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Gem Guide by MrGruntok

Version: v1.1 | Updated: 12/13/05

=== FATE (2005) Complete Gem FAQ ===
By:  WildTangent
Author: MrGruntok (Mike Walter)

1:  Introduction
2:  Version History
3:  Regular Gems
4:  Unique Gems
5:  Copyright


Will you tempt Fate?

You can find gems all over the place as well as buy them from Jin the Seer in 
the Grove.

Additionally, you can Pry them from Fate Statue.  If you are successful, you
get 2 random gems of the same type.  If you are unsuccessful, a boss appears
to fight you instead.  Dungeon or player level has no effect on the gems 


Version 1.0 - 12/12/2005
Version 1.1 - 12/13/2005  Completed list of gems.

If you find more gems (I don't think you will!), let me know at


Regular Gems come in three qualities:  Cracked, Regular and Superior.

Amethyst, Cracked:	+2 HP Recovery
Amethyst:		+6 HP Recovery
Amethyst, Superior:	+10 HP Recovery

Blood Stone, Cracked:	+2 Damage Dealt
Blood Stone:		+6 Damage Dealt
Blood Stone, Superior:	+10 Damage Dealt

Jade, Cracked:		+5% Attack Speed
Jade:			+10% Attack Speed
Jade, Superior:		+15% Attack Speed

Lapis, Cracked:		+3% Faster Casting Speed
Lapis:			+7% Faster Casting Speed
Lapis, Superior:	+10% Faster Casting Speed

Obsidian, Cracked:	+1 Knockback
Obsidian:		+2 Knockback
Obsidian, Superior:	+4 Knockback

Opal, Cracked:		+8 Ice Resistance, +2 Ice Damage
Opal:			+24 Ice Resistance, +6 Ice Damage
Opal, Superior:		+40 Ice Resistance, +10 Ice Damage

Peridot, Cracked:	+1% Life Stolen
Peridot:		+3% Life Stolen
Peridor, Superior:	+6% Life Stolen

Ruby, Cracked:		+8 Fire Resistance, +2 Fire Damage
Ruby:			+24 Fire Resistance, +6 Fire Damage
Ruby, Superior:		+40 Fire Resistance, +10 Fire Damage

Sapphire, Cracked:	+2 Mana Recovery
Sapphire:		+6 Mana Recovery
Sapphire, Superior:	+10 Mana Recovery

Sunstone, Cracked:	+8 Fire Resistance, +2 Undead Damage
Sunstone:		+24 Fire Resistance, +6 Undead Damage
Sunstone, Superior:	+40 Fire Resistance, +10 Undead Damage

Tanzanite, Cracked:	+2 Stamina
Tanzanite:		+6 Stamina
Tanzanite, Superior:	+10 Stamina

Topaz, Cracked:		+2% Attack
Topaz:			+6% Attack
Topaz, Superior:	+10% Attack

Tourmaline, Cracked:	+3% Damage Reflection
Tourmaline:		+6% Damage Reflection
Tourmaline, Superior:	+10% Damage Reflection

Turquoise, Cracked:	+8 Electrical Resistance, +2 Electrical Damage
Turquoise:		+24 Electrical Resistance, +6 Electrical Damage
Turquoise, Superior:	+40 Electrical Resistance, +10 Electrical Damage

Zircon, Cracked:	+5% Find Magic Item
Zircon:			+10% Find Magic Item
Zircon, Superior:	+15% Find Magic Item


Unique Gems only come in one quality.

Adamantine Bauble:
+12% Crushing Resistance Bonus
+7% Damage Taken Resistance Bonus

Andrew Swift's Turquoise Eye:
+10% Movement Speed Bonus
+20% Electrical Resistance Bonus

Angel Heart:
+12% Life Bonus
+4 HP Recovery Bonus
-10 Attack Penalty

Avaricious Pearl:
+20% More Gold Dropped Bonus
+40% Chance of Finding Magical Item Bonus

Beast Heart:
+12% Attack Bonus
+2 HP Recovery Bonus
+5% Critical Bonus

Covetous Heart:
+12% Finding Magic Items Bonus
+5% Reduced Item Requirements Bonus

The Daystar:
+48 Fire Resistance
+12 Damage to Undead Bonus
-3 Mana Drain Penalty
+3 Knockback

+7% Life Stolen Per Hit Bonus
+7 Attack Magic Skill Bonus

Dwarf's Delight:
+25% More Gold Dropped By Enemies Bonus
+6 Hammer Skill Bonus

Empire Stone:
+5% Strength Bonus
+5% Dexterity Bonus
+5% Vitality Bonus

Eye of the Serpent:
+12% Mana Stolen Per Hit Bonus
+10% Mana Recover Bonus
+5% Movement Speed Penalty

Fist of Samson:
+7% Damage Dealt Bonus
+10 Strength Bonus
-10 Magic Penalty

Gem of Ages:
+30% Fire Resistance Bonus
+30% Ice Resistance Bonus

Gem of False Hopes:
No Enchantments!

Hadrian’s Crystal:
+20 Attack Bonus
+5 Polearm Skill Bonus
+5 Damage Taken Reduced Bonus

Philosopher’s Stone:
+5 Magic Bonus
+5% Mana Bonus
+5% Stamina Penalty

Salt of the Earth:
+30% Electrical Resistance Bonus
+5 Vitality Bonus

Secret of the Master:
+5 Dual-Wielding Skill Bonus
+7% Attack Bonus
+3 Defense Penalty

Star Sapphire of Ages:
+9 Mana Recovery Bonus
+5 Defense Magic Skill Bonus

Trickster's Bauble:
+9% Attack Speed
+9% Damage Reflected to Enemy Bonus

Watcher of the Stars:
+7% Improved Chance of Block Bonus
+5 Defence Magic Skill Bonus

Wicked Edge:
+7 Axe Skill Bonus
+10% Damage Dealt Bonus
+10% Life Penalty

Winter’s Moon:
+9% Mana Bonus
+5 Charm Magic Bonus


Copyright 2005 Mike Walter

This document is the intellectual property of Mike Walter.  This document 
is only for private use.  You may save it to your hard drive and print it 
out without permission.  Do not edit this file or take my name off it.

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