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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Grawl

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    Ys: The Oath in Felghana by Grawl
    grawler (@t) gmail (d.t) com
    07/31/05 - Version 1.3
    It seems thousands of players enjoy my guide, seeing the countless mails I
    receive. This makes me very happy, since it means my guide actually has some
    use ;p So I'm asking you, if you're enjoying this guide, could you perhaps 
    donate some money? Heck, I'll be happy with your 2 bucks you were going to 
    spent on a cheeseburger later ;p Thank you!
    Every question, feedback, comment etc. can be mailed. Put "YS: Oath Felghana" 
    in the subject, so I can pick out the mails easily. Thanks! Also add where you
    found the guide, is possible.
    Never mail me if you can't keep it civil. I have no problem ignoring your mail
    when you start to call me names. Most of the time I'll pick a fight, and post
    the mails afterwards on some forums for fun, but that's not the point. Keep
    in mind that you can use this guide for free, so show some respect, and don't
    act like an 11-year old kid (even if you are one!). If you found a mistake,
    or don't understand something, just mail me, be as detailed as possible, and
    we'll work things out.
    I'm not related to Falcom. This FAQ has been made for fun, not to make any
    money out of it. Don't use this FAQ on your site/magazine etc. without my
    permission. Copyright (c) 2005 by Grawl. I keep a list of sites that are 
    allowed to use my guide. Using this guide without my permission will lead to a 
    lawsuit, not matter what.
    To make searching easier, I added search-codes in the TOC. Just press CTRL + F
    and enter the code to jump to that part immediately.
    Table of Contents                                                   [YS.00.00]
    * Table of Contents.................................................[YS.00.00]
    * History & Next Version............................................[YS.01.01]
    * Introduction......................................................[YS.02.01]
    * Walkthrough.......................................................[YS.03.01]
      * The Story Begins................................................[YS.03.02]
      * Tigray Quarry...................................................[YS.03.03]
      * The Illburns Ruins..............................................[YS.03.04]
      * The Zone of Lava................................................[YS.03.05]
      * The Abandoned Mines.............................................[YS.03.06]
      * The Elderm Mountains............................................[YS.03.07]
      * The Icebound Cave...............................................[YS.03.08]
      * Valestein Castle................................................[YS.03.09]
      * The Clock Tower.................................................[YS.03.10]
      * Genos Island....................................................[YS.03.11]
      * The Dark Shrine.................................................[YS.03.12]
      * The Throne of Evil Lord Sealed..................................[YS.03.13]
    * Character List....................................................[YS.04.01]
    * Enemy List........................................................[YS.05.01]
    * Items.............................................................[YS.06.01]
      * Inventory.......................................................[YS.06.02]
      * Equipment.......................................................[YS.06.03]
    * Secrets...........................................................[YS.07.01]
      * Hard Mode.......................................................[YS.07.02]
      * Nightmare Mode..................................................[YS.07.03]
      * Inferno Mode....................................................[YS.07.04]
      * Time Trail......................................................[YS.07.05]
      * Debug Mode......................................................[YS.07.06]
      * Elena's Costumes................................................[YS.07.07]
    * FAQ...............................................................[YS.08.01]
    * Conclusion........................................................[YS.09.01]
    History & Next Version                                              [YS.01.01]
    Version 0.1 (07/05/05) - Everything is new. (32,5KB)
    Version 0.2 (07/06/05) - Fixed a small mistake, added Secrets Section, updated
     the walkthrough, and some other random things such as enemies. (45,8KB)
    Version 0.3 (07/07/05) - See above, expect I didn't fix any mistake. (53,1KB)
    Version 0.4 (07/07/05) - Almost finished with the guide. You'll have to wait
     for a full tactic on the final boss though. Hrhrhr. Truth is, I'm having
     trouble with it myself. (64,4KB)
    Version 1.0 (07/09/05) - Finished the walkthrough, and there shouldn't be too
     much missing. If you find something, let me know. (67,7KB)
    Version 1.1 (07/10/05) - Fixed some small mistakes, added a secret. (68,4KB)
    Version 1.2 (07/12/05) - Changed some item-names to the proper ones, fixed
     some (silly) mistakes, added some things here and there. (69,7KB)
    Version 1.3 (07/31/05) - Added/Fixed some small things. (70,9KB)
    Introduction                                                        [YS.02.01]
    Before you start reading this guide, I want you to get a few things straight;
    * I'm not a Japanese help-desk. If you can't play the game, because you lack
      the knowledge to read/translate Japanese, don't come to me. Once again, I'm
      NOT a Japanese help-desk. My Japanese isn't good enough in the first place.
    * This game is designed for Japanese environments. If the game doesn't work,
      check the FAQ-section. Other than that, you're on your own.
    * For now, the guide won't contain any Japanese tags, so you can just leave
      the front the way it is.
    * My Japanese isn't as good as it should be, so I may misspell some names
      here and there.
    * Because of my Japanese, I'm not able to translate the dialogues enough to
      figure out the story. I can guess what it's all about, but I won't write it
      down, because I might be wrong.
    * If you've never played any Ys game before, and you aren't great at fast
      moves etc., I suggest to play the game on easy. The normal mode is pretty
      difficult sometimes. That's a warning. If you want to know if you can 
      handle it, just play the normal mode until you beat two bosses. If that
      wasn't too hard, you can probably try some more. If it was too hard, you
      should play on easy.
    * Talk with everyone you can. When you do this, the characters will be added
      to your character-file (in the option menu), so you can check what person
      I mean.
    * Your character is called Adol.
    * This walkthrough is made while playing on normal.
    * If you're unable to beat a boss, try to level up, or get more gold.
      Levelling up will make you stronger, and once you get more gold, you can buy
      new weapons and armor in the shop.
    * Kill all the enemies you encounter, even if you've been there before. 
      This'll help you level.
    * The more enemies you kill, the higher you orange bar (exp multiplier) will
      go. It'll run out if you're not fast enough.
    * Enemies will drop various items; healing herbs (you can't take them with
      you), and boosts (strength, mana etc.). They'll run out fast, so the best
      idea is to move on.
    * When you die during a boss fight, you can simple retry. Don't bother
    * Set auto-dash. Go to your options, and check the fourth checkbox. This'll
      allow you to always run (once you learned it, that is).
    Walkthrough                                                         [YS.03.01]
    The Story Begins                                                    [YS.03.02]
    The game starts when Adol and Dogi are talking. They hear a Guff howl, and
    Adol runs forward to check it out, leaving Dogi alone with a couple of Guffs.
    Great work Adol ;p
    Adol finds Elena, and some Guffs. Time to protect the cute girl. The tutorial
    will start, explaining how to attack (Z to attack, X to jump), and how to
    perform various moves. Kill the Guffs, and move will attack. You'll learn how
    to use a special attack. When the big icon on the lower left is blinking, you
    can press V. This will give you a boost, and allows you to do more damage,
    and move/attack faster. After the fight, Dogi will run into the screen, and
    you'll all have a nice talk.
    *Intro Movie*
    Adol, Dogi and Elena will walk towards Redmont Town. They talk with Gardner,
    and he'll let you in. Dogi and Adol decide to stay in the inn, but Elena goes
    home, since this is where she lives.
    In the mean-while, you'll see King McGuide talk to Chester. Note that Chester
    is the brother of Elena.
    And just the way it became night, it becomes morning. A fresh start. Now, you
    only need to talk to Elena in order to trigger the next part of the story, but
    I suggest to talk to everyone. Elena lives in the house in the topleft corner
    of town. Once you talked to her, go back to the inn, and you'll see some
    people gathered on the square. Talk to Ricardo (the guy with the brown hat).
    When you have to select something, go for the top option. You'll get the
    world map (go to your inventory to use it), 50 gold and 1 raval. The ravals
    are used to upgrade weapons and armor, in case you wonder.
    Head outside the city. Keep going to the right, and save. Keep going right,
    while battling enemies, and you'll reach...
    Tigray Quarry                                                       [YS.03.03]
    Outside is another save point and Paul. Talk to him, and you can go inside.
    Time for some fun. From the beginning of the cave, go right and right (lower
    exit). In this area, you'll find a chest with 5 ravals. There is a pot with
    gold on the far right. Go up the stairs on the right, then keep heading right
    until you find a man called Dewey. Talk to him, and he'll give you keys. 
    Head all the way back to the area with the stairs (lots of them), and take
    the lower left exit. Save, and open the doors. Don't take the northern exit
    yet, since there is no way to go for now.
    Follow the path, and you'll bump into your first boss;
    *Boss #1: Dularn (HP: 190)*
    This is a tricky boss as first boss, but not really hard. She'll start in the
    middle of the field, with a shield around him. Don't attack her, since it'll
    hurt you. She'll throw three kind of attacks at you;
    * Swords from above: Move around, and they won't hit you. Don't jump.
    * Swinging swords: The most difficult one to avoid. Move back, and jump over
      them, while you move towards Dularn.
    * Swords aligned: The swords will form a "wall" that'll come towards you.
      Simply jump over them.
    After she used three attacks, the shield will vanish. Attack her (special
    attack if you can). Once she did this for about two rounds (depends how much
    damage you did to her), she'll do the same attacks, but in a random order.
    Watch this moves closely to see what she'll use against you. After a short
    while, she'll keep doing this, but right after she used the attacks, she'll
    teleport away to a random location. Then she'll use an attack against you, but
    it's simple to avoid. Just jump over it. It's time to hit her. Repeat this all
    until she gives up.
    Walk down, and open the chest for the fire ring. Press S or D to equip it.
    A tutorial will show you, you can use it by pressing C. This will cost mana
    though, which'll recharge slowly. The Mozuks will take little damage from
    your sword, but fire will work great against them.
    Head back to Dewey, and go down the stairs. Go left, and find a pot with gold.
    Go down, and you'll find another pot with a healing item. Keep going to the
    right. Note you'll encounter the bugs I mentioned earlier. Use fire against
    them. After going down some stairs, you'll find a straight hallway. Find a
    way up the platform. There is a chest here, but it's semi-invisible, and you
    can't use it. Check the torch behind you. Jump, and set it on fire. Open the
    chest for a fire ruby. This allows you to charge you attack, and cause more
    damage. Might as well try it out on the Mozuks ;p
    You'll reach a save point and Edgar. Talk to Edgar. Then enter the room north
    for your second boss;
    *Boss #2: Ellefale (HP: 400)*
    Remember you can charge your fireballs. Do this, or you'll have an extremely
    hard time with this boss. I forgot I could charge at first, and just couldn't
    figure out what the problem was. Then I used the charge, and I didn't die a
    single time =p
    Anyway. at first, she'll use two kind of attacks; horizontal, and vertical.
    When she uses the horizontal attack (watch the way she throws), jump over it.
    When she uses the vertical attack, move side-ways.
    Once she's damaged for about 200HP, she'll start using two more attacks. 
    She'll throw some wind at you, which follows you, wherever you go. Just run past
    when it gets near, and that problem is solved. She can also shoot a few blue
    lasers at you. To avoid those, jump at the right time.
    After she dies, you'll get the Ellefale statue. It's a quest item, which'll
    you need the final battle. Leave the room, and after some chit chat, you'll
    end up in Redmont Town. Some more talking, and you can move around again.
    Visit Rochus (leave the house, then enter the house on the right). He'll give
    you 7 ravals. Now talk to Elena, then head inside the church and talk to
    Bishop Nicolas. Accept his quest, and you'll get the key to the ruins. From
    now on, Antonio is willing to give you gold, if you give him 10 ravals.
    I suggest you not to do that for now. You can do it a bit later though, when
    you have more ravals. Once you did it three times, Antonio will give you a
    ring, which you can trade for a symbol with Randolph.
    However, talking about gold; you should have enough now to buy a new sword,
    and new armor. Don't upgrade them yet, it's not really worth it. If you
    don't have enough money, return to the mines, and battle some more. Once
    you're done, leave the city, and head for...
    The Illburns Ruins                                                  [YS.03.04]
    To get here, just check your map. Where you went right to find the mines,
    now head up, the right. Open the gates, save, and enter.
    This area is a lot harder than the mines, so watch out. Just follow the path
    up, until you can go left or right. Go left for a pot with gold, then go
    right again. You'll end up in a hall, and you can raise a platform, but it has
    no use for now. Just go right, and you'll be outside. Open the pot (ignore
    the enemies), and keep going.
    You can go four ways from here. Where you came from, up (room with enemies,
    and a chest that contains 12 ravals), down (room with enemies, and a chest
    that contains a shield) and to the right, which leads to a new area. You can
    guess the order, I hope? ;p
    On the far right, is a chest that contains 6 ravals. Then go back a bit,
    and light the torches. A platform will raise. Go up, and light the torch on
    your right to raise another platform. Keep going to the right. 
    Once again, you can go four ways. Where you came from, down (room with 
    enemies, and a chest that contains a life potion), up (room with enemies, go
    to the right, light the torch, then go left for a chest that contains some
    ravals), and right.
    Keep going once you went right, and ignore the enemies. Just keep going.
    You'll find a pot on your way, and in the next room you can go four ways
    again. Back, up (pot with gold), down (enemies, a pot with gold (left), a pot
    with a healing herb (right) and a chest that contains the second fire ruby)
    and right. With the second jewel, your blasts are even more powerful. Head
    right, and you can finally save. 
    Head to the right, watch the small conversation, and get ready to battle
    *Boss #3: Chester (HP: 700)*
    This isn't an easy fight, so be prepared. He has 3 attacks for now;
    * He throws blades at you. Simple avoid them by running around.
    * He'll dash at you. He'll have a green aura around him. As soon as he comes
      towards you, jump over him, and attack him from behind. Watch out, because
      he'll use a shield, and counter-attack if you don't move away fast enough.
    * He'll simple attack you with his sword, when you're close enough.
    Once he has 400HP left, he'll start teleporting around. Just run around in
    circles to avoid most of this. He'll dash at you soon enough. That's the
    moment when you can attack. Note that you should never attack his shield, or
    it'll explode.
    Once the fight is over, you'll be thrown into the lava zone by Chester.
    The Zone of Lava                                                    [YS.03.05]
    Save, and walk down the path. This area is hard, so beware. Take the path to
    the left. There is a bridge here. Just jump down. You'll end up in a complete
    new room. On the left side of the room is a chest. It contains the fire
    amulet. Equip that in order to walk over lava without taking damage. On the
    right side is a pot with gold. When you're done, jump down.
    There is a chest in the corner on the left, but a lot of hard enemies. Open
    the chest for some ravals, then run as fast as you can to the right side of
    the room. Leave, and go up to end up in the main room again. Save if you 
    want, and go left two times.
    There is lava here, so equip the amulet, and you'll be fine. First, go up,
    and find the chest (note: avoid the deep lava) to find a new sword. Then head
    back and go down, and follow the path. You'll find a pot with a healing herb.
    You'll end up in a big room. Just keep walking, until you find a chest. It
    contains the wind ring. Dularn will show up, and leave just as soon. Go back
    to the big room. You'll be followed by flames, so just keep running until you
    reach it.
    *Boss #4: Guilen (HP: 1100)*
    A pretty easy fight. He'll come out of one of the five holes. You can notice
    this, by the bubbles. Move away from him as far as possible, and hold your
    magic-key (C, be sure to press S or D to select the wind ring). As soon as
    he gets close, jump over him, release the magic-key, and hold it straight
    away. You'll hover over the dragon, and as soon as you land, you can jump the
    other way, hover again etc. You can do this three times, and by then the
    flames on his body will be gone.
    Now get behind his tail, and keep hitting it with your sword. Piece by piece,
    his body will fall off. He only has two attacks;
    * Shoot fire. Just stay with his tail, and this attack won't hurt you.
    * Fireball. He'll quickly turn around, and shoot a fireball down. He barely
      uses this attack, so there's nothing to worry about.
    When he had enough, he'll enter a random hole. Stay away from it, because
    the lava that comes up hurts. Repeat it all, until only his head is left. Just
    keep slashing his head from behind, until he dies. Real easy, and you should
    be able to do it without losing much HP.
    Return to the save-point, and save. Then head back to the room you visited
    before you reached Guilen. When you jump, and use the wind ring to hover, you
    can cross a gap, to find the first wind emerald.
    Head back to the first save point. Note the new enemies. You can kill the small
    bugs (Mozgouz) with your wind ring. Anyway, save again at the first save point,
    and return to the main room. Head right. There is a wall here that blocks your
    path. But if you walk to the left platform, and use the wind attack, you can
    hover to the other platform. There is a pot here with gold. Now just keep
    heading right, until you find another save-point. Don't save yet, but walk a
    bit further. On the altar you'll find an item. Pick it up, and use it in order
    to learn to dash (press the arrow-key two times). Now save, and head to the
    right for yet another boss.
    *Boss #5: Gyalva (HP: 1200)*
    At first sight, this is a tough fight. On second sight, it's a breeze. I used
    the fire ring for this battle. The dragon uses two stages;
    Stage 1 - It'll stay away from you, and you can't hit it. He can do a
    variety of attacks;
    * Fireballs: He'll shoot fireballs at you. Just dash to the side.
    * Super-Fireball: He'll gather up power (you'll notice when he does that).
      Dash to the side to avoid this attack.
    * Dive towards you: He'll dive towards you, from his current position. He'll
      also go back. Sometimes he only dives once.
    * Super-Dive: He'll move to the far left or right. Quickly dash to the
      opposite side. He'll turn all the blocks around, and when you're on it, it
      can be painful.
    He'll only use one attack, before he goes to the next stage;
    Stage 2 - Now you can hit him. Charge up your fire ring, and shoot at him.
    He'll shoot fireballs at you, which will cause the blocks to move up. Just
    stay still (keep your distance), and jump when the fireball is about to hit
    you. The extra height allows you to hit him when he's not close enough.
    Sometimes he's near the ground, and you don't have to jump in order to
    release your fire. After a few attacks on stage 2, he'll move back to stage
    1. This boss has no extra attacks, so check how his moves work, and defeat
    After the fight, you'll gain the fire statue. Follow the path, and you'll
    find a broken bridge. Swing to the other side, and find a chest with 12 
    ravals. Then fall down, and leave the room.
    Chester will pick a fight again, but Elena and Dogi will wander in. After
    some talking, you'll be in Redmont Town. A lot of people here, and a lot of
    talking. Once they're all gone, talk to the mayor for 20 ravals. Buy a new
    shield/armor if you have the money. If you don't have that - don't worry,
    we'll do some things before we'll continue the main story. If you still don't
    have enough after that, you should just kill some enemies for money.
    Leave the town, and Elena will give you a feather. You can use it to teleport,
    which is just very useful. Might as well try it out. Teleport to the ruins,
    first save-point. Enter the ruins, and go up and right, and you'll be inside.
    Kill the enemies, and light the torch. Go up. With the wind ring, you can now
    enter the room. Kill the enemies inside, open the pot for gold, and then open
    the chest for 20 ravals. Some more enemies will come in. Kill them, and then
    teleport to the second save of the quarry.
    From there, head to the right, towards the broke bridge. You can now cross
    the bridge with your wind ring, and find a pendant. Also, open the pot for
    Return to town, buy some more equipment if needed, and then talk to Aida. Show
    her the pendant, and she'll give you the shiny crystal. You'll need it later,
    for the castle.
    Now head to the castle, and talk to Fran. Accept the quest, and walk to the
    entrance of the ruins. Talk to Christof, and escort him to the castle. When
    you get there, talk to all the guards, and Elisabetha will come out, and give
    you the brooch.
    Now head back to the second save of the quarry. Head up to a new room. There
    is a pot with gold here. Talk to the people and head inside the...
    The Abandoned Mines                                                 [YS.03.06]
    This is a long part, with tough monsters (not really, only the orc-like
    monsters). The hardest problem is there is no save around for miles, so be
    as careful as you can.
    Anyway, head to the far left. You'll find a room you can enter to the north.
    Enter it, and look at the statue. You'll learn how to double jump, and get a
    book. To double jump (you guessed it) press X two times.
    Now go back, and get down. There are 2 pots here (topright corner, bottom
    right corner), and when you go to the right, you'll find a pot, and a chest
    with 50 ravals. Head back, and go to the bottom left corner, and follow the
    There is a lake here, and a chest. The chest contains some ravals. Keep going
    to the left. You'll end up in a new room, where you can go down the stairs,
    and left (over a bridge). Cross the bridge, and open the chest for the second
    wind emerald. Then take the stairs down.
    Open the pot for some goods, and then keep going to the left, until you can
    go down with some stairs (again). In this room, there is a pot in the topright
    corner, a chest with 40 ravals in the bottom right corner, and a chest with a
    life potion in the bottom left corner. Then take the path left (you need to
    use your wind technique here). In this room is a chest with 65 ravals, and 
    some stairs. 
    And finally, you'll reach a save point. Save save save! Time for the next boss
    when you go up. Don't worry, it's a laugh.
    *Boss #6: Istersiva (HP: 2000)*
    Scared by the HP? No need. Switch to your fire ring, and fire at the worm (no
    need to charge). He'll spit out small crystals. Just destroy them with your
    sword. The top priority is to destroy the small crystals. If you do that, the
    big crystal will never shoot a laser. The small crystals hardly do any damage,
    so don't be afraid of them. Destroy the small crystals, then shoot at the
    worm. Once it has only 1000HP left, it'll die, and the real boss will appear.
    Afraid? Hah! This guy is easy too (or girl, no offense). He has a variety of
    attacks (I'm including the ones when he's even more desperate, since they are
    almost the same);
    * Egg-Drop: He'll float around, and drop eggs. Stay away from them, since they
    * Machine-Gun: He'll shoot small balls at you, but they hurt quite a bit. Just
      use your wind ring and float over them.
    * Energy-Ball: He'll shoot a few big energy balls, which'll explode into
      smaller balls. Use the wind ring to hover over them.
    * Barrier: The green crystal will spread, and create a big shield. Just walk
      away from it.
    After he did a few attacks, purple crystals will spread around him, and shoot
    lasers. Just walk underneath them, and use you wind ring to cause damage. 
    Repeat this until he dies.
    You'll get the mine statue. Go back, and save. Teleport back to Redmont Town,
    and see the Mayor. Some talking, and you're free to go again. You probably
    won't have any money for new stuff, and that's the way it should be. Just go
    outside. Be sure you talked to Anya and Hugo.
    Time to hunt for goodies. Go to the quarry (the save-point before the mines).
    Head right, and you'll be in the screens with the stairs. Go all the way up.
    You can reach a platform you couldn't reach before. You'll find a pot with
    After that, head to the first save of the zone of lava. Go to the main room,
    head right, then (stay in the room), go to the topright corner. You can jump
    on a new piece of ground now. From there, you can go to a new room, with a
    chest. The chest contains a life potion. Now go back to Redmont Town.
    Walk towards Elderm Mountain. Notice the new enemies. Once you get there, save
    and double jump. Walk north.
    The Elderm Mountains                                                [YS.03.07]
    Go right, to the new screen. On this screen, you'll find a flower. Take it
    with you. Then follow the path. When you're about to leave the screen, walk
    back a bit, and drop down. There is a pot with gold, and a chest with 90 
    ravals. Now leave the screen. Eventually, you'll find a cave. There is a pot
    with gold.
    Enter the cave, and follow the path again. You'll eventually end up in a big
    cave that has a lot of turns. You'll notice a big hole on the left side of
    the screen. Jump down there to find a pot with gold. Continue your way up.
    When you can go right, do so, and you'll find a chest with 50 ravals. Ignore
    the enemies there, they're too much trouble. Go back, and go up, in order to
    take the path to the left.
    In the topleft corner of this map, is a chest with 50 ravals. Once again, just
    ignore the enemies. On the right side is a flower, surrounded by ice. Use your
    fire ring in order to destroy the ice, and grab the flower.
    Keep heading north. You'll end up in an area where you have a lot of climbing
    to do. There is a chest with 40 ravals here. Almost on top, you can go left,
    and find a pot with gold. Find the way up. In the next area is a save point.
    Go right for the next boss(es);
    *Boss(es) #7: Ligaty (HP: 3000)*
    The tactic is to keep all the enemies alive till they end. When one dies,
    they'll use more advanced attacks. When there's only one left, it's a killing
    They are all able to take damage from your sword. The green harpy takes
    damage from your wind ring, while the red harpy takes damage from your fire
    ring. Weaken the red harpy first, till it has 200HP left (use the fire ring,
    since you can only damage her, when the HP counter says 2200, you did enough
    damage). Then switch to the green harpy, and use the wind ring, until the
    counter says 1400. Then start to attack the blue harpy until she dies. 
    Because the other harpies barely have any health left, do some kamikaze
    attacks by running at them, and start to slash away.
    When there are still three harpies, they'll use various attacks;
    * Feathers: They'll shoot feathers at you.
    * Meteor (Red): The red harpy will shoot down towards you.
    * Whirl-Wind (Green): The green harpy will use the same attack as you use.
    * Ice-Attack (Blue): The blue harpy will shoot ice towards you.
    * Duet: They'll go up in the air, land down, and produce notes. Jump over 
    The best time to attack, is before, and after the duet. In the mean-time, just
    jump and dash around.
    Once there are only two harpies left, they'll use above attacks (excluding
    duet), and these:
    * Singing: They'll sing together, but produce notes themselves. Harder to
      avoid, but not hard to avoid.
    * Comet-Duo: They'll shoot down towards you, four times totally.
    The best time to attack, is after the Comet-Duo, because they'll stand still
    for a short while.
    Once there is only one harpy left, they'll use their own special attack, and;
    * Ultra-Song: The harpy will produce 3 waves of notes. A bit of jumping will
      take care of that.
    Once again, just keep them all alive till the end, and it's a breeze.
    Now go back and save. Keep going to the right, and you'll find a house. Enter,
    and you'll find a person called Berhard. You can go to his house if you want
    to be completely healed. Not that I see the point of that, with the save-point
    nearby, but still... Just be sure to talk to Berhard at least once.
    Keep heading right. You'll find some new enemies, and an area where you start
    a bit higher than the rest of the map. There is a pot here. Just hover to
    the right side. Then go up, to find another flower. Keep going up, until you
    find the entrance to a cave. Don't enter yet, but go left, and drop down. With
    some use of your wind ring, you'll be able to reach a chest with a life 
    Enter the cave, and simply follow the path. Eventually you'll have to go left
    or right. Go left if you want to grab some gold from various pots. Beware of
    the enemies, a lot strong ones. Then go back, and go right. You'll find Dogi.
    Reach the other side (double jump, then hover with the wind ring), and Dogi
    will throw you the final ring; the earth ring. This allows you to dig through
    walls. The Ilba's Shells will be much easier this way too. Find the wall with
    a crack in it to the right, and dig through it. Enter the room.
    You can save here, which is really nice and recommended. Open the chest for
    the first topaz for the earth ring. Now let's do some things before we 
    continue, shall we?
    Teleport to the first save-point in the Zone of Lava. Head to the main room,
    and head down and then right. You'll find a wall with a symbol on it. Crack
    though it. Inside is a chest with 200 ravals, and a pot with quite some gold.
    Now teleport to the last save-point in the mines. Walk to the left, up the
    stairs. Go to the left, and crack through the wall. Watch out for the 
    enemies, as they are able to do you A LOT of damage. Just ignore them, and
    open the chest for 200 ravals. Ignore the pot, and teleport away somewhere.
    Now head to the second save-point in the ruins. Walk left 4 screens, and
    you'll find a cracked wall. Crack it open, and enter. Once again, a lot of
    strong enemies. Just run to the end, open the chest for a cloak, and teleport
    In case you still didn't trade ravals with Antonio, it may be a good idea to
    do that now. You'll get a ring (trade it with the guy at the inn for an item
    that boosts your boost), and tons of gold. If you have enough money, but the
    best shield, armor and weapon the shop has to offer. If not, just return a
    bit later.
    That was fun, wasn't it? ;p Return to the save-point, and leave the room.
    Now head left a bit, and go up. Dig through the wall here. In the next room,
    is a very narrow path. Don't fall oooooooooff... Actually, just jump down.
    You'll end up in a completely different room. Head to the left (ignore the
    enemies). With the combination of dashing, the wind ring and double jumps,
    you can make it. Go left, and then all the way down. Enter the room here,
    and you'll find a chest with shoes. These will help you navigate on the ice.
    Yes, you'll never slip away again. Teleport back to the save-point, save,
    and go back to the narrow bridge. Much easier now =p
    Find your way past it, and you can go down. So do that. Go down, and then
    go to the left, to a new room. From here, head up, and follow the path to find
    a cracked wall. Dig through it. Follow the small path here, and leave again.
    You'll be in the previous room again, and you're able to open a chest with
    120 ravals. Return back down the small hall, and keep walking down to find
    a new room.
    Follow the path down. After a while, you'll notice you can go left or right.
    Go left, or you'll fall in a pit with spikes, and get most of your health
    gone. From there, head to the right. You can go up three times. Pick the
    second one to find a chest with a life potion. Pick the third, and follow the
    path to the topright to find the next area.
    The Icebound Cave                                                   [YS.03.08]
    Find the save-point, and follow the path to battle the boss.
    *Boss #8: Gildias (HP: 3000)*
    A battle in which you'll need a bit of luck. Be sure to have your earth ring
    equipped at all times. He has various phrases, and he starts with the first
    one (how much sense did that make to you?), and does some attacks;
    * Bite: When you're too far away from him, he'll bite at you.
    * Breath: He'll use his breath against you, which causes ice pillars to rise
      from the ground.
    * Wings: He'll use his wings and shoot ice towards you. If you look closely
      (start with a double jump), it's not that hard to avoid.
    Dash towards him, and kick one of his legs away using the earth ring. He'll
    fall down. Smash him in the face, and when he tries to stand up, kick one of
    his legs away again. You can do this until he has about 2200HP left. Then
    he'll go into the next phrase. He'll stop biting, but use more attacks;
    * Ice-Pillars: He'll shoot three rows of ice pillars towards you.
    * Sky-Dive: He'll dive into the sky, some pillars will fall down, and he'll
      land again. Both the pillars, and the dragon as he falls, will hurt. The 
      trick is to time a double jump (just before the pillars hit the ground) and
      then use the earth ring, in the direction of one of his legs. This'll
      kick him on the ground, allowing you to kick his head again. Take your
      distance from him when he goes into the sky though.
    When he has around 600HP left, things will get ugly, and he'll use one more
    deathly attacks;
    * Throw-Down: He'll dive in the sky, just like the normal attack, but no
      pillars will fall down. Instead, he'll try to grab you. Try to avoid this
      at all costs by running vertical, or by double jumping. If he manages to
      grab you, he'll throw you down. This won't hurt yet, but he'll make sure you
      hit some ledges, which cause quite a lot of damage. It can bring you down
      back to 25% if you're not careful. You can avoid the ledges with the wing
      ring, but it's nearly impossible to miss them all.
    Just kick one of his legs, and slash his face (boost is your friend). He'll
    give up soon enough.
    The ice statue will be yours. When you try to walk back, you'll notice the
    exit is blocked. Use the earth ring against the rocks. Dogi will break the
    exit open for you.
    You'll both walk outside, but Chester will show up, and hurt Dogi pretty bad.
    Berhard will take care of it. You should just get back to Redmont Town. Save,
    and head towards the port. You'll see dead bodies, and Gardner, who's wounded.
    Talk to him, and then head inside. Elena and Anya are attacked by soldiers.
    Help them out. When you use the earth ring, this is pretty easy. After the
    fight, you'll go inside with some guys. Find the pig-like creatures. There are
    10 ravals hidden around that area, slightly out of view.
    After the chat, talk with everyone, get what you need (should be nothing), and
    head towards the castle. Talk to Fran and the guards, and then enter (save
    first, obviously).
    Valestein Castle                                                    [YS.03.09]
    There is only one way to go from here, and that's north. Might as well
    go there. Follow the path, and you'll bump in some enemies. Just keep going.
    In the next screen will be spears. The trick is do time right, and double
    jump. The problem are the enemies that wander around. Go right.
    Head up the stairs, to find a room with more stairs. Destroy the Halvaiger on
    the stairs, and turn around. There is a chest you can reach with some skills.
    It contains 200 ravals. Keep going straight ahead. Try to avoid the big balls,
    because they hurt, and knock you off the platform. If you fall off, and 
    you're not lucky, you'll fall in some spears, and perhaps an enemy is ready
    to ambush you. If you want to be certain the last thing doesn't happen, you
    can destroy all the enemies first. Be sure to equip the shoes, or you'll slip
    off. Also, double jumping helps you to avoid the balls. Proceed to the next
    From here, head right, and follow the path down. There is only one way to
    go, and that's inside some sort of chapel. Inside, you'll find the hangar of
    Elena. Head back to the room with the hole in the middle. Take the stairs up.
    If you look closely, you'll see a chest underneath a piece of stairs. You can
    reach it by double jumping. It contains the second topaz for the earth ring.
    You'll have to drop down again in order to get back though. So, get the jewel,
    and then aim for the top of the stairs. You'll reach the top of the tower.
    There is a piece of broken bridge here, which you can cross by doubling
    jumping and hovering. In the next room are Elisabetha, Alice and Christof.
    Talk to them all. Alice will give you a piano key.
    Now head back to the room with the hole again, and head left. Cross the room
    by some jumping. In the next room is a save-point. Save, and then go to the
    right, and drop down. If you go to the left, and find your way up, you'll find
    a chest with a +40 piece of armor. Go back toe the room above. Dave mentioned
    there is a chest with 500 ravals here. Now head back to the save-point, save,
    and go north for the next boss.
    *Boss #9: Death Falcon (HP: 2712)*
    This battle can be really easy, or really hard. It depends if you upgraded
    your weapons, and your level. Anyway, he has four phrases. If he's green, you
    attack with your wing ring. If he's red, you attack with your fire ring. If
    he's yellow, you attack with the earth ring, and if he's blinking in a white
    color, only your sword will harm him. If he's purple, you have a very 
    serious problem, because you have no purple ring (it's a joke!).
    He has various attacks;
    * Ball-Attack: He'll shoot a ball at you, and returns it. As if it's not bad
      enough, he ball also spits out fire, which hurts. Dodge the ball with 
      a double jump, dodge the fire with common sense.
    * Homing-Knives: A bunch of knives will come your way. They are hard to avoid,
      but it's the easiest when you stand really close to him. The problem is; 
      spears will come from the ground around him.
    * Dashing: He'll dash four times at you, which can make you cry real bad. It's
      hard to avoid, but a double jump does most of the trick. That, and timing.
    When he changes phrase (and he will go back and forth), he'll summon spears in
    4 directions. Just stay away from him when he does that, and you'll see them
    coming from miles.
    When he dies, he'll leave a piece of orgel pipe. You'll need it so pick it up.
    Go back and save. Now teleport back to the beginning of the castle.
    Go inside, and walk up the stairs. The gate is open here. Follow the way,
    until you're in a room with spears. Walk to the left, and you'll notice a
    platform north of you. Go up there, and jump around to find a cracked wall.
    Dig through it, and open the chest for 320 ravals. Then head left to end up
    in a room full of ice (you know what that means, equip the shoes). Note you
    can also reach this room by going back to the tower you found earlier, and
    then head right, all the way down, through the gate that was locked before.
    From there, you could follow the way, and find another tower. If you went 
    south, you'd have found this room. This is just a bit faster.
    Anyway, find your way up. There is a pot with gold here as well. Leave the 
    room through the north, to find the second tower. From there, head to the
    right. Equip the crystal you got from Aida. It'll reveal fake floors, and
    that's something you really need in here. See that chest north of you? Find
    your way there, to find 380 ravals. Now let's make things a bit easier for
    ourselves. Equip the fire amulet, and fall down. Walk to the right, and find
    your way up. Eventually, you'll find a cracked wall. Dig through it, and open
    the chest for a +30 shield. Then head back to the room with the fake floors,
    go to the right, and save.
    Head down, and you'll need to fight a boss.
    *Boss #10: Zellfel Zam Schutilger (HP: 2925)*
    A very easy battle, especially compared to the last one. I only used my earth
    ring against this boss, and won on my second try. He'll use various attacks:
    * Fire-Breath: He'll shoot fire at you. This is long-ranged, so watch out.
    * Bite: When you're close enough, he'll bite at you.
    * Dash: He'll dash towards you.
    * Power-Stomp: He'll jump up, and stomp at the ground. When you're in his
      area, this'll hurt you.
    * Howl: When he has around 1000HP left, he'll use this attack. He'll howl,
      and a group of wolves will rush in. Charge your earth ring (you have enough
      time to use this, since you can run away from the wolves), then double
      jump and when you're about to get hit, use the earth ring. You'll come
      out unharmed.
    The main trick is to stay close to Zellfel Zam Schutilger, and he'll be
    pretty easy.
    After the battle, you'll find a cross. Head back, and save. Now head back to
    the tower, and go up. You'll find a chest on your way (reach it with double
    jump, then the wind ring), which contains 250 ravals. Way on top is a room,
    with Bishop Nicholas. Talk to him, and hit the pot for gold.
    Then head back to the chapel, and put the pieces on the orgel. Then play the
    orgel to open a door. This will lead to an underground system of tunnels,
    paths and enemies.
    There isn't much to do though. Keep going until you find some Radlies (they
    look like butterflies). Head right. There is a pot hidden, you can reach
    by walking up the stairs, and then double jumping to the left. It contains
    some gold. You can take the stairs up, or down. Take the ones up. Make your
    way to the right side. You need to double jump and hover. Never go down. 
    Well fine, once to reach a pot with gold. The main thing is, stay as high
    as you can. When you reached the right side, you can go even higher, and head
    left again. Follow the path, and you'll end up at the previous room, but much
    higher. Keep going, and you'll find a chest with a +76 sword.
    Now just head all the way to the right, and you'll find a save point. Save,
    and go north for the next boss.
    *Boss #11: Zirduros (HP: 3300)*
    This boss is the easiest to defeat, by combining your earth ring (against 
    rockets, stomps and lasers) and the sword (whenever you get the change, since
    it does more damage than the earth ring). He uses this attacks;
    * Stomp: He'll jump towards you, and stomp down. Stay close and double jump
      to avoid this. This leaves some mines.
    * Mines: He'll move his tail, and mines will drop down.
    * Homing Missiles: He'll shoot two homing missiles, that'll follow you around.
      Attack these with your earth ring.
    * Missiles: He'll shoot missiles up in the air. You can see where by looking
      at the shadows. Beware, because they'll damage you when you're too close.
    * Laser: When you're in front of the boss (that's why you should stay behind
      him), he'll shoot a big laser. Double jumping avoids it, but it's hard to
      see when it'll come towards you.
    * Machine-Gun: He'll shoot a machine gun, in 360 degrees around him. Double
      jumping or running around will avoid this.
    This may take some tries, but don't give up. I defeated him when I wasn't 
    looking at his health bar anymore.
    A bridge will pop up. Go there. You'll have a chat with Elena. Talk to her
    again, to Bob, and finally to Andre. He'll give you the key to the clock
    tower. Head back to save, then go right. Find the gate, and open it.
    The Clock Tower                                                     [YS.03.10]
    Head to the left, and jump on to the moving block. Then go right. There is
    a torch that isn't lit, so fire against it. This will move a block left of 
    you. Continue to go up. Eventually, you'll find a block on the left side, near
    a wall. Don't go up, but jump down. You'll find a chest with the final fire
    ruby. Then head up again, and you'll find a locked gate. On the right are
    some blocks. Stand on the second and third block (keep jumping between them),
    until they're both down. Then head back to the gate (you can reach that
    platform from the second block), and make your way to the right. You'll find
    the first statue. The gate will open, so go there.
    Head up the block, and make your way to the right (you have to go up a bit).
    You'll find a chest with 350 ravals. Now go up. In the topright corner is the
    second statue. In the topleft corner is the gate (which'll open once you got
    the statue). A bit down from the gate, is a pot with gold, and some enemies.
    Up to you if you want to get that. Either way, enter the next room.
    There is a torch here that needs to be lit. Then just go up. There isn't 
    anything special here. The statue is in the topleft corner, the gate in the
    topright. Next room.
    Light the torch at the right side of the room (did Falcom become lazy at this
    point, perhaps?). Then head up a bit, and light another torch. Go up a bit 
    more, and then to the left. You'll find a hole. Drop down, and grab the last
    statue. The bells will ring. Well it's a clock tower, after all. Head to the
    gate in the upperleft corner, and enter.
    From here, crack the pot from gold, and find the exit. Walk over the castle
    walls, and save. Enter the next room, for the next boss.
    *Boss #12: Chester (HP: 3500)*
    Try to be level 44 for this boss, and he'll be much easier. He uses various
    * Dash: He'll dash towards you.
    * Energy-Ball: He'll shoot energy-balls (well they don't look like balls, but
      whatever) at you.
    * Eagle: He'll shoot an eagle of energy at you.
    * Thunder-Attack: He'll gather energy, and he'll shoot energy in various
    * Teleport: He'll teleport, and dash at you. He does this several times.
    And just like before, he'll use a shield against you sometimes. Don't hit it,
    or it'll explode. You can only damage Chester with your sword, but I used my
    earth ring to protect myself.
    After the battle, the king will flee, and Chester will follow him. Follow them
    up the stairs. After some talking, you'll have to fight Garland. Just give up,
    you won't beat him. And as you can see, your HP will stay at 1, not 0. How
    fun. Then watch the cutscene some more, and you'll end up in Redmont Town.
    Yadayadayada, some more talking. Leave the room, and take the door to the 
    right. Talk to Chester, in order to get the best sword in the game. A 
    whooping +90 strength. Talk to everyone, and be sure to upgrade the sword
    as far as possible. Then save somewhere.
    Now head to the docks, and Dogi will bring you to...
    Genos Island                                                        [YS.03.11]
    Dogi will be hurt, but that doesn't hold you back. Save, and head in. The nun
    will show up, and transform into Dularn. Well, that's funny. Let's battle her
    and win.
    *Boss #13: Dularn (HP: 4000)*
    I found this battle extremely easy. Why? Because you have the earth ring. You
    can practically defend yourself against every attack, and have enough time to
    charge the ring. So that's the tactic. Use the ring against all the attacks,
    and slash her with your sword. She'll do exactly she same moves, but just with
    more swords, and sometimes a bit harder. Once again, earth ring is the key
    After the first time you attacked her, she'll make a copy of herself, which
    is purple. Don't attack it, but attack Dularn herself. The copy will attack
    too, but just wait time the use pf the earth ring, and you'll be fine. She'll
    summon 5 images after a while, but to be honest, I found that easier to avoid
    then just one image.
    When she has around 600/700HP left, she'll throw little devices in, that
    shoot lasers. Just keep double jumping to avoid those, keep using the wind
    ring to protect yourself, and this battle should be easy to win.
    Run back to save, and continue. Now head back to the room with the fight,
    and head north.
    The Dark Shrine                                                     [YS.03.12]
    There isn't really anything special to say about this area. Just keep
    running, killing and jumping. Eventually you'll see a chest underneath you.
    Double jump there, to find the third wind emerald. Go back, and a bit left is a
    chest with 750 ravals.
    Head to the room left of that. Jump over the broken bridge, and find a hole
    to drop in. A lot of undead here, but for now you're save. Open the chest
    (after killing the Skull-Magiste, be aware that she'll resurrect) for a +48
    defence piece of armor. Then jump down, and walk south. You'll find a chest
    with a hammer. Then go to the right. I suggest not to fight the undead.
    Two rooms to the right, you can take two paths down. Take the right path
    first, and open the chest for an instrument. This will kill the skeletons for
    good, so they won't resurrect. Now teleport back to Redmont Town, and talk to
    Adonis. He'll give you the final shield (+36 defence).
    Now head back to the Dark Shrine, and drop down in the room with all the 
    undead. Head to the chest with the hammer. From there, head to the right.
    Keep going, and you'll eventually find a room with a lot of those rolling
    and flying spikes. Get up, and to the left. Eventually you'll see a chest
    (look close). It's near a spike that keeps moving in a square. Open it to
    find the final earth topaz.
    Keep going right. You'll find a room where you have to get up. There are
    chests here (you'll bump into them) with ravals. One contains 720 ravals, the
    other 960 ravals. A bit further you'll find a pot. And that's all you can
    find. Now follow the path, and you'll find a save-point. The last save-point
    for the game. The final bosses are waiting for you. The question is, are you
    ready for them? Level up, upgrade your weapons etc. Then head inside...
    *Boss #14: Garland (HP: 5000)*
    This boss isn't really hard, actually. He'll summon a shield around him. Dash
    at him, and hit the shield with your sword. It'll only break when you use the
    shield Chester gave you. He'll use any of these attacks:
    * Scythe (Low): He'll use his scythe at a low level. Jump over it.
    * Scythe (High): He'll use his scythe at a high level. Don't jump, but be
      aware of the big energy-balls he'll shoot around.
    * Thunder: He'll gather power, and shoot thunder at various points.
    Use the earth ring, to protect yourself against the attacks. After a few
    attacks, he'll blow you away, and start over. After a while, he'll use more
    * Space-Ship: He'll transform into some kind of space ship, and speed towards
      you. Jump sideways to avoid this.
    * Laser: He'll shoot lasers up in the air, which'll come down towards you. 
      You can see where they are coming from though, so just jump away.
    * Sword: He'll slash a sword at you. The earth ring will take care of this.
    * Suck: He'll start to suck you in. This is hard to avoid. Keep dashing to
      the bottom left, and keep double jumping. Sometimes you survive, something
      you don't. The wind ring may help you here, if you can switch fast enough.
      When you get sucked in, he'll cause you quite some damage.
    So, to attack him, use the earth ring to avoid most of the attacks, and
    then keep hitting him with your sword. When he dies, he'll try to suck you in,
    stand up one final time, and explode. When he stand up, keep using the earth
    ring to survive.
    There, only last boss left. Let's go there now. No kidding! Save first =p Then
    step on the symbol in the middle of the area, to reach the final boss.
    The Throne of Evil Lord Sealed                                      [YS.03.13]
    Walk forwards, watch the cutscene, and the fight can begin.
    *Boss #15: Galvaran (HP: 6000)*
    The final fight, and most likely the hardest fight. At least get a revival
    item, or you'll probably die halfway. This boss uses 3 phrases;
    Phrase 1: He'll use some attacks at you:
    * Fire: He'll shoot fire towards you. Double jump to avoid this.
    * Energy-Balls: He'll shoot big energy balls towards you. The earth ring will
      help you around here.
    * Ice: He'll shoot ice. Double jump, and be sure to stay on the ice. Then hit
      the jewel on his head with your fire ring.
    Once you hit the jewel, his eye will expose. Fire with the fire ring at his
    eye. He'll;
    * Sword: He'll form a sword with his arms, and slash at you. Not hard to avoid
      at all.
    * Fire: He'll move sideways with his arms, and fire will come up. Once again,
      double jumping does the trick.
    Just shoot at his eye whenever you can. When he gets hurt enough, he'll move
    to phrase 2. At this point, he'll suck all your energy away, so no ring will
    help you here. He'll gather a big ball of energy, and shoot it at you. Wait
    till he really shoots it, and then jump to the other side. The ball will
    expands, but you should be safe. In the mean-while, lasers will move from the
    sides, and he'll use the attacks of above. Not just that, he'll also stomp
    his hands at the ground. The idea is to hit his hands, so you get your
    energy back.
    He'll then create spikes of ice on the complete floor. Use the earth ring to
    protect yourself, and then slash at his eye as fast as you can (boost will
    help you here).
    Once he's down to 1000HP, he'll move to the final phrase. He'll suck your 
    energy away again, and shoot an energy ball at you. Slash it back with your
    sword. Keep doing this until it hits him.
    The second time, he'll do the same, but also create a black hole, where small
    purple balls of energy will come from. Avoid those, but also hit the big 
    energy ball back.
    The third time he'll create a black hole, that tries to suck you in. Avoid
    this at all costs. If you get sucked in, charge your earth ring, time the use
    of it, and if you keep using it when the lasers comes up, you can come out
    The fourth and final time, he'll create the black holes with the purple balls
    again. If you manage to hit him again, the fight is over.
    Watch the ending, and you'll end up in town. Talk to everyone, and walk
    outside to see the real ending. Congratulations. Now try the hard mode (or
    normal, if you played on easy).
    Character List                                                      [YS.04.01]
    01. Elena Stoddart
    02. Chester Stoddart
    03. Dogi
    04. Edgar
    05. Gardner
    06. Dewey
    07. Ricardo
    08. Paul
    09. Margo
    10. Joel
    11. Adonis
    12. Cynthia
    13. Randolph
    14. Antonio
    15. Aida
    16. Bob
    17. Anya
    18. Rochus
    19. Harold
    20. Fiona
    21. Hugo
    22. Father Jan Pierre
    23. Sister Nell
    24. Bishop Nicolas
    25. Count McGuire
    26. Elisabetha
    27. Alice
    28. Christof
    29. Andre
    30. Fran
    31. Berhard
    32. Dularn
    Enemy List                                                          [YS.05.01]
    I'll add more as soon as I have it myself.
    The following monsters are listed like this;
    Number. Name/HP/STR/Exp/Lvl/DEF/Gold (Special Note/Best rings against it)
    01. Guff/42/42/5/1/40/1
    02. Riez/67/44/8/2/44/1
    03. Bicmole/47/46/17/2/31/1
    04. Gulms/52/50/24/3/50/2
    05. Kayrun/57/48/33/4/44/2
    06. Radel/88/58/40/5/59/3
    07. Mozuk/113/68/65/6/61/4 (Fire ring needed in order to kill)
    08. Fazzle/111/75/65/6/63/5
    09. Sigled/154/81/75/7/65/6
    10. Eager/82/81/95/9/72/4
    11. Seean/97/81/95/9/72/4
    12. Gulg/123/89/105/10/82/7
    13. Diegled/155/95/115/11/89/7
    14. Barl/121/91/115/11/80/6
    15. Sizarian/115/90/121/12/87/8
    16. Zown/167/101/122/13/81/8
    17. Zual/121/103/124/13/78/8
    18. Almenger/162/104/122/14/100/8
    19. Gewme/175/105/131/15/93/9
    20. Mozgouz/117/104/29/16/104/3 (Wind ring needed in order to kill)
    21. Kelzarl/172/108/153/17/119/10
    22. Queguff/205/121/143/17/109/9
    23. Deriez/160/125/145/17/109/10
    24. Fozen/185/125/156/18/117/10
    25. Robal/213/134/156/18/102/11
    26. Geld/186/128/165/19/132/10
    27. Barlen/168/135/182/21/130/12
    28. Doradel/264/135/188/21/130/13
    29. Gel-Grad/207/140/204/22/130/14
    30. Kradel/246/146/206/23/147/22
    31. Jigel/156/149/146/24/125/20
    32. Halick/180/149/226/24/132/24
    33. Zolmie/352/154/223/25/150/28
    34. Pashhow/228/151/227/25/129/3
    35. Ilba's Shell/288/165/233/27/157/26 (Earth ring)
    36. Ilba's Core/192/171/241/28/93/10 (Will escape when Ilba's Shell dies)
    37. Salada/242/152/241/27/137/30
    38. Vi-Jigel/176/167/170/28/141/20
    39. Alemtron/233/171/241/28/156/50
    40. Galgado/316/171/250/29/163/60
    41. Mon-Jigel/313/165/258/30/165/354
    42. Jigradel/325/177/263/30/166/80
    43. Ishguest/333/188/249/31/169/100
    44. Selnade/290/174/253/31/155/100
    45. Falan/289/186/270/32/159/105
    46. Halvaiger/354/193/273/32/180/105
    47. Kratica/403/199/274/33/181/110
    48. Ishknight/372/198/287/34/173/115
    49. Farighva/403/199/274/33/181/110
    50. Xenovaiger/397/204/300/35/186/125
    51. Pique/251/207/65/35/168/26
    52. Erid/351/208/309/36/191/100
    53. Radli/372/213/317/37/195/105
    54. Torieze/493/218/326/38/199/100
    55. Detoh/389/215/323/39/204/190
    56. Garlium/426/219/331/40/201/35
    57. Estarion/482/244/345/41/228/130
    58. Keratos/502/233/219/43/223/42
    59. Balzarl/512/235/390/44/231/240
    60. Doonos/632/248/413/45/251/156
    61. Skull-Alnada/590/251/394/46/248/166 (Instrument needed to fully kill)
    62. Skull-Magiste/532/247/394/46/230/160 (Instrument needed to fully kill)
    63. Mahavariese/703/260/424/47/260/180
    64. Lavynada/680/262/456/48/253/200
    65. Dularn, a Shadow of the Evil One
    66. Ellefale, the Statue of Azurite Death
    67. Chester Stoddart, the White Knight in Heartless
    68. Guilen, the Jaw of Roaring Flames
    69. Gyalva, the Tyrant of the Blazed Sphere
    70. Istersiva, a Mutation of the Crystal
    71. Ligaty, the Sensual Dancing Three Beasts
    72. Gildias, the Guardian of the Frozen Cave
    73. Death Falcon, an Assassin's Blade Like a Whirlwind
    74. Zellfel Zam Schutilger, Mad Brute in the Fortress
    75. Zirduros, the Fullmetal Heavy Cannon
    76. Chester Stoddart, the White Knight in Avenger
    77. Dularn, the Allergiange of Eternal
    78. Garland, Mind Broken of the Darkness
    79. Galvaran, the Devastator from Far Ocean
    Items                                                               [YS.06.01]
    Inventory                                                           [YS.06.03]
    |--|--|--|--| 01. Felghana Map - See the world
    |01|02|03|04| 02. Wing Amulet - Teleport to save-points
    |05|06|07|08| 03. Phantom's Mirror (50 Gold Shop) - Invincible for short time
    |09|10|11|12| 04. Amulet (50 Gold Shop) - Stuns enemies
    |13|14|15|16| 05. Life Potion (10.000 Gold Shop) - Increase max. HP
    |17|18|19|20| 06. Broshia Nostrum - Gives you the ability to dash
    |21|22|23|24| 07. Berm Leaf - Hugo needs these, give 4 to get a life potion
    |--|--|--|--| 08. Bob's Pendant - Show this to Aida to get the shiny crystal
                  09. Silver Pendant - You find this in the chapel in the castle
                  10. Storehouse Key - Opens the door to the first boss
                  11. Ruins Key - Open the gate to the ruins
                  12. Clock Tower Key - Open the gate to the Clock Tower
                  13. Message Slate - Allows you to double jump
                  14. Silver Ringing Pipe - You get this from Death Falcon
                  15. White Ivory Key - You get this from Alice
                  16. Star Cruciform - You get this from Zellfel Zam Schutilger
                  17. Jade Ring - Trade it for the symbol
                  18. War god's Seal - Boost your boost
                  19. Pyroxene Brooch - Increase the drop rate for monsters
                  20. Crimson Hammer - Needed for the best shield
                  21. Star-Moon Sculpture
                  22. Sunset Sculpture
                  23. Darkness Sculpture
                  24. Corona Sculpture
    Equipment                                                           [YS.06.04]
    Weapons (Strength increase):
     +20 - You start with this (Short Sword)
     +34 - 800 Gold in Shop (Long Sword)
     +48 - Found in the Zone of Lava (Broad Sword)
     +62 - 24.000 Gold in Shop (Banded Sword)
     +76 - Found in the castle, in the underground passage (Battle Saber)
     +90 - Chester will give this to you when he's wounded (Brave Sword)
    Shields (Defence increase):
     +6  - You start with this (Wood Shield)
     +12 - Found in the Ruins (Small Shield)
     +18 - 2.800 Gold in Shop (Large Shield)
     +24 - 16.000 Gold in Shop (Banded Shield)
     +30 - In the castle, second tower, all the way down (Battle Shield)
     +36 - Adonis will give this, when you give him the hammer (Battle Shield)
    Armor (Defence increase):
     +8  - You start with this (Leather Armor)
     +16 - 650 Gold in Shop (Chain mail)
     +24 - 3.500 Gold in Shop (Plate Mail)
     +32 - 18.000 Gold in Shop (Banded Mail)
     +40 - In the castle, right wing, all the way down (Battle Armor)
     +48 - Found in the Dark Shrine, in a room full of undead (Raval Armor)
     Fire Amulet - Walk into lava without taking damage (deep lava still hurts)
     Shiny Crystal - Reveal weak spots in the castle
     Shoes - Navigate on the snow/ice without slipping away
     Cloak - When standing still, you recover HP
     Instrument - The undead won't resurrect anymore with this equipped
     Revival Mask - When you die, you'll be revived
     Fire Ring
      Ruby #1 - Found in the Quarry
      Ruby #2 - Found in the ruins
      Ruby #2 - Found in the Clock Tower
     Wind Ring
      Emerald #1 - Found after the fourth boss
      Emerald #2 - Found in the mines
      Emerald #3 - Found in the Dark Shrine
     Earth Ring
      Topaz #1 - In a room to the right, of where you got the ring
      Topaz #2 - Found in the castle
      Topaz #3 - Found in the Dark Shrine
    Secrets                                                             [YS.07.01]
    Hard Mode                                                           [YS.07.02]
    In order to play the game on hard, you need to beat the game on normal. The
    enemies will do twice as much damage, and he bosses have more attacks.
    Nightmare Mode                                                      [YS.07.03]
    Beat the game on hard mode, in order to unlock nightmare mode. This'll made 
    the game extremely hard.
    Source: Rancrosider (HongFire)
    Inferno Mode                                                        [YS.07.04]
    To play on this difficulty, you need to finish the game on nightmare. However,
    be sure you have the latest patch for this to work.
    Time Trail                                                          [YS.07.05]
    Beat the game, to unlock time trail. You can play against all the bosses in
    a row.
    Debug Mode                                                          [YS.07.06]
    1. Go to the directory where the save games are located;
       C:/Documents and Settings/Your Name/Application Data/Falcom/YSF_WIN/
       Note: You may have to enable the option to see hidden files/dirs first.
    2. Make a back-up of ysf_win.ini, then open it.
    3. Find GameClearFlag=3 and change it to GameClearFlag=1.
    4. Save the file, and run the game. You can now play time trail. and use the
       following keys when playing:
       F2 - Gain a level
       F3 - Get 1,000 gold
       F4 - Get 1,000 Ravals
       F5 - Get full HP back
    You also get the debug mode after finishing the nightmare boss rush.
    Source: GameFAQs.com
    Elena's Costumes                                                    [YS.07.07]
    Finish the game on any difficulty to get a new costume for Elena. Right click
    on her in the configuration screen. Every difficulty unlocks a new costume.
    Note you need the latest patch for this to work.
    FAQ                                                                 [YS.08.01]
    Q: Can I play this game, with an English version of Windows?
    A: Yes. You can try two things;
       1. Use AppLocale to run the game (Google for it). You'll get a lot of
          yadayada from nerds, but it works great for this game, so why not?
       2. Set your locale area settings for Windows to Japanese. This may cause
          some English applications and games not to run properly anymore though.
       Obviously, Japanese fonts should be installed. I'm not going in-depth here
    Q: I need help on an enemy/boss/area, but I have no idea what it's called.
       How can I find out?
    A: For enemies/bosses/characters; go to the menu, and check the last tab. 
       You'll find an option to view the enemies/bosses/characters there. The 
       English names are included.
       For areas; when you wander into the area, the name will be displayed in the
       top left corner of the screen.
    Q: When should I upgrade my weapons?
    A: That's up to you. You'll find plenty of ravals, and at the end of the game,
       enemies will even drop them (ravals, not upgrades ;p).
    Q: Where can I find the patches?
    A: http://www.falcom.co.jp/ysf/support/patch.html - Scroll all the way down
    Q: After the patch, the game doesn't work!
    A: You downloaded it, didn't you?
    Conclusion                                                          [YS.09.01]
    I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
    problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
    accepted. The mail addy is on top of this file.
    Thanks-list: Duminas and various people at the GamingForce Forums
     (http://www.gamingforce.com/forums),the HongFire Forums
     (http://www.hongfire.com/forum), DeuceMUGEN, Dave, Rancrosider and Armando.
    And especially you, for reading this.
    For other guides, you can check this link:
                   Copyright (c) 2005 by Grawl. All rights reserved.

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