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Guide and Walkthrough by remanemporor

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/18/2010
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--- Spore ---

Created by: Remanemporor
Version: 1.01
Date Started: 6/6/2010
Date Updated: 7/17/2010

Contact me for ANYTHING that you think should be added, removed, 
expanded, contracted, replaced, transposed, inverted, or changed in any 
way (I'm lonely enough that I will respond to almost anything). If you 
see any typos, tell me. Any bad info, tell me. I will give you credit.

Contact: Remanemporor2@live.com

Table of Contents

[1] Introduction
   [1.1] The Game
[2] Cell Stage
   [2.1] Creating Your Cell
   [2.2] The Environment
   [2.3] Collecting the Parts
   [2.4] Health
   [2.5] The Walkthrough
   [2.6] Achievements
   [2.7] Tips/Notes
[3] Creature Stage
   [3.1] From Water to Land
   [3.2] The Surrounding Terrain
   [3.3] Food
   [3.4] Nests
   [3.5] Stats
   [3.6] Abilities
   [3.7] Allies and Enemies
   [3.8] The Parts
   [3.9] Plans of Progression
   [3.10] The Walkthrough
   [3.11] Achievements
   [3.12] Tips/Notes
[4] Tribal Stage
   [4.1] RPG to a RTS
   [4.2] Where are we?
   [4.3] Food and Domestication
   [4.4] Home, Healing, and Babies
   [4.5] Clothing and Stats
   [4.6] Don't be a Tool, Use Tools
   [4.7] Abilities
   [4.8] Paths of Progression
   [4.9] The Waklthrough
   [4.10] Achievements
   [4.11] Tips/Notes
[5] Civilization Stage
   [5.1] Sid Meier's Civilization
   [5.2] Its a Small World
   [5.3] Building Your City
   [5.4] The Creators
   [5.5] Interacting With Natives
   [5.6] Making Money
   [5.7] Abilities
   [5.8] Ways to Conquer the World
   [5.9] The Walkthrough
   [5.10] Achievements
   [5.11] Tips/Notes
[6] Space Stage
   [6.1] The End of a Long Journey
   [6.2] Your Spaceship and Tools
      [6.2.1] Diplomatic Tools
      [6.2.2] Military Tools
      [6.2.3] Main Tools
      [6.2.4] Colonization
      [6.2.5] Others
   [6.3] Colonization
   [6.4] Peace
   [6.5] War
   [6.6] Making Money
   [6.7] Abilities and Archetypes
   [6.8] Roads to Galactic Domination
   [6.9] The "Walkthrough"
   [6.10] Badges
   [6.11] Is it Really Over?
   [6.12] Wormholes
   [6.13] The Grox
   [6.14] Charging to the Center
   [6.15] Vive le Sol!
   [6.16] Collecting
      [6.16.1] Rare Fossils
      [6.16.2] Rare Geodes
      [6.16.3] Rare Jewels
      [6.16.4] Rare Relics
      [6.16.5] Rare Statues 
      [6.16.6] Blocks of Chance
      [6.16.7] Books of Science
      [6.16.8] Scrolls of Faith
      [6.16.9] Scrolls of Harmony
      [6.16.10] Scrolls of Order
      [6.16.11] Stones of Force
      [6.16.12] Stones of Life
      [6.16.13] Tablets of Prosperity
      [6.16.14] Galactic Objects
      [6.16.15] Storybook Planets
   [6.17] Achievements
   [6.18] Tips/Notes
[7] Other Stuff
   [7.1] Easter Eggs and Other Stuff 
   [7.2] Creepy and Cute
   [7.3] Galactic Adventures
   [7.4] Cheats
      [7.4.1] Console Cheats
      [7.4.2] Filter/Appearance Cheats
      [7.4.3] Joker Badge Cheats
   [7.5] Modding
   [7.6] Patches
     [7.6.1] Patch 1.01
     [7.6.2] Patch 1.02
     [7.6.3] Patch 1.03
     [7.6.4] Patch 1.04
     [7.6.5] Patch 1.05
     [7.6.6] Patch 1.06
   [7.7] Creators
      [7.7.1] Cell Creator
      [7.7.2] Creature Creator
      [7.7.3] Outfitter
      [7.7.4] Vehicle and Spaceship Editors
      [7.7.5] Building Editors
      [7.7.6] Anthem Editor
   [7.8] Other Achievements
   [7.9] The Journey of Volitok (my creature)
[8] Version History
[9] Copyright

[1] Introduction

This is my first attempt at writing a FAQ, so I picked a game that was 
easier to write for. Spore has been out for about a year and a half now, 
and is quite an open game, so it looked like a good place to start.

[1.1] The Game

Spore is an RPG, RTS, and god game smashed together, and although it 
has a childish/animated appearance, it is something that has much depth,
and you will probably have to play it at least several times to fully 
appreciate it.

[2] Cell Stage

The beginning of life, first you have to choose whether you will be a 
carnivore, herbivore. If its an omnivore you're seeking, you will have 
to wait for a bit. This stage is divided up into 10 "levels". Every time 
you grow in size twice, you gain a level. This can be seen at the bottom 
of the screen.
[2.1] Creating Your Cell

You get to create your cell from the galaxy screen with a few clicks of 
a button. It seems insignificant, but there are several things that have 
already been determined. Your planet has been created and named in the 
exact location in the galaxy you picked. This means that if you picked a 
location far away from the center, you would have to travel a longer 
distance or find a wormhole to get there. You have also determined what 
food you eat, but that can be changed. 

What parts you attach to your creature depends on what type of food you 
eat and what strategy you have. The mouth of course will be 
predetermined, and the eyes don't really matter, but what does matter 
are the defensive parts. The spike, poison, and electrode can all easily 
be used for any type of cell you have. You can be decked out from head 
to toe in spikes with the carnivore just as easily as the omnivore. But 
do you want to be a slow, lumbering defensive type of cell, or do you 
want to be the quick, speedy type that can dash around and attack from 

Generally speaking I like to have my herbivore be covered in spikes, 
because speed doesn't really matter if you're not trying to destroy 
other cells. If you take the meat eating approach, you could try the 
spike shield, because predators will often throw themselves against you 
time after time in a suicidal charge and then explode into food that you 
can eat. However a more efficient design would be to have some poison 
sacs that can help to stun and kill your prey behind you, and to some 
extent to your sides.
[2.2] The Environment

The world around you is teeming with a bounty of food, other cells, 
swift moving currents, and lots of bubbles. While it may not seem 
apparent at first, the ability to destroy or swim around obstacles can 
form a major part of your plan. Being able to pin a helpless creature 
against a shell and a rock might finally let you kill them and get that 
part you were searching for.

Flow fields are those currents that can increase your speed if you 
travel with them, or dramatically decrease your speed if you try to go 
against them. These can deliver you into the mouth of a hungry epic if 
you aren't careful, but can also be used for good. If you can get your 
prey to swim parallel to these, you can "slingshot" yourself forward and 
attack them when they would otherwise escape.

Bubbles are perhaps the most common occurrence, and can be used to 
distance yourself from an enemy if the need arises. They can be popped 
easily with a spike or a mouth, but I have found that sometimes the 
filter mouth has trouble with this.

Unbreakable objects such as crystals, shells, and random debris cannot 
be destroyed, and so you must simply go around them.
[2.3] Collecting the Parts

Parts can be collected through 2 methods. The first, most obvious method 
is through attacking enemies with that part, but there are a few 
criteria before they drop it. If they will drop a part, they will have a 
yellow star by their name. Alternatively, you can get them through 

To get it from an enemy, they must first have that part on them, then 
you must defeat them. They won't drop it if they are prey sized 
(significantly smaller than you) so you must get it from cells of your 
own size, predators, or by defeating the epics. The easiest way to kill 
an epic is by getting a spike next to your mouth (or even at the front 
of your cell, in place of your mouth) and then ram them several (8-10) 
times. When they finally capsize, they won't give you any food, but they 
will give you access to a part slightly earlier, allowing you to gain 
its benefits quicker.

You can also get the part from meteors, but they don't come at timed 
intervals so you can't plan on it. Also, you can get the spike by 
keeping the tutorial on. The black fish will eat the pokey, and it will 
leave behind the part. I have also seen on very rare occasions (so rare 
that it is probably a glitch, but still) that sometimes if I am in the 
vicinity of an enemy killing another enemy with a part I need, the part 
will be dropped. I'm not exactly sure on this though, so it might just 
be a fluke.
[2.4] Health

Every living thing in the cell stage has 6HP, but some are killed faster 
than others. You can eat prey instantly, while peer sized cells take 3HP 
a hit and when you take on predators, you only take down 2HP. The 
converse is true for you. You are killed instantly by epics, it takes 2 
hits for predators, and 3 hits for same sized cells. You replenish 3HP 
for every food piece you eat.
[2.5] The Walkthrough

This will detail how to best accomplish the cell stage (in my opinion) 
and to build the foundation for which the rest of your game will be 
built upon.

The cell stage if broken up into 10 "levels", each with 2 sublevels. You 
can see where you are at the bottom of the screen. There are 4 dividers 
on the bottom, and in between each of those represents 2 levels. When 
you grow up a level, you get substantially larger and will encounter new 
predators, prey, epics, and scenery. When you go up a sublevel your cell 
becomes larger but the same creatures will still be around you.

There are 3 paths from which to complete this stage, but you can switch 
around as you progress. If you start out as an herbivore, but then 
decide to become more aggressive, plop on a carnivorous mouth and you 
will become a carnivore. This is the only way to become an omnivore, as 
it is not one of the choices at the start of the game.

Level 1 starts off with you breaking out of the crater. You will find 
lots of food and your first rival, the Minno. If you can you could try 
to eat him, but there is lots of free food around for both meat and 
plant eaters, so you don't have to.

Levels 2 and 3 move on to your first predators. These guys will try to 
eat you, so either defend or try to eat them first. This is also the 
first time you will get to change your creature, so take this 
opportunity to give him new parts, a name, coloring, etc. If you are on 
easy and have the tutorial on, you will be given the spike part, or you 
could try to take it from another creature. If you are going the 
omnivorous route, you should save 15 DNA for the other mouth (if you 
have the filter mouth, get the jaw, and vice versa). This will allow 
you to eat both meat and plants, and is an easy way to help you before 
the coming of the proboscis.

Levels 4 and 5 let you encounter your first large plant chunk, which 
always has lots of food for any cell.

By levels 6 and 7 You should have crossed most of your parts, including 
the coveted proboscis (for omnivores). You should have also received the 
cilia part, which cost just as much as the flagella, but allows for 
better turning. 

Levels 8,9, and 10 are all pretty much the same. Keep eating food, and 
be wary of predators. The only creature of note is Maa, which spawns 
little eggs that turn into Juniors. If a junior is prey sized he can get 
past spikes without getting damaged, so watch out. Finish your last food 
piece to move on to the creature stage!
[2.6] Achievements

This section details on all of the cell stage achievements, and some 
tips on how to get them

Aluminum Cell-Finish the cell stage on hard difficulty
I've found its easiest to do this as an herbivore with many spikes

Landfall-Finish the cell stage

Pacifist-Finish the cell stage without killing another cell

Completist-Unlock all the parts in cell stage

Speed Freak-Finish the cell stage in under 8 minutes
Hardest speed achievement to get, use lots of movement parts (obviously)

Cell Addict-Finish the cell stage 25 times

[2.7] Tips/Notes

-One of the starting cells as an herbivore has 2 sets of eyes, which 
means an extra 5 DNA. 

-The proboscis can attack through spikes.

-If you see another cell with a part you need, and it gets eaten, the 
part may pop out, allowing you to collect it without doing any work.

[3] Creature stage

You have finally managed to clamber up onto land. It is a land full of 
possibilities. It is also a land full of danger. The game goes into a 
more RPG style from the Pacman like cell stage. You can meet and ally 
with other creatures, attack and seize their nests, go exploring for 
hidden artifacts, and just generally fooling around. This stage is 
broken down into 4 distinct levels.
[3.1] From Water to Land

The main difference you'll notice from cell stage is that you NEED food 
to survive. It isn't that hard to get, but it still is a priority that 
should be checked from time to time.

You will also be able to ally with other creatures and add them to your 
pack. Other creatures now have a diplomatic stance with you (allied, 
happy, neutral, territorial, and aggressive) that can change by the 
actions you do around them. Impress them, and they'll like you. Kill 
their babies, and they might have a less than favorable outlook on you.

You have a nest that you need to return to in order to heal, mate, and 
rest. No more having a mate come and find you!

Finally, you can pick up some objects when you have arms. They can have 
interesting benefits.
[3.2] The Surrounding Terrain

There is a big world out there! Here is what you must be aware of as you 
make your journey through (creature) life.

There are many notable objects in this world that you can go out 
exploring for. The first is the spaceship. Oftentimes you can see one 
orbiting around and trying to abduct creatures. This will scare nearby 
creatures and puts diplomacy and war at a standstill (unless you are 
still attacking them). The rarer occurrence features a spaceship smashed 
into the ground. You can go check it out, but not much happens.

Meteor showers will occasionally appear, and they will stun you if one 
hits. They will scare nearby creatures, so you could use these to escape.

You can gaze across the sea, but if you go into it to far, a giant fish 
gobbles you up. 

Spice geysers aren't that important for now, but if you move into one, 
it will shoot you up into the air, giving you a good look at the 
surrounding area and possibly helping you with the Flight of the 
Bumblebee achievement.

Finally, their are two objects you can pick up when you have hands. 
Sticks are found almost everywhere and can be used to peel off creatures 
from their nests. This can help you avoid a huge fight if you are a 
militaristic creature, or help you with allying.

The other object is a shell, found only at the beach. This can be 
chucked at enemies, and if it hits it stuns them. This can obviously be 
a great thing if you are attacking them.
[3.3] Food

Food is vital to your continued survival, so having a continuous supply 
is necessary.

The creatures that can eat plants have a clear upper hand, as food is 
almost everywhere. Just run to the nearest bush and chomp down.

Carnivores have to kill their food. This means they must almost always 
be killing something. One carcass, however, can satisfy most of their 

Eggs can also be eaten for food and a nice DNA bonus.
[3.4] Nests

The nest is the home base of any species. For you, it is where you heal, 
gather allies, and mate. For others, it is the main place to congregate 
and defend. When you manage to kill off another species completely, you 
can use their base to heal. If you decide to ally with a species, you 
can go to their nest to gather allies.

As the game progresses, your species will decide to migrate. It is up to 
you to follow them. Luckily enough, there is a dotted line on your 
minimap to guide you. When you arrive you will create a new nest and 
gain some DNA.

By level 4, you will have the option to migrate if you want to. You 
should check it out and see if there is a spot by the water. If you 
manage to nab one, it will help you greatly in the tribal phase by 
speeding up food production via fishing.
[3.5] Stats

There are many stats in the creature phase, and can be divided into 3 
broad groups: aggressive, diplomatic, and utility. They can each reach a 
maximum level of 5 (except sight, mating call, and graspers). By adding 
newer and better parts you will raise the level of the skill and become 
more proficient at it.

The aggressive ones are bite, charge, strike, and spit. By upgrading 
their levels, you increase damage. Bite is your basic attack with a 
quick cooldown. You should try to upgrade this if at all possible. 
Charge is a long distance attack. This is best used to chase fleeing 
enemies, or to start an engagement, because of its stun. Strike is your 
heavy duty attack, dealing lots of damage, but with a much slower 
cooldown than bite. Finally there is spit, your only ranged attack that 
is a damage over time. You can use this to peel off enemies from their 
base one at a time.

The diplomatic stats are sing, dance, charm, and pose. By upgrading 
these you are able to fill the impression bar quicker than your rival. 
For instance if creature A has a sing level of 4, and creature B has a 
sing level of 3, creature A would be able to fill the bar quicker than 
creature B, and therefore ally with him. 

The main utility stats are health, speed, sprint, jump, glide, and 
stealth. With every level of health you have, you get your base health 
+5%. So a creature with 40 base HP with a health level of 3 would have a 
total of 46HP. Speed affects how fast you generally run. Sprint is a 
skill that dramatically increases your speed for a short time. Upgrading 
both of these increase speed. Jump and Glide work together to see how 
far you can fly. Upgrading jump lets you go higher, while upgrading 
glide lets you fly longer. Finally, leveling up stealth makes you more 
sneaky, and other creatures will notice you less.
[3.6] Abilities

These are the abilities you have earned from the cell stage. There aren't
many now, but they can have a dramatic impact on your game.

-herbivore cell: Siren Song
Use this to make it easier to socialize with other creatures.

-omnivore cell: Summon Flock
sends a flock of a semi-random creature to you. Useful for socialization 
and combat.

-carnivore cell: Raging Roar
scares off nearby creatures. Great if you are losing a fight.
[3.7] Allies and Enemies

You will encounter many other species as you make your journey through 
the creature phase. Some will be friendly, while some will attack you on 
sight. Some creatures will like you enough that you can add them to your 
pack, and they will help you as you progress.

There are 5 stages of what creatures think of you. Green happy face 
means you are allied, and you could add them to your pack. Blue smiley 
face means they will like you and never attack you, as long as you don't 
attack them. Yellow is neutral and they will be inquisitive about you. 
Orange can mean two things. An =O face with an exclamation point means 
you have killed some of their tribe and you scare them. A >=( face means 
they are territorial and will attack you if you are around for too long. 
Finally there is the red face. If they get the red face, you can never 
ally with them and they will always attack you on sight.

Other creatures of your flock will always be happy with you and never 
attack you. You can fall back to your nest if you are getting beaten and 
some allies who aren't even in your pack will help you. You should add 
these guys to your group if you can't get anyone else, because they have 
the same diplomatic skills as you so you will always win (even if you 
only have a sing of level 1). 

If you are a peaceful creature, you could go around to other species and 
add them instead. It could be wise (especially on higher difficulty 
settings) to get at least 1 creature that is good at attack. You might 
use him only as a diversion until you run away to safety, but it can 
save your life many times.
[3.8] The Parts

You will need newer and better parts as you progress. There are 2 ways 
to get them. 

You could get them from killing alpha creatures. This tends to be hard 
because alphas get a 20% bonus in health. If you do manage to though, 
you will get a good part (mouth, hand, foot).

They can also be gained from unearthing skeletal piles. The smaller ones 
give you aesthetic parts (arms, legs, details) while the big ones give 
you a good part. Epics tend to have lots of big piles around where they 
stay, so luring them away and sneaking in and getting them is always a 
good strategy.
[3.9] Plans of Progression

There are 2 ways of making your way through the creature phase. You 
could be aggressive, or diplomatic. You could also be a combo, if you 
are an omnivore.

To do it the diplomatic way, you must run up to them and try to ally 
with them. You do this by filling their impression bar quicker than they 
fill theirs. You do THAT by having higher skills than they do. Also, 
allies can help you with this, but if they don't have a skill, they 
won't be of any help.

The other way is to straight up kill them. I think this is easier, as 
long as you have a pack with you. Just peel them off from their base one
at a time with spit, and then destroy them when they are out of cover.

[3.10] The Walkthrough

This stage is divided into 4 distinct levels, each representing a base 
health gain and a new pack slot. These can be viewed at the bottom of 
the screen.

You start out in level 1 with 10HP, and a small nest next to the beach. 
You will have 2 missions from the start. You must eat some food for 
starters (there are many trees for herbivores, and a dead animal near 
your base for meat eaters). Then you must collect a part (there are also 
some skeletons that you can unearth near your base, so this shouldn't be 
hard). After this, you are tasked with either allying or destroying a 
nearby species. This isn't hard. If you are going to kill them, the 
creatures who aren't being attacked will run away, allowing you to pick 
them off one at a time. If you are being diplomatic, only one creature 
will socialize at a time. After destroying or allying with 2 different 
species, you will level up.

Level 2 gives you a pack slot, 15 base HP, and an increase in size. You 
can still socialize and attack them 1 at a time, but occasionally others 
will come to their pack mates aid. To counter this, you can get one of 
your species into your pack, and he will help fight and ally. You could 
also get another member from a species that you have allied with, if you 
chose to do so. Towards the end of the level, your pack may decide to 
migrate to a new location. If they do, just follow them to a new nest 
and receive a small DNA bonus. Ally or kill other creatures until you 
grow again.

Level 3 is probably the hardest level. You get another pack slot, 25 HP, 
and another increase in size. It is the hardest because you only have 2 
pack slots, but other creatures will now always help their ally in 
combat and in impression, so picking off creatures from their nest is 
vital here. You may see some creatures with 40 or more HP. If you see 
them, it is best to avoid them. They are more experienced than you and 
will probably destroy you if you attack them, or outimpress you if you 
try to ally. If you see that they are terrible at diplomacy, you could 
try to ally with them, and gain a member with over 40HP. This also 
applies to rogue creatures. If you manage to ally with them, you will 
have a huge advantage. Towards the end of the level your pack may move 
again, so just follow them to a new location. Kill and ally until you 
grow to full size.

Level 4 is still tough, but easier than level 3. You get your final pack 
slot, bringing you up to 3. You also get 40HP and your final increase in 
size. I like this part the most because when you get all of your pack 
mates, you can charge into an enemy base, and an epic fight ensues. You 
are also able to have 3 to help you ally, which levels out the playing 
field. If you want to, you could try migrating again to see if one of 
the spots is close to the ocean. As stated before, if you are able to 
grab one, tribal stage becomes easier. Thats about it. Just keep killing 
and allying with the different species and you will move on to the 
tribal stage.
[3.11] Achievements

-Iron Creature: finish the creature stage on hard difficulty
I did it peacefully, but it was tough

-Evolver: Finish the creature stage

-Everyone's BFF: Finish the creature stage by befriending 20 other 
This can be done after level 4, when you have 100 HP

-Foe: Extinct 20 other species in the creature stage
As above, can be done after level 4 when you have 100 HP

-Max Power: Build a creature with max stats in 4 areas while in creature 
Can also be done after level 4, just collect lots of DNA, and max out 
your aggressive traits if you are a carnivore or diplomatic traits if 
you are peaceful

-Survivor: Finish the creature stage without dying

-Socialite: Meet 200 creatures made by other players

-Flight of the Bumblebee: Fly over 200 meters without touching the 
Spice geysers can help

-Devourer: Eat 50 different species across any number of games

-Village Folks: Have three posse members from different species

-Speed Demon: Complete the creature stage in less than an hour

-Bestial: Complete the creature stage 10 times

-Cerberus: Evolve a creature with 3 heads
Have original head, then put on arms, take hands off of the arms, then 
put heads in their place

-General Custer: Lead 30 posse members to their deaths
Can be done across many games

-Epic Killer: Kill an epic in the creature phase
Have level 5 spit, sometimes they won't come up and grab/attack you. 
They will just sit and roar at you. I think its a glitch but wait till 
it happens then spit them to death.

-Slugger: Finish creature stage without legs
Easiest to do if you are a carnivore, as you can live without charge. 
It's hard to make it through allying people without dance.
[3.12] Tips/Notes

-If you see nobody at your nest to add to your pack, you can use the 
mating call, and someone will appear. This can be repeated forever many 
times, but only one mate can exist at a time. When they are added to 
your pack, they are not a mate.

-Making your creature have a longer neck can allow you to reach food on 
the trees, But considering how much food is around, this shouldn't be 

-Killing the baby of a species immediately turns them to hate you (the 
red face) and they will always attack you on sight.

-If you have a good stealth value, you could try to sneak into a species 
nest and eat their eggs. This gives a good DNA boost, but seriously 
ticks off the species that you did it to.   

-If you have a good jump value, you could fight an enemy entirely with 
spit by simply jumping when they get close to you.

-Some nests you may come across contain cocoons. These are brown, slimy 
looking things that you can't interact with. Eventually, when you grow 
enough, they will pop and a new species will be created.

-As you make your journey through this phase you may find some nests are 
already dead, even if you've never attacked the creature ever before.

-If you have 3 pack members from different species and you go into the 
tribal phase, your 3 members will become domesticated animals.

[4]Tribal Stage

With your enlarged brain, you have finally decided to form a sort of 
society. You will first be forced to all be farmers, but as time passes, 
you can specialize into many different professions, such as healers, 
fishers, farmers, diplomats, and soldiers. You, of course, are absolute 
dictator. This stage is broken up into 3 distinct levels and a total of 
6 sublevels.
[4.1] RPG to a RTS

The first 2 phases of the game were focused on you alone. You had allies 
but they only helped to serve you. Now, you must look after your entire 
tribe, and your base. Food is now the prized commodity, as you are no 
longer evolving. 

The biggest difference apart from the RTS change is that your creature 
can no longer change. You are now stuck with it, for better or worse, 
through your entire game. Now, to gain stats and become a better tribal 
member, you must use the tribal outfitter.

Each tribe has a certain opinion of you. Green is allied, and they will 
occasionally give you gifts of food. Blue is happy, and they won't 
attack you or lower opinion unless you attack them first. Yellow is 
neutral. These guys won't attack you on sight, but they are prone to 
lowering their opinion of you from time to time. Orange will attack you 
on sight, and will send out raiding parties to try and steal your food. 
If left alone on hard mode, they will lower their opinion again to red 
face. The red faced tribes will attack on sight and send out raiders to 
try to demolish your tribe.
[4.2] Where are we?

Your environment hasn't changed much from the creature phase, but now 
you get a birds eye view of things. There are still species huddling 
around a nest, and there are trees with berries on it that you can 
collect. The exact location of your base will be where your nest was in 
creature phase. Hopefully, it is by the ocean, so you can go fishing for 
quick and easy food.
[4.3] Food and Domestication

All of your tribe needs to eat, even the chieftain. Food is also used 
for the production of babies and buildings. All of these being so, it is 
important to have an adequate supply of it. Over the course of the 
tribal stage, you will need about 250-350 food, depending on your 
casualty rate. There are 5 ways of collecting it.

The easiest way is to fish. It is fast, and reliable. If done for too 
long, however, your output will be decreased until the fish can 
repopulate. Even so, having at least 1 member fishing will have you gain 
food quite fast. The downside is that it becomes less efficient the 
further away you are from a fishing hole, so being by the ocean is 

You could also gather food from the land environment. If you can eat 
plants, you're in luck. Having about 1 or 2 members farming the 
surrounding bushes at all times ensures that they reproduce quickly 
enough, yet you still get a good amount of food.

Carnivores have to go on hunting raids to collect their food. Because 
tribes have over 100 HP, killing wild animals shouldn't be hard, but 
they will attack you back and even kill low HP members. You can kill off 
an entire nest of creatures, but eventually they will replenish over 

The 4th way to get food is to steal it from another tribe. Obviously 
this will tick them off and they will attack you, so this shouldn't be 
your primary source. Food in a rival tribes stash will remain there 
after you have destroyed them, do you should take it back with you when 
you return home.

Finally, you can domesticate animals for 10 food. I highly recommend you 
domesticate 3 creatures. This allows you to have 1 member always 
collecting eggs. Leave the one tribe member to collect when you go out 
to fight or ally with another tribe, because you need to leave one 
member at base to not get food stolen. With one member, you can guard 
your base AND gather food at the same time. Very beneficial if you ask 
[4.4] Home, Healing, and Babies

Your home base is where your members go to eat, rest, and drop off food. 
It is also where babies are produced and tools created. If your central 
hut is destroyed, so are you. Obviously you should protect this at all 

While it may be tempting to have your entire tribe move out to attack a 
nearby village, you should keep at least one person back to hold down 
the fort. If you don't, other tribes could steal your food and wild 
animals will come in and eat your food and attack your babies. The most 
efficient way to leave someone behind is to get 3 domesticated animals
and have him collect their eggs. This knocks out 2 birds with one stone.

After a raiding party comes back, there will almost always be wounds to 
be tended to. Healing is essential to the longevity of your village. The 
fastest way to heal is to eat. This will give about 20-30HP. But what if 
the wounds run deeper than that? Obviously you don't want to waste 3-4 
food just for healing one member. Simply by staying around your hut your 
members will gain health after a while. This is a free and efficient way 
to keep your tribe in fighting shape. One last method is to make 1 or 2 
people shamans by giving them healing rods. These guys can heal very 
fast, and have the benefit of not having to be back at base.

The final thing you must do at your base is to produce babies. Each of 
them cost 10 food. When you buy one, an egg rolls out of the main hut. 
It cracks and a baby is produced. It takes about 30 seconds for them to 
reach adulthood, and during this time they are extremely vulnerable. 
Wild creatures may be prone to attacking them, so take extra care not to 
let anything near them.
[4.5] Clothing and Stats

Since you can no longer evolve your species, the only way to make it 
better is through clothing. You will gain clothing as you kill or ally 
with other tribes. There are 5 stats in the clothing panel, of which, 4 
are alterable. Each stat has 5 levels, with each level meaning you get 
bigger bonuses

Movement is the only thing that is stuck in stone. This one is 
determined by what type of feet you had during the creature phase. The 
speed you have now is the same as it was then.

The gathering trait allows you to gather food faster, especially from 
fishing holes and berry trees. The combat trait allows for you to hit 
harder during combat, and consequently kill your enemies faster. The 
social trait allows for you to better impress rival tribes. Some tribes 
(notably the one with 12 members) can only be impressed with the social 
trait at level 4 or above.

Finally, there is the health trait again. For each level, you take less 
damage from attacks. This helps you to absorb more damage and live 
[4.6] Don't be a Tool, Use Tools

Tools allow your members to become specialized in a certain skill, 
whether it is healing, gathering, befriending, or killing. You will gain 
new tools as you kill or ally with different tribes, just like your 
clothing. There are 9 tools that can be created, but you only have 
enough room in your village to have 6 at a time. They can be broadly 
categorized into 3 groups: utility, war, and social.

The utility group is for gathering and healing. The healing staff allows 
your members to heal others. The gathering canes makes your berry 
gathering significantly faster. The fishing spears speeds up how long it
takes to get fish from the sea.

The war groups goal is to kill the enemy faster. The stone axes 
drastically increase how much damage your tribe does to other tribe 
members. I usually use a bunch of these and kill everyone, then take on 
the main hut. The flaming torches help you kill buildings, so you could 
sneak around and try to burn down a rival tribes hut if most of them are 
away hunting. The throwing spears give your members a ranged attack. 
These can help support your stone axemen, and are quite proficient at 
taking down epics.

The social group allows you to socialize with other tribes. The 
instruments are the maracas, flute, and didgeridoos. You should have 
about 2-3 tribe members on each instrument when you try to ally with 
another tribe.
[4.7] Abilities

You now have 2 consequence abilities. One from cell stage, and one from 
creature stage. These will help you gather food, and win over other 

-herbivore cell: Refreshing Storm
Bushes will be replenished with berries and some will drop from the 
trees. Good for early gathering of food.

-omnivore cell: Flying Fish
A sea monster will jump up and scare fish from the sea. Good for early 
gathering of food.

-carnivore cell: Traps
Your chieftain will lay down a trap that attracts and kills nearby wild 
animals. Good for early gathering of food.

-social creature: Fireworks
Your chieftain lays down some fireworks that raises relationships with 
other tribes.

-balanced creature: Beastmaster
Your chieftain calls upon nearby wild animals to help socialize or fight.

-aggressive creature: Fire Bombs
Your chieftain throws up fire bombs that damage nearby enemies and 
[4.8] Paths of Progression

There are two ways to win over another tribe. You can conquer them, or 
you can ally with them. 

To conquer them, you will need to make use of the war tools, such as 
stone axes. There are many strategies for defeating another tribe. One 
such strategy is to charge in with all stone axemen, kill everyone, then 
burn down the hut. You could also use half axemen and half spearmen. 
This allows some to take the damage while the spearmen support. You 
could also go all fire torches, and try to destroy the main hut before 
they can react. Finally, you could do half stone axes, half fire torches,
 and have the axes distract while the torches burn.

To ally, have 2-3 members on each social tool you own, have the highest 
diplomatic ranking from your clothing, and allying with other tribes 
will be a piece of cake. If they start to dislike you (orange or red 
faced) just bribe them to bring them up to yellow, then ally with them.
[4.9] The Waklthrough

The tribal stage is divided into 3 distinct levels, with a total of 6 
sublevels. Each level up represents an increase in your village and 
population limit, while each sublevel represents another tribe killed or 
allied with.

You start off with a chieftain, 2 members, and a measly 15 food. Start 
off immediately by buying another baby and start collecting food. If you 
have one near you, go fishing. If not collect food from animals if you 
are a carnivore or plants if you are an herbivore/omnivore. Get enough 
food to max out your population immediately. Soon enough, a rival tribe 
will appear. Luckily, they have a yellow face. On easy, they go about 
their business. On hard they will start to dislike your tribe over time. 
Either way, kill or ally with them will level you up.

When you defeat the first tribe, or you wait too long, 3 new tribes will 
appear, each with nine members. Bring your population up to max and have
about 50 food to fall back on. If you work semi-fast, this part is no 
harder than the rest. Ally or destroy them one at a time. When you have 
defeated 2 more tribes, you level up again.

Make sure all of your equipment is in good order, you have proper 
clothing, and have a cushion of food in case of emergency. The new and 
final tribe will appear, having 12 members. Just make sure you have your 
population maxed out and go ally or kill the last 2 tribes to make it to 
the civilization stage.
[4.10] Achievements

-Steel Tribe: Finish tribal stage on hard difficulty
I tried it as peaceful, found it easy enough

-Founder: Complete the tribal stage

-Tribal Socialite: Ally with all 5 tribes

-Vicious: Destroy all 5 tribes

-Domestic Bliss: Domesticate 3 different species

-Watchful Parent: Complete the tribal stage without one member dying
Easiest to do if you are peaceful (obviously)

-Tribal: Complete the tribal stage 10 times

-Ergonomically Terrific: Complete the tribal stage in less than an hour

-Medic: Heal one of your tribe members back to full health 5 times in one

[4.11] Tips/Notes

-Fishing provides the fastest food, if you are by the ocean.

-You can steal a wild creatures eggs from its nest, but this will enrage

-Epics can now be efficiently slain, if you have tools. If you are able 
to do so, and you are able to eat meat, you will gain almost 200 food!

-There are some reports of spaceships coming down and abducting tribe 
members or even the chieftain, making the tribal stage much harder.

-Herbivore tribes can still eat food stolen from carnivorous tribes.

-If you have a few tribe members selected and click on your fire pit in 
the middle of the village, they will perform a dance.

[5]Civilization Stage

Out of the carnage, one tribe has become so advanced that it has created 
a sprawling city. You've made it to the civilization age, but even now 
you will have many enemies to contend with. This stage is vaguely broken 
up into 3 levels, and a total of 10 sublevels.
[5.1] Sid Meier's Civilization

The games designers wanted the civ stage to be like a miniature model of 
Sid Meier's Civilization (best game I've ever played by the way). What 
the got ended up more like Risk where you move a bunch of troops across 
territories and whoever has more usually wins. This strategy will hold 
throughout the phase. If you want to win, bring numbers.

So what has changed in the coming to civilization stage? First off, you 
no longer have to eat, so thats good. Now to get money (sporebucks) you 
have to get spice first and then upgrade your cities.

You also now have 3 methods of which to win. Instead of just doing a 
balance between the two extremes, trading is the bridge in between.

You might notice that you now control vehicles, which have inversely 
related stats. As attack goes up, speed and health go down. In the 
creators, you will now have a harder time budgeting your complexity 
meter than your actual building points.

Finally, you can make limited deals with other empires when they come of 
age. You could ask for trading rights or to attack another civ.
[5.2] Its a Small World

Even with the whole world open, there isn't a lot to be afraid of 
terrain wise. Trees and mountains can divert your vehicles, but thats 
about it. The only things that are of note are the spice geysers and 
tribal huts, which will be discussed later.
[5.3] Building Your City

Spice may seem like a huge money producer at the beginning, but it will 
dissipate over time. In order to keep the income flowing, you'll need to 
industrialize your cities. 

The basics are simple. You want to keep your people happy while making 
the maximum amount of money. You can place down 4 types of buildings in 
your cities. If 2 buildings have lines that connect each other, they 
affect each other. So a factory with a line connecting to a house would 
make a line that produces more money. Its all about getting the 
connections right. Here's what happens. Keep in mind that the city 
center acts like a house.

House: More population
Factory: -1 happiness
Entertainment: +1 happiness

House connected to factory: +400 Sporebucks
House connected to entertainment: +1 happiness
Entertainment connected to factory: -1 happiness
Two buildings of same type connected: nothing

Basically you want your factories and entertainments separate, but have 
both connected by houses to get the maximum amount of money. If you do 
it right, you will only need 1 or 2 entertainments per city, and can be 
producing 2000+ sporebucks. 

So what happens if you don't care about happiness, or want happiness 
really high? If you have positive happiness, your cities will have 
chances to produce double the amount of money for a short period of time.
the happier, the more often it will do so. If you have unhappy cities, 
they will strike and stop producing altogether. The higher the 
unhappiness, the more often this will happen.
[5.4] The Creators

You used to want as many parts on your creations as you could. That 
would increase the levels, and make you more proficient. Now as you move 
into the vehicle creators, you'll notice that stats are inversely 
related. As you add parts to increase its speed, its health and attack 
will go down. This is where you make the decision of whether to go quick,
heavy (health), or efficient (attack). You could always just strive for 
a balance too.

Another strategy is to make you land vehicles have high health, and your 
air vehicles have high attack. This would allow for a joint arms 
strategy, but is kinda hard to pull off.

As for the building creators, they are purely aesthetic, and have no 
influence on gameplay whatsoever. Feel free to make your buildings look 
pretty, but watch out for the complexity meter.
[5.5] Interacting With Natives

Natives are the little tribal huts that are still around. When you drive 
over them, they can give you money, a random land vehicle, or they might 
attack. There is a simple strategy to see which ones would rather fight.

Collect all the spice geysers you can, then move your mouse over the 
minimap and it will show the territories. If the tribal hut is inside 
your borders, they won't attack. If they are on top of a border, they 
won't attack. The only ones that will attack are in territories that you 
don't own and are approximately in the middle. These guys will attack 
because they will eventually become full blown cities.

When you get a vehicle from a tribe, it may or may not be something you 
need. If you are going purely economic and you are given a religious 
vehicle, the best option would to be disbanding it, giving you a small 
bonus of cash.
[5.6] Making Money

If you want to continue your war machine, you will need to have a steady 
influx of cash. There are 4 ways of making it. 

The first way to do it is get lucky off of the tribal villages that are 
still around. If you follow the above strategy, you will always get 
money or a car, which can be sold. This method dries up quickly however,
and you'll need to move onto more stable methods.

A great way to make cash is by the capturing of spice geysers. At first 
they will produce tons of money, but after a while they will produce 
less and less, and will finally only produce 10% of their normal value.

If you are a trading nation, you can make money by trading. This will 
lead to you being able to eventually purchase them. This is a great 
source of income, but is only available to traders.

Finally, the best way to get money is to industrialize your cities. It 
will start out slow, but once you get going, you'll have more money than 
you could possibly need. This is the best way because it continues to
produce all game long.
[5.7] Abilities

You now have 4 abilities. One from the cell stage, one from creature, 
and two from tribal.

-herbivore cell: Healing Aura
Repairs all of your buildings and vehicles

-omnivore cell: Static Bomb
Temporarily immobilizes turrets, vehicles, and buildings

-carnivore cell: Invulnerability 
Temporarily makes your vehicles invincible

-social creature: Diplo Dervish
Raises relationship with a nation you target

-balanced creature: Bribe Bomb
Causes enemy vehicles in an area to attack each other

-aggressive creature: Mighty Bomb
Damages all vehicles and buildings in an area

-social tribe: Black Cloud
Disables entertainment buildings and turrets, causing unhappiness
Fanatical Uprising: 
Instantly wins the civilization stage

-balanced tribe: Ad Blitz
Enables faster city buyout
Global Merger: 
Instantly wins the civilization stage

-aggressive tribe: Gadget Bomb
Damages vehicles and turrets and can help capture cities
Instantly wins the civilization stage
[5.8] Ways to Conquer the World

After the tutorial, several other cities will appear across the world. 
You have 3 ways to deal with them. You can buy them out with trade, 
convert them with religion, or conquer them with your military. When you 
take over a city, you have the choice to convert it to whichever system 
you are using (military, religious, or economic), or to keep it as it 
was originally. Letting it stay with its old system will allow you to 
have more strategies. Converting it to yours will give you more 
population to  help your armies grow.

To win over them with trade, you will first have to start up a trade 
route. Simply move your vehicles over to their city and ask for a route. 
If they have a yellow, blue, or green face, they will most likely say 
yes. A trade route is then created and money is generated on both ends. 
Make sure that the road in between your two cities is clear of epics or 
enemies who could destroy your vehicles. When you have traded with them 
long enough, you will get the option to buy them out. About 16,000 
sporebucks should be enough to do so and get you a new city.
To convert them via religion is the hardest way to take over a city. 
Make sure you have an adequate sized force before doing this. Your 
vehicles will move over and try to silence any entertainment buildings 
first, and then try to take over the entire city. When the bar gets all 
the way to the right, you have won.

Finally, you could try to take them by force. You kill all of their 
other buildings and turrets first, then go for the town center. This is 
a pretty straightforward way to progress, and not that hard.
[5.9] The Walkthrough

The civilization stage is vaguely broken up into 3 level, and a total of 
10 sublevels. Each city you conquer represents a sublevel. The first 4 
sublevels is the first level (before flight). The next 2 sublevels is 
the second level (post flight). The last 4 sublevels make up the final 
level (superweapon). These are not official and are only my divisions, 
but they are generally used in this guide.

The tutorial starts out with you having one car and 3000 sporebucks. 
Immediately buy 3 more vehicles and take over as much as you can before 
the tutorial ends. Try to take the spice geysers first, then move on to 
the tribal huts. Soon enough however, your first rivals will start to 

There are two kinds of cities. There are large ones, and there are small 
ones. Bigger ones allow more buildings, and therefore more money and 
population. If anyone is going to give you trouble, it's these guys. 
Note that you only really have to worry about militaristic and religious 
civilizations, as trading won't try to take you over.

There will be around 3 rivals on your continent. Take over all of these 
first with your cheap land vehicles. This is the hardest part mostly 
because you are so weak to start off with. If you can accomplish this, 
you have already won.

Stage two begins with you being able to purchase aircraft. They are 
better than ships because they aren't bound to geographical barriers 
(like water for boats or land for cars). They do cost a bit at 3000 
bucks, but at this stage you should have a large enough economy to deal 
with that. Around this stage other civs will probably take over some 
cities on their own. They become bigger threats but if you worked 
quickly enough, they can do little to challenge your power. Get a total 
of 6 cities to move on to the final level.

Level 3 can either be very short or longer, depending on how well your 
cities are developed. If you have only a little money and an enemy is 
attacking you, it would be wise to defend yourself first. Your goal is 
to use the superweapon which automatically wins the civ stage. It costs 
12,000 sporebucks per city you have not captured. So using it when you 
have 6 cities (the earliest you could possibly use it) would cost 48,000 
bucks. If you have the economy to do so, use it immediately. If not, 
take over a few more cities first until you are able to. Use it, and 
move on to the space stage!
[5.10] Achievements

-Adamantium Civilization: Finish the civ stage on hard difficulty
easiest as economic, just bribe people to not attack you

-Starman: Complete the civ stage

-Economist: Finish the civ stage with more than 8 economic cities

-Military Strongman: Finish the civ stage with more than 8 military 

-Missionary: Finish the civ stage with more than 8 religious cities

-Spice Hoarder: Simultaneously control all spice nodes in the world
Can be done after you have taken over all cities

-Relentless: Complete the civilization stage 10 times

-Rolling Thunder: Complete the civilzation stage in less than an hour

-Ghetto Blaster: Make 10 anthems

-Conclusion: Finish the civilization stage by launching ICBMs

-Fear of Flying: Complete the civ stage without building an aircraft
[5.11] Tips/Notes

-Epics can be a problem, especially if you are a trading nation. They 
can move in, and kill your vehicles as they trade. It might be a good 
idea to keep at least one city as military to deal with these threats.

-If you and one ally have managed to take over the entire planet, your 
ally will usually give his cities to you, eliminating the risk for a 
global war.

-Before going into the space stage you might want to make sure all of 
your cities are fully developed first. Upgrading them now is a lot 
cheaper then when you are in the space stage.

[6]Space Stage

You have finally reached it. This stage could take as long as you want, 
so it deserves the largest part in this guide.
[6.1] The End of a Long Journey

You have managed to come from a single celled organism all the way to 
the space stage. Well done! 

But your journey is not over. You have many things to do before you can 
call yourself the king of the galaxy. And to do it, you will need to 
know what your abilities are.
[6.2] Your Spaceship and Tools

You are now in a spaceship that is capable of many things. From the 
outset, you will be fairly limited though. Here I will give you a list
of the tools you'll come across as you go through the game. We'll just
go down the list.

[6.2.1] Socialization Tools
These things will help you to ally with other tribes, or have some other
interesting effects

Mini-Super Happy Ray: Helps to ally with other races. Huge energy cost,
but is still useful. The max effect is +50. The Super Happy Ray works 
faster than the mini one, but has no additional affect.

Fireworks: Helps to ally with other races. Bonuses cap at +50.

Mind Erase-Global Mind Erase: "Helps to subdue citizens, and forestall 
attack". Use it if you abduct a citizen, steal spice, or steal an 
artifact. Usually they would send a ship after you, but if you use this, 
it will stall them. The Global Mind Erase just does so on a larger 
scale, ensuring you wont be attacked.

Embassy: Provides a boost in your relationship with the other empire 
over time. Bonuses cap at +50.

Crop Circles: More of an easter egg, using them will entice tribal and
civ stage citizens to come worship it, then run away in panic. The only 
real use of this is that you will be able to find a citizen quickly, if 
you need one for a mission.

Monolith: Use on a T1, T2, or T3 planet with at least one creature on it
to uplift it to tribal, civ, and eventually the space stage. The 
uplifted empire will already have a +50 relationship with you, so it is
easy to create many small vassal states in areas where you don't want to
control tons of land (like taking over the grox, for example).

Species Eradicator: Immediately extincts a certain creature on that 
planet. This can be used if you want to supersize something.

Supersizer: Makes a normal creature become an epic. Uses an entire 
species slot. Can't be used on a sentient creature. Using it on an epic
causes it to duplicate.

Creature Tweaker: Use on a creature to go to the creature editor. When 
you are done, 5 specimens are placed in your cargo hold (you must have 
at least one open cargo slot to use this). Can only use parts from 
creatures that you have scanned or collected.

Creature Creator: Exactly like the creature tweaker, but you create one
instead of modifying it.

Wildlife Sanctuary: Creates a planet where you can store creatures. 
Once placed down, you cannot colonize the planet. You can destroy the 
sanctuary, but once you do, all creatures except those that can fit into 
the planet regularly die.

[6.2.2] Military Tools
As their name states, used for military purposes, mostly destroying 
other empires. The more you upgrade the tool, the more damage it does.

Mini-Mega Laser: The laser is the first weapon you'll get. It is best 
used for precision strikes, such as eradicating animal species in 

Mini-Mega Blaster: A passive weapon that fires on enemy spacecraft on its 
own. Can be used on a planet and in space.

Mini-Mega Pulse: Another precision weapon, best used for surgical 
strikes. Can be used to capture cities (bombs could destroy them).

Mini-Mega Proton Missile: Best used in spaceship vs. spaceship combat. 
They have homing ability, and deal high damage. Try to upgrade these 
quickly if you are an aggressive empire.

Mini-Justa-Mega Bomb: Best for capturing or destroying cities, with a
mega bomb only needing 2 hits to completely demolish one.

Anti-Matter Missile: More powerful than the proton missile, but uses 
ammunition. Can be used effectively against the Grox.

Anti-Matter Bomb: Very powerful bomb that can destroy an entire city 
with one shot, and may cause the entire planet to surrender. 
Unfortunately though, it uses ammunition.

Planet Buster: Destroys an entire planet, but causes nearby empires to 
become mad at you, and maybe start a war. If you do it near the Grox, 
however, they will like you.

Cloaking Device: While you can't interact with anything, it can be 
useful to lose hostile spaceships that are following you. Note, however, 
that it doesn't cloak your allies.

AOE Repair: Instantly repairs all spaceships that you have traveling 
with you, and can repair friendly city halls and turrets if you are 
close enough.

Rally Call: Raises the amount of damage your allied spaceships do.

Shield: Perhaps the most valuable tool in the game, it renders you 
invulnerable to damage, while still being able to attack. This can allow 
you to kill all enemy spacecraft around you, or allow you to swoop in 
and destroy a city without being harmed. It runs out about halfway 
through cooldown, so it is active for quite a long time. Note, it 
doesn't protect your allies.

Repair-Repair Mega Pack: Instantly repairs your spaceship.

Energy-Energy Mega Pack: Instantly restores energy to your spaceship.

[6.2.3] Main Tools
These are tools that your inventory describes as "main". It would be 
more accurate to call them the "others"

Scan: Use it to gain info on a planet, creature, building, or vehicle.

Radar: This thing pings faster when you are closer to an objective.

Hologram Scout: Again, more of an easter egg, it allows you to beam down
a little holographic replica of your creature. The only real use it has
is that it can pick up sporebucks dropped by ships by left clicking on 

Planet Scan: Instantly scans all creatures and plants on the planet. 
Useful in missions where this is your objective. Note that it does use

[6.2.4] Colonization Tools
These things help you to colonize and control other planets.

Colony Incredi-Pak: Plops down a colony on a planet. Plain and Simple.

Bio Protector: When an ecological disaster happens on a planet with 
this on it, you will have more time to complete the mission to 
restabilize it.

Bio Stabilizer: Reduces the amount of bio-disasters that affect this 

Loyalty Booster: Strikes and Riots no longer happen on planets where 
you have this, allowing you to max out spice production by neglecting

Happiness Booster: Keeps your colonists happy.

Spice Storage: Doubles the amount of spice that can be stored on a 
planet. Useful if you are away for long periods of time.

Uber Turret: The ultimate colony defense mechanism, this has infinite 
health and annihilates enemy fleets. With one of these on your planets,
you can ignore almost all attack messages, because this is powerful 
enough to deal with them before any damage is done. You may still want 
to help out if there is a grox attack though.

[6.2.5] Others
These are the other tools that are passive or aesthetic.

Planet Sculpting tools are to diverse to be mentioned in this guide, but
basically there are the ones you can buy, like raise and level terrain.
The other ones you must find by exploration, such as all of the terra 
hills, craters, rivers, plateaus, coloring, etc.

The atmospheric tools are simple as well. You plop one down, and the 
environment changes. If you need to move diagonally to the top right, 
you could purchase the tools that give you -> and ^. Eventually, you 
will gain access to the tools that only need energy to terraform 
planets, drastically reducing the cost.

Finally, the ship abilities are the things like health, energy, and 
cargo storage. Upgrade these to have a higher max amount of it. The 
interstellar drive allows you to fly further and use less energy. The 
wormhole key allows you to go through wormholes. Lastly, there are the
drop and pick up cargo, which shouldn't need explaining.
[6.3] Colonization

In order to expand, you are going to need money. To get money, you need
to obtain other systems. To obtain other systems, you'll need to 
colonize other planets. This section details how to do so quickly, and 
at the lowest cost to you!

At first, you will be very limited to what you can colonize. The 
temperature has to be right, because you only have the atmosphere 
generator and the drought generator. This is also very expensive 
considering your empire is strapped for cash at the beginning and these
tools cost a bare minimum of 75,000 sporebucks a pop. 

When you first start out, doing missions for other empires is your best
way to get early cash (and work toward the missionista badge). Improve
the terrascore of 5 planets to get the coveted cloud accumulator and 
cloud vacuum. These take energy instead of ammo, so they are much more 
efficient. Improve the T-score a total of 40 times to get all of the 
energy terraforming tools.

So now that you have a good place to live, you need to exploit it. First,
we need to stabilize the planet. You do so by adding a small, medium, 
and large plant, then adding two herbivores, and finally, a creature
that can eat meat. You could just go to your home planet every time to
pick up some more creatures, but that is inefficient. Your best way to 
go is to get the maximum cargo hold, then get 3 small, medium, and large
plants, 6 different herbivores, and 3 different carnivores/omnivores. 
This ensures you can create a T-3 planet without having to trudge back
to your homeworld to get more species. Even with all of these creatures,
you can still have room for spice. You won't have much room for keeping
artifact collections, though.

Now to actually settle down. Just plop your colony incredi-pack near a 
spice geyser and it does the rest. As for building placement, the basics
are the same now as they were in the civ stage. Just keep trying until 
you get a layout that has neutral happiness and produces the max amount
of spice. Additionally, when I get the chance, I like to put down an uber
turret and the spice storage on all my colonies. This allows me to be 
gone for long periods of time and not having to constantly come back 
every time they get raided by pirates. In fact, the only real thing I do
come back for is the eco disasters, that are relatively rare.
[6.4] Peace

Although it is possible, trying to make it through the space age without
allying with at least one empire is tough, especially during the early
stages of the phase. This will help you make the process as quick and 
painless as possible.

When you initially come in contact with another empire, be nice to them.
Attacking their spaceships will get you in a war very quickly, and thats
not what were going for (yet). Introduce yourself kindly, and you will 
gain an immediate +10 boost to relations.

To give you a rundown on what you can do to appease another nation, here
is a complete list. Note that the * icon means it doesn't diminish over

-Helping our planet: (max:+100) Raise the T-score of their planets.
-You completed missions: (max:+100) Doing the missions they assign you.
-Your gifts: (max:+50) Giving them gifts (of money).
-We created an alliance: (max:+50) Immediately upon creation of alliance.
-You uplifted us*: (max:+50) Awarded for uplifting them from the creature,
tribal, or civ stage via a monolith.
-Using friendly tools: (max:+50) Bonus for using fireworks or happy ray.
-Your embassy: (max:+50) Gained over time for an embassy on their planet.
-A generous peace offering: (max:50) Gained by offering more than you 
had to to sign a peace treaty.
-Our trade route: (max:+30) Gained over time by maintaining a trade route.
-You were generous: (max:+44) Gained by offering more than you had to to
buy a planet.
-We like new acquaintances*: (max:+30) Bonus if their archetype is order 
or prosperity.
-We value your friendship: (max:+100) Gained when they give you a gift.
-Your trading: (max:+15) Gained by trading with them (like selling spice).
-You agreed to help us: (max:+10) Gained for accepting the first mission
a creature offers.
-Gracious greeter superpower*: (max:+10) Bonus you get if you were
friendly during the tribal phase.
-We think alike*: (max:+10) Bonus you get if you have the same archetype 
as they do.
-You introduced yourself*: (max:+10) Gained by introducing yourself in 
a friendly way. 
-Soothing Song*: (max:+30) Gained when you use the bard superpower.

Now here is a list of things that will annoy other empires, possibly
to the point of war.

-Breaking the Galactic Code: (max:-200) If you blow up a planet or use
fanatical frenzy or gravitation wave, and another empire is within 10
parsecs of the epicenter, you will get this modifier.
-Allied with Grox: (max:-200) Immediately applied if you ally with the 
Grox. Many wars may be started.
-You broke our Alliance: (max:-125) Applied if you make, then break an
-Destroying our buildings: (max:-100) If you blow up their colonies, 
they won't think highly of you.
-Destroying our spaceships: (max:-100) They won't like you if you blow 
up their spaceships either
-Captured one of our systems: (max:-100) If you capture one, they'll 
hate you.
-Using harmful tools: (max:-100) If you shoot at their planet with a 
laser, they won't take kindly it.
-Hurting our planet: (max:-100) Applied if you lower the T-score of one
of their planets.
-You refused to pay us tribute: (max:-100) If they ask for money and you
don't give it to them, they will dislike you.
-War: (max:-50) Applied immediately when they get to the red face and is
maintained until you sign a peace treaty.
-You failed missions: (max:-50) If they give you a mission and you put 
it off for too long, you will fail it.
-Abducted our citizens: (max:-50) If you take a citizen out of their 
territory, they will dislike you.
-Scaring our citizens: (max:-50) Gained by shooting at citizens, placing
crop circles, etc.
-We were ate war: (max:-33) Gained when you sign a peace treaty.
-We distrust strangers*: (max:-15 or -30) Applied if the creatures 
archetype is force or faith.
-Stole our resources: (max:-30) Applied if you suck up an artifact or
spice crate from their planet.
-You introduced yourself*: (max:-10) Applied if you introduced yourself
-You avoided contact: (max:-15) Applied when they contact you and you 
don't reply.
-Failed to protect our ships: (max:-?) Applied if they give you a ship
as an ally, and it dies.

After looking at the list, you can see that it is easier to annoy other
creatures much faster than to ally with them. 

The fastest way to ally with them is to give them gifts and do their
missions. Just doing those can get you an alliance all by themselves. To
keep the alliance, an embassy usually means you don't have to go back 
and bribe them again.

Allying with other creatures, however, has many benefits. One of these is
that you can take one of their ships and add it to your fleet. Beware 
though, because if it is destroyed, the empire than owns it won't like 
it. Note that higher level empires give you better ships.

Your allies will also have lowered prices for repair and recharging your
ships energy. Finally, when you are far enough along, they will be 
willing to teach you their archetype, after you do a quest and pay a 
rather large fee.
[6.5] War

Not every problem can be resolved through talk. When the time arises, 
your nation will have to go to war if it wants to survive. An adequate 
amount of knowledge on the subject can mean the difference between 
glorious victory and crushing defeat. Time to stock up now!

If it is conquest you are looking for, you'll need to select another 
empire carefully. This list gives priority of things you should consider,
with the top being most important.

-Has the space phase progressed to a point where I can effectively 
attack them?
-How large are they?
-Do I have enough money?
-How far away are they?
-What would I gain?
-What is the T-score of their planets, and how well defended are they?
-What threat do they pose now, and will they pose in the future?
-Do I have allies nearby that could help?

Here is a rundown of why you should consider these.

Has the space phase progressed to a point where i can effectively 
attack them? This is basically a culmination of everything, like how 
many allies you have, how good are your weapons, how much money do you 
have, etc. Consider this first and foremost. Declaring war on a level 5
nation when you are just starting out is suicidal. Doing so when you 
have the mega bomb, shield, mega proton missile, uber turrets in all 
your colonies, and lots of cash leads to you hardly even noticing the 

How large are they? You can see the approximate level of an empire by 
the number in the star next to its name. A lv. 1 will have only its 
capital and a few other planets. These guys will also send out crappy 
raiding fleets that could be easily destroyed by your basic turrets. If 
you come across a lv. 5, however, we have a different story. They have 
lots of planets (like 20+) and will launch huge invasion fleets with 
many bombers and high damage dealing fighters.

Do I have enough money? War needs it for repairs, refilling energy, 
rebuilding buildings, placing turrets, improving T-score of captured
planets, colony incredi-packs, ammunition, bribing allies, and of course,
the peace offer. If you are lacking funds, you may want to focus on your
economy first.

How far away are they? This deals with the fact that, once you take over
their land, you'll have to maintain it. It is easier to do so if it is 
closer. You won't want to take a planet that is on the other side of the
galaxy, because when an eco-disaster pops up, you may not have enough 

What would I gain? Consider what type of spice their planets are on. If 
it is just a bunch of red and yellow planets, don't bother. If it is a 
bunch of green, pink, and purple spice, give them higher priority.

What is the T-score of their planets, and how well defended are they? 
This deals with the fact that a T-3 is much harder to take than a T-0.
But if you are just starting the space stage, you may not want to take
a bunch of T-0 planets, simply for the fact that you can't terraform 
them yet.

What threat do they pose now, and will they pose in the future? If they 
are gobbling up planets around you left and right, you may want to 
intervene before they can become too powerful. If they can't seem to get
off their homeworld, though, you might want to resolve more pressing 
issues first.

Do I have allies nearby that could help? If you have them around, this 
allows you to rebuild your fleet faster should it be destroyed, and also
allows you to bribe your ally to attack one of the enemies systems.

After you have done a check to see which nation you want to conquer, how
will you go about initiating the conflict? If you can, do a preemptive 
strike on their most resilient planet: their homeworld. Make sure they
have at least a yellow face with you, get some terraforming tools, and
fly down to the atmosphere of their home. Usually, an enemy homeworld
contains 10 cities and tons of aircraft, turrets, and spaceships. This 
makes it almost impossible to take before you get to the late game 
unless you sabotage it now. Simply plop a few terraforming tools down to
wreak havoc on their environment. All you need to do is get it to a T-2.
This will destroy all but 2 of their cities, making it immensely easier
to capture. The drawback of this is that you won't get a super colony 
with 10 cities on it.

After you have sabotaged or attacked them, war will be officially 
declared. This is when the fun starts. The only thing you have to be 
worried about is their attacks on your planets. When one of your 
colonies alerts you to enemy presence, go help defend. Basic turrets 
help a lot, but if you have an uber turret then you don't even need to
go to the planet at all. Uber turrets are so powerful that they can stop
an invasion all by themselves.

To conquer land, you'll have to go down to the atmosphere and destroy
or capture all cities. Do this by dropping bombs on them. They will
have many ships that will attack you, but just use your proton missile
and move backwards slowly and they won't be able to shoot you. 

If you have decided that the war has gone on long enough and you can't 
or don't want to completely destroy them, you should offer a peace 
treaty. This is usually in the realm of a few million sporebucks, but
the benefits are well worth it. They'll stop attacking you (obviously),
and most of the negative relationship modifiers will be removed. You 
can finish a war with only about a -20 relationship with the other 
empire, and can ally with them surprisingly fast.

Thats really all there is to it. War is by far the easiest way to get
lots of land quickly.
[6.6] Making Money

Whatever you want to do in the space phase, whether its colonizing, 
warring, allying, or exploring, you'll need money. Especially at the 
beginning, every sporebuck counts, so you'll want to get the best deal
possible. The quickest way to get money fast is by the creation and 
selling of spice. Below shows you all the kinds of spices and how 
valuable they are. It also shows the base price, minimum, medium, and 
highest prices other empires are willing to give you for it. Generally,
if they are offering you the medium spice, you should sell it to them.

Red Spice
Base price: 3,375
Minimum: 225
Medium: 5,623
Highest: 16,868
This rare spice is used as a flavoring for certain foods and often
produces an eye-watering affect on the consumer.

Yellow Spice
Base price: 4,500
Minimum: 300
Medium: 7,497
Highest: 22,491
A sour spice used primarily in summertime beverages.

Blue Spice
Base price: 5,230
Minimum: 349
Medium: 8,713
Highest: 26,140
A deep blue spice used primarily as a sleeping aid.

Green Spice
Base price: 10,125
Minimum: 675
Medium: 16,868
Highest: 50,605
A green spice used in making a relaxing, minty tea beverage.

Pink Spice
Base price: 11,242
Minimum: 936
Medium: 18,729
Highest: 56,188
A pink spice used as a sweetener or as floor polish.

Purple Spice
Base price: 14,625
Minimum: 1,218
Medium: 24,365
Highest: 73,096
A purple-ish spice used in making a sweet flavored purple pudding.

You can see how valuable the green, pink, and purple spice is. If you 
can, try taking over these planets early. This will give you a massive
boost early in the game, and can greatly speed up getting all of the 

The other way to get money is by doing missions. This is a much slower
method than spice (you net only about 30,000 a mission), but you can 
do these while your colonies are producing spice to maximize your 
[6.7] Abilities and Archetypes

If you have done all of the stages from start to finish in one game, 
you should now have 4 passive abilities and one archetype.

-herbivore cell: Social Suave
20% discount on all social tools.

-omnivore cell: Gentle Generalist
20% discount on all standard equipment.

-carnivore cell: Power Monger
Weapons use only half the amount of energy as normal.

-social creature: Pleasing Performance
Makes all of your colonies happy and reduces likelihood of revolt.

-balanced creature: Speed Demon
Interstellar space travel takes only two-thirds the normal time.

-aggressive creature: Prime Specimen
Increases your spaceship's health by 1.5x

-social tribe: Gracious Greeting
Boosts initial relationships with alien races by 10.

-balanced tribe: Colony Craze
Gives you a 20% discount on all colonization tool trades.

-aggressive tribe: Arms Dealer
Give you a 20% discount on all combat tools.

-religious civ: Green Keeper
Decreases the rate of biodisasters your colonies have.

-economic civ: Spice Savant
Increases spice production from your colonies.

-military civ: Pirate B Gone
Reduces the frequency of pirate raids.

All empires have an archetype, which gives them an additional active

-Bard: Soothing Song
If your relationship with another empire is below 0, this resets it to
0 for 2 minutes. This can be used to stop wars momentarily.

-Diplomat: Static Cling
Temporarily immobilizes all enemy ships and turrets on a planet for 2 

-Ecologist: Safari Vacuum
Instantly receive 2 of each species on the planet.

-Knight: Summon Mini-U
Summons a small clone of your spaceship to serve as your ally.

-Scientist: Gravitation Wave
Destroys all structures on the planet and breaks the Galactic Code.

-Shaman: Return Ticket
Instantly teleports your spaceship back to your homeworld.

-Trader: Cash Infusion
Immediately makes a planet with one of your trade routes available to 

-Wanderer: None
Default archetype if you begin the space phase without doing any other

-Warrior: Raider Rally
Instantly sends a few pirates to this planet.

-Zealot: Fanatical Frenzy
Instantly takes over the planet and breaks the galactic code.

In addition, here is how you become one of the archetypes. G stands for
green or "peaceful", B stands for blue or "adaptable" and R stands for
red or "aggressive". Here are what you need to be in the stages to 
become a certain archetype.


Keep in mind that there are MANY other options you could do to become
these archetypes, and these are just examples.
[6.8] Roads to Galactic Domination

If we want to become the largest and most feared empire in the galaxy, 
we are going to need to collect more land. There are two ways to do 

The first method is obvious. Simply attacking and capturing planets is
always quick, but can sometimes bring long wars of attrition. There is
also the possibility of Fanatical Frenzy if you are a zealot, but that
breaks the galactic code and usually creates more bad than good.

The other method is to set up trading routes that will eventually lead
to you being able to purchase other systems. This takes quite a while
to happen, but you get an undamaged planet for a few million bucks. If 
you are a trader, you can use the Cash Infusion superpower to speed the
process up.
[6.9] The "Walkthrough"

The space stage is broken up into 10 levels, each with many sublevels,
which are now called badges. You get badges by doing certain feats in 
the game, like getting a certain amount of money, conquering x many 
planets, uplifting species, etc.

The levels are:
Cadet-first mission tutorials
Captain-finish spaceflight tutorial
Commander-5 badge levels
Commodore-15 badge levels
Admiral-30 badge levels
The Celebrated-50 badge levels
The Renowned-75 badge levels
The Great-105 badge levels
The Legendary-140 badge levels
All Powerful-180 badge levels
Ultimate being-225 badge levels
Omnipotent-275 badge levels

You start off building your ship, then launching the tutorial (unless 
you say no). If you're not doing the tutorial, go to the next section.
All you have to do is go around and scan and animal, then zap one. This
gives you a chance to get familiar with the controls which can be 
helpful later. It also lets you practice with the laser, a tool that 
you'll use more for missions than actual combat. Finish up and you'll be
promoted to the level of captain.

You have to do the next part of the tutorial whether you want to or not.
You are tasked with going to another planet in your system and scanning
a crashed ship. Do so, and you'll get the minor proton missile. The 
mission then ships you away to another planet where you scan a destroyed
city. Then some drones come out and try to attack. You could either 
flee or try to fight them off with your new weapon. 

Now you are tasked with the creation of a new colony. The mission always
sends you off to a crappy red spice planet, but you should still 
colonize it. When thats done with, go back to your homeworld and you'll
be sent off yet again to go see if there is other sentient life out 
there. Simply find another empire, contact them, and return home. Once 
this is done, you finally break free of the shackles of tutorialism and
are free to roam the galaxy. You can still do some missions for your 
home like declaring war, making alliances, and making trade routes. This
is all optional though, and I only did it on my first space game.

Its kinda hard to direct you where to go now. Each space game is unique
and what badges you get is up to you. The only thing I can advise you to 
do is get more colonies and better spice as quickly as possible, because
that will speed up the game by quite a bit. As for what badges to go for,
try to go for a mix of colonization, war, and peace. 

Just keep expanding your empire to grow bigger and bigger, and 
eventually you'll get the title of omnipotent.
[6.10] Badges

This list gives you an index of the badges you can get, and what you get
from them. The list corresponds to the one in-game.

Body Guard
When you go and help out a colony that is under attack, you'll get this
badge. This is a good one to go for because you only have to defend 4 
allies to get the mega proton missile, a weapon you can use the entire
game. Note that it doesn't matter if it is your colony or an allies. 
Beware that helping an ally may lead you to getting involved in a war 
you might not be able to handle.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Defend 2 friends         2         Proton Missile
  2     Defend 5 friends         4         Mega Proton Missile
  3     Defend 10 friends        6         AOE Repair, Loyalty Booster
  4     Defend 20 friends        8          
  5     Defend 35 friends        10

Brain Surgeon
When a creature is promoted to the tribal phase, you get this. You can 
destroy the tribes when they arise, and replace the monolith, and it'll
count as raising another creature to tribal phase. Do this over and 
over again and eventually get the badges. Note that it might be easier
to wait until the tribes evolve to the civ stage, because you'll only 
have to hunt after 10 or so cities instead of several dozen tribal huts.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Promote 1 creature       2        Mind Erase
  2     Promote 5 creatures      4
  3     Promote 10 creatures     6        Global Mind Erase
  4     Promote 20 creatures     8   
  5     Promote 40 creatures     10 

Captains Badge
Awarded to you when you finish the tutorial missions on space flight
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Complete tutorial        1

Awarded when you do eradicator missions. These are the ones where you 
kill animals on the planet.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Do 5 missions            2         Mind Erase
  2     Do 10 missions           4      
  3     Do 20 missions           6         Global Mind Erase, Creature
                                           Tweaker, Species Eradicator
  4     Do 40 missions           8  
  5     Do 70 missions           10        Create Creature

You get this when you collect artifacts. This is a great way to get your
cargo hold upgraded quickly.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Collect 3 artifacts      2         Basic Cargo Hold
  2     Collect 8 artifacts      4         Medium Cargo Hold
  3     Collect 20 artifacts     6         Large Cargo Hold
  4     Collect 50 artifacts     8       
  5     Collect 100 artifacts    10

Placing colony buildings down gets you this medal. With each T-3 planet 
able to support around 40 buildings, you'll get this one rather quickly.
This badge gives you tons of rewards in both the military and colonial
disciplines, so it is one of the easiest and most rewarding ones to get.
Note, however, that once you destroy a building, it no longer counts 
toward this medal. This prevents you from repeatedly adding and deleting
buildings to farm this medal.
Level   Conditions           Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Place 5 buildings        2         Mini Auto Blaster, Mini Pulse
                                           Small Energy Storage, Small
  2     Place 20 buildings       4         Auto Blaster, Pulse, Mini 
                                           Bomb, Medium Energy Storage,
                                           Medium Health
  3     Place 50 buildings       7         Mega Auto Blaster, Mega Pulse,
                                           Justa Bomb, Anti-Matter
                                           Missile, Shield, Spice Storage,
                                           Large Energy Storage, Large
  4     Place 100 Buildings      10        Mega Bomb, Anti-Matter Bomb,
                                           Uber Turret, Extreme Energy
                                           Storage, Extreme Health
  5     Place 200 Buildings      20        Planet Buster

When you take over another planet by force, you are working toward this 
badge. This is a purely military one.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Conquer 2 planets       2         Mini Auto Blaster, Mini Pulse,
                                          Small Health
  2     Conquer 5 planets       4         Laser, Auto Blaster, Pulse,
                                          Proton Missile, Medium Health
  3     Conquer 10 planets      7         Mega Laser, Mega Auto Blaster,
                                          Mega Pulse, Mega Proton Missile,
                                          Anti-Matter Missile, Large 
  4     Conquer 20 planets      10        Anti-Matter Bomb, Extreme 
  5     Conquer 40 planets      20        Planet Buster

For every alliance you form, you work toward this badge.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Form 1 Alliance         2         
  2     Form 2 Alliances        4         Mini Happy Ray, AOE Repair
  3     Form 5 Alliances        6         Medium Happy Ray, Rally Call
  4     Form 10 Alliances       8         Super Happy Ray
  5     Form 20 Alliances       10        Embassy

Eco Hero
Awarded for saving planets from an eco disaster. To get this quicker, 
don't place bio stabilizers in your colonies until you have level 5 of
this badge.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Avert 2 eco disasters   2         Laser
  2     Avert 5 eco disasters   4         Mega Laser
  3     Avert 10 eco disasters  6         Wildlife Sanctuary, Bio 
  4     Avert 25 eco disasters  8         Supersizer, Bio Stabilizer
  5     Avert 50 eco disasters  10        Planet Scan

You get this every time you buy out a system.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Purchase 1 system        2         
  2     Purchase 3 systems       4         Mini Happy Ray
  3     Purchase 6 systems       7         Medium Happy Ray
  4     Purchase 10 systems      10        Super Happy Ray
  5     Purchase 15 systems      20      

When your empire is this many systems large, you get this badge.
Level   Conditions           Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Control 3 systems         2         Atmosphere Generator, 
                                            Drought Generator
  2     Control 7 systems         4         Cloud Accumulator, Cloud
                                            Vacuum, Ice Storm, Meteor 
  3     Control 13 systems        6         Refrigeration Ray, Heat Ray,
                                            Asteroid Call Button, 
                                            Atmosphere Freezer,
  4     Control 22 systems        8         Hot Cloud Vacuum, Cold Cloud
                                            Vacuum, Ice Comet, Volcano
  5     Control 35 systems        10        Air Conditioning, Hot Cloud

You can get this medal rather quickly if you want to. All you have to do
is go to a system, zoom in so you can see all the planets, and zoom out.
If you do this for about 10 minutes, you'll get this without any more 
fuss. Too bad it only has crappy rewards.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Explore 15 systems       2         Raise Terrain (Small), Lower
                                           Terrain (Small), Level 
                                           Terrain (Small)
  2     Explore 50 systems       4         Raise Terrain (Medium), Lower
                                           Terrain (Medium), Level 
                                           Terrain (Medium)
  3     Explore 100 systems      6         Raise Terrain (Large), Lower
                                           Terrain (Large), Level 
                                           Terrain (Large), Terra Hills,
                                           Terra Craters, Terra River
  4     Explore 250 systems      8         Terra Plateaus, Terra Mesas,
                                           Terra Canyon
  5     Explore 500 systems      10        Terra Seas, Terra Mountain,
                                           Terra Lava Flow

Frequent Flyer
Just by driving between systems you are working towards another medal.
You could try to farm this one, but it is better to just get it as you
go along the game. Note that you can drive between the same two systems
over and over again to try and get this faster.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Drive to 50 systems      2         
  2     Drive to 150 systems     4         Interstellar Drive 2
  3     Drive to 400 systems     6         Interstellar Drive 3, 
                                           Wormhole Key
  4     Drive to 800 systems     8         Interstellar Drive 4
  5     Drive to 1500 systems    10        Interstellar Drive 5

Golden Touch
This is one that I seem to get early. All you have to do is have this 
many sporebucks with you at one time. Its pretty simple.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Have 500,000 bucks       2           
  2     Have 1,000,000 bucks     4 
  3     Have 2,500,000 bucks     6         Happiness Booster
  4     Have 5,000,000 bucks     8 
  5     Have 10,000,000 bucks    10         

When you do delivery missions, you work towards this medal.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Complete 5 missions      2         Interstellar Drive 2
  2     Complete 10 missions     4         Interstellar Drive 3
  3     Complete 20 missions     6         Interstellar Drive 4,
                                           Wormhole Key
  4     Complete 40 missions     8         Interstellar Drive 5
  5     Complete 70 missions     10

Jack of All Trades
This one is unavoidable. Every tool you buy helps you get this one. 
Sadly, this easy one has no rewards except for points.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Buy 5 tools              2 
  2     Buy 20 tools             4
  3     Buy 50 tools             6
  4     Buy 100 tools            8
  5     Buy 200 tools            10

Hehe, easy enough to win, all you have to do is cheat. I will give a 
list of the possible cheats in chapter 7 below. Note that cheating
will disable all further achievements in your current game (you can still
get medals though).
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards  
  1     Enter a cheat            0         .....cheating?

Whenever you trade spices or rares, you work towards this.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Trade 500,000 bucks      2
  2     Trade 2,000,000 bucks    4         Basic Cargo Hold
  3     Trade 4,000,000 bucks    6         Happiness Booster, Medium
                                           Cargo Hold
  4     Trade 7,000,000 bucks    8         Large Cargo Hold
  5     Trade 15,000,000 bucks   10        

You can do any type of mission to earn this badge, and it has some good
rewards that come along with it.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Complete 5 missions      2         Energy Pack, Atmosphere
                                           Generator, Drought Generator,
                                           Small Energy Storage
  2     Complete 10 missions     4         Fireworks, Repair Pack, Ice
                                           Storm, Meteor Shower, Medium
                                           Energy Storage
  3     Complete 18 missions     6         Energy Mega Pack, Asteroid 
                                           Call Button, Atmosphere 
                                           Freezer, Large Energy Storage
  4     Complete 30 missions     8         Species Eradicator, Repair 
                                           Mega Pack, Ice Comet, Volcano,
                                           Extreme Energy Storage
  5     Complete 50 missions     10        Cloaking Device, Hologram 

Planet Artiste
This Badge is probably the easiest to farm, simply use all of your
planet coloring tools over and over again and you'll quickly get this
badge. You can use either coloring or sculpting tools.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Use 5 aesthetic tools    2         Terra Hills, Terra Craters
  2     Use 25 aesthetic tools   4         Terra River, Terra Canyon
  3     Use 75 aesthetic tools   6         Terra Plateaus, Terra Mesas,
                                           Terra Mountain
  4     Use 150 aesthetic tools  8         Terra Lava Flow
  5     Use 250 aesthetic tools  10        Terra Seas

You get this by visiting storybook planets and rare galactic formations.
I can't really help you with this one, you'll just have to find them as
you go.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Visit 2 oddities         2 
  2     Visit 10 oddities        4
  3     Visit 20 oddities        6
  4     Visit 40 oddities        8
  5     Visit 70 oddities        10

Split Personality
To do this, ally with a lv. 4 or 5 empire that has a different archetype
than you, inquire about their philosophy, and ask for a mission. It does
cost quite a bit, so make sure you have enough cash to fall back on. 
Note that you do get quite a few badge points for getting this badge.
Level   Conditions             Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Change archetype 1 time     5         
  2     Change archetype 2 times    10
  3     Change archetype 4 times    15
  4     Change archetype 5 times    20
  5     Change archetype 6 times    25

Terra Wrangler
When you improve the T-score of a planet, you work towards this. 
Upgrading a T-0 to a T-3 will get you 3 points to this badge. This is a 
great place to get the colonization tools air conditioning and hot cloud
seeder. Note that improving the T-score of a planet owned by another 
empire does NOT count towards this badge.
Level   Conditions            Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Improve T-score 2 times    2         Raise Terrain (Small),
                                             Lower Terrain (Small),
                                             Level Terrain (small)
  2     Improve T-score 5 times    3         Cloud Accumulator, Cloud
                                             Vacuum, Raise Terrain 
                                             (Medium), Lower Terrain 
                                             (Medium), Level Terrain
  3     Improve T-score 10 times   6         Refrigeration Ray, Heat Ray,
                                             Raise Terrain (Large), 
                                             Lower Terrain (Large),
                                             Level Terrain (Large)
  4     Improve T-score 20 times   10        Hot Cloud Vacuum, Cold 
                                             Cloud Vacuum
  5     Improve T-score 40 times   15        Air Conditioning, Hot Cloud

Making trade routes will eventually get you this one.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Make 2 routes            2         Energy Pack
  2     Make 5 routes            4         Repair Pack, Spice Storage
  3     Make 10 routes           6         Energy Mega Pack
  4     Make 20 routes           8         Repair Mega Pack
  5     Make 40 routes           10        Cloaking Device, Hologram

Another one that can be done rather quickly if you want to, you get this
for every new space age empire you contact.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Contact 3 empires        1         Crop Circles
  2     Contact 10 empires       2         Creature Tweaker, Fireworks,
  3     Contact 20 empires       3         Wormhole Key
  4     Contact 50 empires       4         Create Creature
  5     Contact 100 empires      5         Embassy

You work towards this one with every war you start. If you want to, you 
could go out far into one of the arms of the galaxy where you have no 
colonies, and just start bombing things. You could also ally with the 
Grox, which usually gets you lv.5 instantly, although allying with them
would probably be harder than just getting this medal the regular way.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Start 1 war              2         Mini Bomb
  2     Start 3 wars             4         Justa Bomb, Loyalty Booster
  3     Start 6 wars             6         Mega Bomb, Rally Call, Uber 
  4     Start 10 wars            8         Shield
  5     Start 15 wars            10

Wonderland Wanderer
Again, one that I can't really help you on. This is rewarded for finding
storybook planets, so just go out exploring and you'll eventually find
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Find 1 planet            2         
  2     Find 2 planets           4
  3     Find 4 planets           6
  4     Find 7 planets           8
  5     Find 12 planets          10

Every time you fill out an ecosystem by placing plants and animals on a 
planet, you work towards this badge. Note that using the Staff of Life
doesn't count towards this.
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Fill 3 ecosystems        2         Crop Circles
  2     Fill 10 ecosystems       3         Bio Protector, Monolith
  3     Fill 20 ecosystems       6         Bio Stabilizer, Wildlife
  4     Fill 40 ecosystems       10        Supersizer
  5     Fill 70 ecosystems       15        Planet Scan

Badge Outta Heck
If you decide that you have no life and are completely insane, you can 
try for this epic badge. To get it, you have to eradicate every single 
grox planet in the galaxy (there are exactly 2400) how to do so will
be dealt with in section [6.13]. 
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Destroy the Grox         0         ....insanity

Dance With the Devil
The easier of the two epic Grox badges, you'd have to ally with the Grox,
which is extremely hard to do. Tips are in [6.13].
Level   Conditions          Badge Points   Rewards
  1     Ally with the Grox       0
[6.11] Is it Really Over?

As your captain reaches the tital of "The Omnipotent" you may start to
wonder if there is stuff to do after you "complete" this phase. The 
simple answer is yes. Maxis has put an abundance of things for you to 
find and do after you are done.

The four biggest things that I can think of now are: finding artifacts,
finding Earth, making it to the center of the galaxy, and destroying or
allying with the Grox. If you want to deal with the Grox, you should 
first learn about wormholes.
[6.12] Wormholes

Wormholes (also called black holes) are essentially teleports around the
galaxy. When you have purchased the wormhole key, you'll be able to take
these and travel to another randomly selected location in the galaxy.
Since the core has so many planets and stuff around it (due to gravity),
many of the wormholes pop you somewhere near the core. This is an 
excellent opportunity to start fighting the Grox. Its easier to do this
than to physically travel to the Grox the old fashioned way.

Eventually you should know where the wormholes surrounding your empire
lead to, and you can use them as effective means of transport. Wormholes
are in the same location for everyones games, but they all have 
different names and exits. This means that I can't give you a good one
that takes you close to the core. Just go out exploring and you'll 
eventually come upon it.
[6.13] The Grox

You'll come in contact with them sooner or later, and you get to choose
whether you want to destroy them, ignore them, or ally with them.

Ignoring them is rather simple. Don't attack their ships ever. EVER. 
Just don't do it. As soon as you do, you'll be in a war that you CANNOT
get out of (they don't offer peace treaties). If one of your allies 
contacts you about Grox space probes on the planet, ignore it. Even
though they are at the center of the galaxy, they can still launch many
raids on your planets. So just don't ever mess with them. Ever.

Allying with them is tough, mostly because they are resistant to most
diplomatic methods. Your embassies will only give you a maximum of +10.
Giving them gifts only give you +10 as well. You do have one good way to
improve relations though. When you break the galactic code near them, they
like it and you get a relations boost. The easiest way to do this is to
use a planet buster on an uninhabited planet that is nearby. Obviously, 
you don't want to use it on one of their planets, so just do it on one 
with no colonies.

After you have done this a few times, your relationship will only be -20.
Give them gifts of money and place an embassy down to bring it up to 0.
Complete some missions for them will get you a max of +50, and using 
friendly tools gives you another 25, bringing it up to +75, finally to a 
point where you can ally. Be careful as you do this, though, because it 
gives you an instant -200 point relations hit with every other empire in 
the galaxy, and will probably ignite more than a few wars. 

If you want to try and destroy them, don't. You have better things to do 
with your life. Go take a walk and enjoy nature. Play another game or just
start a new game on Spore. Seriously, it takes a loooooooooong time to 
completely destroy them. If I haven't been able to convince you though, 
read on.

If you decide that you are at peace with your insanity and want to destroy
the Grox, you should know that they have a few weaknesses. For one, they
do have exactly 2400 planets, but they won't colonize any more and won't
recolonize ones that they have lost. This means that you can just go and 
destroy their cities without having to place a colony on their planets 
when you are done. Another thing to note is that they cannot survive on 
T1-T3 planets. Terraforming can be just as effective as bombing. Finally,
most Grox colonies only contain one planet. Two mega bombs should be 
enough to destroy them if correctly aimed.

So, now that you know this, you can formulate a strategy. The way I use to 
destroy them is to use shield and pop two mega bombs on all of their 
cities. I can usually destroy them before my shield wears off, so I remain
unscathed. When you get the Staff of Life after you have visited the core,
you can use it to eradicate 42 of their planets. If you want to, you 
could place monoliths down to create some allies that could help you, but
that is purely optional. Defeating the Grox isn't hard so much as it is 
long, so you'll need tons of grit to finish them off. Note that you'll 
need patch 1.04-1.05 to destroy them, because without the patch you can't
reach all of their systems.
[6.14] Charging to the Center

Most people don't want to carve a path into the Groxian empire to get to 
the core. Also, many people consider making it to the center of the galaxy
the equivalent of beating the game, and they want to make this as easy as 
possible. Whether or not you share their sentiments, I will tell you how 
to make it to the core by going through the Grox.

First, you'll need some basic equipment before you go trying this. If you 
"need" an item, than you HAVE to have it before you go charging off.
-(Needed) Money is always needed, and is the first thing you should check.
-(Needed) Interstellar Drive 4 is a must.
-(Needed) Repair Packs are needed for the damage you'll take.
-(Needed) Energy Packs are needed for the distance you'll be driving.
-(Recommended) Interstellar Drive 5 makes your job much easier.
-(Recommended) Repair Mega Packs make you repair faster.
-(Recommended) Energy Mega Packs reduce fueling time, making you faster.
-(Recommended) Extreme Energy Storage increases the efficiency of Energy 
Mega Packs.
-(Recommended) Extreme Health so you won't die as quickly.
-(Optional) Uber Turrets protecting your cities so you won't lose them 
while you are away.
-(Optional) Bio Protectors and Stabilizers, again so your planets will 
remain the way you left them.
-(Optional) Colony Incredi-Pack if you want to plop one down during your 
trek to repair and energize your ship.

Once all of your gear is stocked up, you can set off. If you want to go 
the hard way, just go straight from your empire to the core. If you want 
to do it the easier way, find a wormhole. The closer the wormhole is to 
the center, the better. Just go around the galaxy and find one that gets
you within a reasonable distance to the core, and go from there.

As you get towards the core, gravity increases and you'll be able to move
less and less farther. The worst it will get is a maximum of 3 parsecs 
moving distance with Interstellar Drive 5. You need to be on the lookout
for any planets that might be within 3 parsecs of you, and head towards 

When your energy or health run low, just pop a repair or health pack and 
continue onwards. It might take you a while to figure out which stars you 
can go to with the gravity so severe, but you'll get it eventually. After
many attempts, you can finally get to the core and claim your prize: The
Staff of Life!
[6.15] Vive le Sol!

If you have a burning desire to pay a visit to Earth, you aren't alone. 
Many other Spore players (including me) have had this urge to see 
ourselves from a spaceship's point of view. This is just another one of 
the many easter eggs you can find in this game.

To be perfectly honest, Youtube might be a better way to find out how to 
find Earth. Thats the way I did it. I will still attempt to show you where
it is to the best of my abilities, though.

At the bottom of your screen there is the little bar showing your progress.
On that bar there are two icons, a little house that shows where your home
planet is, and a spaceship. If you hover your mouse over your spaceship, 
you get some numbers that say "Angle: ?????, Distance ?,???.??(pc)". As 
you move across the galaxy, this changes in accordance to where you are 
from the galactic core. Earth has the same position in every game, which 
is "Angle: 225.06, Distance 7,295.43(pc). These are called the coordinates,
and remain constant over every game. If you want to use just these numbers
to try and find Earth, go right ahead. It is rather hard though.

The star system we're looking for is called Sol (latin for sun), which 
is in the Orion arm of the galaxy. Finding the Orion arm is the hardest 
part of this quest. To do it, first acknowledge that the galaxy Spore takes
place in has 5 "arms" that jet out from the galactic core in a spiral. 
Each of the arms look purple from a distance, and have breaks in the arm 
that look empty and black from a distance. Zoom your camera all the way 
out, and look for the arm that has the shortest amount of "arm" before its
first break. Go two arms to the left of this, and you have the Orion arm.

If the above section totally confused you, don't worry. You can still use 
the coordinates to find the Orion arm. Once you have know where to look,
it becomes much easier. Once you are in the Orion arm, the Sol system is 
a little bit beyond the first break. Again, use the coordinates to hone in
on its position. Another tip is to find the two wormholes just after the 
break in the arm, since wormholes are constant through all games (though
names and exits aren't, however). When you are on the wormhole further 
from the galactic core, the Sol system will be on the max range line of 
the SETI device.

If you finally manage to find the Sol system, you will discover Mercury, 
Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Ganymede, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, 
and Neptune. Notably, Pluto isn't shown, probably due to it not being a 
planet anymore.

So what can you do with your newly found system? If you have the holograph
scout, you can beam down in Japan and pretend to be Godzilla, or go on a
rampage through France, or attack New York. If you want to put a colony 
down, you should do it in Antarctica or Russia, because those are the only 
two places you can put one down without ravaging the terrain. Also, you 
get an achievement just for finding Earth, and another one for blowing it
up with a planet buster. Do what you want to, just know that if you blow 
it up, it will be destroyed in all of your games.
[6.16] Collecting

Many people have a habit of collecting things, so why not do it in Spore?
You can collect many artifacts called rares throughout the game, and you 
can make a nice profit by selling them. There are also galactic objects 
and storybook planets that you can find (can't sell them though). If you 
manage to collect all ten of one of the groups (fossils, books of chance,
books of order, etc.) and you have them in your inventory at the same 
time, the entire set will sell for 10 times its original worth.

[6.16.1] Rare Fossils
The first group are the rare fossils. Their combined value is 450,000 bucks,
but if you sell them all at the same time, you get 4,500,000 instead.

Ancient Flyswatter
Value: 45,000
"This artifact came into existence when a creature from an era long 
forgotten used this particular rock to squoosh the earliest ancestor of 
our modern mosquito. Pretty impressive, when you realize that the wingspan 
of this insect is actually 17 feet and it measures 22 feet in length from 
head to toe."

The Fossil That Everybody Finds
Value: 45,000
"Congratulations! You found the imprint of an ancient fern-like plant 
embedded in a rock. This is that fossil that your grandmother finds on her 
strolls along the river bed with your Aunt Nancy. Yep, as far as fossils 
go, this is the equivalent of the ones that they hand out for free at the 
geology museums. Good job, sparky."

Fossilized Domesticated Animal Treat
Value: 45,000
"At first glance, one would think that they have discovered a fossilized 
bone from and ancient civilization. look again. Do bones really look like 
that?!?!?! Perhaps in cartoons, but not around these parts, pal. This, my 
friend, is the fossilized remains of one of the treats that were used 
centuries ago in order to domesticate the local wild animals. The sad part 
is that they were shaped like a 'bone' purely for the entertainment of the
creature giving the treat, as the creature eating it could care less what 
it was shaped like."

Fossilized Tribal Sheriff's Badge
Value: 45,000
"This artifact was won by creatures of old who were seen as law bringers 
or peacekeepers of newly settled tribal villages. In actuality, all this 
did was point out to attacking tribes which guy to go after first. 
Speculation rages as to whether tribesmen knew this when they appointed a 
sheriff or not."

Ancient Epic Boot Scraper
Value: 45,000
"This artifact was commonly found on the back porch of Epic caverns. Epic 
creatures used these to scrape the mud off their feet before entering 
their home. They called it a boot scraper, even though they didn't wear 
boots. Now *that's* foresight."

Petrified Sun Dried Nautilus
Value: 45,000
"Archaeologists to this day still debate the actual source of this rare 
fossilized find. Could it be the remains of an ancient sea creature that 
somehow made it out of the ocean and migrated to its final resting place 
on terra firma, or is it indelible proof that earlier civilizations 
evolved to a point in which they actually had pretty good seafood 
restaurants? Either way, it is quite fascinating, isn't it?"

Big Dead Fish on a Little Non Living Rock
Value: 45,000
"Anthropologists take great interest in this particular find. This 
artifact proves that fish from ancient times actually used rocks as beds 
in order to be more comfortable while sleeping. After a hard day of 
swimming, jumping and not being caught, it was vital for the fish of days 
gone by to get their eight hours of REM sleep every evening. This 
particular example was obviously an elderly fish who passed quietly and 
uneventfully during the night."

Fossilized Candy Corn
Value: 45,000
"Just kidding! We all know that candy corn is already fossilized. Oh this 
particular artifact? I don't know, it's an old arrowhead or something."

Mr. Fluffers
Value: 45,000
"This extremely rare artifact is further proof that ancient civilizations 
domesticated cats as pets for their homes. This particular artifact was 
found with a little bell and collar nearby which read "Mr. Fluffers". 
Actually also nearby were the remains of a hut covered in claw scratches 
as well as the remains of a few of the residents of the homestead. In fact,
the collar was eerily small compared to this skull. Scratch that! This is 
the skull of an Epic Feline who attacked the home of ancient creatures who 
happened to have a pet named Mr. Fluffers. See? We told you they 
domesticated cats as pets for their homes! Extraordinary!"

Fossilized Remains of a Big Scary Thing
Value: 45,000
"Actually, we assume that it was a big, scary thing. I mean, the head 
itself is huge, so one would assume that the rest of it was pretty big. 
Can you imagine if it had this great, huge head and a wee, tiny body? That 
would be hilarious! The other creatures would be all, like, "Hey, Big-Head!
"Why such a big head?" Oh, Man! Too funny! Anyway, it makes 
anthropologists feel better if they think they found something big and 
scary, so let's just go with that one."

[6.16.2] Rare Geodes
Next are the rare geodes that sell for a grand total of 607,500 or 
6,075,000 if you collect them all.

A Yellow Geode
Value: 45,000
This geode is called the "Canary Geode" because of its brilliant yellow 
color and because "Banana Geode" sounded stupid."

A Green Geode
Value: 22,500.... the description lies, it DOES have the lowest value
"Some think that the 'Green Geode' gets its green color from fragments of 
jade or emeralds which reflect the light from the sun. Others think it 
turns green because of mold. But I say, "Who cares?". It isn't worth any 
less than all of the other geodes, and life is about collecting one of 
everything, right?"

A Pink Geode
Value: 67,000
"Pink geodes are incredibly popular with Xyanxes from the Girdo Galaxy."

A Blue Geode
Value: 45,000
"For years, scientists debated why this geode was named the "Blue Geode". 
Was it because it was originally pulled from the dying hands of the 
tyrannical Blue Giant after the battle of Xallox, or because it was 
extracted from the scales of the freshly slain mighty Blue Dragon of 
Dardonella 5? Actually, it got this name because of its blue color."

A Fuchsia Geode
Value: 45,000
"This Geode is actually not named for its color but rather for Dr. S. 
Fuchs, the scientist who discovered it!"

An Orange Geode
Value: 67,000
"This geode is known as an "Orange Geode", not just because of its color, 
but also because of its high content of citric acid and its ability to 
prevent osteoporosis."

A Golden Geode
Value: 45,000
"Due to its brilliant golden hue, one would think that this geode would be 
the most valuable of them all. It's not. It's worth the same as all of the 
others. Hence, its name: "Fool's Geode"."

An Aqua Geode
Value: 90,000
"This particular geode is highly coveted on hot, arid planets due to its 
cool blue aquamarine color. Desperate and confused creatures have been 
known to choke to death trying to suck the moisture from it."

A Reddish Geode
Value: 67,000
"This ruby red geode, also known as the Bloodstone Geode, is as red as it 
is sparkly... what more could you want? Unless you think it looks 

A Shiny Geode
Value: 67,000
"This shiny geode is bright and sparkly, bringing peace and harmony to all 
who behold it. Or so they think."

[6.16.3] Rare Jewels
The combined value is 450,000 or 4,500,000 if you get them all.

Purple-ish Gems of Rabban Ankott
Value: 67,000
"The historic significance of these particular gems is that they were 
ordered by the Twelfth King, Rabban Ankott for his wife, The Seventh Wife 
of Rabban Ankott. The acquisition of these gems led directly to the 
arrival of the Eighth Wife of Rabban Ankott, as purple-ish was the 
favorite color of the Fifth Wife of Rabban Ankott, not the Seventh."

Value: 67,000
"These gems are so named because of their tangerine color and their 
diamond-like shape. Unfortunately, they taste awful and aren't nearly as 
valuable as diamonds."

Value: 45,000
"This piece of mysterious substance is 100 percent Amethyst."

Value: 22,500
"This rare gem is noteworthy due to is brilliant shade of green. We are 
tempted to say that this green gem is far more beautiful than even 
emeralds, but that would be silly, because this is an emerald."

Value: 67,000
"A wise man once said: "Just find the Jade, and You've Got it Made!" 
Congratulations! You should be very proud."

Lapis Lazuli
Value: 22,500
This beautiful blue artifact is known as Lapis Lazuli. Creatures have 
toiled vigorously and tirelessly throughout the galaxy to mine this 
semi-precious stone for over 6500 years. You came along and just found one 
lying there."

Value: 45,000
"My ex-fiance once told me that giving your significant other an opal as a 
gift spelled certain doom for the relationship. I guess she was right. I 
recommend holding on to this for yourself."

Value: 67,000
"Great! You found the rubies! Only 24,000,000 more and you can make 
yourself a pair of slippers so you can go home."

Value: 22,500
"This rare jewel is made of sapphire, which is one of the hardest of gem 
varieties. It is used in creating such Items as infrared optical equipment,
watch crystals and high-durability windows. So, scientifically speaking, 
don't put it in your mouth."

Value: 22,500
"Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate 
of copper and aluminum, with the chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O."

[6.16.4] Rare Relics
Moving on to the rare relics, the combined price is 670,000 or 6,700,000 
for all.

Ancient Urn of the Spurg
Value: 22,500
"Expert historians note that a race called the Spurgs were the first to 
invent the two-handed jug. Ironically the Spurgs only had one arm."

Super Old Clay Pot
Value: 45,000
"This two-handled ceramic jug is painted in traditional Arkatian style. It 
comes in three color schemes: light brown, brown, and dark brown."

Will's Old Sword
Value: 22,500
An ancient relic of the Fruit Wars, this crude weapon was fashioned by the 
barbarian Will. When his sword went dull in the middle of battle, the 
pragmatic Will simply jammed his entire blade into a rock. His ensuing 
skull-bashing streak carried his tribe to victory."

Scrolls of the Ancients
Value: 67,000
"What looks to be an urn full of ceremonial scrolls is actually the 
unpublished biography of Grumbum, a legendary creature with lips so long 
"he could kiss his own feet." (That's a direct quote.) Several crumpled 
rejection letters line the bottom of the pot."

History of Spore
Value: 22,500
"These rotting tomes chronicle the meteoric rise and abrupt fall of a 
long-dead civilization. Their tattered pages, though utterly compelling, 
reveal little in the way of useful information. Except for a chicken soup 
recipe scribbled in the margin. That's a keeper."

Tablet of the Tribes
Value: 22,500
"The Tablet of the Tribes is a love letter to the leader of the Hinkle 
tribe. The unnamed author of the tablet was a young female who professed a 
desire to wed the leader of the tribe. In order to attract his attention 
she swore that she would eat three raw oogies. Whether this outlandish 
display won his affection is unknown. An interesting side note... the 
Tribal Tablet was written in oogie blood."

Sreeble's Column
Value: 67,000
"Screeble's Column is the only remnant of what was once arguably the 
greatest civilization in the universe. Standing at the foot of the 
Halactacon mountains, the original 18 columns welcomed pilgrims seeking 
reedom from mathematical oppression. The column itself is rumored to be 
wet to the touch in any season."

Value: 45,000
Sporehenge's origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is a well known fact 
that walking, oozing or flying under the taller of the two arches opens a 
portal to at least 6 other dimensions."

The Mask of Todd
Value: 45,000
"Long thought to have been destroyed, the mask of Todd is said to cause 
the wearer to think only linearly and produce mass amounts of charts, 
documents and data in an organized fashion. It is also known in some 
circles as Roarty's Rage"

The Lost Chest of Moozilla
Value: 67,000
"For thousands of years, civilizations across the universe have been 
searching for the lost chest of Moozilla. Legend has it that the secret 
contained within its depths is so powerful that once opened it will endow 
the seeker with the knowledge to transcend time and space."

[6.16.5] Rare Statues 
Base value is 450,000 but with all its 4,500,000

The Hand of Quimby
Value: 67,000
"The original hand was rumored to be clasping a writing device. Legend has 
it that if you encounter the hand your life will be well organized."

The Bust of Yaman
Value: 67,000
"Ancient marble portrait carving of Yaman, bloodthirsty savage of the 
Fertile Plains and lover of fine music."

The Bust of Bradford
Value: 45,000
"Hand hewn likeness of Bradford, the Fourth Ruler of Xenogg. On the bottom 
of the sculpture reads the inscription: He was always kind to his mother."

The Wayward Leg of Lamstein
Value: 22,500
"This artifact was once a piece of a much larger stature... the likeness 
of Lamstein, which stood proudly atop the used vehicle dealership."

Stone of Pierre
Value: 67,000
This is the sacred stone of Pierre.... Forever guarded by the goofy 
looking guy sitting on top of it."

The Statue of One-Eyed Kippy
Value: 45,000
"Once thought to be a statue of Two Eyed Kippy, upon further inspection, 
this artifact was identified as a statue of one-eyed Kippy...mostly due to 
the apparent lack of a second eye."

Torch of Chalmers
Value: 67,000
"This is a marble reproduction of the Torch of Chalmers, which is being 
held aloft by One Armed Finnegan's one arm."

The Upper Torso of Little Lee
Value: 22,500
This sculpture is known as the upper torso of Little Lee. Little Lee 
worked in the sewers, and he is depicted here, at the end of a hard day's 

The Foot of Povey
Value: 22,500
"This is the awe-inspiring sculpture known as The Foot of Povey. Povey 
himself made the claim that he was the rightful owner of this piece of art 
work, but quite frankly, he didn't have a leg to stand on."

The Statue of the Three Crickets
Value: 22,500
"The Three Cricketeers- Memorial statue of Xanthos, Paxtos and Abraxas, 
the original Three Cricketeers from Asteroidal Dumaxx's famous novel of 
the same name."

[6.16.6] Blocks of Chance
The regular value of all of them is 450,000 and 4,500,000 if you have them
all at the same time.

Block of Chance Vol. 1
Value: 45,000
"You want to know the meaning of life? Okay, here goes: Did you hear about 
the aliens who went into a bar on the moon? They left because it had no 
atmosphere! Hope that answers all your questions for you."

Block of Chance Vol. 2
Value: 45,000
"Look, we searched for the meaning of life. We tried to find out why we 
were here, what our purpose was, whether life had value, and what truly 

Block of Chance Vol. 3
Value: 45,000
"Here are the results of our search for meaning: Where do space travelers 
leave their ships? At parking meteors!"

Block of Chance Vol. 4
Value: 45,000
"There is no purpose. There is no value. There is no point. Life is 

Block of Chance Vol. 5
Value: 45,000
"The universe is one big joke, and the joke is on us."

Block of Chance Vol. 6
Value: 45,000
"The best we can hope for is entertainment. We'll get along as long as you 
provide amusement - fighting our wars for us, fixing our worlds, looking 
for meaning where there is none, and groveling in the dirt to fetch us 
plants. So keep it up! Just remember that we're laughing all the time."

Block of Chance Vol. 7
Value: 45,000
"And don't forget- Why did the astronauts go to the moon, and then leave? 
Because it was full!"

Block of Chance Vol. 8
Value: 45,000
The Grox are machines with absolutely no sense of humor! They destroy 
entire races and never offer an explanation of what it is that ticks them 

Block of Chance Vol. 9
Value: 45,000
"Even if you bring the Grox a present, they may not like you!"

Block of Chance Vol. 10
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  kill anyone who tries to approach the center of the galaxy. We 
never wanted to go there, anyway."

[6.16.7] Books of Science
The normal price is 450,000 and 4,500,000 for the complete set.

Book of Science Pt. 1
Value: 45,000
"What do you believe? And how much are you willing to risk on that belief? 
Would you risk your existence, and the existence of your species, on a 
hunch? A whim? The word of a prophet a thousand years dead?"

Book of Science Pt. 2
Value: 45,000
"The survival of a species is about managing risk. The more you know about 
the universe, and the more you know about yourself and your own 
capabilities, the better you can calculate the risk yourself."

Book of Science Pt. 3
Value: 45,000
"Knowledge can be obtained through a process of investigation, observation,
 the gathering of empirical data, reason, hypothesis, and the testing of 
the hypothesis."

Book of Science Pt. 4
Value: 45,000
"Anything else is a guess. You might be good at guessing- but one wrong 
guess, at any time, can doom your species."

Book of Science Pt. 5
Value: 45,000
Was it prophets and mystics who gave us electricity, antibiotics, modern 
signatation, aerospace science, and digital timepieces? No. It was those 
who proceeded rationally, building on the work of others to create new 

Book of Science Pt. 6
Value: 45,000
"That is why we proceed only from what we know, and why we constantly test 
what we believe to be true. We are rigorous with the truth, and ruthless."

Book of Science Pt. 7
Value: 45,000
"The universe is no place for amateurs. Learn all you can, abolish your 
prejudices, and then act."

Book of Science Pt. 8
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are an experiment that has not yet run its course."

Book of Science Pt. 9
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are a machine race that guard the center of the galaxy against 
all life-forms. It is not known whether their ultimate objective is to 
prevent us from breaking in, or to prevent something else from breaking 

Book of Science Pt. 10
Value: 45,000
"Some of our theoreticians suggest that the motivation for the Grox's 
actions may lie in the difference between machines and organic life, 
though there seems to be no way to test this hypothesis."

[6.16.8] Scrolls of Faith
These go for 450,000 or 4,500,000 for the whole set.

Scrolls of Faith Book 1
Value: 45,000
"The questions of a million years oppress us. Who am I? Why was I made? 
What is my purpose? What is the purpose of the universe? Shall I survive 
after death? Can I be happy? Scientists can only tell us about forces and 
matter. Philosophers chase each other in circles. None of them can really 
answer the questions that we really care about."

Scrolls of Faith Book 2
Value: 45,000
"Only Spode has the answers. Follow the Law of Spode, and all shall be 

Scrolls of Faith Book 3
Value: 45,000
"Faith in Spode quiets all doubt. Spode tells you why you exist, assures 
you that you have a purpose, tells you how to behave, and assures you of 
eternal happiness. Those opposed to Spode say that there is no evidence 
for any of these assertions. But what evidence is needed, beyond the joy 
in the hearts of those who follow Spode?"

Scrolls of Faith Book 4
Value: 45,000
"It is natural for the followers of Spode to wish to spread this joy. This 
is why we engage in missionary work and in conquest, so that more of 
Spode's creatures can be brought to Spode's Truth."

Scrolls of Faith Book 5
Value: 45,000
"That is why we are vigilant against those who do not accept the Truth. If 
false doctrine causes a follower to doubt, that person's eternal happiness 
is in jeopardy! In order to free ourselves from doubt, we strive to 
eliminate all who reject Spode's Word."

Scrolls of Faith Book 6
Value: 45,000
"Spode's greatest enemies are the Grox and those who believe in the false 
God That Will Come."

Scrolls of Faith Book 7
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are a machine race incapable of understanding the Word of Spode. 
They are a blasphemy in machine form."

Scrolls of Faith Book 8
Value: 45,000
"The Grox prevent us from shining the light of Spode on the center of the 
galaxy. On the Day of Reckoning, we shall destroy them in Spode's holy 

Scrolls of Faith Book 9
Value: 45,000
The God That Will Come is a false deity. If this god exists at all, it is 
a demon bent on perverting Spode's worship. Whenever you encounter his 
followers, you should know you have encountered an enemy!"

Scrolls of Faith Book 10
Value: 45,000
"Love Spode and follow his Truth! Otherwise, your life is meaningless."

[6.16.9] Scrolls of Harmony
Like the other scrolls, these sell for a total of 450,000 or 4,500,000 for
the entire set.

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 1
Value: 45,000
"Science is all well and good, but all it does is tell us about the 
universe. It tells us how this atom bounces off of that atom, and how to 
measure this effect or that, and how heat moves around."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 2
Value: 45,000
"Science doesn't tell you any of the things you really want to know, like 
what the point of your whole existence might be, or whether some part of 
you will survive after death, or the meaning of good and evil. Science
doesn't provide meaning."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 3
Value: 45,000
"Science tells us about the universe, but it doesn't tell us how to 
transcend the universe."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 4
Value: 45,000
You can only answer the real question through spiritual exercise."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 5
Value: 45,000
"Because each individual is different, there is no one way that will work 
for all."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 6
Value: 45,000
"There is one mountain, but many paths."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 7
Value: 45,000
"There is one mountain, but many paths."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 8
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are a soulless race of killing machines. They oppose the Life 
Force in every way! They are incapable of enlightenment or transcendence."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 9
Value: 45,000
"It is not known who or what created the Grox, or why."

Scroll of Harmony Vol. 10
Value: 45,000
"Some of our peers say that all answers are to be found at the center of 
the galaxy, but the Grox will not permit anyone to approach."

[6.16.10] Scrolls of Order
These ones sell for a total of 450,000 or 4,500,000 for the entire set.

Scroll of Order I
Value: 45,000
Scroll of Order I

"We have made every imaginable mistake. We've fought unnecessary wars, 
we've abused the environment, we've squandered resources, and furthermore 
we've wasted a lot of time discussing what to do about all these problems." 

Scroll of Order II
Value: 45,000
"We would like to think we have learned from all our mistakes. And what we 
have learned is this: Every sentient being matters."

Scroll of Order III
Value: 45,000
"Because every sentient being matters, it is incumbent on us to provide 
every sentient being with peace, security, opportunity, health, and 

Scroll of Order IV
Value: 45,000
"Because every sentient being matters, we provide every citizen with a 
voice. Each is allowed to express opinions and participate in government 
as they see fit."

Scroll of Order V
Value: 45,000
"We are a representative democracy, with sovereignty placed in an elected 
council. The process of government is slow and sometimes inefficient, but 
we can be certain that each act of government is supported by a majority 
of our citizens." 

Scroll of Order VI
Value: 45,000
"A functioning democracy acts to prevent civil war. Those who lose an 
election do not raise a rebellion, instead they just prepare for the next 

Scroll of Order VII
Value: 45,000
"As for meaning, the Grand Council takes no position on matters of 
technology, and we permit each citizen to discover its own purpose, as long 
as the rights of other citizens are not violated."

Scroll of Order VIII
Value: 45,000
"Those other species willing to abide by these principles are welcome to 
join us in our efforts to provide peace and security to the galaxy."

Scroll of Order XI
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are a machine race that have blockaded the center of the galaxy. 
They are extremely dangerous. We have not managed to establish a working 
relationship with them."

Scroll of Order X
Value: 45,000
"It is widely believed that the Grox are guarding some form of treasure at 
the center of the galaxy. There is no evidence for this, but we cannot 
discount the possibility."

[6.16.11] Stones of Force
Again, a total of 450,000 or 4,500,000 for the whole set.

Stone of Force Vol. 1
Value: 45,000
"The universe seethes with violence. It came into being in a vast 
explosion. Giant black holes lurk at the center of galaxies. Supernovas, 
gamma ray bursters, and pulsars destroy all life within reach."

Stone of Force Vol. 2
Value: 45,000
"Violence is not an unnatural thing. It is the normal state of being."

Stone of Force Vol. 3
Value: 45,000
"The physical form is weak. We can be ravaged by disease, broken in an 
accident, drowned in a bowl of water. Our own bodies can betray us with 
cancer or organ failure. If we survive a life of accidents, our own bodies 
break down and kill us."

Stone of Force Vol. 4
Value: 45,000
"All life betrays itself and dies. To attempt to preserve one's life is 
pointless. Loyalty must be given to something greater than a single life."

Stone of Force Vol. 5
Value: 45,000
"We offer total allegiance to our species, as represented by the state. We
stand guard against all forms of threat. We do not value our own lives 
except as they are viewed as extensions of our species as a whole, and we 
ask nothing of ourselves other than to be able to raise the next 
generation in security."

Stone of Force Vol. 6
Value: 45,000
"Our game is a long game. We do not plan for the next year, or the next 
ten years, or the next budget cycle. We plan for eternity."

Stone of Force Vol. 7
Value: 45,000
"We do not indulge in casual violence. We do not engage in a War Against 
All. We fight in defense of our own security, and otherwise choose our 
targets with care."

Stone of Force Vol. 8
Value: 45,000
"If you are no threat to us, you have little to fear, unless you are weak- 
in that case, we may destroy you in order to prevent our rivals from 
profiting by your destruction."

Stone of Force Vol. 9
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are the greatest military challenge on our Horizon. The Grox 
are a race of machine warriors, armed with powerful weapons unknown to us. 
They have established a security zone surrounding the center of the galaxy 
and our intelligence has been unable to determine what goes on behind the 

Stone of Force Vol. 10
Value: 45,000
"Though the Grox  are formidable, machines are incapable of warrior spirit. 
In time, once the technology gap is narrowed, we will prove more than a 
match for them."

[6.16.12] Stones of Life
These go for 450,000 or 4,500,000 for the entire set.

Stone of Life 1
Value: 45,000
"When all is said and done, we are creatures of nature. We were created by 
natural means, we live inside nature, and when we travel, we must carry 
nature with us in order to survive."

Stone of Life 2
Value: 45,000
The care of nature and the environment is of ultimate importance. We 
cannot prosper- we cannot even survive- without a healthy, viable 
ecosystem to support us."

Stone of Life 3
Value: 45,000
"We have devoted ourselves to spreading life throughout the galaxy. Every 
new world that we seed with life becomes not only a home for our species, 
but a repository of nature that can assure the survival of life even if 
other worlds are destroyed."

Stone of Life 4
Value: 45,000
"Even if we as a species are destroyed in some plague or war, at least 
some of the worlds that we have seeded with life will survive, and 
intelligent life may spring forth yet again."

Stone of Life 5
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are the ultimate evil in the galaxy. They are machines that 
exist entirely outside of nature."

Stone of Life 6
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are the ultimate perversion, machines designed to live outside 
of nature, for purposes that are deeply unnatural. Whatever their 
motivations might be, they are not comprehensible to living being."

Stone of Life 7
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are known to have destroyed several sentient races."

Stone of Life 8
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  have established a killing zone around the  center of the 
galaxy. No one may enter this zone and live."

Stone of Life 9
Value: 45,000
"We theorize that the center of the galaxy may contain vital clues to the 
origin of the Grox."

Stone of Life 10
Value: 45,000
"Live inside nature, and oppose the Grox!" That is the duty of every 
sentient being."

[6.16.13] Tablets of Prosperity
The total value is 450,000 or 4,500,000 for the set.

Tablet of Prosperity No. 1
Value: 45,000
"The grand and the wise may have answered all the important questions, 
such as the meaning of the universe and the purpose of life."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 2
Value: 45,000
"We who are neither grand nor wise must settle for lesser answers. We 
concern ourselves only with that which makes us happy."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 3
Value: 45,000
"It seems evident that the universe has enough resources to make everyone 
happy, and each sentient being should have sufficient freedom as to make 
that happiness possible."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 4
Value: 45,000
"Consider the simple act of trade. If you believe that possession of an 
item would increase your happiness, and if my happiness would be increased 
by selling that item to you for a certain sum, then the trade makes us 
both happy, and the amount of happiness in the universe is increased."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 5
Value: 45,000
"We let other species worry about the significance of existence and how to 
achieve perfection."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 6
Value: 45,000
"We only concern ourselves with how to make everyone happy."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 7
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are a source of the utmost terror. They have exterminated many 

Tablet of Prosperity No. 8
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  are a race of machines. They are incapable of happiness or of 
understanding the profit motive."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 9
Value: 45,000
"The Grox  have blockaded the center of the galaxy, so that we cannot 
trade there."

Tablet of Prosperity No. 10
Value: 45,000
"Possession of this scroll entitles you to a sizable discount at our 

[6.16.14] Galactic Objects
Across the galaxy when you go into a star system, there is a chance that 
it could have a galactic object. All you have to do is go into the system
and look at it, and it will be added to your log. There are 10 of these, 
and sadly you don't get anything for them, although they do look pretty 
cool. Getting to the galactic core is also one, and so is talking to 
Steve. Also, proto-planetary disks and black holes are one too. All the 
others are star formations.

Galactic Core
"A super massive black hole found in the nucleus of many galaxies. These 
are the most energetic objects in the universe by far. The intense 
radiation they produce is powered by the tremendous amount of surrounding 
material they consume (as much as 1000 solar masses per year)."

Black Hole
"A region of space with enough intense gravity (because of its mass) to 
trap even light. These are usually the result of collapsed stars. Matter 
falling into a black hole is accelerated and heated tremendously and 
generates high amounts of radiation in the process."

Proto-Planetary Disk
"A rotating disk of gas surrounding a newly born star. It is thought that 
material in this disk eventually clumps together (in a process known as 
accretion) over time to form planetary systems."

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each 
other closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up 
of two Blue Giants.

A Blue Giant is a very large hot star. Due to a high rate of fuel 
consumption Blue Giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million 
years in most cases). When the fuel runs out most of these stars will die 
in a massive Supernova explosion."

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each 
other closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up 
of a Blue Giant circled by a Yellow Main Sequence star.

A Blue Giant is a very large hot star. Due to a high rate of fuel 
consumption Blue Giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million 
years in most cases). When the fuel runs out most of these stars will die 
in a massive supernova explosion.

A Yellow Main Sequence star is a medium sized star much like The Sun. S
tars in this size range have a lifespan in the range of 5-10 billion years."

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each 
other closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up 
of a Blue Giant circled by a Red Dwarf.

A Blue Giant is a very large hot star. Due to a high rate of fuel 
consumption Blue Giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million 
years in most cases). When the fuel runs out most of these stars will die 
in a massive Supernova explosion.

A Red Dwarf is a small, dim star of relatively low mass. Because of their 
low fuel consumption Red Dwarf stars have a very long lifespan (in some 
cases a trillion years or more). They are the most common form of star in 
the universe." 

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each 
other closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up 
of two yellow Main Sequence stars.

A yellow Main Sequence star is a medium sized star much like The Sun. 
Stars in this size range have a lifespan in the range of 5-10 billion 

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each 
other closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up 
of a yellow Main Sequence star circled by a Red Dwarf.

A yellow Main Sequence star] is a medium sized star much like The Sun. 
Stars in this size range have a lifespan in the range of 5-10 billion 

A Red Dwarf is a small, dim star of relatively low mass. Because of their 
low fuel consumption Red Dwarf stars have a very long lifespan (in some 
cases a trillion years or more). They are the most common form of star in 
the universe." 

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each 
other closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up 
of two Red Dwarf Stars.

A Red Dwarf is a small, dim star of relatively low mass. Because of their 
low fuel consumption Red Dwarf stars have a very long lifespan (in some 
cases a trillion years or more). They are the most common form of star in 
the universe."

Talked to Steve
"You've talked to Steve. Good for you."

[6.16.15] Storybook Planets
These are randomly generated planets as you go along your travels. You 
have to zoom down to their atmosphere for them to be added to your log. 
Although you can't sell them (because they're planets) you do get medals
for finding them. 

Crab Legs
"Looks like crab, tastes like crab."

"Holes are small. Craters are large."

Dill Pickles
"A pickle not dilled is just a cucumber."

Gears n Cogs
"Is this where the Antikythera device originated?"

"What kind of mind could create such a planet? I bet they make good 

"Is this where the Egyptians learned to make pastries?"

"It's always a good idea to peel the pineapple before biting into it."

"This planet really sticks to you."

"They say rattlesnake tastes like chicken, but that chicken doesn't taste 
like rattlesnake."

Rock Stack
"Rocks stack, rocks fall, only rocks."
[6.17] Achievements

-Super Pilot: Spend 40 hours piloting your spaceship

-Civil Engineer: Promote 20 alien tribes to civilizations

-Conquistador: Capture 15 star systems

-Zoo Keeper: Make 15 zoo planets

-Bio Engineer: Edit 25 creatures with the creature tweaker

-Palm Greaser: Pay 50 bribes in the space stage

-Maxis Scout: Earn 100 badges in the space stage

-Empire Builder: Maximize colonies on 10 planets

-Quietus Star: Destroy 20 planets

-Quest Master: Complete 150 missions in the space stage

-Gunner: Destroy 500 spaceships

-Identity Crisis: Forge an alliance between two space faring races of your
own creation

-Thief: Steal 50 crates of spice in the space stage

-42: Find the center of the galaxy

-Manifest Destiny: Find Earth

-Oh the Humanity!: Destroy Earth with a planet buster

-Careless Parent: Lose 5 planets

-Alter Ego: Played space stage as all 10 archetypes

-Alter Ego's Alter Ego: Achieve Master Badge Level 10 as all archetypes

-Zealot Passion: Play as a zealot

-Warrior Passion: Play as a warrior

-Bard Passion: Play as a bard

-Knight Passion: Play as a knight

-Wanderer Passion: Play as a wanderer

-Trader Passion: Play as a trader

-Shaman Passion: Play as a shaman

-Scientist Passion: Play as a scientist

-Diplomat Passion: Play as a diplomat

-Ecologist Passion: Play as an ecologist

-Zealot Hero: Achieve master badge level 10 as a zealot

-Warrior Hero:  Achieve master badge level 10 as a warrior

-Bard Hero:  Achieve master badge level 10 as a bard

-Knight Hero:  Achieve master badge level 10 as a knight

-Wanderer Hero: Achieve master badge level 10 as a wanderer

-Trader Hero: Achieve master badge level 10 as a trader

-Shaman Hero: Achieve master badge level 10 as a shaman

-Scientist Hero: Achieve master badge level 10 as a scientist

-Diplomat Hero: Achieve master badge level 10 as a diplomat

-Ecologist Hero: Achieve master badge level 10 as a ecologist

-Split Personality: Complete a "change archetype" mission
[6.18] Tips/Notes

-An easy way to make money is to find a system with a planet with purple
spice, then make it T3, and place a monolith down. Eventually a new 
space stage empire will form, and the planet will have 10 cities. Take 
the planet over, and you will have lots of purple spice.

-If you want to recreate godzilla, take a creature, place it down near a 
city, and use the supersizer. The creature will proceed to attack the 

-An easy way to take over Grox planets is to use your shield, then fly
around and destroy all the cities with a mega bombs before your shield
runs out.

-The hologram scout can be picked up by an epic creature.

-The number of spice geysers around a colony does not affect its spice 

-You can sell and rebuy the same item multiple times to max out the 
"Your trading" relationship boost.

-Many planet sculpting tools such as create rivers and lower terrain are
classified under "harmful tools", and you will receive a diplomatic 
penalty, along with their spaceships attacking you.

-When you sign a peace treaty, most of the negative and positive 
modifiers are reset, apart from the static ones like "we distrust 
strangers". They even forgive things like allied with Grox, and breaking
the Galactic Code.

-The asteroid call button, if directed at a city, deals about the 
equivalent damage as a mega bomb.

-You can place a creature on a planet to stabilize the T-score, then 
immediately abduct it again with no adverse effects.

-If you come across a planet in the civ stage, you could easily abduct
their spice crates that are scattered across their city.

-If you want to get the "Oh, the Humanity!" achievement and still keep 
Earth, you can save, blow it up, and reload. This will keep both the 
achievement and Earth.

[7] Other Stuff
This is just a bunch of other things that don't quite fit in with the 
rest of the guide. It will contain a list of the parts in the editors (I
said at the beginning I wouldn't do this, but I changed my mind), and 
cover the expansions. It will also detail my creatures journey through
life, called the daploderm. I also have made several adventures through 
the GA expansion detailing this journey.
[7.1] Easter Eggs

These are just some things you can find across the game. If you want, you
can try to find them all!

-If you rotate the galaxy on the starting screen fast enough, some 
pictures of the spore staff will pop out.

-Sometimes, Will Wright's head will appear in other creatures speach 
bubbles in the tribal, civ, or space stage.

-You can use the building placer to chase your citizens around the city.

-Keeping with Maxis tradition of using llamas in their games, one can be 
seen when you enter the galactic core.

-In Spore GA, there is a song called Pump-U-Up which was directly taken 
from another Maxis game, Sims Superstar (there it was called Studio Town).

-Using the console command "rename star", you can rename stars, galactic
objects (such as black holes), and even the galactic core.
[7.2] Creepy and Cute

The first expansion for Spore is called Creepy and Cute, and it added a 
bit of content to the creature editor. It was released on November 18, 
2008. It consists of 60 new creature parts, 2 new test drive backgrounds,
24 preview animations, and a bunch of new paint.

As for my opinion on this, I don't own it and can't say much for or 
against it. The reason I didn't get this was because $20 was a little 
too high for me for an expansion for something I barely used. The 
creature creator does have its merits, but I don't use it enough to 
completely appreciate it.

So if you want to buy this, go right ahead. You probably already have it
anyway. At any rate, I can't put up the parts to a part of the game that
I don't have, so we'll move on to one that I DO have, which is...
[7.3] Galactic Adventures

The second expansion for Spore is called Galactic Adventures (abbreviated GA), 
and it added"structure" to the space stage, as its developers stated. 
Really, the only thing it added was the ability to do a minigame in the 
space stage. It was released on June 23, 2009.

I have had many hours of fun making random adventures in the adventure
editor. You can have armies of hundreds of warriors battle it out, and 
just sit back and watch. You also have the ability to import other peoples
adventures from their games if you desire.

If you don't have this, I would recommend getting it. However if you don't
play the space stage a lot, or don't think you'll be playing Spore for a 
long time, then you might not want to get it. Its kinda like the Creepy 
and Cute expansion. If you'd use it, get it.

In a nutshell, this expansion will let you play and edit missions to gain 
points in a sort of RPG style. The more points your captain gets, the more
weapons you can unlock. If you unlock all of the parts from one category, 
you could change your archetype to that category (ex, if you were a bard, 
and got all of the warrior parts, you could become a warrior).

The possibilities for this are truely endless, so you'll have to discover
most of it for yourself.
[7.4] Cheats

If you think the game is too hard or simply want to change it up a bit, 
you can input cheats by pressing ctrl+shift+c. Beware that inputing some 
cheats will get you the joker badge, and make it impossible to get many of 
the other achievements. An exception to this rule is the Pathological 
Cheater achievement, which you get for getting the joker badge 50 times. 
In this guide, I will state the cheat, and anything in parenthesis is what
you input to specify it. For example, if I say "freedom (on/off)", you 
would type "freedom on" or freedom off, and also cheats like "rename star 
(new name)", where you put in the name you want.

[7.4.1] Console Cheats

These are just your utility cheats used for a variety of affects that 
usually don't make your game easier or harder. These don't enable the 
joker badge, so you can still get achievements.

help: shows a list of many commands
clear: clears the console
capturePlanetGIF: captures a spinning GIF which goes to a spore file
help (command): explains what a command does
help -full: shows a list of all possible commands
freedom (on/off): raises complexity meter limit, but these creations can 
   only be played on your game, and can't be distributed to others
killallhints: removes all hints from the game
SetTime (hour,minute): sets time of day at avatars location
freeCam: toggles free camera mode
rename planet (new name): changes name of planet
rename star (new name): renames the current star you are on
blocksmode: turns creatures into blocky representations
levels -unlock: unlocks all stages (can only be done on main menu)
colladaexport: exports a 3D mesh of creature to mysporecreations/creatures
highresTextureLevel (off/low/medium/high): adjust textures of buildings
   and vehicles
spacecreate:unlocks captain creation mode, but captain can't be played

[7.4.2] Filter/Appearance Cheats

Again, these don't activate the Joker badge, so you can still get all the
achievements you want. These change the general look of the game. On the
adventure filters, they stay with the adventure even when you publish it,
so you can use these to add a bit of color to them.

styleFilter -none: change view back to normal
styleFilter -oilPaint: gives the game an oil painting effect
styleFilter -filmNoir: allows you to view the game in black and white
styleFilter -microscope: looks chalkboardy
styleFilter -norainbows: game becomes less colorful
styleFilter -nextgen: looks foggy
adventureLook -none: change view back to normal
adventureLook -norainbows: looks less colorful
adventureLook -watercolor: looks like a watercolor painting
adventureLook -sepia: looks like an old photograph
adventureLook -sixteenbit: gives the game a blocky appearance
adventureLook -eightbit: same as sixteenbit but more extreme
adventureLook -filmnoir: black and white

[7.4.3] Joker Badge Cheats

These cheats WILL give you the Joker badge and will disable all further 
achievements in your current game. If you want to get achievements, don't
save your game after cheating.

unlockAdventures: unlocks all Maxis adventures
setConsequenceTrait (trait): set your evolutionary trait to one of these
addDNA: gives you 150 DNA
moreMoney: gives you 1,000,000 in the space stage 
refillMotives: replenish health
unlockSuperWeapons: unlocks superweapons in the civ stage
spaceCreate: unlocks and recharges all creation tolls in the space stage
evoadvantage: use when you start the creature stage, you can use one of 
   your more advanced creatures.
universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency (number): set how many times pirates
   can raid your system 
universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency (number): set how many times 
   pirates can raid your system for spice
universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency (number): set how many times 
   pirates can raid your allies

[7.5] Modding

Modding is technically defined as when you go into the game files and 
change something. This being so, there is a way to mod this game to 
adjust the amount of times pirates raid or ecodisasters occur.

The hardest part of modding is finding the correct file. In Windows 7 (and
I hear that Vista is the same) it is under "User name"/AppData/Roaming/
SPORE/Preferences. If you can get there, you're good. You can open the 
preferences.prob folder with notepad, and add the following lines to the 
end of it.
universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency 100
universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency 100
universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency 100
universeSimulatorHappinessDisasterFrequency 100
universeSimulatorBiosphereCollapseFrequency 100 

By changing the 100 to a different number, you can change how often they 
occur. Changing it to 0 will shut it off.

Another thing you can mod is the ability to get the cell parts that are 
only in the beta. To do this, have a spore icon on your desktop (doesn't
work with Galactic Adventures) and right click. Go to properties, and 
replace "-locale:en-US" with "-state:CellEditor". In the end, it should
look like "C:\ProgramFiles\Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\
SporeApp.exe" -state:CellEditor. This will bring you up to the cell 
editor with many other parts. To return to the normal game, simply return
"-state:CellEditor" with "-Locale:en-US". Currently, I have not found a 
way to use the cells created with beta parts in the actual game.

[7.6] Patches

If you are wondering why a certain cheat or option might not be available 
to you, you might want to check that you have the latest patch. These
notes will let you know what is in each patch, and are taken directly 
from the patch notes. You can download these patches from the EA download
manager or from a third party site.

[7.6.1] Patch 1.01

The first patch added some more content and a bunch of new balancing 

New Cheat: "evoadvantage". Enter this cheat when you are starting a new 
   Creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new 
   game with one of your more evolved creatures!
Display part statistics when you are in Build mode. Rollover any part and 
   hold down the 'i' key.
New Cheat: "blocksmode". Turns creatures into their blocky 
More style filters. Open the cheat window and type: "stylefilter 
   -microscope" or "stylefilter -norainbows" or "stylefilter -nextgen" to 
   see the new styles
Added 70 new planet scripts with a low terraform score, especially of the 
   "hot and high atmosphere" type 

Animation improvements
Improved the planets fogging, blooming and lighting
Fixed animation issues with tool handling, hand walking and some of the 
   more oddly shaped creatures 

Creature phase: Improved the pacing towards the end of the game, and 
   increased the challenge in Normal and Hard modes.
Tribe phase: Increased the challenge in Normal and Hard difficulty modes. 
Civilization phase: Increased the challenge in Normal and Hard difficulty 
Space phase: Made Empires in Easy and Normal modes demand reasonable 
   amounts of money in exchange for peace and adjust the level of 
   punishment if the player doesn't pay and made disasters less likely to 
   occur in Easy and Normal modes and increased the time between each 
   attack from the enemy empire when the player is at war. 

Creature phase: Improved the way posse members behave during threatening 
   situations and fights.
Space phase: Made finding your home world and colonies easier in the 
   Galactic view.
Tribe phase: Made it so that tribe members can travel on steep hills if 
   they need to do so now, but their speed will be reduced a lot.
Fixed an issue with attacks not working on some bigger animals and larger 
   animals not dying correctly.
Fixed collect mission not completing correctly when all parts have been 
Fixed problems with the "Rolling Thunder" and "Déjà Vu" achievements not 
   being awarded as they should.
Fixed floating parts not being deducted from the budget when loaded into 
Fixed an issue with the rotation rings not resizing correctly when a part 
   was resized and improved their look.
Fixed an issue where the terraforming score of planet could differ when 
   revisiting a solar system.
Fixed the keyboard controls for zoom & pitch in the Colony Planner not 
   working properly.
Fixed a crash that could occur when watching an epic creature attack a 
Fixed some issues where the game would freeze when using the Creature 
   Tweaker tool or when capturing a planet in solar view
Fixed an issue where not all tribe members would obey the raid order when
    a large group was ordered to raid.
Fixed an issue where banning a creation from one of your other saved games 
   would black out the main menu. 

[7.6.2] Patch 1.02

This patch added a few more features, but was primarily a glitch fixer. 
If you have Creepy and Cute, this was automatically installed when you 
uploaded the expansion. It also discontinued the Bad Baby achievement, 
most likely from the sporn that was being created.

Hold down the Control key in Sporepedia to select multiple creations for 
   deleting or banning.
Hold down the Shift key in Sporepedia to select a range of creations for 
   deleting or banning.
New planet style: Cubes. 

Fix for game entry screen turning black when banning a creature in a 
   Saved game.
Fixed issue with flora card in Sporepedia.
Space phase: Fixed graphic issue with water levels not updating properly 
   with terraform tools so that *visible water and atmosphere levels will 
   now correspond in the Atmosphere monitor.
Fixed problems introduced via atmospheric and drought terraforming tools.
Improved gaits for multi-legged creatures.
Improved gaits for creatures with 2 limbs, but without any feet. 

Space phase: Fixed missing VOX in some animations in Comm Screen.
Fixed audio issue with switching mode to 5.1 breaking music and VOX.
Fixed audio syncing issue when minimizing and/or maximizing Spore before 
   opening video.
Fixed crash with city music player when Save and Load dialogs are present.
Fix for audio lag and missing models due background loading slow-down on 
   certain single-processor machine configurations. This fix improved 
   overall stability on this machine configuration. 

Space phase: Tuned relationship status to update in communication window 
   after completing a mission.
Tribe phase: Tuned Normal difficulty mode to make social game easier. 

Fixed the ESC key to consistently skip the Spore introduction movie.
Creators: YouTube video uploads are set to private. Go to YouTube.com and 
   log in. Then go to Account >> My Videos to set them to Public if you 
   want to share your videos with the world.
Creators: Fixed limb joints not being selectable behind other limbs.
Tribe phase: Fixed crash while harvesting fruit and fish.
Space phase: Fixed timing bug using Planet Buster during Grox invasion.
Space phase: Fixed destroyed turrets mission.
Space phase: Fixed crash when zooming out to full galactic view from the 
   center of the galaxy.
Fixed for game entry screen staying zoomed in after deleting a game and 
   entering/exiting Sporepedia.
Space phase: Fixed City Hall updating bug. City Hall will now update to 
   correct version if player has chosen a new City Hall during the 
   transition from Civilization phase to Space phase.
Space phase: Fixed Vehicles updating bug. Vehicles chosen in the Colony 
   planner will now update without requiring the player to leave and 
   re-enter a planet's atmosphere.
Fixed crash when transitioning from Tribe phase to Civilization phase
Discontinued the Bad Baby Achievement. 

[7.6.3] Patch 1.03

This fixed a few errors, but was primarily used for giving away the 
exoskeleton arms and limbs. I will state what arms and limbs there are in
the creature creator section. If you have Spore GA, then you will 
automatically get these parts.

Patch Fixes
Fix for esc key not bringing up Options in Galaxy Game Entry
Fix for creator backgrounds appearing on small sporepedia cards
Update to help keep achievements on the server in sync with achievements 
   in the game 

Patch Freebies: 24 exoskeleton limbs

[7.6.4] Patch 1.04

This patch was used to fix some more glitches, but many people remember it
as the patch that allows you to get to all Grox worlds. Without this 
patch, you can't reach some of their worlds, and the Grox can be almost
impossible to kill.

Patch Fixes
Buildings have high quality textures in the game like they do in the 
   Editor, if display settings are on High. 
Fixes occasional corrupted backgrounds on Sporepedia Cards. 
Includes ongoing improvements in animation to be more responsive to 
   weapons placed anywhere on a Creature's body. 
Increases the number of "charges" of Space Tools Player can purchase in a 
   single transaction. 
Increases the range and damage for turrets defending against enemy 
Enables Player to reach all Grox worlds 
Fixes a bug with the Terraform Tutorial Mission not being complete-able 
   for all planet T-Scores by giving four basic tools to change score in 
   any direction. 
Improves general performance across the entire game 
Improved searching in Sporepedia 
Allows download of creations from website directly to game 
YouTube movies publish as private 

[7.6.5] Patch 1.05

This was released just after Galactic Adventures came out, and was used to
fix some glitches that came along with it as well as balancing the game a 
bit. It also allows for asymmetric part placement. After this, there was
a patch 1.05.0001, but it is so small that I will include it here. This 
patch comes with GA and can be downloaded from the EA download manager.

Spore Improvements
Asymmetry is now available for creatures! Hold down A to use it.
This patch fixes several crashes in Space Game.
Many tuning improvements to Space Game, including reduced disaster rates 
   at all levels of difficulty, adjustments to Hard Mode, increased limits 
   on concurrent trade routes, as well as changes to tool unlocks for the 
Creator Lineage appears correctly for all creation types shared after this 
   patch is installed.
Cheat is included that permits Creators to export creatures in Collada 
   format for use in Maya. Creators must acknowledge and accept a Tools 
   EULA to perform this operation. An additional cheat has been provided 
   to enable highest quality textures to appear on vehicles, where it is 
   supported by user hardware.
Fixed a problem where creations would go missing if a user quits the game 
   in any way while downloads are in progress.
Fixed a bug where achievements were disappearing.
Fixed a bug where some Sporepedia cards had corrupted backgrounds.
Fixed a problem in Space where some Grox planets were unreachable.
YouTube movies now publish as public
Improves Strike ability functionality. If a strike part is placed at the 
   end of a creature's tail, they will whip around instead of just 
   flapping the part. Also, if a Strike part is placed on the head or 
   "under" the mouth part (between the mouth and the head), the creature 
   will head-butt instead of flapping the part. 

Galactic Adventures Improvements
This patch must be installed again after installing Galactic Adventures, 
   even if you have installed this patch previously.
You can now place the avatar, NPCs, and handheld objects on top of air, 
   land, and sea vehicles in the Adventure Creator.
Improvements are made to the Adventure Creator, including right-click 
   camera behavior, and User Interface enhancements.
Fixed a problem with gates where open gates were getting the incorrect 
   physics hull.
Some customer-reported crashes in Galactic Adventures have been fixed. 

Object orientation near water or lava can appear incorrectly when Playing 
   or Testing an Adventure.
Fixes a crash in the Building Creator when holding Ctrl or Shift and 
   moving a part.
Fixed a problem where, if graphics ratio is set on certain settings, the 
   game would crash when a part was put on a creation. 

[7.6.6] Patch 1.06

This patch can only be recieved by getting a specially marked Dr. Pepper 
can. It released several new mech parts. I don't have it, so I can't say
what is in here, although I do know that there are many glitches 
associated with it.

[7.7] Creators

Here is a list of all of the parts in the creators.

[7.7.1] Cell Creator

There are only a few in the cell stage, but I will put them here anyway

Name          Type     Ability          Cost   Ability in Creature Stage
Filter Mouth  mouth    eat plants        15    can eat fruit
Jaw           mouth    eat meat          15    can eat meat
Probiscus     mouth    eat meat/plants   25    can eat fruit/meat
Spike         weapon   damages cells     10    charge level 1
Poison        weapon   leave poison      15    spit level 1
Electric      weapon   zaps cells        25    charm level 1
Flagella      speed    +1 movement       15    sneak level 1
Cilia         speed    +1 move and turn  15    jump level 1
Jet           speed    +2 movement       25    sprint level 1
Beady Eye     sight    sight             5     sight
Stalk Eye     sight    sight             5     sight
Button Eye    sight    sight             5     sight

[7.7.2] Creature Creator

Here is a list of all the parts in the creature creator, apart from the
mechanical parts from patch 1.06. The "group" they are in is what line 
in the editor they are. For instance, the D'orca and Shortensnout are 
both on the same line (horizontally) because they are both in the 
reptillian group. 

Mouths-all give mating call ability
Name        Cost   Group       Diet          Stats
D'Orca       25    Reptillian  Carnivore     Bite 2, Sing 1
Terrorpin    75    Reptillian  Carnivore     Bite 3, Sing 1
CrocKisser   150   Reptillian  Carnivore     Bite 4, Sing 2
Shortensnout 250   Reptillian  Carnivore     Bite 5, Sing 3
Gobsterclaw  25    Insect      Carnivore     Bite 2, Sing 1
Handibles    75    Insect      Carnivore     Bite 3, Sing 1, Health 1
Handtennae   150   Insect      Carnivore     Bite 4, Sing 1, Health 2
Pincernaut   250   Insect      Carnivore     Bite 5, Sing 1, Health 3
Manglerfish  25    Fish        Carnivore     Bite 2, Sing 1
Slagjawed    75    Fish        Carnivore     Bite 3, Sing 1, Charge 1
Barracutie   150   Fish        Carnivore     Bite 4, Sing 1, Charge 2
Carcharebear 250   Fish        Carnivore     Bite 5, Sing 1, Charge 3
Toucan't     25    Bird        Omnivore      Bite 1, Sing 1
Buzzbeak     75    Bird        Omnivore      Bite 1, Sing 2, Health 1
Buzzmuzzle   150   Bird        Omnivore      Bite 2, Sing 3, Health 2
Skexybeast   250   Bird        Omnivore      Bite 3, Sing 4, Health 3
Sauroclod    25    Monkey      Omnivore      Bite 1, Sing 1
Grinnance    75    Monkey      Omnivore      Bite 2, Sing 2
Vermillips   150   Monkey      Omnivore      Bite 3, Sing 3
S'gnarly     250   Monkey      Omnivore      Bite 4, Sing 4
Simperton    25    Amphibian   Omnivore      Bite 1, Sing 2
Rostrum      75    Amphibian   Omnivore      Bite 1, Sing 3
Worrybeak    150   Amphibian   Omnivore      Bite 1, Sing 4
Amphibitude  250   Amphibian   Omnivore      Bite 1, Sing 5
Leeyotch     25    Circular    Omnivore      Bite 2, Sing 1
Gnathognasher75    Circular    Omnivore      Bite 3, Sing 1
Saginaughty  150   Circular    Omnivore      Bite 4, Sing 1
Dietrap      250   Circular    Omnivore      Bite 5, Sing 1
Mollratt     25    Mammal?     Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 2
Laardvark    75    Mammal      Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 3
Ruminanteater150   Mammal      Herbivore     Bite 2, Sing 4
Whalephant   250   Mammal      Herbivore     Bite 3, Sing 5
Swillson     25    Pig         Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 2
Ungulot      75    Pig         Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 3, Charge 1
Soundersnout 150   Pig         Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 4, Charge 2
Haunchface   250   Pig         Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 5, Charge 3
Cantovis     25    Songbird    Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 2
Splatypus    75    Songbird    Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 3, Health 1
Snapgator    150   Songbird    Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 4, Health 2
Grubblemaw   250   Songbird    Herbivore     Bite 1, Sing 5, Health 3

Eyes and Senses
Name        Cost   Group       Sight? 
Optic Orb    10    Primate?     Yes
Ocubulge     10    Primate      Yes
Eyebissed    10    Primate      Yes
Scrutineye   10    Primate      Yes
LarvEye      10    Anthropod    Yes
Seeodesic    10    Anthropod    Yes
Eyelien      10    Anthropod    Yes
Stemma-addict10    Anthropod    Yes
Empteyes     10    Cartoon      Yes
Occulus      10    Cartoon      Yes
Wide Eyed    10    Cartoon      Yes
Neo-teeny    10    Cartoon      Yes
Coygamine    10    Mammal       Yes
Grumpeye     10    Mammal       Yes
Furtive      10    Mammal       Yes
Evil Eye     10    Mammal       Yes
Felizard     10    Reptile      Yes
Wizened      10    Reptile      Yes
Saurian      10    Reptile      Yes
Boneye       10    Reptile      Yes
Stalkgazer   10    Eyestalk     Yes
Meanstalk    10    Eyestalk     Yes
Periscoptic  10    Eyestalk     Yes
Peduncledunk 10    Eyestalk     Yes
Sporacles    10    Nose         No
Chuffle      10    Nose         No
Snuffle      10    Nose         No
Snortle      10    Nose         No
Mantenna     10    Antennae     No
Feelyfrond   10    Antennae     No
Segmentenna  10    Antennae     No
Ant-ler      10    Antennae     No
Hearbear     10    Mammal Ear   No
Kitty        10    Mammal Ear   No
Elfinmagick  10    Mammal Ear   No
Gettineerful 10    Mammal Ear   No
Ehhwot       10    Misc Ear     No
Overhear     10    Misc Ear     No
Panhear      10    Misc Ear     No
Batboy       10    Misc Ear     No

Arms and Legs-All arms come with graspers and all legs come with basic 
feet. Both can be sold for a 25 DNA refund.
Name        Cost   Group          Arm or Leg?
Slackwrist   50    Thin Arm          Arm
Python       50    Thin Arm          Arm
Doubelbow    65    Thin Arm          Arm
Wizardsleeve 65    Thin Arm          Arm
Meekling     50    Muscle Arm        Arm
Flextor      50    Muscle Arm        Arm
Burly        50    Muscle Arm        Arm
Bulgo        65    Muscle Arm        Arm
Deltroid     50    Thick Arm         Arm
Cutty        50    Thick Arm         Arm
Skrappy      65    Thick Arm         Arm
Gunnshow     65    Thick Arm         Arm
Brawnysaurus 50    Thin Leg          Leg
Cankle       65    Thin Leg          Leg
Broncosaurus 65    Thin Leg          Leg
Steatopiggy  65    Thin Leg          Leg
Phatella     50    Muscle Leg        Leg
Stompbottom  65    Muscle Leg        Leg
Callypigeon  65    Muscle Leg        Leg
Yumstick     65    Muscle Leg        Leg
Thundercalf  50    Bird Leg          Leg
Ostrichopath 65    Bird Leg          Leg
Thighstrider 65    Bird Leg          Leg
Qopazcoatl   65    Bird Leg          Leg

Name           Cost   Group       Stats
Setaetarsal     25    Amphibian   Pose 2
Amphibigrab     75    Amphibian   Pose 3
Amphibigrip     150   Amphibian   Pose 4
Croak Masseur   250   Amphibian   Pose 5
Nubknuckle      25    Primate     Pose 1, Strike 1
Lockpicker      75    Primate     Pose 2, Strike 1
Opposabubba     150   Primate     Pose 3, Strike 2
Monstrumtalon   250   Primate     Pose 4, Strike 3
Trapfist        25    Circular    Health 1, Strike 1
Succulenders    75    Circular    Health 2, Strike 2
Snatchengrabben 150   Circular    Health 3, Strike 3
Dexterrorous    250   Circular    Health 4, Strike 4
Bonestickler    25    Misc        Pose 1, Strike 1
Torsionwrencher 75    Misc        Health 1, Pose 2, Strike 2
Prongripper     150   Misc        Health 2, Pose 2, Strike 3
Tearerwrist     250   Misc        Health 3, Pose 3, Strike 3
Phatlanges      25    Mammal      Pose 1, Strike 1
Badgerbear      75    Mammal      Pose 1, Strike 2
Ultrarolfer     150   Mammal      Pose 2, Strike 3
Metacarnal      250   Mammal      Pose 3, Strike 4
Grybbygrabber   25    Reptillian  Strike 2
Velocigraspers  75    Reptillian  Strike 3
Hookencrook     150   Reptillian  Strike 4
Horrorthumbs    250   Reptillian  Strike 5
Butterbib       25    Crab        Health 1, Pose 1
Mitzy           75    Crab        Health 2, Pose 2
Classic Minion  150   Crab        Health 3, Pose 3
Ectoknight      250   Crab        Health 4, Pose 4

Name           Cost   Group       Stats
Stubtoe         25    Reptile     Sprint 2, Dance 1, Speed 2
Scareclaw       75    Reptile     Sprint 3, Dance 2, Speed 3
The Clawman     150   Reptile     Sprint 4, Dance 3, Speed 4
Dirtchargers    250   Reptile     Sprint 5, Dance 4, Speed 5
Twopaw          25    Mammal      Sprint 1, Dance 2, Speed 2
Threepaw        75    Mammal      Sprint 2, Dance 3, Speed 3
Fourpaw         150   Mammal      Sprint 3, Dance 4, Speed 4
Morepaw         250   Mammal      Sprint 4, Dance 5, Speed 5
Webwaddle       25    Bird        Jump 1, Charge 1, Speed 2
Backscritcher   75    Bird        Jump 2, Charge 2, Speed 3
Elevatorclaws   150   Bird        Jump 3, Charge 3, Speed 4
Raptorclaws     250   Bird        Jump 4, Charge 4, Speed 5
Palmwalker      25    Monkey      Sneak 2, Dance 2, Speed 1
Underhanded     75    Monkey      Sneak 3, Dance 3, Speed 2
Hombrenid       150   Monkey      Sneak 4, Dance 4, Speed 3
Sassyquatch     250   Monkey      Sneak 5, Dance 5, Speed 4
Clippity        25    Hoof        Sprint 1, Charge 2, Speed 2
Cloppity        75    Hoof        Sprint 2, Charge 3, Speed 3
Hoppity         150   Hoof        Sprint 3, Charge 4, Speed 4
Hippoty         250   Hoof        Sprint 4, Charge 5, Speed 5
Stumplestilt    25    Insect      Jump 1, Dance 1, Speed 1
Buckfoot        75    Insect      Jump 2, Dance 2, Speed 2
Slasherknight   150   Insect      Jump 3, Dance 3, Speed 3
Scarmaker       250   Insect      Jump 4, Dance 4, Speed 4
Suctoped        25    Circular    Sneak 1, Charge 1, Dance 1, Speed 1
Sugerefoot      75    Circular    Sneak 2, Charge 1, Dance 2, Speed 2
Suctopod        150   Circular    Sneak 3, Charge 2, Dance 3, Speed 3
Suctofleur      250   Circular    Sneak 4, Charge 3, Dance 4, Speed 4
The Geckonator  25    Ampibian    Jump 2, Dance 1, Speed 2
The Geckoning   75    Amphibian   Jump 3, Dance 2, Speed 2
The Froggening  150   Amphibian   Jump 4, Dance 3, Speed 3
The Toadening   250   Amphibian   Jump 5, Dance 4, Speed 4

Name           Cost   Group       Stats
Pediculous      25    Antler      Charge 2
Fawninatrix     75    Antler      Charge 3
Ultramegadeer   150   Antler      Charge 4
Elkegent        250   Angler      Charge 5
Keratinhorn     25    Horn        Charge 1, Health 1
Narwhalicorn    75    Horn        Charge 2, Health 2
Cornutopia      150   Horn        Charge 3, Health 3
Rammer          250   Horn        Charge 4, Health 4
Gobstalker      25    Bulb        Spit 1, Health 1
Phlegmthrower   75    Bulb        Spit 2, Health 2
Problem-Solvent 150   Bulb        Spit 3, Health 3
Spraypalm       250   Bulb        Spit 4, Health 4
Hockitlaucher   25    Tube        Spit 2
Spraybuchet     75    Tube        Spit 3
Ziggurhat       150   Tube        Spit 4
Porcupain       250   Tube        Spit 5
Maceball        25    Club        Strike 1, Health 1
Stessball       75    Club        Strike 2, Health 2
The Tauntlet    150   Club        Strike 3, Health 3
SlimSlam Kablam 250   Club        Strike 4, Health 4
Scimitard       25    Blade       Strike 2
Toxic Telson    75    Blade       Strike 3
Reapermanit     150   Blade       Strike 4
Spurprise!      250   Blade       Strike 5

Name           Cost   Group       Stats
Heycorn         25    Corn?       Charm 2
Nurple          75    Corn        Charm 3
Jellybutton     150   Corn        Charm 4
Mackne          250   Corn        Charm 5
Pomp Pom        25    Tail        Charm 2
Springle        75    Tail        Charm 3
Wrottontail     150   Tail        Charm 4
Fleurbine       250   Tail        Charm 5
Derma Bark      25    Crystal     Charm 1, Health 1
Baublewarts     75    Crystal     Charm 2, Health 2
Jemite          150   Crystal     Charm 3, Health 3
Stealin Crystals250   Crystal     Charm 4, Health 4
Featherbluster  25    Feather     Jump 1, Charm 1
Marshcara       75    Feather     Sneak 1, Charm 2
Peacrock        150   Feather     Sprint 1, Charm 3
Featherferns    250   Feather     Charm 5
Grasstachio     25    Natural     Sneak 1, Charm 1
Coverleaf       75    Natural     Sneak 2, Charm 2
Branch Deco     150   Natural     Sneak 3, Charm 3
Florsage        250   Natural     Sneak 4, Charm 4
Whipwhick       25    Hair        Charm 2
Protubers       75    Hair        Charm 3
Hairlagmites    150   Hair        Charm 4
Crestacean      250   Hair        Charm 5
Shellshard      25    Spike       Health 2
Osteoflippy     75    Spike       Health 3
Hydroxylappetite150   Spike       Health 4
Triterraflops   250   Spike       Health 5
Bonekneepad     25    Bone        Health 2
Knurl Down      75    Bone        Health 3
Bone Tablets    150   Bone        Health 4
Rockne          250   Bone        Health 5
Sporsalfin      25    Fin         Sprint 1, Charm 1
Icky-osaur      75    Fin         Sprint 2, Speed 1
Finneas         150   Fin         Jump 1, Sprint 3
Pool-Party Foul 250   Fin         Sneak 1, Sprint 4
Antisoptera     25    Wing        Jump 1, Glide 2
Fauxry Wings    75    Wing        Jump 1, Glide 3
Megachiraptora  150   Wing        Jump 1, Glide 4
Cassoworry      250   Wing        Jump 1, Glide 5

[7.7.3] Outfitter
Here is a list of all the parts you can place on your people in the 
tribal, civ, and space stage. Instead of going from left to right, 
this list goes top to bottom.

Name           Cost   Available in?   Stats in Tribal
Dockworcka      15        Tribal      Health 3
Body Wok        20        Tribal      Gathering 2, Social 2
Bakerwear       15        Tribal      Gathering 3
Ultra-Fez       15        Tribal      Social 3
Floronet        15        Tribal      Gathering 2, Combat 1
Plundercap      30        Tribal      Combat 2, Health 4
Tierdrop        30        Tribal      Gathering 2, Social 4
El Graucho      30        Tribal      Gathering 4, Social 2
King Bling      30        Tribal      Combat 2, Social 4
Aloe Haira      30        Tribal      Gathering 2, Combat 4
Tin Cap         40     Civilization   
Seafairy        40     Civilization
M. Poly         40     Civilization
Vikis Beany     40     Civilization
Wizbang         40     Civilization
Snogtib Cap     50        Space
Beam Helmet     50        Space
Jozz Illuminator50        Space
Cap. Cornhall   50        Space
Smarnocker      50        Space

Name           Cost   Available in?   Stats in Tribal
Apelious Mask   10        Tribal      Combat 1, Social 1
Ayuba Mask      10        Tribal      Combat 2
Khwame Mask     10        Tribal      Social 2
Kofi Kete Mask  30        Tribal      Combat 3, Social 3
Oba Shaka Mask  25        Tribal      Combat 5
Tiki Gamba Mask 25        Tribal      Social 5
Intercisa Mask  40     Civilization
Aqua View Mask  40     Civilization
Mariposa Mask   40     Civilization
Comet Sighter   50        Space
Moon Gas Sensor 50        Space
Oort Beam Mask  50        Space

Name           Cost   Available in?   Stats in Tribal
Fanncypack      15        Tribal      Gathering 3
Leaf Camouflage  5        Tribal      Health 1
Thorsbjerg Tunic 5        Tribal      Social 1
Featherkilt      5        Tribal      Combat 1
Charm Plate     25        Tribal      Gathering 5
Singuard        25        Tribal      Health 5
Tunic of Virtue 15        Tribal      Social 3
Philamore Kilt  15        Tribal      Combat 3
Leather Back    40     Civilization
Col. Primer     40     Civilization
Mini Frails     40     Civilization
Civil Senator   40     Civilization
Waspen Jet Pack 50        Space
Cubewano Disk   50        Space
Radio Way Plate 50        Space
Inconel 625Plate50        Space

Name           Cost   Available in?   Stats in Tribal
Crown Shoulder  10        Tribal      Social 1, Health 1
Shellshopped    10        Tribal      Combat 1, Health 1
Body Aegis      10        Tribal      Health 2
Metal Pleats    20        Tribal      Social 3, Health 1
Kharmadillo     20        Tribal      Combat 3, Health 1
Warplating      20        Tribal      Health 4
Seashell Cuff   40     Civilization
Scrub Brushers  40     Civilization
Connector Plate 40     Civilization
Shoulder Cap    50        Space
Air Prepellar   50        Space
Refractor Wing  50        Space

Symbol-none have stats
Name           Cost   Available in?
Stunrise         2        Tribal
Gleeclipse       2        Tribal
Spore Gears      2        Tribal
Spideycrest      2        Tribal
Geltbuckle       2        Tribal
Stauros          2        Tribal
Circumgear       2     Civilization 
Rankhatchings    2     Civilization
Snokelicious     2     Civilization
Tinker Ticker    2        Space
Crested Pear     2        Space
Knexit           2        Space

Detail-again, none have stats
Name           Cost   Available in?
Stickler         1        Tribal
Mustache         1        Tribal
Glibia           1        Tribal
Bravefeather     1        Tribal
Ring             1        Tribal
Trophybuck       1        Tribal
Hearty           1        Tribal
Prongalong       1        Tribal
Tufted Stalk     1        Tribal
Skull            1        Tribal
Bowlious         1     Civilization
Cury Coif        1     Civilization
Bolt             1     Civilization
Metal Cap        1     Civilization
Eril Medallion   1     Civilization
Dishlious        1        Space
Lock of Goldie   1        Space
Twirlpellar      1        Space
Eyebot           1        Space
Coil Tron        1        Space

[7.7.4] Vehicle and Spaceship Editors
Here is a list of all the parts in the land, sea, air, and spaceship 
editors. This list is back to going left to right, then top to bottom.
Also note that the stats only apply to vehicles in the civ stage, and that
these don't count toward or against your spaceship.

Name           Cost   Stats
Slow and Low   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Trailfin       200    Health 1, Speed 1
Roadstah       200    Health 1, Speed 1
Battle Ready   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Tear Drop-ship 100    Health 1
Catcharmaran   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Skiffy Skiff   200    Health 1, Speed 1
YoHoHo Boat    200    Health 1, Speed 1
Stubbybubble   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Aft Bluster    200    Health 1, Speed 1
Nulldraggger   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Airbreather    200    Health 1, Speed 1
Light Venom    200    Health 1, Speed 1
Vetted         200    Health 2
Ghost Rocket   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Girded Saucer  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Smooth Lozenge 100    Speed 1
Tipped Plug    100    Speed 1
Astro Kernel   100    Speed 1
Pointed Node   100    Speed 1
Void Chaser    100    Speed 1
Crying Onion   100    Speed 1
Cosmic Flare   100    Speed 1
Comet Wasp     100    Speed 1
Tapered Bulge  100    Speed 1
Shellbeak      100    Speed 1
Bird of Prey   100    Speed 1
Ridged Cabin   100    Speed 1
Cubby          100    Health 1
Tubed          100    Health 1
Dunce Cap      100    Health 1
Orbed          100    Health 1
Breadboxen     100    Health 1
The Cowbell    100    Health 1
More Cowbell   100    Health 1
Sapphire Body  100    Health 1
Flying Toaster 100    Health 1
Event Horizon  100    Speed 1
Wimp           100    Speed 1
Macho          100    Speed 1
The Sleekstream200    Health 1, Speed 1
Bubble Rider   200    Health 2
Flying Anvil   200    Health 1, Speed 1
The Hotdogger  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Tippy Canoe    100    Health 1
The Hawt Tub   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Roe Boat       200    Health 1, Speed 1
Caviar Crusier 200    Health 1, Speed 1
Strutter       100    Health 1
The Stapeler   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Jet Stream     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Wyrm Ryder     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Astro-Rocket   200    Health 1, Speed 1
The Lozengator 200    Health 1, Speed 1
Horseshoe Flyer200    Health 1, Speed 1
Star Deployer  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Cargo Hold     100    Health 1
Tapered Brick  100    Health 1
Beveled Lozenge100    Health 1
Kessel Runner  100    Health 1

Name           Cost   Stats
Exsporatorium  100    Health 1
Lander Capsul  100    Health 1
Chill Bubble   100    Health 1
Fly Cuspid     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Moon-men       100    Health 1
Inscrutable Eye100    Health 1
Bubblecraft    200    Health 1, Speed 1
Glass Elevator 200    Speed 2
Recessed Bay   100    Health 1
Clipped Cone   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Gondola        200    Health 1, Speed 1
Conning Tower  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Viewing Pod    100    Health 1
Advance Scout  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Sleek Fighter  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Executive Suite200    Health 1, Speed 1
Utility Cockpit200    Health 2
Split Cabin    200    Health 1, Speed 1
The Sightseer  200    Health 2
Blue Thunder   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Colonial Camper100    Health 1
Flarestream    100    Health 1
Flying car     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Mid-Life Crisis200    Health 1, Speed 1
The Viewfinder 100    Health 1
TheStar        200    Health 1, Speed 1
Speed Eraser   200    Health 2
Bubble Rider   200    Health 1, Speed 1
The Viewkeeper 100    Health 1
Starseed       200    Health 1, Speed 1
Star Whisp     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Viewmaster     200    Health 2

Land-these are only available when you build land vehicles
Name           Cost   Stats
Spinmill       100    Speed 1
Rocket Keg     200    Speed 2
Carbon Belcher 200    Speed 2
Swamp Heater   300    Health 1, Speed 2
Weft Coil      100    Speed 1
Tread Smartly  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Making Tracks  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Batterpillar   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Bespoked       200    Speed 2
Wagon Wheel    200    Speed 2
Cart Wheel     200    Speed 2
Fly Wheel      200    Speed 2
Dune Buggy     100    Speed 1
Track Marker   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Red Rover      200    Health 1, Speed 1
Sunday X3      200    Health 1, Speed 1
Slip Gripper   100    Speed 1
Drag Eraser    100    Speed 1
Dust Eater     200    Speed 2
Burn Rubber    200    Speed 2
Formula Won    200    Health 1, Speed 1
The Go-ped     300    Health 1, Speed 2
Wheel Well     300    Health 1, Speed 2
The Chariot    300    Health 1, Speed 2
Locomoleg      200    Health 1, Speed 1
Mechpedal      200    Health 1, Speed 1
Leggsy         200    Health 1, Speed 1
Crawler        200    Health 1, Speed 1

Sea-these are only available when you build boats in the civ stage
Name           Cost   Stats
Craft Propeller100    Speed 1
Hooded Turbine 200    Health 1, Speed 1
Jet Propulsion 200    Health 1, Speed 1
Propeller Box  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Aquatic Fan    100    Speed 1
Bilateral Oars 200    Speed 2
Rivahboat      200    Health 1, Speed 1
Fluid Turbine  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Grobby Paddle  100    Speed 1
Voidstroker    100    Speed 1
Hydraulic Oar  200    Speed 2
Antimatter Fan 200    Speed 2
Mansail Ahoy   100    Speed 1
Scurvy Canine  200    Speed 2
Spinmaker      200    Speed 2
Fine Junk      200    Speed 2
Water Skis     200    Speed 2
Aqua Sled      200    Speed 2
Water Wings    200    Health 1, Speed 1
Hydroplane     200    Health 1, Speed 1

Air-these are only available when you build plnaes in the civ stage
Name           Cost   Stats
Pb Zeppelin    100    Speed 1
Phileas Frogger100    Speed 1
Montgolfier    200    Speed 2
Cushioned Drop 200    Speed 2
Downward Spiral100    Speed 1
Spin-Twister   200    Speed 2
Duo-Prop       200    Speed 2
The Propmaster 200    Health 1, Speed 1
Thermojet      200    Speed 2
Turbojet       200    Speed 2
Ramjet         200    Speed 2
Scramjet       200    Speed 2
Commercial Jet 100    Speed 1
Armored Flight 200    Speed 2
Mech-Wing      200    Speed 2
Harrier Wing   200    Speed 2
Tongue Wing    100    Speed 1
Jet-Setter     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Star Sailor    200    Health 1, Speed 1
Wright Stuff   200    Health 1, Speed 1
Tiered Wing    100    Speed 1
Air Shark      200    Speed 2
Bling Wing     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Downward Drag  200    Speed 2
Helix Wing     100    Speed 1
Spoear         200    Speed 2
Ornithopteryx  200    Health 1, Speed 1
Air Cutter     200    Health 1, Speed 1
Bat Flapper    100    Speed 1
Archaeopteryx  200    Speed 2
Dorsal Crest   200    Speed 2
Urvogel        200    Health 1, Speed 1

Military-These make your vehicles do more damage. Some of them are only 
available in certain editors, however. The spaceship creator has all of 
Name           Cost   Stats
Bombardier     100    Military Power 1
Ye Olde Cannon 200    Military Power 2
Boom Rocket    300    Military Power 3
Undue Force    400    Military Power 4
Comet Duster   100    Military Power 1
Meteor Mister  200    Military Power 2
Asteroid Belter300    Military Power 3
The Nebulizer  400    Military Power 4
Astro-Ray      100    Military Power 1
Space Modulator200    Military Power 2
The Cauterizer 300    Military Power 3
Trident Ray    400    Military Power 4
Uranium Gun    100    Military Power 1
Fortune Hunter 200    Military Power 2
Planet Sniper  300    Military Power 3
War Crime      400    Military Power 4
Tuber Gun      100    Military Power 1
Duo Blaster    200    Military Power 2
Spinfire       300    Military Power 3
Paddleshot     400    Military Power 4

Economic-These allow you to carry more goods and get more money from your
trade routes.
Name            Cost   Stats
Stacked         100    Economic Power 1
Grab Bag        200    Economic Power 2
Bully Bullion   300    Economic Power 3
Overcompensator 400    Economic Power 4
Coin-siderate   100    Economic Power 1
Merit Badge     200    Economic Power 2
High Roller     300    Economic Power 3
Charmed Quark   400    Economic Power 4
Ho Hum Heraldry 100    Economic Power 1
Banner Day      200    Economic Power 2
Standard Bearer 300    Economic Power 3
Vexillum Versus 400    Economic Power 4
Apogee          100    Economic Power 1
Binary Suns     200    Economic Power 2
Wings of Flame  300    Economic Power 3
Hanging Crests  400    Economic Power 4

Religious-This allows you to convert cities quicker
Name           Cost   Stats
Squawk Box     100    Religious Power 1
Charisma Nest  200    Religious Power 2
Sousaphone     300    Religious Power 3
Goes to 11     400    Religious Power 4
Shofar Victrola100    Religious Power 1
Gammaphone     200    Religious Power 2
Crazaphone     300    Religious Power 3
Pi Piper       400    Religious Power 4
Note of Accord 100    Religious Power 1
The Harmonium  200    Religious Power 2
Sensual Harp   300    Religious Power 3
Harp's Accord  400    Religious Power 4
Kick-Thumper   100    Religious Power 1
Cymbal Crasher 200    Religious Power 2
Clarion Bell   300    Religious Power 3
Bombastic Gong 400    Religious Power 4

Space-These are only available when you are in the spaceship editor. With
this being so, they have no stats
Name           Cost
Astrograbber   400
Exo-Arm        400
Vaccum Cups    400
Utility Clasper400
Guided Thrust  1,000
Plasma Jet     1,000
Particle Drive 1,000
Fusion Coil    1,000
Vacuum Spatula 25
SETI Jammer    25
Function Plate 25
Rabbit Ears    25
Rocket Facade  1,000
Crustaceanaut  1,000
Sonic Reducer  1,000
Blast Wings    1,000
Landing Gear   1,000
Landing Cushion1,000
Tread Lightly  1,000
Hard Landing   1,000

Name           Cost
Singularitron  25
Premium Service25
Wide-Band      25
Plasma Vent    25
Port Hole      25
The Looktangle 25
Side View      25
Nemo Peeper    25
Shaft of Light 25
Holding Pattern25
Authority      25
Roving Spot    25
Glow Slats     25
Smog Light     25
Ring of Light  25
Anthropomorgh  25
Tri-Beams      25
Crystal Ball   25
Plasma Lathe   25
Photo Deco     25
The Glowcone   25
The Glowport   25
Portal of Light25
Klaxxon        25
Night Light    25
Glowing Nose   25
Camping Torch  25
Halcyon Days   25
Photon Cover   25
Glowbubble     25
Shine Lozenge  25
Old 57         25

Name           Cost
Bendy Band     25
Classin' It Up 25
Brood Ornament 25
The Coat Hook  25
Hermes         25
Mercurial      25
Bat-Borne      25
Zoomerang      25
Flower Power   25
Spazzberry     25
Deedly-Blooper 25
Wunderstar     25
Trellis        25
Die-cut Plate  25
Sturdy Strut   25
Coaster Harness25 
Gas Sublimator 25
Plasma Duct    25
Quantum Jet    25
NOS Combutor   25
Sporeman Grill 25
Steampunk'd    25
Roadsterama    25
Spacetime Grill25
Spore Spoiler  25
Spoiled Rotten 25
Space-burner   25
Whale Tailed   25
The Horns      25
Ultra Wide-Band25
Space Whiskers 25
Craft Beanie   25
Clam Shell     25
Space of Ades  25
Crescent Phase 25
Hedge-Row      25
Ice Cubed      25
Sillynder      25
Snow Cone      25
Celestial Orb  25
Bicycle Seat   25
Back Tooth     25
Duck Bill      25
Tear Drop      25
Storm Chaser   25
Eraser         25
Buoy o Buoy    25
Chapeau        25

[7.7.5] Building Editors
Here is a list of the parts that you can place to make your buildings in 
the space and civ stage.
Name           Cost
Cubicle        500
Columnar       500
Octo-cottage   500
Candominium    500
Buttresshead   500
Castle Ramparts500
Archway        500
Octo-Tower     500
Bachelor Vat   500
Bubble Fab     500
Thinkin' Logs  500
Octo-Lashings  500
Scare-itecture 500
Bristly Abode  500
Bungle-oh!     500
The Haunt      500
Futuro         500
Deco-Toaster   500
Maxx Ramparts  500
Concentricle   500
Building Block 500
Tube Cabin     500
Octa-roost     500
Dollop Habitat 500

Name           Cost
Barn Roof      500
Civic Roof     500
Tower Roof     500
Dome Roof      500
Narva Roof     500
Ivangorod Roof 500
Merlon Roof    500
Drum Roof      500
Leather Roof   500
Stretched Tarp 500
Cream Topping  500
Berry Roof     500
Yagura Roof    500
Mempo Roof     500
Kabuto Roof    500
Himeji Roof    500
Cake Top Roof  500
Balboa Roof    500
Van Alen Roof  500
Gehry Roof     500
Pyramid        500
Bivouac        500
Top Cap        500
Buckyhome      500

Name           Cost
Colaba Causeway500
Kesher         500
Attache        500
Connexion      500
Overpassed     500
Fastenate      500
Marry Way      500
Weaver         500
Correlation Station 500
Walkthrough    500
Hitch          500
Promenada      500
Piazza Della Spora 500
Portico        500
Stoa way       500
Ponte Vexio    500
Passage        500
Veranda        500
Jetway         500
Skywalked      500
Rejoinder      500
Up Periscope   500
Colonande      500
Loggia         500

Name           Cost
Double Doors   500
Civics Lesson  500
Double-Deco    500
Lancet Columns 500
Sci-Fi Slider  500
Cobbled Gate   500
Drawbridge     500
Portcullis     500
Arched Hut Door500
Lashed Entrance500
Bio Window     500
Tree Fort      500
Terror Nook    500
Horned Portal  500
Aperture       500
Egress         500
Escape Hatch   500
Pressure Hatch 500
Irising Opening500
Pod Bay Doors  500

Name           Cost
Glazier Box    500
Beveled Bay    500
Porthole       500
New Colonial   500
Muntin         500
Spoorish Lancet500
Machicolation  500
Cobbled Portal 500
Wishbone Pane  500
Hearth Hole    500
Domed Ledge    500
Amoebic Outlook500
Fang Porthole  500
Trophy Porthole500
Gaping Maw     500
Portal Nostrils500
Vacuum Porthole500
Bolted Porthole500
Window Flaps   500
Polygon Window 500

Name           Cost
Awning         500
Lashed Awning  500
Awning of Doom 500
Hive Cover     500
Raw Demagogue  500
Chief's Perch  500
Bully Pulpit   500
Charismatic    500
Fortified Flair500
Vacuole        500
Hanging Fang   500
Majestic Prong 500
Cubed          500
Pointed        500
Cylindra       500
Esphereal      500
Donut          500
Plop           500
Polyhedron     500
Parasol        500
Kickboard      500
Patch          500
Crayon Topper  500
Button         500
Batty          500
Acicularis     500
Tear Dropped   500
Sands of Time  500
Lozenge        500
Pedoep         500
Boxy           500
Puffer         500
Epee           500
Fringe Grabber 500
Mushroom Stalk 500
Tuning Time    500
Party Favor    500
Illumine       500
Acorn          500
Your Turn      500

City Hall-these items can only be used when you are in the city hall 
Name           Cost
Little Johnny  2,000
Friar Tucker   1,500
Mad Maid Marian2,000
Sherwood Fawks 2,000
Yepun Seeker   3,500
Antu Receiver  3,500
Qua-yen Sighter3,500
Me-li-pal Finder4,500
Levanter Finder3,5000
Sciroco Vane   3,500
Huba Seeker    3,500
Chincook Sensor3,500
Teepee         500
Fiercesom      500
Jefferson      500
Carousel       500

Housing-these items can only be placed when you are in the house editor
Name           Cost
Street Lamp    2,500
Torchiere      2,500
Light Sphere   2,500
Industry Light 2,500
Black Smoker   2,500
Smokey Fungi   2,500
Light Cane     2,500
Picnic Time    500
Lawn Art       500
Window Boxing  500
WIshing Well   500
Pajaro Paradise2,500
Overlook       500
Stonewall      500
Portal         500
Entree         500

Factory-these can only be placed when you are in the factory editor
Name           Cost
Soot Belcher   2,500
Carbon Vent    2,500
Beamed         2,500
Spotty Light   2,500
Twirl Gear     3,500
Fancy Fan      3,500
Metal Twister  7,500
Aqua Swisher   3,500
Gear Boxen     4,500
Power Converter4,500
Plasma Still   4,500
Fission Station6,000
Piston Pusher  5,000
Kuba Steamer   4,500
Tire Pouse     5,000
Criket Pump    5,000
El Quixote     3,500
Steampunk Mill 3,500
Artisan Mill   3,500
Air Powered    3,500

Entertainment-these can only be placed when you are in the entertainment
Name           Cost
Little Beam    2,500
Orbit Shiner   3,500
Spot Light     3,500
Fire Fly Beams 2,500
Daisy May      2,000
Viking Horn    2,000
Sagrada Uva    2,000
Anenome Planta 2,000
Cublious Sign  2,500
Mosko Sign     2,500
Lamski Sign    2,500
Ginog Sign     2,500
Bubble Tops    2,500
Old Spewie     2,500
Confetti Blower2,500
Little Putter  2,500

[7.7.6] Anthem Editor

Really, this is just in here to show you what editors you need to use to 
get the Universe in a Box achievement. You can set the beat, background, 
and many other things. You can also drag a note up and down to set its 
pitch. Finally, you can use the mouse wheel to enlarge or shorten the 
amount of time that the beat is used.
[7.8] Other Achievements
Here are the other achievements of the game that don't quite fall into a 
category by themselves. Also, the GA achievements are covered as well.

-Galactic God: Evolve a creature from cell to intergalactic space traveler
in one continuous game
By "game", they mean evolve one creature from cell to space stage. You ARE 
allowed to save.

-Photographer: Send a photo or video to a friend from Test Drive mode

-Architect: Create and share 50 buildings

-Automotive Engineer: Make and publish 50 vehicles

-Biologist: Create and publish 100 different creatures

-Spore Fan: Spend 50 hours in your Spore galaxy

-Spore Addict: Spend 100 hours in your Spore Galaxy
You could just leave the game on overnight and not do anything to get this.

-Creator: Spend 50 hours in the Creators
Again, just open a creator and go do something else and you this.

-Universe in a Box: Play every game level and use every creator at least 
Refer to the Creators section above to see which creators you must use. 
Note that if you don't have GA, then you don't have to use the adventure 
or captain editors.

-Deja Vu: Stuble across one of your own creations when exploring the 

-Social Engineer: Make 5 sporecasts of 50 assets or more

-Rising Star: Have 5 different sporecasts subscribed to by at least 10 

-Front Page News: Have one of your creations or sporecasts featured on the
Spore website

-Creature Stage Unlocked: Play enough of the cell stage to unlock the
creature stage

-Tribe Stage Unlocked: Play enough of the creature stage to unlock the 
tribal stage

-Civilization Stage Unlocked: Play enough of the tribal stage to unlock 
the civilization stage

-Space Stage Unlocked: Play enough of the civilization stage to unlock the
space stage

-Published Author: Publish an adventure

-Storyteller: Publish 50 adventures

-Adventurer: Comple an adventure in the space stage

-Grand Adventurer: Complete 100 adventures in the space stage

-My First Captain: Raise a captain to rank 10

-Captain Academy: Raise 10 captains to rank 10

-Mercenary: Kill 1000 creatures while playing adventures in space game
Make an adventure with many weak creatures, then play it over and over 
over again.

-Dragon Slayer: Kill 1000 epics while playing adventures in space game
Make an adventure with many weak epics, then play it over and over agin.

-Social Butterfly: Befriend 1000 creatures while playing adventures in 
space game

-My Precious: Collect 3000 items while playing adventures in space game

-Major Contributor: Give 500 gifts while playing adventures in space game

-Red Shirt: Lose 100 crew members while playing adventures in space game

-My Hero: Defend 500 creatures while playing adventures in space game

-Demolition Expert: Destroy 1000 buildings while playing adventures in 
space game

-Auto-Wrecker: Destroy 1000 vehicles while playing adventures in space

-Consumer: Complete 200 missions made by other players

-Costume Piece: Create 50 adventures with tribal, civilization, and space 

-Delerious Designer: Create 50 adventures using only your creations

-Terraformaniac: Create 50 adventures on planets that you terraformed

-Geared Up: Outfit 50 creatures with adventure parts

-Dabbler: Download over 500 adventures

Aeschylus: Create 10 adventures

Moliere: Create 50 adventures

Shakespeare: Create 100 adventures

Scientist: Place 200 non-accessorised creatures into your adventures

Going Tribal: Place 200 tribal creatures into your adventures

So Civilized: Place 200 civilization creatures into your adventures

Emperor: Place 200 empire creatures into your adventures

Architect: Place 500 buildings into your adventures

Mechanic: Place 500 vehicles into your adventures

Still Life: Create 30 adventures with no creatures

Happy Times: Create 30 adventures with all peaceful actors

Large Ensemble: Create 30 adventures with over 100 actors

Fierce Warrior: Unlock all four warrior parts on a captain

Intelligent Scientist: Unlock all four scientist parts on a captain

Industrious Trader: Unlock all four trader parts on a captain

Joyful Bard: Unlock all four bard parts on a captain

Faithful Zealot: Unlock all four zealot parts on a captain

Wise Shaman: Unlock all four shaman parts on a captain

Just Diplomat: Unlock all four diplomat parts on a captain

Universal Ecologist: Unlock all four ecologist parts on a captain

Grandfather: Have 10 other creators modify your adventure

Bestseller: Have your adventure featured by Maxis

Epic Fail: Fail 50 missions made by other players

Chatter Box: Comment on 200 different adventures

Mad Skills: earn top ranks in 50 leader boards

Maxis Super Fan: Create 25 adventures using only Maxis made creatures

The Critic: Rate 200 adventures

Top Seller: Get 1000 of your assets to be used in other peoples adventures
[7.9] The Journey of Volitok (my creature)
Coming Soonish

[8] Version History

6/6/10 0.01 Guide started, template done

6/7/10 0.10 Started cell stage

6/8/10 0.20 Summer! cell stage done, creature stage started, 

6/9/10 0.60 Big update, copyright, creature and tribe stage done, 
civilization started

6/11/10 0.70 Civilization complete

6/12/10 0.80 Space stage started, more to come very soon

6/23/10 0.81 Returned to this guide, reformatted, chipping away at the
enormous space stage section

6/24/10 0.90 Sections 1-9 of space stage done, working on badges

6/25/10 0.91 Wormholes done, workin on the Grox

6/28/10 0.92 Another micro-update

6/29/10 0.93 Now working on collectibles

6/30/10 1.00 First "presentable" guide, but more things will be added.

7/17/10 1.01 Added appendix on creators, will add update to finish 7.9

[9] Copyright

-Thank you Maxis for making another great game
-Thank you EA for making it possible
-Sporewiki, for a few helpful tips and lists
-Galrith, for his Youtube video detailing how to find Sol
-Me, for waddling over to the computer and typing this

You can post this guide anywhere as long as you:
1) Contact me via-Email. I will say yes (almost always)
2) Don't change the author line at the top. I'm so selfish that I want 
all the credit for myself! But seriously, don't touch it.
3) Don't alter original data. You can add or remove sections, but don't 
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