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by A Backdated Future

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Guide and Walkthrough by A Backdated FutureDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 1.06 | Updated: 05/07/2012
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2011

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This guide covers the PC / Steam and PSP versions of the game 100%.

  • Contact Email: a.backdated.future@gmail.com
  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/ABackdatedFuture

  • Platform(s): PC (Steam), PlayStation Portable
  • Date Last Updated: October 14, 2013
  • Document Version: v1.07

My goal to you, the reader...
...is to make sure that you are able to get a perfect game, meaning that you can find all of the items, explore all of the areas, uncover anything that is hidden, and see all there is to see.

For this guide, I have decided to create an extensive FAQ/Walkthrough. The walkthrough is the main focus; it walks you through the whole game step-by-step, leading you to the locations of all of the items in the game, strategies for fighting the bosses, and even walking you through the miscellaneous extras thrown your way in the game. It will also be an extensive FAQ, which includes lists of all of the items, equipment, etc., as well as a complete bestiary.


I find the game slightly easier to play with a custom button configuration that will allow you to charge your magic while jumping and attacking; I'll refer to the default buttons through the guide, but these are the buttons I used for the following commands:

Configuration (PSP)
CROSS Attack/Look/Talk SQUARE
SQUARE Use Magic R
SELECT Extra Function SELECT
L Change Accessory CIRCLE
R Change Bracelet L
Configuration (PC)

There are two difference presets in the menu for using your keyboard/mouse for controls. Please select "Run Configuration" on the Steam menu before starting your game to select the scheme you're comfortable with, or create your own.

Since I'm a console gamer at heart, I would recommend using a game pad with the same setup as the PSP above. (Minus the Change Accessory button, since it's not available in the PC version.) For those not familiar with Sony's control scheme for the buttons on the right, the buttons go TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, CROSS, SQUARE going clockwise from the "12 o'clock" position.

                         N         =                Up = North                 =         U
                      NW | NE      =                                           =      UL | UR
                        \|/        =                    /\                     =        \|/
                     W --x-- E     =     Left = West  < () >  Right = East     =     L --x-- R
                        /|\        =                    \/                     =        /|\
                      SW | SE      =                                           =      LL | LR
                         S         =               Down = South                =         D

There is no true "compass" to the game; instead, you travel on pre-rendered backgrounds with areas for walking. Sometimes, I'll substitute west for left, right for east, etc.

There are five difficulty levels to choose from initially: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Once you complete the game for the first time, you will unlock the sixth and hardest difficulty, Inferno.

Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster Notebook EntriesCharacter Notebook Entries
[_] Short Sword Rheboll Doctor Bludo Fisherman Betelo Danny
Nurse Ayla Fran Cheryl
Slaff Arcia Mason the Trader
Stephan Old Man Pastol Sylvia
Jacob Marco Gerald
Drake Torrance Karin
Old Man George Rebecca Granny Daria


__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Bridge)
__Map of FelghanaItem
__Raval Ore x1 Raval Ore
__50 Gold Gold


Character Log

XCharacterLog #
__Elena Stoddart01/32
__Father Jean Pierre22/32
__Sister Nell23/32


Monster Log

XEnemyLog #

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the More Like "Adol the Yellow"! Achievement by starting the game on VERY EASY.

After starting the game and watching the opening scenes, you'll take control of our hero, Adol, as you dive in to save a Young Girl from 3 Guffs. Follow the tutorials as they're explained to learn more about the battle system; if you miss them here, or forget what was said, they can be accessed in the Camp Menu and going to Topic, then Manual. Once you take out the 3 Guffs, you'll have to take on 6 more before continuing the story, which will pick back up in the Trading Town of Redmont after more scenes. When you're finally able to gain control in the Inn the next morning, feel free to open your menu and adjust your settings if desired, then leave the room.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Bad At Platformers Achievement by just pressing F1 to turn on No-Fall mode. As with the last achievement, it's only available on VERY EASY.

If you check your menu and go to Topic, Character, you'll see that the following people have already been added to your Character Log; Elena Stoddart, Dogi, Gardner, and Margo. There are several others to meet to add here, so let's go find them! Here in the Inn, stop in the room beside you to find Antonio; talk to him (and everyone else you see) to add him/her to your Character Log. On the first floor, you can talk to Margo again if you like; she's on the left by the fire. Next will be Randolph, who is sitting at the bottom table on the first floor, followed by Joel at the counter of the Inn; talk to them both, then make your way out of the Inn.

Just to the right of the Inn is the Store, where you'll meet Cynthia at the counter; you can buy equipment and items here with your Gold... later, as you don't have enough to buy anything right now. To her right is her boss Adonis, who can upgrade your weapons if you have any Raval... once he likes you, but since he doesn't right now, we'll have to find a way to convince him to later. Oh well, go ahead and head back outside.

To your lower left is Fiona; chat with her, then enter the house to the left, where you'll find a lonely, elderly lady named Aida, who'll ask you to leave. Head up the ramp to the northwest to the next section of town, where you can talk to a little blue-haired girl named Anya, as well as purple-haired man called Harold. There are also three buildings here; the houses on the left and right are empty, but the one in the middle has an old man named Lochus to talk to, so make sure to see him. From this area, go behind the house on the right, then up a little to find a little boy named Hugo, as well as his four pikkards.

Continue northwest to find the Church, where you'll find the last two new people we need to talk to. Talk to both Sister Nell and Father Jean Pierre to add them to your log, then leave and continue following the path to the left to find Elena and Chester's house. Talk to Elena inside, then make your way back to the entrance of town, where you'll find a man called Ricardo reporting from the Tigray Quarry; after learning of the events in the Quarry, agree to help, and you'll receive a Map of Felghana from Gardner, as well as Raval Ore x1 and 50 Gold to get your equipment refined with Adonis. Head into the Store and talk to Adonis, and after relaying Gardner's message, you'll be able to have work done by him. I recommend upgrading your Short Sword to get +2 STR, which will cost you your only piece of Raval and 10 pieces of Gold at this level.

Travel Monuments. Make sure to stop at each one!

Once you're ready, leave Redmont to the southeast and follow the path until you reach your first Travel Monument, which will allow you to save your game. Once you've done so, continue to the next area.

Monster Log

XEnemyLog #

You can fight more monsters here if you like, but when you reach a fork, you'll need to continue east to arrive at the area outside of the Tigray Quarry.


__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Entrance)
__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Storehouse)
__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Depths)
__165 Gold Gold
__Raval Ore x5 Raval Ore
__80 Gold Gold
__Storehouse Key Item
__Ignis Bracelet Equipment
__120 Gold Gold
__Ruby Equipment
__200 Gold GoldGrand Total: 565 Gold
__Moonstar StatueItem


Character Log

XCharacterLog #
__Chester Stoddart02/32


Monster Log

XEnemyLog #
__Dularn, The Creeping Shadow65/79BOSS #01 Strategy
__Ellefale, The Azure Queen of Death66/79BOSS #02 Strategy

Can't quite jump high enough just yet.

Continue following the straightforward path until you reach the next area, then continue some more until you reach another Travel Monument, as well as Paul; talk to Paul to have him tell you what's going on. Once he moves out of the way, you can enter the Tigray Quarry. Follow the path as it goes northeast and east, across two bridges to the next area. Don't bother trying to go up the stairs on the right side yet; you don't have the ability to jump high enough to continue once you reach the top. Instead, descend the stairs you do have access to, and once you reach the very bottom, you'll be at a split where you can go either left or right; head left first.

Use the Travel Monument here in the Storehouse, then go north from here. Fight some more monsters, then climb the stairs and smash the urn on the left side to get 165 Gold. There's nothing else to do here for now, so go back to the bridge and take the eastern path.

At the next fork, you can either cross the bridge to fight several Radels, or you can continue northeast to find your first chest! Open it to find Raval Ore x5. I recommend making your way back to Redmont now and using it at Adonis' shop to temper your existing equipment; you'll be better prepared for the upcoming boss fight. With 5 Raval, you'll be able to max out your current equipment to level 3! Now, back to the chest...

Remember this for when we can glide...

Continue following the path up another set of stairs to the next area, where you'll be at a fork; if you start to go left, you'll be shown a long chasm that you can't quite leap over, as well as an item; we'll have to remember this for later, since we can't get to it just yet. Head right instead, but before going down the next set of stairs to a new area, smash the urn to your right to find 80 Gold. Once you have that, make your way down to the next area.

Continue east to the next area, then east even more until you finally see Dewey, the head miner. After talking to him, you'll receive the Storehouse Key, which will let you in to the locked door we came across earlier. We need an item in there before we can proceed any further in this direction, so start making your way back west until you reach the bridge at the bottom of the vertical shaft we came down earlier. Head left once again to be in the Storehouse area and use the Travel Monument once again. Once you've saved, open the door to your left and proceed. After passing through a rather large room, your first boss will appear, a sorcerer called Dularn.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Consult an FAQ Already Achievement by dying 11 times against any boss. I recommend doing it against Dularn since you have such a low amount of HP to start with; it shouldn't take very long.

Dularn, The Creeping Shadow
Very EasyEasyNormalHardNightmareInferno

Adol: Level 06

To start with, he'll cast a shield that will repel any type of damage you try to do to him, as well as damage you if you run into it, so avoid attacking him until the shield is gone. Once the shield is down, attack as many times as you are able. He has several kinds of attacks...

  • A set of magical swords will fly at you from above; just run away from them to the left or right and jump at the last second, and they should miss.

  • A set of magical swords will fly at you from multiple directions; just run and jump repeatedly toward Dularn, hoping they miss. These are hard to avoid.

  • A set of magical swords will fly at you, aligned; just jump over them or try to move to a space between them.

  • An arced flame will be shot at you; just jump over it when it comes your way.

  • An arced weapon slice will be shot at you; just jump over it when it comes your way.

After so long, when his shield drops, he'll teleport to a part of the field, where you'll need to chase him down to hit him. Just keep on him, avoiding his attacks, and you should be fine.

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

Only HP will be listed in the boss battles, as it's the only known statistic. Bosses will never drop gold, and EXP will vary by both the difficulty you selected, as well as the level you are when facing the boss. The lower your level is, the more experience you will receive after the battle.

After the battle, Dularn will retreat, leaving you to continue exploring. Head south to the next area, which just has a sole chest containing an Ignis Bracelet. After learning how to use magic with the Magic button, you'll regain control. Press the Change Bracelet button to equip your new Bracelet. Now, leave the Storehouse and save, then continue back east, following the path all the way back to where you ran into Dewey. Once there, continue down the stairs to a new area of the Tigray Quarry.

Smash the urn to your left as you descend the stairs for 120 Gold, then continue along the path as it goes down and reverses direction several times. When you reach a broken bridge, continue down to the left, as you cannot make the jump to the other side just yet... or just jump down to save time. The new enemies here, the Mozuks, can be defeated MUCH easier by using your fireballs on them. Once everything there is taken out, crack open the urn at the top of the area to uncover some Herbs, Draughts, etc., then head east to the next area.

Follow along the path some more as it zigzags back and forth until you reach the bottom of the area, then make your way east some more to the next area. At this bridge here, you'll be at a fork; head north, then climb up the steps in the wall until you reach an unlit torch on the wall.

You'll find numerous torches throughout the game. Light them all to proceed or to find some goodies!

Use a fireball to light it up, which will make a chest appear to your right; it contains a Ruby. By having this now, you can perform charge attacks with your fire magic by holding down the Magic button, which can become very useful! Drop back down to the area below, then continue east to the next area.

You'll find another Travel Monument; use it, but before doing anything else, head to the far right and crack open the urn here for 200 Gold. Once you have that, talk to Edgar. After you're done with him, continue to the north to encounter the second boss of the Quarry.


Adol: Level 08

Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Well, the bad news is you can't attack her with your sword. But you CAN blast her to bits with your fireballs. Her attacks are as follows:

  • A horizontal magic attack is thrown your way with her right (our left) arm; stay far away, then jump over it to avoid it.

  • A vertical magic attack is thrown your way with her left (our right) arm; stay far away, then either jump or move to the side to avoid it.

  • A ball of wind will be created from her wings and shot your way. It's slow, so just run to the side of hit when it's about to hit.

  • A lightning storm is summoned and strikes at you. If you see her start charging it, move closer to her, then when it's about to strike, jump backwards to avoid it.

KILL IT WITH FIRE! Just work on sending fireballs her way when you can, avoiding each attack as listed above. Make sure to jump at the last second, or she'll adjust her aim higher and still hit you. It's easier to avoid the attacks if you're sending regular fireballs at her, but if you can charge while avoiding them, then sending powerful shots along her way, then do that; whatever's easiest for you, or whichever seems more effective. Once she's below half HP, she'll start using the ball of wind and lightning attacks, so make sure to be wary of those. Just keep those fireballs coming and she'll be toast.

Once she's defeated, you'll receive the Moonstar Statue. Head back to the previous screen, and after a scene with Edgar and Chester Stoddart, talk to Edgar, who will take you back to Redmont.



__Raval Ore x7Raval Ore
__Ruins KeyItem
__AmuletItemPSP Version Only
__Raval Ore x3Raval OreGrand Total: Raval Ore x10
__500 GoldGoldTrade 10 Raval for it.
__Long SwordEquipmentPurchase for 800G.
__Chain MailEquipmentPurchase for 650G.
__AmuletItemPurchase for 100G.
__Illusion MirrorItemPurchase for 100G.


Character Log

XCharacterLog #
__Bishop Nikolas24/32

After you regain control, head outside of Edgar's House. Before talking to Elena, head into the house just to the right of Edgar's to talk to Lochus; he'll give you Raval Ore x7 for helping out with the situation in the Quarry. Leave, then make your way to Elena's house and talk to her; once that scene is over, stop at the Church to the northeast. You'll encounter Bishop Nikolas, the head of the Felghana diocese, and after he explains the situation at the Illburns Ruins, you'll be asked to undertake a mission there. Accept, and you'll be given the Ruins Key to have access to the Illburns Ruins. Now, let's get prepared for taking on those Ruins!

PSP Version Only

Talk to Fiona by the store; she'll give you an Amulet for helping out at the Quarry.

Before doing any shopping, let's tie up some odds and ends. Head to the southwest corner of town and talk to Anya, who'll mention something shiny in the bottom of the well. Examine the well to find Raval Ore x3, then talk to her again to show it to her to make her happy. Now that you have 10 Raval, head northwest and talk to Antonio, who should be hanging around between Edgar's and Elena's houses. He will now offer to pay you Gold for every 10 Raval you give to him. That's pretty much all you're going to be able to afford right now, so if you want, you can give him 10 of your Raval, and in return, you'll receive 500 Gold. Now, make your way into the Store.

Talk to Cynthia, who'll want to take a look at your special Bracelet. After she's done examining it, talk to her again to buy some new equipment. For now, you can probably only afford the Long Sword and the Chain Mail, which should be enough. If you like, you can fight at the Quarry some more to try to get the Large Shield and Plate Mail, but it could take a while, so let's save it until later. You can also buy an Amulet or even an Illusion Mirror if you like; they are handy items that can help you in a pinch in battle (and you can carry 3 EACH of them at a time.) You can also talk to Adonis and upgrade your new equipment if you want; it costs more for your level 2 equipment--30 Gold and 7 Raval per level--so I'd just stick with your Long Sword as-is for now. Oh, and don't forget to equip your new weapon and armor! That should be it for Redmont for now, so go ahead and leave town.

On the "World Map", head east back to the area with the fork, then head north and northeast to the next area. (If you ever feel lost, just open your Camp Menu and check out the Map of Felghana under Item to see where you are on the "World Map".) On this next screen, you can either go north or east; head east, and you'll be approaching the Illburns Ruins.




__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Outside)
__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Ritual Area)
__300 GoldGold
__Small ShieldEquipment
__Raval Ore x12Raval Ore
__Raval Ore x6Raval Ore
__Katol ElixirItem
__Raval Ore x8Raval OreGrand Total: Raval Ore x26
__400 GoldGold
__400 GoldGold
__50 GoldGoldGrand Total: 1150 Gold


Character Log

XCharacterLog #
__Count McGuire25/32


Monster Log

XEnemyLog #
__Chester Stoddart, The Black-Hearted White Knight67/79BOSS #03 Strategy

Continue following the path until you reach a Travel Monument and the entrance; save at the Monument, then use the Ruins Key to access the Illburns Ruins. Once inside, follow the straightforward path next area, then take on the monsters here; watch out for the flaming Eagers, as they explode and damage you when they're defeated. Continue further north to go back outside, then keep going to a fork; head northwest first and smash an urn for 300 Gold, then go back and continue east into another room. As you continue along, you should notice one of the torches on the wall isn't lit; use your fireball to light it. This will raise a platform for you, but we won't be able to reach the other side yet, due to the long jump.

Head to the next area to experience some new monsters--the Gulgs--who seem like they're impervious to damage, but they're not. The easiest way to take them out is to down-thrust at them (jump, then press the Attack button as you start to come back down). You can also attack them from behind, but from the top seems easier to me. Move east, smashing the urn to your lower right to reveal some Herbs, Draughts, etc., then go north and east again to enter another area. You'll be at a four-way fork, so let's head south first, following along the path and taking out the monsters until you come across the chest for the Small Shield; make sure to equip it.

Light all four torches here to raise the platforms.

Return to the fork and head north now. You'll be trapped in here until you beat the monsters, so take them out, then open the chest for Raval Ore x12. Head back to the fork again, then make your way east now, looking for three unlit torches on the wall; light them to have a platform rise, then light the one near the raised platform to raise one more. Before continuing on though, drop back down to the floor and open the chest to the right for Raval Ore x6. Head back up the platforms now and continue east to the next area.

Take the first southern branch you come across, which will lead you to another room that'll lock you in until you take out everyone. Once they're toast, smash the urn for some Herbs, Draughts, etc., then open the chest for a Katol Elixir! This permanently raises your Max HP, so go ahead and open your Item Menu and use it on Adol. Head back to the last area, then continue east to another fork. Head north, then follow the path in here until you reach a dead-end. Light the torch on the wall here to have the wall to your west move out of the way, then continue west and open the chest here for Raval Ore x8. Head back out into the hallway.

Continue east to the next area, then east some more to be outside. Head northeast to a fork; there's a cracked wall to the north, but we can't do anything with it just yet. Instead, continue following the southeast path back inside another area, then keep going through that area as well. In the next area, you'll find an urn; smash it for Herbs, Draughts, etc., then move further east to the next area, where you'll be at a four-way fork. Head north first, where you'll reach a dead-end with an urn that has 400 Gold inside. Next, take the southern path; kill all the monsters, then work on getting the treasure. The western urn has another 400 Gold inside, the eastern one has 50 Gold and Herbs, Draughts, etc., and the southern chest has another Ruby inside to make your fire magic stronger!

Head back to the fork once more, then head east to the next area. The music will stop playing, and you'll find a Travel Monument, so you know something's about to happen; make sure to save your game, and keep this save separate from your main game in case you have trouble in the next dungeon, since there's no returning until you clear it.


Since we have another dungeon immediately after this one, and we won't be able to return to Redmont until after we clear it, I recommend heading back to Redmont now to use your Raval; you should have enough to level your Chain Mail and Small Shield; I'd leave your Long Sword alone, as you'll be getting a better weapon shortly after the next boss fight. You may also be able to possibly purchase either the Large Shield or Plate Mail, but I'm going to play it safe and assume you can't. If you can, great! Do it! After taking care of that, make your way back to the Travel Monument in the Illburns Ruins to continue...

Head east for a scene, then you'll have to fight Chester.


Adol: Level 14

Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


On the easier difficulties, you should be able to just go on a relentless assault to defeat Chester before he kills you, but if not, you'll have to be more careful and only jump in at opportune times. He does have a fierce set of attacks to try to slow you down.

  • Knives are thrown at you; just run to the side to avoid them, or take the opportunity to jump at him and do some damage.

  • He'll attack you repeatedly with his sword; again, just run away from him as he tries to assault you, or jump over him and attack him when he does.

  • He'll glow green, then charge at you; this is a little harder to avoid, just try to jump over him as he charges. It'll do HEAVY damage if it connects.

  • A protective shield will form; don't attack him while he has it up, or it'll explode and damage you. Just let it go away.

  • He'll dash toward you with a red glow; he moves even quicker while doing this, so just move and jump around to avoid it.

  • He'll glow blue, then an aura will surround him and explode; jump away from it once it forms.

Work on avoiding his attacks and getting some of your own in when you can. Fire doesn't really work against him, so stick with sword attacks. Once his HP starts to get low, he'll glow red when dashing and will move around very quickly; it's harder to avoid his attacks then, so try to corner him and unleash a Boost to slash like mad and take him out.

After the battle, you'll meet Count McGuire, and after some more dialogue, you'll be thrown into the Zone of Lava.


__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Drop-Off)
__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Depths)
__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Topside)
__500 GoldGold
__Firewyrm's AmuletEquipment
__Raval Ore x18Raval Ore
__Broad SwordEquipment
__250 GoldGold
__Ventus BraceletEquipment
__300 GoldGoldGrand Total: 1050 Gold
__Brocia SerumItem
__Sunset StatueItem
__Raval Ore x12Raval OreGrand Total: Raval Ore x30


Monster Log

XEnemyLog #
__Guilen, The Fire Eater68/79BOSS #04 Strategy
__Gyalva, Lord of the Blazing Prison69/79BOSS #05 Strategy

You'll wake up beside a Travel Monument, so go ahead and use it, then continue south into the Zone of Lava. The monsters here may be tougher than what you're used to, so if you're having trouble, reload the Illburns Ruins save and grind there for a while, otherwise, let's get on with it. Also, watch out as you travel; lava will shoot over the small passages and hit you if you're not careful.

You're at a fork right from the start, so where to go? Let's go left first. (Right, then right leads to a dead-end and a chasm, and right, then down is the long way of somewhere we'll be shortly.) Avoid the giant chasm in the middle of the room for now, and follow the path up and around to an urn that contains Herbs, Draughts, etc., then go ahead and jump down into the chasm. (If you continue following the path, you'll reach a lava-ridden area, for which we need a special item to explore.)

Enable No-Fall just in case, so you can get the two treasures here. From where you land, go south and jump the chasms, being careful not to fall, to come across an urn with 500 Gold inside. Head back north (jumping from as close to the edge as you can, so you don't fall down), then jump over to your left, and over several more chasms along the way until you finally reach a chest containing the Firewyrm's Amulet. This is your first Accessory, so go ahead and equip it; it will protect you from damage while walking through shallow lava.

Disable No-Fall, then go ahead and fall down a nearby chasm to land at an area with an urn to the northwest, a chest to the southwest, and a horde of Mozgouz attacking you. If the Mozgouz are too much for you, run away, but if not, take the time to blast them with magic and attack them with your sword; defeating the entire horde should net you a level or two, and you should easily rack 700+ hits in a row on them! (I was able to get 950 using just my sword!) Once they're taken care of, smash the urn to the northwest for some Herbs, Draughts, etc., and open the chest to the southwest for Raval Ore x18. (If you can't beat them yet, at least try to open the chest, then just take off to your right, hopefully surviving.)


The Mozgouz are a good way to earn some quick levels if you are able to defeat them; just exit to the northeast and come back to face another set of 32 of them.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the The Exterminator Achievement by defeating 2,000 Mozgouz across all playthroughs. If you like, you can try this now during one game, but they only show up 64 at a time, so you'd have to leave, return, and defeat 32 sets of them.

You may want to wait until you get the Ventus Bracelet and your Wind magic; it'll make defeating them MUCH easier.

Make your way east now, following the path to the next area. There's a fork here; to the southeast is a dead-end, but we'll need to remember to come back later when we have different abilities to make it worthwhile. Back at the fork, take the northeastern path as it turns north to the next area, then head west to be back at the area below the first Travel Monument. I suggest heading up and saving again, just in case.

Go back and head west as you did before, but do NOT drop down the chasm; enable No-Fall if needed, then go up and around it, then west to the next area. Head west and down into the lava; with the Firewyrm's Amulet equipped, you will take no damage from shallow lava, just the deep stuff! At this fork, head north to the next area, then north and west, jumping over the deep lava pits, to eventually come to a chest containing a Broad Sword; equip it! Make your way back to the fork, then continue south, then west and up some stairs, eventually leading south again to a new area.

Head southeast and east, following along the path until you can start falling down ledges in different directions; to the east is an urn, so smash it for some Herbs, Draughts, etc., then continue west. After following the path a while more, you should be back on the ground with an urn nearby; crack it open for 250 Gold. Also, note the platform you cannot reach above you; we'll come back to it in a few minutes when we are able to reach it. Head south to the next area, where you'll find a Travel Monument to your west once you descend the stairs; make sure to use it, since we'll be fighting a boss soon.

Continue west to the next area, then drop down into the lava, avoiding the deep pits. Keep going southwest and west all the way to the next area, where you'll find a dead-end and a pedestal, where a Ventus Bracelet awaits! This will allow you to use wind magic, and you can use the Change Bracelet button to swap between Bracelets, so switch to the Ventus Bracelet for the time being, and make your way back to the large area with the pits, where you'll start to be followed by large flames! Run from them, and you'll eventually encounter the next boss.


Adol: Level 17

Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


This guy can be a pain, but if you practice your timing of jumping while using your wind magic just right, you should be able to make it easier. He'll follow you around constantly, trying to attack you. Every time he comes at you, with the Ventus Bracelet equipped, hit the Magic button quickly, then jump in the air just as quickly, hovering above him to help extinguish the flames on his body. Do this enough times until all of the flames on his body are gone.

He'll disappear into his pits, then reappear from another; just look for the bubbles to find out which one he'll come out of. Just follow his tail as he comes out, and slash at it; other than charging at you, all he'll do is shoot fireballs in front of him, so if you're behind him, there's nothing to worry about. Keep attacking the tail until a section dies, until you're down to just the head... then take out the head!

Afterward, head east and make your way back to the Travel Monument, then continue east and north back to the previous area. Just above where you are now is a place we were supposed to remember to return to, so let's check it out! Go over to the right and up onto that platform, then with the wind magic equipped, run to the left and jump off, hitting the Magic button at the same time as you jump, and watch as you glide over to the other side!

Now we can cross bigger chasms!

It may take you a few times, but it'll take some practice! Once you reach the other side, open the chest for an Emerald for your new Bracelet! That's it for this part of the Zone, so let's start to make our way back. Head east and follow the path up all the stones to the next area to the north, then continue along through the lava, east at the fork in the lava, and along that path to the next area. You'll be back at the area to the left of the area below the Travel Monument; feel free to head east and make your way back to the monument to Save.


There is a very difficult boss coming up; I recommend fighting the Mozgouz with your Wind magic until you're at least level 19... possibly 20 on the harder difficulties.

Using the charged wind-glide...

...it's easy to get almost anywhere.

Now that we're back at the beginning, leave the Travel Monument area and at the very first fork, make your way east, past the fork, to the next area. In this area, enable No-Fall, then approach the eastern side of the cliff. Charge up your wind, run, jump, and release, gliding over the chasm to the other side. Smash the urn here for 300 Gold, then continue across the chasm to your east, also using the wind-glide to get to the other side. Head north from here and follow along the path as it turns east to another fork; to the north is a dead-end, but we need to remember this one for when we have more abilities. Head east to the next area.

Just to your right is another Travel Monument, so save here. Head east to the fork, then go north and examine the pedestal for the Brocia Serum. Go to your Menu and use this under Item to learn how to Dash! Now we can move faster! SWEET! (Make sure that the option is checked to Dash automatically to make good use it.) If you like, save your game once more, then head to the right to the next area to face the last boss here in the Zone of Lava.


Adol: Level 19

Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


You'll want to use your wind magic, preferably charged up, for this fight, as you're going to have trouble hitting him with your sword by itself. He has several attacks...

  • He'll land near you, then shoot a fireball, causing you and the tiles to shoot up in the air; it's pretty much unavoidable unless you're at the very end of the bridge. If he's close to you when you're launched in the air, unleash a charged wind attack on him.
  • He'll hover above the center of the bridge, then shoot a powerful fireball at you, knocking every tile into the air; try to run to the edge of the bridge before it hits.
  • He'll spin and charge at you, knocking a few tiles into the air; run off to the side, unleashing a charged wind attack if he gets near.
  • He'll go to one side, then he'll REALLY spin and charge you, flipping all the tiles; run away from him if possible, and if you can, unleash a charged wind attack just as he is about to hit.

While the charged wind attacks do a bit more damage than the normal ones, it's no big deal if you don't have time to charge it; just hit him with the normal one if that's all you have time for, as it'll do a decent amount of damage as well. Just try to have a wind attack ready for him every time he approaches you, and do your best to avoid his attacks. Stay on the offensive and attack him as many times as you can while he's waiting. If you just try to wait for the opportune moment to take a hit here or there, you're likely to wind up dead. This battle also depends a lot on luck, so if you don't get it the first time, try again and see if you'll have a bit of a break.

Afterward, you'll receive the Sunset Statue. You're done here, so go ahead and continue east to the next area, then east and north to exit the Zone of Lava. Here in the Illburns Ruins, enable No-Fall, then follow along the path; when you reach the chasm, wind-glide over to the other side and open the chest to get Raval Ore x12! That's it for here, so go ahead and drop down the chasm, then continue south to have a scene with friends and enemies alike, then afterward, you'll be back in Redmont.



__Raval Ore x20Raval Ore
__Raval Ore x12Raval OrePSP Version Only
__Large ShieldEquipmentPurchase for 2800G.
__Plate MailEquipmentPurchase for 3500G.
__Wing TalismanItem

When you finally regain control in Redmont, talk to Edgar once more to receive Raval Ore x20. Head outside, then make your way to the Church and talk to Sister Nell for a scene.

PSP Version Only

Talk to Joel in the Inn, and after a quick scene with him, you'll receive Raval Ore x12 from him.

After that, make your way to the Store and buy the Large Shield and Plate Mail; you should have enough for both, if not, we'll make some more money here in a bit, and you can buy them then. Feel free to upgrade what you like now as well, even though your new set of equipment costs a hefty 150 Gold and 30 Raval for each level upgrade!

Go ahead and leave town, and make your way toward the Travel Monument to have Elena approach you, and after some discussion, she'll give you the Wing Talisman, which will allow you to Warp to ANY Travel Monument that we've saved at before! Sweet!

PSP Version Only

If you go to your Camp Menu and go to Option, you can change your Extra Function button from Walk to Wing Warp, then use it to Warp to Travel Monuments with a single button!

Now... this is the first time in the game that we have some free reign to do anything other than to progress the story, so let's do that! First is a simple and short job, and the reward is excellent, so let's take care of that first.


This quest IS MISSABLE, so make sure to do it now, you won't get another chance to later.




__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: Elderm Mountains (Base)
__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: Valestein Castle (Entrance)
__Augite BroochItem
__100 GoldGold


Character Log

XCharacterLog #


Monster Log

XEnemyLog #

We must make our way to Valestein Castle, which we have not visited yet. From Redmont, head off to the "World Map"...

There are two new enemies on the "World Map"; they are just stronger versions of the old ones, but be sure to slay them to add them to your Monster Log. To get to Valestein Castle, head north at the first fork to the next area, then continue north up the stairs at the next split to the area after that. At this new area, you'll come to another fork; to the west is a dead-end with a Travel Monument; you'll be able to progress further later on with new abilities, but do go ahead and use the Travel Monument here so we can Warp to it in the future. Back at the fork, head north to the next area, then continue north and follow that path to a fork. Go down the stairs to the south first, following the path to the next area, where you can smash an urn for 100 Gold here at the docks. Head back to the fork, then go north to the next area to arrive at Valestein Castle.

Go ahead and use the Travel Monument here so you can use your Wing Talisman to Warp here later. In any case, you'll meet two new people here; Fran and Andre. Be sure to talk to both of them individually to add them to your Character Log. After learning of the transpiring events, agree to help. We now need to go to the Illburns Ruins to save a little boy and bring him back here. Go ahead and use the Wing Talisman to Warp to the Outside of the Illburns Ruins, where you'll land right beside the boy! Talk to him to have him follow you!

We must return him to Valestein Castle safely, and we must WALK there to do it, no Warping sadly. Also, he has his own life bar; PROTECT him! If he dies, it's game over and you have to try again, so take out the enemies as quickly as you can, hoping they don't get a chance to attack him. (Use your fireballs against the Deriez enemies; otherwise, Christof will get too close and probably take damage from their pollen spray.) From the Illburns Ruins, head southwest back to the fork on the World Map, then keep heading north at the forks to make your way back to Valestein Castle. After talking to Fran once again, as well as the four guards inside, you'll meet Elizabetha, Alice, and Christof, Count McGuire's wife, daughter, and son, respectively. Elizabetha will give you the Augite Brooch; by possessing this, enemies will drop more items! Nice!


Again, this quest, as well as the Augite Brooch, IS MISSABLE! Make sure to take care of this now before finishing the Abandoned Mine.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the That's the Last Time, Kid Achievement by completing this quest once on each difficulty level.

Now remember; we have the wind-glide ability, so we can discover some new items we haven't been able to get just yet, one of which is rather important for the Abandoned Mine, so let's go get those.




__Bob's PendantItem
__600 GoldGold
__Nightfire GemEquipment
__Raval Ore x8Raval Ore
__Raval Ore x20Raval OreGrand Total: Raval Ore x28
__600 GoldGoldGrand Total: 1200 Gold

Throughout the guide so far, I've made notes that you'd eventually need to return to certain areas to get certain treasures once you've gained certain abilities. Since we now have the wind-glide ability, there are three treasures we can get that we couldn't before; two in the Tigray Quarry, and one in the Illburns Ruins.

  • Warp to the Storehouse of the Tigray Quarry, then head east three screens (up a set of stairs on the last one), then head to the left and use your jumping wind-glide to soar over the chasm to obtain Bob's Pendant, as well as find an urn that contains 600 Gold. Warp back to Redmont and visit Aida in the southwestern house; by giving her Bob's Pendant, she will be extremely grateful and will give you the Nightfire Gem, which will allow you to see in very dark places, which will DEFINITELY come in handy in the next dungeon!
  • Warp to the Depths of the Tigray Quarry, then head left two screens, climb all the way up the rock platforms to the left, and head left again to a third screen. On this screen, climb up a level to come to a bridge that you'll need to wind-glide to the right to the other side. Over there, you'll find a chest containing Raval Ore x8. Handy!
  • Warp to the Outside of the Illburns Ruins, then head inside and follow the path to the fourth screen in. When you reach the first unlit torch on the wall, use a fireball to light it, then switch to your wind magic and do a jumping wind-glide over the long gap on the platforms to reach another room; enter this room to find SEVERAL monsters, as well as a chest containing Raval Ore x20, and an urn containing 600 Gold.

That's it for extras for now, so let's continue with the story. Use the Wing Talisman to go to the Tigray Quarry's Storehouse Travel Monument.




__Travel MonumentSave PointLocation: (Aban. Mine)
__Mission TabletItem
__Raval Ore x50Raval Ore
__1000 GoldGold
__700 GoldGold
__500 GoldGold
__Raval Ore x25Raval Ore
__700 GoldGoldGrand Total: 2900 Gold
__Katol ElixirItem
__Raval Ore x40Raval Ore
__Raval Ore x65Raval OreGrand Total: Raval Ore x180
__Darkness StatueItem


Monster Log

XEnemyLog #
__Istersiva, The Crystalline Entity70/79BOSS #06 Strategy

From the Travel Monument, head north to the next area, then continue north to the newly unlocked door into the Abandoned Mine. It's pretty dark in here... but you can fix that! Equip the Nightfire Gem that Aida gave you to light up the entire area! Follow the path north, then northwest and west to the next area, then west to the one after that, then west again on the next one as well; as you can see, it's very straightforward. You'll eventually come to a fork where you can either descend to the right, or go left and enter a room to your north; head left and enter the room above.

Approach and look at the mural that you were sent here to check out. By checking out the mural, you'll receive the Mission Tablet! You'll also learn the Double-Jump ability! Just press the jump button twice to jump even higher and further!

PSP Version Only

You will also obtain the Double-Boost ability! Now your Boost gauge will fill over twice and let you unleash even more powerful attacks while healing yourself! Great!

Once that scene is over, head back to the last fork, then descend to the lower right area we haven't explored yet. Jump across the two gaps to your right to find an urn with Herbs, Draughts, etc., then drop down the gap closest to you. From this wood bridge, either wind-glide or double-jump over to the right to land on the other side, then continue east into this area, which is a monster-filled dead-end with a chest containing Raval Ore x50! There's also an urn to the right that has 1000 Gold waiting for you when you smash it. Sweet!

Go back to the last area, then make your way down all the way to the bottom of the area onto the stone ground. From here, head all the way to the right and crack open an urn for 700 Gold, then move all the way west and double-jump up to the next area. Continue west, following the linear path until you reach a set of stairs going down to the next area; before going down, make sure to smash the urn to the right of them to find 500 Gold.

Descend the stairs to be at a fork; they lead to the same area, but if you take the southern path, you'll come across a chest with Raval Ore x25 inside! Keep going west along the path, down another set of stairs to another area, then west and across a bridge to reach a branch where you can either go down stairs or jump over a broken bridge; use your double-jump AND wind-glide ability to cross the gap to the west (this may take a few tries, I had to have a charged wind-attack ready to unleash after using the second jump) to find a chest, along with three Duradels. Take them out, then get the second Emerald to level your wind magic!

Jump back over, then head east and down the stairs to the next area. Crack open the urn to your right for some Herbs, Draughts, etc., then continue west to a fork, again with a set of stairs. To the left is where you would've fallen from the bridge above, so go ahead and head down the stairs. Go east a bit, then run and double-jump to your right, aiming south just a little bit, to land on a platform with an urn containing 700 Gold, then drop down to the left back onto the platform. Keep descending the stairs until you reach a spot to where you can jump off to the left. Go ahead and double-jump across WITHOUT wind-gliding to land on a platform with a chest; inside is another Katol Elixir to use to increase your Max HP!

Hop down to your right, either fighting or running from the monsters, then head east; before going up the stairs, step to the north, then go east, double-jumping the rock formation behind the stairs to find a chest containing Raval Ore x40! Make your way back up the stairs now, and when you can jump to the left again, double-jump AND wind-glide over to the other side to the next area. Here, double-jump your way across the set of two platforms to the west (there's nothing below any of the platforms, so no need to stop, unless you want to take out monsters for EXP). Next, jump over just one, but once you land on the other side, try to double-jump up to the right and land up there, then again to the upper left from there to find a chest with Raval Ore x65 inside!

The chest is semi-hidden, but it's not hard to get to.

Drop back down to where you were, then double-jump your way across the last three platforms... the third one is tricky, as you have to release a wind-glide at the highest part of your jump while having enough distance to land on the platform to your upper left. Once you've finally made it to solid ground, continue west to a fork; the west is blocked for now, but we'll come back later with different abilities to crack it open. Instead, descend the staircase to the next area, where you'll finally find a Travel Monument!

If you like, take this time to Warp back to Redmont and have Adonis upgrade your equipment, then Warp back. (You should be able to max out all of your current equipment to level 3 / Max, which is strongly recommended.) When you're ready, head north of the Travel Monument in the Abandoned Mine to encounter the boss.