  
Although the full extent of alien psionic ability hasn't been researched, some 
important aspects for each psionic attack have been revealed.  The psionic 
attacks seem to lose their intensity in inverse proportion to distance.  The 
intensity of the impulse also is dependant on the physical condition of the 
alien.  Our testing has revealed that the intensity of the impulses can be 
lowered by an alloy of wolfram and iridium. To defend against psionic attacks 
we have created mind shields (MS-1) constructed of this alloy and they seem to 
be resistant to all but the highest level of psionic impulses.  All field 
soldiers are strongly urged to carry one of these in their combat load out in 
case of psionic attack

Comments: Some people say this thing is useless before the arrival of preachers 
and phantoms while others say this thing is a life saver.  It all depends on 
your playing style.  For the type who likes to keep squad sizes small and 
spread them out around the map this thing is great since you can't afford for 
your units to be zapped to paralysis by hallucinoids.  If you tend to bunch 
your troops closer together, the loss of one unit isn't too big of an issue... 
usually.  See the hints section on how to get the most out of one or two of 

Advanced Mind Shield
Psi Defence: 60
Price: 60000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Whereas the first generation mind shields worked on basis of passive 
absorption, the new generation of mind shields works on a principle of active 
protection.  The active protection consists of generating very high amplitude, 
reversed polarity electromagnetic impulses to counteract alien psionic 
impulses.  Ideally, the generator would generate reversed polarity impulses as 
soon as the alien brain emits the psionic attack impulse, however there is some 
reactionary lag as the shield has to identify, interpret and respond to the 
impulse.  So it might happen that alien impulse is not eliminated in time.  In 
this case the attack can be successful in stunning the subject.  Psionic 
abilities add a whole new dimension to the aliens as dangerous opponents.  Make 
sure that all soldiers have a helmet in their combat load out in case of 
psionic attack.

Comments: You WILL need these or your troops will be destroyed in no time by 
preachers and phantoms.

Accuracy: 120 
Damage: 45
Capacity: 20
Price: 220
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The Projectile Pistol is a powerful weapon.  This generation of firearms 
represents the peak of classical development of kinetic guns.  Many people 
could consider this an archaic weapon, but the firepower and accuracy of these 
pistols has to convince even the most skeptical critics. A renaissance of these 
guns methods has arisen recently thanks to an invention of new ammunition 
(using light gases) that is remarkable for its significantly higher efficiency.
The pistol uses fully burnable so-called "telescopic" cartridges made of 
tungsten carbide.  These cartridges have the bullets hidden inside and are 
shaped like long darts. Because there was no need to keep the topside of the 
barrel for the aiming sights, the magazine could be placed there instead, as 
positioning on the handle would be impossible due to the length of the 
cartridges. The projectile leaves the barrel at nearly 2.5kph and kickback is 
efficiently inhibited by an entirely new dampening system which also serves as 
a silencer.  For safety reasons the gun does not support an autoshot mode but 
for a short-range fight it is more than suitable.

Comment: Hehehe that's a mighty tiny gun you got there...

Accuracy: 160
Damage: 50
Capacity: 20
Price: 480
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The Projectile Rifle is a more powerful version of the Projectile Pistol.  The 
resemblance to the previous model is understandable as both of them are 
manufactured by the renowned Classic Firearms Company.  The barrel has been 
elongated which increased the escape velocity of the shot to 2.7kph.  Both the 
energy of a shot and its destructive power has therefore risen accordingly. The 
magazine has kept its original position on the topside.  For aiming purposes we 
are using laser point projection as well as the standard wireless technology of 
the target's image appearing in the CAF special glasses. The gun's construction 
has also been strengthened in order to endure the increased pressure and heat 
inside.  Thanks to this improvement, an option of auto shot mode could be 
tacked on. The light alloy body makes the gun very easy to operate and has 
certainly helped its good approval during tests where it managed to beat the 
competition. The weapon has the very best penetration of all available designs 
yet we cannot be sure of the effect it will have against the alien's armor.  
This gun is known for the great favor it has gained amongst our soldiers.

Comment: The best weapon you can use early on, damage comparable to a laser 
rifle and you don't even need to manufacture the clips.

Accuracy: 150
Damage: 70
Capacity: 16
Price: 2000
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The Projectile Shotgun is an effective projectile weapon.  It is made by a 
rival company, (Gunpowder Automatic Guns) and its construction is therefore 
quite different. The weapon's design reminds you of the historical models 
intentionally emphasizing its remarkable firepower.  Purchasers mainly 
appreciate the historical appearance of the gun. This feature, obviously, 
didn't matter for the CAF who were interested in the firepower above all.  
Therein they were more than satisfied for the shotgun series had become famous 
just for this characteristic. The weakness of the shotgun is in the unbearably 
high recoil.  This was successfully eliminated by the use of revolutionary 
system of force field based cushioning.  Thus the shooting is comfortable, 
accurate and the soldiers appreciate the feeling of a sturdy weapon in their 
hands. Unlike heavier weapons this gun does not limit the shooter's mobility 
and therefore creates a suitable accessory for fighting tough targets.

Comment: Great damage but no autoshot ability.  Give these to soldiers who have 
high accuracy for snap shots.  Funny thing about this 'shotgun' though is that 
it works great at long range too.

Rocket Launcher
Accuracy: 170
Price: 18000
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The Rocket Launcher is a portable infantry carried launcher for various kinds 
of rockets. Its weight makes it necessary for the weapon to be borne on the 
left shoulder.  A scope is also available allowing the sight to zoom up to 4x 
and display the essential firing data using a special computer. The front 
segment of the launching tube can be retracted making it more compact for 
storage.  The weapon when in this configuration it is shorter than the rockets 
used as ammunition. Five inch rockets are used as ammo and thanks to their 
modular conception, warheads of various effects may be fabricated. The rockets 
flight is powered by two distinct stages using solid fuel. The first stage 
burns out in the launching tube itself blasting the rocket off. The second 
stage is constructed to ignite a safe distance from the shooter keeping him out 
of danger. Accuracy of this weapon is impeccable, but aiming is rather slow.  
Although a shooter can only bear a finite amount of ammo, which is to be 
reloaded after every single shot, this weapon's tactical advantage remains in 
the versatility of the warheads.

Comment: Makes the wielder extremely slow and takes up a lot of time units to 
shoot, but it's the best explosive weapon you have early on and the only way 
you can stun units with until the development of the stun grenade.

Explosive Rocket
Accuracy: 170
Damage: 85
Capacity: 1
Price: 420
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The Explosive Rocket is the elementary missile of the infantry for use against 
multiple targets. It serves as ammunition for the 5-inch Rocket Launcher, which 
has to be unfolded in advance, for its length, is shorter than that of the 
rocket when it is assembled for transportation.  As any other rockets designed 
for this kind of weapon, the Explosive Rocket comprises of two propel stages 
using new-generation solid fuels and a warhead. The rear stage is 5-inch in 
diameter as well as the warhead and contains a special booster charge creating 
the initial pulse that propels the rocket out of the launching tube.  This 
stage is also equipped with a set of fins that are deployed in flight to 
stabilize the missile in air.  The main sustaining rocket motor, situated in 
the second stage is to be ignited at a safe distance from the operator 
protecting him thus from the dangerous exhaust gases arising during the burning 
process. The warhead is aerodynamically shaped and bears the explosive payload.
The original fragmentation filling has been relinquished and supplanted by more 
efficient gel fuel-air explosive known for its remarkably strong blast-wave at 
detonation, which has proven significantly more deadly than the fragmentation 
weapons. In order to make the ammunition rockets apparently distinctive, each 
of them has been assigned a particular color - in case of the Explosive Rockets 
it's red. The Explosive Rocket is a valuable means of clearing up the 
battlefield, even though the fire time is rather slow.

Comments: Goes boom

Ignitable Rocket
Accuracy: 170
Damage: 95
Capacity: 1
Price: 1400
Production Difficulty: Easy
The Ignitable Rocket is a missile capable of contaminating vast areas with 
fire.  In fact, it is something like the next step in the development of the 
Chemical Rocket.  Fire has been known to pose a great threat to the alien 
units, especially those that have been made up of organic warriors using 
chemical substances as their essential natural weapon.  An intense heat-up 
causes a massive breakdown of their internal balance eventually leading to 
their death that is brought on by their own combat toxins, as a matter of fact.
For this reason the CAF has designed this rocket that is yet more universal 
than her chemical sister.  The construction copies the previous models except 
for the special warhead and a yellow color designation that make this rocket 
unique.  The active ingredient's distribution is provided by a computer-
controlled explosion that assures its even dispersal.  Once the ingredient is 
deployed its adhesive granule particles self-ignite in less than 0.1s due to 
their reaction with atmospheric oxygen. The internal temperatures of the 
following fire can reach up to 2300K which makes the Ignitable Rocket even more 
imposing form of ammunition than the Explosive Rocket.  It is understandable 
that these rockets must be operated with caution, as even our armor is not of 
much help against the hell-like conditions arisen in the area of effect. The 
inflammable substances have always been a horrendous weapon.  It has been 
plentifully used in human history as well.  Now we think that it is time the 
aliens were given a lesson in human warfare.

Comments: Never used, but probably useful against enemies weak to fire.

Chemical Rocket
Accuracy: 170
Damage: 95
Capacity: 1
Price: 1400
Production Difficulty: Easy
The Chemical Rocket is a missile bearing aggressive chemical agents designed to 
either contaminate the enemy territory or the enemy warriors themselves.  The 
substance inside is much like its alien equivalent composed of both acidic 
ingredients and an intensively poisonous chemical that can cause death even 
through skin upon which it is easily delivered once the caustic agent has 
penetrated the armor.  Sure enough, much greater effects are achieved, if the 
agent strikes blood or airways directly.  Either way it causes a very painful 
death.  For this and other reasons the chemical weapon agents have been long 
considered an inhumane means of killing and prohibited by the Interplanetary 
Council for Humanity.  Nevertheless, the tremendous supremacy of the aliens to 
us in the area of biochemistry, forced our political leaders to change their 
mind about this means of war and permit them as a temporary resort which would 
be at least a little help to save humankind. A rocket has proven an effective 
means of delivery for these chemical weapon agents as it can reach even distant 
targets and prevent the aliens from possible reprisal.  The Chemical Rocket is 
not much unlike the previous models and hence it uses green-colored striping 
for distinction. This kind of ammo has turned out to be extremely effective 
against the organic alien units.  However, for its dangerousness it is 
necessary that they're used in conjunction with appropriate protective suits 
that can ensure the shooter's safety.

Comments: Never used, but probably useful against enemies weak to chemicals.

Stun Rocket
Accuracy: 160
Damage: 70
Capacity: 1
Price: 1500
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The Stun Rocket is a combat missile of apparent purpose - to knock out the 
enemy.  The CAF soldiers can use this kind of rocket to obtain specimens of new 
alien warriors for study. There are no significant changes in design as far as 
the delivery system is concerned. The difference is in the warhead.  In order 
to ensure an easy distinction from the other ammo the Stun Rocked has been 
marked with a blue color.  The stun effects are based on a combination of 
multiple factors.  Stunning of the organic targets is provided by extreme noise 
(195dB of high-frequency sound), light (56 mil. cd) and dispersal of a 
paralyzing substance. Machines, on the other hand, are disabled by an EMP.  
Once a Stun Rocket is launched, it automatically transmits an encoded warning 
signal causing all CAF helmets in close proximity to make the necessary 
adjustments protecting the CAF soldiers and electronics from the adverse 
effects of the Stun Rocket's explosion. (i.e.: field for view on the CAF 
helmets is darkened, audio input is decreased, etc.). Similar precautions are 
taken by the endangered vehicles and machinery. (e.g.: the electronics are 
temporarily disabled). The rocket is able to reliably stun any man and we can 
assume that it will have the same effects on most alien units.  Nevertheless, 
we can't be sure until it's tested on them. Without the aid of the Stun Rocket 
we would be hardly able to ever arrest any dangerous alien warrior.  The 
knowledge of alien soldiers will certainly be necessary in furthering our 
scientific research.

Comments: Keep one or two for early on stunning of alien commanders for 

Accuracy: 120
Damage: 130!
Capacity: 6
Price: 40000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The Flamethrower is an effective destructive weapon intended to be used mainly 
against living organisms yet it can be used to fight armored machinery as well.
The greatest efficiency is achieved in close-in combat, where the effects are 
most formidable.  The flamethrower's fuel is most often napalm or gasoline, 
which feeds the "eternal flame" at the end of the muzzle, when in standby mode.
Once the gun is triggered, strong fuel flow is propelled to the muzzle by 
compressed nitrogen, dispersed and eventually ignited forming a destructive 
infernal cloud.  The cylinders containing the fuel and the compressed nitrogen 
are worn on the operator's back.  The flamethrower's disadvantage is the short 
range of fire.

Comments: Slow and extremely short range, hard to use but high damage.  Kills 
things weak to fire in 1 shot.

Accuracy: 120 
Damage: 130!
Capacity: 8
Price: 40000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The Chemogun is another excellent weapon designated for fighting organic 
enemies. The weapon shoots out a needle-thin extremely fast stream of chemical 
agent that is composed of various constituents.  In fact, it is a sophisticated 
mixture of both highly caustic substances and nerve toxins causing virtually 
instantaneous death to the enemy warriors.  The components have been carefully 
selected to be able to penetrate the widest variety of alien armors and kill 
the most effectively.  As evidence suggests, we have been successful and our 
detailed research of both the alien armors and physiology has borne its fruit. 
Once the gun is activated the mixture is continuously pushed out by a fierce 
gas-producing cyclic chemical reaction that runs at the weapon's back and is 
sustained with an energy stream from an adjacent portable mini-ion-reactor.  
This allows the strongly caustic stream of liquid to come out at impressive 
speeds so that it can corrode the armors of the enemy and deliver the toxins.  
Interestingly enough, the combination of causticity with high speed alone had 
proven so destructive, that we were unable to find a material for the weapon's 
muzzle that would withstand both these destructive factors ourselves and had to 
come up with another solution.  Thus in the weapon's current design the muzzle 
is constantly etched and rebuilt at the same time and the Chemogun's integrity 
is maintained. Thanks to its efficiency, the Chemogun is especially useful 
against numerous alien troops.

Comments: Send in a heavily armored trooper into a tiny room and watch this guy 
kill all the aliens inside.  For other times, have the guy use a different gun 
and keep this in the backpack.

Laser Technology
Laser based guns make use of a strong energy ray to destroy a target. A 
chemical laser capable of sustaining a strong enough ray for a sufficient 
period of time has been the sole technology used in laser weaponry so far.  But 
now our scientists have come up with an entirely new solution eliminating the 
main disadvantage the chemical lasers had, a bulky size.  This prevented ground 
soldiers from being able to use laser weapons easily in combat.  CAF scientists 
managed to create a unique red-colored crystal laser, light enough to be 
powered up by a small portable battery pack. The weapon's body is composed of 
several pulse generators linked up together in order to charge the ray 
gradually. This special process earned this laser the nickname "HELL" as an 
abbreviation for High Energy Linked Laser.  The efficiency is nearly 5 times 
higher in comparison to the bulkier previous generation.

Comments: Unlike UFO Defense, lasers actually require clips, which drastically 
reduces their usefulness.

Laser Pistol
Accuracy: 130
Damage: 50
Capacity: 12
Price: 4000
Production Difficulty: Easy
LG-707 is a light and compact personal laser pistol, emitting strong laser 
beam. The damage is relatively low and it is only suitable against targets with 
little protection. The absence of weapon kickback is a real advantage,  giving 
the soldier greater control and accuracy in contrast to common projectile 
weapons.  The accumulator is located in upper part of the weapon, supplying the 
laser emitter.

Comments: Lazars go PEW PEW!!!

Laser Rifle
Accuracy: 160
Damage: 65
Capacity: 20
Price: 12000
Production Difficulty: Doable
LG-1202 is an attack laser rifle tailored to fulfill a design request of the 
Counter Alien Forces demanding a light, accurate and efficient laser weapon 
with the ability to fire auto shots. The laser emitters are protected by a 
chassis made of durable alloys.  The accumulator is located in the central part 
of the gun.  During product testing, some problems with accumulator overheating 
appeared.  Because of this, the laser strength had to be reduced, however the 
beam strength should be enough for puncturing most known infantry armor types.

Comments: Good accuracy and decent damage for early on, but don't make too many 
of these since you'll be going through clips extremely fast and early on you 
can't afford to waste too much manufacturing time on them.

Heavy Laser
Accuracy: 155
Damage: 95
Capacity: 9
Price: 18000
Production Difficulty: Doable
LG-2303 is a heavy laser infantry weapon made by Star Light Systems Ltd. It 
features reinforced durable construction and is carried across the front of the 
body. The gun is aimed by the left hand and shots are triggered by the right. 
The sturdy muzzle made of light alloys projects an extremely powerful laser 
beam. The cooling system, centralized beneath the grip for balance, is 
necessary to prevent overheating of the accumulator while in auto-cannon mode. 
A high capacity battery accumulator is located at the rear of the gun.

Comments: Wow, a heavy weapon with autofire mode, how interesting.  Too bad
the clip size is extremely small.

Mzuz tells us: I found great success with heavy lasers, they would take out 
destroyers in 2-4 shots consistantly on normal.

This makes them more useful than plasma rifles then.

Plasma Technology
The Plasma weapons originate from the aliens.  Plasma is estimated to make up 
over 99% of the visible universe and yet the humans keep failing to harness its 
power to create plasma-based weapons.  Plasma is defined as a state of matter 
for which a presence of free-moving electrons and ions exist, along with a high 
temperature level.  Plasma can contain a big amount of energy and can be 
controlled by the Maxwell-Boltzman electromagnetic field.  The trouble is that 
if the environment is unable to sustain the high-energy state then the charged 
particles tend to recombine and turn the plasma back into ordinary matter.  The 
aliens seem to have been able to keep the high temperature plasma using force 
fields created by the Avonium particles. When such a plasma shot hits its 
target the fields holding the contents together are breached allowing the 
plasma inside to escape. Consequences are then most devastating.

Comments: Plasma used to be the best you can get in UFO Defense, but here its 
pretty worthless as there are lots of enemies who are highly resistant to it.

Plasma Pistol
Accuracy: 120
Damage: 55
Capacity: 18
Price: 5000
Production Difficulty: Easy
The Plasma pistol is a compact alien weapon. Our scientists have reverse 
engineered the plasma weapons and have written this brief analysis of the 
underlying technology in layman's terms. The plasma weapon is fed by a small 
magazine containing the raw plasma chemical agent which is held in stasis by an 
electromagnetic field.  When the trigger is pressed, the electromagnetic field 
is interrupted for a fraction of a second allowing the plasma to enter an 
acceleration chamber.  From there a plasma concentrator module compresses the 
plasma and simultaneously mixes a small amount of avonium with the plasma.  The 
plasma instantly melts the avonium element down, causing a chemically triggered 
explosion.  This explosion forces the plasma down the acceleration chamber and 
out of the muzzle at a velocity of 3km/sec. A nice feature of these weapons is 
that the current state of ammunition is indicated on the chassis, allowing the 
soldier to quickly view their ammo status.

Comments: Why do pistols even exist?

Plasma Rifle
Accuracy: 140
Damage: 80
Capacity: 30
Price: 12000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The plasma rifle is a standard issue alien weapon and its core technology is 
the backbone of the alien ground attack arsenal. In contrast to the plasma 
pistol, the plasma rifle has a bigger acceleration chamber. The extended 
chamber allows for more plasma and a higher acceleration velocity, which 
subsequently causes more damage. Aiming this weapon is quite difficult for 
humans although the adjustable stock seems to aid in this process. The 
superheated plasma bursts achieve a muzzle velocity of 3.5 km/sec, and are very 
destructive to any material in its path.

Comments: Pretty decent weapon for a while until you get ion.

Heavy Plasma
Accuracy: 140
Damage: 110
Capacity: 12
Price: 20000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The heavy plasma is the strongest weapon in the plasma infantry series. Some 
alien soldiers seem to be wearing stronger armor than what we originally 
encountered in early battles.  Many of our standard issue weapons seem to be 
obsolete as far as damage is concerned against this new armor type. Fortunately 
the heavy plasma was researched and provides sufficient damage to pierce all 
newly used alien armors.  The heavy plasma is based on the plasma rifle 
technology with a few modifications.  The heavy plasma is larger and more 
cumbersome compared to the plasma rifle, due to its robust acceleration chamber 
that can now take more plasma, thus delivering more damage to the target.  The 
weight of this powerful weapon means it has to be carried low across the body 
and requires a stabilizing handle located over the central pivot point. CAF 
engineers attempted to enable auto-shot mode in prototypes of this weapon but 
the acceleration chamber was unable to bear the extreme heat.  After many 
attempts the acceleration chamber continually ruptured despite the improved 
cooling system and auto-shot mode had to be abandoned.

Comments: No autofire, nuff said.  (BTW, what's a plasma infantry (see 
description)? :P)

Ion Technology
Ion Technology-based weapons in general operate using ion generators that 
ionize inner gas to high levels and use the discharged matter for various 
purposes. This discharge can cause burns and even death to living targets, and 
adverse effects to electronics if sufficient intensity is achieved. The 
intensity of the discharge mostly depends on the volume of ionized gas which 
the gun is able to store. However, the bigger the gun is, the less suitable it 
is as a handheld weapon and the longer it takes to charge. For this reason, 
there has been much quarrelling amongst our scientists concerning whether ion 
gun designs should be more focused on power of discharge, or on their 
serviceability as handheld weapons.  It has been suggested that we equip air-
fighters and combat tanks with the heavier ion guns, so as to fully utilize the 
potential of this technology. Quite recently, a project has also been proposed 
to apply ion technology in the area of protective shields. This idea evoked 
certain agitation among our engineers, as it was an entirely new way of 
designing shields. Despite the fact that some think this idea has no future, 
others say it may pave the way for an new generation of extremely powerful 
protective shields.

Comments: Ion rocks, does good damage and has decent clip size and accuracy.

Ion Pistol
Accuracy: 125
Damage: 65
Capacity: 13
Price: 8000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The Ion Pistol is a light compact handheld weapon designed for use against 
enemy soldiers and light machines. The pistol's core is composed of an ion 
generator which ionizes the gas filling inside.  These produced ions are then 
stored in the barrel until their tension is strong enough to burst through the 
disruptive strength and spring out as an electric discharge which looks similar 
to lightning as it comes out of the weapon. The gun destroys electronics 
effectively and the discharge burns and shocks living targets. Although the Ion 
Pistol is a short-range weapon we expect it to become a favorite personal gun 
because of its light weight and effectiveness.

Commments: Actually useable for soldiers who don't have the requirements for 
the rifle.  They are better off throwing grenades though, but this is a good 
backup once they run out.

Ion Rifle
Accuracy: 145
Damage: 100
Capacity: 20
Price: 20000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Ion Rifle is more robust version of the Ion Pistol.  A larger chamber and  
more intensive ion accumulation in the barrel provide faster charging and 
longer shot-range.  Furthermore, the Ion Rifle does not only pose threat to 
living organisms, but to light-shielded electronics as well.  Thanks to the 
extraordinary performance of the new ion generator implying faster ion 
production, the efficiency has increased enough for an auto-shot mode to be 
tacked on.  With this feature the Ion Rifle is an immensely devastating weapon, 
and is certainly going to find a favored place among our equipment load outs.

Comments: Sleek and effective makes this a great weapon, a couple of shots will 
kill a destroyer and just about anything else.

Heavy Ion
Accuracy: 145
Damage: 120
Capacity: 9
Price: 30000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Ion Heavy is a heavier handheld weapon based on the Ion Technology. Unlike 
the previous Ion Rifle this model has an even bigger ion generator which is 
capable of generating and sustaining electrical charge for a short period of 
time.  Once the charge is generated it is immediately fed to the barrel where 
it bridges over the barrier layer and to the target while manifesting itself as 
lightning.  The effects on living organisms are almost one hundred percent 
lethal and as far as electronics are concerned, not even strong shielding is 
much help against its destructive power.  The disadvantage of the Ion Heavy is 
the slow charge up time, which removes the ability of an auto shot mode. 
Nevertheless this weapon has gained an irreplaceable post in our arsenal.

Comments: No autofire, high time consumption for shooting (aimed shot takes 
~60% of your AP!!!), all that for only 20 more damage per shot?  Avoid.

AKEW Technology
Akew technology came into existence as a merger of the Plasma and Laser 
technologies.  The main unit is made of a pulse generator and a strong 
superconductive coil that compresses plasma to a density close to that of the 
core of the Sun.  The weight of the coil can make the weapon unbalanced and it 
is not easily wielded.

Comments: While AKEW sounds cool, the low clip sizes make this really annoying.

AKEW Pistol
Accuracy: 125
Damage: 80! (Noisy cricket levels of damage!)
Capacity: 7
Price: 20000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Akew pistol is a personal weapon used for a close fight.  The magazine is 
located in the central part of the weapon.  The powerful new generation 
accumulator is embedded in the grip handle.  Rear part of  the weapon contains 
pulse generator, generating pulses into a coil.  Despite the powerful 
accumulator, the magazine is limited to just a few shots, but the power of the 
punch exceeds that of the plasma rifle.

Comments: Pretty darn good damage for a pistol, comes at a cost of only 7 shots 
per clip.

AKEW Rifle
Accuracy: 155
Damage: 125
Capacity: 15
Price: 40000
Production Difficulty: Intense
Akew rifle is the bigger sister of the Akew pistol.  The construction is very 
similar however in contrast to its predecessor the acceleration chamber was 
inserted between magazine and the coil so the weapons power was strongly 
increased.  This makes the Akew rifle one of the most compact weapons combining 
auto shot capability, decent accuracy, destructive firepower and a comfortable 
amount of ammo in the magazine.

Comments: Good rifle, mixing your soldiers with this and ion will last you 
until EEEW tech comes around.

EEEW Technology
Thanks to an intensive research the plasma particles accelerating solenoids 
based on the AKEW technology have been completely redesigned.  Now the plasma 
fireball has an additive angular momentum, which creates a strong 
electromagnetic field around it.  The bulkier the fireball is, the greater the 
effects are.  When a certain volume is achieved the plasma is thickened up 
enough to trigger a nuclear fusion inside, leading to an even more destructive 
impact.  Furthermore, the electromagnetic field has an adverse affect on all 
electronics in the vicinity, similar to an EMP.  This disrupts the electronic 
alien technology that a shot passes by.  There are some disadvantages of the 
EEEW.  For instance, significantly more plasma is required per shot as well as 
the need for a larger coil.  This prevents us from miniaturizing these types of 
weapons and making them any more compact.

Comments: Great stuff.

EEEW Rifle
Accuracy: 160
Damage: 130
Capacity: 16
Price: 30000
Production Difficulty: Hard
EEEW Rifle is by far the most compact EEEW weapon.  It is a hybrid of the AKEW 
Rifle with an enlarged chamber, bigger plasma dose and a completely redesigned 
acceleration coil.  The control mechanism has been improved as well.  A built-
in CPU regulates the field generated by the acceleration coil in order to 
achieve a periodical pulse sequence, giving the plasma ball the desired angular 
momentum.  Then, as a result of the rotation the plasma's density is 
dramatically increased which supports the nuclear fusion inside.  Along with 
the density increase the plasma fireball begins to emit electromagnetic 
radiation harmful to all electronic machinery.  For this reason the rifle is 
reliably shielded preventing it from endangering our own equipment.  An 
efficient gun with the added benefit of the electronic jamming effect, the EEEW 
Rifle is especially suitable for use against medium to heavy-armored targets 
incorporating sophisticated electronics within.

Comments: Clip size takes up 2 slots and you only get 16 shots per clip, but 
other than that this is a great weapon.

Particle Technology
Particle weapons in general derive benefit from a beam of charged particles 
(i.e. electrons, protons or ions) accelerated to high speeds by an 
electromagnetic field by a linear accelerator.  Thanks to its tremendous energy 
a particle stream is capable of fierce heating, melting or directly vaporizing 
the target.  As a particle source, plasma made of virtually whatever matter may 
serve.  The heavier the plasma ions are, the greater the destructive powers it 
can deliver.  Disadvantages of heavy particle plasma lie in the difficulties 
connected with accelerating it to acceptable speeds which allow for longer 
flight distances, and ultimately a weapons effective range.

Comments: Best weapon tech period.

Particle Pistol
Accuracy: 140
Damage: 100!  (That's a LOT of damage for a weapon that has no str reqs)
Capacity: 18
Price: 25000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The most elementary utilization of the Particle Technology is the Particle 
Pistol.  In order to meet the requirements for a weapon compact and light at 
the same time we had to reduce the main particle accelerator as the biggest 
component of the gun.  The ensuing performance drop has been dealt with by the 
usage of light-particle plasma along with the elongated charging delay.  A 
direct hit by a Particle Pistol's shot melts down the armor and in case of an 
unprotected living organism it causes bad burns or even death.  The Particle 
Pistol is a short-range weapon.  For both its small size and deadliness we 
expect the Particle Pistol to soon become a weapon of choice for our soldiers.

Comments: Pistols are still more useless than rifles, but if you have to use 
one, might as well use the best.

Particle Rifle
Accuracy: 180
Damage: 145
Capacity: 30
Price: 30000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Particle Rifle is a more advanced implementation of the Particle 
Technology.  Unlike the Particle Pistol this gun is equipped with a more 
powerful accelerator giving the weapon the ability to make use of denser plasma 
as a particle source.  The destructive power has thus risen accordingly.  
Another enhancement was the acceleration chamber's extension implying a heavier 
eventual mass of a shot associated with a longer firing range.  Furthermore 
improved accuracy has been achieved due to the use of a longer barrel.  All 
these features make the Particle Rifle a good choice for missions where tough 
resistance is expected.

Comments: A whooping 30 rounds per clip and insane damage.  The only reason why 
you wouldn't use this is because you don't have enough rifles/clips to go 

Defense Grenade G-25
Accuracy: 125
Damage: 85
Price: 500
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The G-25 is a powerful defensive fragmentation grenade.  For the purposes of 
the CAF it was chosen along with other devices for the effect it had on tough 
targets.  It can be used against both heavy armored persons and lightly armored 
vehicles.  It is equipped with a fuse that allows switching between impact and 
timed mode.  The G-25 is a highly reliable grenade. The explosive ingredient 
ATHX creates a strong blast wave it projects several heavy jagged fragments 
with great efficiency. The G-25 is pre-fragmented to ensure a reliable 
formation of these shreds and their proper spreading.  Although the casualty 
producing radius of the Defense Grenade is quite small because of the limited 
number of fragments within, the shock wave along with the casing fragments 
provide a significant devastating effect on a target.  The grenade is suitable 
especially for close quarter fights in or around buildings, as opposed to in 
open, spacious areas.
Comments: Basic grenade, good damage and great for blowing up walls.  Always 
pack a few.

Stun Grenade
Accuracy: 105
Damage: 60
Price: 420
Production Difficulty: Easy
The Stun Grenade is designed for stunning aliens for their capture. The Stun 
Rocket has been shown to be effective on the battlefield, however it also 
proves quite cumbersome.  The Stun Grenade was designed in response to demand 
by soldiers for a portable stun weapon. The stunning effect on organic targets 
is produced by a combination of extreme noise (185dB high-frequency sound), 
light (50 mil. cd) and the dispersal of a paralyzing substance. The effect on 
machines, on the other hand, is disablement caused by an EMP. Once a Stun 
Grenade is thrown, it automatically transmits an encoded warning signal which 
causes all CAF helmets in close proximity to make the necessary adjustments to 
protect CAF soldiers and electronics from the effects of the explosion. (e.g.: 
the view field of the CAF helmets is darkened, audio input is decreased, etc.). 
Similar precautions are made for vehicles and machinery within the vicinity. 
(e.g.: electronics systems are temporarily disabled, etc.) The introduction of 
the Stun Grenade has considerably expanded our units' abilities. Although a 
short-range weapon, thanks to its compactness and efficiency, the Stun Grenade 
is more than a mere complement to the Stun Rocket, and is particularly 
impactful when used in urban areas.

Comments: Bigger area of effect than the stun rocket, not to mention takes up a 
heck less space and you can throw more per turn, what's not to love about this.
Each soldier should carry at least 2 once this is researched for commander 

Plasma Grenade
Accuracy: 110
Damage: 110
Price: 2800
Production Difficulty: Easy
The Peggy is a powerful alien grenade. The nickname originated by our soldiers 
as an abbreviation for PG, meaning Plasma Grenade. The weapon is very easy to 
use and famous for its remarkable reliability.  The core consists of a small 
alien fuel cell that is purposely unstable.  At detonation the energetic gas 
within is turned into high temperature plasma. The outer shells perforation 
helps the plasma dispersion.  The lab tests have confirmed the field 
observation that the blast wave generated can pierce armor and the plasma 
itself causes some very painful burns.   Equipment can also be damaged by the 
plasma's effects as well. Fortunately, the armor of our combat vehicles is 
strong enough to prevent the plasma from penetrating and thus endangering the 
electronics inside.  A little jut on the grenade's surface is present to make 
carrying easier.  This alien grenade is far superior to the human-made 
grenades.  Its effects are distinctive especially when used in close quarters, 
where the damage is the most effective.

Comments: OO look, shiny green balls!  *alien dies*

Nerve Gas Grenade G-12N
Accuracy: 115
Damage: 70
Price: 800
Production Difficulty: Easy
G-12N is a nerve gas filled grenade. Following the results of our intensive 
research of various alien species physiology we have been able to develop a 
substance which attacks their nervous system directly.  This grenade's body 
contains the nerve gas NW under an explosive cover that is activated when the 
grenade hits.  Thanks to this configuration the gas dispersion is quick and 
even. Aspiration paralyses the nervous system of the victim and causes 
uncontrolled muscle constriction resulting in physical agony and eventually 
death.  High concentrations may even cause an immediate heart failure.  The 
death is virtually instant.  Even small concentrations make fighting 
impossible, though, as the victim is not capable of aiming.  Humans appear to 
be quite resistant against this gas, yet not immune and high doses can be 
lethal.  This grenade provides us with a means to partially eliminate the 
technical advantage the aliens have over us, but it is only effective against 
unprotected organic targets.  We must proceed with caution when using this 
weapon in inhabited areas where civilians may be put in danger.

Comments: Never used this much, slow killing grenades don't seem that great to 

Advanced Chemical Grenade
Accuracy: 115
Damage: 80
Price: 1000
Production Difficulty: Easy
The G-13A is a grenade containing nerve gas which is an improved version of the 
NW gas.  Our newly gained intelligence and progress in combat gas research 
allowed our engineers to improve the previous grenade G-12N.  The main 
distinction between the G-13A and its predecessor is the usage of a strong 
caustic component.  The grenade's body contains the nerve gas ANNA (Advanced 
Nerve Neutralizing Agent) enriched with the acid-based admixtures hidden under 
the explosive cover that is activated by impact.  The gas dispersion is quick 
and even.  The vaporized acid solution compromises the enemy's armor, thus 
allowing the nerve gas to penetrate.  During our experiments the grenade 
repeatedly succeeded in getting through all the catalogued helmets the aliens 
wore.  The ANNA has proven nearly 2.5 times as efficient as the NW.  You are 
not advised to use this grenade without an appropriate protective suit because 
of its extraordinary danger to humans as well.  If all the safety rules are 
observed, however, this weapon may be an effective means to defeat a platoon of 
alien soldiers.

Comments: See above.  For a platoon of soldiers, I'd prefer to blow them up 
with a...

Stasis Grenade
Accuracy: 120
Damage: 140!
Price: 4000
Production Difficulty: Easy
The Stasia is the most powerful grenade of the aliens.  Its technology 
overcomes anything and everything the humans have so far constructed in the 
area of military explosives. Interestingly enough, the Stasis Grenade does not 
even contain an explosive.  In fact it uses a stasis field to surround a 
miniaturized plasma-enriched thermonuclear explosion in advance conserving thus 
its destructive powers for the moment the grenade is activated. The stasis 
field makes use of small amount of Avonium for an extreme time deceleration in 
the confines of the grenade.  Once the grenade is detonated, the time field 
collapses and unleashes the horrible hell inside.  An experimental explosion in 
our laboratories managed to ruin the whole testing room leaving nothing but the 
most resistant combat vehicles behind.  The Stasia poses a great threat to our 
soldiers.  The extent of damage caused by these grenades can only be eliminated 
by fighting off the enemy from far distances with heavy tanks while having the 
soldiers strategically deployed outside the effective range of the Stasia.

Comments: Highest area of effect and best damage grenade, a few of these can 
kill just about anything, great to have.

Capacity: 35
Price: 120
Production Difficulty: None, buy this
Stimpack is a compact standard first-aid-kit increasing a soldier's odds for 
survival.  All CAF armors incorporate essential functions sustaining the 
wearer's life in case of injury. Their most significant advantage is the 
immediate reaction, which usually eliminates an imminent threat of death.  The 
provided aid is only basic and more serious injuries must be further treated.  
The Stimpack is the staple of such treatment.  With the aid of a Stimpack, pain 
can be subdued, bleeding stopped and the user's health state generally 
stabilized.  One of the biggest advantages this healing device has is its 
compactness implying that it can be used even when carrying considerable 
amounts of equipment. However, its capacity is therefore rather limited and 
more serious injuries are thus out of reach from being treated by a Stimpack.  
For this reason it is quite obvious that we are going to need something more 
substantial to be carried into the field of battle.  Nevertheless, the Stimpack 
remains the very basic means of first-aid treatment and it should not be absent 
in any soldier's equipment.

Comments: Always carry at least one or per soldier.  Let the medpacks heal up 
the critical wounds and fill up the hp loss with this baby instead.

Capacity: 50
Price: 40000
Production Difficulty: Doable
Medikit is a healing device designed for immediate use in fight. It can deal 
with considerably wider variety of injuries than its compact predecessor, the 
Stimpack.  Our combat experience revealed the limitation of the Stimpack to 
treating casual injuries. Its disability to treat a kind of more serious injury 
threatened the fighting capacity of our troops.  Now, we have a more thorough 
solution. A thorough examination of a captured alien provided our scientists 
with new intelligence eventually leading into an entire revolution in field 
medicine.  The aliens proved capable of employing stem cells in order to 
quickly and effectively repair damaged tissues. Something we had long applied 
yet it had required both hospital conditions and a very long time.  The direst 
injuries still require an equipped infirmary, however, the new Medikits based 
upon the newly obtained alien stem-cells technology are coping with most wounds 
remarkably well. The device incorporates a quality vital-functions' analyzer, 
encompassing genetic data of all soldiers on duty for a time being.  It is 
easily operated, without any need of medical knowledge.  The stem-cells are 
directly applied to a wound.  The medikit sees to it that they have been 
properly adjusted to focus on the damaged parts of the body. Unfortunately, the 
amount of stem-cells in a Medikit is limited. The Medikit is a revolutionary 
and highly effective solution for treating serious injuries during fight.

Comments: Get this as early as possible and use it to treat critical wounds.

Advanced Medkit
Capacity: 70
Price: 60000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Advanced Medikit is an advanced healing device designed for immediate use 
in combat.  It can deal with significantly wider variety of injuries than its 
predecessor. Although the first Medikit meant a revolution in medical scope, 
employment of more and more powerful weapons by the aliens has exposed its 
shortcomings.  Above all, the stem-cells treatment capacity was not 
satisfactory.  After extensive research this has been solved, although not 
easily achieved as a variety of sustaining mechanisms had to be employed.  The 
application methods have been improved as well so the healing process is now 
significantly faster.  The capacity increase meant inevitably a larger total 
mass of the device; this is a minor price to pay when considering the new 
advantages.  One advantage inherited from the original Medikit is the ease of 
use.  Given our current level of technology we do not expect we will be able to 
further improve this device for quite some time.  The Advanced Medikit makes 
use of the most current knowledge and provides considerably better overall 
medical care than its predecessor.

Comments: You get 20 more 'points' of healing than the normal medkit, but if 
you use it only to treat critical wounds and use stimpacks to fill up blood, 
you do not need to get this right away.

5.4 Aircrafts
You need these to shoot down UFOs and to send troops to collect them.

Armor: 90
Speed: 2200
Fuel: 25000
Monthly Cost: 60000
Price: 180000
Production Difficulty: None, buy them
The Raptor is an air superiority fighter built by the renowned Richarius 
Fighter Planes Company.  Although the Raptor is an excellent fighter, it had 
long served only as a police accessory. However, after the threat of alien 
attack arose, CAF authorities immediately required a fast and highly 
maneuverable interceptor for use against alien vessels.  The Raptor was just 
the thing.  It fulfils CAF's demands on the speed, range, maneuverability and 
above all shield generator can be tacked on.  The Raptor has been designed to 
carry air-to-air missiles and have high rates of fire from the CX-100 cannon.

Comments: The basic slow and useless fighter plane you start off with, watching 
this thing chase a scout across the globe only to turn back since you are low 
on fuel is really frustrating.

Armor: 150
Speed: 2400
Fuel: 27000
Monthly Cost: 80000
Price: 240000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The Lightning is an advanced fighter aircraft of the CAF forces intended for 
averting the alien impact on Esperanza.  The fuselage is made of a solid alien 
alloy.  The Lightning has two advanced Pulse Detonation engines that have 
enabled an increase to the in flight top speed however, due to the heavy alien 
alloys forming the crafts fuselage, the speed increase hasn't been remarkable.  
The Lightning has been designed to carry air-to-air missiles for a long range 
attack and a cannon to counteract alien vessels at close range.

Comments: You'll be using this for a while since there's a gap between this 
fighter and the next 2.

Armor: 200
Speed: 2650
Fuel: 29500
Monthly Cost: 100000
Price: 360000
Production Difficulty: Hard
After some technical and mechanical obstacles we have finally managed to design 
a second-generation aircraft fighter, the Stormbringer.   It is fitted with 2 
modified alien gravity engines which results in increased maximum speed, great 
maneuverability and faster climb rate then the Lightning.  The usage of the 
gravity engines allows the aircraft to turn tightly, and perform dog fighting 
maneuvers such as the J-Turn.  The fuselage is made of solid alien alloys 
consisting of two layers.  The Stormbringer has been designed to carry air-to-
air missiles for long range and a cannon for up close combat.

Comments: The Exterminator is just around the corner so might as well stick 
with lightning for a bit longer.

Armor: 240
Speed: 2900
Fuel: 36000
Monthly Cost: 120000
Price: 540000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Exterminator is a CAF long distance fighter aircraft developed from its 
predecessor the Stormbringer.  The Exterminator is fitted with 2 gravity 
engines and an alien reactor.  The gravity engines guarantee extremely good 
maneuverability however it cannot exceed some speed limits that come from the 
principles of gravity engines.  For this reason a reactor was incorporated into 
the power plant systems.  The reactor provides additional power that increases 
cruise speed and flight range.  The fuselage is made of advanced craft armor.  
The advanced craft armor provides passive and active protection and consists of 
2 layers.  Laminated Heavy alien alloys in the outer layer of the armor results 
in heavier aircraft weight.  The maneuverability of the Exterminator is 
slightly reduced compared to the Stormbringer.  The Exterminator is designed to 
carry air-to-air missiles for long range attack and a cannon to dog fight alien 
vessels at close range.

Comments: This is a very nice fighter to use and there's quite a gap between 
this plane and the next two so you'll stick with this one for a while.

Armor: 280
Speed: 3200
Fuel: 29000
Monthly Cost: 140000
Price: 660000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Nightwolf is a superior air attack fighter.  Although the Nightwolf retains 
the Exterminator's engines an important improvement was made when ASCEA the 
energy accumulator was incorporated into the power plant systems.  Its purpose 
is to provide a temporary increase in thrust for situations such as take-off or 
when intercepting alien vessels.  The ASCEA can be charged when the fighter is 
in flight or on the ground.  ASCEA stores energy in pure electromagnetic form 
for the gravity engines.  It releases energy when it is important to have as 
much thrust as possible.  The ability of the fuselage to withstand the stress 
and heat from the friction created when the ASCEA activates was a key factor 
for the ASCEA utilization.  The Nightwolf has been designed to carry air-to-air 
missiles for a long range fight and a cannon to counteract alien vessels at 
close range.

Comments: Why do they always put two planes so close together in the tech tree, 
by the time you finish making enough to use, the ultimate plane will be 

Jag D1
Armor: 350
Speed: 3500
Fuel: 30000
Monthly Cost: 160000
Price: 820000
Production Difficulty: Intense
Jag-D1 is a third-generation ultimate fighter aircraft intended for the air 
superiority role. Compared to its predecessors, it features a strengthened 
fuselage, a vastly updated cockpit, and a more powerful engine resulting in 
superior durability and combat capability.  The aircraft's power plant 
incorporates a smaller version of the Centaurus engine that combines high speed 
and high combat maneuverability.  The fuselage is made of extremely solid 
Centaurus spaceship alloys.  The Jag-D1 is designed to carry air-to-air 
missiles in internal bays to avoid decrease of maneuverability, speed and 
range. Launching missiles requires opening the weapons bay doors for less than 
a second; as the missiles are pushed clear of the airframe by hydraulic arms.  
Unfortunately both the price and the construction time of this aircraft-fighter 
reflect its quality and are very high as well.  The Jag-D1 has been designed to 
carry air-to-air missiles for long range attack and a cannon to counteract 
alien vessels up close.

Comments: The ultimate plane, make only this once you get the tech.

Red Raider
Armor: 200
Speed: 1900
Fuel: 4000
Places for Units: 8
Monthly Cost: 64000
Price: 260000
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
TA01 Raider is a dual engine tactical air transport that has a main function of 
delivering material, weaponry and personnel over long distances.  It is the 
first generation armored troop transport for the CAF and should remain out of 
enemy crafts fire range fire until a ground assault is needed. The Raider is 
protected by strong ceramic armor, has good maneuverability, is very durable 
and requires little maintenance.  The strong ceramic casing inhibits the 
transport from reaching satisfactory speed. Due to its slow speed and lack of 
offensive weapons, escort protection by interceptors is suggested during flight 
time if the Raider is being brought in while alien fighter craft are present.  
In the air, the raider is unfortunately just an armored sitting duck.  The 
ceramic armor will not last long under alien fire. The Raiders load capacity 
allows 1 heavy weapon platform and 4 fully equipped soldiers or 8 fully 
equipped soldiers. This transport capacity allows the Raider to be used in 
smaller conflicts.

Comments: Your basic trooper carrier, no reason to upgrade for a while unless 
you want to send more units.

Armor: 280
Speed: 2000
Fuel: 42000
Places for Units: 10
Monthly Cost: 110000
Price: 880000
Production Difficulty: Intense
TA02 Thunder is the bigger brother of the TA01 Raider tactical air transport. 
It too sports dual engines but is better armored and has a larger payload than 
its predecessor. Engine tests prove that the stronger propulsion engines have 
enabled an increase the useful load capacity however no remarkable speed 
increase is gained.  Troops are sure to complain as well about the increased 
noise that the engines produce during flight. This will pose a problem during 
the pre touchdown tactical planning session, which normally takes place in 
flight due to the nature of the CAF quick response requirement. The crafts 
construction corresponds to CAF forces ultimate concern of maximum safety for 
carried troopers and mechanized units. UFO craft armor made of solid alien 
alloys was used to armor the fuselage and both engine mounts.  The engines were 
placed quite far from the fuselage so if enemy fire blows up an engine the main 
cabin will not take serious damage. TA 02 Thunder can transport 2 heavy weapon 
platforms and 2 fully equipped soldiers or 1 heavy weapon platform and 6 
soldiers. This transport delivers a big enough payload to match the alien 
threat in small to medium conflicts.

Comments: A little bigger but still slow and can't carry weapons, ignore and 
skip straight to...

Sky Diver
Armor: 350
Speed: 2200
Fuel: 450000
Places for Units: 12
Monthly Cost: 180000
Price: 1800000
Production Difficulty: Intense
The TA03 Sky Diver is a third generation tactical air transport and takes 
advantage of some newly found alien technologies.  Two UFO gravity engines are 
used to power the Sky Diver.  The huge power capacity of the alien gravity 
engines allows for several improvements that the CAF troops and administration 
alike have been clamoring for.  The improvements over its predecessors are; 
much better top speed, improved maneuverability, stronger armor and also a 
bigger useful load capacity.  The Sky Diver can carry 2 heavy weapon platforms 
and 4 fully equipped soldiers or 1 heavy weapon platform and 8 fully equipped 
soldiers. This craft can transport enough forces to cope with enemies in bigger 

Comments: Good to use until the devil fish comes around, higher speed means you 
can reach targets faster.

Devil Fish
Armor: 700
Speed: 3200
Fuel: 50000
Places for Units: 18 (8 of which is reserved for HWPs)
Monthly Cost: 220000
Price: 2500000
Production Difficulty: Nightmare!
SA01 Devil Fish is a strategic transport carrier that renders all our former 
transports obsolete by comparison. It is simply put, bigger, faster, and 
stronger.  It was originally based on the TA03 Sky Diver however; the Devil 
Fish sports a fuselage made of advanced UFO craft armor providing the best 
possible protection.  The Devil Fish is powered by 4 engines that are light 
versions of the Centaurus galaxy engines. The Devil Fish has the greatest 
airlift capacity of any transport the CAF has in its arsenal.  The gain in 
power of the engines is so great that our engineers were able to rig 2 weapon 
mounts on the nose of the transporter. The transport or to be more precise, the 
flying fortress, can be used not only to match enemies in ground conflicts but 
also to ensure air superiority.  The Devil Fish can deliver 3 heavy weapon 
platforms and 6 fully equipped soldiers or 2 heavy weapon platforms and 10 
fully equipped soldiers to the front lines with blazing speed.  Now that this 
transport is available, the joke around the barracks is "I would not be caught 
dead in anything less than a Devil Fish".

Comments: Those who played UFO Defense will remember that the ultimate carrier 
there can be equipped with weapons, as can the Devil Fish.  Unfortunately, you 
can't transfer these to your secondary bases to use as empty fighters.

5.5 Aircraft Equipment
Comments: Unlike UFO Defense, you cannot equip an aircraft with 2 cannons or 2 
missiles as all planes can only use one of each plus a shield.  This makes 
researching both types of weapons important.  Also, while cannons vary in terms 
of reload rate and number of rounds, missiles do not so while its okay to go 
with a cannon that's not the highest tech wise (namely AKEW instead of 
Particle), you always want to get the best missile.

Accuracy: 27
Damage: 6-12
Range: 150
Reload Time: 180
Capacity: 80
Price: 22000
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
It is a twelve-barreled Gating aircraft cannon capable of high-volume rates of 
fire.  For the modern rotating-barrel cannon, electric motors were used to 
rotate the barrel.

Comment: Get the advanced cannon as fast as you can so you can ditch this one.

Advanced Cannon
Accuracy: 29
Damage: 11-18
Range: 175
Reload Time: 200
Capacity: 60
Price: 42000
Production Difficulty: Doable
This weapon is a single-barrel, gas operated aircraft cannon.  It fires a 
substantially harder-hitting projectile, more than twice the weight of the 
Cannon CX-100, 23 mm shell.  The advanced cannon requires a muzzle brake with 
an integrated flame damper to prevent airframe damage from resulting due to its 

Comment: Great to use, doesn't take long to research either.

Laser Cannon
Accuracy: 33
Damage: 21-30
Range: 200
Reload Time: 340
Capacity: 50
Price: 70000
Production Difficulty: Doable
LG-6000 is a ship board heavy weapon designed for dog fighting alien vessels.  
It is a quite bulky because of its need for huge cooling systems however it can 
be mounted on any interceptor.  The laser emitters are protected by a chassis 
made of durable alloys.  The laser beam has to be fired in pulses to prevent it 
from overheating.

Comments: If you are far from plasma, use these but I'd prefer to wait until 
ion before going through all the trouble of building new guns.

Plasma Cannon
Accuracy: 39
Damage: 26-40
Range: 225
Reload Time: 420
Capacity: 35
Price: 98000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The Plasma Cannon is the most formidable weapon of the plasma technology group.
It is based upon Avonium being injected into a plasma filled combustion 
chamber.  In order to compensate for the instability of Avonium a two-chamber 
system has been designed making sure the critical amount is formed just before 
it escapes the weapon.  Great destructive power, long flight distance and high 
density resulting in longer lifetime are all characteristics of the Plasma 
Cannon shot.  These excellent firing features have however taken their toll in 
reload speed.   The process of filling up the combustion chamber and for the 
ignition of the Avonium, makes for a lot of down time between shots.  
Destructive power and increased range are a big advantage more than making up 
for the flaws.  Even though the Plasma Cannon was originally designed to be a 
ship board weapon we expect it to be used also as an accessory of heavy ground 

Comments: Ion is just around the corner so to speak.

Ion Cannon
Accuracy: 46
Damage: 31-50
Range: 250
Reload Time: 480
Capacity: 30
Price: 130000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Ion Cannon is the most powerful implementation of the Ion Technology in our 
weaponry.  It contains a two-segment ion generator capable of accumulating huge 
electrostatic charges.  The charging process consists of two steps. First, a 
sub critical amount of ions is formed in the front segment and then a 
subsequently generated charge is injected in it initiating an immediate 
breakthrough of the particles out of the barrel. The following lightning-like 
discharge is powerful enough to take down practically any flying object that is 
not electrically protected.  The disadvantage of the cannon lies in its massive 
size along with a long charging delay.  The weapon is therefore suitable only 
for air-fighters and heavy combat machines.

Comments: Great weapon to use

AKEW Cannon
Accuracy: 52
Damage: 41-60
Range: 290
Reload Time: 580
Capacity: 20
Price: 180000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The AKEW cannon is the most powerful AKEW technology based weapon.  In contrast 
to other AKEW weapons this cannon includes a bicameral pulse generator.  The 
bicameral generator allows for an increase the total amount of plasma entering 
into the acceleration chamber.  For that reason the acceleration chamber size 
was also increased and the coil winding was stratified.  The AKEW cannon is too 
heavy and cumbersome to be used by ground troops, it can be mounted only on 
interceptors or some heavy weapon platforms.

Comments: I actually like the AKEW cannon more than the particle cannon as it 
has a higher rate of fire (See section 6.6)

Particle Cannon
Accuracy: 60
Damage: 81-100
Range: 320
Reload Time: 2400
Capacity: 10
Price: 300000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Particle Cannon is a mighty Particle Technology-based weapon.  It is 
equipped with an unusually powerful accelerator providing two-phase charging.   
First the plasma serving as particle source is evenly spread along the 
acceleration line by a weak field generated by the weapon, and then in the 
second step the particles are fiercely accelerated starting off a collision 
chain reaction.  This mechanism leads to the creation of a remarkably dense 
particle pulse with extremely destructive powers.  Moreover the durability of 
such a beam in both vacuum and atmosphere is significantly better providing the 
gun with the ability to burst through strong armors over considerable 
distances; let alone living organisms upon which the effects are most 
destructible.  The exceptional features of this weapon have been however 
achieved at the expense of long charging delay connected with the first phase. 
Nevertheless, the Particle Cannon remains a mighty weapon that will undoubtedly 
be disseminating horror and dread among the enemy warriors for quite some time.

Comments: The 'ultimate' cannon, with only 10 rounds and a ridiculously slow 
reload time.

Red Sting Launcher
Accuracy: 45
Damage: 21-25
Range: 280
Reload Time: 1600
Capacity: 4
Price: 30000
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
Red sting is a heat-seeking, short-range, air-to-air missile.  The missile 
consists of four main sections: the guidance system, the IR detector, the 
warhead, and the rocket motor. The missile is guided by the IR detector. The 
blast-fragment based warhead is made of a conical steel casing and filled with 
5kg of pbxn3 designed to automatically detonate an explosive when distance to 
target becomes smaller than a predetermined value, or when the missile passes 
through an alien vessel, in case of proximity-assessment failure.

Comments: Basic missile

Fire Hammer Launcher
Accuracy: 48
Damage: 31-40
Range: 300
Reload Time: 1800
Capacity: 4
Price: 66000
Production Difficulty: Doable
Fire Hammer is a heat-seeking, short-range, air-to-air missile. The missile 
guidance system is armed with a sensitive, cryogenic cooled IR detector.  The 
blast-fragment based warhead is made of a conical steel casing and filled with 
10kg of pbxn3 designed to detonate an explosive when the missile passes through 
a target vessel. The warhead is laced with about 2 kg of depleted uranium to 
increase the penetrating power of the warhead.

Comments: Stronger, so use it.

Green Thorn Launcher
Accuracy: 55
Damage: 46-55
Range: 360
Reload Time: 2000
Capacity: 4
Price: 98000
Production Difficulty: Doable
Green Thorn is a medium range air-to-air missile guided by semi-active radar. 
The missile is guided by information transmitted from the launching aircraft, 
which receives information on targets from its radar system and thereby directs 
the missile's motion. The missile receives data from its launching aircraft 
through a highly sensitive antenna, and is also equipped with its own radar 
guidance system, allowing it to self-navigate in the case of the destruction of 
the launching aircraft.  The rocket stems from the Red Sting model. A more 
compact plasma warhead has enabled the fuel supply to be increased. The 
rocket's disadvantage lies in the necessity to manually input the target's 
parameters when firing from afar, which slows down the firing speed. The plasma 
warhead contains a significant amount of plasma enveloped within a forcefield. 
On impact, this field collapses and unleashes the destructive plasma inside.

Comments: See above

Thunderbolt Launcher
Accuracy: 64
Damage: 61-80
Range: 380
Reload Time: 2200
Capacity: 4
Price: 144000
Production Difficulty: Doable
Thunderbolt is a medium range air-to-air missile combining radar and infrared 
guidance systems. When launched, the missile is guided via information from the 
launch-platform aircraft. As the missile closes in on its target, the missile 
is guided by a Nitrogen-cooled high sensitivity IR detector. The Thunderbolt 
rocket is equipped with an ion warhead, which is actually a more advanced 
version of its plasma equivalent. Unlike its predecessor, however, it doesn't 
contain electrons, which have been removed so that only heavy ions remain, 
causing the explosion to be even more destructive. Furthermore, the warhead 
generates a strong EMP wave which, when detonated, leaves no UFO components 

Comments: See Above

Long Lance Launcher
Accuracy: 95
Damage: 41-60
Range: 600
Reload Time: 1600
Capacity: 4
Price: 210000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Long Lance is a radar-guided air-to-air missile. The missile is designed to 
cover vast distances. The Long Lance's guidance system consists of two stages 
when fired at long range: the Interception Course Stage, during which the 
missile is guided by the launching aircraft, and the Terminal Stage, during 
which the missile enters self-guidance mode, activating its independent radar 
system in order to locate the target. If the target is within proximity of the 
expected location, the missile will self-navigate to the target's position.  
The advanced EEEW warhead triggers a small nuclear fusion when the plasma is 
released. This increases the explosion's effectiveness and simultaneously 
creates a strong EMP wave destroying all debris. The plasma's rotation within 
the EEEW warhead ensures that the target is penetrated by. aggressive beams of 
plasma. This is an important offence against the highly resistant materials of 

Comments: Lower damage, but extremely accurate and faster shooting time, use it 
if you want to but not necessary.

Imperator Launcher
Accuracy: 82
Damage: 121-140
Range: 400
Reload Time: 2800
Capacity: 4
Price: 250000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Imperator is a heavy air-to-air missile. During its first flight phase, it 
is navigated by the command system of the launching vessel. During its second 
flight phase this control is taken over by a cooled IR warhead. The missile is 
maneuvered by aero-dynamical steers in the missile's front segment. However 
these steers have only an auxiliary function during flight, as the missile is 
propelled by a small gravitational engine of omni-directional maneuverability. 
As far as flight distance is concerned, it is only out-flanked by the Long 
Lance missiles by a small margin. The explosive warhead is also impressive. 
Unlike the spherical explosions of previous rockets, the Imperator's explosion 
is focused in a single direction, in order to cause damage that is as severe as 
possible. The explosion's energy is thus not wasted on the external energy 
wave, but entirely focused as a beam (1m in diameter and several tens of meters 
in length). This technology surpasses everything in our possession. The 
antimatter particle shower vaporizes everything in its way. In the second 
flight phase, the missile's computer employs a gravitational engine to fire the 
shot precisely at the enemy UFO, and then activates the warhead. This missile 
is the very best weapon we have against the aliens.

Comments: Strongest missile so use it.

Energy Shield ES1
Armor: 30
Price: 37000
Production Difficulty: None, buy it
The recently found super conductive alloy know by its codename P3YZ01 proved to 
be a satisfactory material for building the Tisnovsky's Coils allowing us to 
generate electromagnetic force fields strong enough to repel the enemy's ion 
and plasma based weapons. We have slightly modified an A03 Plutonium power 
generator which makes it light enough to be placed even on smaller vessels such 
as attack gliders. These shields are powerful enough to fortify our Raptor 
class craft defenses. The defense efficiency's increase was not quite 
breathtaking though as it only made our Raptor class ships approximately 30% 
tougher but even an increase like this is a significant step forward.

Comments: Horray... basic shielding

Laser Shield
Armor: 80
Price: 67000
Production Difficulty: Doable
The advance in laser miniaturization, leading eventually to the birth of HELL 
class weapons, allowed us to use this technology in the area of defense systems 
where the use of sufficient number of lasers had been energetically unbearable.
But now with the HELL technology at our disposal we have been able to put 
together a battery of lasers, which, in conjunction with light-bending fields, 
creates a super dense 3D net of laser rays around the host ship, while the 
energy consumption level stays pretty low.  A material object having flown into 
such a field is immediately burnt up.  Despite the fact that the power 
expenditure is now significantly lower, it is, however, still rather high and 
this technology appears to have certain bugs such as almost no effectiveness 
against stronger energy based weapons.  It seems like another new design will 
be necessary eventually, nevertheless, these shields are still coping with the 
enemy firepower better than their predecessors so they will probably stay in 
our arsenal for some time.

Comments: Get this if you want to, not too important though.

Ion Shield
Armor: 120
Price: 120000
Production Difficulty: Doable
It was obvious that a technology with such a potential as the Ion Technology 
was certainly going to find an application in the area of defense.  Sure 
enough, it has.  As its predecessor - the Laser Shield, seemed more and more to 
be a dead end of the protective barriers' development, another new design was 
desperately needed.  The Ion Shield in fact, is not entirely new, though.  
Actually it exploits the principles of the old good ES1 shield to create a 
force field.  The new thing is that such a force field does not only serve as 
the ultimate protection but rather as an instrument that controls the charged 
ion particles coming from a generator and forms them into a protective layer.  
This solution has proven to have many advantages.  It doesn't only have the 
power of the old ES1 shields brought along by the usage of the same core, but 
it is also further strengthened by the destructive power of high-speed ions in 
the layer, that cause most electronic missiles to explode once they engage the 
barrier.  Nevertheless there are also some disadvantages of the Ion Shield 
Technology. Some of our scientist think we should try to improve the shields 
that are based solely on the force fields and reckon that adding charged 
particles has no future, others believe this is a vital technology, which may 
serve as a means of creating incredibly strong shield, once the aforementioned 
problems are solved and possibly the ions are replaced with lighter charged 

Comments: This'll last you until EEEW comes around.

EEEW Shield
Armor: 180
Price: 200000
Production Difficulty: Hard
A strong electromagnetic field generated by a plasma discharge of some EEEW 
weapons turned out to have a shield-like quality when adjusted to certain 
level.  During tests it reliably endured, diverted or at least weakened most of 
the existing energy shots. Therefore the EEEW technology has been modified to 
give birth to the EEEW Shield designated for protection of smaller ships 
against enemy firepower.  The shield is designed to be placed in the middle of 
a ship predetermined for use in conjunction with this technology.  The device's 
body is composed of a sphere-shaped chamber with a plasma injector.  When 
activated, a massive ball of rotating plasma is generated in the middle of the 
device forming a central force field that is further spread by a system of 
canals throughout the host ship and emitted into a buffer zone surrounding the 
immediate area around the ship.  The enemy fire is then crushed on the shield 
without the slightest chance to harm the ship or its crew.

Comments: Use it if you want, or stick with ion until the particle shield.

Particle Shield
Armor: 220
Price: 300000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The amazing destructive powers of a particle beam made some of our scientists 
think about utilization this kind of technology to neutralize enemy firepower.  
The eventual product was the Particle Shield.  The core of this powerful 
defense mechanism consists of a computer-controlled generator that creates a 
modular dynamic electromagnetic field that can control the charged particles 
and form them into a layer that coats the outer hull of the host vessel.   Due 
to the automatic changes in the field structure the particles are pushed along 
the layer at very high speeds.  When a material object hits the layer it is 
instantly destroyed by the particle stream.  Furthermore, the computer detects 
the deceleration of particle flow caused by such an object trying to penetrate 
and immediately adjusts the control field to intensify the stream in the 
location of the disturbance.  In the case of a charged object on a collision 
course, the control computer detects the disturbance and according to the 
object's mass, charge, velocity and other characteristics calculates the best 
stream adjustment leading to either the object's diversion or destruction. The 
Particle Shield is by far the most efficient shield we have designed.  The 
biggest advantage of this technology is flexibility - thanks to the computer in 
control, this device is able to form a layer of practically any shape with 
custom intensity in every zone.

Comments: Best shield, use it.

5.6 Alien Life Forms
Each type of alien gives a certain amount of experience when killed.  If you 
wound it in some way such as shooting or with a grenade, you'll gain 1/5th of 
the xp its worth.  This will not lessen the amount of xp you get from a kill 
though.  For example, a Destroyer is worth 20xp, and each time you shoot it you 
will gain 4xp.  Soldier A can shoot the destroyer 5 times, gaining 20 xp in the 
process without killing it and then soldier B can shoot it once to finish it 
off.  Soldier B will then also gain 20 experience points, for a total of 40 
from one alien.  Also, commander versions of the aliens may be worth more 
points (unverified).
Note: The value of the experience of each alien is what I can recall from 
memory so they may be inaccurate or incomplete.  I will fill in the correct 
values as I get them.

Value: 20 experience
The Destroyer is a heavy combat robot.   It is used by the aliens to destroy 
resistant targets such as buildings and support vehicles of the CAF.  The 
machine is 2m tall.  It is covered with hard armor plates made of various alien 
alloys.  The plates fit into each other and thanks to their inclination it was 
able to gain considerable respect during our tests as this layout proved 
utterly impervious for whatever projectile weapon we used.  Blast wave, 
explosive ammo, fire and caustic agents, none managed to cause any significant 
damage to the Destroyer.  The robot is powered by a generator based on Avonium 
118.  An interesting feature that we called the Automated Repair Unit (ARU) is 
worth notice as it repairs the damaged parts even in fight.  There are sensors 
located on the head, providing hi-tech thermo vision, superior audio detection, 
and target seeking sonar.  Also located on the head is a communication device 
used during missions for transmitting recon data to other alien units.  
Communication can only be terminated by destroying the transmitter.  The 
destroyer is equipped with a single pulse-ion-cannon which reliably destroys 
our support vehicles.

Comment: This guy has insane armor against mechanical damage so use burning or 
chemical attacks to take him down.  I've also managed to take one down before 
with a single incendiary rocket.

Value: 25 experience
Trilobite is an alien heavy offense unit. It is in principle a small UFO of an 
average of 3 metres in diameter. It is armoured with thick, well-formed plates 
made of alien alloys. Only our heaviest weapons have a real chance to penetrate 
such armour. Ordinary gunfire does no harm to it. During tests, it was proven 
that chemical weapons confirmed have the ability to damage heavy alien armours, 
but a significant concentration of energy is necessary. Flammable weapons don't 
cause any greater damage.  The strongest materials have threefold backup, and 
that is why even penetrating the armour of a combat robot isn't sufficient to 
destroy it.  Trilobite's sensors for battlefield surveillance and precision 
aiming are located within a protective slit in the upper part of the 
Trilobite's armor, which decreases its ability to detect and react to attacks. 
Trilobite has powerful fuel antigravity units, and therefore good acceleration 
and mobility. It also uses a powerful EEEW cannon. Because of its short barrel 
we expected it not to be very accurate, and tests proved that it is not 
suitable for shooting long distance. Trilobite represents an almost perfect 
tank. In all the important factors of success on the terrestrial battlefield - 
gunpower, resistance, and mobility – it ranks superior.

Comments: Very annoying to kill, reminds me of those plasma discs in UFO 
Defense, except these don't explode when they die (thankfully).

Value: 30 experience
Phantom is a 2m tall monster veiled in a mantle that covers everything but its 
prolonged head. The mantel conceals a slim creature with atrophying muscles. 
All of this stays several feet above the ground via an anti-gravitational 
implant located above the haunches. The whole body serves one purpose - to 
supply energy to a large brain and several robotic implants. The most important 
of them is a weapons system that is a perfect miniature of original particle 
weapons. Its large, artificial eyes aim the weapons; enabling rapid and 
accurate targeting. The whole system is extremely destructive. Phantoms 
communicate among themselves by means of telepathy. According to 
interrogations, those Phantoms which we call Commanders have extraordinarily 
developed mental abilities. Thanks to these abilities, a Commander can paralyze 
our soldiers just like Hallucinoid. A Commander's attack is, however, 
significantly stronger. It doesn't even need to see a target, as any other 
Phantom can serve as its temporary remote eye. The Commanders are distinguished 
from other Phantoms by their blue mantles. A Phantom's body is rather 
vulnerable, but it is usually protected by an efficient force field produced by 
hidden generators on its shoulders.  According to our intel, Phantoms are one 
of the whole invasion's leading species and have constructed many other alien 

Comments: Beware as in late game, these guys can take a huge beating (up to 4 
particle rifle shots!)  Their commander is even worse, taking more than 6 
stasis grenades to kill 

Value: 5 experience
Larva is an alien attack unit.  The nearly 1 meter tall creature resembles a 
larva or cocoon.  For a long time, our scientists have failed to determine its 
origin. Now we know that a biological being undoubtedly makes up the 
substantial part of the monster.  Much like other alien life forms we encounter 
in battle, the Larva has been born purely for war. The thick and sturdy outer 
skin envelopes a rather primitive creature only consisting of the most vital 
organs and a rather intelligent brain.  Larva seeks out its victim in a quite 
unusual manner.  The conventional senses are rather subdued and replaced by 
variety of chemical and pressure detectors that are guessed to have their 
centers in the horn-like protuberance on the Larva's head. Huge storage pouches 
filled with strongly caustic venom are also worth notice as they represent the 
Larva's most formidable weapon.  When in danger, the Larva uses a pressure 
mechanism to squirt an amount of this substance at the enemy, whose armor is 
then melted allowing the toxin to penetrate and ultimately kill the victim. 
Immunity to the chemical weapons is understandable as the Larva are chemical 
weapons themselves.  This creature's existence undoubtedly indicated the 
aliens' superiority to us in the area of biochemical engineering and although 
the Larva is already a dangerous adversary notorious for terrorizing our 
civilians we must be prepared for encounters with yet more advanced models.

Comments: Small and weak, but can wreck havoc if your troops are bunched up.

Value: 15 Experience
The Telemat is another alien attack unit.  The nearly 1.5 meter tall creature 
resembles … nothing, as a matter of fact.  According to the soldiers who have 
fought this creature, it is another step in the aliens' attempt to develop the 
perfect chemical worm or, in other words, a successor of Larva. 
Physiologically, there is a resemblance to its predecessor - just a few vital 
organs, caustic blood, dangerous venom etc.; the slender body and impervious 
skin make him, however, a far more difficult target of considerably better 
endurance.  Chemical agents are stored in egg-like containers that can be shot 
out to greater distances with better accuracy. Moreover the acid within is far 
more concentrated and can cover larger surfaces.  The Telemat is known for its 
remarkable senses and the ability to use telepathic waves for recon scans.  
Similar to Larva it employs anti-gravitational units to hover.  However, these 
units seem a little overloaded, which would account for the slight bobbing of 
the Telemat's body that has been noted.  Fortunately, we've been able to 
determine a weak point of this monster - fire.  Fire represents mortal danger 
to Telemats, as high temperature causes its inner balance to collapse and open 
the Telemat to the lethal effects of its own toxins.

Comments: Looks cool

Value: 7 experience
Hallucinoid attacks unarmed civilians mostly, but it poses danger even for our 
soldiers.  The Hallucinoid are nearly 2m tall.  A Hallucinoid uses three eyes 
for navigation.  Each eye appears to have a particular purpose.  One seems to 
provide thermo vision; the others provide night vision and color perception.  
Its brain combines these inputs to create a complex view of the outside world.  
This species uses telepathy to communicate amongst its kin.  Its attack has a 
mental-wave-like characteristic.  The affected person is paralyzed.  The attack 
somehow impacts the victim's brain and prevents it from controlling the body.  
Thus, the limp body becomes an easy target for the Hallucinoid's great pincers, 
known for their steely hardness.  The limit of its psychical powers is not 
known yet.  Their mental wave attack, on the other hand, holds a chance to 
design a counter measure device emitting inverse waves that will nullify the 
Hallucinoid's abilities.  This creature is a weapon of pure terror posing a 
great mental threat.  If we manage to construct a counter device of the 
mentioned features, the Hallucinoid's threat for our troops will drop 

Comments: Really annoying against a small number of troops as they'll paralyze 
them all.

Value: 20 experience
The Priest is a highly advanced alien soldier measuring nearly two meters. Its 
body is nearly entirely shrouded with a protective mantle, which is both 
organic and synthetic in origin. This mantle is sturdy, however poses no 
impediment to modern weapons. Its resistant strength comes mainly from its use 
of an effective force field. The force field is produced by four hidden 
generators concealed within its arms. Priest has no legs, and is instead held 
aloft by the strength of anti gravity generators. A compact weapons and sensors 
system is embedded in Priest's head, forming a single consolidated robotic 
system. It appears there are two types of Priest. The more typical of the two 
uses ion cannons, which fire self-igniting ammunition. For this reason, the 
mantle of this first type is heavily fire-resistant. The less frequent of the 
two types holds a place of higher significance in the aliens' hierarchy, and 
wages highly effective chemical attacks. The mantle of this type is therefore 
extraordinarily chemical resistant. The brain of this Priest is able to produce 
waves influencing the neuro-activity of an opponent and, most remarkably, 
needn't itself see this target in order to strike. It's sufficient for the 
target to be seen by another Priest. We should take particular caution in 
combat with these opponents.

Comments:  Lots of psychic attacks so be very careful.

Value: 5 experience
Chaser is a humanoid critter of the approximate height of 2m. Observation has 
revealed that this creature is actually a cyborg, a hybrid between the organic 
and mechanical. Sturdy robotic legs with 3 toes and 2 knees each make the 
Chaser's silhouette distinctively different from ours and also contribute to 
its specific gait. Unlike the legs, its slender arms only have single elbow 
joints.  The Chaser is known for its agility that makes it a very difficult 
target for gunfire. Moreover, the body is further protected by a fine layer of 
mail, which is amazingly effective in spite of its thinness.  Fortunately, our 
detailed analysis of these aliens has revealed that the Chaser's body is 
already overloaded so we do not have to worry about it ever carrying a kind of 
heavier weapon or armor.  Biological components of the body only provide the 
essential functions.  The digestive system, for instance, is not included and 
the Chaser has to rely upon intravenous feeding.  The brain, however, is rather 
well developed and provides the Chaser with the ability to learn quickly and is 
therefore heavily protected by a strong cranium without neck. Because of the 
powerful brain we can expect the chasers to gradually become more experienced 
and able to carry more sophisticated weapons.  Although the body is protected 
it is quite vulnerable to fire and stun gases.  In spite of that, chemical 
attacks have not proven as effective as we first expected.

Comments: Weak early on, carries EEEW rifles later on, still dies in 1 hit 
though from good weapons.

Terror Floater
Value: 40 experience
Terror Floater is an alien attack unit. A big transparent copula containing a 
living alien might appear somewhat fragile, however the opposite is true. The 
machine is protected by advanced shielding technology that we have already 
encountered on big alien spaceships. The aliens are considerably advanced as 
far as miniaturization is concerned, and demonstrate this by employing their 
ship shields to protect their infantry. The shield is more effective at 
deflecting bullets than any other alien armor. A shot can thus no sooner damage 
the Terror Floater's armor than it can overcome the shield, and by that time 
almost all its kinetic energy is depleted. Not even the ignitable weapons 
appear to cause much damage. The chemical weapons, on the other hand, have 
proven remarkably effective. Once the shield is overcome, there's nothing to 
prevent our chemical cocktail from destroying the armor and subsequently 
killing the alien inside. We must hope that we will soon learn the alien 
weapons technology this machine utilizes. The operator has several assets at 
its disposal. Not the least of which is a pair of retractable particle cannons 
on either side that shoot extremely destructive antimatter particle bolts. 
Moreover it possesses excellent senses that have been further enhanced by 
cybernetic implants. All these factors make the Terror Floater a very deadly 
enemy and the perfect tank. The only chance for victory is superiority in 

Comments: Be very careful with these things as they shoot an extremely powerful 
particle cannon shot at you.  Also, there is a chance they will still retaliate 
with a final shot before they die, which is extremely aggravating.

Value: 30 Experience
Inquisitor is an alien support unit measuring nearly a meter in height. This 
unit is held above the ground by means of anti-gravity forces produced by an 
interior generator. While Inquisitor is mostly inorganic, there resides within 
head a living being. This creature resembles a fat, 30 centimeter-long worm 
immersed in a life-supporting jelly. It didn't surprise us to find that this 
worm is totally dependant both on this jelly and on the robot in which it 
resides. This worm-brain constitutes nearly 80% of the mass of the entire 
entity, and controls the robot's body. The robot itself is armed with unique 
ion weaponry, which fire self-igniting projectiles. The Inquisitor's well 
balanced defence system provides reliable protection from armor-piercing 
weapons and projectiles.

Comments: I didn't run into these much and they didn't seem too hard to kill.
Value: 6 Experience
The Kinglarva is an alien attack unit born purely for war.  The Kinglarva's 
constitution originates from the Larva and does not differ too much at first 
sight; however during our research some improvements over the simple Larva were 
discovered.  The main improvement is in the storage pouch representing the 
Larva's most formidable weapon.  The pouch is thicker and it perfectly serves 
its purpose which is to withstand the toxic substances present in it.  The  
Kinglarva's skin is sturdier and even more resistant to chemical attacks than 
the regular Larva's skin.  The skin also better protects the Kinglarva from 
armor piercing ammo but incendiary weapons proved to still be very damaging.

Comments: The more annoying version of the Larva, still easy to kill.

Value: 15 experience
The Sentinel is an alien combat robot.  It is used for guarding strategic 
positions on the battlefield. Its free legs are considerably bulkier as they 
incorporate gravitational balance-units that are essential to its mobility. 
When flying, the machine is slightly inclined and moves along this inclination.
Simultaneously, the anti-gravitational units ionize the air ahead and create 
some pretty amazing fiery light-effects.  A Sentinel's great strength is its 
extreme durability, most of which is accounted for by the armor, yet it remains 
a pretty tough target to take down even after the armor is disabled. The 
outstanding endurance is however not the only strength of a Sentinel.  It is 
known to possess an extraordinarily effective means of attack that comprises an 
Ion gun as its primary weapon and a beam weapon that can emit an intense 
destructive attack in any direction.  The beam has turned out to be superior 
even to that of our tank cannon.  The Sentinel is rather resistant to both fire 
and chemical attacks.  The Sentinel is especially suitable for close combat 
situations for which, we assume, it has been specifically constructed for. When 
fighting a Sentinel, you are advised to proceed with extreme caution and try to 
attack from afar, if possible.  Unfortunately, victory is not always certain.

Comments: Fairly weak, shoots ion shots.

Value: 8 experience
The Vipon is a tenacious multifunctional alien pawn frequently deployed in 
tactical missions.  This bioengineered species weights approximately 200kg and 
is 2m tall.  It is a biomechanical machine created specifically for combat.  
Its bio-electronic brain is capable of communication with alien command as well 
as with fellow warriors in close proximity.  The body is a remarkable bio-
technical symbiosis.  The skeleton is made of an unknown alloy, which provides 
the body with excellent immunity against bone fractures.  The massive leg of 
this creature conceals a bio-electrical power generator supplying both 
electricity for the mechanical parts and sustenance for the biological 
components.  Both common food and cellulose may serve as power source.  
Although the leg is slow due to its considerable width it is instrumental for 
getting over steep surfaces. A little metal jut on the back operates as an 
oxygen filter supplying muscles with this essential gas.  As far as the senses 
are concerned the Vipon is infamous for his sharp sight which becomes evident 
especially during shootouts.  The audio detection, on the other hand, is not 
very good. The thick outer skin has proven very resistant against projectile 
damage, our tests have however pointed out its vulnerability to chemical agents 
and fire. The critical sections of the Vipon's body are therefore additionally 
protected by metal plates that are still too weak to withstand weapons of a 
heavier caliber.

Comments: A straight copy of the snakemen from UFO Defense, down to their death 
cry.  Tough and can carry EEEW rifles, be careful with them.

Observer is an alien reconnaissance unit measuring less than one meter in 
height. This alien is of entirely synthetic origin, and is able to suspend 
itself above the ground thanks to an anti-gravity generator. Observer's 
reconnaissance system is a product of LIDAR technology (Light Detection and 
Ranging), a process by which distant objects are detected by measuring various 
properties of light. This unit has a well-balanced defence mechanism for 
countering fire and chemical attack, and is resistant to armor-piercing 
projectiles. The unit is also armed with an ion cannon. Observer's properties 
are however best suited to the purposes of reconnaissance, rather than direct 
combat. We surmise that this type of unit is not difficult to assemble for the 
aliens, and stands as a cost-effective means to accomplish surveillance and spy 

Comments: I have not run into this alien in my fights so I do not know anything
about this thing.

Update: I actually found one of these on a terror mission!  They died pretty 

5.7 Alien Vessels & Equipment
Researching these will unlock new advances and the bigger the UFO the harder it 
is to shoot down.  For the UFO layouts, see section 6.5.  Always try to shoot 
them down above land so you have a chance of salvage.  Selling alien equipment 
is one of the primary sources of income, especially late game where certain 
items are worth 100k each.

The alien scout is a small reconnaissance vessel. The fuselage is made of solid 
alien alloys and seems to consist of two layers. The outer layer is made up of 
laminated plates and the inner layer is interlaced with wires of unknown 
functionality. The engine is located in the center of the vessel and seems to 
work on the principle of generating anti gravitational waves. The core of the 
engine consists of a crystal embedded in a pulsating Hadron beam.  The purpose 
of these small nimble UFOs seems to be information gathering, and possibly 
quick encounters with human or animal denizens of earth on a small scale.  
Tactical concerns for this craft are minimal.  The aliens do not seem 
interested in putting up much of a fight in these ships, and the scout does not 
carry enough crew to make a powerful ground attack.

Comments: Small and easy to shoot down.  Stronger weapons have a chance to 
completely destroy them.

The alien fighter is a small combat vessel. It is approximately four times as 
big as the alien scout and can carry a decent load of weapons and crew on 
board. Three Gravity engines keep the Fighter moving. This vessel is equipped 
with an alien berth to treat injured aliens, which points to its obvious 
capability of ground attack missions.  This craft should be considered a threat 
and if underestimated could do significant damage.  Be sure to send a well 
equipped attack ship and substantial ground forces when engaging this craft.

Comments: Tackle these early game with multiple units to avoid them being 

The alien cruiser is a medium sized combat vessel. With the cooperative effort 
of four gravity engines, the alien cruiser is a dangerous opponent in dogfights 
due to its maneuverability and sheer power. The vessel is equipped with a 
gravity control device to pick up heavy loads and secure them on board. The 
cruiser is a versatile vessel able to carry a large crew and cargo load.  This 
ship is a serious threat and can be a devastating force in the air as well as 
cause havoc on the ground with its large attack crew capacity.

Comments: Fast and annoying, make sure you retreat fighters low on health to 
save them.

The alien battle cruiser is a large combat vessel. The battle cruiser consists 
of four cylinders connected by corridors. The shape of the vessel does not look 
aero dynamical however it is this shape that probably allows for good anti 
gravity waves to be generated. There are two engine rooms in the battle 
cruiser, one for the four gravity engines and the second one for two fusion 
reactors. This engine configuration guarantees good maneuverability for such a 
big vessel.  The vessel is equipped with gravity control device to move various 
material and loot into cargo rooms. An alien berth is situated in the lower 
level of the vessel. It can treat up to thirteen injured aliens simultaneously.
The battle cruiser is well protected by an advanced type of craft armor made of 
ultra-solid alien alloys.  The advanced armor along with its enormous size 
makes the battle cruiser a difficult target to shoot down.  This is by far the 
most dangerous ship we have encountered to date.  Be prepared for a fight when 
you see this monster coming.

Comments: Really big and annoying, but their arrival means the chance to get 
the Desert Viper armor.

The alien battleship is the big brother to the battle cruiser and is the 
biggest combat vessel in the alien armada.  It is equipped with powerful 
weapons and a huge crew. The vessel is heavily armored with advanced craft 
armor and powered with two fusion reactors and seven gravity engines located in 
the engine room in lower part of the vessel.  The battleship can perform escape 
maneuvers with great agility thanks to the ASCEA device. This device also 
resides in the engine room and it can store energy for later use when is 
acceleration needed. The alien berth is split between the upper and lower 
levels of the vessel and it has the capacity to treat eighteen aliens 
simultaneously.  The alien battleship is a perfect attack vessel suitable for 
single missions as well as for flotilla leadership.

Comments: Oh boy, unless you send in 6 or more Exterminators(or better) with 
good shields and akew or better weapons, be prepared to lose a few fighters.

UFO Flight Control
Aircraft flight control allows a pilot to adjust and control the alien vessel 
in flight.  The pilot has 3 displays available.  The dominant center display 
shows navigation information and the displays on the sides show combat 
information about weapons, shields and targets.  The flight control can be 
operated by voice and a manual keyboard.  The hart of the flight control is a 
molecular computer that analyses the pilot's voice and controls the complex 
gravity engines.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Craft Armor
Alien craft armor protects an alien vessel against physical damage.  The armor 
consists of two layers.  The outer layer, made of an alien alloys, is very 
solid and protects the ship against mechanical damage.  The inner layer 
consists or superconductive wires that generate an electromagnetic field.  This 
field is projected along the surface of ship and deflects enemy fire as well as 
space debris that would normally damage the ship in flight.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money, at 25k each they are pretty 
good money makers early game.

UFO Gravity Engine
The aliens use very advanced gravity engines created with an element not found 
on earth for propulsion of all UFO craft. The engines work on the principle of 
the space deformation caused by vibration of gravitational waves.  The core of 
the engine is an Avonium crystal embedded in a pulsating Hadron beam.  At the 
proper beam frequency an impulse gravitational wave comes into existence in the 
Avonium crystal.  The gravitational wave can be modified by the Hadron beam 
frequency and the level of beam intensity. The gravitational wave gives UFO 
craft incredible maneuverability which makes them a very elusive target for our 
conventional weapons in dogfight confrontations.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Alien Berth
Alien berth treats injured aliens.  The berth exists in all bigger UFOs with 
larger crews that are expected to participate in landing missions.  The injured 
crew member is inserted in the berth and is surrounded with a dense fusion 
emulsion.  Nanobots located in the dense fusion perform the required surgical 
procedures and distribute the necessary pharmaceuticals.  The nanobots are 
coordinated by a central computer that is provided with detailed information on 
the patient including DNA chains for extensive regeneration.  The nanobots are 
small enough of course to navigate inside the body to execute the necessary 
operation.  A nerve stimulator located in upper part of the berth helps to 
eliminate trauma caused by the injury and provide anesthetic.
Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Gravity Control
Gravity control is a piece of alien equipment found aboard ships that enables 
the aliens to in some way remotely control gravity up to a few hundreds meters 
far from their vessel.  Manipulation of heavy objects is the most likely 
utilization of the gravity control device.  CAF Scientists have hypothesized 
that gravity control units are also used for abducting humans, cows and other 
animals for experimental purposes.  However we still do not know why the aliens 
seem to choose cows as the target of their experiments.  The gravity control 
has its own energy generator and two gravity alternators that allows movement 
of two objects simultaneously.  The gravity control device is not of  much use 
for us in the fight against the alien threat, however the understanding of some 
general principles used in these machines has advanced our knowledge in the 
study of  gravity engines and gravitational manipulation.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Power Distribution
The alien power distribution units distribute energy to all parts of the 
vessel.  Huge output of gravity engines requires special regulating equipment 
so that the energy can be effectively distributed.  The power consumption of 
various elements of the vessel can fluctuate so in certain conditions one 
component can consume energy at the expense of other parts of the vessel 
causing havoc in the system as a whole.  The power distribution units prevent 
this from being a problem.  They contain 6 power conduits: 2 of them are 
connected to engines, one to the sensors, one to the weapons, one to the 
gravity device and one to the shield.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money
UFO Reactor
The alien fusion reactor works on the principle that energy is released by 
forcing together atomic nuclei.  During the process two light atomic nuclei 
fuse together to form a heavier one. The fusion process releases a large amount 
of energy.  The Esperanza scientists always considered fusion reactors unstable 
and highly risky devices since an experimental fusion reactor blew up in 2015 
in Cadarache, France on planet Earth.  Unlike people, the aliens seem to have 
mastered the construction of fusion reactors. The aliens mount these reactors 
in their largest Battleships to have an alternate energy source when they run 
out of fuel for their primary engines.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Advanced Flight Control
The advanced flight control is an improved version of the flight control 
intended for bigger alien vessels.  The main change consists in the enhanced 
user interface allowing 2 pilots to control the ship in flight.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Advanced Craft Armor
Larger alien vessels are well protected by advanced type of craft armor.  The 
advanced craft armor uses the same fundamental two layer approach as the 
regular craft armor but adds a few improvements.  Advanced craft armor takes 
advantage of laminated plates made of ultra-solid alien alloys forming the 
outer layer of the armor.  Again the inner layer of the armor consists of 
superconductive wires generating a much stronger electromagnetic field than 
typical craft armor that protects the alien vessel by deflecting surface 
impacts from enemy fire and space debris.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Energy Accumulator
Alien Capital Ship Energy Accumulator is a high capacity energy accumulator.  
The energy is stored in a pure electromagnetic form so it can be immediately 
distributed.  Alien Battleships utilize stored energy in emergency situations 
to perform escape maneuvers.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Space Flight Computer
Alien vessels capable of interstellar travel are invariably equipped with a 
special molecular mainframe called the UFO Space Flight Computer. These 
devices, used for both navigation and control of the gravitational hyper drive 
engines, are biomechanical hybrids.  They are produced by controlled mutation 
and cultivation of lab-grown brain tissue.  Various systems are connected to a 
fully grown ship computer not unlike senses to the human brain (e.g.: 
gravitational hyper drive engines, onboard scanners, cameras, radiation 
sensors, the computer's own eye, etc.).  The brain possesses considerable 
intelligence as well as the abilities of fast learning and vocal interaction 
with the crew.  Its vast memory contains a huge 3D space map of yet unknown 
extent that allows for virtually immediate location-recognition provided by 
super fast real time comparison.  In hyperspace the orientation is enabled by 
tracking the relict radiation, which is basically like compass navigation.  In 
operation, the brain receives and processes queries.  When a demand for space 
voyage is received the brain makes sure the most efficient route is calculated 
and takes over the hype drive engines' control.  Then, by a delicate and 
accurate employment of the engines a hyperspace window is formed and further 
sustained for the ship to be able to pass through.  We assume that without the 
computing power of this device the Aliens would not be capable of effective 
space travel.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

UFO Freezing Unit
The freezing unit is a complex device adjusted for all alien organic species, 
protecting them from post-hyper jump shock caused by extreme space time 
curvature.  In essence it is a hibernation device used to suppress living 
functions of the crew during long distance interstellar travel.  First the 
alien is sedated; secondly body temperature is rapidly decreased.  This slows 
breathing, and lowers the subject's metabolic rate.  The freezing unit seems to 
be one of the requisites for interstellar travel.

Comments: Research, then sell extras for money

5.8 Alien Intentions
You gain these most of these techs by researching live commanders, the only one 
that does not require a live commander is Living Aliens.  Researching these can 
also unlock science advancements, so do not put them off.

Living Aliens
Alien Society is divided into castes of greater and lesser importance. The 
aliens of highest importance are Commanders, who are present onboard the larger 
vessels, such as battleships. They are the only ones who know the strategies 
and protected secrets of the alien brigade. They are useful assets for us in 
this respect. These are the only aliens you are to capture alive. Other aliens 
are of no use to us.

Comments: Any capture of a live alien will get you this one, after that only 
commanders will do.

Alien Origins
According to our intelligence, the alien life forms invading our worlds do not 
come from Solar System within the Milky Way, as first suspected. They seem to 
have found a way to harness a black hole's energy to establish a wormhole from 
a far-off galaxy that we've been unable to learn much about.  Nevertheless, 
some basic data have been collected. The aliens are led by an enormous, organic 
cerebrum that is situated in the very middle of their mothership. This brain 
might once have a corporeal form not unlike the other aliens' or even ours. Due 
to years of evolution and most likely genetic manipulation, however, it evolved 
to the form it's guessed to have today - a creature living in symbiosis with 
the main ship's computer. This race of aliens reached such a high technical and 
intelligence level that, having no equal adversary in its part of universe, 
they came to believe in their own divinity. Because of this conviction, they 
set off to enslave the many populated worlds of the Universe and force their 
inhabitants to worship them.

Comments: Yay, plasma!

The Alien Mothership
The enormous alien Mothership is the logistic center and brain of the alien 
colony swarm.  The ship is heavily fortified, and serves as the armory and 
nerve center of the entire alien colonization army.  The Mothership provides a 
seemingly endless stream of new soldiers to the alien colonization army, that 
they breed in clone vats onboard. Huge stores in the Mothership are full of 
supplies that are being continually renewed from the materials that the alien 
army loots and strip mines from the worlds they have conquered. The control 
center is a heavily protected, glorious module that makes up the hub of the 
Mothership.  The rest of the Mothership is made up of connecting sections 
containing a variety of colony sustaining elements such as, hatcheries, 
workshops, storage, laboratories, life support, training centers and a port for 
their attack fleet, with thousands of docks for all configurations of alien 
vessels. This Mothership can support the entire Alien armada for an indefinite, 
if not infinite period of time.  It is the single biggest threat to the 
civilized universe that humankind has ever encountered.  The Mothership is 
literally the horror of mans worst nightmare incarnate.

Comments: Take a wild guess at guess where the end level will be.

Avonium is the most prized crystalline matter and a staple of the entire alien 
technology.  In fact, it is a chemical element of a high atomic mass, which is 
due to its relatively short half-life, a rather rare substance in the universe.
As all the other elements heavier than Ferrum, Avonium traces its origin to the 
hell-like conditions present during a supernova's end-of-life explosion.  
Because of its high atomic weight it however tends to decay rather quickly 
leaving lighter elements behind.  This feature causes its fast dissipation. 
Nonetheless, there is the chance for the Avonium particles to be captured 
within a certain crystal lattice where the atomic instability can be 
compensated.  Avonium stabilized this way sustains its inner structure for 
ages.  It is however not difficult to violate this stable state using a ray of 
Hadron particles.  When set on the right frequency, the Hadron beam is able to 
disrupt the crystal matrix while forcing its particles to resonate and 
subsequently split their nuclei as a part of a massive chain reaction.  The 
process is accompanied by an enormous energy output and generation of 
gravitational waves used by the Aliens' graviton-based hyper drive engines.

Comments: This is what the aliens are after.

Aliens' Attack on Earth
The expeditionary spacecraft with the invasion swarm entered our Solar System 
secretly in July 2025.  Once they had passed the Oort cloud there was nothing 
to stand in their way to Earth; a planet that had immediately drawn their 
attention.  Having conquered many planets before, they promptly started their 
practiced invasion procedure.  By early December 2025 the attack had begun.  
The first fleet of warships struck against Earth's major cities.  A vain 
attempt by the humans to form a resistance was soon repressed harshly by the 
second fleet that had been standing by.  People were being slaughtered without 
mercy.  Sure enough, they were defeated in several days and the Earth was soon 
infested by hordes of Aliens.  But before this happened, the people managed to 
identify the mothership as the base of Alien operation and during a great 
battle, succeeded in blowing up a substantial amount of the mothership's fuel, 

Comments: I will have vengeance!

Avonium Supply Container
Avonium Storage Container, or ASC, is a strongly armored unit used for both 
storage and transportation of material.  As the name suggests, its main purpose 
is the storage of spare Avonium that is used for powering up the mothership's 
engines.  The ASCs do not have a driving mechanism and they are usually 
attached to the outer sections of the mothership. When empty, the containers 
are detached and taken by a cargo ship to a conquered planet rich in Avonium to 
be replenished from its mines.  By a well-considered nuclear attack on the 
mothership the people of Earth managed to break the vessel's defenses in a 
weak-shielded location and subsequently destroy a great many of these tanks.  
Such an action must have undoubtedly compromised the mothership's vast energy 

Comments: After this part you'll be able to see how much avonium the aliens 
have collected.

Energy Crisis
The Alien Mothership does not have sufficient energy for further spaceflight. 
The ship is currently resting in a stable position at a Lagrange point, 
providing a harbor for alien space cruisers, battleships and other vessels. We 
can say with certainty that further movement is impossible without refueling.  
Alien scouts have been earnestly searching nearby planets for a source of the 
crystal Avonium, and their searching has recently met success. These scouts 
rapidly uncovered the planet Esperanza not long after the attack on planet 
Earth. This planet is rich in many minerals, including Avonium, the only 
possible local source of fuel.

Comments: Too bad for the aliens Esperanza is also the planet we currently live 
on so they can't have it.

Avonium on Esperanza
The main reason for the alien raids on Esperanza are to pillage its mineral 
deposits, especially its Avonium, which they use as an energy source for their 
ship. The Avonium Storage Containers of the Alien Mothership have been empty 
for a long time, but they are slowly beginning to be filled with Esperanza's 
Avonium. Not unlike bees, the aliens have been diligently gathering Avonium 
from Esperanza's mines, and transporting the yield to their hive - the 
Mothership. As soon as this huge spacecruiser has received enough energy to 
resume flight, Esperanza will become its first destination, and will be doomed.
In spite of our best efforts, we will never be able to fully eliminate alien 
activities on our planet. Their technology surpasses ours, and they will always 
find a way to avoid our sensors, to mine outside our surveillance, and to 
convey the yield to their Mothership.  It seems, therefore, that prevention of 
alien entry to the planet is not the answer, and that the only way to save our 
world from impending invasion is by destroying the Mothership while it still 
remains suspended in Earth's vicinity, at a Lagrange point. Time is against us.

Comments: Sneaky aliens, can't stop them I guess.

The aliens seem to have quickly taken over the whole human population of the 
planet Earth.  All the people there have been forcibly united into a nation of 
slaves.  They are exploited in planetary-wide labor, pushed to grow the Alien 
flora and fauna and made to serve the aliens by mining minerals for the 
mothership's needs.  The Earth has become a supply depot for the Aliens in this 
galaxy.  On Earth man is no longer at the top of food chain, the Aliens are.  
For the purposes of transportation of supplies from the Earth, the Aliens have 
built the Star port.


The Alien Shuttle is a medium sized combat and transport, cruiser class vessel 
used to carry large payloads such as industrial minerals, food, or even humans 
to be used as experimental guinea pigs.  The shuttle operates at frequent 
intervals on a route between the star port and the alien Mothership.  The 
Mothership is standing by in the Lagrange point between the Earth and the Moon 
where the gravitational forces are exactly equal.  The Shuttle is equipped with 
a gravity control device to pick up heavy loads and secure them on board.  
There is also an identification device SRO2 that enables the shuttle to reply 
to incoming identification requests from the Mothership.
Comments:  Do I see a plot hatching?

SRO-2 Device
SRO2 is an identification device that enables an alien Shuttle to reply to 
incoming identification requests from the MotherShip. This device is crucial 
for all vessels shuttling between the starport and the MotherShip.  Upon 
approaching the MotherShip, all vessels are transmitted an identification 
request, to which an SRO2 chip automatically responds.  Without proper 
identification, no Shuttle is granted entry into the MotherShip, and may even 
be destroyed upon failure to immediately respond to the MotherShip's request.  
Only high-ranking alien officers are authorized to activate an SRO2 at the 
beginning of a flight. A sophisticated security function protects all SRO2 
devices from unauthorized access.

Comments: Definitely working up to something here...

Revolt on Earth
Attempts by small bands of brave humans to resist alien oppression have had to 
go underground. These rebels have centralized their activities in a secret 
underground base, well hidden from alien intelligence. The aliens have been 
doing their best to try to uncover the location of this base, and it seems only 
a matter of time before they eventually find it, however for the time being the 
base's location remains secure. We have received information that the rebels 
have succeeded in stealing an SRO2 device, and it's very likely that they are 
currently working on hacking into its security system.

Comments: Death to the rebellion!  Kidding!

Vampire Engine
For throwing Motherships into gear the aliens need an enormous amount of 
energy. It is not possible to generate the energy from a reasonable amount of 
Avonium by gravity engines.  For a colossus like the Mothership the gravity 
engines are an insufficient energy source.  The Alien Mothership uses an 
alternate energy source.  We call this source the Vampire engine.  According to 
what our scientists were able to learn from the alien commander, the Vampire 
engines are able to somehow suck energy from the substance of space-time by 
using an array of synchronized Avonium crystals and extreme space time 
curvature.  The effect is called Fake Vacuum Fluctuation.

Comments: Allows generator research.

The Infiltration Plan
While we do our best to defend Esperanza from mineral plundering by aliens, the 
intruders remain successful in stealing Avonium from Esperanza, for their 
technology surpasses ours, and they will always find a way to avoid our 
sensors. Prevention of alien entry to Esperanza is not the answer, and the only 
way to save our world from impending invasion is by destroying the MotherShip 
while it remains suspended in Earth's vicinity. Centaurus is the vessel best 
suited to this mission. Centaurus will follow a pre-planned course, manned with 
the best and most highly trained soldiers, who upon landing on Earth will be in 
contact with the local rebels in order to obtain information about the 
activities and location of the StarPort. Hopefully, we will obtain a hacked, 
decoded SRO2 device from the rebel forces. We will then launch a sneak attack 
on the StarPort, and after seizing control of the port, we will install the 
SRO2 device into one of the alien Shuttles. The captured Shuttle will be 
piloted to the MotherShip, wherein we will instigate the final step of the 
Infiltration Plan: taking over the MotherShip from within.

Comments: Sounds like a good plan.

SRO-2 Device (#2)
We have successfully obtained an SRO2 device, and carefully studied its 
functions. The device has now been decoded by Earthling hackers, and is ready 
for use onboard an alien Shuttle. This enables us to activate the device, and 
use it as a form of identification in communications between the alien 
MotherShip and our captured Shuttle. We hope that this device will ensure that 
the MotherShip will open its doors to us, and allow us to land in its docks, 
thinking we are amongst its brood. But first, we must fly to the abandoned city 
of Durham, where allies tell us hidden plans for the alien StarPort are 

Starport Plans
The StarPort lies in Cape Canaveral. On the very place where people used to be 
launched in spacecraft to the stars, an alien StarPort was founded. The 
blueprints we found in the abandoned city of Durham were drawn to such 
precision, that we had reason to believe that the people had agents amongst 
aliens. These plans show how to enter the gates into the StarPort, the rooms 
and halls, storage facilities, navigation room and landing platform of the 
alien Shuttle. Thanks to these blueprints, the infiltration can be accomplished 

Comments: Cape Canaveral, DUH.  Would've been the first place I'd look for a 

5.9 Centaurus
To attack the aliens, first a ship must be built, and doing this requires a 
heck load of research and money to produce the components.  You'll be spending 
a lot of time on it for sure.

Project Centaurus
The discovery of a UFO Gravity Engine capable of space distortion opens 
undreamed-of possibilities in interstellar travel. Producing a suitable engine 
is, however, only one of many necessary steps that must be taken before this 
project can be accomplished. We can expect  to experience both disappointment 
and triumph on the road towards mastery of this means of space travel.  It will 
definitely be necessary to develop new materials for construction, including a 
new computing technology able to both immediately determine the ship's location 
in space, and navigate safely within a distorted environment. At this time, we 
cannot even say for sure whether the human body will be able to withstand such 
dangerous conditions.  Development of a spaceship capable of spacetravel across 
incurved space will assuredly be one of the most daunting tasks which humankind 
has ever undertaken. Once achieved, however, it will be also one of its 
greatest accomplishments, opening up a plentitude of new possibilities for 

Comments: Have spacesuit, will travel.

Spaceship Alloys
As material for both the inner and outer bearing structures of the Centaurus 
ship an improved version of the Advance Craft Armor has been used to fulfill 
the need for a material of better mechanical and shielding characteristics 
required for a construction this big and intricate.  The main enhancement was 
the elimination of the low mechanical consistency of the superconductive 
threads that had deteriorated the total mechanical compactness.  The threads 
have been replaced with special superconductive large-volume composite.  The 
composite does not only provide a larger cross-section of the conductor 
allowing for greater currents implying stronger fields for the shields, but 
also contributes to the increase of the total hull integrity and helps thus 
protect the ship from the undesirable accelerated stardust particles.

Comments:  Tortoise armor... whoopee?

Engine Injector
Price: 250000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Centaurus engine needs for its function a source of Hadron.  A system of 
large linear accelerators was shown as the best solution.  The accelerators are 
directed at one point in which the accelerated particles agglomerate and 
produce a concentration of subatomic particles from which a group of Hadrons is 
filtered on the basis of matter spectrometer.  Owing to the demand on small 
size and short line of accelerators and their continuous function, the 
accelerators are constructed for extreme output and are supplied by 
annihilation source which takes the matter and antimatter from the generator.  
The matter from the generator is also used for acceleration of which its 
continuous supply is secured.  The injector is a very intricate and powerful 
component which is crucial for engine functions and thereby also for the 
success of the whole mission.

Comments:  Another useless component.

Price: 1500000
Production Difficulty: Nightmare!
A ship of Centaurus's size and mass requires and extremely strong gravitational 
engine propulsion in order to render it capable of interstellar travel. In 
order to meet these requirements, we redesigned the original concept behind 
alien engines and made them more efficient and reliable, and therefore suitable 
to our purposes. First it was necessary to increase the Avonium chamber's 
supply capacity, in order to allow increased Avonium retention and intensify 
gravitation wave generation. In order to ensure sustained hadron generation, 
particularly in circumstances of heavy space distortion, we had to insert an 
additional stabilization hadron buffer into the output injector. This solution 
required further redesigning of the hadron filter control system so as to 
increase its reliability.  As a result of all our adjustments, we have gained 
an extraordinarily reliable and powerful gravitational engine, which not only 
meets all international space-vessel safety and quality requirements, but even 
exceeds them. When this war is over and the aliens are at last defeated, 
Centaurus' class of ships will be certainly remain the primary means of 
exploring unknown parts of the universe.

Comments:  Expensive to make and takes a long time to research.

Landing and Storage Platform
Price: 150000
Production Difficulty: Doable
With regard to the Centaurus' size it would be impractical if this colossus had 
to land everytime a recon is needed. For such tasks we have designed smaller 
transporters and scout ships, to carry out missions outside of the vicinity of 
Centaurus' landing site but still within planetary bounds. To accommodate these 
vessels, a landing platform has been incorporated into the ship's plans so that 
Centaurus can serve as a harbor for them. This facility can refuel and repair 
the plane, and it also has a storage capacity sufficient to stock supplies.  
The platform is located on the very bottom of the ship and is accessible by an 
external gateway. In order to avoid undesirable pressure drops in the hangar 
bay, the entrance is protected by a special one-way shield that allows objects 
from outside to enter but prevents the inner atmosphere from escaping.


Distribution Point
Price: 270000
Production Difficulty: Doable
A ship like the Centaurus contains a huge amount of facilities that need 
multiple energy supplies.  Because of the enormous size of the ship, its 
overall consumption and distance from the central energy source, energy 
distribution becomes a problem.  For the facilities that require small and 
medium sized energy supplies, an electric main backup in each ship's section 
will do.  For the facilities with high energy requirements, power supply would 
be an insurmountable problem because of distribution difficulties and because 
of the interruptions caused by electromagnetic fields.  As a result these 
facilities were equipped with miniature annihilators and an antimatter supply 
was designed by a special distribution system.  Due to the efficacy of the 
annihilation process, only a small amount of antimatter is needed to produce a 
huge amount of energy.  Energy transfer inside the ship's hull does not 
generate any unwanted fields and its supply and distribution including backup 
emergency accumulators of antimatter in various sections offers an ideal and 
very simple solution.


Price: 500000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The Generator is an energy source which utilizes the energy of the very essence 
of space. At the system's core is a Vampire Engine, producing matter and 
antimatter particles via united gravitational units based on the 
desymetrization of spatial fluctuations. The device's output is a disorderly 
stream of particles and antiparticles.\nThis stream is filtered through the 
Generator by strong electrostatic fields which separate the matter and 
antimatter and feed them into either the injectors of driving systems, or into 
an annihilation cell for energy generation. The Generator is an efficient, 
reliable energy source that will be used as an auxiliary power source for 
interstellar travel.


Hibernation Room
Price: 400000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Although the transit through space curved by gravitation motors significantly 
shortens interstellar travel, a strong acceleration in various directions has 
impact on the ship. As it is impossible to exclude with certainty the 
occurrence of acceleration peaks with intensities threatening life-forms, 
hibernation in a specific hibernation cubicle filled with liquid turned out as 
the most suitable survival way.  Without hibernation, the acceleration effect 
resembles, a high fall onto a concrete sidewalk.  Organs and tissues are 
deformed and bones may break.  With immersion into liquid, inertial force 
generated by acceleration is transformed and its effect on living organism is 
like diving into larger depth of water, which the organism can endure much 
better.  Apart from that hibernation cubicles also serve as a rescue means in 
case of gravitation engine failure when it is possible to reach a destination 
with sub luminous (infra luminous) flight in several decades or centuries in 
the state of hibernation.


Pilot's Cabin
Price: 600000
Production Difficulty: Hard
The nerve centre and brain of Kentaur is the pilot cabin. It consists of the 
navigation panel, the flight-course computer, the outputs of close-range 
sensors, and also the status panels of the ship. During subluminous speed-
flights and in conflict situations, two pilots operate the ship from the pilot 
cabin. This cabin is used for piloting during the subluminous part of 
interstellar flights, and to prepare the autopilot to transverse curved space.  
The main crew consists of a pilot and a copilot, who are together able to 
operate the ship. If necessary either may also fill the role of flight 
mechanic, whose position is in the back of the cabin. The flight mechanic can 
take over control of the cockpit system, for example during a conflict 

Comments: Hey cool, new fighter technology!

Navigation Room
Price: 1000000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Centaurus navigation is a modification of UFO space flight navigation, adapted 
to human needs. The primary components of the Centaurus system are a molecular 
computer and navigation sensors, which include sensors able to detect relict 
radiation. This newer system comes equipped with a navigation desk, which has a 
large-screen panel enabling dual-pilot navigation. The tactical advantages of 
this panel include increasing maneuvering accuracy during meteor storms and 
through areas of dense interstellar matter. While the crew is in hibernation 
during hyperspace jump, Centaurus navigation initiates autopilot communication 
with the built-in UFO space flight navigation. The autopilot deploys a 
remarkably intelligent artificial navigation system, capable of solving of 
actual flight situations, to communicate with the flight-course computer in the 
place of a human pilot. In the case of an emergency, the autopilot can 
interrupt the flight and dehibernate the crew.  Centaurus navigation is a 
successful modification of alien technology that, thanks to its capabilities 
and reliability, ensures a stealthful sneak attack upon an alien-occupied 


Price: 380000
Production Difficulty: Hard
Centaurus Laboratory is intended for the spaceship Centaurus. Thanks to this 
laboratory, we are able to research new discoveries during Centaurus missions.  
The Centaurus Laboratory arose out of the original concept for the research 
laboratory at the CAF base. Nevertheless it was necessary to redesign the 
original concept. It was necessary to reduce the laboratory's size, and ensure 
against the interference from Centaurus' other facilities, most of all from the 
force field while Centaurus enters curved space. On the other hand, the 
facility has access to the computing capacity of Centarus' central 
supercomputer. The control unit of the nanobot has been successfully reduced by 
more than 70%. We have improved the simulation algorithms, and despite the fact 
that the laboratory has only a limited capacity, the crew of Centaurus will 
have access to the most modern technologies from our wars with aliens. We don't 
know what we will discover through Centaurus' expedition, but the onboard 
laboratory gives us the ability to deal with every challenge.


Living Quarters
Price: 100000
Production Difficulty: Easy
Centaurus crew members spend time in their living quarters unless they are in 
hibernation.  It is a room in which the crews sleep, eat and relax when their 
daily duties are over and which provide the crew with necessary comforts.  
During the central rest period, substituting planetary night, most of the room 
is filled with folding beds on which the crews sleep.  In the morning the beds 
are folded and set into the ceiling and the free room is used for daily 
activities of the crew. Good living conditions of the crew are one of the key 
factors for keeping up high morale and ultimately mission success.


Centaurus Intergalactic Spaceship
The Centaurus is an intergalactic spaceship designed for interstellar travel. 
The revolutionary hyper-drive gravitational engine is responsible for the 
extreme propulsion which allows Centaurus to set off on interstellar journeys 
at breathtaking speed, however it isn't the only mechanism that had to be 
developed before this ship could be considered complete. An entirely new 
propulsion system based on artificial space distortion, a technology we 
basically learned from our enemy, has not only proven an extremely efficient 
means of space travel, but also an extraordinarily high consumer of energy. 
Fortunately our scientists came up with another, equally revolutionary new 
technology capable of producing sufficient energy by extracting power from 
spatial essence itself. Many other troubles arose while perfecting this truly 
state-of-the-art means of transportation. We had to figure out the fitting 
constitution of the hull's composites in order make them able to withstand the 
extreme conditions caused by distorted space, and we also had to create a new 
means of navigation in that environment. Finally, we also had to ensure the 
safety of the vessel's crew, as all our endeavors would have come up empty had 
we not assured their survival in the first place. We now believe our work has 
been completed, and Centaurus is ready for boarding.

Comments: Awsome, my very own spaceship!  Warp 9!  Err... wrong ship I guess.

6.  Tips and Strategies

6.1 Training and Equipping Your Troops

Every time your soldier hits or kills something, they will gain experience, 
gain enough experience and they'll gain a rank, which allows you to put 5 
points any way you want into their attributes.  The following is a rank chart 
and approximately how much experience is required to obtain that rank.  As near 
as I can tell, the amount of experience required actually varies (possibly 
varies as much on the +/- value).  Lowest I've seen a rookie hit private is at 6
experience though, it'd be interesting to try and see a 0 experience private.

Rank                    Experience Needed
Rookie                  0
Private                 15 +/-15
Private First Class     35 +/-37 
Corporal                65 +/-49
Corporal First Class    110 +/-66
Sergeant                171 +/-91
Sergeant First Class    260 +/-129
Staff Sergeant          530 +/-196
Warrant Officer         1100 +/-271
Lieutenant              1880 +/-399
Captain                 3060 +/-592
Colonel                 5200 +/-880

Experience Farming
What is experience farming exactly?  Well late in the game, as you get new 
recruits, you want to be able to keep them alive long enough for them to gain 
experience since they start out in bad armor and low health against really 
tough enemies like terror floaters.  One way to rank them up is through this 

Equip your new troop with as many normal grenades (and 1 or 2 stasis grenade) 
as you can and a NORMAL pistol.  Take along at least one heavy weapons platform 
(hammer, anaconda, etc).  You want to position your HWP between the rookie and 
the high xp target and let your rookie blow it up slowly with grenades.  This 
way, they gain 20% of the total xp of the target per turn, on terror floaters, 
this means they gain 8 xp for every grenade or pistol shot.  I pick pistols 
because they require very small mounts of time units and do relatively few 
damage.  Of course, once you got enough xp, you want to kill the unit for even 
more xp so that's when you toss a stasis grenade.  The HWP should have enough 
armor to withstand the assault and therefore protect the rookie.

Primary Attributes:
Agility   – The higher the agility the more action points you have.
Vitality  – Vitality determines your health total.
Bravery   – Bravery determines how much morale you start with.
Strength  – Strength determines what equipment you can use.
Reactions – Higher reactions allow better chances at reacting to enemy 
            movements as long as the soldier have action points remaining.
Throwing  – Throwing accuracy
Shooting  – Shooting accuracy

Secondary Attributes
Action Points – Every action consumes action points, be it walking or shooting.
Health Points – When your health drops to 0, your soldier 'dies'.
Morality      – When a soldier reaches 0 health or if they are under a psi
                attack, your morale will drop.  Once this reaches 0, your 
                soldier will be paralyzed for a turn.  You regain a small 
                amount of morale each turn.
Armour        – How well you are defended when you get hit.

Assigning Attributes
The order of importance for attributes generally follows the following 

Top Tier
Shooting    - Your soldiers start out with horrendous shooting skills with a 
              30-40% chance of connecting.  Raise this up to 65~70 ASAP.  Any  
              more makes it not as useful since around 70 gives you a 99% 
              chance of shooting anything that's within sight range.  However, 
              there are special tactics you can use for someone with higher 
              shooting accuracy.  (see below.)
Agility     - More AP means you can move more per turn.  Shooting time is based 
              on a percentage of the total amount of APs available to the unit 
              so you will not be able to shoot more with more agility, only 
              move more.
Strength    - >>>DO NOT NEGATE STRENGTH<<<, it will be much harder to advance
              levels later on in order to fulfill the requirements for some 
              armor and equipment as it takes more xp and you have to fight 
              harder enemies.  By the time you are a sergeant, you should have 
              at least 60 strength, but do not assign more than 70 unless you 
              have a heavy armor type person, in that case you need 90 strength 
              for tortoise armor.

Middle Tier
Vitality    - More health is always good.
Reactions   - Some people like to have high reaction time to shoot enemies on 
              their turn, I just prefer to use up all my APs on my turn 
              instead.  Put more points into this if you are the former type.

Bottom Tier
Bravery     - Not important at first but becomes increasingly more important 
              late game with increased number of psi attacks and loss of morale 
              from deaths.  The higher the rank of the soldier the bigger the 
              morale hit is for others.  Vehicle deaths also causes you to lose 
Throwing    - Not important if you don't use grenades, but for a grenadier type 
              soldier you'd put points into this instead of shooting.

Assign a Role to Each Soldier

>LABEL YOUR TROOPS, click on their name and assign a specific tag, such as Greg 
>Johnson TR so you know their roles and you don't get them mixed up.  As for 
>how to assign roles, read on.

It is generally better for soldiers to specialize than to try to achieve 
everything at once.  Some units such as scouts might forego shooting accuracy 
for more agility, vitality, strength, and throwing skills since their job is to 
flush out enemies and destroy barriers in the way of your main squad.  The 
following is a list of some roles I like to assign my soldiers.  I originally 
developed these roles playing UFO Defense and they still work pretty well here.

The scout, as described above, has very high AP for movement, health for taking 
hits, and strength for wearing good armor.  Their main job is to move as fast 
and far as possible each turn to spot out the enemy units.  Whenever there is a 
door to be opened, it is the job of the scout to open it in order to save AP 
points for other troops ready to enter the room.  Give them a little throwing 
accuracy and stock them up with various grenades and a pistol and they'll be a 
good unit to send in to stun commanders as well.  Toss a stun grenade at a 
commander and wound them some with the weak pistol and they'll faint in no 
time.  Remember that grenades can be tossed over low obstacles.  

One strategy I like to use if a commander is out in the open and I do not want 
retaliation is to move a vehicle between my scout and the enemy unit.  Then I 
can lob as many grenades over the vehicle as I want and the enemy will not have 
a line of fire on my scout.

While most people would say raising shooting skills above 70% is a waste, for 
the sniper this is extremely useful.  My snipers typically carry the most 
damaging weapons (not heavy though), allowing at least 2 aimed shots with a 
full AP bar.  Raise the shooting skill of this unit up to the max at the 
expense of agility as this unit will not be moving too often.  Their main job 
is to find a point where they can cover the majority of the map and sit there 
as a backup unit to take out anything deadly.  With a 95 in shooting, my 
snipers often can auto-fire at 99% accuracy at units up to 2 screens away, and 
their aimed shot has a 85% or above accuracy for the entire length of the map.  
One additional advantage is they are often too far away for enemy retaliation 
fire to be that accurate.  

Incidentally, snipers also make great medical units as they do not have to 
carry grenades and they are usually pretty safe since they usually stay far 
behind the lines.

These are the standard units who spread their points out fairly evenly in most 
categories (except throwing).  I like to put a few points into reaction here 
and use these troops as guards to watch for enemy movement at choke points 
(such as the door to the UFO).  I tend to give them the second best rifles (the 
best ones goes to the snipers) and a mixture of grenades to go along with their 

Heavy Trooper
I'm a little disappointed that there is no version of the blaster launcher in 
this game.  That and the lack of a good late game heavy weapon make this troop 
not as useful as in the original UFO Defense.  These guys are the ones who will 
be wearing the tortoise armor.  I like to send these units in to attack heavily 
concentrated units who may retaliate since they have line of sight.  Once the 
enemy APs are used up, then I can open up with the rest of my squad for minimal 
retaliation.  Also, one great use for these guys is to pack a chemogun in their
pack just to whip it out in tight spots and blast enemies with a spray of acid.
Extremely entertaining.

With these 4 basic soldier types, it is possible to create various squads for 
the task at hand.  My squads typically consist of 1 scout, 1 trooper, and 1 
heavy unit, with 1 or 2 snipers for support way off in the distance.  This way, 
with a group of 8 soldiers, I can split them up and cover more ground.  This 
comes with certain risks, such as having a soldier paralyzed at a critical 
moment, but I'd much prefer this than spending a lot more time on missions.

Here is a setup suggested by Village Idiot, it's somewhat similar to what I've 
Here's the type of squad(s) that I'm currently using: 
Based upon the 12 Unit Transport:  
Separated into 4x Squads:  
Squad 1 & 2 (4x each)- Open Area Recon  
Use these two groups to roam around wide open areas. Use the Recon units to 
scout ahead, but don't use the Recon unit to fire. Instead, use the Sniper unit 
to shoot down any targets the Recon unit sees. The Recon/Support both need high 
STR and HP in order to use the best armor in the game, which they will need 
because they'll be the ones most likely under constant fire.  
1x Recon  
115+ AP  
80+ HP  
~50 Bravery  
High Strength (Aim for 90 endgame so you can wear the best armor)  
~50-60 Perception  
~50 Throwing  
70ish Shooting  
Rifle, Rifle (different weapon type), 1x Mind Shield, 1x Medkit, 2x Stim Packs, 
3x Grenade, 2x Stun Grenade, 1x Nerve Gas Grenade  
1x Support  
115+ AP  
~50 Bravery  
High Strength (Aim for 90 endgame so you can wear the best armor)  
~70 Throwing  
70ish Shooting  
Rifle, 1x Mind Shield, 1x Medkit, 2x Stim Packs, 5x Grenade, 3x Stun Grenade, 
2x Nerve Gas Grenade  
1x Sniper  
100 AP  
70 Strength (to use Heavy-type weapon. Not sure if you need more pass Heavy Ion 
80ish Shooting  
Heavy Laser/Plasma/etc, 1x Mind Shield, 2x Stim Packs, 2x Stun Grenade, backup 
Heavy Laser/Plasma/etc (in the event that the target is strong VS current 
1x Heavy Weapons  
100 AP  
60 Strength (to use Desert Viper)  
70 Shooting  
Rocket Launcher /w 1x Explosive, 2x Incindiary, 1x Chemical, 1x Stun, 2x Stun 
Grenades, 1x Mind Shield, 2x Stim Packs  
Squad 3 & 4 Shock Troopers (2x Soldiers each)  
These are your building/base/alien sub attack units. They're fit to tank. 
Really simple to use, send in the Heavy Assault Trooper first. Find a group of 
aliens, burn/gas the area. Move on. Repeat. 
2x Shock Trooper 
100ish AP  
100ish HP  
50ish Bravery  
90ish Strength (to use best armor)  
60ish Perception  
40ish Throwing  
70ish Shooting  
Flamethrower/Chemical Gun , 3x Grenade, 2x Stun Grenade, 2x Nerve Gas Grenade, 
1x Mind Shield, 2x Stim Pack 
Oh, VS Landed UFOs, switch to mostly Shock Troopers, as the area you'll be 
fighting in will be extremely cramped and narrow.

One interesting thing when equipping your troops is that even though a rifle 
seem like it requires 2 hands, holding something in the other hand, like a 
grenade, does not affect shooting accuracy at all.  So in this game, there is 
absolutely no reason why soldiers can't run around with a rifle in one hand and 
a grenade in the other, assuming you aren't using a heavy weapon that takes up 
both hands.  Crouching, however will drastically improve accuracy so you always 
want to crouch before shooting.

Village Idiot writes: Its silly, but you can carry a rifle in both hands 
without penalty.  Abuse this by equipping two different rifle-type weapons in 
the event the target is strong against one of them.

Using Mind Shields Effectively
Generally, enemies like hallucinoids will attack the first unit they see with 
their psi attacks.  This means that if you keep your non-mind shielded troops 
out of sight, they will not be attacked as much.  So early on when mind shields 
are rare and you can't afford to equip your entire army, put these on the 
scouts and let them soak up the psi attacks.

6.2 Selective Researching
You don't need to research everything available, since time is extremely 
important, you should go after key research projects first, namely troop 
weapons and armor.  Laser Technology -> Medkits should be a number one priority 

I'll post more on this soon.

6.3 Terrain Considerations

You will be coming up against a variety of terrain on your missions.  
Sometimes, they will take place above ground on wide-open areas; sometimes 
you'll land at one side of a large building while the UFO is on the other side.
Other times you'll be landing in some kind of underground cavern or even an 
alien base for fighting.  Unfortunately, its difficult to determine what type 
of terrain you will be fighting on ahead of time, but know this.  If you save 
the game during the global view before your ship reaches the target, you can 
reload and it will have a chance of generating a different type of terrain with 
different alien units.

Basic strategies for terrain:

Wide Open Areas
Try to send your scouting units far out and take advantage of the vegetation by 
ending your turn near one, preferably with the vegetation between you and the 
nearest patch of black area.  Always end your turn crouched.  On this map 
snipers have the most advantage.

Raiding A Building
On certain maps, you'll be facing off against an UFO that's on the other side 
of a big building or complex.  During this situation, it is often best if you 
blast your way straight through the building with explosives/gun shots and go 
straight for the UFO.  One good entry point is always at the northern or 
southern edge of the map.  Usually there is one big room at that end and going 
through that room leads to the outside on the other side where the UFO is 
waiting.  Spending times exploring the rooms will often lead to the aliens 
moving into the building with you.  If you have killed every alien in the UFO 
and the mission still have not ended, however, position your troops at the 
building entrance facing the UFO and carefully open it, most of the time, the 
last remaining alien will be right inside the door waiting for you to shoot it.

Raiding A Cave
Unfortunately, there is no good way of avoiding crawling through every room in 
this place in order to find all the aliens.  In this situation, it is good to 
leave some free AP at the end of each turn and make sure you cover all 
directions.  You never know when an alien can pop out of some door that's 

Raiding A City
This usually happens during terror missions where you have to go kill some 
aliens who are bothering the local civilians.  Too bad for you the locals are 
so stupid that they will often run towards aliens or move into the space 
between you and the alien so they can die faster.  Maybe everyone on this 
planet is suicidal?  You will usually begin on one side of a long street, just 
work your way up the street.  Beware of the doors on the side of the streets 
though, especially the one leading into the police station (why are there so 
many of them?).  Aliens will often come out from there, but you do not have to 
go into buildings, as they will come after you as long as you stay out in the 
relative open area.  Try to crouch behind the fences on either side of the 
roads since you can shoot through them and they offer partial protection 
against stray shots.

Important:  On certain alien terror maps, there may be one large building in the
center with 2 elevator pads that goes up 2 floors.  There are often multiple 
aliens on each of these floors and they may shoot from the third floor down at 
you.  Be very careful on this type of map.

Raiding A Base
There is not much difference between raiding an alien base and raiding one of 
your own bases.  On this map, there are lots of doors, corridors, and rooms to 
search.  Just take your time and make sure you look into every room and door 
before moving on.  Always keep one unit facing each direction incase something 
sneaks up behind you.

6.4 Salvaging UFOs
First you must shoot it down.  Depending on the weaponry available, you'll have 
to send multiple (4 or more) fighters against ships the size of battlecruisers 
and battleships.  Try to shoot UFOs down over land as often as possible so you 
have time to go salvage them.  The UFOs will disappear after a while, however, 
so if there are 2 UFOs to salvage, always go after the bigger one.  Sometimes, 
an annoying terror mission pops up just when you shoot down a battlecruiser or 
battleship.  Usually when this happens I'll go for the salvage if it is close 
enough and then go for the terror mission, as ship raiding is easier and more 
rewarding.  Salvaging UFOs is your primary source of income in this game for a 
long long time as the countries supporting your cause are all cheapskates, 
giving only enough money to cover maintenance costs.

When tackling a UFO, always expect to see multiple aliens inside.  On UFOs with 
a 4 square elevator pad, one good strategy to use if all your soldiers are low 
on movement points is to move your vehicle unit onto the pad to block all 4 
squares, thus preventing aliens from coming down from there.  

On ships the size of battlecruisers or better, expect to find a commander in 
the control room of the ship.  If he's not there, then you probably already ran 
into him outside somewhere.  Sometimes, there might be two commanding units: 
one outside one inside.

6.5 UFO Layouts
I'm not good at ascii art by any stretch of imagination so hopefully these look 
okay.  Remember UFOs can be oriented in four possible directions (NSEW) but the 
layout is always the same.

O Elevator Pads
= Door

Level 1
       /   \
      |     |
       \   /

Comments: A single room, usually with 2 or 3 enemies inside.

Level 1
        /   \
       |     |
        \   /
   ---   -=-   ---
  /   \ /   \ /   \
 |     =     =     |
  \   / \   / \   /
   ---   -=-   ---
        /   \
       |     |
        \   /

Comments: 5 total rooms, 1 entrance, beware fighters can carry large units 
(anything that takes up more than 1 square).

Level 1
        /   \
       |     |
        \   /
   ---   -=-   ---
  /   \ /   \ /   \
 |     =  O  =     |
  \   / \   / \   /
   ---   -=-   ---
        /   \
       |     |
        \   /

Level 2
       /   \
      |  O  |
       \   /

Comments: Same layout as a fighter but with an additional room above the center 
of the craft.

Level 1
        ---                  ---
       /   \----------------/   \
      |     =              =  O  |
       \   /----------------\   /
        ---                  ---

                 /   \
                =  O  =
                 \   /

        ---                  ---
       /   \----------------/   \
      |  O  =              =     |
       \   /----------------\   /
        ---                  ---

Level 2
        ---                  ---
       /   \                /   \
      |     |              |  O  |
       \   /                \   /
        -=-                  -=-
        | |                  | |
        | |                  | |                     
        | |       ---        | |
        | |------/   \-------| |
        | =     =  O  =      = |
        | |------\   /-------| |
        | |       ---        | |
        | |                  | |                     
        | |                  | |                     
        -=-                  -=-
       /   \                /   \
      |  O  |              |     |
       \   /                \   /
        ---                  ---

Comments: At first glance from the outside, this design looks very similar to 
the old battleship layout of UFO Defense with the 4 engine pods and the center 
elevator, but the difference ends there.  The center elevator takes you up to 
level 2 while the ones in the corner of the ship takes you back down to level 1 
to explore the other parts of the ship.  Expect to find a commander unit in the 
cockpit room on the second level unless he's wandering around outside 

Level 1
            /                    \
           /                      \
          /                        \
         /                          \
        /                            \
       |         O          O         |
       |                              |
       |                              |
       |               >              |
       |                              |
        \        ------------        /
         \       \          /       /
          \       \--------/       /
           \                      /

Comments: Haha, just kidding.

Real layout:
Level 1
                     /         \
                    /           \
                   /             \
                  |               |
            /     |    = O |      |     \
           /      |    |---|      |      \
          |       =      O |      =       | 
           \      |        |      |      /
            \     |        |      |     /
                  |       |       |
                   \      |      /
                     \         /

Level 2

                        /   \
                       |     |
                        \   /
                         | |
               ---       |O|        ---
              /   \----------------/   \
             |     =      O       =     |
              \   /-----|-=-|------\   /
               ---      |   |       ---
                      /       \
                     |--     --|
                      \       /
Comments: Very big on the first level, disappointingly small on the second.  
The elevator pad that leads up to the single room is the where the pilots cabin 
rests and where a few aliens might wait inside.  The south room on the second 
level is easy to miss as the door is facing away from you, make sure you watch 
it, as there may be enemies inside that section.

6.6 Equipment Stats
Please read the note in the beginning of section 5.3 about weapon strengths and 

Many thanks to Mzuz for supplying most of the strength req values.  The TU and 
Accuracy values were obtained by looking through the game files.

Str = Strength Requirement
MechArm = Value of armor against mechanical damage
ChemArm = Value of armor against chemical damage
FireArm = Value of armor against fire damage
Dam = Damage of weapon
Cap = Capacity of weapons (clip size)
xxxAP = % Cost of ability points when using shot xxx (Aimed, Snap, Auto/Burst)
xxxACC = % Accuracy when using shot xxx (Aimed, Snap, Auto/Burst)

Note: Weapon's AP costs is given in %, so a weapon that uses 50% AP on a shot 
will use up 50% of the unit's maximum movement points.

Note 2: Some of these values can be found in the ufopedia, I put them here again
for ease of comparison.

Note 3: Shot/throw accuracy is determined by this formula:

(Soldier's Stat) * (Weapon Mode Accuracy) * (Distance Factor)

The maximum accuracy value is 99%, which means there is still a one percent 
chance of a shot missing.  So do not assume that walking up to a unit and auto 
shooting at 99% will land all 3 hits.

Name             Str  MechArm  ChemArm  FireArm
Desert Rat       30      35       20       20    
Beekeeper        40      50       60       55
Desert Viper     60      85       20       70
Waspkeeper       70      90       80       85
Desert Tortoise  90      100      30       70

Name             Str  Dam  Cap  AimAP  AimAcc  SnapAP  SnapAcc  AutoAP  AutoAcc
Pistol           20   45   20   25%    120%    20%     80%      -       -
Rifle            26   50   20   40%    160%    25%     120%     30%     100%
Shotgun          34   70   16   45%    150%    30%     110%     -       -
Rocket Launcher  40   85   1    80%    170%    40%     100%     -       -
Explosive Rocket -    85   1    80%    170%    40%     100%     -       -
Ignitable Rocket -    95   1    80%    170%    40%     100%     -       -
Chemical Rocket  -    95   1    80%    170%    40%     100%     -       -
Stun Rocket      -    70   1    80%    160%    40%     90%      -       -
Flamethrower*    50   130  6    -      -       35%     150%     -       -
Chemogun*        50   130  8    -      -       35%     150%     -       -
Laser Pistol     22   50   12   55%    130%    15%     90%      -       -
Laser Rifle      36   65   20   50%    160%    30%     125%     35%     105%
Heavy Laser      52   95   9    60%    155%    30%     105%     35%     85%
Plasma Pistol    30   55   18   25%    120%    15%     80%      20%     75%
Plasma Rifle     48   80   30   40%    140%    25%     100%     30%     80%
Heavy Plasma     60   110  12   45%    140%    30%     95%      -       -
Ion Pistol       30   65   13   25%    120%    15%     80%      -       -
Ion Rifle        52   100  20   50%    145%    30%     105%     35%     80%
Heavy Ion        70   120  9    55%    145%    30%     105%     -       -
Akew Pistol      34   80   7    30%    120%    20%     90%      35%     70%
Akew Rifle       54   125  15   55%    155%    30%     120%     35%     105%
EEEW Rifle       54   130  16   50%    160%    30%     110%     35%     100%
Particle Pistol  40   100  18   25%    140%    15%     100%     20%     80%
Particle Rifle   55   145  30   45%    180%    25%     135%     30%     110%

*The Flamethrower and Chemogun have a limited range and can only be used within 
that range.

Note: Grenades do the most damage if you hit the target directly with one than
by splash damage.

Name              Accuracy  Damage
Defense Grenade   125       85
Stun Grenade      105       60
Plasma Grenade    110       110
Nerve Gas Grenade 115       70
Stasis Grenade    120       140
Adv. Chem Grenade 115       80

Aircraft Weapons
DPTU = Damage Per Time Unit, this is for comparison of aircraft weapons.
AveClipDam = Average total damage if you empty the entire clip/missile rack on 
an enemy UFO.

DPTU is calculated with this formula:

For Cannons:
(Average Damage * Accuracy) * ( Range / 320) / Reload Time

For Missiles:
(Average Damage * Accuracy) * ( Range / 600) / Reload Time

The higher the DPTU the more damage you do over time assuming you are within 
range to fire.  I add in a range normalization to take into consideration of the
longest range cannon and missile's (particle and long lance) advantage at having
the longest range.

AveClipDam is calculated with the following formula:

(Weapon Accuracy * Average Damage) * Capacity

Name              Accuracy  Damage  Range  Reload  Capacity  DPTU    AveClipDam
Cannon            27        6-12    150    180     80        0.0063  194.4
Advanced Cannon   29        11-18   175    200     60        0.0115  252.3
Laser Cannon      33        21-30   200    340     50        0.0155  420.75
Plasma Cannon     39        26-40   225    420     35        0.0215  450.45
Ion Cannon        46        31-50   250    480     30        0.0303  558.9
AKEW Cannon       52        41-60   290    580     20        0.0410  530.4
Particle Cannon   60        81-100  320    2400    10        0.0226  543
Red Sting         45        21-25   280    1600    4         0.0030  41.1
Fire Hammer       48        31-40   300    1800    4         0.0047  68.16
Green Thorn       55        46-55   360    2000    4         0.0083  111.1
Thunderbolt       64        61-80   380    2200    4         0.0130  180.48
Long Lance        95        41-60   600    1600    4         0.0300  191.9
Imperator         82        121-140 400    2800    4         0.0255  428.04

As you can see, the average damage per time unit is actually lower for the 
particle cannon despite it having a longer range and almost twice as much damage
per shot than the AKEW.  Its long reload makes its DPTU about equal to a mere 
plasma cannon.

Also, assuming you empty the entire clip on an enemy UFO, on average the Ion 
Cannon will do the most damage due to its larger clip size than the AKEW and 
Particle cannons.

For missiles, DPTU is not as important due to the limited clip size and average 
clip damage becomes a much higher priority.  From this chart, we can see that 
the imperator is by far the best missile, and the red sting, fire hammer and 
green thorn missiles are typically not worth using due to their low damage and 
accuracy compared to cannons.  Just use them if you have them, but don't go 
through the trouble of making them in particular.

Aircraft Shields
Name               Defense Value
Energy Shield ES1  30
Laser              80
Ion                120
EEEW               180
Particle           220

I suggest skipping straight to ION shields and then waiting until particle 
shielding is available to save money and time.

6.7 Misc Strategies

Opening Doors
Opening doors take up 10 AP, and if you just click on a unit and tell them to 
move into the door, they will open it AND take a step inside, often resulting 
in their death if anything is pointing at the door.  One way to avoid this is 
to pause the unit right outside the door, then select the unit and tell them to 
move into the door.  But when you see the door animation, immediately right 
click in the direction of the door, that'll stop the unit immediately and the 
door will open without the soldier taking another step.  However, the enemies 
might not be visible yet.  What you need to do after that is to attempt to turn 
the soldier to the right or the left via right click and then you'll be able to 
see if there is anything inside.  Even with this method, there is a chance you 
will be shot when you open a door, but it drastically reduces additional 
reaction shots against you.

The UFO Zerg Rush
At some point in the game, when a hidden value called Alien Aggression reaches 
the maximum of 100, the aliens will begin to overwhelm you with massive amounts 
of UFO in an attempt to extract Avonium off of the planet.  This usually 
happens after a long period of time where you simply begin shooting down UFOs 
without salvaging them.  During this period, your puny fighters will most 
likely be overwhelmed by flying saucers everywhere.  Your best bet is to save 
the game immediately, and the batten down your hatches and ride it out by not 
sending any fighters out for attack.  Once the majority of the UFOs leave the 
planet, you can begin picking off the stragglers and perhaps assault a landed 
UFO or two.  Chances are, an alien base will have been planted somewhere on the 
planet (either that or one of your bases was raided), and you'll have to tackle 
that first.

7.  Mods and Cheats

Infinite Fighters
If you want to be able to send out more fighters than you have, you can do it 
with this trick: when you click the intercept button, select your fighters and
then click the ok button, when the targeting icon comes up, do not click on the
UFO just yet.  Instead, click on the intercept button again and reselect your
fighters.  Do this as many times as you want and then click on the ufo and watch
a swarm of fighters come out of your base.  The draw back of this?  All your
fighters seem to be using the same fuel tank so your fuel goes down faster
depending on how many copies of the fighter you spawned.

Mzuz writes: Beware though, when attacking really tough ships or multiple ships,
if 1 of your planes dies, then you lose that plane at your base.

Modding the Game

BMan's Mod

There is one mod I'd highly recommend available at:


This mod adds in many of the old UFO Defense properties such as dying soldiers,
damaged UFOs, hire/fire soldiers, etc.

NOTE: The author does not condone the hacking of your game and/or save file
as this can causes crashes and corrupted save files.  If this happens to you, 
do not come to me for help in fixing it so MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP EVERYTHING.

Activating Debug Mode
Provided by gideon2525 of the gfaqs boards (who got this from the official 

Download xbig.exe 
   Look for this yourself
Extract system.xbg
   Type in xbig e system.xbg at the command prompt in the UFOEXT\data directory
Rename your system.xbg to a backup file
Download a blank version of system.xbg
Open up Const.xscr
   change const bool debugKeys = false; to const bool debugKeys = true;

Now here are the debug keys during gameplay:
Tactical mode hotkeys: 
Numpad +- zooms camera in and out. 
Numpad / and * change camera perspective. Probably between 3/4 isometric and 
   dunno how is the other one called. 
Shift + arrow keys rotate camera around and change viewing angle freely. 
Numpad number keys move camera around so you can use them instead of scrolling 
   with mouse. 
Numpad enter returns camera to defaults. 
Numpad del resets camera lock-on/center. E.g. when it locks on to follow a 
   bullet or scroll to your soldier starting to move you can tap this 
Numpad ins centers camera on your selected unit. Instantly regardless of 
   selection scroll settings in Default.cfg 
Looks like there's a bunch of features related to displaying grid attached to 
   scroll-lock, backspace, home, end. Some of that indicate passability etc. 
Use pause key to disable that grid/s. 
PgUp/PgDown switch elevation levels. 
You can use arrow keys to move your units around, 
   (Un)fortunately you also move through walls and impassable tiles when doing
Space button - press it during aliens' turn to end their turn immediately. 
S fully reveals fog of war and grants complete viewing range. 
L kills all foes instantly. End turn to win. 
A kinda auto-battle. Pc takes over and plays instead of you. Press space to 
regain control. 
1,2,3,4,5 - equips currently selected soldier in different kinds of armor, 1 
beint the worst, 5 being the best. 
O - if vitality parameter of currently selected soldier is > 35, decreases it 
by 5 each time you press. 
P - if vitality is <=95, increases it by 5 each time. 
U,I buttons - does same things respectively for shooting parameter 
Q - fully restore unit's AP. 
K - kill your currently selected unit. 
B - blasts whole level to smithereens making a level field out of it. All 
buildings, walls, obstacles get destroyed. Doesn't actually harm any entities. 
Very fun to see first time. 
F7 Brings up geoscape debug menu which is very interesting in fact. 
   It shows yours and aliens intelligence scrore in different contries which 
   probably influences chances to find each other's bases. 
   Also displays your exact score country by country, tells you exactly how 
   many and in which countries there're alien bases. 
   Allows you to generate UFOs and terror sites, edit your finances, 
   increase/reduce alien agression level, enable geoscape debug mode which 
   grants you great deal of power over ufos by just clicking them. But there's 
   no way you can disable it i guess. 
F9 displays some debug info including FPS. 
F10 disables displaying of that debug info. 
A increase alien agression level by 20 points 
G generates 20 random UFOs. 
M generates a random ufo. Perhaps also gives you complete radar coverage over 
   entire globe, not sure. 
B generates ufo with retaliation mission 
C generates ufo with build base mission 
V generates ufo with spy mission 
T generates ufo with terror mission 
D dumps a bunch of geoscape-related info to files 
S recruits new soldiers 
P promote all soldiers, you get to distribute 5 points with each soldier. Even 
with those of maximum rank. 
U unlocks whole Ufopaedia 
Y Adds 10 of every item in your base stores.
   (Author Notes: From my experience, this sets the number of items for every 
   type to 10, it does NOT give you 10 of every item.) 
J adds 1000000 of money. You won't notice unless you go to base screen to 
7,8,9 - presumably instantly starts base defense missions on your first, second 
or third base. For me game crashed.

Saved Game Editing
Go to the main UFOET directory and type in:
   ProjectX saveEditor.xscr unpack slot0
Alt+f4 out of the loaded black screen 

Note: After you are done editing, you repack the save game with this command:
   ProjectX saveEditor.xscr pack slot0
Now go into your save0 directory and you will notice 3 new files:

metadata is useless, but the other 2 files are text files you can edit with 
wordpad. In the globeSave.xsv you can edit your money, Gametime, and LOTS of 
other things including your troops and inventory. Like search for strength and
you find:

className "CVector" 
} //rightShoulder 
shootingACT 86 
shootingMAX 86 
size 1 
strengthACT 92 
strengthMAX 92 
throwingACT 92 
throwingMAX 94 
totalDamage 0 
unitTypeId "human" 
vitalityACT 95 
vitalityMAX 95

It's the actual (the ACT) amount of the stats and then the maximum- you can 
edit those four stats, but the agility and perception is located a little 
further up. Just search for each of them in wordpad and you can change the 
stats for each. You can also change what armor they have and so forth. You can 
search for you trooper names in there as well and the info for them (their 
inventory, etc.) is around. The "CVector" is a class that stands for a trooper. 
Now, the baseSave.xsv you can edit what techs are available, what ufopedia 
stuff is unlocked, etc.

For changing the number of items in your stores, do the following:
Open globeSave.xsv, find the lines: 
state 0 
0 xx 
1 xx 
2 xx 
3 xx
Where xx is some random number, could be 0, could be something else. 
The first number in the column is the item id, the second number is how many of 
the item you currently have. Here is an incomplete list of what items belong to 
what IDs: 
1-45      - weapons (pistol = 0, laser pistol=15, plasma pistol=21, ion 
            pistol=27, etc) 
#10       - raptor (attack plane), leave this value alone 
46-51     - various grenades 
52-54     - stimpack, medkit, advanced medkit 
55-57     - ??? 
58-59     - mind shield, advanced mind shield 
60-64     - armor, desert rat, beehive, etc 
65-66     - ??? 
67-?      - Vehicles 
95-96     - Troop carrier 
97-100    - ??? 
101-105   - Aircraft 
106-112   - aircraft cannons 
113-118   - aircraft missiles 
119-123   - aircraft shields 
124-135   - Alien artifacts?

Be aware of the fact that unless you have researched the technology (ion rifle, 
for instance), you will not be able to see or equip the item on your soldiers.  
This does not apply to aircraft parts for some reason.

8.  FAQ

Q: Are there mods available to this game?
A: Yes there are, just search for them or ask around on the boards.

Q: What are the differences between easy and hard modes?
A: The difficulty level increases or decreases the health, agility, and shooting
stat of all aliens, the "aggressiveness" of aliens, and the maximum funding you 
can get from countries.

Q: How is this different from X-Com?
A: See section 2.

Q: How do I rename my soldier?
A: Go to the soldier screen and click on their name.

Q: I do not understand your steps for editing the saved game, can you explain 
more?  (E.g. you don't know how to use command prompt)
A: What I mean by this is to use the command prompt.  Here is a run through of 
the exact steps: 
Go to the start menu, click on Run... 
Type in cmd and hit enter 
A black window will open up, this is your command prompt (aka dos). 
To navigate folders, you will have to type cd <insert folder here> 
To go up a directory, type cd ..  (notice the space) 
To change drives, type in the drive letter and a colon, for example, to go to 
drive e, type "e:" without the ""s. 
Use those directions to navigate to the directory where your UFO ET is at. 
After that follow the directions I gave you in section 7.

Q: Where can I get the packer/unpacker ProjectX?
A: ProjectX.exe is the actual game executable, you should already have it when 
your game is installed.

Have more questions?  Post on the boards or send me an email.

9.  Credits and Legal Stuff

Many thanks to the following people and organizations:
GameFAQs for hosting this guide
Chaos Concept for making this game

Also many thanks to the following list of contributors who provided valuable 
information and input:

Village Idiot

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