What is the best method for getting to the centre of the galaxy?

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  1. Well, The best method for getting to the center of the Galaxy is mostly Worm-Holes. And the best part is you get something called The Staff Of Life it instantly Teraforms the planet to a stable Tera-score 3.
    But good luck finding a good Worm-Hole but it should be easy I found one in a jiffy. But still, the Grox...

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  1. It differs according to how you're going to deal with the Grox. Depending on what you've done so far(if you've angered them already then it's impossible to ally them) your choice may already been made.

    For starters, you'll need a lot of stuff. Namely;
    -Interstellar Drive 5. Technically Drive 4 can go there as well, but you'll WANT 5; you need all the distance you can get as the strong gravity near the Galactic Core completely destroys your movement range.
    -A ton of Energy Packs so that you can refuel on your way in.
    -Extreme Energy Storage, to minimize the amount of refueling you have to do.

    Now the different strategies. First is allying with the Grox. If you succeed in this, they won't lay a finger on you while you make your merry way inside. The big problem, though, is that allying with these guys makes you enemy numero uno, and all other empires will instantly declare war on you. If you don't want this to happen, don't do it.
    To ally with the Grox, you'll need to use social tools like the Super Happy Ray, bribe them with money, install an embassy on their planet, do their missions, and break the Galactic Code near their territory with Planet Busters/Fanatical Frenzy/Gravitational Wave. This is time-consuming though.

    If you just want to get to the Core without doing all that, then you should stock up on these in addition to the Drive 5 and Energy Packs:
    -Repair Packs, so that you won't die from Grox attacks
    -Extreme Health, so that you can last longer against attacks
    -Optional: Lots of Colony Incredi-paks, Uber Turrets and a ton of money, to make stepping-stone colonies of yours on the way in. Colonize, plant a Uber Turret, repair and refuel, go further in, and repeat as much as you like. This IS very expensive, though.
    Now, just go in and leap from system to system, keeping an eye on your health and energy, and repairing/refueling when necessary. Keep the Auto Blaster off, as it will start blasting at pursuing Grox ships, which might start an all-out war on your colonies if you're not careful.

    That's all, pretty much. Keep in mind that the drastically reduced movement range will be VERY detrimental, as you will hit dead-ends here and there the closer you are to the Core.

    Be prepared. If you are prepared well, it isn't too hard.

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  2. You can sling from one star to the other.Some of you might have done this.Just click another star while your ship is already moving towards one and you go in a curve,skipping the first star,straight on to the other.And,of course,there is pause mode,in which you can give commands while the game is on pause.To activate pause mode,press the key above the TAB button.You can use pause mode along with slinging to not touch a single star on your journey.Using Interstellar Drive 5(or higher),do this to avoid all the GROX'S star systems,successfully not letting a single one touch you.This will happen because the aliens are programmed to launch ships to attack you outside only when you touch their star.Though do carry these things:

    1.Extreme Energy Storage:A lot of energy before you run out.
    2.Extreme Energy Packs:They restore your energy to full.Take at least 15 of these.
    3.Extreme Health:Your ship gets 7500 health.
    4.Extreme Repair Packs:Get you back to full health.Take at least 15 of these.

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