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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/06/06

                           Splinter Cell Double Agent
                               Created 10-25-06
                                 Version 1.0

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
   A. Mission 1: Iceland 20 km from Akureyri                    [MS1]
   B. Mission 2: USA Kansas Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary      [MS2] 
   C. Mission 3: USA New York City JBA Headquarters             [MS3]
   D. Mission 4: Sea of Okhotsk 200 km off the Siberian Coast   [MS4]
   E. Mission 5: China/Shanghai                                 [MS5]
   F. Mission 6: USA New York City JBA Headquarters             [MS6] 
   G. Mission 7: Mexico Cozumel                                 [MS7]  
   H. Mission 8: USA New York City JBA Headquarters             [MS8]
   I. Mission 9: Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa          [MS9] 
   J. Mission 10: USA New York City JBA Headquarters            [MS10]
   K. Mission 11: USA New York City (Bonus)                     [MS11]
3. Profile Objectives
   A. Medical Records                                           [MRD]
   B. Professional Background Information                       [PBI]
   C. Personal Information                                      [PSI]
   D. Fingerprints                                              [FNP]
   E. Retinal Scans                                             [RTS]
   F. Voice Samples                                             [VCS] 
4. Equipment                                                    [EPT]
5. Achievements                                                 [ACV] 
6. Personal Stealth Scores                                      [PSS]
7. Future Updates                                               [FUP]
8. Legalities                                                   [LGL]

1. Introduction

First this guide is written from the perspective of how I played the game
(normal difficulty level). The missions are completed but may not be completed
in the easiest/most satisfying way. I did my best to stealth my way through 
when possible. For the most part stealth was accomplished but occasionally 
enemies where disposed of as needed. I have no doubt there may be better ways
to move through the game but this is the way my first play through went and it
was successful. Hopefully, this will help guide you through portions of the 
game that may be frustrating or provide an alternative to the method you used
to advance the story. I did attempt to leave plot points out as much as 
possible but don't expect a 100% spoiler free guide. However, nothing is
revealed until the time it is revealed in the game, with the exception that at
the beginning of every mission I have listed all assignments, primary
objectives, and secondary objectives. Enjoy.

2. Walkthrough

A. Mission 1: Iceland 20 km from Akureyri 03 September 2007 [MS1]

    NSA investigate geothermal plant
    NSA reach helicopter for extraction

Primary Objectives
    NSA Prevent missile launch

Secondary Objectives 
    NSA infiltrate plant w/o alert*
    NSA infiltrate base w/o alert*

The game begins with Sam flying over Iceland. The first move is to jump into
ice cold water from an airplane. Once in the water swim toward the red light
in the distance and enter the tunnel. Once through the tunnel there is a hole
in the ice above. Swim up (using Y) to the surface of the water. A guard will
come nearby. Take care of him stealth style. Exit the water. There is a door 
with a light above it leading to a guardhouse. Enter the room quietly, there
is a guard asleep on a bed. Access the computer then disable the electric fence
by cutting the wires below the power box in the left corner of the room. Exit 
the guard house and move toward your partner. Hoist him up over the fence. Sam
can climb over the fence. Once over move to the left and climb the ladder to
reach your partners position. Above you is a cable, jump to grab the cable and
slide your way into the plant (secondary objective complete).

There is a guard below the platform where Sam stands. Once he moves out of
sight to the right feel free to move down to where he stood. There is a set of
stairs to the right that you can easily reach undetected. Move down the stairs.
When you see the bottle stop and become aware of the patrolling guard. EMP the 
light above and while the guard is out of site jump over the rail to the right
landing on the ground. Move into the large metal crate. There is a wall mine
Sam can pick up if you chose. Walk through the crate and grab the stationary 
guard at the other end (he like all the others in the area will provide you 
with an access code). You should see a well lit gate with "Danger" and "Do Not
Enter" signs. This is where Sam needs to go. There are several choices on how

     1. Hack the control panel on the gate.
     2. Move to the left and cut the wire on the power box that controls the 
        electric fence. It is just below a light on the wall.
     3. Enter a nearby guard room and hack a computer to open the gate.

Once past the gate, avoid the 2 guards and the moving light to the left to
reach the far wall. Climb the ladder and you should be on a platform with a 
water tank. Sam will need to take the stairs leading up that can be found in
the well lit area. Be careful there is a guard patrolling the stairs. By this 
time John tries to do more than he should and runs inside. No worries. Just
move past the stairs and wait for the guard, when he comes down take him out
and go up. At the top of the stairs is the fan that has been stopped allowing
entry into the plant. 

Upon entry, you see your partner for the mission gunned down. You can't help
him, so continue to the left until you reach the yellow rail and climb up. A 
timer also appears at the bottom of the screen. Continue down the ramp and you
will receive a new mission: Prevent Missile Launch. Move down the stairs. When
sam reaches the next platform stop and watch for a guy to come up the stairs.
Go behind him down the stairs he just climbed. Kill the light and go left 
toward the missile. Turn the manual release located on the missile. Sneak past
the guy patrolling the stairs (killing the light will have him puzzled) and
head all the way to the top. Remember the set of stairs that you originally 
passed at the beginning of the ramp, go down them and activate the walkway. At
the end of the ramp is a metal pipe Sam can climb. Climb it and move over top
the missile. Once you arrive at the missile use the winch to lower Sam to the
platform below. Hack into the computer to prevent the missile launch. Climb the
ladder to the right of the missile and turn left at the top. There should be a
rope above the missile that will allow Sam to climb to the roof. MISSION 

Completion of the secondary objective unlocks EMP Grenade and Explosive Sticky

B. Mission 2: USA Kansas Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary 
              6 months later 01 February 2008 23:04 EST [MS2]

    JBA Help Jamie Washington Escape
    JBA Hijack news helicopter

Primary Objective
    JBA Rescue Jamie from guards

Secondary Objectives
    JBA Open cells to start riot
    NSA Don't kill guards
    NSA Escape without alerts*
    NSA Reach central tower without alerts*

Sam is now in his cell as Jamie Washington walks up for a conversation. Jamie
has a plan for escape. Rip the poster on the wall to reveal a hole in the wall.
Crawl through the hole to the next room, climb the pipe and shimmy to the
right. Drop down and enter the ventilation shaft. Walk to the left and down the
curve of the vent. Use your knife to pry open the grating next to the red 
light. There is a checkpoint before you continue.

Open the hatch and drop below. There is a guard in this very well lit room, so
be careful. He will investigate the open hatch, when he does make sure you are
not under it. Once he gives the all clear and walks away, sneak behind him and
grab him. Before putting him to sleep, interrogate the guard for a code to the
weapons locker and the downstairs door (hacking the computer will provide the
same code). The weapons locker only has smoke grenades if you are interested.
Leave through the locked door (pick or break the lock). Look through the window
first for there may be a guard on the other side. Go down stairs and through 
the next door you see. This room allows Sam to witness some of the carnage the
prisoners are creating. If you have the code use it on the door. But stay 
hidden if the door opens while a guard is present it will arouse their
suspicion. Enter this room when clear and disable the metal detector. The
guard periodically enters the room allowing you to sneak behind him and exit
or grab him and knock him out your call. Either way move through the detector 
and break or pick the lock on the door to the left. This room has the guards
and prisoners in a gun fight. After entering hug the wall and move right. 
Follow the wall over to the lunch counter. Climb over it and continue forward.
Your goal is to reach the door way just past the stairs on the other side of 
the room. Checkpoint. Secondary objective (Reach tower without alert) achieved.

A guard with a flashlight is patrolling the next room. He is easy to sneak by.
Just stay in the shadows along the wall to the left and you will be at the 
door in no time. Once the lock is picked and you are in the next room, be aware
that there is a guard immediately above you. He will walk down the stairs and
most of the way to the door you just entered but not to the door. When he turns
around knock him out. There is a Riot Shotgun and shells on the wall across
from the computer. This may come in handy since it provides a non lethal way 
of attack. Hacking into the next computer opens the cells and helps advance the
riot. It is your choice (a secondary objective). The guard you see is 
preoccupied firing at prisoners and will not bother you. Go up the stairs and
hack the elevator. Exit to the left and go through the broken window. Climb 
the pipe and go receive your primary object: Rescue Jamie from the guards. Once
Sam's climbed the pipe quickly cross the catwalk and rush the guard for a non
lethal blow or use you shotgun. Next rush down the stairs and to the small 
building on the other side of the roof. Once inside, climb the ladder beside 
the door and Sam will jump onto the helicopter.

Completion of secondary objectives unlocks Ultrasonic emitter and Wall Mine-

C. Mission 3: USA New York City JBA Headquarters 02 February 2008 16:27 est 

Undercover Guidelines are presented
-All objectives are optional but failure to complete them may cause a loss in
-You have a limited time frame in which to choose and complete your objectives.
-Always return to the location of a given JBA task before the time limit runs
-Restricted areas are protected by high security locks that you will have to 
-Any suspicious action detected by the JBA will cause a loss in their trust.

Primary Objectives
   NSA upload trojan to JBA server*
   JBA Complete training course*
   NSA Bug antenna on the roof*

Secondary Objectives
   JBA Practice at firing range

Profile Objectives
   NSA Get JBA member medical files (5)
   NSA Get professional background info (1)

Jamie will show you to around a little, follow him to your room. Moss, who you
meet on the way, will then ask you to follow him. He leads Sam to a training 
course in which Sam needs to crack a safe and be at the beginning when Moss 
returns. You have 30:00 to complete any objectives you choose.

Enter the room Moss opened. Make a left and curve around until you see a green
beam of light. Crouch under it and watch for the beams that follow. At the 
second set of beams wait for all but the highest one to disappear then walk
through and make a left. Pick the lock and watch the pattern of the next set of
beams. At one point they will all disappear. Climb the small ladder and walk
the narrow ledge so you can repel to the room below. Make a right through the
narrow space and drop to the ground. There is a rope nearby that you need to
climb so you can repel down the other side. Before repel down observe the 
sliding green beams. One is higher than the other. The point is to lower 
yourself to the ground without detection. Climb down a little and watch for
the lower beam, when it is moving away from Sam use Y to repel quickly to the 
ground. The next obstacle is 2 platforms with a sliding beam below and above.
Walk behind the beam below the platforms and when you come to the opening 
between the platforms climb up and over the 2nd one. Next Sam encounters a 
serious of obstacles he must climb over while avoiding yet another moving beam
of light. This is quite easy just climb one while the beam is furthest away.
Go up the stairs and there is the safe for the cracking. Out the door and up
the ladder and Sam has returned to the starting point. CHECKPOINT

Go up the stairs and the door you see leads to a secondary objective (firing 
range). That will come later, for now make a left and another left. At the end
of the hall go right and climb the ladder. You should see 2 JBA members working
on a fan. Walk towards them but stop when you get to the last group of blocks
extending from the wall. While they are not looking crouch and go through the 
opening in the wall. Climb the ladder to the roof. The first guy you see on the
roof shouldn't detect Sam's presence. There is a second guy though patrolling 
the area near the antenna that will. Once on the roof move behind the metal 
structure next to the wooden crates near the hatch. There is a box with a tarp
covering it that Sam can crouch behind without being seen. This spot also 
provides a clear view of the patrolling JBA member. When he passes by sneak out
and follow him. He will walk in a square pattern around the roof. Your goal is
to reach the rear left corner of the roof. Move behind the next set of tarp 
covered boxes while keeping a safe distance. When the guard turns right sneak
into the fenced off area to the left. The antenna box is behind the crates.
Pick the lock and bug the antenna. CHECKPOINT.

The easy exit to the roof is another hatch as you exit the antenna area. Drop
from the broken ladder and climb back to the main area of the headquarters.
Go down stairs and walk past the computer room. There are men working to the
left (one of which continually looks for a screwdriver). Move behind the pillar
and then to the wall with the well lit door. Turn off the light and hack the 
keypad. Go through the door and down the stairs. Crouch in the corner beside
the door. After Jaime leaves the Server Room enter. The guys inside are 
arguing. Upon entry flick the switch to your immediate right. Walk up the 
stairs and wait in the corner for one guy to leave while the second sits at the
computer. Once the one guy leaves walk toward the computer. The guy at the 
computer will complain about Jamie giving him a hard time and will eventually
get up to turn the light back on. Search the desk drawers for profile 
information (Activities of Stanley Dayton). Once that is done move to the back
of the servers to upload trojan. The guy from the computer will return to his
original position at the desk, so after he turns the lights back on wait in the
corner until he arrives at his desk before attempting the upload. Once trojan
is uploaded (CHECKPOINT) exit via a hatch in the floor directly behind you. It
leads to a hatch at the stairs. 

Exit the way you entered. I've tried and tried but always seem to be seen as I
leave through the door. The only thing I can think is the camera above the 
door spots me. Why it doesn't on the way in I can't answer. Anyway, the primary
objectives are done and a profile objective is as well. To complete the other
profile objective head back upstairs and enter the room next to the ladder that
takes you to the roof. The lady in here will talk to you and say she doesn't 
have a lot of time right now and move toward the door below the red light. 
Before she opens the door she will turn and talk some more. Wait till she's 
done and follow her into the room. The medical files Sam needs are in the desk.
Leave when you have them and she will never know.

The last objective is to beat the 75 point score with the sniper rifle. 

Moss asks you to follow him. He leads you to a hostage and a choice objective.
Kill Cole Yeager or Don't Kill Cole Yeager.

Completion of the primary objectives rewards you with: Electric Lock Pick, Gas
Grenade, and EMP Device - Enhanced.

D. Mission 4: Sea of Okhotsk 200 km off the Siberian Coast              [MS4]
              05 February 2008 05:18 Okhotsk time

   JBA Capture the supertanker/Disable the supertanker's crew
   JBA Reach landing pad for extraction

Primary Objectives
   NSA Contact Lambert
   JBA Retrieve equipment
   JBA Take out bridge crew
   JBA Use detonators to blow the ice wall

Secondary Objective
   JBA Seize the Rublev without alerts*
   JBA Reach the Rublev without alerts*
   JBA Disable communications

Sam is flying over his destination and leaps from the plane. You take control
of Mr. Fisher mid-air with a cool free fall/parachute sequence. CHECKPOINT

Your on the ground now but a couple of unwanted visitors are ahead as well.
Sam's equipment is near the ledge ahead on the right. One guard will walk 
toward you and down a slope while the other stays in the distance. Sneak up to 
the second ice/snow formation and slip of the ledge. Make your way to the point
where the ledge juts out and climb up. Pick up the tools of your trade and walk
back to the ledge. Its time for a swim. Move through the crevice until you 
reach a thin piece of ice you can see through. If Sam thinks he can break 
through it you better believe he can. Take the guy above down with you. 

Climb out of the water and move to the right of the large ice boulder. There is
a makeshift shed with a guard inside (he looks for something then walks back 
and forth in line). There is a guard standing next to the fire at the back of
the shed as well as a patrolling guard on the other side of the shed. Move into
the water to the right. Swim forward and look to the left. You should be able 
to see light coming from above the ice. This is where the guard inside the 
shed is located. Swim underneath him and attack. Climb out of the water and 
turn the generator off. This alerts the guard keeping warm by the fire. Once 
the generator is off jump in the water and move under the ice. Watch for the 
guard to move to the generator then resurface and attack while never leaving 
the water. Be careful exiting the water a third guard came to investigate. You 
can dispose of him the same way or just hide until he leaves. Once out of the 
water walk toward the large fire and hack the computer to destroy the ice wall.
Move toward where the explosion occurred. If you took out 3 guard from under 
the ice the explosion probably took care of the others. Jump in the water and 
dive down for completion of a couple more objectives.

Sam is under another sheet of ice. There are two weak spots. You should see 
someone standing on the one to the left. This guard is talking to another
guard. Wait for them to finish, then bust through the weak spot on the right.
Surface until your head is above water to check if it is safe. Exit the water
toward the sideways boat. Head into the larger body of water. Swim toward the 
tanker and to the right. There is what can best be describe as an ice dock on
this side of the tanker. CHECKPOINT. Climb the rope to the deck of the tanker.
The JBA wants you to disable the tanker's crew in order to take control of the

--During this mission I originally did not engage any enemies, by the end I----
--wish I had. It is important to knock out enemies particularly the ones    ----
--that are walking alone. 

Once at the top of the rope look to the left. A patrolman will easily spot you
if you enter the deck. Once he kneels step out and move to the left. Follow the
guard until you come to a rope and climb to the top. Go to the front of the 
pole and use the cable to slide to a higher level of the ship. Sam will a
automatically hold onto the ledge. Shimmy around the corner and past the 
dark pipe. Watch, as there is a guard patrolling around the corner. He will 
eventually go down the ladder. That is when you move to the are he left. Keep
hold of the ledge as long as possible. Once Sam is at the end keep moving and
he will fall and grab onto a lower horizontal pipe. Take this pipe to the
corner and climb the reddish one up. There is a guard above you. When he turns
around jump to grab the ledge and pull yourself over the railing. There are 2
areas here Sam needs to reach. The first is straight ahead up the yellow 
ladder. (Keep in mind the guard is still patrolling the area). When you climb
the red ladder you have reached the communications tower. Pick the lock on the
box and quickly hack the computer to contact Lambert. Then disable 
communications and climb down the ladder. To the right you should see some 
vents coming out of the ship. Sneak up there, open the hatch and climb down the
rope. Move to the fan that is moving and jump. Lift yourself onto the ledge and
craw through the vent. CHECKPOINT.

Move to the pipe across from the door to the bridge and slide down. The crew 
should move a large crate out of the way. You need to move through where the 
crate was. First though wait for the guard in the brown coat to walk toward 
you. When he turns jump down and go over the rail. The guard will be next to 
you but is turned away and will not detect your presence. Quickly and quietly
move toward where the crate was and jump the rail. You should now be back on
the ship's deck. Sneak to the right away from ship's outer rail and behind the
large white container with CC3 on the end. Go past the 2 yellow rails and make
a right before the metal crates. Sam can walk through the 2nd crate (there is 
some ammo in it). At the other end is a set of stairs leading up. Before
climbing the stairs peak around the corner of the crates to make sure it is 
safe. You will also want to look above where the lights are because there is a
guard that can see you up there too. When it is clear go up the steps. (Waiting
for the guard at your level to turn toward the smaller crate to the left is a
good time to climb the stairs). Make a right at the top of the stairs and then
a left at the corner. Ignore the yellow ladder unless you want to kill the 
patrolman up there. Walk down the stairs on the other side and enter the bowel
of the ship through the open hatch. CHECKPOINT.

There is a door at the end of the hall on the left. There is a guard directly 
below you. He is the only one in the room. Wait for him to turn around then go
right and down the walk way to the fire extinguishers. Turn left and pause near
then end. You should see 2 control panels and a stair way down. The far control
panel will kill the lights. Once the lights are off go down the stairs. Take 
the center path past the ladder and through the door. There is another door and
now Sam is in a room with 2 guards one above and one a his level. Sneak forward
and you should see the one at your level. Choke him out and move back toward 
the entrance hang a left and move under the stairs ahead. The guy from above 
will come down and have a look see. When he does sneak up and knock him out. 
Exit through the door next to the stairs. Flip the switch on the panel to the 
right (it turns off the turbine) and jump the rail into the water. Swim through
the opening. CHECKPOINT. 

The captain is patrolling above. Climb onto the center platform. When possible 
jump up to the walk way and climb the railing behind the captain for a sneaky 
knockout. Climb the 2 ladders and you are back on the deck of the ship. If you
took care of enough enemies Sam climbs the rope to the chopper and mission 
over. If not you will need to back track and knock out some more guards to 
take full control of the ship.

Completion of two Secondary Objectives unlocks: Wall Mine - Flash and Shotgun
Shell - Attachment.

E. Mission 5: China/Shanghai 06 February 2008 23:03 Chinese Standard Time [MS5]

   JBA Reach Aswat's room 2406
   JBA Extract via Emile's helicopter

Primary Objectives
   NSA Sample Red Mercury
   NSA Kill Dr. Aswat
   JBA Get Aswat's notes from his room
   NSA Record the secret meeting
   NSA Infiltrate the hotel

Secondary Objectives
   NSA Complete mission without alerts*
   NSA Infiltrate the hotel without alert*
   NSA Don't kill civilians

The mission begins with a Sam trying to keep a helicopter from crashing. Move
the left stick to stabilize the helicopter so it can land safely. CHECKPOINT.

The goal is to get into the fence area you see to the right. There are a few
options Sam has to accomplish this.

1. Climb the fence.
2. Cut a hole through the fence.
3. Pick/break the lock on the gate.
4. Go left toward the crates in the far corner. Climb on them then jump to 
   reach the ledge and climb over the rail. There is a guard patrolling but he
   is easily avoided. Look up and notice see the antenna/satellite dish, this
   is where you are headed, but there is also a guard up there. Move to the
   left to the back side of the building. Climb the pipe and arrive at the top.
   The guard is probably not looking because he is talking about the position 
   of Mecca. There is a cable that Sam can slide down extending from the dish
   to the other side of the fence. While the guards are talking Sam can sneak
   to the cable and slide without detection.

Assuming method 4 was used, drop below when it is clear and sneak between the
wall and the large metal boxes. Kill the light above the door and move to the
stairs to the right. Hack the control box. Initially, Sam only has the choice 
of turning the Launch Crane lights on, hacking the computer provides an off 
option. You will want to turn it off. The crane moves and a ladder appears.
Move across the top of the crane and rappel down to the platform. Move across
the ledge and climb down the lights that are flashing red, blue, and yellow.
Go right on to the ledge and across windows. Keep going until you reach another
rappel point. CHECKPOINT.

Rappel down to the uncovered window. This is where the secret meeting is 
happening. Move just below the window and pull out Sam's microphone. Point the
microphone at the window and watch the meter to the bottom left. When it is 
full and you here the "Heads Up", rappel down as far and as quickly as you can.
A helicopter is flying in the area and will surely see you if you don't. From
this ledge move left as far as you can. Once you can not move anymore while 
standing back of the ledge and hang. Move under the vent on the far left. A 
guard will come and open the top part of the vent. He will not see you, so 
either wait until the guard is to the right or pull him out for a not so nice
drop to the ground. Either way the goal is a trap door in the left corner of
the room. It is possible to make it to the trap door without killing the guard.
It just takes really good timing and knowing exactly where to go. Once through
the trap door, walk straight ahead and exit through the door above. There is 
one guard in this room and one that will be coming. Walk toward the guard next
to the washers and dryers. You should see a wire on the wall. Cut this wire to
kill the lights. Enter the laundry part and walk to the back of the machines.
There is a well lit opening with a ladder. Climb the ladder and a look up. Jump
into the vent. CHECKPOINT. 

Sam is now in a closet in the room where the meeting takes place. Flip the 
switch on the light and exit. You may see a guard walk by, no worries he can't
see you. Move left behind the partition and watch for Moss and the others to 
leave. Move into the room they just left and go to the right. Crouch in the
corner (make sure the light on your back is green) and watch the guy staring 
out the window. When he moves past you go into the room "guarded" by the 2 red
horses. The safe is right there. Crack it open for some goodies. Once you have
the Red Mercury exit through the door next to the safe. Its another bathroom.
Jump up to the vent and crawl through. At the other end there will be a guard
wait for him to leave then go to the ladder on the far wall. CHECKPOINT.

Rappel down the wall to the platform below and wait for the elevator. Jump in
the elevator and take it down to the next platform and walk across. Wait 
for an elevator on this side that will take you down once more. Take the curved
ramp to area with the rooms and cross the rail. The room to your right is 2405.
Continue right to find 2406. CHECKPOINT.

There are several guys in this room. The safe with the documents you need is 
in the bedroom to the left. The room seems dark enough but when the fireworks
go off light comes through the window making you more visible, so proceed with
caution. When you enter the room close the door and place a wall mine on it.
Pick up the bottle on the ground for later use. Fire a sticky camera on the 
wall near the room away from the safe. Use the noise maker to draw attention
to the camera. The camera's usefulness is for the guy leaving the safe room. 
The sticky camera will by you some extra time to get crack the safe and get
the documents. Sneak into the safe room and turn so that you can throw the 
bottle out of the room. The noise of the bottle should alert the guard working
on the safe. Move to the safe and open it. You may want to save before the 
safe cracking mini-game. It takes a very good (maybe near perfect) safe 
cracking attempt to make this work and not get seen. If you get the papers, 
move back to the dark corner of the room and exit when safe. If you listened 
during and after opening the safe Sam is told the good doctor is headed back to
his room. In order to prevent his work from causing more damage the NSA wants
you to execute him. Therefore as you make your way across the opposite bedroom,
place another wall mine on the wall next to the door. As you cross the room the
JBA will mention that they are going to blow the windows to allow for your 
escape. Stand in the shadows next to the computer and wait for the explosion.
Don't go yet though, momentarily Dr. Aswat will enter his room to a large bang.
Waiting for the doctor's death will cause a small loss of JBA trust but that
can be regained later. Once the 2nd explosion occurs sneak into the room 
undetected and use the cable to slide to the helicopter. MISSION COMPLETE

Completion of secondary objectives unlocks: Hacking Device - Software Upgrade
and Smoke Grenade - Attachment.

F. Mission 6: USA New York City JBA Headquarters 22 February 2008 21:03 EST 

Primary Objectives
   NSA Scan blueprints in Emile's safe*
   NSA Record voice to access locks*

Secondary Objectives 
   JBA Complete training course
   JBA Practice at firing range
   JBA Dispose of the pilot's body

Profile Objectives
   NSA Search quarters for personal info (4)
   NSA Get professional background info (2)
   NSA Get JBA member voice samples (5)

After a face to face with Lambert the new mission begins. Return the way Sam 
entered. Climb onto the dumpster then over the wall. The restricted area ends
when you are back inside the garage. It is easy to sneak into the garage while
the 2 guards are talking. Enrica will enter and talk to you. She asks you to 
follow her so you can do something for her. As you follow her she begins to 
talk if you are quick Sam can record her voice right here without her knowing.
Once you reach your destination you are given 25:00 to complete as many of the
mission as you choose. CHECKPOINT

Enrica leaves and talks to Emile. This is another perfect opportunity to 
record a voice. Point the microphone through the window and 2 of the 5 voice
samples have been acquired. In order to assemble the mines use the right
trigger to slowly (pressure sensitive) move the mechanical arm down while using
the analog control to keep the bullseye green. Its kind of tricky at first so
you may want to save before trying to get some practice before attempting for
real. Once 10 mines are created: CHECKPOINT.

Head back up to the main area of the headquarters. On your way there you should
run into Moss. Follow him. He will eventually stop somewhere and talk over his
radio. This is a perfect opportunity to record his voice. In my game he stopped
in the computer room and I was able to stand outside and get his voice 
unnoticed. Go up the main stairs toward where you first encountered Enrica. 
Jamie should be nearby follow him to the exit and up the stairs. A JBA repair
man has been repair the voice recognition system on the upstairs door to the 
second level. Stand near the bottom of the stairs and record Jamie's voice as
he tries out the upgrade (Sweet home Alabama). Now really go to the room
Sam first saw Enrica. Pick up the pilot's body and go down stairs. Make a right
pass the table and move down the hall. Go right at the computer room and down
the stairs in the next room. Place the body over next to the other corpse and 
a very simple objective is complete. If you would like to do the training 
course or the firing range now is the time because we won't be back at the main
portion of the headquarters for the rest of the mission.

Go back to where you were working on the mines and use the voices you have 
recorded to gain access through the door. At the top of the stairs turn left.
Notice the video camera above. An alert will be triggered if you try to walk
pass the camera. Therefore, jump and grab the pipe once you have cleared the 
camera drop back to the ground. Hack the keypad on the door and enter. Enrica
is working at the table. Go around the table and squeeze between the sink and
the desk. There is a file cabinet in the corner, search it for professional
background info. Exit and cross the pipe again. Go through the door and up the
stairs. At the top turn the light off and open the door. Go to the right and 
flip that light switch. Now move to the 2nd column of blocks protruding from 
the wall and wait for the JBA member in the distance to walk by. Turn off the 
light switch on the wall ahead (the light over the couch should go off). Now 
walk by the couch and turn the corner right. Flip this switch as well. There is
a door on the wall opposite the light switch, pick the lock and enter, but 
leave the door open. To the right is a guy sleeping on a bed. His voice is the
last voice Sam needs to record. Fortunately for us he has nightmares and talks
in his sleep. Be patient I promise he eventually talks, so be ready when he 
speaks. While your in this room search both file cabinets for 2 pieces of 
personal info. Back to the door, watch the guy on the couch. When he heads down
the hall leave the room and go left. (Depending on timing and if you did the 
other objectives to this point, Jamie maybe nearby and make leaving the room
with the personal info a bit more difficult). Pick the lock on the door near 
the end of the hall and enter. There is some personal info in the file cabinet.
Now go into the bathroom and out the window to the right. Head toward the truck
on the right and get on top of the crates. Climb the pipe and go over the rail.
Move down the walkway and enter the dark room. CHECKPOINT

Do not go near the desk. First go left and through the door. Now enter the door
on the left at the end of the hall. I assume this is Emile's bedroom. Search
the file cabinet for the fourth piece of personal info. Go back into the room
with desk. Beside the grandfather clock is another cabinet. This one has the 
professional background info Sam needs. Now go behind the desk and to the safe.

Emile and Jaime will enter the room, so hide under the desk. Emile will open 
the safe and show Jamie the blueprints. Jamie will leave and Emile will put 
the blueprints back in the safe and sit with his back to the safe. Go crack the
safe, scan the plans and exit the way you entered. To complete the mission 
return to the bathroom window that led you to the outside (this works so long 
as there is time remaining on the countdown).

I had some trouble with Emile continually getting up and walking toward
the desk during the safe cracking mini-game. Upon trying the level again it
may be easier to go directly to the safe and hide when Emile and Jamie enter.
Then crack the safe while Emile is seated (he hasn't got up any of the times
I tried it). Once the safe is cracked return to under the desk. Emile will 
leave and go into his bedroom. Once he's gone get the professional background
info. Go over to Emile's bedroom. Once the light is off he is a sleep and the 
last piece of personal info is yours for the taking.

Completion of Primary objectives unlocks: Sonic Grenade - Attachment and 
Hacking Device - Force Hack Upgrade

G. Mission 7: Mexico Cozumel 27 February 2008 10:14 CST [MS7]

   JBA Place the JBA's bomb

Primary Objectives
   NSA Get detonation frequency
   NSA Place smoke bomb

Secondary Objectives
   NSA Don't kill civilians
   JBA Reach pool deck without alerts*
   JBA Place bombs without alerts*

Sam has a nice little vacation here, a cruise ship in fact. The Mexican 
Coast Guard will knock on your door and tell you to "Please stay inside your 
cabin." You can also over hear them mention to another passenger that it is 
important because anyone outside their cabin runs the risk of being shot. Move
on to the balcony and jump the rail. Sam will hang on so move to the right and
grab the protrusion on the side of the ship. Climb up until you can climb no
more then move right while hanging from the ledge. Move directly under the 
guard and wait for a 2nd guard to discuss the view/getting back to work. When
both guards leave go over the rail and enter the casino. Enrica will provide a
distraction by using the slot machines. Stay hidden behind the counter while 
the guard on the other side of the counter and a 2nd guard to your left 
investigate the distraction. When possible move along the wall and pass the 
rotating car in the center of the room. You should see a guard playing a slot
machine up to the right. He will move and you can sneak pass him on the other
side of the machine. The well lit area ahead is where we are going. There is a
large sign that says Counter above the door. Sneak toward the counter but stay
in the darker area where your back light is still green. The guards will talk
about hearing money and the slot machine playing guard will investigate. So 
long as you are not in the light he should not see you. When he turns around
and walks away move into the well lit area. The safe has Sonic grenades if you
want them. There is a box on the wall opposite the camera, hack into it to 
kill the lights. Now place a smoke grenade in the vent (if you don't kill the
vents Enrica will see you and Sam will lose JBA trust). Once the grenade is in
place quickly sneak out the door and to the right behind the slot machines.
Staying in the dark sneak to the Casino door and pick the lock. You should have
time as the guards are investigating the loss of lights behind the Counter.
This room is dark. There is a stairway to the right. As you climb the stairs:

Move near the top remaining in the dark. When the guard turns to fix the fuse
box sneak by him all the  way up to the top of the stairs. At the top is the
bar Enrica mentioned. The bar has a see through glass door so when it appears 
safe enter. Enrica has a wonderful tip for you, she suggests not getting 
detected. Thanks Enrica. To the right 2 guards are observing the aquarium. Wait
for them to finish. When the 2nd one moves follow him. He will stop and sneeze
then move to the right. From the point he sneezes it is possible to walk in 
a straight line to the plant (the one near the door to the balcony) without 
detection. Sneak around the plant and look to the outside, if the guard has 
his back to you move to the dark hall behind the counter. At the end of the 
hall you will hear an elevator bell and two guards discussing the bomb. Wait 
patiently, once they are done both guards will walk by you. Enter the room 
they left and take the elevator. CHECKPOINT.

OH, NO! There are guards on the other side of the elevator door. What can Sam
do? Fortunately, there is a trap door on the roof of the elevator that we 
can jump to and hide on top. When the guard leaves the elevator jump down and
exit to the left behind the table. Sam will complain about cover and Enrica
will help? You can either stay near against the wall to the left and sneak
to the other side of the pool deck or enter the pool and swim to the other
side. Either way the goal is the stairs on the far side of the room. At the top
of the stairs there is a single guard patrolling. He is easy to sneak by just
stay behind the tables. The glass door in the center is the destination. 

First, flip the switch on the wall. Then go down the hall on the right. You 
will see 2 guards leave the steam room. Sam will also ask for more steam to
provide extra cover (you won't need). Move around to the left and climb the
pipe on the rear column. Shimmy to the left and take that pipe over to 
the vent. CHECKPOINT.

A guard will enter the room at the other end of the vent. He will hum then 
sneeze and leave. The guy goes to the right and attempts to buy something from
the vending machine. There is a door to the left with a keypad. (The code
is in the cabinet on the left wall). Hack the key pad or enter 2112. Move down
the stairs and pause near the bottom. When it is clear move to the right behind
the stairs. A conversation about the bomb will take place and 2 members of the
crew will leave. The remaining guy will enter the room from outside and move
in a pattern around the room. He will hit some buttons on the consoles then
check the chalkboard and then move near the stairs to check on something. When
he was near the stairs I exited through the door and jumped up to the cable.

There are 2 guards here one in white and one in gray. The one in white is 
visible from the start, while the one in gray is inside the room below. The
visible guard will start up a discussion with the one in the room. Go over the 
rail, sneak down, and hide behind the stairs. From this point you can observe
the actions of the 2 guards. When the conversation is over and the one exits, 
enter the room and plant the bomb in the back. It is possible to pick the lock 
and enter the room while the guard in gray has his back turned. You have to be
quick but it can be done. Once the bomb is placed hack the frequency of the 
detonator. Leave the room and sneak to the right and pick the lock on the box
with the red light. Open the hatch and mission complete. Leaving the bomb area
can be tricky. Some times the guard in gray is on his way back and other times
he continues in a square around the building. MISSION COMPLETE.

Completing the secondary objectives unlocks: EMP Grenade - Attachment and Gas
Grenade - Attachment. 

H. Mission 8: USA New York City JBA Headquarters 28 February 2008 10:56 EST 

Choice Objectives
   NSA Stop cruise ship explosion
   JBA Allow cruise ship explosion
   NSA Frame Enrica

Primary Objectives
   NSA Obtain visual proof of bomb*
   JBA Decrypt e-mail message*
   NSA Scan fingerprint to access lock*

Secondary Objectives
   NSA Obtain Enrica's disarm code
   JBA Practice at firing range
   JBA Complete training course
   JBA Assemble mines for Kinshasa

Profile Objectives
   NSA Search quarters for personal info (1)
   NSA Get professional background info (1)
   NSA Get JBA member voice samples (0)
   NSA Scan JBA member fingerprints (5)

Follow Emile. He leads you to the computer room and wants a message from 
Massoud decrypted. 

This took a while to figure out and even once it was solved difficult to put in
words. But a picture is worth 1000 words so here is what the cube should look
like (there may be alternate patterns; I'm not sure).

Rotating using LB 

 --------     -------      -------     -------
|000 |001|   |010|011|    |100|101|   |110|111|
|--------|   |-------|    |-------|   |-------|
|110 |111|   |000|001|    |010|011|   |100|101|
 --------     -------      -------     ------- 

The top of the cube should read

The bottom of the cube should read

When Emile is gone use the fingerprint scanner next to the computer to get his
fingerprints. Leave the computer room and go up stairs. Head to the area where
you can do the obstacle course. Skip the obstacle course and acquire the 
fingerprint under the switch. Move to the medical room where you first met 
Enrica. Pick the lock on the door and scan the microscope for her fingerprint.
Now go to the kitchen area next to the medical room and scan the refrigerator
for Jamie's fingerprint. Head down to the mine making area, and scan Dayton's 
fingerprint next to the server room's keypad. 

Use the voice recordings you have to enter the restricted area next to the mine
making equipment. Return to Enrica's work area and hack the keypad for entry. 
Move around the counter and between the desk and the sink. Use the computer and
hack into the security access folder. Here you can get Enrica's disarm code for
potential later use. You need to be quick about hacking into the computer. 
About the time you start, she gets a phone call from Jamie and walks toward 
you. It is totally possible to get the code and sneak out the way you came 
without her knowing. Shimmy across the pipe, passing the camera, and enter the
next door. Flip the switch again at the top and enter. The guard has moved and
is now near the door you just entered. He may become alerted by the door but 
he won't spot you in the dark. Move ahead and sneak down the hall to the right
and into the room with the pool table. There are two guys sitting in the area
talking. One will get up and move into the hall went down. While the other will
patrol the area and sometimes enter the bathroom. When its clear pass by the 
sitting area and make a right. (If you didn't wait to get Dayton's voice in
the previous headquarters mission he is in the same room as before but awake).
At the end of this hall use the fingerprint to gain access to the next room.
Moss and Jamie are arguing. (Get there voices if you haven't). Stay in the 
shadows behind the closed door and wait for them to finish. Moss will leave.
Follow him until the first door, pick the lock and enter. There is personal
info in the file cabinet. Moss will return quickly to get a workout on the 
punching bag. Hide in the locker until he leaves. Leave his room and head in
the same direction he does. Around the corner and to the right is a room with
a couple guys writing on a chalk board. You want to enter the fenced in area
on the left. Go through the door. I don't think you can sneak by the guard 
at the table, instead jump up to grab the top of the shelf climb up and over
and you made it to the other side. Hack the keypad on the door and enter. 

Crouch in the corner until Moss leaves for his office. There are 2 guy in here
one to the left where Moss just left and one to the right at a computer. The 
guy on the right shouldn't give you any problems. Watch the guy on the left and
when he is busy sneak between the guy at the computer and the table. Enter 
Moss's office and hide next to the window in the dark. Moss's movements are 
predictable enough. He will look at the chalkboard, then search the boxes, and
finally sit at the table next to the window. When he is at the table or the
chalkboard sneak behind the shelf with the boxes. The file cabinet has the 
professional background info in it. The computer also has an access code 
to Jamie's office, 1234. Exit Moss's office. As you exit there is a guard 
moving about. He shouldn't see you and will walk to the front. Retrace your
steps from before but instead of leaving pause and wait for the guy seated
at the computer on the left to move and the guy that you saw exiting the office
to return to his computer in the back of the room. Go hack the computer on the
left for visual confirmation of the bomb. CHECKPOINT.

When you exit there will be a guard kneeling on the other side of the desk. 
If he is not there it makes it easier to just wait for him. Go left up the hall
and he should be on his way behind you or maybe you are following him. Notice
the man leaning against the wall next to the window. You will want to enter the
fenced area again. Once the guard enters he goes to the back and searches a 
shelf. Sneak to the door and leave the fenced area staying as close as possible
to the fence so the leaning guard will not see you). Leave the restricted area
and use the rest of your time to complete any secondary objectives you want.
When ready return to the computer room in which you decrypted the message. A
cut scene occurs and you make your choice

Completion of primary objectives unlocks: Frag Grenade - Attachment and Night 
Vision - Enhanced

G. Mission 9: Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa                       [MS9]
              01 March 2008 12:06 West Africa Time

   NSA Bug the secret meeting room
   JBA Find CIA agent Hisham Hamza
   JBA Return to the parking lot

Choice Objective
   JBA Kill Hisham
   NSA Do not kill Hisham

Primary Objective
   NSA Retrieve plans from camp

Secondary Objective
   NSA Avoid all alerts
   NSA Prevent the execution
   NSA Save woman on the bus

Upon leaving the truck move into the darkness behind the tarp covered crates.
Go around the fence flick the switch and move to the right. Observe two guards
patrolling the area. A truck will drive and park in the opening between the 
fences. This and the light being off will attract the attention of both guards.
Move to the elevated well lit area and call the elevator. CHECKPOINT.

When the elevator opens go directly across the room quickly and quietly and
turn off the light. You will not be seen (5 consecutive successes). Every time
I would wait and peek around the corner one of the guards in the next room 
would walk in and shoot me. Stay in the darkness till they turn the corner 
around the stoves then follow. Once they are in the next room wait a few 
seconds and then you go. Take a right and move behind the turned over tables.
There is a hole in one of the screens behind the chairs. Move through it and
use the pipe to cross to the other side. Climb the vertical pipe and grab hold 
of the ledge. A guard will exit the door to the left and walk the balcony. 
Grab him and throw him over if you like or wait until he passes the sunnier
part of the balcony and climb the rail. Enter the open window just ahead. Exit
through the open door. There is a guard in the hall to the left. He will walk 
down the hall and briefly enter the room you just left. Sam is too quick for 
him though. After exiting go through the double doors directly across the hall.
Hide in the locker. There are two guards. One will walk toward you and stop at
the desk the other goes in the next room and splits time between looking under
the bed and in the bathroom. Sneak to the next room and go over the balcony 
rail to the left. Going by the first guy is easy he will not see you. At the 
entrance to the bed room wait for the 2nd guy to go towards the bathroom and 
then make your move. Climb the Heaven sign. CHECKPOINT.

Grab hold of the ledge and shimmy over to climb fully onto the roof. Head for
the ladder making note of the guy that is crouching/running away from you. If 
you didn't see the guy in yellow running from you and climbing the ladder as
you made it onto the roof the timing of this may be off. Anyway climb the
ladder and pass the first metal cube and move around the one in the back. Wait
for the guy in yellow to pass moving left to right. When he does go around the 
corner and up some stairs on the left. Alternatively and maybe easier: Move to
the left upon climbing the ladder. Go around the building and wait at the 
corner for it to be clear. Then head up the stairs. Either way you get there, 
open the control box and hack the computer. This will disable the laser and the
mines. Open the hatch and jump in. Go down the ladder and walk through the 
crevice toward the red thing. Crawl under the large pipes then climb the white
pipe to the ceiling. This will take you to another pipe that will bring Sam 
over the meeting rooms clear ceiling. Hack into the hatch to the left to gain
access to the room. CHECKPOINT.

Move to grab the pipe along the wall and go to the left (of course making sure
not to cross the path of the green lasers). This pipe will curve down to a 
platform. Hugging the glass wall move across the small ledge and climb the
next pipe. Move on this pipe to the left around a corner until you reach 
another pipe that meets this one to make a T. Take it to the center of the 
room. Use the winch to lower yourself to the table an plant the bug. Quick
make your way back up to the pipe the meeting is starting. Keep holding that
pipe until everyone leaves. Sam needs to make it back to the parking lot before
Emile does. Use the winch to lower yourself to the room. Exit and go left. 
Rappel down to the ground and enter the door on the side of the wall. It is a
bathroom. Crawl through the vent and drop through the trap. There you have it
back in the parking lot (Emile may already be there though). The trip in took
a lot longer than the trip out.

Now Emile wants you to find and kill CIA agent Hisham Hamza. Go up the ramp to 
move to this next objective. CHECKPOINT.

Immediately move from behind the car and go to the right side of the fence.
Climb over it or cut through it and hide behind the boxes. Once the truck
explodes, watch for the lone patrolman. When he moves to the right and can not
be seen move forward behind the next set of boxes (just in front of your
current position). When he is gone move quickly to follow him. Once around the 
corner stay behind the broken down car. Once the guard turns around and
walks away move forward behind another set of boxes. Look around the corner for
a guy in red running away from you. He will stop and point to the right and 
talk to a guy on the second floor of the building to the left. While he is 
pointing move forward and take a right into the alley. In the area where the 
guy in red was pointing an execution is about to occur. If you would like to 
complete objectives stop the execution otherwise it is possible to sneak by it.
I'll assume you have a big heart and would not want to see innocent civilians
executed, so we'll stop the killing. There are 2 primary ways to stop it guns
blazing (enough said) or sneaky. First you should no there are 2 guards about
to perform the execution. Go around the corner of the building and move behind 
the boxes to the "door way" with cloth hanging. One of the guards just walked 
through the cloth. Sneak behind him, grab him and take him around the corner 
to the left. Knock him out. The other guy will shake his head and turn to walk 
down the far alley with his back to you. Sneak behind him and knock him out.
Execution prevented with no shots fired.  Move out of the alley and to the 
right. Down the next alley you should see a woman running left to right in a 
blue skirt and a guard firing at something in the distance. Follow the woman in
the skirt into the building. She is in the next room and is afraid of you. Exit
the building through the window. An explosion will occur to Sam's far left, 
keep moving down the street to the right toward the large stack of boxes. Look
to the left and you there is a ladder. Climb the ladder and move down the 
balcony to the CHECKPOINT.

Once around the corner Emile will ask for you location. At the corner pause and
look down and to the left. There are 2 guys down there to the left of the buses
wait for them to clear before moving so you are not seen. At the end of the 
ledge there is a cable that will allow Sam to slide to the other end of the 
street without detection. I didn't notice until this point that there is a new
objective: Save the woman on the bus. It is totally skipable if you want but
being the good samaritan that I am I've decided to help her out. Move to the 
wall on Sam's right and watch for a guard in a red hat to move behind the 
large broken cylinder. There should be 2 guards behind it now shooting toward
the roof. Go to the broken down truck and jump into the ditch. Follow the 
ditch and move behind the guards. At the 2nd opening of the ditch climb out at 
the end (you can climb to the right but there may be more of a chance to be 
shot). Move to the front of the bus and enter through the broken windshield.
Lift the chair off of the lady's leg and follow her out. Move behind the turned
over car. Watch the guards moving around the truck. (To the left up some stairs
and on the 2nd floor, for those of you shooting your way through this mission,
is a supply of ammo). After they check underneath the truck, sneak behind it 
and crawl under. Sam will receive a free ride to CHECKPOINT. 

When the driver leaves roll out to his side. Quickly move behind the boxes and
to the rear of the green tent. Cut the material and enter the tent. Hide behind
the boxes to the left and notice the guard at the computer. More guards are 
exiting the helicopter and positioning themselves outside the tent. The guy at 
the computer should leave (though a couple times I waited forever and he just
seemed to stay right where he was). Climb to the top of the crates and walk
toward the computer. Hack it and obtain the plans. Sneak out through the back
and cut your way into the other tent. Move behind the boxes and then to the 
left behind the green metal boxes. You want through then fence but it has
a large current running through it. The door is at the far end and you will
most likely be seen trying to enter there. In between the 2 rows of green boxes
(electrical boxes, I don't know what to call them) is a cable that when sliced
will stop the current in the fence. Cut through or climb over the fence and
move to the ladder. Stay behind the boarded portion of the ladder until the
2 guards walking toward the fence are not looking. The one on the left will 
turn around and walk away while the one on the right will walk parallel to the
fence. On the other side of the ladder is a sniper rifle and a CHECKPOINT.

Hisham will and a guard will walk into the area that the rifle is pointed in.
Sam is faced with another choice objective: To kill or not to kill that is the 
objective. Kill Hisham or allow the other guy to kill him and MISSION COMPLETE.
Continue to Mission 10 and ignore what is below.

   NSA Rescue Hisham
   NSA Help Hisham escape

If you kill the other guy the radio tower is destroyed and it appears Sam has
died but wait he's a little tougher than that.  When Sam gets up slide down
the cable to the destroyed buildings below. Move into the next room and drop 
through the floor. Hide behind the car and move to the left in the shadows 
toward the bus. Enter the bus and exit through the opening on the side and
crouch behind the dumpsters. A guy will come running towards you and an
explosion takes him out. The explosion creates a cloud of dark smoke that 
will allow you to proceed to the ditch under the truck. Exit toward the 
car that just landed to your right. You should see a downed helicopter. There 
is an opening that allows Sam to enter the helicopter. CHECKPOINT.

Move through the helicopter and exit the toward the right. Enter the palace
and stay behind the table. A guard will kneel over a dead body. Sneak behind
the guard and exit the palace to the right. Reenter the palace on the other
side of the debris. Then exit again to the right. Move down the palace wall 
behind the sandbags and turn left. Hisham is tied up just inside the palace.
A guard walks up to him grabs his shirt and then turns around and walks away. 
Sneak in and untie Hisham as the guard is walking away. Exit the palace and 
Hisham will follow (don't waste time waiting for him he should come). Move 
toward the rear and stop to the left of the opening in the back wall. The guard
on the other side will become alerted by something and will run through. Now 
move through the opening and toward the fence ahead Make a left and lift Hisham
over. Stay there and Sam will talk to Emile, MISSION COMPLETE.

J. Mission 10: USA New York City JBA Headquarters 06 March 2008 23:34 [MS10]

Primary Objectives
   NSA Scan retina to access lock
   NSA Find and defuse bomb

Profile Objectives
   NSA Get professional background info (1)
   NSA Scan retinas of JBA members

Follow Emile to the interrogation room. Your choices are to shoot Lambert or 
shoot Jamie, do neither and you will be shot. Shooting Jamie will also negate 
all the JBA trust gained thus far and make Sam a kill on sight target to all
JBA members. Either way once you leave the room Sam is no longer restricted as 
to when he can or can not crouch an move about.

This is the fourth mission in the JBA Headquarters, therefore I will somewhat
safely assume everyone is fairly familiar with the layout of the building.

My first playthrough was to shoot Jamie. Once the cut scene ends quickly go
to Jamie and scan his retina. Hopefully you are lifting him as the CHECKPOINT
is occurring. Once the scan is done exit the room (there are JBA members on 
their way) and go right. Move down to the boiler room and according to this
guide (we framed Enrica or allowed her to die) Enrica's body is located there.
That was an easy retina scan. Climb the ladder in the room and Sam should now
be in the garage. Exit the garage and move into the firing range to pick up
your goggles and weapon (SC-20K). Exit the firing range and move to the main
area of the compound. There is a guard patrolling upstairs and one downstairs.
To get Dayton's retinal scan we have to go down stairs to the server room. 
Take the stairs down and stay against the wall. There is a stretch near the 
computer room where you will be visible. As long as you are following the 
guard that is moving toward the server room you will not be seen. Wait in the 
darkness next to the shelf for the guard to leave. You should now be able to
see the entrance to the server room. Sneak in and take out Dayton for his 
scan. Now time for the main part of the mission. Remember the area where Moss
has his office we need to head toward there but instead of moving toward the 
office go through the elevator to the right using a newly acquired retinal 

Exit the elevator and flip the light switch (the blue light ahead and to the 
right) before the guard can turn around. Stay to the side and move past him.
Flip the next switch. Enter this room with a couple of scientists and guards
and flip the light switch that is to Sam' left. Jump over the rail to the 
right and pick up the ammo (if you want it). Enter Jamie's office (around the
corner) using 1234 as the password. Get the last piece of professional 
background info you need. The computer also has a the new code to the main lab
(2112). Go through the other door in this room and drop through the opening in
the floor. Climb onto the box and then jump up through the hole in the wall.
There is a guard patrolling the area and he has a light. If he is not in sight
you can fall below and position yourself behind the shelf on the right wall 
(you practically have to be position just right, I'd recommend saving before
attempting this especially if you don't plan on taking the guard out). He will
walk in and by your and turn toward the fenced off area to on the other side. 
When he gets by you leave through the door and turn left. Pause at the stairs 
in the darkness in case he is on his way out. When clear go up the stairs, out
the door, and in the door to the right. Through one more door and you have 
found the tunnel leading to the bomb. CHECKPOINT.

A cut scene and a 10:00 timer are provided. Move over next to the door. A guard
will be coming through the door in a moment, either knock him out or sneak out
once he is by you. I knocked him out. Go down the short set of stairs and turn
around. Shoot a single round at the light above to turn it off. This will 
alert the guards in the next room. They exit to investigate and will walk right
by you so long as you are not at the glass panel right next to the door. You 
can crouch at the 2nd panel or even better in the dark next to the opposite 
wall. When they pass move to the door and hack it or enter 2112. Go straight to
the ladder and climb it. The two guards may see you walk through the light but
it should not create a red alert. There is another ladder and you will find
Emile on the other side of bullet proof glass (I tried to shoot him the first 
time and just barely cracked the glass). Turn around and exit. There will be
a guard walk from left to right down a set of stairs then directly in front of
your position. Jump the rail to the right (not straight ahead) and sneak behind 
him for the knock out. There are 4 other guys left in the area (Emile and 3 
guards). I've tried different ways and have not been able to sneak my way 
through them. The solution I came up with is to draw 2 of them towards the 
dark corner where the one guy is knocked out and open fire. Kill the remaining
guards and get Emile's retina scan. Into the bomb room. First you will have to
crack the safe. Once the safe is open hack the computer. Now to defuse the
bomb. Its a similar mini-game as the bomb creation task from earlier. Move the
arm down with the right trigger and keep the bullseye green with the left 
analog. Once the center portion is aligned the arm will grab hold of something.
The key from this point on is to not let the arm hit the sides of the 
container. Holding Sam's breath with the left trigger can help this portion 
immensely. When the bomb is disarmed MISSION COMPLETE.

K. Mission 11: USA New York City 07 March 2008 01:02 EST (Bonus)        [MS11]

Primary Objective
   NSA Disarm the bomb

Sam climbs a ladder and listens in on a conversation between Moss and some 
remaining JBA members. Also note the 10 minute timer. Sam also does not have
a weapon for this mission. When the talking stops move up and grab the guy in
the blue bandana. Take him back to your original position and knock him out.
Wait for a guy to walk down the stairs then you go up them and sneak up on 
Moss for a cool kill. Get his retina scan. The bomb is right next to you so
pick the lock, hack into it and disarm it. Once it is disarmed leave the room
and Sam will escape. TO BE CONTINUED...

(Alternatively you could just wait for it to be clear and sneak up to Moss. 
Basically you can get through this short mission only killing Moss).

3. Profile Objectives

A. Medical Records [MDR]

All 5 medical profiles are in the infirmary section of the compound. This area
is the one where you first met with Enrica. It is in a file cabinet in the 
restricted area. (Available beginning Mission 3)

B. Professional Background Information [PBI]

1. Beside the computer in the server room. (Available beginning Mission 3) 

2. Enrica's office in the section accessed by voice recognition next to the 
   mine creating machine. (Available beginning Mission 6)

3. Emile's office between the grandfather clock and the desk. (Available 
   beginning Mission 6).

4. Next to the computer in Moss office located next to the security room. 
   (Available beginning Mission 8)  

5. Jamie's office accessible via the elevator next to Moss' quarters.
   (Available beginning Mission 10)

C. Personal Information [PSI]

1. Upper restricted access area, in the room where Dayton is sleeping and 
   having nightmares. (Available beginning Mission 6)

2. Upper restricted access area, in the room where Dayton is sleeping and 
   having nightmares. (Available beginning Mission 6)

3. Enrica's room. The room with the open window in the bathroom that allows
   outdoor access to Emile's office. (Available beginning Mission 6)

4. Emile's bedroom. The room next to where Sam scans the blueprints from the
   safe. (Available beginning Mission 6)

5. Moss' bedroom. The room with the heavy bag on the way to the security room.
   (Available beginning Mission 8)

D. Fingerprints [FNP]

1. Enrica
     -On the microscope in the lab next to the infirmary
2. Jamie
     -Refrigerator in the kitchen near the infirmary

3. Dayton
     -Next to keypad for entry into the server room

4. Emile
     -On the desk next to the computer where Sam is decrypting the e-mail

5. Moss
     -Next to switch that activates the obstacle course

E. Retinal Scans [RTS]

Retinal scans must be obtained to complete profiles. The way I acquired the 
scans are described in Mission 10. 

1. Enrica 
    -Boiler room

2. Jamie
    -Interrogation room

3. Dayton 
    -Server room

4. Emile 
    -Last room where the bomb must be defused

5. Moss
    -During mission 11 he is steering the boat

F. Voice Samples [VCS]

1. Enrica
    -Very beginning of mission 6 after she asks Sam to follow her

2. Jamie
    -When he is practicing the updated voice recognition system to the door for
     entry to the upper restricted area. The door is accessible via the stairs
     near the infirmary

3. Dayton
    -While he is having a nightmare in his bed during mission 6

4. Emile
    -Next to mine making machine at beginning of mission while he is talking to

5. Moss
    -Follow him during mission 6 and he will stop and talk over the radio

4. Equipment [EPT]

A. SC-20K 
     -One of Sam's primary weapons. 
     -Features include sight, silencer, automatic or semi automatic fire
B. SC-20K Scope 
     -Access by pressing the right analog. 
     -An upgrade of the scope is available adding night, thermal, and wave 
C. Sticky Camera 
     -Attachment of the SC-20K. Launchable surveillance camera.
     -Has noise making and non-lethal gas release capabilities.
     -Possesses an upgrade that adds an explosion effect.
D. SC-20K Attachments 
     1. Sticky Shocker - Produces electric discharge that incapacitates target
     2. Airfoil Round - 1 round stuns target 2 rounds knocks them out
     3. Smoke Grenade
     4. Sonic Grenade
     5. Gas Grenade
     6. EMP Grenade
     7. Frag Grenade
     8. Shotgun shell
E. SC Pistol
     -One of Sam's primary weapons
     -EMP mounted under barrel (used to deactivate electrical equipment)
F. SC Combat Knife
G. Grenades
     1. Frag Grenade
     2. Smoke Grenade
     3. Flash Grenade
     4. Sonic Grenade
     5. EMP Grenade
     6. Gas Grenade
H. Wall Mine
     -Motion sensitive adhesive mine
     -Lethal to 3 meters
     -May be disabled when green light flashing
     -Stun and flash varieties also available
I. Riot Shotgun
     -Non lethal weapon that fires beanbag rounds
J. Optic Cable
     -Cable with camera used to provide a view of an area before entering
K. Lock Pick 
L. Electronic Lock Pick
M. Hacking Device
N. Laser Microphone
O. Ultrasonic Emitter
     -Shoots small sound emitting transceiver for purposes of distraction
P. Glass cutter
Q. Winch
R. Goggles
     -Includes night, wave, and thermal vision
S. OPSAT Watch
     -SATCOM feature provides location of hostiles
T. Blueprint Scanner
U. Retinal Scanner
V. Fingerprint Scanner
5. Achievements [ACV]

1. Hero (20) 
     -Complete solo mode with the best ending 

2. Agent of the Month (20)
     -Complete the profiles of all the major members of the JBA 

3. Defeated the JBA (100)
     -Complete the main storyline 

4. Save Lambert (10)
     -In solo mode save Lambert's life

5. Save Hisham (10)
     -In solo mode save Hisham's life

6. Kinshasa Assignment Completed (30)

7. HQ 3 Assignment Completed (30)

8. The Collector (20)
     -In solo mode collect all gadgets and upgrades

9. Cozumel Assignment Completeed (30)

10. HQ 2 Assignment Completed (30)

11. Shanghai Assignment Completed (30)

12. Okhotsk Assignment Completed (30)

13. HQ 1 Assignment Completed (30)

14. The Invisible Man (20)
      -In solo mode complete a mission without being detected

15. Ellsworth Assignment Completed (30)

16. Getting Technical (20)
      -In solo mode knock out 5 enemies using non-lethal gadgets

17. Iceland Assignment Complete (30)

18. The Human Light Switch (20)
      -In solo mode use your EMP Pistol to turn off 20 light sources

19. Training Completed (10)
      -Successfully complete a training course

20. Teacher's Pet (40)
      -Successfully complete both training courses

21. Professional Ninja (40) 
      -Complete solo mode on Hard difficulty

22. Recruit (10)
      -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 1%

23. Operative (15)
      -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 5%

24. Field Agent (20)
      -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 20%

25. Special Agent (25)
     -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 45%

26. Officer (30)
     -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 75%

27. Commander (45)
     -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 95%

28. Bronze Trophy (15)
     -Complete all the challenges by obtaining at least the bronze medal

29. Silver Trophy (30)
     -Complete all the challenges by obtaining at least the silver medal

30. Gold Trophy (50)
     -Complete all the challenges by obtaining at least the gold medal

31. Blackwing Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

32. Motorway 90 Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map
33. Terminus Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

34. Slaughter House Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

35. Red Diamond Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

36. Boss House Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

37. Dawn Waves Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

38. USS Wisdom Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

6. Personal Stealth Scores [PSS]

Mission 1    62%
Mission 2    94% 
Mission 3    94%
Mission 4    64% 
Mission 5   100% 
Mission 6   100%
Mission 7   100%
Mission 8   100%
Mission 9    89%
Mission 10    0%

7. Future Updates [FUP]

There will be very few further updates. I will add more fingerprint locations
as I find them or as they are brought to my attention. I also may add a 
frequently asked questions/general tips section if I am able to accumulate 
enough material to warrant such a section. The Stealth Score section will also
be updated as I improve the score. The inital scores will remain and are from 
my first play through the game. The first play through is the one the guide is
based on. So basically the guide is complete with changes to be made as needed.

8. Legalities [LGL]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

E-mail: oldschoolwv312@yahoo.com
Copyright 2006 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312 

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