how do i raise the T-score?

  1. its in the space stage and i need to add a T-score but i don't understand :/ JLShadow - 1 year ago - report

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  1. You can view the planet's T-Score when you hover your cursor over it while in the planet's system, but to see the details of the score, you have to approach the planet and enter its atmosphere.

    Once you do so, in the lower-left corner of your screen will be a status window for the planet, showing its world map or its T-Score and existing species. If the former, you can switch the window to the T-Score one with a toggle button on it, or by selecting the Planet Atmospheric Tools menu for your spaceship.

    Now, if you look at the T-Score screen, you'll notice a set of concentric circles like a bullseye. That's the 'target' you should approach to improve the T-Score. You'll also see a red dot, which shows what the planet's current status is. The screen is easy to understand: If the dot is to the left of the bullseye it means it's way too cold, and vice versa. If the dot is above the bullseye it means that the atmosphere is too dense, and vice versa.

    To improve the T-Score, your job is to push that red dot inwards to the center of the bullseye. To do so, first you need atmospheric tools. If you're just starting out you'll have to begin the job with one-use items such as the Atmosphere Generator, Ice Storm, etc. These items can be purchased at your empire's colonies, or for cheaper at certain alien empires. If they are not able to be bought, that means you lack the badges to access them, in which case you'll have to hold off terraforming for a short time while you perform missions or plant colonies to earn those badges. Following the tutorial missions given from your homeworld will get you these badges as well as briefly guide you on how to terraform.

    Once you have the needed items, check what they do/which direction they push the red dot to when used, then use the appropriate one(s) on the planet. This will gradually push the red dot to the center. Once it reaches the circles the T-Score will go up, from T0 to T3.

    Note that once you've raised a planet's T-Score, you have to stabilize the T-Score by placing enough life forms on it, otherwise the planet will slowly, gradually revert to the way it used to be. For each level of T-Score, you need 3 plant species(one each of small, medium and large) and 3 creature species(2 herbivores and 1 carnivore/omnivore).
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