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by tarbandu

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FAQ/Walkthrough by tarbandu

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/06/19

About My Spellforce 2 Walkthrough

by tarbandu version 2.0 (5 March 2019)

Disclaimer: Spellforce 2 : Shadow Wars copyright2005 is developed by Phenomic Game Development and published by JoWood Productions Software AG, Technologiepark 4a, A-8786 Rottenmann, Austria. This walkthrough is not sponsored or endorsed by either Phenomic Game Development or JoWood Productions, and is solely the work of the author, James Higgins ('tarbandu').

I assume no responsibility for errors or defects in this document when posted in any websites other than Game FAQ !

I'm always willing to incorporate new strategies, hints, and gameplay suggestions into this walkthrough. Contact me at tarbandu12@juno.com, and be sure to include your 'true' name or username for purposes of proper attribution, along with your suggestions.

What does and doesn't this walkthrough offer ?

This walkthrough was compiled as I played through Spellforce 2 and is designed to help players who may be stuck or frustrated with combat required for a particular mission, or seeking information on completion of a quest. What this walkthrough does NOT offer is an exhaustive listing of all available weapons, armor, rings, charms, minerals, coins, gems, and other items. Locations for items critical for the main quest, and the more important side quests, are given in the individual map chapters, but there is no central directory telling you that item A can be found at X location in map Y.

If you need more detailed information on the location of a particular item, or detailed instructions on solving a particular puzzle, try checking out the Spellforce 2 Forums at: spellforce.jowood.de/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=3 The odds are, someone has posted the info you need. Also available at the Forums are alternate strategies to many of the RTS segments of the game.