AnimatorJohn Cimino
AnimatorTony Gialdini
AnimatorGal Roth
Art DirectorOcean Quigley
ArtistEddy Chiang
ArtistShannon Galvin
ArtistDerek Godat
ArtistUmaru Jalloh
ArtistBrett McLaughlin
ArtistFerby Miguel
ArtistHolly Ruark-Mesick
ArtistMatt Small
ComposerBrian Eno
ComposerCliff Martinez
DeveloperWill Wright
DevelopmentChris Hecker
Effects and Technical ArtistZach Baharov
Executive ProducerLucy Bradshaw
Lead ArtistMichael A. Khoury
Lead Engineer, PollinationColin Andrews
ProducerPeter Swearengen
Producer, Animation and ArtBrodie Anderson
Software Engineer, AudioRajesh Ajjanagadde
Software Engineer, GameplayMichael Arsers
Sound DesignerMichael Cormier
Voice TalentDee Bradley Baker
Voice TalentBill Cameron
Voice TalentAndrew Chaikin
Voice TalentDeborah Ben Eliezer
Voice TalentPatrick Fraley
Voice TalentRoger L. Jackson
Voice TalentCynthia Marcucci


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